Brooke Federline Survivor NWO Supersoldier

One survivors story I have been meaning to explore for some time is Brooke Federline, recommended by Emma from the Imagination. I have finally got round to listening to the first of her interviews with Emma.

Brooke is from New Zealand. At first she thought she was crazy, for the weird things she could remember, and being able to know things that would later happen.

Brooke later found out that she had been told what would happen, in fact had been trained for these times. The amnesia was from trauma based mind control – monarch programming. She had Disney programming amongst others.

Her role was to track train and recruit satan’s army and implement new world order.

Its very important for people to realise that people may be totally unaware they are mind controlled and programmed until a certain trigger or accident or something causes them to very gradually and in a confused fashion start putting the pieces of their life together. Confirmation to Brooke came also by reading others stories like Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien.

She started sharing on facebook about the NWO and how it was going to start first in NZ and Phoenix Arizona. Then on 6/6/16 the police came into her home, sprayed her with with a knockout chemical, kidnapped her, and beat her and reprogrammed that rogue alter.

Part of the cover of Brooke’s book called Breaking the Chains

They knew which alter it was as she cut the name of that alter in to her leg – this must have been a “tell” alter installed to tell if she does anything wrong according to the programmers.

The fact they did this convinced Brooke her that what she was saying must be right.

Her task included killing all of the people that were against it and that was not in her heart. She was so scared that the programming would kick in so she was willing to kill herself so that she wouldn’t do what she was trained to do.

Her family were in the cult, and her grandfather was friends with HRC, Poppy (presumably George Bush senior) and others.

Brooke had to fight through alcoholism from aged 13, early sexual experiences and dissociation amnesia as a result of the abuse.

Individuals like Brooke become targetted individuals as the cabal does not want their secrets revealed and programmed individuals can be attacked with chemical or even a word, sound, colour, telephone call which can lead to a change of alter and being taken back into cabal control. This is scary. It reminds me of Malcolm who had a tattoo Non-consensual , MKUltra Sleeper Assassin Test Subject.

Scopolamine is one of the chemicals they use to knock you out, even as I recall concentrated nicotine spray can be used.

Malcolm Pauly’s story can be read here Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada [6]

The best known of this delta programming is probably Manchurian Candidate Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins [7] 2016 Jan 9 cathyfoxblog

This website is good for learning about programming and how to deprogramme. Deprogramwiki [8]

Also see Brookes book which I believe concentrates on healing rather than her time in the system. It is in the links below available on Etsy – avoids Google and Amazon, well done.

All this is an introduction to Brooke’s first interview with Emma, although there are several more, check out Emm’s Channe. The auto transcript for this one is after the links.

Bitchute EP 21: “Survivor Series Part 8” [2]

The Imagination Shownotes
On the 8th episode of our ‘Survivor Series’, we feature survivor, mother, and author, Brooke Federline, who has been speaking about her story for the last 5 years about growing up in the deep state cult that have been planning for the New World Order. For her entire upbringing, Brooke was unaware of anything unusual about her childhood and from the outside looking in, she appeared to look like any regular person in society. It wasn’t until she started having vivid and disturbing flashbacks and dreams of a past that seemed foreign yet familiar that she began questioning her sanity and investigating her past to find out that everything she thought she knew about her ‘normal’ childhood was anything but normal…

This episode dives into the world that is hidden from plain view and isn’t broadcasted anywhere on mainstream media. An underground world of horrors and deception most of humanity can’t fathom and many call a ‘conspiracy theory’. A world so hidden that it’s existence has gone mostly unnoticed in society until recently. And a riveting story of a young woman who realized only through digging into her surfacing memories that she was a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking, who was taken to D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) for MK Ultra programming (trauma based mind control) and occult training for her entire childhood. Since learning the truth, Brooke has courageously stepped forward to tell her story publicly and is currently authoring her second book (link below for her first book!).

Brooke’s story is important because it gives context to the bigger picture of what she is courageously using her voice to fight against and educate others on. There are still millions of children enslaved in this abusive, global system and business and until we decide to get loud about it and use our voices, their voices will continue to be silenced. I’ve learned so much from Brooke’s teachings and I hope you also take the opportunity to hear her story, follow her journey, and share and educate others on her content so you, too, can be a part of bringing the dark to light.

*Due to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube


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*Due to to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube

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[1] Bitchute s2E7 EP 21: “Survivor Brooke Federline – Elite Child Sex Trafficking, MK Ultra and SRA Survivor”


[3] You Tube BrookeFederline

[5] Brooke Federline Let there be Light book Break The Chains

[6] 2016 Jan 9 cathyfoxblog Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada

[7] 2020 May 29 cathyfoxblog Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins

[8] Deprogramwiki

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0:03 hey brooke how is it going thank you so much for being here with me today

0:08 oh good how are you i’m good you know all things considering hanging in there

0:14 yeah it’s always interesting because i’ve connected with people from the uk and

0:20 here in america all over and now you’re a significant time difference away from me too so it’s always fun to

0:26 see kind of where we are on the planet and how the times align yeah yeah [Laughter]

0:35 yes well your story was one that i knew as soon as i found you um i found you

0:41 through another survivor allison carter and i think a lot of people have found each other through

0:47 just this movement of bringing more awareness and people actually speaking out and your story captivated me and

0:54 touched me in so many different ways because the things that you’ve been through are things that most people have

1:01 never understood happen in the world and they’re things most people even if they

1:06 could understand happen could never understand going through them and i’ve learned so much from you

1:13 i said to you whenever you first got on here that i feel almost starstruck being being with you on this call because i’ve

1:20 learned so much and your influence already on me and on so many people has been so impactful and i know that that’s

1:26 just going to keep continuing as more people hear your story but i wanted to bring you on here um i’d

1:32 love to have you on for another episode or a few episodes to talk about certain topics that might be

1:38 a little bit unfamiliar to people but for this episode i wanted to share

1:44 about you and your story and introduce people to what you’ve been through who you are

1:51 and up to where you are right now so if you wouldn’t mind i’d love if you

1:57 would take the floor and we could start at your childhood if you want and just

2:02 tell as much or as little as you want about about you and your story okay

2:09 um well i grew up in new zealand

2:15 my mum and father uh

2:20 they were teenagers um

2:27 unbeknownst to me that you know mum being a part of the cult so

2:32 whatever story they told me about me being

2:37 conceived is probably not correct so

2:44 yeah but i was born in the north island of new zealand

2:50 and [Music] it’s quite a nice place up there

2:57 and so i went to school and

3:02 went to high school and i had a lot of um yeah i don’t have a lot of memories of

3:09 it because of um the amnesia so school was

3:17 school was alright from what the memories i do have and

3:24 then high school was really difficult i had friends though i made friends and

3:30 we’ve still friends to this day you know there’s only a few people that you’ll ever be able to say your true friends

3:37 and you know so i’m thankful that some of them are the ones that i went through high school with

3:44 a lot of them didn’t know what i was going through at the time

3:50 as i hid everything uh because you were told to hide everything

3:57 and then in my 20s i moved away for a while

4:04 things got

4:10 crazy and i moved

4:15 down to the south island now when i say things got crazy there’s

4:22 a lot of things i don’t actually remember because of the amnesia but i did have a lot of depression anxiety

4:29 and a lot of those sort of ptsd symptoms that

4:36 i didn’t know why i had them um

4:42 i had children not long after i was 30 i didn’t want children

4:47 and i didn’t want children because deep down inside myself i obviously knew what was going to happen

4:55 in the world and i yeah i didn’t want children because of this crappy we’ll just see that was definitely one reason but deep

5:03 down inside i obviously knew about what had gone on in my childhood and the new world order stuff

5:09 but i ended up having some after i was 30 and

5:14 [Music] then i started to

5:20 go to university and go and do psychology and criminal justice

5:26 to work in forensics so i started to

5:31 do part-time and that is when everything started to come unraveling in my life and come to

5:38 pieces that as we are the memories and the dreams that i’d had over the years

5:45 growing up uh came to the forefront and i realized that they possibly weren’t dreams that

5:52 they were actual real events and in psychology one day they put up the

5:59 power and control wheel and i realized that basically um

6:07 they were trying to tell me that it was wrong and my brain literally like snapped it

6:12 was it was like it just went to a grinding halt like and physically something hurt in my

6:19 brain when they were saying that all of the stuff on the power and control well psychological abuse

6:26 emotional abuse physical and sexual abuse was wrong and i was just like huh

6:31 i was like that’s been my whole life what are you talking about it’s wrong that’s just normal

6:37 what are you talking about and so yeah um

6:42 that was the beginning of my breakdown or what you would say is break

6:50 through in my awakening um

6:55 i started to dissociate which is a form of

7:03 escapism uh dissociative identity disorder is

7:10 formally known as multiple personality disorder and there is a lot of amnesia

7:16 around um dissociation and all sorts of crazy things

7:23 started coming out of me excuse me and i was telling people all

7:29 of these different things about the trafficking that’s going on worldwide and about freemasons and illuminati and

7:36 the new world order and satanic rituals mind control

7:42 i was sharing it all but i didn’t even know how or why i knew

7:47 it it was really freaking me out and who are you

7:53 was it your classmates that you were starting to open up to or were there specific people that you were telling

7:59 um online okay mainly and

8:04 then people yes i guess um my husband at the time

8:12 and friends that’s right yeah i did go around some

8:17 churches as well uh yeah and i just and my counselor yeah i didn’t know what

8:24 was going on at all she didn’t know what was going on at all or what any of this stuff was to do with

8:32 the new world order and for people who are listening you might want to grab a pen and paper or

8:37 open up the notes on your phone if you’re able to and just jot some of these things down that you’re going to

8:42 hear today um this is information that you’re never going to see in the news this is information that is coming straight from

8:49 the source and the things that brooke has been through from child sex trafficking to

8:55 satanic ritual abuse to everything in between an mk ultra programming um these

9:01 are going to be a lot of new things that you may have never heard before so if you wouldn’t mind brooke would you be

9:06 able to just give a brief synopsis or kind of elevator pitch on

9:12 what the new world order is because i know that that’ll be a prime topic that we’ll be discussing in this episode and

9:18 the other ones okay yep uh the new world order is basically one

9:24 world government and one world religion of worshiping lucifer

9:30 yeah so obviously one world government

9:35 and that is bringing all of the countries into a

9:41 i guess agreement or group and governing as one

9:47 government and one world religion which is every anything goes

9:54 sort of deal and that will be pushed from the top

10:00 which is at the vatican unfortunately

10:06 satan infiltrated the church and uh yeah so

10:12 they want everybody to worship whisper what they being the spirits behind the people

10:18 that are in power

10:24 and we’ll dive deeper into that i want to spend more time maybe on another episode kind of

10:30 dissecting and going through the structure of who they are and uh what the new world order

10:36 encompasses and kind of more who’s involved and how that’s structured um appreciate you breaking that down and uh

10:43 i think you were talking about who you were explaining your story to you before i interrupted you

10:48 um you want to pick up where you left off as a lot of people just thought i was

10:55 absolutely insane and i even thought i’m myself i was insane

11:00 and it really felt insane because of the post-traumatic stress disorder well

11:05 actually i have complex post-traumatic stress disorder so children who go through so much trauma end up with

11:12 complex ptsd um so that’s something else people can look into

11:18 and then yes everyone just thought i was nuts because all these people were asleep

11:27 have you had any ptsd at all in your life before the breakdown or breakdown

11:33 yeah yeah okay and you just didn’t did you ever what it could be from or did you

11:38 speculate uh so i did have an incident where i was

11:43 about seven years old where um i did some things with a boy

11:50 and uh this would constantly play in my mind and this is what they do

11:57 through the different projects is there’s one trauma that they’ll just make replay so it’s kind of like a

12:02 shadow or something covering the rest anyway this trauma um

12:08 yeah it it was weird because i did this stuff with this young boy and

12:14 most people would say it was sexual abuse but um for me it was really hard because

12:22 i knew what i was doing and i did it really well and

12:28 i never understood how six and seven year old could do that stuff very well

12:35 you know like yeah kissing and you know just all that

12:41 sexual stuff like and so for a long time i was like how did i even know what to do like why

12:48 was i so good at it like at that age that’s just i’m not saying i was you know like what i’m saying yeah that’s

12:55 such a hard topic but you know it’s like i knew what to do i knew how to do it it

13:00 was like how the hell did a child of six years of age know that stuff

13:06 and that’s what i would question all the time and i would i wouldn’t constantly in my mind um would tell me that i was a

13:14 [ __ ] and i was a [ __ ] and i deserved it and i did it i know now that there was the

13:19 programming but um yes i had ptsd all my life suicidal

13:25 self-harmful cutting alcoholic from the age of 13

13:31 um biking to school every day drinking vodka pissed before i got to school nobody

13:38 knew it um not even the teachers yeah

13:43 um so yeah i did have a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms

13:48 hyper vigilance um [Music] and things like that

13:54 but are the dissociation the amnesia masks at all

13:59 so yeah um and then i went through that

14:05 so there was about 13 to 17 years of age and then i had a break for a couple of

14:12 years it wasn’t that bad um and then in my early 20s

14:18 i got into a relationship that i didn’t want to be in um they put me in when i feel

14:26 because they put people along your path so um this person i wasn’t even with

14:31 this person and basically they were guilting me that they were gonna suicide if i wasn’t going to be with them so i

14:38 was stuck in a relationship with that person for four and a half years and that was a real bad time too

14:45 that was all the types of abuse as well apart from physically being hurt

14:51 and then my husband came along which he’s a

14:57 breeder he was interjected into my life right at that time

15:03 i didn’t know at the time and

15:09 then i yeah split up with the other one

15:17 and i never wanted to get married but i

15:22 ended up marrying this person um obviously because it was programming

15:27 uh and then not long after that

15:33 uh it was about a month or so after our wedding that my brother and father had an

15:42 argument and my brother brought up something to do with my mom and the abuse and stuff and that triggered me

15:49 and so then i started to have all this type of post-traumatic stress again

15:54 um depression anxiety all of that self-harm suicidal

16:00 and that went on for another few years and then the earthquakes happened

16:07 we went away so all this entire time over my whole period of my life i’ve always had

16:14 suicidal and self-harmful thoughts depression anxiety all of that so yeah there wasn’t

16:21 like a peach that’s for sure um i would just understand why and from the

16:27 outside it probably looked like you were a rebellious child instead of a traumatized child

16:33 yeah yeah so um so yeah and so that’s what happened when i started to break down

16:38 after going to um university and dissociating but all of this other

16:43 stuff was happening like and it was next level so

16:49 my counselor one day said to me do you think he might be multiple personality disorder

16:56 and basically i said if you and i left i was like what a crazy you know

17:02 beat and i just thought she was nuts and i went home and like something

17:09 obviously later something inside of me or the holy spirit maybe um

17:16 prompted me to look at what it was and it actually made sense to my entire

17:22 life and um so yeah i looked up what dissociative identity disorder was

17:30 anyway um i was real confused

17:36 and because i didn’t understand like i didn’t think i had ever experienced

17:42 anger or sadness or any of these sorts of emotions and obviously that was all amnesic to me

17:51 so i was really frustrated one day and i wondered

17:56 yeah that’s right i was like what is personality and i sat down to think about what my personality might be you

18:03 know like you know am i a happy person or am i you know

18:09 a sad person or i didn’t even know what personality emotions or feelings were at the time

18:15 and i sat down at the table and i was like right what is personality what is

18:20 personality god what is personality and i didn’t even believe in god back then

18:26 and i didn’t even realize it was him anyway but um next minute just like a

18:32 massive download hit me and i was just like writing all over the page all sorts

18:37 of different different types of personality traits and um

18:43 next minute some of these were in different sections and then they also had names and ages and i was like what

18:49 the heck is this and at the top i had written this big name

18:55 and a name and big capital letters and um i knew that that was my name i

19:01 was given and i’m just like freaking out inside of me really going what the hell’s this you

19:07 know like this is nuts but um it actually

19:12 really felt correct you know it was weird

19:17 and so i took that to my counselor the following week and she just like actually i only took half of it i only

19:24 took half a page because i didn’t want to freak her out like because i was freaked out because

19:30 there was 13 parts and that was not different handwritings or was there anything

19:36 eating it yeah and your hands just writing without really your control yeah

19:42 um and um [Music]

19:47 my head i don’t um i know at those stages i’d have lots

19:53 of headaches and the headaches would um come and go but now i know that

19:58 that was the different personality switching because when you first start

20:03 dissociating and switching personalities it brings on a dissociative headache one minute you’ll have a headache and

20:09 then the next minute it will be gone because another part of yourself has

20:15 uh come forward kind of thing that all switched

20:21 um so yeah she was like freaked out a

20:26 little because she’s like um yeah because one week i’m like saying no

20:32 she’s a crazy person and then no this can’t be right and then next minute i’m turning up with this like list of them

20:40 with names and ages and all sorts and just and you know like yeah and one was

20:46 called beast you know and like things like that one was beauty and like at that point i never ever thought that it

20:53 was disney stuff i never clicked for at least a freaking year and a half after

20:58 even knowing about mind control that i had had disney stuff

21:03 because i was like i was like super happy i was like i don’t have any disney stuff i don’t have any disney stuff and

21:09 then um yeah a year and a half later

21:14 somebody said about the movie beauty and the beast and i just flipped i was like oh my gosh

21:21 oh my gosh that’s two of those 13 parts was belle and beast i was like crap i do

21:28 have to stay stuff yes i i’m sorry keep going right

21:35 sideways don’t i um anyway so yeah i showed you that

21:41 we can’t you know and then the next stage really that i remember was

21:47 starting a facebook under that name at the top that i had written

21:53 which was probably the worst idea i could have done but i had no idea at the time

21:59 but that was the mk ultra name that they had given me you know that’s the one that will be on my file

22:05 like der me but anyway and so see what what mk ultra is because

22:11 i know we’re talking about it and you’re explaining it um but just as an overview that term might be really new to people

22:18 okay um it’s monarch programming so that’s something else they can look up trauma based mind control um

22:27 they learnt a number of years prior

22:32 back round the war time and maybe just previous to the war and after

22:38 that um to create an amnesic

22:43 person you need to traumatize the child before the age of six and that creates the different

22:50 personalities so they had perfected the art of war and mind control in world war ii

22:58 for the new world order which was to come

23:04 and what they did was that after that that’s when i guess they mapped out everything

23:10 and the people and the bloodlines and the programming and who they were going to program

23:17 to implement the new world order 30 odd years later 40 odd years later

23:23 so yeah um they train children

23:28 in their cult and they train them to be spies couriers

23:34 assassins [Music] they program them

23:40 which is sort of like a hypnotizing in a traumatized state

23:46 for a later date to go and do things and that’s where we find um that we have

23:51 false flags from because uh satanic sleeper soldiers have been triggered to go and do their

23:59 programming from when they were programmed back as a child

24:04 um yeah so you could look up

24:10 which i will trigger warning this but you can look up um trauma-based mind

24:15 control or fritz springmeyer illuminati

24:21 mind control slave i think it’s called and yeah there are other videos and lots

24:28 about it online um they did say that the project stopped

24:34 but it’s a big fat lie projects never stopped they just continued on

24:39 underground they sent out project paperclip doctors throughout the world

24:45 and they continued the mind control the mk ultra on their own families and on

24:51 the public

24:57 and when i say public that can be in mental institutions

25:03 in hospitals and also gifted programs they take

25:09 children from gifted programs or they did back in the um

25:15 80s and 90s and so on so yeah that’s mk ultra

25:22 there’s so much to unpack and i want to deal with i know on that um i appreciate you breaking

25:29 that down that’s one thing i was gonna say when you do research it it’ll say it was a cia program that was

25:35 discontinued decades ago and we’ll go a little bit into it and make it seem like it they just did it

25:40 real quick and it was over and that is something a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s it’s

25:46 never stopped happening and the ways that it’s been utilized has been just horrific

25:53 with why and who they’ve chosen to do these experiments on

26:01 yeah it’s horrible so i started that facebook page

26:07 um just so i could find out more about did and what

26:12 by the way what’s the difference between that and let’s just say multiple personality disorder

26:17 um well there is no difference did dissociative identity disorder was formerly known as multiple personality

26:25 disorder they changed it because it is a dissociative disorder it’s not

26:31 um yeah people will be able to research that there’s so much to go into its best

26:38 if people research it to get the right terminology because you’ve also got um

26:44 d-i-d-d-n-o-s which is not otherwise specified and you

26:50 have a lot of new disorders that are coming out and one of um satan’s biggest

26:55 secrets was to keep dissociation from you guys to keep dissociation from the public

27:00 that’s why it was not in the dsm manuals until the dsm-5

27:06 because they tried to hide that for so long because that is how people would have

27:12 figured out what was going on um yeah they knew about dissociation since

27:18 i think 1790 was when um uh i wrote about it in my book what’s

27:24 that guy’s name um uh i have to

27:29 starts with the e anyway he did the um he did these

27:35 psychological exams and he noticed this type of exchange to personality disorder

27:42 so they knew about it and that’s how when they started perfecting it you see um because they knew it come from trauma

27:49 when i was studying to be a hypnotist we we learned about association and dissociation and it was so

27:57 i never realized even in that training how how associated or dissociated somebody could

28:03 be they would give examples how some children or people can go through trauma and your mind almost blocks it

28:10 out and so you have these almost black parts of your memories that you either don’t remember and

28:16 you’re not aware that you don’t remember or it’s something you kind of purposely packed away and i didn’t i had no idea

28:23 the depth of the association how it can be so dramatic

28:29 with personalities and alters coming through um and

28:34 how how deep the trauma can be also yeah and that’s when so the cult then

28:41 took that and they used it for their own advantage and behind each personality or

28:47 amnesic barrier is a different part that can be trained to do what they want you

28:54 to do so i started sharing on this facebook page all about the new world order plans

29:01 um dates things like that i shared about shootings

29:07 sorry about that that’s what guys come here baby sorry you guys my doggy

29:14 come here

29:20 come here hello say hi everybody puppy braces

29:28 oh cute sorry about that you guys and um so yeah i was sharing all that stuff on

29:36 there and i was sharing how they wanted to start new world order here in new

29:42 zealand and in phoenix arizona first and what they were going to do

29:47 and then

29:53 that’s right and then um not long after that on the 6th of the 6th 16

29:59 i was taken for reprogramming and i only

30:05 knew that because the following day i woke up and i had all these bruises

30:11 over my body and sore back of my head and i remembered what had happened that

30:17 night which it all felt like a dream because you’re drugged and stuff like that

30:23 but uh it wasn’t a dream it was real and they took me and told me off

30:29 basically for telling everyone the plans and i didn’t even realize that i was

30:36 actually really doing that you know because i just found you or what have they been monitoring you

30:43 yeah yeah yeah and you uh [Music] no i had no idea i had no idea

30:51 yeah and so um that’s when i really realized that i definitely was

30:58 not lying and what i was sharing you know like i mean

31:04 i wish i was i wish i was making this crap up hey like i really wish i was but

31:10 um yeah everything is out there i feel like if i were to

31:16 think those things i would be really nervous to tell other people about them did you get nervous at all coming out

31:22 and explaining like that you knew these things no because i was just under at the time

31:28 before the six of the six sixteen i was i had no idea the depths of the tracking

31:34 and the um computer you know how they watch you and all of that stuff so i just made another

31:41 facebook page because i didn’t want my family to see that i was did um and that i was talking to other

31:48 people about it and then um yeah so [Music]

31:53 that’s why i did it and i just thought i was sharing anonymously you know because

31:59 it was this different name but then that name was my mk ultra name so you know

32:04 um i kind of just did really lead them to myself as well

32:09 but i had no idea and um yeah so i just would share stuff because

32:17 well it wasn’t me at the time it was my alters that were sharing it wasn’t me because i didn’t know any of the stuff

32:24 i had no idea that any of this stuff was real like i had no idea that i’d been through this stuff

32:31 um yeah so i didn’t

32:37 i was i guess so some people call the host personality like

32:44 the person who was born or the person who lives in the body’s life um

32:51 being the amnesia behind it

32:57 i didn’t understand yet what i was saying was true

33:05 or what my authors were saying was true i was hiding kind of i was stuck in

33:11 another part of my mind yeah frozen

33:16 because the altars were always fronting were you aware at the time of having

33:23 alters or no no not really um

33:29 it’s taken some time to learn which one when when they kind of um come out

33:35 or are close like to fronting uh

33:40 sometimes it can just happen just like that um sometimes you can cycle through them really quickly

33:47 and switching is just can be either sometimes so subtle people would never know

33:53 and then sometimes it can be so dramatic people were like well what’s that you know

33:59 a good example is a couple of people like katy perry switching on stage

34:06 other people you know like al roker what’s his name when somebody said holy ghost he just went

34:12 snapped and just froze um so that’s like a trigger and then the

34:17 altar will front and you the host

34:23 are amnesiac to it yeah it’s quite deep that’s hard to

34:29 explain sometimes too sure and so you woke up

34:36 the morning after going through something and no recollection of it

34:42 was that something that they had triggered in you to be able to get you to that location

34:49 or how did you end up there um they came into my house and sprayed

34:55 um the anesthetic and as i was already asleep anyway um

35:00 it just works by absorption into the um you know breathing it in

35:06 and then they just picked me up and threw me in the back of the boot oh my gosh

35:12 this isn’t it’s my it’s just heard of lee you want to know who it was

35:18 yeah well i won’t tell you who it was because i don’t know their names but those two

35:23 people were police officers oh my gosh

35:28 yeah you didn’t even wake up they just came in your house and

35:35 a spray so there’s a spray that exists that most people aren’t aware of that can have

35:42 basically it’s an it’s an anesthesia and you have no idea it’s being sprayed on you

35:47 no oh my gosh what did you do whenever you woke up the next morning

35:54 um when i woke up the next morning we had sleeped in i never sleep in

35:59 um and it was quite late the kids so i had been sleeping in the same bed as

36:05 the kids at the time so i believe that they were also sprayed i don’t know if they were taken i don’t

36:13 believe they were but um they slept in way past the normal time i

36:19 slept in way past the normal time so that was already the first like

36:24 thing for me in the morning when i woke up i was like whoa this is a bit crazy and i felt so messed up like drugged up

36:32 like you know how you feel groggy and just after surgery or something like that you

36:38 just feel so like oh my gosh you know and then i felt sore in certain parts of my body

36:46 saw in the back of my head i had flashbacks of my supposed dream from the night before

36:55 i’ve been thrown in the boot and taken to the hospital

37:01 electric shocked being told off the other parts of my dream were being

37:06 taken to a ritual taking up the top of the hill and then being back home again

37:12 where i was assaulted out in the back yard um and then put back in bed so that was

37:18 kind of like my dream but like by the by lunchtime the bruises

37:25 were appearing on my legs the patches where they had electric shocked me were appearing on my legs the lump in the

37:31 back of my head was quite sore and it felt like it um you know where a needle

37:37 had been put in you know when you get a needle in your

37:42 body or in your scalp you know you can tell you’ve had a needle and it was yeah um

37:48 that was sore i had a hand mark on my inner thigh

37:54 like finger marks um so yeah i realized that

37:59 wow okay i don’t think this was a dream i think this was real and nothing

38:06 yeah it was it was really scary there was nowhere i could go for help there was nobody i could call for help because

38:13 the help was the ones that had done it how did you end up remembering that it

38:19 was police officers was it was that part of your dream also where you saw them and i don’t know because it was real but

38:25 whenever you were going through everything it just felt like a dream state it felt like it was my dream you

38:31 know i remember being thro through i remember being dumped in the back of the police car i remember afterwards

38:38 being assaulted by him in the backyard and then the next morning i went out to the backyard and

38:46 um the chair the the two-seated chair

38:52 was laid down on its back the cushions were off of it and laid out on the grass

38:59 like um like a beard kind of situation so it was all still there

39:07 do you think that was on purpose too for you to go out and see

39:12 yeah or else they just didn’t tidy up after themselves yeah

39:18 do you know what the significance was why did they what was so important about that night that

39:23 it was the six of the six sixteen so six

39:28 it was queen’s birthday and um also yeah i had organized a do not

39:36 consent kind of thing worldwide where um my

39:42 followers or whatever my friends online um would sign do not consent forms and

39:48 we were going to go or take them to the government or local councils or parliament or whatever wherever we were

39:54 around the world on that date and so i think

40:00 that was retaliation as well as i had been telling people online about the new world order plans

40:06 and when they told me off so they electric shocked up my altar

40:12 and um the reason they knew that it was that altar was because i had cut the

40:17 name in my leg they had programmed the altar when i tell people when i tell

40:23 things to cut myself to cut the name into my leg and so they knew that it was

40:29 that alter that they had to tell off and reprogram um

40:35 and so yeah um they told her me

40:40 their altar that they can

40:46 that i couldn’t stop new world order whatever i tried it doesn’t matter what i do who i tell that i cannot do

40:54 anything um that nobody would believe me and also it doesn’t matter because they

41:01 can stop and search and seize property whenever wherever they want and even if

41:08 it is on and peak hour traffic on blah blah blah street

41:14 i won’t mention the street because then it gives it away but um yeah and that was my telling off

41:20 and i remembered that freaking clearly and then my altar was really really pissed off because they had hypnotized

41:28 her and put her back to sleep after telling her off

41:33 oh my gosh that is just especially because at this point too you didn’t know a lot about your

41:41 past so you’re experiencing all these things in real time and i try to put myself in your shoes

41:48 it it’s almost like having amnesia for your whole life and then all of a sudden these little tiny memories peek through

41:54 and you try to dedicate what what’s real and what’s not you had to have felt like you were crazy

41:59 i’m sure oh it was so it was i i did you know and

42:05 everyone else said i was going crazy and yeah

42:11 anything or no they just slept through the night

42:16 to be honest i don’t actually know they’ve never remembered anything they’ve never said anything

42:22 i checked them over um i checked their bodies for trauma

42:28 um i didn’t find any evidence of you know any trauma like if they had taken them to rituals they

42:35 would have raped the crap out of them like sorry that’s a bad thing to say but they would have raped them hard

42:42 like because that’s what they do and um sorry i should have trigger warning that but anyway um

42:49 they had yeah they had no signs of that so yeah at that point i was wiping their butt

42:56 you know like because they had little toddlers so yeah they um

43:03 they didn’t have signs of trauma so i’m just thankful to god and because those kids they always been

43:10 five o’clockers they always wake up at like five six o’clock in the morning you know and this was well past nine am

43:18 that we’ve all woke up and yeah they were quite slow that day

43:23 and all that too so oh my gosh they probably got the effects of the spray

43:30 because we’re all in the same bed and with cult accessing that’s the thing

43:35 they have they have access to your house they have access to you because also you’re chipped so they know where you

43:41 are they just have to hit the satellite and ding ding ding you know triangulate find you

43:48 um yeah and so yeah that’s what they did

43:55 oh my gosh and what did you do i know you said you can’t at that point you know it’s police that abducted you

44:02 you can’t call the police like most people would think to give advice

44:08 well why didn’t why didn’t she do that or why didn’t you what did you end up doing after that

44:15 nothing there’s nothing i could do there’s like literally nothing you can do there’s no way you can go there’s no

44:22 way to get help like i know i had been sexually abused as well but it’s like well there’s

44:28 nothing i can do like there’s no i’m not going for a rape kit hell no because you know next minute

44:35 they’re just going to come back and do it again um you know

44:43 a lot of the doctors are involved in the hospitals

44:49 as well so you know there’s literally nowhere so basically i

44:55 could just i just told my counselor because yeah she was she listened and believed

45:01 and i had a couple of friends online that i could talk to and they were survivors so they they knew it was real

45:13 how did you do anything more together what kind of came after a lot

45:19 um oh gosh uh so that was 2016. um

45:29 there was a lot of crazy times um

45:34 stuff went on with hillary in that 2a because i had said for ages that she was

45:40 going to fake her death on or before september the 13th i can’t remember if that was 2015 or 16

45:47 probably 16 a because of the elections um and then it happened um at the 9 11

45:54 when she fainted and all that they reported that she had died but she didn’t

45:59 they recanted the information as well so i totally freaked out because what i

46:05 knew was that then she was going to come here to new zealand and we were supposed to have the ritual

46:11 to bring forth and to the person who wants to be the supposed you know

46:17 one world leader um

46:22 at that point all those plans and things i wasn’t sure on years

46:28 or dates and things so but i believe that it was

46:35 2017 that they wanted something significant to happen september the 23rd

46:41 21st 23rd that period and then after that yeah i’m pretty sure they had some crazy

46:48 plans but um those were foiled i always knew that she was supposed to be um president as well and then when

46:55 she lost it actually broke the mind control as well really

47:01 yeah yeah it was like what next like waiting around for our orders you

47:07 know it’s like we knew that after that it was just going to be all how rogueless and chaos everywhere

47:15 one of the things that you said in one of your episodes on your youtube and you’re kind of talking to americans

47:21 you’re like you guys have no idea how lucky you are that hillary didn’t get elected because your country would be so much

47:28 different than what it is now and that really too because i don’t think a lot of people realize

47:35 just how lucky we’ve been here you know

47:41 god saved you and your butts for four years

47:48 basically so people could wake up

47:53 it’s so hard too for people to to comprehend that people at that caliber

47:59 of government of celebrity in a sense with people

48:04 idolizing these politicians celebrities whoever you want to look at but

48:10 hillary clinton that is so crazy to find out for people i know who

48:18 are just starting to absorb all of this did you know anything about hillary

48:24 before that or was that kind of your only premonition of of her and how did you

48:29 how did you piece together in your mind that you found that out oh um

48:35 i had already been having memories of her abusing me but i thought they were just made up

48:41 i thought there’s no way how could that woman do that i’ve just got to be crazy i must be psycho you

48:47 know like why would my mind make that up why would i have these memories why would my

48:54 brain tell me that she did that you know i had all these sorts of thoughts you know um

49:00 and um parts of me or altars were sharing that stuff online about who

49:07 was involved in the trafficking and stuff and even though i was i had i was

49:12 just like i thought i was going insane i was like no i can’t this can’t be real i can’t

49:18 like there’s no way there’s no way i wasn’t trafficked i wasn’t taken into america and taken to them these deep

49:26 underground military bases and programmed and blah blah and then yeah

49:32 after some time i started to find people that were called conspiracy theorists

49:38 and they were actually here they saved my life really because they were the ones you know sharing all

49:44 this stuff and they one time somebody said oh have you heard of kathy o’brien and i was like no

49:52 and um and they said oh hillary abused her too and i was like what the heck

49:59 hillary like what like somebody like somebody has the same memories

50:04 and literally yeah we basically have the same like similar memories of hillary

50:11 abusing us and um being in the projects and things like that that just tripped me out that

50:18 tripped me out no end because that’s when i realized that okay maybe my brain isn’t making this up

50:24 maybe i didn’t like imagine this because there was nowhere i had ever read it i had never read the script

50:31 before i never read it anywhere you know before i started sharing my memories it

50:36 was only after that and sharing the um you would order plans

50:42 that i um found out others had said they had the same memories

50:49 that’s something to move that i think people really need to take into account is why

50:55 and how does it make sense that complete strangers all over the world that live in all different countries come from all

51:01 different backgrounds have the same memories can recite the same names can recite the

51:08 same information they’ve never met each other but yet they’re conspiracy theorists

51:14 yeah people need to get mad about this like just listening to you like i feel my blood boiling just thinking about

51:22 somebody that people idolize and somebody that’s made to look prestigious

51:28 and respectable and professional and kind and generous in the public eye

51:36 and how it’s really just a facade it’s so people

51:41 are brainwashed to think something think a certain narrative so they don’t know the truth

51:48 and that’s the part i know it’s so hard for people to wrap their minds around but that is the type of evil that we are

51:54 dealing with and that is why this needs attention because a lot of

51:59 the people that we’re depending on to manage our countries manage the world

52:04 manage our states that were trusting to care about us they could care less about anybody but

52:11 themselves and that’s what’s terrifying is they’re put up on a pedestal out of

52:18 respect and behind the scenes they’re doing these things this is a child we’re talking about like

52:24 these are children that were abused by these people and we’re

52:30 they’re in an election to be the president of the most powerful country in the world

52:35 it’s just mind-blowing to me and i think again that’s why stories like yours are so

52:41 important because it sheds light on darkness that most people

52:47 are completely unaware of and i really appreciate you telling these

52:53 stories and using your platform to use your voice because i know that has to be really scary too

52:59 yeah you’re getting all these people coming to you with the same stories you’re creating these groups on facebook

53:06 what did you do to move forward from that and how did you end up

53:11 getting more memories um [Music]

53:18 uh so it’s a spiritual war as well these

53:24 people place demons over you keep watch and

53:31 a lot of the rituals being satanic in nature are against god and jesus they hate him

53:37 so much um so

53:44 yeah i got what people call saved or born again

53:49 i confess that i believe jesus came as a man died and rose again three days later

53:57 um i was delivered from demonic oppression

54:03 and um these entities that had been ruling me i

54:08 guess um and that’s when yeah i stopped having all those suicidal thoughts and self-harmful thoughts and stuff like

54:14 that the anxiety like totally delivered um

54:20 and then um god started yeah just i guess through the holy spirit revealing

54:26 a lot of stuff like i’d had memories right but i actually didn’t think they were real i just thought they were made up or

54:33 dreams and then he started sending me around people and

54:38 prophetic people and these people prophetically would pick up messages from him and tell me something

54:45 and there is no way in the universe that they could know that

54:51 stuff because they had no idea who i was but this was like intimate detail of things you know

54:58 and um so those are what confirmed the memories that i had had

55:05 so that’s when i started to be able to like you know actually

55:10 even think about them or process them because every time a flashback or a memory would happen

55:16 you dissociate because amnesia hits kind of so

55:23 then you forget it again but it’s actually you

55:28 you’re you’re amnesic to it the part never forgets so that altar never forgets so they hold it but you’re

55:34 walled off from that um

55:39 so yeah i would have flooding memories as well but because it’s so intense

55:45 and then another altar will come up and bring the amnesia you forget it’s yeah

55:52 it’s a bit hard to explain um but you can cycle through like say a

56:00 traumatic event in your mind like in a flashback all

56:05 right um like it’ll come up with a picture or a memory like a video

56:11 or however your flashbacks um come and then all of a sudden it’s

56:17 like might be in pain crying upset triggered badly

56:23 next minute another ultra will switch in and you have no recollection of why you were even crying or upset in the first

56:29 place so it took a long time to be able to piece

56:34 together memories because i didn’t write stuff down as well it’s better when you write

56:39 i stopped writing because i was too scared about what i was writing what i was writing was so scary

56:46 and because i was writing in different handwriting and all sorts i stopped writing

56:51 but now i kind of wish i hadn’t because it would all be there

56:56 but um i remember enough anyway

57:02 and um yeah so that’s how yeah i kind of remembered

57:09 more and integrated more of that into me

57:15 not so dissociative because of god i guess and confirmation from people

57:20 that you know that i wasn’t making it out

57:26 your story on how you found god too was really really powerful when i was

57:31 listening to it on your channel oh thank you yeah it’s pretty um

57:39 pretty um uh different

57:44 it’s a bit of a process but um yeah mainly it was just that day i like because i had thought about

57:50 suicide millions of times in my life but i come to this point after the um

57:57 abduction stuff and seeing the plans what what was the most stressful was actually seeing the plans

58:05 come to pass these false legs and things bombings earthquakes and things that is

58:10 what really shook me because it was like okay this stuff is so real

58:17 and my role was to track train and recruit satan’s army and implement new world order which

58:25 included killing all of the people that were against it and that is not my heart

58:30 no way ever like and so i was so scared that the programming would kick in so i

58:36 was willing to kill myself you know so that i wouldn’t do what i was trained to do you know

58:43 and um also as well because i didn’t want to live this life was crappy

58:48 um and so yeah one day i just i decided to like i obviously had

58:56 made i did make that decision and like god knew like that he had to get through

59:03 to me because that was the day and i was gonna do it like for the first time after all those

59:09 thoughts and all those plans and all those over the years over the

59:15 20 plus 25 years of suicidal ideation i’d

59:20 finally come to the point where i was gonna do it and um yeah he spoke really loudly i’d

59:27 never heard a voice in my life i never heard voices i i don’t hear voices

59:32 um i have heard the audible voice of god three or four times

59:38 and that was the first time and if well actually i did laugh that time um

59:43 because what i heard was the only help i’ll get is from god and of course because i didn’t believe he was real or

59:49 i just thought he was this a-hole that was gonna damn us all to hell anyway

59:54 um i laughed and i was like whatever god’s not real and then next minute boom something hit

1:00:02 me and came over me and drove me to a church all the way across town and while it was

1:00:09 while i was driving i’m freaking out because i didn’t want to be driving i didn’t know how i was driving

1:00:15 i didn’t know where i was going but i was going and i ended up at a church

1:00:22 uh here oh my gosh i can’t even imagine that would be the strangest sensation to feel

1:00:29 just that you’re closing a war yeah you’re conscious but you have no control

1:00:35 like you’re seeing through your eyes but your body is under control of something else

1:00:40 oh yeah something way more powerful than anything and way more powerful than

1:00:46 every principality power rule of darkness that was over me

1:00:52 so yeah just goes to show i guess i only just thought about that

1:00:57 um yeah and so i got to the church and uh i was like literally fighting i

1:01:03 was like what am i doing here i don’t even want to be here but i was stuck there and i couldn’t drive away and um i

1:01:11 was burning up and stuff and like there was manifestation and um yeah this

1:01:17 battle was going on for like half an hour and then i finally was like alright i’ve got to go in there because i just like i

1:01:23 can’t draw i couldn’t leave i couldn’t drive away it was weird and then um

1:01:28 so i went in there and instantly i just wanted to run i burst into tears and this old man grabbed my hand

1:01:34 and he goes don’t you’re not going anywhere i’ve got to pray for you and i was like okay

1:01:40 you’re crying i was like you have to and um

1:01:46 yeah his name was john and he um asked me what was wrong and i told

1:01:54 him that i was going to kill myself and then um something happened and i’d heard

1:01:59 this this thing tell me that the only help i’ll get from god but i laughed and then something

1:02:06 happened and i ended up driving there and i was trying to make sense but i probably didn’t at all and then

1:02:12 um i said about witches and wizards and um maybe granddad was one and

1:02:20 because he wondered why i was so you know so oppressed i guess

1:02:25 and then he went and got the bible and he read revelations 22 to me and that’s

1:02:32 where i found out that god knew about witches and demons and it just blew my

1:02:37 mind apart i was like what god knows about witches and demons this

1:02:43 is crazy and um yeah it was amazing and then

1:02:50 i didn’t um like do the prayer or anything that day it was about three or four months later

1:02:59 that i did get born again and a couple of different church visits

1:03:04 manifesting big time but um that’s where i found out god was real

1:03:10 because i was swearing at him in my head saying he wasn’t real and telling him to effing

1:03:15 prove it and he and then next minute the man in front of me his hand started shaking and i was

1:03:23 freaking out and i was like what’s this and then um he went up and grabbed the microphone

1:03:28 off the pasta and he talked about a fire ah no that was he talked about or he gave a prophetic

1:03:34 word that’s right and it was just like this man knows it’s me and i was

1:03:40 freaking out because he was saying everything that was to do with me and i was just like how does he know and

1:03:47 in my head i was going whatever god you’re not real whatever god whatever god whatever you’re not real and then

1:03:53 the pastor snatches the microphone of him and he’s like i see a fiery

1:03:59 fiery conception of fiery birth there’s just fire these fires fiery there’s fire

1:04:05 everywhere and i was just like oh my gosh oh my gosh god is real

1:04:10 god is real oh my gosh god is real oh yeah

1:04:17 because i was like how did i even know interesting is every survivor that i talk to has a very deep connection with

1:04:25 god and i don’t think that at all that that’s coincidence i believe

1:04:30 survivors especially on your level that have seen true demons it only makes sense that

1:04:38 there has to be an opposing force yeah yeah because afterwards like you know

1:04:43 with the memories and things like dead and the healing and him revealing things to me

1:04:49 like even just now you know that revelation about driving in the car oh yeah he had

1:04:55 to go through all like those principalities and powers and rules of darkness wow you know like he did

1:05:02 do that all my life but i never knew it like when i was being passed through the fire jesus was there jesus was holding

1:05:09 me up walking me through the fire but i didn’t know that you know um

1:05:14 and oh many other things what was i going to mention something else um

1:05:19 oh yeah one time i ripped her lean saved me and hit me and i wondered why the hell had

1:05:25 like a principality or a reptilian would hide me and keep me safe

1:05:30 from the bad means um and i keep wondering why did demons bow down

1:05:37 to me and i thought oh yes because i was an illuminati princess and this and that and oh yeah you know maybe that’s why

1:05:45 but one day it was just like it came straight through and it was just like no

1:05:51 it’s because of what was behind you and i was like what was behind me

1:05:57 it was like me and i’m like oh my gosh god oh they were bowing down

1:06:02 to you oh they were bound down to you not me do you know like and so i finally

1:06:08 figured you know god was always there yeah

1:06:14 um amazing yeah he is pretty amazing

1:06:19 oh my goodness so how old were you when this instance happened

1:06:27 five fish okay yeah and what age were you when the

1:06:32 church incidents happened which ones

1:06:38 the church instance of the church oh sorry the reptilian hiding me was when i was five that was a memory um and

1:06:45 the church incidences were about five or six years ago i got saved when i was 33.

