Superbowl 2022 Decode Gina Phillips

Decodes and transcripts by Gina Phillips of Superbowl 2022 half time show on February 13.
I have no time to give summary. As we quickly pivot from one thing to another, there is less time for detailed blogs. More people need to step up and explain to new people in turn.

2022 Feb 19 Odysee Super bowl 2022 decode1 [1a]

2022 Feb 19 Odysee Super bowl 2022 decode 2 [2a]

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[1] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

[1a] 2022 Feb 19 odysee Super bowl 2022 decode1

[2] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode 2

[2a] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode 2


Transcript 1 [1] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

hi gang this is gina phillips i’m gonna

walk you guys through the

decode of the super bowl halftime show


but um before i get into that

i want to point you guys to a couple of

interviews that i did with paul oble

back in november

where i decoded the travis scott astro

world concert

there’s information in there that’s

really important for you to know or

have become

versed with

in order to understand this super bowl


i talk about in there the red white and

blue programming and the black and white

base programming and what that

represents because we’re going to see

the red white and blue programming in

the super bowl and i want you guys to

understand what that is

so you can find those two interviews you

can go to my website at gina

you can also go to paul obail’s website

truth unveiled

television you can find it on rumble

but just have a look at those have a

look at those um

two videos and it’ll really lay a good

foundation for you to understand this

decoder the halftime show of the super


and i just want to you know say that i

really do miss my buddy paul obel he was

my go-to person whenever i did decode

and he’s gone on to be with the lord and

i sure am thinking about him as i’ve

been working on this decode

um but i just wanted to point that out

do miss you buddy

i want to set up a couple of lenses

for us to view this the halftime show

through so it gives us um an idea of

what we’re looking at

um what i do after watching the super

bowl is i go to the media and i see what

articles are being written i see what um

uh tv shows are saying

about the halftime show because you have

the you have the show itself with its

music and its symbols and its colors

but then the media will actually


on the storyline of the comms

remember um these uh the super bowl is

an activation event

and so the

culture has to be totally saturated

with an activation of an inactivation

event you’re you’re mobilizing the

programming and switching it up lining

it up activating it for massive groups

of people these are for everybody


we’ve talked in previous videos that i

have where i’ve shared that

music albums movies tv shows

things like that are like a playbook

they have all of the plays that could be

activated the programs that could be

activated in a mind control


and so uh when a person let’s say that

they have the purple rain album of

prince that was used in their trauma

sessions when they’re being programmed

when they just listen

to the prince album

it just keeps

it keeps their subconscious mind up to

date on their programming scripts

it keeps them running behind the

dissociative barrier it’s not an

activation when they listen to a purple

rain album it doesn’t mean that programs

activated they’re just living in a world

as a survivor that’s saturated with all

kinds of movies and media and music and



keep those cues running

behind us their subconscious but you

have certain events

like the super bowl the oscars the emmys

different presidential speeches things

like that that are called activation


and those actually tell which plays in

the play book to pull up for these mind

control soldiers

and so that’s what the super bowl is

it’s kind of like a

football team is going to constantly be

practicing all of their plays

so that would be equated to watching

um all the

movies and the

uh music and stuff that’s part of your

programming you’re keeping up on all

your plays but the coach actually in the

game is when he calls up and says which

plays are going to be activated and so

the super bowl is that type of

activation event

so after looking at the super bowl

activation event

i go and i look for


and what the media is saying about the

event to further define it and so i’m

going to start with this we’re going to

look at the macro decode of the super

bowl the big overall picture and then

we’re going to eventually go down to the


programming changes but some common

themes that i found when i was looking

around about the super bowl this is a

quote from the new york post

the super bowl event was a family affair

it was like a family reunion when dre

opened the show

doing the next episode which is a song

with snoop dogg

another common theme was that


snoop dogg and and the um

dr dre the other artists coming together

it was a coming together of forces it

was not the typical babbling you often


um battling um of rappers it’s it’s like

you have the gang violence and they

represent different gangs and different

territories and their music represents

that violence and dueling and battling

but in this super bowl they came

together like a family reunion a coming

together of forces not the battling in

the conflict

and something that i have not seen in


was the coming together of the young and

the old to be activated

we’ve had a lot of calms and activations

for the young

youth they’re young to me the young

adults and and teens

uh with like black lives matter


all the stuff that you’ve heard me talk

about the gender fluidity but this is

the first time that i’ve seen the old

activated two you’re bringing in the old

school wrappers from the 90s

like dr dre and mary j blige

snooped off

another theme that was common when i was

um looking in the periodicals and


is that the um olympian gods are

retiring and the titans are now taking

command i’ll get into more detail about

that during the decode

but if you’ve heard any of my previous

teachings on programming you know that

every program

is tied to

the gods of antiquity

that when a person is programmed

they will have a certain type of trauma

that’s matched with a certain type of

color which is matched with a script

that they’re the carry out and it’s tied

to very specific fallen entities and

i’ve said before that where i used to

think that olympian gods and the gods of

antiquity were just fairy tales i’ve now

come after doing deliverance and having

to break people free

from these fallen entities that they

were real i believe that they were real

people get real freedom people really do

worship these gods and do some crazy


so that other um

so the other

commonality that i was seeing was that

the olympian gods are retiring and the

titans are rising up

various different article articles

called the old rappers the titans so

they identified who they were

here’s a quote from the new york post i

have it cited down below

it says quote dre and snoop would join

forces again on their song still dre

later in the show

but by that point there was no need to

remind anyone why these 90s hip-hop

titans were very much still here

and over here on the right side we have

a usa today quote

it wasn’t a clash of the hip hop titans

but a formidable alliance storming the

super bowl halftime stage so again we

see the media setting them up saying the

old schoolers represent the titans

and that the titans or titans are taking


the olympians are bowing down we did see

that bowing down of eminem in the super


which was um it’s it’s

him passing on to dre who represents the


the olympians we’re going to talk more

details in a minute about the story

lines of the titans and the olympians

so um

there you go a defining by the media of

who the titans are represented by

so i want you guys to listen to part of

this commercial with arnold


um acting as though he’s zeus and his

wife hera

and um it’s gonna again show the

olympians zeus was the head of the

olympian godheads

um of the pantheon and he’s retiring in

this commercial so it’s just another nod

to this titan

olympian family reunion taking place

but the retiring of the olympian gods in

the rising

of the titans

let’s do a quicker view of the the story

of the titans and the olympians


uranus was a um

god of the sky

and gaia is the god of the earth goddess

and the two of them birthed the titans

and you i have them listed here all 12

of them

you may remember them oceanus creos

hyperion ria there’s a whole bunch of

them phoebe cronus

um there

and so cronus is the baby god but he was

the god that ruled all the titans he was

the young

young fellow but he was the ruler

over the titans and the way that he took


is he mutilated the genitalia of his

father uranus he was the only one

willing to overthrow his father and so

he castrates him

and from that castration and overthrow

death of his father the blood that fell

to the earth

from that castration created this army

which is what i think the rap singers


representing we’ll talk about that in a

little more detail later

so cronus overthrows his father

becomes the ruler of the titans

cronus married his sister or partnered

with his sister because they had many

different partners he partnered with her

and birthed the olympian gods and these

are just some of them


but um zeus and hera you saw in the

commercial we just saw

zeus was the leader of the olympians

and so in the storyline

zeus overthrows his father the same way

that cronus did uranus

and um

then zeus becomes the ruling god

he banished cronus

and the titans

to tartarus which is the deepest part of

hell so so when zeus and his people his

his gang his parthenon gods overthrew

cronus and the titans they were banished

to tartarus

um the deepest parts of hell

you guys may remember in scripture

in the bible where it talks about um in

genesis about how the fallen angels

reproduced and had hybrid children the

giants with

women of earth

and um

that after the flood

these fallen angels who reproduce they

cross boundaries they shouldn’t have

been did the unthinkable and they were

um many of them were actually

sent to tartarus after the flood and

held in chains there till their judgment

day so um

there’s a lot of rituals that have to do

with going to tartarus channeling those

entities but just letting you know that

the titans

were held there

and so in the super bowl we’re seeing

this calm this communication that the

titans are back

we know in in the book of revelation

there comes a time when the earth opens


and apollyon or abaddon or abaddon as

some call it

it’s the same entity just a greek and a

hebrew name i mean yeah greek and hebrew


of the same god that he too will be


and um

he’s also known as shiva it’s the same

entity just a different culture that he

will be released remember and locusts

come up out of the pit

and they torture man for five months so

i just wanted you to know the titans are

these entities that were held in in um

tartarus the deepest parts of hell and

so they’re making the calms here that

not only are they back

but they’re taking control

the halftime show opens

with a view of the cosmos

what we’re about to see as we see the

pepsi symbol with the red white and blue


the ball going through the cosmos is

we’re seeing them

open up a program so the programming as

you open them up to make changes

it’s going to be a macro and a micro com

it’s asking the viewers that see this

communication in their subconscious

to to look inside to where they would


the cosmos

inside of them you’re going to sit and

see the red program the blue program

activated remember i said the blue is

the galaxy right here realm

red is the second heaven

so it’s it’s speaking these columns to

both dimensions what’s the structures

inside the individual and what they see

inside of their mind is their program

but it’s also speaking to what’s

happening on the cosmic level with

entities so again we begin with a

picture of the cosmos

you see the spinning

red white and blue


