Cali Shai Bergandi (I Lack Eyes)

This is shocking interview even by the standards of illuminati abuse…

It will take me too long to extract information from it, but I have included the autotranscript and there can be subtitles on the screen…

It takes courage to give your story like Cali (Claire Walker) has done and also congratulations to Emma on having done impressive interviews for a year now…

Updated as Emma’s youtube has been deleted

[1b] 2021 Nov 14 Bitchute The Imagination Podcast S2E3 “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

LETS BREAK THE INTERNET! This story is going to twist and turn and bend your mind in ways you won’t be expecting and you won’t see the world the same after listening to Part 1 of this series featuring elite child sex trafficking, NASA, SRA, occult survivor, whistleblower, and SO much more, Cali Shai Bergandi. This is her first time speaking publicly about her life experiences and I encourage you all to give her your full attention as you take in what she is exposing… Cali’s story is so complex. So complex that it was hard to even know where to begin. So, we started at the beginning and are going to compile a few episodes for you to take in the enormity of her personal experiences, allegations, name drops, and information she is exposing. Born into a high level occultic family, Cali’s birth mother sold her to the elite before she was even born as part of the breeder programs that are a feature of sa-tanic cults and her father functioned as a sa-tanic serial killer in the dark and as a charming businessman working in the fruit business by day. And this is just the beginning of the enormous rabbit hold Cali is going to take us down over the next couple weeks… In this episode, we discuss Cali’s ‘upbringing’ (aka: abuse), and we also dive into some experiences that we’ll be covering more in depth on future episodes including personal experiences with Ep-stein, NASA child experiments, The Royal Family, MK U-ltra, being trafficked to sitting Presidents of the past and present, the FL fruit industry and political landscape (including the trafficking system), and SO much more than I can fit into this caption. I really encourage you to stop what you’re doing and listen. This episode and Cali’s words will undoubtedly awaken you to things you have not yet heard about, connect dots and connections that will bring ‘Aha!’ moments, take your breath away and leave you speechless (which you can see happen to me many times during this recording), and inspire you all at once to DO something now that you know what you know. Cali is a truther and her story is important. It would mean the world to us if you could help us get this story out by sharing far and wide, commenting, subscribing, and ‘liking’ this video. It’s time to make survivors the new MSM and look to them as authorities on answering the many questions we have about the world so we can work together to give survivors like Cali the justice they deserve and create a better future for the next generations of children.



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[1] 2021 Nov 14 The Imagination Podcast S2E3 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

[1a] 2021 Nov 14 The Imagination Podcast S2E3 “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL


Auto Transcript

what’s up you guys welcome to the imagination i’m  your host emma and today i am really honored to  bring to you a guest that i actually met your  mutual friend kathy fox who if you guys are in  kind of the human trafficking child abuse world  of research you have probably come across her  she actually introduced me to a survivor  that i connected with who agreed to come on  in her story when i say it blows me away  i mean all the stories that i’ve had and  introduced to you guys have blown me away but  i think kaylie’s story is going to really open  up your eyes to some things that we haven’t  talked about and it’s also going to elaborate  on a lot of topics that we have talked about  so kaylee schabergandy is joining us today  and she is an occult survivor a child trafficking  survivor and she was actually born into um  the occult specifically for trafficking and  she has a very very high level and elite  story that is going to be a little bit different  um than some of the things that you guys might  have heard on here so far um please put down  anything that that you’re doing i would love  if you guys would all pay attention to kaylee’s  story i think everybody that’s listening you’re  going to take a lot from this we’re going to chip  away at her story we probably won’t cover um even  close to all of it in this episode so i hope that  you guys hang around and really follow the the  following episodes that we’re gonna have after  this but really pay attention take notes listen  listen listen listen share subscribe and get  the word out on this story because this is  in my opinion this is one of the biggest and most  important stories that i think i’ll ever have on  this podcast so kaylee thank you so much for being  here with me today yeah thank you i appreciate  you coming on i know i know the world is crazy  right now so i appreciate you taking this time um  so i’d love to start i guess  at the beginning of your story  i know that there’s so much that we can leave  through i was just telling you before we jumped  on i could probably talk to you for 10 years  and we’d still just be scratching the iceberg  the tip of the iceberg but i’d love for people to  to learn a little bit about what that means when i  said um that you were born into this program and  for you to word that in your own words because  it’s still something i’m learning about and these  breeding programs and these these occult programs  um and trafficking programs especially government  oriented they’re things that a lot of people don’t  hear about much and i’d love for you to maybe  start from the very beginning and like i said  we’ll just we’ll chip away at it um and i’ll  intervene with questions um but i’d love for you  to just give a little intro on the beginning of  your story and we’ll just work towards the present  well i was born into a satanic cult family um  who practiced occultism and satanism and they i  think that they were into some my grandfather had  ties to nasa he worked at german um so they were  doing all kinds of science experimentation things  through through nasa programs and i believe that  my mom was a breeder so they bred her and they  were taking eggs and embryo and putting them  in you know and various women and you know i  know jeffrey epstein back then was doing this  project um wanting to feed the human race with  his dna and all this crazy stuff was going on  and um they had these connections so they  were they were you know breeding my mom  and basically i was born for trafficking  purposes so i was born to be soldas a small childat three okay i read something i think one thing  before about what you said about jeffrey epstein  i totally forgot about it until you just  said that so that’s actually true i think  it was an immediate traffic yeah i was traffic to  jeffrey out of um my mom had been married before  i was born actually to a man named gary gary  kimball of brevard [[broward]county titusville in florida  uh which was about an hour and a half from bureau  where we lived and i’ve known gary my whole life  even though it was my mom’s ex-husband i grew up  around gary and being flown out of his airport  he owns a private airport in brevard county that  i would be flown out of jeffrey epstein used to  fly in and out of there and back then um you know  they they controlled all the air traffic control  and stuff in and out of there so they could  get in and out of there pretty inconspicuously  wow so he actually did say that about i want to  basically spread my seed to all these girls and um  so that’s true that’s disgusting um into all kinds  of stuff i believe and a lot of people i don’t  think know this but i have seen jeffrey get very  severely ritually abused i have seen him strapped  to chairs with these straps across his face like  a gas mask like and being tortured literally and  screaming and yelling and i’m just this little  girl and they’re forcing me to watch this type  of stuff and and it was jeffrey um but he became  a handler they they manufactured him as well and  um he he became a handler and he was basically  a fall guy and a front guy for them i mean he  was controlled too and i don’t think a lot of  people realize that you know everybody looks at  jeffrey because of the mainstream media pushing  this narrative that he’s this monster but he was  used as well and he he was used as a fall  guy essentially but i mean they were doing  all kinds of things to him um i believe that  something i mean if i remember correctly that  something happened to his jaw like an attempted  dismemberment so he had like jaw problems upper  jaw problems where they were taking these teeth  out of boys and children and using them for um  um sexual purposes you know or oral  sex they would knock your teeth out so  so you you know could be used for oral sex  purposes all kinds of stuff like that so i  think they did that stuff to jeffrey um they  actually took my eye teeth out when i was an  infant they took the the pods the teeth pods out  and they grew my teeth in a lab so i ended up  with demon teeth they call them demon teeth they  take your eye teeth which correlates with my name  i like eyes kaylie shea backwards as i lack eyes  they took my eye teeth which are there’s something  about the eye teeth being connected to a nerve  to the back of your eyes or something like thatand i and i was um you know blindfolded  and hoodwinked they call it for most of my  abuse so i wouldn’t be able to tell like who was  raping me during gang rape so i wouldn’t be able  to look out the window of cars so i couldn’t  tell like where i was being taken or by whom  and this all started whenever you were born  basically do you yeah i was born into the  cult so i mean from the time i was born  um they start using you right away for for  you know practices and like i said they took  my teeth buds before my teeth even came in so  they took those and grew them in the lab um the  women start grooming the babies from from infancy  um i’ve seen it done you know during diaper  changes and they’ll finger the babies to get  them used to it get them used to the sexual  abuse so that’s what the women in my family dooh my gosh that sounds horrific and so children  it’s like they’re so i i was invited to a luncheon  my cousin mrsari grazie lindner married  into this very wealthy family after  being trafficked most of her life by by our  family as well they were all into it and um  and we were invited to a luncheon over at the vero  beach hotel she used to fly the family’s private  jet down to vero every couple months and stay at  the vera beach hotel and have everybody come to  the hotel and do lunch with her because we didn’t  get to see her much when she got married and moved  away and she had a nanny with her two little girls  at the pool and i’m sitting there by the pool and  the kids are in the pool she gets the baby out  of the pool and she’s changing the baby and she  starts fingering the baby and i start screaming  i started screaming at the pool and then a needle  was stuck in my leg by another family member and  i was drugged silenced we’re trying to get helpterrific and i can’t imagine how that impacts a  child like they’re not just grooming the infant  but they bloom you to essentially just keep  your mouth shut look the other way whenever  you see anything wrong happening right and  that’s essentially what most of the people  in my family do and i’m i’m like the black  sheep you know because i have been hoodwinked  for a lot of this stuff my family has ritually  abused me my entire life with a blindfold onso everybody else watches but i don’t  so when i actually visually am able to  see stuff like that i call it out and when i do  i’m usually silenced by either being drugged or  beat or raped myself you know when is your  earliest memory that you had to recall on  as far as being a child yeah and like  understanding i know the abuse obviously  starts whenever you’re born what age do they  start ritually abusing and kind of increasing  that with these children when i was um i was going  to first church of god is what it’s called it’s on  the corner of 20th avenue and 8th street in vero  beach florida and i was being taken there um i’m  not sure if that was a daycare that was into the  occult or not because i’ve been to daycares that  are um owned by occult members and then abused in  daycares and stuff too my family owned daycares  in indian river county that they were using  for child prostitution and trafficking purposes  um they had they had their own little school  bus and stuff like that but my first memory um  was basically going to that first church  of god and going out of class because i had  cramps i didn’t you know i was like three  or four years old in daycare and i don’t  um i couldn’t identify what was wrong with me i  just went to the toilet and i sat on the toilet  and had blood in my underwear and i didn’t know it  was blood i thought it was like poop or something  and i’m going i need help and um i sat there  on the toilet at first church of god for like  hours until a teacher finally came looking  for me and i believe dcf was called at that  point so it did create a riff for them for  a while and i was taken out of that daycare  and then put into another daycare where  they could abuse me and get away with it  but that that’s my first um memory you know um of  being abused was that particular incident where i  sat on that toilet forever you know not knowing  what was going on or what was happening to meand so your family what did they do because i  know obviously in a call um how did they show  up in society what did your parents do my mother  worked in banking um they had a lot of mob ties a  lot of ties to biker gangs and other types of  brotherhoods also that you know it’s all one  and the same that’s what they say you know it’s  every you know it’s all one in the same so they umshe worked in banking she was a  plant basically to uh get obtain  account information for wealthy people and target  wealthy people in and around indian river county  her and a lot of her friends renee griffith pennythis lady named april glover worked at  the bank for her she was a younger girl  but they were all targeting wealthy families in  vero and they were used in the banking system  to obtain account information so she was like a  teller and stuff like that at the bank but also  getting paid outside of the bank job she had by  the network for getting getting them you know  the account information so they were they were  kind of gangster she had a lot of friends like  that darlene dollins heckman renee griffith i  grew up around these women being raped by their  men and their families and their husbands  would participate in this stuff you know  i wasn’t allowed to have friends that weren’t in  the cult so i was raped by all my friends fathers  um everywhere they took me they knew somebody  um restaurants restaurant owners banks bankers  bakeries um the bank president that she worked  at first american type or it was not first  american title was first american bank alex mack  william owned the bank we used to call him mr mack  and after hours they would go up front and  lock the door of the bank at five o’clock  and then bring me into his office that he  would rape me on the desk in his office  at the bank these are bank presidents these are  restaurant owners these are you know people tied  into the network they incur in the in the cult  they encourage you to get into you know a position  of power or uh politics or law enforcement  or whatever so a lot of these people chose  to own businesses so that they can incorporate and  launder trafficking funds basically through their  companies so a lot of people like my family they  open daycares they opened um hair salons because  hair salons were you know they were a cheap easy  license to get and they were affordable to openso my stepmom and my aunt both did  hair and owned hair salons that we  were prostituted out of our whole life and  then my mom was doing the banking thing  until i got to be in about high school probably  and then she quit her banking job married a man  that was 18 years younger than her and became  a truck driver so she was a runner after that meaning that they traffic children through the  trucking industry yeah she trafficked me i’ve  been on the road with her before and i’ve  been raped and take into places and drugged  and i’ve been in the truck with her as a  matter of fact um i don’t know what she was  doing or what the hell she was hauling  but i’ve been in the truck with her um  across the country where she her her truck was  being followed by secret service and uh d.o.t  and i’m going you know i wake up from you  know in the bunk and i’m going what the hell  is going on like why are we being followed you  know what the hell are you hauling she’s going  i don’t know i mean she was basically just paid  to drive she didn’t even know what the hell she  was hauling half the time it could have been  a box full of human remains for all we knowand honestly that’s a big part of the  problem in society is the way that  human traffickers and rapists and even occult  members are marketed or shown to society you  see for example people imagine a satanist  to look like a goth right all black hair and  it’s super obvious these people are your  hairdressers they’re your daycare owners  they’re people that you trust your kids with  my family is very well liked in the community  very well liked there was about 175 people that  showed up at my dad’s uh celebration of life that  we had for him after he died or disappeared or  whatever he did in 2016 i mean there’s a lot  of people um that know them and they don’t but  they don’t really know them you know i mean it’s  almost like they have this front i mean there’s  there’s people that know what they do because they  practice with them but most of the community  just knows them as normal regular nice guys  and that’s the scary part is that is exactly  what they look like they don’t look like these  creepy um you know crackheads that you see  on tv those are kind of like one-off cases  you know i know that that happens where random  people have a mental disease or just there’s  something wrong with them and they go kidnap  a kid or they get into this on a lower level  but really it’s the stereotype that we need to  get out of people’s heads is what they show on the  news and how they portray at movies that these are  very obvious people in society that