Biltmore Unveiled: Vanderbilts / Underground Asheville

Having spent hours researching Gloria Vanderbilt for my article Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [3] and Illuminati Sacrifices, Magick, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt [4] I have more than a passing interest in the Vanderbilts. This documentary is interesting in many respects.

I had never heard of the underground tunnels at Asheville nor that the East Coast of the USA was actually New Netherlands for 50 years and much else, including some very interesting symbolism.

I have also copied the autotranscript and the shownotes. Click on photo below to open video in new tab.

Odysee BILTMORE UNVEILED: Vanderbilts/Underground Asheville, NC [1]

I have added a few screenshots grabbed from the end of the video.


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Welcome to BILTMORE UNVEILED Today, we have a really long video, really if you are planning on watching this quick trust me it will take a while but it’s worth it. I feel this may be our biggest video, for lots of reasons, but it really can assist someone new to this subject to understand how we may have been lied to when it comes to who really built America and all these old world buildings. We cover the history of the Robber Barons, specifically the VANDERBILTS, and their origins. You will hear some things that they like to gloss over when it comes to mainstream history and biographies, but after bringing them back to light, we can then begin to question the entire story behind these wealthy New York Aristocrats. Afterward, we learn about Asheville NC, there is a really interesting story on the origins of this town and how it is deeply connected with New York. We essentially ask the question of whether the Vanderbilts truly got their riches on their own. Starting as noble farmers working their way from poor to being one of the richest men on the world, or is there something else going on with this story. After the history lesson, we finally get to Biltmore Unveiled: We cover the main counter-argument The History of the Biltmore Our experience going there Our final thoughts and review Hope you all enjoy this one, let us know your thoughts in the comments!!! Come Join the Discord, Chat/Chill, Share, and become a Researcher!:

Auto Transcript

0:01 [Music]

0:13 introduction welcome this video is not something that you’ll

0:20 just watch quickly while sipping your morning coffee or for laying down and relaxing

0:26 this video is a research project you may need to watch it multiple times

0:32 to begin let me ask you a question do you believe the mainstream narrative

0:39 this is a yes or no question you can’t be halfway on it because what we’re about to cover is drastically different

0:45 from what we’ve been taught in the schools many will reject this information and most likely respond with scorn and

0:52 attacks most likely because these vanderbilts are essentially worshiped

0:57 i ask you do you believe in the mainstream narrative and to be more specific i mean in

1:03 regards to the robert barons the people who literally created modern america

1:08 the gilded age do you believe the story we are given in regards to these wealthy capitalists who

1:14 supposedly lived rags to riches they just worked hard to get where they were and just so happened to get lucky

1:21 and become the richest people on the planet then they continued to achieve some of the most advanced architectural and

1:28 technological leaps ever seen for this time period if you believe that these men truly

1:33 built america and built all these old world structures in america then let me redirect you i think you

1:38 landed on the wrong video [Music] here the history channel the best source

1:43 for us to learn about our history let’s see what they have to offer oh look

1:49 a new show on the gilded age and robber barons this must be everything we need to know

1:54 you can go watch this if you believe the story they tell us you know it’s kind of insane that they made this

2:01 it’s kind of some weird drama that continues this age-long propaganda involving some characters that have some

2:08 shady histories it’s sad that people just accept these stories without any questions

2:14 i thought the history channel was there to educate us well i believe that these robber barons and

2:21 all their achievements deserve to be questioned i mean after all the vanderbilts were literally

2:27 the richest people on the planet they were the kings and queens of america these robber barons were the rock stars

2:33 the first celebrities they were the bill gates mixed with the kardashians but this was a hundred years

2:39 ago and they essentially set the standard they had massive yachts

2:44 mansions and properties the likes of which have never been truly matched the media in the history books covered

2:51 for them and painted them as the heroes of america the great philanthropist but they were not immune to criticism

2:58 they say these detractors were just other competitors who were jealous but they had many critiques throughout time

3:05 one of the most popular rumors was that cornelius vanderbilt obtained his riches out of nowhere that he was cruel stern

3:12 and hated all of his kids except the only one of them that showed slight promise

3:18 it’s said that they were in cahoots with many state legislators and then anyone who disagreed with him within his family

3:24 including his mother and his wife would be sent to an asylum if that isn’t suspicious enough

3:30 no other american dynasty can match the amount of european gothic mansions that they built

3:35 another family has them as well preserved and intact so we must start with the vanderbilts

3:42 there’s even more to cover but in order to fully present my case we must first cover the history of the vanderbilt from an alternative point of

3:48 view and yes that means questioning the status quo

3:54 the dutch

3:59 so when it comes to the vanderbilts the story always starts with the cornelius vanderbilt or the commodore

4:06 but what does that even mean in what is his past the issue becomes that when you want to

4:12 look into their past the biographers want to paint cornelius and the whole family of vanderbilt as

4:18 slowly working their way to riches that is crucial for them to support their claims to their wealth

4:25 like i said their main critiques is that they were upstarts or people that gain a mouse amount of wealth from nowhere in

4:32 other words an industry plant so of course when you read into this they’re going to tell you that people

4:38 named vanderbilt slowly built a property and wealth just as these small town

4:43 dutch farmers in new york what they won’t tell you is that this seems to be part of some type of secret

4:50 royal family once you start to just dig a little bit deeper we are talking about is the dutch

4:57 colonization of america now we have to understand how america was being operated by multiple different

5:04 forces during this time period but were these multiple forces

5:09 no these were vatican known forces let’s just take a look at a map for a second

5:15 all of europe was owned by the venetians at this point and i can prove that by just looking at the heraldry

5:22 first we have to start with the dutch golden age which was also called the dutch miracle

5:28 what we have to understand is that each one of these countries was essentially a corporation in the eyes of the

5:34 phoenician ancient families that then became the venetians if you’re new and that’s confusing

5:40 you’ll have to watch our other videos to get a full breakdown on that transition but you really don’t even need to know that

5:46 just look it’s called leobelgus latin for the bellic lion

5:52 which was used in both heraldry and map design to symbolize the former lower countries with the shape of a lion

5:59 look at this you can even see the florida lee i thought this was a french symbol what

6:05 about the double-headed phoenix why is this on a dutch map it’s also accompanied by the dutch

6:11 maiden the national personification of the dutch republic my research focuses on a lot of

6:17 alternative history and usually that involves diving into old maps and coat of arms

6:23 once you’ve looked at these enough you begin to notice a theme they’re using these symbols as a way to

6:29 communicate to break this down the lion is the

6:35 symbol of venice but this power is manifesting in one of her corporations the dutch empire which

6:42 also manifests in the dutch east india company you will see these symbols everywhere this is crucial to take note

6:48 of the maiden symbol is even more telling she is typically depicted wearing a roman or venetian garment and with a

6:55 lion by her side this is telling you that the dutch were doing the dirty work for the vatican but

7:01 it wasn’t just the dutch it was all of europe and spreading quickly both west and east

7:06 just look at this heraldry are we supposed to believe that these were all just independent nations and after all

7:12 the vatican did rule all of europe for 1500 years why can’t we ask if it ever ended

7:19 but there is one that i want you to look at that you must not forget as it is essential to understanding my point for later in the video

7:25 look at this coat of arms notice two griffins holding up a knight’s helmet

7:31 you will see this in many coat of arms but why is this in the book of hours from the early 1500s

7:37 this is what is referred to as the headless knight it’s a royal symbol and it refers to the

7:43 hidden rulers which are the ancient phoenician families with their power center being venice and rome

7:49 a common theme as you will see later in this video is that when the wealthy move to another city they bring all their

7:55 buddies and they essentially get another corporation started in fact there are several similarities

8:01 between the venice and amsterdam these were the urban elites of europe and anyone with a study of world history

8:07 know this to be true amsterdam is literally called the venice of the north

8:12 both the netherlands and italy were both having a renaissance period during this time in the early 16th century

8:18 there’s also this interesting read comparing the culture between venice and amsterdam i’ll leave the reference in

8:24 the description but essentially the elite of venice we’re moving operations to places like leiden university where

8:30 if we look at the coat of arms you can see who owns it now i could continue to show you the

8:35 similarities and connections but i honestly think it’s its own video and the coat of arms of all these nations

8:42 should be the proof you need but if you want more let’s move on to the dutch east india company

8:48 this is another very important history we must understand if we’re going to see the connection later on

8:55 after this dutch golden age which was because they merged with what was happening in italy eventually the

9:01 official united east india company was started in 1602 we are told is a simple charter company

9:08 for spices but what this was simply was the first ever international global supply chain

9:14 that created the biggest company that ever existed in recorded history this again is its own video but

9:21 essentially this is the first global company the start of global capitalism and you don’t

9:27 think the wealthy elite at the time had their hands in this supposedly this company are the same

9:33 people who moved around all the slaves from africa to america they tell us millions

