About cathyfoxblog

Updated 14 July 2020

This blog is primarily about

1. Publishing officially released historic Reports on Child Sexual Abuse, usually paid for with taxpayers money but up to now hidden by accident or design by authorities

2. Publishing relevant information that has been obtained from Freedom of Information requests usually from the Whatdotheyknow.com website.

3. This has now evolved also into posts about the illuminati, as they have proven to be the driving force on most if not all organised child abuse. See this post 2020 Jan 18 cathy fox blog The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/01/18/the-five-child-trafficking-networks-of-the-illuminati/

The truth needs to be told about the extent of child sexual abuse in Britain and the world, in particular the institutional child sexual abuse in institutions such as  “care” homes, and organised child abuse.

This truth is essential for many victims. Whilst painful especially at first, without it many victims cannot move on, not only due to the original abuse, but also the lies and cover ups of child sexual abuse that have gone on over the past 50 years. Cover ups that go right to the top of our power “ill-ite” – via “care” homes, local authorities, hospitals, politicians, police, press, judiciary, freemasonry, and secret services.

The truth is also essential so that the perpetrators of these vile crimes, child torture, are brought to justness, and so that they cannot harm our children any more.

Whilst there is much that is not already written down in official reports, and will only come in survivors stories, then there is much, at present unpublished in archives, local government, central government, academia, inspection reports up and down the country that will throw light on the extent of the abuse.

This blog helps to publish some pieces of the jigsaw of British child sexual abuse, and some detail on those pieces. Please help if you can by telling your story which is in any way related to child sexual abuse.

Authorities often have not released information for short term selfish corporate reasons. Individuals in power and lawyers within the corporate structure, are sometimes fearful that it will be embarrassing, show the authority in a bad light, or worse that they will be blamed for costing the corporation or the corporations insurance company money.

They do not think of the victim, the people who have been wronged or had their life irrevocably changed or destroyed by the bad or negligent actions of that corporation or their duty of care to those individuals.  They do not think to consider that time and time again, lessons of history have not been learned about child torture and child abuse due to the short termist thinking and actions similar to their own.

The people that hide information are responsible for abuse continuing because these lessons have not been learned. There is so much information hidden by accident or design that child abuse continues getting worse and people are not aware of the extent of the problem. People holding public offices with power over others sometimes abuse it.

Power is often the very reason why child abuse happens, and people with power is also the reason why it is covered up.  That is going to change. Those with the power to release information that choose not for the selfish reason of the corporation, will be brought to book though due process, that can include private prosecution. You are responsible for your actions, and the corporation you work for will desert you.

Some people in authorities, including the police, appear to regard it as their duty to never publish any information unless they have to, using all kinds of curious exemptions. This is a shame as police need the cooperation of the public, who often know alot more than the police do. Some of police appear to think they can solve crime on their own, no matter how many of the public they annoy and how many criminals they keep within their own ranks. If they continue with this attitude, they will continue to go further down in the public estimation. The police should remember that they are a part of the big cover up of child sexual abuse that has happened. It needs the good police to stand up to the bad ones. The sinister aide to hiding all the information is that the police are engaged in another cover up of child sexual abuse.

I choose to use WhatDoTheyKnow.com as this site ensures that the information gained in Freedom of Information Requests is in the public domain, so that others can benefit from my questions and the replies to them. In this way the sum of public information gained is obviously vastly greater than if requests were individual private parts.

No permissions have been obtained by this blog for publishing data from other persons questions from the public whatdotheyknow.com website, nor is this permission required. A reference link will have been given, if ever this is missing please inform me.

The issues brought up by relevations that research is undertaken by at least one local authority – Hackney Council, on FOI requestors are very important. It is clear that research has been done on this blog by corrupt Hackney, due to questions from another person.  Is it lawful to do that research under FOI and other legislation? Was the personal information released even accurate or just supposition or circumstantial? Why was it collected? Who did it go to?

I do not intend to address these issues on this blog at this time, as I believe it will detract from the purpose of this site, which is to republish released information on child sexual abuse, for the greater good of the victims.

This is a time of change, for the first time there is hope that we can vanquish the scourge of the child abuse. The abusers are looking over their shoulders and getting worried. We need a concerted effort to link up and bring them down. Whatever your part – research, telling your story, spreading the information, writing letters, putting on pressure – do it and together we will win.