which is the symbol of the pepsi symbol

but it really represents so much more it

actually represents a node but i’m not

going to get into that but you see it’s

spinning in the cosmos

again let me refer you back to my videos

on the asteroid world decode

ball spinning around in the cosmos

then you see the ball enter into the

black hole that’s what’s represented

here so it’s like traveling through the

cosmos through

different dimensions and into this black

hole which is a portal

you see a flash of blue

representing the blue galaxy programming

being accessed

and opened up for change

you see a big flash of red

opening up the star

programming which is red

accessing that in the person

the ball continues moving through the

cosmos it looks like maybe with this

meteor that it’s entering earth’s


so as we move from the macro big scale

programs we’re honing into the micro to

the actual location so you’re beginning

to see the earth

come into view you can make out up here

at the top the

united states coming into view

there’s a closer view of the u.s

the camera pans in to california

you see the golden ley lines of the city


and then it’s made known to us that

we’re landing in compton compton


it’s in los angeles county

it’s a city that’s south of downtown los


compton is known for its gangs and

violence drug dealing

prostitution illicit sex we see all this

in the clip here you see all the

violence going on in the city

we see a kid on a bike

you know watching and

partaking of all the violence

that he’s growing up in and around him

he’s in the dark

and then the camera pans back out from

the street level and we begin to see the

ley lines of the city in gold again

and so then we see that the ley lines of

the city are imprinted on the hands of

dr dre

it’s pretty obvious that he’s a god

figure here

that he controls the city he has the

city in the palm of his hands


like god has us inscribed in the palm of

his hand the true living god

i want to bring up right now do you guys

remember back during the um purple rain

uh super bowl where they did the prince

the dedication to prince and we saw

the city of minneapolis washed in that

color purple

because they were beginning the

activation of purple into the world

programming that was the very beginning

of it do you guys remember that

not long after that minneapolis was the

first city where the black lives matter

violence broke out and that city was

caught on fire and destroyed

so here we are now looking at a super


that’s pointing out compton

california and we’re seeing it imprinted

on the hands of dr dre

who’s you know represents a god figure

over it so just take note we’re going to

be watching this city


i don’t know exactly what’s going to

happen but if we look at the theme that

pans out that’s probably what we’re

going to see but just take note

that it’s about the city just like

minneapolis was washed in the

purple so dre takes his seat as this


white mixing board that oversees the


stadium there

and this it shows that the same hands

that controlled the city or that had the

city imprinted on them

plays the music oversees the mixing

board of that city of compton

notice the black and white checkerboard

in the foreground

or the background i should say

in the background that’s representing

the base programming black and white the

duality of man

man tries to be good but he can only do

it for so long so that the evil

dark nature comes out it’s also

um has to do with the worst programming

is based programming there you’re near

death experiences your attachments to

god parents and people

all that represented here and dr dre is

in charge

and he represents the titan


notice over in the left

handed side you’ve got like a a skull

it represents like a skull and a stick

little black eyes

that in order to cross from black and

white programming this is in my astro

world video

it requires a sacrifice to get off this

floor and rise above it in programming

the checkerboard floor to get out of

this life and death cycle on earth it

requires death it requires a sacrifice

to cross over into the other realms

which will be the blue

and the red and the purple and the other

ones we’re going to see

they just do a nod to that over there

with that little skull

something that i forgot to add in about

the city of compton

it’s considered or called the the hub


i believe that that’s

significant you know it’s gonna

be pretty clear to me as we decode this


spiritually compton has enough evil

and stuff going on there to be an open

portal for this violence

um that’s

the elite the cabal is wanting to

release here in the u.s

so i want to talk a little bit about

what a hub city is it’s compton is

called a hub city

hub city would mean it would be the

center of activity like a wheel center

if you had like a a wheel and the the

center hub is like

the main place that the spokes go out

from the activity

a hub is a focal point from which other

things radiate

so spiritually

compton being a hub city and known for


there’s a lot of dark stuff that

radiates from this hub

just like you would have an airport hub

where planes go out all over the place

from there it’s a central



and in this case it’s for a lot of evil

stuff going out

so we’re we’re made to notice that the

same hand

that has the city in the palm

that it’s

also got a spider on it

there’s a whole thing of spider

programming but if you’ll watch my

decode of astro world you’ll see the

significance of the spider and the web

that i’m getting ready to show you

i forgot to um bring up the significance

of the color gold the city being gold

in um jere’s hands we said that dre

represents cronus the god cronus and

that the same hands that have the gold

imprint of the city

on his hands controls the mixing board

over the city of compton

well cronus the god chrome cronus the

titan god cronus he was known to rule in

what was called the golden age

so we said cronus overthrew his father

and he ruled during this mythological


called the golden age until he was


by his own son zeus and imprisoned in


cronus is also the same god as saturn

you have different cultures


have the same storylines of the gods but

their names are different just because

it’s a different language

but cronus is saturn

he’s the same god


so i believe that that this signifies

cronus promising to return the golden

age again

the the dawning of this golden age that

humanity has come full circle i don’t

know if you guys may have studied

mythology and it talks about the five

different ages of man and the different

gods that ruled in that age

and in the first age the first of the

five it was called the golden age

and that’s when cronus ruled and during

this time humans were said to live among

the gods and they free freely ruled

excuse me they freely mingled with them

peace and harmony prevailed during this

age this is their story line humans

didn’t have to work to feed themselves

because the earth provided food in


um hesyad hasead is a poem about this

and he talks about

men as demons were upon the earth and


men demons were guardians of the mortals

and so

then you had the silver age and the

bronze age and

the fourth age was called the heroic age

and then the last fifth

age was the iron age

and each age got worse and worse and

more terrible

um in the silver age

is when zeus began to rule zeus ruled

through the second third fourth and

fifth age

only titus ruled during the golden age

and then he’s overthrown

and so like it i’m reading about the

silver age it says that men in the

silver age lived a hundred years under

the dominion of their mothers

they lived only a short time as grown

adults and spent that time in strife

with one another during this age men

refused to worship the gods of

the gods and zeus destroyed them for

their impiety


and you go on down to

i believe this signifies that we’re in

the iron age

and i’m going to read what that says the

iron age was the it was the worst age

humans live in existence of toil and

misery children dishonor their parents

brother fights with brother and the

social contract between guest and host

is forgotten

during this age

might makes right

and bad men use lies to be thought good


at the height of this age human no

longer feel shame or indignation at


babies will be born with gray hair and

the gods will have completely forsaken

humanity and they’ll be no help against


i’m about to tell you something that

would signify

the coming

the fulfilling of the iron age

which you can see that in scripture too

god tells us that end of the age but

that dre

coming in as the titan king of the

golden age

is simulating the promise that they’re

on the precipice of the golden age


i also want you to notice that

as he is sitting

at the mixing board

that they begin to show this golden orb

this one golden orb

begins to

show up over his head

then a second orb

shows up

so i want you to notice a couple of

things one i want you to notice that

we saw the spider

on dr dre’s hand

and if you look up the um this stadium

looks kind of like a web

or a net hanging down

and if you’ll go back to my astro world

teaching about the second heaven

and how sitting in the heavens are nodes

that have entities and how they trade

um they trade the cell the souls and the

essence and the energy of man and i

think that’s one of the things

represented here

you know because they showed the spider

on his hand and him controlling that web

or grid over the city of sin

in the second heaven

but when they show up here the two orbs

that show up


that’s a nod to the the movie

thunderdome mad max and the thunderdome

the phrase that they said in that movie

was two men go in

one comes out

i didn’t capture the best picture here

but this second orb fades out


and it becomes one orb so again showing

the two men go in

one man goes out

so let’s talk a little bit about the

thunder dome movie

where did i get that from

um the second song that dr dre sings is

called california love

and it’s not about love at all it’s

about you know criminality and violence

and all the gang type life but it’s you

know called

california love

that song when you look it up the videos

that were made back in the day i don’t

know what year but back in the 90s i

guess when tupac and dr dre made the

videos for california love


take place and were actually filmed on

the set of the thunderdome

and the writers of the song said that

those videos got their inspiration of

course from thunderdome

and that’s where they filmed

um the california love videos multiple

of them there’s different versions

um so that made me look back to

thunderdome and so also if you looked at

the webbing

in that last slide where dr dre was

sitting at the mixing board that web

also looks like the cone or the orb of

the thunder dome

or the top of the thunder dome


the phrase two men enter and one man


um the creator of thunderdome it’s

really interesting this was a quote from


uh george miller

barter town was a a place the movie

takes place

um mad max

thunderdome after this apocalyptic


um because there was like famine and a

fighting for resources it caused this


there’s just nuclear bombs and


and so there’s this wasteland left

and one of the little towns that raised

up is called barter town it’s like this

microcosm and this is where thunderdome

is and here’s a picture of it you can

see um in the daytime what thunderdome

looks like


people go in there and fight to the

death two men go in

one comes out that’s the only rule there

are no rules


so so let me read the quote of george


so in the movie barter town he says is a

microcosm of max world max is the main

character mad max

with everything that’s corrupted our

modern society

hustling trading the whole profane

business of life

and the thunderdome represents our kind

of entertainment

our sport and pageantry

it’s a combination of super bowl

gladiatorial contest

sunday matinee and religious coronation

we wanted a fight to the death

but not just another fight we wanted a


and i believe that that is what this

stadium represents

the golden orbs

to enter in one comes out

also on another tangent that i’m not

