Child Trafficking by the Jesuits

I have only just had my attention drawn to Svali’s website since she has unravelled more mind controlled memories that she was actually a Jesuit mind controller, Head Trainer, 4th General and successor but one of Joseph Mengele.

When I had blogged about Svali’s previous blog, she thought she was a Illuminati US regional mind control trainer Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control [3]. When she recovered deeper memories, the US Illuminati alter was a cover for the deeper prgrammed Jesuit alter.

Her whole blog makes fascinating but often horrific reading Svali Speaks Again [4].

I will return to her blog more in future no doubt, but as ever my primary interest is to point towards the perpetrators of child abuse and child trafficking. My previous great breakthrough in understanding was The Five Child Trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [2] which showed testimony from an Illuminati whistleblower who said that each division of the illuminati each had a child trafficking network.

  • Masons – Priory of Sion, Templars, Grand High Lodge Leaders
  • Catholic Church  – Pope then Catholic Church hierarchy
  • Mormons
  • Cabal – Jewish mysticism sect aka Kabballah, mixed with New Age philosophies and satanistic practices it morphed into the Cabal sect.
  • Satanists

In this excerpt which I include towards the end of this post, Svali states that the Jesuits are in control of the worldwide centre of infant and child sex trafficking which is in South Amsterdam. III. How are the Jesuits financed? [1]

Svali also states that there are child auction houses in Brussels, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, Geneva, Moscow, and other locations but the largest is in Paris.

Svali maintains that overseeing a dozen secret societies is the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) based in Rome. The groups overseen are Knights Templar, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucians, Magnificat, Illuminati, the Knights of Jerusalem, Balepheron, Trinity, Manus Deum, Order of the Golden Dawn.

There could be some confusion about as to which are the dozen groups and which are organisations controlled by them, but I will work on this. The confusion arises as a different partial list occurs several times on her blog.

Svali says the Templar Knights have been accorded most of France, and Canada; while the Illuminati have been given Germany, the Druid Council was given England, much of Russia, and large portions of the US, and the Knights of Malta have been given Switzerland. Exposing the Vatican Part 5 [5]

To explain why Svali previously only recalled her cover US illuminati cover, this should clarify…

Jesuits who leave will always remember their white, or “cover” programming first and believe this is all there is inside. The other layers are much more loyal and difficult to uncover.

Beneath the white level is the black, or Vatican level of programming. This is where controllers and parts loyal to the Vatican, the Jesuits, and to Satan reside. High priests and priestesses that were involved in Vatican ceremonies will be part of the black theta system, just as high priests and priestesses loyal to the Illuminati (or other group)) and its deities will reside in the white theta system.

Beneath the white and black levels is the silver-grey, or new world order (antichrist) level. These systems have been created to serve the antichrist, and the New World Order NWO, are given specific roles, and are controllers for the two other levels. The grey level controllers and parts have always undergone extensive death and resuscitations, since this level is composed of “ascended masters” who have overcome their fear of death, and in fact, many of these parts live in a near-death, ecstatic and numb state of being. The Phoenix is the sign of an ascended master who has overcome death and risen again.[5]

This reminds me of the plethora of black, white and silver grey symbolism which is going round just now, which is no accident, especially coming up to Halloween…

Twitter Black, White SilverGrey twitter thread [7a]

Interim thread on threadreaderapp ThreadReaderApp Black White Silvery Grey symbolism…[6]

BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is becoming an important symbolism show. It regularly is a source for pro vaxx propaganda via the newspapers, especially the Daily Mail, and dancers are targetted for pressure to get vaxxed, notwithstanding the weight of science against it. The colour symbolism is cannily in line with other signalling from elsewhere…

Child Sex Trafficking

Finally to Svali’s comments on the horrific child trafficking and Jesuit control of it…

The Jesuits oversee the worldwide center for infant and child sex trafficking, which is located in South Amsterdam in the Netherlands. South Amsterdam, known as “sin city” to pedophiles and decadents in Europe, is where the largest brokers in the sex industry live. These brokers regularly send out agents throughout the world, targeting China (where female infants are often given to them free), Asia, Malaysia, the Ukraine, and Euro-Russia.