I try and steer clear of the unfortunate mudslinging often by survivor agaisnt survivor, though sometimes it is impossible as one side demands that you denounce and ban another, otherwise you will become the subject of their abuse. Oh dear, if they all ignored their differences and concentrated on exposing the perpetrators of abuse, instead of demanding that everyone who does not agree with them on everything is the enemy, we would be alot better off.

People naturally wish to know about me. However the blog is about the issues not about me.

However to answer some questions, I first heard about child sexual abuse in 2011-ish on social media. I saw many people complaining about it, but whenever I read the groups the discussions just disintegrated into arguing between members.

I tried for a couple of periods of a month or two, a couple of times to work out was was going on but gave up amidst the arguing. I didn’t join in any discussions. I knew nothing.

I searched for any official report and there seemed to be none. There were a few videos made by survivors who had tried to raise the issues either successfully or unsuccessfully.I watched several, two that stick in my mind were about Bryn Alyn,  and also a Newcastle now solicitor victim.

These convinced me that child sexual abuse (csa) was happening, and there was in the odd book a list of references of reports. I decided to use WDTK public website to ask under FOI (freedom of information ) for some reports.

The information seemed to be there but hidden in council, police and academic reports not available to the public.

The first Report I think I was successful in getting was the White Report from Islington, but have got many more since – maybe 60/70?

I started blogging to let people know the reports were public – very basic reports of a few lines. I had not blogged before.

I expected people who knew better to interpret those reports and write about their signficance. They didn’t so I had to start – this meant learning about the history about what had happened in each area that reports were being released.

I viewed it as researching, and writing my research so that other people would not have to waste time doing the same research.

My first report analysing were basic. I think the first one was “Loose Ends in Lambeth”. https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/lambeth-part-2-loose-ends-in-lambeth-on-child-sexual-abuse/ The key was Spotlight on Abuse had put many articles from archives digitally online, so on line researchers could try and  make sense of what was happening.

That first article was barely more than a sentence from each newspaper article, strung together to make an analysis. It seemed to be popular and one “survivor” of Lambeth criminal malpractice  in particular gave me encouragement as they said via a third person they thought it had all been lost and thanked me for my efforts.

I then went on to more FOI requests, more analysis but then when your name gets known more and more time is spent replying to emails and also more stories come to you.

Two things drive me on,

  • being able to help people who were damaged as innocent children who perhaps were not allowed to develop the skills and education others take for granted
  • making information public on the rich, powerful, influential people who commit these vile crimes on the most innocent and vulnerable in our society and who make the system so that it defends them.

I wish I could do more but my me/cf illness is severely restricting and out of necessity I have to sleep alot and take many breaks, one for 6 months, but luckily just now am at a stage where my head is above water.

Please start a blog, please tweet, the more truth out there the better.

With the truth comes healing.

If you wish to contact email  cathyfox@zoho.com

The truth will out. The truth will shout. The truth will set us free.

78 Responses to About cathyfoxblog

  1. William Freeman says:

    I am interested in hearing from anybody who was sexually abused in Children’s Homes belonging to the National Children’s Homes (which had its roots in Lambeth) now called Action for Children. It seems that the national Children’s Homes allowed naked photographs of children in the homes to be taken “for scientific purposes to study their growth” and evidence freely in the public domain shows that these photos were then “viewed” by members of the local authority.
    I am particularly interested in hearing about sexual abuse in the Harpenden, Hertfordshire home, or any other. I am not interested in wild speculation or attempts to smear people without hard evidence.
    As an investigative journalist and author, I want hard facts of sex abuse in the National Children’s Homes before they were all closed down in favour of children being sent to “families”, where more abuse may have taken place.
    If you have firm evidence or first-hand experience, please contact me on all_around_justice@hushmail.com.
    Thank you,
    William Freeman


  2. cathyfox says:

    William are you aware of Greenlight ? You will get more views on there. http://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/operation-greenlight/east-england/hertfordshire/


  3. steve collier says:

    Hi,hope this doesnt offend but i believe ian huntley was framed for the soham murders and it was an american service man that did it but because of the imminent invasion of Iraq the powers that be told the police to get him banged up and sent to Rampton where he underwent mind altering treatment so he could not defend himself in court…Also we now know that Savile had links to Rampton so makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors there,
    Steve Collier


    • cathyfox says:

      All ideas welcome Steve


    • Samantha says:

      Case of Ian Huntly . Girls by accident saw something at US millitry base which caused them to be silenced . It is so obvious just searching the cause of death and method of how death came to two little girls .

