Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 2, 5th June 2020

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This is Jessie’s second interview transcript with David Zubrick. Jessie talks further about her Proctor, her training, the sacrifice of her training partners family, and rituals. 2020 Jun 5 David Zublick You Tube Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Part Two. Jessie’s interview starts at 7.54 and finishes about 79 minutes.

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The you tube Channel was taken down / censored, so the video is no longer available. Even if it was I would not put it here, as Zublick slandered me and it has never been corrected. Further I do not find him or his channel reliable.  If  the video is available then I would expect this blog to find it. Curated Sources Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 2, 5th June 2020 [1c]

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A copy of the autotranscript is also down this post. Jessie’s first interview transcript is here cathyfoxblog 2020 May 30 Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 1, 29th May 2020 [2] If the video is available I would expect it to be here Curated Sources Dark Outpost 2020-5-29 Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Part 1 [2c]

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AutoTranscript Jessie Second interview with Dave Zubrick

Jesse sobota [Czebotar] welcome back to truth
unsealed thank you David
yeah it’s an honor and a pleasure to
have you back for our second week at
Jesse’s going to be joining us on a
weekly basis to discuss the Illuminati
and Satanism and her experiences with it
and a lot of other things that have
occurred why don’t we begin by resuming
where we left off last time which was
you had been talking about you and your
protector a boy that was about your age
I believe and you had been given
nicknames by your your handlers of
sunshine and moonlight for those who
missed the last interview or didn’t hear
all of it or see all of it tell us what
this nickname was all about and what was
supposed to occur just April the 24th of
this year but never recurred go ahead
yeah so um yeah we were given her and
I’ll go first to a ritual that we went
through we were given specific ritual
names that they didn’t have very
significant meaning to them part of that
had to do with our spiritual gifts and
our calling so you know that ritual I
found out later it was a mix of Masonic
as well as Luciferian rituals and there
were some very high-level people but
unfortunately I can’t name but it had to
do with the church was hiding Nazis in
the at in that area of the Chicago area
so several of those individuals were
involved in that ritual and so trying to
think where exactly to start with this
what they did is they had us enter into
this room and we were kind of it was the
main entrance for a hallway at first and
there was the door and so my Proctor and
I so explained Proctor’s are probably
more like teachers or trainers than
handlers okay the difference because
they don’t they’re the difference is the
amount of control the Proctor’s job is
not to tell you everything to do their
job is to have you observed what they do
and then you’re to basically copycat or
do the same especially later in life if
you take that position so there is a
little bit of a difference there so my
Proctor she knocked on that door and
there was a man standing outside the
door who was dressed like a Sentinel in
a Masonic Lodge and I heard somebody
speaking German behind the door and they
opened the door and we we go in and
basically the man says in German you
know who who asked to enter here and her
comment was very interesting and again
this is all in German and she says you
know she who has the holy seed and if
you know I never knew what any of this
meant but I was just to be quiet and to
observe everything going on so as she’s
talking in German there’s seven other
men who were in this room and in the
middle of the floor is a pentagram and
so they let her in and then they kind of
directed me and her over near them by
the pentagram well then there’s another
knock on the door and they
through the same process and it ended up
it was my training partner and his
grandfather and they have him come in
and then they after everybody’s in they
put both of us in the middle of this
circle what they instructed us to do was
that he had to kneel down and so he he
was on his knees with his hands in the
air and looking up at me and then I was
standing up with my hands touching his
so we were palm to palm my palms are
touching his and I’m looking down at him
and these individuals you know all the
sudden as we’re in this circle they’re
surrounding us and all of a sudden we’re
joined by eight beams so we had Satan
and his seven top generals joined in in
this circle behind the other individuals
who were there and the seven men you
know began speaking out these prophecies
over us and some of this I found you
know wasn’t just prophecy some of it
comes out of Albert Pike’s Masonic book
of legenda so and then some of it comes
out of one of his other books but
basically it was about the two forces
and they believed in the equilibrium
that there always has to be these two
equal forces that are not in contrast
with each other but at the same time you
know they cause this equal equality
through opposites so you had male and
female you had good and evil you had
left and right and then
even goes on to say that you know the
the evil lives to ensure that the good
can do good and the good lives to
basically cover up the evil of the evil
so as they were speaking all of this
over us I I kind of you know I I was a
thinker and I always had lots of
questions and and I started asking those
questions in my head and I was like what
in the world why am i standing here what
is going on and you know there was part
of me I wanted to just flee and run but
we’re surrounded by grown adults and the
other part of me wanted to fight and so
as I’m thinking all these things all of
a sudden my Proctor notices that like
I’ve paused and at that time my training
partner there were words that he had
been instructed to recite so he started