you could pick  out and say oh that looks like a rapist or oh that  looks like a satanist like these are normal people  like you said that just have normal jobs that  we’re associating with every single day i grew  up around doctors and physicians of all kinds that  i have been ritually abused by and tortured by and  labs i mean i was raped and used for torture and  babies i was a breeder from the age of eight to  fourteen every year they would impregnate me and  they always took the babies at six months they  never let me carry full terms so i never got super  big but i was always made to wear bigger clothes  to cover myself so nobody knew um you know that  it was a big secret but they would take the  babies prematurely at about six months and they  were either being used for trafficking purposes  or killed in sacrifices you know ceremonies so  several of mine were were killed and my father  uh strangled one in the back  bedroom that was born and then uh  forced us to watch him bury it in the backyardwere you aware that this stuff was  happening as a child or did they  dissociate you for these memories and you had  recollections you had dissociative disorder  so i do dissociate from my body during violent  rape and torture um so i’m i’m present but not  and i can i can kind of control it in a sense  where i can kind of tune back into my body  if i need to um so i i am like i said i’m present  but i’m not so i do remember these things but um i  was heavily drugged for the pregnancies especially  during the time of birth because they would induce  me or take the baby in an unnatural way so i was  heavily drugged for the births most of the time  and um i would be woken up because they have  anecdotes obviously for all the drugs that  they have and i would be woken up and i would be  allowed to hold the baby um they have pictures of  me with these babies and then they would be taken  and then i was just rest in recovery after that  so i spent a lot of my life recovering from  violent rape torture and attempted murdermultiple child you know pregnancies and just being  beat on did your family have you participate in  society also normally did you go to school  normally play sports things like that i did  i was trafficked through this school system  in indian river county so there were teachers  school board members principals um other other  people like that in the network that that  you know worked at these schools ran these schools  and i would be taken out of class like literally  signed out of class men would come and get me and  i would be raped and then brought back to class  and picked up from school like every other kid and  teachers were aware of this there were teachers  participating diane hawkins she is the sister of  kevin hawkins kevin hawkins and tim rose i was a  child bride to run an enterprise in indian  river county and they’re we call them grave  diggers you know i grew up in the death business  my dad worked for fmc which was food machinery  and chemicals so he worked you know around a  lot of grove owners and in the fruit business  and so did they they were contractors you know  there was all kind of one in the same there and umi don’t remember where i was going with  that sorry i just got a dream oh it’s okay  you were we were talking about playing sports  and going to school yeah so yeah i was allowed  to go to school but i was still being used through  the school district i was used everywhere i went  everywhere i went i couldn’t be taken to  a restaurant without being bent over a  table in a kitchen or a counter you know and  raped by the men that are in the cult i mean  i went you know banks bakeries ferrara’s bakery  i would be raped there at scampi grill um  vincent’s pizza and vero i’ve  been gang-draped around you know  there i you know here i am thinking i’m going to  dinner with my family and then all of a sudden  somebody comes up behind me makes me get out of  my chair bends me over the table and rapes me  in front of my entire family everybody sits  there and doesn’t do a damn thing about itthey just watchso a lot of times that’s what’s happened to me but  yeah i mean like i said i was going to school but  i was also being used at school by teachers by  principals um when i got up into high school i  was being used a lot there um or you know taken by  a teacher and shoved into a bathroom and raped or  taken over to um mr carroll’s office and raped in  his office there were people like liz santiago in  the office of indian river charter high school  that her son wanted to get into the music  industry and they offered her family like  this music deal for her son but she had to  participate in this occult practice and let  these men rape these certain girls that went  to my high school there was i mean they put us  all on a lot a lot of us all in the same schools  really yeah yeah it’s not how that  normally works in everywhere in the country  it’s the counties that i i mean were indian  river putnam county brevard uh broward  you know all up and down the east coast was kind  of like their territory but yeah i do believe that  that’s how they do it they they get you know  they get a network and and we were basically  in the john walsh network basically in indian  river county which is the head of the operationin florida that’s where all of this was taking  place and still is right so is that is florida  indian river charter school those are  schools that i went to and my aunt  who worked in the daycare that my grandmother  owned she’s a school teacher at oslo middle  school now she teaches 7th grade she’s been  there for 25 years and she’s a damn traffickerthey would rape kids in the daycare  my the men in my family and other  men in the cult would come into  the daycare when we were kids  and act as maintenance men and just snatch a  kid take them in the bathroom and rape themthey hunt they’re predators you know and they kind  of hone that behavior and they actually you know  practice that they get good at it and they feel  like they’re good at it you know so they want to  go like they go on these hunts so so i i think  it’s important for people to know anybody that  says that they hunt you really need to be you know  pay attention to the people that say they hunt  because these predators also hunt but they’re not  hunting animals they’re hunting women and children  like animals boys too it doesn’t  matter they just go on hunts  i’ve been on hunts with my family  or they’re preying on other peoplewhat is that process or what is for because  that’s something too a lot of people don’t  know about that and i don’t think we’ve talked  about that yet at all on the podcast would you  be able to explain what those huns are  my father was a serial killer he was a  gravedigger and a transporter of human  remains for the cult and we grew up around  he worked in packing houses in the fruit  business so he was around a lot of um  you know plant uh juice plants ocean spray  uh natalie’s orange juice uh dull citrus  you know indian river county at one time was  supposedly the number one distributor in the  world for grapefruit but i think grapefruit  might have been a code word for childrenso you know i would hear a lot of stuff like you  know my dad would come over to my grandfather’s  house and oh how’s the fruit business  you know they would always refer to it as  the fruit business how’s the fruit business  but they were transporting um corpse and human  remains and things like that and buckets of fruit  in and out of indian river county because the um  you know rotting fruit will attract the  black fly like corpse and rotting human  remains do so it’s easier to transport  without getting caught and you might be  sitting right next to one of these bucket  trucks at a stoplight not even knowingand these trucks travel all around the country i’m  guessing because i know even out here in nevada  have florida made something you know oranges from  florida orange juice whatever it is  anywhere you can drive a truck yeahabsolutely you know i would be taken to the plants  i would be taken to the heads of operation i would  be taken to dull citrus i would be taken to ocean  spray into places like that and then taken down  you know i they showed me they would give me  tours of the factories and stuff like that a  lot of them were pretty neat to be able to see  the production the you know the conveyor belts  with the fruit being de-stemmed coming down the  line and then it goes through washing and then  it goes through waxing and and they work on a lot  of those machines and stuff like i said um fmc was  food machinery and chemicals so they dealt with  the food business food industry the machinery that  processed food and chemicals so they had you know  they were manufacturing all kinds of chemicals  even using juiced human remains because they  were doing that as part of the occult practice  there’s rollers on these machines that they  were making big enough to put a cadaver through  so they would juice fruit and then you know they  would juice human remains they were using the  juices to manufacture products these products  go into different food things for flavoring  they go into lip fillers and face fillers they  go into a lot of things people can research  that but it’s important to know i’ve seen it done  those tunnels that i were talking about recently  um they actually had turned some of these tunnels  into like a juicing track so these cars would  these train cars like a little ride at disney  would go down these tracks and they’re dark and  scary down there in these tunnels and i remember  being with my handler in one of the cars and there  was a train car in front of us and he was raping  the girl in front of us and she appeared to be  drugged i mean her head was hung low her hair  was in her face and when he was done with her he  um they basically take like this prod and they  prod you in the neck and some of them my handler  used to do it to me you would drink the blood  right out of my neck so it wasn’t like they were  putting it in a vial or doing anything like that  i mean they would drink it straight from your body  so he did that to her in front of us and then when  he was done with her corpse he just threw her out  on the tracks which those the the tracks on that  particular tunnel that i was on and i don’t know  where it was but there is one that exists still  to this day that’s running and they they took the  train tracks on they put rollers you know just  like the packing houses and i’m going oh my god  what are they doing down here but there’s rollers  so once you get stuck in those tracks those train  cars come through there all day long and they just  juice juice the remains that are left on the track  and then they were piped underneath um they were  piped to go collect the juice off of the tracks  and go into these large tanks so once we got  to the end of this track and into the building  they took me downstairs where you could actually  see every time somebody was juiced upstairs  the machine would like purge you  know and the juice would come out  into the uh buckets into the big drums so i  remember being there and seeing as a little kid  and then explaining to me what was happening  and i’m going oh my god so every time i saw  the the machine purge more juice i would  cry because i knew somebody had just dieddid you know i mean it seems like with  most of the survivors that i’ve had  already on this show there seems to be  certain people that no matter how many  times somebody tries to break their spirit which  is exactly what they were trying to do to you  they never can and there’s always something  inherently wrong in those people no matter what  where other people like your parents it becomes  something that they just they participate in  and it’s nothing to them was this to you like  at what age did you start to say wait this  i know that this is how my family is  operating and i know that this is what they do  but this doesn’t feel right yeah when did you  start to think that because that had to have  been hard if you’re born into it and that’s all  you know as long as i can remember i knew it was  wrong i knew it was wrong i used to say it to  my brother husband handler whatever he is he  grew up with me like a brother and then he became  my handler um they actually let us stay together  and we did get married in the backyard and the  satanic ritual therapy sorry i gotta get my dog umi would tell him when i was the little girl and  he would rape me i would say you’re sick to me  or i would say laura i would say to  my mom laura he’s being sick to me  or these guys are sick to me i  would just say sick to me i didn’t  know how to identify what was  happening to me but i knew i was sickand they have videos of me saying that  things like that you’re sick to me  walking around after being raped you’re sick  you’re sick i would tell them you’re sick to me  so i’ve known all along but it’s wrong i hated it  i hated it i never understood it i was always so  confused why everywhere everywhere i go with you  this happens to me i don’t understand why this  keeps happening you know they would act like they  were oblivious sometimes like oh they would just  take me over to so and so leave me in his office  and then go you know go to the break room go get  a snack go get something to eat let them rape  me and come back it was just like nothing and  i’m going why does this keep happening to me you  know i couldn’t under i couldn’t understand why  it kept happening over and over and over and i  couldn’t stop it and there was no help for me  i mean i tried i would try to tell on people who  was i going to tell they were all doing it to me  they were all doing it to me with my eyes closed  so i was thinking something happened to me and  these other people are doing this to me i’m trying  to tell on them but i’m telling the people that  are doing it to me on themselves you know yeah  because most of the time while i was being raped  they would put something over my face they would  mask me hoodwinked me they called it hoodwink um  i put something over my face so that i didn’t know  who was actually raping me at the time so it made  it even harder for me to identify which correlates  with the what they were trying to do as far as  whatever experiment they were doing with me as  with my eyes you know lacking eyes not having eyesmy name backwards i like eyes they took  my eye teeth so a lot of those things  and for people listening we’ll all have her  explain how to find her but that’s her twitter  name is ilock eyes so if you guys are on your  phone right now or if you have access to it go  follow her she she’s really disclosing a lot on  twitter too so you’ll definitely want to keep  keep in touch with her there especially um after  you guys listen to this episode now kaylee why  i mean for people who have kind of looked into  this i think um they might just know that child  abuse is a big part of occult systems and human  trafficking systems but why is that how did child  abuse get so embedded into these cult systems and  why is that so important to them well the other i  i think the i think that it really boils down to  occultism being the problem if you could just look  at occultism as a brotherhood you know simply  it’s brotherhood and trafficking of any kind  all over the world would not exist without this  brotherhood so the roots of the issue and i tell  people all the time you have to get to the roots  if there’s something that