Satanic Halloween

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In the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey wrote After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween. [34]

Halloween is the most important major satanic festival.

Halloween had its beginnings in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. The festival observed at this time was called Samhain (pronounced Sah-ween) [2]

The Celts believed that at the time of Samhain, more so than any other time of the year, the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living, because at Samhain the souls of those who had died during the year traveled into the otherworld. People gathered to sacrifice animals, fruits, and vegetables. They also lit bonfires in honor of the dead, to aid them on their journey, and to keep them away from the living. On that day all manner of beings were abroad: ghosts, fairies, and demons–all part of the dark and dread. [2]

From Autumn/Fall Equinox, Mahon, through to Halloween, occultists believe the veil separating the earthly dimension from the demonic realm gets progressively thinner, with the thinnest night being 31 October. This thinning of the separating veil makes it easier for the demonic realm to enter the earthly dimension. Thus, on Halloween, evil spirits, ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats, fairies, and demons of all sorts were believed to be running amok across the land. They had to be back in their spiritual dimension before midnight, Halloween, for the separating veil would then get thicker. [5]

These dates and festivals are not Satanic in themselves. They are times in the annual planetary cycle when very powerful energies of various kinds are manifesting on the Earth and the rituals and ceremonies of both a positive and negative nature are performed on these dates. The cycle produces the energy and the Satanists simply harness that energy for their own purposes, just as the positive rituals can. []

If you look at these Satanic Calendars, then it is clear that around Halloween there are a host of different rituals and ceremonies with particular emphasis on blood and sex.

This calendar is from  Exposing Satanism Satanic Ritual Calendar [1]

Exposing Satanism Satanic Ritual Calendar [1]

The following calendar is from Deprogramwiki Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors [5]

  • October 13: Backwards date re Halloween;13 as reverse of 31.
  • 16: Death of Rosenburg.
  • 17–18: Yom Kippur.
  • 19: Death of Goering.
  • 20/23: Hitler’s half birthday.
  • 22–29: Preparation for All Hallows’ Eve.
  • 31: Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows Eve/ Hallowmas/All Souls’ Day, Halloween.
    Preparation for the Isia (ring of six: Isis, Hathor, Nepthys, Horus, Thoth, Anubis). Resurrection of Osiris. Start of the Celtic new year, the “dark” half of the year.
  • November 1: Satanist High Holy Day (related to Halloween) All Saint’s Day, (feast for the saints with no name day of their own). The Isia: six days of ritual drama commemorating Isis searching for the pieces of Osiris, feast of the netherworlds,parting of the astral veil, resurrection of Osiris.
  • 2: All Soul’s Day (feast in honour of the dead), Day of the Dead (Santeria), Day of the Dead, El Dia De Los Muertos.
  • 4: Satanic revels.
  • 7: Rebirth of Osiris.

Deprogramwiki Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors [5]

The activities appear to start from 13th October which is 31 reversed, although one source said “the entire month of October is dedicated to ritual”, working up to a climax between 28 October -1 November. There are more “revels” on November 4th.

Julius Caesar described how at Samhain, huge effigies were made of woven twigs. Live people were put inside and then set fire to…


Laurie Cabot who is a Grand High Priestess, US East Quad, has a website, where she says the Morrighan, one of the triplicities of Celtic Godesseses, celebrates here union with the Dagda, the “good god”.

Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple Samhain [36]

Whilst this may be true, there is much left out of the satanists activity, of which more later.

One ex insider said

” they don’t have to work much at raising the negative energies for the rituals and demons because they are permeating society.”

Society has become more and more permeated with Halloween, and do not realise that they are partaking in a mass satanic ritual.

In Britain, Halloween has transformed in the last 40 years from a few games of “bob apple” deriving from a Roman ceremony to honour Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees to a month or more of shops selling tacky plastic halloween merchandise such as witches, brooms, lanterns, ghosts and ghouls. On Halloween children now indulge in the US imported “trick or treat” round the local neighbourhood, involving the adults giving them large quantities of candy.

These customs derive from Halloween being the season of the Crone. In ancient paganism, the word Crone denoted an elder priestess or tribal matriarch; a cognate word is “crown,” the symbol of a leader. The word was made pejorative when the Christian Church redefined all elder priestesses of the old religion as malevolent witches. Bibliotecapleyades Halloween [17]

The divine Crone was originally a part of the trinitarian Goddess, who appeared in Maiden, Mother and Crone forms, associated with the three phases of woman’s life, the three phases of the moon and the annual cycles of nature.

Viewed as an underworld deity who cared for the dead, the Goddess as Crone ruled autumnal harvest festivals, when the spirits of dead ancestors could visit their descendants and share in the harvest feast. [17]

The head illuminati Mother of Darkness is called Crone, whilst two others are Mother and Maid.


Among the Celts, the well-known “death’s head at the feast” used to be an actual skull of an ancestor, set at the table to receive offerings, often with a candle set within it, to simulate the warmth of life and the light of vision. That was the origin of the jack-o-lantern. [17]



  • In southeast Asia, harvest customs still involve food offerings to ancestors at the holiday known as the Feast of the Hungry Ghosts.
  • In Mexico, it is called the Day of the Dead, characterized by honoring the ancestors and feeding the children little candy skulls as the memento mori.
  • Feeding children treats on holy days is a long-established human habit, originally designed not only to make such occasions memorable for the children, but also to show visiting tribal spirits that the next generation is here, needing their continued help in maintaining the food supply for the tribe. [17]

Skulls and Masks

The skull was an important symbol of the divine Crone, often envisioned as her true face, veiled like everyone’s skull by the mask of flesh.

  • Typically, she was also hidden behind a black veil. Various traditions claimed that one might see her true visage only in one’s final moments of life, not as in a glass darkly, but then face to face…
  • Masks, covering the face, were used in sacred drama and other ceremonies to represent the presence of deity. To put on the mask, in ancient times, was often interpreted as a literal assumption of the divine spirit that the mask embodied.
  • The animal-headed deities of ancient Egypt began as priests and priestesses wearing totemic animal masks. The wolf and bear clans of northern Europe wore masks of the appropriate animals for religious rites and considered themselves inwardly possessed by their sacred beasts.
  • Such traditions gave rise not only to common surnames like Wolf and Baer, but also to legends of werewolves (“man-wolves”) and berserkers (warriors who became possessed by battle-frenzy when wearing the “bear sark” or bearskin).
  • Mask wearing for religious purposes has been common throughout history [17]

We are all suddenly being made to wear masks for no scientifically justifiable reason, in the hysterical cabal controlled press and politicians reaction to the entity they call Covid19.

Apart from control, was part of the reason for masks, for a huge halloween ritual? This year Halloween comes just 3 days before a make or break US election where the satanists may well have to regain control to survive.

Indeed were US elections arranged on this date for the reason it is in the rituals of halloween?

The Monarch mind controlled satanic celebrities are of course already getting in on the Halloween boosting and propaganda. Heidi Klum, who media call Queen of Halloween for her extravagant costumes and Halloween party, has cancelled this year, due to coronavirus panic, but she was already spouting off in early October.

2020 Oct 2 Hollywood Life All hail the Queen of Halloween: Heidi Klum! [28]

Last year she tooks hours to dress up as a xenomorph. Xenomorphs are apparently vicious predatory flesh eating creatures with no higher goals than the propagation of their species and the destruction of any life that could pose a threat to them.

So a bit like satanists then…

Here she is with her human husband astronaut prey.  She is well on message with overtones also to transhumanism.

The ubiquitous mind controlled Kardashians, having Chris Jenner as Illuminati High Priestess and Matriarch of the family, get into the Halloween vibe fully 11 days before Halloween, with both Kourtney and Kim getting a page in the Mail.

2020 Oct 19 Daily Mail Kourtney Kardashian shows off her home’s super spooky Halloween decor complete with life size skeletons and plenty of cobwebs [29]

2020 Oct 19 Mail Kim Kardashian gets into the Halloween spirit as she takes in some spooky decor and expert jack-o-lanterns with her kids [30] 

Miley Cyrus another victim of Monarch mind control, recently uploaded a cover of Zombie to her you tube channel. At first on seeing the T shirts posted I assumed they were part of Miley’s merchandise.

However a fan of Mileys claimed the work, saying it is inspiration art for Halloween…

The immediate similarities are to

  • “Frazzledrip” – face with the flesh torn off, as supposedly in a video of HRC and Huma
  • the Wilson volleyball from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks
  • the face on Ellens Hoody.
  • Gaga’s outfit

                                                                Wilson Volleyball

                                                                    Ellen Hoody Face

                                                                 Gaga’s Outfit

The Zombie Miley artwork features

  • Mileys face dripping with blood
  • A bloody handprint over one eye
  • The word Zombie

I would point out that

  • Anyone’s face dripping with blood is not a normal event or a wholesome image
  • The illuminati force children to mark their holy ground with a bloody handprint
  • The one eye symbol is a speciality of the illuminati
  • The word Zombie which is used as a reference to Adrenochrome, because of the zombie flesh eating aspect that comes over someone when they are on it

A zombie according to wikipedia,

A zombie is a fictional undead corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse. The term comes from Haitian folklore, in which a zombie is a dead body reanimated through various methods, most commonly magic.[49]

  • undead – deceased but behave as if they were alive
  • revenant – animated corpse that is believed to have revived from death to haunt the living
  • Zombies are part of Haitian vodou one version is that the Bizango secret society used a particular concoction to render their victim into a state that resembled death. After the individual was then assumed dead, the Bizango would administer another drug to revive them, giving the impression that they had returned from the dead [50]

Whilst described as fictional, the derivation is from real Haitian vodou magik, just occulted. See  Corey Digs Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret [51]

The artist says this is inspiration art and just a zombie head for Halloween, and telling people to “find the light”.

I have omitted the artists details.

At the very, very least this image is triggering for those abused in rituals particularly at Halloween.

I cannot see anything of the true light about it, and much that is dark. The only possible light about it is the false light of Lucifer.

I wonder whether the artist even understands that Miley Cyrus is a Monarch mind controlled slave. To even stan someone who is a slave and not try to help her break free appears uncaring.

