Anneke Lucas 2 – A Child Pimped to the Globalist Psychopaths

Anneke is an amazing survivor and deserves the utmost respect for enduring and overcoming what she went through at the hands of the Belgian part of the globalist paedophile criminal cabal. The Dutroux network was part of this cabal.

I have previously posted on Anneke, a couple of years ago Anneke Lucas Pimped by her Mother to the Belgian Network [7]. However on that post several youtube videos are now unavailable as they are censoring so many videos and channels that it is pointless posting with youtube videos. Luckily I had included the autotranscripts, which are on the link above, I have not replicated them here.

However I have now searched for likely more longlasting video replacements on Odysee. I have found 3 of the 4 parts on Odysee but I have had to upload the fourth myself from the only copy I could find which is low quality.

Hidden History Mind Control Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 1 of 4 [8] Transcript see [7].

Hidden History Mind Control Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 2 of 4 [9] Transcript see [7].

Foxes Amazing Channel Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 3 of 4 [10] low quality video Transcript see [7].

Nel nome della verità Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 4 of 4 [11] Transcript see [7].

I have also included a Rumble copy of Anneke’s Ted talk as well and transcript.

Rumble 2017 Ted Talk Anneke Lucas From Child Sex Slavery to Victory [1]

Ted Talk Transcript

These videos are a summary of what happened after her first disclosure, and her perpetrators were famous names. She tells how she coped mentally during the abuse and why she will not name them.

DanteLaaw Anneke Lucas I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6 (SEQUEL-PART 1) (Human Trafficking) [13]

DanteLaaw Odysee Anneke Lucas Why I Won’t Publicly Name Names (SEQUEL-PART 2) [14]

In fact Anneke does name some names in her book Quest for Love which I will cover in my third blog on her, soon. Her book is available here Anneka Lucas website [2]

Camelot has just released an interview with Anneke see Project Camelot Anneke Lucas Quest for Love [20]


[1] Rumble 2017 Ted Talk Anneke Lucas From Child Sex Slavery to Victory

[1a] You tube 2017 Ted Talk Anneke Lucas From Child Sex Slavery to Victory

[2] Anneka Lucas website




[6] Towards Unconditional Love with Anneke Lucas

[7] 2020 Aug 14 wordpress cathy fox blog Anneke Lucas Pimped by her Mother to the Belgian Network

[8] Hidden History Mind Control Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 1 of 4

[9] Hidden History Mind Control Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 2 of 4

[10] Foxes Amazing Channel Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 3 of 4 low quality video

[11] Nel nome della verità Anneke Lucas Testimony Part 4 of 4 Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia – Part 4 Anneke Lucas

[12] All 4 parts low quality

[13] DanteLaaw Anneke Lucas I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6 (SEQUEL-PART 1) (Human Trafficking)’s-Elite-at-Age-6-(SEQUEL-PART-1)-(Human-Trafficking):b

[14] DanteLaaw Odysee Anneke Lucas Why I Won’t Publicly Name Names (SEQUEL-PART 2)’t-Publicly-Name-Names-(SEQUEL-PART-2):b

[15] Anneke Lucas website

[16] Skeptico Anneke Lucas, Recovering From Unimaginable Evil

[17] Anneke Lucas Writing

[18] Anneke Lucas Writing Pedophilia

[19] Karl Lagerfeld: A survivor’s account of sexual abuse in the fashion industry

for more links see Anneke Lucas Pimped by her Mother to the Belgian Network [7]

[20] 2020 Aug 24 Project Camelot Anneke Lucas Quest for Love

This post [111] 2022 Aug 31 cathyfoxblog Anneke Lucas 2 A Child Pimped to Globalist Psychopaths