reciting those and there were words that
I was supposed to recite after him so
with this pause all of a sudden they
pull out these weapons and all the
adults are pointing these weapons at my
training partner and here we are you
know we’re only four in between four and
a half five years old and I just feel
this little his hands just kind of push
up against mine and he gets this look in
his face like you know I don’t want to
go through this don’t make me you know
die here and I shouldn’t I don’t try to
mean to laugh but sometimes these things
are just so ridiculous you can’t believe
that children have to go through this
what types of weapons were they and they
were across opposing guns okay
so handguns so they just pulled him out
of there their side holsters and stuff
some of these individuals were military
or connected to law enforcement but yeah
so they pulled these out and had them
all just point to that at his head and
when he pushed his his fingers against
mine it kind of jarred me back into you
know out of the questions and into the
moment and you know looking at him I
just kept thinking and you know we had
just seen I’m sorry that’s the wrong
button that’s okay we had just seen his
sister Alice die and so you know it
really was a gripping moment you know
the reality that these people were not
playing games they had every intention
of killing one or the both of us if we
didn’t do what they wanted to do and so
you know I went ahead and recited the
words that I was supposed to say and
then this the supreme high priest who
was overseeing that he’s one of the
individuals right now that a lot of
stuff is coming against not the one that
everybody is going to be thinking of but
if you think of the west coast in
California and a very evil individual in
the military who’s known for his death
in serving Satan you know that was the
person who he placed his hands on top of
both of our heads and spoke our ritual
names over us and that kind of one of
the other things with that so besides
Nazi trainers that they put over us we
then had these military individuals who
were put as trainers over us at one
point or another in our lives go ahead
you have it looks like you got a
question there I write and I again I
understand that you cannot name these
individuals but what you can say is that
we would know who they are if we saw
them yes this particular military
individual and answer so the people that
were doing this to you you know were
were people that now obviously at the
time I’m assuming at four-and-a-half
five years old you didn’t know who they
were other than that they were you know
you know control controlling you but as
you as you grew older and saw that they
were in society that they were in the
news that they were out there you said
oh my god this individual who is such
and such a high ranking military
official is actually involved in the
Illuminati and Satanism and that sort of
thing correct well it is a little bit of
the opposite I grew up knowing the depth
of their Satanism these were individuals
who they’d be over at our house every
Sunday for brunch having their meetings
under my Proctor and you know basically
outlining the plans and agendas and and
what they were doing so you know these
were people that I knew just as regular
people but then you know it’s like they
were one way by day and then during
certain holiday is or nighttime they
were totally another way it was it was
very interesting because you know they
they made the training from these
individuals seem like a normal part of
life they’re listened to break for us
like we didn’t know what normal children
got to live through you know we would
wake up in the morning and suppose
head to school but we’d go someplace
else and it we don’t you know a changeup
it wasn’t always at the main training
center that we were trained at but you
know we’d always end up somewhere and
then you know we could be walking down
the hallway of this training center and
you know like the first time it was
shortly after this ritual we were
walking down the hall at the Catholic
Church and it was down in the basement
area and we came to the store and all of
a sudden my Proctor stopped and she
opened at the door slightly and looked
in and it was pitch dark you can see in
there and she was like oh oh my you have
to see what’s in there and so of course
you know it’s curious little kids we
went and we you know went to peek in the
door and next thing we know she’s
shoving us through as hard as she can
and she shuts the door behind us and
locks it from the outside so we are now
locked in this pitch dark room next
thing we hear is this man
start screaming and yelling you know
that he’s I don’t think he was directing
it generally at us I think he didn’t
know who was in the room but he just
started screaming and yelling I’m gonna
kill you and we started hearing this
metal chain whip around and hit the
ground and at one point the chain
literally like if I had not stepped
towards the right the chain would have
hit me in the face and so like I stepped
to the right and almost knocked my
training partner over and at that point
like we were on the floor and he says to
me grab my the bottom of my shirt and
I’ll grab yours and don’t let go and
that way we knew were one another were
at all times you know so we grabbed each
other’s shirts and then all of a sudden
you know it’s like the gifts the Lord
had given me kicked in
and I could I couldn’t it wasn’t that I
could see in the dark but I just say
knew right where the man was and I just
started walking in that direction and I
remember my training partner was pulling
back and he was saying stop don’t walk
that way you know he’s like come this
way and I just kept walking straight and
all of a sudden like I ran right into
the man and at that point the Holy
Spirit was just taken over and I put my
hands on the man’s chest and I started
to pray and we’re not talking any
advanced spiritual warfare here you know
it was just whatever words the Lord was
putting on my heart I started praying
over this man and what was interesting
was that he fell to his knees and he was
in a actually in a lot of anguish and he
started crying and weeping and it I mean