For all I know the artist may be Monarch mind controlled herself, but for the purposes of this, I will take her at her word that she thinks there is nothing evil intended.

It appears a good example of how the symbols of halloween are being normalised and accepted by people, despite being a satanic ritual festival. Also it shows how the fans and stans of mind controlled slave celebs accept the brainwashing that the celebs (mere fronts for the handlers and controllers) send out in terms of lyrics and symbolism.

The celeb is someone the stan admires and may have followed the celeb from a young age. Initially the celeb’s image is presented as wholesome and good, before the deliberate image change to bad, which the fans follow, and see this as perfectly normal.

To actively promote bloodied face imagery, replete with illuminati symbolism and even defend it as being of the light is perhaps one goal of this illuminati agenda. This is a perfect example of fans of a mind controlled celebs being influenced by the stars satanic work, combined with the satanic Halloween images permeating into society.

Halloween was designed to be a framework for self initiation into the Luciferian way of thinking. Once a minor toe hold of the occult in modern life, why has Halloween imagery and obsession with lust and death become the mainstay of the entertainment industry? Notice that as Halloween mushroomed since 1966, so has obsession and ‘revolution’ of perverted sex, the occult, and admiration of serial killers and psychotics. If Jewish religious schools caution parents that observance of Halloween is pagan and therefore destructive to the Jewish educational process, that also applies to Christian and Muslim parents. Halloween is religious indoctrination and formation into Druid paganism, witchcraft, and Satanism. Henry Makow Halloween is Satanist Christmas [14] 

Normalisation of Halloween has been achieved by encouraging children to participate by dressing up as Barbie, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman.

“This night, we smile at the amateur explorers of their own inner darkness, for we know that they enjoy their brief dip into the pool of the ‘shadow world’. “We encourage their tenebrous fantasies, the candied indulgence, and the wide-ranging evocation of our aesthetics (while tolerating some of the chintzy versions), even if it is but once a year.” Church of Satans website wrote. [34]

Jonathan Royle explains how mass mind control works.

2020 Oct 11 Jonathan Royle Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis [45] 

Illuminati controlled corporations are another hidden hand commercialising and popularising this satanic ceremony.

Halloween Trauma and Flashbacks

Halloween is a time of great problems and trauma for many who were mind controlled and ritually abused.

Traumatizing an individual on a specific day; their birthday, Christmas, Halloween, for example, is more damaging as the date won’t be forgotten and will occur once a year. Trauma programming on specific dates allows the programmer to inlay clocks for triggering desired actions. Deprogramwiki Chainless Slaves [12]

Further the trauma of halloween rituals are likely to be hidden, as if a victim dissociates they likely will blame their first abuser, a family member not the illuminati cult.

The fathers or step-fathers are not often the subject’s handler when they are growing up. The abuse by this subject will serve as a cover for programming. If the subject’s front alters discover they are dissociative, they will initially blame their multiplicity on the first abuser they remember, which will be a family member. [12]

Cathy O’Brien said in Access Denied…

Around Halloween, county jails and mental institutions filled up with people suffering from calendar-date intrusive memory flashes. When memories are not written out, occultic flashbacks can result in violent behavior and subsequently overfill jails as well as mental institutions. Access Denied [32]

Fiona Barnett wrote in  Eyes Wide Open Latest Lockdown edition pdf download [41]

I could not stand that sickly, confused sense of dread that consumed my being at Halloween and other significant ritual dates. I was tired of unconscious trauma memories manifesting as depression, anxiety, terror, anger, hypervigilance, nightmares, and inexplicable mood swings. I was tired of losing control of my emotions and will. My entire life was one big trauma response.

I integrated because I hate pain. I could not stand the physical pain caused by dissociation.  Prior to integration, every decision I made was informed by my trauma experiences.

For healing also see Appendix 4 and…

  • Deprogramwiki Dealing with holidays [9] 
  • Surviving Ritual Abuse Australia Deprogramming [40]

or resources at the end of this blog

Halloween Rituals

Trigger Warning

What rituals are they normalising? What sort of sick rituals do the satanist Luciferians carry out as this time?  A great number of different ones.

It is hardly surprising that Fiona was traumatised, as she –

watched Vice Chancellor John Ward butcher children during a Halloween ritual inside a University of Sydney building. Dressed in a bright red Halloween robe, he skinned a child alive and made a skull and crossed bones.

The human skull and crossed thigh bones is another Kappa-Sigma symbol, used to
remind members of their sworn oath and the punishment that awaits should they violate it (i.e., beheading and amputation). The initiation ritual involves the use of a genuine human skull and crossed thigh bones placed on an altar.

The next image will not enlarge but enough can be seen to see that a live child, screaming for its mother is being minced into dogfood.

Eyes Wide Open Latest Lockdown edition pdf download [41]

Watchtower President, Charles Taze Russell was ritually killed on Halloween, 1916 and his remains buried under a pyramid. The Watchtower Society leadership is a front for a part of the Illuminati which practices Enochian Magic. The power of Enochian magic is the Watchtowers. Deprogramwiki Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula [7]

Charles Russell was an American Christian restorationist minister from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and founder of what is now known as the Bible Student movement. After his death, Jehovah’s Witnesses and numerous independent Bible Student groups developed from this base.

Just one example of the thousands of Illuminati Grande Dames killed in rituals like this is the recent billionairess Dorris Duke, who was ritually killed in 1993 on Halloween, also in the Beverly Hills area.

[Grande Dame is usually under a Grand High Priestess. They are not a High Priestess usually but can be. They normally are put in positions where they oversee high level women programmed as Beta Kitten Slaves. They procure or groom these women from a young age.]

The Illuminati method for killing a Grande Dame and passing her spiritual power on is done with reverence. No blood is to be spilt out of respect for the elderly woman who gives up her life willingly. At death, the last breath is inhaled by the replacement to transfer the power. There may be as many as 2,197 Grande Dames at such a coronation. The Grande Mothers (whose Systems are mistresses for Satan and hierarchy leaders) and the next rank, the Grande Dames, are often veiled in ritual and would wear robes with different colored lining. The different colors of linings show the different grades. [6]

A typical Grande Mother vestment or robe is a black satin & velvet dress with a draped neckline, and ritual symbols down the center of the robe. After someone like Dorris Duke willingly gives her (their) life, her head is served on a silver platter at a banquet. For the deeper alters of a high level slave, this is part of their way of life; they are told it is their birthright and heritage. Such alters will not be able to identify with the culture at large. To give up their programming, means giving up their magical powers and their culture, which they have had to work hard for. To leave they would need to see something that they perceive as better. They are locked into their slavery due do to their exposure to only a secret Illuminati culture and value system. [6]

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, kills the wicked witch of the west by a sharp blow to the forehead with the witch’s staff. This is what is done in the Illuminati, when an elderly witch is being replaced. In both cases, whether in the movie or in real life in the Illuminati, when a witch is killed the people have a ceremony. In real life in the secret world of the Illuminati, a scroll is used to certify that the witch is dead both physically and spiritually. (The movie had this in it.) [6]

Satanism and Luciferianism and other similar cults are blood cults that require blood to be sacrificed to pull in certain demons. For instance, blood may be taken from both the tongue and the genital area and mixed in a certain ceremony to invoke a particular demon. Demons are not bought with gold or silver, they are bought with blood. Some spirits are invoked by placing alcoholic enemas into the child. These children get totally intoxicated with alcohol, some to the point that they even die from the ceremony. This is all done to bring in particular demons. The Spirit Choronzon and Typhon are critical spirits to place into a person for the Mind-Control to work. The Illuminati do not believe the Mind-control will work without the assistance of these spirits. Typhon and Choronzon do the tunneling and the MPD work. [6]

An example of an important ritual to demonize the victim is the baptism of the child victim to Satan. Satan may be called Set in the ritual. There are variations on this ceremony, so a victim’s personal baptism may vary in some or all of the details. This is actual variation of the ritual done to Monarch mind-controlled slaves: The child is stripped nude and given a purple robe. It is placed inside the pentagram, and an “altar” which is made by a nude woman or child is brought forward. A horse or jackal is inscribed with the inscription “Nebebka” on the neck or forehead.

Then the animal is sacrificed to whatever name the group is using for Satan (such as Set or Saman). The abdomen of the beast is split open completely, and the liver removed. The 4 spirits of the 4 watchtowers are invoked. The slave child being baptized is smeared with fat from the dead beast. The Gatekeeper spirit is called by ringing a bell. Then the child is placed into the animal’s belly. A part of the raw liver is given to the child and the rest consumed by the group. The child is then baptized in blood.

A cut called the Devil’s Seal is placed on the child on the left hand, or under the armpit, or on the upper part of the head. This in Cabalism is the Mark of Foundation. The Priest reads out of the Book of Satan and the Book of Names. The victim repeats after the Priest. In this fashion the Priest ritually gives the person a new name. The Dance of Hod (Glory-the sphere on the bottom left of the C. Tree of Sephiroth) is then begun in a circular motion by the cult, to oppose Netsah (Victory-the sphere on the bottom right of the Tree). The Priest of the coven will then dismiss the demon(s) he has conjured.

At times this ritual is done with a child sacrifice rather than an animal, & sometimes it is done in conjunction with another ritual, such as All Hallow’s Eve. To empower the Monarch System, special rings which have been dipped in the blood of sacrificed victims, are given to the victim with instructions to wear it faithfully. The rings are used as focal points to insure the continued demonization of the victim. Some examples of this would be a Blue Topaz ring, a Black Onyx ring, or a Diamond ring. Black Onyx is used to capture souls.  [6]

The following videos are from The Tap Paedophile Halloween – Kid killers sacrifice their victims. At an altar near you [19]

You Tube Halloween: Day of Human Sacrificing [20]

The Satanists carry out their gruesome rituals. This former Satanist describes how it all happens. Screaming. Yelling. Low murmuring noise, chanting from many people. People convulsing in rituals. He took part in a sacrificial ritual. He describes sexual abuse. A little girl was placed on the altar. Her feet were bound to the ends of the altar, legs apart. They bound her hands to the top of the altar. They slit the bottoms of her feet and her wrists, catching the blood into chalices, which people drank. She was white. The innocent little girl died. This happens every Halloween. Children all over the world lose their lives on Halloween night.