A common misconception is that sex slaves are mostly female. In Amsterdam, both male and female infants and children are equally bought and sold, since pedophiles unfortunately seek both. The agents bring in literal truckloads of infants they have gathered by going to poor families or orphanages. These nicely dressed, wealthy, friendly westerners promise placement in good homes and a better life through adoption for the infants, and will often give good donations to the orphanages that provide “pretty children” and infants on a regular basis.

The trucks of infants and young children cross national lines through routes that have been bought, with guards sympathetic (and well-paid). The infants are cared for by women who give them drugged bottles to keep them quiet during the journey. These women are told to never disclose what they are doing, under pain of their entire families being killed.

Once in Amsterdam, the brokers come and inspect the infants and children. They then place bids on them (based upon the infamous “broker’s list” which lists the current black market value of these children as if they were commodities). The brokers are purchasing infants and children for the large, wealthy exclusive brothels, which are often franchises that they work for, and for the private auction houses, the largest of which is located in a suburb of Paris, France.

It is a common sight for those ‘in the know’ in South Amsterdam to see the sex trade brokers gathered at their favorite (and very private) coffeehouse in the morning, discussing the ups and downs of “the trade” and their evaluation of the latest ‘shipment.’

During these coffee discussions, they will also whisper about another pet peeve: the fees that must be paid “upstream” to the representatives of the person who oversees the entire sex industry in South Amsterdam: the Jesuit Father over Amsterdam. His offices are located in a palatial private mansion with walled gardens, where he also lives. This man is kept well-informed through his various agents of exactly how much money each broker has brought in during the week, and of how much they owe him (and the Vatican) for the privilege of operating in a city that looks the other way at its most infamous income source.

Failure to pay this “tithe” once can result in a warning; twice, in the death of the broker. Few are foolish enough to even think of trying to cheat the Father over Amsterdam of his dues. This man has agents throughout Amsterdam, in sources that the brokers would never suspect, who regularly check their books and report income, and any discrepancies.

The sex trade in Amsterdam brings in billions of dollars each year. This is because of the high price placed on infants and on children with “specialized training” in sexual skills. These children are often auctioned at the highly exclusive auction houses of Europe, where they are purchased by procurateurs who work for the wealthy families of Europe.

There are auction houses in Brussels, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, Geneva, Moscow, and other locations. But the largest is located in Paris. Located in a large mansion, the evening begins with members of the wealthiest families in Europe and their consorts gathering for a gourmet dinner at 10 pm. At midnight, the auctions begin, starting with preteen children who often have specialized sexual skills. Twins are especially prized. As the night goes on, the children get younger and younger, until by 4 am the infants are auctioned. The procurateurs purchase these children for use by their wealthy clients during private parties (which the children rarely survive). The clients come to oversee these purchases, and also for amusement, since many enjoy watching the auction process.

Some infants are kept in Amsterdam, which is known for the availability of children of every age. Many people are aware that in Amsterdam, the prostitutes dress up and sit in the windows to advertise their availability. What is less publicly known is that in the early morning hours, some of these window displays used to include a woman holding an infant. To the unknowing, this is a touching display of maternal care. But the residents of South Amsterdam knew that this is actually a signal that this house offers infants and small children to its customers.

The Jesuit Conspiracy – The Secret Plan of the Order, Abbate Leone 324 page pdf


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Apologies for not including my usual list of resources. Hopefully I am getting less ill and can include an updated version soon.

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  2. Laur Fincher says:

    I wish there were [word redacted and suggest word “people” inserted as being less inflammatory] out there, with morals, that know where these disgusting parasites are. the horrors going on.. those poor children.. there has to be someone… somewhere.. that can DO something to stop this, or at least clip some of them… I wish and hope.


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  4. Kevin mujica says:

    They refer to a grey pope who really wields the power ,with the hidden draconian families who controls the black and white pope that live in Italy . Pep Orsini is one of the families mentioned .


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