I can’t even describe the noises this
person was making but it was like he was
being tortured beyond torture and and my
training partner you know he started
freaking out not in a bad way but he
went and he started grabbing my hands
and ripping them off of this man and
then he ended up well the man was on his
knees my training partner took his life
he had been trained by his grandfather
how to do that and then you know he he
had pushed me back and started yelling
at me and said you know only I can do
this only I take life and so that was
one of the things that they did to kind
of feel that equilibrium dude economy
between us was that I always was the
good one and he always did the evil
things so
you know it’s hard situations like that
these people would you know they didn’t
I don’t know if they would have
intervened if really our lives were
endangered not once did they ever do
that I mean you know we would get beat
up we you know we would come out of
those rooms with bruises with cuts with
you know and I’m not just meaning little
cuts you know we would have knife cuts
on us and they would use their black
magic to heal those you know they never
stepped in to save our lives or anything
and you know the one rule was that you
know either the people in the room died
or we died and go ahead so so who was
this man who was in anguish and was a
threat threatening to kill me was this
someone that they were just using for
the sacrificial purpose to strengthen
you and your training partner either he
died or you died or I mean it was who
was this person
yeah it was it was somebody that they
had picked I later had heard that he was
trying to get out of the system but they
just they would just randomly pick these
people who they were done with they were
done using and they would become you
know the victims in the situation did
you receive in this training center
since you said your parents I’m assuming
at this point we’re still unaware of
what was going on right they didn’t know
correct we also in addition to this
satanic training were you also being
given a regular education so I mean I’m
assuming your parents if you didn’t come
home with a report card or or didn’t
appear to have any homework or any that
sort of thing what I said well you know
what did you learn in school today or
that sort of thing
were you being given regular education
on top of all of this or was it strictly
the training it was strictly the
training it was I would call it a higher
level of education so I missed all the
basics you know kindergarten through you
know third grade I didn’t understand the
foundational concepts of how things
worked so you know I did get a report
card I did get great comments from my
teachers about how good I was in class
and I never caused any problems and of
course that was because I was never
there right but where it really affected
me was later you know I mean I can
remember in fifth grade I you know I’d
have my teachers like I could not when I
did go to school they would pull out you
know dr. Seuss or these basic child
books and they would open them and I
could not read a single thing out of
them and they would you know try to
phonetically have me sound out the words
and I couldn’t understand the concept
that each letter made its own sound and
so what you know what was funny about
that was that you know how it really
worked was that they had me in these
forbidden magic books and I basically
learned everything through route memory
so I the words as they appeared on each
page and so if they turn to a certain
page I could repeat back all the words
that were on that on that page but if
you put that word on a different page I
had to learn it within that page or
context like I couldn’t just pick it out
on its own so that was how I learned how
to read and and we were reading in
several different languages so
everything was learned auditorally and
visually by memory so I had a teacher in
fifth grade who picked up on this and
you know she would read everyday from
classic novels and so one day she came
in sat next to me and made me stay
during lunchtime and she said I want to
try something and she pulled out a
Charles Dickens book okay and I couldn’t
even read a basic children’s book and
she pulls out Charles Dickens and she
said read to me and oddly enough I could
read Dickens well then she pulled out
Jack London and we ended up going
through all of the classic writers she
found that I could read like these
advanced books but I couldn’t read the
little kitty books so yeah so she taught
me to read that way just having me read
out loud the Dickens books Dickens was
one that we did here inserts from
sometimes in my training so that you
know probably explains some of that but
and then math I you know I commend my
first day of seventh grade the teacher
got up and started writing these
equations on the board and and I I was
you know kind of excited I was like oh
maybe I’m gonna learn something new
today and then he’s like okay go ahead
and and do the equations and and I was
like all of a sudden struck by this
horror cuz I had no idea what was on the
board and so I finally went up to him
and I said I don’t know how to do this
and he’s like well this is simple you
learned it in third grade it’s
multiplication and division and I’m like
I have no idea I’ve never seen this
before and he was like yes you have and
I was like no no I have things so that’s
when some of the stuff you know like
there wasn’t inexplainable for other
people like they I couldn’t tell them
they couldn’t understand why
I didn’t know this stuff everything
within my records showed I had been
through the same school system as
everybody else
well no were the teachers when you did
attend school were they were they part
of that obviously they weren’t part of
the satanic process what did they think
you were doing when you weren’t in class
when you weren’t there
well these are so the ones later so I
was trained up till age 10
so up until age 10 they did have
teachers you know over me who were
involved but then after age 10 when I
started getting into like 5th 3rd and
5th grade you know some of those
teachers were not part of the system so
you know after and after that time after
age 10 my training was complete so at