      Liked by 1 person

      • jtfb says:

        n.b there are a lot of military bases in east anglia. there is a link between organised abuse rings and the military-industrial complex. i have a hunch a lot went on in norfolk/suffolk 1970’s. the krays and stella rimmington had properties in Swaffham. i can’t quite put it all together – but thought i’d jot a few notes in case anyone else can.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Dave McC says:

      The girls were murdered in August 2002, the Iraq war started in March 2003.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think this is one step too far in terms of what we know….Huntley actually had previous form, speculation based on unstable information does not aid the work of survivors and supporters.


  4. pippakin says:

    I wanted to congratulate you on your post about Robert Green and Hollie Greig. I typed my comment – and the post was not found! Such a pity because I think you must have put a lot of effort into it. I have been following Mr Greens situation on other blogs he needs all the help he can get!

    Well done for trying I hope the post can be republished soon.


    • cathyfox says:

      I had 2 different posts open on sightly different subjects as I was copying from one draft to another, I published the wrong one which was still in draft form,and quickly deleted it. The one I wanted to post first was the Rusty one which has some info about Robert Green. The other post is still to come, still in draft. This may be what you are talking about and why you cannot post a comment :)


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  6. Just to say thanks for following Ace News Desk and the worthwhile work you are doing, l have a number of sites and the main one is acenewsservices.com wher l post my world news.

    Though should you like to highlight any cases you can be added to our Ace News Room for featured writers, just let me know.

    This cause needs highlighting, anyway following back and will add you to RSS Publishing Site that uses our Social Media Network and Facebook Groups. Hope that helps.

    Kindest regards, Ian (Editor in Chief of Ace News Group)


    • cathyfox says:

      Thanks very much Ian, I joined your site as Shaunynews said he writes for you and is thinking of discontinuing his blog, and i had onkly just started following it, but liked his writing. I very much appreciate your offer, as you say, the cause needs highlighting which is why i do what i do. I will have a look at your sites for a few days and be back in touch. Many thanks
      and kind regards

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  7. Emy Will says:

    Hi Cathy. What an important issue you cover on your blog. As a clinical psychologist I have seen the long -term emotional damage that sexual abuse causes. People must be made aware of this. Thank you for following my blog, Fur Out The Closet ~ a very different issue to yours?
    All the best.


    • cathyfox says:

      Thanks Emy. They are all important issues and we all need each other to help bring attention to all the issues. The common link between them all is the small group of people who are the controlling factor behind the destruction of animals and the environment and many people.


  8. meggiemom says:

    cathy i would love you to help me get my story out please its the vtruth and nothing but the truth mate


  9. meggiemom says:

    because i was threatned by a social worker last yr and had to change my name on the inter net mate but i had enough of hiding in the end xx


  10. meggiemom says:

    if you start with what i say
    what i say part 2
    what i say part 3
    what i say part 4
    then take it from there mate xx


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  12. meggiemom says:

    Cathy please help me get my babies story out I know u am busy at the mo I’m running out walls to climb xxx


  13. meggiemom says:

    i have just published some of my book im writing i hope you can have time to read


  14. meggiemom says:

    all i have recieved is the one were i said i will be publishing my book mate


  15. meggiemom says:

    My Relationship with people in my family
    January 30, 2015Uncategorized Edit
    My relationship with some of my family was volatile and agressive towards me but me the same too/i always felt like the RAUNT of the litter but my older brother dennis was pushed out alot too and i think thats why i stuck up for him alot.

    there was 2 favourites in my family which was my brother and my sister why i dont know because they definatly was not angels neither was me or my brother but we all did deserve to be treated the same.And i know this caused sibling riverely between us because of the favourtism.