1:06:53 wow okay yeah that was that was a little bit more not super recent but

1:07:00 it seems like i mean you just have so much that you’ve gone through in your life it’s amazing that you still have these

1:07:06 revelations happening even recent you know yeah

1:07:11 oh every day every day because god’s redeeming us all everything that they did for the new

1:07:18 world order he’s redeeming it he’s redeeming it all um

1:07:24 and you know yeah he’s done that for me different ways

1:07:30 and you know because like i was programmed with the dollar bill and i had lots of symbols and signs on

1:07:37 me and that um and in programming

1:07:42 um and like he’s healed things and kind of like okay so yeah

1:07:50 should i say this um so one of the names i was given was

1:07:55 phoenix i’ve already talked about this anyway so yeah i was phoenix and oh

1:08:01 one well yeah that was the name and um

1:08:07 and of course that’s on the dollar bill and all of that and they wanted the rising of the phoenix and all that stuff

1:08:12 and all this bad stuff to happen well god is raising his eagles end times army and

1:08:18 we’re to be like eagles you know flying high above the storm and um with sharp

1:08:25 vision and the ability to soar and the ability to attack and be able to like you know

1:08:33 see i pray from above and swoop down and just snatch it up

1:08:39 um yeah so that’s one way he’s redeemed it because

1:08:45 you know now i’m in his army and not the other army um

1:08:51 he’s redeemed things like symbols and signs in my life

1:08:56 uh the rainbow um the eye the all-seeing eye

1:09:02 i’m just in different ways personally you know um but yeah this is his redemption plan

1:09:10 and uh yeah so there’s lots of things going to happen

1:09:16 i don’t share a lot on my pages and stuff of the prophetic

1:09:22 things that i know that are coming along with the great harvest but um

1:09:29 yeah i know it’s coming and now going back to something you said

1:09:34 just a little bit ago you said that you were programmed with a dollar bill could you explain i’ve listened to

1:09:41 you talk about some of that symbology and i think a lot of people are very new to that

1:09:47 what type of symbology does the dollar bill encompass and how is that applied to your programming

1:09:53 specifically in your body um okay so on the dollar bill there is

1:10:00 the eye the all-seeing eye with the pyramid then you’ve got the seal the great seal with the phoenix on it

1:10:06 um and the arrows this and the olive leaves and the stars

1:10:11 they’re all different symbols um you’ve got a little owl in the right

1:10:17 hand corner um which is a lock um you have the

1:10:24 eleven eleven one one one down on each corner um because they do the counterfeit to

1:10:31 god a lot of people have been seeing 11 11 and waking up um which is the wake up code but

1:10:38 remember they do the counterfeit um and what else is on there uh under the

1:10:44 dollar under the eye sorry under the eye under rear infrared light which many people don’t know

1:10:50 um is a shape an outline and it is an outline of antarctica

1:10:58 and i was taken there programmed and

1:11:03 some of the programming involves leaving marks on our body not tattoos but marks

1:11:10 on our body that creates shapes um and so

1:11:15 they embarked me with different marks and it shows what programming i have they’ve done it to lots of us

1:11:22 um they kind of they’re just like freckles and they create them by

1:11:27 small incision and um like a needle and then electric shock

1:11:33 so yeah they look like freckles but they’re just created

1:11:38 um so i have that shape on me

1:11:44 um what else is on the dollar bill the back

1:11:49 there’s a whole bunch people can read the traditional right huh they’re

1:11:55 basically branding you right with these symbols yeah yeah

1:12:02 so yeah now why i think anybody listening and you’re

1:12:09 saying you’re going to antarctica why would they why do they take you to these remote places to program you what is in these

1:12:16 specific spots that you’ve traveled to oh all i remember from antarctica is

1:12:24 that there’s what i call monsters there and it’s gross they’re gross

1:12:31 like so most people see the puppets not the puppet masters right the puppet masters are like the

1:12:38 disgusting beings entities type things um

1:12:43 and some are kind of well they’re not flesh but

1:12:48 there’s some form of um

1:12:55 i don’t know how to put it um they’re not human

1:13:02 that’s for sure definitely

1:13:07 they’re not aliens it’s hard to explain um

1:13:14 so people manifest what they are inside right so you know a lot of um actual real

1:13:20 witches will have walked on their nose that’s him what’s on their face and not saying that everybody that has walks on

1:13:26 their faces are watched and not saying that at all not at all but um like if you were to see some of these

1:13:32 ones underground oh my gosh yeah you would be like oh now i get it you know

1:13:39 um they really are ugly some of these well yeah people i guess they’re people

1:13:45 but they’re deformed um

1:13:52 and they do a lot of um testing and stuff in different places

1:13:58 different places have different spiritual reasons so a lot of people go to antarctica for

1:14:05 different rituals um and montauk is

1:14:11 a different reason and bohemian grove is the spiritual realm for sure

1:14:16 um vatican is the spiritual realm

1:14:24 uh yeah marshall islands is for the physical um so the there’s different reasons they

1:14:30 go to different places so marshall islands was where they um

1:14:35 the physical stuff happens like they’re testing the military testing the experiments

1:14:41 um more bodily experiments harvesting of eggs

1:14:47 that’s where they harvested my eggs so i have babies out there

1:14:53 that i don’t know who i will be getting back one day god promised but um

1:14:58 yeah they harvest your eggs for breeding programs and so some of my kids will be in pea ultra

1:15:04 some of them will be dead but um yeah

1:15:13 no not all the time there is some up top um

1:15:19 so yes some are both in one facility you know what i

1:15:24 mean yeah um you know like you’ve got the vatican above and below uh marshall islands

1:15:31 above and below um some are just below

1:15:37 some are just above yeah there’s a different mix all over the world

1:15:45 here in new zealand there’s mostly below some above

1:15:50 in up north island in the military areas like

1:15:56 palmy and down south in burnham

1:16:03 they have a fema camp down south in christchurch

1:16:08 they have a fema camp up north in wellington

1:16:14 those are above ground in australia they have training facilities and the desert they are above

1:16:22 ground um

1:16:27 uh melbourne they have a lot of tunnel systems

1:16:33 yeah lots of different things varieties every single base in a sense

1:16:40 has a different intention or a different type of

1:16:45 program and that’s why you are sent to different ways there’s different programs that you learn in our install

1:16:53 okay so tell me this how many how many humans or children right now

1:16:59 are in the system do you know i have no idea but uh there would be millions of sleeper

1:17:07 soldiers like ma you know and and above 20 years of age

1:17:12 um living in society um

1:17:17 then you’ve got so the sleeper soldiers are the satanic sleeper soldiers who are

1:17:23 not awake or aware of their programming or are aware like you know like myself

1:17:28 or my friend holly um i’ve got a number of friend friends who are aware

1:17:34 um but yeah there’s probably millions

1:17:40 um i know ruster’s dust is a couple of million

1:17:46 but um yeah not quite sure

1:17:51 and then there’s the kids underneath below that are getting trafficked uh there are adults that live below

1:17:58 so what some what i used to call it is like i was allowed to live up top

1:18:04 um so i call it up top and others aren’t

1:18:10 and they live below and they don’t come out um

1:18:18 yeah sorry getting a bit fuzzy on it [Music]

1:18:27 i know and i know for people listening it’s not easy to hear either and i know you

1:18:33 talked about some of this on some of your youtube and obviously it’s probably a little more than the scope of of what

1:18:39 we were going to focus on today but i just think it’s important people understand that

1:18:45 she said millions this isn’t just she’s not just some anomaly that

1:18:50 you were just one of a couple this is this is millions

1:18:57 of children of of people that are living normally in society

1:19:03 i mean correct me if i’m wrong but these are probably people that we see every day we pass by we might even be friends

1:19:08 with them and yep we have no idea a lot of them will be in the system a

1:19:14 lot of them will be in mental health institutions a lot of them will be um

1:19:19 really messed up um on the street who knows but yeah

1:19:25 rastas does this is quite a number you know by now there would be and if they’ve

1:19:30 been doing this since i was a child in the 80s and you multiply even if you multiplied

1:19:37 a thousand right even if you just took a random number

1:19:42 like a thousand for the whole population in the world per year since i was born

1:19:50 like that just or even just in new zealand

1:19:56 that’s 38 000 and then say worldwide you triple that or even

1:20:05 you know 10 times that for america because america’s so huge

1:20:10 that would be like a couple of hundred thousand like 600 700 000 you know like

1:20:20 and then yeah yeah like just multiply that by all the years they’ve been doing it

1:20:25 and honestly one story like this is too many you know and this

1:20:31 this for people listening this should take your breath away and make you

1:20:37 want to take action so that is what we are grossly neglecting is

1:20:44 because we’re society is so caught up in not focusing on this in the news and in conversations

1:20:50 it’s just not a topic of conversation that people they don’t want to have it or they’re

1:20:56 so ignorant to its existence that it’s not a topic that would even be conceivable for them to talk about aside

1:21:02 from it maybe being a conspiracy theory that passes by them you know and yeah this is which is really fair because

1:21:09 god wants it to stop because the plans are for everybody’s children

1:21:16 it’s not and that’s why i stayed alive like i could have killed myself yeah well i don’t know maybe god wouldn’t let

1:21:22 me but um you know like it’s everybody’s children

1:21:29 that they want not just the cult kids or not just the stolen kids

1:21:34 that’s why they’re changing the laws and the statutes and stuff because they want everybody’s kids

1:21:40 you know so we have even as a survivor i have that responsibility of fighting for

1:21:46 people’s children that aren’t even awake because god doesn’t want that for their kids

1:21:53 does that make sense sorry i’m getting tired no none of us none of us should want that for anybody’s children you

1:21:59 know i don’t have kids myself but i’m so passionate about if i did or if this was

1:22:06 me as a child i would want people out there fighting for me and bringing awareness to this

1:22:12 and talking about it and not having it be something that’s so taboo to even have a conversation about

1:22:18 or to even bring somebody on a podcast for example to talk about this like why isn’t this talked about you know it’s

1:22:25 it’s just so mind-blowing that so many people don’t know what’s happening and that all this stuff is integrated into

1:22:30 society so deeply that it’s it’s normalized you know and like

1:22:36 we’re seeing that’s what they want to do is nationalize children yes we’re seeing

1:22:41 society being programmed you know it might not be the same type of program that you went through but it’s the same

1:22:47 it’s a programming to where people are brainwashed to the facade of how

1:22:53 things are and they’re not even introduced to what’s going on behind the scenes yeah and that’s what i wrote about in my

1:22:59 book is about the mass media programming and how you guys are being social conditioned to accept the agenda

1:23:07 and where can people find your book oh um i’ve got there on etsy

1:23:14 um i didn’t want it on amazon because they could just yeah i don’t know what they would have done um

1:23:21 so it’s on etsy uh i guess under brooke featherline

1:23:28 break the chains i can send you a link maybe yeah i’ll link it below for sure

1:23:34 yeah i’m just writing i’m just so that was basically just a gentle red pill like so

1:23:41 people they are awake can read it and like maybe it can um you know bring them

1:23:47 some revelation or you know my a bit of my story and then

1:23:53 it’s also for others who have absolutely no idea what’s going on but it’s not

1:23:59 like there for to scare them but to actually like bring them hope and give them ideas and and these prayers in it

1:24:06 that you know they can you know go through and um yeah

1:24:15 awesome definitely i will link that below and i say this on every episode especially

1:24:21 with survivors that have businesses like support survivors these are

1:24:27 amazing people with amazing stories and amazing experiences

1:24:32 and not amazing in a fact that it’s a good thing just the fact that they can now come and empower you with this

1:24:37 knowledge and a lot of survivors have trouble finding jobs they have trouble integrating back

1:24:43 into society because like you’re so tethered to being controlled still you

1:24:49 never actually really get to leave yeah supporting and supporting a dream and supporting

1:24:55 survivors that can go so far with for one educating people but for two helping them

1:25:02 yeah thank you yeah because it’s real hard for us to find work most of us struggle and then working

1:25:08 anyway like i mean i was poly fragmented d.i.d which means

1:25:13 i had so many fractures you know like i dissociate just like continually

1:25:20 or dead um god has healed so much um but because i dissociated continually

1:25:27 there’s no way i could uphold a job you wouldn’t know if i was going to be like myself or a

1:25:33 5 7 9 15 year old the next minute you know

1:25:38 right and that would be really hard even if you weren’t aware of it for a player to to manage that even if

1:25:46 it was you were cognizant of and probably even more hard if you are aware that it could happen to you you know and

1:25:52 yeah you’re subjected to other people seeing that yeah well because you stand there

1:25:58 because even though you might not look it in your mind like it’s like

1:26:04 oh i know that i’m not like who i feel i am in the body

1:26:10 i don’t feel like i’m this age all this big you know so you’re sitting there and you’re like you you just get really

1:26:16 quiet most of the time and you get stuck in your mind because you’re trying to look normal you

1:26:23 don’t feel normal and yeah it’s hard it’s really hard to explain dissociation

1:26:30 but yeah it’s hard yeah i will hear and music music has triggers like i was programmed with movies and music so it’s

1:26:36 like you go to the supermarket i can get easily triggered just by one song because of a sentence in a song that was

1:26:42 programmed into me back in the 80s [Music] and you guys think one of them you gave

1:26:50 a really great example that i think people can relate to of and i think everybody’s experienced this

1:26:56 at least once i know for me i experience this a lot because i’m i’m in my head a lot so when you’re driving if you’ve

1:27:02 ever driven somewhere and you end up there and then once you park and you say gosh that went by really fast i barely

1:27:08 remember driving here you know it’s almost the autopilot to where you’re

1:27:14 unconsciously doing something that you’re used to doing you’re just on autopilot but your conscious mind is

1:27:21 somewhere else and it’s not there you’re not actually realizing what you’re doing and i think that can happen

1:27:26 whenever you watch tv and you get really engrossed somebody calls your name and you’re just sitting there watching kids do that a lot and then

1:27:34 times later somebody’s calling your name you’re like what i’m like geez i’ve been calling you three times you didn’t even

1:27:39 answer and it’s like sorry i didn’t i didn’t even hear you you know and we don’t really think about it because it’s

1:27:44 so normal that that those types of things happen but that’s dissociating it doesn’t mean that

1:27:50 you’re unconscious it doesn’t mean that that you’re not you

1:27:55 but your conscious mind that you’re aware of in your being is

1:28:00 kind of in la la land a little bit for a little bit until you’re brought back to the present time

1:28:07 yep and i appreciate you sharing that example because that clicked with me i

1:28:13 was like oh that’s something i can relate to you know and something that other people can whenever it comes to dissociation

1:28:18 yeah because dissociation is a continuum everyone does it to a different degree um it’s just our end mind and survivors

1:28:27 at the extreme level where you have complete amnesia between

1:28:32 you know the different parts of south whereas most people like yourself you know you

1:28:37 have personas you have this persona how you are at work you have this persona how you are with your family you have

1:28:43 this persona of how you are um at the shop or whatever right whereas but you

1:28:49 know you are yourself that whole entire time whereas for us we have a different

1:28:54 personality here we have different opinions about

1:28:59 these things like you know one might one alter might like peanut butter one might hate it one might only like smooth you

1:29:07 know like there’ll be different opinions and then there’ll be amnesia between them like sometimes that’s that that’s

1:29:15 the next level so yeah there’s dissociation is definitely a continuum

1:29:23 but when it’s like mine it’s just like yeah yeah and i know that’s hard for people

1:29:29 listening if you haven’t gone through something like that it’s harder it’s hard to understand if not almost impossible to but just think about that

1:29:37 feeling of whenever you drive somewhere and you pull up and you just think gosh that was so quick i

1:29:42 how did i get here i don’t even really remember i was tuned out or i was listening music or i was super into this podcast i was listening to and i don’t

1:29:48 remember driving here you know that’s kind of a mild way of putting the association that i think everybody

1:29:54 can relate to in it in a very small way and so where does this leave you brooke where what’s going

1:30:01 on in your life today and how can how can people support you

1:30:07 um well the reason i talk about this stuff is

1:30:12 because god promised an army and an army of spiritual parents for the thousands of babies that are coming out of

1:30:18 darkness and that people need to know how to help and what to do and like you know what it’s like for us and

1:30:26 just a number of things so that’s why i share um what i do

1:30:32 um i am trying to finish off my other book which

1:30:37 is my actual testimony and i’m answering questions in it and i’m going through

1:30:42 different things in it um i

1:30:49 am helping sometimes other people like because a lot of survivors there’s

1:30:54 not much help out there at all and there’s no way you can go it’s just like that you know um but i

1:31:01 can find places or ministries um for some people

1:31:08 um but i can sometimes talk to others i don’t get involved with many because

1:31:14 it can be quite um it can be

1:31:20 difficult can be a difficult relationship because you can imagine you know like one person

1:31:26 with lots of personalities trying to have a relationship or a conversation with somebody else who has a whole bunch

1:31:32 of personalities as well like you know and then you add in the sra and then you

1:31:37 add in the spiritual war like it can get quite heavy and difficult in certain

1:31:43 areas especially if you’re on different paths and the programming’s

1:31:48 going off and yeah just lots of things but um there’s a couple of us that do

1:31:54 support each other online we have great online

1:31:59 group of us um that share

1:32:04 each other’s stuff and that

1:32:09 that yeah otherwise i’m just preparing for the days ahead because god promised

1:32:15 my babies back um from my stolen eggs and that that have gone through programming

1:32:21 um he’s promised thousands of babies to help people that need

1:32:29 to help so i’ve got to like interact with people on that level that want to help and run houses for

1:32:35 healing and things like that yeah there’s so much going to be going on

1:32:41 i don’t actually know how it’s all going to happen what’s going to happen or how i’m going to even do it but i know that god has

1:32:48 promised it so that he’s going to have to do it and i can’t worry about how or what or why

1:32:55 just let him do it um yeah

1:33:02 that sounds really hopeful i think a lot of people feel a little bit hopeless with everything that’s going on

1:33:08 do you feel like the conclusion to a lot of the chaos that’s been happening is leading to something really positive

1:33:16 yeah yeah well everyone’s gonna wake up and they’re just gonna go nah we rebuke you

1:33:23 oh we rebuke you devil you cannot do this you know yest is going to be the

1:33:28 great falling away and there’s the great deception and the great delusion and all that stuff but it’s all going to be

1:33:33 around the same time and the same topics and all that same stuff and that’s why god woke us up first he woke a lot of us

1:33:40 up first but we could help those other people through and then when everything’s said and done

1:33:45 i’m pretty sure like that’s when the survivors will be able to really come out and start to like you know get help

1:33:53 and whatever else

1:34:01 yes no it’s not on me i love you too

1:34:09 hi hi all right goodbye go

1:34:15 i’ll come get you dinner soon so yeah and that’s another thing gotta

1:34:21 look after them and prepare them and get them ready because they’re also spiritual seers

1:34:28 knowers you know so i’ve got to prepare the kids too

1:34:33 oh my gosh and i’ll link all of brooke’s information below and um

1:34:39 she has a great telegram channel she’s constantly updating she’s active on instagram so i’ll link all of brooke’s

1:34:44 information so you guys can go follow her and brooke my last question for you is what advice do you have for people

1:34:51 right now who are wondering what they should do what can people do right now to help

1:34:57 themselves prepare as well as maybe others

1:35:03 first and foremost understand it’s a spiritual battle um

1:35:10 and that there is also a deception to the spiritual realm as well so i want people to

1:35:17 be aware of that that god [Music]

1:35:25 is waking people up for a reason so that they’re not deceived

1:35:31 and yes there’s a lot of things that people might find out and look into and research and even follow and then find

1:35:38 out its deception keep asking for wisdom and discernment because those are the things that are

1:35:44 going to save us

1:35:50 definitely i know people who

1:35:56 follow different idols and different gods and things like that they won’t want to hear this but um

1:36:03 jesus christ of nazareth is the only way the truth and the life

1:36:08 and there are other spiritual entities out there that are manifesting as light

1:36:14 and they are fooling and deceiving people so people need to get right

1:36:20 and get truth into them um because even those who

1:36:28 uh pray to heal the sick and cast out demons in the name

1:36:34 will possibly be told um given the hand and told i do not know

1:36:40 you that’s in scripture so you know we need to really have discernment and wisdom

1:36:46 about who we follow um and the best person or the best

1:36:52 thing that you can do is to yeah pray for wisdom and discernment

1:36:58 and um physically get healthy metal heavy metal detox

1:37:08 and eat healthy cut out crap like sugar

1:37:14 and at home maybe

1:37:19 get some things that like orgone that

1:37:24 bounce off the emf um stop watching tv um

1:37:30 and then some people might feel the urge to stock up on supplies like food and

1:37:36 water not just for themselves and their family but for other people as well and

1:37:43 some people might say oh that’s a lack of faith because god says that he’ll provide but to be honest god wants some

1:37:49 people so that they can be the providers for others so yeah it’s just the smart

1:37:55 you know things like that yeah i think that’s good advice all of that

1:38:02 even without everything that’s going on um and i think that if everybody listens to that and if everybody takes action

1:38:09 even just a little bit to go in that direction we’re gonna have a lot better chance at being our best selves

1:38:15 and being healthy enough to defeat any type of of evil or any type of

1:38:21 event that happens in the world so i really appreciate you sharing that brug

1:38:26 thank you thank you for having me on and it would be great to talk again brooke thank you to you like i said as soon as

1:38:33 i heard your story i i’ve wanted to connect with you because i your story is just it’s so impactful

1:38:40 there’s so much to learn and the way that you break things down it’s really palatable for people to understand so

1:38:45 i i can’t imagine the bravery that it takes for you to talk about this over and over again

1:38:50 and i thank you so much for your courage and for coming on here to share your story and i know i’m gonna have a lot of

1:38:57 questions from people so i’d love to have you back on and and answer some of those but in the meantime thank you so

1:39:03 much for all that you’re doing to bring awareness to this well thank you too yeah thank you for

1:39:08 the opportunity of course well you have a good night and i will talk to you soon and everybody

1:39:16 please go subscribe follow brooke all her information is below and please connect with her follow her

1:39:23 support her and anything else that you can do to help share her message please share share

1:39:29 share share so guys i’ll see you guys next time brooke thank you again and i hope you

1:39:35 guys all have a wonderful day see ya

1:39:40 bye

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Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver?

Elon Musk is bloodline. Not only is he bloodline but he is in the very inner circle of bloodline, brought up and trained for a specific job in the end times that we are now a part of.

Just before I get into the meat of the article, I will point out that since last blogging on wordpress I have blogged 3 posts on substack.

2022 Apr 9 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter 1. Community Social Media – Odysee [21]

2022 Apr 15 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter Lara Logan on Child Trafficking [22]

2022 Apr 23 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter 2. Community Social Media – Bastyon [23]

Often now I will also post first on substack even if I am posting elsewhere, as technically it can work better that way. 2022 Apr 29 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver? [24]

In line with my experimenting and supporting community social media, and turning away from large corporate sites where possible I have also published this post directly on Bastyon and Publish0x.

2022 Apr 29 Bastyon Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver? [25]

2022 Apr 29 Publish0x Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver? [26]

Although on the free Gab they do not have blogs, I do post all my links and much more on on there, as although they are centralised, it is not Big Tech and they have the most rigorous free speech policy, and infrastructure robust enough to be independent of big tech. Gab CathyFoxBlog [27]

As well I post mostly on my Telegram FoxyFoxyWolf Channel, although telegram is run by one of Schwabs Young Global Leaders but free speech at present…

Now, after the housekeeping messages, onto the article,

Elon Musk is bloodline. Not only is he bloodline but he is in the very inner circle of bloodline, brought up and trained for a specific job in the end times that we are now a part of.

Two whistleblowers, to my knowledge, have already come forward that have said this of Elon Musk. One is Shalom Girl who was housegirl to the Musks.

Shalom Girl states that when he was a child Elon was called “el elyon” which she says in hebrew means god god most high. [2]

She also says “I was told that Elon would lead the great deception”. Maye Musk, Charlie Manson & Rosemary’s Baby [2]

She adds “Jesus said be not deceived many would come in my name go ye not after them the time draws near” [2]

Shalom Girl once asked one of May Musk’s friends if Elon was the antichrist. She replied “No, but he will present the mark and when you see him do that the antichrist will take the stage” I Asked If Elon Musk Was The Antichrist [2]

She says he tried to sacrifice her in the spirit world when he opened the Abyss Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons [2]

So according to Shalom Girl, Elon will “lead the Great Deception” and he will “present the mark”. Elon Musk, the Abyss and the Great Deception… [2]

Quite what deception, as there are so many, is unclear and the mark could be the “mark of the beast”.

1965 Maye Musk named me Rosemary at birth. Remember Rosemary’s Baby? 1978 Maye sends for me to come care for Elon. Elon’s name was El Elyon and Maye called herself Light. Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman, Elon’s grandfather, faked his own death 1974 and was up to no good in U.S.A. labs. They’re the Illuminati and planning world take over. Since I started telling you the truth, my family history is being deleted off the internet,, military records, school records, and the census records say my grandfather never survived ww2 and socked Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman up, Elon Musk’s grandfather. Dr Haldeman was arrested for being a TECHNOCRAT LEADER and kicked out of Canada 1940. #OperationPaperclip, #OperationMockingBird, #OperationMidnightClimax, Jesus Christ saved me

More of Shalom Girls testimony and links here Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends [2]

Jessie Czebotar – The other whistleblower is Jessie Czebotar who was trained to be the successor of the Queen Mother of Darkness, but chose not to accept the role.

She has stated that Elon and her were in a core cell group of 3 in the illegal secret experiments organised by Ukrainian Nazi Michael Karkoc, Aquino and Brennan.

“there was a core group of boys that I grew up with you know, so I will I will admit that he was one of the three in the core cell groups that I went through with the looking glass’. He also was involved in the Star Wars now projects with us so he went through the same training sessions with you know the Nazi gentlemen [Karkoc] as well as with Aquino and Brennan with me and my training partner. So yeah so there’s there’s high involvement there, you know. Very scientifically minded, it did not surprise me when I found out that he was heading up space force or bringing forward a lot of the prot technology that would it advanced the projects that connect into that spiritual world” autotranscript [1]

Level One, Alice and the Looking Glass

Looking Glass focused on learning how to look into the spirit world and try to manipulate time or play with events as they would unfold in time.

For this one they need three children who work in conjunction. The children learn to see into the spiritual realm, but

  • One child only can see what the end result will be.
  • One child can not see what happens in the end, but can tell step by step what the process is to get the end result
  • The last child sees every possible choice and the consequences of that choice

From those three they piece together the best possible choice and the steps to take to get there, in order to get the end result they desire. [5]

Jessie went on to say “When they have six children who can work in conjunction in Alice project they move them to next level of experiment which is Level 2 StarWars Now project.”

For more on Looking Glass also see MJ4 Majestic – Dan Burisch, Stargates and ET [12]

Level 2 Star Wars

They throw in a random seventh child who has wild card gifts, meaning that they don’t know what this child can see or do or how they work in conjunction with others.

They draw a pentagram, five children stand at points of pentagram. Two children in the  middle.

This is done in a huge warehouse like room, so the pentagram is massive. The children at the points had to be about twenty feet at least from Sunshine in the middle, and the ones  at points reach out hands toward one another, but can’t touch due to the distance apart. 

They have learned to extend the energy their bodies emit. This creates an energy (harmony and resonance) the two children in middle can draw upon. This was called Ground Zero or Base Field or Home Base or Base Camp.

Outside the children in the middle, there are two other energy fields they create.

  • The first is the magnetic field which equals demonic beings singing and connecting to allow their energy to be tapped.
  • The second field is called the electromagnetic field which consisted of high priests and priestesses giving their energy to be tapped.

The two in the circle are the ones who are to draw on all this energy to enhance their personal harmony and resonance. 

With it being a pentagram, which is summoning holy ground, the two in middle have unlimited access to summon as many demonic legions they can. That is one of the childrens’ job.

They are to funnel through the demonic hoards. The other child holds open the heavenly gates so the demons can flood through. Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [5]

This is the whole objective of the Satan/Lucifer plan – to usurp the throne of God and take control with hordes of demons flooding through the gates of heaven.

To achieve the opening of the gates, he has abused these children via Karkoc, Brennan and Aquino to be able to open the gates and summon the demons at a time of his choosing.

The antichrist has been in charge of the Luciferian plan to seize Gods throne since 24th April 2020.

One of Jessie’s roles was to oversee the consummation of the antichrist. Her ritual name was Sunshine and her training partners was Moonlight.

I went into great detail about this just before the event was to take place Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [7].

The antichrist is represented lying down before his raising, in the “antichrist shrine” above Gloria Vanderbilt’s bed. Sunshine is represented on the left facing it and moonlight on the right.

Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [7]

Although the 5th reading of the books to consummate the antichrist did not go ahead on that date, he still assumed the position. [10]

The Queen Mother of Darkness is still alive and was not succeeded by Jessie due to her choice, but is no longer the Head of the Illuminati. That is now the antichrist, a change to a patriarchal system.

The other ritual, the storming of the spiritual gates to heaven to take over gods kingdom is also yet to take place. [10]

Who is the antichrist?

That is an important question.

How can we tell? As largely the satanic forces are reactive, anti… Christ, against the role of Christ as messiah, they spend an inordinate amount of time in their symbolism to mock Christ. So he will come from the lineage of David, he will be able to do signs, wonders and miracles. He will proclaim to be the true Messiah and lead Israel and all mankind into deception. All of Israel will believe he is the long awaited Messiah, then you shall know…

He is probably a known personality at present, but his role of course is not yet known. At present though who he is is not important, nor is the probable price worth paying for revealing it, even if I knew, which I do not. There are many lower hanging fruit, and other knowledge of the system that can be spread.

Besides revealing the antichrist could just result in a change of individual. The antichrist is a title, a position, not the individual per se.


Obama is the new Phoenix, having taken over from George Soros as the head of the Satanic Council overseeing the destruction of old order and the building of the new. Obama is now running the Satanic Council [10]

This is, if I understand correctly, the destruction of the overtly dark side, to be replaced by the even more devious and deceptive light side. Just as the political parties mean nothing and are controlled by the globalist cabal, so too the dark AND light side both work for the same side.

For more on this see Lifting the Wool blogs, who does incredible research from time consuming videos and all sources to piece together as best she can what is happening in the Illuminati. Perhaps start with her most recent, which is partly about the two sides of the illuminati Former Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett [14]

For further information on issues and positions in this battle see Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm [11]

Is it a coincidence that Elon’s bid for twitter happened around the 24 April, the anniversary of the rising of antichrist 2 years ago, and also over Easter time the resurrection of Jesus?

Restoration of free speech to make it in line with free speech laws is better than the truth being banned and only the globalist narrative being presented, but is it just another deception?

Does Elon buying twitter put him at odds with Satan’s end times plans or will there be a twist that reveals a sinister motive?

If the satanic globalist cabal are against free speech on twitter then they will find ways to deplatform via “at every level of the tech stack from DNS, to hosting providers, app stores, email services, and more. Some of the top investors in Silicon Valley are already predicting this, as if to say they already have these wheels in motion! Gab overcame and rebuilt from absolutely nothing through all of these hurdles.” [16]

Is Elon Musk now in a fight with these?
Is it the just the normal betrayal taught to illuminati? [20]
Is it a fight between light and dark sides of the illuminati?

I have not studied much about end times – eschatology, nor do I intend to, as there are so many interpretations and my time is better spent on other things. However just to show the multiple levels of deceit, Carolyn says there are plans for a fake antichrist… [15]

2015 Carolyn Hamlett – Illuminati Plan Fake Antichrist Before The False Messiah [15]

Interestingly like many Luciferians, Elon Musk’s first born died. [18] Elon is just Illuminati West Quadrant of the US. His father however is International. [10] His mother well…

Elon is very much on message as regards the WEF Great Reset Luciferian agenda….

Elon’s actions appear to align themselves with the satanic cabal, from using Starlink to help Ukrainian Nazis to Neuralink linking humans to chips and artificial intelligence.

Elon has also said “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the devil.”

This graphic neatly illustrates Elon is on message… … well he is one of Schwabs 2008 Young Global Leaders Young Global Leaders–Anderson Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio Are In The Most Exclusive Private Social Network In The World. [21]

Also see Patrick Wood asks: Will the real Elon Musk please stand up? [18]

Elon and Jesus

The normally satirical Babylon Bee broadcast an interview on solstice 2021 in which they asked “Babylon Bee is a Christian organization and we’re a ministry. … To make this church, we’re wondering if you could do us a quick solid and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? … Personal Lord and Savior. It’s a quick prayer.”

Musk responded, “I agree with the principles that Jesus advocated.”

“There’s some great wisdom in the teachings of Jesus, and I agree with those teachings,” he said, pointing out forgiveness and the Golden Rule.

“Things like turn the other cheek are very important, as opposed to an eye for an eye. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” Musk maintained. “Forgiveness is important, and treating people as you would wish to be treated. Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

“As Einstein would say, ‘I believe in the God of Spinoza,'” Musk said, referring to the quote believed to have been spoken by Albert Einstein in 1921. Einstein was believed to have said, “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”

Musk added, “But hey, if Jesus is saving people, I mean, I won’t stand in His way. Sure, I’ll be saved. Why not?”

“I think he just said yes,” Nicolle said. “We got him.”

There is a bit more and it is best to watch to see the body language and Elon’s darting eyes. However I have not watched him closely before and the darting eyes may be a feature of people brought up in this abusive, satanic Monarch mind control system. Gloria V also had darting eyes which is meant to be why she chose the patterns she did.

2021 Dec 22 Odysee Babylon Bee Interview Elon Musk says he agrees with Christ’s teachings as Babylon Bee hosts ask him to accept Jesus as his savior [9a]

If you want a bit more video about Elon, when Elon was going out with Grimes…

Bitchute Its a shame, see for yourself, Elon Noooooo [19]

Concluding Questions

What exactly is Elon’s role for end times?
Will Elon turn his back on his mind control training and Luciferian handlers and his attached demons and be saved or is it just another deception?

What will be Elon’s choice?


[1] 2020 Jul 30 wordpress cathyfoxblog Illuminati Whistleblower Jessies Interviews with David Zublick 5,6,7

[2] 2021 Feb 12 wordpress cathyfoxblog Elon Musk, the Abyss and the Great Deception… with autotranscripts

[3] 2021 Feb 12 substack cathyfoxblog Elon Musk, the Abyss and the Great Deception…

[4] 2020 Nov Shalom Girl 1978 Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends

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[9] 2021 Dec 22 You tube Babylon Bee Interview Elon Musk says he agrees with Christ’s teachings as Babylon Bee hosts ask him to accept Jesus as his savior

[9a] 2021 Dec 22 Odysee Babylon Bee Interview Elon Musk says he agrees with Christ’s teachings as Babylon Bee hosts ask him to accept Jesus as his savior

[10] 2020 Jun 4 cathyfoxblog Obama is now running the Satanic Council continuation of end times, Elon Musk’s father was international, but Elon is only in US West quad, Jacob Rothschild is International, his son is only in US.

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[16] 2022 Apr 26 Gab Elon Buys Twitter Now What Gab Responds


[18] 2022 Apr 18 LeoHohmann Patrick Wood asks: Will the real Elon Musk please stand up?

[19] Bitchute Its a shame, see for yourself, Elon Noooooo

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[26] 2022 Apr 29 Publish0x Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver?

[27] Gab CathyFoxBlog

cathyfoxblog social media links

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Hampstead – The Great British Cover Up

Sabine McNeill, targeted and jailed for her role in whistleblowing on allegations of ritual abuse, is now free and creating again.

Sabine studied maths and computing in Germany in the sixties and a ‘digital veteran’ who had many websites.


In London, she volunteered as a McKenzie Friend (lay legal adviser) and learned from victims about ‘the system’ and its abuses and corruption. The victims encountered injustices of many different kinds – especially in the Family Courts and with the policy of “Forced Adoptions” [1], exacerbated by gag orders on parents who cannot speak out in case their “legally” stolen child is identified.

Sabine submitted petitions to Parliament and took the issue to the EU Petitions Committee, and this video is Sabine doing that.

2014 Mar 22 youtube It’s too much Sabine McNeill Peti Committee [2]

As the video is old and on the cia google youtube platform, notorious for spying and censorship, the auto transcript of the 6 min video is included at the very end of this post.

Sabine was prolific on the internet and one of her seventy odd websites was about the Association of McKenzie Friends McKenzie Friends [3]. This attracted the attention of the mother of two children then 8 and 9, to contact Sabine, asking to help her retrieve the children from Police.

The children had accused their father of organising a cult that regularly abused children of which 72 were named. There were 175 named abusers including 20 Police officers and 30 teachers in 8 schools, and a church. 

Police protected the father and local judge Vera Mayer transferred her case to High Court judge Anna Pauffley. The mother wanted “return the children to the mother or we go online.

The judge had no intention of returning what became known as the “Hampstead whistleblower kids’. The judgement of Mrs Justice Pauffley Re P and Q 2015 Mar 19 pdf [4] is an extraordinary example of ‘judicial whitewash’ and ‘institutional denial’.

Pauffley’s judgment mentions Sabine and claims that 4 million internet viewers were either evil and/or foolish. Pauffley retired early and was also the judge in the also controversial Holly Greig case. A summary of the Hollie Greig Case is found on this link, mired amongst much other Scottish establishment child abuse, The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues… [12]

The system reacted as it always does to accusations of abuse, particularly ritual abuse – deny, and denigrate the whistleblowers and helpers. The system still tries to pretend there is no ritual abuse, despite all the evidence.

When Theresa May was Home Secretary, she published this article The Daily Telegraph. Child abuse in the UK runs far deeper than you know [5]

Theresa May was among the recipients of the online petition that Sabine had launched: Return the whistleblower kids to their Russian family which had reached 17,000 signatures before it was removed.    

Three years after the “whistlblower kids” Judgement, Sabine was found guilty to have ‘harassed’ four of the named abusers by telling the truth of what had happened on her sites. The children had described their tattoos, birthmarks, piercings and drawn their genitals. The innocence of her accusers was never established.

The Crown Prosecution Service / Police kept Sabine on remand for 9 months during which time the maximum sentence for harassment had conveniently for them been raised from 5 to 10 years. She was given 9 years and deported to Germany after 3 years and 11 months.

Police had used an informant to lure Sabine to an event where speaking to a confidential church contact was interpreted as breaking her bail condition. Previously she had been given a “Restraining Order” even though she was acquitted in a case against her and another who refused the same order.

In prison Sabine found out how this route is a tried and tested method to meet the crime targets the Police has to hit.

To keep occupied in prison largely without internet, (and even a computer was only permitted for 18 of her 47 months), Sabine thought about maths with coloured pens and graph paper. The result is #PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns on launched on 1 April 2022. [10] Its worth checking out.

Sabine’s “early release” ie forced deportation, happened with a security team of 5, plus at the airport, two teams of 4 in two shifts at the airport. All this for an 75 year old whistleblower, and indicates the importance of shutting down the case for the globalist criminal cabal.

To read about the Hampstead case then the best sites would perhaps be Aangirfan who covered it at the time. Their website unfortunately went down recently, and the reason why is not clear to me, but there is archive here 2016 Feb AanIrfan Satanic Abuse in Hampstead [8] and Aangirfan are also on Gab [11] At one time prior to around 2012 they were just about the only bloggers exposing child sexual abuse.

An unanswered FOI – WDTK Hampstead Case [7]

More recently there is a very comprehensive summary by Joachim Hagopian of PedoEmpire series, Chapter 31 The Hampstead 2 Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult’s MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation [6]

Video out last month from the SGT Report

SGT Report Hampstead Uncovered : Seven Years Later [9]

This post [100] cathyfoxblog Hampstead – The Great British Cover Up


[1] Forced Adoption website

[2] 2014 Mar 22 youtube It’s too much Sabine McNeill Peti Committee

[3] McKenzie Friends archive

[4] Judgement Mrs Justice Pauffley Re P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding)

[5] 2016 Aug 5 Telegraph Child abuse in the UK runs far deeper than you know archive

[6] 2020 Jul 3 Joachim Hagopian PedoEmpire Chapter 31 The Hampstead 2 Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult’s MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation

[7] WDTK Hampstead Case

[8] 2016 Feb 1 AanIrfan Satanic Abuse in Hampstead

[9] SGT Report Hampstead Uncovered : Seven Years Later

[10] Prime Numbers Store 

[11] Aangirfan

[12] 2014 Mar 31 cathyfoxblog The Tragic Magic Circle – Scotlands Shameful Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Continues…

cathyfoxblog social media links

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK

US /World Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, SRA, Illuminati etc

(some may be out of date twitter accounts but may be useful for finding the archives)

Healing Resources


Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

Svali Resources

Cathy O’Brien e book

Sunlight resources

Posts with Important Links for Individuals

[100] 2020 Apr 27 cathyfoxblog Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati Whistleblowers

[101] 2020 Apr 25 cathyfoxblog Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control

[102] 2021 Oct 10 cathyfoxblog Child Trafficking by the Jesuits

[103] cathyfoxblog Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

[104] 2020 Sept 21 cathyfoxblog Fiona Barnett’s Long Goodbye

[105] J

Links still incomplete

Covid 19

Vaccination Reactions

Europe -EUDRA [206]





Open Vaers [202] allows browsing and searching of the reports


Moon []


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

Transcript of video [2] 2014 Mar 22 youtube It’s too much Sabine McNeill Peti Committee

I must say I’m very very very tempted to

respond to everything I’ve heard so far

which was shocking in terms of the

Commission as far as I’m concerned

because we are here with a large

delegation of people and I am speaking

on behalf of 1000 children taken a month

in the UK 90 please respect the

committee do not upload I’m sorry the f5

button doesn’t work oh yes it does a

hundred thousand children a month and

ninety thousand or nine or 100,000

children a month are too much when our

individual cases too much when is paying

too much I can assure you I’ve seen

enough individual cases and there are at

least one Belgium journalists were seen

enough individual cases and there is one

in the journalist twist of a Booker who

writes regularly about individual cases

but nothing changes and nothing has

changed in the UK that’s why we are here

today we are here crying for help they

are children screaming to be hurt if you

don’t hear at those children scream who

will only the United Nations that has to

be our next step what are you living if

you cut if you only preach those

wonderful laws it is exactly the gap

that mrs. janaka has spelled out the gap

between the judiciary and the

enforcement if painting is done somebody

comes and checks whether the paint is

done properly you better check whether

the children are kept in the best

interest in the social services in the

UK the best interest is they are taken

for emotional risk future emotional risk

and then what happens to the

it is just too much I can only tell you

that you it is a shock therapy that I

have gone through over the years and I’m

supposed to convey that in three of five

minutes now we r 32 family sitting there

I have considered one case as the worst

one where the parents are sitting in

prison for seven years I’ve visited them

in prison they are amongst 200 who are

taken into prison a year that’s what we

are facing Jon hemming is the only MP

who stands up regularly what does it

what has this activity changed nothing

we are here to expect change because

what’s in the unique in the UK has been

mentioned already parents are threatened

with imprisonment they are all

intimidated they don’t dare to speak out

because if they do they get they’ll end

up in prison two hundred a year already

in 2006 forced adoption Ian Joseph’s is

the veteran he’s been watching this case

since that these problems since the 60s

he still get six to ten calls a day he

is safe because he’s in monaco he’s

beyond UK jurisdiction he calls it

punishment without crime so I republish

his website with exactly that phrase

that’s exactly what’s happened what’s

happening the children are punished and

the parents are punished I am not so

interested in all of these private

custody issues either I am interested in

the systemic systemic institutional

abuse of children and parents which is

an under mining of society that’s what’s

happening in the UK and I’m saying that

as a German who doesn’t have children

who doesn’t have grandchildren but

knowing what I know and not to act on it

would be against my conscience these

people don’t seem to have a conscience

that’s what’s happening that’s what we

are up against and I thank you for it

and sympathy with the mother but I want

you to act on your conscience and with

your feelings please I happen to get off


the censorship of of contact is the most

cruel thing that’s what’s happening to

children we’ve got with us the approach

of this family who’s five children have

been taken they can treat speaking in

Portuguese it is too much to describe

each and all of the problems that’s what

I’m telling though so I had to see i am

a system analyst i lead i try to find

the patterns that connect i’m here with

people from Wales they have seen it more

closely than we can in London it is too

much to believe I don’t blame you if you

as the committee you can’t take it

either and don’t believe it it is true

unbelievable what is going on you cannot

imagine that that’s happening in a

western country the UK with its

wonderful image um thank you so much we

are not that in aware of it but there is

this little gap that we are dealing with

and we have to complete it it’s a pickup

and a fan and this is a destruction of

the European idea i completely agree

with you it is Absalom much thank you so

much um oh yes i would like to complete

this first circle of own oh sorry yeah


I thought I had five minutes and i’m

sorry i didn’t work look at that time

but i would like you to mind the traps

between the institution’s we are here in

a battle for britain’s children and that

includes all of the children from all of

the countries that are in Britain kept

and held by the authorities we hope for

a special investigation that’s our

request and i hope you hear our cries

for help thank you

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Secondly this is a list of my saved twitterthreads on @pingthread, which can be visited either on this link [1] or each individual link, see below, i havent yet categorised them. They miss out many photos but have saved valuable links. Not ideal but better than nothing…

No @threadreaderapp threads have been saved after my twitter ban, so I would suggest always saving with @pingthread.