you want to stop or  fix or transform or change you have to get to  the roots of the issue and the roots of these  trafficking issues are occultism so if you start  researching occultism the history of occultism in  the united states how occultism became legal in  the united states when the church of scientology  became a legal church entity and tax exempt  in 78 which was right before the uh ritual  sacrifice of adam walsh so right before that  happened they were bringing occultism into the  united states under the guise of a religion so  they hide behind this freedom of religion act  that this is a religion now because they got  it they had enough people you know where they  got scientology named as a church in the united  states in 1978 i believe it was it’s on my page  um and then after that it was basically like  they they had free reign to do whatever they  want because they could hide under the freedom of  religion act if you go back and look at interviews  with jeffrey epstein and his previous cases  that’s one of his main escapes is i’m not from  this country and that’s against my beliefs and  that’s not what i believe and you know those were  all the excuses that he used to kind of skate  around the law for practicing what he practicesand so because it’s legal it’s something  that also society probably doesn’t  understand to look into women that’s the thing  occultism in the united states is not legal but  that’s exactly what they’re doing um it’s not  legal freedom of religion is legal occultism  is not but if you look at uh the origins of  scientology scientology clearly states it’s a cult  it’s not a religion but it’s named as a religion  in america so that they could get around the law  and a lot of this was brought into the states  by people like sir richard branson who was  knighted by the royal family and ed borsage  who owns a private island right next to branson  that i’ve been trafficked to my whole life my  my family lives in the bahamas four months out  of the year on compass k which is uh they call it  tucker’s island tucker rowley he comes up to vero  and stays he’s the uh he owns the island he stays  with them in vero when he comes to vero um his  and and here’s you know they’re all connected  so tucker gets his shirts and other material  printed by a printing company in vero beach that’s  also owned by uh my occult friends tara gianna  um adams and um what’s his name garrett adams  people that i’ve been trafficked to throughout  my life their their families were home builders  and contractors in university they own a printing  company now they print t-shirts for tucker  my aunt and uncle pick up the t-shirts take  them down to the bahamas and they stay down  there four months out of the year so yeahhow does this brotherhood work as far as how  it’s structured i know you’ve talked about  all the way from school teachers all the way  up to government um how how is the occult  i mean the school system is government i  mean it’s all state it’s all government  and i was trapped through the government i  was a born government sexly for the white  house the fbi local law enforcement masonic  freemasonry cop gangs um there’s a free uhkayla your phone’s cutting out a little bitoh no we lost herokay we got her back all right sorry  i don’t know what happened it is okay  that’s happened so many times on here and i’m  like i had to change my vpn that’s crazy wowyeah this is like it gets really weird sometimes  yeah it’s getting a little hairy huh yes  okay there we go that now this is  working there’s a lot of people  that don’t want me talking about this  and i understand that i think people  need to understand and realize  i am a very targeted individualand i’m really sorry that that interrupted you  too i know that you were talking about cops and  it happened to shut off um which is also ironic  so hopefully it was just reception and nobody’s  messing with it um but please everybody say  say some prayers also while you’re listening  um just for for kaylee’s protection too because  she is taking a big big risk coming on here  and talking about this um so i’m trying to to  think where it cut off right before it hung up  i don’t remember what i was  saying um i think we were talking  oh i know i touched you you’re like wait i’m still  talking we were talking about the brotherhood and  just how the occult structured a little bit um  i forget exactly where it cut you off on but  i know you were starting to talk about  how the structure of all of this worksuh with the brotherhood i was brought up and  freeman i basically i basically didn’t have  parents my mom pawned me off on on men various  men i was sold to married to as a child bride  taken overseas to foreign countries where it was  uh legalized where they don’t have laws on child  marriages a lot of um people don’t realize i i  was trafficked a lot by navy men there’s a lot of  a lot of men in the family and in the cult that  were associated with the navy and the military  armed forces um but specifically  the navy because there are no laws  in international waters so they can get  away with just about anything out there  and um and overseas you know in foreign countries  they have different laws on child marriages and  child rape and abuse and stuff like that so they  were taking me to foreign countries marrying me to  men but i wasn’t just being used for for sex um  you know be forced to live with them for months  at a time and their families their kids would  get up like normal kids and go to school and i  would be stuck in the room i wasn’t allowed to  go to school for months at a time i wasn’t fed  for days at a time i was beat and raped all day  just used uh for sex when i was with these men  um but that’s how they were doing it and like  i said i wasn’t just used being used for sex i  was being used for my identity so every time my  identity changed which was multiple times i have  several aliases some of my known aliases are  claire j cooper claire j walker and sarah  bernhardt and uh bernhardt because i would cry  during rape so they would call me sarah bernhardt  and um there’s a few more that i that i can  remember but i know there’s more than that um  but they’re using my identity and that’s  basically to traffic uh funds offshore to hide  uh laundered funds and uh trafficking funds  and various accounts in my name that are being  kept from me offshore um and and corporations  likely you know overseas so i mean they’re using  children not just for sexual purposes they’re  using them for their identity they’re using  them for science experimentation i was sold to  nasa and used in nasa programs put in simulators  um where i was forced to stay in a similar later  for uh weeks at a time they were experimenting on  the different you know gravitational forces and  things like that and how it would affect a child  um they were doing different experiments on  me um in these capsules you know there was  zero gravity so you’re floating around the air if  you pee you pee in the air you catch it in a bag  crazy stuff like that a lot a lot of that probing  um they would probe you in your orifices with  these pure crystal rods you know those like  anal thermometers that they use mostly on like  animals or babies or whatever like they were  taking pure crystal rods like that to obtain  um you know cells and things like that with  the crystals and then they were flying them  in space capsules into space and growing them in  labs and experimenting with all these different  cells so i know my cells have like been in spacedid you come across other children or did they  isolate you for these um i’m assuming that  there’s other children that they’ve used in these  experiments uh yeah i was with in particular on  the nasa trips i was with my um my handler  my brother who became my handler which i  don’t think he was my biological brother but  i used to call him bobby you know and then i  then i called him husband at like  10 10 years old he became my husband  when i was 10 he was eight years older than  me eight to ten years older than me ish  so they always married the boys  to the younger girls to groom themfor people that the word handler um i know a  lot of people have heard that what exactly is a  handler for people who are either new or who have  heard of it but don’t understand what that means  um i mean he handled me so he he handled um  everything he accompanied me on trips he escorted  me on trips uh to and from and would get me ready  uh for these men and take me to them on private  jets so i would be sitting with him on the plane  and then he would you know put me in my nightgown  or whatever i was forced to wear a white t-shirt  a lot as some it was symbolic of a child bride and  also so that men could identify me when my parents  met them in public places to identify me um so  i was always in like a white t-shirt so he would  tell me you know on the plane once we got boarded  you know go get your go get your t-shirt on so i  he would take me to the bathroom and  get my t-shirt on and you you don’t  have any clothes on underneath your t-shirt  it’s just the t-shirt and then i would be  taken to you know up front to the guys that  were on the plane you know and used for sexis florida in particular important to the  system or is that just one of many places that  oh i think it’s one of many places but i think  it’s a huge hub yes absolutely florida is a  peninsula there’s water on three sides and you  can get anywhere in the world from florida they  have international airports in jacksonville and  miami they just made the regional airport in  fort lauderdale an international airport  so you can fly internationally right out of  lauderdale now clearwater tampa jacksonville  orlando um all those places i have been flown  out of but mostly out of private estates back then  i was flying out of private estates there’s uh two  subdivisions that were built um in indian river  county one is called aerodrome and the other one  is called the flying ranches and there are  uh private aircraft owners that live there  they’re all five to ten anchor traps and they have  their own private airplane hangers there w ith a  actual landing strip right behind the houses  in the subdivision so you can land your plane  and park it in your hangar right there at your  property so a lot of the i was flown out of  private estates like that um and the private  airports you know that i i named earlier gary  kimball’s private airport in uh brevard county  titusville he was some heir to a nasa executive’s  fortune and my mom had married him so that’s  their connection to nasa they were tied into nasa  a lot of these guys don’t have you know jesus in  their life and they believe in science they don’t  believe in god and they um you know they’re  just into all this crazy manipulation andscience but in torture and violent rape and  bestiality and porn and uh back then porn was  really get the porn industry was really getting  big back in the 80s and 90s it started you know  coming out you know and just being kind of like  a like a normal practice when it was unheard  of before that but in the 80s or 90s when porn  started to get big my parents were very sexual  getting into porn wanting to film their own porn  and stuff like that and using us and porn as well  um through these programs like uh disney  you know i would busch gardens i was raped  and trafficked to peter bush he had an estate  in vera beach and they are um the bush family  busch gardens bush beer um they  own theme parks you know they  own huge conglomerates that are  involved in these type of thingsand this was do uh the spelling of that since  it’s different than the the political family  that that we’ve seen you had made a comment  on twitter that that was actually a grammar  mistake that they just kept with busch gardens  and with the bush family the president because i  was being trafficked to the white house by fbi on  air force one to the white house during the bush  administration i was tracked to clinton i’ve been  trafficked to all the presidents since i was bornhow far back does this go did this start with a  certain administration and it’s just continued has  this always been embedded since america for me i’m  not sure um i’m not sure but i know that i know  that it became rampant in the united states when  science scientology was like a turning point i  think for the occult here and the occult practices  here and being able to get away with more  um through the church of scientology and being  able to use that as you know a way around the wall  so is something technology  basically a front and cover  for everything else or is scientology actually  its own type of thing as they market it  well it’s not a church they call it the church  of scientology but it’s not a church it’s not a  religion it is a cult and there are members that  have left that are speaking out but they have  their own police force they have their own people  don’t realize that they they handle matters not  within like our tribunals and state and court and  local authorities they handle everything within  you know so if you’re a member of the church and  and something happens i mean they they reprimand  you they um they they have all that infrastructure  in place through the church so they have their own  police force basically and these gang stalkers  that will silence you if you try to speak out  against them and the abuse that you’ve endured  at their hand um i used to be taken to the church  a lot as a child uh they have a an entire floor  that i was not allowed on that i would sneak into  with my brother i don’t there was like the fourth  and the seventh floor that i was not allowed on  for whatever reason but that’s where they  kept the cadavers and they are practicing on  um cadavers you know my brother would be down  there practicing surgical and suturing techniques  and i would help him on these dead bodies um he’s  a very highly trained doctor and he’s been trained  since he was a very young child through this  cult so and is that purpose they train within  so you’re not going to a traditional university  and they can keep surgeons on staff and doctors  internally without having to go outside yeah sure  there are some there are some but there a lot of  them are educated by the universities i mean  if you ask me universities are just a cult too  yeah i know i it’s all government right everything  owned by government it’s tied in somehow and how  you were saying that government i’m a born  government sex slave yes i was trafficked to  the fbi the masonry cop gangs in florida uh the  white house and to the royals the royal familyhow did all of this likeit’s brotherhood it’s connections you know  it’s it’s connection through the church it’s  connections through nasa it’s connections you  know they’re all they’re all connected it’s  a brotherhood so they they meet each other um at  these events you know which can easily be deceived  as a dinner party you know so you see  in the mainstream media all these people  gathering for these events and uh these music  awards and all this [ __ ] and basically it’s  it’s an occult practice you know they’re  initiation ceremonies for people moving up  um they’re disguised as you know uh concerts you  know they’re you’re taking your children to them  and they’re basically rituals and ceremonies being  done right in plain sight is what they call itand at what age did you say that you you had  started being transported and being involved  