9:40 imagine how much money we’re talking about here they weren’t merchants this was

9:45 literally a military power government and it was even an agricultural producer

9:52 you could call an entire entity of its own obviously with it being a corporation

9:58 but there’s a dark history behind this company and it involves population resets taking control of industry behind

10:06 the scenes and moving people into newly renovated old world cities

10:11 to give you a perspective on how rich this company really was which again was its own entity in

10:17 country they were worth more than apple google and facebook combined

10:23 7.8 trillion being the first supposed global capitalism

10:28 right they dominated the free market still this number means nothing because

10:34 you have to understand how much money was in circulation back then it doesn’t mean the same now

10:40 so they were even richer than that you don’t think there’s something else going on with that story

10:47 let me give you a hint whenever you want to know what’s going on with who is in control behind the

10:52 scenes just type in coat of arms why is there a headless knight

10:58 a lion is a mermaid phoenician symbolism a fleur de lis and an upside down

11:04 pentagram why is that their coat of arms

11:09 you have to understand that symbols are everything to these elite that will be one of our biggest tools in

11:14 this journey the first van der built

11:22 okay so now let’s try to trace down the first vanderbilt now what we need to know is that before

11:28 new york was new york it was new netherlands for some reason they don’t really teach

11:33 about this in school or really any of the biographies but the new netherlands were a colony of

11:40 the dutch west india company it wasn’t just new york it was essentially the entire east coast

11:46 of the united states that’s important to note later it was conceived by the dutch west india

11:52 company the confusing part is that they separated dutch west and east into two

11:58 separate companies for some reason but they are the same entity remember i told you that they were like

12:05 a country so at this time they say the early 1600s they began their own country

12:10 in america called new netherlands what we do know is that early

12:17 vanderbilts were a part of aristocratic new york clubs such as the holland society

12:23 here’s what the holland society of new york has to say quote in 1609 englishman henry hudson

12:30 sailed for the third time to the western hemisphere looking for a shortcut to asia under the

12:36 employ of the dutch east india company he sailed into what is now new york

12:43 harbor on his famous boat delhave maine in search of profitable ventures in the

12:49 new world and to restrain the influences of rival nations associations of dutch

12:56 merchants and traders followed hudson to america the former colonization began

13:01 about 1623 the area was called new netherland and remained under dutch rule for 40 years

13:08 even though the dutch relinquished their role to the english in 1664 and again in 1675 a half century of their heritage

13:16 lived among its settlers their customs and traditions contributed to the new american culture and

13:22 continues to be observed today end quote so there you go

13:28 this company which was the biggest company at its time would hire new explorers to search for quote profitable

13:36 ventures i wonder what that means maybe it involves stealing other lands

13:43 or we to question whether there were already inhabitants in these areas during these times

13:48 the first vanderbilt that history will give us is jan arts and van der bilt a

13:53 property owner in long island it seems that his name is somewhat of a spelling error as in many records they

14:01 would shorten words and so experts seem to agree that their family origin is the little town of built in holland

14:09 but there’s more i found het built or head built which is an older municipality or district of the

14:15 netherlands built is also a conservative hollandic dialect which is spoken here

14:20 if you search debilt there’s some info the built houses are the headquarters to the royal netherlands meteorological

14:27 institute quote it is the ancestral home and namesake for the prominent vanderbilt

14:33 family of the united states end quote so we know they’re dutch and they come

14:38 from holland we’re also going to cover many techniques or tricks you could say that

14:43 the biographers play when it comes to recounting the histories of these robber baron celebrities

14:49 one reoccurring theme scene with the vanderbilt is to constantly find a way to explain their mass fortune of wealth

14:55 with many few truly dissecting the story in a critical way that questions their origins

15:01 they say they always from the beginning had big families which is understandable but

15:07 they use this as a way to explain their wealth as if each family member was constantly contributing to each other’s

15:14 businesses as i was doing research for this at some point there was a switch to english rule

15:21 but supposedly it affected them very little in order to go any further we have to

15:27 learn more about new netherland which let me ask you did you really know about that

15:32 and if you did be modest how many people do you think know about this

15:38 not too many but this was new york new jersey delaware and connecticut with small outposts in pennsylvania and rhode

15:45 island but as we’ll soon see this was far larger they are underplaying the importance of

15:51 this colony in history you don’t think it has anything to do with the dutch west east india company

15:58 they had 7.8 trillion dollars let’s remember that they were there for 50 years they tell

16:05 us possibly even more 200 years what do you think they could do in that

16:10 time well history tells us that when they first arrived that progress was slow because

16:18 there were issues with the natives hmm i wonder what that means

16:24 they say the population consisted of european colonists native americans and

16:29 africans who were imported another colony you probably didn’t know about is new sweden the same founder of

16:36 the dutch west india company started the swedish south company so as you can see this was a large project with multiple

16:44 different countries corporations involved also new france new england and there

16:51 was nova belgica they try to tell you that it was just a colony from canada virginia

16:58 it was not what do you think would be stopping the largest company in the world you also

17:04 have to consider how much land the english had in 1750 as this was essentially still new netherlands

17:12 there was a seamless switch in power i’m saying that they’re one in the same so yes it was the entire east coast

17:19 actually it was more so essentially the early beginnings that were told about virginia and jamestown

17:26 are highly distorted this has been in operation for a while and there are still things that do not

17:32 add up when you question further we also have to mention how the same thing was happening with new france and

17:38 new spain they all had their own territories or colonies that they were finding

17:43 notice how it’s called founded when a colony is started that is because what we’re seeing here

17:49 is a multi-level operation coordinated by a single hand the proof is within the

17:55 coat of arms what proof do you have that these people were truly fighting at a war with each other the historical

18:01 accounts from authorities themselves also notice for some reason that there

18:06 are these quotes unclaimed lands why would they just stop exploring in

18:12 such specific areas they were all in cahoots they just have to make it seem like all these different

18:18 corporations were trying to fight for power remember that’s the illusion of big business

18:24 this was the biggest business at that time this was venice the lion the florida lee which really is

18:31 just a decorative sword they all share the same ruler

18:36 now skeptics say what proof do you have of this you must begin your research and ask the

18:43 same questions resources will be provided but do you really think the people that tell us our history are just

18:50 going to hold our hands and explain every single detail no

18:55 they’ll tell you what they want you to hear and inform their brothers within their heraldry

19:01 this was multiple projects and they could have been competing like against each other as different ventures like

19:08 when a crazy tycoon starts multiple business projects under different names

19:13 you see this in movies all the time that is what these different countries were spain britain france netherlands

19:21 but who owned them so essentially the true origin cannot be

19:27 trusted when it comes to these biographies we’ll be presenting an alternative soon but first we must continue so that you

19:33 can see how this all connects in just a moment the story picks up with jacob vanderbilt

19:39 who is the supposed grandson of jan artsen and when he got married his

19:44 grandpa just gave him a hundred acres of land i guess this was early staten island when it was

19:49 known as new dorp they constantly like to mention that this was just a bunch of farmers at this

19:56 time just doing what they could yeah for who who were they selling to

20:01 hmm i wonder were they workers of the dutch east india company

20:06 i would think so since the entire country was founded by them so they were the kings the founders of the company

20:14 they own all the farmland one thing that i found very interesting when looking at the vanderbilts was this

20:20 connection to the moravian brethren a german evangelical set which came from

20:25 the bohemian protestant martyr john huss of the early 15th century

20:30 bohemia is another roman created corporation again why do all these countries have the same

20:37 code of arms how are we not to conclude that they were all under one rule

20:43 why is this lion everywhere the double-headed phoenix

20:48 the headless knight i know these symbols these are all the same people

20:55 there’s so much that is confusing about this history such as duplicate names of people

21:00 weird religious names as if it’s symbolism and just very strange things in general

21:06 the first thing is that they’re basically saying that they were just having babies like crazy

21:12 and that they were very specific about marriage they would only marry the higher class

21:17 people of the town such as legislators and in some cases they intermarried with first cousins

21:23 so this was a very tight-knit group another weird thing is that they would just randomly pick up the story when

21:29 telling us this genealogy and so now we’re at jacob vanderbilt ii and he

21:34 married a mary then they have children the seventh being cornelius but this is not the

21:41 commodore yet this is the father who supposedly had a ferry service so he was into boats as

21:47 well and he would just transport a few passengers here and there but again they’re setting up the narrative

21:54 this cornelius then married phoebe which i think there’s something to that name that is weird but she was higher class

22:01 than cornelius because her grandfather was a clergyman and her uncle was a general

22:07 phoebe is the mother of the commodore they say that the family lost their money after getting married because they

22:13 lost money investing in continental bonds or something but they end up having nine children and

22:18 this is when we get to the real beginning the commodore [Music]

22:26 cornelius vanderbilt was born from cornelius and phoebe and he was the fourth born child

22:33 it is said he was born on a port and kill van cole a dutch name straight in