Update 2022 Mar 29 Thirdly, just before my ban I had started using a third thread saver called @rattibha. Just “@rattibha unroll” is the command, (see and they also give an option to download pdf. I have now found where I filed some. The first 3 are expanded to read embedded, the last 3 after the pingthread links are not. WordPress seems to vary, idk why.

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[101] 2022 Mar 25 Substack FoxyFox Pranked UK Reveal War Plans

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Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

Svali Resources

Cathy O’Brien e book


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The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

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I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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LFH 6 Jack Maxey Finds More on Hunter’s Laptop

Ann Vandersteel interviews Jack Maxey who has a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop and has gone to Switzerland to be safe, whilst carrying out a forensic analysis of the laptop.

Jack Maxey used to be cohost on Steve Bannon’s Warroom. He obtained the laptop from Rudy Giuliani in 2020.

He gave a copy to Daily Mail last year who hired Maryman and Associates to examine it. They found 128,000 emails and 27,000 pictures.

Jack says he was about to publicly release everything he could. However he says he has just discovered more than double that of emails and quadruple that of pictures, which Hunter had deleted.

Unfortunately it appears that Maryman and Associates did half a job – either intentionally or incompetently.

Jack says he has found things with national security implications which he cannot talk about.

He also says there is evidence that Hunter was grooming and abusing his 12 year old niece. He also says there are many young girls on the computer.

Metabiota, inside Ukraine is a US Department of Defence contractor and operation. They are involved in the biolabs in Ukraine.

The Chairman of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky [2a] is the largest shareholder of Metabiota. Jack says they have violated agreements on weapons of mass destruction and this is why Joe Biden had to stop Zlochevsky being prosecuted by getting the prosecutor fired. Black and Veatch are also implicated on the computer.

Burisma write about their “secret biological projects in Ukraine”.

Jack also blasts all the Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee as being corrupt, the laptop copy also having been given to them July 8 and they have done nothing.

Here is the video…

2022 Mar 22 Rumble Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell with Jack Maxey is this end of the NWO? [1]

Chillingly on one social media message (see below) Jack accuses Bidens of working for China.

Also in one disturbing message from John Deloche, Rosemont Seneca to Hunter about Metabiota is…

“They are digitising the microbial world. What Palantir is to the CIA, Metabiota is to the USDA” (US Dept of Agriculture)

Palantir is notorious spy software… are they somehow spying biologically/genetically via food or pharmaceuticals?

These are some emails that Jack has released on his Gab and Gettr accounts, added to which is the picture of Zlochevsky.

Why is it these psychopathic thugs look so smug?

Burisma Holdings Limited (Ukrainian: Бурісма Холдингс) is a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. It is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, but based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Burisma Holdings has operated in the Ukrainian natural gas market since 2002. It is one of the largest private natural gas producers in Ukraine.[4][5] It is owned by Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky through his company Brociti Investments Limited (Ukrainian: Бросіті Інвестментс Лімітед).

See how the media lies and lies and lies… 20 mins of Corporate Media Lying about Hunter Biden

Rumble 20 mins of Corporate Media Lying about Hunter Biden [3a]

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[1] 2022 Mar 22 Rumble Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell with Jack Maxey is this end of the NWO?

[2] Wikipedia Burisma archive [2a]

[3] 2022 Mar 19 OneNewsPage 20 mins of Corporate Media Lying about Hunter Biden

[3a] Rumble 20 mins of Corporate Media Lying about Hunter Biden

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Covid 19

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Open Vaers [202] allows browsing and searching of the reports


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The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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Scott Ritter – Analysis on Ukraine

Scott Ritter was a US intelligence officer, and then a UN weapons inspector. Scott correctly identified that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, before the illegal US invasion of Iraq whose justification was based purely on this incorrect fabricated premise that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction.

Scott gives an excellent anaysis of the current Ukraine situation and geopolitics surrounding it. No doubt wikipedia will soon be amending their propaganda to call him a conspiracy theorist… [3]

My only criticism would be that his analysis is done on the basis of countries rather than from the higher standpoint of the puppetmasters pulling the strings behind the scenes.

On the basis of country analysis then the suicide of the US and western financial system makes no sense, whereas it does if it is a satanic globalist takedown of the system, a new world order to be rebuilt from the chaos by the satanic phoenix after a significant depopulation.

However on the basis on traditional geopolitical analysis Scott Ritter does an admirable takedown of the myths and propaganda that the West likes to promulgate and gives a fair assessment of the situation in Ukraine.

The video below is a bitchute video, which will open in a new tab. The part with Scott Ritter is about an hour in.

Please as much as you can stop supporting the google/youtube spy/money machine and actually support the more free speech alternatives with your time and views.

The autotranscript is at the end of this post.

2022 Mar 20 Bitchute Scott Ritter Military Intelligence Expert on Ukraine Conflict [2]

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[111] This post 2022 Mar 21 cathyfoxblog Scott Ritter – Analysis on Ukraine


[1] 2022 Mar 20 You Tube Scott Ritter Military Intelligence Expert on Ukraine Conflict

[2] 2022 Mar 20 Bitchute Scott Ritter Military Intelligence Expert on Ukraine Conflict

[3] wikipedia archived Scott Ritter

[4] Substack FoxyFox blog

[5] 2022 Mar 20 Foxy Foxy Blog Biden Crime Family


0:00an american regiment you know and the point i’m trying to make is you know war is a bloody vicious thing

0:08and when you fight a competent military competent militaries tend to perform competently and what i mean by that is

0:14you’ve given the opportunity to beat you up they’re going to beat you up no one should ever think for a second

0:20that the ukrainian military is not one of the most competent militaries in the world today i mean they’ve been since

0:272015 they’ve been on the receiving end of billions of dollars of nato training

0:33and equipment um this isn’t you know your your old soviet style conscript military this is

0:39a military that is trained to nato standards meaning that a ukrainian battalion that has been trained by nato

0:46is interoperable with nato you can literally plug out you know a german

0:52plug in a ukrainian battalion and they should be able to operate uh with with everybody else these are highly skilled

0:59people well-equipped well-led and well-motivated

1:04uh they’re a formidable force and there’s a lot of them um you know there there’s two hundred

1:10and 000 regular forces uh there’s another

1:16310 000 reserves um plus then you have the intelligence forces the border guards and other

1:22security forces you’re looking around 600 000 well-armed well-led highly motivated

1:30competent ukrainian defenders now in in war um you know this is just standard

1:37military math uh the people going on the offense want to have a three to one advantage at

1:43least you’d like to have four you’d like to have five but at a minimum you don’t even consider initiating offensive

1:48operations unless you have a three to one advantage now if you’re going up against six hundred thousand ukrainians

1:55that means you need one million eight hundred thousand men before you could even think about beginning

2:01offensive operations the russians are coming in with around two hundred thousand basically they flip the flip the grid on

2:08this one they’re coming in with a three to one disadvantage which no sane person would ever

2:13recommend when it comes to offensive operations because most of the time when we’re thinking offensive operations

2:18we’re thinking about the conquering of territory the seizing of ground

2:25but russia made it clear from the beginning they are not there to occupy ukraine

2:31they’re there to accomplish two things one denotification

2:36that means they’re going to hunt down and they’re going to destroy every azov or azov like unit in ukrainian military

2:42there will be no mercy shown and no mercy is being shown two is the demilitarization what they

2:48mean by that is because ukraine opted to become a proxy of nato even though they’re not a nato member their military

2:55behaves as as if it is a nato member it acts as a nato member it trains with

3:01nato it deploys with nato so it’s you know everything but you know being

3:07stamped we are nato russia will not allow this situation to exist so it’s

3:12going to demilitarize it gave the ukrainians an opportunity stay in your barracks we’re going to come in and

3:18we’re going to dismantle this nato machinery um and we’re not going to kill anybody we don’t want to kill anybody

3:23we’re going to we just want to get rid of this nato machinery so that whatever emerges after this

3:28is not going to be a nato proxy and these two military objectives were attached to a political objective which

3:34is ukrainian neutrality that ukraine can never be a member of

3:40nato so this is the military operation that russia is doing so its goal isn’t

3:45to give its goal isn’t to capture karkov its goal isn’t to capture capture odessa

3:52its goal is to destroy the ukrainian military and in the process destroy these neo-nazi-affiliated

3:59military organizations that were absorbed by the military and it’s doing just that

4:05uh in in the east you have the militias which are basically russian military proxies they’re equipped by russians

4:12uh they’re they probably have a lot of russian officers and ncos mixed in there um and they’re trained to russian

4:18standards their job in military terms is to fix the enemy that means that i’ve

4:23got 120 000 of ukraine’s best forces in the east and one of the reasons you have

4:28to ask yourself why did ukrainians put so many people that far east the russians claimed because they were getting ready to launch an offensive

4:34operation of their own um i don’t know i haven’t seen the russian paperwork and as you know as we

4:40all know in war the truth is the first casualty so i’m not going to believe anything until

4:45i see it what i do know is that the donetsk and lugansk people’s militia

4:51reached out and grabbed on to the ukrainians and they’re not letting oh and those you could they shake them they

4:57fight casualties on both sides but when ukrainians try to withdraw they reach out they grab them again and they’re

5:03fixing them in place meanwhile the russians are doing classic pincer movements

5:08now they’re not doing it as rapidly as you might want to think because the goal isn’t just to do the pincer the goal is

5:15to destroy ukrainian military formations as you encounter them and that’s what they’re doing they’re

5:21grinding through the ukrainian military they’re gonna meet outside the the the the ukrainian city of nepal

5:28nepal petrovsk and they’re going to trap 60 to 120 000 ukrainian uh military the

5:34best in the in the ukraine military trap them in the east when that happens it’s all over they’ll they’ll they’ll surrender or die

5:41they’re doing the same around kiev they’re just grinding by by approaching kiev

5:46they’ve compelled ukrainians to split their logistics they now have to support a major

5:52military defense around kiev as well as try and support the east and

5:57it’s hard to do logistics war is all about logistics i mean you can have all the tanks you

6:03want in the world but if they don’t have gas you’ve got nothing and uh

6:08or i’m sure yeah i’m sure as well a myriad of other little pieces and parts that have to go with it and well the

6:15maintenance is an issue too but let’s just assume that everybody has well-maintained tanks when you run out of gas it doesn’t matter the tank

6:21becomes useless artillery you know the an interesting thing you know you’ve seen these videos

6:27of the multiple uh rocket launch systems mrls where you know um okay that’s cool looks pretty very

6:35destructive on the other end but once you fire that off you got a useless piece of junk you got a vehicle with a bunch of tubes in it until you put more

6:42rockets in it those rockets have to be come in a truck that truck has to drive forward and you

6:48need a bunch of those trucks if you’re going to launch a big thing no one told me that in order for a 1 mlrs battalion

6:54to be resupplied it takes 90 trucks okay now that’s applies to the russians

7:00and that applies to ukrainians the russians have been blowing up all the fuel depots they can find the

7:06russians have been blowing up all the ammunition depots you got you got artillery wonderful you’re highly

7:11trained in its use great you run out of ammunition you got nothing you got the best trained men in the world run out of

7:18food they run out of water they’re just hungry and thirsty and waiting to give up and this is what’s happening to

7:23ukrainians the russians are grinding them and ukrainians are grinding back i mean you know they’re they’re they’re

7:30winning tactical victories but operationally the russians are just pushing them and pushing them and

7:35pushing them they’re controlling the operational tempo and they’re succeeding in grinding the ukrainian ability to

7:42wage cohesive warfare down to nothing but now i i really want to know when was

7:48the last time a major ukrainian unit had a had a resupply

7:55and the answer probably is not recently because if you move you’re getting killed the russians are blowing you up

8:00um so they’re you know at some point in time the ukrainian military is going to cease being a cohesive coherent fighting

8:08force no matter how brave they are no matter how well equipped they are but the russians are grinding them down and

8:14they’re doing it with flipped math 200 000 guys are grinding down 600 000

8:22guys it’s one of the most amazing things when this story is finally told people are

8:27going to be studying forever all these people right now are saying oh the russians are doing so poorly the russians this

8:33maybe they are maybe i’m getting this all wrong but you know i i’ve studied military history i think i

8:39know how to read a map i think i know how to look at you know balance of forces i think i know how to study

8:45logistics and and stuff i think i’m reading this right and i’m pretty sure

8:50um the ukrainians know i’m reading this right and i’m pretty sure the russians know i’m reading this right uh this war

8:56is closer to being over uh than than many people think so what about all this

9:02talk of sending in aid and lethal weaponry and uh and these so-called

9:08kamikaze drones well let’s let’s be clear the the

9:14javelin missile has turned out to be one of the greatest assets the

9:19ukrainians have in addition to the to the the bravery of their troops again i will never denigrate you the courage and

9:26the tenacity and the skill of a ukrainian soldier i mean from a military perspective

9:31they deserve everybody’s admiration these guys are putting up a heck of a fight and we’ve given them some great

9:37tools these javelins are killers uh in the russians i don’t think when this first started i don’t think the

9:43russians appreciated just how dangerous these javelins were i think the russians are learning they’re adapting their

9:48tactics and they’re making it more difficult for the ukrainians to employ the same thing with the stinger um now

9:54they’re going to have a new weapon there’s these uh i forget the name of the of the drones there’s a stingers or something like

10:00that uh it’s fire like a mortar

10:07it looks like a mortar and it fires it up and then it goes out and it’s autonomous you fire it and it’s done it

10:13goes over and it’s looking and it finds something if it matches the database

10:18that it has it goes down and it and it hits it um you know

10:23but you know the thing about every system like that you know they’re going to fire a bunch they might get

10:2920 30 40 russian vehicles because they’re going to kill a lot of russians using this stuff and that’s one thing

10:36we’ll get back to in a minute um but every system has its vulnerability and the russians are going to figure it

10:41out and uh they’re going to do something they’re going to jam it they’re going to figure out

10:47how to detect it how to shoot it down how to defend against it depending on its warhead

10:54maybe the application of some chicken wire overhead might stop it i don’t know but you know the russians will adapt the

11:00thing is this will not change the course of the battle this will allow the ukrainians to win

11:06tactical victories but it won’t change the operational and strategic reality of a ukrainian defeat

11:13what it is doing is killing russians and let’s let’s put on our american hats

11:18for a minute remember how glad everybody was that uh bassim suleimani was killed

11:24i mean because that sob was responsible for killing 600 americans in iraq

11:29that son of a gun was giving them ieds and directed and they were killing americans and we hate them well guess

11:36what we’re doing the russians right now we’re killing russians and if you think the russians aren’t

11:42getting really really mad at us right now think again they are furious

11:48they are so angry it’s not even funny and then someday there will be hell to pay there will be

11:54a price because um i’ve learned anything about the russians uh they’re very they’re great people

12:01but um they don’t forgive very easily i can imagine not

12:07i want to uh scale back a little bit here to just before all of this started you made

12:13an excellent point and it reminded me of well i i know somebody who likes to

12:19drink uh mainstream media kool-aid so to speak and they’re they’re all in on uh

12:26ukraine and ghosts of kiev that every propaganda bit that has come out about it but he’s

12:32he’s saying oh nate nato doesn’t want russia or nato

12:38doesn’t want ukraine in there at all and that they’ve declined it but you make the point that uh

12:46they were more like a proxy state of nato i mean what would you say to somebody who’s

12:51like oh well that would never happen they would never be in nato but why is nato taking such a fancy to ukraine i

12:57guess would be a better way of putting it one of the great benefits of being in nato in fact is the only benefit of me

13:04you know formally is article five um the the the you know uh attack against one is attacking install it’s

13:10never really been tested by the way uh and if you read the article it’s it’s there’s no guarantee first of all it

13:17says an attack against one should be an attack against all but every nation gets to consider on an individual basis what

13:23it’s going to do in response and the response doesn’t necessarily have to be military innate

13:28we fooled ourselves into believing that article 5 means everybody gets involved because during the cold war we front

13:34loaded article five that nato army that i was talking about what you know 250

13:39000 americans 100 000 brits a whole bunch of germans all working together it

13:44was front loaded we everybody deployed everybody up front ready to meet the russians if they came across there

13:49wasn’t going to be any mobilization any meeting of the mines they were on automatic war footing that doesn’t exist

13:56today today all that military capacity has been dismantled and withdrawn um in

14:02order to reconstitute it um you know nations are going to have to come together order mobilization uh and

14:09it’s gonna have serious economic costs and uh it’s just not automatic uh the

14:15the notion that nato will automatically respond is absurd uh you know especially

14:20depending on what’s going on i would imagine that if russia out of the blue attacked poland that nato might be

14:26motivated enough to come together and defend poland but if poland was involved in regime change operations in belarus

14:32and got got engaged in belarus uh let’s say under an article four

14:39um engagement in article four is the really dangerous aspect of nato because article 4

14:45is the consultation aspect where article 4 has been used unlike article 5

14:50which was done one time right after 9 11 to put some awax aircraft over american airspace totally symbolic put some ships

14:57out in the mediterranean totally symbolic it’s never been used in a true combat environment article 4 on the

15:03other hand was invoked to help dismantle the former yugoslavia article 4 was

15:09invoked to bomb the capital of serbia for 78 days article 4 was used to dispatch nato

15:16troops to afghanistan article 4 was used to remove muammar gaddafi from power in libya article 4 has some teeth it’s

15:23operational it’s been used in offensive operations and it’s been used for regime change in serbia for sloven milosevic

15:30uh in afghanistan for the taliban and in libya from muammar gaddafi it was also

15:36used to send a nato training mission even though nato didn’t participate in the 2003 invasion a nato training

15:41mission went to iraq in 2004 thereby providing legitimacy to what was

15:47a massive violation of international law so you know article 4 is the um is is

15:54the is the risk and right now we have article four has been activated uh poland and the three baltic nations have

16:00have convened an article for consultation about the situation in in ukraine um and this is a dangerous thing

16:07in fact next week they’re going to have an emergency meeting we’re going to talk about what can nato do uh about this let’s get back to ukraine

16:14um first of all ukraine was never going to be a member of nato not as it’s currently constant

16:20um one of the things about nato is you can’t allow a nation in if it’s got ongoing territorial disputes

16:27because uh by doing that under article five you are automatically

16:32going to war and so nato says you have to be free of territorial disputes you have to come in

16:38clean so that when we absorb you we know what we’re getting we’re not bringing in some conflict on its own and

16:45ukraine because of crimea has an ongoing territorial dispute now there was some talk a while back and russia even said

16:51before before um you know the current situation the russians said look

16:57our red line isn’t ukraine going in nato per se if

17:05you detach crimea and the donbass from article 5. that

17:10means if you allow ukraine in with the going in assumption that crimea and

17:16dombas will never be considered article 5 issues um then you know we would not be happy

17:22about this but we wouldn’t do anything about it that that has changed obviously that

17:27that criteria changed and they they weren’t happy about uh ukraine but the other thing is ukraine

17:34is and this is what people tend to forget ukraine is the most corrupt country in europe

17:41i mean we’ve lionized zielinski as if you know he’s somehow the modern-day incarnation of of churchill we forget

17:48that this guy arrested his political opposition shut down opposition media and made a

17:54close alliance with neo-nazis well ariel but he’s jewish he would never do that really then why is he

18:00handing out heroes of ukraine medals to these guys why is he glorifying step on bandera no

18:06he has made a deal with the devil in terms of the as of battalion guys um

18:11but this is why they would never be allowed into nato nato is a consensus-driven organization there’s 30 nations that have to agree one nation

18:18objects ukraine’s not a member and there’s a lot of nations that object to ukraine being a member but ukraine’s

18:24utility was never as a member ukraine’s utility was as a thorn in

18:29russia’s side rand corporation in 2019 published a study a study that was ordered by the

18:35department of defense they didn’t just make it up on their own it was how do we trip up russia what can we do to

18:41destabilize russia down the road the number one thing was you suck russia into a conflict in ukraine

18:48and you say wait a minute so you’re stating right up front that’s our goal to suck russia in meanwhile sending

18:54we’ve built a permanent american training facility in ukraine where the united states

19:00trains five battalions a year to nato standards for the sole purpose

19:05and i’m not making this up there’s a department of defense slide that shows us we train five battalions a year to

19:10send them to the donbass so they can kill russians so we’re creating the conditions for a

19:18military conflict and that’s the utility of ukraine it’s it’s exists um

19:24in the minds of nato in the in the united states uh solely to destabilize russia that’s all

19:32that so would it be accurate to say that this is a

19:38buffer state war so they’re fighting over this this buffer zone basically

19:43is that it’s bigger than that because um russia has made it clear that um they’re

19:48all in on the concept of redefining european security framework uh that you know the the the old you

19:55know nato gets to expand any way it wants to and deploy its forces inside the nato uh you know nato territory and

20:01the way those days are done russia said no that’s over uh we’re not going to be satisfied

20:07until you withdraw non-national forces meaning that if you’re a polish army guy you stay in

20:12poland but if you’re not polish you don’t get to go to poland you have to go back to

20:181997 lines meaning any expansion that took place prior to 1997 is okay that means unification to

20:25germany but you can’t go into the baltics you can’t go into romania bulgaria you can’t go

20:32into hungary you can’t go into poland um that those are basically nato free zones

20:37meaning no non-national forces to be deployed you have to dismantle the two anti-ballistic missile systems that are

20:43in poland and romania and if you do this then russia will say

20:48okay we can live with that now nato has said that will never happen i’m telling you right now it’s going to happen

20:54it’s going to happen because russia is going to win this war and then russia has done something in belarus that a lot

21:00of people aren’t picking up on the permanent redeployment of major russian military formations offensive military

21:07formations combined with the deployment of russian nuclear forces they haven’t done it yet but they’re going to has

21:13changed everything in terms of the dynamic of nato and now nato’s question is going to be how do we

21:20reverse that and the only way you’re going to reverse that is to pull your troops back 1997.

21:25now there will be a cold war for a while but it’s going to be too expensive i mean europe can’t afford to spend the

21:31hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to get their military up to the point where they can actually

21:37have a a a a cold war-like military formation facing off against russia over

21:43the belarus border so um no this this is uh ukraine’s just the the first initial

21:50movement of the of the chess pieces on a big chess board playing a game that putin understands but i don’t think the

21:57west does yet we’re looking at a uh an economic war here as well though the the us nato

22:05canada we’re we are in a sense at war already with

22:10russia because of these economic sanctions and other measures that have been taken how effective are those and how do you see

22:17that affecting things overall well that’s why we’ll just look at history the history of sanctions has not

22:23been a good history but they don’t work um you know we put uh you know

22:30what was the term that we used uh on on on iran the uh i don’t know i forget the

22:37ultimate sanctions or something of that but basically we we we hit iran with everything we got and they shrugged it

22:42off and said we don’t care they do care look let’s not pretend that sanctions don’t hurt they do they do

22:49they don’t change policy all they do is actually make uh what could have been an inherently unpopular government very

22:56popular with their people because the people rally around the government uh and oppose those who are bringing the

23:02harm to them they don’t blame the government for the harm they blame the ones sanctioning them no sanctions have

23:07they failed i saw this firsthand in iraq you know saddam in 1991 was a man who was about you know

23:15three months away from getting the 75 cent solution applied to him that’s the cost of a nine millimeter bullet that was going to be put in the back of his

23:21head by one of his generals because he lost a war his economy was garbage everything but

23:26we sanctioned him and saddam was able to do one of the greatest transformations he went from being a defeated leader to the great

23:32hero of the iraqi people the iraqi people rallied around him and he uh he grew in power uh domestically um

23:39sanctions don’t work you know putin went into this war already pretty popular 68 percent 71

23:46percent uh his popularity rating is going to shoot up in the 80s if it’s not already there um

23:51the other thing is the the the program of sanctions that we’ve applied

23:57only generate the outcome we want if russia wants to be part of the west

24:05now the interesting thing about putin is that he always wanted to be part of the west he he he

24:10early on in his in his in his uh tenure as president he said you know i i practice he he said the other day in the

24:16speech he said you know i i went to bill clinton and said look if you guys want to expand nato why you just bring us in

24:22and then it’ll be one big happy family and we’ll just that of course wasn’t the american objective because our goal isn’t to uh empower russia our goal is

24:29to weaken russia and weaken russia by expanding up and exploiting their economy the west is responsible for the rise of

24:35the oligarch class in russia we did that in 1990s by bringing in carpetbaggers who facilitated the theft

24:42of state-owned property in the hands of a handful of people were responsible for the suffering any russian that lived

24:48through the 1990s will tell you it was the worst decade imaginable humiliation

24:53galore they they suffered tremendously because of the policies imposed by the united

24:59states through boris yeltsin their compliant little astute uh boris yeltsin you know we support democracy so much so

25:06we had to buy an election in 1996 to keep him in power um the national security archives

25:12released recently uh transcript of the conversations between yeltsin and uh

25:17and clinton and uh it’s some of the most humiliating thing in the world to read you see yeltsin literally basing himself

25:24on you know begging for clinton to throw him a bone please don’t go into serbia it’s going to cause problems please

25:30don’t expand nato please don’t do this and clinton ignored him the last two years there’s a name on the list of

25:36russians who were listening in vladimir putin putin listened in now his president

25:41humiliated himself before an american president as the americans turned their back on russia dragged their face to the

25:47mud ground their face into the dirt and putin came in and said never again that’s just not going to happen again

25:53i’m going to turn this around putin doesn’t want to reconstitute the soviet union one of the greatest misquotes of

25:58all times is when putin you know they keep saying that you know vladimir putin said that um the greatest you know

26:05political uh catastrophe in modern history or in the last century was the dissolution of

26:11the soviet union and then they stopped right there as if putin is bemoaning the

26:16end of this route is glad the soviet union’s gone he recognizes it for what it was a failed economic and political

26:23system get a link to the rest of it because it made

26:28tens of millions of russians homeless overnight trapped in what used to be

26:34their home but is now a foreign land with no one to take care of them russia abandoned their own people that’s the

26:42tragedy and putin has said that will never happen again i am going to take care of

26:47the russian people and he has moved forward uh to do this um

26:53and but one of the things he found out first of all he inherited the oligarch class you know study what putin did early on

26:59he brought the oligarchs together and he gave him a choice get out of politics and you can keep your your money

27:06play politics and you’ll lose everything and the ones that didn’t believe them

27:12currently live in uh in london the ones that did believe them you know have still reside there but they’re

27:19billionaires and you know and putin has tried to work with them from the economy standpoint you know

27:25but he’s not a fan of the oligarchs um necessary evil he recently came out and

27:31said uh they’re a bunch of traitors well they are traitors there’s no doubt about it but here’s why he couldn’t move on

27:36them you know boot is not a dictator people need to understand that he’s a

27:42democratically elected president he can lose an election it’s very possible for him to lose it’s

27:47not a guaranteed outcome especially early on you know he won his first elections by like 53

27:5354 um that’s you know that’s not a lot and the in the buffer is this middle class

28:01about 20 of the vote are these apolitical middle class people whose economic well-being is intermeshed

28:09with the west with all these western companies that came in uh they they you know they use

28:14their iphones they use paypal they it’s all there and putin recognized around 2005 2006

28:23that this economic dependence was a problem for for russia that the

28:30west wasn’t playing straight west was using this economic infiltration of russia

28:36to destabilize russia they were coming in with these non-governmental organizations that were funneling money in to do nefarious deeds

28:43i mean anytime you have to buy a political party which is what the west was doing

28:50that means it doesn’t really have a connection with the domestic so navalny and company

28:56no they’re purely paid for by by foreign interests but you know putin wasn’t able

29:02to divorce from the west because any move he made to disconnect with those 20

29:08of a political people would now become very political and he could lose the election

29:14so he had to proceed very carefully the west just did putin the greatest favor in the world and they don’t even realize

29:20how stupid they were in this the west divorced itself from russia

29:25and putin went thank you thank you very much now i get to do what i always needed to do because now you

29:32see the russians saying never again will we allow ourselves to be so beholden to the west

29:38that they can cause a strategic economic harm russia is decoupling from the west

29:44not only the west the oligarchs putin is overjoyed that the west is

29:50targeting the oligarchs he’s thrilled that they’re seizing their wealth he’s just

29:56gay with joy that the oligarchs are being disenfranchised in russia because

30:01this purifies russia from the standpoint of western tank and now putin people should also pay

30:08attention when he met with zing zi jing ping in um beijing on

30:14rhymes on on february 4th right before the olympics um you know they issued a 5 000

30:21word joint statement uh and everybody’s focused on certain things like uh you know our friendship

30:27is better than an alliance but what they should have focused on was that

30:33both the russian leader and the chinese leader said we are done with the rules-based international order

30:40that of course is the cornerstone of american foreign policy nato for the rules-based international order which is

30:46the institutions and and rules that were put in place after the end of world war

30:51ii by the united states to control the global economy uh it put america at the

30:58top of the pyramid and was designed to keep america at the top of the pyramid um russia and china said no we’re now

31:04part of the law-based international order and we are leaning more towards the united

31:09nations charter and the concept of a multi-polar world um

31:15and everyone okay yeah but that’s just rhetoric but then they said we are looking to create

31:22a trans-eurasian economic union that will unite russia china india iran

31:29pakistan the central asian nations with connectivity to africa to parts of europe to south america a global

31:37economic union that will create a internal

31:42economic system independent of the united states and europe meaning they don’t need them anymore

31:49um this is the reality of the world we live in and it was only made possible by

31:54the sanctions that the united states uh sought to put on russia this is a double restored it’s hurting russia but it’s

32:01going to kill the west yeah because this also puts the uh us dollar at risk right as the world’s

32:08reserve currency and if that happens uh i would think that we’re in a lot of trouble we’re in a world of hurt if that

32:15if that happens you know i’m not an economist so i have to really tread carefully here um

32:20but i i will say that you know there’s there’s two things there’s the the world reserve currency

32:26then related to that is the petro dollar because it’s you know because the whole world depends on oil everything is sold

32:33in you know in dollars that’s how transactions are done um when the united states explain to people

32:39that happened in 1974 when nixon took the us off the gold standard and

32:47saudi arabia required that all oil be purchased in u.s dollars so all oil that is sold is

32:54done is sold traded in in u.s dollars but if that changes that reduces demand for the u.s dollar

33:01and we’ve got all this money printed now you have an oversupply and the the

33:06currency could collapse look

33:11you know right now india china and russia are engaged and i forget the number i

33:18think it’s 30 billion dollar deal um that will only be done in rubles and

33:24rupees they’ve already said we’re not doing the dollar anymore uh you know and one of the reasons that

33:31the united states again you know we’re so we’re so short-minded and biden was

33:36chuckling well russia built up this 650 war chest

33:41well we just seized 300 billion of it they can’t get access to it

33:47and russia’s going okay you know well you know what what russia might do i i heard is if uh if if

33:54somebody’s got you know 100 billion dollars a u.s of russian-owned u.s currency stashed away and the u.s is

34:00saying you can’t get access to it russia may unilaterally pass legislation that automatically converts that holding into

34:08pulled back rubles that appear in a russian bank and russia says we don’t care about that money anymore it’s

34:13valueless it has no value we don’t care the money is now here and if enough of the world recognizes that as legitimate

34:21now somebody has a 100 100 billion dollars worth of u.s currency it’s backed by nothing it’s just

34:27paper um and this could happen over and over and over again there’s already talk about saudi

34:34arabia uh selling all oil with china through the yuan the the the chinese currency so this is the beginning of the

34:41end and look as an american i’m not happy about this i mean you know

34:47if if the dollar loses value how am i going to pay my mortgage how am i going to pay you know my daughter’s college

34:54loans how are we going to pay for anything um it will be a just absolute nightmare but

35:00you know i live in a country that’s committing economic suicide i mean that that’s

35:05literally what’s happening right now and they’re doing it because of the most narrow-minded policy posture imaginable

35:12this this russophobic um demonization of an entire nation in the

35:18personality of one man vladimir putin we’ve turned him into a cartoon figure bad guy uh all the people that sit there

35:25and speak down they don’t even know the guy if you actually took i mean the other thing about putin

35:31is being he’s been around for five american presidents and i make this the following challenge

35:37take the inaugural address or any state of the union address of any

35:42president because those are the premier speech you know written speeches those are the ones those are the big dollar

35:48speeches the ones that are supposed to have the lines that we remember forever um take any one of those

35:55and compare to your average vladimir putin’s speech

36:00given off the cuff no script just speaking go to the valdai uh conferences that he

36:07holds in sochi and listen to this man talk he is articulate he is intelligent he has

36:15facts at his fingertips um he’s witty he’s humorous uh

36:20this this guy is literally one of the most intelligent politicians in the world that doesn’t mean that i worship

36:26and it doesn’t mean that i think that you know his breath doesn’t stink or whatever um you

36:33know i know he puts his pants on one leg at a time just yeah everybody else all i’m saying is what do you agree with

36:39them or disagree with them you have to respect the fact that this guy is good at what he does

36:45and so when i watch these amateur tv analysts sit there and turn him into a

36:51cartoon figure all i’m saying is all i’m thinking is you guys are slitting your own throat because if you don’t know

36:57your enemy your enemy is going to crush you and if you’re viewing vladimir putin as a problem you have to define the

37:03problem accurately before you can come up with a solution because if you’re trying to solve a problem without accurately defining what it is you’re

37:09solving nothing and that’s what’s going on right now america is implementing policy after policy after policy that is

37:16solving nothing because we haven’t defined the problem properly that seems to me to be extremely

37:22dangerous given that we’re dealing with a nuclear power

37:28yeah uh you know that they don’t need a lot about this but i mean this is you know the i think

37:34it’s the american federation of scientists or um that that have the doomsday clock

37:40or the union of concerned scientists or something like that you know and they keep playing with the time

37:46you know to make to make point i understand why they do it but if you want to be the just be honest about it

37:51put it at one second at midnight because that’s where we are perpetually because it doesn’t matter what’s going

37:57on all you need is one second of a mistake

38:03one second the second before someone issues the order to launch a nuclear weapon and it’s all over the world ends

38:10this isn’t happening anymore um and we’re at one second at midnight

38:16every single day of the year so long as the united states and russia

38:21have the nuclear arsenals that they have uh and it gets even more likely for an accident when you have

38:27lunacy such as taking place in ukraine or even in syria remember when hillary clinton was talking about imposing a

38:32no-fly zone over syria and just was lashing off the concept of of shooting down russian airplanes

38:38i mean you know it’s just it’s ludicrous people need to understand that these nuclear weapons

38:44are real and the you know back in the 1980s when i when i was in high school i lived in a

38:51town called marnheim and right next to martinheim was a little army base called wirehoff the wirehoff was a housing area

38:57for military personnel who were guarding the largest nuclear weapons depot in

39:04europe which meant that the balloon went up we were all going to die in a flash because that was going to be the first

39:10place hit by a russian nuke they were going to take out all our nukes before we could get them into the field and we

39:15joked about it and that you know we won’t even know what happened we’ll be asleep and it’s it’s done um and my

39:21father was in the military and every once while he would disappear into the bunker when tensions got high

39:27and you know imagine being a kid knowing that you live next to the principal nuclear target for the soviets and your

39:32dad’s now in a bunker because there might be a war with the soviets we took nuclear war seriously this is

39:38why i was such a believer in the inf treaty getting rid of those missiles was the best thing we could do for humanity

39:45at the time and yet the united states is backed out of every single major arms control agreement

39:51um that that had any meaning we’re still involved in a new start but we don’t take it seriously we cheat on that

39:57continuously um and we’re now talking about sending back to europe

40:03intermediate nuclear forces nuclear uh for uh missiles uh

40:09the situation that existed in the 1980s what kind of insanity is this i mean

40:15and the american people don’t care literally i’m looking at these i’m sorry my fellow americans but you’re

40:21idiots you are literally the dumbest people in the world the most ignorant people in the world about the world you live in i challenge your your average

40:28american to pass a geography that’s a world history test they can’t they don’t know how they have no

40:34perspective on what’s going on in their name and the dangers that are attached to them at least in the 1980s we all

40:41knew why we were going to die your average american has no clue why they’re about to die

40:46you should see some of the politicians we have in canada maybe me and rick had said this before that uh

40:53i think what the wild card in this situation is we have a president like joe biden a prime minister like uh uh

41:00pierre trudeau uh uh yex justin trudeau not enough coffee this

41:07afternoon by the way uh justin trudeau we got boris johnson in uk um we’re

41:13nobody is too happy about these people and their competency does not seem to be too great uh how

41:19how worried should we be about these individuals maybe starting nuclear war before maybe

41:25putin ever would well again i don’t think a nuclear war is going to happen on purpose

41:32i think it’s going to happen by accident um i will say this for the biden administration

41:37that so far they’re saying the right things when it comes to a no-fly zone so far they are

41:43but it’s you know joe biden is a political animal and every week that goes by

41:48you see people creating more and more justification for a no-fly zone next week we have an emergency meeting of

41:55nato what are they going to be talking about no-fly zone uh probably not because everybody said

42:01no what they could be talking about is the creation of a humanitarian corridor inside ukraine to handle the 10 million

42:09refugees are going to be coming across the border producing they’re already the 2 million and they’re saturated they can’t take anymore but what happens when

42:17the russians start closing the deal on some of these military operations and

42:23the ukrainians wake up to the fact that it’s over and they start all of them start running um

42:29you’re going to have a nightmare at the border and nato is going to say well we have to go in and we have to secure that

42:35we have to we have to provide the humanitarian assistance there so they don’t come here

42:41how do you do that our projection without the russians thinking that you’re

42:47interfering with their operation very dangerous situation so there’s a lot of room for

42:52miscalculation and none of these guys give me confidence

42:58because they all say stupid things joe biden who is a war criminal

43:03no he’s not do you even know what a war crime is i mean you should because you’ve committed several yourself but you know

43:10you know let’s make the case before you pass sentence uh let’s find out if the russians did

43:16everything they’ve been accused of my understanding is the russians have come in as soft as possible early on um they

43:23have not used all the military power that they could have they’ve suffered tremendous casualties as a result

43:29and i’ll give you again i talk about military math all the time because you know the one thing about

43:34when you do things over and over and over again patterns develop and in modern times uh we’ve noticed

43:41that in major wars uh that are fought in um in areas where

43:46civilian populations live that the the the the ratio of death is usually one to one the fifty percent of

43:53the of the overall casualties uh that are suffered are gonna be civilian casualties you have to participate will

43:58be military casualties let’s just assume for so right now the united nations says that somewhere around 800 civilians have

44:05died that’s 800 too many i’m not minimizing any of this my heart bleeds for the the innocents caught in this war

44:11um 800. i think you could i think there’s

44:17conservative you could say that the russians have lost between one and four thousand guys

44:24depending on where you’re going and this ten thousand numbers ridiculous ukrainians have lost

44:30between six and ten thousand they’re getting slaughtered um let’s let’s go with the conservative thing let’s say 1

44:36000 dead russians 6 000 dead ukrainians that’s 7 000 dead soldiers 800 dead

44:41civilians that’s not even close to a one-to-one correlation you can even come up and say well they’ve killed two thousand

44:47civilians okay that’s a 3.2 to 1. um

44:53the point i’m trying to get at is that if the russians were just playing normal rules of the game i’m not saying war

44:59crimes i’m just saying the normal rules of the game there should be 8 000 dead civilians

45:06there’s not why because the russians are going out of their way where civilians are dying

45:13because ukrainians have dug in into urban areas and therefore the russians have no

45:19choice but to launch artillery strikes and everything to prepare the battle for the for the fight and civilians are

45:25dying there russians are going out of their way to kill civilians is ludicrous

45:30insane it’s just the opposite the russians are putting themselves at risk

45:35uh on purpose so as to not needlessly put ukrainian civilian lives

45:41at risk yes people are dying yes it’s horrible yes mistakes are made

45:46but no russia’s not sitting there saying how many civilians can i kill today because believe me if they were saying

45:52that the numbers would be horrific yeah yeah would you um there’s been a whole lot of talk about uh the maternity

45:59hospital and stuff like that um but there’s conflicting information on the internet how likely do you think it

46:06is that um these locations were restoring uh

46:12whether it be uh military personnel or supplies that sort of thing

46:18how likely do you think that these places were actually military targets as opposed to

46:23like a hospital or something i don’t know i mean um you know this is

46:29one of those areas where i don’t know that what i can say is this if that was an air delivered munition

46:35we know that nato tracks every russian airplane flying over ukraine now the russians have said that no

46:41airplanes flew over um the the maternity hospital on the day that it was bombed

46:47okay there’s a there’s a nice little fact point uh nato if you’re accusing the russians of a war crime

46:54show me the radar track tell me what airplane took off from where flew over mario pole at what time and then i could

47:01say aha russia you lied we actually have an su-34 capable of

47:07dropping a 500 pound bomb flying over mario about the time of the impact

47:12so now do you want to reconsider your statement uh we can do that or we can say there was no airplane flying over so now

47:18we have to ask the question what happened now the russians could change you know

47:24provide the intelligence during the gulf war one of my jobs was um

47:30targeting um and i i you know i helped prepare target folders and then i would do the battle

47:36damage assessment of them afterwards but every target had to be

47:41checked for legitimacy under international humanitarian law under laws of war uh is

47:47this a legitimate target or you know what are the chances civilians and one of the great targets that we hit that

47:53when i say great in terms of notoriety was the armoria bomb shelter

47:58uh over 400 iraqi civilians died because of that attack

48:04uh and people have been calling the united states war crimes well i was involved in that i’m here to tell you right now that we

48:10scrubbed that site we believe we’re hitting a legitimate target we thought that there was a military can we had very good reason i

48:17can’t go into right now unless they’ve declassified it but very good reason that there were presidential level communications emanating from

48:23that that structure and that that was being used by high-level iraqi command and control at a time when eliminating

48:30high-level command and control for the iraqis was one of our top priorities uh we had no reason to believe that that

48:35place was filled with civilians uh none what if they were let’s say saddam himself himself was down there but

48:43someone said there’s 400 civilians we would not have bombed it because we can’t justify the military

48:49gain with the with the loss of the russians operate using the same

48:54methodology i know these russian officers they’re some of the most highly trained highly moral people you’ll ever

49:02meet these are not amateurs these are not you know conan the barbarian these

49:07are these are professionals who understand the laws of war and they prepare the same target packages so if

49:15they drop the bomb as ask yourself why did the bomb land in the middle

49:21of the square because maybe what they were trying to get are

49:28the armored vehicles that the ukrainians tended to park in the periphery the russians said days before this that the

49:35hospital had been um emptied and that the uh the the as of people

49:40were using it as a as a military site i’d like to see the russian intelligence on this i’d like them to provide the

49:46target folder i’d like them to provide the intelligence the photographs whatever they use to sustain this um

49:52until they do so you know that all we can say about this is we don’t know we

49:58don’t know we don’t know what happened the same thing with this theater i mean you know you got the very

50:03dramatic you know children yet okay great and the russians said we know it’s there we know it says the russians

50:10on this one are even there there’s no ambiguity here we knew this target was there we actually put a big

50:16do not bomb sign on it uh so anybody coming over there would not even drop anywhere near there

50:22we also are telling you that as uh people put explosives in the roof and they’re gonna wait for an airplane to come over and then it blow it up no

50:29airplane flew over mario pole the day that went off that’s the russian saying again if nato has the track

50:35joe me no no no no no there was an su-24 that took off from you know rostov and uh

50:41flew over and it was over there right about the time it went boom okay now we turn to the russians say you have a lot to answer for but

50:48on this one i actually tend to believe because the russians aren’t stupid why commit to a fact set that can be readily

50:55um discount why say no planes flew over if nato can

51:01provide radar tracks to show a plane flew over uh and and i i feel that way very strongly about the theater

51:08less so about the um maternity war because lavrov has has changed his uh

51:13his story a couple times the first time he said no under no circumstance did we drop a bomb later on he said uh if it

51:20was attacked it was because there was military forces in the area well it’s one or the other buddy you either didn’t drop a bomb or you did make up your mind

51:26stick to the story and then we can evaluate it but on the theater um i’m taking the russian side right now

51:32because that’s what the fact set suggests and i guess we’re looking at

51:38a situation where the ukrainians maybe the asia battalion

51:44they’re doing some of these things blowing some of their own stuff up for for uh

51:49propaganda purposes yeah well uh absolutely look they’ve lost the battle of mara i mean that that city’s

51:57gone uh all they can do right now is turn it into a um a pyrrhic victory for the

