Wet Ass Mind Control – WAP Beta Kittens

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed their song Wet Ass Pussy for the Grammys, continuing the illuminati’s promotion of these two, and the song.

The Grammy Award originally called Gramophone Award is an award presented by the Recording Academy to recognize achievement in the music industry.. The Grammys are the first awards of the Big Three networks’ major music awards held annually (between the American Music Awards in fall, and Billboard Music Awards in summer). It is considered one of the four major annual American entertainment awards, along with the Academy Awards (film), the Emmy Awards (television), and the Tony Awards (theater and Broadway).

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has criticised the Grammy’s for ‘Glamorizing Prostitution and Stripping[2]

The songs treatment by the media has been compared by some to the treatment of Dr. Seuss books, of which which six have been cancelled recently, but even the comparison has been censored on social media. The song has attracted criticism and remains uncancelled despite its obvious basic, sordid and inappropriate imagery. Why the differing standards?

First lets us look at the lyrics. It makes no secret about what it is about, it is about a whorehouse and women selling their bodies, their “wet ass pussies” for money.

WAP Lyrics

[Al “T” McLaran]
(Whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house) (Hol’ up)

(Feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

[Cardi B]
I said certified freak, seven days a week
Wet ass pussy, make that pullout game weak, woo (Ah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you f*ckin’ with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy

Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge
Extra large and extra hard
Put this pussy right in your face
Swipe your nose like a credit card
Hop on top, I wanna ride
I do a kegel while it’s inside
Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes
This pussy is wet, come take a dive
Tie me up like I’m surprised
Let’s roleplay, I’ll wear a disguise
I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage
Make it cream, make me scream
Out in public, make a scene
I don’t cook, I don’t clean
But let me tell you how I got this ring (Ayy, ayy)

[Megan Thee Stallion]
Gobble me, swallow me, drip down the side of me (Yeah)
Quick, jump out ‘fore you let it get inside of me (Yeah)
I tell him where to put it, never tell him where I’m ’bout to be (Huh)
I’ll run down on him ‘fore I have a nigga runnin’ me (Pow, pow, pow)
Talk your shit, bite your lip (Yeah)
Ask for a car while you ride that dick (While you ride that dick)
You really ain’t never gotta f*ck him for a thang (Yeah)
He already made his mind up ‘fore he came (Ayy, ah)
Now get your boots and your coat for this wet-ass pussy (Ah, ah, ah)
He bought a phone just for pictures of this wet-ass pussy (Click, click, click)
Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this wet-ass pussy (Mwah, mwah, mwah)
Now make it rain if you wanna see some wet-ass pussy (Yeah, yeah)

[Cardi B]
Look, I need a hard hitter, need a deep stroker
Need a Henny drinker, need a weed smoker
Not a garter snake, I need a king cobra
With a hook in it, hope it lean over
He got some money, then that’s where I’m headed
Pussy A1 just like his credit
He got a beard, well, I’m tryna wet it
I let him taste it, now he diabetic
I don’t wanna spit, I wanna gulp
I wanna gag, I wanna choke
I want you to touch that lil’ dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat
My head game is fire, punani Dasani
It’s goin’ in dry and it’s comin’ out soggy
I ride on that thing like the cops is behind me (Yeah, ah)
I spit on his mic and now he tryna sign me, woo

[Megan Thee Stallion]
Your honor, I’m a freak bitch, handcuffs, leashes
Switch my wig, make him feel like he cheatin’
Put him on his knees, give him somethin’ to believe in
Never lost a fight, but I’m lookin’ for a beatin’ (Ah)
In the food chain, I’m the one that eat ya
If he ate my ass, he’s a bottom-feeder
Big D stand for big demeanor
I could make ya bust before I ever meet ya
If it don’t hang, then he can’t bang
You can’t hurt my feelings, but I like pain
If he f*ck me and ask “Whose is it?”
When I ride the dick, I’ma spell my name, ah

[Cardi B]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you f*ckin’ with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy
Now from the top, make it drop, that’s some wet-ass pussy
Now get a bucket and a mop, that’s some wet-ass pussy
I’m talkin’ wap, wap, wap, that’s some wet-ass pussy
Macaroni in a pot, that’s some wet-ass pussy, huh

[Al “T” McLaran]
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)
(There’s some whores in this house)

source: https://www.lyricsondemand.com/c/cardiblyrics/waplyrics.html

Sadly it is passed off by the illuminati’s corporate mockingbird propaganda media (aka mainstream media) as a female empowerment video. Yes women with little clothing on singing that they are whores with wet pussies in a whorehouse, is marketed as female empowerment… this is the extent of lies and programming that this mob, this sick satanic cult tries to sell us, and has been very successful in doing so.