at these experiments and going to the white house  um i was three when that started but they didn’t  get me into the bush admin until i was probably  six so i was six years old i was being raped by  the president six seven years old um being raped  by the president and the white house being kept  underground in the tunnels a lot of people don’t  know there’s tunnels underneath the white house  there’s a whole underground system underneath  the continental u.s that goes into mexico  and um there’s underground tunnels and  vaults down there that i’ve been taken to  my brother was interning at the white house back  in the day my handler husband brother whatever so  yeah he had access top security clearance to these  tunnels and access to the vaults and stuff like  that that i would be taken to as a child and my  white t-shirt running around the white householdunbelievable such a young thing sometimes  for a couple days at a time they keep you  heavily drugged and stuff like that and  they put you to sleep to and from so you  don’t really know you know where you’re going  or where you’re coming from or whatever but um  yeah they’re using gas and stuff like that even  in a lot of these theme parks on these rides a  lot of people don’t know you know whenever you’re  going on a ride in the in the theme parks and then  the spray comes out and hits you you  know and it’s all just like smoke and  fuzz and fire and stuff but they’re actually  putting gases laughing gases and things like thatat disney and these different theme parks  yeah yeah and there’s underground um tunnels  and there’s a whole underground world at  disney we used to be taking a fort wilderness  busch gardens and yeah disney all over orlando  that’s saturated in that stuff but we used  to be taken underground so underground is  when where all the production studios cbs  nickelodeon viacom a bunch of those  big conglomerates um were involved in  in pornography and then they started doing child  porn and my parents signed me up for the program  i was actually chipped i was probably  about five when they shipped me they  actually stuck you know what a bang stick is  yeah it’s like a it’s a gun that they use um  it’s like you know a gun basically at the end  of a stick they take they took basically like  a kind of a sort of a bang stick type thing they  put inserted into my my vagina and and punctured  my vaginal wall with a chip so i was chipped for  global tracking purposes i think there were 25  kids shipped at the time that i was chipped um and  we were each being used for different things butsome people were i don’t know why they were doing  it either but like some people were to be used  for you know six hours a day some people were  to be used for an hour a day i was to be used  i was one of the 24-hour days so 24 hour a day  around the clock i was to be available for sexmen would come in to our apartment at night where  we lived in indian river apartments and rape me in  my bed wake me up rape me in my bed tell me to  go wash and i was expected to go back to sleep  because i had school in the morning i had i had a  lot of anxiety social anxiety problems like that  at school kids thought i was weird um i didn’t  dress appropriately i wasn’t being taken care ofdid you ever tell anybody growing up i wasn’t  allowed to and to be honest i mean they they  would they would they wouldn’t teach you  properly you know they were manipulating you  so you didn’t you know being that young  you’re trying to figure things out on  your own you can’t identify so i had problems  identifying what was really happening to me umi didn’t know that it was raped so i couldn’t  tell somebody that i was being raped i would  tell people they’re being mean to me you know and  then teachers and other people would be like oh  honey you know he loves not being  mean you know whatever so it was  always really downplayed because  i didn’t know how to identify it  or be able to tell somebody what was  happening to me because i didn’t knowi was always in a state of  confusion discombobulated confusedjust being tossed around wondering why this  kept happening to me why am i always in painhow did they decide what  children get chose for what  like i said i was born for trafficking and these  were programs that my parents put me in um so once  they signed me over and they sold me it wasn’t  they didn’t have a choice you know my handlers  would come and get me sometimes in the middle of  the night and rip me out of bed sometimes i was  forced to pack a small bag other times i would  just be taken um so they could you know you were  available to them basically 24 hours a day seven  days a week you could be at the store with your  mom and have no idea that they’re about to show up  but they’ve been trailing you for the last couple  days you know and they know where you’re at and  they just come and take you so i would go with him  i grew up around him you know my whole  life so i became comfortable with him  he was being abused also my handler my  brother but he was in the programs too  so it was something that we kind of like went  into together and once you’re sold your soul  your parents don’t even have a choice  you know at times i think there were  um they had regrets i remember you know seeing  them cry sometimes but they didn’t have a choice  so you know they they made their choice and that  was to sell us and once it was done it was doneare all major institutions especially  obviously government entertainmentare all of those intertwined all of them is there  anything that you know of that is fighting against  this or that is not part of that as far as the  major institutions of the world no no and that’s  the sad part that i think people are going  to have a hard time with the most is this is  the government these are world leaders these are  uh presidents of other countries you know world  leaders all around the world participate in this  type of stuff it’s a huge multi-billion dollar  business um it it correlates with the food  industry um any type of machinery that they  need to process foods any chemicals they need  to process foods and my dad was an fmc food  machinery and chemicals employee for 17 years  and transporter of human remains for the cultwhere what where would he get these remains um  people believe it or not if they find a body that  is unclaimed or a drug addict or something like  that has passed away under a bridge or whatever  a lot of times if people don’t come forward  to claim the body or cremate the body  they will donate it to science so i think  that’s kind of how it started they were using  um you know people that were unclaimed that didn’t  have family or anything like that and they were  using the cadavers for science and then it just  kind of went from there but it got really bad  now they’re using just anybody they can get  their hands on so they’ll use random people that  die for these experiments and then there’s also  the the child experiments yeah after my stepmom  her mom passed away her husband was into the  cult and they tried to change her life and get  into christianity and stuff like that and clean  up clean up their life a little bit and and get  away from the alcohol and drug use and stuff but  um when she passed away they couldn’t afford to  do a service for her and he actually put out  the idea of donating her body we’re like no  like we’re not doing that with her you know  so we all you know pitched in and forked up to  have a service done for her so that she wouldn’t  have been donated to science that’s ridiculous  i think it’s i don’t i don’t think it’s right you  know it’s one thing if you if you sign papers and  you’re willing you’re willing to do that hey  when you know when it’s my time and i go donate  me to science sure i mean a lot of people donate  their organs i’m an organ donor sure i mean sobut yeah like i said there anything that you um  can liquefy or make into a powder can be sold so  there’s a lot of these things um you know traces  of it going into your processed foods your juicesthat’s so disgusting well it’s occultism you know  and they want everybody in on the practice so they  put it in your food unknowingly and that’s the  that’s the part that i think um is most upsetting  is people don’t even know what they’re eating half  the time or what’s in it half the time or what  companies that these foods are being processed  through which companies are involved in it  is there a way for people to find that out  is that information has somebody put that  out and somebody can go they watch a  youtube video or go look up articles  they can research all day long i mean at  this point it almost seems like they’re  all the big conglomerates are in on  it cal log you know all of them um buti don’t remember what i was saying i keep doing  that it’s okay we’re just talking about the  human remains and food and if people can have  access in any way instead of doing research  and and trying to figure it out  and just stop eating processed food  you know get on the herbs stop taking the  farmies um i i have a really good herb shop  that i go to and i get herbs for healing you  know and natural healing techniques for these  ailments anything any ailment that you  have um you know can be healed your  everything that you need to heal your body is in  the food that you eat so you really just have to  watch what you eat stop eating processed  food eat whole foods uh take herbsand get off of the processed foods and that’s  how you stop supporting these people i haven’t  had cable or internet my entire adult life for the  last 15 years and we had it growing up and stuff  like that but i’ve never had cable or internet  i mean i don’t support them so i don’t buy their  movies i don’t support pedo so i don’t buy their  music i don’t eat processed foods i mean i do  every once in a while i think everybody does you  can’t really help it at this point it’s everywhere  but i mean i i try to stay away from a lot of  that stuff you know i don’t have cable or internet  so i don’t buy into it so stop buying into it i  think if everybody did that a lot of these places  wouldn’t be able to continue the way that they are  and we’re the ones that find their page by buying  their products buying their music buying their  food going to their concerts going to their shows  going you know we’re the ones that sign their  paychecks by doing that so if everybody would stop  doing that um stop buying their  products stop participatinga lot of it would diminisha hundred percent i couldn’t agree  more with you and i think that that’s  the absolute best advice i always say like  we pay for so much more than just with money  like watching on the tv and going to a concert and  buying an album whatever it is just participating  in things that we know hey this person probably  doesn’t stand for things that that we stand for  who cares if they have a good song like  there’s tons of independent artists and there’s  always there’s people working on the other side  that you can go support that have just as good  if not better quality things than what most  people have been exposed to in the mainstream  absolutely absolutely you know the mainstream  is owned by all of their friends in the cult  you know so they only push the narrative that  they want you to see and know um and that’s just  how it is that’s i mean don’t support mainstream  turn the tv off you know stop paying for cable  how prevalent are cults as far as i know  globally we can say that but i think  another piece that is hard for others to grasp  their mind around is that piece of how prevalent  this child abuse is how prevalent these cults are  and kind of where that landscape lies in the worldwhat do you mean like how many cults are there  how how spread out is this how big thousands  thousands you know there’s lots of them too you  know but they all say it’s all one and the same  that’s how you know that’s how i was taught that’s  what i’ve heard growing up it’s all one and the  same um it’s brotherhood you know it’s brotherhood  say you and me and a bunch of other survivors get  together to do what we’re doing and  raise awareness about these things  um can be classified as occultism you know  i mean we could we could start our own cult  it’s brotherhood you know it’s a coming  together of people with the same common goals  the only problem with the cult i came from is  it is satanic and and they they do not have  any regard for human life and they really only  care about themselves their dick and their moneyand i’ve told members that you know out of pure  anger and animosity for what  they’ve done to me and many othersbut it is true i mean thatthey don’t care about humans i’ve watched  a lot of human humans die you know what men  women and children whether by hunt um they’re  notorious for making murder look accidental  my father would run people off the road he would  strangle women to death drug them so it would look  like an accidental overdose or it would look like  a hanging instead of a strangulation and it would  look like they just ran off the road in a single  car accident i know a lot of people would have  died in single car accidents that were run off  the road by members of the coal and sometimes i  would be forced to be in the car i didn’t even  know where you know i thought we were driving  somewhere and then all of a sudden you know [ __ ]  was going down so what would be the reasoning for  running were these targeted people that people  targeted that were trying to get help trying to  get out you know that grew up friends of mine  that grew up in the cold being drugged silencedand so they would just take them out instead  of allowing them to go speak they would maybe  know their schedule or know where they were  and i’m assuming a lot of these people were  probably tracked if they were in a cult with a  chip or maybe their surveillance on their car  or something on them and so it had access to  knowing where they were to be able to stage that  absolutely and these smartphones are just a way  for them to continue tracking us and hunting us  like i said about the hunting they do hunt and  this is just a way to hunt people more easily  everybody around the world has these smartphones  now everybody can be listened to through these  devices they can be seen through these devices  they can tap into any household in america that  has these devices in them and listen to every  conversation going on um and that has been done  to me i put surveillance around my house and then  i was being watched through my own damn cameras  so anything like that i mean you almost  have to get back to basics which is what  i think america needs and i’ve been saying  that for a long time everybody needs to get  back to basics i mean we need to go back  to the barter and trade days and just start  you know having a sense of community because  we don’t have that anymore and um people need  to start coming together and realizing what’s  actually going on um i have tape over my camera  so that i can’t be seen through them but i  know i can be heard i try to put my settings  off a lot of people don’t know how to adjust their  settings but it’s important you know some people  can’t tap into your devices and listen to the  conversations going on privately within your homeso that’s a way that they track people  now these advanced advanced technologies  they’re tracking and tracing people that  way which makes it easier for them to huntwhat other hunting do they do aside