52:02russians both in terms of manpower losses but also more importantly um

52:08the the political uh casualty um and truth is

52:14you know one of the first uh casualties of war the the azar battalion is trying to sustain the notion of russia as a as

52:21a war criminal state um uh to generate more outrage more support

52:27etc um the russians need to do a better job to be honest i mean i i don’t know whoever

52:33is coming up with their pr but um do a better job man because right now

52:38you’ve lost the pr war there’s that old joke about the the two russian soldiers soviet soldiers in berlin at the at the

52:44fall of the berlin they got the russian the soviet flag over the reichstag and the guy’s going

52:49well we won the battle for berlin but we lost the the information war meaning you know everybody thinks you lost the

52:55battle but you want it uh the russians right now are winning the battle on the ground but they’re losing the pr fight

53:00around the world and i don’t think russia took this aspect of this this conflict that seriously i don’t

53:06think they understood uh the extent to which there was going to be this

53:12sophisticated information warfare being waged not just by ukraine but on behalf of ukraine

53:18uh by the cia by mi6 by state department by you know the the the british foreign

53:25ministry um you know if you think for a second that zielinski’s um writing his own scripts think again

53:31these are these are scripts when he spoke before the british parliament i can guarantee there was an mi6 agent

53:37someplace there uh you know quoting henry v and quoting uh winston churchill

53:42when he spoke to the american congress there’s a cia agent somewhere uh scripting you know his references to

53:49martin luther king and everybody else he quoted in that in that uh speech you know this is this is information warfare

53:56uh it’s a reality of the of the modern uh the the age we live in and russia’s not

54:01doing a very good job at it everybody talks about the prowess of russian information war i mean come on they you

54:06know they convinced every american to vote for donald trump apparently um you know so you know apparently these guys

54:12are supposed to be the best information warriors in the world well they suck right now they’re not doing a

54:17good job yeah they were supposed to be behind the trucker’s convoy in canada too but and uh

54:23they fabricated hunter biden’s laptop i thought they did new york times finally admitted that they didn’t

54:31so are we should we expect to see the uh the russians

54:36come in harder now and escalate more to try to bring bring this to some sort of conclusion

54:43now that they’ve kind of given them warning after warning and that they’re not surrendering the peace talks don’t

54:49seem to be going where they need to go well remember for the russians the the peace talks

54:57they don’t care i mean they’re not there to negotiate they’re there to accept surrender

55:03the russians have set out some terms and the terms are stark uh and and the and the ukrainians have

55:09to abide by these terms and right now ukraine’s not there so the war will continue you know but there’s this misperception again

55:16yeah i keep hearing you know on on on cable news um the russian offensive has stalled

55:22outside of kiev really how do you how do you know that well

55:27they’re because they haven’t taken kiev yet do you really think that russia wants to get involved street to street fighting

55:33in a in a city the size of kiev with three million residents are you high um you know that would require 800 900

55:41000 1 million troops russia came into all of ukraine with 200 000 so the russians aren’t stalled the

55:48russians are doing exactly what the kiev operation is a strategic uh fixing operation in the similar way

55:55that i talked about the don yeskin lugansk militias fixing 120 000 uh

56:00ukrainian forces down there by moving on kiev the way they did they have sucked in a huge amount of ukrainian forces to

56:07defend kiev and now they’ve fixed them there and these forces have to be sustained

56:12and that means that all that fuel and ammunition that could be going down here to eastern ukraine ain’t going down to

56:17eastern ukraine anymore it’s going into kiev and all russia has to do is maintain its presence keep a little bit

56:24of pressure going on the east and the west flank punch a little bit here punch a little bit there

56:29and they’re winning they’re not going to take care of they don’t need cab they don’t want kipp they can’t take you up i

56:35mean they don’t have enough people to take care of what they want is zolinsky to surrender

56:40and here’s the important thing that people need to understand zielinski is the critical

56:46factor in this he needs to surrender why because he has been and this again is where the west

56:52made a strategic mistake by letting zielinski speak to the british parliament the american congress

56:57the german parliament they have certified him as the

57:02legitimate leader of ukraine what zielinski wants is okay by us

57:08so if zolensky says i surrender i accept you uh crimea to be permanent part of

57:13russia i accept the independence of lagansky and donetsk and i accept neutrality and you know in perpetuity

57:19the world can’t say oh you don’t have a right to do that you’re not the legitimate leader of ukraine um he is if

57:26they kill zelensky or he somehow has made a casualty um there will be a provisional

57:31government set up in warsaw with a leader picked by nato who is going to forever say from the safety of

57:37warsaw that we don’t accept anything the russians did and therefore russia is going to be

57:42living in a permanent nightmare russia needs zielinski so lenski is the key so

57:49they’re not going to take kiev they’re not going to kill zielinski they’re going to grind his military down to

57:54nothing um and then they’re going to compel him at some point in time to say i have no

57:59choice but to accept these terms and when he accepts those terms those terms have to be accepted by the united states

58:06and and europe as well so that’s why they sorry i yeah it’s got to be absent i mean um

58:15how serious is this guy really about any type of peace talks then if he’s going to every parliament around the world and

58:21every every government around the world begging for a no-fly zone it’s kind of an oxymoron or it’s ironic

58:29i think i the way i view the no-fly zone from the ukrainian perspective first of all i

58:34respect that zielinski’s not a [ __ ] all right um i’m not going to sit here and do it i

58:40i think that that man is far smarter for instance than boris johnson i think he’s far smarter than justin trudeau i think

58:46he’s heads over hill smarter than joe he’s a smart guy he’s in a horrible situation

58:53he’s also a guy who’s very vulnerable at home to neo-nazis to these these right-wingers if he goes out and

58:59surrenders off the cuff as the neo-nazis have said he’ll be hanging from the neck until dead on a

59:05ukrainian on a kiev street they’ve threatened him with that so he has to be careful by continuously

59:12pounding about the no-fly zone he’s creating the artificial notion that had

59:18ukraine been provided no-fly support they could have won the

59:24war he’s creating the conditions of his surrender though he can say we fought to

59:30the last man we fought to the bitter end but we were betrayed by nato and you

59:35already hear this coming out from him where he’s saying that you know nato is not here for us nato’s not here to back

59:40us this is going to become the political cover he needs

59:46to do the surrender that must eventually happen sadly it’s going to require the

59:51sacrifice of thousands of his citizens and that’s the tragedy of it all because

59:58ultimately all of this could have been avoided had he just accepted the terms up front when russia before russia went

1:00:04in uh all russia wanted was neutrality no more nato in your in your soil

1:00:11recognized crimea and they didn’t even want independence for lagos and yet they just wanted the minsk accords to be uh

1:00:18implemented so that these territories remain part of ukraine but have a special autonomy status um that’s gone

1:00:25they’re independent now they’re probably and i’ve i’ve said this from the beginning that they’re just making

1:00:32things worse for themselves by uh and zielinski’s making it worse for for the country he’s in the end he’s

1:00:39going to lose and he won’t have any bargaining power at all no leverage to negotiate anything

1:00:44you’ll just have to accept whatever is imposed no that and that that’s true i think but first of all understand that um

1:00:51that was always going to be the case he never had a bargaining position if you know anything about

1:00:58russia and russian leadership they don’t back down they don’t buff

1:01:05they very rarely take maximalist position going in because they don’t want to trap themselves in um

1:01:11in in you know with no leeway here they came in with a

1:01:16maximalist position because they had spent the past seven years getting backed into a corner by the expansion of

1:01:23nato by the training of uh the ukrainian military they had no choice the conditions they put down

1:01:29um in december were conditions that were not flexible uh they they weren’t gonna yield on any

1:01:36of this and once russia made the decision to cross the border and sacrifice russian troops

1:01:42in support of this operation there will be no yielding russia doesn’t quit

1:01:48um you know now if this thing dragged on for 10 years like the soviet experience in

1:01:54afghanistan yeah you could get a a strategic defeat of that nation but

1:02:00russia’s not here to occupy ukraine there will be no permanent presence of russian forces in ukraine what this has

1:02:06done there might be a redrawing of the border i’m here to say that i don’t think mariopol will be

1:02:12a ukrainian city ever again once the russians get it i think putin will say you have forfeited your

1:02:19right to the city because of what you forced the russian-speaking population to go through through the presence of

1:02:24the assad battalion and their insistence on destroying the city but you know the the bottom line is

1:02:31zielinski will accept the terms that russia is putting forward because he has no choice he will have no choice in the

1:02:37end interesting now um

1:02:44i’ve been kind of worried about uh about this particular issue and i i

1:02:49think you’re probably the best person to ask it to i have asked other veterans that we’ve had on the show um but what

1:02:55do you think of these weekend warriors going to going out to ukraine

1:03:01and joining up with their forces so i mean we have canadian citizens and there

1:03:06is english citizens and i’m not sure about americans i haven’t seen too much of that but i’m sure it’s

1:03:11happening where they’re going over there um yeah what are your thoughts on that and

1:03:17could it be disastrous on the international stage if uh putin has uh a bunch of foreign

1:03:23nationals in his possession well just start off with

1:03:29who these people are and i don’t mean as individuals i’m talking about as a class are they for instance a reincarnation of

1:03:36the lincoln brigade you know those starry-eyed um uh do-gooders who rallied behind uh you

1:03:43know the the the the cause of uh of spaniards opposing fascism uh they

1:03:48fought alongside you know the communists uh to take on adolf hitler um and and

1:03:54that nature our our is that what we’re talking about are we talking you know because you’re here you know um this is

1:03:59the international brigade this is the internet this is the foreign legion of the ukraine’s i mean romantic terms okay

1:04:06but that’s not who’s going over there i mean if that was the case i’d expect to see a bunch of uh college kids and uh

1:04:13and hippies um you know really liberal um you know you know mountain bikers and guys who

1:04:20hiking enough fit people who are really concerned about the world legitimately so i’m not mocking them i’m saying there

1:04:25there’s a certain class of people that went to fight for the lincoln brigade workers

1:04:30you know things of that nature people who are politically aligned with the movement um i don’t see that at all i see people

1:04:38saying they’re oh we’re here for ukraine no you’re not you’re here because you somehow think war is glorious you’re here because you

1:04:45want to make money that makes you a mercenary the lowest form of scum on the earth is the mercenary and i say that as

1:04:50a former professional soldier all right if you’re going to kill people

1:04:56you better have the damn flag of your country sewn on this on the shoulder uniform and you’re better taking an oath

1:05:01to your country because that’s the only legitimacy you can have going forth to take human life that’s it if you’re

1:05:08going out there as a mercenary you’re a criminal you are a criminal class and i don’t care if you’re a private

1:05:14military contractor a professional military you know pmi pmc whatever you want to call them

1:05:20you’re a mercenary you’re taking money to do a job that’s normally done by

1:05:25professional soldiers so you’re scum right off the bat i have no use for any of you um but that you know let’s just

1:05:32say for a second that there was this professional mercenary class guys who woke up every morning lifted weights

1:05:38went for 10 mile hikes with the 60 pound pack on their back uh practice shooting every every day at lunch so they were

1:05:44proficient in their weapons and they were going over there you know they’re still scum but at least they’re well trained skunk meaning they can fight

1:05:51we’re not getting that where we’re getting is a bunch of you know late 20 early 30s who guys who 10 years ago went

1:05:58to iraq or afghanistan and got all pumped up on the notion of kicking down a door and terrorizing villagers uh

1:06:05doing raids on goat herders you know thing and thinking that that was a war thinking that this one-sided thing that

1:06:12was happening in iraq and afghanistan somehow constituted real war and they’ve gone home they’ve gotten soft uh in

1:06:19their closets they have their uniforms and they have gear that they bought the army navy store and um suddenly

1:06:25there’s this notion they can go kill russians because apparently killing russians is easy i mean it’s it’s not a

1:06:31problem he’s rushing nobody and so i’ve had no problem

1:06:36not or the 13 guys on on snake island um but so they they they head over there

1:06:43and these guys are out of shape um they’re they’re they don’t have a skill set

1:06:48they they haven’t even trained with one another i mean let’s say they were all really good

1:06:54soldiers if you put them together and they’ve never trained with another they’re going to die instantly because the military isn’t about the individual

1:07:00the military is about the team how well the team functions um these guys aren’t a team they’re going over there they’re

1:07:06fat they’re out of shape they have no skill set and then they’re put together into a a unit that has no cohesiveness and

1:07:13they’re put into a frontline situation and the outcome is always the same they get annihilated because they don’t know

1:07:21how to fight and they aren’t even prepared for the fight they’re getting into uh you know the stories about you

1:07:26oh my god we’re being hit by artillery all the time yeah welcome to modern warfare oh my god there’s heavy fire

1:07:32coming in all the time yep that’s modern warfare too this ain’t the taliban this isn’t iraqi insurgent this isn’t isis

1:07:39these are russians they’re going to kill you and now we go to the russian side of the story because this is the most

1:07:44important aspect of it the russians have no tolerance for these people none whatsoever

1:07:51when the russian military spokesperson said the best thing that’s going to happen to you the best thing

1:07:57is that you’re going to be treated like a criminal prosecutor that’s the best you can hope for you

1:08:03they have no rights they will not be treated as prisoner of war because they have no prisoner war status they have no status

1:08:10these are people that literally um if i were a russian officer and i captured them um i would put them up

1:08:16against the wall i would look at their paperwork ascertain that they don’t represent ukrainian military forces in

1:08:22any legal capacity and i would shoot them and nobody could do anything about it because that’s what i am allowed to do

1:08:30execute them in summary fashion and that’s but even then

1:08:35they’re not going to get that what these guys are going to get is what they’re getting which is to be blown up in their

1:08:40sleep or to be gunned down and their last moments will be in some ukrainian field trying to stuff their guts back into

1:08:47their belly because they got split open crying for their mommy um trying to get on their cell phone to call their

1:08:52girlfriend to tell them how they how they’re screaming and suffering that’s it that’s what you’re gonna get

1:08:57hopefully you die instantly so there won’t be any suffering but that’s not how war works man you’re gonna lose a limb you’re gonna bleed out you’re gonna

1:09:04you’re gonna get paralyzed your brain’s gonna work while your body doesn’t function while a tank runs over you this is what’s gonna happen so anyone of you

1:09:11would be mercenaries listen to this don’t go because it won’t end well for you it won’t end well at all you’re gonna die

1:09:18you’re going to rot in a russian prison which is worse than death or you’re going to be humiliated and

1:09:24sent packing back home where you’re going to have to go to a bar and explain to everybody how you got your butt kicked in kiev

1:09:32yeah i think that last one there was probably a uh most uh least likely scenario

1:09:38um i think some of these individuals have great capacity to be used as

1:09:43international pawns in the bigger scheme of things like we see it all the time

1:09:49uh china currently has canadian citizens in their possessions and they say oh well they committed a crime and this

1:09:54that and the other thing right so um i believe america has a a women’s basketball player that that’s currently

1:10:01in their possession and whatever she was arrested for like god knows um

1:10:09cannabis oil it creates a big problem right right but they’re but see

1:10:15these people have rights yeah i mean even even though they’re held by chinese and they they were given

1:10:21due process they were afforded a trial they were given a hearing

1:10:28these mercenaries aren’t going to be given any of that i mean they’re they have no rights none

1:10:34there it’s there’s going to be no trial they’re going to be basically taken and thrown into a gulag and believe me

1:10:41the hardest place in the world is the russian gulag um you know those stories you see about

1:10:46the mafioso guys with their prison tattoos and all that so it’s real these are really tough guys and if you

1:10:52take a would-be fat soft around the middle mercenary and throw him into a russian prison and tell

1:10:59the russian prisoners i’ve had it boys it’s all she wrote there won’t be any

1:11:04you know bargaining chip or nothing there’s no mercy a bargaining chip is when somebody has value you view them as

1:11:11a human you can trade them these mercenaries have no value they’re going to die

1:11:17that’s it the russians don’t view them as human beings

1:11:22so this week we saw zelensky address canadian parliament he addressed congress

1:11:30asked for more help do you think that is a factor in the way things are going

1:11:35to play out and it seems to me that continuing to send

1:11:41lethal aid weapons money to buy more weapons money that’s going to put weapons into the

1:11:47hands of some of these nazi battalions it seems to and we saw all them all stand and

1:11:54clap but in canada alone we’re looking at i think

1:11:59almost a half a billion dollars in money and night vision goggles and a bunch of

1:12:05other stuff and i think there’s more to come to me that seems misguided it’s just likely to prolong things

1:12:15i mean it’s going to make it more lethal i don’t think it’s going to prolong anything the fate the die has already

1:12:20been cast it’s over it’s all over but the you know the final sentence has to be written in the final

1:12:26chapter um what’s going to happen though is

1:12:32again the russians have been very very i mean i it surprised me to be honest

1:12:37because i’ve studied the russian military and um the notion of them having the soft touch

1:12:42what i didn’t appreciate and i do now um is that the russians actually view ukraine as a brother you know it’s it’s

1:12:48a brotherslaw country they don’t have animosity or at least they didn’t start there wasn’t hatred

1:12:55they weren’t crossing the border in the nazi germany um so there you know that they were trying to

1:13:01go to war lacking the one thing that you absolutely have to have when you go to war which is hatred

1:13:07i mean if you’re a military guy and you don’t hate your enemy you’re in trouble because the second you hesitate the second you view them as a human they’re

1:13:14going to get you uh you got to go in and just say i’m i’m hard they’re all going to die

1:13:20um yeah i’m going to respect the law of war but you know there’s no mercy uh there’s no

1:13:26fair fight there’s no even fight there’s no giving them a chance kill them all and bring all your people

1:13:32home that’s the way you wage war and the russians went in saying no we’re going to go stop we don’t want to kill them

1:13:37all they haven’t been hitting the ukrainian berries well they did today i don’t know if you saw what happened outside of nicolaev

1:13:44but um a a a brigade got hit uh it’s awful horrible but uh hundreds of people are

1:13:51dead um and this is going to happen again because the russians are tired of this

1:13:57so far they haven’t hit the convoys coming in i think you’re going to find these nato convoys that have been coming in so far

1:14:04the russians have waited for them offload their stuff and get them in the warehouse and unfortunately when that happens some of it leaks through to the

1:14:10battlefield the russians are going to shut this thing down they’ve already said don’t try and bring in an s 300 um

1:14:17service air missile system because we’re going to blow it up at the border please count on it 100 certainty

1:14:24we’re going to do it and they’re going to start becoming more lethal at the border too you’re going to see more and more strikes

1:14:31because they’re just fed up they’re fed up they’re they’re they’re tired of losing men

1:14:36by by being nice by trying to be reasonable nato’s not being reasonable the west is

1:14:43not being reasonable canada is not being reasonable sending all this lethal aid is not reasonable

1:14:49uh because the second you send it in what you’re saying is we want dead russians and the russians are going to take

1:14:54umbrage at that and sooner or later they’re going to say well then if you want death we’re going

1:14:59to give you death and uh you know this is anecdotal but

1:15:06someone if you go online and take a look at um

1:15:11the anti-piracy uh efforts by the different navies in the um

1:15:16off the coast of somalia and see how different forces handle it

1:15:22when you look at the russians um there’s no mercy they they sink the ship and they kill every pirate in the water

1:15:28and they just do it without smiling or not they just kill everybody you know other people want to disable the ship

1:15:33and then come in and capture the pirates they want to do this russians just no we’re going to kill them all because the

1:15:40pirates are like mercenaries they’re scum they’re less than human they’re going to die

1:15:46russia is going to start to view the convoys and the people that man these convoys bringing these weapons in

1:15:51is less than human scum they’re going to kill them and

1:15:58the russians are pretty violent i’m you know they’re capable of great violence they haven’t demonstrated that yet but they

1:16:04are capable just ask the germans ask people that defended berlin ask the people to defend stalingrad

1:16:11ask the people that fought them in the the great battles of the destruction of army group center how much mercy the

1:16:17russians showed them when it came time none so do you have any sense of how much

1:16:25time we’re looking at here it’s hard to say because i don’t know the exact um

1:16:31situation for the ukrainians i don’t know you know they’ve shown great resilience i mean

1:16:37you know like i said at the end of the day people are going to be writing books about what the russians said people will be writing books about what the ukrainians did as well

1:16:44um there’s there’s no dishonor in anything that they’ve done in terms of their defense of their homeland uh they’ve

1:16:50fought very hard and they’ve proven themselves to be uh capable defenders of their homeland um

1:16:57i don’t know what they have left it’s hard to say if i if if i knew how much fuel they had if

1:17:03i knew how much ammunition they had if i knew what their food supplies were you know you hear kiev say that you know if

1:17:09we get surrounded we have a week’s worth of food um well okay but that means that if you’re

1:17:15not surrounded you have to keep supplying that food and where’s that coming from and i right

1:17:21you know to what extent has russia tried to cut off food supply to uh to kiev i

1:17:26mean it seems to me russia’s left trains running i mean one of the first things in a normal war is i’m going to blow up every

1:17:33train track there’s going to be no trains running the russians have allowed trains to run throughout the country um the russians have allowed uh truck

1:17:40convoys to run they’re they’ve allowed a civilian domestic redistribution of uh

1:17:47of resources to civilian populations to continue to exist um

1:17:53you know so they haven’t shut that down yet um so it’s hard to say how much more the

1:17:59ukrainians can take and again i think the russians they have to hate themselves because at the end they

1:18:06need zelinski to surrender if you go too fast you could cause zelinski to get thrown

1:18:13out if you go too long you could you know cause yourself to peter out i mean you

1:18:19know even though the russians are winning right now they could still lose this if this drags on forever so they have to

1:18:26find the the appropriate mix and then unfortunately there’s now we’re talking about

1:18:31um using political objectives to define military uh capabilities um you know

1:18:38this could be ended tomorrow for russia wanted literally they you know they have the weaponry to

1:18:44make this all go away and i’m not talking about nuclear i’m just saying that you know they have they have capabilities they haven’t

1:18:50employed yet um they don’t want to employ it they don’t want to kill ukrainian civilians they

1:18:56don’t even want to kill ukrainian soldiers uh if you fight you die but they’re not

1:19:01you know like i said until recently they weren’t hitting the barracks they weren’t hitting the ukrainians at their weakest they weren’t hitting troop

1:19:06formations that they could hit easily um that may change now so this could end

1:19:13this week this could end next week this could end in a month

1:19:19i can’t see it going much longer than that because you know at some point in time

1:19:25ukrainians are going to just run out of capacity to defend they’re going to run out of fuel they’ll run out of ammunition and the

1:19:32supplies aren’t going to come in the russians are going to shut that down and when you shut that down the ukrainians lose hope

1:19:38they lose hope and without hope you really can’t resist anymore so what do you think the

1:19:45victory looks like for the russians or i mean for the ukrainians for zielinski i

1:19:50guess his idea of victory would be to force the russians to leave the country but it doesn’t look like that’s even

1:19:57like close to likely to happen so for the russians what does victory ultimately look like

1:20:06they’ve set the terms victory will be denotification what does denotification look like it’s the absolute destruction of

1:20:14all military formations that have that have been imbued with neo-nazi ideology

1:20:21um it could be the um

1:20:27going into the vote and eliminating the political parties that have endorsed

1:20:34this right-wing ideology i don’t know if russia wants to do that that’s again a major

1:20:41military move but even if they don’t do that to get zielinski to agree to

1:20:47um enact the legislation that outlaws steppen bandera uh removes him as a national hero

1:20:55this of course is that nazi from ukraine’s past to collaborated with hitler the man who

1:21:01uh sent 80 000 guys to join the waffen ss who had the ukrainian auxiliary police murder 30 000 jews at baba yar

1:21:08not a good guy and yet he’s the national hero of ukraine today they have statues streets named for him

1:21:14that all goes away bandera will be outlawed um just like hitler was outlawed in post-world war ii germany

1:21:20bandera will be outlawed that’s denotification demilitarization is simply um

1:21:27your military cannot be part of nato can’t be equipped by nato trained by nato there could be no foreign forces in

1:21:33there um permanent neutrality um there will be a you know whether they want to you know

1:21:39call it austrian style neutrality finish style neutrality swiss i don’t know i don’t know whatever they end up calling

1:21:45it it’s going to be permanent um and then the the recognition

1:21:51that crimea is russia and donetsk and lugansk are independent there may be an expansion of

1:21:58um done yet to include mario pole because i don’t see russia

1:22:03allowing this that city with its russian population to be turned over to the

1:22:09ukrainians after what has happened to them when the when the true story of what has happened in mario paul comes out

1:22:14um the world will be ashamed of uh supporting the ukrainian government that allowed this to happen

1:22:21um that’s that’s victory that’s victory for russia um victory for zielinski will be um

1:22:30survival and uh able to um retain as much of ukraine intact as

1:22:35possible and that’s that’s it that’s all he can hope for

1:22:42i’ve heard some analysts say that biden could be the man of the hour or maybe some

1:22:48you know you get macron to come in or some other european leaders to try to

1:22:55arbitrate an end to this thing but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards at

1:23:01this point it looks like it’s just going to have to play out what cars what cars did biden have today

1:23:07oh what is he going to come back and uh and say okay we’re going to lift sanctions russia doesn’t care anymore

1:23:14russia doesn’t want the sanctions lifted russia is decoupling so biden has no

1:23:20cards and let’s also understand this about the economic russia has not cut off any

1:23:25energy supplies the only energy termination has been unilateral on the part of the west the

1:23:31united states saying we’re not going to buy russian oil anymore although my understanding is we still have some tankers on their way to american ports

1:23:38because we haven’t found a alternative to the russian oil yet um you know that

1:23:43our refineries are geared to a specific grade of crude that used to be produced in venezuela

1:23:48but when we sanctioned venezuela we replaced it with with a similar great crew coming out of russia the only place

1:23:54in the world that produces it and now we’re just going to stop buying that but we haven’t solidified our deal with you with the venezuela oh

1:24:01thanks joe um you know well thought out plan here but russia hasn’t cut off any pipelines

1:24:08there’s still this is the most amazing thing they’re still shipping gas through pipelines on ukrainian soil

1:24:16and depositing the billions of dollars of transit fees into accounts controlled

1:24:21by the ukrainian government russia is complying with every contractual obligation it has regarding

1:24:29the provision of energy they haven’t violated a single contract and they won’t

1:24:34they’re waiting for the west to violate the contracts and then when they do some amazing things are going to happen

1:24:41like all of europe will go dark uh the european economy will cease to exist

1:24:47um factories will shut down they’re already shutting down in in france because the price of gas is so high the michelin

1:24:53tire factory can’t stay open can’t can’t produce anything um you know and that’s with russia

1:24:59continuing to provide the energy if russia wanted to play hardball they just hit the off switch and all of europe

1:25:06shuts down instantly they’re because no matter what biden said going in oh we have a plan he

1:25:12doesn’t have a plan there is no plan b there is no energy alternative when you deny europe 30 to 40 percent of

1:25:20the energy it needs and you have nothing to replace that means 30 to 40 percent of your economy shuts down but that’s not how economies work when you shut

1:25:26down forty percent of the economy you shut down 100 of the economy it’s all sea road you know so

1:25:34the west is hyping up the pain that’s being felt by russians believe my wife has a

1:25:39brother over there um we know what’s going on we know the pain that they feel this is real pain this is not good

1:25:46um but the pain that they’re feeling is nothing compared to the pain that could be

1:25:52brought to bear on europe if if putin wanted to do that but the the russians have always said

1:25:58we will not use energy as a weapon and they never have they never have

1:26:04the only one using energy a weapon is the west and sooner or later you’re going to find out that that that weapon

1:26:10they’re willing it’s a double-edged sword that uh cuts deeper on their side than on the

1:26:16russian side robert starr says bio labs wf nato dimension if you can we get

1:26:23some thoughts on this this whole issue surrounding the the bio labs sure um i’ll just start off

1:26:30by saying that i wasn’t involved in any of that stuff um but some of my best friends were some of my

1:26:36best friends were the program managers of this bio lab and i’ve talked to them extensively about this before and since

1:26:43um first of all there’s nothing secret about these bio labs existence it’s not

1:26:48classical uh even though maybe many people in the world didn’t know about it these are unclassified programs that are

1:26:54part of uh what’s called the cooperative threat reduction effort that was

1:27:00spearheaded by uh senator nunn and senator luger back in the

1:27:05aftermath of the demise of the soviet union though one of the concepts of cooperative threat reduction was

1:27:11if you have a nation like the soviet union that had nuclear weapons programs nuclear weapons chemical weapons

1:27:17programs chemical weapons biological weapons programs biological weapons it’s not just about getting rid of the

1:27:22weapons or bringing them under control it’s about what happens

1:27:27uh to the people that built these weapons that made these weapons especially when you start shutting down

1:27:34the vehicle of their employment for instance if we shut down the erasmus

1:27:40nuclear warhead production facility the guys that build warheads if they don’t have a job are going to take that skill

1:27:46set elsewhere maybe to north korea maybe to iran um and so even although i say iran only

1:27:53because we think that in the west the iranians don’t want it but um you know or the same thing about

1:27:58chemical weapons or by a lot so in ukraine you had a number of soviet-era biological weapons facilities

1:28:07that were used to produce biological weapons and so in 2005 a an agreement was signed

1:28:14between the ukrainian government and the defense threat reduction agency to um

1:28:20bring these labs under control of the united states even though they’re under ukrainian management the

1:28:26united states would bring them under their control as part of this program for the purpose of

1:28:33accounting for biological pathogens that were related to former weapons programs so the idea

1:28:40was you’re going to bring them under control identify them catalog them destroy them and then you provide

1:28:46gainful employment for these scientists through defensive oriented biological

1:28:52research or just biological research in general looking for you know

1:28:57trying to predict future pandemics coming up with vaccines to existing pathogens that exist in the wild

1:29:04legitimate research and that was the idea well a couple

1:29:09things we we found out uh robert pope is a former air force lieutenant colonel who currently runs

1:29:15the defense threat reduction agency he spoke i think either the day before the day after the russians went in and uh he

1:29:22made an amazing admission he said it might turn out that um at some of

1:29:28these former soviet facilities uh scientists being scientists they may

1:29:34have kept some of their prior work meaning that they have these

1:29:40frozen pathogen samples of actual soviet-era biological weapons

1:29:46that is not permitted by treaty the biological toxins weapons convention

1:29:52article 1 specifically prohibits the acquisition and retention of these

1:29:58pathogens the united states signing the 2005 agreement was now in the position where everything

1:30:04ukrainians had the united states has now acquired and if we don’t destroy it we have retained it so for over 15 years 17

1:30:13years to be exact we have been in violation of the biological action weapon simply by failing to follow

1:30:20through on our obligation to fully account for these pathogens and dispose of these pathogens now

1:30:26someone can say well that’s just an innocent accounting mistake and i will agree with them meaning that

1:30:32i understand how bureaucracies work i understand how international relations work i understand how you know human you

1:30:38know human nature works and this very well could have happened it shouldn’t have happened but it could have happened

1:30:44but that’s not the biggest problem here the biggest problem is some of these

1:30:49some of the work that the these labs were apparently called upon to produce and i can tell you from my own experience when i was a

1:30:55firefighter here in new york i i did hazmat i was a hazmat specialist um

1:31:00which is sort of a super hazmat technician i’m the guy that puts on the funky suit goes in there and

1:31:06investigates all this stuff and i did all the federal level courses so i went to aniston um alabama where

1:31:13we went through the chemical weapons course where we actually worked with live sarin and live vx nerve agent

1:31:20now you say well how do you do that isn’t that a chemical weapon well we produce them at the laboratory scale

1:31:26to use them in these facilities as part of defensive training but

1:31:31if you can produce them in small scale you could produce them in large scale could you not so there’s some question about the

1:31:39whether or not this actually conforms with it now the united states be in the united states we make our own rules

1:31:45remember the rules based international order and uh therefore we say no it’s okay because we know we don’t have any

1:31:50nefarious intent wouldn’t allow iraq to do this because we assume they have nefarious attempt we assume anybody who

1:31:56had a similar program to ours is obviously simply creating the conditions for a breakout chemical weapons uh but

1:32:03in the united states no we’re we’re okay don’t worry remember that anthrax that was used in the aftermath of 911 yeah it

1:32:08was produced in dugway at a similar facility where they produce anthrax for testing purposes for defensive the same

1:32:15thing the department that the firefighters go to aniston and undergo biological training where

1:32:20they’re exposed to live botulinum live anthrax and you say well wait a minute how do we have that that’s a weapon

1:32:27uh well no no it’s only for training for it well apparently a tube of it because it produces a paste

1:32:33right powder paste oh it got away and the guy was able to put it in envelopes and spread it around it was the most

1:32:38highly refined anthrax in the world very dangerous stuff um came from that

1:32:44laboratory so we produce chemical weapons we produce biological weapons as just as a matter of fact this doesn’t

1:32:51now this is without even ukraine so understand that we take this american approach which is very foodless and

1:32:57fancy free when it comes to the law uh that’s set down with the chemical weapons convention the biological parts

1:33:03and weapons convention etc and we come to ukraine why

1:33:09if all we’re doing is defensive research or basic biological research is there a program

1:33:15that investigates avian flu that’s bird flu

1:33:20you remember one of the original pandemics was h1 hn1 i think bird flu

1:33:26so we’re investigating bird flu and how it can be vectored transported using migratory

1:33:34birds whose migratory pattern takes them exclusively into russia

1:33:41carrying a form of avian flu that has been genetically engineered

1:33:47only to impact slavic russian slavic dna

1:33:52specifically says no ukrainian dna can be used here because we don’t want to spread it among the ukrainians it’s one

1:33:59of those effective herds lands and uh now i’m not saying the united states

1:34:04actually did this but the russians have to i mean i mean i’m not saying they actually weaponize this put them in

1:34:09birds that flew these birds into into russia what i’m saying is they researched it and how is that not an offensive

1:34:15biological weapons program how is that not something that would cause if we found out that the russians

1:34:21were in mexico uh and that they had developed a strain of the bird flu that they could put on

1:34:26sand cranes knowing that the sand cranes were going to fly north to their nesting areas in the united

1:34:33states carrying a strain of bird flu that was engineered only for anglo-saxon

1:34:39americans would we not view that as an assault

1:34:45on the united states of course canada would because some of these sand cranes go up to canada imagine if they landed in canada and

1:34:51suddenly all your anglo-saxons in canada got sick with the bird flu and started

1:34:56dying in massive numbers um because it’s been genetically engineered you’d call that an act of war

1:35:04so the united states has been caught out on this one now if there’s a legitimate excuse explanation for this

1:35:10please make it but right now you know i say this is an american i’m on the russian side on this one because

1:35:16i’m on the side of truth and the russians have the documents the united states can’t sit here and call

1:35:22this a manufactured event the documents exist they have specific unique identifying features that will match the

1:35:29similar set of documents here in the united states uh and if congress ever did a legitimate

1:35:36inquiry into this they would find that things have been done in the u.s taxpayer with u.s taxpayer money in the

1:35:42u.s name that violate every treaty obligation we have and undermines the

1:35:47moral authority of the united states to ever again stand up in front of the world and say we stand for the rule of

1:35:53law not if we did this is that i i think that’s why we saw

1:36:02the censorship imposed immediately after the

1:36:09the russians began to to pull those documents out yeah no yeah it’s it’s look this is this is an embarrassment

1:36:16now the united states being the united states uh you know

1:36:21we’re no longer the land of the free in the home of the brave uh because to be free

1:36:27you have to have freedom of speech to be free you have to engage in a fact-based debate discussion and

1:36:32dialogue about very difficult issues that’s what free people do right now we aren’t unable to do that

1:36:39because the united states is imposing a de facto censorship on

1:36:44issues such as this biological lab and if you avoid those kind of difficult discussions you’re a coward you’re not

1:36:52brave a brave person isn’t afraid to face the hard facts a brave person a man or woman of courage

1:37:00insists on the hard facts because they want to do the right thing and you can’t do the right thing unless you have

1:37:06fact-based data put before you but if you censor that you deny that you refuse to engage in that discussion um you’re

1:37:13not free and you’re not brave so america is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave hater

1:37:20look at tulsi gabbard um where she more or less made a a humanity-based uh appeal to everybody

1:37:28saying like look there’s labs there we’re not gonna get into are these bio labs or whatever but whatever it is is

1:37:35these labs are there there’s going to be uh if

1:37:40any of these strains get out of the lab there’s going to be another pandemic but then

1:37:46hours after that the view comes out and says oh we used to jail people like this it’s like okay

1:37:53yeah these people want to live under so so you guys you guys what was it um

1:38:00whoopi goldberg yeah uh anna navarro and um i forget who the third person was so

1:38:06was joy behar is she on there still yeah she’s on there but i i can’t remember who the

1:38:12third person was but they’re talking about you know imprisoning americans they want to

1:38:17arrest they want to put the hang try it try it

1:38:22you know um there’s enough americans that still understand what uh what their constitutional rights are and

1:38:28understand what tyranny is and first of all again to compare these people with tulsi

1:38:34gabbard she’s a lieutenant colonel in the united states army reserve

1:38:39who has served in combat who has served her nation honorably and

1:38:45she’s simply exercising as a civilian as a private citizen not in her capacity as

1:38:50a serving officer her first amendment right of freedom of speech to ask legitimate questions about difficult

1:38:56topics and now you have whoopi goldberg who hasn’t done anything in her life of note other than that

1:39:03i’m not going to denigrate her as an actress or a comedian she’s good i’ve seen some of her movies they’re good i’ve seen other movies

1:39:09they’re not so good but she has a profession she does it god bless her she doesn’t even

1:39:15qualify to be in the same grid as tulsi gabbard when it comes to real americans the same thing with ana

1:39:22navarro i mean she’s you know she’s a republican uh you know consult political consultant

1:39:29neither of them have served in the military neither of them have sacrificed at all for their country they make a living sitting back and sniping at

1:39:35people like kelsey gabbard who every year puts it all on the line for her country

1:39:41um why more americans aren’t just outraged by this behavior it doesn’t mean that you have to support tulsi gabbard’s

1:39:48words no you don’t she has a right to speak i have a right to disagree but i what i won’t do first

1:39:55of all i say i i tend to agree with her so it’s not that i’m saying i’m against her but i could disagree with her and that

1:40:00doesn’t make me un-american but what i won’t do is attack her character what i will do is say i heard tulsi say

1:40:07x y and z and i disagree because of a b and c and then tulsi could come back and say yes but there’s you know h i j and i

1:40:14can say yes but there’s alm and we can have a nice little alphabet discussion about you know what what what’s what’s

1:40:21you know what’s the better course of action it’s not democracy supposed to work that’s how it’s supposed to work i

1:40:26always refer to you know norman rockwell did those uh did famous four paintings uh the four freedoms i think he called

1:40:32him and that you know the freedom of speech freedom freedom from hunger freedom from the but the one about

1:40:38speech shows that that man sitting i think it’s in the vermont church uh where a town

1:40:43gathering has taken place and he’s standing up and he’s holding a document his hand and he’s speaking he’s

1:40:49not angry he’s not but he’s speaking he’s serious and the people are looking at him listening to him and you know on

1:40:57the other side of the church is another person a man or a woman who’s holding a doctor who’s going to stand up when he’s

1:41:02done and they’re going to speak and they may be in opposition and everybody in the church is going to look at them and

1:41:07listen to them and you’re going to have your chance to be heard to have your opinion considered by

1:41:14well-meaning citizens who respect your right to say what you’re saying and then they will collectively decide what’s

1:41:21best for the community and you may not win you may only get part of what you want but it will be fair

1:41:28that’s what tulsi is doing she’s that person standing up speaking but we’ve lost the ability in the united states to

1:41:34be the receptive audience we’ve lost the ability to sit there and listen with respect to what somebody’s saying and

1:41:40then when we when it’s time to disagree if we do disagree to stand up and respectfully

1:41:46and with fact and without passion meaning evil passion you can be

1:41:51passionate but you don’t have to be yelling you have to demean people um tell tell them this is why i disagree

1:41:57with you that’s what makes a democracy great we’ve lost that greatness because we’ve lost the ability to do that instead we

1:42:04have whoopi goldberg and anna navarro pretending that somehow uh they

1:42:10have the right to arrest halsey gabbard for speaking her mind about an issue of

1:42:17national importance it’s insane how important

1:42:23do we even know if these labs have been secured if these materials are still at risk of

1:42:29the russians apparently um have captured some that were in their ability to capture

1:42:35um the ones that they couldn’t capture my understanding got hit

1:42:40with thermobaric type weapons you know one of the things that robert pope spoke of when he when he spoke of these again

1:42:46the director of the of the defense agency responsible for these labs um one of the things he said was

1:42:53we um we’re worried that they’ll lose power because right now the the pathogens are

1:42:59frozen they’re kept in secure frozen uh storage they lose power and then

1:43:04there will be an explosion that uh somehow you know causes a a a a violation of the

1:43:11uh environmental containment and these pathogens will fall and then be released

1:43:17um and he’s very concerned about that well i think the russians were too because from what i understand a couple of these places were hit with

1:43:24um thermobaric weapons which you know create these giant fireballs that create

1:43:29this vacuum that would suck everything up into it and burn it if i were planning on destroying a bio

1:43:35lab or a chemical production facility i would use a thermobaric weapon apparently the russians use thermobaric

1:43:40weapons on some of these labs not all of i don’t know if there’s some labs that are still in the um

1:43:46under the control of the ukrainian government i do know that at least two of these labs have been captured intact

1:43:52by the russians and this is why they have all the documents that they have

1:43:59so this is an issue yeah i i i am petrified honestly i’m

1:44:07afraid of those bio labs i’m afraid of the possibility of a nuclear war and i think we’re just

1:44:13closer to a nuclear conflict than than ever before even i think it’s in a more dangerous

1:44:20situation than even we faced during the cuban missile crisis and that really is the i think the closest

1:44:26comparison in my view what is that do you share that or am i was the cuban

1:44:33missile crisis the thing about the cuban missile crisis is that um

1:44:38had there been a nuclear conflict it was containable because simply for the fact that we didn’t have all the nuclear

1:44:44weapons that we had 20 years later meaning that we would lost a couple american cities they would

1:44:50have lost a couple russian cities and that sort of would have been it the world might have been able to live on

1:44:56might have no guarantees 1983 there was a military exercise called

1:45:02able archer and it was a test of um the nato nuclear war plan

1:45:09the problem is going into able archer is that the russians had said

1:45:15we’re concerned that the that nato might launch a preemptive strike and hit us with nuclear weapons first and so they

1:45:21were they had their intelligence services out there listening and suddenly

1:45:26they catch this exercise it’s called a exercise but they’re listening to the communications

1:45:32and they’re moving nuclear weapons and then they’re giving launch codes and the russians went oh my god and they

1:45:38actually put their nuclear forces on alert and we were that close

1:45:44that close to the russians saying we’ve been they’ve issued the launch orders we have to launch and return

1:45:52when ronald reagan found out about this later on the cia you know did some research and wrote a paper form

1:45:58i think he he saw it sometime in 1984 1985 according to the people that were there

1:46:04they said he turned pale and he was sick to his stomach he said

1:46:09my god how could they believe that we would do this well they believe it because you ran a damn excuse a darn exercise by testing

1:46:16the ability to do just that and reagan said we have to and that was the beginning of the inf treaty that was

1:46:22when ronald reagan said we have to get rid of these weapons because this is insane insane that we almost got to that

1:46:29based on an accident you know then i think it was two years later where the norwegians fired this

1:46:35rocket this uh this this atmospheric test rocket but it was detected by the russians it came across as a massive

1:46:42icbm attack and the russian officer the command center looked at this and according to

1:46:48the book he was supposed to make the call to launch but he looked and he said it makes no

1:46:54sense what i’m seeing makes no sense we’re going to wait and people want you can’t wait because if you wait and

1:47:00that’s the nukes they’re going to kill us all they said we’re going to wait and sure enough it was found out to be a

1:47:08he was arrested initially charged with treason because he violated the uh

1:47:13you know standing orders and you can’t in the nuclear weapons business you can’t have somebody free thinking like

1:47:18that because then nuclear deterrence is meaningless thank god we had somebody who was three free thinking like that

1:47:24i’d like to believe that his american counterparts would have done the same thing but you know that’s why they have

1:47:29pistols down there because if somebody decides they don’t want to do their job you’re supposed to point the pistol at

1:47:35them and if they still don’t want to do it you kill them then replace them with somebody who’s going to

1:47:40do the dual key launch of the weapons um isn’t that insane

1:47:47we need to get rid of these weapons we need to get rid of a situation where a fellow human has to point uh a gun in

1:47:54a countryman uh to make him commit global suicide because that’s what’s happening when you launch a nuclear

1:47:59weapon it’s cool the thing that really scares me is the some of the propaganda that i’ve been seeing even even today

1:48:05another article on quora uh

1:48:10that the loose talk among some hawks that seem to want to use these weapons

1:48:16and then i’m also seeing stories telling people that a nuclear war today

1:48:23wouldn’t be that bad that all you’d really have to the the worst that would happen is some military bases

1:48:29would be blown up and you just have to stay inside for a week or two and lock down and then things would be okay