The disturbing WAP video had just over 243 million views in just over 3 months on just this one platform – 243 million views from 6 Aug -10 Oct you tube, and will be many more by now.

2020 Oct 10 Cardi B – WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video][5] Hooktube [5a]

But there is far more to the video, imagery and symbolism than deliberate moral degeneracy. The video shows many symbols of the Monarch mind control programme. Monarch Mind control is often called MKUltra, which is in fact a specialist subdivision of the Monarch mind control.

Possibly as many as 10% of the population have undergone monarch mind control according to insiders estimates – ie30 million in the US or 5 million in the UK. The problem is huge, and they in turn are controlled by other mind controlled handlers.

Compare the WAP video picture with Fiona Barnett’s drawing of her Alice in Wonderland mind control programme installed by Gittinger.

Compare the colours of the rooms of the Cardi B whore house…with the colours of the rooms that Fiona Barnett drew. [11]

A look inside the rooms of Fiona’s Alice programming…

Fiona listed the alters instigated from this programing

  • Green – Intellect Alice – Gatekeeper
  • Blue – Soldier Alice
  • Red – Ritual Victim Alice
  • White – Hypnosis Dorothy
  • Yellow – Drugs Glinda

This also corresponds with the Eastern Star programme structure of the Freemasons… [13]                                         

Another of Fiona’s programmers, Antony Kidman, Nicole Kidman’s father, wore the Eastern Star [11]

The slaves are programmed with different colours which represent different forms of magik.

Green EarthMan
Red Fire Energy
White EtherSpirit

Unfortunately Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion are mind controlled sex slaves – beta kittens.

Whilst Megan unusually does not have tattoos, Cardi B has three mind controlled butterflies, the mind controlled kitten, left hand devils horns and a mind controlled cat print bikini.

These are good articles on Alice programming,

Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming [46]


Vigilant Citizen’s analysis of the video is here The True Disturbing Meaning of “WAP” by Cardi B [8]

I believe that videos serve multiple purposes for the illuminati –

  • Shows performers status, promotion and in the illuminati to others in the illuminati
  • Reinforces existing programming and adds more programming of performers
  • Reinforces programming of Monarch programmed individuals each time a song/video is played with words and colours and frquencies
  • Song/ video triggers to bring out certain alters for those watching and listening under mind control
  • Normalises mind controlling /satanic imagery for non mind controlled viewers/listeners
  • Makes money for illuminati
  • Power and Control for illuminati

This must be an important video for the satanists to release it at this time which was coming up to the possibly make or break election for them, and possibly related to their end times NWO programming.

Something as innocent as watching T.V., listening to the T.V. or to a sermon may actually be programming a special message into the victim. Hand signals will even be done over the news or other shows. For instance, Bill Clinton at his inauguration made a satanic signal during the inauguration ceremony. This sign of Satan is a standard hypnotic induction hand signal for slaves. Clinton waves the sign of Satan with his left hand at his inauguration. This is a hypnotic induction signal for slaves. Although some might interpret this as “I love you” which is handed by the right hand of a deaf person, this left handed signal will induct slaves no matter what some people think the meaning is. Deprogramwiki The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave [15]

Brice Taylor/Sue Ford mentioned in her book Thanks for the Memories that Barbra Streisand was a mind controlled slaves used to control other mind controlled slaves with trigger words. [14]