from  maybe surveillance or phone or chipsuh my dad would prey on women at the beach  he always had binoculars these high-powered  binoculars under the seat of his car and he would  go park somewhere follow women stalk them um he  would always introduce himself as like russell  or he would use an alias his name was robert so  he would tell people his name was russell it  was very charming he was very good-looking um  always one with the ladies and you  know he would pick these women up  and you know if they went home and told  their mom or their friend hey i met this guy  russell last night or whatever and then my  dad would take him out and then they would  turn up dead and you know people would be looking  for this russell guy yeah she said she met this  russell guy the other night so they would be  looking for russell not robert you know so  they used aliases they were masters of disguise uh  they would shave their faces or grow their beards  out when they were getting ready to hunt um so  that they you know could just disguise their  looks or they would they would actually use the i  mean they were members of the cia too so they had  masks um they had different skins they call them  skins that they could put you know over your your  lip you know to to change the shape of your lips  they could put them on your eyelids and you know  whatever they had these little skins to change  the um features of your face or your profile so  you wouldn’t be able to be identified so they were  using skins they were using masks they were using  wigs hair uh bald caps you could put a bald cap  over your hair and it looks like your involvedand things like that so they  were masters of disguisethat’s pretty scary because you think about  all the people that we walk by every day  and we never consider or the  guy that comes up to us at a bar  or the person at the park wherever it  is that you meet people that’s neverthey could absolutely be wearing a disguise and  with these facial recognition techniques now and  all this technology they’re taking people’s faces  and um you know through their facial recognition  and they’re making masks of those people so i have  actually gotten into the car with who i thought  was my cousin because it looked exactly like him  they had done a facial recognition of him and  made a mask of him that fits perfectly over your  face you know whoever’s face that they’re they’re  doing so it’s like face-off type stuff i don’t  know if you’ve ever seen that movie with john  travolta who i’ve also been raped by but  um they’re basically taking other people’s  faces and put you know putting their faces on  going out in public and acting as this person  like i said i’ve gotten into cars with people  who i thought it was like a cousin or a friend  coming to pick me up for dinner and it wasn’t it  turned out to be you know somebody in disguise  that’s very scary and it can happen to anybody  and it is happening to people it’s happening to meand so going back with to your dad because i  want to talk about him for a little bit so you  call him a serial killer and you just talked  about some of the victims that he would target  was there specific was it just certain women that  he would target or what was his fetish with that  that would compel him to  choose these certain peoplei’m not sure i just think it was a sickness yeah  it was just a sickness and um i think he felt  like he was good at it so i think when he would  go hunt he would just prey on on the ones that  looked vulnerable they they were they knew body  language they they could tell by watching someone  um if they were alone or if they were sad or  if they needed comfort they they knew before  they approached them like how they were going  to approach them but just by watching themi don’t know how how he targeted people i  don’t think that he did it just for no no  sometimes just random other times there  were targeted people that needed to be  off yeah quote um for trying to speak out or  you know that became a threat to the net worth  um kind of a hitman in that way too of this world  they essentially were assassination hit crew  and they used to call themselves the zoo crew  and it was very true because they were very much  like animals uh feeding off of your you  know energy and your blood and your bonesnow as far as the programs that you  were involved with you talked about  nasa what other experiments are happening  on a high level involving humans or children  they’re morphing um they’re morphing  themselves you know with the the viral uh  reptilian implants they put the parasite in  their eye i there’s a video on my page about that  but they’re morphing how do they do that it’s a  parasite that they’re basically injecting in their  bodies they’re more they’re morphing themselves  into something that we’re not i mean we’re human  beings but i think they’re really trying to  transform themselves into higher beings uh they  call them reptilians aliens there’s um what are  they called the tall grays i think i’ve met a few  uh which are like alien forms they’re um human but  not human they look human they can shape shift and  they’re taking these parasites dna all this stuff  and mixing it together and creating their own  beings there’s a being that is on my page a video  of a being that was found on the side of the road  um they’re just they’re making these  beings and labs robotics things like that  so trans humans essentially or just mixed  breed humans so they’re trying to animalsyeah now with the the thing in the eye that you  were talking about there’s a lot of photos that  circulate online with you know why did mitt  romney get punched today you know he walks  in public with this big black eye and then  you see it on all these very prolific people  is that what you’re what you’re talking about  with inserting the the parasite through the eye  yes they’ve all been essentially transformed i  think a lot of these people once they get into  this type of practice their blood changes you  know there’s things in their blood that’s not  in our blood so it makes their uh brotherhood  stronger their bloodline stronger and it’s  kind of kept within so it’s like they want  everybody to get these shots they you know  they’re criminalizing people that don’t want  to get these coveted shots and stuff but their  blood’s different than ours you know it’s been  infected with a lot of different things than ours  and these things do they bring them obviously a  lot of the stuff that they give regular society  creates disease it creates sickness it creates  all kinds of dysfunction in our body are the  things that they’re giving themselves in their  belief system or even maybe it is scientifically  factual if they’re doing experiments are these  things elevating them as humans is that actually  true or is that more of a belief system that they  have i think it’s just their belief system and  it’s kind of a science experimentation it’s just  an experimentation i mean you’re basically signing  your life over to be experimented on and they say  for these higher purposes but it’s really for what  you know look what it’s doing to  societies and culture and humanity  you know look what it’s doing to our children  it’s awful and and like i said they’re forcing  participation by putting it in your food and not  even telling you i mean look what’s going on withexactly and a lot of people  have no idea what’s going on  with the virus or anything that we’re  talking about right now you know it’s  like the connections are really hard for people  to comprehend and that’s such a i mean this is  my belief and this might be far-fetched for some  but it is my belief knowing what i know and seeing  what i have seen that covid came from one of  these blood variants from from a cult member  you know really probably from possibly  from human remains being juiced or usedand spread like a virusand so obviously the whole um bat story i think a  lot of people don’t buy into that but what you’re  alleging is that it’s actually a human experiment  that they created this from and these different  blood variations that they’re using human meat yes  that’s what i think that’s what i believe and call  me crazy but that’s what i think so they’re  also they’re using the experiments are also  in a sense instead of just we’re going to find  we’re going to use children we’re going to use  other people to do these experiments to find what  can elevate us and make our blood better they’re  also doing the opposite how can we infect  society more with being sicker how can we  um how can we create bio weapons more  bio weapons to release on the public  yep yep that’s absolutely right and then get  everybody to buy it and think that it’s good  for them you know these smartphones when  they first came out everybody was on the  you know top of the line to go get them oh  yeah and they still aren’t about driving for  these are global tracking trackers you know  you could be tracked on on these devices  anywhere by them and we’re so addicted  to them we always have them on us  did you have whenever you were growing up were you  did you see technology and did you see things that  the general public didn’t or did you have advanced  notice of something like a cell phone coming out  way before it was going to you yes i did  my brother had all the electronics he  had a you know when i was a little girl and they  you know pagers were coming out and stuff like  that he had laptops he had cell phones they  were using twitter and youtube back then girl  before anybody even knew it was big and all the  elite kids were you know and these science kids  in these programs around the world in this  cult you know we’re using them absolutely  when i was a very small child my brother was  making me you know get on twitter and read his  twitter with them and stuff like that but  they were using apps and things like that  way a long time ago before they  even got released to the public  they were experimenting with us children  getting the children addicted to them get  seeing you know they were doing all that way  before like i said way before they were released  so are these of let’s just say mark zuckerberg  creating this in his college dorm is all of that  even how these companies came to me were these  always government programs and that’s the story  the facade that they feed the public i mean it’s  possible i haven’t really done a whole lot of  research on zuckerberg but it i don’t know where  he came from what his family ties were or what  programs he could have been in as a child either  and even programs that he was in that he didn’t  really even know he was a part of you know because  they they don’t tell you you know they just do  things to you and then you go home and it’s kind  of like you’re back to normal life or whatever you  don’t you don’t identify those things but i don’t  know where he came from i don’t know what his  family life was like i don’t know who his family  was or what ties they had to the network but  i’m sure they’re there and there’s probably a  reason why he’s who he is now and you mentioned  bloodlines are something that’s of importance to  them is that a big part of distinguishing who kind  of makes it in the world or most of the people  that we look at as high positions in authority  or society or government wherever are most of  those are all of those people bloodlines is that  a big part too of how people elevate in society  well it is said that there’s really only 13  bloodlines that you can stem from so there’s  only 13 families basically that you came from if  you go back in in your history you can figure that  which bloodline you came from and then go from  there um they say to follow your maternal lineage  back to to figure that out what you know  what what family you actually came from umbut yeah they do a lot of the ancestral  relationships are very common in the cult  father sleeping with daughters brothers  and sisters cousins you know is is all umpracticed in common you know we were  groomed for that and having you know  being raped by all the men in our family and  group sex you know it was not uncommon uh to see  a room full of naked people it was not uncommon to  be raped in a room full of people and other people  were being raped also um was not uncommon to walk  in the house and see your grandpa having sex with  the dog on the floor and choking the dog they  were into bestiality real real sick satanist type  violent porn you know it’s like  they would have sex with anythingthey were having sex with animals  they were forcing participation  from us they would have sex with  corpse and human remains my dad  became a necrophiliac i think from  being around it he became attracted  to it um he became a necro they call it necro  there was a band back in the day called necro umhe was a necro he would have  sex with human remains in corpse  and then force participation from us  to do the same child porn with corpse  it’s disgusting you know so we’ve been  infected with every disease known to man  i’ve had infections i’ve been infected you  know by by means of rape or just you know in  labs and stuff like that for experimentation  purposes but uh we are immune we are immunebecause it’s strengthening the immune system  strengthening your bloodline strengthening familyand really they want to keep we’re i mean most  people that are that exist in the world now  are mixed bloodlines whether that’s double  mixed or it’s a whole bunch of different  lineages that have just over time mixed together  it’s important for them to keep that that first  bloodline that they believe is the most pure  generation after generation after generation yepit’s wild belief system you know and they  they did allow us to study different religions  i would i would scream yeshua yeshua is the name  of jesus and i never was taught about jesus but  i would scream his name during violent rape and  torture so jesus was with me um through it all  and i believe that he is who saved me  and the only reason why i’m still alivedo you recall ever hearing that name before or  did you just inherently that was spoken to you  through him it was spoken to me through yeshua  i have met and heard the voice of yeshua and  he has guided me and directed me and delivered me  from a lot of this evil he saved me he continues  to save me and protect me is that you mentioned  that that helped you get through what else did you  did you do to cope with all of that growing  up i was suicidal in my youth 11 12 13 years  old i just wanted to die i was being  used so much i was sore all the time  i had hip problems back problems i couldn’t sit  down i couldn’t wipe my butt without pain or blood  um you know it was just awful i wanted to die i  just felt like a piece of meat and i just felt  like i was being used and i was i was i was just  a sold piece of meat being used and that was it  you know i had very minimal things as a child um  i didn’t have a whole lot growing up you know we  had bicycles and stuff like that but we were  used they had us to use us for a cult practice  and for money they would get money sent  to them in po boxes they had po boxes  and safety deposit boxes around florida uh  people had access to them they would leave  money and different things in there for my  parents and my family so they were being paid  you know i remember going to the post office  and seeing them collect cash out of the boxes it’s just it’s amazing how this blends in so  well to what we see