This lady was another example of victim of ritual abuse, taught that satan was God and God was not real. She was the fifth bride of satan. Fire was her element. She says babies were sacrificed between mid September to mid November.

Disturbing testimony from a former satanist part 1 of 2 [21]

Auto Transcripts in Appendix 2 towards the end of this article

Trick or treat? A sick deception played on humanity.
This girl was raped at 4 years old by a High Priest of Satanism, and was brought up a Satanist. She was converted later in life and here describes her Satanist experiences prior to the conversion. She says the purpose of satanism is to rule the world.

They have underground caverns in the mountain, and keep the missing people there. Around September, October they take them out drugged, and use a sacrificial knife from the chest down to the abdomen. In September they sacrifice babies screaming and crying. The blood flows.

They kidnap people and impregnate them. They get babies all over the place. Satanists are in the Police, the Army, in the Council. It’s not exposed. They’re really good at lying. If people come out of Satanism, they get killed. They get sacrificed in the ritual. You don’t get out alive. The woman talking is really scared as she doesn’t know how to tell everyone. She’s frightened no one will believe her if she talks openly. We’re living in a war, she says.

Demons are real. People are influenced by demons. People are influenced by bad spirits. Jesus protects me. I know where it’s at and I’m going to expose it all. She tells the story of how she escaped the demonic activity. 

You Tube Disturbing testimony from a former satanist part 2 of 2 [22]

The three videos are from 2012 Nov The Tap Paedophile Halloween – Kid killers sacrifice their victims. At an altar near you [19]  

Auto Transcripts in Appendix 2 towards the end of this article.

Mauri described this ritual…   Reflections in the Night [62]

I have few memories of Halloween, their biggest holiday next to Walspurgisnacht, until my late teenage.  But I was able to recover one ceremony. Halloween evening, we all went to bed. Suddenly I was awoken in the middle of the night, and I quietly got dressed. We got in the car and drove to the desert. A gathering was there. At the center of the ceremony was a soft fuzzy white rabbit with long pointed ears. A sharp razor was used to slit each of its eyes. The throat was slit open, then the front. We were told to put our hands inside and wipe blood on our naked bodies. The bunny was still warm and felt almost alive. If this was typical, and it may have been, many of these rituals took place in the dead of night. I remember the many times I put my head down on my desk at school and just fell asleep. No wonder, with little sleep, I was probably still tired.  As an adult when I would go to sleep at night, I would often have the flashback of two knocks on wood, which would awaken me. When I looked up I would feel people just outside my window looking in.  This may have been a trigger used to get me up in the middle of the night for rituals as a child.

I have other desert memories.  In another I remember myself at the bottom of a cliff with a big bag of rocks held by a rope over me. I see the rocks crashing toward me, then felt myself rolled under the cliff just in time. On top of the cliff is a group of children. Can you imagine how they must have felt when they went home that night, thinking they had just murdered a child? Yes, they just couldn’t give up on having other children murder me. The cult had a name for this game. It was called “The Game of Three Children”  The object of the game was that one child would watch, one would die, and one would kill the other. Of course, as with all games, much was hoaxed behind the scenes, but not in the eyes of the participants, except the one that was “murdered”. That child frequently lived to be murdered yet again. Reflections in the Night [62]

Cisco Wheeler, daughter of High Level Illuminati programmer, tells what happened to her at the age of 3 when her father arranged for her to be Monarch mind controlled, under MKUltra at Halloween, and she explains why Halloween is dangerous.

Her father was “Dr.Black” who worked with Joseph Mengele.

2020 Oct 23 You Tube Cisco Wheeler Halloween – A Satanic Holiday – Cisco Wheeler [61]

Cisco Wheeler, author of “Behold A White Horse”, and co-author of “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave”, shares the truth about Halloween and the Halloween rituals that take place in the occult. She also shares her own testimony of the Halloween rituals and MK Ultra she was subjected to at age 3. [61]

Penny Shephard, whose website is here [35]  tells me [35a] –

All Satanists PREY; They are predators; they perform rituals, spells, sacrifices -human and animals. They kidnap, rape, torture. The witches, Santeria, voodoo, Luciferians, all use incantations; They conjure demons for success and submit sacrifices to them. This curries favor for their dreams to come true as the demons serve them and they serve the demons; symbiosis [35a]

All use different methods. The costuming in Halloween is to pay homage to the demonic entities. Hollywood portrays demons as heros- these actors then are idolized by millions who pay homage to them buying their products, movies, etc. In turn these actors become possessed by demons and give their bodies as houses to the interdimensional demons which then wreck havock through blood lust. [35a]

A little is never enough; they are concerned with amassing millions of followers, or millions of dollars; it is always about control and power. We we pray we raise frequency, we do not look to hurt or for revenge. These demons evoke anger from us as they provoke through their torture and abject agenda of blackness, murder, mayhem, greed, avarice, war and chaos.We have had an allegiance with demons who eat us and mock us for much too long. Feeding the beast is never ending. [35a]

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children. Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [33]

Their system of control needs to sexually abuse children to open up links to spiritual realms so that demons and spirits are appeased or connected with, which then they can use to affect our 3d reality.  The system needs yet more children to amplify that energetic connection in ritual.

The abuse of children is inherent, inbuilt and necessary in their system. The human fluids, particularly semen and menstrual blood have certain energies or frequencies, to which the spirits are attracted. Sexual trauma and energy through torture and blood sacrifice is funnelled up from physical to astral plane and used to affect and control physical reality from the astral plane.

Ritual is performed to invite an entity to take up residence in a doll or person and offered on the altar to curry favour with spirits. Takeover by spirits /demons is made easier when in an altered state. eg alcohol, no food.

Anal intercourse allows for humans to be used as vessels for demonic entities, and staying on the edge of orgasm allows the subconscious to be wide open and open to suggestion, as well as available for satellites to download mind control directives and enhancements. This was then “sealed” in with an orgasm.

Edge of orgasm is a portal to unconscious. Blood is a dimensional activator, to create portals or dimensional gateways for entities to pass through. Tattoos can act as anchors for what it represents ensuring demons are constantly around.

Magickal wars happen on astral place above the physical. People are selected with inherited magickal abilities and these fortified with techonology, training, blood ritual and demonic attachments. Only programmers can access these powers as they are locked in by trigger codes – a word, phrase, colour, sound, historical event or frequency.

Humans of the right genetic profile act as electromagnetic conduits to transfer the trauma energy, from the abusive rituals to the cohorts on the astra plane.

So this helps explains their use of children as sacrifices, child trafficking, abortions, sexual abuse of children, use of blood, importance of maintaining their own bloodlines for magickal purposes.

Children are selected for their genetics and spiritual connections, as the Montauk boys were. 2020 April 5 cathyfoxblog Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [33]

The satanists /Luciferians use a variety of magik. They mix and match from all their repertoire, from magik all over the world. Each person also has one of the elements of magik that they specialise in ie. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ice.

They are taught to “use” forms of divination (fortunetelling, tarot card reading, horoscopes and astrological readings) or sex magik to gain knowledge through demonic beings.

Each person is also aligned or attached to various demons, eg. Each mothers of darkness  are connected to 9 major Demonic Generals: Abaddon, Baal, Samael, Gilgamash, Azazael, Thoth, Ashoroth, Chemosh, Molech.

Lucifer’s plan, whose fallen name is Satan, is to storm the portals/gates of heaven with his fellow demons, to usurp the power of God and have control over the world.

One major stage in this plan was to install the antichrist, and although the 5th book or prophecy was not read on 24th April 2020, as intended, the antichrist however has taken his position, albeit without ritual ceremony and is ready to be revealed, if and when they so decide.

The Queen Mother of Darkness is still alive as Jessie the intended successor refused to succeed and no suitable replacement was available with the correct spiritual powers. Fortunately too, Jessie was not kidnapped physically or spiritually on that date, in an attempt to fulfill the 5th book reading.

So now there is a patriarchal system with the antichrist above the 5 Mothers of Darkness, who has complete rule over his “illuminati” / brotherhood system and the world.

When Satan becomes “God” the antichrist is supposed to turn all control and authority again over to Satan, who at that point will be known as The Beast.

Whilst it all sounds remarkably childish, it is deadly serious and has severe consequences for us all, in this battle between good and evil.

Thankfulness is the energy frequency that opens the spiritual gates. Satan and his followers however unfortunately achieve the same result with ecstacy through child sex magik combined with the death of the victim.

The sex, blood and sacrifice rituals at this time when the veil is thinnest, open the spiritual gates.

The sacrifice victims need to be obtained.

One source says that at Halloween, children are kidnapped for these rituals, rather than using trafficked or cult children [as sacrifices]…

“abductions” are favored for the human and animal sacrifices vs. trafficked or cult born children.

This then is a dangerous time for children and not a time to be sending your children out “trick or treating”. Indeed was this part of the reason why this activity is promoted, to provide a supply of easy available children?

What may be occurring in real time ie October 202o?

Laurie Cabot Kent is a well known witch, actually an illuminati Grand High Priestess of the East, and now since Gloria Vanderbilt has died, perhaps the most senior Grand High Priestess in the East.

Cabot, (her maiden name) is descended from a line of Cabots from the Island of Jersey off the coast of England, a place renowned for its witchcraft. Occult World Cabot Laurie [37] Laurie is often credited with starting the recent “witchy” scene to Salem in 1970 with her first shop  Laurie Cabot – She brought magic to Salem and has mixed feelings about it [15]

Even in 2007 then 75,000 attended the events in Salem [38] and it is likely to be far more now. Many people will be just curious, and used to provide money for the local cabal. Some will be Illuminati indulging in serious Luciferian ritual magik using the others as cover.

The best place to check out what is happening is the Festival of the Dead webpage. Festival of the Dead [56]

Festival of the Dead Laurie Cabot [39]

Laurie Cabot Kent teaches how to communicate with the dead on 19th and 26th October.

The Psychic Fair and Witches Market runs though the whole of October.