going to go down too much right here but

if you follow me on twitter you’ll see

me writing about this


we’re going to begin to see this orb

this golden orb

showing up quite a bit and i believe

thunderdome may be

one of the significant meanings of the


but um even prince charles um he

recently posted

um information about his upcoming

coronation he said that it was going to

be called operation golden orb and that

he had decided that he was going to


um the expenses the amount of people

that come to his coronation and it

talked about things like you know

that maybe harry and uh

megan his daughter-in-law would maybe

not even be there that it would be so

simplified that he would just have

prince william and kate

um so interesting that he called it

golden orb operation golden orb two men


one man leaves


i don’t know i’m gonna be watching that

you guys be looking for orbs

golden orbs

i’m gonna

read a little more about thunderdome

that i looked up um it says thunderdome

is a gladiatorial arena in barter town

where conflicts between two parties are

resolved through combat

it’s one of several ritual rituals that

anti-entity who’s played by tina turner

in there she upholds in mad max beyond

thunderdome it consists of a giant domed

cage of metal with various weaponry they

use a chainsaw and a hammer

and you can pick them up inside for to

fight to the death

i looked up in the urban dictionary and

thunderdome means turbulent utter mayhem

a state of violent confusion or


um there are all kinds of events tied to

thunderdome after the movie and this is

an old movie from wwe wrestling to at

burning man they have the thunder dome


you see it in the netherlands year after

year they have like um thunderdome

uh parties you guys look that up it’s

like it’s a big thing

um and you guys know and i do too if you

followed the survivors of ritual abuse

mind control

the arena stuff is real


it is so common it’s done above ground

and underground and in swimming pools

and i’ve heard memories from everything

where children are

put in places and people sit around and

watch them where they have to battle

wild animals or

they have to fight each other


you know put in pools with

carnage and

it’s like swimming through bodies and

crazy stuff this stuff happens

it’s done for real entertainment just

like this miller guy who created the

thunderdome status like a cross between

a super bowl

um a religious ceremony and um whatever

else he said it’s real it happens

i’ve listened to and bore witness to

these horrible memories but i think

that’s what’s represented here in the

super bowl

so you have dre here he stands up after

sitting at the mixing boards taking his


before the people

then for the first time we see these

white buildings that


a city block of compton

so you see on the floor of the stadium

the ley lines of the city of compton i

believe that these white buildings

represent a city block

but i think that they also are a nod

back to the train and the thunder dome

which um you guys may want to have a

look at that


and so you see uh dre coming out on one


snoop’s starting to come out on the


um as dr dre introduces snoop dogg

you see him give this militant salute i

didn’t get the whole salute but here’s

the beginning of it it’s one of the

world war ii kind of like hitler salutes

you know ohio hitler he gives that

militant salute to snoop dogg snoop dogg

returns the salute

and then here’s snoop dogg

and he’s dressed all in blue so the


activations the first pulling up is

going to be the blue galaxy program

snoop dogg represents that we’re going

to see a lot of blue

happening with him

he’s dressed in blue if you notice um

his outfit he looks like a bandana

back in the day in the old days snoop

dogg was in the gang called the crips

you guys

may remember the two rival gangs called

the crips

and the bloods

they’re like two la gangs that battled

it out were at each other’s throats all

the time


the way that you could tell which gang

they were in

the crips would hang out of their back

pocket a blue bandana

and the crips were a red one hanging out

and so

i believe that’s what this outfit

signifies on um snoop dogg he’s given a

nod back to

the crib gang that he came from

we’re gonna talk about later about his


around his neck and what that means you

see some of the gold

um hinging on um

his clothing i think that’s like this


gold that we talked about before it’s

just a little tad they’re still probably

representing i believe the iron age

but the promise of the gold the golden

age returning

you get a big flash of blue light in the


representing the galaxy program that

they’re going to start working on and


calms and changes

to the people regarding that i said

snoop dogg represents that

they begin singing this song called the

next episode


and the next episode is all about gang


violence and drug dealing and all that

sort of stuff

i don’t know this to be the case but i

would suspect that this next episode


is often used in programming for people

to start paying attention we’re about to

give you orders it’s the next episode so

they begin with that the song talks

about um mobbing with dre and of course

i have to look up in the urban

dictionary what mobbing is

but mobbing is going through the

neighborhood bullying

uh causing chaos

showing your dominance

so in a few minutes when we begin to see

snoop dogg going from the top he’s up

there where the gods are over the city

he’s on top of the buildings and i

believe that represents

you know that that heavenly realm that

other realm

looking down on the city and that when

they actually go down into the buildings

they’re mobbing they’re taking their


through the different um compartments

buildings of the city

but i’m going to read a little bit of

the lyrics of the first song called the

next episode

you have um

snoop dogg saying top top dog bite them


burn the crap up

and then he names different cities

compton long beach yeah we’re hooking

back up

and when they bang this in the club baby

you gotta get up

thug drug dealers yeah they

giving it up low life yo life

boy we living it up taking chances while

we dancin in the party faux show

slit my hoe a forty foe when she got in

the back door

we see the camera that pans back to dr

dre pretending like he’s operating the

mixing board this is letting people know

that yes even though snoop dogg is up

here on the top

of the buildings where the gods are i’m

running the show dr dre is

so it’s pointing back letting him know

i’m controlling this snoop’s up here

with me with the blue program

you know speaking to the the gang the

blue the crips

um that part of the army but dr dre he’s

in charge he’s running the mixing board

and then we begin to see snoop he’s

gonna go down from

you know the the god realm up here the

other realm he’s gonna walk down the

stairs and he’s gonna start walking

through the buildings dre will do that

as well and again that’s going to equate

to mobbing

going through people who are programmed

they have people in their their download

like you might have one guy and he has

10 people that he has to get in contact

with every day by phone or or person or

some contact and they they threaten them

they razz them it’s to make sure that

the program people are doing what

they’re supposed to do not only do they

have the internal threats

but they have the constant in-person

reminders and the cues that come from

real people

and so then those 10 might have 10 under

them and and it’ll keep going this

doesn’t happen just in

the street level programmed people but

it even happens in the higher ups

everybody has their people above them

that make sure that they’re mobbed


to keep keep on task keep doing what

you’re supposed to be doing


the first part of town that snoop

carries his programming into is he goes

into the family room

you can tell this is a family room it’s

like a den and a house you have a

picture of snoop there with his mom

you have snoop’s album cover that we’re

going to talk a little bit more about

and so there he is it represents him and

the program the blue program the galaxy

program he represents

again he’s dressed like a crib with the

bandana and he’s carrying it down to the

street level

letting people know

we’re running this program we’re opening

this program get ready for cues that are

in this program to for changes to be

made and he’s doing it

in the family room remember this is a

family affair it’s a family reunion

now i want you to notice up here in the

left hand corner that doberman picture

picture of the doberman

so notice that the doberman morphed into

the picture i don’t know if that’s snoop

dogg or somebody else but you you see

while um snoop dogg is singing

this song

that you keep seeing that picture more

from a dog

back to a man

and from a dog to a man


i want to tell you a little bit about

what dog programming is i’m sitting here

at such a big program it’s hard to

figure out how to share it so i’m going

to keep it to a minimum

dog programming is huge dog and cat

program is put in early on it’s in all


um you know they don’t typically

at least if you’re not a bloodliner if

you’re a kid that was programmed in

schools or daycares

you know the big numbers it begins with

dog and cats are the first animal that

you have to hurt

they’ll have you bond with it and then

you’ll hurt it

and it begins dog and cat programming

there are many layers to it it builds on

over time

um you have traumas where kids um

are just hurt and shamed and excrement

thrown on them and they go hungry and

then you see people loving on pets and

going you know don’t you want to be a

dog dogs are good you’re bad you’re evil


until the kid is just so traumatized i

won’t get into all the ways that

it pans out that they hate

being a human and they would rather be

the dog that’s treated

kind and they get to eat and so the

point is that they they make the child

interject that dog or that cat and the

fragmented parts of the mind believe

they’re a dog or a cat there’ll be many

parts of different dog breeds inside of

a survivor and they’ll have all

different jobs

and um scripts based on you know what

kind of dog they are you might have

bloodhound and he goes and his job is

sniffing out inside and finding things

so he would be a part that could move

through different systems

but um they use that in every survivor

but also i want you to know that the

very high up people everybody that’s

high up will have a dog breed that

represents them

at least that is so in the u.s it may go

farther um it it

this does hold true for the royalty in

england you have the corgis with queen

of england and they go way back to king

george before that it those corgis

represent their bloodline you guys

should check out my twitter account

about some comms that i have on that and

you guys will remember that every


at least in my lifetime had a

presidential dog and it was a different


we saw that the obamas they didn’t have

a dog before they came to the white

house but they were pressured and said

at least that’s the story line that they

had to pick a dog and they chose the

portuguese water dog

the bushes

they had a schnauzer i think his name

was barney

and so

there’s more to that than you realize

each of our um presidents and people who

are high up will have a dog breed that

represents them you can look that up to

antiquity there’s some crazy things with



dogs on leashes and the in humans on

leashes and that kind of abuse takes

place for those of you who know what the

silver cord is the part of you that is

said that when you die it’s what

connects your spirit to your body it’s

even in the book of ecclesiastes if you

want to look it up the silver cord it’s

supposedly what connects your spirit to

your body and that when it’s severed you


that silver cord is used a lot in

programming it’s used a lot in astral

projection it’s used it’s very

significant i’m not going to go down

that bunny trail but that silver cord

will also represent

a leash a dog leash

and so the silver cord of that survivor

the head the the higher up bloodline

over them it’s said to be like they’re a

dog and that’s their leash because they