22:38 the area so this is where we get to the story the story is all set up now the father cornelius basically failed after

22:45 the revolution which i think that may be a symbol but they tell us that the first cornelius was basically a failure in

22:52 farming and varying they call the second cornelius cornell

22:57 who became the eldest son when his brother jacob died another jacob of course one thing that is really strange is that

23:05 they make emphasis on how cornell or cornelius vanderbilt was illiterate and he was okay with it

23:11 he was hostile towards any type of learning environment is what they say now of course they are saved by the

23:18 historians because what they say is that this is one of the strategies of course for tricking other business competitors

23:25 yeah right why was he thinking like this from the beginning of his life he was a very rude person throughout his

23:32 life he’s described as being harsh rash and completely irrational and as we’ll soon see this seems to be accurate

23:39 so the story goes i’m sure some of you have heard this but you’re gonna have to try and look at this with new eyes now

23:45 that we know what we know his mother gives him a hundred dollars and he goes to get some pita agua

23:52 basically a little boat because i don’t think he’s doing anything bigger than that by himself and if you type beta

23:58 agua this is what it looks like which was considered to be a clumsy sailboat

24:04 so at 16 he just takes off giving people little rides in this thing and let’s remember the hundred dollars is like

24:11 2500 maybe even more so his mom just bought him a car at 16 and he was

24:16 illiterate is that right all he had to do was promise that he would clear some acres of farmland or

24:22 something sounds like they just wanted to give him property as well [Music] they paint him as such a skillful and

24:28 strong man he could do the pedagogue all by himself and he just went and made a humble living doing the job

24:35 weirdly cornelius did special services for the war of 1812 so that means he was transporting troops in this little thing

24:43 was he connected to the state well let’s see so they also mentioned that cornelius

24:49 like swore all the time so they portray him as this really just down from the streets kind of guy that didn’t really

24:56 care about what anyone thought of him he was just going to beat up anyone who got in his way and he would literally

25:02 get into many fistfights in an early age 19 he marries sophia johnson in 1813.

25:10 really they were born in the exact same location and she had a huge family because um

25:17 she was his cousin it is said that sofia is to have had a deep connection with phoebe

25:23 i find that all very strange but let’s continue okay so that’s his beginning

25:29 now we pick up again and now all of a sudden he is known as quote

25:35 the most reliable boat man in new york city well wait what

25:41 we’re gonna need more explanation on that no they say that now he’s all of a sudden

25:46 building schooners and operating on the hmm would you look at that hudson river

25:52 what do we know now about the dutch origins of the hudson river anyhow he would transport passengers

26:00 cargo fish and fruit that he just you know he was a hard worker and so he

26:06 would even just move his entire supply on shore all by himself

26:11 now we get to the steamboats this could be its own video but we must cover it in this chapter as it is deeply integrated

26:18 with the vanderbilts they tell us in mainstream history that robert fulton created the first

26:24 steamboat and that the first steam engine is created by thomas newcomen in 1712

26:29 newcomen want to hear something interesting type of newcomen code of arms

26:36 you begin to see all these coat of arms in family crest all with the same symbols

26:43 now at first i thought this was just something with like digital stores where they would just paste old names on coat

26:50 of arms for whatever reason and you know people wanted to look it up and have a cool way to get a print or

26:55 something but no listen to this quote started as a way to identify quote

27:03 units on the battlefield most were family or clan related or at

27:09 least under the command of a family so they had their own family crest and

27:17 on new common street on london you can again see all the royal family symbols

27:23 i don’t trust the story of steam engines no not at all especially since they had the

27:29 technology even in mainstream history for over two thousand years such as with the alia pile yet they didn’t do

27:36 anything with it until some americans just gave it a shot in the early 1700s

27:41 right and you don’t think the biggest company in the world at the time wasn’t going to want to have anything to do with it

27:48 you don’t think higher elites would want to keep certain technologies from the public

27:53 okay so let me get this straight so it’s okay for you to believe that ufos are some secret but you don’t think the

27:59 governments in the past were keeping certain technologies behind the curtain

28:04 no this is what they don’t tell you the steamboats were not new at this time

28:10 but they want to play it as if the steamboats were just some early technology and people just laughed at

28:16 them because they were these small little things that made all this noise and they really just didn’t compare when

28:21 it comes to these large sailboats that quietly made their course or that’s what they want us to believe

28:29 as now comes the perfect opportunity to present this technology to the public

28:34 so the waters and steamboat paths were owned by thomas fulton at the time

28:40 through his connection with what’s known as the livingston clan or really just a bunch of legislators

28:46 they basically got control of these areas for a short period of time supposedly the union line of steamboats

28:53 were not too happy with this decision so they got it reversed which is weird supposedly this guy

28:59 thomas gibbons who did the union line from new york to philly helped get a law

29:04 going that would put any officer in state prison for trying to arrest a citizen for steamboating in new jersey i

29:12 have to mention this guy because he basically hires cornelius and they never really explain how they met or anything

29:19 only that he just started working for thomas in 1818 so cornelius became the pilot of a

29:25 little steamer called mouse of the mountain for a thousand a year salary so that’s like 25k a year

29:32 which seems right but just weird i mean wasn’t he the most reliable boatman

29:38 so wasn’t he like already famous enough to get like a better position at least

29:43 but anyways the reason that thomas gibbons liked cornelius is that he was quote

29:48 skillful at avoiding ritz so basically he got around doing taxes

29:54 which we’ll see this reference a lot basically he was so skilled at avoiding

29:59 taxes thomas gave him an even bigger boat the bologna which cornelius had a little

30:06 secret chamber where he could hide in i guess to get away from inspection

30:12 now i don’t really buy the whole tax avoiding thing because as we’ll see if he was really a hard-working laborer

30:18 that made his way into the business world other tycoons at the time would have seen it and shut down the

30:24 competition even the state would have said something but for some reason they just are allowing him to get away with these

30:30 massive tax breaks it also kind of debunks his whole being legitimate in his way to riches

30:38 which is strange because this is one of the main reasons he gets all his wealth but anyways while this is all happening

30:44 they tell us that he also had time to take over the management of a dilapidated hotel in new brunswick

30:50 called bologna hall he’d drop off his own passengers from the trip so that’s fishy but get this

30:58 he puts sophie in charge of the place and i guess she fixed it all up and operated the whole thing while birthing

31:04 13 children 13 children i mean that’s more than a dozen guys

31:09 just think about that and he was making only 20 000 a year they tell you this because they have to

31:15 give you other adventures he was in to explain how he became so successful

31:20 now the story picks up and it’s 1829 almost a decade passes by

31:26 now supposedly cornelius had enough money from his job with thomas and the inn to basically quit the union line and

31:33 he moved his family to new york city now this doesn’t really make sense and i

31:39 do think the burden of proof is on these people recounting the story to us now

31:44 out of nowhere he somehow has the money to build multiple of his own steamboats

31:51 there is no explanation for this but eventually he had more than a hundred boats and became known as the king of

31:58 long island well the explanation is that he was just a hard-working businessman

32:04 but like i said that is the mainstream narrative why should we just accept blindly what we’re told by the media and historians

32:12 that represent these people but not only did he have hundreds of steamboats

32:18 he was also creating better service than anyone else at that time creating larger steamboats they were

32:24 more fashionable yet they were cheaper and he out beat all of his competitors

32:30 wait how i thought he didn’t even go to school how was he just defeating all the other

32:36 businesses at the time you will see throughout the story the vanderbilts will do whatever they

32:43 can to get rid of their competition even that involved lowering their prices

32:49 the truth is this scheme would never have worked he would have had growing costs as they

32:54 expanded there’s no way he could afford it by undercutting everyone else and innovating new and creative features

33:00 such as more comfortable cabins not only that but he for some reason never decided to insure any of his boats

33:09 they say this is the reason that made him so successful but he just rather focus on good service and good captains

33:15 rather than have anything insured seems like he was carefree if you ask me

33:21 you made a lot of money during the time between 1829 and 1850. he made over 30 000 a year which equals

33:28 a million a year and again this isn’t an accurate conversion as this already made him one of the richest new yorkers

33:36 so that would more accurately be even more money once you consider the amount of money and circulation

33:42 so he is now one of the wealthiest new york elite that’s the first stage of the story

33:49 the steamboat famous staten island story is what we’ll call it interestingly

33:55 monitoring the lives of rich people was super popular back then kind of like today

34:01 that’s why we should really just call them celebrities one of their supporters in the media

34:06 moses yell beach another figure that history tells us about involving this guy who was the inventor of the

34:12 associated press meaning this was literally the guy who started news in america

34:18 this was also the founder of multiple new york publishers the first being the sun

34:24 he said that cornelius had half a million dollars and honestly i’m not going to keep repeating myself when it comes to these

34:31 inflation calculators i don’t trust us at all when we’re talking about large amounts of money