Seances are throughout October at Omen, 184 Essex Street. [56]

Graveyard Conjure on October 23rd with Hoodoo worker Sen Moise on October 23rd

Death and Rebirth Ritual Transformation with Sandra Mariah Wright October 24 184 Essex Street [56]

Witches Familiar. Conjuring Animal Spirits with Witchdoctor Utu on October 28th at Omen, 184 Essex Street. [56]

Conjuring Spirits – A night of Necromancy with Salem Warlock, Christian Day on October 29th at Omen, 184 Essex Street. [56]

Mourning Tea Remembering the Dead with Sandra Mariah Wright and Leanne Marama [56]

The climax of the official open activities seems to be the Witches Halloween Ball with warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain and the Witches of Salem – a night of music, magik and powerful rituals at the Hawthorne Hotel… [56]

There are a couple of events marked as 2021 – The Dumb Supper and the Witches magic circle on the Salem Common. It is not certain that typos haven’t been made, events cancelled due to “virus” hysteria psyop or if they are obfuscating what is actually taking place. However it gives an idea of the events that they publicise. Festival of the Dead webpage [56]

The people taking the workshops are prominent…

  • Laurie Cabot Kent
  • Brian Cain
  • Christian Day
  • Sen Moise
  • Sandra Mariah Wright
  • Witchdoctor Utu
  • Leanne Marama
  • Dragon Ritual Drummers, djaddambombb and other musicians

The important venues are Omen 184 Essex Street, thought to be owned by Cabot, Day and Cain, and Hawthorne Hotel whose ownership has not been researched.

Laurie Cabot Kent is Grand High Priestess and she is likely to have trained many of the people running workshops. Brian Cain and Christian Day, two of her pupils, will be at the very least High Priests, but not sure on the others.

Laurie trained many powerful illuminati figures…

                  Christian Day, Austin Shippey and Brian Cain when younger….

                                   Laurie Cabot with some of her trainees…

Cabot appeared on Joan Rivers show. Joan was herself a Grand High Priestess at the same time as Gloria Vanderbilt and Laurie.

The “witchy” scene at the Festival of the Dead is useful cover for serious Luciferian illuminati rituals involving rape, sacrifice, cannibalism and torture of children which will be on a need to know basis.

The amateur explorers are cover and possible recruits… “This night, we smile at the amateur explorers of their own inner darkness, for we know that they enjoy their brief dip into the pool of the ‘shadow world’ [34]

The Church of Satan recognises Halloween as an extremely important day for evil. The occultists’ website states: “Satanists embrace what this holiday has become, and do not feel the need to be tied to ancient practices.” [34]

Illuminati mix and match from all magikal sources and around Halloween there will be a multiplicity of different rituals. Many spells are being performed in the month of October leading up to the penticle. [35a]

31st October is also known for preparation for the Isia. The Isia includes a ritual reenactment of Isis’s search for Osiris. Isis was known for her magical power, which enabled her to revive Osiris and to protect and heal Horus, and for her cunning. 1st November starts the six days of ritual drama commemorating Isis searching for the pieces of Osiris, feast of the netherworlds, parting of the astral veil, and the resurrection of Osiris, leading to the rebirth in the 7th November. The ring of six are Isis, Hathor, Nepthys, Horus, Thoth, Anubis [52]

1 Nov is also the start of the Celtic new year, the “dark” half of the year.

Resurrection, renewal, rebirth is a theme of rituals all around Halloween.

Last year Michael Aquino, is said to have died, although the information derives from his own website. There is no proof, no body and no date. He was Head of sadistic MK Ultra experimentation programme for West Quadrant, as well as a psychological operations expert. Michael Aquino Research Information [53]

Michael Aquino was born in 1946 Oct 16 in San Francisco. Penny LA Shephard Chapter 27 [35]

Penny explains to me…

He [Aquino] was born dead and brought to life. Aquino joined the Church of Satan, Anton LaVeys church incorporated in 1966 and left forming the Temple of Set in 1975 with Anton’s daughter.

Michael Aquino who stated he was Set, who was Satan. The birthday is the most satanic high day. Aquino was one of the heads of the satanic rituals. 16th October was the birthdate of a leader. Resurrection in that demonic leaders name. 

Aleister Crowley died in 1947. Perhaps at the age of one they put Crowley’s spirit in Aquino at La Veys Black House. [35a]

Anton Le Vey died on Oct 29 1997, another opportunity in this time to celebrate the death date, in various ways, of another leader and founder, of the Church of Satan.

Penny even states “They also use it [Halloween] as a celebration of satan’s “birthday”…aka, fall from heaven.”

In her blogged book, Penny states that River Phoenix, from the Children of God Cult, was murdered at Johnny Depp’s venue, the Viper Room, on October 31, 1993. [35]

Nazis Hermann Goring and Alfred Rosenberg, died on the 15th and 16th Oct respectively. [5]

Thre will be many others that were born or died around this time, so there is much scope for death, rebirth rituals, and including perhaps the fremasonic Hiram Abiff rituals.

I am guessing that Halloween is a time that could be deemed suitable for implementing Satan’s plan of the storming of the gates of heaven to usurp God, as the veil is thinner at this time. Whether this is the year or it is in the future I have no idea.

Does that plan intend to use the Hadron Collider at Cern?

That is supposedly currently on Long Shutdown 2 until next year.

LHC [43]


However this recentarticle appears to contradict that, but it seems to be recycling 5 year old information…

2020 Oct 10 Science Natures Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days [58]

This year is also the year that the satanists raised their antichrist  Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [54] Does that mean there will be a special Halloween organised by the Luciferians this year, involving the “raised” antichrist?

Perhaps this year the plan at Halloween is to concentrate on attempting to influence the US election, the result of which may see the takedown of the satanic cabal or the cabal regaining the levers of US “democratic”  and military power and muscle, to use for their end time plans.

Indeed it may be that the very recurring date of US elections is designed to be in these Halloween days.

This year on Halloween there is a full moon, which is also a blue moon by one definition – the second in a calendar month.

After Halloween, the procedure is that the coven leader (priest or priestess) will secretly send all the coven records to headquarters in Europe. [6]

It is important to realize that the internal structuring of an Illuminati alter system will correspond to the external structures of the Illuminati. This may not be an exact one-to-one correspondence. Understanding the Illuminati hierarchy ranks, which by the way had remained secret until Fritz Springmeier’s recent Newsletter From A Christian Ministry in Jan. ‘93, is important  [6]

Symbolism is everywhere.

Disney’s album “Black Acid Devil” was due to hit the music stores Oct. 30, 1996 during Halloween time. According to Disney this music has no satanic references, but does have “dark, Gothic and sexual” overtones. Glenn Danzig denies that he is a satanist.[8]

It will be interesting this year to watch the symbolism on Halloween.

Already this message has gone out…

                                     High Level Sisters of Light meeting in the South…

See also Sisters of Light Elite Security [31]

This is also worth a read – 2013 John the Gentile The Satanic States of America [57]

2013 John the Gentile The Satanic States of America [57]

Watch out for more…

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]

[301] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Twitter Threads

[301] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers refer to the twitter threads post above. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads Numbers with [b] are pingthread save threads


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[28] 2020 Oct 2 Hollywood Life All hail the Queen of Halloween: Heidi Klum! While lying in bed and wearing practically nothing but an Instagram filter, the supermodel kicked off the spooky season in style.