1:48:36that’s what scares me is it or am i out of touch am i still stuck in the 80s

1:48:42and uh and brainwashed because i you know

1:48:47200 000 degrees is 200 000 degrees whether it’s generated by a 1980s era

1:48:53nuclear weapon or a nuclear weapon today

1:48:58i don’t understand nuclear weapons didn’t get suddenly copacetic and family friendly um they’re

1:49:05they’re as horrible today as they were back then what’s even worse though is back then we at least operated honestly

1:49:12the concept of mutually assured destruction we all knew what was going on

1:49:17there was no concept of winning a nuclear war you had strategic theorists talking about that you could have

1:49:23an exchange a correlation and you know we could maintain you know enough

1:49:28americans alive to uh sustain civilized society therefore we won the war

1:49:34no trust me it’s not winning the war um

1:49:40now we have people who actually think in terms of limited nuclear warfare

1:49:46especially when it comes to the russians to give you an example the there there there was a speech given

1:49:52by a guy named gerasimov general gerasimov he

1:49:57the the head of the general staff of the of the russian army um but gurnachov gave a speech and it was in it

1:50:04was translated by this this analyst who misunderstood what gracimal was saying

1:50:10and and what he did is he captured the main points in what he called the gerasimov doctrine

1:50:17well grassmom this wasn’t a russian doctrine gerasimoi was speaking you want to call it the grassroom of doctors

1:50:22gracimov’s understanding what nato’s doctrine was and one of the principal concept of

1:50:28there is the notion of escalate to de-escalate meaning that as a situation starts to move

1:50:35towards confrontation the the one side will escalate

1:50:42and then what you’ll do is you’ll use a nuclear weapon to escalate above them to compel them to de-escalate

1:50:49and the russians this was never a russian doctrine but it became interpreted as that’s what the russians

1:50:55are going to do so we have to out escalate them so what we did is we developed something called the

1:51:01low-yield nuclear warhead for the trident submarine and we put it on our trident submarines

1:51:08and now our trident submarines are of course out there in the north sea and we actually wargained a scenario

1:51:15where the russians moved in on the baltics and they escalated

1:51:20and so in order to stop this we had to escalate to de-escalate so we would fire

1:51:25a low-yield nuclear warhead on the russian forces telling them that it’s over now

1:51:32okay no more you’re gonna quit this is in theory

1:51:38we built the warhead we put it on the submarine and then we had a war game where defense secretary esper pushed the

1:51:44damn button simulating nuclear launch authority against the

1:51:50refining a weapon in the exercise against russian troops

1:51:55that’s insane now putin listened to this again god bless putin

1:52:01he listened to it he said you know you guys are crazy because we don’t have escalate the

1:52:08escalate what we have is anybody who fires a single nuclear

1:52:13weapon against russia we’ll get all of our weapons in return

1:52:19we’ll all be dead but some of us will be martyrs meaning the russians will be dead but at least

1:52:25they’re going to heaven as the uh is the good guys not the bad guys um that’s that’s the reality but because we are so

1:52:33distant from the cold war we have lost several things one we have lost

1:52:39the generation of arms control experts who were capable of negotiating these sound

1:52:44arms treaties we no longer have arms controllers

1:52:50we had a whole category of people like me better than me weapons inspectors trained weapons inspectors arms control

1:52:57verification specialists people who are certified as foreign area officers of a soviets or russian sub-specialty they’re

1:53:04gone we don’t have these people anymore we used to have in the state department

1:53:10people that grew up in the arms control and disarmament agency and even though they disbanded that agency their

1:53:15expertise was still uh handled out to non-proliferation we used to have something called the arms control

1:53:20intelligence staff and the cia whose sole focus was arms control treaties

1:53:26arms control agreements intelligence support of arms control agreements they’re all gone we don’t have them

1:53:32anymore and what we have instead are people who have been recruited not because of their russian

1:53:39expertise but because they wrote a college term paper on how evil vladimir putin is

1:53:47end of story fiona hill her only qualification it isn’t russian

1:53:52expertise it’s authoritarian government she hates vladimir putin

1:53:58susan glasser hates vladimir putin and applebaum hates vladimir putin

1:54:05michael hates vladimir putin i can go down the entire list of all these talking heads

1:54:11who are out there they hate vladimir putin the cia used to have people that would run moscow

1:54:18station the the most important cia station in the whole network of stations around the world

1:54:24um these were the best of the best the elite they played by moscow rules um tough tough game recruiting spies etc we

1:54:31used to recruit people like oleg tolkichov the billion dollar spy who gave us access to uh soviet uh you know

1:54:39a radar technology that saved us billions of dollars and being able to defeat the mig-25 before it became the

1:54:44mig-25 um then the cold war ended and we disbanded all these guys we put them into

1:54:50retirement and we replaced them with a bunch of amateurs a bunch of yahoos guys who don’t have russian expertise and you

1:54:57know they didn’t treat the russians seriously either because during the 1990s espionage was a joke because you

1:55:03didn’t have to spy you just went to the russians and bribed them we bought the darn president we bought every aspect of

1:55:08russia things were given to us for free and suddenly putin comes in it puts the kibosh on

1:55:15that now we have to play the game but we don’t have anybody qualified to play the game that’s why in 2005 2006 2007 over

1:55:22and over again you see the entire cia station being kicked out of russia because they got rolled up trying to do

1:55:29cold war type espionage but they’re no longer trained to do it they’re no longer qualified to do it you have non-russian experts going in there uh

1:55:36you know who got who who cut their teeth on espionage in uh in serbia or in georgia uh playing you know minor

1:55:43leagues and now they get thrown into the major leagues overnight and they got rolled up there’s no

1:55:49intelligence success in russia none the the the russian uh fsb the security

1:55:55forces are kicking our bus they’re kicking canada’s butts they’re kicking britons but nobody has good access

1:56:01to the russian target anymore because we don’t know how to spy anymore not very good at um

1:56:07yeah turn on the tv and you’re going to see him there stephen hall

1:56:12former cia station chief john cipher former head of russian off these guys

1:56:18are the most incompetent spies that ever walked the face of the earth they have no significant espionage victories

1:56:24against the russian target they got rolled up they got defeated yet they’re on tv waxing philosophically

1:56:31about a target that they didn’t understand well enough to succeed in um the only thing they have in common is

1:56:37they all have a visceral hatred for vladimir putin and if you think putin defines russia

1:56:43you know nothing about russia russia defines russia russia defines putin not the other way

1:56:50around yes and it’s a big place too right it’s huge it’s

1:56:55not only diverse geographically it’s diverse in the amount of different people who live there absolutely whether

1:57:01it’s siberia the taiji land or like goes on and on and on when i was when i was an inspector uh

1:57:08the factory that we worked at was the vodka factory it produced ss25 icbms that used to produce the ss20

1:57:15intermediate arrangements along with some others um but it was in the udhmer republic

1:57:20uh which meant that you know it’s named after an ethnicity the udmurt people who

1:57:25are a fennec people but they also had tatars

1:57:31because right below it was the tatar autonomous republic over here was the bash care republic so you had the bash

1:57:36gears then up north you had um the another ethnic group the point is they

1:57:42all mingled together um the russians and all these people lived together as soviet citizens today they’re russian

1:57:49citizens and then in the cities you had everything you had georgians armenians

1:57:54ukrainians uh bolts um belarusians uh all the different ethnicities come

1:58:00together because the soviet union was this giant melting pot where people came in and it worked in soviet institutes

1:58:06because they had an education and they were they were recruited people don’t don’t understand just how

1:58:12diverse russia is uh in terms of its ethnicities

1:58:18yeah absolutely um what do you think is the best possible

1:58:23outcome at this point and what’s the what’s the worst possible outcome

1:58:28well when you talk about best possible outcome i think we we can’t look at it from an american perspective or a

1:58:34russian perspective because they’re incompatible and so the best outcome for one would

1:58:40not be a good outcome for the other and uh and that would just perpetuate conflict we have to look at the one that

1:58:47resolves the primary um

1:58:52reason for this this clash of culture and it will be one that combines a new

1:58:58european security framework that’s along the lines of what russia wants with a

1:59:04russian decoupling from the west the united states has lost the ability

1:59:12to influence russia economically russia will never fall for that not not in putin’s lifetime not in anybody’s

1:59:17lifetime you know who knows maybe 100 years from now the world changes but right now

1:59:23there needs to be an economic divorce between russia and the west that doesn’t mean total and you know russia will

1:59:29still sell energy still sell strategic minerals but the day of uh going to moscow and and seeing you know louis

1:59:36vuitton and uh and and all the western shop is over you’re gonna see whatever the chinese equivalent is whatever the

1:59:42indian equivalent is russia is going east man it’s going to be trans-eurasian economic union so that’s the big thing

1:59:49is to set up a trans-eurasian economic union that keeps russia economically focused to the east that way

1:59:56there’s no temptation on the part of the west to exploit uh its economic presence because it won’t be an economic presence

2:00:02um but that if you leave it just at that what you have is a divorce without um

2:00:09you know child visitation rights there’s got to be child visitation rights uh and and the equivalent of that

2:00:16is a new european security framework that um has nato continuing to exist but

2:00:22uh has nato withdrawn back to 1997

2:00:28boundaries and russia withdrawing from belarus and creating this sort of a band of neutrality

2:00:35that will separate nato from russia and i think there will have to be some sort of conventional forces

2:00:41in europe treaty where russia will um you know leave some forces there that

2:00:46that are the equivalent of the national forces of poland in the baltic states romania but nothing overwhelming nothing

2:00:53that could be used to launch an attack equivalent defensive forces and then withdraw its offensive capability

2:01:00further west towards moscow maybe even uh east of moscow so that

2:01:06in order for russia to accumulate military power sufficient to threaten uh these buffer states they would have to

2:01:12mobilize they’d have to move and be detectable i think you have a treaty where you have inspectors observers

2:01:18there um so there will be no surprise attack i think there has to be that kind of framework there has to be an arms

2:01:24control agreement that eliminates the possibility of intermediate nuclear forces ever again emerging on european

2:01:31soil um and i think this is this is possible this is this is something that can

2:01:36happen and the beauty of these treaty relationships is that they

2:01:41they transcend politics um you know when i was a weapons

2:01:48inspector in the soviet union you know ronald reagan was still talking about the evil empire

2:01:54uh we were still spending billions of dollars to build weapons to destroy the soviet union they were spending billions

2:01:59of dollars to build weapons to destroy us but on the ground there were these americans

2:02:04cold warriors like myself working with their soviet counterparts who were cold warriors and we were working together

2:02:11to achieve something of mutual benefit and

2:02:16i don’t know if we’re ever gonna have a situation where the united states and russia are friends not not not not for some time to come i

2:02:22think that that bridge has been burned but we don’t have to be enemies and i think these arms control

2:02:29agreements could create a class of professional um disarmament specialists

2:02:36who work for the mutual benefit of their countries and mankind and that to me is the best possible

2:02:42outcome i don’t think we’re going to have piss up and make up i think that’s over i think we the west has behaved

2:02:49egregiously horribly um and and russia isn’t going to invite them back in but

2:02:55russia is going to have to make uh some sort of conciliatory move to

2:03:01ensure that the divorce is as amicable as possible that’s why i call it child visitation rights there has to be some

2:03:07sort of mechanism where husband and wife can get together and share air kisses and uh and be nice to

2:03:14the kids because other than that you’re gonna have

2:03:20you’re gonna have arms races you’re gonna and it’s just gonna increase the potential for friction that could lead

2:03:26to conflict could lead to the ultimate conflict it seems to me like uh

2:03:31after the ukrainian people who have suffered incredible losses and continue to suffer

2:03:37the united states and canada look like they’re they’re in a big

2:03:42no-win situation at the end of all this too because we’re suffering already economically and

2:03:50if russia realigns more with china i don’t see any positive outcome

2:03:58for us at all no i think the best we can hope for is um you know they’re they’re

2:04:04again the russians haven’t played any of their cards from the economic standpoint none

2:04:12they’ve reacted they’ve done defensive measures designed designed to mitigate the the impact of the of the harm

2:04:20they’ve talked about doing things for instance all the western oil companies that fled russia russia is talking about

2:04:26legislation that will basically nationalize the uh hundreds of billions of dollars of investment made into

2:04:32russian the russian energy sector that’s how stupid the west is right now

2:04:37thank you for giving us a hundred billion dollars worth of free infrastructure um and russia will do

2:04:42things like that but russia hasn’t permanently stopped the sale of energy

2:04:48or the the research i mean you know everybody has one of these things

2:04:54you know you don’t have one of these if russia stops selling cobalt and there’s another uh element that they control um

2:05:01they stop selling that we don’t have the chips anymore we can’t manufacture them done finished and

2:05:07you know the electronics industry is all about the chip and without the chip you got no electronic industry which means

2:05:12we have none of this no internet no computers no nothing um russia hasn’t played hardball yet they could

2:05:19literally controls the the global economy on very specific um you know minerals and metals of

2:05:26interest and don’t forget crap by crap i mean manure but that’s an important one i

2:05:32think fertilizer yeah fertilizer yeah fertilizer yeah and wheat and we now canada and the united states

2:05:38aren’t going to go hungry because we can produce our own food but um quick enough though

2:05:43i don’t know but the world’s going to starve and who’s going to be blame to blame

2:05:49not russia the united states of canada to be blamed uh australia is going to suffer look we

2:05:55we’ve started a ball rolling that we don’t understand where where you know we started a process we don’t know where it’s going to end

2:06:01and we’ve pretty much seeded much of the control over how this ends to russia

2:06:08and i think the russians are playing it smart they’re they’re paying a heavy price up front but leaving open

2:06:15you know leaving leaving the west an escape route uh by not shutting down the energy by

2:06:20not shutting down the minerals uh by uh maintaining this this this lifeline between the two

2:06:27economies so that there can be a modicum of of you know restructuring and

2:06:33reconstruction but like i said i i’d be shocked if um if there’s ever a louis vuitton shop

2:06:38opening up moscow or a mcdonald’s which is the best thing that ever

2:06:44happened to the russian people yeah did you guys hear that uh i guess i guess they are

2:06:50are looting all the warehouses where mcdonald’s has stored all their all their food and stuff they’ve been looting it and selling it abroad and

2:06:57being i thought that was interesting well again the you know any nation russia is a contract

2:07:05oriented society um you know and i’m not saying it’s perfect

2:07:11i’m just saying that you know they they have they put a lot of faith in the value of a con

2:07:17in an agreement and what the west has done through these sanctions is violate all these

2:07:23agreements violate these contracts and once you do that

2:07:29then the russians no longer respect um you know your property because it’s no

2:07:35longer your property you’ve you’ve basically walked away um so i’m not surprised that

2:07:41they’re that they’re doing that um yeah i mean what did you expect them to do yeah

2:07:46preserve it for your return i’m sure it would have stayed good that long

2:07:53well scott do you have any final thoughts as we uh move toward wrapping this thing up for

2:07:58the night well i mean i’m trying to come up with something positive because we’ve had a very difficult conversation i mean this

2:08:04is a difficult subject um i can’t come up with anything positive i mean my heart goes out to the people of

2:08:11ukraine um they are truly the sacrificial pawns in all of this uh they’re paying

2:08:17um you know a horrific price their their country is being destroyed

2:08:23um you know whether the what the final price tag will be will be horrific whether it’s 500 billion a trillion

2:08:28dollars um ukraine is finished as a modern nation state for some time

2:08:33and um this is sad it’s very sad um

2:08:38i don’t think the world’s learning its lesson my biggest fear is if we survive ukraine

2:08:46taiwan is going to be the next china is going to move on taiwan china will recapture taiwan and i think the

2:08:53chinese now are getting a big lesson um any notion that taiwan would just

2:08:58readily see that i think the russians were operating under a little misconception that they would be received well at least a significant

2:09:05portion of the population and um and that’s why they went in soft i think the chinese are looking at this and saying

2:09:12we have to plan for it being hard from day one um and they and then they now know how the

2:09:19west is going to respond so china’s getting a uh nice little uh preview of what’s going

2:09:25to happen and um the chinese are smart they’re capable and they’re going to make the appropriate preparations and the west is

2:09:31going to be hit by lightning and not have any clue what happened as the chinese preempt every

2:09:36possible um western response and i don’t mean nuclear war i think economically

2:09:42the chinese start to shut down supply lines and basically i think you’ll see a preemption to the or the what’s going to

2:09:49start the chinese invasion will be preemptive acts on their part to segregate themselves from the western

2:09:55economy to put the west on the defense economically so that um there’s no punch

2:10:00left in the west when china makes the move on taiwan but um there’s there’s no doubt in my mind that china’s moving on taiwan uh in a

2:10:08year and two years it’s going to happen and we we saw how impotent biden is with

2:10:14regard to ukraine i mean he can’t go in there with soldiers um what about

2:10:20taiwan same thing right well let’s look at um let’s look at the closest analogy that

2:10:26we have south korea we are we we have a military

2:10:31relationship with south korea we train with them we have 10 000 soldiers already there and we’ve

2:10:39earmarked units from the united states who will be deployed i think the total number is 400 000

2:10:47it will take 90 days for those troops to get to south korea with all of the preparation we’ve done with

2:10:53pre-positioned stocks having bases in japan and elsewhere to support

2:10:59none of this exists with taiwan none there’s no infrastructure there’s

2:11:04no planning there’s no troops earmarked what you’re going to say well no we’re going to just re reevaluate our south

2:11:10korean defense plan and take all those 400 000 troops and send them to taiwan no because that opens up north korea to now

2:11:18make a move on south and south korea so we’re literally going to be standing there saying there’s nothing we can do

2:11:24just like we did with ukraine there’s nothing we can do can we fly in a couple

2:11:29airplanes worth of weapons maybe i don’t know if the chinese are going to be as friendly uh regarding

2:11:35weapon shipments as the the the the russians happy have been meaning uh i think

2:11:41sink ships shoot down airplanes um because we got nothing we literally have nothing when it comes

2:11:47to taiwan there is no option canada just admitted that uh we’ve

2:11:52depleted our weapon stock dangerously that we have we have nothing

2:11:57we just gave it all away um donetsk thank you because apparently the

2:12:04russians are capturing all this stuff and turning it over to the uh people’s militia and donetsk and lagos

2:12:09which they’re gonna have the largest javelin inventory in the world and in that way i think nato and the

2:12:15united states have sort of led ukraine and maybe now taiwan too down the garden

2:12:21path by sort of offering them this false sense of security yep and if i were the taiwan if i was the taiwan government

2:12:28i’d be looking at this saying we probably need to preempt this by going to china and saying how can we do

2:12:33this without doing that okay um because i have no confidence now in the

2:12:39united states or anybody coming to our rescue so how do we

2:12:45achieve an outcome that avoids what’s happening to ukraine right now that’s what i would do if i were taiwan because

2:12:52otherwise you’re just going to get ukraine uh with you know with it with an asian flavor

2:12:59and so i guess the bottom line is this is a monumental colossal

2:13:04foreign policy failure on the part of the administration well it

2:13:10remember he inherited this you know this is a failure of american foreign policy

2:13:15right our ukraine policies started with george w bush um barack obama eight years of the

2:13:23wonderful barack obama administration they’re the ones who implemented regime change policy in ukraine they’re the

2:13:29ones through michael mcfaul was seeking regime change you remember the great reset the nice little red button

2:13:36okay that was being pushed not to help vladimir putin but to help dimitri

2:13:42medvedev in hopes that we could prop him up to remove vladimir putin it was regime changed and putin knows this

2:13:50that’s why when hillary clinton uh suddenly went oh my gosh medea’s stepping down putin’s coming up

2:13:56he’s running for election and she spoke out asking the russian people to rise up but putin said you’re interfering with our

2:14:02election with my election and he was furious about that that’s why he hates her

2:14:08but michael mcfaul was implementing regime change policy under obama trump

2:14:13came in with whatever the hell that was i i don’t even know what his you know is just schizophrenic dr mr hyde

2:14:20no rhyme or reason for anything that was going on with russia his heart was in the right place he wanted to be friends

2:14:27but he didn’t do anything friendly um it’s just chaos now binds come in trying

2:14:33to correct that but it’s an over correction um and and it’s just a disaster an absolute

2:14:39disaster the people paying the price are the ukrainian people and the people that pay the price in

2:14:45asia will be the taiwan the citizens of taiwan and on that passive note

2:14:51all i could say is you know at least can in america remain friendly

2:14:56for now for the moment until you guys get tired of us and decide to uh

2:15:01just invade and end it oh well well all you have you just gave all our weapons away so

2:15:07all you have to do is watch uh canadian bacon you’ll okay watch that movie well scott ritter thank

2:15:14you so much for for joining us on the program tonight i’ve been watching the comments we didn’t put a

2:15:19lot of them up we’ve had thousands of people commenting though i can see on the side here and uh they love you they

2:15:26uh um a lot of people saying you know that your your words are have have been very

2:15:33helpful and then that’s a success i mean it’s even even being unpleasant i think the the

2:15:38pursuit of fact-based data is um it shows intellectual curiosity and

2:15:44that’s the most important uh i think uh characteristic person can have nowadays it’s at least the

2:15:50curiosity to try and find the truth well especially now because there’s so much propaganda on both sides and when people

2:15:57do speak the truth i think that well we’re seeing attempts

2:16:02in the media to discredit people who say anything that isn’t uh in line with the media narrative right

2:16:09um so it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a brave thing that you’re doing actually joining us because

2:16:15um it’s hard right now to speak about there’s a potential risk here there’s a

2:16:20downside you can’t tell me this going in i think we’re all uh wearing the same

2:16:26target on our on our backs tonight uh but uh again thank you so much for having me it was it was an

2:16:32absolute pleasure i really enjoyed it yeah our privilege yeah our absolute privilege

2:16:37thank you let’s do it again if you ever you’re in the mood all right thank you scott i’ll i’ll take you up on that all

2:16:43right thanks a lot take care bye for the best thank you and there you have it scott ritter uh

2:16:50that was uh that was a privilege and

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Permanent Suspension from Twitter

Finally I have been suspended from twitter.

It was of course always on the cards, as I post subjects against the globalist criminal cabals lying narrative.

19000+ followers and 5 or more years building up that following. That took effort, as I blog and post about child sexual abuse, though latterly I did expand to the illuminati as thats where child abuse and child trafficking took me. Then onto covid and other subjects, and it was covid post that got me!

I lost 5000 followers in the purges, which took me over a year to get back. The main purges was just before the US elections and one soon after iirc. I survived these but picked up twitter suspension damage for having the timerity to post a G News link to the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.

At the time, as it was just before the US Biden /Trump election and would undoubtedly have affected peoples votes, it was not allowed to be posted, the excuse being as it came from hacked sources. It would have made fixing the election even more obvious than it was.

Of course it was not from hacked sources, as was very obvious at the time, but they need some veneer of reasoning, even overtly false reasoning that the mckingbird media can pick up on and stand behind to buy them time. The Hunter Biden laptop story was true as has now been admitted, but to control the narrative and stop the truth getting to the masses then even the New York Post was banned from twitter.

So this “Hunter Biden” ban was totally unjustified as most peoples bans are.

Then disgusting globalist liar, and friend of Chelsea Clinton, Devi Sridhar got me banned.

I tweeted to her a link correcting her lies. Of course this was silly, I should not have tweeted her directly, even though she had blatantly lied, speaking to children, telling them that vaccines were safe and effetive with no adverse effects. She complained and got me banned. Globalist lies win over public truth in the eyes of twitter “community guidelines” enforcers.

I did get my word out about her lies with my blog Devi Sridhar and Covid Narrative Warfare [3]

Later when she had the audacity to start the year by complaining I wrote this Devi Sridhar – Lies and Misinformation [4] This was a blog in which my friend made my favourite meme, which they have kindly made into a gif for me…

Before the above bans, was my first ban, when I gave Lisa Page the traditional greeting of Santa Claus – Ho Ho Ho, on Dec 28th, in reply to some tweet of hers professing innocence of any wrongdoing in FBI corruption. It appears she took it in a different way to ridiculing her statement and complained.

I can only assume she thought I was calling her a ho (not really a word used in England) for her affair with the criminal FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe. Well if the cap fits Lisa. Fyi in England we would use the word whore or prostitute.

Again though, a mistake I should have learned from if I didn’t want to get banned. Deep state will always be favoured by twitter, no matter what. Do not engage with them.

The next ban was different. I could tell that twitter/luciferian globalist criminal cabal were trying to brand all people who disagreed with the vaccine narrative as “antivaxxers”, and establishing the word antivaxxer as a term of abuse /demonisation, and far wider than its normal definition. They wanted to create a medical equivalent of perjoratively used term “conspiracy theorist”.

By this the globalist cabal and their minions were trying to set the “Overton Window” – the boundaries of discussion that they would accept. Anyone outside these parameters would be demonised and diminished not by reasoned argument but by what they were making into a perjorative term – a term of abuse essentially.

People who discussed subjects outside the Overton window were assaulted with this boogeyman term. Its a way of tackling the man not the ball, attack the person not the argument.

I tried to push back and pointed that the term was not justified as the term was used aganst fully vaxxed people who merely don’t want a gene therapy “vaccination” (and they had to change the definition of vaccination to even include it)

Antivaxxers is a term that lazy ignorant people and shill use to describe mostly fully vaccinated people, who object to using an experimental gene therapy whose trials do not finish until 2023. The manufacturers are absolved of all liability and the toll of side effects is huge.

Twitter were prepared to defend the twitter Overton window with a ban, so it could not be challenged.

They are all powerful on their platform. That may or may not be fair enough, but when they have to lie that others spread misinformation to justify banning people, when it is they themselves who are deliberately spreading a disinformation narrative then it is not fair enough. It is fraud that should be challenged but we are in the catch 22 that the globalist cabal control the court system as well and it is prohibitively time consuming and also prohibitively expensive.

9 months later of course, twitter achieved their objective of controlling the narrative to allow jabs and fair progress on vaccine passports/digital ID to build the social credit score/AI /transhuman control system.

Now onto the next media psyop – Russia/Ukraine to cover up the covid psyop, even though it has been admitted by the people who made it, that the covid vaccination is experimental gene therapy. The demonisation using the term antivaxxer is still used but less prevalent, as the facts become more widepsread, so I dont think I would got a ban for this today. They have changed the Overton window as defending that part is not worthwhile.

My final ban fittingly perhaps, came when I posted my own blogpost. If you are going to be banned at least I get satisfaction that it was for my post, albeit of others work. It was not for some trivial repost of someone elses tweet.

My blog post was about a pivotal event when, if Ivermectin was approved for use with Covid, the covid vaccine could not have been given emergency use. Quite simply it was not an emergency, as there were other treatments. However the research was delayed and then diminished by a couple of bent scientists Andrew Hill and Andrew Owen for money, and so the gene therapy jab redefined as a “vaccination” went ahead.

The post is worth reading! which of course is why it was banned Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind [1]

I guess it was the words Ivermectin Lies that the algorithm picked up.

It was a bit silly of me as I had been fairly careful to refer in that thread to call Ivermectin as “Ivor the Engine”, to avoid the algorithm.

However I was in “distribute my blog post” mode across various social media, click click click, rather than thinking about the globalist cabals narrative protection on twitter, and the title of my own post. I even tagged it #Ivor, but the title gave it away.

I appealed on the basis that it was true not misinformation and asked for details of the parts that were misinformation which I said I would delete.

I was not familiar with the exact twitter terms, or bans or appeal, as I reasoned it would not make much difference and I could be bothered researching. I knew I was near a ban, but did not recall that I had had so many bans, nor the exact number of bans you were allowed.

Having now read the rules I would have stood more chance appealing on grounds of “public debate” etc which are not violations, rather than truth, which is not a defence. Similarly I should have known that having had a weeks ban that the next and 5th ban was final.

However as they have sent the information I reproduce it here, so people can read them easily.

Twitter Rules [6]

Twitter medical “misinformation” [5]

I was pretty certain that the ban would be permanent, as I thought not only was the tweet against the globalist false narrative but the whole thread was. Not only that but the tweet was linked to my article. So it would not take a sad twitter community guideline paid flunkey very long to ascertain that I was a threat to their globalist lies.

However I was surprised at the speed. The last appeal took a week for them to reply. This one about 4 hours. No recourse to even a reply. So next step would be lawyers letters, costly and likely a waste of time.

Of course they could just freeze your account but they delete it all, so you lose 6 years work and contacts. Typical Luciferian behaviour. So I am in no rush to get back onto twitter. I do prefer in depth researched blogging anyway but realised also that my twitter threads woke more people up than my in depth researched blogs. Out of necessity in these fast moving times, I will make the blogs shorter, this also fits in with my varying health.

I used twitter as a way to draw attention to my posts and twitter was often the largest sinle source of many of my views for the blogs. Twitter also became important as it is a front line of the information war. Threads were effective in that. However I have been forced away from that particular front, so its time for reassessment and regrouping.

Just before the US election when the twitter purges and bans came, everyone rushed to Parler which the cabal then effectively banned by proxy through app stores and tech companies services. Learning from that I have already diversified and am on several platforms, some better than others.

The most important of these for me are

FoxyFox Substack Blog, email list which is likely more free speech and robust than my wordpress which may suffer from being withdrawn but I have been very happy at wordpress. The wordpress has better features eg gallery for photos and so wordpress gets fuller blogs.

Gab I have 1000 followers, again free speech and independent of attacks like they did to Parler, as it has already been through that so it should be robust. I would recommend everyone has Gab and slowly builds it up. It doesnt have the most features but the great advantage is that it is independent of the cabal. I will be posting more on Gab.

Telegram is brilliant for many purposes but again Deep State, owned by WEF Young Global Leader, so it will not be private and also liable to go down whenever convenient to the globalist cabal. However for now a useful platform and I have several channels.

Telegram Foxy Wolf
Chat Group
Covid Channel
Ukraine Operation
Mockingbird Media
End Child Abuse
MindControl, MKUltra, TI

So to contact me then message on Gab or Telegram or email.


I dont know exactly how well my twitter threads will survive but if you want to check they are here…

There is talk of a cyber attack, indeed the cabal have already had their “practise” so it may be wise to try Linux which could be more robust to attack. I suggest uploading on an old computer to try. It is easy when you know how, its just sifting through to find how… this is one help site

If you want to help stop the cabal we need to use alternatives to google/youtube. Using them will be a weakness, as well as helps fund them, some alternatives are bitchute, odysee Brand New Tube etc

Duck Duck go has been goign downhill for some time and now is choosing certain search results so an alternative is decentralised Presearch

There will be tough times ahead. Start diversifying on social media, its much easier to do it now, than when the crunch happens Create alternatives.

Watch out for other globalist psyops as well – race, climate change, covid, cyber attack, war, economic collapse, more serious diease etc …

ya basta

cathyfoxblog social media links

This post [111] 2022 Mar 10 CFBlog Permanent Suspension From Twitter


[1] 2022 Mar 9 cathyfoxblog Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind

[2] Twitter Misinfo policy

[3] 2021 Jun 23 cathyfoxblog Devi Sridhar and Covid Narrative Warfare

[4] 2022 Jan 1 cfblog Devi Sridhar – Lies and Misinformation

[5] Twitter medical misinformation

[6] Twitter Rules

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UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK

US /World Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, SRA, Illuminati etc

(some may be out of date twitter accounts but may be useful for finding the archives)

Healing Resources


Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

Svali Resources

Cathy O’Brien e book


Posts with Important Links for Individuals

[100] 2020 Apr 27 cathyfoxblog Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati Whistleblowers

[101] 2020 Apr 25 cathyfoxblog Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control

[102] 2021 Oct 10 cathyfoxblog Child Trafficking by the Jesuits

[103] cathyfoxblog Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

[104] 2020 Sept 21 cathyfoxblog Fiona Barnett’s Long Goodbye

[105] J

Links still incomplete

Covid 19

Vaccination Reactions

Europe -EUDRA [206]





Open Vaers [202] allows browsing and searching of the reports


Moon []


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind

[Update 2022Mar9 15.56 I have been suspended from Twitter for posting this post, subject to appeal. In the appeal I said the post is true and not misinformation, and I have asked which parts are misinformation.]

Who Changed the Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions? At Last, We May Have a Name

The significance of this is huge. If Andrew Hill had not delayed and then Hill and Andrew Owen were honest with the research and not been paid off with $40Million to alter conclusions, then vaccines could never have received emergency approval as there was no emergency, as a treatment with Ivermectin was available.

People died due to lack of treatment for “covid”, people have died and injured due to adverse effects of the vaccine.

Instead a sabotage campaign against Ivermectin was launched despite it being a cheap, safe, tested prize winning drug. Ivermectin was later derided as a “horse paste” etc in a deliberate act of propaganda by the US Food and Drug Administration, to cover up the big pharma/regulatory lies and obfuscation.

First I will put some background, then the blog that shows how Professor Andrew Owen was caught…


In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

But on January 18th 2021, Dr Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigour, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion. In the end, Dr Hill advised that “Ivermectin should be validated in larger appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.”

The researcher seeking a global recommendation on Ivermectin had instead recommended against it. A media onslaught against the medicine ensued. What were Dr Hill’s reasons for doing so? Were his conclusions justified? Or were external forces influencing his about-face?

One year on, this film recalls exactly what happened from the perspective of somebody that experienced it first hand; Dr Tess Lawrie; also featuring contributions from Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik who worked closely with Dr Hill during the same time frame. [5]

Oracle A Letter to David Hill [5] 18 min

There is a bit more in this thread as well…

2022 Mar Twitter thread Ivermectin [3]

Professor Andrew Owen and Dr Andrew Hill will go down in history…

This is a reblog of a post 2022 Mar 8 FLCCC Who Changed the Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions? At Last, We May Have a Name. [1]

The original dig, partly behind a paywall is here. It also has much background on this blog. 2022 Mar 7 Phil Harper Professor tied to altered Andrew Hill paper also prepared ‘Ivermectin Evidence’ for World Health Organisation [2]

Now the FLCCC post…

Who Changed the Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions? At Last, We May Have a Name

If what you are about to learn was playing out onscreen, the collective gasp of the audience at the moment of reveal would register at deafening decibels.

First, let’s set the stage:

— Over one year ago, there were ample peer-reviewed, randomized controlled trials that provided strong evidence on ivermectin’s efficacy as a treatment for COVID in every disease phase.

— A paper considering these many studies was written by lead author Dr. Andrew Hill at the University of Liverpool for the World Health Organization’s COVID Guideline Development Group. Hill was an early and vigorous proponent for ivermectin. His paper showed that ivermectin could reduce deaths by 75% if used throughout the world.

— Inexplicably, just days before its publication, the paper appeared on a pre-print server, with its conclusions changed. Instead of concluding that ivermectin—one of the world’s safest and most inexpensive drugs— should be rolled out globally, it now concluded that more studies on ivermectin were needed before it could be recommended worldwide. Given the totality of scientific evidence for ivermectin, it was a stunning—actually shocking—reversal by Dr. Hill.

—In an urgent Zoom call to Dr. Hill initiated by Dr. Tess Lawrie, Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy, Dr. Hill admitted to her that one of his study’s sponsors, Unitaid, had a say in the conclusions of his paper. But he would not divulge the name(s) of those who altered the paper’s conclusions.

But now, “The Digger” on Substack (aka producer/director Phil Harper) has revealed the name of the person who could have edited the paper’s conclusions—which led to the WHO’s non-recommendation of the use of ivermectin. That decision could have led to the unnecessary deaths of millions across the world.


Mr. Harper studied the PDF of the paper, wanting to learn the identity of its “ghost” author. “The hope was that some artifact on the PDF would reveal something, maybe a font was different, maybe there was a hidden comment, maybe some tracked changes had been saved to the document,” said Harper. “None of those lines of inquiry came to anything.”

Then it came to him. Was it in the PDF’s metadata? “Sometimes it’s the most obvious of things,” Harper writes. “The ‘v1_stamped’ version of the paper did indeed have metadata. It even had author information inside the metadata. Expecting to see Andrew Hill listed as the author, instead, I saw a name I recognized. Andrew Owen.

“Unless someone used his computer, Andrew Owen has his digital fingerprint on the Andrew Hill paper.”

Professor Andrew Owen is the person who allegedly edited the critical Andrew Hill paper on Ivermectin. He was also in receipt of consultancy fees from pharmaceutical companies with competing products.

As it turns out, Andrew Owen is a Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics and co-Director of the Centre of Excellence in Long-acting Therapeutics (CELT) at the University of Liverpool. He is also scientific advisor to the WHO’s COVID-19 Guideline Development Group. Just days before Dr. Hill’s paper was to be published, a $40M grant from Unitaid, the paper’s sponsor, was given to CELT —of which Owen is the project lead. “The $40 million contract was actually a commercial agreement between Unitaid, the University of Liverpool and Tandem Nano Ltd (a start-up company that commercializes ‘Solid Lipid Nanoparticle’ delivery mechanisms)— for which Andrew Owen is a top shareholder,” says Harper.

Furthermore, Harper writes that, “Andrew Owen is prolific in the art of receiving money from pharmaceutical companies. He’s received research funding from ViiV Healthcare, Merck, Janssen, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Tibotec, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Bristol-Myers Squibb.”


Read the entire essay HERE. In it, Harper reveals much, much more. This is just the latest in a series of postings on ‘The Digger’ exposing the machinations and the backdoor wheeling and dealing to prevent ivermectin from saving lives so that other, more profitable (and scientifically proven more dangerous) designer drugs could take center stage and make bank.

Phil Harper will be the featured guest on this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar—Wednesday, March 9 at 7PM ET. Register HERE.

This post [111] 2022 Mar 9 cathyfoxblog Ivermectin Lies, Big Pharma Pawns, Traitors to Mankind

As my twitter account has been nuked, I include a couple of screenshots that were in that thread and a couple of others and this link [6] Ivermectin Studies

I will just say that Liverpool University shoud sack both these reprobates…


[1] 2022 Mar 8 FLCCC Who Changed the Scientific Conclusions of a Paper that Could Have Saved Millions? At Last, We May Have a Name.

[2] 2022 Mar 7 Phil Harper Professor tied to altered Andrew Hill paper also prepared ‘Ivermectin Evidence’ for World Health Organisation

[3] 2022 Mar Twitter thread Ivermectin


[5] Oracle A Letter to David Hill

[6] Ivermectin Studies

cathyfoxblog social media links

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

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US /World Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, SRA, Illuminati etc

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Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

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[100] 2020 Apr 27 cathyfoxblog Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati Whistleblowers

[101] 2020 Apr 25 cathyfoxblog Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control

[102] 2021 Oct 10 cathyfoxblog Child Trafficking by the Jesuits

[103] cathyfoxblog Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

[104] 2020 Sept 21 cathyfoxblog Fiona Barnett’s Long Goodbye

[105] J

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Covid 19

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Open Vaers [202] allows browsing and searching of the reports


Moon []


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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Superbowl 2022 Decode Gina Phillips

Decodes and transcripts by Gina Phillips of Superbowl 2022 half time show on February 13.
I have no time to give summary. As we quickly pivot from one thing to another, there is less time for detailed blogs. More people need to step up and explain to new people in turn.