34:37 but the mainstream says this is 16 million which made him one of the richest men in new york

34:43 so now we get to why he’s called the commodore well supposed to be because he was

34:49 skilled at being a captain but wait it was just skilled at avoiding taxes if

34:55 i remember and he was strong but how did he become the best captain in the world he wasn’t trained or anything that we

35:01 are told of but supposedly this just means naval commander hmm

35:07 so he was a commander or in other words an officer in old dutch

35:12 a commander for who supposedly they were rich but they were living in cramped and lowly living

35:19 conditions whatever that means so they decided to move back to staten island only because phoebe the mother

35:26 decided it was best to go there being their homeland and all the story goes now he’s going to go and

35:32 build a farm i don’t remember him getting any training in buildings or even agriculture

35:39 but okay they built a farm between stapleton and tompkinsville this is crazy whether you

35:45 believe in tartaria or not this is proof of old-world architecture being converted into modern buildings

35:54 here’s a picture of what this home and stableton look like okay so their first

35:59 supposed home that they just decided to build and construct and guess what the

36:04 architect is unknown surprise surprise but this was a million dollar mansion

36:11 they say probably more remember this was 40 feet tall the ceilings on each floor

36:16 were 12 feet tall and the rooms were very large and this is their first piece of

36:22 architecture which is the first building or mansion that we know of that was supposedly built by these vanderbilts

36:30 and quote it had a modified gothic style with grecian portico in six enormous

36:37 fluted columns here cornelius indulged in his three pleasures good whiskey cigars and horses

36:46 yeah right okay where did he get the inspiration behind this go read the biographies not one of them

36:53 is going to explain how he went from ignorant cursing fist-fighting small fairy boy who then somehow became the

36:59 wealthiest man in new york with a taste for classical architecture you guys aren’t going to take the time

37:04 to explain how that look happens what it is today it’s just a chinese restaurant and look

37:11 how drastically different it looks this is what’s happening with all these ruins and downtowns they are renovated

37:19 old world buildings that have been modified for new businesses this is just one example that doesn’t

37:26 even require you to believe in tartaria this really happened and look how much

37:31 it was modified now of course this is if you believe the mainstream

37:36 narrative but just look at it old world new world

37:43 again you’ll have to bear with me i’m just asking questions so i’m assuming their whole family was

37:49 living here and very soon the commodore had children and they were having husbands that the

37:55 commodore would then give jobs to basically everyone in the family which seems to me just a family tradition from

38:02 their ancestry he was very stern and would really just ignore most of his children

38:09 he basically hated the one who was named after him cornelius jeremiah so i guess this guy was addicted to

38:15 gambling and was just a failure and so his father called him a weakling and then cornelius jeremiah ran away to

38:22 california somehow but then he was arrested on orders of his father and brought to guesswhere bloomingdale

38:28 asylum for the insane this seems to be the commodore’s main method for dealing with his family

38:34 problems now his other son william henry the commodore saw somewhat of a chance

38:41 in him but he was still constantly in bad health and so the commodore

38:46 would always make him feel bad because of it and also he himself never really got sick for some reason

38:53 so william henry was skilled at lending money i guess meaning he worked in the banks and his father gave him an

38:59 allowance because he was his favorite well william henry had supporters like

39:05 horus greeley at the new york tribune they were deeply connected with the press as i mentioned earlier

39:11 okay so here we go notice how we haven’t mentioned dutch in a while

39:16 it’s because the story really doesn’t want to emphasize it that much but william henry marries maria luisa kiesam

39:23 the daughter of a pastor of the reformed dutch church again another prominent member

39:30 so i guess william got into writing business letters or i don’t know it really don’t really explain it

39:37 but that he gets really ill and this just really pisses off the commodores so william gets exiled from new york and

39:44 had to stay in staten island these parents controlled every move of their children

39:51 william henry becomes a farmer and this is another weird thing connecting to the last video if you haven’t seen it

39:57 but basically the soil in staten island was horrible so they had to import horse

40:03 poop from manhattan in order to fertilize the soil they’d never actually say it’s horse

40:09 poop all they say is fertilizer whatever that means so william starts his own farm with all

40:16 this new soil and his dad is like oh wow this is impressive son i guess the commodore was starting to be interested

40:23 in horse railways all of a sudden and he just decided you know what i’m gonna buy

40:29 all this from my son and just use it for the street railways right they’re trying to act like they went

40:35 their separate ways and the father was just impressed so they made a deal with each other but william earned the

40:41 commodore’s respect because he somehow got the better of the situation

40:46 what are you talking about he’s your father he’s the richest dude in new york of course he has the upper hand he gives

40:51 you allowance this is just another commodore business but okay they decide

40:57 let’s fix the staten island railroad system because supposedly at the time it had no money in it or it was in horrible

41:04 condition they tell us that this was just 13 miles and it was in horrible shape and all

41:09 this stuff but that can mean there were only 13 miles of usable tracks again

41:15 i think everything is up for question given the history of these railroads which they tell us about

41:22 for example they say from 1863 in 1869 so in less than six years they built 2

41:29 000 miles of railroad across the us not only that but there’s evidence of

41:34 railroad tracks being in america from the 1700s in nova scotia this is not a new technology

41:40 quote from the years 1839 to 1842 he was a banking business as a clerk

41:47 this is of course william henry when he started his salary was a hundred fifty thousand per annum in the second year

41:53 and increased to three hundred thousand per year later in the years william’s father decided to purchase his son a farm

42:00 located at new door the form was 75 acres and located between the moravian

42:05 church in the area the farm was not so big and had to be

42:10 carefully taken care of and fertilized so they were able to grow crops there was an outcome of success

42:17 with the farming william followed his father’s success in lives by the motto of hard work during the day and rest in

42:24 the night during this time his father had exerted more control over the long island

42:30 railroad william was called to reorganize the alien organization just like he did on

42:35 the farm he was able to turn the business into a thriving operation making him a public figure in the

42:42 family’s railroad empire just like his dad end quote

42:47 in 1855 he lived in this old world looking house near a stapleton that they

42:53 never say whether they built or not i’m not sure but it looks interesting to me

42:58 in 1860 the staten island railroad became william’s focus he was an appointed receiver

43:04 in 1865 he had become the vice president of the hudson river railway there goes

43:09 the hudson again in 1869 he became the vice president of the new york and

43:14 hudson river railway but how because of his father or did he

43:20 do this all on his own okay so now the commodore is reaching the end of his life his son has now

43:26 helped him amass even more fortune now he’s ready for his newest venture but he needed investments and supposedly

43:34 these biographers like to paint it as if oh this was the first time since he got that hundred dollars investment from his

43:40 mother for the biagua and now this would be the first time he started looking for investors

43:46 okay guess what he does he goes to england his first trip ever outside the country

43:52 supposedly and he goes to the rothschilds and asks them for help

43:58 okay but the story goes right that the rothschilds decided that they

44:03 would not invest without a first-hand report of the possibilities of a route so supposedly the commodore just decided

44:11 neh i’ll show them i’ll do it on my own or at least that’s what the biographers tell us

44:17 i forgot to mention but one of the commodore’s first steamboats that he built for himself wasn’t named after him

44:23 and i wanted to show you a picture of what it looked like supposedly it was designed by him they

44:29 tell us oh yeah with what expertise look how massive this is this is like

44:35 1847. so in 1850 he had another ship called

44:41 prometheus which again you’ll see this theme all of his boats have weird names

44:47 the first one is called bollana which is eerily similar to leo belgica’s it’s just a different

44:54 spelling bellana belliona but anyways now we have prometheus the

45:01 lightbringer he goes and basically takes over the nicaraguan government and somehow

45:07 getting permission to establish an entirely new business in their waters and they were just cool with it

45:13 this was a nine-day trip from new york to greytown which was an extremely over

45:19 complicated route that many say was literally unnavigable or at least this is what everyone believed

45:25 so it was from new york to great town then they would get transferred to central america then from there they were taking up the coast to california

45:33 this is what they say was his new business venture it was called quote new and independent

45:39 line for california via nicaragua they brought over thousands of people

45:45 who wanted to join in on the gold rush but you really got to think why would the richest man in america right now

45:52 why would he want to get people to come into california and find gold

45:57 why wouldn’t he just go there in private and hire men to get all the gold himself

46:03 is it because there is something else going on with this whole gold rush story maybe it’s because they were

46:09 repopulating these newly conquered areas and this was a repopulation event

46:14 not a business venture offering low affordable transport across the united states

46:19 if they were really selling a gold rush experience that ticket would be so expensive

46:24 who’s going to pay for such a long trip like that wanting to get into the gold rush poor families looking for the

46:30 lottery how do they have the money for such a trip yet they tell us thousands of people

46:35 took this trip and came to california there were also terrible steamboat tragedies including one event that

46:41 almost killed 200 passengers so after making a profit on that he

46:47 sells all his shares and then truly becomes one of the wealthiest people in the world you don’t think that would garner any