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Appendix 2


[20] You Tube Halloween: Day of Human Sacrificing

Glenn Hobbs was initiated into a satanic
coven as a child by his grandfather and
continued participating for many years I
recently asked Glenn about his
involvement and the importance of
Halloween to the occultist well my
involvement in satanic worship was I was
involved in it as a child of course I
was a generational Satanist what they
call a generational Satanist and what
that means is that my family was
involved in it and their family before
them now my earliest remembrance of
Halloween and some of the things that
were involved was it was a very dark
time for me as a child it was something
that I didn’t enjoy dan could you tell
us about your involvement in any rituals
at Halloween as a child there was a
another little girl that was involved in
the occult with me and her name was
Becky now Becky was on a different type
of child she was blessed to be a
sacrifice I was being blessed to be a
high priest where she was being blessed
and born into the the coven there to be
a sacrifice now we were in a ritual
where we were married together it was a
marriage to the Beast and me and the
little girl were married together and
there was a lot of sexual abuse that
took place and a lot of blood that was
spilt over us joining us together when
do Halloween rituals actually begin and
what is the ultimate purpose of
well the ritual that I remember the most
clearly began about the end of September
me and the little girl the one that
mentioned name Becky the the abuse was
very concentrated at that time we were
taken into several rooms where our
clothing was removed we spent the next
couple of weeks in a kind of a shack
where a lot of rituals went on were
of animals were were killed they
summoned Lucifer and his spirit to come
and possess me and so that I would be
blessed to take over the position of the
high priest at a certain point in time
Halloween night they had again put me in
the little girl in the in the back of
this van and we again drove off which
seemed like for a long time we were
drugged once again and we finally came
to this stop they took the little girl
out and they left me in the van
I could hear a lot of commotion that was
going on outside people that were were
screaming and and yelling and this low
murmuring and moaning noise that was
going on like some kind of a low
noise that was going on so I knew in my
mind there was some type of a ritual
going on because I’d heard that many
times before you know it was real common
to see people fall on the ground and and
convulsing and going to convulsions
during rituals and stuff with the
demonic presence that were around and
finally a woman came to the back of the
van and she said it’s time to go and she
brought me out of the van and I could
see that there was just a lot of people
around some were dressed in dark
brownish kind of robes with hoods over
them they took me up and they led me up
to this stone altar and I remember I saw
the little girl and she was on the altar
now at first you know I I just wondered
what was going on because you never knew
I mean they used the altar for a lot of
different things they could have just
been sacrificing an animal over could
have been a sexual abuse from the high
priest on to her you know it was a hard
thing to to know for sure well they
finally they ushered me up to the altar
and I could see that they had bound her
feet they had they had her feet spread
part her legs and they had bound them to
the ends of the altar and they had taken
her arms which were laying out this way
and roped them to the altar which had
little kind of like hooks which they
could bind the ropes around and she was
really white just I I remember seeing
her as she was just real pale and real
white and I noticed that they had slit
the bottoms of her feet and her wrists
and they were taking the blood that was
running out of those areas and putting
him into chalices and passing those cups
around to different people who were for
taking of her blood then the high priest
he took the athomie or the ritual knife
and he picked it up and he put my hand
on it and then he forced it into her
chest so when I think back on Halloween
you know over that period of time that
happened you know that was the climax
event Halloween night where they they
killed that innocent little girl and
this is something that’s happening every
Halloween that’s not just an isolated
event I mean there are children all over
the world who are losing their lives
during Halloween night and yet we as a
society we go out and celebrate it and
we go door to door and we ask for candy
and it’s a it’s a big celebration to us
and I think it’s quite ironic how one
group of people are thinking it’s fun
and another group of people are taking
human life and yet they don’t you know
there seems to be this wall and nobody
wants to face the facts of what’s really
going on
with a a girl we’re going to call her
name Rebecca and she was an X 8 and
she’s now a Christian but she shares a
chilling testimony of what it was like
when she was in this satanic cult right
from childhood
so watch now I was the fifth part of
Satan and my power that I ran with was
my element was fire and you can get any
higher than what I was I could move
things without touching them and I can
make people stand away from me and
command the demons to go get people and
make them pushed get pushed away I could
protect myself in that sort of way and I
really liked the power you were taught
concerning the things of the dark side
of the supernatural at a very young age
could you share some of that with us I
was really involved with a satanic
Church every day the high priest would
come and get me and they would take me
to the church and they would
they would violate me but and they would
have we’d have communion every day and
that consisted of blood in urine and
semen in a black widow and that was yeah
unto everyday part of my life how did
you feel about that I felt really scared
but at the same time I liked the power
that I had that they taught and I had
inside of me because everybody has gifts
inside of them and you can be influenced
by the Holy Spirit or the familiar
spirit and I was totally influenced by
the familiar spirit I had Satanist
around me constantly following me you
saw many very ugly things like animals
get sacrificed even humans and and other
really terrible things to ever occur to
you that this was evil no because I was
so brainwashed at the time because when
I was 4 years old I was raped and
molested by high priests and I knew
nothing else of all that stuff and I was
just brainwashed with the Satanism and
knowing that Satan was God and God was
not real
Satan was God for me and I thought yeah
I was so known to it really how did you
view Christians back then I hated them
because they had no power like I heard
so many times that you know God was real
and crit and Jesus was so true but I
didn’t see the power working throughout
the church in fact I saw Satanist
working also in the church and Satanist
type more than Christians do one time I
was sitting in a Benny Hinn conference
and I was being taught I had to which is
on either side of me teaching me how to
put curses on Benny Hinn and I saw a big
brake light around him and I didn’t
understand what I was seeing
seeing half men from the shoulders up
which were representation of his angels
at the time because I think yeah that
God was protecting me at the time or to
see all that stuff would freak me out
and he looked up in the right I was in
the right hand stage of the corner of
the stage in the upper port and he said
do you three witches you two on the
either side of me you’re going straight
to hell turn to Jesus or you’re going to
burn in hell and I know what you’re
doing and then he pointed to me and he
said you’re going to get saved soon and
everybody started praying and I felt
like tingling all over my body
and I freaked out and screamed and they
had to escort me out of the stadium
it was weird it was like I didn’t
understand why we were doing what we
were doing because he yeah he had a pure
light around him and like I said before
I saw colors and he had a white light
like a bubble encased around him and I
didn’t understand why we were putting
curses on him and they’re like I was so
brainwashed really what is the primary
goal or purpose of Satanism
yeah the purp their purpose is to rule
the world what was your purpose my
purpose was to get all the power that I
could and to get as high up as I could
you have explained to us that there was
human sacrifice that went on inside of
the Satanic church and inside of satanic
ritual can you tell us how this was done
how did they murder people all the
children’s posters that you see that are
missing on they’re pretty much dead they
have underground caverns in the
mountains and they keep the children in
kids in the women and men there and then
at a certain time in mid-september
October they take them out and they’re
so remember when I told you I could make
people get away from me like they’d make
the people so numb with the curses and
stuff and they’d also drug them up and
they take a sacrificial knife and they’d
start from the chest and move all the
way down to your abdomen and then that’s
how they sacrificed and they take
collect the blood and they drink it um
when the mid September through mid
November they sacrifice babies and
nothing but babies because they need the
pure blood of the untainted children and
I was really I didn’t understand what it
was like I guess can’t believe I’m
seeing this every every year of my life
I’ve experienced that and I was that was
the hardest part for me it’s like
hearing those babies literally scream
and cry and then seeing their blood flow
it was horrible
Rebecca where did they get the babies
yeah they have mothers that are
expecting that they hold in the in the
church and they also have people that
they kidnap and they impregnate them
through whatever and they get babies
from everywhere why is it that no one
knows this because there’s Satanist in
the police force and also in the
government the army they’re everywhere
they’re even on the counsel of the
represent representatives of the United
States also and their silence because
this is not being exposed because they
don’t want it to be exposed because
they’re really good at lying and hiding
things Rebecca what happens to the
people that want to come out of Satanism
they get killed they get followed they
get taken they get sacrificed in front
of the congregation of the Satanic
church why because they know too much
information about the Satanist and who
their names and places of where they
keep the people underground and they
just know too much information
there’s no it’s like I’m being in a gang
or in a mafia you don’t get out alive
without consequences is this difficult
for you to talk about it’s really
difficult because yeah I feel really
really scared because I don’t know
I don’t know how to tell everybody
that’s out there that I came out because
I’m not sure if anybody’s going to
believe this because it’s so much like a
yeah warfare is real were born into a
war and yeah you’d be very foolish to
not to understand that because demons
are real and people are influenced by
that spear
I don’t know I don’t know how to tell
everybody that’s out there that I came
out because I’m not sure if anybody’s
gonna believe this because it’s so much
like a fantasy
yeah warfare is real were born into a
war and yeah you’d be very foolish not
to understand that because demons are
real and people are influenced by bad
spirits and demonic activity and they
follow people they fall people like me
around because yeah I know too much and
the blood of Jesus yes does protect me
don’t get me wrong I know who Jesus is
and I’m alive because of him to this day
but because I know where they are at I’m
going to expose it all it’s a very
chilling testimony and for some of you
that are watching maybe even frightening
but we always have to remember that the
power of Jesus is greater and just maybe
it’s time for the Western Church to rise
up in that power and to stop just
attending services but realize that we
serve and Almighty God with almighty
power we’re going to go to a break now
and after the break we’re going to hear
more about Rebecca’s story it has a
great ending and she’s being powerfully
used now
it’s like oh no I don’t think so because
God is God and Satan is not and there is
no demon that is going to come into this
ground that we’re on because it’s holy
ground because God wants to get this
little crow saved it is about her soul
going to hell her to heaven and that’s
why we were there and so I knew before
she even got there because the darkness
was so prevalent those Christians out
there you know what I’m talking about
you can feel it in your very being and
when she came onto the property darkness
it was like hordes of Hell were there
and yet there were angels bringing her
in when I drove on to the property there
was angels everywhere I was freaking out
thought I had overdosed on my heroin
really and it was horrible but at the
same time I felt a peace it was where
the door flings open without me touching
it because at the time I was influenced
of course by the demonic activity that
was living inside of me the front door
flung open and I wanted her to know
immediately I don’t think so babe
because your darkness is not gonna come
into the light because she needed to
know that God was God and that Satan was
not she sits me a down on the table and
I had oh like my garb on she had a very
large um marking on her arm a tattoo
which stated who she was and so what
that meant was we were all marked with a
destiny whether you’re a Christian or
you’re into Satanism you’re marked and
because she was going to become the
fifth brightest Satan she had already
had her element marked on her arm so
that when people saw her in the natural
or by the spirit they would know who she
was that she had great authority in the
spirit realm I was pitch black in my
eyes and she told me names and dates and
things that nobody should have known her
eyes were so pitch black it was like
there was no white at all and as I
started talking to her this
right now the demons were taking over me
and I scream please help me with all
that I could because I couldn’t on I
couldn’t be influenced I couldn’t sit
under the knowing that she was having