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand was used in the same way as other Hollywood celebrities before and after her.
Through my personal experience with Barbra Streisand, I believe she is under the control of many of the
same persons I was. She was pre-programmed to deliver messages she couldn’t even have known she
was passing on to millions of people. She sang her songs and was given carefully selected, pre-chosen
words that would serve to lock in or open up certain programming in other mind control victims.
My own programming was laced with many of her songs. Victims of mind control hear the lyrics
of a song and take the phrases that match their programming literally. The words they hear tie into
subconscious memory of past traumatic experiences intended to keep them helplessly and hopelessly
under mind control. Barbra sang a song entitled My Pa which I was told represented my feelings toward
my father and the words were powerfully connected to my emotional state, creating a feeling of love and
safety with my father, when in fact he was torturing me endlessly, nearly every day. The lyrics stated,
“My pa can light my room at night with just his being there, and make a fearful dream all right by
grinning ear to ear…” etc.
Her song, “I’m in a New York State of mind, ” was tied to programming to orient me to events and
people I was used with in New York in order to keep that reality separate from my conscious mind. Many
of the lyrics from her song Memories, served as a hypnotic command to my subconscious mind, in order
to ‘re-mind’ me that, “Memories may be beautiful and yet what’s too painful to remember, we simply
choose to forget.” Another of her songs, Send in the Clowns, reminded me and can remind other
survivors of the abuse they endured as children in circus or amusement park settings where clowns were
used as perpetrators. And, then there’s her rendition of Over the Rainbow, which taps into Wizard of Oz
programming themes.
As a teenager my cassette tapes and, as I grew older, my CD’s of Barbra’s songs, were well worn
from endless listening, as the lyrics to her songs, coupled with my already intact program commands,
continued to create my reality, whatever my controllers wanted it to be. Up until recently, my mother
repeatedly listened to Barbra Steisand’s songs. As a child I often had trouble getting my mother’s
attention because when she listened to the songs she became so fixated on the music that she was very
far off somewhere in a programmed reality created by our controllers. She seemed very happy, almost
euphoric. I’ve witnessed other survivors cling desperately to their Walkman delivering their programmed commands, while I’m trying to talk with them, due to their attempt to, as they’ve experienced, keep themselves “safe” by reinforcing their program “to forget.”
When Barbra performed, which was rare, she was delivering a perfectly planned and orchestrated
set of cryptic instructions to many of the people in attendance. She reached a wider audience, as mindcontrolled victims bought the cassette tape or video of the performance and listened to it over and over and over again. Certain groups of mind-controlled people, like my mother and myself, were targeted for listening to her. Per program, we listened to her songs addictively and compulsively while following the command to reprogram ourselves by locking down the security of our own programming. Of course, Barbra herself is a victim and, from my observation, I am sure has no awareness that she is doing anything other than performing.
Barbra Streisand has extremely large breasts for her small body size. I’ve seen her naked at Bob
Hope’s parties and at other places. I was even involved in group sexual orgies where she was
participating. And at other times, I was targeted to have sex with her one-on-one in order to deliver
messages to her to keep her programming going or to instruct her on what to say at certain times. She is
a mind-controlled robot. She did lots of cocaine at parties. She liked sex with women, and usually
requested it. I was sent to her often.

At this time all programming is of extra importance to the illuminati as they are carrying out their long signalled plan for the New World Order. The plan is being partly carried out via various psychological operations – race division, gender division, climate change is man made psyop and of course the be afraid of absolutely everyone Covid psyop.

The song is being linked to the pandemic, does it contain other messages triggering fear for that psyop?

Whilst I am writing about mind control, note the purple colour at the Grammy’s which is a continuation of end times programming, joining up red and blue basic prrgramming of different sides of the brain.

Purple Programming decodes by Gina Phillips and Jessie Czebotar. See a summary here MJ2 – Purple Programming – Monarch Mind Control Programming [9]

Gina Phillips has also decoded some of the High level programme Mr Rogers, a high level handler programme, designed to cascade down the Monarch programmed ranks.

1. It appears that Mr. Rogers Programming is being pulled up and preps being made for its activation. This program is nasty and used as a precursor for the NWO implementation.

2. I share what the dark side is doing so that we may pray appropriately and effectively. This quote posted on J. B*den’s Tw*tter acct is a cue and component of M. Roger’s Program (MRP).

3. Joe Biden @JoeBiden Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak Wilmington, DE joebiden.com… Joined March 2007

4. Note the “loves ice cream” and “trains” cue. They are tied to MRP. I don’t know what the aviator cue is. Also note that Biden took Amtrak —-a train tour of 6 states ending at the debate. Now I’ll break down the premise of MRP.

