Mother Pimped Out Her Own Children

Family abuse probably represents about 80% of the abuse that happens according to some estimates. Family abuse brings with it its own set of problems, instead of a loving parent there is a monster.

It is encouraging that more and more victims and survivors are getting the courage and confidence to tell their stories of abuse, and shining the spotlight on the dark world of the perpetrators and the system that allowed the abuse to continue, whether that be Police, Justice System, Media, Crown Prosecution Service, child protection or any other body or people.

If you want to tell your story, you can – write it, record it or film it. Never has there been a better time to do so. I will be glad to publish them. We do however need to bypass the traditional corporate media that has worked with abusers to hide child abuse, and so we more bloggers, more video makers, more radio stations. Please consider doing this.

Here is a very moving story of one girl, who was pimped out by her own mother, let doen by the system that should have helped her and has risen to overcome it.

My Story

My earliest memories of this are from 5yrs old, I was the youngest of my siblings. I had a wonderful dad but not the EVIL woman that gave birth to me, she had no right to the title mother. She sold me, my sister and brother to paedophiles, in the 70’s my dad didn’t know.

She was a wrong one, she moved house without telling my dad, luckily he bumped in to my brother on his way home from work, otherwise, he wouldn’t have known.

I attended church and Sunday School with my siblings, my EVIL mother was very very friendly with the Vicar, I was always uncomfortable there and didn’t like going. A few years later that vicar was arrested and sentenced for sexual interference with the choir boys, my brother was a choir boy

A so called friend of my EVIL mother who had a printer’s shop, we used to call him grandad, but he wasn’t, his name Herman Spielman. I remember going to his printers, there were lots of printing machinery and cameras, which I played with, I was shown how they put the letters into the printing blocks.

This same man and my EVIL mother took me, my sister & brother to Amsterdam, Holland, we traveled by boat, I didn’t like the boat journey, my brother and sister told me sharks were circling the boat and going to eat me. I remember being very anxious and fearful even though I was going on holiday or so I thought.

Whilst I was in my cabin I could hear my EVIL mother and this man talking, then making out. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t know what was going on, I was scared, I just wanted to go home to my dad.

We got to Amsterdam, the buildings were very tall and the sweets came in little jars, I think there was some kind of parade going on, as I remember looking down from the building we were staying in, and seeing army tanks in the road on the streets below, this made me even more fearful, they had to block off the roof edge, as it was a flat roof, and they were concerned I would go near the edge with the ball I was given to play with. The building also has a spiral staircase; which I loved, I played on it until I was told off.

I was taken to a room very bright room with a bed, there were many cameras on stands, lots of lights and lots of people in white coats, I thought they were doctors. I remember being undressed in the room the EVIL woman was there with me, she took me in to the room, my brother and sister was on the bed naked, the people told me to get on the bed and just play around and do inappropriate things with my brother and sister whilst they take pictures and filmed, I looked at the EVIL woman I was horrified, she told me to do as they ask, I freaked out and caused a scene, my mother slapped me across the face and dragged me out of the room. I don’t remember the journey home. I just remember I was in the bad books.

Another man unsure who visited our house to pierce mine and my sister’s ears, I didn’t like this man, he scared me, he was full of tattoos, wearing biker gear, with a scraggly black beard & hair. This man returned to my home a different day, with the blessings of my mother he took me to the shops for sweets, I was put in the sidecar on his motorbike, didn’t know they sold sweets at public toilets before we went in to the toilets, he asked me to call him daddy and tell him I needed a wee when we get in there.

I was scared, It was scary and very smelly inside with cubicles, there were other men in there, just stood waiting with an empty cubical, I was puzzled, motorbike man went in to a cubical and closed the door, I just stood their next to the other men, frozen and terrified, wanting him to hurry up so I could go home. He shouted to me about needing the toilet, I said back “you’re not my dad, I don’t need the toilet” he came out of the cubical grabbed hold of me and took me back in to the cubical with him, there were body parts sticking out of the hole in the dividing wall, he was joining in. I freaked out screaming, I caused so much of a scene he took me back home, handing me back over to the EVIL women who birthed me, shaking his head (not happy) I was relieved to be back home but scared at the same time was I going to be in trouble, she was not happy about it.

Another man visited our home with the man we called grandad, he was very posh, well dressed and had the biggest box of chocolates, a child had ever seen. After my EVIL mother and the two men had a conversation, in a different room, I was told to go upstairs by the EVIL woman with the posh man and his friend, to my parents bedroom, and do as I was told, I was nervous and unsure but was reassured by my so called mother, she didn’t deserve that title.

I remember being in the room with my sister we were both dressed, he exposed himself, he asked me to do things to him, I couldn’t – I refused, I was terrified, I told him in around these words “it was naughty” he sent me downstairs, he told the EVIL woman that I wouldn’t comply, again she was not happy with me.

When my dad came home from work I remember they had an enormous argument over where the chocolates came from. I don’t remember eating those chocolates. She was a hairdresser, said a customer brought them in as a gift for us. My dad was blinded by love.

The police came to my school, to take me away for questioning I was dragged out of school, or so it felt that way, by the detectives in long coats I was hysterical, I was put in to a car, on the back seat (driver side), My sister and brother were in another car in front, the woman detective was trying to calm me down, they suggested to get me some sweets, I freaked out again. I got to the police station, I was put in a room with other adults, the door with a window was on the wall behind me but to my left, in the corner, I could see Spielman asking me not to say anything, waving his finger back and forth across his mouth.

I was coerced into giving my evidence by the woman detective, it was a traumatic experience which I still remember to this day. They made me say words I did not want to, she finally broke me down, got me to say those naughty words, which she then repeated out loud in front of everyone, I cringed for every word repeated and was mortified it felt so wrong, I was so uncomfortable.

I was taken to a Manor Heath care home, the older children would set off the fire alarms which made me hysterical, they saw how scared it made me, so they would do it, even more, it was fun to them. Older children in the care home tried to abuse me sexually, at every opportunity they could, even in the classroom

I was given old keys to play with, I tried every door with every key – some still worked. So when I had a visit from the EVIL women with my dad, before she was locked up, the room they put us one of the keys fitted, I locked us in, but mainly her, the door cold not be opened from the other side, the staff could not coax me to open the door. I wanted her locked up.

Social services spilt me up from my brother and sister after saying they wouldn’t, they moved just me to another care home, as I was too young for this care facility.

The next care home was Greenbank for young disabled children with Down’s syndrome, it was 2 doors away from the other care home. The other children beat me daily, they said I didn’t belong there. I was upset as I was able to see my brother and sister over the garden wall, they used to shout that they would come and rescue me, I remember the party they had for me when I was leaving, cupcakes with cartoon characters images on iced circles (I helped bake them).

I went to court to give evidence or so I thought, I remember being in a wooden room with a large wooden table, I was given paper and pencils to draw with until I was needed. A lady was in charge of looking after me in that room. I remember a conversation about me not being needed, I wasn’t happy about this, I never got my chance to say my piece and put the bad people away, and I told them so. I remember another conversation about me going to see the judge and how he would be de-robed to avoid scaring me – I wasn’t scared, I thought the judge was a good guy, he was going to make me feel safe again, that what his job was, to put naughty people away, even my EVIL mother, I wanted her locked up forever.

I remember being in the judge’s chambers. Justice Forbes told me personally I could not go on the stand because of my age, I was too young and the jury would see it as a story, a made up story! and did I understand that? I nodded my head and said yes, I was so disheartened and upset, I just wanted to go home with my dad.

EVIL MOTHER – 4 years in prison – served only 2.5

I got 5 years in CHILD PRISON – I got a longer sentence

RICHARD BIGHAM – 12mths suspended sentence

(court case behind closed doors, no jury)

HERMAN SPIELMAN – 6 years in prison

Social Sevices forced me to visit my EVIL mother in prison, I didn’t want to go, they made me!!!! they said I would only have to go once if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to go back, I went just to shut them up! The prison scared me, I hated it. I hated her, I never went back. I moved to foster parents, I had a few uncomfortable moments there, one was having to strip naked for a bath in the kitchen sink, whilst they had family visiting, people passing through the kitchen laughing at me, that still haunts me. I stayed with them for years until I moved back home with my dad at 10, I hated living there, the woman terrified me, the man was ok though. I had a Police Protection Order put on me until I was 16 when I left the foster care to return home.

I was so happy I was going home, but not for too long, The EVIL mother was back on the scene, my dad thought she was innocent, he couldn’t believe that a mother could harm her own children.

The EVIL woman was not staying at the house but coming and going. The neighbours got a bit heated when they realised she was back, I felt scared, I already have a memory of people banging on the front and back door, the dog going nuts when the panel of the front door started to crack, people were trying to break in to get my mum; we had police protection at the house. I’m not sure if this was before or aftercare. I just remember being hysterical I thought the neighbours were coming for me too.

I had a Police Protection Order on me until I was 16 I couldn’t understand WHY?? she was around me – I was 10 years old!

The day I was discharged by Social Services, my Evil Mother, my dad and the social worker were in the kitchen talking, I was called in for a chat, as this was the last day I would be seeing the social worker as I was being discharged “was I ok with that” the social worker asked me; sure I was didn’t want to see the social worker ever again, it made me happy knowing I wouldn’t, I got sent back to the living room, where my dog was very stressed, he bit me on my head and my hand, I was taken to hospital, by my parents and the social worker, the hospital called the police, I was told, because it was a dog bite. After I had a Tetanus, I went back home with my parents, I think the social worker left us at the hospital I remember her saying bye there.

My first day of secondary school, the EVIL woman was talking to the headmaster, informing him I would not be attending this school as we were moving. I would be going elsewhere, I didn’t have a school to go to, the school services found me a place, not my parents. Secondary school (it was a girl’s school) was no fun, I was a problem I asked too many questions, the teachers could not answer, I spent most of my lesson outside the class, I had teachers that were creepy.

The PE teacher used to make us leave our towel on a chair outside the showers, we had to walk past her to get in and out of the showers, I couldn’t do this, it made me feel sick. Which got me in trouble, and sent to the head.

I was allowed to stay off school by my EVIL mother (my dad didn’t know) as long as I cleaned up the house for her. School services got involved, I went to court when I was 14/15, or my mother was taken to court, for me failing to attend school. I was ill, quite a lot with throat infections and viruses, I was at the doctor’s all the time.

The Evil woman signed me up to modeling when I was 11/12, at an agency where the owner, later on, got jailed for being a paedophile and the agency had to shut, it was all over the papers.

She promised me a 13th party in the house for me and my friends, as I never had a birthday party organised by her before. On the day, everyone turned up barring my mother (with the party goods and food), she had arranged nothing and we couldn’t get hold of her on the telephone – everyone went home, I had no party.

I’m sure that Evil old man Spielman was back on the scene, but with a different name, when I was about 12/13 he used to try and touch me when he walked past me, I would just avoid him and stay in my room.

Another time my mum said we were going for a meal to his flat, for T-bone steak, which they knew was my favourite, but we arrived and there was nothing cooking, so we went to the Chinese for a takeaway, me and him in his car. I felt in control and safe, he gave me money to pay for the food I went to get it, while he waited in the car. I got back in the car with the food, and went to give him the change, he said I could keep it, that there was more of that and “I could have anything I wanted” I would just have to sit on his knee every now and then, to give him a little thrill. He would pay me for it, as he does with my sister, I freaked out again, but I was in his car, I couldn’t get away, we pulled up at the flats I got out and ran to the lifts, to try and catch it before him, I was too late, he was in the lift with me. My mum acted innocent when she opened the door and wondered why I was hysterical and wanted to leave, I grabbed my jacket and left without my mum, I couldn’t get in the lift and out of that building fast enough, my EVIL mother followed after a few mins,wasn’t quick enough for me, it felt like forever, she acted as if she didn’t know what was going on, she did, it felt like a set up.

One occasion, at my home after this event, he came upstairs with my mum, (I was lying on my stomach on my parents bed, to keep out of the way), I was around 14/15, I knew he was in the room even though he never spoke, I lifted my legs out of the way just in time to avoid his grasp. I told them to leave me alone.

The EVIL woman was a self declared witch, we had all kinds of strange shit on the walls, crystal balls, and witches brooms as ornaments. She took me to a wizard, I didn’t know he was a wizard until we entered his strange smelling home, he was wearing a cloak with pointy black beard and black wispy tufts by his ears, (which was dyed he should have had grey hair he was old, he looked like an older version of the motorbike man), everything was eerie, me and my sister felt very strange and left after a few mins, I said I would wait in the car, didn’t feel well. My Evil Mother returned to the car after a few mins and we left for home.

She took me to Milton Keynes, I thought I was going to learn about reflexology. People also called themselves white witches, and were very open sexually, having their special fetes, which I avoided like the plague. When I returned one evening, I walked in to the lounge, my EVIL mother was lying on some cushions on the floor with another man, I had a big argument with her, told everyone what she was like, they didn’t care, just carried on as normal, I wanted her dead at this point. I was so naive all the awkward situation she put me in, to corrupt me in to her EVIL ways, she tried her best, but it didn’t work.

I had enough of all this madness, I had no escape from the EVIL, it seemed to be everywhere I went. Who wasn’t a perv, did I have “abuse me” on my head, or is it that there are just so many perverted people?

I took a load of paracetamol one evening, but was saved by my sister who guessed what I had done, I refused to go to hospital I was ashamed and thought I would be in trouble. I think this led to the kidney infection I had at 17, I was in hospitalised.

I was left with no other option, time was running out for my so called Police Protection Order, I was 15, I put myself back in care via the police station, they took me to care home in Moss side, I was there for a week or so, I didn’t like going outside the care home, there were pimps and drug dealers hanging around outside, the staff wouldn’t do anything about it, they said they were powerless and couldn’t move them. My EVIL mother found out where I was. Care workers had a conversation with my mother before I entered the room, then we had a discussion together, the conclusion was I was to return to my EVIL mother. She was going to take me shopping and we were going to go on holiday, that we should try and work it out while we were away. I couldn’t believe what they were saying, they were sending me back home, where was the protection. I hated her I didn’t want to back home, but I had no other choice.

Even though the care workers said my mother only cared for herself, she brings it all back round to her; but they felt helpless. I left the care home the following day, devastated yet again.

My caseworker made a statement to me before I left “as an abused child, you will either become a paedophile or you will be against it” I was then returned to my mother.

I went on holiday, just me and her, it was HELL in HELL we had lots of little arguments, because of me: I couldn’t cope being there with her, she was always trying to pimp me out to men, getting them to ask me for a date – I was 15! There was a group of shady looking men, who my mum got talking with, one of these older men (20- 30) took a shine to me – again I felt in a position of fear and being vulnerable, I made an excuse and avoided them until they were going home, (I still had a few days left there). She made me go to their coach with her, she wanted to say goodbye, I just wanted to be sick! But thank F**K they were going. We later had a big massive row in front of people, they heard way too much! I did turn 16 on holiday and had some fun (with others around my age) on that day I kept away from her. When I returned home I relieved to be back, I felt safer.

Things always seem to get out of hand after we returned – I had enough, I could not cope, at 16 I ended up telling my dad the truth, he couldn’t believe it was true, that the woman that gave birth to me could do that. He kicked her out, she did return a few times drunk to cause trouble, I called the police on one occasion, she was getting violent, she was arrested and locked up for 3 days in the local police station.

I had to get away from my family, I felt that I was surrounded by EVIL people, the only good guy was my dad, but I was his housewife, I did eventually leave, and I moved away to start a new life, I met my future husband two weeks after moving, things were looking good, we got married had children, have children brought made me realise how precious and innocent they are, these were difficult times; how could a mother hurt her children, this stressed me out, made me ill but I re-lived my childhood through them, doing things children should do have fun whilst learning, we used to make so much mess in the house on rainy days – being creative, fun times.

I have always carried the fear of losing my family, instead of enjoying our time growing and learning together. I never had such a good thing, I was so happy, I had everything I could ever want, and I didn’t want to lose it.

I came across a newspaper article about my case when I was 35. I couldn’t believe the position Richard Bigham gained, how everyone gained, barring the victims, over the years I found this was the case for many high ranking officials, they don’t see any wrong it what their doing, it’s normal for them, no empathy – it’s been going on forever, they have been getting away with it forever. I had a breakdown, my health was going downhill fast having struggled with it forever, I’ve been in and out of hospital, at 5 I was, I was taken ill and took to Pendlebury children hospital in an ambulance, due to a bowel condition – Spastic Bowel. I still suffer from this condition to this day.

My health has just got worse over the years, doctors always put everything down to stress and at 41 I was very sick. I was waiting for the illnesses to consume me so I could be at peace, I thought this was it, but the thought of not being here seeing my children grow up made me worry even more. I ended up in hospital and When I came home I begged and pleaded for help; never believed in God, too much EVIL in the world for there to be a God, and I felt if there really was a God, now is the time to prove it to me, I felt this was my last hope, I was so desperate, I didn’t know if my body could hold up, I was so week, but I awoke with a new horizon and a niggling thought in my head “reversed God to Dog, we live a dog’s life”. My husband thought I was crazy, so did I, it didn’t make sense, until I researched, know itall makes perfect sence.

I realised our bodies could heal and that we were trapped in an EVIL satanic system.

With all the news about people coming forward, abusers denying their guilty, government officials blaming Survivors – The stress was overwhelming and has been ever since because I knew differently, god works in strange ways, showed me the evidence to reveal the truth about our system to the people. Morally I felt I needed to do something but I was suffering too much and not strong enough, I was incapable, First I had to heal myself, seven years later and now no medication taken, I do not drink or do drugs, I’m not suicidal, I’m stronger than ever mentally, but the stress of the world, the way it is, what still goes on and that we are all suffering in some way or another.

Everywhere was EVIL again, symbolism in my face everywhere I went and so much hate and madness in the world, I can’t go out, I can’t watch TV. I can’t read the news or anything, I knew of the evils going on in this world, seeing them or reading about them was far too distressing, I couldn’t focus on daily things, I stressed my family out over watching tv, being on games or their mobiles, I thought I was going mad, why couldn’t they see what I saw. The stress had a major effect on my life it became unbearable I couldn’t see a future, I just saw more suffering, I knew this couldn’t go on, I was underweight and dissolving away with worry – The only way I can heal the PTSD is to face head on, confront it, so I called the doctors for help, told him a quick story (reported to my doctor in July) who contacted the mental health department, I have been assessed several times now, and eventually passed on to the right department, and after finally seeing the psychologists, months after reporting it, who by the way, were lovely human beings and very understanding – I poured my heart out told them everything I could think off, they have told me I’m not delusional, I didn’t realise how much I needed to hear this from professionals.They also stated as a child I have been failed every which way I could have been by the system, I have shown them the newspaper clippings I have.

I have contacted everyone I found, who says they out the truth, the only replies I have had; Justice Denied, IICSA and Field McConnell a retired USA vet who outs child abuse in the system, he put on his website a newspaper article I gave him, he didn’t mention any names on his youtube channel, just a lady from England and about Richard Bigham looking like buddy holly, I also joined twitter to put it out there, I had enough no one was really interested, Boris Johnson doesn’t care, I saw a recent video of him talking about historic child abuse, the money spent on police investigation was being wasted ‘all this malarkey’ were his words. I ashamed he’s our prime minister, I ashamed of our Government & establishment, they run things for their benefit not for the people, they created the chaos, another freemason motto ‘order out of chaos’.

I have taken part in The IICSA ‘The Truth Project’. They have been amazing I can’t thank them enough for giving me a platform, feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and respect to cathyfox blog, amazing work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – much love x [Thankyou!]

I have lived with knowing the system doesn’t put bad people away they just protect them. They took me away from my dad who was innocent, locked me up in child prison for 5 years, he had to fight tooth and nail to get me out. I always asked the social workers when I am going home to my dad, “soon” I was always told and I always got upset and cried.

The posh man was Richard Bigham 4th Viscount of Mersey, 13th Lord of Nairne and in 1979 under Margeret Thatchers Government he was appointed to the House of Lords: Head of Film, Media and Photography, a paedophiles dream job? He admitted he liked child porn, he was also a filmmaker. Why give a paedophile this position? We all know the answer.

A few years later Justice Forbes was knighted on appointment to the Queen’s bench division, later on to the Inner temple where they create our STATUE LAWS. Freemasons run our system you only get to high positions if you’re a freemason, My consultant at the hospital is a mason, I don’t trust masons, they look after each other, no matter what they do. I don’t even want to live in a brick house anymore as they put blood in cement, theirs even a patent on it.

The system is set up to protect the paedophiles, it’s a normal way of life for them they don’t see any wrong in it, children are used for business and pleasure; commodities – that all children are to the EVIL ones, all the evidence gets buried/destroyed or survivors forced to change their story, I can’t sleep at night knowing what they get away with it’s heartbreaking.

How many paedophiles have been in government positions, how many accused paedophiles were in high up positions, in care of our country, education, health and well being of the people. They are supposed to care about us but I don’t see any benefit for the people only for the establishment, The world is crazy, in chaos but they live the high life, making us live a fearful one. One world for them another for us, and the guilty ones, they know who they are (Karma’s waiting) claiming for compensation, despicable – abusing the public yet again.

Survivors are attacked, made to look insane, get ill with stress, suicidal, drug addicts or turned in to a criminal and locked up in prison.

My case went to court My EVIL mother pleaded not guilt – she was so guilty – her alibi LIED – she was in the house at the time, she was given money and we were told not to tell my dad.

They were only charged for 1 daughter, not for me or my brother, who was made to change his statement by my EVIL mother. There were 3 victims, 3 statements but only one victim and one statement went to court. This is our justice system. [Appeal

Richard Maurice Clive Bigham 4th Viscount of Mersey 13th Lord of Nairne his court case was behind closed doors with no jury in 1978. He wasn’t dishonoured as the newspaper article said, he was a paedophile, he liked little girls, he gave many speeches in the house of commons that affected our way of life – House of Lords from 1979. His family’s history was judges and politicians, Richard Bigham’s great grandad Sir John Charles Bigham,1st Viscount of Mersey, was the presiding judge on the 1912 British inquiry in to the sinking of the Titanic.

I have never been allowed to take this further with a solicitor, just get shut down, but as the system is run by freemasons – I know no why – I couldn’t sue the EVIL mother – was told no, maybe because Bigham was still alive, I tried again a few years ago I was told no again, theirs nothing I could do – this was from a solicitor who dealt with Jimmy Savile, I thought he knew best, or he didn’t want me to cause a scene with the system. I WAS a Victim but NOT any more – I am a Survivor.

In my experience I have had TOTAL SYSTEM FAILURE:

Judicial Services – FAILURE

Social Services – FAILURE

Police Services – FAILURE

Police Protection Services – FAILURE

Education Services – FAILURE

Health – NHS – FAILURE

Apart from my family I seem to be surrounded by EVIL again, everything is against my wishes, my rights as a Child, as a Wife and as a Mother have been taken away from me, the world is going more insane every day and it’s the government or their cronies pushing all the EVIL – I need to escape yet again! I grow plants to eat, I like fixing things, I like making things but most of all I like helping people. I hate mobile phones and what they have done to society, no one talks to each other anymore, my children’s friends could be over, sitting next to each other but having a conversation through their phones – madness!

 Everything happens for a reason, it has made me what I am today, I don’t regret anything, I have learned so much – if I can make changes for the better for the benefit of my families health, they may not like it, but they look healthier and they enjoy life a lot more!

They have come to realise the methods behind my madness is all for the goodness of Humanity! I can’t work for the system anymore, but any chance I get to help people I do with love from my heart and not for money (it’s not worth the paper it’s written one), I hate money.

 My world is totally different from my family’s, I can’t carry on in a materialistic world, I’m happiest with animals and nature, doing things for myself – I am amazed by life and how we are all connected in some way. I am now at a point where I need to live in a log cabin in the middle of nature surrounded by animals, only then will I be at peace away from this EVIL, out of their EVIL SYSTEM, but my family still lives the chaotic world so I’m trapped, we all participate in their EVIL ways without realising it.

I didn’t want to come forward but morally I do, to highlight that the government put paedophiles positions of power that help their cause and that mothers can and be that EVIL. The only way for it to stop is for people to really know what the government do, my case just proves it.

Even though I have been tested I’m not mad – my husband is still not convinced ;)

I survived because there is always someone worse of than me. I was very lucky, others have gone through a lot more.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ; )


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Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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Prince Andrew Interview Transcript about Epstein

BBC Newsnight transcript: from  2019 Nov 11 Daily Express Archive Prince Andrew BBC: Newsnight interview – FULL TRANSCRIPT [1]


 Your Royal Highness, we’ve come to Buckingham Place in highly unusual circumstances. Normally, we’d be discussing your work, your duty and we’ll come onto that but today you’ve chosen to speak out for the first time. Why have you decided to talk now?

Prince Andrew:

 Because there is no good time to talk about Mr Epstein and all things associated and we’ve been talking to Newsnight for about six months about doing something around the work that I was doing and unfortunately we’ve just not been able to fit it into either your schedule or my schedule until now. And actually it’s a very good opportunity and I’m delighted to be able to see you today.


 As you say, all of this goes back to your friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, how did you first become friends? How did you meet?

Prince Andrew:

Well I met through his girlfriend back in 1999 who…and I’d known her since she was at university in the UK and it would be, to some extent, a stretch to say that as it were we were close friends. I mean we were friends because of other people and I had a lot of opportunity to go to the United States but I didn’t have much time with him.

 Prince Andrew:

 I suppose I saw him once or twice a year, perhaps maybe maximum of three times a year and quite often if I was in the United States and doing things and if he wasn’t there, he would say “well, why don’t you come and use my houses?” so I said “that’s very kind, thank you very much indeed”.

 Prince Andrew:

 But it would be a considerable stretch to say that he was a very, very close friend. But he had the most extraordinary ability to bring extraordinary people together and that’s the bit that I remember as going to the dinner parties where you would meet academics, politicians, people from the United Nations, I mean it was a cosmopolitan group of what I would describe as US eminents.


 Was that his appeal then?

 Prince Andrew:



 Was that what you…because you were perceived by the public as being the party prince, was that something you shared?

 Prince Andrew:

 Well, I think that’s also a bit of a stretch. I don‘t know why I’ve collected that title because I don’t…I never have really partied. I was single for quite a long time in the early 80s but then after I got married I was very happy and I’ve never really felt the need to go and party and certainly going to Jeffrey’s was not about partying, absolutely not.


 You said you weren’t very good friends but would you describe him as a good friend, did you trust him?

 Prince Andrew:

 Yes, I think I probably did but again, I mean I don’t go into a friendship looking for the wrong thing, if you understand what I mean. I’m an engaging person, I want to be able to engage, I want to find out, I want to learn and so you have to remember that I was transitioning out of the Navy at the time and in the transition I wanted to find out more about what was going on because in the Navy it’s a pretty isolated business because you’re out at sea the whole time and I was going to become the special representative for international trade and investment.

 Prince Andrew:
So I wanted to know more about what was going on in the international business world and so that was another reason for going there. And the opportunities that I had to go to Wall Street and other places to learn whilst I was there were absolutely vital.

He was your guest as well, in 2000 Epstein was a guest at Windsor Castle and at Sandringham, he was brought right into the heart of the royal family at your invitation.

But certainly at my invitation, not at the royal family’s invitation but remember that it was his girlfriend that was the key element in this. He was the, as it were, plus one, to some extent in that aspect.

Am I right in thinking you threw a birthday party for Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell at Sandringham?


Prince Andrew:


No, it was a shooting weekend.


 A shooting weekend.

 Prince Andrew:

 Just a straightforward, a straightforward shooting weekend.


 But during these times that he was a guest at Windsor Castle, at Sandringham, the shooting weekend…

 Prince Andrew:

 Yeah, yeah.


 We now know that he was and had been procuring young girls for sex trafficking.

 Prince Andrew:

 We now know that, at the time there was no indication to me or anybody else that that was what he was doing and certainly when I saw him either in the United States…oh no when I saw him in the United States or when I was staying in his houses in the United States, there was no indication, absolutely no indication. And if there was, you have to remember that at the time I was Patron of the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign so I was close up with what was going on in those time about getting rid of abuse to children so I knew what the things were to look for but I never saw them.


 So you would have made that connection because you stayed with him, you were a visitor, a guest on many occasions at his homes and nothing struck you as suspicious…

 Prince Andrew:



…during that whole time.

 Prince Andrew:



 Just for the record, you’ve been on his private plane.

Prince Andrew:



 You’ve been to stay on his private island.

 Prince Andrew:



 You’ve stayed at his home in Palm Beach.

 Prince Andrew:



 You visited Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in Belgravia in London.

 Prince Andrew:



 So in 2006 in May an arrest warrant was issued for Epstein for sexual assault of a minor.

 Prince Andrew:



 In July he was invited to Windsor Castle to your daughter, Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday, why would you do that?

 Prince Andrew:

 Because I was asking Ghislaine. But even so, at the time I don’t think I…certainly I wasn’t aware when the invitation was issued what was going on in the United States and I wasn’t aware until the media picked up on it because he never said anything about it.


He never discussed with you the fact that an arrest warrant had been issued?

 Prince Andrew:



So he came to that party knowing police were investigating him.

 Prince Andrew:

 Well I’m not quite sure, was it police? I don’t know, you see, this is the problem, I really don’t know.


 It was the Palm Beach Police at the time.

 Prince Andrew:

 But I mean I’m afraid, you see this is the problem is that an awful lot of this was going on in the United States and I wasn’t a party to it and I knew nothing about it.


 In 2008 he was convicted of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution, he was jailed, this was your friend, how did you feel about it?

 Prince Andrew:

 Well I ceased contact with him after I was aware that he was under investigation and that was later in 2006 and I wasn’t in touch with him again until 2010. So just it was one of those things that somebody’s going through that sort of thing well I’m terribly sorry I can’t be…see you.


 So no contact?

 Prince Andrew:

 No contact.


 When he was serving time there was no call, no letter, nothing there?

 Prince Andrew:

 No, no, no.




He was released in July, within months by December of 2010 you went to stay with him at his New York mansion, why? Why were you staying with a convicted sex offender?


Prince Andrew:


Right, I have always…ever since this has happened and since this has become, as it were, public knowledge that I was there, I’ve questioned myself as to why did I go and

what was I doing and was it the right thing to do? Now, I went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together.


Prince Andrew:


And I had a number of people counsel me in both directions, either to go and see him or not to go and see him and I took the judgement call that because this was serious and I felt that doing it over the telephone was the chicken’s way of doing it. I had to go and see him and

talk to him.


Prince Andrew:


And I went to see him and I was doing a number of other things in New York at the time and we had an opportunity to go for a walk in the park and that was the conversation coincidentally that was photographed which was when I said to him, I said “look, because of what has happened, I don’t think it is appropriate that we should remain in contact” and by mutual agreement during that walk in the park we decided that we would part company and I left, I think it was the next day and to this day I never had any contact with him from that day forward.




What did he say when you told him that you were breaking up the friendship?


Prince Andrew:


He was what I would describe as understanding, he didn’t go into any great depth in the conversation about what I was…what he was doing, except to say that he’d accepted, whatever it was, a plea bargain, he’d served his time and he was carrying on with his life if you see what I mean and I said “yes but I’m afraid to say that that’s as maybe but with all the attendant scrutiny on me then I don’t think it is a wise thing to do”.




Who advised you then that it was a good idea to go and break up the friendship? Did that come from the palace, was Her Majesty, the Queen involved?


Prince Andrew:


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that came from…so there were a number of people who…so some people from my staff, some people from friends and family I was talking to and I took the decision that it was I had to show leadership and I had to go and see him and I had to tell him “that’s it”.


That was December of 2010.

 Prince Andrew:



 He threw a party to celebrate his release and you were invited as the guest of honour.

 Prince Andrew:

 No, I didn’t go. Oh, in 2010, there certainly wasn’t a party to celebrate his release in December because it was a small dinner party, there were only 8 or 10 of us I think at

the dinner. If there was a party then I’d know nothing about that.


You were invited to that dinner as a guest of honour.

 Prince Andrew:

 Well I was there so there was a dinner, I don’t think it was quite as you might put it but yeah, okay I was there for…I was there at a dinner, yeah.


 I’m just trying to work this out because you said you went to break up the relationship and yet you stayed at that New York mansion several days. I’m wondering how long?

 Prince Andrew:

 But I was doing a number of other things while I was there.


 But you were staying at the house…

Prince Andrew:



 …of a convicted sex offender.

 Prince Andrew:

 It was a convenient place to stay. I mean I’ve gone through this in my mind so many times. At the end of the day, with a benefit of all the hindsight that one can have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. But at the time I felt it was the honourable and right thing to do and I admit fully that my judgement was probably coloured by my tendency to be too honourable but that’s just the way it is.


 Because during that time, those few days, witnesses say they saw many young girls coming and going at the time. There is video footage of Epstein accompanied by young girls and you were there staying in his house, catching up with friends.

 Prince Andrew:

 I never…I mean if there were then I wasn’t a party to any of that. I never saw them. I mean you have to understand that his house, I described it more as almost as a railway station if you know what I mean in the sense that there were people coming in and out of that house all the time.

 What they were doing and why they were there I had nothing to do with. So I’m afraid I can’t make any comment on that because I really don’t know.


 Another guest was John Brockman, the literary agent. Now, he described seeing you there getting a foot massage from a young Russian woman, did that happen?

 Prince Andrew:



 You’re absolutely sure or you can’t remember?