every day to where it’s  hard to even consciously it’s like once you know  you can’t unknow but if you have no idea they’ve  massaged themselves so smoothly into society and  the way that they present themselves and even  entertainment how it’s looked at as something to  worship instead of something of what it actually  is worshiping satan and like he’s doing initiation  that’s what you just said it’s entertainment and  for them it was created for entertainment purposes  but they were into some really sick [ __ ] so  they’ve got the upper world disney stuff that you  see in mainstream media that’s pushed to get it’s  basically to lure the kids there once you’re there  then they can start programming you then they can  start getting you into these other programs and  it’s really kind of an innocent way that they  get you into them and you don’t even realize that  a lot of parents don’t even realize it you know  taking your kids to these places and getting drawn  into these things but it is it’s for entertainment  purposes but unfortunately i was used for a lot of  sadistic and violent porn underground you know by  the same companies nickelodeon that you see on  tv you know we’re doing this to me undergroundas a child and it’s rampant in florida it’s  rampant all over the world but i grew up in  florida and the network here and there are  freemasonry cop gangs are in on it you know  that will pick you up or or you know and take you  to places they’re basically traffickers they don’t  even have to rape you but they just have to get  you to where you’re going where you’re told where  they’re told to bring you and drop you off you  know so they there there are traffickers that that  that won’t rape you but they will pick you up  and take you where where they’re told to take you  and they’re traffickers i  mean they’re traffickers toonow how does freemasonry fit into all this people  tend to separate that also and say oh well it’s  just you know my grandpa was a freemason one of  the lower level or this person it’s not bad it’s  not what do you have to say about freemasonry  having seen it all the way from the very top  levels i grew up going to the lodges the blue blue  lodge mostly um all over the place i’ve been to  lodges everywhere it’s a brotherhood you know um  i was trained as a mason there’s only men allowed  and it’s a brotherhood so it’s only men allowed  but i was a little girl being raised by these men  and freemasonry and in the lodges so i had a lot  of dads essentially and that were raising me and  bringing me up this way i was taught to fight i  was taught ballistics i was taught how to shoot um  i am mk ultra and they are manufactured  killers you know and they basically train you  so i was a gymnast i was being  used um in performances i was uh  being used on stage at some of these shows  ozzy osbourne and all these other concerts  when i was a kid i would be taken to and raped  i would be raped on stage i would be used  thrown into the audience for other people to  use um at 9 10 11 years old i was dropped from a  trapeze at an ozzy osbourne concert into the crowd  and my brother was telling me when you get down  there just start telling people that you’re only  12 you’re only 12 just say you’re only 12. he got  in trouble for telling me to say that because once  he dropped me down into the crowd i started saying  i’m only 12 i’m only 12. but he made me lie i  wasn’t 12 i was actually 10. but i was really tall  you know skinny lanky long legs and and i could i  could pass for being a little bit older back thenoh my gosh i can’t imagine how horrific that  must have been as a kid and everybody on stage  all the people that are organizing this maybe not  all of them that are organizing it um lighting  and things like that but the entertainers on  stage are very aware that this is happening  oh yeah absolutely they’re part of the program  absolutely you see it happen on stage right in  front of you all the time people being initiated  blindfolded put in these you know suits i put  pictures on my on my page and their initiation  process um into the cult and into freemasonry and  you know different ranks and degrees i’ve been  through a lot of them i have pads what they call  pads on the bottom of my feet from walking fire  to kind of mind over matter practice they put  you through and a desensitization process they put  you through but i do have pads on the bottom of my  feet from walking fire um hot coals and things  like that that they would make us do what was  the purpose of having you do that is that just a  practice it’s a it’s just a practice that they do  um at fires you know they have these  bonfires they worship satan around a fire  um we do chants and stuff like that we would do  and a lot of times we would be masked and drugged  they were giving us these potions but they were  probably you know adrenochrome and things like  that they were giving us shots of so it was like  okay girls time to take your shots you know so it  was like we were you know we we weren’t act  like we were the adults and we were taking  the shots so we would drink these little potions  and then put our masks on and our white t-shirts  on and then we would be used uh for ritual  abuse raped by all the men literally formally  trained uh with sex with the younger men so the  younger boys would come through and practice  on us and then the older men would come through  and practice on us when they were done raping usit’s a lot of harvesting energy too for them  they’re they’re literally like vampires you  know they are vampires they feed on adrenalized  blood on your energy that they can suck from you  and they’ve got it down to a science now this  adrenalized blood that’s another thing that  people say that’s just a conspiracy theory  nobody’s doing that no i used to get sucked  around my neck they have like a pick it was like  a pick and after um tormenting you because they  can get you you know they’ll work they’ll get  you worked up they’ll beat on you they’ll hit  you they’ll kick you around they’ll get you  so scared and so confused where you’re just  full of adrenaline and then they’ll you know stab  you in your neck with this pick and my brother  usually they would extract it and then drink it  but my brother would drink it right out of my  neck he was just like a pro at it and thought he  was good at it so he’d stick his pick in my neck  and yeah it’s torture but it happened  to me my whole life so it was likei would i mean he would say oh you  like it you like he would blame  like you blame it on me like oh you  like it and i’m like i don’t have  a choice in the matter here you know  i’ve never been giving given a choicebut to avoid a lot of the trauma sometimes  i would sit there and just kind of kink my  neck over and just let him do it like okay  just do it just leave me alone you knowwhy do you why is blood so important i  know there’s people that listen it that  are listening that have heard of adrenochrome  that’s not something though that i have actually  talked about on here um really in depth from  from the experience of somebody why is that so  important to them what does that signify and  what does it do to somebody if they drink it  because it’s like a drug um from my experience  when i have seen people on it they become really  high really hyper their pupils dilate you can  get really big you just it’s just really big rush  they get all excited you know they’re they  have all this energy and then they’re and  then they’re ready to hunt you know so i don’t  think adrenal chrome i i mean i’m sure they’re  taking it alone but i think they’re also mixing  it with other drugs you know to get you know high  reach higher levels of consciousness that’s the  only way to do that is through these these drugsand so there’s the energy harvesting like you  said where blood is you know especially from a  child you’re infusing yourself in their eyes with  this innocent pure blood that is now in your body  is there any truth to this being something  that they believe is a fountain of youth also  yes yes they believe that it keeps them  youthful and young yes is it addictive highly  i think that’s why it’s so rampant because people  really can’t stop the practice and they don’t want  to and when they try to they’re kind of sucked  back into the cult you know and i’ve seen people  try to leave and then get sucked back in and start  practicing again and start doing these things  what is different with blood versus say another  drug like heroin or meth or something why don’t  they just try to get high off of those things what  is different with the high that they get from this  adrenaline they do i think when adrenal chrome’s  not available to them that’s what they use they  use the street drugs they use you know all those  other drugs that are essentially plant-based those  are all plant-based opiates from opium and  opioids yeah and afghanistan is one of the  um has you know like some of the biggest  poppy fields in the world and opium opiates  that’s rampant in afghanistan places like that  so i think the invasion afghanistan had a little  more to do with what we’ve been told i’m sure  there’s definitely a lot of that story that  well after the invasion too of afghanistan back  in 2001 after the attacks like that’s when big  pharma really started pumping out this whole  um the opioids and the pill epidemic startedand obviously they want to take anything that’sexactly well and exactly and uh zachary rose and  tim rose i was a child bride too and forced to  live with them when i was a child um they’ve  they’ve beat me to death before and left me in  shallow graves and i was resuscitated i was used  by them a lot um i’ve been a realtor for them i’ve  sold them houses they are grave diggers they run  heavy equipment they own a construction company  runs one of the um biggest construction companies  in indian river county he builds roadways parking  lots things like that um and i’ve seen them very  human remains in and around indian river county my  whole life you know and they have a conglomerate  together with kevin hawkins they’re flipping these  properties they’ll buy a property and restore it  and bury evidence and human remains in the yard  and flip it to unsuspecting new buyers um so it’s  a practice they are doing it it is an operation it  is going on um but they got into the pill mill the  pill mills he actually served eight i think out of  a 16-year sentence for um operating pill mills in  the state of florida being part of the whole oxy  express that was going on down there they have  like i said food machinery and chemicals fmc  where my dad worked they manufacture machines that  and pill presses so they were buying pill presses  not just juicing equipment for the packing  houses in the fruit business but they were  buying um machines they were pressing their own  pills buying all the ingredients to manufacture  their own pharmaceuticals and selling  them to people through these pill mills  so there was a lot of people they had a a customer  base coming from ohio tennessee kentucky where  they couldn’t get drugs up there they were coming  down to florida where the laws were relaxed on it  they were getting around loopholes in the walls  they were getting around and they were operating  these huge uh pill mills making millions within a  couple of years and people all over the world in  all of the united states flying to florida just  to get drugs from them because they were easy  to get and they were pushing them so hard oh  my gosh and this this started after like i  said after the invasion of afghanistan and  they took over the poppy fields i’ve had  um friends that were in the military  saying who do you think is over there  guarding the poppy fields like u.s military  i’ve been over there you know guarding the  poppy fields i had people in the military  posting pictures while they were over there  so i think a lot of that came from from over there  it’s worldwide like i said it’s it’s worldwide and  it is a huge problem but my family is in nicole  everybody that i know is nicole everybody that  i’ve ever known is in the cult i wasn’t allowed  to know anybody outside of it what jobs did you  have you mentioned a realtor what things did  did you get that’s it placed into your yeah  that’s a i i graduated high school i got my real  estate license and that’s all i know so for 16 17  years now i have been a licensed realtor in indian  river county and working for the lafferty group  um a lot of people don’t know this  but the lafferty group real estate  i’ve worked for for the last eight years is  also lacquered group private investigations  so i have been used for investigative purposes  in the last year or eight years um to infiltrate  you know the only way to infiltrate a network  like this is from the inside so i have been used  for investigative purposes because i am on the  inside and technically underground is a term we  use i don’t you know i didn’t grow up underground  although there is kids in the cult that do never  see the light of day and are literally  underground but i am underground because  people don’t know who i am um there are people  that have known me in indian river county for  20 25 years that don’t know who i am or  what i’ve been used for where i’ve been  that’s what i was going to ask do people are  people aware that you’ve been trying to tell your  story or do you kind of keep that part separate  where you’re telling people information but  the facade that you put out to the public is  still very normal to people right and that’s  what i was expected to do on my facebook i was  only allowed to post you know about my work and  my my travels and and this and that and  it was not to be talked about obviously  do they know that you’re talking  out at all now i am seeing um some  brand new twitter accounts being made and trying  to follow me with zero followers and things like  that so i know and i’ve got little bots piping up  telling me oh that never happened to you you’re  crazy you know whatever things like that so i  think there are people that are becoming aware  that i’m speaking about it now and that’s fine i i  am a targeted individual so let that be known just  be aware it’s almost you’re you’re damned if you  do and you’re damned if you don’t you know like  i have felt that way my entire life i am damned  if i do and i’m damned if i don’t so here i am  i’m so grateful that you’re here and i know where  we kind of touched on that two-hour mark that we’d  maybe kind of wrap it up around there um one thing  though i do want to ask before i get off i can’t  not ask this because i know that i’ll have people  say why didn’t you ask her about ron desantis in  florida before we got off and we can definitely  there’s so much that we talked about today that  i want to dive more particularly into you but i  wanted to ask you about him people ask me about  him and i’m like i don’t know he looks great but  i’m not in florida no but he’s somebody that that  society looks at as you know this really great you  know he’s known as america’s governor or yeah and  everywhere so i wanted to ask you about him too um  from being in florida and having some insight on  that what your thoughts are are on him the only  thing that i really know because like i said i  don’t watch mainstream media i don’t have cable  i don’t really keep it i mean it’s hard for me to  keep up with so many people i have a few people  that i’m zeroing on on myself personally but  