    my brothers relationship with my bad was very volatile they did not get on at all and my dad was very agressive towards my brother and i hated my dad hitting my brother and be nasty towards him dennis went through alot in his younger life he was bullied at school to the extreme were my brother used to self harm so what he suffered at school and at home i can understand why because dennis could not win either way.but alot of my other didnt like dennis dennis in life ended up going off the rails and he couldnt take no more he was taking drugs taking gas and gods know what else my brother asked to be put in care because he couldnt live in the same house hold as my parents and i suppose i do understand and know why because i felt the same i hated been at home too.

    i used to see my brother dennis go dwn the school with is friends [WELL SO CALLED FRIENDS]this one day i followed dennis and he was so high up on gas that he picked a piece of glass up and started cutting is self and he cut is arm duwn to the bone an ambulance was phoned and he was taken away

    know all my brothers lifehe has been used

    made out to be the joke in the gang he was in

    but dennis life was destroyed he has been in and out of nursing homes and he has had a rough ride in life but know he is in his own flat and is doing well

    but i would like to say taking drugs and air asoles is not the answer in life they damage the brain and they also kill so please do not take any drug please if you need help go to somebody who you trust or a proffessional and please explain whats going on please dont do what my brother did to get through life because believe me he regrets everything that happened to him but i suppose at the time he didnt know what to do but believe me he has always said that if he could change is life he definatly would of done iy diffrently

    the relationship with my sister marie and me was very volatile and there was a lot of jelousy on my side towards her because of the favourtism between my mom and marie my sister used to do things and then blame me and i was not believed

    my sister tried to hang me but this is how calucated she was she stacked 4 pillows up and i was only little at the time she stood me on the pillows and tied the light cord around my neck my mom thought we was too quiet and as my mom came up stairs my sister removed the first pillow and i could fee the wire tighten around my neck my walked in as my sister went to remove more pillows and my mom screamed and grabbed me and untied the wire my sister i do admit was punished for this my mom took me to the doctors and the dr thought my mom had done this but i did say what happened i had brusied and sore neck but was ok

    my sister also stabbed me with a nitting needle and she tried to drown me

    my sister was very cunning and i can remember the one time too we was top and tailed in the bath and my sister swore at me but as i went to swear back my dad was walking up stairs and he heard me he grabbed me out of the bath with nothing on and held me up the wall even at an early age i felt humiliated and embarassed

    and as we both grew up i hated my sister not cus of what she did to me but because of the relationship my mom and sister had

    i always wanted a relationship with my mom like sister did but my could not understand why i was so naughty and i think i was naughty cus i wanted her attention and that was the only way to get my moms attention

    i suppose i did get on with my dad for a while i was a daddys little girl cus my dad could see the way i was treated but that what stopped my mom and dad used to argue so much about me been my dads favourite but cus of all the arguments this stopped

    and my little brother i loved him i learnt him to pretend play and more i used to spend a lot of time with my little brother but i think its cus i wanted to protect him from anything but i need of bothered because my little brother was the star in my moms eye

    so all my feelings inside grew and grew but not in a good way in a bad way and i suppose my self was heading dwn the wrong road

    but we have seen and been part of domestic violence we used to see our parents neally kill each other

    throwing things

    swearing and more

    we all used to be lined up and given the belt and i was always pushed to the front first my brother always never got the belt my little brother my made sure of that some times maybe my sister might just have the belt but when it got to my sister half the time my dad was told to stop and so we have all grown up

    wittnessing domestic violence from family

    but id like to say to any child any teenager if things are going on at home that are not right please please got to some body or walk in to a police staion no child deserves to wittness domestic violence neither do you deserve to feel it so please go to some body who can help please

    thank you

    clare wakeman


  16. Colette says:

    https://www.mixcloud.com/Survivors_Voices/survivors-voices-speaking-truth-to-power-episode-3-forde-park-devon/ Please could everyone who listens to this link please share with as many people as you can these ex ‘inmates’ of Forde Park School done everyone proud and I think they deserve it to be shared in as many blogs and forums as possible. Thankyou

    Liked by 1 person

      • colette sherratt says:

        Thanks ever so much for this just a couple things about the two who went to prison the names were derek hooper and john ely. You have done us proud have forwarded the page to Andy Kershaw who is the co ordinater of Forde Park Survivors whom you probably know already. Again cant say a big enough Thankyou. Colette :)