[1] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

[2] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

Screenshot fyi

Transcripts follow at end

This post [111] 2022 Mar 5 cathyfoxblog Superbowl 2022 Decode Gina Phillips


[1] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

[2] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1


Transcript 1 [1] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

hi gang this is gina phillips i’m gonna

walk you guys through the

decode of the super bowl halftime show


but um before i get into that

i want to point you guys to a couple of

interviews that i did with paul oble

back in november

where i decoded the travis scott astro

world concert

there’s information in there that’s

really important for you to know or

have become

versed with

in order to understand this super bowl


i talk about in there the red white and

blue programming and the black and white

base programming and what that

represents because we’re going to see

the red white and blue programming in

the super bowl and i want you guys to

understand what that is

so you can find those two interviews you

can go to my website at gina

you can also go to paul obail’s website

truth unveiled

television you can find it on rumble

but just have a look at those have a

look at those um

two videos and it’ll really lay a good

foundation for you to understand this

decoder the halftime show of the super


and i just want to you know say that i

really do miss my buddy paul obel he was

my go-to person whenever i did decode

and he’s gone on to be with the lord and

i sure am thinking about him as i’ve

been working on this decode

um but i just wanted to point that out

do miss you buddy

i want to set up a couple of lenses

for us to view this the halftime show

through so it gives us um an idea of

what we’re looking at

um what i do after watching the super

bowl is i go to the media and i see what

articles are being written i see what um

uh tv shows are saying

about the halftime show because you have

the you have the show itself with its

music and its symbols and its colors

but then the media will actually


on the storyline of the comms

remember um these uh the super bowl is

an activation event

and so the

culture has to be totally saturated

with an activation of an inactivation

event you’re you’re mobilizing the

programming and switching it up lining

it up activating it for massive groups

of people these are for everybody


we’ve talked in previous videos that i

have where i’ve shared that

music albums movies tv shows

things like that are like a playbook

they have all of the plays that could be

activated the programs that could be

activated in a mind control


and so uh when a person let’s say that

they have the purple rain album of

prince that was used in their trauma

sessions when they’re being programmed

when they just listen

to the prince album

it just keeps

it keeps their subconscious mind up to

date on their programming scripts

it keeps them running behind the

dissociative barrier it’s not an

activation when they listen to a purple

rain album it doesn’t mean that programs

activated they’re just living in a world

as a survivor that’s saturated with all

kinds of movies and media and music and



keep those cues running

behind us their subconscious but you

have certain events

like the super bowl the oscars the emmys

different presidential speeches things

like that that are called activation


and those actually tell which plays in

the play book to pull up for these mind

control soldiers

and so that’s what the super bowl is

it’s kind of like a

football team is going to constantly be

practicing all of their plays

so that would be equated to watching

um all the

movies and the

uh music and stuff that’s part of your

programming you’re keeping up on all

your plays but the coach actually in the

game is when he calls up and says which

plays are going to be activated and so

the super bowl is that type of

activation event

so after looking at the super bowl

activation event

i go and i look for


and what the media is saying about the

event to further define it and so i’m

going to start with this we’re going to

look at the macro decode of the super

bowl the big overall picture and then

we’re going to eventually go down to the


programming changes but some common

themes that i found when i was looking

around about the super bowl this is a

quote from the new york post

the super bowl event was a family affair

it was like a family reunion when dre

opened the show

doing the next episode which is a song

with snoop dogg

another common theme was that


snoop dogg and and the um

dr dre the other artists coming together

it was a coming together of forces it

was not the typical babbling you often


um battling um of rappers it’s it’s like

you have the gang violence and they

represent different gangs and different

territories and their music represents

that violence and dueling and battling

but in this super bowl they came

together like a family reunion a coming

together of forces not the battling in

the conflict

and something that i have not seen in


was the coming together of the young and

the old to be activated

we’ve had a lot of calms and activations

for the young

youth they’re young to me the young

adults and and teens

uh with like black lives matter


all the stuff that you’ve heard me talk

about the gender fluidity but this is

the first time that i’ve seen the old

activated two you’re bringing in the old

school wrappers from the 90s

like dr dre and mary j blige

snooped off

another theme that was common when i was

um looking in the periodicals and


is that the um olympian gods are

retiring and the titans are now taking

command i’ll get into more detail about

that during the decode

but if you’ve heard any of my previous

teachings on programming you know that

every program

is tied to

the gods of antiquity

that when a person is programmed

they will have a certain type of trauma

that’s matched with a certain type of

color which is matched with a script

that they’re the carry out and it’s tied

to very specific fallen entities and

i’ve said before that where i used to

think that olympian gods and the gods of

antiquity were just fairy tales i’ve now

come after doing deliverance and having

to break people free

from these fallen entities that they

were real i believe that they were real

people get real freedom people really do

worship these gods and do some crazy


so that other um

so the other

commonality that i was seeing was that

the olympian gods are retiring and the

titans are rising up

various different article articles

called the old rappers the titans so

they identified who they were

here’s a quote from the new york post i

have it cited down below

it says quote dre and snoop would join

forces again on their song still dre

later in the show

but by that point there was no need to

remind anyone why these 90s hip-hop

titans were very much still here

and over here on the right side we have

a usa today quote

it wasn’t a clash of the hip hop titans

but a formidable alliance storming the

super bowl halftime stage so again we

see the media setting them up saying the

old schoolers represent the titans

and that the titans or titans are taking


the olympians are bowing down we did see

that bowing down of eminem in the super


which was um it’s it’s

him passing on to dre who represents the


the olympians we’re going to talk more

details in a minute about the story

lines of the titans and the olympians

so um

there you go a defining by the media of

who the titans are represented by

so i want you guys to listen to part of

this commercial with arnold


um acting as though he’s zeus and his

wife hera

and um it’s gonna again show the

olympians zeus was the head of the

olympian godheads

um of the pantheon and he’s retiring in

this commercial so it’s just another nod

to this titan

olympian family reunion taking place

but the retiring of the olympian gods in

the rising

of the titans

let’s do a quicker view of the the story

of the titans and the olympians


uranus was a um

god of the sky

and gaia is the god of the earth goddess

and the two of them birthed the titans

and you i have them listed here all 12

of them

you may remember them oceanus creos

hyperion ria there’s a whole bunch of

them phoebe cronus

um there

and so cronus is the baby god but he was

the god that ruled all the titans he was

the young

young fellow but he was the ruler

over the titans and the way that he took


is he mutilated the genitalia of his

father uranus he was the only one

willing to overthrow his father and so

he castrates him

and from that castration and overthrow

death of his father the blood that fell

to the earth

from that castration created this army

which is what i think the rap singers


representing we’ll talk about that in a

little more detail later

so cronus overthrows his father

becomes the ruler of the titans

cronus married his sister or partnered

with his sister because they had many

different partners he partnered with her

and birthed the olympian gods and these

are just some of them


but um zeus and hera you saw in the

commercial we just saw

zeus was the leader of the olympians

and so in the storyline

zeus overthrows his father the same way

that cronus did uranus

and um

then zeus becomes the ruling god

he banished cronus

and the titans

to tartarus which is the deepest part of

hell so so when zeus and his people his

his gang his parthenon gods overthrew

cronus and the titans they were banished

to tartarus

um the deepest parts of hell

you guys may remember in scripture

in the bible where it talks about um in

genesis about how the fallen angels

reproduced and had hybrid children the

giants with

women of earth

and um

that after the flood

these fallen angels who reproduce they

cross boundaries they shouldn’t have

been did the unthinkable and they were

um many of them were actually

sent to tartarus after the flood and

held in chains there till their judgment

day so um

there’s a lot of rituals that have to do

with going to tartarus channeling those

entities but just letting you know that

the titans

were held there

and so in the super bowl we’re seeing

this calm this communication that the

titans are back

we know in in the book of revelation

there comes a time when the earth opens


and apollyon or abaddon or abaddon as

some call it

it’s the same entity just a greek and a

hebrew name i mean yeah greek and hebrew


of the same god that he too will be


and um

he’s also known as shiva it’s the same

entity just a different culture that he

will be released remember and locusts

come up out of the pit

and they torture man for five months so

i just wanted you to know the titans are

these entities that were held in in um

tartarus the deepest parts of hell and

so they’re making the calms here that

not only are they back

but they’re taking control

the halftime show opens

with a view of the cosmos

what we’re about to see as we see the

pepsi symbol with the red white and blue


the ball going through the cosmos is

we’re seeing them

open up a program so the programming as

you open them up to make changes

it’s going to be a macro and a micro com

it’s asking the viewers that see this

communication in their subconscious

to to look inside to where they would


the cosmos

inside of them you’re going to sit and

see the red program the blue program

activated remember i said the blue is

the galaxy right here realm

red is the second heaven

so it’s it’s speaking these columns to

both dimensions what’s the structures

inside the individual and what they see

inside of their mind is their program

but it’s also speaking to what’s

happening on the cosmic level with

entities so again we begin with a

picture of the cosmos

you see the spinning

red white and blue


which is the symbol of the pepsi symbol

but it really represents so much more it

actually represents a node but i’m not

going to get into that but you see it’s

spinning in the cosmos

again let me refer you back to my videos

on the asteroid world decode

ball spinning around in the cosmos

then you see the ball enter into the

black hole that’s what’s represented

here so it’s like traveling through the

cosmos through

different dimensions and into this black

hole which is a portal

you see a flash of blue

representing the blue galaxy programming

being accessed

and opened up for change

you see a big flash of red

opening up the star

programming which is red

accessing that in the person

the ball continues moving through the

cosmos it looks like maybe with this

meteor that it’s entering earth’s


so as we move from the macro big scale

programs we’re honing into the micro to

the actual location so you’re beginning

to see the earth

come into view you can make out up here

at the top the

united states coming into view

there’s a closer view of the u.s

the camera pans in to california

you see the golden ley lines of the city


and then it’s made known to us that

we’re landing in compton compton


it’s in los angeles county

it’s a city that’s south of downtown los


compton is known for its gangs and

violence drug dealing

prostitution illicit sex we see all this

in the clip here you see all the

violence going on in the city

we see a kid on a bike

you know watching and

partaking of all the violence

that he’s growing up in and around him

he’s in the dark

and then the camera pans back out from

the street level and we begin to see the

ley lines of the city in gold again

and so then we see that the ley lines of

the city are imprinted on the hands of

dr dre

it’s pretty obvious that he’s a god

figure here

that he controls the city he has the

city in the palm of his hands


like god has us inscribed in the palm of

his hand the true living god

i want to bring up right now do you guys

remember back during the um purple rain

uh super bowl where they did the prince

the dedication to prince and we saw

the city of minneapolis washed in that

color purple

because they were beginning the

activation of purple into the world

programming that was the very beginning

of it do you guys remember that

not long after that minneapolis was the

first city where the black lives matter

violence broke out and that city was

caught on fire and destroyed

so here we are now looking at a super


that’s pointing out compton

california and we’re seeing it imprinted

on the hands of dr dre

who’s you know represents a god figure

over it so just take note we’re going to

be watching this city


i don’t know exactly what’s going to

happen but if we look at the theme that

pans out that’s probably what we’re

going to see but just take note

that it’s about the city just like

minneapolis was washed in the

purple so dre takes his seat as this


white mixing board that oversees the


stadium there

and this it shows that the same hands

that controlled the city or that had the

city imprinted on them

plays the music oversees the mixing

board of that city of compton

notice the black and white checkerboard

in the foreground

or the background i should say

in the background that’s representing

the base programming black and white the

duality of man

man tries to be good but he can only do

it for so long so that the evil

dark nature comes out it’s also

um has to do with the worst programming

is based programming there you’re near

death experiences your attachments to

god parents and people

all that represented here and dr dre is

in charge

and he represents the titan


notice over in the left

handed side you’ve got like a a skull

it represents like a skull and a stick

little black eyes

that in order to cross from black and

white programming this is in my astro

world video

it requires a sacrifice to get off this

floor and rise above it in programming

the checkerboard floor to get out of

this life and death cycle on earth it

requires death it requires a sacrifice

to cross over into the other realms

which will be the blue

and the red and the purple and the other

ones we’re going to see

they just do a nod to that over there

with that little skull

something that i forgot to add in about

the city of compton

it’s considered or called the the hub


i believe that that’s

significant you know it’s gonna

be pretty clear to me as we decode this


spiritually compton has enough evil

and stuff going on there to be an open

portal for this violence

um that’s

the elite the cabal is wanting to

release here in the u.s

so i want to talk a little bit about

what a hub city is it’s compton is

called a hub city

hub city would mean it would be the

center of activity like a wheel center

if you had like a a wheel and the the

center hub is like

the main place that the spokes go out

from the activity

a hub is a focal point from which other

things radiate

so spiritually

compton being a hub city and known for


there’s a lot of dark stuff that

radiates from this hub

just like you would have an airport hub

where planes go out all over the place

from there it’s a central



and in this case it’s for a lot of evil

stuff going out

so we’re we’re made to notice that the

same hand

that has the city in the palm

that it’s

also got a spider on it

there’s a whole thing of spider

programming but if you’ll watch my

decode of astro world you’ll see the

significance of the spider and the web

that i’m getting ready to show you

i forgot to um bring up the significance

of the color gold the city being gold

in um jere’s hands we said that dre

represents cronus the god cronus and

that the same hands that have the gold

imprint of the city

on his hands controls the mixing board

over the city of compton

well cronus the god chrome cronus the

titan god cronus he was known to rule in

what was called the golden age

so we said cronus overthrew his father

and he ruled during this mythological


called the golden age until he was


by his own son zeus and imprisoned in


cronus is also the same god as saturn

you have different cultures


have the same storylines of the gods but

their names are different just because

it’s a different language

but cronus is saturn

he’s the same god


so i believe that that this signifies

cronus promising to return the golden

age again

the the dawning of this golden age that

humanity has come full circle i don’t

know if you guys may have studied

mythology and it talks about the five

different ages of man and the different

gods that ruled in that age

and in the first age the first of the

five it was called the golden age

and that’s when cronus ruled and during

this time humans were said to live among

the gods and they free freely ruled

excuse me they freely mingled with them

peace and harmony prevailed during this

age this is their story line humans

didn’t have to work to feed themselves

because the earth provided food in


um hesyad hasead is a poem about this

and he talks about

men as demons were upon the earth and


men demons were guardians of the mortals

and so

then you had the silver age and the

bronze age and

the fourth age was called the heroic age

and then the last fifth

age was the iron age

and each age got worse and worse and

more terrible

um in the silver age

is when zeus began to rule zeus ruled

through the second third fourth and

fifth age

only titus ruled during the golden age

and then he’s overthrown

and so like it i’m reading about the

silver age it says that men in the

silver age lived a hundred years under

the dominion of their mothers

they lived only a short time as grown

adults and spent that time in strife

with one another during this age men

refused to worship the gods of

the gods and zeus destroyed them for

their impiety


and you go on down to

i believe this signifies that we’re in

the iron age

and i’m going to read what that says the

iron age was the it was the worst age

humans live in existence of toil and

misery children dishonor their parents

brother fights with brother and the

social contract between guest and host

is forgotten

during this age

might makes right

and bad men use lies to be thought good


at the height of this age human no

longer feel shame or indignation at


babies will be born with gray hair and

the gods will have completely forsaken

humanity and they’ll be no help against


i’m about to tell you something that

would signify

the coming

the fulfilling of the iron age

which you can see that in scripture too

god tells us that end of the age but

that dre

coming in as the titan king of the

golden age

is simulating the promise that they’re

on the precipice of the golden age


i also want you to notice that

as he is sitting

at the mixing board

that they begin to show this golden orb

this one golden orb

begins to

show up over his head

then a second orb

shows up

so i want you to notice a couple of

things one i want you to notice that

we saw the spider

on dr dre’s hand

and if you look up the um this stadium

looks kind of like a web

or a net hanging down

and if you’ll go back to my astro world

teaching about the second heaven

and how sitting in the heavens are nodes

that have entities and how they trade

um they trade the cell the souls and the

essence and the energy of man and i

think that’s one of the things

represented here

you know because they showed the spider

on his hand and him controlling that web

or grid over the city of sin

in the second heaven

but when they show up here the two orbs

that show up


that’s a nod to the the movie

thunderdome mad max and the thunderdome

the phrase that they said in that movie

was two men go in

one comes out

i didn’t capture the best picture here

but this second orb fades out


and it becomes one orb so again showing

the two men go in

one man goes out

so let’s talk a little bit about the

thunder dome movie

where did i get that from

um the second song that dr dre sings is

called california love

and it’s not about love at all it’s

about you know criminality and violence

and all the gang type life but it’s you

know called

california love

that song when you look it up the videos

that were made back in the day i don’t

know what year but back in the 90s i

guess when tupac and dr dre made the

videos for california love


take place and were actually filmed on

the set of the thunderdome

and the writers of the song said that

those videos got their inspiration of

course from thunderdome

and that’s where they filmed

um the california love videos multiple

of them there’s different versions

um so that made me look back to

thunderdome and so also if you looked at

the webbing

in that last slide where dr dre was

sitting at the mixing board that web

also looks like the cone or the orb of

the thunder dome

or the top of the thunder dome


the phrase two men enter and one man


um the creator of thunderdome it’s

really interesting this was a quote from


uh george miller

barter town was a a place the movie

takes place

um mad max

thunderdome after this apocalyptic


um because there was like famine and a

fighting for resources it caused this


there’s just nuclear bombs and


and so there’s this wasteland left

and one of the little towns that raised

up is called barter town it’s like this

microcosm and this is where thunderdome

is and here’s a picture of it you can

see um in the daytime what thunderdome

looks like


people go in there and fight to the

death two men go in

one comes out that’s the only rule there

are no rules


so so let me read the quote of george


so in the movie barter town he says is a

microcosm of max world max is the main

character mad max

with everything that’s corrupted our

modern society

hustling trading the whole profane

business of life

and the thunderdome represents our kind

of entertainment

our sport and pageantry

it’s a combination of super bowl

gladiatorial contest

sunday matinee and religious coronation

we wanted a fight to the death

but not just another fight we wanted a


and i believe that that is what this

stadium represents

the golden orbs

to enter in one comes out

also on another tangent that i’m not

going to go down too much right here but

if you follow me on twitter you’ll see

me writing about this


we’re going to begin to see this orb

this golden orb

showing up quite a bit and i believe

thunderdome may be

one of the significant meanings of the


but um even prince charles um he

recently posted

um information about his upcoming

coronation he said that it was going to

be called operation golden orb and that

he had decided that he was going to


um the expenses the amount of people

that come to his coronation and it

talked about things like you know

that maybe harry and uh

megan his daughter-in-law would maybe

not even be there that it would be so

simplified that he would just have

prince william and kate

um so interesting that he called it

golden orb operation golden orb two men


one man leaves


i don’t know i’m gonna be watching that

you guys be looking for orbs

golden orbs

i’m gonna

read a little more about thunderdome

that i looked up um it says thunderdome

is a gladiatorial arena in barter town

where conflicts between two parties are

resolved through combat

it’s one of several ritual rituals that

anti-entity who’s played by tina turner

in there she upholds in mad max beyond

thunderdome it consists of a giant domed

cage of metal with various weaponry they

use a chainsaw and a hammer

and you can pick them up inside for to

fight to the death

i looked up in the urban dictionary and

thunderdome means turbulent utter mayhem

a state of violent confusion or


um there are all kinds of events tied to

thunderdome after the movie and this is

an old movie from wwe wrestling to at

burning man they have the thunder dome


you see it in the netherlands year after

year they have like um thunderdome

uh parties you guys look that up it’s

like it’s a big thing

um and you guys know and i do too if you

followed the survivors of ritual abuse

mind control

the arena stuff is real


it is so common it’s done above ground

and underground and in swimming pools

and i’ve heard memories from everything

where children are

put in places and people sit around and

watch them where they have to battle

wild animals or

they have to fight each other


you know put in pools with

carnage and

it’s like swimming through bodies and

crazy stuff this stuff happens

it’s done for real entertainment just

like this miller guy who created the

thunderdome status like a cross between

a super bowl

um a religious ceremony and um whatever

else he said it’s real it happens

i’ve listened to and bore witness to

these horrible memories but i think

that’s what’s represented here in the

super bowl

so you have dre here he stands up after

sitting at the mixing boards taking his


before the people

then for the first time we see these

white buildings that


a city block of compton

so you see on the floor of the stadium

the ley lines of the city of compton i

believe that these white buildings

represent a city block

but i think that they also are a nod

back to the train and the thunder dome

which um you guys may want to have a

look at that


and so you see uh dre coming out on one


snoop’s starting to come out on the


um as dr dre introduces snoop dogg

you see him give this militant salute i

didn’t get the whole salute but here’s

the beginning of it it’s one of the

world war ii kind of like hitler salutes

you know ohio hitler he gives that

militant salute to snoop dogg snoop dogg

returns the salute

and then here’s snoop dogg

and he’s dressed all in blue so the


activations the first pulling up is

going to be the blue galaxy program

snoop dogg represents that we’re going

to see a lot of blue

happening with him

he’s dressed in blue if you notice um

his outfit he looks like a bandana

back in the day in the old days snoop

dogg was in the gang called the crips

you guys

may remember the two rival gangs called

the crips

and the bloods

they’re like two la gangs that battled

it out were at each other’s throats all

the time


the way that you could tell which gang

they were in

the crips would hang out of their back

pocket a blue bandana

and the crips were a red one hanging out

and so

i believe that’s what this outfit

signifies on um snoop dogg he’s given a

nod back to

the crib gang that he came from

we’re gonna talk about later about his


around his neck and what that means you

see some of the gold

um hinging on um

his clothing i think that’s like this


gold that we talked about before it’s

just a little tad they’re still probably

representing i believe the iron age

but the promise of the gold the golden

age returning

you get a big flash of blue light in the


representing the galaxy program that

they’re going to start working on and


calms and changes

to the people regarding that i said

snoop dogg represents that

they begin singing this song called the

next episode


and the next episode is all about gang


violence and drug dealing and all that

sort of stuff

i don’t know this to be the case but i

would suspect that this next episode


is often used in programming for people

to start paying attention we’re about to

give you orders it’s the next episode so

they begin with that the song talks

about um mobbing with dre and of course

i have to look up in the urban

dictionary what mobbing is

but mobbing is going through the

neighborhood bullying

uh causing chaos

showing your dominance

so in a few minutes when we begin to see

snoop dogg going from the top he’s up

there where the gods are over the city

he’s on top of the buildings and i

believe that represents

you know that that heavenly realm that

other realm

looking down on the city and that when

they actually go down into the buildings

they’re mobbing they’re taking their


through the different um compartments

buildings of the city

but i’m going to read a little bit of

the lyrics of the first song called the

next episode

you have um

snoop dogg saying top top dog bite them


burn the crap up

and then he names different cities

compton long beach yeah we’re hooking

back up

and when they bang this in the club baby

you gotta get up

thug drug dealers yeah they

giving it up low life yo life

boy we living it up taking chances while

we dancin in the party faux show

slit my hoe a forty foe when she got in

the back door

we see the camera that pans back to dr

dre pretending like he’s operating the

mixing board this is letting people know

that yes even though snoop dogg is up

here on the top

of the buildings where the gods are i’m

running the show dr dre is

so it’s pointing back letting him know

i’m controlling this snoop’s up here

with me with the blue program

you know speaking to the the gang the

blue the crips

um that part of the army but dr dre he’s

in charge he’s running the mixing board

and then we begin to see snoop he’s

gonna go down from

you know the the god realm up here the

other realm he’s gonna walk down the

stairs and he’s gonna start walking

through the buildings dre will do that

as well and again that’s going to equate

to mobbing

going through people who are programmed

they have people in their their download

like you might have one guy and he has

10 people that he has to get in contact

with every day by phone or or person or

some contact and they they threaten them

they razz them it’s to make sure that

the program people are doing what

they’re supposed to do not only do they

have the internal threats

but they have the constant in-person

reminders and the cues that come from

real people

and so then those 10 might have 10 under

them and and it’ll keep going this

doesn’t happen just in

the street level programmed people but

it even happens in the higher ups

everybody has their people above them

that make sure that they’re mobbed


to keep keep on task keep doing what

you’re supposed to be doing


the first part of town that snoop

carries his programming into is he goes

into the family room

you can tell this is a family room it’s

like a den and a house you have a

picture of snoop there with his mom

you have snoop’s album cover that we’re

going to talk a little bit more about

and so there he is it represents him and

the program the blue program the galaxy

program he represents

again he’s dressed like a crib with the

bandana and he’s carrying it down to the

street level

letting people know

we’re running this program we’re opening

this program get ready for cues that are

in this program to for changes to be

made and he’s doing it

in the family room remember this is a

family affair it’s a family reunion

now i want you to notice up here in the

left hand corner that doberman picture

picture of the doberman

so notice that the doberman morphed into

the picture i don’t know if that’s snoop

dogg or somebody else but you you see

while um snoop dogg is singing

this song

that you keep seeing that picture more

from a dog

back to a man

and from a dog to a man


i want to tell you a little bit about

what dog programming is i’m sitting here

at such a big program it’s hard to

figure out how to share it so i’m going

to keep it to a minimum

dog programming is huge dog and cat

program is put in early on it’s in all


um you know they don’t typically

at least if you’re not a bloodliner if

you’re a kid that was programmed in

schools or daycares

you know the big numbers it begins with

dog and cats are the first animal that

you have to hurt

they’ll have you bond with it and then

you’ll hurt it

and it begins dog and cat programming

there are many layers to it it builds on

over time

um you have traumas where kids um

are just hurt and shamed and excrement

thrown on them and they go hungry and

then you see people loving on pets and

going you know don’t you want to be a

dog dogs are good you’re bad you’re evil


until the kid is just so traumatized i

won’t get into all the ways that

it pans out that they hate

being a human and they would rather be

the dog that’s treated

kind and they get to eat and so the

point is that they they make the child

interject that dog or that cat and the

fragmented parts of the mind believe

they’re a dog or a cat there’ll be many

parts of different dog breeds inside of

a survivor and they’ll have all

different jobs

and um scripts based on you know what

kind of dog they are you might have

bloodhound and he goes and his job is

sniffing out inside and finding things

so he would be a part that could move

through different systems

but um they use that in every survivor

but also i want you to know that the

very high up people everybody that’s

high up will have a dog breed that

represents them

at least that is so in the u.s it may go

farther um it it

this does hold true for the royalty in

england you have the corgis with queen

of england and they go way back to king

george before that it those corgis

represent their bloodline you guys

should check out my twitter account

about some comms that i have on that and

you guys will remember that every


at least in my lifetime had a

presidential dog and it was a different


we saw that the obamas they didn’t have

a dog before they came to the white

house but they were pressured and said

at least that’s the story line that they

had to pick a dog and they chose the

portuguese water dog

the bushes

they had a schnauzer i think his name

was barney

and so

there’s more to that than you realize

each of our um presidents and people who

are high up will have a dog breed that

represents them you can look that up to

antiquity there’s some crazy things with



dogs on leashes and the in humans on

leashes and that kind of abuse takes

place for those of you who know what the

silver cord is the part of you that is

said that when you die it’s what

connects your spirit to your body it’s

even in the book of ecclesiastes if you

want to look it up the silver cord it’s

supposedly what connects your spirit to

your body and that when it’s severed you


that silver cord is used a lot in

programming it’s used a lot in astral

projection it’s used it’s very

significant i’m not going to go down

that bunny trail but that silver cord

will also represent

a leash a dog leash

and so the silver cord of that survivor

the head the the higher up bloodline

over them it’s said to be like they’re a

dog and that’s their leash because they


that line that silver cord

um but regarding uh snoop dogg

i want to look at the history of the

doberman because i find this kind of


so you have this picture

of the doberman in the family room that

snoop dogg’s going through

and this person going back and forth the

history of the doberman

so the first doberman belonged to a

german man named frederick doberman and

he’s considered the founder of the

doberman breed

and so he wanted to breed a dog

that would be a good guard dog for his

own protection he wanted this fierce

sharp dog and that’s how he came up with

the breed

um some people

his main profession it was unclear what

it really was some people said he was a

night watchman or a tax collector is why

he needed the dog but one thing that

they are sure of is that this man worked

as an urban dog catcher

and so that gave this doberman

friedrich doberman

the ability that he could capture dogs

that nobody wanted or claimed and he

could kill them because he was a dog



and so he would pick out these vigilant

breeds that he liked and he bred them to

what finally became the doberman


but what’s interesting to me is that his

favorite dog that he used

to cross and get the actual doberman

breed his name was

german it’s snoopy

well here we have snoop dogg

who when you when you research him and

go how to get the name snoop dogg it

said that his mom and family called him

snoopy when he was little because he

liked the peanuts well i don’t know if

i’m buying that because like

he’s showing the german shepherd it’s

he’s the german shepherd on the

i mean not german shepherd forgive me uh

the doberman pinscher i’m going to show

you it on his album cover and the man

who made the breed

the dog that he crossed with its name

was snoopy and snoopy means you could

care less you don’t care about something

but it also means shooting

shooting something a shooting star and

so here you have this gang banger

who’s a star

gangbanger shoot things and his name


and he’s got picture of that breed

i don’t know that’s just kind of wild

don’t you think

so this is a close-up

of the album that was on the wall in the

den with snoop dogg it’s his first album

that he made called doggy style and here

he is on the dog house

and it’s got a dog catcher in there so

knowing that the man who created the

doberman breed was a dog catcher

and it just makes me wonder if this nod

is that

you know who is snoop

going out on the streets like this dog

catcher guy catching dogs that no you

know people

that nobody claims or wants and breeding


to produce


who knows what

but it’s just kind of interesting that

history there you can’t make this stuff


and also um

the necklace that snoop wears it says on

it um

death row records

and um

interesting that he bought

he took over

death row records


dr dre

this month in february right before the

super bowl i believe that too signifies

a passing of authority

dre is known for making all of these

stars these rappers he owned death row



he got snoop started snoop dogg started

and now he’s passed it down

to him

as of this month

um snoop dogg owns that record label and

he was wearing that big necklace around

his neck

wearing it kind of like an

olympic medal you know a necklace in

programming typically means pride

um and so

anyway that’s what his necklace says

and then we see dr dre going he moved

from on the top god level down to the

street level going through the different

buildings here he is in a barber shop we

can tell by the barber chair there you

can see barbershop

transposed on the back of the window and

here he is again they’re mobbing he’s

going down and you notice that whatever

shape or signal that dre does so do

these three guys in the barber shop it’s

signifying that he

is calling the commands and they follow

his lead

um interesting about barbershop well

i’ll get to that in a minute

when you see the three

young men submit

to dr dre as he’s about to leave

they they just like a dog would they go


as he’s about to leave showing their

submission to him

and barbershop um here’s a the picture

of the movie barber shop and it turned

into a tv series that’s an entire

program in and of itself but i just

wanted to show you it too is a blue

program that was being


with dr dre going into the barber shop

you see the barber poles up here

you guys may remember that um

the barber shop

was a place where bloodletting took

place that’s where the barber pole came

from people would go in there would be


the while the person is being

bled they would hold on to this white


because of the pain of it

in england they only have red and white

barber poles is what i read

and um here we had the red white and

blue the barber would put that symbol

out to show people what took place

inside of their

bloodletting so i just want to give you

that little clue and let you know that’s

part of the barbershop

program so snoop ascends once again back

up to the platform above the city you

also see dr dre does the same

again they come from off on the city

level mobbing and go back up to the

heavenly or the spiritual realm

where um

they will begin controlling again

they’re going to actually sing the song

california love but we see over here

tam’s burgers

burger joint that’s actually a real uh

landmark in compton maybe it’s all over

la but it is a franchise

even eve after dark if i remember

correctly is a nightclub

so it’s a nod to a nightclub that um

snoop dogg and dr dre

frequented back in the old days

so here the two guys begin

singing their second song called

california love

and dr dre yells out over the whole

stadium west coast makes some noise

he gives that command

and the people begin to run out into the

city streets at the command of dr dre

and he begins singing

his song

the lyrics it’s talking about california

love but it’s anything but love

the words some of them say

let me welcome everybody to the wild

wild west

a state that’s untouchable like elliot


meaning that at least nobody can touch


the hitch the track hits your eardrum

like a slug in the chest

pack a vest for your jimmy in the city

of sex

so remember how i said at the beginning

of this decode

that the song california love

which was originally sung with dr dre

and tupac secure

tupac see of course that’s hard for me

to say


and so this time he’s replaced he’s

singing it with snoop dogg


there were multiple videos made back in

the day


the california love song

um about gang banging and violence and

it’s really about the thunder dome so

when you look up the history of that the

videos they made it says one music video

for this track

was inspired by the film mad max beyond

the thunderdome and was even shot in the



the idea belonged to jada pinkett smith

actor chris tucker played the evil

tribal chief

and so that’s in one video so one video

for california love back in the day has

that scenario and then they did a second

one where it says another version of

that video tupac is waking up

from a mad max nightmare

and he’s hanging out with dr dre and his

guest he ends up hanging out at dr dre’s



for a party that’s celebrating tupac’s

welcome to death row records

another nod back to that

i’m going to show you

the actual video some of the clips now

these weren’t from the super bowl that

i’m about to show these are actually the

original videos of the song these two

are singing now california love so i’m

going back there to get some


so here’s the thunder dome from the


california love done with dr dre and


look at that thunder dome it kind of

looks like

half of a golden orb doesn’t it

but um they sang the song california

love and it’s about people gathering

here for this fight to the death they

make it seem like it’s about music

and rapping battling but it’s pretty

obvious that it’s not it looks really


and um traumatic but this is actually

from their video

and this is another shot taken from dr

dre in tupac’s video

california love you see two men standing

up on a pedestal


for the fight to begin the

two men go in one come out

it’s not a a very good picture but it

was the best i could get this is dr dre

standing up on the pedestal he’s sort of

emceeing and overseeing this whole fight

in the thunderdome that’s about to take

place he’s in charge here just like he

was in charge in our super bowl

halftime show he’s in charge here when

you watch the video

this is another picture from the same

video just like you saw tupac and dre

standing up overseeing the thunderdome

in the stadium

in compton


in the old video him and tupac

in the thunderdome him and his right

hand man

this is a picture from the second


of the video california love and this

here is tupac

in the video in the second version

of the california love video with tupac

and dr dre you have scenes where tupac

is sleeping and he wakes up from a bad

dream and this is a picture of his dream

he’s dreaming that he was in thunderdome

and all this violence and fighting to

the death was happening and he wakes up

in this video and he calls dr dre who’s

his handler of course he’s also his

record label person

and he’s like you know he’s letting him

know he’s like i’m having these horrible

crazy dreams about being in thunderdome

and fighting to the death and dr dre

says what you should be dreaming about

is the record label and you need to come

to the party tonight to celebrate it so

that’s much like what a handler would do

you start to have this is like him

having breakthrough memories of of what

happens in these nights

of the fights to the death and the

mutilation and the violence and he’s

made to say don’t look at that you need

to be looking at the front part the


the the presenter part of a person who’s

programmed um

would be you know just like tupac he

would have his front part that only

knows the rich parties

they only know the money and the girls

it’s a dissociative barrier between what

really happens on the back side that’s

true for every survivor

they have the wall of the night side and

the dark side

and so the parts that are fragmented in

the presenter they don’t have the

memories of the trauma but sometimes you

get breakthrough and that’s what was

happening in this so that’s why i really

there’s a lot of evidence in my opinion

that supports that’s what the halftime

show represents is the thunder dome

we know that they have sleeper cells all

over that that wasn’t part of the big


under the umbrella of the purple end of

the world program is to release

these deltas deltas are assassins people

that have been programmed to pillage


maim destroy

they’re lining this up they did not

activate this

which is interesting we did not see

purple it was just red white and blue

they were lining up these huge big

programs they are lining them up in the

old people and the young people but

we’ll talk about it in a minute the only

actual activation of purple we saw was

in followers of mary j blige

but i just wanted to sit and show you

why i think that this represents


and it’s just another picture of dre and

snoop dogg

calling the shots over the city you see

this little

not a little fella but you see this

muscular guy looking all militant out in

the streets

they’re um

they’re dancing

represents military acts




remember the god when we talked about

the gods the god uranus when he was

overthrown by his son cronus he was


his genitalia were and the blood from

that fell on the ground

and it created these militant soldiers i

believe the way you pronounce it is

called the curetes


they they were dancers they would dance

to this rhythmic beat but they were


um and so i believe that this is

represented here as well the dancers

it’s very militant it’s not it looks

like to us it’s just dancing but from a

programming perspective these are it’s

very militant it’s mobilizing an army

so now we’re going to move more from the

bigger picture the bigger picture of

programs and look at some micro

programming the smaller


trails rabbit trails of programming

we’ve primarily up into this point only

worked with blue programming that we

have saw represented by snoop dogg in

the blue lights

you now have dr dre and snoot at the end

of this song california love they bend

over and they’re pointing down to the

trailer we’re going to see 50 cent come

out in the red programming

you’ll if you’ve watched my video decode

about astro world i shared that

astroworld was a code of flipping worlds

of flipping the galaxy blue programming

and the star programming they’re

connected they oppose one another like

the titans and the olympians

and that that was flipped

that the programming that was read and

had been operating in another realm

you’re going to have to watch my videos

to understand what that means was

flipped so that it would begin operating

here well that’s what they’re showing

they’re sitting here saying when they

point down

when dre and snoop point down as they’re

saying we’re now going to flip from the

blue program to the red underneath

and that’s what this represents

Transcript 2 [2] 2022 Feb 19 Youtube Super bowl 2022 decode1

so we see here

the rap artist called 50 cent

and he’s hanging upside down

you see that we’ve done the switch from

the blue programming

um that’s been running we snoop dogg has

represented the blue programming and

it’s been predominantly blue up into

this point

so the flip side of that program is red

um i want to explain why we’re here um

another aspect of programming signals of

how lighting is used we’ve seen the big

washes of color

um red or blue

or white or black

but they also use small

amounts of color to show movement so i

want you to notice that 50 cent is

standing on the ceiling here

and you see one two three four five


up on the ceiling where he is of white


movement is also used in programming

direction movement that’ll show inside

um the programmed person

directions because remember inside there

are whole structures


um you’d be shocked you know that with

nodes and lines and horizon lines and

worlds it’s it’s very complex inside

um the mind of this survivor

but right now i want to show you that

you have the five lines of white light

they’re very clean they’re crisp

five straight

lines that’s actually a very militant


again this is a micro com it’s small

it’s not a big


the red is the reds the big program but

the white light

lined up like that when you see straight

up and down lines that’s a militant com

it’s a very strong calm

we’re gonna watch that change i’m gonna

switch to the next slide and show you

how the the directional change of these

white lights on the ceiling happens

so notice on the ceiling those clean

crisp straight militant white lights

have now broken up into little patches

of color it’s not bright it’s not crisp

what that means is that you’ve gone from

a broader macro program to a smaller

internal program this is moving from a

program to an

from a big program like red

into a smaller program that runs inside

of that program so this is pointing to

whoever follows

50 cent

their back parts would see that change

it’s like we’re going from the broad

macro red


a militant

line to say pay attention

and it breaks up into these smaller

patterns of lights going into the micro

program now i don’t know what this means

i’ve not deprogrammed anybody that

follows 50 cent but an example

it’s not this example of what i mean by

moving from a macro to a micro program

let’s say that somebody inside was on

the yellow brick road program they would

see inside

their mind that they’re walking

on the yellow brick road as we’re

accessing that program

this breakup of lighting change

would indicate

look to the side at a smaller program it

might say

don’t look at the yellow brick road look

at a flower off to the side maybe a

poppy or something and we’re that you’re

going to make changes in that smaller


so we see the lighting change yet again

this broad lighting means a pause in the

program so

they took the big red program

lighting was militant pointed to the

breakup to a smaller program inside of

the red

they had the person subconscious parts

pay attention to that program but this

is a pause this signal means pause it

saying i want you to look at it i want

you to notice it and pull it up but

we’re not going to activate it it’s a

pause signal

so you can line up programming

you can um activate it

but here it’s it’s brought up and put on


and then they have 50 cent come off the

ceiling and upright himself and the

girls pretend that they’re going to do

the same thing

so in order for us to better understand

this red program

that’s being accessed with the uh rapper

50 cent we’re going to need to go back

to his original video in this album

that’s going to give us the information

it’s going to show us the nature of this

trauma in this program the script in the

program because here in the halftime

show when they’re doing these songs

and these rappers you’re just getting

enough of the song

to show to the programmed people

watching the halftime show that they’re

wanting to access that particular play

in their programming book

so um

this slide that i have here

um is the original

50 cent album where he sang this song

into club

um and so in the beginning of this video

you have this um

hummer this black hummer that’s driving

in the middle of nowhere

and um it pops up on the screen in green

like we have written here it says


and so they’re driving to this location

um and the location that they’re driving

to at the beginning of the video is

called shady aftermath artist

development center

and so this is what you see up here on

the screen i want you to notice that it

too is a dome it’s dome shaped

um keep seeing that throughout

these songs

i also want to know that to let you guys

know if you’ve not

uh read

much about the programming centers

places like china lake and ridge crest

and all these different facilities in

the middle of nowhere where all types of

military delta programming all the color

programming when you’re doing the

beginning base level white and black



and putting in whole big programs they

take people to these places in the

middle of nowhere and that’s what this

is implying


in this video

so if you look up the plot

of in the club the original video here’s

the script it says

says this video takes place in a

fictional hip-hop boot camp

known as the shady aftermath artist

development center

the video begins with a black hummer

driving to the facility

at an unknown location

and then here we see video clips from

eminem single without me

are seen playing in the entrance on a

flat screen tv

so you this is a picture of having just

entered the laboratory the programming


and you see up on the tv screen as this

doctor is entering in his white lab coat

eminem singing

eminem is is a

programmer uh we’re going to see in this

video as he

very well may be in real life

i’m not going to make that claim but

that’s what it implies


and so then a person if you wanted to

get into more details following the

rabbit trail you would go look at what

song is being sung here um by eminem

it’s called without me i’m not gonna go

down that road but i will say that in

that song

see it’s playing on a tv tvs all around

like it’s programming that song without



it’s about it talks in that song about

doctors in the hospital electrocuting

eminem when he doesn’t do what he’s told

these are common practices in

programming electrocution it talks about

how rappers are used to program the

minds of kids in the public

and that without him the bigwigs

couldn’t do the work that they do

uh that song by eminem playing here

talks about dick cheney and his wife

partaking in this and it talks about

getting called up him as as like a delta

which is what they would delta is the

military programming

it’s the assassin

army type programming it talks about in

that video of eminem getting called

by the higher-ups to carry out some some


so again we just have another um picture

showing the nature

of this development center the aftermath

development center you see

um 50 cent he’s in this kind of chamber

doctors and nurses are working on him

you see eminem up here in the um

the uh what do you call it

he’s overseeing he’s in a

viewing room like and like this guy’s in

an operating room

again showing the nature

of the programming happening

and then they do a close-up here where

they show you working in the back of 50


like he’s


it’s like showing he’s part machine

it’s interesting that

when you look up the history of 50 cent

he’s been shot

nine times doing gang related work


so i it makes you wonder it’s like

you know is this trying to show that you

know he’s transhumanism is he some kind

of clone

was he his consciousness downloaded

into um this machine

of course um you know we’re getting into

some deep stuff here but

people that i work with and others who

work with survivors all sorts of claims

like that

the claim is common

that it already exists the ability to

download human consciousness

into a computer

so uh

i don’t know you can you can

whatever you want to to surmise from

what this means

and here you see eminem and dre

they’re looking down into the laboratory

from the observing

balcony up there

you see dr dre in every one of these

original videos like

he is like the god i mean if he’s not a


way up i have no idea

what he would be but that’s what the

implications are the implication would

be that eminem is also a programmer as

well he’s working hand in hand

uh programming

this newer generation like 50 cent

and others

um there’s an army

um when you get into the the the gangs

and the militant army that’s been

created by the elite

um the

the tales that i’ve heard in others as

well i can’t say because i’ve not worked

or seen any but that um not everybody’s


not everybody in this army they’re going

to be sending out is human

so we see here in the original video of

50 cent him hanging upside down

that’s where the halftime show where you

see him hanging upside down comes from

this is going to be probably a hard

concept to understand if you’ve not seen

my astroworld video about the different


but notice like he was in on the

halftime show he’s hanging upside down

with the color

red bathed in that light here it’s blue


this is a nod to the different realms

remember that in the astro world i teach

you how blue is the galaxy program that

represents the here and now world

the red programming represents the

second heaven

in that dimension in the second heaven

dimension and these two programs can be

flipped back and forth

so the fact that it’s blue here that

you’re seeing blue


it’s it’s

implying that this programming is taking

place in the earth realm

in the blue here and now realm

with programming once you’ve got the

trauma in the mind

of the client of the victim

you don’t even have to bring them back

to the lab you can use that original

base trauma

and move it to the parts in the other

realm so let’s say like 50 cent really

was here in the blue earth realm

getting this trauma put in his mind

when the programmer wants to put

parts in the other realm in the heavenly

celestial realm the second heaven where

satan reigns

he can

have them

visualize or partake of the original

trauma that happened on earth and by

using the pain of that trauma

have them sent over to the other realm i

know this sounds crazy hopefully you can

follow it

but that’s what this is showing here

that originally the programming really

did take place here in the blue

and then we see over in the halftime

show the same scene

a 50 cent hanging upside down

and it’s bathed in red light

so whoever’s following 50 cent and

they’re accessing this programming

they’re going to have the memory

of being hung upside down and

the trauma and the script and the

training that goes with that but in the

super bowl it’s now bathed in red light

it’s delta red is is delta assassin

programming red is also beta sex


and take note that um

he’s in like a gym facility it shows 50

cent in this original video working out


building muscle it’s like um they’re

building him up to be a soldier just to

be like strong and militant


we see within this whole lab

constantly it’s bathed in white and

black you see the white bandana around

50 cent’s head

um that’s like base programming remember

the most traumatic



traumas are in the black and white


and so that’s letting us know here at

this facility it’s doing the base

programming traumas that will then be

used for the rest of the programming you

have these really really bad programming

traumas in black and white

so he could 50 cent can go back home

after this facility training and

programmers that are at home or even

from a distance can use the traumas that

happened here to make changes in the

other programming

the threat of having to remember these

horrible black and white traumas

is what motivates

fragmented parts of the mind that are

different colors red and blue to obey

because subconsciously they remember how

bad it was in the black and white


and so that black and white base


is the motivation for the parts

and all the other colors and all the

other programming systems

um to obey so when you see a calm went

out you’ll see me

tweet out some

comms that i might decode where i say

there’s they’re pointing you back to

base program

they’re taking people back to the

memories of these horrible things it

makes them reset

it makes them um re




this is what will happen if they don’t

obey it’s like a reset go back to base

program remember what happened you

better obey

so after they’ve had this programming

session with the doctors and the

programmers with 50 cent

they have him dressed up with his gang

here and they’re having him walk into a

club so that’s what you see it’s

interesting to me that he is dressed in


uh we see

um some militant soldiers in the super

bowl halftime show that are dressed in


i know it’s a nod to the song uh

california love that

dr dre says that he still likes his


creased and cuffed

but i

i have never seen the color tan used

it’s it’s like purple it’s almost like

they’ve only pulled it out here they

only use it at the end i don’t know what

it means i know it’s important

and we see it here played throughout the

rest of this original video with 50 cent

and then again we see it

in the soldiers


near the end of the halftime show that

are dancing on the field and i do not

know what that tan color means um i

guess we’re about to figure it out

but here’s 50 cent and they have now

sending him into

a club he’s going to take the

programming of what’s just been

put and placed into him and he’s

carrying it to the public he’s in the

club he’s going into the club

to um

release the programming put in him

so this is a back um back shot

of the um slide i just showed you we um

which was the front side of 50 cent

walking into the the club and here’s

what it looks like from the back you see

he’s emerging from what looks like a


of the blue program and he’s walking

into the dance floor which is bathed in

red light so we’re moving from rounds

he’s moving from the here and now it

represents a whole bunch of things he’s

moving from the here and now

programming of galaxy

he’s crossing over that realm

into the delta


dance floor

it can be um

it represents a couple things it

represents him switching in his mind

from blue

to the delta red program he’s carrying

what was put in him over to that section

of his mind inside himself

um it also means that when he leaves

this facility

it’s like him carrying it to the public

um if you

those of you who watched my astro world

video this is a good rendition here of

how the world’s set up of red and blue

remember i talked about you have the red

galaxy pro

the red star program and the blue galaxy

program and that sitting between those

two programs

are the entity sybil and janus and it

requires a sacrifice to cross over

that’s also simulated here so so when

you see these programs you’ve got the

macro meaning in the micro meaning


back to the macro meaning here he was

just programmed he’s crossing over now

into the red programming the delta


violence type program

so i didn’t put the pictures up but um

after 50 cent enters into the the red

programming of the club it shows him

dancing and intermingling with you know

all the people that are there

and then it begins to show him like

hanging out with some groups of people

and maybe like a side room of the dance

club and so here he is with this young


um you still see here on the top which

is interesting his head is the black and

white programming

it’s covered with the tan and the black

and underneath is the white this young

lady’s dressed in white

it’s letting us know

he’s still in base programming and we’re

gonna see this in the next slide he

entered into the club but he’s really

still in the lab getting programmed the

dance floor was a simulation which is a

part of his programming


that’s why the black and white base

programming is still happening face

trauma programming

it’s interesting he has on a hat that

says new york


in the super bowl halftime show all of

the um

rappers that are in the show


were from the west coast and so he’s

originally from the east coast

um 50 cent is and so we see this in that


so in the the

halftime show where 50 cent is shown

in the red hanging upside down

he’s going to probably be a nod to the

east coast people

that follow him in the gang programming

on the east coast because that’s what he

represents and he’s the only one


in the show that’s from the east coast

that i know of

so this is the slide that shows us that

50 cent is still in the laboratory

he’s still at the aftermath


development center

you see the programmers

dre and eminem are watching him through

a two-way mirror

so he and it’s bathed in blue on the

right side

it’s still some blue up front here with

the guys in this shot

but it lets you know that he’s still

being programmed he didn’t leave the lab

part of his programming is they’re

showing him what to do

and how he’s supposed to behave when he

does get out on the dance floor

again i think that’s why that black and

white hat that this is not a real

out in the world scenario he’s still in

the lab being programmed

so now we’re back to the halftime show

i just wanted you to see

the original video which shows the

programming it shows the script

it shows the type of trauma

that’s being accessed at this halftime

show by 50 cent see him in the back in

the car with the red

and um

so at the end of the halftime show

