Report on Child Abuse in Schools, Cornwall County Council

In 2015 Cornwall Council released a Report “The Report of a Working party on Child Abuse in Schools under an independent chairman Dr DPB Miles.”  This was the Councils reponse in 1987 to a headmaster of a Primary School being found guilty of child sexual abuse. Copies of the Report are available on this blog [1a] and WDTK [1b]. It was released in response to a FOI request [2]

The Report was commissioned by the Cornwall Area Review Committee, for Cornwall County Councils Education; Schools sub committee. It was previously published originally in October 1987 and Reprinted in 1994, presumably as it had bearing on the 1994 case of child abuse by Michael Johnson and Azimuth Trust, about which I posted here [3] and more of which later. See also update Michael Johnson Azimuth Trust Update [6]

1987reportcorwall (2)The Report is in two parts

  • Part A Introduction and Recommendations of the Working Party
  • Part B Sexual Abuse of Pupils in a Primary School – A Supplement to the Report of the Working Party on Child Abuse in Schools

The Working Party comprised

  • Dr DPB Miles (Director of Developments and District Medical Officer, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health Authority)
  • Mrs M Byrne (Head of Humphrey Davy School Penzance)
  • Mrs P Englefield (Parent Representative Helston)
  • Mr B Jelbert (Head Rosemellin County Priamry School Camborne)
  • Mr M Larkins (Team Leader NSPCC Falmouth )
  • Mr J Richards (Former Chief Superintendent, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, Camborne)
  • Mrs J Sloan (Social Work Consultant, Child Abuse, Cornwall County Council)
  • Secretariat Mr B Smith, Mrs W Wilson (Cornwall County Council)

[Page numbers refer to the Report [[1a]]

The Terms of Reference were “to provide guidelines for the schools sub committee as to procedures to be adopted in covering all aspects of prevention and recognition of child abuse, and procedures to be followed in cases where child abuse is identified”

The working party met 12 times. Evidence was taken from parents of abuse victims, from representatives of Teachers Association and Unions and from statutory authorities [p2]. The school was only partly investigated as it was not in terms of reference to investigate it fully [p2]

The Report came some considerable time after the headmaster was suspended February 1986 and then convicted and found guilty. It appears that in the meantime it had been recognised that procedures were deficient and should be improved. Part A was completed June 30th 1987 and Part B completed September 30th 1987.

Part A is a brief report of about 6 pages, mainly of procedural recommendations

Part B was a longer report of 20 pages. It looked into some of the events surrounding abuse at the particular primary school in qustion where the headmaster had committed child sexual abuse. It was authored by Jane Sloan with the help of Mel Larkins and Barry Smith.

It is best to read the Report [1a] or go through the Timeline for more information, but I have picked out a few points of interest below and a short analysis of some points.

Appendices to the Report

  • Appendix A Recommended literature and reading
  • Appendix B Discussion Paper re Child Sexual Assault Prevention Programmes in Schools Mrs Anne Peake
  • Appendix C  –Child Abuse Investigation Guidelines for Social Services Interim Procedures Jan 1987
  • Appendix D – Child Abuse Procedures in Cornwall. Police Guidelines [Johnson case needs reviewing in light of these]
  • Appendix E An Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in a School -Legal Opinion by Richard White Solicitor
  • Appendix F Suggested Sample Letter to be sent to parents on staff suspension

Points of Interest in the Report

The school is not named but described as a medium sized school, modern and open plan, in a middleclass area on the edge of small town. The school was popular, over subscribed with a good reputation. It had infant and juniors of both sexes [p8]

The Headteacher was charged with 3 offences of indecent assault against pupils and 6 months later convicted and received a custodial sentence. Subsequently ex pupils of various ages have indicated that they were abused whilst at the school and it can be assumed that abuse went on over a ten year period [p9]

The report stated that no regret had been offered for suffering of the children [p12]

Two police officers who interviewed children were praised [p12]. However there were procedures in place for Police to act on non familial child abuse and this gave clear procedures to follow. The Police however took this to mean abuse in the childs home! [p13]

There is a legal opinion on subjudice, contempt and influencing witnesses from Richard White [p13] [Appendix E] as many people were unsure on this.

There was a section on whether sexual abuse was harmful! [p19]

The Report said the children had been doubly abused. Once by the Headmaster and then by the system which was “unattuned to help” [p20]

The Report mentioned Michelle Elliot programme, and Rolf Harris programme series “Kids can say no” [p26] to raise awareness of child sexual abuse, but neither were used in  this school.