        Sent from my ASUS


        • cathyfox says:

          Thanks, I have corrected the names. I have heard of Andy but but corresponded I dont think. Glad to help when I can, it just fitted in with the south west stuf I was working on :). If you want I can put a link in to your org if you send me one. :)


          • colette sherratt says:

            Hi Cathy We are just talking at the moment about making up a blog or facebook page about FPS but we want to include all approved schools too where ex pupils can talk and message us for info as soon as we have decided which is the best i will send you the link. Thanks again Colette :)

            Sent from my ASUS

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  17. meggiemom says:

    does vicarious liability and non-delegable duty apply to foster carers?
    NA v Nottinghamshire County Council
    2 December 2014
    Today Mr Justice Males handed down a Judgment dealing with the important issues of vicarious liability and non-delegable duty as they relate to foster carers.

    1. Factual background
    The claimant was born on 3 July 1977. Her parents separated when she was four months old. Just before she was eight years old the claimant, and her siblings, were taken into care. She remained in care until her 18th birthday, in 1995.

    Once in care the claimant was placed with a number of foster carers, including the A’s and the B’s. She also spent periods in residential care, and at home. Throughout her childhood the claimant exhibited difficult behaviour, including temper tantrums and aggression (verbal and physical). She misused drugs as an adolescent and young adult.

    2. At trial – other issues
    Before dealing with vicarious liability and non-delegable duty, it is worth noting briefly three other issues:

    although the claim was statute barred, the judge found there was enough documentary and witness evidence surviving to allow a fair trial
    he found that some, but not all, of the claimant’s allegations of abuse were proven, on a balance of probabilities
    the claim that the council negligently failed to remove the claimant from her family home, exposing her to further abuse, failed. The judge strongly preferred the evidence from the council’s social care expert.

    3. Vicarious liability
    The claimant argued that the council should be held vicariously liable for abuse by foster carers, in the same way that the Council would be liable if the abuser were a council employee.

    Males J rejected this proposition. He applied the test set out in Various Claimants v Catholic Child Welfare Society [2012], which is whether the role of a foster carer was ‘akin’ to being employed by the council, and he decided it was not. He relied on S v Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council [1985] and the Canadian case of KLB v British Columbia [2003]. He said that the local authority not only does not have control over the foster parents but that it is essential to the whole concept of fostering that the local authority should not have that control.

    “The foster parents’ role is to provide family life, bringing up the child as a member of their own family. That is only possible if a foster parent enjoys independence from direction by the local authority and autonomy to determine how the child should be parented”. [Paragraph 176]

    This is an important endorsement of the current law. The judge explained his approach in the following way:

    “I accept that a child in foster care will not have redress against the local authority on the basis of vicarious liability, whereas a child in a residential home will have, but that is not an anomaly which needs to be corrected by an unprincipled extension of the law of vicarious liability. Rather it is a reflection of the genuinely different circumstances of life in a foster home and children’s residential home respectively and the application of what are now established principles to determine the circumstances in which vicarious liability exists”.[Paragraph 179]

    4. Non-delegable duty
    The claimant argues that the principles laid down by the Supreme Court in Woodland v Essex County Council [2013] were satisfied, and so the council owed her a ‘non-delegable’ duty of care for the period she was fostered. Such a finding would have rendered the council liable for any proven abuse by foster carers; as such abuse would have breached this duty. It would not have mattered how well the council assessed and approved the foster carers, or how well social workers monitored and supervised the claimant’s foster placement.

    The claimant’s argument had some support from obiter comments in JB & BB v Leicestershire County Council (unreported) by HHJ Godsmark QC, who concluded that the foster placement in that case did satisfy the five principles set out by Lord Sumption in Woodland, and that it was fair, just and reasonable to impose this non-delegable duty on a local authority. While Males J agreed that the five principles were satisfied, importantly he disagreed that it was ‘fair, just and reasonable’ to impose this duty. His reasons are at paragraphs 200 – 210 of his judgment:

