Coup at the Capitol 1

The Democrats, the media and big tech are of course accusing Trump of having incited a coup on Congress, and Trump of trying to stop the certification of the Electoral College votes and the legitimate election of Joe Biden.

Nothing could be further from the truth of course.

What actually happened was the globalist criminal cabal, the illuminati, had formulated a plan to hide their blatant voter and presidential election fraud and the fraudulent Georgia 2 Senate elections as well as all their other mass of crimes over the years, and make a fraudulent treasonous power grab.

The fraud continued with the simultaneous blue fraud spike in the Georgia 2 elections…

The Coup came from the globalist criminal cabal.

In this post, I will not provide the “evidence” as I wish to get this post out rapidly to explain to those that haven’t been able to follow some of the jigsaw pieces closely. One thing that we are not good at doing is explaining to the busy awakened and the “normies” what is going on. Two things have slowed me down making this post are my health problems and of course the time consuming setting up of alternative platforms, now that twitter has chosen to ban many truthtellers. More details on this at the end.

If I get time I will post this post again, and include all relevant bits of video etc. in the correct places to make the cogent case. However most will be available in links at the end and vids on my bitchute channel.

The cabal plot was that their paid and ideological volunteer operatives, no doubt a mix of antifa and Project Monarch mind controlled individuals, both Democrat and Republican, acting under cover as Trump supporters to be instigators of the “invasion” of the Capitol and then Trump supporters would get caught up in the fervour and cause mayhem.

That did not happen as planned, because of course the blackhats intentions were well known to the whitehats. Trump delayed the start of his speech by half an hour and also spoke an extra half hour so the crowds which were due at the Capitol were an hour later than the blackhats expected, and did not partake in this.

Thus there was delay in the plan of people to enter the Capitol and this explains the police waving the crowd through barriers, and even opening a door to the Capitol. The damage was done largely by undercover antifa – the window breaking, the “theft” of the lectern etc.

The Whitehats also had their people there, either as they had been long term undercover as antifa, and had been hired, as it were, as antifa/Trump for this event, or placed there specifically for this event as white hat Trump supporters to gain evidence on the “invasion”.

So the best known maybe is “Jake Angeli” who has a brief resume as an actor, who has the Viking horns, and has attended BLM protests as well as has attended republican and republican rallies with a Q sign. My best bet at the minute is that he is a whitehat who infiltrated antifa, maybe even has cameras in the horns.

This post will be broad brush so I will not delve further into individuals, but just understand it is more complex than at first appears.

So when the people were inside the capitol then the Joint Congress/Senate was delayed, and the VIPS were taken down tunnels. This conveniently left many state owned computers, available for “stealing” and now they in the hands of the white hat authorities more can be found out about the exact procedure in setting up election frauds and the false flag “storming” of the Capitol.

Calm was quickly restored.

The blackhat conspirators then quickly arranged a long period of Congress/Senate well into the night, to certify the election, which they have now done. They avoided any discussion of election fraud, as many corrupted and blackmailed congress/senators withdrew their accusations of fraud because of completely different and false Trump incitement! As though any incitement could or should cancel out massive and proveable fraud! Its about moving the narrative on and preventing the truth getting to the people, not any logic or reason.

The certification of a fraudulent election, knowingly.

So the state and federal courts, the state Legislators Cosmittees, the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, have all failed to even examine the massive evidence of voter fraud, election fraud, and even foreign countries fraud in the elections – China, Italy and Pakistan. The people have been failed. Fraud and Corruption has destroyed a democratic republic.

The blackhats, ie the globalist Illuminati criminal cabal are now trying to set the narrative that Trump incited the crowd to attack the Capitol by him saying they should go there for a peaceful protest, that Trump did not condemn the violence soon enough etc., Trump not to be trusted with Nuclear weapons, ad infinitum. Yeah right.

Illuminati owned big tech are now banning Trump and other Conservatives and truth tellers on all platforms they can I think. So they have banned Trumps personal twitter, his POTUS twitter, and Google and facebook have or will follow suit. However they are also going after platforms like Parler, by preventing download of apps and no doubt threatenign associated tech firms who do varying tasks for them, just as they did to 8kun.

So what happens or is happening now?

Well I don’t know.

No doubt stung by the disappearance of their computers, and knowing what evidence is on there, the prominent cabal members are losing it. Pelosi and Schumer are calling for Trump to be stopped as President asap under the 25th amendment which I think is on mental health reasons, as well as his impeachment. That hardly makes sense if the official narrrative is correct that Trump is being replaced by Biden on 21st Jan. They appear unhinged and desperate. Look at the fear in their faces.

Trump was filmed with a red folder, I believe filmed just before his speech at the Ellipse. This appears deliberate and to be comms of some sort.

Bitchute Trump Red Folder video [51]

“Being a Vet, I can tell you that a Red folder is indictable of IMMEDIATE HOT MILITARY ACTION.” says one anon.

I believe this also fits in with a pattern of red placeholders that were published some time ago, with the President at Castle Rock either helping coordinate or safe having turned over power or at least operational power to the Military.

Are we under military now or is that still to come?

However also reading between the lines, we are on day 8, ie 10, 9, 8 of the ten day countdown of the 10 Days of Darkness. It is not even clear that a day starts at midnight. What are the Days of Darkness?

Are they communication difficulties for the President or us? Are they ten days of internet blackout? Are they ten days in which the criminal cabal are being arrested?

There is little point speculating further. I always think it is worth raising the questions, but then go on with the work that will help bring the satanic pedosadist child sacrificing elite down.

For me that means researching, writing and spreading that information on child abuse and the illuminati. We are in need of more who do this. More bloggers, more spreaders on the ever increasing number of platforms we are forced to use. Find a strength, a specialism and you will become known for it.

Trump has said he will not attend the inauguration. This may mean it will not happen, that appears to be a more likely scenario than Trump will not attend and Biden will go through with inauguration (and then be arrested or even not).

Are we in the storm? I don’t know. Perhaps the storm was a distraction, perhaps we are in it and it has not been announced, perhaps the storm is to come with the storm of arrests and the tens of thousands of sealed indictments.

There are several scenarios, that may come true. We have less than two weeks to find out and more clues will be given as time goes on.

What we must do is to carry on the information war. To maintain control over the narrative, big tech has had to ban many from its platforms. Stay smart, do not delete accounts from these platforms, keep your options open for the future. Just stop using them, use burner phones to verify if necessary, and open new accounts on new platforms.

Research, share, archive and spread on multiple platforms.

One avenue that Trump still has is to communicate with the people via the Emergency Broadcast System.

One scenario I have heard is that white hats may take over control of big tech.

There are various proofs of all the election fraud already public, but they must wait for now.

These are my alternatives platforms

  • Parler is vulnerable to being taken down by bigtech I hear, unfortunate as my biggest alternative following is on there.
  • Gab probably is more resilient to attack and able to cope with sudden increases in subscriptions.
  • Telegram – I like it as I have a channel and can post all my blogs, plus have some interaction. Appears secure, but they do want a phone number. I tried Signal but they want to download app on phone as well as computer.
  • Bitchute I use to upload important vids that might disappear and to put in my blogs.
  • Substack email list. I will post all my blog posts /links on this and is probably the safest to definitely keep in touch as I will have all the email addresses.

More resources and links are at the every end of this post, go right to the end

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