A Joint Consultancy Team had been formed to help in child protection, which did not exist at the time of the allegations  [p27]

The Report also states that on 1986 Dec 5 the Headmaster was convicted and sentenced to 18 months for 3 cases of indecent assault. It also states on 10 July 1987 the Headmaster released on licence until 29 Nov 1987 [p11]. These figures mean that after conviction he only served just over 7 months in prison and a total less than year of prison plus the time on licence. This however could mean he was on remand before court or that he had an appeal.

It is mentioned that there is a leaflet from Rochdale NSPCC in 1984, 1985 [Appendix A] called “Its not your fault I wont allow it to happen again” Obviously 30 years later it was still being allowed in Rochdale.


The school is believed to be a primary school near Charlestown, St Austell.

It is odd / deliberate /negligent that the terms of reference did not permit a more in depth analysis of what went on at the school. This however is a characteristic in child abuse cover ups.

Giving the council the benefit of the doubt then this was early days of councils realising the problem and the extent of child sexual abuse. Proper procedures were not in place, which was meant to be corrected after the Headmaster was convicted.

The Sloan Report shows that the Council was slow to take note of parents, slow to act, and it states the children abused twice once sexually and once by the lack of proper response to the abuse. Were the lessons learnt from this integrated into future procedures?

It appears strange if better child protection is the aim, that Jane Sloans’ report which investigated the circumstances surrounding incidents of child abuse, was not taken into account before making any  procedural recommendations. The recommendations could have even been amended after the Reports publication.

The first accusations of abuse about Michael Johnson overlap with this report, as shown in the timeline. However that report of those accusations has unfortunately /conveniently been deleted, so we cannot know for sure how thoroughly the Council followed these new procedures. It is was recommended that Johnson should not be alone with children, yet he became head of part of a school!  He went on abusing.

As can be seen in the Timeline below, the timing of 1987 investigation into Johnson immediately follows the publication of Part B of this Report by Sloan, so the County should have no excuses that procedures were not in place. [See Appendix C]

The police were shown to not follow their own written procedures, the “excuse” being that they did not understand them,  Was it misinterpretation / incompetence or something more sinister?

From my freedom of information request on Michael Johnson and the Azimuth Trust I know that there was a Report about Michael Johnson from 1987, which is said to have been destroyed, “…in responding to your enquiries about the documents relating to two separate enquiries relating to an individual known as Michael Johnson, one which was written in 1987 and the other in 1994….I can confirm to you that the report written in 1987 no longer exists and was destroyed following document retention schedules several years ago” [4]

The 1994 report is the one about Michael Johnson and Azimuth Trust, the missing 1987 report makes it impossible to judge if the orginal decision was correct to only give Johnson a formal warning in 1987. Johnson carried on abusing until he was caught again in 1994, when he was associating with Morris Fraser [3]. Was the 1987 Michael Johnson case brushed under the carpet? See also Michael Johnson Azimuth Trust Update [6]

In the 1994 Azimuth Report, Police again were accused by Council of not being willing to investigate. Was this more than incompetence, was it blind eye knowledge by Devon and Cornwall Police?

As a reminder these were my comments on the Azimuth report…

1994 Azimuth Child Abuse

The Council Inquiry was very limited in scope, and sought only to check whether correct procedures were followed in 1987 and 1992. It did not seek to find, help and support all the children abused by the paedophile network that surrounded Azimuth Trust. It appears to have not contacted all the potential targets in the centres, schools and boat trips to find out if they were abused.

The limited Council internal Inquiry was not the public inquiry asked for by the parents [B8][B6] nor the “full scale” inquiry [B5] reported in the press that was happening. After this disappointing council inquiry, St Ives Conservative MP David Harris  called for Education Secretary John Patten and Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley to hold an “independent inquiry into child abuse from a “national viewpoint”  [B9]. We are still waiting for this.

The Police did not charge any other members of the paedophile network than Johnson with any offences and may well have actually covered up for paedophiles.

Certainly there are reasons to suspect a cover up in and by Devon and Cornwall Police, as no one else was charged despite (or because of) Azimuth Trust founder Fraser connections with Charles Napier, Peter Righton, Terence Waters and Leo Kameneff and others.

Devon and Cornwall Police have also been criticised over the child abuse investigations into William Goad, Forde Park , Robert Cawardine and Jeremy Thorpe.

Currently in many areas of the country police are suspected of covering up child abuse through either through individual corruption, or wider corruption, freemasonry or political interference. Manchester [B33] and Essex [B34] [B35]  are just recent well publicised examples.