46:53 attention after his shares were bought he had 11 million they tell us in 1853

47:00 which is worth almost a trillion dollars already maybe half a trillion but like i said this whole conversion process is

47:06 messed up okay so now we get to a really weird story

47:11 during this time he decides that it’s time for a european vacation with all of his family

47:18 so he built a special ship for this called the north star okay this was an ocean steamboat yacht

47:25 and it was the largest to ever be built for a private individual weight of total

47:30 2500 tons the amenities were beyond glorious family state rooms each decorated in

47:37 different color combinations green and gold or crimson and gold for example

47:42 births were put with these massive heavy lace curtains now i’m not sure why people believe this

47:49 as there is no evidence that this yacht existed to my knowledge all i could find were engravings and

47:54 models but after world war one it was supposedly given to the british and canadian governments

48:01 so anyways they get the family together and leave some members out for whatever reason and they’re ready to set sail but

48:08 some firemen are like we want higher wages and the commodore just says nope and fires them and then hires new people

48:15 or something i don’t know i thought he believes in hard laborers but he’s like a prince now

48:20 so he doesn’t have time for arguing mainstream history tells us that they left staten island and made it to

48:26 southampton england in less than 10 days which was an extremely fast time maybe even a record for its time period

48:32 especially for a newly constructed yacht they tell us that when they arrived the british were just clueless to what was

48:38 going on a confused reporter from the london daily news said quote he has come by train from southampton and left his

48:45 private yacht in the dock of the port it’s a monster streamer and they basically describe it as being more

48:51 magnificent than the queen’s yacht i can’t really believe this event because

48:56 that would just be seen as disrespect but no they were invited to soiree at the lord mayor of london’s mansion house

49:04 they went but the commodore refused to make a speech he was known for never speaking in

49:10 public did you hear that he was anti-social and refused to make any type of public

49:17 appearances that’s important to know then the family set sail to saint

49:22 petersburg and they hung out with the grand duke consulting an admiral of the

49:28 russian royalty the story goes that this was the commodore’s first meeting with any type

49:34 of royalty no connection with any of these people at all and they’re just so impressed

49:41 with this american and you know what they even saw them as equals

49:46 that’s what the biographies say i’m not even kidding they visited a variety of italian cities

49:52 another important part of their trip in which they visited florence where they seemed to have had a meeting with the

49:57 sculptor hiram powers they stopped shortly in constantinople and returned to america but the story

50:04 says that they covered over 15 000 miles in only 58 days or

50:09 less than two months another common thing that you’ll see is that there aren’t too many of these

50:16 expensive gilded age steamboat yachts you would think that we would have hundreds preserved but no that’s not the

50:23 case they tell us that there were 11 000 stee boats in america that’s not even considering the world

50:29 but supposedly only five remain and they’re built after the 1900s

50:36 so after his luxurious trip meeting with deuce and queens

50:42 he basically gets into a dispute with the accessory transit company something to do with interest but

50:48 instead of suing them the biographies say he took vanderbiltian measures

50:54 he’s quoted saying quote the law is too slow i will ruin you end quote

51:01 then i mean we all know the story he made them bankrupt by blocking their routes

51:07 um and this is the guy so we’re supposed to trust this guy he then sold his new york to california

51:13 shipping line and made a lot of money around 20 million but most of it came from his ability to manipulate his stock

51:21 okay so the story picks up again and now they’re living in a townhouse in manhattan because the commodore is super

51:29 focused on business but sophia’s like i don’t like new york i want to move back

51:34 to staten island but the commodore says how dare you question me and sends her back to the

51:40 asylum also in every one of these cases it’s always other people that come to the

51:47 rescue of these family members in this case sophia was saved by her mother-in-law phoebe which was one of

51:53 the last deeds before she died remember what i said about their connection

51:59 she was then buried in the moravian cemetery in staten island why

52:04 there’s no mention on why they’re still connected with the moravians isn’t he just a hard-working businessman who

52:10 started from the ferry business what is his association with the moravians

52:16 this also connects with the asters which is its own story but they’re all descended from these same royal families

52:24 i can keep going there is more but to finish off the history of the commodore

52:31 his final moves were essentially the railroads but there’s an interesting story behind

52:36 this supposedly he was hesitant to get started or something because he was in

52:41 an accident 30 years prior where he almost died and punctured a lung

52:46 not sure about that but okay they basically want you to think that oh he was hesitant he was scared of big old

52:54 bad trains that he’s still being illiterate referred to as quote those things that

53:00 go on land unquote so i guess he didn’t even refer to them as trains and he was afraid of them

53:08 but eventually he conquers his fears and then he just started becoming an investor in small individual railroads

53:14 from different cities slowly but surely creating his monopoly so that he could connect all of them to

53:20 create an everlasting transportation empire hmm doesn’t that sound

53:26 familiar before that he supposedly accomplished that vision through mass manipulation of his stocks and with all

53:34 this money at age 70 now it’s still not done which by the way there’s only one

53:39 photo of this guy taken in the civil war they say but now he has control all of new york harlem and hudson line and then

53:46 he went for the new york central railroad his final big move was continuing to

53:51 expand with new york to chicago this new conglomerate revolutionized

53:57 rail operations by standardizing procedures and timetables increasing

54:02 efficiency and decreasing travel and shipment times or at least that’s what they want us to

54:08 hear they tell us that out of nowhere the commodore became interested in the occult and after sophia’s death he

54:15 sought the help of the chaplain sisters two mediums that could allow him to communicate with her

54:22 he ended up just thinking they were fakes however this is actually how he met his second wife their distant cousin named

54:30 frank armstrong okay so now we’re getting into train stations which this is 1870 so no

54:37 pulleys and they’re building these massive brick train stations not only that hold up he buys all these

54:44 properties on 42nd street which look at this old photo i really can’t find too much info on

54:51 these buildings if anyone knows more please do tell but he basically bought all these properties here and then built

54:58 the train station and there are barely any photos of this in the process involved

55:03 history portrays him as a philanthropist at the end of his life just giving away most of his wealth to

55:09 charity is what they tell us right like vanderbilt university

55:14 look at this place they say it was founded in 1873.

55:20 after he just randomly donated 1 million dollars to a methodist bishop in tennessee

55:27 do i sense a moravian connection again so in 1876 he became ill began a

55:34 eight-month death march a death march they say he literally yelled at his

55:39 doctors and he died on january 4th 1877 leaving his massive estate almost worth

55:46 a hundred million over to william henry which we learned about earlier

55:51 now when it comes to this estate we’re going to cover this in a later session since for some reason it’s glossed over

55:58 in the main biographies but this money was basically split up between the whole family

56:05 and then that’s the end of the commodore asheville underground and the new york

56:13 [Music] connection we continue by moving right into asheville as this is deeply

56:19 connected with this whole story yet this connection is only really known by locals

56:25 so asheville is a city in north carolina asheville which is what they call a boom

56:30 town or one of the most well preserved america boom cities or at least that’s what they

56:36 want you to think because i have some serious questions but before that

56:41 let’s read this history because it really did not get started until 1880.

56:46 before then it was just a small town in mainstream history it started as cherokee nation which they have many

56:53 legends of giants too as mentioned in previous videos but then the first town of asheville was

57:00 named morristown travelers came and made trails and stuff but there was really nothing going on yet

57:07 that all changed when the elite from new york came rushing in during the 1880s so they tell us and just started building

57:14 all of asheville in like 20 years to put it into perspective there was

57:20 less than 10 000 residents probably even fewer in 1890

57:25 yet they start building all these massive brick buildings and palaces and

57:31 these are no easy feat all right for example let’s just look at the freemason building

57:37 they say this was built in 1909 people pass it every day never asking or

57:42 questioning this narrative but there are many buildings just like this that i can show you as we’ve been here

57:48 and walked around seen all the buildings but let me tell you what i think is the best evidence behind there being

57:54 something else going on with asheville underground asheville

58:00 explain why buildings are going completely underground several feet underground level

58:05 this became apparent as this is actually in all the stores or most of them go

58:11 visit downtown and in many of these buildings they have stairs that go down to the basement where there’s more area right and you

58:18 can clearly see that this is a lower level of an older building so let’s explore this idea

58:24 now we have to understand that these theories that we’re going to deal with

58:30 they revolve around this topic of trust because remember this whole video is a journey of someone

58:37 who doubts the mainstream narrative so this is all about what information should we trust which information is a

58:43 cover-up and so on so what you will see with these underground sections of the

58:48 city is that they’ve been labeled as some prohibition scheme where they dug down or something and

58:55 created these passageways for selling in secret i don’t buy that story at all but okay

59:01 let’s start with that underground tunnels is tonight’s ask 13 news 13’s frank fraboni is with us and frank could

59:09 there be truth to the rumors well tammy the questions about a network of underground tunnels in nashville have