um he

has now it gives a shot of it playing

out on the streets so the coding that


about 50 cent and his followers in that

car with red

at the end of his song it’s showing and

panning out to the uh um the city

streets and you see

his programming being carried out

there’s this militant kind of guy

dressed in khaki and white and the black


it’s simulating that what he is coding

for is carried out into the streets

this is near the end of his set on the

halftime show

this is a picture of the ending of the

set of 50 cent on the halftime show

um note he’s dressed in black and white

just like he was in the original video

letting people know it went back to the

base laboratory programming

but is now bathed in red

all of the dancers and 50 cent in their

set and they look up because they’re

letting um

letting us know they’re about to switch

back up

top to the blue programming or to

the place that’s in the heavenly realm

where the gods are

i think that mary j blige is coming up



before we look at the set

at the halftime show done by mary j

blige she is up on top

of the buildings


let’s look back to the nod to


um she has many in her videos different

hairstyles and wigs but it’s interesting

that there’s a resemblance here

it’s a loose resemblance but we know we

have the thunder dome theme

look at

tina turner in the movie uh mad max

thunderdome she’s got this blonde wig

dressed in silver

here’s mary j

blige wearing a blonde wig dressed in



the lady tina turner is called


in the mad max video

interesting that she’s called an entity

but she rules

um the barter town city

um she’s wearing those big hoop earrings

which so is mary j blige i saw when i

was researching they’re called sister


earrings which is kind of interesting

but i just wanted to show you that loose

resemblance there back to the thunder

dome video and i want to talk a little

bit about color programming here

i pulled up

svali who’s a former programmer

of survivors

and um

she it’s the list of her and the

different colors

as far as what type of parts

when they are are a particular color

that they identify with

the nature of those parts and silver

parts that are made to believe that

they’re the color silver

are for the satanic altars who perform

high level satanic rituals

they are your mothers of darkness

and so it’s interesting that um

the character of tina turner is called


so an entity implying a spirit or a god


and um it’s a mother of darkness color

which is a

high-ranking occult



so here’s mary j blige with her army

of um

people representing her followers her

army it carries out her programming

again she’s dressed in silver

parts that identify themselves with




the color is the satanic altars who

perform high-level satanic rituals like

a mother of darkness

silver also is a color of the moon

representing the moon and the gold like

we saw with dr dre

is a


it’s even superior to the um

silver color so here she’s dressed in

that that’s significant

she’s going to have her own group of


that when people are watching the super

bowl that are programmed they’ve been

programmed to follow all the calms of

mary j blige

and so they’re going to be watching her

and she immediately when she comes up

you see the purple behind her the light

of purple that’s the first time that we

really see this in the super bowl we’ve

had the blue that was the main focus

with snoop dogg and then we saw it

switched to red

um for the followers of 50 cent and now

for the first time we see the color


and it’s immediate like it just goes up

immediately the purple lighting there’s

there’s no instruction given yet except

the color purple i mean the color silver

it’s just an immediate switch

okay and then in this next segment

i want you to notice the purple

all of a sudden now has straight up and

down white lines remember we talked

about how that’s a very militant

calm it’s very strong so now the purple

that just came up for the followers of

mary j blige have this militant

um straight up and down white lines as a

calm it’s like

go purple you know instantly we’re going

to purple programming

um the song that she’s singing is called

family affair remember this was a family

reunion this is a family affair and the

song that she’s singing


it’s really about um


we’re not gonna fight this is a family

affair it’s about opening you up the

song says opening up yourself with drugs

and it’s a song about saying there’s

going to be peace we want no hating no


here we’re just getting crunk in the

video she keeps saying that over and

over in the song the family affair


and so this purple calm is geared

towards that it’s geared towards where a

family it’s a family affair so i don’t

know if it’s an assault on the family

if you guys um look back

to um

if you follow me on twitter you’ll see

how i put up comms of biden

with billy eilish and her brother

and he’s standing between the two of

them in the twitter

post biden is and it’s like he’s

standing between the family and i’m not

going to get into it all here oh here

and also the kanye

west tweet recently with his poster of

him and his ex-wife kim kardashian

kardashian and there’s a divide and it

says civil war

on the family

so um those are significant too and so

here um i’m just throwing that in there

you can see me post on twitter about

the attack on the family comms that are

going out by kanye and um

president biden

so here she’s singing also about the

family and a family affair and how she’s

wanting peace but it’s peace through


is what this song is about um

talking about getting crunk crunk is

like a word when you look it up in the

urban dictionary that’s like a cross

between chronic

and drunk

dr dre has an album called chronic our

song called chronic chronic is like when

you just are


high so messed up



it’s a yeah and then drunk at the same

time i’m not gonna get into all that and

her name even mary jane

is is a nod to um pot pots called mary


back in the day so this song is about go

to peace

let’s just be at peace let’s get crunk

um it’s um in programming they have um

a programming that they put in even in

the littlest of children i’ve taken it

out of kids who were like three four

years old

they put in an addiction entity

that when memories start coming back and

they’re too strong you go to this part

of the program about getting drunk

and high to anesthetize you until you

can get back to your programmer to get a

reset and you say well how would kids

who are in um

preschool get drunk

well they have an altar inside while the

kids at school who’s highly drugged or

highly drunk

split part of the mind when they’re not

with the parent

and so you can have the child access

that memory and literally feel the

drunkenness because it’s an isolated

trauma memory in your home without

drinking any type of um

alcohol or drugs

so um that’s common when you’re about to

go nuts and you can barely handle it

because memories are bleeding through

you’re struggling they have you go to

your addiction

programming your drugs in your alcohol

programming as a way to cope especially

when you’re feeling suicidal that’s

where the default go to

and so she’s simulating that here

in this family affair song

and so here we have mary jane obliged


to a song that’s the total polar

opposite of uh family affairs called no

more drama

um the color

switches you see her beginning to be

bathed in blue again

behind her

light blue colors emerging there’s not

much that the main color light behind

her it’s got a little blue at the bottom

it’s starting to transition

back to the blue


she’s she’s singing in this song you

know and saying everything’s fine no

more games i’m gonna be fine

the no more drama song i believe is the

polar opposite of the previous song

about the family you know family affair

and being high and chilled and getting


and then she switches and transitions

over to the song no more drama

when you look up that song the

inspiration for that song no more


it says it came from oblige’s own

confused and hectic life

in a later interview she confessed to

living a life of alcohol and drug abuse

at the time

as a result of getting involved in

serious series in a series

of abusive relationships

the album was an attempt to break free

from this vicious circle

which was a result of a deprived


so this other song is the attempt

to break out of the addiction cycle that

was on the other side of the getting

high and so she’s singing i’m okay i’m

okay everything’s all right


escaping the drama but you see light

blue emerging behind her and the color

of light blue

has to do with um altars in charge of

the way the system runs

and it’s just very light behind her

so you see the light blue and then it’s

going to turn all blue

in just a second

so then you get this big flash

um of blue

returning back to the blue program and

mary j blige begins to lose it i’m not

going to put the pictures up but she

starts to say things like my mind my


you know i gotta have peace and she

starts bending down and crouching down

um it’s like she’s losing it she’s going



um it’s too much

the weight of it she can’t she can’t

bear it

and then um mary j blige lets out this

feral scream as she’s like holding her


and then she just falls down so like

here she is she’s like out i don’t know

if it means she’s dead or it’s just

knocking out that program but she’s out

of the game and you see the the

stairwells make these two militant black

lines again

and she’s right in the middle with the

white it’s like going back to the base


where she she

whatever the followers of mary j blige

have gone back to those very traumatic

um base programming probably a

near-death experience or going nuts

maybe something like crazy alice but

that’s what that symbolizes

she’s coding for her people and you

begin to see up top there

some boxes

um that we’re gonna now

pan out to so in a second

well let me do that on the next slide

so then we see um the camera panned out


it’s not

micro and focused in like on mary blige

it that was a micro program like just

for mary j blige followers

so when we pan out like this and we see

these boxes

that have people in them we’re going to

show that in a minute it’s showing this

is more global programming this is going

to affect a larger group of people again

when the camera pans out

it’s wide and global it’s meant to be a

global message to all the followers but

when you pan in the camera like it was

on mary blige

it’s just it’s a micro it’s a smaller

group of people so we know that this

message and this com communication has a

more global impact and scale

notice that we have boxes here

um there’s rows of six five seven six

six that’s going to be a code in itself

the rows numbers are used in coding when

you get down to that level like that’s

that’s like um

programmers will give those codes

numbers three times to access

specific areas of their system to call

up parts for programming so

whatever this number

six five seven six six would have to be

said three or four times

that’s what’s represented here this

accesses this part of the system

notice that it is on top of the ley

lines of the city


i was told also by somebody that i

consulted with this that this black

represents again the black hole

that this column is coming through this

portal of the black


so we now see this army

rising up out of those boxes

they have dray day sashes on them

dr dre’s real name is andre

so dre is like a nickname from that

um if you look up the meaning of his

name it means man


so i believe that dre day here sashes

it’s like these men warrior this man

warrior day dre day man war day

war on mandate

is rising up out of this box

they all have the white hair you see

that if we looked in the original video

of california love there were um

lots of people with hair african

americans with hair

colored gray and white like this

i think that’s a nod back to remember

where we talked about the five different



that the the


spoke of and the iron age it says it

went from the golden age

which is what we believe is

being promised here by dre acting as

cronus that he’s going to return back to

the golden age

but the final age before that was the

iron age

and each age got worse and worse and

more evil more evil was on the earth and

it said the worst was the iron age in

that babies would be born with whiter

gray hair because it’s just such a

stressful time and so this is a nod back

to that video of thunderdome that was um

done in the

california love dr dre and tupac video

and i think it’s a nod back to the age

the end of the iron age when it’s so so

horrible before the dawning of the

golden age

you notice that it’s beginning in the

background up top to start to emerge red


bread is like a

a rage a release the beast

um delta

army militant color it also is beta with

insects but that’s not the context that

we have here we notice up here that it’s

happening in front of the eve after dark

that was a real nightclub i believe but

it’s letting us know these guys are

coming out after dark

this militant army

rising up strays army dre day

so we see the army emerge out of the box

they’re coming out onto the streets

after dark

um the red tent comes in now

where it was on hold before remember we

had the all blue

comms with snoop dogg

and so um

then it

we first saw red

coming out with 50 cent but we had the


but now we’re having it’s not on hold

anymore so they escape and come out of

the box


we’re gonna hear

lamar kendrick lamar saying he’s right

in the middle getting ready to emerge up

but lamar’s followers he’s a younger

rapper he represents the the most recent

rappers he’s not old school

and lamar’s program is going to be laid

on top of snoop’s blue program

which is on top of the city so snoops

was on top of the city and then now

they’re laying on top of that the calm



the red this red army this is ordering

dre’s people

and it’s superimposed on top of snoop’s

blue program

dre is now in charge of compton

you see this um them dance to these like

a primitive


if you remember i spoke about these

entities called the curities

that when you cross between the red and

the blue programming sybil is one of the

gods there

to worship her these primal

dances were done by these entities

called the curities and they would be

rhythmic and it would be

have drum beats and there’s a semblance

to this it’s



you look that up

so here we have kendrick lamar he

emerges out of this army of dre

dre day army he’s the younger guy on the

block he’s another rapper

that was made and created

by dr dre


he’s he’s known for

making these stars dr dre as we saw back

in the lab so he’s lamar is singing a


uh called all right

and it’s keep saying we gonna be all

right we gonna be all right he keeps

saying it over and over again so like in

the front like there’s inciting war

they’re inciting a militant


and on the front he’s singing

it’s going to be all right we’re going

to be all right

this um


are we going to be all right

was um it says uh

that the black lives matter movement

of uh 2015 the protest as the black life

matter activists

over america chanted this song so this

programming is in them of we’re gonna be

all right black lives matter movement is

a program

in and of itself

and so he’s using that we gonna be all

right it’s activating that black lives


that um

that program if you look at the history

of this song

that he wrote um the album is called to

pimp a butterfly

a butterfly it’s a really dark album

it’s it’s about programming it’s about

the hauntings of being programmed it’s

so sad

to go through these songs it’s just like

it breaks my heart because it just

reminds me of what these folks have been

through yes they’re dangerous and yes

they’re weaponized to come and destroy

us as a nation um but i have to hold

that reality

while holding

the horrible stuff that they’ve been

through it’s just so sad

the mom in me is like

you know wants to help them heal

we’re going to have this on our hands in

the days ahead because there’s going to

be so many of these people coming out

coming out and coming to the church

so that was a little side note so let’s

get back to lamar he’s singing the song

it’s going to be all right everything’s

going to be all right on the front

um people are going to die

murder’s going to happen violence is

going to be incited civil unrest

but like he’s telling the front parts

and encouraging them it’s going to be

all right we’re going to do this but

it’s going to be all right and to pimp a

butterfly a butterfly represents the


in a lot of

cultures it represents the psyche and so

it’s about


the buying the selling and the trading

of the fragmented human soul

um this song we’re gonna be all right is

if you read all the lyrics i’m not going

to get into it all but it’s about the

battle of the mind

with the evil violent and wicked stuff

that they do

and then going to god

going to god for mercy

trying to go to god for help but then

this whole battle on the other side of

all the violence and the trauma and the


he also says in here it’s not in the

original song but he talks about like 30

summers in the making did you forget

about dre

and i’m talking nwa did you forget about


i think that’s a nod back to where he

talks about the 30 summers in the making

summer time getting your programming

that’s related to dre i don’t know how

many of these ended up back at that um

dre center the what was it called


shady aftermath something center i’ve

done forgotten it

but he’s talking about 30 summers in the

making did you forget about dre it’s

like he’s remembering them about the

handler the programmer who’s dre and i’m

talking about nwa that stands for

with attitude

did you forget about dre so it’s like

really prompting that in the people to

remember we’re going to be all right got

to remember your programming gotta

remember dre don’t forget about him he’s

in charge if you don’t obey

so anyway that’s what he’s singing about

and so they all get into that this very

militant ritualistic type of dance

on the city

and the camera pans out

again it’s like a global thing you see

them making all kinds of shapes and

probably sigils different symbols in

that programming i don’t know what they


but they get into all these various

designs while they’re dancing over the


those would be cues to the programming

of specific people to activate this dre


man war


and of course like they’ve done after

every song they pan back to dre

up at the mixing board showing i’m in

charge i am the big guy i am the god

i am in charge of overseeing all of this

over the city of compton

so we now see as you pan out

we’re about to have eminem come up and

sing his song you better lose yourself

but these are eminem followers and you

see them sitting in hoodies they’re

outside the city of compton so it would

say to me that eminem’s followers and

people are not necessarily in compton

but they’re surrounding that city

they’re called in they’re pulling in

eminem as a handler and a program

and now there his people are surrounding

the city as well

they’re sitting there with their hoodies


there’s a hood program a hoodie program

um that i’ve talked about in previous

videos each of eminem’s people have

their own light you see them with their

light they’re bringing their essence

they’re bringing their light their power

their energy into this

so it shows them sitting out there

before the nymph comes on


in the song that’s getting ready to be


well let me go to the next slide

so you see an explosion that happens at

the um

end of the city block there um before

eminem emerges it represents a few

things one it represents that dr dre is

giving eminem a little bit of power

he’s getting he’s exploding he’s he’s

doing his um

his work

you see again eminem’s people and

hoodies in the foreground


also the explosion that was on the train

in the scene of thunderdome happens this

may transpire to a code for an explosion

on the outskirts of the city here in

compton that’s going to be

done by eminem’s folks

i don’t know that for sure but that’s

what they’re showing here

and the eminem emerges out of the blast

here he appears up on top like a god

dressed in black just like um

dre was he’s got a measure of power

he’s about to code and speak to his

people his followers

you see the small red lights in the


behind um eminem

he begins to sing um he had a whole

movie about this song but you better

lose yourself it’s about

all that he had to go through to become


star a rapper

all the abuse all the trauma

that he had to do to get to the place

that he’s at

um but he’s singing this song

after the army the militant dray day

army com came out and it’s like he’s

letting him know you got one shot at

this he keeps saying it over and over

you’ve only got one shot once the music

starts you better lose yourself in it

not look back and go forward with it and

so i’m going to read some of the lyrics

of this song you better lose yourself

it says um you better lose yourself in

the music

the moment you own it you better never

let go you only get one shot

don’t miss your chance to blow

this opportunity comes once in a


you better lose yourself in the music

the moment you own it you better never

let it go

you only got one shot

don’t miss your chance to blow

this opportunity comes once in a


you better

and then it says his soul

is escaping through this hole

that is gaping

this world is mine for the taking

make me king as we move toward a new

world order


and so that’s what this is about he’s

inciting this army that was just out

he’s speaking to his army he’s speaking

uh related to the dre army we got one

shot at this

for the new world order he talks about

the soul escaping through that gaping

hole remember how i said that

the boxes that were black in the

beginning where the camera panned out is

a nod to coming through that portal of

the black hole there are entities that

are are um

solicited and drawn in to do this act of

war it’s not just in human strength

they’re summoning


um through the black hole

again here’s eminem showing that you got

one shot and he’s just pumping them up


you know we’ve got one shot at this once

we go once this program is activated

don’t look back you gotta go all the way

big flash of red

red being the delta the violence the

release the beasts you see all the

people out on the field here

he looks at his watch

checking the

time i think that’s a signal as well


be watching your watch this time’s close

this is you know make sure that you’re


and there’s the activation everybody’s

running into the city all of the people

that were m m’s

people that were on the outskirts of the

city that code goes come on in

come on in everybody make some noise run

into the city of compton um i’d be

watching compton i don’t know if it’s

going to turn into a minneapolis

situation but

they’re calling in

the re the reinforcements again remember

they said it was a not battling

of territories but

that the main message here was it was a

reunion it was a joining of forces it

said in the articles and so we see that


eminem’s forces who are not ruling and

dominating compton they’re outside the

city but they’re coming in to join the

forces with dre

and him overseeing that city

another big flash of red

over the city all the people out and

about there

and everybody’s just going wild it’s

like this is the big finale they’re

being pumped up by that song you see

them bringing out the horns it’s it’s um

eminem’s just pumping everybody up this

is like the big finale this is the big


this ending of the iron age this

violence that’s going to come out is is

meant to it’s going to bring in the


of deray’s golden age back again to

where people don’t have to work and they

don’t have to provide and feed for

themselves but before that it’s the

ending of the iron age here where it’s

like it’s just chaos in mayhem

and then again a point back to the

master the god who’s in charge dre

himself is pointing up to the people you

got one chance at this

this is one shot for us to bring in the

new world order

again just another um showing the horns

and how they just bring out everything

all the shots i’m sure the horns

represent something but i didn’t look

that up

and then it ends

back with the blue light again

we return back to the beginning the blue

we see eminem take a knee

that’s him saying i did what you asked

me to do

i called my people onto the city we did

what we have to do

i’m bowing my knee to dre

and again it’s um

was the family reunion

of the titans and the olympians

but the titans are taking back over so

the olympians bow

um on the macro level of this message

they bow to the titan cronus the leader

of the titans dre

and he’s sitting down he’s playing the


so the song that um jerry was playing on

the piano

before he goes back up top and he merges

with snoop dogg is he was playing the

intro to still dre

um it’s a nod back to like i’m i’m back

dre is in control i’m still um

running the show

um and just notice here’s the khaki army

though the army that’s dressed in khaki

color again that

tan color that we saw back in 50 cent


i i’m wondering if it is is a color

that’s specifically tied to dr dre

and his people because he sings about in

his song how he still


in the old days

he does it today rocks his khakis with a

cuff and a crease

so um again i’m still unsure about the

khaki but they do have this army

emerging now as we’re about to end the

super bowl show


received his power transfer his official

transfer from the olympians back to the

titan gods

so just like it opened up in the show

dre and snoop dogg emerge back on the

top of

the city

the um the god level

the ruler level

um again they’re singing the song it’s

still dre it’s still dre

uh snoop dogg says guess who’s back it’s

like saying dre is back


and they start singing i’m representing

for them gangsters all across the world


hitting them corners in them lolos girl

still taking my time to perfect the beat

and i still love i still got love for

the streets it’s the dre


so that’s what this song’s about

it’s ending with

dre still here he’s back

for the finale you see everybody rise to

the top everybody rises to that god

level mary j

lodge comes in 50 cent comes in eminem

they all rise up to this level they’ve

done their programming they’ve carried

out their objectives and in the end

there’s that promise

of everybody coming up there to that god

level achieving that in this battle

again a shot fading

out to show the bigger picture you see

the dray day flags in black

oversea in this army they’re in control

of the city

it’s all his it’s all belongs to them

they did it together achieve their


again another shot showing everybody up

there at the top level

and then it ends

with dre overlooking the city of compton

you see the he’s in black but you see

the gold in the fireworks again

the promise of this titan bringing back

in the golden age of rule

he’s um overlooking the city of compton

and so we’re ending again he’s on top of

the dome

remember it began with the dome

um in the beginning where we saw the

underside of the dome but here he is on

top of it

standing on the dome

the grid

that netting of the city

networking the nodes in that realm

so the camera angle begins to pan out

you see again that gold orb

that keeps showing up and i didn’t show

you guys this is totally after the fact

but mary j blige when you went back to

her original song family affair

um she’s just singing

her her song in the old original video

and you see twice this gold orb just go

across the screen so again it’s tying

that same symbol into all of these

people’s songs

but we see the the gold orb here again

at the end as we’re panning out the


it’s moving out of the program

and the columns and the changes that

were just done

and just like we started where we panned

in we’re beginning to pan back out

here’s the ley lines of california

moving out of the program again panning

out farther

there’s our red ball red white and blue

programming different sides of the mind

we’re beginning to shut down this

program as they’re backing out the the

survivors were

of the mind control programming they’re

beginning to pull back out of all of

those realms of the programming

inside and outside influence

it’s beginning to shut and close it down

it’s reversing the process

it ends the ball goes back through

the um

black hole

and so here we are back where we started

with this cosmic view

we’re in the blue programming which is

the here and now the earth

life programming and the programming has

been shut down

the subcon the subconscious mind holds

the changes that were made the lineups

for the programming but the front

presenter personality is now

not aware of what happened it’s it’s

shut down for the front presenter

personality they just think they saw a


English (auto-generated)

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Corey Feldman Talks

Corey Feldman did an interview just before New Year that tells for the first time what happened to his Premiere of the film that was to tell all about his perpetrators, as well as much else of interest.

Corey Feldman, child film star, is also known for being abused by pedophiles in Hollywood and for trying to tell the truth about his childhood. He was best friends with Corey Haim who had a similar story. He has received blowback from powerful sinister forces for trying to expose Hollywood.

When telling of his abuse, in 2013, before widespread knowledge of the rampant child abuse in Hollywood, Corey appeared on the View only to get accused by Barbara Walters of “damaging an entire industry”.

2013 Corey Feldman on the View with Barbara Walters [5]

The recent interview with Corey Feldman which I have embedded toward the end of this article is the most informative I have seen on him. He is relaxed and tells of his childhood and later the many times at the playboy mansion, (which for those who do not know was a blackmail honeypot, and mind control operation managed by Hugh Hefner) plus many other stories.

I wrote about Corey when he released his documentary in 2017, in which he named his abusers as well as talking about the story of his Hollywood life at the mercy of pedophiles. He named the abusers. CIA Supply “elite” (ill-ite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named) [1]

However the premiere and video was largely a public disaster due to “technical difficulties” and he has remained silent since. In this time, Corey Feldman has had his share of knockers for being a grifter and trying to capitalise on his abuse. In this interview he explains how the grifter reputation came about.

Corey explains that 15 mins in to the live premiere which was also being livestreamed, they noticed it had been hacked. What happened was the hackers hacked his website, stole his film, set up a website to sell access to the film with very similar name to his, and then set up youtube sites to give it away free.

Corey did not discover that the fake website, which was one letter different to his, for months, and by mistake. He did not know the extent of the fraud that had been perpetrated. Then youtube took months to take down the site.

So the criminals and fraudsters stole money and effectively demonetised the film for Corey. Various globalist forces also control his wikipedia to constantly give bad press and fake news about him.

This interview is the first time Corey has spoken about all this.

In the blog post I made on Corey at the time of the premiere /youtube video, the video I linked to is now defunct due to copyright claim. I must have linked to the fraudulent youtube site and it must actually be Coreys company who has got it withdrawn. I listed his abusers in that blog. CIA Supply “elite” (ill-ite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named) [1]

Corey is also an accomplished musician and he talks about his music career. Corey [2]

What is a huge surprise was this interview is by Steve O. I have written about Steve O before – he had the baby rape tattoo… [3]

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open… [3]

Obviously I am not a Steve O fan. However there is no doubt that it was a good interview. Perhaps he brought the best out of Corey due to the similar backgrounds, and them both knowing just how much to say, and what not to. These people in the system who are mind controlled by Monarch trauma based mind controlled of course have many alters, and in this interview there was no sign of his satanic sides.

Bearing in mind that bloodline are about 10% of the population and that they never asked to be mind controlled into the system and that many would like to come out, then blanket condemnation and ignoring them is not a realistic answer. They do need help and deprogramming.

I never trust these people but take the view that I praise the good they do, ignore the bad and condemn the worst.

Mind controlled people are always susceptible to being used without their knowledge as they can easily be triggered into a different alter of the handlers choice by a word, a sign, a colour or a sound. Then they can be in an alter that can be controlled and may be ignorant of their abusers and abuse.

Whatever alter they are in. I would never trust who SteveO recommends or allows to advertise. I do not normally watch the adverts, but caught the first one about counsellors /therapy. These may well be a mechanism to reprogram survivors. Do not trust them.

Photo of Steveo and Corey Interview

Unfortunately hooktube – a previous front end for youtube appears to no longer work – any previous hook tube links I have put in older blog posts will play if you replace the “hook” with “you”, but you now have to go through all the spying and adverts and associated nonsense with google /youtube.

This interview is worth listening to find more about the murky world about the criminal cabal, and what they did to Corey.

2021 Dec You Tube Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Podcast Corey Feldman – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #89 [4]

This post [111] 2022 Feb 25 Cathyfoxblog Corey Feldman Talks


[1] 2017 Nov 1 cathyfoxblog CIA Supply “elite” (ill-ite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named)

[2] Corey

[3] 2018 Jul 25 cathyfoxblog Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…

[4] 2021 Dec 30 You Tube Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Podcast Corey Feldman – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #89

[5] 2013 Corey Feldman on the View with Barbara Walters

Transcript follows my links

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Healing Resources


Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

Svali Resources

Cathy O’Brien e book


Posts with Important Links for Individuals

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[101] 2020 Apr 25 cathyfoxblog Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control

[102] 2021 Oct 10 cathyfoxblog Child Trafficking by the Jesuits

[103] cathyfoxblog Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

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To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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Auto Transcript

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believe that so

enjoy be happier be healthier

betterhelp h-e-l-p-dot-com


now let’s get into it do you smoke i

don’t smoke weed now no cigarettes

cigarettes now

she’s like that naturally yeah

he went to a doctor the guy was like you

just suck at talking like he just like

strains his throat muscles when he talks


is that it but it wasn’t always like

that right um it it’s gotten a little

crazier over time yeah yeah

all right

let’s go man

yeah by all means

all right here we go

ladies and gentlemen corey feldman

what’s up

yeah dude you’ve met scott randolph

scott yes sitting here so nice and

intimately with you yeah

the gorgeous paul briskey howdy corey

how are you paul i’m great man thank you

gotta say i’m super excited about this

me too man me too it’s a wild ride yeah

that’s weird no dude i’ve uh i’ve

watched your stuff for many years and

all the crazy

nutty stuff you’ve done right yeah man

and you guys haven’t you ran into each

other before yeah i feel like we like

kind of met somewhere but never really

like talked talked right yeah i think we

met at the playboy mansion i want to say

yeah what year which i mean that would

have been surprised me i think early

like maybe like 2002 or something oh wow

how many times have you been to the

playboy mansion

and i got kicked out

i forgot i forget why i was kicked out

probably running around naked jumping in

the grotto i think it was more of a

cocaine thing oh really yeah i think i

was like caught you doing drugs i think

i was doing cocaine like really

blatantly out in the open right

and they’re like there’s bathrooms for


there’s cocaine room for that

of hard drugs right he was pretty anti

hard drugs from what i remember yeah you

never saw him touch anything really but

for sure you know he was definitely he

was a fan of the quaaludes i think that

was kind of well known you know you hear

lots of stories that he had his special

doctor that took care of special needs

you know how do you get invited to the

playboy mansion is it like a letter or a

phone call yes steve how’d you get

invited i can’t remember

i think i actually do remember

and that it was

uh it came through like the jackass

channels okay there was like the jackass


somebody probably around the time where

the movies came out and they got you up

there is like hey he’s got a new movie

out let’s get him up here it’ll be wacky

and zany watch him create all kinds of

problems and they’re like oh yeah

that’ll be fun oh wait his problem is

actually doing cocaine on the front lawn

no we can’t have that yeah yeah

we didn’t realize he was coming in


how many times have you been there

three thousand

like i was there every weekend oh really

wow that’s epic at how starting at how

young and was word these are like post

dated because there’s no more playboy

mansion yeah what is it what is the

place it’s not just a mansion a museum

without the playboy

without that it’s not even that it

should have been that if they were smart

that’s what they would have done they

would have preserved it but instead some

dude took it over bought it and like

literally like changed it all like how

do you go and deface a historical

monument like

to why why


i remember the story was

that heff sold it

while he was still alive yes but the

deal was that the guy had to keep it the

way it was until half died not only that

but have had the right to live in it

until he died so what that did was force

the people who had basically

taken over the company and taken over

all of his stuff to try and like make

him as uncomfortable and miserable as

possible while he was still there so

they were doing stuff like telling them

like you can no longer have you know

your guests over in the parking you can

never no longer have the parking guys do

your parking for you you can no longer

have your poker nights or your movie

nights or whatever these guests aren’t

allowed anymore you know whatever they

would just like take away all of his

freedoms to the point where he felt so

like isolated and miserable that he

didn’t even want to live and i think

that’s kind of sadly that’s that’s kind

of how it went down wow damn yeah and he

sold it because like financially he just

couldn’t personally keep it up yeah so

basically what happened was you know and

i don’t want to go too deep but there

was a uh let’s say a buyout

uh with a certain company because he was

in a lot of trouble say around 2007 2008

right around the time right after we

shot up there actually we did the two

cory’s shoot up there my ex-wife

where are we shot in the uh

right right not where we where we shot

up there no yeah yeah

we weren’t shooting up there but we were

shooting up there up there

uh yeah no so we so we were shooting for

the two coreys and and uh and have

asked my ex-wife susie to be in the

magazine on the show and that was part

of it and i got to actually direct heff

which was really cool wow because you


all the other show runners were like

scared to touch it like

we don’t want to talk to the guy what

are we gonna say i’m like don’t worry i

got this you know i mean so i was like

okay here’s what we need you to do

and he was great he was very helpful

very cool very cooperative um and yeah

he asked in a very kind of amazing way

like it’s so cool to have that footage

of i mean i’m not her so i wasn’t really

asked to be in it but

to be her

you know he like sits her down at the

dinner table which we’ve sat at with him

a thousand times you know it’s like

where he would like have the dinner in

between the movie do you ever go for a

movie night on a sunday oh yeah kind of

like that’s more like the casual chill

like only really close

right right right but you would have

been you know if you didn’t screw up and

do play

anyway um so so that’s kind of how it

happened for me i mean i went up to one

of the big parties you know and then

like five years later i was invited back

for a movie night and then like once i

went to a few of the movie nights

eventually i was invited to come sunday

during the afternoon by ron smith

and when i went in the afternoon a

couple times half liked me you know he

saw me around and he was like hey you

know what

you’re a cool guy i was like thanks he’s

like if you want to come on fridays or

saturdays anytime you’re welcome anytime

on the weekends you’re welcome so my

name was added to the permanent list so

basically i didn’t have to get clearance

i could bring whatever girls i want

unless it was a big party where you

still had to get you know

whatever authorized for your guests but

um but yeah i was like on the permanent

list so any friday saturday sunday if i

wanted to come up if i wanted to bring

three girls four girls it didn’t matter

i would just show up and and roll up to

the gate and they would let me in so and

you said that you were married at that

time i was married at that time yes so

was it your inclination to be married

and bring three or four girls no no no

this was not then oh gotcha right i’m

saying that’s where my status was and

then once i got divorced then yes i was

up there quite frequently with a lot of

guests three or four girls man that’s

pretty fun for somebody that’s never


for somebody’s never been like what’s a

party at the playboy mansion here was my

whole theory my old theory was i didn’t

want to

bring i i didn’t a lot of people say we

don’t want to bring sam to the beach

right right i didn’t want to take sand

from the beach

i didn’t want to be that guy you know

what i mean like because i knew that if

i was then i wouldn’t be invited back

very often you know i liked my status

and i knew that my status was there

because half saw that i respected the

boundary you know i mean it’s all about

respecting the boundary he’s the host

these are his girlfriends stay away from

his girls you know very simple i enjoyed

going up seeing my friends i had like a

second family up there so i enjoyed

seeing all of you know the people that

you see every week it was like a weekly

group and everybody got together we

watched movies we had fun we had laughs

stay away from his girls so were you

like i bring my own girls

super careful to bring like the hottest

chicks of course yeah but i mean that’s

i don’t date anything other than that

anyway right you know

seriously like i’m just i have very very

very high standards like always have and

like detrimentally so because those are

the girls that screw with your head the

most of course you know the hotter they

are the more they’re going to screw with

you right but whatever i was willing to

take that you know i love that

risk you were willing to take i love

that big one for the team i love that

and i love even more your candor about

that yeah just to say hey man like hot

chicks right i mean that was my deal i

just you know when i was a single guy

i’m like i first and it’s not because i

like i love everybody i love i love

people i love humans i love my fans

whether they’re big fat skinny small


rounds thin it doesn’t matter you know i

love them equally and i find beauty in

everybody so unless they’re just a total

dick bag and then if they have them

there’s no beauty there but you know his

slum buster’s like a prague model you


but you know for me it’s like it’s like

if i’m gonna have to be with that person

and wake up every day to them and be

excited about it then you know it’s got

to be really really good because

otherwise there’s going to be three or

four more running around the corner

they’re going to be like cory come here

this way

cool so it’s interesting man yeah and

being famous then in like the 80s and

90s is a totally different world even

you’re like oh no not then i’m talking

now oh yeah oh here we go i’m talking

like in the last ten years nice because

because no in the 80s and 90s i was shy

and awkward

didn’t really date now you’ve hit your


well in between okay let’s let’s back it

up so between my first marriage and my

second marriage i i had a lot of growth

between my second and my third marriage

i had a lot of growth and by growth i

mean boners

that was awesome


but yeah

no what i meant was that like i had a

growth meaning like self appreciation or

or feeling the value of my own worth

right like whereas because like i was

very shy i was very awkward and i was

very insecure because i was made to

believe i was fat and ugly my whole life

i was beat up by kids at school i was

beat up by my mom i was always bullied

so like i was told i was fat and i was

ugly and i believed that up until i was

35 years old man i was very insecure i

mean i know that when you’re a hugely


child star yeah which you were i mean

right like


i know that when you’re in a school

system and you’re the big child star

that there’s actually like a bullying

component right even though you have

like insane amounts of power or

popularity or whatever

you’re playing you’re not in school

you’re a celebrity yeah but so it’s a

different ballgame you’re like the

you’re you’re the dumb kid because you

leave all the time you’re the stupid kid

right you know and you must think you’re

special because you get to like not be

here when the rest of us have to slave

away at school all day that’s the way

they looked at it it’s pretty it’s

pretty incredible to me that that uh

you can be bullied in that kind of

situation but then what what

what else to to be

made to believe that you’re fat

when you were never fat i was a little

bit chubby like i had like what movie

were you fattest in

um i would say it wasn’t like maybe a

movie but i think definitely on the bad

news bears tv series i mean i got a big

round of applause for the [ __ ] 70s

yeah i was seven and eight years old

yeah but this is called screwed up in

the head

you know your mom tells you you’re fat

you think you’re fat i wasn’t allowed to

eat in those days she would literally

keep meals from me or like hide the you

know candy and the junk food because i

wasn’t allowed to eat it

um so that was then right then even all

the way up until gremlins like look at

me and grandma’s i’m filling out those

those pants pretty tight you know i got

like a chubby face i got the little bit

of a belly there gremlins was uh like

84. i was like 83. oh 83 i was shooting

it yeah 83 i was shooting it it came out

in 84.85 and then goonies we shot in 84

and it came out in 85 right right okay

yeah so by goonies i started to lose a

little bit of it and then by standby and

i mean

okay came into my were you already doing

coke on standby no no no no no no

no i was like those gremlins dude

no no no no that that didn’t start till

ladies and gentlemen be warned we are

about to discuss powder cocaine and i

cannot be more grateful for having given


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powder called athletic greens

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i mean dude this is the best stuff and i

use it every single morning religiously

and i got a funny feeling that

you could use it you know

big time it’s sourced from all whole

foods it’s all just

good quality stuff and again absolutely

delicious if you go to

stevo then you’re going to get an entire

year’s supply of immune boosting vitamin

d plus five of these travel packets and

dude i don’t go anywhere without my

travel packets of ag-1

yeah so let’s get you on this man go to

stevo for an entire year’s supply of

immune boosting vitamin d and five free

travel packets of ag-1 and just watch

see how much better you feel how quickly

you do man i stand by that product i use

it every day i love it i love it i love

it and now let’s talk about a much worse


okay so the first time i did cocaine was

because my mom was doing it with

somebody on the set of the lost boys

okay this little hot little asian woman

who i was sitting there one night

because i was like falling asleep and i

was depressed because i’m like how the

hell am i gonna stay for these night

shoots i’ve never done a night shoot i

mean i’ve done like the friday 13th

night shoots but that was like we come

in at noon we work until midnight and

then you go home because like when

you’re a kid they’re only going to let

you work so late and then they’re going

to call it but like now

i’m still a kid but i’m 14 years old 15

years old you know when when you get to

those ages all of a sudden they start

treating you more like you’re an adult

right and the work code still applies

but they’ll be like oh we’re gonna do

like a half day half night so we’re

coming in at three in the afternoon and

we’ll work until three in the morning

and i was like wait what

i i wasn’t very good at that


i was a little frustrated like how am i

gonna do this how am i gonna stay up all

night and this little asian lady comes

up to me and she’s like hey you should

just do what your mom does to stay awake

and i was like what’s that and she’s

like cocaine and i was like

uh okay

i wouldn’t really know where to go she’s

like oh i have it just come to my

apartment we’ll do something it’ll be

easy and then you’ll be fine i was like

oh okay well she makes it sound so easy

and harmless i might as well if my mom’s

doing it how bad could it be you know

how old were you uh i was like i said 15

15. yeah when was the first time you did

coke how old were you oh [ __ ] i didn’t

do coke until i was


20 i think

yeah late bloomer experience i did it on

my high school lunch break

my senior year or something like come

over and i did oh it’s bad so i got okay

so the first time i did it sorry it’s a

bad experience

because it was it was it was good at

first like we did it we had fun it was

like you know we were talking we’re

sitting in this girl’s apartment she

takes me out driving she taught me how

to drive a stick shift high on cocaine

for the first time um jones and then and

then you know here’s the thing i did one

line and i thought that one line was

gonna last forever we’re gonna live

forever you know so that’s what i was

thinking at the moment fame um but what

happened was unfortunately i was wrong

and it did not and so i didn’t go to

sleep in between when i that whole thing

which was like say six to 12 in the

afternoon and then at 12 i go out with

my friend for the day and then i’ve got

like a four o’clock call and i never

slept anywhere in between and i’ve got

to work from four to four and so then i

say to the girl like hey you know what i

have a feeling this stuff might wear off

uh how long does it take to wear if

she’s like oh it’ll be worn off by the

time you go into work and i’m like well

i’m gonna probably need more than to

keep me up she’s like don’t worry i’ll

meet you there i’ll give you some more

well that was my first lesson and people

doing drugs are not very honest

so yeah found out the hard way that she

was full of it and uh waited for her to

show up she didn’t show up she didn’t

show up she flaked on me she left me

hanging right and so i’m sitting there

like you know showing up for work

getting my costume on like half asleep

like okay i gotta make it through this

she’ll be here any minute it’s cool and

i’m like calling her texting her i don’t

think we had text in those days that’s a

lie i was just calling her um

yeah and she didn’t show up like no

response no anything you know i’m

sending a birdie over to her house

um and so she doesn’t show up she leaves

me hanging and it’s now like eight

o’clock at night and we’re shooting the

very first scene that day which happens

to be hold for it wait for it yeah the

big truth justice in the american way

speech scene that everybody remembers

that moment was during this hell so it

was literally at that moment where i’m

like and joel schumacher’s like okay so

you’re gonna come to this spot you’re

gonna stop here you’re gonna pause for

two seconds you’re gonna deliver the

first part of the line then you’re gonna

wait and cory’s gonna clear over here

and then jamison’s gonna come over to

this point and then when he stops you’re

gonna open the magazine you’re gonna

look at it you’re gonna pull it down to

right here and then you’re gonna look

over the top i mean like all these

instructions i’m like

no dude are you dead i did not pull it i

didn’t it was it was a disastrous

meltdown was it was it clear to anybody

that the drugs were involved here’s what

was clear i’m a guy that’s very on my

[ __ ] all the time i’m very efficient i’m

very like i try to stay

you know i’m a professional i study the

night before i get all into my

memorization i come in the next day i

know my stuff backwards and forwards you

know impeccable i’m a professional i

don’t mess around but all of a sudden i

couldn’t remember one thing to the next

that he’s telling me to do

and he’s looking at me like what is

wrong with you like dude i just said

three times here’s the order of the

thing and you just you know i say come

to this mark stop you know freeze turn

around lower the thing and then say your

line you’re going over here you’re

walking past your mark you’re not

lowering the thing you’re saying you’re

lying without even looking at the place

you’re supposed to look i’m like uh

okay let’s do it again so that happens

like 10 times and eventually joel

schumacher’s like okay i don’t know

what’s wrong with you are you on drugs

are you on drugs feldman is that what’s

going on here like totally called me out

and i was like huh i wish i was on drugs

i wouldn’t be so screwed up right now no

so so yeah that was the problem i had no

drugs um so he knew there was something

going on and he fired this was at a time

when uh

when everything was still shot on film

oh absolutely yeah it was all filming so

to screw up a take was actually kind of

expensive at that time very expensive

yeah and uh you said he fired you yeah

he fired me he fired me right there on

the spot he’s like listen fellman i

don’t know what’s going on with you but

you’re fired you need to get your act

together i can’t have this on my set i

don’t know what’s going on but you’re

you know coming in all out of it looking

like you’re high

duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh like

for like two hours

but what happened was they were like

look the only way we’re gonna let you

continue is if you get some where’s your

mom that was the first question where’s

your mom why is she not here why are you

all out of it somebody needs to answer

for this

and i was like um good luck finding her

she’s probably off with some crew member

in the bar

wow you know doing

drunk getting laid who knows and so

they couldn’t find her they all did like

an apb to try and find my mom nobody

could find her they’re like this is a

disaster and then they’re like well we

can’t really blame it on the kid if he’s

got no adult supervision so we’ve got to

at least give him a chance by like

saying okay you’ve got to have like some

adult supervision around right and then

if you still mess up then we’ll fire you

for real so they decided to see like is

your dad available can your dad come

down my dad couldn’t come down because

he had his talent management company

which was basically like a false

management company where it was like

like like the powers remember jg powers

or whatever like where they’d like take

your money and do seminars and like

they’d pick like 100 people to like oh

yeah you’re the best looking one so

you’re gonna get a free photo shoot but

everybody else has got to pay fifteen

thousand dollars for that same photo

shoot in an acting class and maybe one

day you’ll get an acting part and that

was kind of like his thing but he had my

movie posters up all over the walls and

it was called new talent enterprises and

it was like over on the sleazy part of

kawenga there



he was doing that and he didn’t have

time to come play babysitter so he says

no i’m not available so they were like

well who can you get up here and that we

called marty weiss and marty weiss was a

guy who had been kidnapping me since i

was 11 years old

he was part of the science fiction

awards or whatever it was called the


he was not my agent he was literally

just like a stalker hangar on dude that

basically got into my life because he

worked for the saturn awards and was

trying to give me an award so he like

called me up but comes to find out that

he basically gave awards to all of like

or like got in touch with all the steven

spielberg kids so i thought he was just

a big steven spielberg fan big disney

fan he loved all those kids he was he

introduced me to another kid that became

one of my best friends at the time named

jason preston who was in explorers i

don’t know if you remember the movie

explorers with uh ethan hawk and river

phoenix but okay yeah that was a joe

dante movie um steven spielberg movie as

well but anyway so so he became friends

with him and then introduced me to him

and he became my best friend up until i

met corey haim a couple years later so

from like gremlins to lost boys this kid

jason president was my best friend so

anyway come to find out that this guy’s

like molesting everybody and so he’s a

pedophile and

then we find out that basically well he

comes in it’s in you know my book and in

my movie and whatever i want to get into

the graphic stories but let’s just say

that he took advantage of the situation


and at that time this was the set of

lost boys so you are 14

turning 15. turning 15. and like so

incredibly famously at the age of 15

you started the emancipation right so

what happened was like so i okay since

marty it wasn’t because marty was there

it was because i was embarrassed and i

was shamed that i went down that road

and i did drugs at all because i was so

anti-drug normally like why did i do

that drugs aside there was like

financial [ __ ] going on all kinds of

[ __ ] yeah but the bottom line was i was

just like dude my life sucks right now i

need to like try and keep this job

because otherwise i’m screwed this is my

only chance of like staying away from

that abusive household you know so

especially now that they realize my

mom’s the bad guy like that’s the best

news really out of all this is that i

have a chance to get away from my mom

because she was really wretched and your

parents were together they were not

together not together so that was the

point was like right if my dad was gonna

at any point come in and kind of save

the day because at least i knew with him

you know we’d smoke weed together and he

wouldn’t kick my ass you know i mean my

mom was just like psycho wanted to beat

me all the time wanted to abuse me he

wanted to do whatever she could to just

like hard drugs and physical violence or

versus everything’s pretty cool right

he’s a musician and like you know like

probably hit on all my girlfriends but

whatever you know this sort of thing um

so i went to the dad but that was after

we got back from santa cruz so once we

got back from santa cruz then my dad

says hey here’s a great idea let’s get

you involved in this thing called

hollywood kids say no to drugs and

you’ll be like the spokesperson because

we know you hate drugs and i’m like

perfect so i start doing that then he

introduces me to pedophile number two

um well actually i’d already met

pedophile number two which was alfie but

he came through

the whole because i knew him from being

supposedly bobby hoffman’s son bobby

hoffman was the head of casting for

paramount television and cast me on all

of my tv shows growing up as a kid and

many other kids as well and then he was

living with this dude alfie and alfie

started doing these underage clubs

called alfie’s soda pop club so that’s

when my mom invited me to go

to alfie’s club or whatever his party

with bobby at their house and he’s like

out and she’s like alfie’s gonna come

pick you up so you’re very special

you’re very lucky because alfie’s gonna

come pick you up and take you to this

party so alfie was one then john but

john comes through my dad and so my dad

over at new talent is like hey uh i

can’t be on the set with you during lost

boys all the time and i’m really busy

and stuff so i’m gonna get you this

assistant guy who’s basically gonna

drive you around and be your gopher and

be your chaperone and beer whatever

because again right the whole reason

joel schumacher wanted to get me

parental guidance and wanted to like

make sure that i was set before he kept

me on board was to make sure that i

didn’t get around some flunky who wasn’t

going to take it seriously and wasn’t

gonna care about my best interest right

well so what does my dad do i go to my

dad’s for better care and end up with a

new flunky who’s also a pedophile isn’t

that ironic like every time i get

swapped to somebody it’s like another

pedophile so anyway yeah that’s how

everybody keeping it in

who are you gonna tell yeah i mean your

parents are the ones that are bringing

them into your life right and by by the

way um nothing happened with the alfie

guy until after i was living with my dad

so when i was living with my mom the

only thing that was happening was that

marty weiss was coming and breaking me

out of my house in the middle of the

night and taking me out on drives but he

never molested me during that time he

was only kidnapping me and we were

having fun together so it didn’t look

like anything i would see that’s the

thing that’s how they get you right they

get your trust by like grooming you

right by being your friend and being

like hey i’m gonna be the cool guy

that’s gonna get you out of this bad

situation so then you trust them so how

does the emancipation

course how do we get there

so ironically it’s the guy


was hired by my dad john grissom who is

the pedophile who says hey you got to

get away from these abusive parents

and they’re taking all your money and

they’re screwing you over we got to get

you out of this situation chuck went up

for the pedophile because that was a

good call right so he’s like so we’ll

get you in was it though really who

knows that’s the thing

then he also introduced me to cocaine

because like after that so now that i’m

with him it’s like we’re hanging out all

the time like oh look at sam kinnison

all these guys at the comedy store

they’re like love you let’s go hang out

with them and then we walk into their

parties and there’s giant mounds of

cocaine on the table 15 year olds should

not have been there in the first place

but he walks me in he’s like hey man

this is a party and i’m like cool it’s a

party and then like i’m like but i don’t

do cocaine and i resisted it for like

the first six months hanging out with

all those guys and then eventually i

just got weak and i was like well they

look like they’re all having fun and if

they’re having fun i guess they weren’t

having a pretty good time at the comedy

store they were and they were yeah that

was before they crossed the imaginary

line so it was all good in the show you

know and is that when kennison had the

house like right up the hill from the

comedy store crystal that’s it so we

were chilling at crystal so anyway so it

was at the crest hill house actually

where i did my first like not the one

for my mom which was the one time one

line but this was like the first time i

actually did did cocaine okay so john

grissom gives it to me and he’s like

oh you gotta trust now you gotta try

crack now you gotta try heroin now you

gotta try lsd so every drug that i ever

did literally was because of the same

dude okay how soon after did you start

doing heroin oh like two years later two

years it was a process but i had to go

through my cocaine phase like where i

got really into coke for a while that

was like the whole thing lasted two

years but like basically i was really

into cocaine for like six months to a


and then

was like you know i see it destroying

all my friends lives i see it destroying

my life i cross that imaginary line

people are having that talk with me

they’re like you don’t see you have a

problem you have a problem i’m like what

is the problem i’m staying up for three

four days at a time and we’re having a

great time no problem you know they’re

like no that’s a problem

that is the problem right that pedophile

didn’t do everything

to help but

he was the one who said you got to get

away from your parents so i can have

more control over you and right

along with you and put you on drugs so i

can completely manipulate and control


but it wasn’t like some superhero right

right but did he did he get you set up

with some kind of attorney because yeah

i was fascinated by the idea yeah

like the idea and the journey

like that the uh

because you were like the first like

child star to legally

like become independent of your parents

before like when you’re only 15 years

old that’s not the first i believe

drew did it first audrey barrymore she

might have done it first okay so we’re

right neck and neck around the same

right yeah i mean it’s a pretty big deal

and and and what i read about it

was that you were a bona fide

millionaire at 15 years old but by the

time the court proceedings played out

like all they had to show for all of

your earnings was forty thousand dollars

you got your you did your fact check out

that very well done

so well let me tell you how it actually

went down i was really fascinated to ask

this question because to become

emancipated from your parents means to

become completely independent of them he

did this at the age of 15

and was like wow you know okay i got no

parents i’m an adult that’s fascinating

and you know what else is fascinating

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let’s try to figure out what’s going on