5. MRP is a “Puppet Program” that causes a visible “neighborhood” to open up inside of the MC victim. Inside the neighborhood the MC victim has programmed scenarios played out. These internal scenarios are then played out in the outside world with the intension of

6. changing/programming the culture to follow the same program. MRP is a Presidential Program which basically means heads of state and former Presidents were the Programmers for it. And Presidential Programming are BIG programs geared to change the entire nations direction. As

7. a Puppet Program, the MC masses can only “Say what the PUPPET Masters tell them to say.” Free thought and free expression of opinion is removed. This programming contains a hypnotic/trance state component. It appears the hypnotic cues are now being sent out. This gets the

8.MRP parts in the right frame of mind to be puppeted. So heads of state–Tier 1 controllers make “puppets” of the programmers under them. The programmers then report to their underlings and activate them with the agenda and message—-and so on and so on. The messages will

9. be the social stds for the one world order. These MC puppets will not only be pressured to conform internally to create the NWO “Neighborhood” and stds, they will be spewing out their propaganda to us to make us conform outwardly in our “neighborhoods” to the same std.

10. The Programmed victims “must get more neighbors” according to this program. They MUST grow the neighborhood. They will not be expressing their free thoughts and opinions. It is the voice of their puppet masters they echo. Look for social pressures to rise exponentially

11. that relate to crowd conformity, social justice scores, hive mind thinking etc. Free thinking and individual thought will be met with stronger and swifter “social pressures.” As the outside neighborhood grows (society falls in line), the internal programs of victims merge

12. The internal programming worlds connect and merge to form “ONE NEW WORLD.” This is their NWO neighborhood. Pinnochio (Water World), merges with Alice in W(Earth World) and the merge with Oz(Air World) and they merge with Aladdin (Fire World).

13. This program is not limited to the USA. MRP will bc a worldwide phenomenon. Every Programmer has their area of the World they are assigned to go to “make puppets” and “new neighborhoods.” Expect lots of violence and fighting. This program involves the invocation of high

14. Territorial Spirits are typically limited to their particular territories. High level occultists participate in rituals that allow them to act as “cars” and transport these territorial entities into cities so they can bewitch the people in them to do their bidding.

15. Evil Territorial Spirits reside over their designated territory bc enuf sin related to their territory has happened to give them a legal stronghold. But occultists have found a loophole and they can temporarily “transport” them into an area thats “too clean” for them to

16. remain permanently. The hope is that with the social pressure from the MRP to conform to the NWO agenda AND the transport of Territorial Spirits will bewitch the people in the “clean neighborhood” long enuf for them to sin—-fight each other (war, Kill and destroy) that the

17. Territorial Spirit can then have the legal rite to take this new territory and reside there permanently. Does this make sense? This is the Spiritual strategy of “expanding the Neighborhood.”

18. So if violence breaks out all over and good people are forced to defend themselves and spill blood, great occult power is accumulated by the dark entities. Their bewitching and deceptive powers increase. The deception will be for traumatized citizens to buy into the NWO

19. Programmed individuals have programmed into them that this world upheaval happens at a time when great natural disasters of “Biblical Proportions” is taking place. Part of the Deception is for Handlers to direct people to various places of the world with the banner of

20. “safety and refuge,” but according to programming it is really a trap. The people gathered into places of “safety” will serve to be one huge sacrifice by the cabal. This give them a mammoth surge of power to war against God Himself. Please know I am only sharing THEIR plan

21. THEIR thinking, and THEIR programming. I am not trying to scare—just inform. I’ll have much more to share later about what the CABAL believes the condition and state of the world will be during this time. They put programming in to navigate the scenario. I give alot of

22. weight to “Mike From Around The World’s” interview bc he describes naturally occurring cosmic and geological events now eminent (according to him) that match up with programming scenarios in MC victims. Meaning the Programmers expected earthquakes, tsunamis, meteor storms,

23. volcanic eruptions, etc to take place WHEN they release this programming. They purposed to use the uncertainty and fear it would produce in the WORLD to make them traumatized, vulnerable and easily deceived. They time this to their advantage.