Prince Andrew:
Yeah, I’m absolutely sure.
So John Brockman’s statement is false?
Prince Andrew:
I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t…I don’t know Mr Brockman so I don’t know what he’s talking about.
But that definitely wasn’t you getting a foot massage from a Russian girl in Jeffrey Epstein’s house?
Prince Andrew:
It might seem a funny way to break off a friendship, a four day house party of sorts with a dinner. It’s an odd way to break up a friendship.
Prince Andrew:
It’s a difficult way of put…that’s a very stark way of putting it, yes you’re absolutely right. But actually the truth of it is is that I actually only saw him for about, what the dinner party, the walk in the park and probably passing in the passage.
Let’s go to that Central Park walk which was snapped. Friends of yours suggest that Epstein wanted that photo taken, perhaps he’d even set it up, do you worry that you were being played?
Prince Andrew:
Again, new information is coming out since his suicide has made us reappraise that walk in the park. We can’t find any evidence or my staff and my people and I can’t find any evidence to suggest that that was what he was doing. I mean you can look at it in so many different
ways. The fact of the matter is is that somebody very cleverly took that photograph, it wasn’t as far as I remember nor do my security people remember, anybody being present or close because there were enough security around.
Prince Andrew:
I mean there are even photographs of the security people who are around in the photograph. So I mean he could have done but…
Yeah, I guess what I’m asking is do you feel that you were part of Epstein’s public rehabilitation?
Prince Andrew:
Oh no, funnily enough I don’t, no. I mean if he was…if he was doing…if that photograph was taken with that purpose in mind, then it doesn’t…it doesn’t equate to what actually happened.
So why wouldn’t you announce this break up when you got that? Why wouldn’t you publicly explain what you’ve done? Did you worry that he had something that could compromise you?
Prince Andrew:
No, no.
Do you regret that trip?
Prince Andrew:
Do you regret the whole friendship with Epstein?
Prince Andrew:
Now, still not and the reason being is that the people that I met and the opportunities that I was given to learn either by him or because of him were actually very useful. He himself not, as it were, as close as you might think, we weren’t that close. So therefore I mean yes I would go and stay in his house but that was because of his girlfriend, not because of him.
Was that visit, December of 2010 the only time you saw him after he was convicted?
Prince Andrew:
Yes, yeah.
Did you see him or speak to him again?
Prince Andrew:
Never since then?
Prince Andrew:
No, that was…funny enough, 2010 was it, that was it because I went…well first of all I wanted to make sure that if I was going to go and see him, I had to make sure that there was enough time between his release because it wasn’t something that I was going into in a hurry but I had to go and see him, I had to go and see him, I had to talk.
And stay with him, and stay in the house of a convicted sex offender?
Prince Andrew:
I could easily have gone and stayed somewhere else but sheer convenience of being able to get a hold of the man was…I mean he was in and out all over the place. So getting him in one place for a period of time to actually have a long enough conversation to say look, these are the reasons why I’m not going to…and that happened on the walk.
July of this year, Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and abusing dozens of underage girls. One of the Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Roberts…
Prince Andrew:
…has made allegations against you. She says she met you in 2001, she says she dined with you, danced with you at Tramp Nightclub in London. She went on to have sex with you in a house in Belgravia belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell, your friend. Your response?
Prince Andrew:
I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever.
You don’t remember meeting her?
Prince Andrew:
she says she met you in 2001, she dined with you, she danced with you, you bought her drinks, you were in Tramp Nightclub in London and she went on to have sex with you in a house in Belgravia belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell.
Prince Andrew:
It didn’t happen.
Do you remember her?
Prince Andrew:
No, I’ve no recollection of ever meeting her, I’m almost, in fact I’m convinced that I was never in Tramps with her.There are a number of things that are wrong with that story, one of which is that I don’t know where the bar is in Tramps. I don’t drink, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a
drink in Tramps whenever I was there.
Do you remember dancing at Tramp?

Prince Andrew:

 No, that couldn’t have happened because the date that’s being suggested I was at home with the children.




You know that you were at home with the children, was it a memorable night?


Prince Andrew:


on that particular day that we now understand is the date which is the 10th of March, I was at home, I was with the children and I’d taken Beatrice to a Pizza Express in Woking for a party at I suppose sort of 4.00 or 5.00 in the afternoon. And then because the Duchess was away, we have a simple rule in the family that when one is away the other one is there. I was on terminal leave at the time from the Royal Navy so therefore I was at home.




Why would you remember that so specifically? Why would you remember a Pizza Express birthday and being at home?


Prince Andrew:


Because going to Pizza Express in Woking is an unusual thing for me to do, a very unusual thing for me to do. I’ve never been…I’ve only been to Woking a couple of times and I remember it weirdly distinctly. As soon as somebody reminded me of it, I went “oh yes, I remember that”. But I have no recollection of ever meeting or being in the company or the presence.



So you’re absolutely sure that you were at home on the 10th March?


Prince Andrew:






She was very specific about that night, she described dancing with you.


Prince Andrew:






And you profusely sweating and that she went on to have bath possibly.


Prince Andrew:


There’s a slight problem with the sweating because I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don’t sweat or I didn’t sweat at the time and that was…was it…yes, I didn’t sweat at the time because I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenalin in the Falkland’s War when I was shot at and I simply…it was almost impossible for me to sweat. And it’s only because I have done a number of things in the recent past that I am starting to be able to do that again. So I’m afraid to say that there’s a medical condition that says that I didn’t do it so therefore…




Is it possible that you met Virginia Roberts, dined with her, danced with her in Tramp, had sex with her on another date?


Prince Andrew:






Do you remember meeting her at all?


Prince Andrew:






Do you know you didn’t meet her or do you just not remember meeting her?


Prince Andrew:


No, I have…I don’t know if I’ve met her but no, I have no recollection of meeting her.




Because she was very specific, she described the dance that you had together in Tramp. She described meeting you, she was a 17 year old girl meeting a senior member of the royal family.


Prince Andrew:


It never happened.




She provided a photo of the two of you together.


Prince Andrew:


Yes, yes.




Your arm was around her waist.


Prince Andrew:






You’ve seen the photo.


Prince Andrew:


I’ve seen the photograph.




How do you explain that?


Prince Andrew:


I can’t because I don’t…I have no…again I have absolutely no memory of that photograph ever being taken.




Do you recognise yourself in the photo?


Prince Andrew:


Yes, it’s pretty difficult not to recognise yourself.




Your friends suggested that the photo is fake.


Prince Andrew:


I think it’s…from the investigations that we’ve done, you can’t prove whether or not that photograph is faked or not because it is a photograph of a photograph of a photograph. So it’s very difficult to be able to prove it but I don’t remember that photograph ever being taken.




But it’s possible that it was you with your arm around her waist?


Prince Andrew:


That’s me but whether that’s my hand or whether that’s the position I…but I don’t…I have simply no recollection of the photograph ever being taken.




The world has now seen the photo that Virginia Roberts provided taken by Epstein we understand in Ghislaine Maxwell’s house.


Prince Andrew:


Well here’s the problem, I’ve never seen Epstein with a camera in my life.




I think it was Virginia Roberts’ camera, she said a little Kodak one that she lent to Epstein, he took a photo and your arm is round her waist.


Prince Andrew:


Listen, I don’t remember, I don’t remember that photograph ever being taken. I don’t remember going upstairs in the house because that photograph was taken upstairs and I am not entirely convinced that…I mean that is…that is what I would describe as me in that…in that picture but I can’t…we can’t be certain as to whether or not that’s my hand on her whatever it is, left…left side.




You think that…


Prince Andrew:


Because I have no recollection of that photograph ever being taken.




So why would somebody have put in another hand? You think it is next to her in the photo.


Prince Andrew:


Oh it’s definitely me, I mean that’s a picture of me, it’s not  a picture of…I don’t believe it’s a picture of me in London because when I would out to…when I go out in London, I wear a suit and a tie. That’s what I would describe as…those are my travelling clothes if I’m going to go…if I’m going overseas. There’s a…I’ve got plenty of photographs of me dressed in those sorts of…that sort of kit but not there.




Just to clarify sorry, you think that photo has been faked?


Prince Andrew:


Nobody can prove whether or not that photograph has been doctored but I don’t recollect that photograph ever being taken.




And you don’t recollect having your hand…


Prince Andrew:






…round her waist in Ghislaine Maxwell’s house on any occasion, even if it was a different date?


Prince Andrew:


I’m terribly sorry but if I, as a member of the royal family, and I have a photograph taken and I take very, very few photographs, I am not one to, as it were, hug and public displays of affection are not something that I do. So that’s the best explanation I can give you and I’m afraid to say that I don’t believe that photograph was taken in the way that has been suggested.




Why would people not believe that you were there?


Prince Andrew:


I’m sorry, why would?




I’m just trying to understand, there’s a photo inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s house, Ghislaine herself in the background, why would people not believe that you were there with her that night?


Prince Andrew:


They might well wish to believe it but the photograph is taken upstairs and I don’t think I ever went upstairs in Ghislaine’s house.





Are you sure of that?


Prince Andrew:


Yeah, because the dining room and everything was on the ground floor, was as you came in…as you came in the hall. So I don’t remember ever going up there. I’m at a loss to explain this particular photograph.


Prince Andrew:


If the original was ever produced, then perhaps we might be able to solve it but I can’t.




But you can say categorically that you don’t recall meeting Virginia Roberts, dining with her?


Prince Andrew:






Dancing with her at Tramp?


Prince Andrew:






Or going on to have sex with her…


Prince Andrew:






…in a bedroom in a house in Belgravia?


Prince Andrew:


I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened.




Do you recall any kind of sexual contact with Virginia Roberts then or any other time?


Prince Andrew:


None whatsoever.




Because she said in a legal deposition, a legal court document in 2015, she had sex with you three times. She is not confused about this. She said the first was in London when she was trafficked to you, the second was at Epstein’s mansion in New York.


Prince Andrew:


That is a date in April I believe, is that correct?




She said it was a month or so later.


Prince Andrew:


Yeah, well I think that the date we have for that shows that I was in Boston or I was in New York the previous day and I was at a dinner for The Outward Bound Trust in New York and then I flew up to Boston the following day and then on the day that she says that this occurred, they’d already left to go the island before I got back from Boston. So I don’t think that could have happened at all.




There was a witness there, Johanna Sjoberg who says that you did visit the house in that month.


Prince Andrew:


I probably did, on one of the weirder things, I was staying with the…because of what I was doing I was staying with the Consul General which is further down the street on the 5th so I wasn’t…I wasn’t staying there. I may have visited but no, definitely didn’t, definitely, definitely no, no, no activity.




Because in a legal deposition 2015, she said she had sex with you three times. Once in a London house when she was trafficked to you in Maxwell’s house.


Prince Andrew:






Once in New York a month or so later at Epstein’s mansion and once on his private island in a group of seven or eight other girls.


Prince Andrew:






No to all of those?


Prince Andrew:


All of it, absolutely no to all of it.




Why would she be saying those things?


Prince Andrew:


We wonder exactly the same but I have no idea, absolutely no idea.




She made these claims in a US deposition.



Prince Andrew:


Hmm mmm.





Are you saying you don’t believe her, she’s lying?


Prince Andrew:


That’s a very difficult thing to answer because I’m not in a position to know what she’s trying to achieve but I can tell you categorically I don’t remember meeting her at all. I do not remember a photograph being taken and I’ve said consistently and frequently that we never had any sort of sexual contact whatever.




She spoke about you outside the court in August of this year? She said, I quote “he knows exactly what he’s done and I hope he comes clean about it”.


Prince Andrew:


And the answer is nothing.




So if Virginia Roberts is watching this interview, what is your message to her?


Prince Andrew:


I don’t have a message for her because I have to have a thick skin. If somebody is going to make those sorts of allegations then I’ve got to have a thick skin and get on with it but they never happened.




For the record, is there any way you could have had sex with that young woman or any young woman trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein in any of his residences?


Prince Andrew:


No and without putting too fine a point on it, if you’re a man it is a positive act to have sex with somebody. You have to have to take some sort of positive action and so therefore if you try to forget it’s very difficult to try and forget a positive action and I do not remember anything. I can’t, I’ve wracked my brain and thinking oh…when the first allegations, when the allegations came out originally I went well that’s a bit strange, I don’t remember this and

then I’ve been through it and through it and through it over and over and over again and no, nothing. It just never happened.




Epstein’s housekeeper also in a Florida Court legal deposition said that you visited the Palm Beach residence around four times a year, you got a daily massage.


Prince Andrew:


Four times a year?




That was what he said in a Florida Court legal deposition.


Prince Andrew:






I’m just wondering when you look back now, is there a chance that those massages might have been the services of someone who is being sexually exploited or trafficked by Epstein?


Prince Andrew:


No, I don’t think…I mean I…no, definitely not, definitely not and I definitely did not visit his Palm Beach house three of four times a year, absolutely not.




How many times would you say you visited?


Prince Andrew:


In total, probably four times in total throughout the time that I knew him. In fact probably that was the place that…if you see what I mean, he was in the house more there than in other…in other places that I was at.




So that’s where you’d find him?


Prince Andrew:


But it was usually because I was going…I was going through and on somewhere else so it was a day, that was it.




You said in your statement from the palace, at no time did I see, witness or suspect any suspicious behaviour.


Prince Andrew:


Yeah, yeah.




Virginia Roberts’ legal team says “you could not spend time around Epstein and not know what was going on. You could not spend time around Epstein and not know what was going on”.


Prince Andrew:


If you somebody like me then people behave in a subtly different way. You wouldn’t…first of all I’m not looking for it, that’s the thing, you see, if you’re looking for it, then you might have suspected now with the benefit of a huge amount of hindsight and a huge amount of analysis, you look back and you go well was that really the way that it was or was I looking at it the very wrong way? But you don’t go into these places, you don’t go to stay with people looking for that.




“You could not spend time around him”, that was what they said, “you could not spend time around him and not know”.


Prince Andrew:


The other aspect of this is that…is that I live in an institution at Buckingham Palace which has members of staff walking around all the time and I don’t wish to appear grand but there were a lot of people who were walking around Jeffrey Epstein’s house. As far as I was aware, they were staff, they were people that were working for him, doing things, I…as it were, I interacted with them if you will to say good morning, good afternoon but I didn’t, if you see what I mean, interact with them in a way that was, you know what are you doing here, why are you here, what’s going on?




But you’d notice if there were hundreds of underage girls in Buckingham Palace wouldn’t you?


Prince Andrew:


Oh God, but sorry you would notice if there were hundreds of underage girls in Jeffrey’s house, wasn’t there, not when I was there. Now he may have changed his behaviour patterns in order for that not to be obvious to me so I don’t…I mean this is…you’re asking me to speculate on things that I just don’t know about.




You seem utterly convinced you’re telling the truth, would you be willing to testify or give a statement under oath if you were asked?


Prince Andrew:


Well I’m like everybody else and I will have to take all the legal advice that there was before I was to do that sort of thing. But if push came to shove and the legal advice was to do so, then I would be duty bound to do so.




Because you’ve said there are many unanswered questions, everyone affected wants closure, you would help to provide that closure.


Prince Andrew:


If there was…in the right circumstances, yes I would because I think there’s just as much closure for me as there is for everybody else and undoubtedly some very strange and unpleasant activities have been going on. I’m afraid to say that I’m not the person who can shed light on it for a number of reasons, one of which is that I wasn’t there long enough.


Prince Andrew:


And if you go in for a day, two days at a time, it’s quite easy I’m led to believe for those sorts of people to hide their activities for that period of time and then carry on when they’re not there.



Virginia Roberts’ lawyers, legal team say that they’ve asked for a legal statement from you. There is an active FBI investigation, would you be willing to provide that?

Prince Andrew:

Again, I’m bound by what my legal advice is…legal advisers tell me.


Epstein was found dead.

Prince Andrew:



In prison.

Prince Andrew:



In August of this year.

Prince Andrew:



What was your response on hearing that he’d died?

Prince Andrew:



Some people think that he didn’t take his own life.

Prince Andrew:

There again, I’m not one to be able to answer that question. I believe that centres around something to do with a bone in his neck so whether or not if you commit suicide that bone breaks or something. But I’m afraid to say I’m not an expert, I have to take what the Coroner

says and he has ruled that it was suicide so…


He’s dead, his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, your old friend was victims say complicit in his behaviour.

Prince Andrew:

that bit I can’t help you with because I’ve no idea.


Do you think that she has questions to answer about her role in this?

Prince Andrew:

In the same way that I have questions to answer in the sense of what was I doing and as I say that I was there to…to my mind be honourable and say to him “look, you’ve been convicted, it would be incompatible for me to be seen with you” but unfortunately somebody was standing around with a camera at the time and got a photograph of us. It’s one of the very few photographs there are of us but that was…that was the case.

Prince Andrew:

If there are questions that Ghislaine has to answer, that’s her problem I’m afraid, I’m not in a position to be able to comment one way or the other.


When was your last contact with her?

Prince Andrew:

It was earlier this year funnily enough in the summer, in the spring, summer.


About what?

Prince Andrew:

She was here doing some rally.


So even though he had by then been arrested and was facing charges of sex trafficking?

Prince Andrew:

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this was…this was early spring I think, it was long…because when was he arrested?



Prince Andrew:

No, it was before July.


And that was the last time?

Prince Andrew:

Yeah, yeah.


Did you discuss Epstein at all?

Prince Andrew:

No, actually funnily enough no not at all, there wasn’t anything to discuss about him because he wasn’t in the news, you know, it was just…we had moved on.


I want to talk about moving on now.

Prince Andrew:

Oh yeah, right, okay.


Epstein is dead.



Prince Andrew:



The women are now being heard.

Prince Andrew:

Quite rightly.


How do you move on from this?

Prince Andrew:

Well, it’s an interesting way of putting it. I’m carrying on with what I do. I have a number of things that I have been doing since 2011, they’re pretty well organised, pretty successful and so I’m carrying on and trying to improve those things that I’m already doing.


I wonder what effect all this has had on your close family? You’ve got your daughters of your own.

Prince Andrew:

It has been, what I would describe as a constant sore in the family. We all knew him and I think that if we have a conversation about it, it’s…we are all left with the same thing, what on earth happened or how did he get to where he was, what did he do, how did he do it?

Prince Andrew:

And so it’s just a constant sort of gnaw. I mean this first came out in 2011 and it was a surprise to…to all of us because the photographs were published at a separate time to when I was there and then we sort of questioned what on earth is going on and as a family we discussed it.

Prince Andrew:

And then in 2015 when the allegations were made in the deposition, there was a sort of…there was a sort of…this is the immediate family, not the wider family. The wider

family couldn’t be more supportive but the immediate family, it was well, what’s all this about? And we all just were at a loss so it’s just…


Has the episode been damaging to the royal family, to Her Majesty the Queen?

Prince Andrew:

I don’t believe it’s been damaging to the Queen at all, it has to me and it’s been a constant drip if you see what I mean in the background that people want to know. If I was in a position to be able to answer all these questions in a way that gave sensible answers other than the ones that I have given that gave closure then I’d love it but I’m afraid I can’t. I’m just not in a position to do so because I’m just as much in the dark as many people.


How do you reconnect with the public then now?

Prince Andrew:

Exactly what I’m doing which is to use and to continue to work with pitch, to continue to work with iDEA and the things that I believe strongly in. I’m not somebody who does things in competition with people oddly. I do things in collaboration with people.

Prince Andrew:

So I want people to…to work together to come to, as it were, a solution to a bigger problem. And so I got a number of people working together, particularly in the education field, particularly in…and also in areas of government and what they are doing so that we’re bringing everybody together so that we’re all pushing in the same direction and iDEA now does that.

Prince Andrew:

We’ve been going properly now for two years, we’ve got 3.5 million people who got a badge. We’ve got half a million, or just over half a million young people are using the service and I’m trying to think what else we’ve got. But it’s…well it’s designed for 7 to 14 year olds in the

United Kingdom and it turns out it’s done from 5 to 95 around the world so it’s being done in 100 countries now. So we’re slightly on the catch-up at this point.


I know we have to bring this to a close because we’re running out of time. You’ve faced questions today on a very, very raw subject. There has never been an interview like this before, I wonder what that tells us about the way the royal family now confronts these difficult situations. Has there been a sea change?

Prince Andrew:

I think the problem that I’m…we face in the 21st Century is social media. There is a whole range of things that you face now that you didn’t face 25 years ago because it was

just the print media. And I think that to some extent there is a…there is a thick skin that you have to have and again I’m not a confrontationist myself.

Prince Andrew:

I would prefer to be able to, as it were, resolve things in a way that is sensible. And so choosing to, as it were, get out there and talk about these things, it’s almost…it’s

almost a mental health issue to some extent for me in the sense that it’s been nagging at my mind for a great many years. I know that I made the wrong judgement and I made the wrong decision but I made the wrong decision and the wrong judgement I believe fundamentally for the right reasons which is to say to somebody “I’m not going to see you again” and in fact from that day forth, I was never in contact with him.

Prince Andrew:

The subsequent allegations are, what I would describe as surprising, shocking and a distraction. But that’s…I mean there are all sorts of things that are on the Internet and

out there in the public domain that we just sort of go “well, yeah” but I’m afraid is…it just never happened.


You’ve talked about a thick skin, I wonder if you have any sense now of guilt, regret or shame about any of your behaviour and your friendship with Epstein?

Prince Andrew:

As far as Mr Epstein was concerned, it was the wrong decision to go and see him in 2010. As far as my association with him was concerned, it had some seriously beneficial outcomes in areas that have nothing and have nothing to do with what I would describe as what we’re talking about today.

Prince Andrew:

On balance, could I have avoided ever meeting him? Probably not and that’s because of my friendship with Ghislaine, it was…it was…it was inevitable that we would have come across each other. Do I regret the fact that he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner

unbecoming? Yes.


Unbecoming? He was a sex offender.

Prince Andrew:

Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m being polite, I mean in the sense that he was a sex offender. But no, was I right in having him as a friend? At the time, bearing in mind this was some years before he was accused of being a sex offender. I don’t there was anything wrong then, the problem was the fact that once he had been convicted…


You stayed with him.

Prince Andrew:

I stayed with him and that’s…that’s…that’s’ the bit that…that…that, as it were, I kick myself for on a daily basis because it was not something that was becoming of a member of the royal family and we try and uphold the highest standards and practices and I let the side down, simple as that.


This interview has been exceptionally rare, you might not speak on this subject again, is there anything you feel has been left unsaid that you would like to say now?

Prince Andrew:

No, I don’t think so. I think you’ve probably dragged out most of what is required and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity that you’ve given me to be able to discuss this with you.


Your Royal Highness, thank you.

Prince Andrew:

Thank you very much indeed.


[1] 2019 Nov 11 Daily Express Archive Prince Andrew BBC: Newsnight interview – FULL TRANSCRIPT

[2]  You Tube Prince Andrew Newsnight Interview about Epstein

[3] 2019 Nov 17 Mirror Prince Andrew ‘evasive and heavily coached’ in BBC grilling says body language expert

[ 4] 2019 Nov 16 21st century wire Lawyer Claims That Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview is ‘Catastrophic Mistake’

[5] 2019 Sept 18 Mercury News Prince Andrew’s other pedophile friend: Prep school priest who came to his 1986 wedding to Sarah Ferguson

[6] NSPCC distances themseves from ANdrew

[7] Epstein victims speak out

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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Hollywood and Satanism – Pacts with the Devil

Great first video with much important information on mind controlled satanic stars in Hollywood, many of which are trauma based sexually abused, what they say and loads of symbolism.

Part two is ok useful but I found music very annoying. I have included a couple of my twitter threads one one illuminati symbolism, and one on Disney.

Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons)

You Tube Part 1

2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2) [1] 

Or watch on Invidio 2015 Invidious Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2) [1a]

or 2015 Daily Motion Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2) [1b]

Part 2 You Tube

2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 2 of 2) [2]

Or watch on Invidious 2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 2 of 2) [2a] 


Thread on Illuminati Symbolism [4]

Thread on Disney and Paedosadists


Very interesting video on Churches etc

[7a] 2019 You Tube Probably Alexandra An Inconvenient History

or  Invidio Probably Alexandra An Inconvenient History [7]

Ritual Masonic Child Abuse


Ritual Masonic Child Abuse


Jay Parker ~ SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating

[11] Jay Parker ~ SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating

Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second) | Dr. Bruce Lipton “It Takes 15 Minutes”

Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second) | Dr. Bruce Lipton “It Takes 15 Minutes” [12] 


[1] 2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2)

[1a] 2015 Invidious Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2)

[1b] 2015 Daily Motion Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2) 55mins

[1c] 2015 Daily Motion Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2) partial 36 mins?

[2] 2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 2 of 2)

[2a] 2015 You Tube Thomas Warren CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 2 of 2)

[3] Cathy Fox blog Thread on Disney and Pedosadists

[4] Cathy Fox Blog Thread on Illuminati Symbolism

[7] 2019 Invidio Probably Alexandra An Inconvenient History

[7a] 2019 You Tube Probably Alexandra An Inconvenient History

[8] 2019 Nov ThreadReaderApp CathyFox thread on Disney

[9] 2019 Nov Twitter Cathy Fox Blog Thread on Illuminati Symbolism

[10]  Jellyheed Ritual Masonic Child Abuse


[11] Jay Parker ~ SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating

[12] Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second) | Dr. Bruce Lipton “It Takes 15 Minutes”

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum


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Pizzagate Decoded (Illuminati Pizza Codes – Deep Decode Videos)

Pizzagate erupted into view in 2016, from strangely worded John Podesta emails released by wikileaks. These appeared to be in code and the code appeared to revolve around pizzas and spirit cooking involving children.

The focus of much attention was Comet Ping Ping in Washington run by James Alefantis.

I previously covered Pizzagate in these posts

  • 2016 Dec 5 PizzaGate: An Introduction. Updated 12/05 [24]
  • 2016 Dec 17 Best #Pizzagate Child Abuse Network Summary and Explanation so far..  [23]
  • 2017 Feb 4 Summary and Explanation of Pizzagate on Voat [22]
  • 2017 Feb 27 Pizzagate turned PedoGate Leads to Momentum Surge in Busting Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings [21]
  • 2017 Nov 24 The Real Origins of /r/Pizzagate and The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement (Part 1)  [20]

Pizzagate soon became pedogate when it became clear how widespread the child sexual abuse actually was – integrated into the fabric of our supposedly democratic institutions partly as a blackmail option to place controllable people in power.

This series of videos from The Open Scroll, website here [0] , deep dive into decodes about what the pizza code is about.

The spoiler is that it involves violent anal sexual abuse, usually using children. The resulting fluids and substances  from this are collected and then ingested. It is sex magick of the Luciferian illuminati cult. The violent anal abuse trauma causes mind dissociation and alters that can be controlled.  

Substances seem to include faeces and semen and it may be mixed with secretions from all orifices – menstrual blood and vomit, and maybe also the victims blood – which would of course include adenochrome.

The following links contain full clips on the Open Scroll website, in HD of the films and decodes, in which this is shown.

Following those links are You Tube version links which have had to remove or alter various due to copyright complaints and You Tube not allowing Fair Use in agreement with some contentproviders.

Following that are Invidious links for those who do not want to watch on CIA YouTube. The description are interspersed in those links.

Following that is the latest video of conspiracy theory narrative from the mockingbird corporate media.

For Hi Res Pizzagate Image click on image or here [26]

Other Global connections images of various types see [27]


Pizza Esoterica – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

  1. (12/16/16) HD – Clips from: Inside Out – Frequency – Coraline – X-Men Apocalypse – Men in Black 2 – Stranger Things – Katy Perry
  2. (12/27/16) HD – Clips from: TMNT – Deadpool – Home Alone – The OA – The Smurfs – Longmire
  3. (12/30/16) HD – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
  4. (1/2/17) HD – The Goonies (1985)
  5. (1/13/17) HD – That’s Amore / Dans la Luna (exploring the derivation)
  6. (1/24/17) HD – Katy Perry “This is How We Do” – “Pizza Slosher’s” Collection
  7. (2/4/17) HD – Katy Perry “This is How We Do” – Four Illuminati Calling Cards
  8. (2/16/17) HD – Ping Pong Pizza: Illuminati Initiation and the Secrets of Black Magick

Pizza Esoterica Playlist


Embedded YouTube Links

[1] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media


[2] 2017 May The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 2 – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media


[3] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 3: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)


[4] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 4: The Goonies (1985)


[5] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica Part 5 – When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie


[6] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 6 – Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do” – “Pizza Slosher’s” Collection


[7] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 7 – Four Illuminati Calling Cards in Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do”


[8] 2017 Feb  The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 8 – Ping Pong Pizza: Illuminati Initiation and the Secrets of Black Magick


[9] Open Scroll Playlist Pizza Esoterica


Invidio Links and Descriptions

[21] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

The #Pizzagate controversy has captured the attention of many folks, many of whom are just now becoming aware of the reality of how the elite communicate in secret code language. We’re weighing in on this topic as the Lord leads and provides, with something significant to add – insight into the meaning of the symbols – yes, but primarily, wisdom; a higher perspective! We’ve been tracking and reporting on the coded language of the elite for several years, but this video represents the first significant exposure of the pizza code. In an upcoming installment we expect to present a couple scenes where pizza is linked to ping pong, films that probably inspired the naming of Comet Ping Pong Pizza. Unaltered version of video can be found at The Open Scroll…

[22] 2017 May The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 2 – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE – Intended for a mature audience! We have not censored the language used in the media so It’s not recommended to watch this at work with the volume up, or where others might hear and take offense. This second video in the Pizza Esoterica series continues the work of exposing and decoding the pizza code language used by the undergrounders, Hollywood and the elite. Here, the focus is on examples where pizza is connected with mind control programming elements of incest, torture, ritual abuse, pedophelia, coprophilia, sodomy and the Spirit Cooking related cakes of light, Nazi and Neo-Nazi code and tributes to the ancient gods. Clips are featured from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014, Deadpool, Home Alone 1990, The OA, The Smurfs 2011, and Longmire. The pristine and complete video with actual clips instead of placeholders can be streamed or downloaded from this page:…

[23] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 3: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

This installment of the Pizza Esoterica series is all about a pizza scene from 1982’s Spielberg classic, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It’s the scene where little Elliot encounters the alien in the tool shed. Just like with alien encounters that are abductions, anal probing is involved, although you wouldn’t perceive it unless you were tracking the clues, like the pizza code. Pizza is connected with trauma-based sodomy mind control programming themes: Black Magick, sex trafficking of a young boy, torture, incest, and pedophile anal sex between minors and an adult – and reciprocal sodomy with a demon. Unaltered version of the video can be found here:…

[24] 2017 Jan Pizza The Open Scroll Esoterica 4: The Goonies (1985)

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Alert. This is intended for a mature audience. We have not censored the language used in the media and we talk frankly about mature themes, so It’s not recommended to watch this at work with the volume up, or where others might hear and take offense. This time, it’s all about pizza and ice cream scenes from 1985’s Spielberg classic, The Goonies. In 2011, one of the starring actors, Corey Feldman, blew the whistle on pedophelia as Hollywood’s biggest problem. If you can interpret the symbolism in, The Goonies, that claim is easily supported. Pizza and ice cream is connected with trauma-based sodomy mind control programming themes, like in Spielberg’s enormously influential, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, which we addressed in part 3. Unaltered version of the video can be found here:…

[25] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica Part 5 – When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

In this 5th installment in the Pizza Esoterica series we explore the derivation of the pizza code language. We’ve been focused on understanding what pizza means to the undergrounders and why it’s so important, and we’re definitely continuing on that line, but we’re also interested in the choice of symbol. Why pizza? There’s usually some reason, some rational basis for symbols, and when you can identify that, you open the way to more insight. “When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore” We think this video will tie some things together for you in a satisfying way. These things have to do with sex magic and mature themes, so we recommend that you take a moment to consider your surroundings and give thought to whether there might be a better time and place to watch this. The pristine and complete video with actual clips instead of placeholders can be streamed or downloaded from this page:…

[26] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 6 – Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do” – “Pizza Slosher’s” Collection

SECRETS OF OCCULT SYMBOLISM The HE Detergent symbol is an Eye of Horus Detergents are marketed with sun imagery, a Horus symbol. Why?…

[27] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 7 – Four Illuminati Calling Cards in Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do”

The pizzagate subject continues to be a trending issue on social media, while mainstream media largely does its best to ignore or dismiss it. What we present in this 7th installment exposes what’s behind places like Comet Ping Pong Pizza, where the code language of such things like pizza and hot dogs is used to cover their perverse and criminal activities. Katy Perry’s music video, “This is How We Do,” is a production that reveals the calling card of the Illuminati, and we give attention to 4 examples that are each very clever. The illumined elite are largely hiding in plain sight. Katy and the crew secretly identify the Illuminati twice as, The Circle, and once as, Moriah. A 4th calling card appears in the dramatization of the special “93” (the Law) salutation of one practitioner of Thelema to another. This kind of feature exposes a secret about the name of Katy’s song, that, “This is How We Do,” is really a play on The Law of Thelema. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.”

In the 6th installment we highlighted a central theme of, “This is How We Do,” which involves the production and consumption of sex magick pizza, and we’re leading up to another, at the root of which is Aleister Crowley’s works. That connects through the ping pong scene in the first verse, and, despite how this video insists that this is all no big deal, it really is!

As we work our way through this esoteric Illuminati mind-control programming vehicle we find that the cryptic pizza contributions actually begin in the first verse, with a sippin’ on rosé and a pancake breakfast. We discover and explore the vintage Chanel trail that leads back to Coco Chanel and involves Nazi spies, an alchemical perfumer named Ernest Beaux, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic.

The pristine video can be streamed or downloaded from this page:

[28] 2017 Feb  The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 8 – Ping Pong Pizza: Illuminati Initiation and the Secrets of Black Magick

The latest installment in the video series, “Pizza Esoterica – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media,” has just been published – and it’s a big one! It’s big, in length, and more than that it’s big as a milestone in the process of discovering what ping pong and pizza means to the Illuminati! We began this series with a broad investigation into how pizza was being presented media, with an interest in ping pong, hot dogs, pasta, ice cream and other related food codes. When we came to Katy Perry’s music video, “This is How We Do,” what we found was concealing and revealing much that is central to the pizzagate controversy, so we’ve been giving it the attention due. In the 6th and 7th installments we featured the production and consumption of sex magick pizza and ways of the flashing of Illuminati calling cards and of the Thelemite greeting. In this 8th installment, we illustrate how Katy cryptically name-drops her sponsoring Illuminati organization, The Golden Dawn. We expose how the first verse of the song and dance routine is derived from a chapter of Aleister Crowley’s work, The Book of Lies, putting several nodes of connection on exhibit, the extent of which makes the link undeniable. “This is How We Do” models to us a ceremonial Illuminati Initiation and, beyond that, dramatizes what Crowley taught the Black Magick adept about how to ascend on the way along the left-hand path. That’s where ping pong and pizza come into play! When you understand what we’re shining the light on, the reason for the naming of, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, should become pretty obvious. The pristine and complete video with actual clips instead of placeholders can be streamed or downloaded from this page:…

Mockingbird Media

Naturally after the explosion of research into Pizzagate and Comet Ping Pong the criminal cult did its upmost to confuse and discredit the facts coming out.

They even went to the extent of arranging a false flag psyop arranging a man, probably under mind control, to arrive with a gun. He was said to be looking for the basement, which they now pretend does not exist, despite Alefantis admitting it previously. The shooter than randomly let off a shot, which just happened to hit their computer, allowing any incriminating evidence to be destroyed.

That event allows them to still try and control the controlled Mockingbird media and those too stupid or lazy to research properly to construct their tired narrative. The latest reincarnation of this fairy tale is from Ian Hislop.

Its quite amusing, but the tide has now turned and we are now the news, the corporate mockingbird media is now in terminal decline.

The battle is not yet won though, please start blogging, and spreading the truth to counter the lies. Please spread this post via all social media. Together we will win and defeat the scourge of the lying illuminati criminal cult.



[0] The Open Scroll

[1] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

[2] 2017 May The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 2 – Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

[3] 2016 Dec The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 3: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

[4] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 4: The Goonies (1985)

[5] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica Part 5 – When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

[6] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 6 – Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do” – “Pizza Slosher’s” Collection

[7] 2017 Jan The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 7 – Four Illuminati Calling Cards in Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do”

[8] 2017 Feb  The Open Scroll Pizza Esoterica 8 – Ping Pong Pizza: Illuminati Initiation and the Secrets of Black Magick

[9] Open Scroll Playlist Pizza Esoterica


[] Ian Hislop interview with alefantis










[20] 2017 Nov 24 Cathy Fox blog The Real Origins of /r/Pizzagate and The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement (Part 1)

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[22] 2017 Feb 4 cathy fox blog  Summary and Explanation of Pizzagate on Voat

[23] 2016 Dec 17 Cathy Fox Blog Best #Pizzagate Child Abuse Network Summary and Explanation so far..