desantis is not one of them but i do know  that he owns uh westgate uh properties  in and around florida and i know that my entire  life i have been taken to westgate properties and  ritually abused and raped by cult members and gang  raped by you know on camping trips these these  ranches are huge they are wetlands a lot of times  they are ranch lands they are used for camping  recreational use they’re not housing develops  it’s not residential property um so people go  out there um westgate river ranch in particular  i’ve been taken to river ranch my entire life um  they have a bar out there it’s basically a  bunch of campgrounds and you know i’ve i’ve  been used there so i know that it’s happening  on his properties um because i’ve been there  a lot of people have you know with their  four-wheelers and their side-by-sides and their  campers and they’re out there doing that um also  uh state state parks and um national parks are  being used a lot for occult practice you know we  used to go and go camping a lot when we were kids  but i would be taken basically out into the woods  where nobody would hear you scream because you’re  in these vast open areas and used for ritual  purposes you know forced to chant around fires  and and a lot of them would go out and be masked  they would have gowns on or they would have hoods  on or masks on so everybody everybody was doing  their their thing in these in these satanic  meetings and meeting places and a lot of them like  i said were national parks state parks i have been  taken to and used all over the world all over the  united states and especially in florida but that’s  all i really have on desantis is this westcake  properties i have been taken to and used on  so i don’t know horrific you know like i know so  many things happen that skirt under the radar so  like you said there’s people that aren’t involved  that would never know who is because everything  looks perfect they look like any normal person  from the outside so i can totally get that there’s  so much hidden so well that there’s not  investigations going into it because people don’t  even know that there’s something to investigate  but i also understand that you know guilty by  association sometimes too with with connections  and you look at a lot of prolific people that we  hold high in society and it’s like first of all  how did you get there and then second you know  that’s a huge one yeah how did you get there  and who did you know and who did you blow and  that’s kind of the you know running joke in the  cause okay who did she know or who did she blow  you know who or him it didn’t matter exactly right  and so that’s just that’s something too that i  i hope people start asking a little bit  more instead of just trusting that oh  they got there on their intelligence their  good will they’re a good person it’s like  or did they get to the root you know and i keep  saying that to people get to the root get to the  roots get to the roots it’s very important that  you get to the roots of these people these issues  um you know dig find out where they came from find  out their familial ties because everybody has them  a hundred percent and if you’re i mean most  people most people are tied to the cult in  some way i mean most people have been affected by  occultism in their life and don’t even know it but  yes our whole lives since we’re born we’re thrown  in front of disney right everybody nobody is safe  from it not and not a single person to stay from  it there’s no exceptions to that rule everybody  is affected by occultism that’s really been like  one of the hardest things for me is like realizing  even as much as i know now how little i actually  know because it’s like i’ll have girlfriends  that get this name brand purse and then i’m  like oh i forgot about that brand i’m gonna  go research it and it’s like oh my gosh are  victoria’s secret or disney or whatever it is  it’s like when you actually go look at these  things you realize how much corruption is behind  all these things that they inflate in front of our  faces and make us want and desire and crave and  bring money yes it’s branding um just like they do  you know cattle it’s branding you know and i don’t  want some dude’s name on my underwear i don’t want  some girl’s name you know what i mean so i wear  plain white t-shirts i don’t wear logos i don’t  wear any of that stuff i don’t support i don’t you  know i never wore the name brand clothes the hill  figure the tommy the this that i never i never did  that you know so like i said stop supporting  them you know people can and hopefully will  stop supporting them stop buying their brands  stop branding yourself with their materials  stop you know what i mean stop eating their foods  their processed foods stop going to their movies  stop buying their music stop buying  their equipment and electronicsexactly and stop giving it your time your  attention stop giving it any part of you  i live very old school i don’t have cable you know  so entertainment purposes are spent on bike rides  and other healthier activities than than that  mind numbing stuff um like i said i try to watch  my diet i try to treat myself holistically and  naturally at home without going to the doctors  i don’t like taking pharmaceuticals i don’t  like even taking aspirin or ibuprofen you knowabsolutely no i’m i’m completely with you on that  especially after learning about you know where a  lot of this stuff comes from and like what the end  goal is like it’s never some of it might help like  there’s probably a few times a year that i take  say an ibuprofen but even that i used to take and  pop those all the time if i needed anything for  pain or just to take the edge off something or if  i worked out and i was sore like so unconsciously  just i’m just gonna take four of these you know  and it’s like i never even considered what that  was doing to my body over time and like who that’s  benefiting and i never even questioned well can i  heal this myself can i do something else besides  just pop this you know and look up the statistics  about the average american and how many pills they  eat in their lifetime that’s crazy oh my gosh i  don’t i can’t even fathom how many i’ve even taken  in my life before understanding the power of my  own healing and how i can take charge of that  so much on my own you know people don’t realize  that pharmaceuticals and medicine is essentially  plant-based you know they’re the these are  they’re deriving these things from plants  and from you know the natural earth so you  know if you you can treat yourself you know  holistically and naturally at home with herbs and  the same type of plants that they’re putting in  your pharmaceuticals with other chemicals exactly  but you can see the herbs without the chemicals  yeah yes and i really hope like i hope society  comes back to starting to look at some of that  it will i think we’re i think we’re moving  forward in that direction to be honest with  you and with everything that’s going on and more  awareness being erased about that type of stuff  i think that’s the direction we’re moving and  that’s the direction that we’re heading and i am  i’m happy about that you know and you do  you you have to lead by example so it’s  just other people will learn from you when  you start taking taking those steps yourself  i think i just heard everybody takes a huge step  forward in that direction just to get away from  the mess that we’re in you know a hundred percent  and i think it’s so inspiring what you’re doing  and risking to share this information because  i know i i don’t know but i can only imagine  how much how much you’re risking by by exposing  a lot of this and talking about it especially on  public and social platforms so kayla i appreciate  you coming on i’d love to i mean there was a lot  that you talked about today that i’d love to  unpack more i didn’t want to spend the whole  time talking about i wanted to dig into you a  little bit in your story versus focusing just  on the white house or just on epstein and just on  some of these other um aspects of your story that  you talked about so i’d love to bring you on  to dive a little bit deeper into some of those  because i know that a lot of people including  myself probably have a lot of questions on some  of that that maybe we haven’t heard or just don’t  fully understand um so if you’d be open to that  i’d love to bring you back on yeah absolutely and  just make me a list of questions or whatever and  we can go through them yeah cause i know there’s  just there’s so much to cover it’s like how do you  how do you even begin to especially because a lot  of what what you’re talking about you have to tell  other stories in order to understand the ones so  there’s so much to unpack and go back and forth  with so let’s definitely like let’s do this again  um twitter i lock eyes that is your handle are you  on social platforms anywhere else that people can  connect with you no not anymore i was when i was  a realtor in florida but i’m not a realtor in  florida anymore i have shut those accounts down  and the only one i have now is twitter so you  can find me on there if you have questions or  whatever and you guys i really encourage you she’s  dropping stuff like crazy like i go through her  feed every day and i’m just i’m mind blown by a  lot of the stuff that she’s talked about and we  talked about a little bit of it but just in these  last couple weeks that she’s been on there you go  down her page and you are gonna learn so much  that you have never been apart either you know  um get on there with love and understanding and  try to to understand you know a lot of people i’m  seeing angry comments and things like that which  is totally normal and and understandable but um  these things are being done these things i have  experienced and and it is hard to share but  um i hope that people can understand you know you  know where i’m coming from and you present it in  a way that’s very educational too you know  and i appreciate that because it’s it’s nice  and it’s amazing seeing survivors now coming  out and using their voices it can get very  emotional though um and i i can’t imagine from  experiencing it and trying to talk about it it  has to be a whole different level of emotion  you know so kaylee the way that she has been  presenting information it’s it’s almost like  reading a story you know she has these really  incredibly articulate threads that that walk  you through situations and people and names and  in a way that’s palatable and in a way  that i don’t want to say is unemotional  um but it’s not so much focused on the emotions  versus the information so i think even people  that are newer to this they can go they can  go and flow through and maybe get angry or sad  i feel that way whenever i read it it’s very it’s  triggering you know it’s hard reading exactly and  for me i’m desensitized to a lot of that stuff  because i’ve been around it so it’s real easy  for me to talk about people are like god how can  you say that with just ease like you can just  talk about it like it’s no big deal and i’m like  well i mean honestly i’m just desensitized i guess  you know in your life you don’t know anything  different you now but that was for your entire  life even still like that’s all you’ve ever  known really as being normal you know life yeahgrateful for you i’m so happy that i i mean  this is my first time actually meeting you  um i know we’re all the way across the country  i’m in nevada but it’s it’s awesome to actually  get to talk to you because i’ve been chatting with  you so much on on twitter so i appreciate so much  coming on here kaylee and i’m sure everybody’s  on the edge of their seats like i can’t wait  for her to come on again so i’m going to try to  connect with you again and so we can maybe put  your whole series out together and just do a bunch  of filming make sure your story’s out there and  get this information out there as  much as possible sure yeah absolutely  i appreciate it thank you you’re so welcome  thank you and thank you to everybody listening  this show wouldn’t exist without you guys and  i know i say this a lot on this podcast but  i was really nervous to start talking about this  stuff on a podcast and it’s just been amazing the  support that i’ve gotten and realizing how many  people actually do care about learning about this  they just don’t know where to go to learn so thank  you everybody who’s using this platform as a space  to to learn and to share and to elevate voices  i’m seeing so many people share these interviews  on their channels and talk about them and connect  on social media so thank you to everybody who’s  listening it means the absolute world to me  please connect with kaylee please on twitter  share this interview everywhere take clips of  it post it on social media share it with people  that you know that that will listen share it  with people that that you don’t think will  all those are little seeds that we’re planning  this is all information that it’s happening  whether or not we want to know about it and we  need to empower ourselves with understanding  how this system actually works and listening  to the people who have actually experienced it  versus going and listening to the news or  listening to the government tell us about it like  we need to actually go to survivors and listen to  them they’re the ones that have the experiences  um connect with our sister podcast the save  our children podcast with becky and bridget  they’re also um one of our sponsors and then  connect with us on on telegram too it’s a little  bit less shadow banned and the algorithms are  different we’re able to share this information  a little bit more um so connect with us on  telegram that information is below connect  with hatch truth who is also a big supporter of  ours he’s given you guys a discount code to his  um his retail store um i don’t benefit from  that at all it’s just a gift that he gave and  it’s somebody that i met on telegram that just  really appreciated the show and this information  so they share it to their really big channels  which is awesome um so please just support all  the people supporting us support the survivors  and thank you guys so much for supporting us and  kaylee thank you again so much for being  here yeah thank you i really appreciate it  i appreciate you too and and we’ll see  you guys next week yep i’ll talk soon

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  3. flyingcuttlefish says:

    new on the Epstein front –
    (knock me down with a feather!)

    Streaming With John Brisson RFK And The Epstein Connection

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  4. flyingcuttlefish says:

    get ready for a bunch of news to come out about Epstein and the pedo-prince in a month ….

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    in more current news – SVB & Epstein

    SVB & Epstein

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  6. flyingcuttlefish says:

    USVI Lawsuit Makes Stunning Allegation: Jamie Dimon ‘Knew In 2008’ That Jeffrey Epstein Was Sex Trafficker


  7. flyingcuttlefish says:

    lots and lots coming out rapidly on this case ….

    JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Google founder Larry Page will be deposed over two days over the bank’s links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

    …. cameras in the courtroom?

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