59:16 been around for years this one came from josh settle who asked why are there entrances to tunnels under

59:24 asheville and what were those tunnels used for

59:29 could asheville be keeping dark secrets deep underground

59:34 this is sanborn maps at the old buncombe county genealogical society now you can

59:40 tell from the map insurance maps from 1925 do show a tunnel and that is an

59:46 underground tunnel that tunnel below wall street is commonly known as rat alley a service entrance for businesses

59:53 on patton avenue this is a a connector to a network of tunnels underneath the

59:59 city of asheville but tom israel believes it may have been connected to this there are other entry points into

1:00:06 this tunnel system throughout downtown some still exist some don’t israel and his family are owners of pack tavern on

1:00:13 spruce street they discovered the double locking steel doors during renovations

1:00:18 and are certain this was used during prohibition we understand that

1:00:24 they they would store liquor in this building during that period

1:00:30 and use this tunnel system to distribute it the old hayes-hopson building was first

1:00:36 built in 1907 and was originally a lumber supply company let’s see sanborn

1:00:42 maps do not show any of the underground network other than rat alley but many in town remember the stairways to

1:00:49 underground restrooms at pack square this photo from 1929 and another from

1:00:55 the 60s when they were later segregated and i know the access to those subsurface restrooms were also an access

1:01:02 point to this tunnel system asheville city plan a book in the unca special

1:01:07 collections library we have suggested that a tunnel or subway be built by author john nolan did suggest going

1:01:15 underground but the city plan published in 1922 makes no mention of the network

1:01:21 historians say that would make sense if the tunnels were used for the illegal

1:01:26 liquor trade you probably would not let people know about those tunnels the brick arch is very interesting unlocking

1:01:33 asheville’s underground past at some point in time it was blocked off closing the door on the city’s secret tunnel

1:01:42 okay so again that’s the mainstream story and notice how he said all over downtown

1:01:49 oh really and are you guys leaving out any information how many of you are from asheville

1:01:56 some locals know this but there used to be a subway in nashville this is some very deep stuff it’s hard

1:02:02 to find information on this but they just say it was an abandoned project right

1:02:09 i don’t believe them they had these entrances all over town and supposedly this was purposely

1:02:15 blocked up by the officials the flatiron building features a deep basement which seems to

1:02:22 be one of the stops connected to this tunnel system remember this was covered up by these wealthy families in the early 1900s

1:02:30 and over time their connections and whatnot took over the city becoming the local officials

1:02:36 the stuff is not easily accessible and you are most likely to hear it from a local legend no one knows the answer

1:02:44 it’s almost as if it’s lingering on everyone’s mind but no one knows so we just all accept the mainstream history

1:02:51 but deep down we know that there has to be something more there have been rumors of there being

1:02:58 secret passages beneath the masonic temple since its supposed construction in 1950

1:03:05 this is a well-known legend and eventually a paranormal investigator went to investigate with thermal sensors

1:03:11 and he did indicate where a tunnel would be near their own private bowling alley

1:03:17 but it would require excavation which the members won’t allow so now it’s basically blocked off

1:03:24 because so many people tried to go see it the local historians are just a bunch of

1:03:29 skeptics saying that no these are just a few tunnels prohibitions blah blah blah

1:03:37 man these historians have no clue how to think they just read the books and they have rope memory that’s not thinking

1:03:43 that’s not comparative research that’s just mindlessly parodying the mainstream narrative

1:03:49 there’s plenty of physical proof that shows multiple underground chambers in nashville that everyone can see for

1:03:55 themselves why would there be a door in a basement throughout the 20th century different

1:04:02 businesses and their owners would renovate and modify this old building what did you think the first time you

1:04:08 walked in this building how we’re going to do this because it really it was cut up into

1:04:16 all kinds of small offices but before this it was the city and county parole offices so

1:04:22 everybody had an office and all that had to be torn out and got down to the bare

1:04:28 minimum it’s come a long way since it’s when we started this project to become a restaurant today

1:04:34 it turned out the owners of these old businesses decades ago would not rip out of the old renovations they’d simply add

1:04:42 layers of construction sandblast the original brick we took up three layers of hardwood floor

1:04:50 to get to the original literally a hundred years of i guess progress rolled

1:04:55 back to the original state nature and the developers didn’t realize the significance of what they’d find in the

1:05:01 basement and how it would spark their creativity this just kind of jumped out at us this

1:05:07 giant tunnel in the basement made its history clear the pack’s tavern basement features an

1:05:14 old entrance way to a tunnel system that was used to run bootleg liquor

1:05:20 underground between downtown asheville buildings the entrance features two

1:05:25 heavy iron doors stuart coleman gave us a tour this tunnel here

1:05:32 it had access to a series of tunnels on the other side

1:05:40 and it had a double locking mechanism

1:05:46 that locked you lock inside you lock yourself in and

1:05:53 you lock other people out so these tunnels were they really a secret to the

1:05:59 authorities or were they a secret officially but everyone knew what was going on down here

1:06:04 they were not secret because they run even under the masonic temple

1:06:11 and they run up here in front of the biltmore building

1:06:17 and they discovered them in the park when they were redoing the vitalization

1:06:22 of the park there was a series of four tunnels that crossed over

1:06:29 each other and they were severed also by utilities

1:06:34 so it’s kind of a similar video but did you hear what that guy said

1:06:39 what would be the implications of there being tunnels that go all the way to the biltmore so this is what they tell us

1:06:47 they just built this whole city which is completely on a hilly landscape with all these interconnected underground tunnel

1:06:54 systems basements with doors a supposed subway project

1:06:59 how the heck did they do that in 1880 in such a short time period and no one’s gonna ask any questions

1:07:05 subterranean levels to a city imply that they were actually the lower level of the building

1:07:12 i know that is not what we’re taught but why else would there be windows and doors in a basement

1:07:19 it’s almost unimaginable because the alternative theory is so drastically different from what we have been told in

1:07:24 our schools our programmed minds trained to react when faced with such cognitive

1:07:30 dissonance must label the material as ridiculous a complete fairy tale and even though that may be the case

1:07:37 realities are stranger than we were led to believe i don’t think we know everything about

1:07:42 reality and we deserve to question what we were taught in mainstream history

1:07:47 do you believe everything we’re told about the robber barons to be honest i don’t and i deserve that

1:07:54 right they have the burden of proof and i’m just not convinced

1:08:00 i see red flags everywhere i look and now that i look at this whole subject

1:08:06 with new eyes after looking into darteria for so long you can clearly see that this is some

1:08:12 type of propaganda to some degree i think we can all or a large majority

1:08:18 of us agree on that statement they were celebrities right they were married to state politicians

1:08:25 right let’s ask these questions as it does seem that many people are beginning to

1:08:30 wake up during these times with that we go to the final

1:08:36 chapter biltmore unveiled

1:08:51 i’m doubtful of the entire mainstream narrative behind the vanderbilts i feel i have the right to say that

1:08:58 we went there not only did we go there we went on the high-end tour and i asked

1:09:04 every question i could now i’m here not to only break down the history of the house but also to explain

1:09:11 my experience review and final thoughts you don’t have to believe a word i say

1:09:18 feel free to go to the mainstream narrative if you want that’s the official story i’m just going to give my opinion

1:09:26 so william henry had a 58-room mansion in manhattan some reason and he supposedly funded

1:09:33 both columbia university and the opera in 1883 right we had all these properties on fifth

1:09:39 avenue in new york so when the commodore died his entire

1:09:44 will and fortune or most of it was passed to william henry

1:09:49 and he too was also old so he was about to die so essentially

1:09:55 trillions got transferred over to william’s youngest son george washington vanderbilt the second

1:10:03 again something with all these weird repeating names so

1:10:09 this is the grandson of the commodore okay and he’s like super young when this

1:10:14 all happens he’s a bachelor they mentioned that many times what i don’t get is that they say the

1:10:20 vanderbilts became known for education yet they don’t explain this since they came

1:10:26 from supposed farmers and the commodore was illiterate and he hated his kids so

1:10:32 who taught these people to be intelligent and lovers of fine art that is never truly explained important

1:10:38 to note so they just started giving their money away i guess people just believe they were

1:10:45 such nice people but i don’t know about all that these are just new business ventures

1:10:52 they just learned how to start calling it philanthropy so now you don’t question that

1:10:58 anyways george washington grew up without his father yet we’re supposed to believe that he just became this quiet

1:11:06 yet intelligent young man learning about art on his own collecting his own collection

1:11:11 okay who taught him all this he just decided to go do this all on his own since he seems he lived in a manhattan

1:11:19 mansion during this period he was just studying in his room instead of being a new york rich boy

1:11:24 he was a lover of the finer things right and so he eventually he just

1:11:30 inherits this entire mansion and basically they get all these properties

1:11:35 on fifth avenue i mean they had so many buildings and there is no real explanation on how these were made or