[24] 2016 Dec 5 cathy fox blog PizzaGate: An Introduction. Updated 12/05

[25] 2016 Pizzagate in 13 minutes

[26] For Hi Res Pizzagate Image

[27] Other Global connections images of various types see


  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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Finders, McMartin and MK Ultra Documents


A couple of pdf documents which are of interest one on the Finders and one on MK Ultra.

The FBI released some documents 25th Oct, (originals released here on FBI website [1] ) related to the Finders which is believed to be a CIA front for child sex trafficking in the 1970s.

The pdf document is now available on this link on this wordpress blog

The Finders Part 01 of 01 pdf 65MB [2]

This link is a good summary of the Finders 2017 Nov 30 American Empire Exposed The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation.   [4]

I have also copied post to Appendix 1 below.

As I am  blogging this, I have not had time to read it myslef through yet.I have now updated this post to include a couple of peoples analysis who have read it.

It seems that there is one McMartin document about the tunnels is included. The tunnels were denied at the time.

Tiffany FitzHenry The Finders Explained  [59] 

Important Report *** 11 Page US Customs Report – The Finders: [60]

This is a comprehensive explanation on McMartin from Ritual Abuse US – McMartin Pre School Case What Really Happened  and the Cover Up [6] It is also included in Appendix 2 at the end of this blog

This partial document shows DOJ requested preliminary inquiry into whether intelligence services involved

The following screenshots are from a Voat post showing highlights from Truthseekertx [11]

Chips being planted on childrens heads, brainwashing of children, children in cages and soome bing buried on the farm

Children in pictures with slaughter goats and robes indicating ritual activity

Children malnourished, not used to socail norms of defecation, under control of “game caller”  and CIA involvement in Finders

This is also a fantastic analysis on by @3nityAlchemy

I have cut and pasted from a pdf of the thread for speed, so i hope it comes out ok


FBI vault release unveils an intricate nationwide child trafficking network:

@FBI #MeToo…

Tunnels uncovered
Chronology of events surrounding the #FINDERS investigation:
US AG decides to decline prosecution in 1993:
DC METRO Police at the time decided this trafficking ring was run by a CULT:
The See Eye A is discovered to have been running comms for this CULT called the Finders, but the FBI state’s they were not violating any federal laws:
Here is the summary on the CIA’s involvement in the #Finders cult:

This post from Sue Arrigo, who is a whistleblower who used to work for the CIA, tells her view of the Finders – Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD [7]

Also check out this thread from @3nityAlchemy  Finders thread [13]

and Ted Gunderson Files Finders [12] 

Conscious Resistance Who will Find what the Finders Find? [15] 

McMartin  Tunnels

What was under the McMartin Preschool A Review and Behavioural Analysis of the Tunnels Find [14] 


Whilst I blog this about the Finders, I have included another document about MK Ultra. It is a transcript from the  Joint Hearing on Intelligence and the Sub Comittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee of Human Resources of the US Senate Aug 3 1977

I am not sure if it has been released before or not.

I post it here [3] 95mkultra

Original Source Document  MK Ultra Intelligence Senate Gov Joint Hearing on Intelligence and the Sub Comittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee of Human Resources of the US Senate Aug 3 1977 [8]

I also include a link to a a document Link sent to me on “Remote Control of Behaviour with Rewarding Electrical Stimulation of the Brain” – in a dog.

This ties in to Targetted Individuals #TI and shows #MKUltra involved animals as far back as 1963.

Link to source doc – Black Vault “Remote Control of Behaviour with Rewarding Electrical Stimulation of the Brain” [10]

Update 2019 Nov 3

Finding the Finders

[In the first edition of this post I mixed up Presidio and McMartin, apologies]


[1] FBI Vault

[2] The Finders Part 01 of 01 pdf 66 MB

[3] 95mkultra  pdf 10 MB

 [4] 2017 Nov 30 American Empire Exposed The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation

[5] Child Abuse at the Presidio

[6] Ritual Abuse US – McMartin Pres School Case What Really Happened  and the Cover Up

[7] 2017 Mar 17 Cathy Fox Blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD

[8] MK Ultra Intelligence Senate Gov Joint Hearing on Intelligence and the Sub Comittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee of Human Resources of the US Senate Aug 3 1977

[9] 2018 Dec 11 New York Post CIA once secretly implanted mind-control devices in dogs’ brains

[10] Black Vault “Remote Control of Behaviour with Rewarding Electrical Stimulation of the Brain”

[11] Voat post showing highlights  by Truthseekertx

[12] Ted Gunderson Files Report of Investigation Finders

[13] Finders thread  @3nityAlchemy

[14] What was under the McMartin Preschool A Review and Behavioural Analysis of the Tunnels Find

[15]  Conscious Resistance Who will Find what the Finders Find? x

Appendix 1

The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation

Little is known or been written about an enormously significant event that took place just over three decades ago involving a bizarre cult called the Finders. This presentation will examine all available documented evidence that includes recent, never before released public records from the police and US Customs investigations.[1] Other than a couple conspicuous mainstream media articles from February 1987 and a final follow-up in 1994, the critical importance of this “mysterious” group sometimes called “Finders Keepers” and its operation have largely been lost to the public. Despite the name – Finders Keepers – denoting procurers or finders of children kept as pedophile slaves, the CIA front that trafficked children for the elite has by careful design remained an obscure, strange footnote in history. But this gross omission conveniently disregards the compelling evidence acting as tangible proof that the Finders was a CIA front organization caught in the act of abducting and moving very young children across both US state lines as well as international borders, functionally serving as a first conduit link to the highly organized child sex slave trafficking pipeline controlled by the most powerful evildoers on earth. And it’s no accident that this scandal centered in Washington DC was operating at the exact same time and place as the very much related Franklin scandal occurring throughout the Reagan-Bush years of the 1980’s. The Franklin scandal is directly linked to the Vice President and President-to-be, pedophile drug lord and international child pusher George H.W. Bush,[2] and will be taken up in full detail in Chapter 13.

Both of these two scandals, the Finders and Franklin from 30 years ago, along with the temporally co-occurring high profile daycare scandals already covered in Chapter 8, are the pedo-forerunners having direct relevance and connection to today’s Pizzagate turned PedoGate scandal. During the ensuing three decades the worldwide child trafficking network at least in the United States simply submerged a little more underground, but never ever stopped flourishing. Chapters 4-7 dealt with the centuries old sodomy committed regularly by the Catholic Church that willfully kept their sex crimes tightly under wraps until this century. Chapters 10 and 11 further exposed the ongoing globalized child trafficking network typically entrenched in combat zones during the 1990’s Bosnia and Kosovo Wars as well as the more recent CIA-State Department-USAID run pedophile havens for the booming child sex tourism industry most blatant in Pacific Asia. And of course this century’s nonstop Empire wars in the Middle East and Ukraine provide yet more fertile ground for illegal movement of guns, drugs, body parts and children around the globe.

So be mindful that to this very day the global pedophile Empire has never ceased operating but as the cancerous blight it is has only spread its expansive predatory tentacles to every corner of the globe, every year abducting more missing children, and raping, torturing and killing yet more innocents every single day. But thankfully 2017 is the pivotal year that the world population is finally beginning to catch on for the first time the absolute urgency of challenging this mammoth criminal enterprise. Mass awareness offers humanity the chance to not only further expose the puppet master pedophiles and their puppet minions, but also finally hold their cabal accountable for their continual atrocities. With our growing collective effort to shine light on this dark scourge now beginning to pay off, we finally have our best chance to reduce and purge the elite’s sexual slavery and Satanic ritual abuse of our innocents off the face of this earth.

A Chronology of Irrefutable Hardcore Evidence

On February 4th, 1987 two white men in their 20’s, each dressed in coat and tie, were seen at a Tallahassee, Florida park playground with six white children aged 2 to 6 covered with insect bites and appearing very unkempt and improperly cared for.[3] An anonymous tipster contacted the city police to report the apparent child neglect and potential abuse. The police officer dispatched on the scene questioned the two men who claimed they were teachers traveling to Mexico to start a school for brilliant children. When asked about the children’s parents, the one adult willing to respond became evasive after stating the children “were being weaned from their mothers.”[4] When the police officer informed the two men that they were under arrest for suspicion of multiple counts of child abuse, the man refusing to answer questions fell to the ground feigning unconsciousness. At that point, after tentatively identifying themselves as Michael Houlihan (whose real name was later determined to be James Michael Holwell[5]) and Douglas Ammerman (who had no ID on him), both failed to cooperate any further in answering police questions. Later at the station Holwell pulled out two business cards with each of his two names on one side and the statement written on the other alluding to know his constitutional right to remain silent. In the park their nearby 1980 blue Dodge van displayed Virginia license plates. Upon closer inspection, police found a foul-smelling mattress in the back of the van along with maps, books, letters, 20 floppy computer disks, a device that can be hooked into a telephone line for computer transmissions,[6] a US passport and a pack of condoms. After all eight persons were taken into police custody, a spokesperson described the half dozen kids as “hungry… and pretty pathetic.”[7]

A female witness alleged to have carried on a 5-7 minute conversation with one of the men at the park later came forth and testified that she believed the man she spoke to was on drugs. In the middle of winter in northern Florida she said that he had asked her if she knew of another local “park with a swimming pond,” presumably to bathe the visibly filthy children.[8] After the oldest child, a six-year old girl named Mary Houlihan, possibly Michael’s biological daughter, reaffirmed that they were being transported to a school in Mexico, informing the police that they had been living at a commune in DC later determined to be the Finders, and that the cult leader referred to as “the game caller” (later identified as one Marion Pettie) would not allow the children to sleep in the house with the adults but relegated to living in outside tents.[9] Mary claimed that they were only given food as a reward. They were also kept out of school and appeared unfamiliar with such basic household items as television sets, telephones, typewriters, staplers and even toilets. This anomaly stands in stark contrast with the adult Finders. In early 1987 prior to the internet and private citizens even owning personal computers, the Finders members possessed numerous computers, and were highly skilled at utilizing the latest state of the art technology. This night and day difference between adults and children clearly attests to the lowly status of the young kids as subjugated, abusively exploited sex slaves. Though Mary was the only child able or willing to verbalize responses to police questions, the children were inadequately able to even identify themselves by name or the names of their two male custodians, which increased law enforcement suspicions that the two adults had kidnapped the children.

One day after the arrest the Tallahassee Police Department contacted US Customs and the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to assist determining both adult abusers’ and the children’s identities and learn more about the Finders group that they represented. US Customs was included due to the expressed intention of crossing the international border into Mexico as well as suspected violations of the Child Protection Act of 1984.[10] And since within the US Customs Department a Child Pornography and Protection Unit was already in place, that federal agency along with the FBI also became involved. Based on initially seized evidence, the two men were suspected of “supplying children for the production of child pornography.” Adding weight to these charges, an examining physician found that the two eldest children – Mary and a five-year old boy named Max – had been sexually abused. Additionally, Mary had become somewhat agitated prior to the physical examination when asked if she’d been inappropriately touched by adults.

The joint US Customs-intercity police investigation not only centered on the already firmly established physical evidence of gross neglect, sexual abuse and crossing state lines with abused trafficked children, but also sought to determine if the children had been kidnapped and reported missing.[11] The Florida arrest gave probable cause to attain search warrants for two Finders locations in Washington, a duplex townhouse in NW DC where members lived and a nearby warehouse where alleged Finders’ businesses were conducted in NE DC that apparently also doubled as a place of lodging for some. Search warrants were also secured to inspect a number of Finders’ properties (totaling 600 acres) that included a 90 acre farm owned by leader Marion Pettie located 90 miles outside DC via state highway 666 in the sleepy, little quaint town of Culpeper, Virginia in rural Madison County.[12] Also true to demonic Illuminati-like organizations, a local attorney in town representing a former Finders member in a messy divorce case received threatening, profane letters of harassment from Finders, had his tires slashed, and was forced to obtain a legal restraining order just to get the cult to cease aggressions.[13]

Assigned US Customs special agent Ramon J. Martinez joined the Washington Metro police lead detective James Bradley who had already begun investigating Finders in December 1986 and with fresh search warrants they inspected the two DC Finders’ properties.[14] Two months earlier an informant had divulged that the Finders cult regularly engaged in “blood rituals and sexual orgies involving children, and an as yet unsolved murder.”[15] Officer Martinez conducted a search of the Finders residence in NW Washington (three short miles from the future Pizzagate epicenter Comet Ping Pong) and found several individuals on the premises but only one a Finders member – Stuart Silverstone, located in a computer room filled with computers, printers and Finders documents that all proved very incriminating, confirming suspicions that the cult was in fact directly involved in global child sex trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Straight from Martinez’ US Customs report:

Cursory examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included impregnation of female members of the community known as Finders, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping. There were telex messages using MCI account numbers between a computer terminal believed to be located in the same room, and others located across the country and in foreign locations. One such telex specifically ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact at the Chinese Embassy there.[16]

Also found were papers expressing an acute interest in:

‘Bank secrecy’ situations… high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement.[17]

Also hugely significant is the fact that within hours of the Tallahassee incident, Martinez discovered the confidential arrest records of the two Finders and six children taken into custody the night before.[18] This unequivocally proves that intelligence insiders (i.e., the CIA) privy to on-the-ground actions in Florida tipped off the Finders in real time that instantly relayed warnings around the globe. A sophisticated worldwide computer network immediately had broadcast instructions advising “participants to move ‘the children’ and keep them moving through different jurisdictions, and instructions on how to avoid police attention.”[19] In the immediate aftermath of the Tallahassee arrests, Lt. Lee Hart from the Culpeper police department where the Finders leader Marion Pettie owned real estate, stated that Pettie “would go to Andrews Air Force Base and get a military plane flight to China.”[20] This telling statement reveals that Pettie enjoyed an intimate relationship with intelligence forces that included both the CIA as well as the US military and was doing business with Red China procuring two children in Hong Kong at that time.

The Finders was definitely not the operation of some 1960’s, pie-in-the-sky, hippie commune holdout as initial press had concluded based on the government’s official false narrative[21] but a highly advanced CIA government proprietary criminal operation. The Finders’ mastermind Marion Pettie also rented rooms out in his house to foreign nationals, one allegedly a Tianjin, China born grad student at Georgetown University[22] (the same school that longtime CIA operative Dr. Sue Arrigo refers to as CIA U[23]). Was this Chinese national residing at Finders’ residence and the Finders’ purchase order of two kids in Hong Kong arranged through the Red Chinese embassy a pure matter of coincidence? Seems highly doubtful.

On the next day February 6th, Martinez joined Metro detective Bradley at the Finders warehouse location. There they found loads more documents describing “explicit sexual conduct between members,” including an enormous collection of photos believed to be both nude Finders adults and nude children, at least one depicting “a child ‘on display’ and appearing to accent the child’s genitals.” A photo album exhibited “a series of photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a ‘blood ritual.’”[24] Apparently photos taken on Pettie’s Madison County farm showed two goats – often the symbol for Satan[25] – being ceremonially executed, disemboweled, skinned, dismembered (including a male goat’s testes and a female goat’s womb containing dead babies), and one photo of a crying, traumatized child being presented the goat’s head by an adult Finder.[26] Throughout ancient occult history, the goat’s head has long represented Baphomet, yet another Satanic practice symbol for the devil.

Similar to the computer room at the residence, the warehouse also stored stacks of documents and files pertaining to Finders activities around the world. To name just a few that Martinez noted: Costa Rica, the Bahamas, London, Germany and other European locations as well as the Soviet Union, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Russia, North Korea, Malaysia and Africa.[27] Other file labels observed were named according to project, members’ names and locations. A couple of notable examples were labeled “Palestinian” and “Pentagon Break-In.” Intelligence files were gathered on individual private families seemingly unrelated to Finders members other than the Finders would answer ads for babysitters and tutors and glean “as much information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family.” Immense amounts of data on various childcare organizations was also collected. This massive intelligence gathering data only makes perfect sense for a CIA front whose primary mission is child victim procurement and global child sex trafficking. Pettie was the “Game Caller” calling the shots on his trafficking network graphically displayed not only in countless documents but also on wall maps of the world in every Finders location.

Back in 1987 both the Northwest residence and the Northeast warehouse had installed large sophisticated satellite systems. Each location also included a hot tub Jacuzzi and sauna,[28] no doubt for “relaxing” with the kids (not unlike the WikiLeaks release of last year’s Podesta/DNC emails[29]). The Finders warehouse contained a large library, two kitchens and a video room that served as a “training area for children” and “indoctrination center.” The organization possessed the capacity and equipment to make their own videos, and based on volumes of nude photos, their own child porn videos as well.[30] Additionally in the residential section of the warehouse there was also an altar set up for occult rituals. Several more US passports were collected during the search. Bizarrely in this same section were stored jars containing urine and feces,[31] disgustingly popular ingredients for satanic rituals with children. Recall that in both mind control torture as well as the satanic rituals at daycare facilities, kids were forced to eat shit, drink piss and have excrement smeared on them as standard occult operating procedure. Over the next three to five days the Washington Metro Police Department was tasked with sorting, reviewing and logging all the confiscated evidence.

Apparently through a leak at the Tallahassee Police Department, the press in both Florida and the nation’s capital were tipped off and snooping around asking questions as Martinez left the warehouse location.[32] As the authorities carried scores of large plastic bags out of the warehouse as gathered legal evidence, reporters were quick to notice all the:

… Color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets. Some showed naked children involved in what appeared to be ‘cult rituals,’ bloodletting ceremonies of animals and one photograph of a child in chains.[33]

And the very next day on February 7th, just three short days after the Tallahassee arrest, while Ramon Martinez was signing his 5-page US Customs report, the Washington Post was also breaking the big sensational story with the following headline “Officials Describe ‘Cult Rituals’ in Child Abuse Case.” Unlike nowadays with WaPo’s blind denial and conspicuous silence on any pedophile ring still operating in our nation’s capital,[34] three decades ago the CIA owned and controlled MSM rag[35] openly asserted that something satanically sinister was lurking within the Finders confines. The 1987 article reported that prior district court records indicated that a police source reported that the 40 adult membership of the Finders cult conducted “brainwashing” techniques at the warehouse as well as at the duplex. The source claimed that cult recruitment promised “financial reward and sexual gratification” as well as “explore Satanism.” A court affidavit from the source also maintained that members of the group used children in “rituals” and that “the children’s grandparents feared for their safety.”

But despite all this clear evidence of child pornography, Satanic ritual child sexual abuse, and global child sex trafficking, from the get-go the writing was already on the wall because less than a week after the two pedophile traffickers were in custody in Florida, the CIA controlled DC Metro Police Department and CIA controlled Washington Post were declaring that the Finders were not criminals. WaPo’s February 10th headline read “D.C. Police Finders Odd, not Criminal.”[36] The day before at a press conference the DC Police Chief Maurice T. Turner, Jr. told the world the boldface lie that:

The lifestyle of the so-called Finders organization may differ from the societal norm, but so far the Metropolitan Police Department has not uncovered any evidence of criminal wrongdoing by members of the group.

Again, what we have here are the complicit stooges readily in place simply doing what they’re told – reading from a preplanned script written by the perps in charge of the worldwide trafficking network conveniently covering up their own heinous crimes. And lo and behold, those “three to five days” that the DC Metro Police would purportedly analyze the piles of confiscated evidence turned into more than three to five weeks. Not until March 31st, 1987 was Customs Officer Martinez contacting MPD’s lead detective Bradley to assess evidential findings and presumably resume the joint investigation with a meeting arranged for April 2nd or 3rd. But when Martinez showed up, that lead MPD investigator was nowhere to be found. Instead his surrogate was instructed to only “discuss the case on a strictly ‘off the record’ basis.”[37]

Martinez was told that after all the Finders members’ passports were handed over to the State Department, the DC police were told that they were all legal and that since no improprieties warranted any further action, they were returned to the Finders. Incredibly, this whitewashed response belied the fact that the Finders passport records showed that they had made frequent trips to Moscow, North Korea, China and North Vietnam throughout the cold war era from the late 1950’s through the mid 1970’s.[38] In other words, despite Finders being allowed to freely travel behind enemy lines during wartime years fraternizing and making business deals with America’s so called Communist enemies, the State Department [and CIA] obviously had no problem with their espionage activities. This fact indicates yet more blatant evidence the Finders was a covert CIA operation. This unbelievable turn of events was just the beginning. Officer Martinez’ final report described what the Washington Metro Police spokesman told him next:

The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated that the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD report has been classified secret and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed the MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.[39]

So just like that, the Finders investigation was suddenly closed. Once again evoking the “national security” card, the Department of Justice ordered the immediate shutdown of the joint police-Customs-FBI investigation and was conveniently turned over to the CIA as a sensitive “internal security matter.”[40] All the blatant crime evidence was suppressed and denied, the half dozen abused children were returned to their two freed adult perps and the CIA-Finders operation was back in business.

Despite the indisputable proof that the Finders was an obvious CIA front trafficking and abusing children worldwide, because they were pawns serving the likes of pedophile kingpin George H.W. Bush[41] and his evil ilk, the Finders were allowed to go scot free and resume operations as if nothing had ever happened. Despite angry protest by the Tallahassee police, the pedophile kidnappers in custody were promptly released from jail.[42] That is simply the power of the pedophile Empire in action that existed in 1987 as it still exists today.

But because in this last year the pedophiles have been stripped naked again, caught in the act against children like never before, simply whitewashing tons of evidence surfacing daily under the MSM carpet and pretending the Luciferian mob running this planet isn’t raping and killing our children en masse will no longer wash. The guilty this time around are finally paying for their crimes. With all the sexual predators now falling one by one from their no longer safe perch,[43] the Weinsteins, Spaceys, the Charlie Roses, John Conyers and the Al Frankens are all going down.[44] This is just the beginning – debaucherously hardened pedophiles atop their crumbling, wretched crime cabal will undoubtedly be next.

Because rumors of the foul truth surrounding the Finders as a CIA pedo-front lingered on for years afterwards, one more mainstream media attempt to gain full closure to put to rest any vestige of what actually occurred arrived seven years later in a 1994 article from US News and World Report designed to finish the job suppressing the ugly inconvenient truth once and for all.[45] No sooner did the piece admit the litany of evidential findings of child sexual abuse years earlier, albeit cloaked behind the qualifier merely suggesting abuse may have taken place, the next sentence delivers the entire message payload:

None of the allegations was ever proved, however.[46]

Of course it wasn’t – all evidence was immediately squelched and forevermore sealed tight from any further public exposure. But again, the pedo-cat had already been let out of the bag, no matter how hard the pedo-power-crazies try to gloss over their crimes ever since. Like it always does, the corrupt and totally controlled Washington Metro Police Department predictably followed its marching orders, “admitting” that Marion Pettie and his gang may appear a bit “eccentric,” but they were never criminals. The article goes on to explain that a couple of Congress members in 1994 wanted to reopen the case, believing that criminal evidence had in fact been overtly covered up.[47] But of course nothing ever came of their inquiry. US News reported that Pettie in 1994 described the Finders as a “communal, holistic-living and learning arrangement,” all harmlessly benign. After the 1987 fallout that resulted in many of the women and mothers leaving the group, by 1994 the number of Finders had fallen by half to 20.[48] Pettie stated his members did “freelance journalism, research and ‘competitor intelligence’ for a variety of mostly foreign clients,” but never for governments. And despite admitting that his late wife was a CIA employee and his son worked with the CIA front Air America, notorious for smuggling opium into the US from the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War,[49] Pettie insisted he had no ties to the CIA, claiming he sent his wife in to spy on the CIA.[50] Recall also that the Finders were actively doing business with North Vietnam. And Pettie also has stated in his interview that over the decades he rented rooms out to intelligence and counterintelligence personnel, including foreign operatives. And law enforcement has disclosed that a number of Finders members have been listed in the FBI’s classified counterintelligence files.[51]

The CIA has even admitted that “a few Finders members” were employed by a company that trained CIA personnel in computer software. However, standard CIA protocol calls for CIA or one of its numerous proprietary companies to customarily provide the agency’s in-service training, rarely if ever outside private entities with “no ties” as Pettie claims.[52] Despite the CIA and Pettie’s feeble denials overtly attempting to distance each from the other, far too glaring proof has shown that for many decades Finders was an active CIA front operating a global child sex trafficking network.

Per US Customs in the US government’s own conclusive words:

During the course of the [Finders] search warrants, numerous documents were discovered which appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in children, high tech transfer to the United Kingdom, and international transfer of currency.[53]

Again the London link to central banking is alluded to in the financing of a worldwide child sex trafficking operation as documented by US Customs Special Agent Ramon Martinez 30 years ago. But most importantly, this confirmed reality was the US government’s own foregone conclusion based on initially available, highly incriminating and increasingly overwhelming evidence that clearly demonstrates the CIA-Finders’ criminal guilt.

An incisive Voxfux article with unnamed author drew this all too accurate conclusion:

The story of the Finders cult is the story of the development of child/assets to be used to entrap politicians, diplomats; corporate and law enforcement officials; to sell child/victims to wealthy perverts to raise money for covert operations, to train some of the child/victims to be professional operatives and assassins of a totally cold, multiple personality, mind control nature.[54]

Longtime mind control sex slave, spy, remote viewer and CIA operative Dr. Sue Arrigo’s knowledgeable, credible contention is that the Finders kids were the throwaways of the CIA throwaways from its MK Ultra mind control program.[55] Murdered CIA director for his “loose lips” William Colby once explained to Sue Arrigo that Finders was a CIA front program recruiting and training expendable children as targeted procurers of peers to push CIA drugs, arms and fellow sex slaves as a cost-effective measure designed to cut down liability of an inordinate number of CIA KIA’s.

Career G-man and Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles FBI station chief Ted Gunderson had this to say about the “eccentric” cult:

The Finders are a CIA front established in the 1960’s. It has top clearance and protection in its assigned task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the US. Members are specially trained government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates who involve children in Satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as murders of other children and slaughter of animals.[56] They are then used in their Satanic Ceremonies for body parts, as sex slaves, and some are auctioned off.[57]

To further expound on what Ted Gunderson, post-FBI private investigator, found in the evidence of the Finder’s criminal operation, editor Ken Adachi adds:

The kidnapping of children for purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse, child slave labor for underground alien-controlled facilities, white sex slavery, and the satanic ritual murder of untold thousands of American children snatched from the streets and playgrounds of America by agents working for the CIA is the principle reason for the existence of a covert CIA operation called ‘The Finders.’ The Finders is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America’s children that Gunderson’s investigations helped to uncover, but it’s only one of many covert Gestapo-like acts committed against American citizens by government agents under directives issued, not by Congress or the President, but rather by international Satanists collectively known as the Illuminati, who control the Secret or Inner government of the United States as well as every other major government in the world. The ‘Finders’ operation began in the 1960’s and continues kidnapping children to this very day.[58]

Finders was nothing less than a CIA front organization caught red-handed specializing in international terrorism, worldwide child procurement and global child sex trafficking while practicing Luciferian ritual sexual abuse, mind control and systematic torture of children… all highly illegal, nefarious criminal activities independently confirmed and corroborated by hundreds of other well-documented sources. The child victims were supplied by both childbearing Finders breeders as well as through global abduction and the clandestine slave trade. The Finders delivered readily disposable children to be sodomized by the pedophile elite as well as those serving the elite. Beyond any question or doubt, Finders was protected by Washington’s powerbrokers, including US presidents and Congress, financed by the City of London and as such, enjoyed globalized outreach support, protection and concealment in virtually every State Department embassy throughout the world.

The same names keep popping up ad nauseam – the CIA, the FBI, the Bushes, the Clintons, the royals and their same secret societies, the CFR, the Pilgrims, the Skull and Bones, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, and on and on it goes. The dots are no longer dots needing to be connected but emboldened ratlines spread from Washington to London to Brussels to Rome, literally from one end of the earth to the other. The so called ruling elite are cannibalistic, Luciferian worshipping sodomizers and soulless child killers and that sadly is neither sensationalized exaggeration nor more internet fear porn. Time to face the cold hard reality of how the planetary controllers have both maintained and increased their earthly power.

Still not quite convinced yet? Next comes the biggest pedophile scandal ever recorded in American history – the infamous Franklin scandal that operated a trafficking ring straight from Omaha’s Catholic Boys Town orphanage directly to the pedophile Bush White House during the 1980’s and early 1990’s, fully covered in the next chapter.

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Appendix 2

McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Coverup

McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Coverup

1) McMartin Preschool Revisited

2) Ray Buckey’s Press Corps and the Tunnels of McMartin

3) Cult and Ritual Abuse – It’s History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America – Indictment movie

4) Chronology of the McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials

5) Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site

6) Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children – Eberle’s

7) Denying ritual abuse of children

8) Interview of Jackie MacGauley

9) The Dark Tunnels of McMartin

10) Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases

11) Paul and Shirley Eberle: A Strange Pair of Experts

12) Additional articles

McMartin Preschool Revisited by Alex Constantine 1996 (in Virtual Government – CIA Mind Control Operations in America – Alex Constantine (Feral House Pub. 1997 ISBN 0-922915-45-8)

Welcome to Manhattan Beach

Paul Bynum graduated from college in 1972 and joined the Hermosa Beach police department a year later. At 31 he was promoted to the rank of chief detective. Bynum was not a traditional investigator. One fellow detective often thought he was “too bright to be a cop.” Off duty, he drove an MG and mixed with the ’60s survivors at the Sweetwater Café.

In 1976 Bynum was assigned the investigation of the Karen Klaas murder. Klaas was the divorced wife of Bill Medley, a vocalist for the Righteous Brothers. She was raped and murdered one morning about an hour after dropping her five-year-old son off at the McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach.

Neighbors told police they’d been alarmed at the sight of a menacing stranger before the murder wandering through the neighborhood. Police later entertained speculation that Klaas had been stalked. Throughout the week her body was found, this same stranger had popped up several times on her corner. A neighbor phoned Karen to warn her. She didn’t answer. When friends entered the back door of the house, concerned for her safety, they found a Caucasian male with a beard, about 5’7″, 28 years old, dressed in a long olive green coat with a tunic collar and boots. He was leaving through the front door. Klaas was found naked and unconscious. She died five days later. Nothing was stolen. Police had no indication that Klaas knew the man who assaulted her.

In 1984, shortly after indictments were handed to defendants in the McMartin child molestation case, Gerald Klaas, her husband, drove off a cliff in Oregon and was killed. Children alleged in a grand jury hearing that teachers at the preschool had threatened to kill family members if they talked about abuse, It was rumored around town that the Klaas deaths and the McMartin case may have been related. But police said no. “We have no leads, no suspects and we’re not coordinating with Manhattan Beach,” Hermosa Beach Lt. Mike Lavin told reporters.1

In 1979, Paul Bynum was forced out of the police department without an explanation despite an unblemished record. After Bynum had wrapped up an investigation of a series of murders of teenage girls in nearby Redondo Beach, culminating in the arrest and conviction of serial killers Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker, police chief Frank Beeson pressured Bynum to take a stress leave. Bynum was haunted by the serial murder investigation, but remained confident in his emotional stability. He refused the leave. The chief obtained an order from the city manager, and Bynum was forced out on an indefinite disability leave. He chalked it up to internal politics, “paranoia.” “When the papers reported that Beeson had shown up apparently drunk at his first Hermosa council meeting and dropped his revolver on the floor,” Bynum told reporter Kevin Cody, “he thought we had tipped reporters.” Beeson was unaware that reporters routinely attended meetings of the city council.2

Bynum set out on a new career as a private investigator. In March 1984, he was retained by the Buckeys’ defense attorney, Danny Davis, and in the course of his investigation came to the conclusion that children had been abused at the preschool. He found the video-taped interviews of the children by child therapists “credible.” One afternoon, Cody informed Bynum that hundreds of children had alleged molestation took place at the preschool. Bynum was shocked. He stammered he had no idea so many children were involved.

In 1986 he was called to testify at the trial of Ray Buckey by prosecutor Lael Rubin. The morning he was to appear a juror’s home was burglarized and Bynum’s testimony was rescheduled for the next morning. “Neither side is going to like what I have to say,” he told Cody. For one thing, there was the matter of Bynum’s lost citation books, records he’d kept while a detective in Hermosa Beach. When the police arrested Ray Buckey on molestation charges, the “lost” books were discovered on the preschool attendant’s desk. What were official police records doing in Buckey’s home? And Prosecutor Rubin had intended to ask Bynum about a map turned up by DA investigators in March 1986, pin-pointing the location of turtle shells Bynum had unearthed at the lot next to the McMartin preschool. (The children claimed teachers had killed turtles to demonstrate what would happen to them and their families if they talked about the molestations. Bynum, while retained by the defense, had managed to corroborate a key point in the testimony of the children.)

Bynum’s court appearance was preempted by “suicide,” although the timing left some parents in the case convinced he’d been murdered.3 His body was discovered by his wife at 5:45 in the morning. He died of a head shot from a .38 caliber pistol. “None of the half dozen people questioned who were close to Bynum could think of any reason why his involvement in the case might have driven him to suicide,” reported the Easy Reader in Manhattan Beach. “Paul was kind of a worrier,” said Stephen Kay, a deputy district attorney and friend of the Bynum family, “but there was no hint of suicide. He was very upbeat about his wife and new daughter, both of whom he adored.”4

The belief that Bynum had been murdered was fueled by the memory of another odd death, the alcohol toxicity that claimed the life of Judy Johnson. She was the first mother to speak publicly about child molestation at McMartin. and sympathizers of the Buckeys in the press have gone to great lengths to portray Johnson as “crazy.” Her life was inverted the day her son came home from the McMartin school, bleeding. Strangers entered her life, intimidated her. She believed she’d been poisoned. (In 1992, therapists at the L.A. Commission for Women’s Ritual Abuse Task Force were also poisoned, and corroborated their allegations with medical reports – the Los Angeles Times was given the reports, but ignored them and alleged the therapists were paranoid fantasists.5) She lived in fear, felt it necessary to keep a gun in the house. Her estranged husband appeared to have joined in the harassment campaign. She took to alcohol. She was allergic to alcohol. It poisoned her.

The death of Judy Johnson was met with howls of laughter in greater Los Angeles. She will be remembered as the delusional paranoiac who set in motion a wave of “hysteria” carried through Southern California by a sensational press and out across the plains, contaminating lives and decimating families everywhere. A groundless witch-hunt. This was the explanation doled out by “experts” from leading universities. Nevertheless, children who attended the preschool still insist they were abused. And the detailed memories of their parents are sharply at odds with the simple caricature of the case repeated endlessly in the press. They recall not suggestive questioning, but the long hours of testimony by dozens of children, the telephoned death threats, how some of the children suffered deep emotional problems requiring hospitalization. Knowing child pornography to be a highly lucrative business, they frown at the snickering over the childrens’ disclosures that they were forced to play “naked movie-star” games. They haven’t put aside as anomalous accident the first exhibit in the case, a physician’s report that one of the children suffered “blunt force trauma” of sexual areas.6 The parents were left to ponder why some of the toddlers in the care of the McMartins had chlamydia, a sexually-transmitted infection.7 Where was the humor in all of this?

Open Season

The parents wondered, like everyone else, at the incredibility of the charges – some said the children were lying – yet they had to question Peggy McMartin’s testimony that she only worked at the school for a short time, when payroll records showed that she had been employed there for years. To the families, the final verdict of Ray Buckey meant it was now “open season on children.”