Ted Talk Transcript

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Ted Talk Transcript



0:19I’m from Belgium but in my late teens I

0:24escaped from there and I ran off to

0:29France then I went west went to England

0:34first then I went to New York then I

0:39escaped further to the west coast of the

0:41United States landed in Los Angeles and

0:45after a few years there I was getting

0:47antsy and I wanted to escape again and I

0:50realized if I was going to go any

0:52farther west I was going to end up in

0:54the Far East so the journey outward the

1:02escape was over and I realized I have to

1:09go in I have to face myself so I began a

1:17journey that lasted thirty years that

1:21was an absolutely epic journey facing

1:27dark death around every corner

1:31confronted with large crevasses that I

1:36had to jump into and know that something

1:41greater then my little ego was there to

1:45catch me at times I felt the pain of all

1:53the world but after 30 years I came out

2:00victorious I was able to just be me I

2:13lucky to have a sense of what that might

2:17mean me as a baby I was raised by a

2:25psychopathic mother and you know we’re

2:30all born the same we’re completely cute

2:32innocent sweet and we need that

2:38reflection of ourselves as little human

2:41beings to live and I was not receiving

2:47that from my mother but there was a

2:51caretaker who did give me that and I

2:54remember very strongly she wrapped me

2:57against her body with makeshift wraps it

3:00was before we all held our babies in

3:03front of us taking care of the other

3:06babies but holding me and feeling what

3:09it felt like that just be me now she was

3:15there in the first three years my mother

3:19then sold me when I was six to a group

3:25of psychopaths they were very well

3:31organized Psychopaths they were not just

3:35in Belgium there were men from all over

3:37the world and I found out much later

3:43that many of these men had very visible

3:46places on the world stage they were

3:50world leaders politicians leaders of

3:55countries and then there were those who

3:59controlled the world leaders together in

4:03this club and they performed there the

4:09darkest things imaginable and I

4:14experienced and witnessed this from the

4:17age of six to eleven when I was rescued

4:22from someone from the inside

4:26today I work in jails and prisons in New

4:30York where I now live and I have an

4:33organization called liberation prison

4:35yoga I can relate to everyone because

4:44incarcerated people tend to be

4:47traumatized just where they are and they

4:50often also have a lot of trauma in their

4:53past often of the same degree of

4:56violence that I survived without the

5:00privilege that I had to spend 30 years

5:03focusing just on healing and then I also

5:09relate to people who come to train with

5:13me to go into the prisons with me and

5:16when I started to share my story in 2013

5:19when I came to the end of that 30-year

5:21period I was interviewed and then I

5:25started to speak however the day is the

5:30first time I’m back in Europe speaking

5:34about this what we create with

5:39liberation Prison Yoga is an example of

5:45what the world could be like like

5:49perhaps here today where all of us

5:53really want to change the world for the

5:57better now we are in the Atomic Age

6:02we’ve already moved on into spiritual

6:05practices and most of us know that we

6:08are not just this finite body that we

6:13have these inner journeys and those are

6:16very real but somehow the world seems to

6:22be more chaotic and darker than ever so

6:28who’s going to win the light or the dark

6:35is consciousness so we need awareness

6:42awareness of the reality of the darkness

6:46that this world is ruled by Psychopaths

6:50and I think generally we don’t really

6:54know what psychopaths are and we can’t

6:59really recognize them you know one way

7:03to tell someone who seems too good to be

7:07true whether it’s in your love

7:11relationships or whether it’s in

7:13politics it’s someone who plays at being

7:19human and makes it seem so simple and

7:23usually appears like a better version of

7:26ourselves where we with all these messy

7:29feelings feel we want to emulate them

7:32and be more like that whether it’s

7:36celebrities or whomever we put at the

7:42top of this top-down model this top-down

7:50model is a trauma based model and the

7:57top are the Psychopaths the sickest

7:59people and at the bottom are the

8:02vulnerable populations the prisoners the

8:06poor and then in the middle are most of

8:10us who are absolutely traumatized by

8:13this system and at the same time maybe

8:22seek to do good in the world so the best

8:30way to find the monster is to go within

8:35about Psychopaths is I was talking about

8:39the little baby before well the

8:41psychopath is a person who didn’t get to

8:43experience that in a

8:46because their caregivers were already

8:51projecting so there was no reflection of

8:56themselves as that innocent cute little

8:59baby which as it were banned them from

9:02themselves because it is feeling that

9:06makes us human it is feeling that leads

9:11to consciousness and it is my journey

9:15through feeling that has made me

9:18increasingly aware of myself and as a

9:22result and reflection aware of what’s

9:24outside as well and I don’t think any of

9:29us truly escape because the model in

9:34which we live itself makes it really

9:37impossible for parents to be

9:38unconditionally present for their

9:40children and the younger the child the

9:44more everything is life and death so if

9:49you’re told by the doctor you need to