1:11:42 anything many of them were demolished so they were just blowing money for no

1:11:47 reason to build these huge mansions and then just destroy them in less than 10 years

1:11:53 so the story goes this guy george washington vanderbilt just read a bunch

1:11:58 of books i don’t know where he got him because there’s no real mention of his father being into any type of ancient fine art or anything like that so he

1:12:05 just reads some books and starts a collection and then he decides to go visit asheville north carolina for the

1:12:12 first time they actually say this in the mainstream like they have articles that say this

1:12:18 whole event is shrouded in mystery as supposedly this was the first time he had ever visited asheville so he went

1:12:25 there and just knew that he needed to build his country home here so the story goes

1:12:31 okay so now we’re getting into the modern day now so you have to understand that they’ve been celebrities for a while now technology is advancing people

1:12:39 still treat these people like rock stars and so you still have journalists trying to be nosy about everything that happens in

1:12:46 their lives they had to be fully aware of this on january 9 1889 the asheville citizen

1:12:54 featured an article first published by the new york herald the report stated quote some months ago the good people of

1:13:01 asheville were surprised by the presence in that beautiful little city of charles mcname the new york lawyer of the

1:13:07 well-known firm of davis work and nickname mr mcname entered at once with

1:13:13 business-like promptness upon the purchase of sundry tracks of land just south of the corporate limits

1:13:18 of asheville across the swannanoa river it was soon surmised from the extent of

1:13:23 his purchases that he represented some northern capitalist and it presently

1:13:29 leaked out that his client was none other than george vanderbilt the young

1:13:34 railroad millionaire now i don’t buy the idea that it was just supposed to be a country home this

1:13:40 was planned to be a business from the start even others at the time suspected something was up

1:13:47 quote january 12 1889 headline in the asheville citizen read still buying land

1:13:53 mr vanderbilt’s domain extending in buncombe the article went on to report quote that mr vanderbilt contemplates

1:14:00 purchasing the southern portion of the county is a conjecture that at present

1:14:05 disturbing the minds of the people residing in that section of the state of bangkom

1:14:11 quote the purchases still go on and there’s no telling where they will stop mr mcname is as active and energetic as

1:14:19 ever regarding the acquisition of other tracks to the already large acreage described in these columns before

1:14:26 but mr vanderbilt proposes to do and how he’s going to set out about doing it are problems we are unable to solve

1:14:34 the reticence of his agent in the utter ignorance of his wise acres who pretend

1:14:39 to know all about it establishes a veil of mystery and to which the reportial

1:14:44 eye fails to penetrate in other words they were saying they

1:14:50 don’t trust this dude something is sketchy something’s up an unnamed source from the daily citizen

1:14:56 so this is basically the first news we have of the biltmore or um the first contrived and edited narrative presented

1:15:03 by the release or at least that is what it seems to be as indicated by the

1:15:08 locals but they continue to describe it as if this is a future project to be created

1:15:15 now to be honest with you i think this whole thing was orchestrated even with the critique again we’re talking

1:15:21 trillion dollar companies as soon will be explained so he eventually purchases over 125

1:15:28 000 acres of land which edith vanderbilt would later sell off to the government later in her life

1:15:34 from what i heard from the guide i don’t think you understand disney world and disneyland combined is

1:15:41 a total of 32 000 acres okay so biltmore estates was once four times this amount

1:15:48 in land now i think it’s important to be fair here i know what the counter argument is and

1:15:56 i’m going to address it thoroughly all i ask in return is for you to keep an open mind

1:16:01 i’ve decided that it is best to present this first before showing my final case

1:16:07 as many may not even be able to get there because i’m sure many of you have been there i’m sure

1:16:13 there are many asheville locals watching this video right now i know exactly what i have to address

1:16:19 now before we continue with the biltmore the first hurdle that we’re going to face is the mainstream narrative

1:16:26 they know people are going to have questions they know they need to have a background story

1:16:31 so as a guest to the biltmore as you enter the estate there’s a guest center that you can sit

1:16:37 in and it will explain the entire history of the biltmore if you’re here to come and inform me of

1:16:44 it trust me i sat there and i watched it and it felt like pure propaganda

1:16:50 but if you’re interested in hearing an alternative but you also want me to explain the

1:16:56 construction photos well here we go i’m going over it

1:17:01 so first we’re presented with a set of specifically designed photo shoots of the construction of this building

1:17:08 now for the majority of the population this is enough evidence not only is it enough evidence there are

1:17:16 no questions even asked about this building in their family by the vast amount of people who visit it

1:17:22 the main and only counter argument is there are construction photos

1:17:28 okay well let’s take a look the first stage is the base stage where

1:17:34 we see an empty land this is where they got the land ready for the building

1:17:39 okay what if i asked the question is this really the location

1:17:44 i know you may think that’s cheap but please come on explain to me why i don’t see how photo manipulation

1:17:51 whether done with the original photos or even digitally is not even considered for a moment

1:17:57 it almost makes you look like an idiot for even suggesting such a matter yet i’m gonna bring it up because i feel

1:18:04 it’s important to know was it possible to photoshop images in the 1900s

1:18:10 it was and even earlier since photography’s origin

1:18:16 what you could do is take two different negatives from completely different photographs and combine them

1:18:23 let me show you the proof the first works on compositing from 1857

1:18:29 now compositing is the art of layering images this is a composite image made almost

1:18:36 200 years ago look at this sure you can slightly see where the

1:18:42 different layers are but that’s pretty phenomenal for this time period

1:18:47 they tell us they didn’t have the technology to take photos of these mansions in 1870s or there are very few

1:18:56 yet they were making advanced artistic composites in 1850

1:19:02 remember the vanderbilts were artists especially george washington vanderbilt you don’t think they knew of this

1:19:09 technique and let me ask you if you understand what the media does today

1:19:14 and the way they manipulate the narrative even by constraining and limiting what you can see and know you

1:19:22 don’t think that was happening in the past why not these are trillionaires

1:19:29 you know what they say in the next construction photo you can see them lifting the bottom base which

1:19:35 we’re going to take a look at in a moment from other angles but this is what they want you to see

1:19:41 just a few men in top hats few workers using pulleys lifting up huge stones and

1:19:47 placing them effortlessly except we don’t see that process at all

1:19:52 all we see is the stones already laid down and a highly contrasted image

1:20:00 don’t worry i’m going to explain even more i’m not saying anything is just fake just follow

1:20:05 me for one moment okay so those are the beginning stages

1:20:11 then we have the bring up the arches stages which again there’s no process of

1:20:18 they told us this was all done with just pulley systems no modern equipment of any kind and that they would use horses

1:20:26 to pull like the really big heavy items now i can see stone masons thinking this

1:20:32 is actually possible but no it’s not actually possible in this fashion

1:20:37 you know what they say that george washington just hired a thousand workers and these weren’t skilled

1:20:44 artisans they were just local labor workers and they just built this entire structure in six years

1:20:51 okay so tell me why this has never been replicated and no one else can even get close to the

1:20:58 massiveness of this structure including the largest basement in america and as we will soon cover underground tunnels

1:21:05 as was heard in the last chapter so they built underground tunnels

1:21:11 i didn’t hear one thing on the guided tour about this there are no construction photos of this

1:21:17 now i’m not here to tell you these photos are fake i don’t know

1:21:22 but you don’t know if they’re real i’ll go ahead and explain that what most

1:21:27 people will find to be the most moderate answer as this was actually built on top of an old world tartarian structure in

1:21:35 this area let me show you the base you can see how the bottom base looks

1:21:41 much older than the upper portion not only that these are massive stones i

1:21:46 really don’t think they were pulling these up on pulleys and i don’t see why i would as there’s no photos of them

1:21:52 doing so here’s a picture of where the gates are in that whole hill area that overlooks

1:21:57 the house we don’t really see any construction photos of this area and so i guess we have to assume that they were just

1:22:03 moving all this dirt placing the stones and i mean it kind of looks pretty old even in these photos

1:22:10 okay so we don’t even have any construction photos of the building to the right of the biltmore where the

1:22:16 bookstore and the cafe is there’s also an under level section here as well

1:22:22 they’ll only show you the construction photo where it’s at the scaffolding stage of the building so it’s already

1:22:29 done so yeah just bear with me as there really is so much to cover including

1:22:34 multiple different theories one involving secret text so there really isn’t nothing to lose all the

1:22:40 information will be provided and at the end you can decide for yourself what you want to believe

1:22:45 i still haven’t even presented what i believe to be the case yet not only do we go on this tour explore

1:22:51 everything that we could but we went to their own bookshop we bought their own collection of

1:22:57 propaganda for us to read and study along with multiple trips to different libraries in person and online in order

1:23:04 to give you this alternative history on the biltmore what you have to understand is that if

1:23:10 you accept these construction photos as truth then you have to accept the mainstream