There may well be a future post on  Cornwall Council’s information released and partial refusal of this request and apparent failure to review it properly by Mrs Joanne Skeplorn, Corporate Governance Officer, 2016 Jul 2 FOI request Committee minutes for Report of Working Party on child abuse “child abuse in schools” [5] 


[Page numbers  eg p9 refer to the Report [[1b]] [Links prefixed B refer to [3]]

1975-1985 Abuse was going on which could have been picked up [p9]

1985 Oct Parent suggested at PTA meeting that a child sexual abuse programme should be used at the school. Headmaster became angry [p10]

1986 Jan 30 Parent suggested to District Clerk on concern about headteachers conduct. First actual complaint [p12]

1986 Feb 4 2 Complaints by parents to District Clerk by third party

1986 Feb 5 Complaints direct by 2 parents to District Clerk who reported allegations to Education Dept County Hall [p10]

1986 Feb 6 Written Report from District Education Clerk to Chief Education Officer

1986 Feb 11 Appointment made by Secretary of Education with Head of Governors

1986 Feb 12 Letter drawn up suspending headmaster and police informed and asked to investigate

1986 Feb 14 Suspension letter handed to Headmaster who was away sick

1986 Feb 26 West Country daily newspaper announced headmaster suspended [p10][Anyone got a copy – or suggest which newspaper?]

1986 Feb 27 Governors met

1986 Feb 28 Letter sent to parents about suspension of Headmaster

1986 Mar 13 Headmaster interviewed by police

1986 Mar 14 Headmaster arrested and charged

1986 Apr 30 Letter sent to parents saying headmaster has taken early retirement [p10]

1986 May 9 Counselling offered to children, followed by months of lack of counselling

1986 Jun approximately Headmaster charged and 6 months later convicted [p8] [wrong?]

1986 Dec 5 Headmaster convicted and sentenced to 18 months for 3 cases of indecent assault

1987 Jan Child Abuse  Social Services Departments Interim investigation guidelines [Appendix C]

1987 April 7 Education Sub Committee received two Reports on incidents that a head of a Primary School indecently assaulted pupils and was subsequently imprisoned. The committee resolved that the matter be referred to Area Review Committee (child abuse) and a Report from that committee be brought back before the Education sub committee and the Children and Family sub committee [p1]

1987 Apr 30 The Area Review Committee met. It set up the Working Party on Child Abuse in Schools to prepare the Report. Working Party to Report to Area Review Committee on 13 Aug 1987 which in turn would report to Education sub Committee of 7 Sept and Social Services Children and Family sub Committee meeting on 9 Sept [p1]

1987 May 9 Advice gven by Sec of Education given to a parent, that substance of charges should not be discussed with them. Needs to be made clear what substance means [p27]

1987 Jul 10 Headmaster released on licence until 29 Nov 1987

1987 Jul 30 Part 1 Report [p7] finished [Recomendations finished before details known about from Report B]

1987 Aug 13 Working Party to Report to Area Review Committee [current FOI [5]]

1987 Sept 7 Area Review Committee reported to Education sub Committee [current FOI [5]]

1987 Sept 9 Area Review Committee Reported to Social Services Children and Family sub Committee meeting [current FOI [5]]

1987 Sept 18 First allegation made against Michael Johnson by a head teacher  [pg13] [pg15]

1987 Sept 30 Supplement to the Report finished ie Part B by Jane Sloan with help of Mel Larkins and Barry Smith [p28]

[NB. For purposes of comparing timing of Cornwall Councils investigations into child abuser Johnson, these have been included in brown in this timeline. Links prefixed B will work but the numbering and links are from my article 2015 Feb 11 Cathyfox blog Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [3] .]

1987 Johnson investigated by Council internal inquiry over sexual allegations when Education bosses had recommended he should not work unsupervised with children [B5] [B7]

1987 Nov 10 Senior practioner social services investigated Johnson

1987 Nov 17 Report from Senior practicioner discussed by police, social services and education

1987 Nov 18 Johnson suspended pending disciplinary

1987 Dec 22 Johnson Disciplinary hearing which decided a formal written warning was appropriate]

1988  Dr Morris Fraser and Michael Johnson set up a sailing charity for disadvantaged boys called the Azimuth Trust based in Cornwall.  Michael Johnson had only the year before in 1987 received a written warning from his employer, Cornwall County Council, after a council disciplinary hearing cleared him of sexual allegations against a boy. In the 3 years that the Azimuth Trust existed over 100 children took part in sailing trips many of those selected by Dr Morris Fraser had learning difficulties. The Azimuth Trust published it’s own magazine which included photographs of naked boys. Many known paedophiles subscribed to the magazine [B32].