around her the Lord just chose to ride
in on me as a donkey
I just vest so he uses um but she got
saved that day she’s like well I’ve got
to go you can either give them their
life to Jesus or you can give your soul
to Satan and he’ll drag your soul right
to hell and then she prayed for me and
yeah they had sheets over their couches
and tapes over the doors because they
didn’t know what was going to happen she
had a real hard time saying Jesus
because as soon as you speak the name
Jesus everything has to bow before him
and I knew that she was relinquish all
power of Darkness when she said his name
and at first it was like oh and she
couldn’t speak and I said you will say
his name Jesus now and as soon as I said
that it was like the hordes pulled back
and she screamed the name of Jesus and
this shot I’m telling you it was like
shaft of like hit her and she was
totally transformed she gave me a
deliverance and I I remember her
touching my forehead and putting a cross
symbol and I blacked out and then I woke
up and I was I felt like 90% of my body
was left me and I was filled with the
Holy Spirit and I started speaking in
tongues and I was drunk also we like
Satan know that the blood of Christ is
over this child and every door that was
open you have no authority to come back
in and then she got baptized immediately
in the Holy Spirit and then we had to
carry her out she was speaking in
tongues and she was laughing and weeping
I know that’s what Jesus sees every time
someone comes out of darkness into the
light you don’t have to come out of that
type of a darkness but whatever prison
you’re in when you come out of darkness
into the light you’ll know that you are
free and that you are loved and your
whole life changes and that’s what
happened to our girl Patricia it’s
absolutely amazing that the power of God
could break all the darkness off that
young woman’s life in one moment all the
darkness a life of darkness given over
to Satan and yet in one moment of time
by by saying the name of Jesus Jesus
Christ came and broke away all that
darkness and set Rebecca completely free
I know there’s no match for the power of
Jesus Christ there is no match and even
as Christians we have the light of God
around us as she explained that even
when she was talking about Benny Hinn
and how he had this light all around him
that’s the light of the glory of God and
our God is a consuming fire
he’s an Almighty God he’s a great God
he’s a God of all power and and he set
that captive free and you know there’s
more captives out there and church we’ve
got to be ready to get them set free you
have to be ready to go it’s not in us
it’s in his name it’s in his power and
so why don’t you pray about going in
that name
I don’t believe that um sometimes we
really understand the fullness of the
cross and what Jesus did on that cross I
think a lot of times we may wear it you
know cross around our neck or have a mop
and pictures all around him but
sometimes we can become very
desensitized to what Jesus has done for
us too and so they go well I believe it
was done at the cross and then I say
well you know what you are you are a
three-part being spirit soul and body
and your soul is your mind your will and
your emotions and if you open up your
mind like I use an example if you’re
watching things on television or or
you’re starting to dabble in the occult
as a Christian or because you’re not
seeing the power in the church but
you’re seeing these young people you
know obtaining power you know you’re
going to start to get drawn by that
influence and so God is real he has
given us all authority in his church but
unfortunately because we make pretend
what Satan can’t be real and people go
well I started praying and fasting and
we started praying for you know our
schooling and all hell broke loose and
I’m like yeah if you’re going through
hell don’t hold it but if you’re going
through hell don’t stop because if we
think that the battle is easy we would
be very very mistaken we have got a
persevere through run the race and the
grab as many veteran darkness and bring
them into the light that is the
commissioning of the church
you know on Destiny words today I really
believe that God wants to release an
impartation as we were praying into the
program earlier we sensed that someone
who is watching is going to have almost
like a curse that’s been over your life
broken because years ago when you were a
young teenager you made a vow a pact
with Satan you didn’t really know what
you were doing but you did it and it’s
been frightening you ever since the
devil keeps bringing back to your
membranous that time and you think how
can I ever be free of that and so
Charlie and I have with us right now
communion elements you know the the
bread which indicates the body of our
Lord Jesus Christ and the wine which
indicates the blood of our Lord Jesus
Christ is all about a covenant keeping
God and covenant keeping power and we’re
going to take communion on your behalf
right now and this is for anyone that
feels like you need a release in your
life of curses of the enemy because
greater is the power of Jesus and the
covenant that we have in him than any
curse of the enemy this this covenant
negates the blessing of this covenant
negates any other covenant you might
have made negates the power of any curse
so in the name of Jesus Christ we take
communion on your behalf right now we
partake of the bread which indicates the
body of our Lord Jesus Christ by faith
for your freedom and we remember the
blood the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
that was shed for you to bring you into
Cisco Wheeler Interview
and my first guest up for the first hour
cisco wheeler she’s been
on the show numerous times for those
that are unfamiliar with her she’s an
uh she’s written several books one of
her most popular books behold a white
and uh cisco wheeler when when
when i talked to her when you guys
listen to her know
and understand this this fact here
she grew up in the occult she was raised
in this this uh satanic uh
occult uh religion if you will
and so when when her and even doc
marquis coming up in the second hour
both of them came up in in this this uh
occult so they
they can really shed light and and uh
things that the average person may not
be able to to do so you know i can do
all the research and i have
information and research and notes that
i can share with you guys
uh that’s one thing those are things
that you can look up for fact but
facts but to get the true perspective
from someone’s
personal experiences i think it carries
much more weight and i want to welcome
back to florida wisdom radio cisco
wheeler how are you doing today
i’m doing very well uh sean thank you
good good good i i’m very excited cisco
you know we we’ve been talking quite
often we had a conversation yesterday
people are
have seen the the youtube video that of
our conversation
you called me as i was recording uh a
promo for this show
and and i could tell that you were
bothered but uh you know before we get
into all that
let’s just just begin you know with some
basic uh uh
information why did you tell me
several weeks ago on a phone call you
you called me and you said and this was
out of the blue you said sean you have
to warn your listeners
about halloween you have to tell them
about halloween
why is it that what what is the warning
that we need to get out there
to the people about halloween
the the warning that we need to get out
is that because the churches are
with satanists and because we have
pastors and others in
leadership roles within our churches
they have not taken a stand
against sin they have not taken a stand
against the pagan ritual that america
takes part in on a yearly basis
and because they have not taken a stand
of righteousness
we have young people
middle middle-aged people oh people that
still have their
how can i say it they’ve not come out of
babylon spiritually
they are sin sick they’re depressed
their homes are falling apart
their children are are not serving
god in holiness and righteousness
they’d rather serve the enemy
satan himself than walking in god
on a daily basis and the reason for this
is because
satan has been able to come through the
front door of our churches of america
and the world
and he has literally set down in the
pulpits of america
because our pastors not all of them we
have many wonderful righteous men of god
that have taken a stand against uh these
ritual holidays and have said they
call it sin as it is
they have come to the awareness that
you cannot redeem halloween
there is no way you can redeem a pagan
and my heart goes out for these children
for these young adults for the elderly
that wonder why
they can’t overcome the sin in their
why they they are not maturing in god
they are not prepared spiritually or
emotionally or
physically for what is coming upon the
face of the earth
heaven is a prepared place
it is a prepared place
many years ago there was a
a gentleman that was a
and he was asked this question
is your master going to go to heaven
and the slave answered him he said no
my master isn’t going to go to heaven
because if he was going to go to heaven
he would have told me
and i would have prepared this i would
prepared his travels and i would have
made his clothes ready for the trip
and so he has not told me that he is
going to go to heaven
so no sir i don’t think he’s going to be
taking that trip
this story was passed down in our family
many years ago because on my mother’s
side they were slave holders
and i’ve humbly went before the lord for
that sin of our family
because i don’t believe in slavery
and um but as that story was told to me
when i was very young i’ve often thought
of it many many times
he was not prepared for heaven
heaven is a prepared place seeing cannot
in we’re gonna have to decide which
master we’re going to serve
maybe it’ll be god will love god with
our whole heart according to his
commandments oh
well if there’s satan there’s no in
choose this day what master you’ll serve
we cannot redeem
halloween and be partakers of such
sin that answer your question sean
absolutely we’re talking to cisco
wheeler here uh welcome to flow of
wisdom radio for those that are just
tuning in
uh toll-free number one eight seven
seven three hundred seven six four five
listen ladies and gentlemen that are
tuned in
for the first 30 minutes i’m gonna allow
my guests to speak but i will take calls
uh at 3 30 30 minutes after you know
into the show
uh same thing with the next hour uh
you told me that this time of the year
is very tough for you
and you alluded to you know some some of
the stories of you know growing up you
during your childhood but
why is this this time of the year so
tough for you
this time of the year is extremely tough
for me
because at the age of three i was taken
a ritual
and when i was brought back to my mother
and put in my mother’s arms
i did not know my mother i did not know
my sisters
i did not know the toys that i had
played with i did not know where my bed
they had totally totally had shattered
my mind as a small child
what do you mean by that cisco real
what do you mean that they they
shattered your mind what do you mean by
they shattered my mind into many many
pieces and i became an mk
ultra i had many fragments to my mind
and off of those fragments they created
different altars that that
had each altar had a purpose to work
within the illuminati
there was a plan and
i don’t want to go any deeper in that at
this moment except you can look it up
in k ultra tell you all about it
when i confronted my mother
on this issue that i had remembered
under sodium pentathol the memories were
able to come
i could look at the memories of what had
happened to me at three
when i went to my mother and i said
mother did these things happen
to me at three and she says i mean
there was a time when you were three on
halloween it was the time of halloween
when your father said he wanted to take
you to his family
wait a minute stop right there cisco we
gotta take a quick commercial break
we’ll come back and finish this up it’s
floor wisdom radio
welcome back to floor wisdom radio i am
your host sean anthony we do this show
live every sunday
three to five pm eastern standard time
uh let everyone know about the show and
and share the information
on my guest uh for this hour cisco
wheeler we’re talking about the truth of
halloween and cisco was sharing
very uh detailed moment in her life
as a child at the age of three she said
she was taken to a ritual
and they shattered her mind to where she
an mk ultra everything that she
remembered as a child
at the age of three was she totally
forgot now cisco before the break
you were saying that you remember going
to your my your mom took you
to your your dad and it was around
halloween time because i asked you the
you told me this time of the year is
very tough for you and i said
why this is a short segment we have
about uh maybe four minutes or so
three or four minutes in this particular
segment but please continue where you
left off
okay i went to my mother and i asked my
mother i said mother what happened to me
at three
and she looked me straight in the eye
and she said honey
there are some things in life that
we cannot tell and there are some things
that we don’t take out of the closet
and there’s something
that we keep silent and to death and she
says but you have asked me a question
and she says i’m going to answer that
question for you
because you’ve asked she says at the age
of three
she says on halloween two days prior to
your father came to me and said he
wanted to take you to his family
and i said well are you going to want me
to go and
he told me he didn’t want me to come nor
did he want
my older sister to come that he just
wanted to take
me to the family and my mother said
i thought he meant his immediate family
she says i don’t know what happened to
you she says
on the 6th of november you were brought
back to me
you did not know me you didn’t i you
didn’t know who i was
you didn’t know your bad you didn’t know
your toys you didn’t know your sisters
you didn’t know the house that you had
lived in
she said you were an absolute blank she
said i had to re-train you
i had to bond with you all over she says
i don’t know where you went
i don’t know what happened to you of
course at that time i didn’t know either
what had happened to the core essence
the core that little baby that god had
blessed her with that beautiful child
that god had