9:52let your baby cry it out and not to

9:56listen when it sounds torturous

9:58well it sounds torturous because the

10:02baby feels torture and it is being

10:07traumatized in that moment so on our

10:11journey in yes yoga and meditation are

10:15great practices to become mindful to get

10:20a different perspective of ourselves

10:21very important but we can’t do that and

10:26then bypass the feeling part we’re all a

10:32little bit brainwashed into this

10:33thinking that the rational thinking is

10:36more important than feeling I say it’s

10:39probably equally important we want to

10:41balance them out but there’s not really

10:44a lot known about someone’s trauma

10:47journey we don’t really generally

10:51recognize behaviors and can guess that

10:56this started with a particular trauma

10:58that can be read

11:00and someone’s behavior we can read

11:02people’s minds more easily because we

11:05ourselves have gone through trauma after

11:08trauma so trauma is fear of death fear

11:12of losing the physical body or the body

11:16of a loved one so in that moment of fear

11:20of death all brain activity recedes to

11:24the survival brain which is right around

11:26the brainstem all other brain activity

11:30stops what’s around the brainstem well I

11:36spent a lot of time in that state we’re

11:40not human in that state and Psychopaths

11:44without feeling are in that state all

11:48the time and then they have a cortex

11:50over it to hide it and so I’ve never

11:57seen an abuser that I didn’t know was

12:02himself abused as a child because I in

12:06my real job which was a tuning with the

12:11abuser and giving them what they needed

12:14what they truly needed

12:16I got this image of the little boy who

12:20was vulnerable made themselves

12:23vulnerable to me the child sex slave so

12:28that that vulnerability was completely

12:30controlled and if I hadn’t given them

12:33what they truly needed if I’d followed

12:35my impulse and perhaps laughed or at

12:38them or whatever they were afraid of

12:40then I would have been killed and there

12:43would be no witness to that

12:44vulnerability that sense of humiliation

12:47a repeat of the abuse the feelings

12:51around the abuse that are all repressed

12:54so for someone who has zero healing at

12:57all the best way to get it out of the

13:01system because it is there and it needs

13:03to get out is to go in that same mode

13:07fight flight freeze collapse and in that


13:13primordial state to go into the fight

13:16mode and get that temporary release it’s

13:21where in trauma and we can fight we can

13:24kill the predator or we can run then all

13:27we have to do is take a few breaths and

13:29the trauma would be out of our body-mind

13:30system but as a child we go into freeze

13:34and everything is frozen now these men

13:41some the most evil in the world I’m

13:45pretty sure we’re like parents to me and

13:50there were some who gave me some

13:52reflections that I need it for my own

13:54emotional development and so I loved

13:57them so I try to understand because I

14:03know that no one is truly a monster but

14:07of course Psychopaths behave like

14:10monsters I like to think of them as

14:12dinosaurs in business suits they are

14:17antiquated because we are already in an

14:22age where we move away from matter as

14:25the final reality and if you have no

14:29access to feeling you are relegated to

14:33the world of matter to yourself the body

14:35as a final person who you are and so

14:40they’re very heavily into rejuvenation

14:42and the ways that they do that I will

14:46spare you but it’s very barbaric so in

14:54my work today I get a chance to do the

14:59same as I was made to do as a child

15:04having moved through this vast regions

15:09regions and regions of the emotional

15:13world to come back to myself free from


15:21and free to just whatever the universe

15:25sends my way now if we look at society

15:30for a moment and we think that if we

15:34want to climb the ladder of societal

15:37ladder it tells you not to feel trauma

15:41and the higher you go the more you will

15:44be asked to give up your principles and

15:50usually there’s some sex scandal along

15:53the way up whether it’s in the corporate

15:55world or it’s in the yoga world that

15:57needs to be kept under wraps and if you

15:59don’t want to be quiet about it you get

16:01kicked out and you don’t get to be part

16:04of the club and at the very top of

16:10course are the people who are the most

16:13sick with trauma so when a psychopath

16:16kills a baby

16:18they are reliving a trauma story of when

16:21they were a little baby and they felt

16:24deadened so they don’t know it but

16:28they’re repeating their trauma story the

16:33great thing about the journey inward now

16:38it was completely invisible I had a few

16:41safe people but the great thing about it

16:45is that we don’t have to travel to do it

16:48you can do it right here and now it’s

16:52difficult to hear about the reality of

16:55the darkness of the world because it

16:57requires for us to go through some

16:59feelings perhaps that are traumatic the

17:06shock and disbelief the anger the

17:10landing of the reality and the pain that

17:13comes with that and perhaps the grief

17:15the disgust it’s not easy but I’ve been

17:23amazed and how receptive audiences are

17:27and I can tell you that it’s been a

17:29challenge to stand here back in Europe


17:34and feel heard and allowing myself to

17:42feel the healing so have a pleasant

17:49journey and may we all be victorious





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