1989 Jan – Nov 1991 [B5] Jun 1989 – Nov 1991 [B9] Johnson assaulted 2 boys, the ones that court case was about in 1994 [B5]

1989 March Adventure and Education Afloat officially formed by Johnson and Fraser and parent Trustee E [p30]

1989 Jul 23 Sunday Mirror [B24] Child doctor in porn ring probe

1989 July to Sept First summer boat cruise [p30]

1989 Roseland Project ended [p30]

1990  Despite the 1987 disciplinary hearing, Johnson became head of the Roseland Centre in 1990 [B6]

1990 Apr Johnson full time warden of outdoor education centre

1990 Second summer cruise [p30]

1990 Parent had confronted Johnson about abuse to his son [p30]

1990 Johnson took 2 years off teaching to set up boat charity [B5] with Morris Fraser, set up Azimuth Trust with Morris Fraser and John Lambert [B6] . It appears that Azimuth was also the English offshoot of Ecole en Bateau (Angleterre)  [B14] [B14c] [B14d]

1990 and 1991 Johnson abused 2 boys aged 9 and 11 numerous times on cruises to France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Scilly Isles [B5] [B7] and the outdoor centre (St Justs)

1990 and 1991 Johnson abused a boy over 20 times for which later in 1994 he was sentenced to 2 years [B41]

1991 Cornwall local education Authority gave Azimuth Trust a £250 grant in 1991. Social services director Nigel Druce said [in 1994] that when the authority gave the Azimuth Trust a £250 grant in 1991, the connection between it and Johnson was not made. “We did not appreciate this may have been an attempt to give the trust credibility, to attract other people. We will be more careful in future,” he said [B6]

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These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, which is why I wish to expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…


B – Those marked B are from my post 2015 Feb 11 Cathyfox blog Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [3]

[1a] Cornwall Child Abuse in Schools 1987 pdf download WDTK

[1b] Cornwall Child Abuse in Schools 1987 pdf download  cathyfox blog wordpress

Click to access child-abuse-in-schools-october-1987.pdf

[2] 2015 FOI Request to Cornwall Council for Report Child Abuse in Schools Report Cornwall Council 1987 co authored by Mrs Jane Sloan

[3] 2015 Feb 11 Cathyfox blog Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report

[4] 2014 Jan 29 FOI request re Azimuth and 1987 Johnson report Michael Johnson Paedophile Council Inquiries Cornwall County Council

“First of all may I apologise for the delay in responding to your enquiries
about the documents relating to two separate enquiries relating to an
individual known as Michael Johnson, one which was written in 1987 and the
other in 1994.
Reviewing the case notes held I can confirm to you that the report written
in 1987 no longer exists and was destroyed following document retention
schedules several years ago. I apologise that this has not been clearly
outlined to you in previous correspondence from us.”

[5] 2016 Jul 2  WDTK Cathy Fox Blog FOI request Committee minutes for Report of Working Party on child abuse “child abuse in schools”

[6] 2020 Jan 2 cathy fox blog Michael Johnson Azimuth Trust Update

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email quoting the article title.

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

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I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

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6 Responses to Report on Child Abuse in Schools, Cornwall County Council

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot prove this but “hunting children” brings back memories from my own childhood. I came from a multi-generation family that experienced ritual abuse and then targeting, and harassment. My family was homeless as a result of the harassment, for several months. Now that I am free… I can speak.

    My earliest memories… I was taken to a facility and subjected to experiments, other children were present as well. We were not supposed to remember any of this. I remember because it was my way of fighting back, to take in as much as I could, and hold on. One of the things I remember was similar to the hunting game described here.

    I was taken to the woods, and told to run. I was given a small lead before being chased. I remember clearly – imprints or instructions. Do not panic. Stay calm. Let your mind go blank. Breathe slowly, so you cannot be heard (I became adept at this, and it has permanently affected my voice and way of regulating my breathing). It became a strategy – how to escape. To not be seen. To turn my mind blank, and still, to filter out the world around me. To sense, and anticipate, the moves of others to remain one step ahead. I knew or sensed other children were lost. Sometimes I heard screams. But I had to survive.

    Hunt, manuever, escape. Over time, my movements became patterned. I did not think or feel.

    I always wondered about the other children. What happened to them. I may not have been in the same program but we were all victims, all tortured in one way or another.


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