The world was told redundantly that ABC’s Wayne Satz, the reporter who broke the case (killed by a heart attack in December, 1992 at age 47), and Kee MacFarlane, a therapist testifying for the prosecution, had an affair, as if this had any bearing on the allegations of the children. Even Oliver Stone, perhaps in ignorance, took to the bandwagon with a film made for HBO, written by Abby Mann, theorizing that hysteria in Manhattan Beach was kindled when one child returned home from school one afternoon with “a red bottom” – this would be the son of Judy Johnson, and he hadn’t been spanked – he was bleeding from the anus.

This hardly constitutes media “spin.” It is conscious participation in a felony. The account of the case pounded into collective memory by media repetition goes that far to distort the facts. The widespread media coverage was, according to Los Angeles Times editor Noel Greenwood, “a mean-spirited campaign” organized to discredit the children and their therapists.8 But why should certain members of the corporate press, and segments of the legal and psychiatric professions, go to such lengths to suppress evidence of organized child abuse at McMartin?

The traumatic crimes reported by the toddlers bear an uncanny resemblance to mind control programming, a specialty of certain classified federal agencies and cult cut-outs on the black budget payroll.8 The children are often ridiculed because some of their charges are impossible. Tunnels under the preschool? Too ludicrous to consider. But as it happens, there were tunnels, confirmed in 1993 by a team of five scientists from leading universities.

The unearthing of the tunnels, like much of the critical evidence, never made it to the courtroom. They have been discreetly excluded from newspaper accounts. Filling the void, Debbie Nathan, a widely published skeptic of ritual abuse, heaped ridicule on the tunnel allegations in the Village Voice in June 1990. She maintained the McMartin site had already been “painstakingly probed for tunnels. None were found”9 Nathan’s account is a fabrication. In fact, recalls Dr. Roland Summit, who contributed to the final report on the tunnel excavation, parents started digging and prosecutors, reluctantly forced to a showdown, “commissioned a superficial search of open terrain.” District Attorney Ira Reiner then declared the tunnel stories unfounded “without going under the concrete floor of the preschool.”Once the tunnels were officially discounted, attempts to explore for an underground reality were instant targets for ridicule.”10 Archeologist Gary Stickel was retained to lead the excavation on the re-commendation of Dr. Rainier Berger, chairman of UCLA’s Interdisciplinary Archeology Program, by parents of McMartin children.11 Initially Stickel sided with the Buckeys, believing the abuse allegations to be so much moonlight for hysterics. However, he’d heard of late homicide detective Paul Bynum, the first to dig at the site: Bynum apparently conducted his informal digging in February, 1984 (Daily Breeze, 1987). It is significant to note he did unearth some buried animal remains, “numerous pieces of tortoise shells and bones” (Daily Breeze, 1987). “There was keen interest at the time since it was reported that the children testified that tortoises, rabbits, and other small animals were mutilated to terrorize the children into keeping silent” (Daily Breeze, 1987).12

But “experts” courted by the press snaffled at the suggestion that animals were killed to frighten children at McMartin and other preschools around the country. It was not until 1993 that a study by the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect confirmed that children are not only threatened in day care settings, “most threats are very specific in terms of what the consequence of disclosure will be and how the threat will be carried out…. The use of such severe threats is obviously quite frightening to young children and is effective in preventing disclosure. In fact, it appears that threats used in day care center cases may go beyond what is usually needed to silence victims, and may in some instances be made for purposes of psychological terror in and of itself.”13

Into the Grotto

Most reporters in Southern California pooh-poohed evidence of coercion, but there was a great, gaping silence when the tunnels were found. “I asked my daughter,” recalls Jackie MacGauley, a mother of two children who attended the preschool, “‘How could they have taken you to these places without being seen?’ And she answered me as though I was silly to ask such a question. She said, ‘Through the tunnels, of course.’”

The Los Angeles Times ran a spate of features poking fun of the excavation team until actual evidence of tunnels was discovered. Then the Times ran a brief news item, one paragraph long, dryly noting that “evidence” of tunnels had been found, and never mentioned the subject again. The local Beach Reporter covered the story without a blush: “parents began to dig with shovels, allegedly in an area pointed out by a nine-year-old former student of the McMartin preschool, who told them to dig behind a cement planter in the northeast corner. When parents unearthed several broken turtle shells and a few bones, they stopped digging and notified the district attorney’s office.”

Once the entrance was exposed, Stickel used remote sensing equipment to read the terrain conductivity of the empty lot next to the preschool. The survey was conducted by a respected geophysicist, Robert Beer, working with an electromagnetic scanner. The tunnel opening was found precisely where children said it would be. Stickel: “Some of the children had stated there had been animal cages placed along that wall and that they had entered a tunnel under the cages.” A foreign soil deposit was found near the foundation. Clearing the anomaly with a backhoe, they found the roots of an avocado tree cut to clear a path for the tunnel. The roots had been cut with a hand saw and torn away, and shreds dangled on either wall of the tunnel.

That’s the moment editors at the Times chose to pull reporters off the story. All other news outlets rapidly followed suit. But the excavators cleared the foreign soil and followed the tunnel anyway. It “meandered under Classroom No. 4 and then most of Classroom No. 3…. There is no other scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel,” they concluded. “The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled back in sometime after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool).”14

Dr. E. Michael, a specialist in forensic geology in Malibu, was called to examine a cavity in the underground passage. Together with Dr. Herbert Adams of the geology department at Cal State University, a ground resistivity reading of the tunnel was followed from the preschool to a triplex next door, a traversing section parallel to the north wall of the school, 5 feet away, extending 20 feet eastward, 10 to 15 feet beneath the surface.15

Gerald Hobbs, a local tree surgeon for 25 years, did much of the actual digging. Hobbs: The children had told two different stories about this tunnel prior to the dig. One, that they had gone through the tunnel and came up in the house next door, and two, they had come up in the garage, which blocked the house from the street. At any rate, the tunnel went in that direction…. That evening I went to the house next door and followed the walk between the school and the house, only about 41/2 feet apart. I went about 30 feet down between the buildings and found a crawl space under the house. I bellied my way toward the southwest corner of the house. After going about 20 feet, I found an area inside the west wall of the house where the floor was cut out. If I remember correctly, the area of floor that was missing was 36″ X 38″ X 41”.16

A total of 77 animal bones were found buried at the McMartin site, an assortment of the osteo-remains of domestic cattle, chickens, dogs and a single rabbit.17 However, Debbie Nathan, the hide-bound “skeptic” of ritual abuse, a scion of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, told another story. The McMartin site, she insisted, had already been “painstakingly probed for tunnels” by the D.A.’s office. (Not so, as we’ve seen). “None were found. [The McMartin] parents have invested years believing in demonic conspiracies and underground nursery tunnels. (Until recently the parents were still digging. They came up with Indian artifacts).” No mention of Bynum’s independent findings. No mention of the dig as it happened in the real world. She reserves much of her scorn for former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and Jackie MacGauley. Nathan seems not to realize that Gunderson and MacGauley brought in Stickel and his geological team to defuse accusations they were directly engaged in the dig. They weren’t. The search for the tunnels was independent, and scores of volunteers pitched in.

Nathan’s refrain of “no evidence” is hollow. She has been known to contort around the facts of ritual abuse in a grotesque parody of journalism and is frequently blind to critical evidence. Nathan continues to find “no evidence” of abuse at McMartin despite the nightmares, the acting-out, medical molestation reports and sexual infections. The tunnel excavation, she assures with psychic certainty (and a sniff of condescension), is a “hoax.”

To come to the point: Nathan’s propaganda, repeated in the New York Times and a host of other corporate publications, happened to conceal a classified mind control operation the CIA and Pentagon had undertaken thirty years before….

End of Part One


– Notes –

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Ray Buckey’s Press Corps and the Tunnels of McMartin – From: Psychic Dictatorship in the USA, Alex Constantine (Feral House, 1995).

A fusillade of press reports, OpEd Columns and television documentaries have dismissed the McMartin case as a “witch hunt” born of mass hysteria, coercive therapy, false memories and greed. Yet all seven jurors attending a press conference after the second trial raised heir hands when asked who among them believed children had been abused at the preschool. So why the call to public denial from the press?

After the initial flurry of press coverage of the McMartin Preschool molestation case, a number of sympathetic reporters and psychiatrists publicly exonerated Ray Buckey and his co-defendants. This observer’s gallery of “skeptics” also deny that ritual abuse is a social problem. The argument consistently leads to the lament that the McMartin allegations were incited by mass hysteria, an ambitious district attorney and an incompetent child therapist. The hysteria thesis, promoted by a small group of pedophile defense psychologists, mostly, has appeared in publications of stature including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, Harper’s, New Yorker, Newsweek,. The McMartin case was the subject of an Oliver Stone cable feature.

Media boosters of the defense neglect to acknowledge the most damning evidence in the McMartin case. Instead, they explain away superficial, carefully-sifted pieces of the case. In preparation for the trial, 389 toddlers were interviewed – nearly all of them described abuse at the preschool, and do to this day. Some 80 percent had physical symptoms, including blunt force trauma of sexual areas, scarring, rectal bleeding and sexual diseases. Interestingly enough, skeptics of ritual abuse in the public print often have dubious bona fides themselves. Some even participate secretly in the pedophile and occult undergrounds, most notably a couple of Los Angeles writers who have written the only two book available on McMartin, taking mental health professionals, police, the press and prosecutors to task for pursuing false allegations of abuse.

The Politics of Child Abuse, by Paul and Shirley Eberle, purports to be something of a definitive investigation. A blurb for the book exults: “This has got to be one of the most devastating political detective stories of all time. The authors smashed open the child abuse witch-hunt so everyone can see it for what it is – the way it really happened, and why. Here is the amazing story, starting with the first spectacular accusations, the marathon pre-trial hearing, the endless series of false accusations.” Since the Eberles’ first McMartin book appeared in 19896, the Eberles have achieved national status as child abuse experts. In courts of law their work is frequently cited, and they lecture widely to receptive audiences.

The Eberles once appeared as featured speakers at a conference held by Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL), an organization that feted The politics of child Abuse as positively revelatory. But Paul and shirley Eberle can hardly be considered credible reporters. Blurbs in their own pornographic tabloid, L.A. Star, failed to mention that in the 1970s the authors once ran an underground tabloid for pedophiles in Los Angeles, Finger, which delved heavily into sadomasochistic sex, sex with children and sex acts involving human excrement. Finger contained sexual drawings by children and pedophile erotica, including “My First Rape,” “She was Only Thirteen,” “Sexpot at Five,” and “What Happens when Niggers Adopt White Children.” One issue featured a cover photo of two naked adults reclining amid a pile of inflated dolls. A letter to Finger declaimed: “I’m a pedophile and I think it’s great a man is having sex with his daughter…. Would like to see pics of nude girls making it with their daddy, but realize its too risky to print.”

The book’s publisher, Carole Stuart of Lyle Stuart & Co., told Ms. magazine that the Eberles have been “friends of the family for years.” In The Politics of Child Abuse, the Eberles claimed that since the McMartin arrests, “we have been barraged with hundreds of sexual abuse cases, in which many people have been sent to prison for staggeringly long terms on little or no evidence.” That the Eberles themselves remain at large would seem to contradict the notion that child abuse laws are stringently over-enforced. The Eberles attempt to portray every abuser as a victim of the justice system: We believe that every molestation case in which there has been a conviction should be reopened and reviewed. There is convincing evidence that innocent people have been imprisoned, that naive juries and judges were unable to believe the defendants would be brought to trial if no crime had occurred, and defense attorneys have not been allowed to bring all the pertinent facts before the public.

Los Angeles attorney Sally Dichter, in a book review, argued that the Eberles have “nothing to offer to any discipline.” The book she lamented, “is an attempt to vindicate every individual who has been convicted of child abuse.” Considering their credentials as child pornographers, of course the Eberles, as Dichter discovered, believe “every molestation case in which there has been a conviction should be reopened and reviewed.” Dichter found this point of view unbelievable: “The Eberles seem intent on convincing the reader that child abuse never occurs.” The authors “skepticism” of ritual child abuse is shared by Gerald Larue, professor emeritus of Biblical history and archeology at the University of Southern California. Larue is one of the principals behind the Noah’s Ark hoax, which culminated in February 1993 with a two-hour CBS prime-time special, “The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark, billed by CBS as a documentary. Scholars immediately denounced it. The network refused to retract.

Satanism in America, a book that Larue co-wrote, attributed the McMartin case to a “satanic panic” incited by wild-eyed “religious fanatics, opportunists and emotionally unstable survivors whose stories simply are not to be believed” —- an agonizing irony given Larue’s instigation of the Noah’s Ark hoax. He argues that the “child abuse hysteria sweeping the country us being fueled by people for whom facts have no meaning. They invent ‘facts.’”

Langley Connections and the Rise of the Child Abuse Backlash

Another “expert” who has dismissed McMartin as a classic witch-hunt is Dr. Douglas Besherov, once the director of the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. He is also a directory of the rabidly right-wing American Enterprise Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank To supplement his weighty credentials, Besherov writes for academic social and political quarterlies with long histories of collaborating with the CIA for propaganda purposes. He is a coeval of Irving Kristol, a veteran CIA psychological warfare specialist. In 1976, the Congressional Church committee hearings revealed that the CIA is deeply entrenched in the American press. Some 400 journalists, it emerged at the hearings, had collaborated with the Agency at least once. CIA propagandists like Besherov and Kristol provide others in the field with a scholastic support base, and mold opinion on campus. with such CIA-anchored academic journals as Encounter and The Public Interest, both edited by neo-con Kristol. In 1986, Public Interest published a monograph by Dr. Besherov entitled “Unfounded Allegations – A New Child Abuse Problem.” Besherov opens with the observation of legal scholar Sanford Katz that “the maltreatment of children is as old as recorded history. Infanticide, ritual sacrifice, exposure, mutilation, abandonment, brutal discipline and the near slavery of child labor have existed in all cultures.”

Dr. Besherov, left dry-eyed by such conditions, blamed the media and mandatory reporting laws for dragging child abuse out of the closet (where he seems to prefer it) and blowing the severity of the problem out of proportion. Besherov’s influential follow-up article, “Doing Something About Child Abuse: The Need to Narrow the Grounds for State Intervention,” was published in 1985 by Irving Kristol and the American Enterprise Institute. In it, Besherov argues that most allegations of child abuse are statistically unfounded. His slipshod use of statistics drove the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) to publicly find him responsible for leading the public “to believe that child abuse is leveling off or that, as reports increase, the level of substantiation decreases.” The CWLA notes that its survey results indicate a “substantial increase in reports,” and “a stable rate of confirmation,” directly contradicting Besherov’s statistical red herring. Turning to the children removed from their homes by social workers, Besherov states flatly: “According to data collected by the federal government, it appears that up to half of these children were in no immediate danger at home and could have been safely left there.”

The government “data” cited by Besherov derives from a study conducted by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. The authors of the study told New York Times reporter David Hechler that “the information is not there” to support Besherov’s assertion that half of all abused children left in the custody of their parents are in “no immediate danger.” “He has used our statistics in this case to prove a point when (he) simply can’t do it,” a Center researcher told Hechler. When asked for his response, the AEI scholar refused to comment. By fabricating statistics, Besherov reveals himself to be a propagandist. Have unfounded allegations led to a national McCarthyite frenzy, as Besherov contends? “I’m sure there are false allegations,,” concedes David Finkelhor, a sociologist specializing in child abuse. “I’m sure when people are caught up in false allegations it’s terrible.” But in criminal cases of all kinds, “there’s always the possibility of false allegations, and I don’t think they’re more severe in the area of child abuse that they are in — I want to say something innocuous – people making false allegations about having had money stolen from them, or false allegations of embezzlement.” Besherov’s work has given rise to such hysteria-producing diatribes as “False Accusations of Child Abuse: Could it Happen to You.” (Women’s Day, July 8, 1986), and “Invasion of the Child Savers: No One is Safe in the War Against Abuse” (Progressive, September, 1985) – both are adventures in hyperbole, like Besherov’s cooked statistics.

“Family abuse,” by A.C. Carlson, another protégé of Irving Kristol. appeared in Reason magazine, a publication that has frequently runs CIA disinformation. Hechler writes that Carlson has gone “even further than Besherov, inflating the unfounded rate beyond belief.” Erroneously, in fact, Carlson laments that “the victims pile up,” like corpses in a pile, and commiserates needlessly with “the sky-rocketing number of parents and teachers falsely accused of child abuse.”

Ritual abuse “skeptics” with CIA connections are covering up the latest phase in Agency-sponsored mind control experimentation. For thirty years Agency scientists have collaborated with cults (many of them founded by the government) to conceal the development of mind control technology. Jim Jones and the People’s Temple was one product of the alliance. McMartin was another. Both episodes have been buried in disinformation. The campaign to mislead the public about ritual abuse is ambitious, rivaling the campaign to conceal the facts in the murder of John F. Kennedy. The smokescreen is also explained in part by reports implicating the CIA in child prostitution for the purposes of political blackmail – a variation on the age-old sex trap. CIA agents have been directly involved in organized child sex rings. In Enslaved (1991), an investigation of the worldwide slavery underground, Gordon Thomas found Agency participation in the kidnap of Latin American children “flown across the border in light aircraft, and sold to child sex rings, or sold so their organs could be used in transplants.” Some of the pilots, Thomas discovered, “made two or three flights a day. The more experienced used Beech 18s because of the aircraft’s capacity and maneuverability. The majority of the fliers were mercenaries who had flown for the CIA.”

Ray Buckey’s father, Charles, worked for Hughes Aircraft. There is an old adage that holds “Hughes is the CIA.” Charles Buckey built the McMartin Preschool. According to carbon dating readings, the tunnels unearthed beneath the preschool were dug in 1968 – the year the school was built. Buckey Sr. testified on the stand that there were no tunnels. The media has been completely silent on this score, which brings us to…

The Tunnel Cover-Up

El Paso reporter Debbie Nathan, utterly convinced of the defendants’ innocence, entered the fray in The Village Voice, and has appeared in newspapers across the country, including The L.A. Weekly, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, and elsewhere. She has been honored with the Free Press Association’s H. L. Mencken Award, and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism prize. She is a leading proponent of the “mass hysteria” thesis, the notion that many child abuse allegations are “unfounded.” Her cavalier dismissal is not supported by objective research. Dr. David Chadwick of San Diego’s childrens’ Hospital, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (May 26, 1989), contends that 8 percent of all abuse allegations are unfounded, at most, and are “rather easily distinguishable in a careful review.”

At times it is difficult to tell whether Nathan is a “skeptic” or an apologist of sexual abuse. “Most pedophilia,” she contends, “consists of caressing and fondling. for most children, these experiences appear to be at best confusing, at worst traumatic. But others seem to willingly participate, and some adults recall that while still legally minors they accepted, even welcomed, sex with grown-ups.” Nathan doesn’t condemn the abuser. After all, “compared to the abuses of a child protection movement gone mad, could incest be any worse?”

Alex Cockburn is a Nathan supporter, and has on occasion gotten caught up in her pro-pedophilic obfuscations, as in this diatribe from The Nation for March 8, 1993: As a Miami-based anthropologist, Rafael Martinez, consultant to the Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office, told Nathan, in traditional Latin American cultures “kissing and hugging is common with children up to three or four years old. It is common for females to kiss children all over the place – including on the genitals.

The practice of kissing children on the genitals may be traditional in some cultures, but it is frowned upon by the Manhattan Beach preschool licensing board. Alex Cockburn’s skepticism toward ritual abuse was summed up in an editorial appearing in the February 8, 1990 Wall Street Journal, “The McMartin Case: Indict the Children, Jail the Parents.” The son of a British spy, and a loquacious defender of the Warren Commission, Cockburn has such strong feelings about the McMartin case that he once publicly maligned an editor of the L.A. Weekly for refusing to print a recommendation that “the tots bearing false witness in the McMartin preschool case be jailed for perjury.”

His primary source on the subject of child abuse, Debbie Nathan, is herself something of a false witness. In ‘What McMartin Started: The Ritual Abuse Hoax” (Village Voice, June 12, 1990), Ms. Nathan moaned that “children at McMartin told of being molested in tunnels under the school. None were ever found, but until recently parents were still digging.” In fact, 30 days before Nathan’s article appeared, the tunnels were discovered beneath the preschool by scientists hired by the parents, confirming the testimony of the children. The project employed a team of archeologists from local universities, two geologists, a professional excavator, a carbon-dating specialist and a professional photographer to document the dig’s progress and findings. The longest tunnel was six feet beneath the preschool, running eastward 45 feet from the southwest wall, and ten feet along the north wall. The tunnel walls were held in place by support beams and a roof of plywood and tarpaper. A branch of the tunnel led to a nine-foot chamber (the “secret room” described by the children?). Another extended from the preschool to the triplex next door, surfacing beneath a roll-away bathtub. Forensic tests on thousands of objects found at the site – including two hundred animal bones – were conducted.

Until the tunnels were found, the L.A. Times covered the dig – with a smirk. The parents and scientists involved were portrayed as crack-pots – until the existence of the tunnels were substantiated by experts, at which time the newspaper abruptly stopped reporting the story. the public was left with the false impression that the search had failed. Critics of the excavation pointed out that District Attorney Ira Reiner had already searched for tunnels. At best, this is a half-truth. Reiner’s team tore up a bit of floor tile, but did not even bother to remove the glue that held it in place. The D.A.’s team, as it happens, dug up the lot next to the preschool, not underneath. “Actually,” McMartin mother Jackie MacGauley, who supervised the excavation, notes, “we were the first to dig on the property.” The search for the tunnels was undertaken with ground-penetrating radar to probe for inconsistencies in the soil. A bell-shaped area of disturbed earth was discovered along the foundation of the west wall. The tunnels beneath the opposite wall was unearthed (precisely where the children said it would be found all along) beneath the foundation. A [passage had been knocked through the concrete. “It was interesting,” MacGauley told L.A.’s Pacifica Radio, “because a lot of the child development specialists, psychiatrists and therapists across the country thought that it was some psychological phenomenon that the kids would talk about tunnels. Somehow that idea got ‘planted,’ and they had all these theories as to why all the kids would talk about something like this. It obviously couldn’t be true. And the district attorney at the time just flatly did not believe it, and really didn’t want to look.” Neither did the press.

A Cottage Industry of Child Abuse Debunkers

“MODERN WITCH-HUNT – CHILD ABUSE CHARGES” bawled a Wall Street Journal editorial for February 22, 1993. But the tone of the column was dry and high-toned. Dr. Richard Gardner, professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, cautioned that “a great wave of hysteria” had gripped the country. In the early 90s, the mass hysteria premise was touted by big city newspapers and magazines of elite stature, all attempting to persuade – with evident bias and inflated “expert” opinion – that false child abuse charges were endemic. This school of disinformation coaxed public opinion with dire exhortations of a child abuse witch-hunt. In his Wall Street Journal comments, Dr. Gardner warned that a great wave of hysteria, “by far the worst” in history, the most devastating “with regard to the number of lives that have been destroyed and families that have been disintegrated.”

Gardner’s basic argument is that allegations of child abuse are often fabricated by parents embroiled in custody disputes – another explanation not supported by statistics, the ones Gardner ignores. One study found that a mere two percent of all abuse accusations stem from visitation and custody disputes. Other researchers have placed the percentage slightly higher.) As for “mass hysteria,” one of the earliest promoters of this thesis was Ralph Underwager, co-author with his wife, Hollida Wakefield, of Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse. “Few physicians will wish to invest the time and money ($70) to own or even read this book,” complained a reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Association. “It is of little value to those who work with abused children except as it may be important to be aware of all points of view. The book will be doubtless be useful to attorneys defending persons accused of sexual abuse of children. It appears to have been written particularly for that audience…. The authors cite over 700 references, but they do not really review this body of literature. When a given reference fails to support their viewpoint, they simply misstate the conclusion.”

Since 1974, Dr. Underwager has been the director of the Institute for Psychological Therapies in Northfield, Minnesota. He has since been frequently called upon to provide expert testimony – in the late ’80s he spent 60-70 percent of his professional life shuttling between courtrooms. He is the author of numerous articles debunking the credibility of ritual abuse victims. Dr. Underwager has frequently been cited by Debbie Nathan as a leading authority on the subject. Lisa Manshel, author of Nap Time, an account of the New Jersey ritual abuse case, found that “child sexual abuse was not his field of knowledge,” but “it was his field of courtroom practice. He proliferated the opinion, ‘No one knows how to tell accurately whether a child’s been abused’ throughout the nation’s courts.” He has testified in most states, and by satellite in foreign countries, before at least 200 juries.” Dr. Underwager once stated on the stand that he considered it “more desirable that a thousand children in abuse situations are not discovered than for one innocent person to be convicted wrongly.” Dr. Underwager, a founder of the False Memory Syndrome foundation, is an ordained Lutheran minister. He believes, he once said in an interview appearing in an Amsterdam journal for pedophiles, , that sex with children is not only acceptable, but “God’s will.”

Q: Is choosing pedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?

Underwager: Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose pedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essential negative definition. Pedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think a pedophile needs to do that.

Underwager insisted that pedophiles “should attack the concept, the image, the picture of the pedophile as an evil, wicked and reprehensible exploiter of children.” Following the interview, Underwager was forced to resign as a founding member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (which is largely directed by CIA psychiatrists with backgrounds in mind control experimentation) The London Observer for December 12, 1993 reported that Dr. Underwager denied ever condoning sex with children. He added, however, that “scientific evidence” had demonstrated that “60 percent of women sexually abused as children reported that the experience was good for them. He contended the same could be true for boys involved with pedophiles..

The Descent of Mann

In a five-part series that appeared after the hung jury verdict of Ray Buckey’s first trial, Los Angeles Times reporter David Shaw found that the newspaper’s research files explained little of “the crucial behind-the-scenes role played by screenwriter Abby Mann.” Mann’s writing staff and circle of disinformationists have shaped public opinion on the McMartin case. Noel Greenwood, an L.A. Times editor, has described the wall of pro-Buckey PR thrown up by Mann and friends as “a mean, malevolent campaign conducted by people … whose motives are highly suspect and who have behaved in a basically dishonest … and dishonorable way.” Abby Mann, an Oscar recipient for a film about the Nazi war crimes trial, Judgment at Nuremburg (an oxymoron, since there was precious little justice at Nuremburg, a carefully-managed show trial that culminated with the execution of a small clutch of Nazis, minor prison terms for some – and recruitment of thousands of others by the CIA.) From the beginning, Mann was a vociferous advocate of the McMartin defendants. “We like to think we are different from Salem,” Mann sniffed at the resolution of Ray Buckey’s first trial. “I don’t believe that anything happened at that school.”

Abby Mann has worked diligently, largely back-stage, on behalf of Buckeys. It was Mann who first interested Sixty Minutes in the McMartin case. The November 2, 1986 broadcast was decidedly biased in favor of Ray Buckey. Defense attorney Danny Davis characterized the segment as “wholly sympathetic to the defense point of view.” Sixty Minutes led off with the camera panning a long couch and five of the original defendants. Mike Wallace asked: “Do these women look like child molesters?”

New York Times reporter David Hechler noted “gaping holes in the story. Why were no police or D.A.’s investigators interviewed or even mentioned? And if Ira Reiner believed the case was so weak against the five defendants, why did he wait until the five-month preliminary hearing was completed before dropping the charges? These questions were never asked.” The innocence of the defendants was assumed by Wallace and crew as a foregone conclusion, and the charges against them were framed as the aberrations of nattering lunatics. Most of the Sixty Minutes segment on McMartin was taped in Abby Mann’s living room. But heavily-biased media coverage was only one of the strategies quietly enacted by Abby Mann. When Deputy District Attorney Glenn Stevens was caught leaking information on the prosecution’s case to Mann, he was forced to resign. No charges were brought against him. From the Los Angeles Times. Gaining the confidence of the McMartin defendants, the Manns were ultimately hired as “investigators” for the defense. That and their earlier alliance with former prosecutor Glenn Stevens sparked charges from parents of alleged child molestation victims of a conspiracy to obstruct justice for monetary gain. After Los Angeles Tmes reporter Bob Williams met Abby Mann, he wrote a flurry of memos charging the coverage of Lois Timnick, the paper’s reporter on the McMartin beat, with extreme bias favoring the prosecution. The accusation was investigated by Noel Greenwood, the regional news editor at the Times. Greenwood concluded that it was Williams who’d acted with extreme bias, not Timnick. Greenwood’s memoes state that Williams’ memos were “reckless and irresponsible.” Williams had “undermined a fellow reporter and seriously harmed the credibility and effectiveness of the Times.” Williams was temporarily suspended without pay. Shortly thereafter, he went to work for Abby Mann. Williams surfaced next as a consultant to Mary Fischer, whose “A Case of Dominoes” in Los Angeles magazine drew upon the argument (first postulated by the child pornographers Paul and Shirley Eberle), that former District Attorney Robert Philobosian initiated the McMartin prosecution for political gain.

Fischer once admitted to the late Wayne Satz, the KABC television reporter who broke the McMartin story, that she wrote the article under the direction of Abby Mann. “There was never any case at all,” Fischer wrote with absolute certainty. “At the very least, it is a blueprint for preying on public fears.” Fischer has gone so far as to claim that therapists, parents and children attending McMartin masterminded a “conspiracy” to harass and imprison innocent people. When pressed on one occasion by Carol Hemingway, a Los Angeles talk show host, Fischer was unable to offer supporting evidence of conspiracy (as McMartin parents did), nor could she explain the motives of the conspirators. Fischer did her utmost to dismiss the medical evidence that molestation took place at the preschool. In October, 1988 the Los Angeles Times reported that medical examiners of the original 13 children scheduled to testify found “scars, tears, enlarged body openings or other evidence indicating blunt force trauma consistent with the repeated sodomy and rape they described.”

One of the children bled from the anus. Some contracted venereal infections. Yet Fischer found relevant the findings of a Fresno pediatrician who refused to testify at the first McMartin trial. The 1987 study, summarized by Fischer, concluded that “any kind of irritation – not just sexual abuse – may damage children’s genitals.” This reader, at least, was left to ponder forms of “irritation” that might leave the McMartin children with chlamydia, confirmed by medical examinations and difficult to explain away. Fischer’s follow-up McMartin story in Los Angeles for October, 1993 opined that a “hysterical tone” in press reports on McMartin was established by Wayne Satz. who died of heart failure in 1992, “causing some to speculate it was karma,” wrote Fischer, an ersatz and mean-spirited elegy. “I still don’t know how anyone could believe all that bull,” Virginia McMartin told her. “Especially with a school as wide open as ours and people coming and going at all times. Or who could actually believe there were tunnels.. (The archeological team that led the excavation – ignored by Fischer – could have given her a guided tour.) “It shows the power of the media.”

Apparently Abby Mann has a need for Ms. Fischer and the other writers in his employ. A best-selling Hollywood biographer (speaking on condition of anonymity) offers this insight into the career of Abby Mann. “He’s incapable of writing scripts himself. It’s true,” he said, “he can’t write. Abby keeps a fairly large stable of ghost writers to produce scripts in his name.” Who is Abby Mann? Mae Brussell, the late Carmel-based political researcher, speculated in a November, 1987 radio broadcast that Mann is a covert operator posing as a Hollywood progressive, plying extensive media connectioins to influence public opinion. Mann’s behind-the-scenes manipulations, ghosts and an exhaustive supply of funds and press contacts, support the hypothesis that Abby Mann is a media mole. Indictment, yet another disinformation effort supposedly written by Abby and Myra Mann, premiered on May 20, 1985 on HBO. The movie was produced and directed by Oliver Stone. As a political researcher, I had taken more than a passing interest in Stone’s film JFK, and couldn’t help but note that the media assault on Stone’s bore a resemblance to Mann’s campaign to discredit the McMartin children. The day after an announcement of the “secret” project already underway appeared in Variety, I contacted Stone’s office and spoke with Jean Marie Burke, a researcher for Ixtlan Productions, Stone’s company in Santa Monica. I informed Ms. Burke that much of the information about McMartin in the corporate media was disingenuous, beginning with the Eberles.

She brightened up. “Oh, the Eberles – I have their books right here!” She went silent when I told her that Paul and Shirley Eberle were child pornographers. I sent her a package of accurate information on the case by certified mail, then contacted her boss with a letter informing him simply that he had hold of a bad project, which had already been shot and was in the editing stage Stone wrote back, asking me to clarify. My response follows:

Mr. Stone: McMartin is poorly understood by most people because a disinformation gambit is afoot to discredit the children’s¹ testimony — a fusillade, in fact, similar to the one you were treated to after JFK. You asked me to clarify my objections. Consider how difficult it was to sort through and communicate the multitude of facts relevant to the killing of John Kennedy. And then recall how a carefully-conceived film on the assassination can be explained away with a glib “no evidence” from an Edward Epstein or Dan Rather. This is the problem I¹m up against with McMartin. There is a complex story behind the abuse — it involves CIA mind control experiments, and this is largely what the plants in the establishment press, and fronts like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, are concealing. (Nine out of ten psychiatrists in both the U.S. and Great Britain from large samplings believe ritual abuse to be a very real social problem. But the media inevitably talks only to the one of ten who deny, and many of those are experimental scientists on the CIA payroll.) You now find yourself on the same side (of the McMartin argument) as Alex Cockburn (you recall the knock-down-drag-out Nation debate with a leading progressive who rejects key crimes of government ((including the Kennedy assassination)) for high-toned, but ultimately silly reasons), Newsweek, etc. That alone should make you uncomfortable in the extreme. One of your researchers brightened up when I mentioned the only two books available on McMartin, both written by Paul and Shiirley Eberle. She knew those books inside out. The problem is, the Eberles published child pornography in the 1970s — garishly packaged in an underground rag called Finger — featuring adults having sex with children, children with excrement smeared on them, children in lewd positions and posing provocatively. This ludicrous pedophile sheet ran stories with such unsavory testimonials as “She was Only Thirteen,” “What Happens when Niggers Adopt White Children,” “My First Rape,” and so on. Don¹t bother to read the McMartin books, if you haven¹t already. Each page is full of factual errors and conscious distortions. Your movie will perpetuate the Eberles’ disinformation. But the LA Times will love it. (Buffy Chandler told a source of mine, in a moment of rage at her family, that her parents (the owners of the L.A. Times) funded weird genetic experiments years ago. This is no more bizarre than some of the things done in pre-schools around the country, and may explain the newspaper¹s change of attitude after the initial reporting.)

But Noel Greenwood, a Times editor, knew what he was talking about when he said there is a “mean-spirited campaign” in play to slant the truth about McMartin. Abby Mann is a key proponent. His attorney threatened to sue if I didn’t retract my comments when an early version of my research appeared several years ago. I did not retract. In fact, the newspaper, Random Lengths in Long Beach, backed me. Others appearing in the story threatened me. They did not sue. Why not? They made such a noise. Now they are the sources of your movie, still making noise about “innocence abused,” and it¹s hollow.