given had been so shattered that she
went into hiding within her own mind
and through a program
that she had to go through
she was put in a casket and
because she could not deal with the
of halloween the trauma
that a three-year-old child sees
real quick cisco let me jump in uh for
that are listening and may be unfamiliar
with you and
your past or may have not read your
i want you to enlighten them and let
them know who your father
is what is it about your father you said
you you know your father wanted to take
to his family you thought it was his
immediate family
and actuality was a different family
please shed light on who your father is
well my father was known as dr black
he was he worked hand-in-hand with
joseph mengele he was a programmer
for the illuminati he programmed many
many children
i can validate that through testimony of
many sr
a survivors that have known my father
remember him clearly he is now deceased
for many years
he was a 33rd degree mason he said on
the grand jewish council
and he was a satanist and when i went
through my deliverance
the minister that prayed with me he
fasted and prayed with me or prayed for
me for six weeks he went into
a little cabin somewhere out in idaho
and he fasted and prayed for me for six
and the lord had revealed to him that my
father’s background went back to 17
where they served satan for they were
so your father your father was a
okay that’s okay i was just
reiterating what you were saying your
father’s a full-blown satanist stay
right there we’re going to talk more
about this the next segment is a lot
cisco wheeler joining us she’s giving
her own testimony on why
halloween why children should stay away
halloween we’ll go deep into it
coming up right after this on floor
wisdom radio
yes welcome back to flow of wisdom radio
yours truly sean anthony
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that’s eight seven
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five first hour i have cisco wheeler
and she was sharing uh some information
about her father
uh cisco you you said his name was dr
black and you said
he was a 33rd degree mason sat on a
grand jury council and was the
of the illuminati i want you to continue
your story but real quick for those that
may not know or understand what exactly
is a programmer for the illuminati
a programmer is someone that takes the
and program programs that child to
become what
they want them to become whether it be
an assassin a sex slave
a drug runner a satanist that practices
it goes on and on and on
they program that child to be whatever
they want that child to be
they can be doctors they can be lawyers
they can be uh teachers principals at
well let’s let’s get back on let’s get
back on to the topic about
halloween what do you think is the
biggest misconception people have about
from your perspective okay the modern
uh modern celebration of halloween it
you know on the surface to be harmless
but the spiritual implication of
dabbling with the spirit world is
extremely serious
they don’t understand that
that halloween it’s a festival
and it’s right from the pit of hell um
it is so demonically controlled at the
deeper level at the at the root
of satanism you have
individuals within society that take
this very very serious because they’ve
taken blood oaths unto satan
they’ve taken blood oath that they will
bring in the new world order that they
they see satan ruling as god over the
they see him in his place of authority
you can’t dance with the devil’s
playground or in the devil’s playground
and come out okay you’re gonna even reap
the seeds of good and evil
the tears the wheat tears so they’re you
know you
you’re gonna reap what you saw in the in
the hearts of your children
just as my mother never knew the birth
she never knew the child that she had
given birth to she was gone
she had been gone for many many years
when you partake
of such evil that is celebrated
at halloween you’re taking a very high
that your own children that you love
that their lives won’t be destroyed
because you’ve planted a seed of
rebellion in their hearts
because they cast bells
these satanists they take their work
very very seriously and they do
preparation work in the spiritual realm
and they send these demons out
to cover the clothes that the children
wear the candy that the children eat
the films that they see the preparation
that is done in the spiritual realm
that there are demonic entities that are
attached to everything the pumpkins
the apples you’d be surprised the power
that they have
within the spiritual realm they touch
at a spiritual level wait a minute let
me just reiterate what you just said uh
we’re talking to cisco wheeler here live
flow of wisdom radio
and feel free to call in if you have
questions 877-300-7645
you said that they they’re casting
spells on the costumes they wear the
candy they eat
and all of the festivals surrounding
halloween is that is that what you’re
that’s what i’m saying yes so what what
message would you give
to people out there that may that are
our bible believing christians
you know that that look at it like you
said on the surface all it this is
harmless this is
you know this is just fun we’re just
going to wear some costumes we’re just
going to go out and get some candy
you know what do you say to those people
that that you know look at halloween as
just something passive and something fun
and entertaining
i say it’s poison it’s poison to the
it’s poison to the body is poison to the
it opens door doorways and portals into
the hearts of your children
and then you wonder why they go into
witchcraft you wonder why they
wanted to go before a fortune teller why
they want to play with ouija boards why
they want to
study astrology why they get into voodoo
and clairvoyance and let’s see black
why they like occult movies like why
may want to cut themselves or commit
suicide or
you see a change in your children’s
behavior it’s because
doorways have been opened into their
mind and we
we have to remember that god gets bigger
in our lives
but satan also gets bigger
satan gets bigger too and you may think
that it doesn’t affect them when you
take a small
child a three or four out
on halloween and they see goblins and
demons and
and uh ghosts and all of that
what do you think that’s doing to their
little hearts and to their spirits when
they can’t
emotionally understand this world at all
they don’t understand that world at all
it’s very frightening to them
very very frightening they cannot uh
bring any conclusion to what is going on
around them except
fear so let’s look at fear for a moment
you bring a small child
uh to a door and he says trick-or-treat
and someone hollers out at them
whatever it is they may haul her at him
and that little child
backs up well that’s a spirit of fear
and so the satan can take that little
bit of fear and he can build on it
also if you see
witches and costumes
they may not know what it is but there’s
a there is a spirit that is sent out
to follow those costumes it’s a doorway
into satan’s world wow
well stay right there um cisco wheeler
joining us live on floor wisdom radio
we have a caller here from north
carolina let’s go to the phone lines one
eight seven seven three zero zero seven
six four
five we have a lease in north carolina
elise welcome to flow of wisdom radio
hi sean how are you i’m doing well elise
how are you
i’m okay not feeling so hot today but i
really needed to
to call in um i have a question for
or actually i’d like to hear what cisco
would have to say to the church
a lot of times they try to
come against halloween but they cover it
up by saying we’re gonna have hallelujah
and so they they have hallelujah night
they have the kids come in
biblical costumes on and but isn’t that
still partaking and when you said
when you made the statement cisco about
you know you’re you’re allowing your
children to uh
by the outfits they wear and the candy
that they eat
that that spirit is still attached to
the child so even if they’re wearing
biblical outfits
is that still the spirit going on those
and by them calling it hallelujah night
at church
i’m sorry it’s the church is so
full of apostasy oh
it’s apostasy from its root these are
ministers that
are what should be i’ll say it this way
for you sweetie
is that we as christians we need to take
a stand for righteousness and we need to
set our children down and say
we cannot be partakers of this this
ritual holiday
we cannot be a partaker of it because we
have to take a stand for righteousness
this is what god’s word says and given
the scriptures
that pertain to being sanctified not
taking part
of you know the things that are going on
you know we’re not to be a part of the
witchcraft we’re not to be
associated with these types of people
you can’t cover it
set them down and tell them this is why
as for me and my house we will serve the
lord and we cannot partake of this in
any way shape or form
and if the churches are going to do
that’s what they should be having the
time to teach the families
why we cannot be a partaker
of this sin amen
does it answer your question elise bring
up a child the way he should go and when
he’s only will not depart
teach that child if the churches would
half the time that those within
witchcraft teach their children
i totally agree with them they need you
to learn the word of god
amen thank you cisco i appreciate you
thank you dude i appreciate you sean
thank you so much thank you thank you
elisa i hope you feel
better okay thank you god bless all
right you too
you know um cisco that that’s a common
you know that was that was one of my
questions i’m going to ask you know doc
marquis to expand on as well but
you know often time churches have
you know uh hallelujah night i’ve heard
you know what about false festival is
that any different it
isn’t breakdown because i know doc
marquis he’s going to talk more about
the history
of halloween but if you can uh talk
about the
the festivals i guess that that takes
place uh you know during this time
you know and why suppose it takes
the festival that what’s going on within
the festival
well you have blood sacrifice of small
advent children you have breeders that
breed children just for this this ritual
this holiday this halloween festival
you have straw men those that are
classified as traitors to the illuminati
they are put in straw baskets and they
are burned alive
you have oh
what am i if not what goes on it’s
basically that sexual sin
you’ve got rape going on you have uh
alcohol you have drugs involved
there isn’t too much that isn’t involved
okay well hang on real quick uh cisco
we have one more segment with you we’re
gonna take a quick commercial break
and uh we’ll wrap up this hour francisco
hang tight y’all this is sean anthony
you’re listening to floor wisdom radio
welcome back to floor wisdom radio i am
sean anthony you are listening live on
genesis communications network my
website is please get
connected with me there my guest cisco
joining me talking about the truth of
halloween cisco this is the last and
short segment uh real quick you
mentioned something about um
you know i asked you some what are some
of the things that go on during these
festivals you said blood sacrifices
uh breeders straw men are burned and
straw baskets alive those are considered
traitors to the illuminati
um talk to me real quick about these
because does the roman catholic church
tie into this halloween and some of the
sacrifices with these children
yes absolutely within the tunnel system
of yes just believe it
yes they do they the priests are
um play a very major major role
in the satanic worship of satan
they also do a lot of the conjuring up
with the demons
that go out throughout the world
if the masses that they
perform are very powerful masses and it
it calls up the demons out of the abyss
so these these breeders who who are
these women are these nuns
are these just regular women say that
many of them are kidnapped children
children that have
been kidnapped that
are held until they reach the age of
and then they become breeders for the
illuminati and then you have specific
that they have breeders that
their sole purpose is to give birth to
children that can be sacrificed on the
altars of bell oh my god
my goodness
and you know this is something that we
talked about yesterday um i’ve talked
about it numerous times with doc marquis
on previous shows on
you know where are all the missing
children going
the ones that used the sacrifices within
the construct of the illuminati during
ritual ceremonies there are nine rituals
throughout a year that blood sacrifice
is required during halloween satan
literally appears in a human form
and i he is very hesitant
very beautiful to look at
and because
of the demons that are attached to those
individuals they bow and they worship
him as god
but he also instantly can take the form
of his fallen nature which is very
wicked and very evil and very demonic
and believe me it’s those within
the illuminati that practice witchcraft
they are terrified they are absolutely
for what they do and what they don’t do
because they are
required to take the innocent blood
or they are going to be the next
cisco i have to wrap up but i want to
ask you this last question we have like
60 seconds left
for those out there on in on the
internet that
are naysayers about you um
some may question put questions you know
that you’re still a part of this
occult that you are yourself are still a
and in about 30 seconds what is your
response to anybody out there
that think that you’re still a part of
this this occult no i’m not a part
of that i have not been a part of it
i’ve been totally deprogrammed
through the blood of jesus christ i’m a
born-again christian
i love the lord with my whole heart my
whole soul my whole being
everything within me loves the lord and
that’s why i tell
and that’s why i talk is because i know
the deeper things but i also know that
god is able to set us free
from the bondage and from the curse of
and no i haven’t been involved in many
many many many years
and i’d never go back i have no wish to
go back
i don’t even like to even talk about
this budget if you want to know the
because i love to i love
my spirit becomes very broken
well cisco i ran out of time and i
definitely appreciate
you uh doing this and i know how tough
it is for you
the numerous conversations that we’ve
had off the air so continue to be
encouraged and be blessed and i’ll speak
with you soon
cisco wheeler thank you
Appendix 4