that point I started attending school
everyday but but it’s okay so you so you
were actually at that point you were in
class once you had reached that 3rd or
5th grade grade level we used that was
the training still ongoing at the time
as well separately nope at age 10 was
when the Lord allowed me to walk away so
at that point my proctor had no access
to me and for the most part like I
always had the system watching me you
know and they would send me reminders
you know that I was supposed to do
certain things or take my position but
for the most part like I was able just
to start living life but we’re missing a
lot in between if I keep going with that
but it is it’s interesting you know
after that time age 10 I pretty much the
next 34 years lived what I would call
just a normal
life and didn’t have much interaction
that I knew of with these individuals
besides yeah I mean some of the majority
of them were family so I would see them
at family reunions and interact with
them on a regular basis but we kind of
just had separate lives and nobody ever
talked about the secrets or what had
been done there was the kind of a
special hedge of protection over me that
the Lord had put up for 34 years your
parents ever find out about this or know
my mother yes and so she started having
memories and from her childhood so we’ve
been able to talk through those things
okay wow that’s the fascinating stuff
okay so you lived a normal life and then
what happened to you to get you involved
in the idea of getting the word out
about this what what made you was it was
the things you were hearing about in the
you know regarding the Illuminati and
Satanism or or did you do research on
your own on this or did how did you come
to you to want to make people aware of
exactly what is going on in our society
yeah well I had kind of throughout those
34 years although I had the Lord’s
protection I would constantly get
reminders from the Illuminati system so
that would come through relatives or it
could be when I was out places people
would say stuff to me in passing and it
was always about you know you need to
take your position you need to do what
you’ve been called to do so they would
say things like batter or one of them
even it was really interesting this guy
came up to me and started bowing and was
like you know started proclaiming this
loud voice you know he
our sunshine she’s come and I’m sitting
there like what in the world okay get up
please and I’m walking away
but you know so there were different
steps that kind of still happened in my
early 30s our family has a huge trust
that’s connected to the 13 family trust
and so I received the official paperwork
to join into that and so that was one of
the you know kind of steps and I
declined that of course and then after
that when I was about 35 that’s when I
got my official invitation where I was
to step you know into my position so how
did this invitation get to you I mean
was sent in the mail or was it it was
sent in the mail straight from my
proctor okay and it was coded of course
so to anybody else that looked it looked
like a regular poem but the poem was all
about you have yet to walk in the shoes
that I have walked you know great things
lie ahead is you awaken the dawn that
was the first part of it so she you know
sent me this poem and and when I you
know and I called her and I was just
like you know this is a very interesting
poem that you sent me and she’s like
well you need to you know there’s stuff
that we both know we can’t talk about
that you need to be who you’re made to
be and I told her I said you know I said
no I said I will not walk in your shoes
you know I’ve chosen the Lord Jesus
Christ and you know that’s the path that
I’m going to walk
well it caused quite a upheaval for many
years for over 10 years and you know I
had basically were then the 13 heads
would of the families would you know
send threats or you know they’d contact
me online or in the mail they’d send
people in passing to again say stuff to
me some of them they would you know
drive by and give death threats they did
they did actually send somebody and his
name’s one that I can’t say either but
this individual was was directly sent to
kill me and you know this person came
straight to my face and told me they had
been sent to kill me and the Lord what
the Lord did was just gave me this
courage and I looked at them and I
rebuked them in Jesus name and I told
them you know that they were gonna walk
away and so after I did that then they
started calling me on the phone everyday
and you know I put up with that for
about a week and then they got the
rebuke after that and I had prayed and
fasted and I just said you know you are
gonna stop calling me and they did so
you know through all this I got to
experience the Lord’s mighty power at
work you know it wasn’t the walking away
or the getting out of the system it
never really felt like I was completely
out because these individuals were still
so involved all the time in my life you
know I’d run into them whether I was at
you know college or work or you know in
my residency programs I would run into
them doing
Kaplan visits it just always seemed like
everything was a setup you know that no
matter where I went I just couldn’t get
away from this people and at the same
time as all this was happening I had
such a heart for these people and I kind
of got to go back a little bit in my
story here because sure
yeah timeline you can tell us what you
have to tell so you know they’re kind of
the heart of my ministry goes back to
this moment in childhood where and the
individual I mentioned who they had sent
to kill me he was somebody that they
tried to do a linked marriage vow with
when I was a kid so I was five and he
was nine years old and under the
training centers they have they have
these walls that are there called ritual
walls and basically all the individuals
who participate like when you
participate in your first ritual you put
your bloody handprint on this wall but
it’s not your blood like they have a
bowl that you dip your hand into and you
go through weeks of training before the
ritual on how to exactly place your hand
on this wall so me and my training