They contend there is no evidence that children were abused at McMartin. On the contrary, there is an abundance of evidence. But the DA had no real intention of gathering it. Neither did the press. Same as JFK, eh? The CIA connection to cults around the country began in 1963. The story was told by a Berkeley psychologist in a thesis entitled “The Penal Colony,” which was presented at a psychiatric conference in San Francisco by Congressional aide Joe Holsinger after Leo Ryan was killed at Jonestown. The hybrid was conceived because people were asking questions about experiments at McGill, the University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins, UCLA, Honeywell, NASA and other haunts of the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control fraternity. Jonestown was one product of the association. Another, more recent example was the Solar Temple killings in Switzerland. The British press reported that this cult was running arms to Australia and South America, and laundering the proceeds at BCCI. The American press couldn’t find this information. What does this tell you?

Buckey Sr. testified that he did not have tunnels dug beneath the preschool. Why would anyone do that? Five scientists have put their reputations on the line to confirm that there are tunnels. One, a carbon-dating specialist, discovered that the tunnels were excavated in 1968. That was the year the preschool was built. It was built by Charles Buckey. He lied on the stand. The kids gave fairly accurate descriptions of the tunnels. Did Abby?

Regards, Alex Constantine

Despite this protest, and threats of a boycott of HBO from children’s advocacy groups around the country, Indictment aired anyway. The movie simply reinforces the many misconceptions the public has been force-fed since Abby Mann became involved in the case. The Most Hated Man at the L.A. Times In January, 1990, after the anti-climactic, deadlocked verdict of the second trial, the Los Angeles Tmes ran a four-part series by media critic David Shaw, trashing the paper’s own coverage of the McMartin case. Shaw described press coverage of the case as a “media feeding frenzy” ranking with exposes of Gary Hart, Oliver North and Dan Quayle. “More than most big stories,” Shaw explained, “McMartin at times exposed basic flaws in the way the contemporary news organizations function. Pack journalism. Laziness. Superficiality.” Daily newspaper coverage, he argued, was contaminated by “cozy relationships with prosecutors,” and a competitive furor “that sends reporters off in a frantic search to be the first with the latest shocking alllegation.”

Shaw’s McMartin series won the Times its 18th Pulitzer, but few reporters attended the champagne party thrown in his honor. “Most people don’t like him,” Times staffer Lee Dye told a reporter for Los Angeles magazine. “He really is disliked at the Times,” said restaurant critic Ruth Reichl. Bill Boyarsky, another staffer, says “everyone around me hates him.” The harshest opinion of Shaw came from the late Glenn Binford, the paper’s late night editor at the city desk, who refers to Shaw as “an oily little prick.” The nickname stuck. “Even the late Dial Torgerson,” reported Los Angeles, “a droll, dry-witted newsman’s newsman … adopted the moniker, though it was uncharacteristic of Torgerson to disparage anyone.” Reporters for the “Metro” section particularly harbor a keen disdain for David Shaw.

Why is so much animosity directed his way? Most of Shaw’s colleagues at the Times feel that he receives special treatment. He is contracted to write a mere four stories a year. He moonlights as the monthly “Dining Out” columnist for GQ magazine. As the official ombudsman of the Times, one reporter complains, “Shaw plays favorites and purposefully ducks anything that may really irritate his superiors, tending instead to aim at those with no actual power.”

One of his primary targets is staff writer Lois Timnick and Cathleen Decker, whose McMartin coverage was hardly “frantic” or “superficial.” Shaw’s depiction of them as reportorial McCarthyites is not borne out by a review of the newspaper’s McMartin coverage, and the air around Times Mirror Square has, since his series appeared, been thick with acrimony. A week before Shaw received the Pultizer, Timnick (who has since stopped talking to him) threatened to organize an office “suicide party” if he won. When he did walk away with an award, the Pulitzer committee stated that it was given to Shaw not on the merits of his writing, but because the Times permitted him to criticize the paper’s own coverage of a landmark trial. Shaw was born on an Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. He was educated at Pepperdine and UCLA. His career took off when, as a reporter for the Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram, he published a scalding investigative story on Max Rafferty, the Republican opponent of Alan Cranston for a Senate seat. Shaw’s five-part series killed Rafferty’s political prospects with allegations of draft dodging. Shaw received an award from the Los Angeles Press Club for the story, and a job offer from the Times.

That was 18 years ago. He was informally assigned to “the sex beat.” Shaw plied his investigative skills with titillating exposes of massage parlors and strip clubs. His piece on a nightspot featuring live sex with a dog threw the newsroom into turmoil – this is the same commentator who later dismissed most press coverage of McMartin as “sensational” and “superficial.” Shaw defines himself publicly as a “liberal,” but he frequently expresses right-wing sentiments, and his writing can be fairly summed up as propagandistic. He chose to write on McMartin, Los Angeles magazine reported, “because he needed an excuse to stay in town. ‘My wife was eight months pregnant, and I was looking for a story that would keep me in L.A. so I would be here for the birth.”

“Experts” on the McMartin debacle – Shaw, the Eberles, Dr. Underwager, Abby Mann, and others – have, in violation of their own admonitions, retired it in the press. Ray Buckey is supposed to be as innocent as Ceasar’s wife. If so, why do Buckey’s supporters ignore critical evidence? Why the statistical fabrications? Why lament repeatedly that the case took five years to try when dragging it out was a conscious defense strategy? Why ignore the tunnels and the bones? And, most troubling off all, why has so much effort been put into propagating mass deception on Buckey’s behalf?

Cult and Ritual Abuse – It’s History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America – Noblitt and Perskin – Prager (2000) p. 141 – 142 (1995 book – p.184 2000 book) “The McMartin Case is also the subject of the cable movie, Indictment, produced by Home Box Office. Several children’s advocacy groups have expressed concerns that the film’s focus appears to be slanted in favor of the accused perpetrators. The newsletter for the organization, Believe the Children, contains an impassioned plea to its readers to relinquish their subscriptions to Home Box Office (HBO) in protest of the film’s airing. An article featured in the newsletter entitled “Sex Abuse, Lies and Videotape”(1995) describes the genesis of the program and voices its concerns that the true victims of the McMartin case, the children, might be damaged by the perspective of the film’s author, Abby Mann. According to the article, Mann and his wife, Myra, became advocates of the operators and staff of the McMartin preschool during the course of their trial. Because of the Mann’s involvement in the case and their relationship to the accused perpetrators, the article expressed the concern that the film might reflect an unbalanced portrait of accused and accusers such that roles might be reversed in the eyes of the viewing public. This has, in fact, been proven to be a correct assumption. Reviews of the cable movie featured in magazines such as Time (Bellafante, 1995) and TV Guide (McDougal, 1995) on the film’s depiction of an overzealous prosecuting attorney, a mentally unbalanced parent of a child victim, and a punitive therapist all lend themselves to the perpetuation of the ideas that the true victims are the alleged perpetrators. Ironically, this film also casts the media in an unfavorable light implying that the media’s over-the-top reporting of the event led to a veritable witch hunt.”

“The movie “The Indictment,” produced for Home Box Office, about the McMartin trial, was criticized by several children’s advocacy groups for being slanted in favor of the accused perpetrators. According to an article featured in the newsletter “Sex Abuse, Lies and Videotape,” (1995) the film’s author Abby Mann and his wife Myra became advocates of the operators and staff of the McMartin preschool during the McMartin trial. The article expressed the concern that the film might reflect an unbalanced portrait of accused and accusers such that roles might be reversed in the eyes of the viewing public. This has been proven to be a correct assumption.”

Chronology of the McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials

May 1983 Judy Johnson enrolls her 2 1/2-year-old son at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.

June, July 1983 Judy takes her son to a pediatrician because he was complaining about his bottom hurting. The doctor has no specific diagnosis. The next time the child complained of having a lot of pain, she took him to a different doctor. Again the doctor had no explanation. In fairness there was virtually no information on the symptoms of sexual abuse of small children at that time.

August 12, 1983 Judy was shopping at a grocery store with her son in the cart when he complained again of severe pain. Judy checked his diaper and found blood.
She went to yet another respected local pediatrician and he diagnosed the boy as having been sodomized. The doctor, mandated to report cases of child sexual abuse, reports the case to authorities.

August 18, 1983 Judy Johnson meets with Detective Jane Hoag to be interviewed about her son’s symptoms for the investigation.

August 30, 1983 As requested, Johnson takes her son with her to the police station for another interview. He is 2 years and 8 months old. He names Ray Buckey.

September 9, 1983 Police Chief Harry Kuhlmeyer sends out a letter to 200 McMartin Preschool parents informing them that Ray Buckey is
suspected of child abuse and asking them for information. As other victims come forward, an unspecific list of suspected street blocks
and areas in town is circulated.

September 15, 1983 Ray Buckey is arrested on suspicion of child molestation but released soon after.

October 17, 1983 The District Attorney’s Office asks Kee MacFarlane, a consultant for the Children’s Institute International, to interview
child sex abuse victims who attended the school.

November 1983 Children’s Institute International interviewers begin diagnosing former students of the McMartin Preschool as having been sexually
abused. Dr. Astrid Heger does medical examinations with an innovative diagnostic tool called the culposcope. This microscopic examination technique allows slide pictures to be taken of minute scarring caused by penetration.

December 1983 One of the teachers, and defendant Babette Spitler, is promoted to director of the McMartin preschool in Peggy McMartin’s
place. Ms Spitler begs the parents to keep the children in the school and refer the school to others as well.

January 13, 1984. Virginia McMartin Preschool shut down after 28 years in business. The first McMartin Preschool located 1 mile west and this
second school were in operation totaling over 37 years. Virginia kept records on file cards of over 3,000 former and current students.

February 2, 1984 KABC reporter Wayne Satz shocks television viewers with reports of a massive child abuse scandal at the McMartin

February 1984 Seven defendants are arrested and charged with 207 counts of child molestation and conspiracy. Over 90 McMartin parents, file a civil suit against Virginia McMartin, Peggy Buckey, Betty Raidor, Babette Spitler, Peggy Ann Buckey and Ray Buckey for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress with one attorney. Others file suit with other attorneys. All suits are eventually dropped by civil attorneys after the 6 year statute of
limitations expired before the trial ended. Civil suits by families are never refiled.

March 11, 1984 A number of other daycare centers in the Los Angeles area are closed by the California State Department of Public Social
Services. Ten additional schools are closed in the South Bay area.
March 22, 1984 Teachers Peggy Buckey, Virginia McMartin, Ray Buckey, Peggy Ann Buckey (Ray’s sister), Mary Ann Jackson, Betty Raidor, and
Babette Spitler are indicted on 115 counts of child sexual abuse.

April 2, 1984 The L. A. Times reports that students at McMartin have been fondled, raped, drugged, photographed nude, forced to witness
animals being slaughtered and threatened to keep silent.

May 23, 1984 The prosecution files 93 new counts. The indictment count reaches 208, involving 40 alleged child victims.

Fall 1983 to March 1984 Nearly 400 children were interviewed at Children’s Institute International. Forty-one children are listed as victims in a
complaint filed by the State. The count of those diagnosed as sexually abused reaches 360 students. DA Robert Philibosian announces the 1976 Karen Klass murder case will be reexamined to determine if it could be linked to the McMartin case. Klass was the ex wife of Righteous Brother Bill Medley. She had been
murdered approximately an hour after leaving her 5 year old son at the pre school. Klass’ husband also died shortly after the McMartin
indictments in March 1984. His death was ruled an accident after he drove off a mountain road one afternoon in Oregon.

March 22, 1984, Los Angeles Grand Jury issues indictment charging 7 former teachers with 115 counts

April 7, 1984 Bail revoked for 5 defendants who had been free on bail when 400 additional sex acts are presented.

May 1984 Arsonist attempts to burn down the empty cinder block preschool building, causing over $10,000 in damage. The room where
children identified the entrance to the tunnels, the “C” Charlie room was most badly destroyed. The classrooms are repainted, new furniture
is built and trees trimmed in time for the jury to tour the site.

May 24, 1984 An additional 92 counts of child molestation are filed against all 7 defendants. A charge of conspiracy to commit lewd and
lascivious acts by force or threat of force on a child under 14. Count is now 207 against 42 children.

June 8, 1984 Preliminary hearing begins.

June 1984 Bail for Peggy Buckey is set at $1 million; Ray Buckey continues to be held without bail.

July 12, 1984 A Federal Grand Jury is impaneled to begin its own investigation of the case.

August 8, 1984 Prosecutor Lael Rubin announces that the seven McMartin teachers committed 397 sexual crimes, in addition to the 115 for which
they already faced charges.

August 17, 1984 Preliminary hearing begins. The pretrial begins with Judge Aviva Bobb and prosecutors Lael Rubin, Glenn Stevens and
Christine Johnston.

October 26, 1984 Judge Aviva Bobb consolidates hearing for Buckey and six others. There are 7 defense attorneys one for each of the 7 defendants. Any objection by defense can be (and are) repeated 7 times. Each objectionhas to be argued separately, enormously extending courtroom time used
by the defense.

November 1, 1984 Sheriff Sherman Block announces that the Sheriff’s Department will enter into the investigation and be responsible for
allegations in relation to the operation of the McMartin preschool which are not part of the current court case. The number of “Uncharged
suspects” is estimated at 85+.

January 7, 1985 Doctor Astrid Heger testifies that she found physical evidence of sexual assaults on 33 of the child witnesses.

March 1985 A group of nearly 50 McMartin Preschool parents arrive at the lot adjacent to the school formerly used as a play yard for the
school and begin searching for the tunnels many of the children talked about. A dead turtle is found with roots growing up through its
shell. The District Attorney is called immediately. A few days later, an archeological firm, SRS, hired by the District Attorney’s Office begins its own dig. Using the Geonics EM31Terrain Conductivity meter, the side lot is searched no more than 6 inches in depth. The team never entered the preschool building. Several turtles and other animal remains were found.

March 6, 1985 Judy Johnson was put on 72 hour watch at a hospital. She is released with no diagnosis of any mental disorder.

April 29, 1985 An increasing number of suspected perpetrators have been probed by detectives since September of 1984. Fifty additional
individuals are placed under investigation. A special elite task force consisting of 21 detectives and prosecutors is formed by the Los
Angeles County Sheriff’s Department by Chief Sherman Block and headed by Lieutenant Richard Wiley to look at these and other “uncharged
suspects. Investigations of 5 preschools in the area are not expected to produce any arrests for over a year. “Under the current legal system, we cannot file criminal actions because of their age and inability to qualify in a court system,” states Wiley.

May 18, 1985 Governor signs SB46 giving judges the discretion to use closed circuit testimony for child victims of sexual abuse. This law
years later passes the Supreme Court and becomes national law.

June 11, 1985 Judge Bobb rules that child witnesses will not be allowed to use the new statute allowing child victims of abuse to
testify over closed circuit TV. The prosecution immediately announced that it would not call any of its remaining witnesses. Only 5 of those
28 were willing to testify at all and then only by way of closed circuit TV. Six other witnesses dropped out because Rubin said they
could not withstand even the protective TV procedure. The remaining 16 witnesses had been withdrawn by their parents after they saw the
effects of lengthy cross-examination on the early witnesses. This reduces the number of witnesses from 43 to 13 and, as a result,
the reduces the number of counts.

June 14, 1985 Prosecutors add an additional 50 counts raising the number to 241 counts.

January 1986 Prosecutor Glenn Stevens is ordered to hand in his resignation form the District Attorney’s office after he is caught lying to his superiors about leaking information to the media.

January 9, 1986 Judge Aviva Bobb orders all 7 defendants held over to Superior Court trial with 135 counts of molestation and conspiracy. Thirteen of
the 41 child original witnesses remain. The cost of the 18 month hearing was estimated at $4 Million. The indictment had been 115 counts. Ultimately 20 counts were added.

January 17, 1986 Before the case is assigned to a trial judge and after loosing 28 witnesses because of brutal defense tactics during
the pretrial weakened the case, District Attorney Ira Reiner decides to drop charges against five of the seven defendants. Reiner tells
parents that Betty Raidor has enough remaining counts to face trial, but says he thinks she would not fit in prosecuting mother and son,
Peggy and Ray Buckey. The two are prosecuted on 79 counts and 20 counts, respectively, of child sexual abuse.

January 23, 1986 Peggy Buckey is released on $295,000 bail after bail is reduced from $495,000.

August 1986 Former prosecutor Glenn Stevens contracts with screenwriter Abby Mann to do a book and a movie in which he would be
portrayed as an ambitious attorney whose conscious got the better of him. Voluminous transcripts of Steven’s taped interviews at Mann’s
Beverly Hills Mansion were transcribed. Stevens accuses Rubin of being a liar and DA Philibosian of playing up the publicity. Mann goes to
the defense and asks to be hired as an investigator so the information can be included in the trial. The trial stops while these allegations
are reviewed. Stevens also jokes about Judy’s dog being sodomized and says she is a “banana boat.” Judy was never diagnosed with any mental illness
despite having been on a 72 hour watch at UCLA County Hospital. Eventually, Mann produces the information he gathers from the McMartins and defense attorneys into the movie `Indictment.’

December 19, 1986 Judy Johnson is found dead at 2:45 PM in her Manhattan Beach house by police after concerned neighbors called. Judy
died before having a chance to testify at the trial

April 20, 1987 Jury selection for the Superior court trial begins. Ray Buckey and his mother Peggy face 100 counts. Ninety-nine counts of child
molestation and 1 count of conspiracy.

January 13, 1987 Opening statements begin.

July 29, 1987 First parent testifies.

August 1987 The first victim witness, a girl now age 12, takes the stand as a witness for the prosecution.

October 12, 1987 Judge Pounders dismisses 27 of the 100 counts. Some parents, again refuse to let their children testify under adverse conditions.

December 10, 1987 Retired former police investigator Paul Bynum is called to testify at the trial by prosecutor Lael Rubin. The morning he was to appear, a juror’s home was burglarized and Bynum’s testimony was rescheduled for the next morning. Bynum was found dead by his wife at 5:45 that morning, shot in the head by a .38 caliber pistol. Bynum had conducted the first search for evidence at the preschool site in 1984 at the request of Ray Buckey. “None of the half dozen people questioned who were close to Bynum could think of any reason why his involvement in the case might have driven him to suicide,” reported Kevin Cody of the Easy Reader in Manhattan Beach. “Paul was kind of a worrier,” said Stephen Kay, a deputy district attorney and friend of the Bynum family, “but there was no hint of suicide. He was very upbeat about his wife and new daughter, both of whom he adored.”

October 19, 1988 The defense opens its case after 61 witnesses have finished testifying for the prosecution.

December 1988 Paul and Shirley Eberle, prolific pornographers of the 1970s (Finger magazine) and editors of the pornographic tabloid, LA Star, publish The
Abuse of Innocence, their version of the trial thus far.

February 15, 1989 Ray Buckey is released from jail on $1.5 million bond.

February 1989 Ray Buckey is released on bail after spending five years in jail.

May 16, 1989 Peggy Buckey takes the stand in her own defense and vigorously denies all allegations.

July 26, 1989 Ray Buckey takes the stand and denies he molested children.

July 27, 1989 Danny Davis, Ray Buckey’s attorney tops the list as the highest paid court appointed attorney at $509,340.00 for the 1986-87 fiscal year.

November 2, 1990, Jurors begin deliberations.

January 18, 1990 The jury returns its verdict in the first McMartin trial. Peggy and Ray Buckey are acquitted on 52 counts. The jury deadlocks on 13 counts, all against Ray Buckey. The jurors are polled and say they believe molestation took place at the preschool but that the prosecution did not prove the case. The expressed disappointment at not hearing more from the children.

January (late) 1990 District Attorney Reiner announces that he will retry Ray Buckey on eight of the 13 counts involving three girls.

February 5, 1990 Deputy District Attorneys Joe Martinez and Pam Ferraro are assigned to the case. Incredibly, after the trial, it is discovered that Pam Ferraro was a former student of the McMartin Preschool. Photographs of her sitting on Peggy Buckey’s lap reading a book, sitting at a table with Peggy, Virginia and several of other students as well as a McMartin preschool class picture including Peggy and Virginia.

April May, 1990 Tunnels are found under the foundation of the McMartin preschool building by a team of Archaeologists headed by Dr. Gary Stickel. Ground Penetrating Radar recently developed by the U.S. Army is used to define the location of anomalies under ground. Three segments of tunnel, one over 45 feet in length with a 9′ x 9′ room area are found exactly where the children said they were. District Attorney does not use the evidence because of time and money
constraints and the fact that they would have to start a new investigation of their own at the site as they did in 1985. The discoveries are widely reported in the news.

May 30, 1990 With the entire team of archaeologists, geologists still uncovering evidence of filled in tunnels, the McMartin Preschool is demolished by a bulldozer ordered by the new owner, developer, Arnold Goldstein. Final cost of the archaeological project, paid for by parents and donations, exceeds $53,000.

June 8, 1990, 83 year old Virginia McMartin takes the stand at her grandson’s retrial and after only 10 minutes and several outbursts in front of the jury, testimony is halted. A year earlier when she testified in front of Judge Pounders her testimony ended in the same outrageous manner. Judge Pounders had threatened to have her jailed, but later declared her medically infirm.

July 2-3 1990 Lawyers present closing arguments.

July 27, 1990 On their 15th day of deliberations, the jury tells the judge they are hopelessly deadlocked on all 8 counts. The judge declares a mistrial.
Juror L. I., a 64 year old treasury department employee said , “I don’t know how you could get 12 people to be unanimous in this case. There are too many unanswered questions. Too much time has passed.” Again because of money and time constraints, DA Ira Reiner decides not to ask for a third trial of Ray Buckey. The first two prosecutions have consumed over $15 million and seven years of court time. He is under tremendous political pressure because he has failed in prosecuting the case.

May 1991 Parent is ordered to pay one dollar each to McMartin defendants after they sue him for defamation of character. They had asked for $500,000 each.

1995 Virginia McMartin dies at age 88. HBO shows a docudrama, “The Indictment,” written by McMartin sympathizer Abby Mann and starring
James Wood. The McMartins are paid over $75.000 each for their version of the story. Mann wins an award for his work. Oliver Stone had
originally backed the project but minimized his involvement after public outrage. By 2000, Betty Raidor and Peggy McMartin Buckey die also.

1996 Single mother Jackie M. who saw the archaeological investigation of the school site to its conclusion commissions the archaeologist,
Dr. E. Gary Stickel to write a formal report. All other professionals involved cooperate in gathering facts and assisting Dr. Stickel in composing a formal report.

1998 Formal report of the Archaeological Investigation at the McMartin Preschool is completed at the cost of $3,000. Jackie and the archaeologist present the findings at the APSAC (American Professional Society Against Abuse of Children), Children’s Hospital Conference in San Diego, California

Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site (

Introduction by Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force

Have you heard of the McMartin case? Most people know something about the story. In 1983, hundreds of kids disclosed to their parents and therapists that they were abused at the prestigious McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California. Seven people were arrest and charged with hundreds of counts of child sexual abuse, setting off the longest and most expensive trial in U.S. History (7 years-$20,000).

The defense claimed that the kids hadn’t really been abused, but that their memories were implanted by a conspiracy of witchhunting therapists. It was a successful tactic and all of the accused were let go.

Well, the kids memories weren’t implanted. Many of the kids consistently talked about tunnels under the pre-school where they were taken, sexually abused, and witnessed terrifying events such as animals being killed. The defense called these accusations “bizarre” and claimed they were proof that the children were wrong.

But the truth is that the tunnels are there. In fact they are more than just there. The tunnels are extensive, include a large room just as the children said, and lead to further sites off the property. The tunnels were found in an archeological dig under the pre-school conducted by Dr. E. Gary Stickel, archaeologist and director of Environmental Research Archaeologists, a Scientific Consortium.

You probably haven’t heard of these tunnels. Debbie Nathan, a journalist who made her career by ridiculing evidence of ritual abuse, ignored the archeological investigation entirely in her in her book Satan’s Silence which talked extensively about the McMartin case. HBO’s television movie Indictment: The McMartin Trial portrays the entire community as hysterical with no mention that the tunnels were found. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation Newsletter has claimed outright that no tunnels were ever uncovered, even though members of the board of directors have copies of the full report.

So here it is, the summary of the Archeological Investigation of the McMartin Pre-School Site. The full report is currently looking for a publisher. If you are interested in publishing this work, please contact the task force.

Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California


Executive Summary

During the month of May 1990 an archaeological project was conducted at the McMartin Preschool site to determine, once and for all, whether or not there had ever been tunnels under the building, as described by various children. Excavation was carried out according to established scientific conventions with a careful research design defining what might prove or disprove the existence of “an underground feature that would connect to the surface of the site and extend underground for some distance. ” [with] dimensions large enough to accommodate adult human movement through it”. (p. 24)

The project unearthed not one but two tunnel complexes as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children’s reports. One had been described as providing undetected access to an adjacent building on the east. The other provided outside access under the west wall of the building and contained within it an enlarged, cavernous artifact corresponding to children’s descriptions of a “secret room”.

Both the contour signature of the walls and the nature of recovered artifacts indicated that the tunnels had been dug by hand under the concrete slab floor after the construction of the building. Whatever the purpose of this elaborate enterprise, even more effort must have been devoted to filling the tunnels back in and trying to conceal any evidence of their existence. Much of the fill dirt used for packing the tunnel spaces was mixed with historic debris, as if to mimic the surrounding terrain.

Not only did the discovered features fulfill the research prequalifications as tunnels designed for human traffic, there was also no alternative or natural explanation for the presence of such features.


The McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California was the first of what has since been described as a national epidemic of multi-victim, multi-perpetrator accusations of sexual and sadistic abuse which erupted in the mid 1980’s. The McMartin case was encumbered with hundreds of charges against seven defendants and dozens of uncharged suspects. It became the longest, most expensive and arguably most controversial criminal trial in American history. The descriptions given by children to investigators and parents were unusual and unprecedented as they emerged in 1983, but they became so stereotypic to subsequent cases throughout the country as to become generic of presumed “ritual abuse”. Accusations of such extreme cruelty and bizarre perversity in the absence of physical evidence or obviously deranged suspects led eventually to increasing skepticism that such crimes could possibly exist. Simple alternative explanations emerged, first as criminal defense theories and then as common wisdom: very young children were moved by the hysterical overreaction of various adults to make unfounded accusations. Full-page newspaper ads placed in 1984 by McMartin criminal defense attorneys raised the specter of the Salem witch trials. The witch hunt analogy has since flourished to create substantial public distrust of preschool-age witnesses and of the adults who question them.

The failure of prosecutors to obtain even a single conviction in the McMartin trial has been taken by many as proof that the children’s allegations were merely fantastic. Various journalists have demanded punishment of the professionals and parents who had chosen to believe them. Similar allegations arising more recently in other cases in the United States and abroad are tested against the McMartin standard, creating a prejudice against investigating or substantiating even remotely “bizarre” complaints. Parents in such cases feel triply betrayed: first with the dreadful discovery of abuse; second with their abandonment by law enforcement, and third with being blamed for imagining the abuse and fomenting public hysteria.

One of the supposedly bizarre aspects of the McMartin case was the children’s insistence that they were taken into underground tunnels. They explained that the tunnels led to an underground “secret room” where abuse occurred, as well as providing a route for subversive transport to off-site locations for sexual exploitation. These stories were apparently considered fantastic by investigators, who made no attempt to search beneath the building.

A group of parents forced the hand of the district attorney on March 17, 1985 by initiating an excavation in the adjacent lot. The district attorney then authorized an archaeological inspection of that lot by Scientific Resource Surveys Inc. (SRS). There was no exploration beneath the slab floor. Instrumental survey with a terrain conductivity meter failed to detect alterations under the concrete. The SRS technician informed the district attorney’s investigator that the meter proved useless within the structure because of excessive interference from pipes and steel reinforcement. The preemptory conclusion at that time that there were no tunnels has become gospel among detractors of the McMartin families. Influential journalists ridicule parents for ever entertaining such a possibility and mock their subsequent attempts at exploration.

The first opportunity for private exploration came in April 1990 when the property was sold. Several parents obtained permission from the new owner to search for the tunnels. After cutting out a section of concrete and coming up with ambiguous findings, it became apparent that experienced supervision was needed. Gerald Hobbs, a professional miner, was engaged to insure safety and to better define the nature of the underground artifacts. When an apparent tunnel entrance was discovered and then verified by geologist Dr. E. Don Michael, parents sought out the archaeological team that completed the present project.


The project was designed and conducted by E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., on the recommendation of Rainer Berger, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Interdisciplinary ?Program of the Archaeology Department at UCLA. Dr. Stickel is director of Environmental Research Archaeologists, a Scientific Consortium(ERA).

Several areas of the preschool site were designated and mapped as units for scientific excavation. These were selected according to differing criteria: re-exploration of sites documented in the district attorney’s SRS survey, children’s reports of entrance locations, anomalies detected through instrumental survey by ground penetrating radar (GPR), and the sites of significant discovery under Mr. Hobbs’ supervision.

Hypotheses and Test Expectations

The primary research problem was to determine whether or not there were a tunnel(s) and an underground room(s) at the site in question. To meet the test hypotheses, a tunnel would be an underground feature that would connect to the surface of the site and extend underground for some distance, possibly (but not necessarily) connecting to an underground room(s). It would have to have dimensions large enough to accommodate adult human movement through it. Such a tunnel on the subject property could have been constructed in two ways: 1) either dug out as a trench-like opening which would then be roofed over with wood and/or other materials and covered over with fill above to make a true tunnel (as opposed to an open trench), or 2) would be dug out completely underground, which would then leave a “ceiling” over its passageway formed of the naturally deposited soil. If the latter were the case, such a tunnel may or may not have been fitted with an underground “roof” of wood and/or other materials either to reinforce the strength of the “ceiling” of the tunnel or to keep loose soil and dust from falling down on people using it. In either scenario (l or 2) such a tunnel may have had posts of wood and/or other materials (e.g. iron) to serve as shoring reinforcements.

Thus, given the operational definition of a tunnel considered here, the following hypothesis and test expectations were considered (test expectations are specific, tangible data that are to be expected and are discoverable if the hypothesis is valid; Stickel, 1979).

If a tunnel(s) were present at the McMartin Preschool site, then the following test expectations should be present:

1. An opening(s) (entrance and/or exit) large enough for human passage should be present permitting access from the surface down into a tunnel feature.

2. Tunnel architecture should be linear or curvilinear (i.e. an elongated passageway leading in a definable direction(s).

3. Tunnel architecture (especially depth or height and width) should be large enough to accommodate adult human passage.

4. The walls and/or uncovered soil ceiling of the tunnel should have “signatures” of markings indicating whether the tunnel had been dug by hand and/or by a machine (e.g. a backhoe).

5. There should be a compacted dirt floor (compacted by human foot traffic) distinguishable from surrounding non-tunnel soil which should not be compacted.

6. The tunnel could be open (i.e. traversable and unfilled).

7. The tunnel may be naturally (i.e. natural processes of erosion and soil redeposition) or artificially (by human action) filled in with soil. Such fill should be distinguishable from the natural soil matrix of the site in terms of color and/or by texture, and compaction (i.e. would be less compact than the soil forming the tunnel’s walls, floor and ceiling).

8. The tunnel fill may have inclusions of:

1. Natural stones and/or other natural items or;

2. Artifacts and/or ecofacts.

9. Although a tunnel of the type sought in this project may not be directly datable (e.g. in contrast to a construction date molded into the concrete of a railroad tunnel), the tunnel may be dated indirectly by the dates on artifacts contained within it if any are present.

The test expectations for a subterranean room would be essentially the same as for a tunnel. The exception would be for test expectations 1, 2 and 3 above which would be modified to reflect necessary doorway(s) into a room, that the shape of the room would not be too linear (as a tunnel) but would be “room shaped”, i.e. square, round, or ovoid, and that a room would be of sufficient dimensions (length, width and height) to be distinguishable from a tunnel passageway. A room would thus be of sufficient size to accommodate a number of people interacting in a face-to-face manner as opposed to a tunnel which (depending on its size) would provide restricted possibilities for human interaction. Since, on balance, one would expect human usage of a room to be more prolonged than in a tunnel passageway, artifacts catering to prolonged usage would be expected in such a room, perhaps in the form of chairs, couches, tables, a lighting system, etc. These expectations were borne in mind during our search of the site.

Initial surveys would be conducted with remote sensing instrumentation. The author’s experience elsewhere predicted that Ground Penetrating Radar, rather than the terrain conductivity meter used in the previous survey, would be effective for anomalies beneath a concrete slab floor.


The profile of an entrance/exit tunnel was discovered under the foundation of the west wall of the building (Classroom #4, see map, p. 13, this summary). The signature of this feature was described and sketched by consulting geologist Don Michael, Ph.D. (p. 113). The feature was clearly distinguished by loose, disturbed soil and the artifacts contained within it. The outside margins had an inverted bell-shaped curve profile. The tunnel signature was established both by the sharp demarcation of soil color and texture, as well as by the exclusive presence within the cavity fill of assorted historic debris such as old cans and bottles, various metal fragments and small household items. The roof at that point was provided by the bottom of the concrete foundation. Inside the foundation a roof of soil was evident.

The profile was also demarcated by severed tree roots, the significance of which was described by professional tree surgeon Jerry Hobbs:

…running under the foundation from south to north was a large root which had been chopped off at the edge of where the large amount of cans, bottles, and plastic were being found. A growing root would have had to run in and through the cans and bottles but did not. The root, some 3″ in diameter had been severed with a hand saw about 90% through, then pulled off, peeling the bark of the root. The peeled layer of the cambium layer had well established healing already in progress. New feeder roots had started to grow from the cut portion of the root, and attained lengths of 6″ to 15″. A space of 59″ to the north the roots pick up again, only these had been chopped off from the larger root and were dead. [The dead root] was about 1″ in diameter and continued in the same 30 degree angle as the other root, the cambium layer was separating from the rest of the woody part of the root, indication it was probably severed at the same time the green root that was attached to the tree was severed. Both the feeder root lengths and the healing of the cambium layer indicate that the root had been cut at a time of 4 to 6 years earlier. I feel my determination is accurate due to my experience of the planting and removal and care of some of the same kind of trees for more than 25 years. To me this is conclusive that with the inconsistent soil area, the plastic bag dated 1982 [see next paragraph] and the old bottles, cans and debris, were put in the ground after 1982, and it was not an old dump area as it appeared. (Appendix III, pp. 174-176)

A plastic sandwich bag was found under the foundation at a depth of 42″ below the surface and 3-6″ inside the wall line of the building. The bag was imprinted with Disney characters and the words: “?1982 Walt Disney Productions”, along with a logo of a school house with “Disney Class of 1982/1983” underneath. These factors led Dr. Michael to conclude “therefore, the cavity could be no older than 1983″ (p. 84).

Due to the crucial location and dating of the Disney bag as evidence of recent disturbance, alternate hypotheses were examined. Could the bag have been artifactual not of a clandestine, buried tunnel but rather incidental to the parents’ March 1985 dig or to the subsequent SRS excavation commissioned by the district attorney? After careful analysis of the parameters of each excavation, Mr. Langenwalter, senior author of the SRS study, concluded that since the parents’ backhoe trench was no less than 137″ from the northwest corner, it is clear that the plastic Disney bag was located by Hobbs in the virgin area between the SRS excavation and the parents’ dig. In fact, it was recovered 7″ south of the parameters of the SRS excavation and approximately 13″ north of the parents’ backhoe trench (p.184).