that line that silver cord

um but regarding uh snoop dogg

i want to look at the history of the

doberman because i find this kind of


so you have this picture

of the doberman in the family room that

snoop dogg’s going through

and this person going back and forth the

history of the doberman

so the first doberman belonged to a

german man named frederick doberman and

he’s considered the founder of the

doberman breed

and so he wanted to breed a dog

that would be a good guard dog for his

own protection he wanted this fierce

sharp dog and that’s how he came up with

the breed

um some people

his main profession it was unclear what

it really was some people said he was a

night watchman or a tax collector is why

he needed the dog but one thing that

they are sure of is that this man worked

as an urban dog catcher

and so that gave this doberman

friedrich doberman

the ability that he could capture dogs

that nobody wanted or claimed and he

could kill them because he was a dog



and so he would pick out these vigilant

breeds that he liked and he bred them to

what finally became the doberman


but what’s interesting to me is that his

favorite dog that he used

to cross and get the actual doberman

breed his name was

german it’s snoopy

well here we have snoop dogg

who when you when you research him and

go how to get the name snoop dogg it

said that his mom and family called him

snoopy when he was little because he

liked the peanuts well i don’t know if

i’m buying that because like

he’s showing the german shepherd it’s

he’s the german shepherd on the

i mean not german shepherd forgive me uh

the doberman pinscher i’m going to show

you it on his album cover and the man

who made the breed

the dog that he crossed with its name

was snoopy and snoopy means you could

care less you don’t care about something

but it also means shooting

shooting something a shooting star and

so here you have this gang banger

who’s a star

gangbanger shoot things and his name


and he’s got picture of that breed

i don’t know that’s just kind of wild

don’t you think

so this is a close-up

of the album that was on the wall in the

den with snoop dogg it’s his first album

that he made called doggy style and here

he is on the dog house

and it’s got a dog catcher in there so

knowing that the man who created the

doberman breed was a dog catcher

and it just makes me wonder if this nod

is that

you know who is snoop

going out on the streets like this dog

catcher guy catching dogs that no you

know people

that nobody claims or wants and breeding


to produce


who knows what

but it’s just kind of interesting that

history there you can’t make this stuff


and also um

the necklace that snoop wears it says on

it um

death row records

and um

interesting that he bought

he took over

death row records


dr dre

this month in february right before the

super bowl i believe that too signifies

a passing of authority

dre is known for making all of these

stars these rappers he owned death row



he got snoop started snoop dogg started

and now he’s passed it down

to him

as of this month

um snoop dogg owns that record label and

he was wearing that big necklace around

his neck

wearing it kind of like an

olympic medal you know a necklace in

programming typically means pride

um and so

anyway that’s what his necklace says

and then we see dr dre going he moved

from on the top god level down to the

street level going through the different

buildings here he is in a barber shop we

can tell by the barber chair there you

can see barbershop

transposed on the back of the window and

here he is again they’re mobbing he’s

going down and you notice that whatever

shape or signal that dre does so do

these three guys in the barber shop it’s

signifying that he

is calling the commands and they follow

his lead

um interesting about barbershop well

i’ll get to that in a minute

when you see the three

young men submit

to dr dre as he’s about to leave

they they just like a dog would they go


as he’s about to leave showing their

submission to him

and barbershop um here’s a the picture

of the movie barber shop and it turned

into a tv series that’s an entire

program in and of itself but i just

wanted to show you it too is a blue

program that was being


with dr dre going into the barber shop

you see the barber poles up here

you guys may remember that um

the barber shop

was a place where bloodletting took

place that’s where the barber pole came

from people would go in there would be


the while the person is being

bled they would hold on to this white


because of the pain of it

in england they only have red and white

barber poles is what i read

and um here we had the red white and

blue the barber would put that symbol

out to show people what took place

inside of their

bloodletting so i just want to give you

that little clue and let you know that’s

part of the barbershop

program so snoop ascends once again back

up to the platform above the city you

also see dr dre does the same

again they come from off on the city

level mobbing and go back up to the

heavenly or the spiritual realm

where um

they will begin controlling again

they’re going to actually sing the song

california love but we see over here

tam’s burgers

burger joint that’s actually a real uh

landmark in compton maybe it’s all over

la but it is a franchise

even eve after dark if i remember

correctly is a nightclub

so it’s a nod to a nightclub that um

snoop dogg and dr dre

frequented back in the old days

so here the two guys begin

singing their second song called

california love

and dr dre yells out over the whole

stadium west coast makes some noise

he gives that command

and the people begin to run out into the

city streets at the command of dr dre

and he begins singing

his song

the lyrics it’s talking about california

love but it’s anything but love

the words some of them say

let me welcome everybody to the wild

wild west

a state that’s untouchable like elliot


meaning that at least nobody can touch


the hitch the track hits your eardrum

like a slug in the chest

pack a vest for your jimmy in the city

of sex

so remember how i said at the beginning

of this decode

that the song california love

which was originally sung with dr dre

and tupac secure

tupac see of course that’s hard for me

to say


and so this time he’s replaced he’s

singing it with snoop dogg


there were multiple videos made back in

the day


the california love song

um about gang banging and violence and

it’s really about the thunder dome so

when you look up the history of that the

videos they made it says one music video

for this track

was inspired by the film mad max beyond

the thunderdome and was even shot in the



the idea belonged to jada pinkett smith

actor chris tucker played the evil

tribal chief

and so that’s in one video so one video

for california love back in the day has

that scenario and then they did a second

one where it says another version of

that video tupac is waking up

from a mad max nightmare

and he’s hanging out with dr dre and his

guest he ends up hanging out at dr dre’s



for a party that’s celebrating tupac’s

welcome to death row records

another nod back to that

i’m going to show you

the actual video some of the clips now

these weren’t from the super bowl that

i’m about to show these are actually the

original videos of the song these two

are singing now california love so i’m

going back there to get some


so here’s the thunder dome from the


california love done with dr dre and


look at that thunder dome it kind of

looks like

half of a golden orb doesn’t it

but um they sang the song california

love and it’s about people gathering

here for this fight to the death they

make it seem like it’s about music

and rapping battling but it’s pretty

obvious that it’s not it looks really


and um traumatic but this is actually

from their video

and this is another shot taken from dr

dre in tupac’s video

california love you see two men standing

up on a pedestal


for the fight to begin the

two men go in one come out

it’s not a a very good picture but it

was the best i could get this is dr dre

standing up on the pedestal he’s sort of

emceeing and overseeing this whole fight

in the thunderdome that’s about to take

place he’s in charge here just like he

was in charge in our super bowl

halftime show he’s in charge here when

you watch the video

this is another picture from the same

video just like you saw tupac and dre

standing up overseeing the thunderdome

in the stadium

in compton


in the old video him and tupac

in the thunderdome him and his right

hand man

this is a picture from the second


of the video california love and this

here is tupac

in the video in the second version

of the california love video with tupac

and dr dre you have scenes where tupac

is sleeping and he wakes up from a bad

dream and this is a picture of his dream

he’s dreaming that he was in thunderdome

and all this violence and fighting to

the death was happening and he wakes up

in this video and he calls dr dre who’s

his handler of course he’s also his

record label person

and he’s like you know he’s letting him

know he’s like i’m having these horrible

crazy dreams about being in thunderdome

and fighting to the death and dr dre

says what you should be dreaming about

is the record label and you need to come

to the party tonight to celebrate it so

that’s much like what a handler would do

you start to have this is like him

having breakthrough memories of of what

happens in these nights

of the fights to the death and the

mutilation and the violence and he’s

made to say don’t look at that you need

to be looking at the front part the


the the presenter part of a person who’s

programmed um

would be you know just like tupac he

would have his front part that only

knows the rich parties

they only know the money and the girls

it’s a dissociative barrier between what

really happens on the back side that’s

true for every survivor

they have the wall of the night side and

the dark side

and so the parts that are fragmented in

the presenter they don’t have the

memories of the trauma but sometimes you

get breakthrough and that’s what was

happening in this so that’s why i really

there’s a lot of evidence in my opinion

that supports that’s what the halftime

show represents is the thunder dome

we know that they have sleeper cells all

over that that wasn’t part of the big


under the umbrella of the purple end of

the world program is to release

these deltas deltas are assassins people

that have been programmed to pillage


maim destroy

they’re lining this up they did not

activate this

which is interesting we did not see

purple it was just red white and blue

they were lining up these huge big

programs they are lining them up in the

old people and the young people but

we’ll talk about it in a minute the only

actual activation of purple we saw was

in followers of mary j blige

but i just wanted to sit and show you

why i think that this represents


and it’s just another picture of dre and

snoop dogg

calling the shots over the city you see

this little

not a little fella but you see this

muscular guy looking all militant out in

the streets

they’re um

they’re dancing

represents military acts




remember the god when we talked about

the gods the god uranus when he was

overthrown by his son cronus he was


his genitalia were and the blood from

that fell on the ground

and it created these militant soldiers i

believe the way you pronounce it is

called the curetes


they they were dancers they would dance

to this rhythmic beat but they were


um and so i believe that this is

represented here as well the dancers

it’s very militant it’s not it looks

like to us it’s just dancing but from a

programming perspective these are it’s

very militant it’s mobilizing an army

so now we’re going to move more from the

bigger picture the bigger picture of

programs and look at some micro

programming the smaller


trails rabbit trails of programming

we’ve primarily up into this point only

worked with blue programming that we

have saw represented by snoop dogg in

the blue lights

you now have dr dre and snoot at the end