partner had done that and then we
entered into this prior you know it was
like kind of like this in a room where
usually you didn’t have the ritual so it
wasn’t down in the basement this was
actually led up to the sanctuary were of
the church so literally it was on the
altar in the sanctuary and they had an
infant laid on the altar and we were
supposed you know not me and my training
partner but basically they had trained
this other kid and we were too
do this bow and then together we were
supposed to take this child’s life and
anyway he did you know his part in the
first part of the ceremony was you know
they had a chalice and a dagger and they
handed him the the dagger and had him
cut the palm of his hand and put the
blood in the chalice and then my Proctor
you know stepped up and she took the
dagger and handed it to me and I was
supposed to do the exact same thing that
he did you know but the feisty me I was
just like these people they don’t stop
like that you know there’s just so much
death and and they were always trying to
get me to take life and so I got really
mad and when I got mad
you know usually how I got mad was that
I would get even somehow I would mess
the rituals up I would do something that
would make it very difficult for them to
finish what they were trying to do so I
chucked the dagger at her face and then
as I did that I swept my hand across the
altar and knocked that chalice of blood
on the floor and because of that the
high priest there he was the head of of
that church at the time he got so angry
with me that he grabbed me and put me
over his shoulder like a sack of
potatoes and he huffed through the aisle
of you know through all the pews out the
church door into the cemetery and there
had been an open grave there and he
threw me down in that open grave and
there was a pallet that went over it so
he then put the pallet over and walked
and so the graves there all lead to the
but in the dark you know
I hadn’t yet learned my way around the
tunnel system or all of the catacombs at
this point so I was sitting down there
and you know kind of I I got close where
I was kind of along the side of the wall
and all of a sudden I saw the it was I
don’t know how to describe this other
than it looked like a man on fire and he
came walking towards me and just light
was shining through and all of a sudden
I recognized I knew that it was Jesus
and he picked me up and carried me
through the catacombs and as he carried
me through there wasn’t much said but I
could see everything that was in those
catacombs and I just was watching and we
finally got to this little doorway and
that’s where he set me down and he said
to me ask of me what you will and my
reply was Lord I want them all to come
out and he opened the door and I went
through now what I didn’t know until
years later was that my training partner
was still in the area where the ritual
was and so this little door led right
back to that main sanctuary area back
where the priest stands in the church
and so he actually saw the Lord open
that door and let me out so he saw the
Lord and but he didn’t say anything so
as I came out you know I find myself
there you know amongst this crowd of
high priests and priestesses and these
other occult leaders and they’re all
arguing and you know they’re saying to
my Proctor you
no she’s not obedient we need to get rid
of her just kill her but then you had
you know my grandmother who sorry my
Proctor who was going by Satan’s
commands and he was telling her that you
know that I was the chosen one that I
was the one to fulfill these future
rituals and so after their arguing they
kind of turn around and look and they
notice that I’m standing there and I
think you know I kind of tease sometimes
I think they think I actually asked her
or projected there and they started to
ask me how did you get there and I told
them I said the Lord let me out through
the the door and I pointed where the
door had been and all of a sudden the
high priest slaps me across the face and
he said to me don’t you lie to me and I
said I didn’t lie to you and you know
again so then my Proctor you know was
like where did you come from how did you
get here and I said the Lord let me out
the door and she slapped me across the
face several times and she was like
don’t lie to us and I just kept saying I
and finally the high priest got so
frustrated you know that my Proctor
picked me up and took me out of the
church and we went home for that day so
years later was when they sent that
young man that I was supposed to marry
they sent him back into my life at one
of the universities that I worked at but
I didn’t recognize him didn’t know who
he was but as I got to know this person
he would say things that you know I
question while how does
he know that I didn’t tell him I had you
know he’d ask me how’s your mother and
your two brothers and I would pause and
be like I didn’t tell him I had two
brothers how does he know I have two
brothers you know so that there would be
details out of my life that he’d asked
me questions about and as I you know the
only thing I could do was pray and so as
I prayed more and more the Lord revealed
to me who he was and why he had been
sent into my life but yeah so so we
thought that that asked right after that
failed ritual it was maybe a day or two
later we were me and my training partner
we’re walking down one of the side
hallways in the church and that area I
kind of got to explain here in between
our training classes they’d always have
us in different rooms during training or
I should say for the different parts of
training we’d always have to switch
rooms but in between each session which
was about they were about hour-long
sessions they would let us have about
15-20 minutes outside well there was
nothing outside except for a graveyard
and some trees and birds and crafts so a
lot of times you know we’d be outside
sitting in in the graveyard in this
grass just talking you know for 15 20
minutes and then we’d have to head back
in and you know we’d walk through this
long hallway and it was one of my most
favorite places to be because I really
felt a piece of God in the hallway and
it had very high windows so as you
walked through the hallway the sunbeams