The emphatic correlation of definitive observations for this tunnel entrance feature is especially significant in view of its location: the decision was made to explore this precise area because some of the children had stated that there had been animal cages placed along the wall and they had entered a tunnel under the cages at that point (cf. Langenwalter, et al, 1985: 13).

Excavations where conducted in the westernmost sector of Unit 1 in room #3. This site was selected because a GPR anomaly was detected through the concrete floor in an area next to and continuing up against the west dividing wall between classrooms #3 & #4. Several human-introduced artifacts were encountered adjacent to a 3 inch cast iron waste pipe running northward from the dig. The size of the artifacts ruled out their introduction by burrowing rodents (bioturbation) and their distribution was confined within a shallow, trench-like profile of different colored soil. This proved to be a mechanically dug trench to accommodate the waste pipe from the bathroom in classroom #3, as substantiated also by the signature characteristic of a backhoe. However, one aspect of the pipe and trench complex was uncharacteristic and unexplainable at the time of excavation: the stainless steel clamps connecting an angle of the waste pipe. These two clamps were notable in that they appeared to be brand new, with a very shiny silver color, lacking the patina expected of objects buried long underground. That apparent disparity of age or use became more apparent as other clamps were unearthed elsewhere, all of which were considerably etched and discolored. There was no opening through the concrete floor which could have allowed for access to these clamps after the floor was poured, and there was no explanation for their like-new appearance if they had remained buried for the life of the structure.

A possible tunnel feature was excavated from the toilet areas in classroom #1 and the office. This feature was distinguished clearly by the color and compaction of the interior soil, which was much darker and more loosely compacted. The feature appeared to connect the area beneath the office and classroom #1 and to proceed eastward toward the eastern, outer wall of the preschool. Mr. Hobbs made a number of ancillary observations, summarized as follows:

The children stated that they had entered a tunnel from the south east corner of room 1. We dug down along the east wall of room one and the bathroom. As we followed the disturbed area south, it went under the wall into the now existing bathroom, after about 6 feet it made an abrupt right turn to the east and headed for the neighboring property. The children had told two different stories about this tunnel prior to the dig. One, that they had gone through the tunnel and come up in the house next door and two, they had come up in the garage, which blocked the house from the street. At any rate the tunnel went in that direction. I went to the house next door and followed the walk between the school and the house which were only about 4′ apart. I went under the house and bellied my way toward the southwest corner of the house. After going about 20′ I found an area inside the west wall of the house where the floor was cut out. If I remember correctly the area of the floor that was missing was 36″ by 38″ or 41”, you could reach up and touch the bath tub which was exposed. The plumbing in that area appeared to be quite new.

I went back to the school and continued to dig. The tunnel I had been following was now headed toward the corner of the house where I had found the hole cut in the floor. I was very close to the foundation of the house, I was sure, so I poked a hole up through to the surface. The hole I punched through was about 2′ beyond the west wall of the house and about 1′ outside the south wall of the house. This tunnel was in direct line with the cut out opening under the house.

In addition to the difference in soil composition, the tunnel feature was distinctive from the surrounding matrix and from some other tunnel features discovered later, in that it had been back filled with earth that contained virtually no large artifacts or ecofacts. It did contain numerous flecks of charcoal and carbon and pieces of plaster with green paint, which the excavators hypothesized might be the remnants of the green paint that had been applied to the school in 1984 or 1985 and possibly of the fire that had occurred within the building on April 8, 1984. The maximum depth of the feature was 6 feet, and its excavated length was over 26 feet. The feature fulfilled 4 of the 5 test expectations as a tunnel, lacking only a well defined roof contour.

Several units for study were established in the adjacent vacant property (sidelot) and in the play yard adjacent to the school building, in reference to both the prior archaeological project and anomalies detected by GPR. These digs turned up apparently irrelevant artifacts such as the cesspool of the earlier residence on the sidelot and some irregular chunks and slabs of concrete. A more surprising finding was the absence of toys or other playthings that would be expected from the use of the excavated area of the preschool play yard as a children’s sand box. The only exception was a 3 inch plastic plate bearing three hand-drawn five-pointed stars of differing sizes. These stars were drawn by an adult with a careful and deliberate style inconsistent with childrens drawings.

The most definitive discoveries came to light through following the vein of artifactual debris from the tunnel portal under the west wall of Classroom #4. An apparent tunnel signature veered southward once inside the foundation. The width and direction were clearly indicated not only by the abundance of historic artifacts contained within it, but also the soil color of the fill matrix was distinctly darker than the surrounding natural soil. The average width of the tunnel feature was greater than 4 feet as it extended on the diagonal completely across Unit 1 and under the concrete floor to the western edge of Unit One.

Proceeding southward, the tunnel feature widened at one point to the extent that it appeared less tunnel-like and more like a room. Also at that point a layer of plywood roofing material along with tar paper and roofing nails was found at the top of the tunnel fill material. Underneath the plywood and tar paper was a continuing abundance of bottles, wood and other debris. It became obvious that this densely packed debris-filled area was quite large in relation to the tunnel passage previously described. This room-like feature extended southward to the area under the doorway to Classroom #4 and the sidewalk corridor beyond.

It was observed that the layer of plywood and tar paper, which may have served as a kind of roof for the room-like portion of the feature, continued in an arc to the east across the east side of the southeast corner of trench Unit 1. There were obvious soil color and density demarcation lines at the roof, floor and sides. The overburden of soil forming. The existing roof of the tunnel at that point was 22 inches thick (measuring from between the bottom of the concrete floor and the demarcation of the former tunnel cavity). The walls of this wider area bore shovel mark “scars”. These “scars” indicated that the tunnel had been dug out with hand tools rather than mechanized equipment.

The depth of the tunnel in the room-like area was a little more than 6’8″, which would have permitted most adult males to stand upright. In contrast, the depth of the tunnel in the passageway leading up to the room-like feature was more shallow, at an average of 5’11”, which would have required most adult males to bend over when walking through the passageway.

A major artifact was found buried within the room-like feature: an intact rural, roadside style mailbox. This mailbox had the name and address of the last occupants of the house that stood on the adjacent lot until it was torn down in 1972.

The tunnel direction changed dramatically beyond the room-like area, turning to a “dogleg” headed acutely eastward. A crucial dilemma was imminent at this point. With only two days left to complete all excavation, there was not time to both explore the full dimensions of the possible room and to follow the ultimate extent of the tunnel. Although important data may well have been missed by not fully exploring the “room”, it was considered more important at that time to redirect full effort to explore the tunnel. It was hoped that the more the tunnel feature could be defined, the more possibilities there would be for making correlations with the eyewitness reports of the children.

In digging out the tunnel fill eastward under the concrete floor, it became apparent that the line of the tunnel continued across Classroom #4 and into the cut through the floor at Unit 1. The width of the tunnel was still about 3 feet. The height of the tunnel feature was unlike the “room” area, returning to the 5 foot, 11 inch average height of the western passageway. Some boards and a few tin cans were still found in the tunnel fill within Unit 2 but they petered out until no more major artifact inclusions were encountered beyond about three fourths of the way across the unit.

The tunnel feature ran completely across Classroom #4, up to the foundation under the dividing wall. The overburden “roof” above the tunnel gradually diminished as the tunnel came closer to the surface until, at the point where the tunnel went under the concrete foundation, there was no soil overburden or roof. Consequently the bottom of the foundation intruded into the tunnel’s roof at that point. At the precise width of the tunnel, at the point where it crossed under the dividing wall between Classrooms #4 and #3, the bottom of the concrete foundation was slightly arched. The depth of the foundation at the centerpoint of the tunnel passage was some 25 inches below the concrete floor. The depth of this foundation, which gave it enormous strength, is curious, given that it supported only a structurally insignificant secondary dividing wall between the two classrooms.

At that point it became obvious that the initial Ground Penetrating Radar survey had actually detected the tunnel at the locus of its crossing under the dividing wall. Indeed, the GPR was successful in detecting the tunnel feature on both sides of the dividing wall beneath the concrete pad floor. The two corresponding anomalies had been the reason to cut through the concrete pad floor to create Classroom #3, Unit 1 and Classroom #4, Unit 2 in the first place. And it was the reason the two units were directly aligned with each other, even though on opposite sides of a then-existing dividing wall.

An unexpected discovery was made in the tunnel directly under the foundation between Classrooms #4 and #3. Four large containers were found in situ standing upright and directly beside each other. Curiously, they were not found on the floor of the tunnel but had been placed on a de facto “platform” of fill halfway up to the arched foundation.

The four containers were comprised of two blue enameled metal cylindrical pots; one tall, cylindrical crockery pot; and one rusted cast iron cauldron. The smaller of the two metal pots had a loose, makeshift handle of twisted wire. The larger metal pot had one original looped metal handle still fixed to one of its sides. The crockery container, stamped “Red Wing Stoneware Co.”, was of a glazed tan color and had a decoration of one cobalt blue leaf and three stems painted on one side.

Further work revealed that the tunnel ran completely under the dividing wall foundation arch and eastward under Classroom #3. Digging backward and downward, it was then possible to observe a profile of the tunnel feature. The bottom of the tunnel was slightly U-shaped and clearly distinguishable from the lighter natural soil matrix below, which unlike the tunnel fill, contained some lighter and darker-colored small areas of rodent burrow disturbances.

Just 12 inches eastward of the dividing wall foundation another profile was defined. The tunnel again had a “roof” of compacted overburden soil. Therefore an inverted U-shaped soil boundary was very clearly defined both in soil color and texture at the top of the tunnel profile.

Unlike the tunnel passages in Classroom #4, there were virtually no inclusions of artifacts in the tunnel fill within Classroom #3. Following the tunnel fill, the team reencountered the area of the metal waste pipe with the shiny pipe joiner clamps previously described. Following the tunnel fill eastward down trench Unit 1, it became apparent that the original tunnel virtually coincided with the size and length of the concrete cutout for that unit. This coincidence was the reason the tunnel was not discovered in the initial excavation of Unit 1. Digging downward precisely within its margins, it had been impossible to visualize the lateral signature of the tunnel.

Summarizing the excavation under Classrooms #3 and #4, there was a clearly defined tunnel whose data conformed to virtually all of the test expectations for the discovery and identification of such a tunnel. Indeed, it had been possible to follow the orientation of the tunnel for some 22 feet in Classroom #4 and for an additional 28 feet where it went in an east/west direction across Classrooms #4 and #3. Thus the explored portion of the tunnel extended for a total of more than 50 feet.

With what little time there was left, attention was directed to Unit 3 of Classroom #3, which contained the intriguing remains of wooden posts. These were found in situ, still in upright positions. Both posts were the remains of 4 x 4″ timbers. The first one had been burnt. The second post was more intact, and only slightly burnt. Due to their relationship parallel to the east wall of the preschool and relative to wood fragments to the north in Unit 2 found earlier by Jerry Hobbs, these posts seemed to be spaced at regular intervals, extending from north to south in classroom #3. They may have been part of a shoring system for an underground passageway, but there was no longer any time to explore for corroborative evidence.

In addition to discoveries underground, there were observations within the building itself which remain unexplained. A stack of twenty or more unused, light brown asphalt tile, appearing to be exactly the same as the tile used throughout the entire interior floor of the preschool, was discovered in the cupboard under the kitchenette sink in the office (p.181). This discovery raised the question of whether or not the floor had been patched, or perhaps replaced in its entirety. Several sections of tile had been removed by the District Attorney’s investigators in 1985 but the black mastic under the tile remained on the concrete slab. In order to check the preschool floor thoroughly for any patches or replaced areas of concrete, all of the tile would have to be removed and then the mastic would have to be sandblasted or chemically removed. Because of financial and time constraints, these ideas were quickly abandoned in favor of trying to locate and identify any tunnels or rooms under the school.

Several days into the project one of the workers noticed that Classroom #3 did not have a door knob (p.182). Instead, there was a single cylinder dead bolt with a flip latch on the inside, with only a keyhole on the outside. Once latched from the inside, there could be no entry to this classroom without a key. The face of this door was obscured from outside view due to its placement within the inside corner of the L shape of the building, recessed behind the north wall of Classroom #2. The absence of any exterior knob was thus undetectable whenever the door was open, since the face of the door backed onto the deadend of the hallway.

Several parents remembered that when they were present at the school during operating hours, the door had always stood open. A mother who had occasion to visit with her two-year-old son stated that whenever she was there the toddler would run into the vacant room and reach for the children’s paint and brushes. The child did this several times and each time the director would scold the mother and tell her it was not safe to let her baby go into the room because there were too many things he could get into. Yet the door was never closed.


The project determined the existence of two extensive tunnel complexes beneath the concrete floor of the McMartin Preschool building. One, toward the south, was consistent with the location and function described by children; it appeared to connect the interior of the preschool with the adjoining triplex structure and it had a distinct signature where it exited under the foundation of the east wall. Since it lacked dateable artifacts and a consistent demarcation of floor profile, it was classified conservatively as a “possible” tunnel.

The feature that conforms scientifically to the predetermined attributes as a tunnel was the complex on the north. This tunnel feature was clearly distinguished from the other subsurface features encountered during our excavations at the site. The northern tunnel feature conformed to virtually all of the test expectations, as follows:

1. An identified entrance;

2. The architecture was both linear and slightly curvilinear;

3. The architecture was large enough for adult human passage;

4. There were characteristic scars indicating that it had been dug by hand;

5. The feature had a compacted dirt floor;

6. The tunnel was found not open;

7. The tunnel had been completely, artificially filled in with fill which was distinguishable on the basis of color, texture and compaction from the original soil depositat the site;

8. The fill contained inclusions in the form of a large number of artifacts;

9. The probabilistic dating of the tunnel can be estimated by recovered artifacts.

The following seven factors determine probable age. First, it is unlikely that the bright, stainless steel straps had been placed on the pipe in 1966, when the structure was built. Second, the placement of the mailbox most probably dates to the time following the destruction of the neighboring house in 1972. Third, the Disney bag has a date of 1983, which indicates that the tunnel fill dates to that time or thereafter. Fourth, the arching of the foundation precisely over the tunnel was obviously a feature made to accommodate the tunnel and there is no other conceivable scenario to account for it. Fifth, the four large containers which were placed by hand into the tunnel fill indicate the use of the tunnel after the preschool was built. Given their position under the foundation, there is no possibility that they would not have been knocked out of place and their intact glass bottle and jar contents broken when the trench was excavated in 1966 for the pouring of the concrete foundation. Sixth, the ceiling of the tunnel was simply too shallow to have withstood human foot traffic on it in an unprotected state. If the tunnel feature had existed prior to the construction of the preschool, its covering or roof would have been so shallow that a person walking on the surface would have easily caved it in, thus exposing the tunnel. Finally, the soil deposit at this part of the property had been put into place and compacted at the time of the building construction. Therefore any holes or openings found in that area extending up to or near the surface would necessarily date to a time after 1966.

Therefore, given the evidence of the seven factors above, the time of the construction and use of the tunnel postdates 1966.


This report describes the efforts of a group of parents to explore the meaning of several issues raised by their children after attending the McMartin Preschool. Reports of the existence of underground passageways had not been confirmed in the limited exploration conducted by the office of the District Attorney. At the first opportunity of private access to the preschool property, these parents secured permission from the new owner to search more extensively for pertinent information. By engaging a highly recommended professional archaeological team, they hoped to bring scientific authority to whatever might be found or a definitive resolution for whatever was not to be found.

The present project started where the earlier investigation left off, re-examining the previous digs outside the school structure, using new technology to survey for possible anomalies beneath the floor of the structure, and then actually cutting through the concrete floor and scientifically evaluating the consistency and integrity of the underlying soil.

The results of the survey by Ground Penetrating Radar proved consistent with discoveries of the subsequent excavations, all of which confirmed not only the basic descriptions of children but also specific details of location, interior features and putative function.

The McMartin Tunnel Project confirms that a functional pattern of tunnels once existed under the McMartin Preschool, that the tunnels provided access outside the walls of the structure, that they must have been constructed after the structure was built in 1966, and that they were subsequently completely repacked with extraneous soil and implanted artifacts at some time prior to May, 1990. While this project had no way of determining who dug these tunnels, or for what purpose, the discoveries stand in stark contrast to the skeptical position that the children only imagined what they described as activities underground.

If the stories of the children were bogus fantasies, there is no excuse for the tunnels discovered under the school. If there really were tunnels, there is no excuse for the glib dismissal of any and all of the complaints of the children and their parents.


Langenwalter, Paul E., Kevin Peter, Jane King, and Robert Beer, 1985. Report on a forensic archaelogical investigation conducted at the Goldstein property at Manhattan Beach, California. Report prepared for the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Unpublished report on file at the contracted firm of Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc., Huntington Beach, California, and at the Office of the District Attorney.

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“In addition, some of authors of false memory hooks also turned out to be pedophile advocates. For example, one of the most widely cited books claiming that cult abuse reports were mass hysteria is Paul and Shirley Eberle’s The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool trial.(6) Taken quite seriously by reviewers and widely quoted In later magazine articles as authoritative, the book makes such claims as that the over 100 McMartin children who reported they had been abused by a cult were all “brainwashed” and the mothers were all “hysterical” and that it was meaningless that physicians found three-quarters of the children bore physical evidence that corroborated their stories. What reviewers didn’t mention was that the Eberles had been called “the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States” by Sgt. Toby Tyler, a San Bernadino deputy sheriff who is a nationally recognized expert on child pornography.(7) Their kiddie porn material that I have seen and the articles they have published such as “I Was a Sexpot at Five” and “Little Lolitas” Included illustrations of children involved in sodomy and oral copulation and featured pornographic photos of the Eberles.”

6. Paul and Shirley Eberle, The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial. New York: Prometheus Books, 1993.

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“Corroboration and eyewitness accounts offered by children should also be given serious attention when therapists and investigators can demonstrate that no contamination of the children’s disclosures has taken place. In the case studied by Jonker and Jonker-Bakker (1991), children from different schools and different locales gave accounts of perpetrators, abuse locations, and abusive acts that were mutually corroborating. Accounts of tunnels under the McMartin preschool given by children claiming to have been ritually abused at the school were fully corroborated when the existence and location of the tunnels were documented by a professional team of archaeologists (Summit, 1994).”

“How can it be that, with significant numbers of criminal convictions of perpetrators of ritual abuse and laws against ritual abuse on the books in a growing number of states, with the clinical data amassed by thousands of therapists in the United States and internationally, with physical evidence like the tunnels found under the McMartin preschool corroborating children’s reports of abuse, that we cannot reach a consensus that ritual abuse constitutes a serious problem for us as a nation, and demands to be addressed? Why is it that media accounts of ritual abuse are often filled with so much obfuscation that the public is left wondering whether ritual abuse might not in fact be the “urban myth” or “mass hysteria” that certain skeptics have made a virtual career out of saying that it is?”

McMartin Preschool Story – from

Interview of Jackie MacGauley, mother of one of the McMartin Preschool children

Do you have any proof and references that the children at McMartin were abused?

We were in court for 7 years. Still the longest trial in U.S. history. My daughter and hundreds of people I know deal with the aftermath on a daily basis. Our children’s medical reports and the tunnels which corroborated one of the most ‘fantastic stories’ the children recounted. The tunnels are documented in a formal report now located at a Law University. The most compelling proof was living with my daughter and dealing with all of her revelations and fears.

Why were the defendants declared not guilty?

The jury very clearly stated that the prosecution did not prove their case. The jurors were convinced that someone did commit the crime. One juror said she would have liked to have heard more from the children. All 7 defendants were held over for trial after the pretrial. Criminal counts were added. Before the trial, when the case was not assigned to a courtroom or judge, District Attorney Ira Reiner decided to drop 5 of the defendants. A memo cited that he did not want any of “These kinds of cases anymore.” About 10 other preschools were closed, but there could be no arrests without any possibility of prosecution. It was becoming an embarrassment to his office. I was told by a witness family that one defendant had enough counts and enough evidence to be tried, but Mr. Reiner felt the case would not be successful if he included her. A mother/son situation seemed like a more plausible story. Some child witnesses refused to testify when parents saw how the children were treated on the witness stand by the 7 defense attorneys. Some families were still willing to testify but were never even notified that they were no longer needed.

How do you feel about the media and their involvement in the case and after the case?

At first I was amazed at the attention we got. This is a small town and it involved only a few local families, I thought at the time. I never really did understand why it mushroomed as it did. I ask experts and they give different explanations. Dr. Underwager was speaking out on behalf of the defendants in Jordan, Minnesota. Janet Reno was D.A. in Miami during the Countrywalk case. She won the case when Illiana Fuster testified against her convicted murderer husband, Frank Fuster. The giant Bakersfield case and others started well before the McMartin case.

The media likes to report things that they know will sell their newspapers rather than reality. What happened in court was far from representative of the reality of the crime. Moral of this story, do NOT believe much of what you hear or read in the media.

Do you believe there were tunnels at McMartin? What proof can you offer to verify this?

You are asking the person who actually did the project. We heavily documented our findings in photographs, scientists’ reports and analysis. There were also an abundance of witnesses, including the media. The formal report is housed at a University Law Library at the moment.

If you do believe the allegations at McMartin were true, how long do you believe they were going on? What evidence do you have for this?

My daughter attended the school for 4 months in (Sept through January when it closed) 1982-1983. The most recent allegations began in August, 1982 when Judy Johnson took her 3 year old son to a doctor who reported it to the authorities.

A lot of us parents still talk about what happened. A friend of mine was Mayor during that time. We still console each other over what happened. A lot of us still feel totally disgusted with the whole thing. Compelling (and corroborating) evidence for me and her family and Doctor was a friend who was 44 when she died last October. She was in the second class ever given at the old location, about 1958. Her psychiatrist introduced her to me in 1984.

Do you know about anyone writing articles trying to disprove the allegations at McMartin, and why do you feel they would do this? Do you have any evidence for this?

Some V.O.C.A.L., False Memory Syndrome type affiliates seem to make it a regular task to discredit our children. Their opinions have seeped into popular journalism and, I understand, are used as fact. If you want some good background on how this all began, start with Jan Hollingsworth’s book “Unspeakable Acts” for some fantastic documentation of the perp’s games. Another highly recommended book is “The Battle and the Backlash” by David Hechler.

“Since the Eberles’ first McMartin book appeared in 1989, they have achieved national status as child abuse experts. In courts of law their work is frequently cited, and they lecture widely to receptive audiences. The Eberles once appeared as featured speakers at a conference held by Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL), an organization that feted “The Politics Of Child Abuse” as positively revelatory….Blurbs in their own pornographic tabloid, L.A. Star, failed to mention that in the 1970s the authors once ran an underground tabloid for pedophiles in Los Angeles, Finger, which delved heavily into sadomasochistic sex, sex with children and sex acts involving human excrement. Finger contained sexual drawings by children and pedophile erotica…”


Summit, R.C. (1994). “The Dark Tunnels of McMartin” Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4): 397-416.

Roland Summit is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (Building D-6, 1000 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90509). He has been the community psychiatrist to the South Bay area of Los Angeles County since 1966, specializing exclusively in child sexual abuse since 1975. He was assigned the role of county Department of Mental Health Liaison to the community of Manhattan Beach in the wake of the 1983-84 epidemic of preschool abuse allegations.


The subject of ritual cult abuse of children is so loathsome and provocative that it is at risk of being regarded only in extremes. Those drawn into believing that there is such a thing become fascinated and terrified by its limitless implications while those who remain skeptical seem determined to quash and disqualify any evidence that it might exist. Most of those who believe have been personally touched and emotionally moved by association with alleged victims, while the skeptics enjoy the luxury of analyzing the phenomena in retrospect from a distance that passes for objectivity. Both sides of this divergent drift seem reluctant to acknowledge a possible intermediate reality: that while some aspects of the accounts are patently impossible, there remains an elusive core of sadistic obscenity.

It should be obvious that any possibility of such inconceivable and invisible cruelty must be confronted and understood before we as a people can move ahead to define the real dimensions of human experience and the remarkable complexities of personal and collective psychohistory. Considering the potential benefits of that confrontation-new insight into alienation, despair, rage, violence, dissociation, and the vagaries of memory and of ultimate accountability – it is all the more remarkable and lamentable that scholars are willing to harp at the extremes (worldwide satanic subversion versus therapist-induced hysteria) rather than to delve into the common ground of human perversity and deliberate psychic trauma.

The distractive, polarizing debate is renewed in David Lotto’s opening challenge in this scholarly Journal of Psychohistory (1). Must we start with witches and witch hunts? Should we cancel the message by attacking the character of the messengers? Can we define history by assigning cause and effect to untested post hoc connections?

Dr. Lotto traces the origin of ritual cult abuse survivor stories to 1980, with the patient/therapist collaboration of Michelle Remembers.(2) Such attribution of cause and effect is no less magical than assigning the power of spring time to the first crocus. And how is it relevant that Dr. Pazder divorced his wife and married his former patient, or that the psychologist who “interrogated” Ileana Fuster before her testimony in the Country Walk prosecution had himself been imprisoned for sexual assault of his clients? Such ad hominem examples assign a moral defect to the entire class of professionals who elicit lurid confessions from their clients. The credibility of every informant is similarly trashed by the droning presumption that they are all either infantile, mentally ill, or locked in a folie a deux with misguided therapists.

If post hoc ergo propter hoc arguments are to be honored, and if an author is to be equally empathic with all the players, one might consider that McMartin whistle blower Judy Johnson’s psychotic break and alcoholic toxicity were precipitated by, rather than precipitants of, her desperate concern that she and her not-quite three-yr-old son were victims of unfathomable treachery. Having met Ms. Johnson in February, 1984, I am convinced of the first option. Judy Johnson was quite sane and emotionally contained even as she described the improbable complaints of her child “He doesn’t like to talk about being buried alive or about large animals or that he was sodomized by a lion”. (3) Such complaints were unheard of in 1984, but they made more sense as older, less credulous children in the Netherlands (1987), England (1988) and North Carolina (1989) made quite independent observations that the wild animals had zippers on their costumes.

It is painful even to contemplate the stresses this young mother tried to endure during the succeeding years. She had always been an anomaly among McMartin parents, an outsider without access to the supportive social groups that had patronized the preschool. She was alienated from her husband and increasingly reclusive in a small house with her two children, one a putative victim of a formless conspiracy and the other dying of a brain malignancy. She barricaded herself against the menacing strangers who patrolled her yard. Who knows if they were intimidating conspirators or toxic hallucinations? Her hyperprotective stance toward her children warranted protective service and mental health intervention and she was hospitalized briefly. I did not recognize Judy Johnson the last time I saw her alive, in the summer of l986 she was bloated and somewhat incoherent, visibly damaged.

The extensive criminal investigation and the evidence selected by prosecutors for the McMartin trials had nothing to do with information gained from Judy or her child. Nor did she galvanize parental group hysteria. She lived and died an outsider in Manhattan Beach society. She was fair game for the posthumous recreation as the cause of it all. For the successful theory of defense and in the legacy of two mistrials she became the icon of hysterical misconception, the Chicken Little of a bird-brained gaggle of malicious parents. For those who knew her through those harried years she was the perfect embodiment of a sad truth: the individual who is suspicious enough to uncover a perfectly hidden evil will have to shoulder the blame for the chaos that is bound to follow. (4)

The Miami Country Walk convictions, featured in Dr. Lotto’s argument as a miscarriage of justice, are ripe for attack because they stand in the way of a backlash sweep. The case has remained as the most demonstrably real and potentially understandable of all the ritual prosecutions to date. Investigators found physical evidence, including photographs of unmistakeable fecal fetishism showing Frank Fuster’s wife and child soiled with feces. The crucifix described by the children as the instrument of Fuster’s bloody demonstrations of the rape of Ileana was found under the mattress of their bed. Frank Fuster’s own child described the private, utterly sadistic torture he and Ileana endured apart from the other children in their care. The case was not burdened with allegations of hooded strangers, satanic ceremonies, birth rituals or infant sacrifice; children described the stuff of exorbitant human perversity.

The Country Walk case is unique for the information and testimony gained from a co-defendant, but Ileana’s dramatic turnabout was not the pivotal element for the jury. Ileana decided to testify, at the urging of her attorney and with no plea bargain with prosecutors, only after jurors were reduced to tears in response to viewing the entirety of the videotaped interviews with the children. Earlier, Ileana had shown a slave-like loyalty to her husband. Her deposition just prior to testimony described a dismally recognizable pattern of teenage sexual enslavement: deception, kidnap, rape-marriage, perverse humiliation and torture imposed by her husband before he presented her to his Country Walk neighbors as an adult specialist in child care. When she finally renounced him in the courtroom, she was like a child cringing in terror against all-powerful retaliation.

The skepticism encouraged by the woeful lack of physical evidence in typical multivictim, sadistic sexual abuse cases can be artificially hyped by the double standard applied to victim disclosures: claims of the improbable are logically rejected while retractions are uncritically embraced as definitive. Recollections of unspeakable trauma are said to be distorted by dissociation or implanted by suggestion while denials are literally endorsed. The most misleading aspect of Dr. Lotto’s apparently sophisticated and psychologically enlightened opening article is its adherence to that simple and socially reassuring double standard. He dismisses Ileana’s elaborate and self-jeopardizing description of her as coached and coerced while her continuing selfjustification is advanced as the argument not only for her own innocence but for the exculpation of her codefendant.

Ileana couched her confession within a contradictory assertion of innocence. Such ambivalence and confusion invite psychological considerations beyond a simple truth-or-lie dichotomy. Instead, Dr. Lotto chooses one side of that uncertainty to nullify the judgment of the jury, the parents, and the children. But dissociation cuts both ways; if victims of unspeakable acts cannot accurately own the reality of their experience, can we insist that the accused are perfectly in touch with and accountable for their unspeakable actions?

When I had occasion to talk with Ileana Fuster after her testimony, she was irate in her self-defense, but more telling in the psychological complexity of her dilemma. I had asked her how it was that she had so perfectly protested her innocence, and how she had passed the polygraphs if she had done the things she described. “I didn’t do those things,” she protested,”I couldn’t do things like that. I’m not that kind of person! Frank made me do them.”

Who is to blame for the explosion of strange stories of sexual sadism? How are are we to interpret the quixotic reversals of ambivalent assertions? If we can’t consider some core of truth without physical proof, can we allow contrived “reasonable explanations” to prove everything is false? The reasonable explanations have proliferated in the wake of unreasonable allegations. That response is clearly opportunistic of the status quo, supported by no more relevant or verifiable evidence than the precipitating alarms. A jury found Frank Fuster guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of incredibly obscene behavior. Investigative reporters, on a demonstrated mission to debunk “satanic panic,” have proclaimed him innocent. (5)

In his conclusion Dr. Lotto discounts the traumatic consequences for innumerable children as he defines Frank Fuster along with those accused in the McMartin trials as “the very real victims, innocent of any wrongdoing, who have suffered traumatic consequences from being caught up in a net of hysterical accusations.”

Who are we to be so sure of anything in the unresolved confusion of ritual allegations? How can we tolerate preemptive conclusions before we have examined the most rudimentary questions? If criminal conviction of defendants is not only irrelevant but prejudicial to the credibility of the complaining witness, what will it take to re-examine the potential reality of these unwelcome complaints?

Would additional material evidence vindicate the merely testimonial proofs already rejected? If Judy Johnson’s concern for underground terror, or the McMartin children’s claims of tunnels under the preschool had solid verification, would that make a difference? The tunnels, were, in fact, found in 1990, only to be met with massive indifference.


Parents and therapists began hearing children’s descriptions of underground activities within months of their initial, more conservative disclosures. Children described tunnels under the floor of the preschool which led to an outside exit under the rabbit hutch, and another underground passage to the neighboring building. They explained they would be loaded into vehicles in the garage of that building for transport to other locations of group ritual. They described also a secret room accessed by the tunnels under the preschool.

As in other cases, such claims proved an embarrassing red herring for investigators. In common with descriptions of murder and pornography, they promise discovery of the tantalizing smoking gun, the concrete evidence that would confirm what might otherwise be dismissed as infantile fantasies. When there are no bodies or blood, or when the photos and videotapes can not be displayed, these “fish that got away” tend to cast doubt on the veracity of the more modest claims, no matter how plausible and recognizable the initial disclosures might have been. Since the elusive fish are also descriptive of the most threatening and grandiose scenarios-cult ritual with human sacrifice, pornographic exhibitions, profiteering in organized crime-they also precipitate an angry rift between believers and skeptics, especially between parents and police. Parents become preoccupied by the terrifying implications of these larger dimensions of victimization while police, trained to avoid speculation in the absence of evidence, view parents as alarmist and irrational in their naive credulity.

Priorities of prosecution further widen the rift. Child molestation is a recognizable crime which can proceed to conviction on the unsupported testimony of its victims. Religious ritual is constitutionally exempt from prejudicial harassment. In the absence of adult informants and incontrovertible evidence of criminal activities, the implications of multiperpetrator conspiracies, occult networks of religious fanatics-even the very existence of an undiscovered class of grotesque criminality-become ridiculous impediments to any hope of conviction. Parents see their children as spiritually mutilated while prosecutors seek refuge in the familiar confines of sexual touching. Lacking support from the institutions of justice, the more inventive parents will pursue their own investigations and develop their own conclusions, increasingly indifferent to the restrictions of conventional logic and restraint. Any information gained through such vigilant research is an embarrassment to the constraints of prosecution.

Such was the course of the McMartin investigation. A small assemblage of the most assertive parents pressured the district attorney to search for the tunnels and to find the off-campus locations where babies were slaughtered. When they met with stonewalling the parents began their own forays in the neighborhood. Children led them to a mortuary/crematory where they claimed to have pummeled dead bodies and watched people burn. Parents were convinced that interior decorating confirmed the identity with details anticipated by children’s descriptions (6)

Prosecutors received such information with resentment and distrust. It was both outside an acceptable chain of evidence and alien to what they could reasonably charge.

In order to force the prosecutor’s hands on the tunnel question, parents commissioned a backhoe one Saturday (March 16, 1985) and began digging in the lot next to the preschool, where children described the burial of sacrificial animals. The district attorney’s office them commissioned a limited archaeological survey of the site. The net effect of that effort was to disclaim any unusual underground activity. Although all of the digging was outside of the building, with no attempt to cut through the concrete slab floor of the preschool itself, the officials declared there were no tunnels on the site.

Although ritual elements were deliberately excluded from prosecution, defense attorneys ridiculed the willingness of therapists and parents to support the bizarre conspiracy theories implied by the children. A boy who had testified for prosecutors only about sexual touching responded to defense cross – examination with a typically grandiose, tough-kid description of physically lifting a body from an open grave. Other child witnesses described satanic weddings in neighborhood churches.

Prosecutors had two choices: Containment or chaos. Either the children experienced only sexual molestation at the hands of defendant employees within the McMartin Preschool itself, and they only imagined the tunnels, or someone had dug an escape route to an unrecognizable underworld of sex and death orgies. Prosecutors took the simple choice and thereby deferred to the skeptics, agreeing that children imagined the strange things-but they really were molested. The jury found the defense explanation more reasonable: a demonstratably crazy woman had initiated a satanic witch hunt which was swept into absurd illusion through leading questions from therapists and hysterical reinforcement by parents eager to put themselves in the limelight of the case of the century.