of this song california love they bend

over and they’re pointing down to the

trailer we’re going to see 50 cent come

out in the red programming

you’ll if you’ve watched my video decode

about astro world i shared that

astroworld was a code of flipping worlds

of flipping the galaxy blue programming

and the star programming they’re

connected they oppose one another like

the titans and the olympians

and that that was flipped

that the programming that was read and

had been operating in another realm

you’re going to have to watch my videos

to understand what that means was

flipped so that it would begin operating

here well that’s what they’re showing

they’re sitting here saying when they

point down

when dre and snoop point down as they’re

saying we’re now going to flip from the

blue program to the red underneath

and that’s what this represents

Transcript 2 [2] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

so we see here

the rap artist called 50 cent

and he’s hanging upside down

you see that we’ve done the switch from

the blue programming

um that’s been running we snoop dogg has

represented the blue programming and

it’s been predominantly blue up into

this point

so the flip side of that program is red

um i want to explain why we’re here um

another aspect of programming signals of

how lighting is used we’ve seen the big

washes of color

um red or blue

or white or black

but they also use small

amounts of color to show movement so i

want you to notice that 50 cent is

standing on the ceiling here

and you see one two three four five


up on the ceiling where he is of white


movement is also used in programming

direction movement that’ll show inside

um the programmed person

directions because remember inside there

are whole structures


um you’d be shocked you know that with

nodes and lines and horizon lines and

worlds it’s it’s very complex inside

um the mind of this survivor

but right now i want to show you that

you have the five lines of white light

they’re very clean they’re crisp

five straight

lines that’s actually a very militant


again this is a micro com it’s small

it’s not a big


the red is the reds the big program but

the white light

lined up like that when you see straight

up and down lines that’s a militant com

it’s a very strong calm

we’re gonna watch that change i’m gonna

switch to the next slide and show you

how the the directional change of these

white lights on the ceiling happens

so notice on the ceiling those clean

crisp straight militant white lights

have now broken up into little patches

of color it’s not bright it’s not crisp

what that means is that you’ve gone from

a broader macro program to a smaller

internal program this is moving from a

program to an

from a big program like red

into a smaller program that runs inside

of that program so this is pointing to

whoever follows

50 cent

their back parts would see that change

it’s like we’re going from the broad

macro red


a militant

line to say pay attention

and it breaks up into these smaller

patterns of lights going into the micro

program now i don’t know what this means

i’ve not deprogrammed anybody that

follows 50 cent but an example

it’s not this example of what i mean by

moving from a macro to a micro program

let’s say that somebody inside was on

the yellow brick road program they would

see inside

their mind that they’re walking

on the yellow brick road as we’re

accessing that program

this breakup of lighting change

would indicate

look to the side at a smaller program it

might say

don’t look at the yellow brick road look

at a flower off to the side maybe a

poppy or something and we’re that you’re

going to make changes in that smaller


so we see the lighting change yet again

this broad lighting means a pause in the

program so

they took the big red program

lighting was militant pointed to the

breakup to a smaller program inside of

the red

they had the person subconscious parts

pay attention to that program but this

is a pause this signal means pause it

saying i want you to look at it i want

you to notice it and pull it up but

we’re not going to activate it it’s a

pause signal

so you can line up programming

you can um activate it

but here it’s it’s brought up and put on


and then they have 50 cent come off the

ceiling and upright himself and the

girls pretend that they’re going to do

the same thing

so in order for us to better understand

this red program

that’s being accessed with the uh rapper

50 cent we’re going to need to go back

to his original video in this album

that’s going to give us the information

it’s going to show us the nature of this

trauma in this program the script in the

program because here in the halftime

show when they’re doing these songs

and these rappers you’re just getting

enough of the song

to show to the programmed people

watching the halftime show that they’re

wanting to access that particular play

in their programming book

so um

this slide that i have here

um is the original

50 cent album where he sang this song

into club

um and so in the beginning of this video

you have this um

hummer this black hummer that’s driving

in the middle of nowhere

and um it pops up on the screen in green

like we have written here it says


and so they’re driving to this location

um and the location that they’re driving

to at the beginning of the video is

called shady aftermath artist

development center

and so this is what you see up here on

the screen i want you to notice that it

too is a dome it’s dome shaped

um keep seeing that throughout

these songs

i also want to know that to let you guys

know if you’ve not

uh read

much about the programming centers

places like china lake and ridge crest

and all these different facilities in

the middle of nowhere where all types of

military delta programming all the color

programming when you’re doing the

beginning base level white and black



and putting in whole big programs they

take people to these places in the

middle of nowhere and that’s what this

is implying


in this video

so if you look up the plot

of in the club the original video here’s

the script it says

says this video takes place in a

fictional hip-hop boot camp

known as the shady aftermath artist

development center

the video begins with a black hummer

driving to the facility

at an unknown location

and then here we see video clips from

eminem single without me

are seen playing in the entrance on a

flat screen tv

so you this is a picture of having just

entered the laboratory the programming


and you see up on the tv screen as this

doctor is entering in his white lab coat

eminem singing

eminem is is a

programmer uh we’re going to see in this

video as he

very well may be in real life

i’m not going to make that claim but

that’s what it implies


and so then a person if you wanted to

get into more details following the

rabbit trail you would go look at what

song is being sung here um by eminem

it’s called without me i’m not gonna go

down that road but i will say that in

that song

see it’s playing on a tv tvs all around

like it’s programming that song without



it’s about it talks in that song about

doctors in the hospital electrocuting

eminem when he doesn’t do what he’s told

these are common practices in

programming electrocution it talks about

how rappers are used to program the

minds of kids in the public

and that without him the bigwigs

couldn’t do the work that they do

uh that song by eminem playing here

talks about dick cheney and his wife

partaking in this and it talks about

getting called up him as as like a delta

which is what they would delta is the

military programming

it’s the assassin

army type programming it talks about in

that video of eminem getting called

by the higher-ups to carry out some some


so again we just have another um picture

showing the nature

of this development center the aftermath

development center you see

um 50 cent he’s in this kind of chamber

doctors and nurses are working on him

you see eminem up here in the um

the uh what do you call it

he’s overseeing he’s in a

viewing room like and like this guy’s in

an operating room

again showing the nature

of the programming happening

and then they do a close-up here where

they show you working in the back of 50


like he’s


it’s like showing he’s part machine

it’s interesting that

when you look up the history of 50 cent

he’s been shot

nine times doing gang related work


so i it makes you wonder it’s like

you know is this trying to show that you

know he’s transhumanism is he some kind

of clone

was he his consciousness downloaded

into um this machine

of course um you know we’re getting into

some deep stuff here but

people that i work with and others who

work with survivors all sorts of claims

like that

the claim is common

that it already exists the ability to

download human consciousness

into a computer

so uh

i don’t know you can you can

whatever you want to to surmise from

what this means

and here you see eminem and dre

they’re looking down into the laboratory

from the observing

balcony up there

you see dr dre in every one of these

original videos like

he is like the god i mean if he’s not a


way up i have no idea

what he would be but that’s what the

implications are the implication would

be that eminem is also a programmer as

well he’s working hand in hand

uh programming

this newer generation like 50 cent

and others

um there’s an army

um when you get into the the the gangs

and the militant army that’s been

created by the elite

um the

the tales that i’ve heard in others as

well i can’t say because i’ve not worked

or seen any but that um not everybody’s


not everybody in this army they’re going

to be sending out is human

so we see here in the original video of

50 cent him hanging upside down

that’s where the halftime show where you

see him hanging upside down comes from

this is going to be probably a hard

concept to understand if you’ve not seen

my astroworld video about the different


but notice like he was in on the

halftime show he’s hanging upside down

with the color

red bathed in that light here it’s blue


this is a nod to the different realms

remember that in the astro world i teach

you how blue is the galaxy program that

represents the here and now world

the red programming represents the

second heaven

in that dimension in the second heaven

dimension and these two programs can be

flipped back and forth

so the fact that it’s blue here that

you’re seeing blue


it’s it’s

implying that this programming is taking

place in the earth realm

in the blue here and now realm

with programming once you’ve got the

trauma in the mind

of the client of the victim

you don’t even have to bring them back

to the lab you can use that original

base trauma

and move it to the parts in the other

realm so let’s say like 50 cent really

was here in the blue earth realm

getting this trauma put in his mind

when the programmer wants to put

parts in the other realm in the heavenly

celestial realm the second heaven where

satan reigns

he can

have them

visualize or partake of the original

trauma that happened on earth and by

using the pain of that trauma

have them sent over to the other realm i

know this sounds crazy hopefully you can

follow it

but that’s what this is showing here

that originally the programming really

did take place here in the blue

and then we see over in the halftime

show the same scene

a 50 cent hanging upside down

and it’s bathed in red light

so whoever’s following 50 cent and

they’re accessing this programming

they’re going to have the memory

of being hung upside down and

the trauma and the script and the

training that goes with that but in the

super bowl it’s now bathed in red light

it’s delta red is is delta assassin

programming red is also beta sex


and take note that um

he’s in like a gym facility it shows 50

cent in this original video working out


building muscle it’s like um they’re

building him up to be a soldier just to

be like strong and militant


we see within this whole lab

constantly it’s bathed in white and

black you see the white bandana around

50 cent’s head

um that’s like base programming remember

the most traumatic