would shine all along the path
wave and I and a lot of times you know
I’d love to just stop and play in those
sunbeams because you know there’d be
sparkly light and I could just feel that
presence of God there so that ironically
was one of the few safe places I had in
that church but so few days after this
ritual were walking down this long
hallway with these sunbeams and you know
usually it was just a nice walk and I’m
looking at the sunbeams well all of a
sudden my training partner does
something that he’s never done before
and he stops and so I just automatically
stopped with him
and all of a sudden he turned and he
grabbed my wrist really hard and I I was
really thrown back by this because he
was somebody he you know besides like
our combat training you know he was not
somebody who ever was harsh or you know
treated me in a bad way so I wasn’t sure
what to expect and I really was uneasy
by it and all of a sudden he puts his
hand on my chest and pushes me back
against the wall and pins me to the wall
and I was you know like what in the
world is he doing and he he got as close
as he could to my ear and he said to me
promise me if you get out you’ll get me
out too
and what was interesting about that
was that for him without permission or
out of context like as in training for
him to lay a hand on me was considered a
mortal sin in their eyes you know if he
didn’t have permission to do it he
couldn’t do it so that he risked
everything he risked his very life
because if I had told anybody that he
had done that up
time he could have been killed for doing
that but that was how important it was
for him to get out was that he risked
everything to make to enter into that
promise together so at that point you
know we began to plot and plan our
escape so about six months after that
they found out that we were trying to
escape and I should probably say you
know there there was quite a bit of time
that elapsed in there you know we
started off talking the initial rituals
where we received our names around age
four and a half and we’re talking about
now you know we’re we’re closer to age
seven at that time and so trying to
think where to go with that yeah so it
was more than six months actually I’ll
go back on that it was more than six
months but so we plotted and planned for
quite a long time trying to find ways to
get out and escape from these these
people and the hardest part was that you
couldn’t just tell anybody about it
there came a moment where I had an
opportunity it was in October I was
trying to think back in 1884 I think but
my Proctor and our family we went to
this haunted house for Halloween and as
we walked through it was kind of funny
my one relative who was with me she was
just a couple years older to be she got
really scared going through the haunted
house and instead of admitting that she
was scared she kept saying to me you
know it’s okay Jesse you don’t
to be scared and she’s like come here
I’ll carry you up it’s like I’m fine I’m
not scared and and she was like no no
let me carry you honey it’s okay and so
I let her carry me well that was kind of
a trigger for me because the way that
she chose to carry me was you know kind
of with my head over her shoulder well
that was the same way that the Lord had
carried me through the catacombs
so as we’re getting towards the end of
this haunted house they had this
mechanical skeleton in the cage that
would reach out and grab at people as
they walked by as we got closer this you
know skeleton reaches out to grab at us
and it the hand gets stuck around my
ankle and it won’t release and so you
know Here I am I’m stuck in her arms and
we can’t go anywhere and so she’s trying
to hold me Plus get this thing off and
she can’t and finally you know some
people behind us you know she asked them
to help and they got the people who ran
the haunted house to come well they
ended up having to call in maintenance
guys to come and unscrew the hands and
take it apart to get it off and so as
they’re doing that I realized that these
three maintenance guys I don’t know them
from anywhere they’re they’re not people
that I know they’re not people I
recognized from being in the system and
so I see my opportunity to tell and so I
you know said to the one guy I said my
Proctor serves Satan and they kill
children and they eat him and he just
got this horrifying look on his face
like what and and so I just started
saying more and my other you know
relative who is my age she started she
was like oh oh she just likes
make up stories you know it’s Halloween
and she’s really good at telling scary
stories and you know this guy is just
looking at me though he knows by what
I’ve said that it’s not just a story and
so he asked a question and I answered
that and as that’s happening my Proctor
comes around the corner and overhears
that I’m telling somebody who’s not part
of the system and so that night you know
we get home and we still went through
our nighttime training and you know
after we were done I went to bed and all
of a sudden you know I just fallen
asleep I’m ripped from my bed and my
Proctor is you know hauling me down the
stairs and when she got the door open
she literally basically threw me out the
door onto you know it was like there was
a porch with a few probably two or three
steps and she throws me down those steps
into the grass and as I get there I hear
the sound of fire and I looked to my
right and there’s my training partners
house on fire and there’s fire trucks
there there’s people in the neighborhood
already gathered and I just went running
for that house and I didn’t stop like I
literally I got to the crowd and I
started looking for him and his brother
and I was asking you know some of the
neighborhood kids and some of the other
people like have you seen you know this
person and they’re like no and all of a
sudden I hear this pounding from the
upstairs window and I I turned to look
and there’s my training partner and he’s
mouthing that he can’t get out and it
was like this switch in me just flipped
I mean this is a
I really want people to understand the
trauma that they put children through
the eyes later found out this is not
one-time things that they do a lot of