After more than five years of glaring public exposure and 33 consecutive months of the longest and most expensive trial in history, the verdicts of January 8, 1990 left most parents angry and confused but at least reconciled to a return to private life. The willingness of a few to protest the failure of prosecution on television talk shows exposed them to a peculiar kind of vilification. They were the perfect scapegoats for a small band of investigative journalists out to save the world from superstitious nonsense. The backlash gospel is simple: Those who trumpet the hazards of ritual abuse are the ones responsible for creating it. And they should be punished.

The decision (to retry Raymond Buckey on the undecided counts) came after a period of grotesque agitation by the parents of the supposedly abused McMartin children. They appeared on talk shows, and terrorized Los Angeles Board of County Supervisors into voting 4 to 1 to urge the district attorney to a new trial.

So now the McMartin parents can triumphantly torture poor Ray Buckey again, abetted by the cowards and opportunists in the justice system. But if people can be prosecuted on the words of children, then children should take full responsibility for what they are saying. If a child says he saw Ray Buckey kill a horsewith a baseball bat (which one did claim) and if this charge is disproved (which it was), then the child should be indicted for perjury, with present prohibition against such infant indictment removed.

If a parent abetted the child in this false accusation, then this parent should be indicted for perjury, too. If the court then establishes that parent and child were lying, at least the parent should suffer the consequences. A few well-publicized sentences of imprisonment of parents (along with “therapists” and social workers, it goes without saying) and we would see a speedy end to these disgusting miscarriages of justice. (7)


Despite such pervasive scapegoating and predictable attrition, a few parents remained alert to some hope of vindicating their children. The opportunity came in April, 1990 with permission from the new owner of the preschool to search for the tunnels before he demolished the building and redeveloped the property These soiled but solid citizens managed to find what the district attorney had disclaimed: solid, scientific evidence that someone had not only dug tunnels under the preschool, but also had taken the trouble to try to undo them. The results of this definitive excavation are described in meticulous detail in the 185 page Report of the Archaeological Excavation of the McMartin Preschool Site by E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., the UCLA archaeologist commissioned to do the study. (8)

My experience of the human background of this technical report adds insight into the difficulty of establishing proof beyond reasonable doubt of improbable claims, especially from a grass roots level of interest. On first gaining permission, parents began digging in the closet (in the northeast corner of classroom #3) described by children as the entrance to a tunnel leading to the secret room (see Figure 1, marked Unit 2). They found flecks of matching paint in the dirt they removed, which could have proved that a shaft had once been open to the closet above but their amateur efforts left open the possibility that those vital markers had merely fallen into the hold during their own excavation.

Such ambiguity led to some dissension among the parents and the burdensome decision to commission a professional, scientific study. From that point, established April 21, 1990, the project was impeded both by a conspicuous absence of funds and a diminishing number of participating parents. The financial and organizational responsibility settled on only one parent, Jackie McGauley, who, not unlike her one-time friend, Judy Johnson, is a single parent of two children, struggling to make ends meet, without traditional ties to other McMartin parental circles. Even the post-traumatic camaraderie that had once defined a larger parental affiliation had long since dissipated into somewhat alienated factions critical of one another for their divergent responses to the experience (9)

This left just one person responsible for soliciting funding for the project itself and the production of the report, with no apparent institution or avenue available for ultimate publication and distribution. Commercial publishers have a ready market for outrageously opinionated books like Paul and Shirley Eberles’ The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial. (10) Such revisionist manifestos proclaim a conspiracy of misguided prosecutors, therapists and parents as the sole abusers of the children. Who will pay for a dry, scholarly treatise that only implies that something monstrous really happened, especially if the report is promoted by the last remaining parental zealot? There is no really legitimate institution for rehabilitation of children’s’s stifled complaints of mysterious exploitation.


At least one child had a voice in the archaeological project. Time was running out before the bulldozers would obliterate the site and there seemed to be no trace of the children’s secret room. Joanie (11) 12 years old, was visiting her old preschool with her mother. Dr. Stickel asked her,”Can you tell us where it was that you entered the tunnels and which way you turned?” Joanie gave a meticulous description of every step along the way. Starting from the parents’ dig in the northeast corner of classroom #3, she described being lifted down a hole, turning right, going straight past the roots that brushed your face, turning right again where you were hurried through the long tunnel. “I liked to stop where the pipe was and swing on it. There was a little boy who couldn’t reach the pipe, and sometimes I’d lift him up so he could touch it. But right after that you had to duck down so you wouldn’t hit your head on the cement, then you had to run again to get to the secret room.”

Part of the course Joanie described corresponded to twin anomalies which had been detected earlier by ground penetrating radar. Corresponding openings had been cut in the concrete (Unit 1, classroom 3 and Unit 2, classroom 4, see Figure 1) but nothing unusual had been found. Encouraged now by Joanie’s explicit directions, the archaeologist extended the dimensions of the Unit 1 dig and discovered an interface of contrasting soil. The concrete cutout had matched the side walls of the tunnel so perfectly that the earlier dig had passed right through the filled-in tunnel without ever distinguishing its margins. Now that the profile of contrasting soil was defined the tunnel could be reopened with precision. It proceeded westward beneath a cast iron waste pipe, just as Joanie had described, and then passed under the deep concrete foundation of the wall separating classrooms #3 and #4. At the point where the tunnel passed under the foundation, and only at that point, the concrete had been arched upward and worn smooth, in contrast to the adjacent ragged contours and texture assumed by concrete poured into an earthbottomed trench. Under the classroom to the west the tunnel proceeded into a wide, room-like potential space of contrasting earth fill bearing remnants of timber, plywood and tar paper which appeared to have shored up the ceiling of a “secret” room. All this had been implied for years by numerous children and anticipated on the spot by Joanie.

There was no time to determine the entire parameters of the room-like space, but there was enough excavation to show that it was 6 feet 8 inches high and at least 9 feet in diameter, and that it connected through the predicted transit pattern to a previously discovered tunnel artifact turning to the north and exiting under the foundation of the west wall of the building, where the rabbit hutch used to be. Although this landmark had been a target for the first parental back-hoe expedition and the District Attorney’s archaeological search, and although those previous excavations partially obscured the outer feature, two of the project’s most definitive items were found just inside of the western foundation. One was a tree root that had originally grown across the path of the exit tunnel before being sawed away. The proximal section of that root, still feeding the distant avocado tree, had partially healed and sent out new sprouts where it had been cut some years before. The distal section, isolated at the other side of the exist, was withered and dead.

Beneath the floor of the exit, inside of the vertical plane of the foundation in fill undisturbed by the earlier excavations, a plastic lunch bag was found bearing the date of its distribution; “DISNEY CLASS 82/83,” also printed “c1982 Walt Disney Productions.” Except for some kind of clandestine intrusion, nothing in that location could have been newer than September, 1966, when the foundation was poured.

Besides being different in color, texture and compaction from the surrounding matrix, the dirt which filled the tunnel spaces varied in composition along the length of the tunnel itself, always at odds with the adjacent, indigenous soil. The western extremities of the fill, including the room-like space, were peppered with a kind of trash pit debris: old cans and bottles dating from the twenties through the fifties, as if to establish a provenance antedating the 1966 construction of the preschool building itself.

The most conspicuous and naturally inexplicable items were found placed exactly under the concrete arch between the two classrooms. These were four large containers, two enameled iron pots, a crockery jar, and a cast iron cauldron, arranged together in an upright position, resting not where the floor would have been but halfway up to the ceiling. There was no theoretical explanation for such location except that they were placed deliberately within a pre-existing, half-filled trench or tunnel. If all the artifacts represented random scatter of trash on an earlier dump site, as some skeptics have asserted, there is no justification for their exclusive delineation within a discrete pattern of tunnels or trenches. And if such conspicuous items as the four large containers had been littered on a dump site, they would not have survived clustered, upright and unbroken through the subsequent grading and levelling of the preschool site.

The pattern of tunnels conformed to the architecture of the overlying building but had absolutely no purpose or conformity to expected trenching for foundations or utilities. In fact, the profile of the shallow trench dug to accommodate the waste pipe leading across the main tunnel (Joanie’s reach-up- and-touch pipe) was clearly distinguishable as mechanically dug, showing the sharp angulation characteristic of a backhoe, whereas the tunnels had a rounded floor contour and shovel marks, showing that they had been dug by hand, presumably under the pre-existing concrete. The stainless steel pipe clamps joining an angle of the pipe where it crossed through the tunnel space had a different quality from clamps elsewhere which had remained buried since installation. The other clamps were corroded from years of soil contact, while those crossing the tunnel looked shiny and new.

Other features fell into uncanny, perversely predictable patterns, but scientific documentation was less definitive for lack of time or lacking permission to extend the excavations. There were roots protruding into the fill where Joanie had predicted, along with a linear succession of rotting posts that might have shored that portion of the tunnel (Marked 2 and 3 in Unit 3, Classroom 3, Figure 1)

There was tentative identification of a shaft and horizontal passage at the south-east end of the building, where children described going from the closet to the building next door. A discrete tunnel could be defined on the basis of differential fill and interruption of tree roots, leading under the eastern wall and several feet beyond the property line toward the adjacent triplex building (Figure 1). Owners of the property refused permission for further excavation, so the actual terminus of that tunnel feature remains open to speculation.

On May 29, 1990, I was invited to inspect the excavations. A district attorneys representative looked in from the surface, never soiling his suit to observe the demonstrated profiles of contrasting soil nor crawling under walls to appreciate the extent and utility of those potential tunnels. Prosecutors were at that time locked into the retrial, trying unsuccessfully to prove the few deadlocked counts of sexual molestation against a lone defendant. No one in authority could possibly want to reopen old wounds of putative conspiracy.

The bulldozer moved in that afternoon and quickly smashed the stucco building into splinters and dust. I have always wondered since that day why such a flimsy structure needed a 29-inch deep foundation to support a non-weight-bearing partition between two classrooms. The four-inch slab itself would have been code-sufficient. Could it have been designed as a strong-back girder over future sub-slab excavations? There is no sensible explanation better than Joanie’s naive observation than it was there to bump your head on. Dr. Stickel’s report (p.95) concludes:

There is no other scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel. The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled back in after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool). This age assessment has also been corroborated by the consulting Geologist for the project, Dr. Don Michael…


People magazine sent a reporter to interview Dr. Stickel. She reported to headquarters the remarkable misunderstanding that the project found nothing. Hearing this I called Dr. Stickel, who was dumbfounded: “I told her the children said there were tunnels and we found tunnels. It was as simple as that.” With some inside pressure, the magazine researched a more definitive appraisal of the project but it was bumped by more urgent priorities of space, perhaps by an unexpected celebrity marriage or divorce.

Dr. Stickel, Jackie McGauley, another patent and two now-adolescent McMartin children were brought face-to-face with debunking authors Paul and Shirley Eberele and defense attorney Danny Davis for the Maury Povich Show, broadcast June 21, 1993. In response to all the complicated and sometimes explosive arguments which erupted during that hour, Mr. Povich met Dr. Stickel’s description of the tunnels with the perfect dismissal: “What are we saying? Any *hard* evidence that abuse took place in these tunnels?” (emphasis his) (12)

At this point in the vastly larger, festering issue of ritual abuse, there is little hope of hard evidence for anything, especially for specific, ultimately trivial issues of individual criminal culpability. Frank Fuster’s conviction served best to excite more ingenious efforts toward blaming the victims. In the absence of a published tunnel report, the last word in print remains with award-winning Debbie Nathan:

The McMartin School was painstakingly proved for tunnels (by the District Attorney). None were found…(The McMartin) parents have invested years believing in demonic conspiracies and underground nursery tunnels. (Until recently the parents were still digging. They came up with Indian artifacts). They have spoken unremittingly of such things, to the world and to their sons and daughters. They have told their children, over and over, that they were abused, then rewarded them for being traumatized. They have put them in therapy with adult fanatics who have done the same, and enrolled them as guinea pigs in the “research” projects of zealots.

The McMartin kids, and hundreds of others in ritual abuse spinoffs across the country, have spent years trapped in clans whose identity derives from a tent-revival belief in their children’s imagined victimization. (13)

The McMartin Tunnels are just one more example of the continuing uncovering of evidence of a bizarre and industrious dedication to deception. The tunnels should raise serious questions against the reassuring premise that no one would go to such elaborate lengths to entrap children into illicit control. If the therapists were to blame, and they implanted only stories of tunnels, then who planted the pots in Joanie’s runway? The continuing obscurity of this potentially provocative archaeological discovery should give the lie to another reassurance: if things like this went on it would be impossible to hide the evidence. It is not so much that the evidence is difficult to hide as that we as a just and fair society are incapable of seeing it.

Judy Johnson saw blood on her infant’s diaper and has paid a terrible price for trying to find how it got there. Other McMartin parents, now distilled down to the essence of one, tried to find evidence for their children’s complaints, only to be reviled as a malicious threat to world serenity. Jackie McGauley has a hard-won documentation of physical evidence to share. Who will buy it?


1. David Lotto, “On Witches and Witch Hunts,” this issue.

2. Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder , Michelle Remembers, New York: Congdon & Lattes Inc. 1980

3. Notes of an office consultation with Judy Johnson, February 9, 1984

4. It is no accident that the person who blows the whistle on previously unsuspected and unprecedented extremes of abuse proves to be especially vulnerable to ad hominem attack. It takes an eccentric, potentially alienated personality style to over-ride the shared reassurances of more comfortably socialized peers. All forms of child sexual abuse have been protected by what Jean Goodwin has called the shared negative hallucination among clinicians and other opinion makers in respected authority, who will not perceive abuse when they confront it. (Credibility problems in multiple personality disorder patients and abused children. In: Childhood Antecedents of Multiple personality, ed. R.P. Kluft. Washington: American Psychiatric Press, 1985, pp. 2-19). As Suzzen Sgroi observed at the dawning of the current wave of discovery, “Unfortunately willingness to consider the diagnosis of suspected child sexual molestation frequently seems to vary in inverse proportion to the individual’s level of training. That is, the more advanced the training of some, the less willing they are to suspect molestation” (p. 20, Sexual molestation of children: The last frontier in child abuse. Children Today 4: May-June, 1975, pp. 18-21,44).

In the many multi-victim cases I have studied, there is a prodromal pattern of parental group denial before an eccentric outsider triggers a threshold of recognition. Concerned parents are reassured by “reasonable explanations” for potential indicators of abuse. Nylon underwear, bubble baths, constipation, masturbation, self-exploration “explain” genito-rectal inflammation, even foreign objects in the vagina. Conventional, well-socialized parents (and professionals) receive these reassurances with relief, repeating and reinforcing them among one another in extended circles. It remains for the odd one, the unsocialized outsider to pursue the nagging suspicion that the authorities could be wrong and to develop an arrogant, quasi-paranoid reliance on personal, intuitive belief. Such a person is easily stigmatized as eccentric and unreliable, if not crazy. The absence of authoritative substantiation leaves each successive believer dependent on a reversal of the old standard of evidence: seeing is believing; if I hadn’t believed it I wouldn’t have seen it.

Judy Johnson was not only an eccentric but something of an irritant in Manhattan Beach society; she was at war with the local school board to acquire home care for her ailing older son. She was distrustful of doctors and devoted to holistic notions of diet and health. It was this very eccentricity which led her to go out of town for university confirmation of her suspicions of sexual abuse after local doctors dismissed them. It was that young child’s isolation from medical contact that led the mother to the telling question and which confirmed the truth of the child’s answer.

When I asked Ms. Johnson during the February 8, 1984 office visit how she discovered “David’s” abuse, she explained, “It just grew with me. He had such discomfort with school. He cried every noon. But (the school director) warned me that if I gave in to him I’d always be a slave to his whims. He kept trying to give me a shot. I’m a very organic person and he had no contact with shots. I took him to the doctor for the redness and he said it was either from constipation or worms. Then I saw the blood and I knew he was sodomized. But my friends assured me that kids are very anal. I asked David several times if (his teacher) put his penis in his rectum. He always said ‘no’. Then later it occurred to me to ask, “David, did (your teacher) give you a shot in your bottom?” and he said ‘yes’.”

5. Debbie Nathan “Reno Reconsidered,” Miami New Times, March 3-9, 1993, pp. 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 27-29. Also “Revisiting Country Walk,” Issues in Child Abuse Accusations 5(1), Summer 1993 pp. 1-11. See note #7 for Nathan’s role in debunking the concept of ritual abuse. The investigative reporter who lived in the Country Walk community and who was a participant-observer throughout the development of the case wrote quite a different account. See Jan Hollingsworth, Unspeakable Acts, New York: Congden & Weed, 1986, for 592 pages of cogent narrative and authentic documentation of the case.

6. By reviewing the parental investigations in the light of official disapproval, I do not mean to trivialize nor to discredit their findings. The absolute confidentiality of criminal investigation makes communication a one-way process, with no opportunity to know how seriously the leads were taken or to what extent they were confirmed.

In addition to the mortuary discovery parents followed a child-guided route in search of “the doctor’s house” where blood rituals had been described. They found a residence in an affluent community some 20 miles away matching the description offered independently by several children. Authorities confirmed it was owned by a physician. No further information was ever divulged.

I had occasion to feel personally how the alarm of clinicians can be left unresolved by grudging investigation. I had been consulted in 1984 by a therapist who wanted help in reporting her suspicion of criminal conspiracy. She was concerned for the safety of two preschool-aged clients, brother and sister, and for their frightened mother, who believed her estranged husband was involved in large scale drug dealing and child prostitution. The children had led their mother to the place they had described where their father had taken them for encounters with naked adults and children (they denied ever being molested, but their drawings were full of decapitation and bloodshed). The children spoke of group encounters in other locations as well, involving both a defendant in the McMartin case and a suspect from a second preschool then under investigation.

The building shown to the mother, the Coco Palms Motel, had been the site of a babysitting service sex abuse investigation apparently unrelated to either preschool case. But two McMartin children, upon seeing a newspaper picture of the Coco Palms suspect, had independently identified him as the “Wolf Man” who delivered drugs to the abusive rituals of their own alleged experience.

The law enforcement team especially assembled to investigate the presumption of linkages among the seven suspected area preschools took my report on behalf of the anxious therapist, promising to follow it up immediately. I was told only months later than nothing had come of their investigation.

The therapist who had been involved in the identification of the “Wolf Man” was stigmatized by police for having deliberately left the newspaper in view of her young clients, and for reporting her observations to the local police rather than to the special preschool task force. The alleged wolf man died of a drug overdose and the man and woman named as his Coco Palms accomplices were spared prosecution when the children recanted their complaints.

Such complexities abound in putative but unproven conspiracies. While these apparent connections could have been coincidental and enhanced with parent-and-therapist-induced red herrings, the preemptory dismissal and the policy of with-holding the findings of official investigations leave the therapists caught in the unresolved position of amateur investigators, distrustful of the officials and unprotected against escalating fear.

7. Alexander Cockburn, Viewpoint: “The McMartin Case: Indict the Children, Jail the Parents.” The Wall Street Journal, February 8, 1990, p. A17. This virulent op-ed piece includes the standard backlash attribution of the case: “The allegations… had been extorted from her two year old by a mother-now-dead- with a history of mental illness…,” without acknowledging that the “history” occurred only after the allegations. Cockburn also cited Judy Johnson and her McMartin case as the harbingers of the entire ensuing “hysteria” over satanic abuse in an elaborate review of some 36 cases and 91 arrests. “In this purgative frenzy many lives were destroyed” (“Out of the Mouths of Babes: Child Abuse and the Abuse of Adults.” The nation, February 12, 1990, pp. 190-191) In his recurring column entitled “Beat the devil.” He invoked the McMartin case in deploring the prosecution of the Little Rascals Daycare case in North Carolina in his syndicated ‘Column Left.’ Citing “daycare panics in more than 100 cities,” he sums up his dismissal with, “Satan mongering is an industry of sorts, served by repugnant legal stratagems and nourished by bogus experts: Day Care Satanism and ‘therapy’”. Los Angeles Times, September 5, 1991, p B13

An early journalistic reinvestigation of the McMartin case identified the six people who successively created the incredible concept of massive abuse: “Mother,” “Cop,” “Social Worker,” “Politician” (District Attorney), “Reporter,” and “Prosecutor” (Mary A Fischer. “A Case of Dominoes?: Did six crucial players simply invent the longest, most expensive, most sensational-and most trumped up-case in LA.’s history? Los Angeles, October 1989, pp 126, 135). This scenario, which parallels the theory of defense in the already-acquited Jordan, Minnesota case, is offered as “the solution to the McMartin puzzle (which) eludes most of the public and the media” (p 135). The mother was, of course, Judy Johnson: “It was this call (to the police) on August 12, 1983 that sparked the biggest mass molestation case in history, but for Johnson, it was another in a series of steps toward madness and an early death from an alcohol-related liver disease” (p. 128). The article presupposes that the increasingly bizarre allegations were a product and not the producer of that decline. The article stresses the absence of evidence for the pornography and tunnel claims, exaggerating the scope and negative significance of the official excavation: “A Huntington Beach archaeological research team was hired to make a painstaking search for alleged underground rooms and tunnels where the children claimed they’d been molested. The researchers tore up the preschool floor and used an electronic scanning device to try to locate the secret passages” (p. 135). In fact, they merely peeled back some of the asphalt tiles looking for potential interruptions in the concrete slab floor and relied on an inappropriate instrument to disclaim the possibility of disturbance under the concrete. According to Dr. Stickel, who excavated the tunnels, the terrain conductivity meter used by the first archaeological team was powerless to penetrate concrete.

Debbie Nathan, a free-lance investigative journalist based in El Paso, is the most articulate and influential of the ritual abuse skeptics. She won the H.L Mencken Award for Investigative Journalism for “The Making of A modern Witch Trial” The Village Voice, September 29, 1987, pp 19-23, 26-32. In this vanguard standard of backlash rhetoric she deplores the criminal conviction of two El Paso women through a detailed analysis of the overzealous, children-never-lie crusades she attributes to the prosecutor, child protective service workers and parents. Citing the history of bizarre charges against unlikely female defendants initiated by the McMartin case, she traces the pattern through Jordan, Minnesota; Niles, Michigan; Memphis; Country Walk in Miami; Malden, Massachusetts; West Point; and Maplewood, New Jersey, she highlights the ritualistic and presumably absurd allegations in each and labels these cases “junior” McMartins. The sidebar feature entitled “Sex, the Devil and Day Care (pp. 23 & 26) defines ritual abuse as a contrived political tool to stigmatize working mothers and to scapegoat women as potential child molesters. Beneath a photograph of three female McMartin defendants in “the case that started it all,” Ms. Nathan proposes that the attempt to “satanize” day care is a strategic adjustment of the conflict between liberal feminist objections to patriarchy and the conservative pressure to protect intact families.

“But in the Reaganite 80’s, feminist consciousness-raising about sexual violence hasn’t led to a critique of the family; rather it’s encouraged moralism against evil people and narrowly legalistic remedies. The times demand a scapegoat, and what better one than daycare? If the private family is sacred then the public day care center is profane. If stay-at-home mothers are holy, then the people they pay to take care of their kids when they escape from the house are witches. Day-care hysteria is another instance of how conservatives have cornered the market these days, supplying fundamentalist rhetoric for a public trying to sort out worry and puzzlement over deep-seated social changes.”‘ (p. 26)

Debbie Nathan’s coupe de grace on ritual abuse was “What McMartin Started; The Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax (The Village Voice, June 12, 1990), beginning and ending with an attack on the parents and their children who appeared on the Geraldo Rivera Show in the wake of the January verdicts of acquittal. It decries these people’s diehard insistence on victimization. She challenges the credulity of the young people, who had such fantastic stories they could not be used as witnesses, citing especially the “Round-faced, 10-year-old” who according to her father, has “talked about being molested under the school in tunnels lined with flashing lights and pictures of the devil” (p. 36)

The article blames the case on the purportedly psychotic allegations of Judy Johnson. Nathan traces the subsequent spread of incredible allegations through-out the country and into Europe, stressing the stereotypic absurdity of children who said that “the abuse took place in churches; adults wore masks and costumes; they urinated and defecated on children; they burned, stabbed, cooked, or drowned babies; they sacrificed animals; they molested children in funeral homes and buried them in cemeteries; they mutilated Barbie dolls, extensive investigations have failed to support any of these claims.”

In questioning how “large numbers of literate, secular people” could be duped into a Christian fundamentalist “paranoia about satanism,” Ms. Nathan iterates what Dr. Lotto reiterates: the publication of Michelle Remembers. The article reveals “there is evidence that the details in ritual abuse charges came more from grown-ups than from children: co-author Pazder consulted with the police and met with parent Jackie McGauley during the early days of the investigation.” That is hardly news, nor “evidence” though it has been slow to be touted by the conspiracy theorists of rebuttal. I met with Dr. Pazder at that time too – when he had come to Los Angeles to appear with several parents on a nationally syndicated television news magazine and after he had addressed a public meeting in Manhattan Beach parents wanted to meet Dr. Pazder not to acquire details of ritual abuse but to make sense out of them, because their child were *telling them* stories of blood ritual with satanic trappings.

His conclusions about satanic cult ubiquity, however outlandish they may seem to others, offered a “reasonable explanation” for parents confronted with children growling obscenities and death threats in half-awake nightmares. As a participant observer in what the sages now dismiss as “satanic panic,” I can attest that the stories of costumes, ceremonies, chants, bloodshed and death came first from children to naive, incredulous parents and therapists, who sought in vain for a more reasonable explanation from local authorities before turning to occult literature and out-of-town experts who could offer a horrific kind of understanding of their inexplicable distress. Similarly, the television producers brought Dr. Pazder to Los Angeles not to introduce the concept of satanic ritual abuse but to *address* it, since it was by then common knowledge among journalists that children and parents were describing unearthly obscenities.

Debbie Nathan concludes her investigation of the Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax with the paragraph excerpted at the conclusion of this article (note 13) proclaiming the nationwide network of “clans” united with the”…tent revival belief in their children’s victimization. Right wing devil-mongers may find this subculture to their liking. But the rest of us ought to recognize the harm it wreaking, not only on civil liberties and the falsely accused, but also on day care on women’s rights, and especially on children. Because the kids involved in this hysteria have indeed suffered, but not at the hands of their teachers. Compared to the abuses of a child-protection movement gone mad, could incest be any worse?”

The “investigative journalists” have no need of evidence for their clan conspiracy theory. With no more foundation than the presumption that the satanic implications are not worthy of rational credence, they state without any apparent doubt that another international, interdisciplinary, intergenerational conspiracy to abuse children does in fact exist, with agents so powerful in their misguided beliefs that they can infuse death terror into the minds of children through mere suggestion. And the perpetrators of this abuse are just the sort of folks one would least suspect of terrorist agendas; they are the child abuse finders who follow the dictates of the clinical high priest of a child-protection movement gone mad.

Compared to the grandiosity of a backlash movement gone ballistic, could a shared belief in satanic conspiracy be any worse?

8. Pending publication, there is no general access to this report, and no assurance of when or how it might become available. Inquiries may be directed to me, including any interest in assisting in publication. Correspondence will be forwarded to the custodian of the McMartin Tunnel Project, Ms. Jackie McGauley.

9. This mutually antagonistic response to common disaster is described as typical of parents in cases studied by child psychiatrist Lenore Terr. Initial bonding and cooperative optimism gives way to displacement of rage toward one another as they discover no one can perfectly resolve the collective trauma. Some withdraw and become protective of their private lives and untarnished future, resentful of other parents who try to keep the memory alive, especially those who seem to revel in publicity and notoriety. Too Scared to Cry: Psychic Trauma in Childhood. New York: Harper & Row, 1990, pp. 66-72.

10. Paul and Shirley Eberle, The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1993. The Eberles also wrote the Politics of Child Abuse (Secaucus, N.) Lyle Stuard Inc., 1986) which centers on the McMartin case as the bellwether of the nationwide “child abuse witch hunt” (p. 285) “resulting in the devastation of innocent peoples lives and families (p, 283). Both books lionized defendants and defense interests while defaming everything and everyone associated with child protection. Such polemics also illustrate the gospel of the dual attack on child protection. Ritual abuse cases are first debunked as de factor frauds, then all sexual abuse complaints are tarred with the same brush..” We believe that every molestation case in which there has been a conviction should be reopened and reviewed.” (The Politics of Child Abuse, p. 284)

11. In order to allow privacy for the child and her parents, “Joanie” is a pseudonym.

12. The Maury Povich Show, nationally syndicated. Broadcast June 21, 1993

13. Debbie Nathan, “What McMartin Started:The Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax,”The Village Voice, June 12, 1990. Also syndicated and reprinted in many independent newspapers, such as Metro: Santa Clara Valley’s Weekly Newspaper (AA) under the title, “The McMartin Syndrome” August 23-29, 1990, pp. 10-15

Roland Summit is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (Building D-6, 1000 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90509). He has been the community psychiatrist to the South Bay area of Los Angeles County since 1966, specializing exclusively in child sexual abuse since 1975. He was assigned the role of county Department of Mental Health Liaison to the community of Manhattan Beach in the wake of the 1983-84 epidemic of preschool abuse allegations.

Tamarkin, C. (1994a). Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases, Part I. Treating Abuse Today, 4 (4): 14-23. Tamarkin, C. (1994b). Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases, Part II. Treating Abuse Today, 4 (5): 5-9.

“In August 1982, a mother claimed she noticed blood in her son’s diaper and an irritation around his rectum. A hospital exam confirmed her worst fears her son has been sodomized. Asked who was responsible, the toddler said, “Mr. Ray.” “Mr. Ray” was…a teacher at the McMartin preschool, which the boy had –been attending. Later, when the boy was questioned by local police, he named other children whom he claimed also were present during the sexual abuse.”

“What surprised me as an investigative journalist was that nobody looked beyond the seemingly fanciful nature of the disclosures. Nobody tried to interpret what the disclosures might mean through a child’s frame of reference and perception. Nobody searched for plausible explanation…children talked about…improbable events like jumping out of airplanes and seeing a horse killed. Yet, investigators did not track reports that Raymond Buckey had a friend who ran a special effects studio or that Virginia McMartin’s sister owned a horse ranch.”


Paul and Shirley Eberle: A Strange Pair of Experts

by Maria Laurina

Paul and Shirley Eberle wrote The Politics of Child Abuse, a book that accuses mothers, mental health professionals, and prosecutors of feeding children stories about sexual abuse. Since the book was published by Lyle Stuart in l986, the Eberles have been cited as experts in sexual abuse trials. They were featured speakers at a conference of the Victims of Child Abuse Laws, a group formed to protect accused parents.

What is startling about the Eberles’ reputation as ground-breaking experts in the field is that their dubious credentials have not been widely challenged. Paul and Shirley Eberle edit a soft-core magazine in California called the L.A. Star that contains a mixture of nude photos, celebrity gossip, telephone sex ads, and promos for The Politics of Child Abuse.

In the 1970’s, however, the Eberles were also publishing hard-core pornography. Their publication, Finger, depicted scenes of bondage, S & M, and sexual activities involving urination and defecation. A young girl portrayed with a wide smile on her face sits on top of a man whose penis is inside of her; a woman has oral sex with a young boy in a drawing entitled “Memories of My Boyhood.”

The Eberles were featured nude on one cover holding two life-size blow up dolls names “Love Girl” and “Play Guy.” No dates appear on the issues and the Eberles rarely attach their names, referring to themselves as “The L.A. Star Family.”

The Eberles were the distributors of Finger and several other underground magazines, says Donald Smith, a sergeant with the obscenity section of the Los Angeles Police Department’s vice division who followed the couple for years. LAPD was never able to prosecute for child pornography: “There were a lot of photos of people who looked like they were under age but we could never prove it.” The pictures of young children in Finger are illustrations, and child pornography laws were less rigid a decade ago than they are today.

“Sexpot at Five,” “My First Rape, She Was Only Thirteen,” and “What Happens When Niggers Adopt White Children” are some of the articles that appeared in Finger. One letter states: “I think it’s really great that your mags have the courage to print articles & pixs [sic] on child sex…Too bad I didn’t hear from more women who are into child sex…Since I’m single I’m not getting it on with my children, but I know of a few families that are. If I were married & my wife & kids approved–I’d be having sex with my daughters.”

Another entry reads: “I’m a pedophile & I think its [sic] great a man is having sex with his daughter!…Since I didn’t get Finger #3, I didn’t get to see the stories & pics of family sex. Would like to see pics of nude girls making it with their daddy, but realize its too risky to print.”

Lyle Stuart plans to print the Eberles’ forthcoming book on the McMartins preschool trial. Carole Stuart, the publisher, describes the Eberles as “experts in the field,” and family friends “for years.” Reprinted in the ICONoclast, WINTER 1988 / VOL. 1, NO. 2 with permission from Ms. Magazine (December 1988)

Behind the Playground Walls – Sexual Abuse in Preschools by Jill Waterman, Robert J. Kelly, Mary Kay Oliveri and Jane McCord – The Guilford Press – New York, London 1993 “In the most well-known case, involving the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, two juries from successive trials became hopelessly deadlocked and failed to agree on a verdict after 7 years of investigation and trial. At the press conference following the trial, 9 of the 11 jurors who agreed to be interviewed indicated that they believed the children had been molested, but they felt that the evidence presented did not enable them to state beyond a reasonable doubt who had perpetrated the abuse.” (p. vii) (Source: Los Angeles Times, January 19, 1990, pp. A1 and A22) “Tapes of Children Decided the Case for Most Jurors” Tracy Wilkinson and James Rainey – Los Angeles Times p.A1 and A2 – 1/19/1990
chapter in book : A Tale of Two Communities” by Jane McCord

describes crimes – Reporter’s Notebook: 6 Months of California Case By Robert Lindsey Published: February 13, 1985 “Prosecutors say they intend to present as witnesses 41 former pupils of the school, almost all of whom, physicians testified at the hearing, showed physical evidence of having been sexually abused. The second of the children to testify at the hearing, a 10-year-old boy who attended the McMartin Preschool almost five years ago, has now been on the witness stand for nine days, including eight days under intense cross examination by defense lawyers who have been trying to find inconsistencies in his story. So far, often under rapid-fire questioning that might wither some adult witnesses, the child has stuck to his story with only minor contradictions. He described being sodomized or otherwise sexually molested by all seven of the defendants and asserted that children had been made to pose for pornographic pictures. The 10-year-old boy repeated under cross examination an account of how he and other children were taken to a church where he said adults wearing masks and black robes danced and moaned while Mr. Buckey went to the altar and killed pet rabbits, turtles and birds and threatened to kill the children’s parents the same way if the children told of the alleged abuse.

describes crimes – Boy, 7, Is Witness in California Child Abuse Case by Robert Lindsey January 23, 1985 A 7-year- old boy testified today that he had played ”naked games” at the Virginia McMartin Preschool near here and that in at least one of the games teachers at the school had touched his genital organs….Prosecutors have asserted that more than 100 children were abused at the school in the past decade. All the defendants have denied the charges, which date from 1978….After pointing out his former teachers in the courtroom, the boy said he had played ”naked games” at the school. Describing a game called ”Cowboys and Indians” under questioning by Glenn Stevens, a deputy district attorney, the boy said the children playing the game were taken into a room. ”They’d put us in jail; they’d touch us in jail,” he said. ”How did the teachers touch you?” Mr. Stevens asked. ”In the penis,” the boy replied….While Mr. Stevens appeared satisfied with the answers regarding the first game the child mentioned, he was less successful when questioning the child about two other games, called ”the Alligator Game” and ”Naked Movie Star.” In both games, the boy said, children were asked by other children to remove their clothes, but he seemed to draw a blank whenever he was asked to give details. ”I don’t remember,” the boy said repeatedly. The first grade pupil also testified that Mr. Buckey had cut the ears off rabbits and injured other pets in front of the children and had threatened to harm their parents if they told anyone about the alleged sexual molestation.

