A Gun, a Child and a Camera – Child Trafficking Part 3

Attorney Lin Wood has tweeted out this tweet




The essential text is

  • Blackmail targets are approached with a gun, child, & camera.
  • Target is ordered to rape the child on video.
  • Target is then ordered to shoot the child on video.
  • Target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value

Something along these lines has long been suspected, but the sheer stark brutal simplicity of this is shocking even to hardened writers of truth in this area.

I have previously given some idea of the extent of Blackmail and child abuse in the corridors of power. Blackmail and Child Abuse [3]

I have absolutely no doubt that what Lin Wood states is true.

It is not even the most brutal of the things that the horrific satanic Illuminati death cult in charge of this world actually do.

Many whistleblowers have given their experiences. Thanks to whoever took this screenshot of my blog post, in which whistleblower Jessie, intended successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness, head of the illuminati satanic cult, gave this description…

Illuminati Summer Solstice Ritual [8]

Indeed if the blackmail subject refused to rape the child, then the MO of the cult to make the subject acquiesce would be that the child would be mercilessly tortured in front of the subject, the blackmail subject themselves threatened with the same happening to his own family and the subject themselves also tortured.

So the Catch 22 for the blackmail subject is that murdering and raping and being filmed doing it can actually seem like causing less death and harm, as well of course as the selfish part of surviving death yourself.

I have also stated previously…

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children.

in Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [4]

They use magick, sex magick and rituals and the Cults own understanding of their ultimate goal is for Satan to storm the gates of heaven and takeover from God. The opening of the gates involves the rape and killing of a child to replace the alternative required resonance and frequency for gate opening. See Satanic Halloween [9]

Yes this satanic cult may sound wacky and unbelievable, but they are cold blooded psychopaths with an army of Monarch trauma based mind controlled slaves intent on this very goal. The danger is judging them and their possible actions, by what you and normal people would do. They are all traumatised and Monarch mind controlled and do these obscene deeds.

This is not the only type of blackmail that is used, there is the honey pot, brownstone operations, intended to compromise on a lesser level. This, I think I took from one of Cathy O’Briens books.Michael Dante creating child rape blackmail tapes and sexual perversion tapes (IIRC then Reagan was into Human/Dolphin sex tapes)

So who is doing this horrific child murder and child rape blackmailing?

The “intelligence” agencies aka “security agencies”. They are of course intelligence and security for the satanic elite bloodline families not for the countries that they are nominally assigned to.

Lin states CIA, Mossad, FBI, MI6 and the CCP Communist Party of China are five of the ten intelligence agencies involved in this blackmail.

He says the others are easily identified, the other “5 eyes” agencies I would expect to be in the list.

Lin goes further and states that a hacking group called the “Lizard Squad” obtained the blackmail files of rape and murder and a copy was given to Isaac Kappy (who “died” not long after…

Lin also believes that a multitude of powerful individuals are blackmailed in this way, including the Chief Justice John Roberts on the Supreme Court.

That of course has consequences for SCOTUS agreeing to hear the many Election Fraud cases.

Sue Arrigo ex CIA was of course an early exposer of the CIA atrocities along these lines…

“a California physician with over forty years of recurrent torture and continuous enslavement by CIA and US military agencies.”

She has much evidence on the torture of children.

  • Dr. Sue Arrigo and the CIA: Timeline, Links, Torture Photos [11]
  • CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD [10]

Without going through every tweet of his on this subject, as I want to get the post this out fairly quickly, Lin says

  • He has a reliable source
  • Jeffrey Epstein used this blackmail scheme
  • He does not know the extent of the scheme though beleives it’s widespread considering the number of agencies involved and sheer volume of missing children, and otherwise inexplication actions of officials, celebrities and business leaders
  • As an insurance policy, he has given the information and encryption keys to others, so just killing him will not stop the information from coming out
  • He believes Kappy’s information was stopped from getting to Donald Trump and precipitated Kappys murder
  • He believes that information he has may have been stopped from getting to Donald Trump, by [black hat] advisors to Trump


Summary of Lin’s tweets, again thankyou to whoever did this, its all important work…

So we have “the Lizard Squad” hackers to thank for much intel, with more still to come out. Apparently some or all have been jailed. This maybe Isaac Kappys dead mans switch that appeared not to be released. The lizard Squad whoever they are need to be pardoned and released.