the hierarchy kids kids that were
trained in the system have gone through
very similar incidences but they you
know so when I saw him up there on that
second story you know the firefighters
are just standing there casually
watching the whole thing that’s the
other aspect I want to bring out about
this is that you know at a community
level the entire communities were
involved in these ritual sacrifices or
in the ritual events they you know they
would all be out there watching and they
would kind of go along with whatever the
narrative was that they were told you
know what was happening and nobody would
intervene nobody would do anything you
know they they knew so in this case you
know they were told the house burns down
with the people in it and so when I went
running for the door these two firemen
grabbed me each of them grabbed me by
one of my arms and I started viciously
fighting them I mean I was fighting I
was clawing I was kicking them and they
got where they kind of had me in this
they had my arms out straight and they
were literally holding me up by my
armpits and out you know with my arms up
straight and my legs were just dangling
and so that was how they kept me under
control and so we watched as you know
like we heard as the people inside
stopped crying out like I heard his
grandfather I could hear you know his
baby brother crying I could hear him
yelling and
and then you know we could smell flesh
burning you know there was a moment
where all the voices stopped and and
then the entire house was engulfed and
at that point like I just broke not
mentally but it was just this breaking
of my spirit where it was like god how
could you allow this to happen you know
this was the only person I could
somewhat trust in this world and you’ve
allowed them now to take his life and so
as I kind of had that moment of breaking
the fireman you know put me down on the
cement road and I was just kneeling
there and my Proctor comes up to me and
she took me by the shoulders and you
know knelt down and looked me straight
in the eyes and she said if you ever
tried to tell again I will kill your
entire family before your face and at
that moment you know the warrior in me
came out and it you know I didn’t say
any of this out loud to her but to the
Lord I said Lord I want them all to come
out and I will tear this house down
meaning Satan’s house I will tear it
down from the inside out if I have to it
just you know at that moment was when I
chose that I would fight for every
single one of them to come out and even
at that young age you know I didn’t
understand the spiritual warfare fully
but I knew that the battle really was
between me and Satan that it wasn’t
between me and these adults individually
and so from there I started to you know
I still had training after that for
another five years and that training in
a way was even more difficult
and then the beginning years training so
what happened was you know the next day
I woke up and went outside and it was
like there had never been a house there
the they laid fresh grass on the ground
so it looked like the neighbors had an
extension to their yard there was no
sign of fire or burning or anything so
talk about a crazy making world you walk
outside and you’re like what the heck
like there’s no sign there was even a
fire like but yeah the house yeah and
and then I went to school that day and
you know it was one of a few days I
actually attended and I started I
started crying and my teacher came up
and said you know why are you crying and
I said well because my you know I said
his name but I was like because my
training partner died and she looked me
point-blank in the face and she says who
are you talking about there’s never been
anybody by that name nobody in this
community has that name and so there was
this automatic you know crazy making
scheme and you know I was the type where
it was like okay well this is the one
thing I will never forget you know they
won’t get this memory out of my head you
know I will remember this forever you
know so I started but they would do
other things so around that same time
you know they actually had me attend
school for a couple weeks right after
that and they had another close family
member she came to school with me and
acted like she was helping the teacher
to do this play and the play was called
farmer in the Dell
so of course they chose me as the wife
that I had to be the wife who married
the farmer well all this kind of stemmed
back to that ritual where you know I was
supposed to marry this other kid you
know and so they would do things like
that to trigger memories and then when I
would reject it or you know I’d say no
idea I don’t want to be the farmer’s
wife and then I would get ridiculed you
know and they’d be like you need to
participate you know why are you
throwing a fit about being part of this
wonderful play that we’re gonna put on
for the community and you know it was
like I I would get chastised as though I
was the person who was in the wrong even
though I was choosing to do what was
good and right so they even you know
they took actually took I found out they
took pictures of that time and of that
me in the costume and of that play so
one of the things you know this past
year that they my Proctor held over my
head was that she had these pictures
that she had to get to me and she got
them to my mother and when my mother got
them she’s like oh well they were
pictures of you when you were you know
in that one play the farmer in the Dell
and I was like gosh darn it they got
pictures of that I was like this is just
torture you know reminding me of one of
the most painful times of my life and so
so they did that because I wasn’t you
know it’s to remind me that I wasn’t in
line and and that I needed to fall in
line and follow the you know do the
prepared rituals that they wanted me to
do so in all that I never I did not take
another training partner after that I
refused the way that they ran the system
you know each mother had her her
and then they had five junior protectors
and then the four other successors for
the other mothers they had their
protectors so I could have had any of
the five junior protectors take the
place of my protector but you know I I