Do Children Lie? Not About This – Los Angeles Times – Los Angeles, Calif. Author: Tavris, Carol Date: Jan 19, 1990 Start Page: B7 Abstract (Document Summary) Carol Tavris says that children who are sexually abused almost always tell the truth about what has happened to them. Tavris comments on the McMartin Pre-School sexual molestation trial and says that she believes that the children in that trial were molested.

The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War by David Hechler (1988) Lexington Books ISBN 0-669-14097-x “What happened at the McMartin Preschool will be debated for a long time. Few aspects of the case are clear, but it requires no strain of credulity to believe that the children could have been abused at the facility without being diagnosed by a pediatrician.”

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Transformation – Healing from Child Abuse, Kathy Collins

Suffering child sexual abuse, ritual abuse, mind control is of course highly traumatic and leaves scars.

Kathy Collins’ video concentrates on a different aspect of abuse – the recovery, the healing the transformation, so that others may learn from her healing.

Kathy explains how she used to be in victim mode, and repeated disruptive patterns of behaviour. This recreated trauma and drama to get her natural necessary hit of  serotonin helped her survive but the serotinin can be replaced by using other stimuli.

This was just a part of her healing, and it is a very powerful video showing how a more healing and peaceful life can happen in which she calls transformation. This process can also help others from recreating the trauma and drama of their abuse.

Recreating the trauma and drama is so easy to fall into in these days of social media and especially twitter! The video is from 2015 but it is well worth a watch.

From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins’ Story

To avoid watching on You Tube owned by CIA Google, watch on this invidio link where it is also easy to download the video. However it deos not seem to embed in this blog so if you prefer embedded You Tube link is also provided.


“What makes Kathy’s story so remarkable is that she underwent horrible experiences that would cause massive trauma in almost anyone. This included being brought, as a child, into Project Monarch, a sub-project of the MK Ultra CIA mind control program. She was also brought to places like Bohemian Grove. At a young age, Kathy was carted away in potato sacks by her father, went through a Satanic initiation ritual at age 3 (being forced to drink blood), suffered sexual abuse (from both men and women), was made into child prostitute and was experimented upon with drugs, electroshock and strobe lights. She recalls being at Bohemian Grove at age 5, tied naked to a stone altar, surrounded by 3 hooded figures who were trying to steal her soul but who were saying “we can’t break her”. Kathy was forced to watch a child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, and in the end, only got out of the mind control and abuse because her father died.

(Incidentally, Kathy also recalls being hunted like an animal at Bohemian Grove. Cathy O’Brien has also alluded to this. Both were given a short amount of time to run and hide before being followed by huntsmen with guns.” [4] The Freedom Articles Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed


[1]  2015 Aug 9 Invidio Link From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins’ Story

[2] 2015 Aug 9 Invidio Link From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins’ Story

[3] Deprogramwiki

[4] 2016 Feb The Freedom Articles Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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“I Will Do Anything” Hollywood Entrance Fee, Paid c/o CIA

If this does not show you how Hollywood works then nothing will.

Tiffany FitzHenry an author and screenwriter tells the inside story of how people get on in Hollywood.

No one gets to be powerful and influential in the business unless they are compromised and owned with blackmail material.

They are owned by design. Owned Influence.

To get into Hollywood, they sell their principles, they sell their soul.

Bosses wait to hear that they will do anything before they will give someone work. You have to say “I will do anything” before you can work or become famous.

If someone does get influence, they are a puppet of the deep state / CIA.

If you know their name, they are owned.


Tiffany FitzHenry – Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and MUCH MORE! RE-RELEASED  [1]

Tiffany FitzHenry TALKS Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and MUCH MORE! C_A and Deep State CONTROL Hollywood. Pedophilia, Satanism and Blackmail OWN and CONTROL THEM ALL.

Tiffany FitzHenry Twitter @Tiff_FitzHenry [3]

Tiffany’s Periscope [4]

Tiffany’s Animus Series can be purchased on Amazon [5]

If you prefer not to watch YouTube, because its owned by Google, or you have to sign in, or any other reason, then on any video just change the “” to “” .

eg for this video

You Tube


Although it does not embed (that I know of) in a blog such as this, then invidious has the added advantage of being able to easily download from, which may be useful for controversial truth telling videos such as this.

                                                         They are owned as well

The interviewer is the excellent Tye from OutoftheG8te

Out Of The Gate

They have many qualityvideos on their  Channel, which is jsut being reassembled after being taken down. Take a look

OutoftheG8TE twitter @OutoftheG8TE [6]

OutoftheG8TE You Tube Channel [7]

Other links and descriptions of videos from Out of The Gate areas follow, with this warning – All of our videos are adult content and could easily trigger anyone watching, there are some graphic visuals pertaining to the stories and graphic language.

James Shanahan gives a detailed account of abuse by Priests at Christian Brothers School in Australia. MKUltra techniques used, Satanic Ritual  murders and abuse. Written acknowledgement from Cardinal Pell over the accounts of abuse at Christain Brothers school. Part 1 –

James Shanahan on the Catholic Church, it’s inception, How Constantine married Paganism and the Christian Church together and the Satanic Agenda behind it. The corrupt Cardinals and the system of child abuse and Satanism and Corruption still continue to this day. Part 2 –

James Shanahan and his abuse at the hands of convicted pedophile, Cardinal George Pell Pell. First time to publicly speak about this account of abuse in a RITUAL SETTING, James talks about the character of the Catholic Church and it’s attempts thru the Melbourne Response and The Royal Commission, to shut victims down. Part 3 –

Scott Presler – Persistence TRUMPS Resistance as Scott talks about the push to open borders to Illegal Immigrants, why Trump should be re-elected, MS13 and how they are being used to terrify America, Voting Registration, and how he will help to clean up America and get Trump re-elected.

Stephen Shellen talks about life in Hollywood, being a Targeted Individual, his artistry, how he has survived and MUCH MORE.

Stephen Masters walks us thru his abuse at home and the school of horrors, Daruk Boys School. Stephen was subjected to verbal, physical, sexual abuse, and was given shock therapy until he suffered a stroke, by the administration at Daruk Training School. Part 1-

Stephen Masters talk about his 2 encounters with SERIAL KILLER Ivan Milat, departing Daruk Boys School and trying to recover from the abuse.  His son Steven also talks about why family support is important to Victim/Survivor’s, and why Australia’s National Apology Day will not help victims. Part 2 –

David Shurter talks about his life of abuse in the Occult, and authoring the book “Down the Rabbit Hole”. His family of Satanists were connected to high profile names in the U.S. Government, Antonin Scalia, President George Bush Senior, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Barney Franks and more. Part 1 –

David Shurter details abuse by Army Satanist and Temple of Set founder, Michael Aquino.  David also walks us thru his time spent being trafficked, abused, and ritualized during Bohemian Grove. Part 2 –

David Shurter talks about Halloween and takes us on a tour of Hummel Park, where many rituals, murders, and abuse took place. All in attendance are men in powerful positions in the U.S. Government. Part 3 –

Praying Medic tells us what led him to Q, the MAGA movement, Q Codes, and being an author. Is Q a movement that benefits the U.S.? Praying Medic tells us what he thinks God is doing. Part 1 –

Praying Medic shares his Journey from ATHEISM to CHRIST, Qanon, and his books on Healing, Deliverance, Prayer, and Spirit Travelling. Part 2 –

Praying Medic and Martin Geddes discuss with Out of the Gate ALL things Q, sealed indictments, House/Senate numbers, and UNITY in WWG1WGA. Round Table Discussion. Part 1 –

Praying Medic and Martin Geddes on Q, Unity, Justice, WWG1WGA, Vincent Fusca, Joe M, JFK Jr. Who is really who? NEVER I told you so, we welcome you to join the TRUTH! Let’s MAGA TOGETHER!!!! Part 2 –

Martin Geddes discusses Current News, Mueller Report, His Latest QARMY SOLDIERS Manual and what to expect from Q this coming year.

Martin Geddes The Storm – How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge in these areas, Hollywood, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, Social Media, and MUCH MORE.

Tiffany FitzHenry tells us her thoughts on the Micahel Jackson Documentary Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and the connections between the U.S. Government, C_A and Deep State and how they CONTROL Hollywood. Pedophilia, Satanism and Blackmail CONTROL THEM ALL.

Charl Van Wyk – Missionary & Author – STOPS Shooters in South Africa’s St. James Massacre, Authors “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense” , Advocate for Self Defense as a RIGHT and Spiritual PRIORITY! KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!

OOTG/Current News – Jeffrey Epstein and his connections to Presidents, Prime Ministers Keating, NXVIM , Amazon Fires, The Royals and has a “Bridge Event” taken place? News & Health, Past Interviews, and Future Shows.

Mo Reese Delk and his American Patriotism. He talks about Taking Conservative values to the street, Challenging Antifa, Black Lives Matters & Liberal Ideals that claim to support the Black Community.

Rob Skiba‘s on his SEED Project, Flat Earth, Genesis 6, Giants, Nephilim, Transhumanism.

Steve Outtrim walks us thru his article “The Mysterious Sudden Death of Isaac Kappy”. A fascinating look at Isaac Kappy and the timeline leading up to his death. RIP ISAAC KAPPY

Isaac Kappy & Fiona Barnett interview with Out of the Gate. This video was originally published in October 2018. Was Isaac a Friend or Foe? You decide. This is a serious time, with serious consequences. RIP Isaac Kappy

Fiona Barnett talks with OOTG about her childhood, Satanic Ritual Abuse, being trafficked and abused by Presidents, Pastors, and Prime Ministers and Hollywood Elite. Fiona details her abuse by handler Anthony Kidman, Nicole Kidmans father and Breaking FREE!!!! NEVER BEFORE HEARD content from Fiona. Part 1 –

Fiona Barnett details CIA Trafficking, Jason Project/ Remote Viewing/Super Soldier Projects and never before heard testimony. Part 2-

Fiona Barnett – EYES WIDE OPEN BOOK RELEASE INTERVIEW. Fiona TALKS with OOTG 77 about her journey to release the FREE E-BOOK ‘EYES WIDE OPEN’.


[1] 2019 Sept 27 You Tube Out of The Gate Tiffany FitzHenry – Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and MUCH MORE! RE-RELEASED

[2] 2019 Sept 27 You Tube Out of The Gate Tiffany FitzHenry – Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and MUCH MORE! RE-RELEASED

[3] Tiffany FitzHenry Twitter @Tiff_FitzHenry –

[4] Tiffany’s Periscope

[5] Tiffany’s Animus Series can be purchased on Amazon

[6] OutoftheG8TE twitter @OutoftheG8TE

[7] OutoftheG8TE You Tube Channel

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Say Brave Things #SayBraveThings – Christopher Cronsell

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Epstein and The Edge

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This article is just a brief introduction to Epstein and “The Edge”. There is much of the archives to be explored and from the Edge there are links to much of Epstein’s activity, and people associated.

Checking the archived pages it appears that Epstein has been a member of the Edge from at least 1999 –  Jun 2019

This is March 2019

Clicking on the pictures should take you into the appropriate archive.

Epstein is now expunged from its list of people and was in about Jun 2019 I believe, some time before his announced death.

The Edge was launched in 1996 as the online version of “The Reality Club” and as a living document on the Web to display the activities of “The Third Culture.”

The Reality Club  “was an informal gathering of intellectuals who met from 1981 to 1996 in Chinese restaurants, artist lofts, investment banking firms, ballrooms, museums, living rooms and elsewhere. Reality Club members presented their work with the understanding that they will be challenged. The hallmark of The Reality Club has been rigorous and sometimes impolite (but not ad hominem) discourse.”

The motto of the Club was inspired by the late artist-philosopher James Lee Byars: “To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.”

However a dig through the archives exposes a few interesting items. I have only picked a few items from his bio and not explored others, so dive in, there is still loads to discover..

Jeffreys “bio” in Jun 2013, but many are available.

If you click on the pictures it should take you to the archive pages. However delving in the archives can be a confusing and complex business, so please point out if the wrong date archive has been used.

Some links in the archived material itself do not work, but the pages may be available on a different date or via a different link or via the current Edge page,  so explore..

July 2013

JEFFREY E. EPSTEIN is a money manager and science philanthropist who currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Trust Company. Mr. Epstein started his career at Bear Stearns with an educational background in physics. He has been a Trustee of Institute Of International Education Inc. since October 2001.

Mr. Epstein is a Member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member. Mr. Epstein is also actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and also sits on the Mind, Brain & Behavior Advisory Committee at Harvard.

Jeffrey Epstein’s philanthropic affiliations include the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, the Florida Science Foundations and The COUQ Foundation. He is a member of the Edge community, an internationally respected group of thinkers and achievers.

Money Manager and Science Philanthropist sounds so much better than child rapist and child trafficker! Later it is changed to Financier.

Epstein’s conviction after pleading guilty to procuring an underaged prostitute was in 2008 so they had plenty of time to update the bio but chose not to.

Any of the Epstein organisations would be worth digging into. The more people that research the better.

Financial Trust Company

This was found in 2018 to be a fraud – a Ponzi Scheme.

In August 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against The Financial Trust Company for allegedly operating a fraudulent Ponzi Scheme that resulted in the loss of “hundreds of million dollars … to over 200,000 investors who … invested in securities based on false memoranda, financial statements and supporting documents which promised profitable investments and high returns.” Plaintiffs also named an individual “co-conspirator” of the scheme in the complaint for allegedly misrepresenting how the invested money would be used, and for allegedly misappropriating funds for his own personal use to support his “lavish lifestyle.” (Gerber et al v. The Financial Trust Co. and Jeffrey Epstein, Case No. 18-cv-7580, S. D. NY.)

Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations 

These bodies are de facto supra national bodies which decide international policy that Governments follow. They are known for neoliberal and neoconservative policies and links to Rockefellers.

The fact that Epstein was on these bodies shows that he was endorsed by the powers that be, which are above the Governments. For optics purposes in this weird world we live in, the real powers in this world are barely referred to by corporate media and the facade of national democracy is maintained.

Cheney in this video below makes this apparent.

Cheney poking fun at voters

Epsteins Laws

Each year the Edge would have certain questions which members could contribute to. In 2004 the theme was Laws. Epstein chose his two laws

Epstein’s First LawKnow when you are winning.

Epstein’s Second Law – The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose.


The Edge was started by John Brockman and now run by his son, Max Brockman.

Evgeny Morozov recently wrote an article explain how John Brockman had detailed in an email to him how Prince Andrew had been having foot massages from Epsteins girls.

To reduce confusion between American English and English English, American suspenders are what English call braces, (so in this instance, at least Prince Andrew was not wearing English suspenders, which the Americans call garters).

Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire science philanthropist showed up at this weekend’s event by helicopter (with his beautiful young assistant from Belarus). He’ll be in Cambridge in a couple of weeks asked me who he should meet. You are one of the people I suggested and I told him I would send some links.
He’s the guy who gave Harvard $30m to set up Martin Nowak. He’s been extremely generous in funding projects of many of our friends and clients. He also got into trouble and spent a year in jail in Florida.
If he contacts you it’s probably worth your time to meet him as he’s extremely bright and interesting.
Last time I visited his house (the largest private residence in NYC), I walked in to find him in a sweatsuit and a British guy in a suit with suspenders, getting foot massages from two young well-dressed Russian women. After grilling me for a while about cyber-security, the Brit, named Andy, was commenting on the Swedish authorities and the charges against Julian Assange. “We think they’re liberal in Sweden, but its more like Northern England as opposed to Southern Europe,” he said. “In Monaco, Albert works 12 hours a day but at 9pm, when he goes out, he does whatever he wants, and nobody cares. But, if I do it, I’m in big trouble.” At that point I realized that the recipient of Irina’s foot massage was his Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Indeed, a week later, on a slow news day, the cover of the NY Post had a full-page photo of Jeffrey and Andrew walking in Central Park under the headline: “The Prince and the Perv.” (That was the end of Andrew’s role at the UK trade ambassador.) New Republic

Brockman is obviously not bothered by Epsteins child abuse, he just refers to it as “trouble”, mentions he went to jail but still encourages people to meet him.

Jeffrey Epstein

Investing in Science Research and Education Throughout the World

Jeffrey Epstein Science is part of the The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. It was founded in 2000 to support cutting edge science research around the world. Its areas of focus range from physics to neuroscience, artificial intelligence, evolutionary theory and medical research. In the field of medicine, Jeffrey Epstein Science has a large focus on genetic engineering in the fields of cancer, alzheimers and parkinsons disease. The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation is based in New York City, New York and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.
In 2003, the Foundation established the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University. The Program is under the direction of Martin Nowak, Professor of Biology and Mathematics at Harvard. The Program uses mathematics to analyze evolution, most notably the evolution of micro life systems. Since its inception, the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics has provided ground breaking research in the evolution of genes, viruses and cancer cells. It has also offered novel insights into the origins of life from RNA monomer sequences. The Program is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
In addition to sponsoring science research, the Foundation holds regular conferences to bring together the best minds on significant scientific subjects. Recent conferences have covered such topics as gravity, global threats to the earth and the evolution of language. Scientists have gathered from all over the world to share their thoughts and have included several Nobel Laureates. Jeffrey Epstein Science also hosts a science forum, hosting discussions on a wide range of scientific topics. Readers participate from around the world.
Many universities and institutes have received funding from the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation including, Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, New York University, Cornell University, Pepperdine University, Ohio State University, Stanford University, UCLA, The Santa Fe Institute, Rockefeller University and Penn University.
The Foundation has also had the priviledge of sponsoring many prominent scientists including Gerald Edelman, Murray Gell-Mann, Eric Lander, George Church, Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, Marvin Minsky, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Smolin and Gregory Benford and Nobel laureates, Gerard ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek.

[Some of the above links only available on http not https including this one so they need to be changed in the archive to http]


I am not sure whether this is yet widely known but it was a new fact to me shown on the snapshot above that Science Conferences were actually held on St Thomas Island (see above) and attended by Gerardus ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek, Stephen Hawking, Jim Peebles from Princeton University, ALan Guth from MIT, Lisa Randall from Harvard, Barry Barish from LIGO and Maria Spiropulu from CERN, among others.

Bearing in mind that Epstein ran a underage sex blackmail operation probably on behalf on CIA and Mossad, it is entirely probably that these scientists were filmed in private areas such as bedrooms for any possible blackmail. Equally various enticements may have been offered to these scientists during their stay. They all need to be contacted and interviewed by the Police.

All the scientists need to explain what they knew.

There are allegations of abuse perpetrated by Hawking but the link eludes me for now. This link is a general Hawking one.

Epstein Foundation



Apologies for not putting the links in my normal format. Unfortunately, I dont have the time nor energy.

Various Other Links and text not used

“The digerati (or digirati) are the elite of digitalization, social media, content marketing, computer industry and online communities. The word is a portmanteau, derived from “digital” and “literati”, and reminiscent of the earlier coinage glitterati (glitter and literati). Famous computer scientists, tech magazine writers, digital consultants with multi-year experiences and well-known bloggers are included among the digerati.”

Appendix 1

JEFFREY EPSTEIN is a financier and science philanthropist. He is President of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation and currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Trust Company. Mr. Epstein started his career at Bear Stearns with an educational background in physics and mathematics.

Mr. Epstein is the founder of the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University. Established in 2003, the Program studies the evolution of microsystems and microbiology with the use of mathematics. Under the direction of Martin Nowak, Professor of Biology and Mathematics at Harvard University, the Program has developed critical mathematical models of how viruses and cancer cells evolve.

Mr. Epstein founded the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation in 2000 to fund and support cutting edge science around the world. He is one of the largest supporters of individual scientists, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureates Gerard ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek. His foundation also plays an active role in supporting education across the United States as well as philanthropy in the US Virgin Islands, where the foundation is based.

Mr. Epstein is actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Quantum Gravity Program and the University of Pennsylvania. He recently sat on the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University.

Mr. Epstein is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member.

Funds Stephen Hawking, Gerard Hooft, David Gross and Frankie Wilcraz marc epstein

Third Culture*/

the edge people photos

jeffrey 2013 jul


jeffrey epstein science

philanthropy 2010

2012 funds edge*/

epsteins law*/


n John Brockman the Edge

billionaire 2000

billiaonaire 2002


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Read Fiona Barnett’s Free New E-Book – EYES WIDE OPEN

Important Update 7th October 2019

Fiona has added more information to her book

This is the mirrored link on this blog to the revised book download  2nd-ed.-eyes-wide-open-book-7th-october-2019 5MB pdf

This is the latest link to Fionas blog

You may  checck what she says on her tweet

“I added some important info – like the darn isotopes!”

“Added bits within chapters. Cleaned it up a bit. But started getting headaches again and stopped short of a full proof read. Leave that for a published version.”

“Added chunks of crucial info within several chapters, to make more sense of points.”

Fiona Barnett has released a new free ebook, as a pdf. This is a must read and so important that I am reblogging this.

Mirror link pdf on cathy fox blog eyes-wide-open-_fiona-barnett_first-edition_august-2019 

Also worth checking out is Steve Outrim’s blog with mirror link pdf and more


Fiona Barnett

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett 2019

Click on the link above to read Eyes Wide Open.

Please download and share this book for therapeutic purposes.

View original post

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Break from Blogging

Unfortunately I have to take a break from blogging.

My me/cfs ( myalgic encephalomyelitis /chronic fatigue syndrome ) has been affecting me for a while now so that I can rarely think at the required level to research and write.

Although I have published a few posts in the last few months, I have not authored one myself for about 6 months I think. The time I manage to work on child abuse is spent answering mail and peoples questions and trying to keep up with events.

This is obviously extremely frustrating for me, but I just wanted to let this be known to explain my blogging silence.

I will still tweet on twitter as that requires much less brain power!! @cathycathyfox

[Update 6 march, I have been locked out of my twitter account for unusual activity that is against twitter rules. I have to put a phone number in which is an old phone number and I don’t know whether the phone sim card can be found.

Interestingly I had started another account, never used and when I was copying friends from my old account to this one, they locked that one as well for unusual activity. That was also an old phone number attached to it, so it looks like another account gone. I may well have rest from twitter – the censorship is getting absurd.

These links give some ideas for other social media accounts ]

Update 7 March Twitter say my account exhibited automated behaviour, against their rules. Of course there was no automated behaviour.

If anyone wishes to contact me about anything, please contact me on and I will answer as best I can, but it may take some time. I have to work round my bad times and wait for the good times.

Obviously I want to continue blogging in the future, but I will see how it goes.  At the minute I often end up at staring at the screen wondering what I was meant to do next.

My heart goes out to all the victims of child sexual abuse, and over the last few years I have put my heart and soul into trying to help survivors by exposing what has been happening.

I hope I can continue to help in the future, and hope this is an au revoir rather than a goodbye.

As well as my usual help links below I have printed some more useful worldwide helplines and email addresses that are worth checking out.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Say Brave Things #SayBraveThings – Christopher Cronsell

The list below I found on a Comboni Missionaries blog post, and it includes useful helplines worldwide. It can be found on the link immediately below.



United Kingdom

Reporting Abuse as a first Responder in the United Kingdom – always call the Police on the 999 emergency Police number or the 101 non-emergency Police number.

Alcoholics Anonymous (GB) : help@alcoholics-anonymous, or Tel 0800 9177 650

UK National Drugs Helpline: 0800 77 66 00

Drug Wise: Twitter @DrugWise UK, or Tel 077121 52 99 36, or

Drug Rehabilitation: or Tel 01978 312 120 (daytime) or 07736 248 851 (nights)

Narcotics Anonymous UK helpline: 0300 999 1212

Lifeline heloline: 0161 839 2054

NSPCC – Action for Children:

NSPCC – Adult Callers: 0808 800 5000, Childline 0800 1111

National Helpline: or Tel 0808 1000 900

NAPAC Supporting Recovery from Childhood Abuse:

Survivors Trust : 0808 801 0818

National Suicide Prevention Samaritans UK & ROI  Hotline: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90 (UK – local rate) Hotline: +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92 (UK minicom) Hotline: 1850 60 90 90 (ROI – local rate) Hotline: 1850 60 90 91 (ROI minicom) Website: E-mail Helpline: Survivors UK, Unit 1, Queen Anne Terrace, Sovereign Court, The Highway, London E1W 3HH:

Rape Crisis England and Wales:

Mind – the Mental Health Charity for those who have suffered Sexual Abuse:

Adult Helpline 0844 847 7879, Parent and child helpline 1800 155 1800

Bishops’ Conference of Scotland Catholic Safeguarding Organisation:

National Office for Safeguarding children in the Catholic Church in Ireland, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare: and

Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland:

Tusla – Child and Family Agency, Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Dublin, Republic of Ireland:

The Church’s Child Protection Advisory Service:

Terence McKiernan, Bishop Accountability Organisation: and

United Kingdom Childrens’ HelplinesThere-4-Me Childline UK – 0800 1111 Muslim Youth Helpline – 0808 808 2008 Childline Scotland – 0800 44 1111 NSPCC: English – 0808 800 5000 Welsh – 0808 100 2524 Bengali – 0800 096 7714 Gujurati – 0800 096 7715 Hindi – 0800 096 7716 Punjabi – 0800 096 7717 Urdu – 0800 096 7718  Breathing Space – 0800 838587 Connexions – 080 800 13 2 19 Birmingham Space – 0800 072 5070  Samaritans – 08457 90 90 90 Runaway Helpline – 0808 800 70 70 Careline – 0181 514 1177 Youth 2 Youth – 020 8896 3675 Girls Space – 0800 072 5070 Get Connected – 0800 808 4994 Support Line – 020 8554 9004 Muslim Youth Helpline – 0808 808 2008

United States of America

Survivors of sexual abuse living in the United States of America and Canada are advised, (without any liability of this site), to consider making contact with the following help organisations and professionals who are able to assist…..

Alcoholism: Alcoholics Anonymous meetings exist throughout the world and the doors are always open to newcomers. Start here to find a meeting in your area: Once you get comfortable, look for a sponsor who honors your trauma background. If you are the loved one of an alcoholic, start here to find local Al-Anon or Alateen meetings:

Other substance abuse: Narcotics Anonymous meetings also are held in many places. Start here to find a meeting:

Childhelp: A resource about child abuse and neglect for kids, parents and teachers is at

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation: a resource for professionals and the public. Its website includes a “find a therapist” link here:

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies: Though primarily a resource for professionals, it does offer a “Find a Clinician” link at This is, in my opinion, the best resource available for male sexual abuse survivors. It is directed by clinicians, survivors, academics, researchers and advocates who serve for limited terms. offers recovery weekends, a great reading list, resources for finding a therapist, safe chat rooms for survivors, and more.

Mental Health America: an advocacy and support agency with local affiliates all over the country ( It offers a wealth of information about mental health issues and can help you find local affiliates and other mental health resources. They also have online mental health screenings that help individuals and loved ones get a sense of what mental health issue they may be confronting.

National Center on Elder Abuse: As more people are living longer, elder abuse is becoming a greater national problem. This group ( has online resources about elder abuse. Their elder care locator will help you find the local agency to whom to report elder abuse: or 800-677-1116.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: Resources for survivors and individuals in current domestic violence situations, including abusers: 800-799-SAFE, or

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: A 24/7 resource for anyone thinking about suicide and for friends and relatives concerned about a loved one: 800-273-TALK, or

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network): RAINN is a good resource for those who have been sexually assaulted as adults or as young people:

Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute: Sidran’s website offers a host of information for survivors and for loved ones (, an extensive reading list ( and links to many other resources (

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests: SNAP ( is an effective social justice advocacy organization that works to prevent child sexual abuse, especially by clergy.

SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, PO Box 6416, Chicago, IL 60680-6416:


Terence McKiernan, Bishop Accountability Organisation: and

Voice of the Faithful, Boston USA:

United States of America Childrens’ Helplines: National Runaway Switchboard– 1-800-621-4000, Childhelp USA – 1800 422 4453, Covenant House – 1800 999 9999

List of International Helplines to assist our Worldwide Readers in Reporting Child Abuse


Albania Child Helpline- +355 4 2308 20

CISMAI Italian Network of Agencies against Child Abuse:

Save the Children Italy: info@savethechildrenitaly and

Save the Children –Brussels, Geneva & Addis Ababa advocacy offices:, and

CBM Christian Child Protection: and

GESPCAN German Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect:

ISPCAN The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect:

Austria Telefonhilfe fur Kinder und Jugendliche – 147

Belgium Kinder- en Jongerentelefoon Vlaanderen VZW – 0800 15 111 ChildFocus – 110, Ecoute Enfants – 103 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Udruzenje roditelja tesko bolesne djece u BiH CLL line – 00387 65 341 298  

BulgariaNational Hotline for Children  – +359 2 981 93 00 

Croatia Hrabri telefon (Brave Phone)– 0800 0800

Cyprus Hotline for missing children – 116 000

Czech Republic The Safety Line – 800 155 555

Denmark BørneTelefonen (Children phone)– 35 55 55 55

Estonia Patient groups – 126., AIDS helpline – 645 5555, NGO Lifeline – CONFIDENCE WHEN LIFE TÜDINUILE – 655 8088 or 1707, “Psychology Crisis intervention” NGO Lifeline (Prof. Psychologists) – 631 4300, YOUNG LINE CHAT – 646 1111, Tallinn Family Centre -6556 088 Finland, Child and Youth Phone – 0800 120400

France, Allo Enfance Maltraitee  – 119

Germany, Kinder- und Jugendtelefon Nummer ggen Kummer e.V.– 0800 111 0333 Greece,Hamogelo – 1056

Hungary, Kek Vonal – 06 80 505 000

Iceland, RedCross– 1717

Ireland, Child Line – 1800 666 666 Italy,SOS il Telefono Azzurro-19696

Latvia, Child Helpline – 800 9000 or 116111

Lithuania, Childline – 8 800 11111

Luxembourg, 12345 Kanner- Jugendtelefon – 12345

Macedonia, SOS Helpline for Children and Youth – +389 2246 6588

Malta, Supportline – 179 

Netherlands, Landelijk Overleg Kindertelefoon – 0800 0432

Norway, Røde Kors telefonen for barn og ungdom (Red Cross Helpline) – 0800 33 321

Poland, – 800 100 100

Portugal, SOS Criança– 27 793 16 17 / 800 20 26 51

Spain, Fundación ANAR – 900 20 20 10 Sweden, BRIS – 0200 230 230 Switzerland,147 Telephonhilfe fur Kinder und Jugendliche – 147

Serbia, NAcionalna DEcija Linija- NADEL Srbija – 0800123456

Slovakia Linka detskej istoty: 1116 111, (child helpline) Hľadané deti: 116 000 (missing and sexually abused children)

Slovenia, Tom National Telephone Network – 080 1234 Turkey, ALO – 183 Ukraine, The Odessa Samaritans Peer Line – 482 221 744

Asian Continent

Armenia Child Protection Hotline – +3741240150 or 240160

Azerbaijan ETIMAD Sumgayit – 23131

Belarus Smorgon Information Centre on children rights education/SICCRE  – +375 1592 33 129

National helpline for domestic violence victims – 8-801-100-8-801

Brunei Helpline Kebajikan – 141  or+673 238 0664;+673 238 0667;+673 238 0668 

Hong Kong, Against Child Abuse Hotline – +852-27551122

Iran, The Helping voice – +98-21-850 1414 or +98-21-850 1415

Kazakhstan, Child Helpline – 150

Korea, South, Hot Line 1391 / Rescue Line for Children – 1577 or 1391, Youth Hotline – 1388 

Mongolia, Friends 1979 – 1979

Nepal, Child Workers in Nepal– 427 1000 Pakistan, Madadgaar Children and Women Help Line – 111 911 922

Russia, Hotline for Children, Teenagers and Parents (Magadan) – +7 41322 20878, Moscow Childline – +7 095 735 8484, Teenage social-psychological support (Tomsk) – +7 83822 244442

SE Asia & Asia Pacific Region

National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Australia:, SNAP Australia:, Australia Kids Help Line  +61 7 1800 55 1800

New Zealand Safeguarding Organisation:

New Zealand, The Kids Help Foundation Trust – 0800 942 8787, Youthline Charitable Trust – 0800 376 633, Kidsline – 0800 543 754 India, Childline India Foundation -1098

Indonesia, TESA – 129 

Japan Childline Support Center Japan (NPO) – 0120-99-7777

Philippines, Bantay Bata 163 – 163

Philippines Save the Children: Address: Supporter Care team Midland Building, 1040 EDSA, Magallanes Village, Makati City 1232 Call us: Please call (02) 851-3702 or (02) 853-2142, Fax us: Send us a fax on (02) 853-0215

For volunteer and

Singapore, Tinkle Friend – 1800 2744 788

T’ai-wan, 113 woman and children protection helpline– 113

Thailand, Saidek – 1387

Vietnam, Childline – 1800 1567

Near East and Africa

SASPCAN South African Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect:

ANPPCAN African Network for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Uganda & Ethiopia)

Enfants Solidaires d’Afrique et du Monde:

Botswana, Childline Botswana- 0800 3900 900

Egypt Hotline for Children – 16000

Gambia 199 Helpline – 199

Israel, L.O./Combat violence against women – 09952 8927 Jordan, 110 for Families and Children – 110

Kenya, Chidline- 116

Namibia, Lifeline/Childline Namibia – 926461226894

Nigeria, Human Development Initiatives – 0806 353 1872

Palestine, Sawa Child Protection Helpline – 121 

South Africa, Childline South Africa – 08000 55555 Senegal, Centre GINDDI – 800 88 88

Uganda, 0800 111 222

Zimbabwe, Childline – 961

Yemen, YMHA – 236622

Caribbean, Central and South America

Antigua & Barbuda Friends Hotline Antigua and Barbuda – 800 4357

Argentina 102 Childhelpline – 102

Brasil TECA – +55 21 2589 5656, 123Alô! – +55 21 2197-1500 

Chile Fono Infancia – 800 200 818

Colombia Telefono Amigo – 106

Costa Rica LÃnea Cuenta Conmigo- +506 800 2244-911 Dominican Republic Linea Telefonica para Auxilio – 538-6151

Jamaica, Friends Hotline – +1-888-991-4505 or 977 5754 Mexico, Acercatel – 01800 110 10 10

Panama, Tu Linea – 147

Paraguay, FONO Ayuda – 559 200 or 147 Peru, Fundación ANAR – +51 0800 22210 Trinidad & Tobago, Childline – 800 4321 ot 131

Uruguay, Linea Azul Servicio Telefónico – 800 50 50

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