    it would impose an unreasonable financial burden on local authorities providing a critical public service. It is strongly in the public interest that local authorities should maintain their capacity to provide fostering services at a time of high demand, and that scarce and finite recourses should be employed to best effect, in ensuring that vulnerable children currently in need of foster carer are able to benefit from the experience of family life which fostering provides
    there is a real danger that the imposition of a non-delegable duty would promote, consciously or sub-consciously, “risk averse foster parenting”. Even where reasonable steps had been taken to ensure the suitability of foster parents, a local authority could be reluctant to place children with foster carers without requiring additional or objectively unnecessary further checks
    there is a fundamental distinction between a foster placement and a placement in a children’s home. A local authority does not have the same control over the day-to-day lives of a child in foster carer that it has over children in residential homes. The purpose of fostering is to give a child in a foster placement the experience of family life. This necessarily involves the release of control, which the local authority has over a child. With the risk comes the benefit that a children’s home cannot provide
    it would be difficult to draw a principled distinction between liability for abuse committed by foster parents and liability for abuse committed by others with whom a local authority decided to place a child, including its own parents
    there is no question of any unfair distinction between those who can pay, and therefore obtain the benefit of a contractual non-delegable duty, and those who cannot. Nor is there any question of a local authority once having provided fostering services itself, but subsequently deciding to outsource their provision.
    5. What next?

    This is a very welcome judgment for local authorities. It prevails over HHJ Godsmark QC’s obiter comments in JB & BB. However, this probably won’t be the final word on the issues. There are no doubt other cases in other courts in England and Wales where these issues are live, and sooner or later we will have a judgment from an Appellate Court.

    Read the judgment in full

    The content of this bulletin is provided for the purposes of general interest and information. It contains only brief summaries of aspects of the subject matter and does not provide comprehensive statements of the law. It does not constitute legal advice and does not provide a substitute for it.

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  19. enochered says:

    Hello CathyFox, A while back I spent a lot of time looking into the strange behaviour of those at the top. I quickly realised that they were impervious to the rules of common justice which apply to the rest of us. The whole business turned into a witch-hunt against the likes of DLT and others, which was no more than a form of entertainment.

    In the end I came to believe that most of what we refer to as paedophilia is in fact more accurately described as extreme homosexuality. The Kincora home in Northern Ireland, from where an unknown number of young boys simply vanished, convinced me that we were dealing with pure evil.

    These boys were taken across the border into Eire, to Birr castle, which was the Irish “Hellfire Club” and which supplied links which took one to the very pinnacle of British “High Society.” I am quite sure you are aware of all this.

    At which point, in order to avoid writing over and over again about the same subject, I changed my tack, realising that when you have a situation in which the criminals are investigating themselves, as with Hollie Greig, other means needed to be found to open the eyes of the general public. That is easier said than done.

    My first step was to take a look at Police reports of current crime and I very quickly found that it was not paedophilia alone which was being ignored, there was a whole raft of under-reported crime. The Rochdale incident, for instance, which was ignored by the Police for years.

    When the Police presented a young male victim with an image of a McAlpine and asked him if this was the man by whom he had been buggered, they exposed themselves as knowing exactly what was going on, all of these toffs are trailed by MI5 or whoever, so it was clear that there would be a cover-up and there was.

    All of which tells us that children have been used for generations as the meat in the grinder of quite a large group of people, whose ceremonies can be traced all the way back to Abraham, whom was himself quite prepared to murder his own child to suit the needs of a voice in his head.

    The British elite now have possession of the ultimate, “legal” means of procuring the necessary victims for their slaughter, The Family Courts, which can snatch children from perfectly good parents, giving those children to unknown couples, never to be seen again. What more could they ask for?

    All of this is just my long winded way of reassuring you that I am still very much on board with what you are doing and I wish you all the best.


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  50. cs071085 says:

    I have a lot of reading to get through here. I’m very slowly but will surely getting through all the blogs. Just thankful i found you through jessie czebotor. Will also get your books when i can.and thank you for all you are and all you do xx


    • Thankyou, I have no books, I spend all my free time blogging, so that people are aware, though people have asked for books of what i produce.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cs071085 says:

        your very welcome. I got mixed up with cathy o’brian and yourself my apologies. I need to read her books also. Im just getting through it all plus watching jessie etc but really look forward to reading the blogs here and thankful that i found you as you are one of the people who opened my eyes and i know that it was through god that i did find you. God bless you xx


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