refused I said no and so at that point
it meant that you know it was just me
and my Proctor and I was in training
with her 24/7 and things you know got
much much harder you know as I got older
and older it became increasingly harder
to hide it from my parents
you know I at that point I had to
actively lie when they asked questions
you know one of them was about the
school stuff you know how was school
today and I couldn’t tell them that I
wasn’t there you know and the threat was
that if I did tell anybody what was
going on you know they would come and
kill my whole family and at that point I
have seen you you know many
circumstances like my training partner
initially went through where they pulled
people out of houses and killed them you
know either right on the lawn or or it
they’d take him to the barn and kill him
so I knew that was very real you know
that they would raid houses at night
yeah so um so as I you know after age 10
the Lord you know will probably go back
to some of that another day but okay I
want to keep kind of going forward with
your question there so all that was
behind you know what the Lord brought to
present day was that I’ve always had
this desire that the evil would stop and
that these people not just these people
you you really have to
groups of children that are involved in
this system and people have to
understand how vast this it really is
you’ve got the children like like me who
are either born into it or at a young
age they’re stolen from their original
families and they’re adopted into these
bloodline families they’re raised in the
system they have a position they have a
job that they’re supposed to fulfill in
order to keep the system running and
going these kids I call the hierarchy
kids their life by no means is is easier
than the other children who suffer in
the system a lot of these kids you know
the rituals are our sex magic rituals
they’re trained to do the gruesome
things to other children I was trying to
think of you know so you know we’re
trained at young ages I’ll go back to
recently we had Gloria Vanderbilt died
she was an individual you know we went
to her house several times a year my
first time at her house she had a baby
delivered to her front door they
literally just somebody brought this
baby and handed it to her like she was
gonna be babysitting the baby well as
the baby started to fuss you know she
hands the child over to my grandma or to
my Proctor and my Proctor then it’s like
oh come on you know I know what well
calm this baby down let’s give the baby
a bath okay and all this seems normal at
first and you’re like okay yeah bath
calm down babies you know so we go in
and you know she’s just giving the baby
a bath and all of a sudden she starts
drowning the baby and she’s saying to me
this is how you do it that you know you
put your hands here on the chest and you
hold the baby under the water and she’s
like and you wait and you know she
talked to me through I won’t go into
further details than that but you know
all the signs to watch for until you
knew the baby was gone and it would be
there was a moment right before the baby
died that all of a sudden she would pull
the baby out of the water really fast
and put its face up to hers and she
would breathe in that last breath that
was remaining to them that’s something
that’s very significant
they believe that they’re you know then
not only taking that child sold that
that they’re taking whatever spirits may
have been connected to that child but
they would you know they would do stuff
like that and you know so the heirarchy
kids have to go through many of these
things where murder becomes a regular
thing in your life you you know after
they’ve shown you several times then you
have to step up and you have to do it by
age 12 you know age 12 is the really
significant one I did a great piece with
at Cathy Cathy Fox about Gloria
Vanderbilt and some of those memories
where I talk about the 12-year old
rituals that the heirarchy kids go
through but let me stop you there
because what I’d like to do is pick this
up next time with the the Gloria
Vanderbilt situation and you turning 12
and and and continuing with this story
because this is fascinating but we don’t
have time to to go any further with it
today but next week and for those of you
who don’t know Jesse’s the voter is
going to be with us every week to talk
about this after we’re done talking
about her particular story we’re going
to we’re going to talk about other
aspects of this the children and the
tunnels we’re going to talk about other
ritual sacrifices and that sort of thing
and if you haven’t had an opportunity
I’m saying this to my viewers to see the
first part of our first installment it
is up on our video channels including
our YouTube channel and I want you to go
back and watch that first part of the
interview and then I want you to watch
this part and the next week at this same
time we will continue with Jessie and
we’re gonna go into the the Gloria
Vanderbilt situation if that’s okay with
you Jessie that’s how I’d like to leave
it for today all right sounds good so
Jessie sobota will be with us again next
week at the same time we’ll pick it up
right there and in the meantime remember
that Jessie’s website is illuminate the
darkness calm that’s illuminate the
darkness calm and you can hear more
about her stories see her blogs this is
a horrific situation that is still going
on today in our society this is very
real this is not a conspiracy theory
this is what’s happening and you folks
need to be aware of it and we have a a
witness to it of someone who was in the
system who can give testimony to it and
who whose faith in Jesus Christ is the
probably the only thing that has kept
her sane and and we really appreciate
you coming on so Jessie we will talk to
you again next week at the same time and
in the meantime if any of you folks have
any particular questions for Jessie that
you would like me to ask next time she’s
on please email them to me my email
address is America talks at
that’s America talks all one word at Jessie suborder thank you
for being with us this week and we will
talk again next week

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