with this emancipation business

so so basically what happened was

in order to get emancipated i had to be

on my [ __ ] like i had to know what i was

doing i had to be able to like say okay

this is

right because otherwise they’re not

going to let you go they want to see a

that you know what you’re talking about

you know your finances you know where

you’re at and that you’re going to be

able to be self-sufficient and provide

for yourself

in the event that they turn over the

power of signature to you right so

um basically what happened was i went

down to the producer’s pension health

and welfare which is where everybody

who’s an actor their residuals go their

payment their you know futures their

pension it’s all put into there so

there’s an accounting it’s not part of

sag it’s a separate division separate

building are you a producer i was not no

no no it’s the producers pension health

and welfare meaning the producers have

to pay into this pension

for the on the behalf of the actors

right okay so there’s a certain amount

of money that accrues so they can a see

all the money that you’ve earned and

then b see what’s left in your accounts

because they’re the ones that make sure

that like with the jackie coogan law

they have to put like 15 percent aside

from every paycheck that keeps coming up

it’s crazy your parents are only allowed

to blow 85 of your money right exactly

but we’re gonna make sure you got a few

cents left don’t worry

and that’s what is not covered up right

because the way my parents did it which

was super slick because typically like a

manager gets 10 to 15 as you know right

well my my parents were both my managers

and they both took 15 wow so there’s

your 30 right there off the top then you

got 40 to taxes i don’t know about like

literary then you got your business

manager your agent your agent takes ten

percent business manager takes five

percent wait what’s happened where

there’s fifteen percent how do they

justify fifteen percent because they

figure they’re taking off of words right

that is a bit too much why should those

kids earn anything screw those kids

why wouldn’t it be like uh why not 100

percent or like no no

it should be yeah yeah kids should get

all the money yeah it should be 85 to

the kid and like

between all the managers right because

kids are doing the work right do they

figure because like their childhood

giving up their freedom

yeah somebody go ahead what’s even more

crazy i mean we could talk about the

unfairness of uh

all the all the money being the

commissions but but it’s just so

fascinating to me a judge grants you

emancipation and so now you’re 15 years

old but you are not legally an adult


waving the idea of minor so here’s what

happens so we go to the court right and

i prove okay so this is where that comes

in we go to producers pension health and

welfare they show me you have earned a

million dollars to this point at 14 and

a half this is where you’re at you’ve

earned a million dollars however

here’s what’s in your account right now

and that’s where the forty thousand

right i mean you gotta figure if you’ve

earned a million then that puts you in a

pretty high tax bracket so you can

almost ballpark it at 50 percent goes to

taxes until it fits down 15 year old

right you know yeah so there’s [ __ ]

going on but it wasn’t necessarily like

as crazy as a million down to 40 000

yeah it’s pretty


resume at that time you know like with

with goonies kremlin’s last boys like

friday the 13th right [ __ ] all the

madam speakers bad news all of it morgan

mindy with robin williams all of it

it’s it feels pretty shocking that you

would only have earned a million dollars

at that point well yeah because they

weren’t paying people like they were

these days right like there was no

backhand there was no

no stand by me

do you know what i got paid i’ll tell

everybody i got paid for goonies forty

thousand dollars it was that sag scale

for a principal role yeah because we

were on it for six months and all that

that’s forty thousand dollars for six

months later crazy right that’s like

slave labor if you think about it and

we’re almost where the [ __ ] we’re almost

40 years later and and now sag scale for

that kind of rolls 65 grand right



but that said if you do one movie you

get jumped up to like the million dollar

tax day i mean payday bracket you know

what i mean like you do one movie that’s

successful you’re getting an offer from

me yeah the kids inspired 15 number one

films and we’re still getting like here

license to drive how about a hundred

thousand dollars and i’m like what it’s

my name over the damn title and that’s

the kind of money we were making it was

terrible it was terrible could you

negotiate were you like told not to do

that or i mean what do you um my my

agents were like william morris at the

time so yeah they probably should have

made sure that that didn’t happen right

you would think

here’s a question i was dying to to ask

you because

you know i’m known for for all the

jackass stuff you are but i’m just


right but but i’ve since really like

established myself in the comedy world

during stand-up

and i’m still not known as a stand-up

comedian but i’ve been


way more successful in stand-up com from

a financial perspective okay i’ve made

way more money doing stand-up comedy

than i ever made from exactly exactly

thank you so that’s why a lot like when

he said to me like oh in the 80s when

you were you know big or whatever and

i’m like no no you don’t understand like

because in the 80s the way i look at it

was i was a slave i wasn’t making much

money i didn’t get much play from girls

because i was shy and intimidated and

awkward so like the 80s to me were not

some great glory days you know what i

mean it was more like i was a slave kid

that was just basically trying to get

away from the abusers trying to get away

from the parents trying to get away from

everybody that was trying to hold me

down and then i ended up a drug addict

then i ended up in jail then i ended up

in rehab so it wasn’t really until the

90s that i started even living my life

like quite honestly like 91 92 that’s

when i started feeling like a human

being and actually caring about myself

and loving myself and wanting to like

self-heal and all of that kind of stuff

and so it was interesting because that

point on that my life started i think

you were still like

on some pretty hard drugs until at least

95 right no man oh no no


wow okay i was sober in 89.

wow and how old are you then you’re like

20 or something i was 18 18. and you’ve

got some correcting to do on wikipedia

oh dude wikipedia is whacked don’t get

me started right i mean i i i no no no

no no no get me started

let me tell you about this okay let’s

talk let’s be real i’ve got i’ve got

some [ __ ] on wikipedia i’m on media

blackout do you know what media blackout

it means that there’s actually people

out there that are working on a 24-hour

basis to discredit and defame me and

change the facts of life

so they’re you know wikipedia is

supposed to be an open forum where

anybody user friendly can go in there

and edit whatever they want right which

leaves you open to the truth it also

leaves you open to lies right that’s

what you would think

but if me or anybody on my team tries to

go into wikipedia you can try it right

now and you try to edit something

it’ll stick for about two minutes and

then it goes back and reverts to

whatever the [ __ ] was that was there

okay then like if it’s me and i try it

say like multiple times two or three

times all of a sudden i get a notice up

that says i’m blocked my ip address is

blocked for the next two years wow and

anybody that tries to even try to change

wikipedia no remember being on a cookie

you should be able to the way that that

whole program is set up the way that the

website works is it’s a user-friendly

basis which means that anybody with a

computer and any you know basic

knowledge of html can get in there and

edit it and show the links that they

need to show to show the truth and like

it should all back up because somebody’s

got to go through it and go like oh this

makes sense this points to this

but they have some kind of system on

mine maybe yours i don’t know i mean i

don’t know how truthful yours is they’re

off you’re i mean it’s just like you

know it says i’ve been married twice and

i’ve actually never been married right

so that’s fine are they allowed to do

that though but here’s the thing

yeah good question right especially when

they’re purposefully blocking your ip

address or anybody associated with you

so yeah wikimedia is the company that

owns wikipedia and we’re probably going

to have to like send them some very

serious letters from our lawyers because

this is not acceptable they’re out there

lying about me everything on women

like what’s the malicious lie the

malicious lie is like you just said

there’s you know they say that i wasn’t

really sober

one of the things says that i went on

the today show in october and then two

months later i was arrested in louisiana


let me tell you something i was never

arrested in louisiana

right that was flash i was not arrested

members of my band were arrested

and a half a xanax pill


not my xanax bill not my weed i wasn’t

arrested let’s just be real so the

bottom line is there’s people out there

maliciously intentionally trying to make

me sound like a liar

trying to change my

credibility okay because obviously if

i’m lying about this or if i’m lying

about that then those really important

big stories that i told in my

documentary must not be true because

obviously i’m a liar all right you know

who’s telling these lies or is just

anonymous it’s connected to

the debunking of my truth so i put out a

documentary you know about the

documentary i mean i guess or maybe not

but i didn’t know about it until i got

ready to meet you today and then i was

like wow you know so where’s this

documentary available it’s not anymore

it’s not so what happened was i spent

1.3 million dollars making this film

uh we premiered at the director’s guild

there was 700 people there sold out


standing room only amazing incredible

and the night we get there we start the

film and it was streaming globally

because i was the first person actually

ever to do a live global streaming

vod premiere and people have paid to

pay-per-view right did was it successful

it would have been had we not gotten

hacked and pirated okay okay so as the

film started all of a sudden the thing



people all over the world who paid money

to see the film could not see it because

there was an interruption of service

it’s called a ddos server attack okay

okay so we got a ddos server attack that

shut down the film shut down the stream

they actually copied it they stole the


they copied the script

and then they created a subsidiary

website that was like a copycat website

that went up literally live the moment

our stream came down

and they started selling tickets for

thirty dollars

versus us who was

charging twenty dollars for the ticket

so they’re taking the same movie same

stream same script so it looks like the

same website they even pushed it up in

the google search so theirs was mine was theirs was

they put up a fake website the same

exact time that our premiere is out they

shut down yours did they direct all of

your traffic to their page correct

correct so they would have had to have

been able to uh

to edit your page as well but i guess

they hacked it yeah they hacked it they

stole the stream they copied the script

wow and they were able to build another

prototype of a website that looked

exactly like ourselves that went live

the moment that ours went down

by the

virginia and then somehow the media just

never talked about it

because the next day was kovid so nobody

wanted to talk about it and so i’ve

never been on any talk shows the news

won’t have me on the i mean like that’s

why i say media blackout because all the

mainstream media has prevented me from

coming forth and talking about this

story given that these hackers


actually monetize it they took money

isn’t it possible to follow that money

trail and and and get to these people

who committed the copyright yeah you’d

need a lot of expensive lawyers

and a lot of investigators were you able

to to

get any sense of of how many buys they

did well we can no i have no idea how

much these how many tickets they sold

for their

you know fake but i know that it was up

for three months

before we even knew about it i found it

by accident actually my my director the

guy who directed the film brian

herzlinger texts me one day and he goes

hey do you know about this you just you

just you just did a post for our movie

that goes to a different website and i’m

like what and he’s like yeah and it was

like an accidental thing like i put my

truths instead of my truth by accident

and you click on it and it’s an actual

website but it’s not our website and

he’s like yeah dude that’s an entirely

different website that’s not our website

i was like holy [ __ ] and it was uh

and they were selling

so that was multiple different websites

so there was that one that was the main

thing how they were pulling the money

out but the way they liquidated the

movie and made it worthless

was by putting it out for free all over

youtube so they put out about 200 free

links on youtube the first one got 250


before uh youtube would take it down and

we were sending them letters for weeks

and they wouldn’t listen because we

didn’t have like you know the exact

right trademark information or the exact

copyright information or whatever and

they like wanted everything by the book

before they would even listen to us that

this is our film even though i paid for

it even though it’s my name on it i

produced it it’s my lawyer hitting you

up but if you don’t have the exact

paperwork they’re not gonna listen that

makes me glad that we uh

got in business with that anti-piracy

company before putting out gnarly yeah

we spent like six thousand bucks to get

uh this anti-piracy company to like uh

you know stamp whatever redshift

anywhere my [ __ ] shows up yeah like it’s

gonna be like

you know flat trademark type thing yeah

yeah that’s gonna prevent the previous

from showing up on youtube i was so

naive man i had no idea i thought like

hey i found a foolproof way because look

i put out a book they edited my story i

put out a doc

a film on the lifetime network

that you know was a pretty good film

that i helped produce they edited and

changed the story even as far as like

changing the scenes to make it not what

it was supposed to be you know what i

mean so like everything kept getting

changed and edited how are you going to

get the truth out everybody kept saying

you got to get the truth out you got to

get the troop there fine

how do i do this so that nobody is

controlling the narrative

but me

right right well the only way that you

can possibly do that is to put it out in

a documentary format but even then

you’ve got to get your eno lawyers to

approve everything to make sure you

don’t get sued right you can’t put out

anything that’s like above and beyond

and you have to work really really

really hard to prove that

everything is corroborated like there is

not one thing in that movie that wasn’t

corroborated by like multiple people

that it sounded like that those were

some pretty

fiery allegation

right yeah but i’m confused i mean where

is it now the documentary was my truth

the rape of two quarries right again and

and even saying the word rape on youtube

i think uh gets you [ __ ]

have you not talked about it since then

i have not taught you this this is the

first time but you said that this

documentary is not available but so did

you ultimately get it all taken down

from youtube yeah so we got him finally

taken down but so 250 000 views at 20

dollars a pop how much money is that 250

000 views at 20.

5 million


50 million wait 250 fifty million i’m

bad enough 250 000 views

of pop


it’s 50 million

i think it’s five it’s five million

twenty divided by four

yeah it’s uh because

divided by 250 though

it’s a quarter million 250 times two is

five hundred thousand maybe i’m good and

then you add one zero because it’s a

twenty six five million

i don’t think so

maybe that’s just one of the links and

then you know

whatever no that was definitely just one

of the links but the point is all

together it came out to like 80 million

dollars i mean it would have been it

would have been a lucrative business


it wasn’t and we weren’t doing it for

that you know at the end of the day we

just wanted to get the truth out but i

had bills i have to pay back people that

like a whole crew that was working on on

spec you know that was looking forward

to it doing well and getting paid and

then on top of it what we could have

done with the profits

would have been unbelievable i’m not

good at math either by the way so i

could totally be doing that

i don’t even know but we should pull out

a calculator

somebody already has don’t worry

somebody’s sitting there like you’re an

[ __ ] yeah on the comments

you’re an [ __ ] you don’t know how to

do math go bite yourself

it brings me back to the question i

wanted to ask which is for your prolific

film career and and you know the



success that you had in it


i would believe that it’s your music

career that’s been more financially uh

rewarding for you you’re right

you’re right yeah yeah because it’s been

the last five years that my music

luckily blew up and again this was i

believe just an attempt to try and like

knock me down and make me look like a

jackass sorry for the expression

but yeah i mean because we did the today

show which was obviously a setup i mean

like every single media outlet at the

exact same moment the second we walked

off stage was like what was that what

was that bizarre strange performance you

know corey feldman really blew the you

know donkey or whatever like it was

terrible what was he thinking


it was all across the board everybody

had the exact same headline like you’re

telling me that there’s not one single

media outlet that saw it a little bit

differently or had a different

perspective or wrote maybe a few

different words no it was the exact same

language across the board at the same

time isn’t that miraculous would you

piss off exactly so do you think about

pedophiles that are very powerful too

do you think that


in that case because there was so much

widespread uh

you know

coverage of this performance which was

critically panned like just the fact

that there was that much coverage do you

think that inadvertently it may go

through the roof right first of all it

was the most because of what they did it

backfired it was the most viewed

performance in the today show history

that’s what she said so tara um tamara

sorry tamara hall


said it on live tv she goes this is the

most viewed performance in the

ever boom right those are those

subscribe to the notion that there’s no

such thing as bad publicity in this case

well there isn’t as long as they’re

writing about you or talking about you

then you’re in good shape so that’s why

what they’re doing to me now is even

worse because they won’t even have me on

to explain what’s been going on they

won’t even have me on to explain what

happened to my film we’re talking about

a hundred million dollars worth of you

know liquid corruption that just

happened tax evasion who’s who’s paying

the taxes on all that money that went

through those fingertips i mean where’s

all that advertising money all that you

know if you can’t trace down the people

and the money for a copyright claim and

not only that but they were making dvds

they literally had dvds with the

packaging with the artwork with

everything and you’re like presumably

presumably the documentary

you know

even though you didn’t uh

make any money off of it right some

people made money off it and plenty of

people saw it so how is the documentary

critically reviewed oh amazingly okay

amazingly yeah i mean like anybody

that’s giving an honest review of it

like okay so what happened was they

tried to act like it didn’t happen at

all like i did actually read news

stories the next morning that said it

was all lie corey was scamming his fans

there was no movie

unfortunately what they didn’t expect is

they didn’t expect that i would have two

separate copies so we had the copy that

was streaming

uh for the whole world to see and then

we had a separate copy that was the

premiere copy of the dga so i actually

stopped the film 15 minutes in and said

look guys i don’t know if i should

finish the movie because it’s been

hacked online

and it’s not really fair to all the

people who paid to not get to see the

movie at the same time as you so i was

thinking about not even playing the rest

of it at the premiere and coming back

and doing it a separate day once we got

it all worked out and it was actually a

bunch of actors who rushed the stage um

you know like roseanne arquette was one

of them and she was the most vocal and

she got to the front of the stage she

said corey you need to do this now she’s

like do not back down she goes that’s

what they want they want you to stop the

film they want you to not play it she

said but if you do this you’re never

going to get all of us back here again

you’re never going to get a whole

premiere full of people like it’s never

going to happen

and i was like you know what she’s right

and so because of that i continued the

film and i played the whole movie out

and so the next day you added in

rolling stone l.a times entertainment

weekly everybody reviewed the movie and

said it was a good movie and we did the


you know

but then everybody that wasn’t in the

room tried to say that the movie never

played there was no movie there was no

they’re there it was a nothing burger

blah blah blah

so for people who are listening to this

and they’re just dying to see this movie

are you really telling them that it’s

not available i can’t it can’t because

number one i had to pull it i had to

pull it because of the safety of my my

life and my family you know there was

two attempts on my life leading up to

this which are documented in the movie

um the lapd for whatever reason will not

give us the video footage to prove that

i was actually attacked because people

tried to say that the attack never

happened that’s the way they spun it the

lapd officer for whatever reason after

photo i mean i have video footage of

them photographing the the wound and and

sizing the the scar and the laceration

right they’re literally like like sizing

it and taking pictures of it in the


they turned around and said there was no

puncture wound yeah and wow someone

tried to stab me in the back of the neck

and this side it was very tiny i mean it

was a god they they literally it was a

godsend i don’t know how i can’t explain

it but they missed so they didn’t get

very far they just got like the very tip

of the knife into me so i thought it was

like maybe a needle because i couldn’t

figure it out i remember the story being

that you thought it was somebody who was

trying to dermic needle yeah i didn’t

know but then later on when i was

showing the jacket that i got stabbed

into the cops we saw a slit this big so

you know that it was a knife because

there was a slit in the jacket okay so

anyway so i went and filed a subpoena to

lapd for the freedom of information act

and said i know you guys have the

footage you showed me the footage you

can’t see what they’re doing but you can

easily see that they break into my car

and they reach in and they do something

right right give me that footage from my

documentary where did this attack take


in on ventura boulevard when and was it

and what was the night this is just

random you were there it wasn’t random

they followed me they followed me from

where i was eating but it wasn’t at like

uh the screening of your movie or no no

no no i was having dinner actually with

the director and my friend jamison

newlander who played the other frog

brother and we were actually discussing

and i was showing them what i call my

bible of evidence and i was showing them

everything telling them everything that

happened up to that point and why i felt

it was necessary to make this

documentary asking brian if he was

interested in you know being a part of

it and honestly he’s sitting there

looking at me like is this guy lost his

mind like maybe he’s gone crazy this is

like over he didn’t believe any of it

and until he saw what happened to me

yeah because i left there that night and

i got followed and all this [ __ ] went

down and i ended up in the hospital the

next day so the the attack happened

while you were making the documentary

then we made the documentary before

right so then the documentary came out

you released it right since it’s been

released were there other threats or

something that makes you want to

like retract that and not leave it out

yeah i mean first of all it’s a constant

non-stop barrage on twitter on social

media um they’re constantly gaslighting

me they’re trying to accuse me of things

that i never did um you know basically

what happened was they sent some spies

into my life which are the girls that

were part of my angel tour a couple of

the musicians were not actual musicians

they were spies that were put into my

life to cause mayhem and destruction

they’re called the honeypot crazy yeah

basically same kind of deal

so so these girls were put in there to

basically cause mayhem and disarray

and then when i fired them because of

the mayhem and disarray they turned

around and made false allegations about

me which were investigated by lapd and i

was cleared of those false allegations

yet they keep throwing them out there

and they keep adding names to the list

like oh there’s like 10 girls who’ve

come forward there’s no 10 girls but

they pretend that there’s these fake

names so it’s three girls that were sent

into my um tour bus basically and we

know who sent them there and they were

put there on purpose to make me look bad

and then make false allegations but then

they start adding names of like other

people that either we know some of the

names we don’t even know who they are

we’ve never even met these people and

they just make these names and they and

they and they basically put a list out

there and they put it under false

allegations and it’s tied to uh for a

while was actually tied to this girl

named mindy who is uh running to be a

politician who claimed that she knew all

this stuff about me like i’d never even

spent more than maybe like two nights

with her and nothing happened and like

basically she was there as a

date we went on a date but she was gonna

maybe be part of my angel thing and then

i just decided against it she just

didn’t you know have the right vibe and

i wasn’t into it and that never went

forward so she was like okay when were

these guys sent into your tour bus well

basically the tour bus itself i mean

this is i don’t even know how much of

this i should say

i mean whatever that

it was a very nice one we hit a lot of

success right away we did the today show

it was very successful with the angels

and the angel band and all that but

unfortunately the girls that we used

they were good for like the one song

which was a fairly easy song but they

weren’t capable of like learning 30

songs they just didn’t have that kind of

skill so we needed more skilled girls

because they were spies no no no no no

just strictly professionally we needed

better skilled girls right we needed

girls that really knew what they were

doing because i have a very wide array

of music and you know we do everything

from like edm to rock to hip-hop i mean

it’s kind of all over the map so you

really have to be very versatile as a

musician to be able to pull it all off

so because of that we felt like we

needed some you know kind of better

talent to be the touring talent

um and so what we did is we threw an

open audition

so open casting call and we did it over

facebook so i start getting hit up by

like girls from all over the country you

know oh yeah check out my reel check out

this check out that

so we brought in you know a girl this

girl like she said she was like a hippie

she was like a a gypsy rather not a

hippie but a gypsy traveling from like

town to town and she would just happen

to be in town and let me come by with my


so she came over she auditioned we hired

her she had no place to stay so we let

her stay at our house

and then after she was there for a

little while she starts like saying that

you know she’s a stripper which we

didn’t know

and she wanted to like still make money

because we weren’t letting her

strip because obviously we didn’t want

that kind of a look around our branding

and she’s like no no just let me do like

cam stuff from inside the house and i’m

like hell no what are you crazy i’m not

going to let that kind of thing be going

on in my house like are you nuts

so she didn’t like the fact that i told

her no and i thought that was the reason

why she was doing all this terrible

stuff i had no idea that it was for a

darker reason which was that she was

sent there on purpose so we found that


based on the fact that she was making

phone calls and text messages to that


throughout the tour we found out that

the tour bus driver was his personal

tour bus driver we found out that we

were on his actual tour bus which we

paid for but yeah we got a really good

deal let’s just say that much the way we

ended up on that bus is because they

made the best offer out of all the

different buses we were looking at what

i’m trying to get a sense of is with all

the craziness surrounding the movie and

and the uh

you know the

just the controversy and

and everything

does that just fuel the success of the

of the music

it would if people knew that the music

was coming out here’s the problem right

now is we’re having a very hard time

marketing this new album we’ve got this

beautiful box set and this beautiful new

album and a great new single but the

problem is when mainstream media isn’t

supporting you

and you’re not popping up everywhere

like when we were you know we did the

today show we had the top 40 song on the

billboard charts

and it was everywhere like people

magazine rolling stone billboard

everybody broke the story about corey’s

new albums coming out so we announced we

put out a press release new album’s

coming out nobody’s picking it up it’s

crickets so let’s let’s see the box they

don’t support you how are you going to

get a hit right so it’s all based on you

now stevo you’re the

you’re the lifeline so is this on

spotify this isn’t finished yet so this

is this is just look at the artwork but

yeah wow and actually has the world’s

first ever hologram

uh on a box set so we’ve never had this

kind of technology before in history but

i am the first artist i believe to pop

up in a hologram on top of my own box

and dance across the top of it so you’re

gonna pop up here

you can open but the cds aren’t there

yet because it’s not finished actually

we get them tomorrow so if we’ve done

this interview one day later i could

have given you the cd wallet but you can

see some of the items inside

there’s the 22 magazine which was

specially made just for this

wow wow and that features a lot of the

artists who are part of the box um from

don dawkin

to michael uh damien mickey thomas a lot

of 80s dudes because this box box that

basically covers from 1986 to 1994

plus we have a brand new album so the

brand new album is a sequel the first

album was called love left and the

sequel is called love left to army with

love so the first album came out in 1994

we started recording it actually the

very first song was while i was working

on lost boys living in my dad’s

apartment and in the music video runaway

which is part of the box set and also

available for free on my youtube channel

right now

you can see the two guys that molested


dancing behind me in my dad’s apartment

at 15 years old because those were my

friends those were the guys i was

hanging out how do they find the youtube

channel you can just go to corey feldman

youtube just type in you know corey

feldman channel on youtube

corey feldman that’s it yeah or corey

feldman two i think you have to write in

the two yeah and um

so you started your music

your band in 94. no i started in 86. so

as i was saying the very first video was

during while we were shooting lost boys

look we got these cool sunglasses

how many of the positions are the same

from the original well the great thing

about this is like we got in touch with

everybody so everybody so okay the very

first song i wrote was called runaway

ironically and it was about a

15-year-old kid who’s getting abused at

home and is looking for some kind of

salvation so he goes and he runs away

and he gets on the streets and he gets

caught up in a sex trafficking ring

where they start feeding him crack now

this was all premonition because i had

not done drugs yet

wow i was an innocent kid i’m working on

lost boys

living in my dad’s apartment and all of

a sudden boom

uh it all happened so literally i tried

to run away which was me getting

emancipated and then i got you know the

crack in my face and all that stuff so

it all kind of played out exactly the

way that i first saw it including having

the two pedophiles in the music video

with me dancing around in the living

room so it’s really bizarre but you know

i felt like instead of running from it i

got to put it out there because that was

how it all started so this is a vinyl ep

and it’s like a eight song teaser uh so

that came out about three four months

ago which that sold really well because

we did it as a fundraising thing where

like basically people had to buy them to

press them so we like sold all of them

in advance it was like a pre-sale

pre-order yeah yeah i love the artwork

it’s a picture disc so it’s actually

really badass the the disc itself is

beautiful and how um do people get

themselves this if they are interested

in any of the above they can go to my

website and they can

buy whatever they want there there’s

anything autographed on there if they

want it autographed we’ll autograph i

want to get one i’m going to get one of

those autographs i look at you thank you

i appreciate this

he really does like

that means a lot to me he’s clean and

sober nice he bought yes he bought weed

yesterday to support jaleel white

it smelled so good

i smoked it last night it was

great i’ll give it a review yeah it’s

fantastic did you micro dose too no i

just went straight so i had a pure

review mushrooms from jewelry i still

have them yeah i haven’t used them yet

some guy on tour like just gave us these

like a shitload of magic mushrooms

they gave a hymn they’re real

and scott

because you know i was like i don’t this

guy’s like naming off all these

constraints and i’m like isn’t that

beautiful but scott’s like why don’t you

just eat all those right now like you

always expect me to do drugs you’re busy

talking about drugs no time for


dotnet yes is where you

get all things corey feldman including

the love returns ep

and the love left 2.1 box set which

features both my brand new album love

left 2 army with love and the remix

remaster of the original album and 18

never released songs from 1986 to 1994


four hours worth of video footage

including a brand new documentary not

this documentary that we were talking

about but a music documentary which is

kind of like more like

music which shows how it all started

with my music career when i started

recording when i started performing when

like how it all got to this point yeah

and then also the making of the actual

box set and the new album so it’s pretty


so that’s a very comprehensive box set

which covers your entire music career

not entire only 86 to 94.

so that’s the whole idea is the starting

the beginning of the matter so it’s like

an 80s

rolling stones the first one exactly

exactly and then the brand new album so

that brings it up to speed but

everything in between all five albums

that happen in between are not

represented okay yeah and are you

touring uh we plan to we hope to but i

need to get a new book you need to get a

new tour bus a new tour but

um i i sure could i i went the rv route

not like the traditional tour bus okay

okay i got i did that too we did that on

one of our tours did you consider that a

mistake um that was my first full bus

tour yeah so that was it for no wait

that was my second full bus tour i’m

lying i did one on the last truth

movement tour uh for the last truth

movement album we had a big bus that was

beautiful and that was very nice and

very convenient but that said i did a

really nice rv tour as i think the

second angelic tourist like the mini

tour um and we got like this like 35

foot winnie type thing

but it was like it had like the

extenders that come out

yeah and it was pretty dope too because

the way that it was outfitted like the

extender would pop out and like when you

obviously you had to do that when you

were only parked like you couldn’t do

that while you were driving but the

thing is that like when it popped when

it went back in it shut off a wall and

inside those walls there were sleepers

so like it was great if you had it open

because you had a little area to chill

but as soon as it closed you were

basically locked in and you couldn’t get

out of your sleeper until like we opened

it back up again which means if there

was like a bad accident that’s like

super dangerous please tell me that’s

not the next one talk about a fire

hazard yeah

i did way better by it bro

i hooked you up bro i i’ll like come

into steve’s like room in the rv and

he’s looking at like a rv video that has

like 40 views he’s like dude look at

this thing and he’s like showing

everybody yeah it’s he’s obsessed was it

cool though it’s very [ __ ] cool

it’s cool

trains you know

no but you know look if you know if you

got like a shower you’re doing really

good i mean i don’t know if you got like

you know a little kitchenette the one i

got has a dishwasher a washer dryer

that’s what i’m talking about

up to nine people

that’s what i’m saying you’ll go check

out the rv’s and he knows more about it

than the people and the best part is you

don’t have to pay the damn driver i mean

especially if they’re crooked and

they’re there to just cause problems

we’re hiring a driver anyway so you are

yeah we won’t be paying a driver no i

wouldn’t i would see when we were doing

our mini tour i was driving part of the


and that’s actually how i got pulled

over and the whole louisiana thing


see if it had been a bus driver

then they wouldn’t have even been able

to put my name in the paper but because

i was the one that got pulled over

and then we had to take it down to the

police station because i was supposedly

driving on a suspended license which i

wasn’t aware of because we just rented

the damn thing and used my own insurance

and my own driver’s license like a week

and a half before but somehow like i

guess i forgot to pay something and it

popped up right during that little

period of time so all of a sudden now i

was like whoops bad timing i guess my

license is suspended and this is how i

found out so we get down to the police

station they couldn’t charge me with

anything because i didn’t do anything

wrong other than driving with a

suspended license which quite honestly

should have just been a warning because

it was within 30 days and within 30 days

it’s supposed to technically be a

warning louisiana that will nullify the

insurance said now you’re driving

without insurance and i think there’s

registration issues as well so like but

they didn’t they didn’t say all that

yeah and like i said i was never

arrested so they basically looked at it

and they went yeah he’s right this is

probably more than we should do so

instead let’s just go sell this story to

the press and tell everybody he got

arrested for drugs

press is good or it can be that was not

good price and wikipedia can suck my

you know what good

um so so we’re hoping to get back on

tour soon yes that would be great

but there are no dates as as yet not yet

and the box set is uh available for

pre-order it’s available for pre-order

right now and you can

come i would love if you guys can make

it out to my record release party

because the album actually comes out and

the box that comes out on january 12th

22. we’re on tour we’ll be on the road

yeah we’re on twitter but dude i would

love that yeah i would absolutely love

that what are you doing what are you

doing it’s comedy tour yeah that’s cool

we leave that for kalamazoo yeah leave

that day for kalamazoo really is there a

way you can push it back

we got kalamazoo we got on the 13th so

we got to fly out the day before and is

that the place where they all use um

those little things that go dinking

yeah yeah

but uh but dude i i would absolutely

love to support you and i particularly

you know i have a soft spot in my heart


for anybody who’s known for one thing

who has ventured out into another thing

and and been successful

here’s the thing you know we can’t

control the world we can’t control what

happens so all we can do is try our best

to like reinvent ourselves and try and

keep up with the joneses right sure and

especially when they try to put you in

that box you know they love to put you

in that box and say this is who this is

and this is how they’re gonna always be

and that’s the way it is and it’s like

no man i’m a human being and i evolve

you evolve we all evolve right we have

to have the ability and the freedom to

evolve from what i understand too your

music has like a really dedicated like

hardcore fan base absolutely yeah yeah

my fans love this stuff and and you know

what i mean i’m very grateful and very

like i love my fans i love them to death

they are everything to me but i do it

because i love it you know at the end of

the day it’s a passion

and i have really good taste in music

i’m friends with some of the greatest

rock stars and entertainers in history

which means basically i try to soak up

everything i can through those

relationships i go into the studio with

them i learn from them and i try to you

know bring that into my work so i take

my work very seriously when it comes to

music as you said but i don’t take

myself too seriously because why that’s

the way

you mentioned you they were on instagram

live so so yeah so what’s your instagram

uh it’s

22. c dog 22. i’m going to double g man

c d o double g you know what c

22 that’s right snoop dogg who’s on the

go for it single you know my last single


so is there anything else that we can

play we got your social media we got

here yeah twitter which has been

hijacked by thieves so you know it looks

very hackable it seems like it has been

in the past now

oh yeah now that we got jack dorsey out

everything’s gonna change right

right we’ll see no it’s not about

hackable it’s about there’s stuff like i

said this stuff is bigger than we all

like to think and there are there are

powers that be that are in control of

our lives beyond what we would like to


and and it is very abundantly clear when

you are on a platform like twitter

because they do things like they allow

people who are blocked from me to jump

into my thread into my timeline and post

something there like a link to some bs

article that’s not true or you know full

of lies so how do they do that how are

they allowed to do that and then when i

report them instead of them getting

taken down i get a letter back that says

we do not see how they have broken any

of our twitter safety violations and

you’re like really

what kind of twitter safety violations

do you have to do to actually get taken

down so we won’t promote your twitter

yeah no it’s great okay forget about the

twitter we like instagram it’s seeddog22

that’s right all things kroy and feldman

live at

you got it and you can still buy my

burnt ears you know i’ve got these like

burnt ears from the movie stand by me we

made like a replica and it’s available

at so you can get that too so

there’s an nft of burnt ears yeah yeah

yeah we did an nft of mine

here from stand by me we did like a

whole hybrid auction thing and then well

lo and behold that got hacked and uh

unfortunately they froze the bid button

for 12 hours making it impossible for

the number to go up and we got stuck

with a thirty seven hundred dollar sale

i’ve one at one east one uh that would

be about one eight yeah yeah yeah i did

i didn’t an nfc and i only got one


yeah but was yours because of uh

corruption and scandal or was it because

it really i was like i wish i could say

it went on for one eighth and then that

guy someone bought it and then someone

else up bid like 1.101

or you know like it was like that yeah

no no ours was like really hot and heavy

like everybody was bidding for the first

12 hours and then all of a sudden it

just stuck and it wasn’t changing and

i’m like that doesn’t seem right so i

like hit the people up who are running

it and they’re like oh yeah it’s a blunt

blunt brute force attack uh where i

guess they had made eight thousand

attempts to get into the server so that

they could shut it down entirely but

they weren’t able to do that they were

only able to freeze the bid button

preventing people from bidding it’s


that’s the plan and more nfts are

available are you on openc

i i don’t know about open c but is that

is that your gallery well that’s where

yeah that’s where we were running it

through but right now we only have two

nfts we’ve only made two so far under my

deal with cosmic wire we’re supposed to

be making a lot more we’ll see what

happens fingers crossed everything looks

like the way to find out about that is

to follow you on instagram which is

cdawg22 absolutely or

because you can always find out

everything corey at corey feldman i love

it man yeah dude thank you brother oh

yeah thank you i appreciate your support

that was amazing dude yeah

thanks guys

did i say we had bombshells or what i

mean dude

like there’s a lot there’s a lot of

hacking going on

there was uh a lot of conspiracies going


and um

it was entertaining so thank you guys

for sticking around to the very end you

know i love the street team

[ __ ] man it’s december 30th

and uh

so i hope everybody has a safe and happy

new year yeah dude


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Svali Speaks

This is a very rare interview with Svali, the first I am aware of since she recovered deeper memories of Jesuit programming, rather than just regional Illuminati programming.

It includes some insightful history of mind programming as well as Svalis experiences in the cult and her thoughts. Svali can speak with authority about the goings on in mind controlled programming.

Mind control programming is huge but still very few talk about it or take it into account when talking geopolitics. It is a huge secret army.

Imagination Contacts [3]

2022 Feb 14 Bitchute S2E17 | “Svali Speaks: Ex-Programmer and Cult Survivor on Secret Societies and Mind Control” [2]

You Tube S2E17 | “Svali Speaks: Ex-Programmer and Cult Survivor on Secret Societies and Mind Control” [1]

Emma’s Shownotes, Imagination Contacts [3]

This week, I am so honored to introduce you to someone I have personally learned so much from and who I believe has one of the most important voices on the planet: Svali, aka “Svali Speaks”! Some of you may know from her Svali Speaks / Svali Speaks Again Blog, or her Svali Speaks book collection she’s authored including the books “I’m Possible”, and “Breaking Free from Cult Programming”. Svali broke free from her cult group several years ago – she used to be a programmer in the cult, and now as a survivor, she wants to share the knowledge that she has learned from personal experience to help others. It IS possible to break free of cult abuse if a person is involved. It is a long, heart-breaking process, but well worth it. In all the content she has publicly provided and made easily accessible to all, she hopes to help the survivor of cult abuse find tools to help in their journey towards freedom.

Svali’s work has accelerated my own personal learning journey and some of my own takeaways have been having a better understanding of elite hierarchies and secret societies, how programming works, how it’s done, how it’s broken, and how to meet evil with compassion and love in tandem with the deep anger and sadness that has come up for me often in hearing these stories and learning these hard truths. Understanding the bigger picture of these elite societies, the ins and outs of mind control, as well as the details that make up the big picture are so helpful for anyone on a quest to learn the hard truths of the world. She’s a walking miracle and I believe as more and more people awaken; her literature will become more and more increasingly important in helping survivors, therapists, and those with the courage to learn the great secrets of the world.

Svali has been speaking out since 2006 and doesn’t do many interviews or public apperances, so it’s truly an honor to have her on and I ask everyone listening to give Svali your full attention while listening and taking in the information she is generously offering everyone. I hope you all learn and gain as much insight and knowledge as I did from this episode and from Svali.

Purchase her books on Amazon:
“Breaking Free of Cult Programming” –
“It’s Not Impossible” –

Svali’s First Blog – “Svali Speaks”:’s 
Current Blog – Svali Speaks Again:
Deprogram Wiki Feature on Svali:

Imagination Contacts [3]

[111] This post cathyfoxblog Svali Interview


[1] 2022 Feb 14 You Tube S2E17 | “Svali Speaks: Ex-Programmer and Cult Survivor on Secret Societies and Mind Control”

[2] 2022 Feb 14 Bitchute S2E17 | “Svali Speaks: Ex-Programmer and Cult Survivor on Secret Societies and Mind Control”

[3] Imagination Contacts

Transcript </