24. I am gonna break now but will post more about this later. Its a HUGE program!

1. This film is used for programming Mr. Rogers Neighborhood into folks. I am told the internal neighborhood looks like this. youtube.com/watch?v=kICdytvF…

2. Note the message is “No one is permitted in the Neighborhood to do their own thing.” The kid who plays basketball to a “different” rhythm is picked up by “IT” police. “IT” is everywhere—always waching for nonconformers. “IT” is the Entity that resides on the mountain in

3. the background of this movie clip. The entity looks like a Giant Mountain far off in the distance. But when a programmed victim gets close to the Mountain inside of their programming, they see the mountain is a giant locust looking entity with Huge eyes. He has a light

4. that projects way up in the sky that looks similar to the aurora borealis according to survivors. The light comes from a Pyramid. The eminating sound is like bugs chanting. “This is the language of the damned that turns you into a mindless being.” This is a quote from a

5. survivor. The hypnotizing that is being activated by MRogers Program is done by the chanting of these Locust/mantis like entities. They are “IT.” Occultists believe these entities are the LOCUST in the Book of Revelation that get released from the pit.

6. Note in the Neighborhood video, the pink and blue. This represents Split brain programming here. In early programming the victim is programmed to not have the left and right hemispheres of the brain communicate with one another the normal way. (Complicated concept cant

7. address here. But one side of the brain is color coed blue and one pink. A Fallen entity is assigned to each side of the brain. The job of these entities is to prevent the two sides of the brain from operating together. One of these entities is the LOCUST entity and the

8. other is a Praying Mantis looking entity. They are the gods of antiquity called Prometheus and Epimethius—-they are the “IT” in the video clip. I don’t know if this post will stay on internet long bc this is a big disclosure. Wud someone please save it? My decode of the

9. release of a bioweapon from a research lab bf the C*VID epidemic totally disappeared from my acct and other posters. I had alot fewer followers then. Please cover me an family in prayers. They will not like this disclosure.

A Wrinkle in Time Neighborhood scene [6] or hooktube [6a]

@maggieveeus on twitter says – The internal programming worlds connect and merge to form “ONE NEW WORLD.” This is their NWO neighborhood. Pinnochio (Water World), merges with Alice in W(Earth World) and the merge with Oz(Air World) and they merge with Aladdin (Fire World).

For more on the locusts, see MJ3 Cicadas and Coincidinks [12]

For more posts on mind control see this thread – Monarch Mind Control thread [10] pingthread [10a]


Monarch Mind Control thread [10] pingthread [10a]

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My contacts follow, then some resources for survivors, and then some useful links of sources of information, some of which will need updating in this turbulent censorship times of the New World Order.


[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post http://survivorsjustice.com/2014/02/26/triggers-what-are-they-and-how-do-we-work-through-them/

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

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[38] 2017 Mar 17 Cathy fox blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/secrets-of-the-cias-global-sex-slave-industry-2-by-sue-arrigo-md/

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[70] 2014 Nov 5 cathyfoxblog Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/twenty-two-faces-by-judy-byington/

Appendix 1

Some of these need updating but its a bit  of a busy time…

cathyfox links

Research Resources

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK


[Q] SurvivorsJustice Blog http://survivorsjustice.com/

I will gradually build up this list of sources that I read or listen for more general news. Naturally, as with all sources, use with discernment, question everything, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The time is over for propaganda on a plate served to you… we are the news now, research and seek the truth…

Left right one dimensional politics means little to me. They are both corrupted by the globalist satanic illuminati cabal.

No one source of information will give all the truth. Listen to many and use your discernment. Choose those with integrity, not those you agree with.

US /World Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, SRA, Illuminati etc

US Authorities on Twitter to Report Child Trafficking·

World News

Zerohedge, gateway pundit, sgt report https://twitter.com/richieallenshow

Aggregators and Analysers

Coronavirus Issues

Trump /Election Fraud

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email cathyfox@zoho.com quoting the article title.


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

Notes (if any, intended to be added somewhere in due course)

Twitter Threads

[301] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers refer to the twitter threads post above. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads Numbers with [b] are pingthread save threads

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, parler, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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