Lin has tweeted on more people and subjects recently than this, but to keep this post simple and quick, I will stop here.

Some people say he is part of the declas, declassification of data. There is of course now a concerted campaign from the forces of evil against Lin Wood. This is the Wikipedia archive from about 6 months ago Lin Wood [7]  You could compare this with what is written there now. All sorts will be written about him from now on.

He supports Trump, but used to be Democrat and advocated that people boycott the Georgia Senate elections. He used to be Ramsey family libel lawyer, the family of murdered JonBenét Ramsey. Is he part of the cult? Has he left it and is making amends?

Its all fluff. What matters is the information not the personality.

For more good information on child trafficking along similar lines, I recommend on Twitter

  • Command Posts @PostsCommand
  • Task Force @TaskFor26668668

Unfortunately Craig Sawyer has tweeted to Lin Wood, sowing doubt about the man exposing major child trafficking,  Tim Holmseth.


Craig cannot attack Tims information, so he attacks Holmseth with lies that he and fellow traffickers Kim and Mike Picazio set about. This is unsurprising given that Craig Saywer is a child trafficker under cover, fraudulently stealing money as a child rescuer. Sawyer has nothing to lose, but he is sowing doubt with Lin. Such is power of the deep state.

If you doubt he is a fraud read this 2019 Feb 11 Burner.me The Sawman, the Priest and the Fi Fi Dossier – Let’s Look at the Evidence [UPDATE] [15] 

That same site by Steve Outtrim has incidentally done alot on Kappy  see Burners.me The mysterious Death of Isaac Kappy [16]

Alos check out what Sawyers own daughter Aspen says about him.

Many people over many years have taken huge risks with the own lives to get the information out about the satanic cult controlling our world with their monstrous activities. Tim Holmseth is one of these. Checkout his webpage, and judge by the mountain of evidence that Tim Holmseth has produced – webpage [14] . Craig has never provided one iota of evidence, and has made millions from appeals for money.

We have never been nearer stopping this evil cabal.

It needs more of us to step up and spread information on social media. It is an information war and we have the mockingbird media and big tech to beat, as well as the individuals themselves. We can. Every tweet and post matters, dont just absorb information, recycle it.

My time for blogging is nearing an end, my health is poor, I have not been able to post for a month and each post takes me longer and longer.

Never has it been a better time to tell your story. Tell it yourself by some means means – art, music, blog or if necessary contact someone who will.

For more information on the satanic criminal cult and how they control us see this thread…


Illuminati thread [12]

Here also is my thread on Kappy…


Other issues

Assange – good that he is nto beign extradited subject to appeal, but bad tht the judge only did it on health grounds and not all the other grounds. My view is that she is compromised.

Coronavirus – UK is going into even more lockdown. The psyop reaaction continues apace, the deep state is very worried.

Cimate change man made psyop is ramping up on British TV

Research Great Reset to learn more what it is about.

I am at present updating all the links below, so links should be good, but numbers may not match for now.

More resources and links are at the every end of this post, go right to the end


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I am in the process of updating and reorganising all resource links and information below. The links should work, but numbering and other issues may be off.

[98] Jessie Czebotar Twitter @CzebotarJessie

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[B] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

Healing Links

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  1. flyingcuttlefish says:

    This is great information! I will add it to my 971 blog post on Lin Wood I just put up.

    more good news – even though voat.co is offline I was able to retrieve the old articles about Isaac Kappy for pizzagate researchers who may have missed that info …..

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  2. Steve Outtrim believes Tim Holmseth to be a LARPer (he commented on one of Lin’s tweets https://twitter.com/steveouttrim/status/1345988753303588864 ). Not saying that means he is, just pointing it out because you referenced Steve. I hate how difficult it is to know who the good guys are.


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  4. Sophie says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Cathy! I am praying for your health.


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