How does a person get through a difficult anniversary date? Or deal with a time of year that can trigger memories of past abuse? I thought that here, I would share a few ideas that have helped me personally. I am finding that the longer I am out of the cult, the less effect that dates have on me. Since that first difficult Halloween I mentioned above, I have not had major problems, once my inside people learned they were safe from harm. I still try to do things to make sure that holidays are less stressful for me, though.

1. Recognize the triggers: everyone has different things that might trigger them during a holiday time. Some people are affected by the smell of a pine tree, for example, or the sight of decorations. Knowing your personal sensitivities, and preparing yourself for them, or trying to avoid some if possible, can help. While I cannot avoid the ads and displays in stores, I can choose to be aware that they do bother certain people inside, talk to them about it, and choose to ignore the displays, looking the other way.

2. Allow littles or other inside parts to discuss their fears about the date. This is best done in therapy, although there may be times, such as the Health club incident mentioned above, when this isn’t possible. Letting inside people draw their concerns, and slowly share their memories of the date, can go a long way to deactivating the fear around the date. Grieving over painful memories associated with the day may occur too; many survivors battle deep depression on anniversary dates. Knowing this can happen, the survivor can try to take extra good care of themselves.
NOTE!! This article was cut short on the mirror, and therefor this is all that was available. Please understand it’s an incomplete blog post.

How does a person get through a difficult anniversary date? Or deal with a time of year that can trigger memories of past abuse? I thought that here, I would share a few ideas that have helped me personally. I am finding that the longer I am out of the cult, the less effect that dates have on me. Since that first difficult Halloween I mentioned above, I have not had major problems, once my inside people learned they were safe from harm. I still try to do things to make sure that holidays are less stressful for me, though.

1. Recognize the triggers: everyone has different things that might trigger them during a holiday time. Some people are affected by the smell of a pine tree, for example, or the sight of decorations. Knowing your personal sensitivities, and preparing yourself for them, or trying to avoid some if possible, can help. While I cannot avoid the ads and displays in stores, I can choose to be aware that they do bother certain people inside, talk to them about it, and choose to ignore the displays, looking the other way.

2. Allow littles or other inside parts to discuss their fears about the date. This is best done in therapy, although there may be times, such as the Health club incident mentioned above, when this isn’t possible. Letting inside people draw their concerns, and slowly share their memories of the date, can go a long way to deactivating the fear around the date. Grieving over painful memories associated with the day may occur too; many survivors battle deep depression on anniversary dates. Knowing this can happen, the survivor can try to take extra good care of themselves.
NOTE!! This article was cut short on the mirror, and therefor this is all that was available. Please understand it’s an incomplete blog post.


Keeping Distracted from Programming

Parts of the following sections were sourced with permission from []
If you have any disturbing memories arise, just remember that it’s not actually happening now. Try to think of them as ‘something that happened 20 years ago, in 1992’. It’s a different year now and you should be your current age and exist in the current time! Here are some tips you can do to cope with the programming:

  • Breathe deeply. Wriggle your toes. Rub your arms and legs. Blink hard, and be aware you are blinking and breathing deeply.
  • Make a list of reasons why you must stay alive! Give this copy to a close friend.
  • Be safe, and be warm. Snuggle in your bed.
  • Feel comforted. Cuddle with a pet or a stuffed animal.
  • Make a list of things you can do, to feel better. Now, could be going out for a nice dinner, having a bath, reading a book or going for a walk.
  • Write in a journal each day your thoughts and progress.
  • Ring a friend.
  • You are worthy of love! You are good.
  • Because you are still alive, you are very strong. A lot stronger then you can imagine! This shows what an amazing person you are.
  • Ring a ‘crisis’ number if you get stuck, and have no one else to talk to.

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

[Y] Survivorship

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

About cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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  3. flyingcuttlefish says:

    other news –
    BBC – The boarding school ‘monster’ who always walked free

    US, Ohio –
    More than 100 children saved in anti-trafficking bust


  4. YoutubeChannel: Cisco Wheeler

    Halloween- A Satanic Holiday- Cisco Wheeler

    Summary w/o Fritz:
    As a Christian that escaped the occult, Cisco uses her unique testimony to explain the dangers of Halloween. In an interview with Sean Anthony, she discusses Halloween’s importance to the occult, why the church shouldn’t be embracing it in any form, and briefly recounts how her father began her MK Ultra programming over Halloween. During the episode she emphasizes why you ‘can’t redeem Halloween,’ and how celebrating it in any form actually opens doors in the spiritual realm that are demonic. Ultimately, Christians and churches need to decide which master they serve.

    Summary w/Fritz:
    Cisco has been a occult exposing powerhouse for decades, and she wants Christians to realize the weight of Halloween. Following her escape and conversion to Christianity, she’s been a vital voice that has helped expose mind control programming tactics and co-authored numerous books with Fritz Springmeier. In an interview with Sean Anthony, she discusses Halloween’s importance to the occult, why the church shouldn’t be embracing it in any form, and briefly recounts how her father began her MK Ultra programming during Halloween. Cisco emphasizes why you ‘can’t redeem Halloween,’ and how celebrating it in any form actually opens doors in the spiritual realm that are demonic. Ultimately, Christians and churches need to decide which master they serve.


    The Church & Halloween: (00:03:09), (00:21:08), (00:23:45), (00:24:30), (00:29:10)
    Cisco’s Personal Halloween tie & family: (00:08:08), (00:11:11), (00:13:55),
    Halloween in the Occult: (00:17:27), (00:27:00), (00:29:59), (00:30:54), (00:31:01)
    Cisco talks about being a Christian: (00:32:22)

    Time Code Topic Expansion:

    (00:01:06) Intro
    (00:02:17) Cisco joins the show
    (00:02:52) Sean prompts Cisco to explain why she called him to tell him he needs to warn his listeners about Halloween
    (00:03:09) Cisco addresses the issue with Halloween being celebrated by Christians. There are churches that are infiltrated by satan, so they haven’t taken a stand in righteousness. Many pastors allow a ‘version’ of Halloween, but you can’t redeem a Pagan holiday. Cisco wants people to know that they are spiritually weak because of compromises and attempts by the church to do their own version of a Pagan holiday instead of standing against it.
    (00:08:08) This time of year is particularly difficult for Cisco after growing up in the occult because at the age of 3 she was taken to a ritual. When she was brought back to her mother, she didn’t remember anything- they shattered her mind and started her MK Ultra programming.
    (00:10:08) COMMERCIAL BREAK
    (00:10:15) SHOW RETURNS
    (00:11:11) Cisco asked her mother what happened when she was 3 with her father’s family. Her mother told her that her father wanted to take Cisco to his family. She thought he meant his immediate family, but Cisco was brought back on the 6th of November and she didn’t know anything. Her mom said she had to re-bond with her because Cisco was ‘blank’.
    (00:13:55) Cisco discusses who her father, Dr. Black. He worked hand in hand with ‘Dr. Green,’ was on the Grand Druid Council, a 33rd degree Freemason, and his family had been Satanists for 17 generations.
    (00:15:26) COMMERCIAL BREAK
    (00:16:15) SHOW RETURNS
    (00:16:42) Cisco explains what a programmer in the Illuminati (like her father) does in the program and who they can be programmed to be.
    (00:17:27) Addressing the misconceptions of Halloween, Cisco says on the surface it seems harmless, but it’s extremely serious in the spiritual. This is a holiday for people that have taken a blood oath to Satan, and people are dancing in the devil’s playground. When you partake in celebrating Halloween, you’re planting a seed of rebellion in your child’s heart. Satanists prep for Halloween with rituals and send out demons to attach to every part of Halloween on a spiritual level (costumes, candy, festivals, everything).
    (00:21:08) When prompted regarding what Cisco would tell someone that thinks nothing of Halloween, she says she’d tell them, “it’s poison. It opens portals and doors in your children” to occult practices and divination. When you take a young child out and they see frightening things, what do you think it does to their soul? It produces a spirit of fear, one a satanist can build on.
    (00:23:45) A caller asks Cisco what she thinks about churches that do things on Halloween like “Hallelujah Night” where kids go in dressed as Bible characters as a ‘church’ alternative to Halloween. She asks if that is still partaking?
    (00:24:30) Cisco responds and tells her, “you can’t redeem Halloween, nothing can take its place.” The church is full of apostasy. As Christians we need to take a stand for righteousness, we can’t partake in a ritual holiday. If churches are doing anything on Halloween, it should be teaching families why they can’t partake in Halloween in any form.
    (00:27:00) In response to the host asking what festivals take place, Cisco says there is blood sacrifice of children, straw men (those classified as traitors to the Illuminati) are place in baskets and burned alive, sexual sin, drugs, & rape. Essentially, everything depraved.
    (00:27:54) COMMERCIAL BREAK
    (00:28:37) SHOW RETURNS
    (00:29:10) In response to being asked if the Roman Catholic Church ties into Halloween and sacrificing children, she says yes. Priests play a major role in satanic worship and conjuring of demons. The masses they perform call up demons.
    (00:29:59) The breeders that are used are usually kidnapped children that are now teenagers, there are also bloodlines that have breeders. The sole purpose of the breeders is to have babies that are sacrificed to Baal.
    (00:30:54) Many missing children are used during rituals. There are 9 satanic holidays during the year that require a blood sacrifice.
    (00:31:01) During Halloween, Satan appears in a human form. He’s usually very attractive, and because of the demons attached the satanists, the people at these rituals will fall in worship. He can also take his fallen form, which is evil and demonic.
    (00:31:47) Many people in the Illuminati are terrified, and are required to do these rituals. Based on what they do or don’t do, there’s the constant threat that they might be used as a sacrifice.
    (00:32:22) After being asked what she would say to people who doubt her, or believe she might still be involved in the occult, Cisco firmly says she isn’t a part of the occult. She’s been deprogrammed, and she’s a born again Christian that loves the Lord. She tells people what she knows, even though it’s hard for her, because the Lord has the power to set people free.


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