traumas are in the black and white


and so that’s letting us know here at

this facility it’s doing the base

programming traumas that will then be

used for the rest of the programming you

have these really really bad programming

traumas in black and white

so he could 50 cent can go back home

after this facility training and

programmers that are at home or even

from a distance can use the traumas that

happened here to make changes in the

other programming

the threat of having to remember these

horrible black and white traumas

is what motivates

fragmented parts of the mind that are

different colors red and blue to obey

because subconsciously they remember how

bad it was in the black and white


and so that black and white base


is the motivation for the parts

and all the other colors and all the

other programming systems

um to obey so when you see a calm went

out you’ll see me

tweet out some

comms that i might decode where i say

there’s they’re pointing you back to

base program

they’re taking people back to the

memories of these horrible things it

makes them reset

it makes them um re




this is what will happen if they don’t

obey it’s like a reset go back to base

program remember what happened you

better obey

so after they’ve had this programming

session with the doctors and the

programmers with 50 cent

they have him dressed up with his gang

here and they’re having him walk into a

club so that’s what you see it’s

interesting to me that he is dressed in


uh we see

um some militant soldiers in the super

bowl halftime show that are dressed in


i know it’s a nod to the song uh

california love that

dr dre says that he still likes his


creased and cuffed

but i

i have never seen the color tan used

it’s it’s like purple it’s almost like

they’ve only pulled it out here they

only use it at the end i don’t know what

it means i know it’s important

and we see it here played throughout the

rest of this original video with 50 cent

and then again we see it

in the soldiers


near the end of the halftime show that

are dancing on the field and i do not

know what that tan color means um i

guess we’re about to figure it out

but here’s 50 cent and they have now

sending him into

a club he’s going to take the

programming of what’s just been

put and placed into him and he’s

carrying it to the public he’s in the

club he’s going into the club

to um

release the programming put in him

so this is a back um back shot

of the um slide i just showed you we um

which was the front side of 50 cent

walking into the the club and here’s

what it looks like from the back you see

he’s emerging from what looks like a


of the blue program and he’s walking

into the dance floor which is bathed in

red light so we’re moving from rounds

he’s moving from the here and now it

represents a whole bunch of things he’s

moving from the here and now

programming of galaxy

he’s crossing over that realm

into the delta


dance floor

it can be um

it represents a couple things it

represents him switching in his mind

from blue

to the delta red program he’s carrying

what was put in him over to that section

of his mind inside himself

um it also means that when he leaves

this facility

it’s like him carrying it to the public

um if you

those of you who watched my astro world

video this is a good rendition here of

how the world’s set up of red and blue

remember i talked about you have the red

galaxy pro

the red star program and the blue galaxy

program and that sitting between those

two programs

are the entity sybil and janus and it

requires a sacrifice to cross over

that’s also simulated here so so when

you see these programs you’ve got the

macro meaning in the micro meaning


back to the macro meaning here he was

just programmed he’s crossing over now

into the red programming the delta


violence type program

so i didn’t put the pictures up but um

after 50 cent enters into the the red

programming of the club it shows him

dancing and intermingling with you know

all the people that are there

and then it begins to show him like

hanging out with some groups of people

and maybe like a side room of the dance

club and so here he is with this young


um you still see here on the top which

is interesting his head is the black and

white programming

it’s covered with the tan and the black

and underneath is the white this young

lady’s dressed in white

it’s letting us know

he’s still in base programming and we’re

gonna see this in the next slide he

entered into the club but he’s really

still in the lab getting programmed the

dance floor was a simulation which is a

part of his programming


that’s why the black and white base

programming is still happening face

trauma programming

it’s interesting he has on a hat that

says new york


in the super bowl halftime show all of

the um

rappers that are in the show


were from the west coast and so he’s

originally from the east coast

um 50 cent is and so we see this in that


so in the the

halftime show where 50 cent is shown

in the red hanging upside down

he’s going to probably be a nod to the

east coast people

that follow him in the gang programming

on the east coast because that’s what he

represents and he’s the only one


in the show that’s from the east coast

that i know of

so this is the slide that shows us that

50 cent is still in the laboratory

he’s still at the aftermath


development center

you see the programmers

dre and eminem are watching him through

a two-way mirror

so he and it’s bathed in blue on the

right side

it’s still some blue up front here with

the guys in this shot

but it lets you know that he’s still

being programmed he didn’t leave the lab

part of his programming is they’re

showing him what to do

and how he’s supposed to behave when he

does get out on the dance floor

again i think that’s why that black and

white hat that this is not a real

out in the world scenario he’s still in

the lab being programmed

so now we’re back to the halftime show

i just wanted you to see

the original video which shows the

programming it shows the script

it shows the type of trauma

that’s being accessed at this halftime

show by 50 cent see him in the back in

the car with the red

and um

so at the end of the halftime show

um he

has now it gives a shot of it playing

out on the streets so the coding that


about 50 cent and his followers in that

car with red

at the end of his song it’s showing and

panning out to the uh um the city

streets and you see

his programming being carried out

there’s this militant kind of guy

dressed in khaki and white and the black


it’s simulating that what he is coding

for is carried out into the streets

this is near the end of his set on the

halftime show

this is a picture of the ending of the

set of 50 cent on the halftime show

um note he’s dressed in black and white

just like he was in the original video

letting people know it went back to the

base laboratory programming

but is now bathed in red

all of the dancers and 50 cent in their

set and they look up because they’re

letting um

letting us know they’re about to switch

back up

top to the blue programming or to

the place that’s in the heavenly realm

where the gods are

i think that mary j blige is coming up



before we look at the set

at the halftime show done by mary j

blige she is up on top

of the buildings


let’s look back to the nod to


um she has many in her videos different

hairstyles and wigs but it’s interesting

that there’s a resemblance here

it’s a loose resemblance but we know we

have the thunder dome theme

look at

tina turner in the movie uh mad max

thunderdome she’s got this blonde wig

dressed in silver

here’s mary j

blige wearing a blonde wig dressed in



the lady tina turner is called


in the mad max video

interesting that she’s called an entity

but she rules

um the barter town city

um she’s wearing those big hoop earrings

which so is mary j blige i saw when i

was researching they’re called sister


earrings which is kind of interesting

but i just wanted to show you that loose

resemblance there back to the thunder

dome video and i want to talk a little

bit about color programming here

i pulled up

svali who’s a former programmer

of survivors

and um

she it’s the list of her and the

different colors

as far as what type of parts

when they are are a particular color

that they identify with

the nature of those parts and silver

parts that are made to believe that

they’re the color silver

are for the satanic altars who perform

high level satanic rituals

they are your mothers of darkness

and so it’s interesting that um

the character of tina turner is called


so an entity implying a spirit or a god


and um it’s a mother of darkness color

which is a

high-ranking occult



so here’s mary j blige with her army

of um

people representing her followers her

army it carries out her programming

again she’s dressed in silver

parts that identify themselves with




the color is the satanic altars who

perform high-level satanic rituals like

a mother of darkness

silver also is a color of the moon

representing the moon and the gold like

we saw with dr dre

is a


it’s even superior to the um

silver color so here she’s dressed in

that that’s significant

she’s going to have her own group of


that when people are watching the super

bowl that are programmed they’ve been

programmed to follow all the calms of

mary j blige

and so they’re going to be watching her

and she immediately when she comes up

you see the purple behind her the light

of purple that’s the first time that we

really see this in the super bowl we’ve

had the blue that was the main focus

with snoop dogg and then we saw it

switched to red

um for the followers of 50 cent and now

for the first time we see the color


and it’s immediate like it just goes up

immediately the purple lighting there’s

there’s no instruction given yet except

the color purple i mean the color silver

it’s just an immediate switch

okay and then in this next segment

i want you to notice the purple

all of a sudden now has straight up and

down white lines remember we talked

about how that’s a very militant

calm it’s very strong so now the purple

that just came up for the followers of

mary j blige have this militant

um straight up and down white lines as a

calm it’s like

go purple you know instantly we’re going

to purple programming

um the song that she’s singing is called

family affair remember this was a family

reunion this is a family affair and the

song that she’s singing


it’s really about um


we’re not gonna fight this is a family

affair it’s about opening you up the

song says opening up yourself with drugs

and it’s a song about saying there’s

going to be peace we want no hating no


here we’re just getting crunk in the

video she keeps saying that over and

over in the song the family affair


and so this purple calm is geared

towards that it’s geared towards where a

family it’s a family affair so i don’t

know if it’s an assault on the family

if you guys um look back

to um

if you follow me on twitter you’ll see

how i put up comms of biden

with billy eilish and her brother

and he’s standing between the two of

them in the twitter

post biden is and it’s like he’s

standing between the family and i’m not

going to get into it all here oh here

and also the kanye

west tweet recently with his poster of

him and his ex-wife kim kardashian

kardashian and there’s a divide and it

says civil war

on the family

so um those are significant too and so

here um i’m just throwing that in there

you can see me post on twitter about

the attack on the family comms that are

going out by kanye and um

president biden

so here she’s singing also about the

family and a family affair and how she’s

wanting peace but it’s peace through


is what this song is about um

talking about getting crunk crunk is

like a word when you look it up in the

urban dictionary that’s like a cross

between chronic

and drunk

dr dre has an album called chronic our

song called chronic chronic is like when

you just are


high so messed up



it’s a yeah and then drunk at the same

time i’m not gonna get into all that and

her name even mary jane

is is a nod to um pot pots called mary


back in the day so this song is about go

to peace

let’s just be at peace let’s get crunk

um it’s um in programming they have um

a programming that they put in even in

the littlest of children i’ve taken it

out of kids who were like three four

years old

they put in an addiction entity

that when memories start coming back and

they’re too strong you go to this part

of the program about getting drunk

and high to anesthetize you until you

can get back to your programmer to get a

reset and you say well how would kids

who are in um

preschool get drunk

well they have an altar inside while the

kids at school who’s highly drugged or

highly drunk

split part of the mind when they’re not

with the parent

and so you can have the child access

that memory and literally feel the

drunkenness because it’s an isolated

trauma memory in your home without

drinking any type of um

alcohol or drugs

so um that’s common when you’re about to

go nuts and you can barely handle it

because memories are bleeding through

you’re struggling they have you go to

your addiction

programming your drugs in your alcohol

programming as a way to cope especially

when you’re feeling suicidal that’s

where the default go to

and so she’s simulating that here

in this family affair song

and so here we have mary jane obliged


to a song that’s the total polar

opposite of uh family affairs called no

more drama

um the color

switches you see her beginning to be

bathed in blue again

behind her

light blue colors emerging there’s not

much that the main color light behind

her it’s got a little blue at the bottom

it’s starting to transition

back to the blue


she’s she’s singing in this song you

know and saying everything’s fine no

more games i’m gonna be fine

the no more drama song i believe is the

polar opposite of the previous song

about the family you know family affair

and being high and chilled and getting


and then she switches and transitions

over to the song no more drama

when you look up that song the

inspiration for that song no more


it says it came from oblige’s own

confused and hectic life

in a later interview she confessed to

living a life of alcohol and drug abuse

at the time

as a result of getting involved in

serious series in a series

of abusive relationships

the album was an attempt to break free

from this vicious circle

which was a result of a deprived


so this other song is the attempt

to break out of the addiction cycle that

was on the other side of the getting

high and so she’s singing i’m okay i’m

okay everything’s all right


escaping the drama but you see light

blue emerging behind her and the color

of light blue

has to do with um altars in charge of

the way the system runs

and it’s just very light behind her

so you see the light blue and then it’s

going to turn all blue

in just a second

so then you get this big flash

um of blue

returning back to the blue program and

mary j blige begins to lose it i’m not

going to put the pictures up but she

starts to say things like my mind my


you know i gotta have peace and she

starts bending down and crouching down

um it’s like she’s losing it she’s going



um it’s too much

the weight of it she can’t she can’t

bear it

and then um mary j blige lets out this

feral scream as she’s like holding her


and then she just falls down so like

here she is she’s like out i don’t know

if it means she’s dead or it’s just

knocking out that program but she’s out

of the game and you see the the

stairwells make these two militant black

lines again

and she’s right in the middle with the

white it’s like going back to the base


where she she

whatever the followers of mary j blige

have gone back to those very traumatic

um base programming probably a

near-death experience or going nuts

maybe something like crazy alice but

that’s what that symbolizes

she’s coding for her people and you

begin to see up top there

some boxes

um that we’re gonna now

pan out to so in a second

well let me do that on the next slide

so then we see um the camera panned out


it’s not

micro and focused in like on mary blige

it that was a micro program like just

for mary j blige followers

so when we pan out like this and we see

these boxes

that have people in them we’re going to

show that in a minute it’s showing this

is more global programming this is going

to affect a larger group of people again

when the camera pans out

it’s wide and global it’s meant to be a

global message to all the followers but

when you pan in the camera like it was

on mary blige

it’s just it’s a micro it’s a smaller

group of people so we know that this

message and this com communication has a

more global impact and scale

notice that we have boxes here

um there’s rows of six five seven six

six that’s going to be a code in itself

the rows numbers are used in coding when

you get down to that level like that’s

that’s like um

programmers will give those codes

numbers three times to access

specific areas of their system to call

up parts for programming so

whatever this number

six five seven six six would have to be

said three or four times

that’s what’s represented here this

accesses this part of the system

notice that it is on top of the ley

lines of the city


i was told also by somebody that i

consulted with this that this black

represents again the black hole

that this column is coming through this

portal of the black


so we now see this army

rising up out of those boxes

they have dray day sashes on them

dr dre’s real name is andre

so dre is like a nickname from that

um if you look up the meaning of his

name it means man


so i believe that dre day here sashes

it’s like these men warrior this man

warrior day dre day man war day

war on mandate

is rising up out of this box

they all have the white hair you see

that if we looked in the original video

of california love there were um

lots of people with hair african

americans with hair

colored gray and white like this

i think that’s a nod back to remember

where we talked about the five different



that the the


spoke of and the iron age it says it

went from the golden age

which is what we believe is

being promised here by dre acting as

cronus that he’s going to return back to

the golden age

but the final age before that was the

iron age

and each age got worse and worse and

more evil more evil was on the earth and

it said the worst was the iron age in

that babies would be born with whiter

gray hair because it’s just such a

stressful time and so this is a nod back

to that video of thunderdome that was um

done in the

california love dr dre and tupac video

and i think it’s a nod back to the age

the end of the iron age when it’s so so

horrible before the dawning of the

golden age

you notice that it’s beginning in the

background up top to start to emerge red


bread is like a

a rage a release the beast

um delta

army militant color it also is beta with

insects but that’s not the context that

we have here we notice up here that it’s

happening in front of the eve after dark

that was a real nightclub i believe but

it’s letting us know these guys are

coming out after dark

this militant army

rising up strays army dre day

so we see the army emerge out of the box

they’re coming out onto the streets

after dark

um the red tent comes in now

where it was on hold before remember we

had the all blue

comms with snoop dogg

and so um

then it

we first saw red

coming out with 50 cent but we had the


but now we’re having it’s not on hold

anymore so they escape and come out of

the box


we’re gonna hear

lamar kendrick lamar saying he’s right

in the middle getting ready to emerge up

but lamar’s followers he’s a younger

rapper he represents the the most recent

rappers he’s not old school

and lamar’s program is going to be laid

on top of snoop’s blue program

which is on top of the city so snoops

was on top of the city and then now

they’re laying on top of that the calm



the red this red army this is ordering

dre’s people

and it’s superimposed on top of snoop’s

blue program

dre is now in charge of compton

you see this um them dance to these like

a primitive


if you remember i spoke about these

entities called the curities

that when you cross between the red and

the blue programming sybil is one of the

gods there

to worship her these primal

dances were done by these entities

called the curities and they would be

rhythmic and it would be

have drum beats and there’s a semblance

to this it’s



you look that up

so here we have kendrick lamar he

emerges out of this army of dre

dre day army he’s the younger guy on the

block he’s another rapper

that was made and created

by dr dre


he’s he’s known for

making these stars dr dre as we saw back

in the lab so he’s lamar is singing a


uh called all right

and it’s keep saying we gonna be all

right we gonna be all right he keeps

saying it over and over again so like in

the front like there’s inciting war

they’re inciting a militant


and on the front he’s singing

it’s going to be all right we’re going

to be all right

this um


are we going to be all right

was um it says uh

that the black lives matter movement

of uh 2015 the protest as the black life

matter activists

over america chanted this song so this

programming is in them of we’re gonna be

all right black lives matter movement is

a program

in and of itself

and so he’s using that we gonna be all

right it’s activating that black lives


that um

that program if you look at the history

of this song

that he wrote um the album is called to

pimp a butterfly

a butterfly it’s a really dark album

it’s it’s about programming it’s about

the hauntings of being programmed it’s

so sad

to go through these songs it’s just like

it breaks my heart because it just

reminds me of what these folks have been

through yes they’re dangerous and yes

they’re weaponized to come and destroy

us as a nation um but i have to hold

that reality

while holding

the horrible stuff that they’ve been

through it’s just so sad

the mom in me is like

you know wants to help them heal

we’re going to have this on our hands in

the days ahead because there’s going to

be so many of these people coming out

coming out and coming to the church

so that was a little side note so let’s

get back to lamar he’s singing the song

it’s going to be all right everything’s

going to be all right on the front

um people are going to die

murder’s going to happen violence is

going to be incited civil unrest

but like he’s telling the front parts

and encouraging them it’s going to be

all right we’re going to do this but

it’s going to be all right and to pimp a

butterfly a butterfly represents the


in a lot of

cultures it represents the psyche and so

it’s about


the buying the selling and the trading

of the fragmented human soul

um this song we’re gonna be all right is

if you read all the lyrics i’m not going

to get into it all but it’s about the

battle of the mind

with the evil violent and wicked stuff

that they do

and then going to god

going to god for mercy

trying to go to god for help but then

this whole battle on the other side of

all the violence and the trauma and the


he also says in here it’s not in the

original song but he talks about like 30

summers in the making did you forget

about dre

and i’m talking nwa did you forget about


i think that’s a nod back to where he

talks about the 30 summers in the making

summer time getting your programming

that’s related to dre i don’t know how

many of these ended up back at that um

dre center the what was it called


shady aftermath something center i’ve

done forgotten it

but he’s talking about 30 summers in the

making did you forget about dre it’s

like he’s remembering them about the

handler the programmer who’s dre and i’m

talking about nwa that stands for

with attitude

did you forget about dre so it’s like

really prompting that in the people to

remember we’re going to be all right got

to remember your programming gotta

remember dre don’t forget about him he’s

in charge if you don’t obey

so anyway that’s what he’s singing about

and so they all get into that this very

militant ritualistic type of dance

on the city

and the camera pans out

again it’s like a global thing you see

them making all kinds of shapes and

probably sigils different symbols in

that programming i don’t know what they


but they get into all these various

designs while they’re dancing over the


those would be cues to the programming

of specific people to activate this dre


man war


and of course like they’ve done after

every song they pan back to dre

up at the mixing board showing i’m in

charge i am the big guy i am the god

i am in charge of overseeing all of this

over the city of compton

so we now see as you pan out

we’re about to have eminem come up and

sing his song you better lose yourself

but these are eminem followers and you

see them sitting in hoodies they’re

outside the city of compton so it would

say to me that eminem’s followers and

people are not necessarily in compton

but they’re surrounding that city

they’re called in they’re pulling in

eminem as a handler and a program

and now there his people are surrounding

the city as well

they’re sitting there with their hoodies


there’s a hood program a hoodie program

um that i’ve talked about in previous

videos each of eminem’s people have

their own light you see them with their

light they’re bringing their essence

they’re bringing their light their power

their energy into this

so it shows them sitting out there

before the nymph comes on


in the song that’s getting ready to be


well let me go to the next slide

so you see an explosion that happens at

the um

end of the city block there um before

eminem emerges it represents a few

things one it represents that dr dre is

giving eminem a little bit of power

he’s getting he’s exploding he’s he’s

doing his um

his work

you see again eminem’s people and

hoodies in the foreground


also the explosion that was on the train

in the scene of thunderdome happens this

may transpire to a code for an explosion

on the outskirts of the city here in

compton that’s going to be

done by eminem’s folks

i don’t know that for sure but that’s

what they’re showing here

and the eminem emerges out of the blast

here he appears up on top like a god

dressed in black just like um

dre was he’s got a measure of power

he’s about to code and speak to his

people his followers

you see the small red lights in the


behind um eminem

he begins to sing um he had a whole

movie about this song but you better

lose yourself it’s about

all that he had to go through to become


star a rapper

all the abuse all the trauma

that he had to do to get to the place

that he’s at

um but he’s singing this song

after the army the militant dray day

army com came out and it’s like he’s

letting him know you got one shot at

this he keeps saying it over and over

you’ve only got one shot once the music

starts you better lose yourself in it

not look back and go forward with it and

so i’m going to read some of the lyrics

of this song you better lose yourself

it says um you better lose yourself in

the music

the moment you own it you better never

let go you only get one shot

don’t miss your chance to blow

this opportunity comes once in a


you better lose yourself in the music

the moment you own it you better never

let it go

you only got one shot

don’t miss your chance to blow

this opportunity comes once in a


you better

and then it says his soul

is escaping through this hole

that is gaping

this world is mine for the taking

make me king as we move toward a new

world order


and so that’s what this is about he’s

inciting this army that was just out

he’s speaking to his army he’s speaking

uh related to the dre army we got one

shot at this

for the new world order he talks about

the soul escaping through that gaping

hole remember how i said that

the boxes that were black in the

beginning where the camera panned out is

a nod to coming through that portal of

the black hole there are entities that

are are um

solicited and drawn in to do this act of

war it’s not just in human strength

they’re summoning


um through the black hole

again here’s eminem showing that you got

one shot and he’s just pumping them up


you know we’ve got one shot at this once

we go once this program is activated

don’t look back you gotta go all the way

big flash of red

red being the delta the violence the

release the beasts you see all the

people out on the field here

he looks at his watch

checking the

time i think that’s a signal as well


be watching your watch this time’s close

this is you know make sure that you’re


and there’s the activation everybody’s

running into the city all of the people

that were m m’s

people that were on the outskirts of the

city that code goes come on in

come on in everybody make some noise run

into the city of compton um i’d be

watching compton i don’t know if it’s

going to turn into a minneapolis

situation but

they’re calling in

the re the reinforcements again remember

they said it was a not battling

of territories but

that the main message here was it was a

reunion it was a joining of forces it

said in the articles and so we see that


eminem’s forces who are not ruling and

dominating compton they’re outside the

city but they’re coming in to join the

forces with dre

and him overseeing that city

another big flash of red

over the city all the people out and

about there

and everybody’s just going wild it’s

like this is the big finale they’re

being pumped up by that song you see

them bringing out the horns it’s it’s um

eminem’s just pumping everybody up this

is like the big finale this is the big


this ending of the iron age this

violence that’s going to come out is is

meant to it’s going to bring in the


of deray’s golden age back again to

where people don’t have to work and they

don’t have to provide and feed for

themselves but before that it’s the

ending of the iron age here where it’s

like it’s just chaos in mayhem

and then again a point back to the

master the god who’s in charge dre

himself is pointing up to the people you

got one chance at this

this is one shot for us to bring in the

new world order

again just another um showing the horns

and how they just bring out everything

all the shots i’m sure the horns

represent something but i didn’t look

that up

and then it ends

back with the blue light again

we return back to the beginning the blue

we see eminem take a knee

that’s him saying i did what you asked

me to do

i called my people onto the city we did

what we have to do

i’m bowing my knee to dre

and again it’s um

was the family reunion

of the titans and the olympians

but the titans are taking back over so

the olympians bow

um on the macro level of this message

they bow to the titan cronus the leader

of the titans dre

and he’s sitting down he’s playing the


so the song that um jerry was playing on

the piano

before he goes back up top and he merges

with snoop dogg is he was playing the

intro to still dre

um it’s a nod back to like i’m i’m back

dre is in control i’m still um

running the show

um and just notice here’s the khaki army

though the army that’s dressed in khaki

color again that

tan color that we saw back in 50 cent


i i’m wondering if it is is a color

that’s specifically tied to dr dre

and his people because he sings about in

his song how he still


in the old days

he does it today rocks his khakis with a

cuff and a crease

so um again i’m still unsure about the

khaki but they do have this army

emerging now as we’re about to end the

super bowl show


received his power transfer his official

transfer from the olympians back to the

titan gods

so just like it opened up in the show

dre and snoop dogg emerge back on the

top of

the city

the um the god level

the ruler level

um again they’re singing the song it’s

still dre it’s still dre

uh snoop dogg says guess who’s back it’s

like saying dre is back


and they start singing i’m representing

for them gangsters all across the world


hitting them corners in them lolos girl

still taking my time to perfect the beat

and i still love i still got love for

the streets it’s the dre


so that’s what this song’s about

it’s ending with

dre still here he’s back

for the finale you see everybody rise to

the top everybody rises to that god

level mary j

lodge comes in 50 cent comes in eminem

they all rise up to this level they’ve

done their programming they’ve carried

out their objectives and in the end

there’s that promise

of everybody coming up there to that god

level achieving that in this battle

again a shot fading

out to show the bigger picture you see

the dray day flags in black

oversea in this army they’re in control

of the city

it’s all his it’s all belongs to them

they did it together achieve their


again another shot showing everybody up

there at the top level

and then it ends

with dre overlooking the city of compton

you see the he’s in black but you see

the gold in the fireworks again

the promise of this titan bringing back

in the golden age of rule

he’s um overlooking the city of compton

and so we’re ending again he’s on top of

the dome

remember it began with the dome

um in the beginning where we saw the

underside of the dome but here he is on

top of it

standing on the dome

the grid

that netting of the city

networking the nodes in that realm

so the camera angle begins to pan out

you see again that gold orb

that keeps showing up and i didn’t show

you guys this is totally after the fact

but mary j blige when you went back to

her original song family affair

um she’s just singing

her her song in the old original video

and you see twice this gold orb just go

across the screen so again it’s tying

that same symbol into all of these

people’s songs

but we see the the gold orb here again

at the end as we’re panning out the


it’s moving out of the program

and the columns and the changes that

were just done

and just like we started where we panned

in we’re beginning to pan back out

here’s the ley lines of california

moving out of the program again panning

out farther

there’s our red ball red white and blue

programming different sides of the mind

we’re beginning to shut down this

program as they’re backing out the the

survivors were

of the mind control programming they’re

beginning to pull back out of all of

those realms of the programming

inside and outside influence

it’s beginning to shut and close it down

it’s reversing the process

it ends the ball goes back through

the um

black hole

and so here we are back where we started

with this cosmic view

we’re in the blue programming which is

the here and now the earth

life programming and the programming has

been shut down

the subcon the subconscious mind holds

the changes that were made the lineups

for the programming but the front

presenter personality is now

not aware of what happened it’s it’s

shut down for the front presenter

personality they just think they saw a


English (auto-generated)

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  1. I agree on the blogging and that we need more people to cover the issues. Videos are fine and all, but they cut down on the actual ability of people to gather in a large amount of information in a short time period. I could READ the important parts of a 45 min video in less than 5 minutes. It think it’s a consequence of cell phones, where you cannot write easily, but a video is simpler. For the maker, not the watcher or the information-gatherer. Also, it cuts out a wide swath of society who need transcripts for what we call ADA purposes in the US. Adults with Disabilities Act requires all videos to be captioned and/or transcripted for Universities, but there’s no requirement for that in regular life. There ought to be. Sites like the open scroll have hundreds if not thousands of videos that I will never get to watch, especially when they get tossed off of youtube and not uploaded to other places. Being tossed off youtube is a regularity, not an exception.

    Some people do still read, but make no mistake, if you’re only getting your info from videos, you’re missing a ton. Thanks for all you do, Cathy!!

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  2. Alissa says:

    About your blue and yellow decodes. I see you’re not on twitter anymore. Im TigersEye_11. Here is a link I find intriguing.


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