1:23:16 narrative yes you have to accept everything they told us about the rubber barons the

1:23:22 commodore that weird european vacation all of it you have to accept it

1:23:28 including that this family worked their way from poor to rich

1:23:33 that’s their main message it’s like the american dream and people just sit there and think about how

1:23:38 overly wealthy this family was but you don’t think this could be a part of something bigger

1:23:45 if so then stay with me as i continue to share what i’ve learned about the history of the biltmore and also our experience

1:23:53 with going there in person i mean bro i was on the roof okay so what are some weird or even

1:23:59 unique things about the biltmore well of course the vanderbilt history

1:24:04 the out of nowhere rush to asheville seemingly out of nowhere and everyone thought it was strange for the time

1:24:11 the biltmore was fully supplied with electricity when his first built completely running on dc so it had

1:24:17 electricity almost 30 years before others did it also has the oldest elevator of its

1:24:23 kind and it’s an original now i asked a guide about the sewage

1:24:29 systems which they weren’t even going to cover they were talking about the bathrooms

1:24:34 and how they were originals which i can believe but he said there were two things that the biltmore’s didn’t have

1:24:40 ac and waste management they used chamber pots and the few

1:24:46 bathrooms they had were simply dumped straight into the river so let me get this straight george

1:24:53 washington vanderbilt decides that this is the perfect country home he’s basically going to set up this estate

1:24:58 for inviting wealthy new york elites and then basically they just dump their in nature

1:25:03 and no it’s not for fertilizing they just had no other method yet they

1:25:09 can build castles unlike any other workforce in america and it still can’t be replicated today

1:25:16 remember one thousand men with pulleys why can’t someone today hire that and

1:25:21 make it happen you don’t think something was lost okay so they buy all this land build

1:25:28 this state remember how much land this was you really think this is just a country home purchase which i think it’s

1:25:35 obviously even from a mainstream historical point of view that this was set up to be some type of a lodge in

1:25:40 nature resort for a wealthy elite forget this after all this effort

1:25:46 it actually failed this whole idea was not a successful venture at first and in fact the only

1:25:52 thing that kept it afloat was the dairy farm fun little fact that i learned as i was

1:25:57 getting the water from the cafe the tour guide brought this up and basically

1:26:03 they can support the business so they depended on this dairy business

1:26:09 the biltmore was essentially a roadside attraction there was nothing over here less than 10

1:26:15 000 residents why story says that they moved here because

1:26:20 of the mountain air would heal george vanderbilt’s mother

1:26:25 but this is just what they repeat to us why aren’t people rushing over here on

1:26:31 your grandparents train there should have been plenty of business for this yet it failed and

1:26:38 there were actually many critiques at the biltmore who did not enjoy this day

1:26:43 so basically the building started to deteriorate wallpaper was falling off and it wasn’t

1:26:48 until really the 1950s that major renovations started happening now they say that all these people came

1:26:56 and visited and they had all these journals of the people and their quotes and whatnot but

1:27:01 this is something that was heavily integrated with the media as the president theodore roosevelt

1:27:07 visited the biltmore and even his daughter alice which they had like this whole story that takes 30 minutes on the

1:27:13 tour and they tell you all about it you know where we get all these events from

1:27:19 the media the press hmm who started the associated press again

1:27:24 also did you know that on the biltmore estate the shiloh neighborhood included

1:27:29 approximately a dozen former slaves it included several homes dotted along

1:27:35 what once was the land of their former owner a church and a cemetery

1:27:41 when vanderbilt brought this property he paid a thousand dollars to the church okay so wait

1:27:47 they’re telling you there were slaves on that property and there used to be a church there

1:27:55 okay now we must cover what i consider to be more constructed figures known as the

1:28:02 two architects behind the biltmore house which dives us into a deep topic too

1:28:07 immense for a single video which involves what i consider to be fake architects

1:28:13 richard morris hunt who was also the architect for other houses by the vanderbilt designed this house in a

1:28:19 chateau-esque style which seems to be based on whitish and manor keep that in mind for later but they

1:28:26 have many similar features this is also the rothschilds vacation home

1:28:32 remember supposedly their families had nothing in common but they visit each

1:28:37 other and stuff the other architect frederick law olmsted now we’ll come back to hunt in a

1:28:43 second but olmsted is a big deal he’s responsible for not only central park and many other sites

1:28:49 he’s also the architect behind the chicago’s world’s fair the story goes that they searched and

1:28:55 searched for a land to hold the chicago’s world’s fair as these events were huge cultural and

1:29:02 technological leaps in mankind so they knew they were a big prophet

1:29:07 also indicating that these architects or supposed ones they were a business i’ll

1:29:12 show you what i mean in a second they say they went to the france exhibition learned what they needed came

1:29:18 back settled with jackson park’s site and you’ll always hear the story that people were pessimistic they doubted

1:29:25 them like in every single one of these biographies but these men who built america no they were there to prove

1:29:31 everyone wrong that anyone could do anything if they just worked hard and all this stuff but yeah they were having

1:29:37 a meeting in 1891 trying to discuss whether or not they could really build this all in two years and

1:29:43 they just wanted everyone to be well aware that they were confident even if this is plaster

1:29:49 there are no construction photos of this process maybe a few close-up ones with some

1:29:55 scaffolding already there but that’s all they’re already in their final stages

1:30:00 that may be convincing for the masses not for me how do they make these embankments how

1:30:07 do they dig this all out i don’t care if this is just plaster and wood if it’s so easy to just buy all these cheap

1:30:12 supplies and make something like this then why has it never truly been replicated this would have been a massive business

1:30:20 this is far too big of a project to complete regardless of the resources used and these wealthy elite building

1:30:27 these places had more than enough opportunity to document everything they were doing i mean we’re talking about

1:30:33 people with trillions in wealth they had the tech why do we see high quality photos of the

1:30:39 fair yet two years ago they don’t have detailed construction photos of their mansions

1:30:46 if you’re one of these exposure people and or the tech for photography wasn’t there

1:30:52 that’s the mainstream narrative this is not new tech and these world fairs were most likely places where old

1:30:59 world technology was finally re-engineered and presented to the public for the first time

1:31:05 this was their way of releasing new information to the public in terms of innovation

1:31:10 you don’t think there would be propaganda involved there’s another thing that i don’t get

1:31:16 everybody just trust all these people blindly and yet who are we talking about

1:31:22 we’re talking about the wealthy new york elite who had started other business ventures essentially making partnerships

1:31:29 with these artists sculptors and architects which i do think there are some high talent hired but overall these

1:31:36 are all different businesses olmsted was one of their biggest corporations when it comes to these

1:31:41 architectures this dude was connected with yale and basically was trained to be this

1:31:47 architect like many of the celebrities today these artists would go through thorough

1:31:52 training and then be sent around the world in order to prepare seems that he had help if you ask me

1:32:00 because he’s the guy who’s responsible for over 500 commissions

1:32:05 how much money do you think this is 100 public parks 200 private estates

1:32:11 50 residential communities and 40 different colleges now that’s insane and you’ll see this

1:32:18 with many of these different architects but remember we’re covering the alternative here

1:32:24 you have to think that if there was something going on and for just one moment let’s suppose there were people

1:32:30 in america far earlier than we’re told perhaps when the europeans came to

1:32:35 explore there are already cities here this is not out of the question just yet

1:32:41 and when you think about it they would have some system-wide cover-up for this especially the

1:32:47 leftover ones that were then reserved for the elite okay so back to richard morris hunt so

1:32:54 in the biographies it doesn’t want to go over exactly how all these different family members got into all these

1:33:00 mansions it seems to have happened right when william henry died or right when the

1:33:05 commodore died william henry bought all these supposedly and then they were given to his children

1:33:11 but richard morris is the same architect behind the building we mentioned in the last video

1:33:17 the petite chateau or william k vanderbilt’s house another young

1:33:22 bachelor who was going to get a bunch of money from his father william henry they never explained why william henry

1:33:29 was into gothic architecture sure you can say that george washington vanderbilt learned this from the books

1:33:35 okay that’s one thing but how did william henry get involved in this there’s just not enough information

1:33:41 about fifth avenue and i found some early pictures that show clearly these buildings have lower levels that go

1:33:48 below the ground sure you can make the argument that their basements but why

1:33:53 are their windows going below and how difficult would it be to build this way

1:33:58 furthermore why did they decide to demolish it you know how much money a place like

1:34:04 this could have made this was another palace for princes

1:34:09 this guy is also responsible for the breakers the marble house the lower section of

1:34:15 the statue of liberty which i find very hard to believe in the photos of france because it does seem to be a composite

1:34:21 if you ask me but we continue he built the okra court new york tribune

1:34:26 building blues high school which seems to be way too much for a high school but essentially they’re saying they built

1:34:33 hundreds if not thousands of these structures in less than a 20-year period

1:34:38 they had at least 10 mansions in new york many of which were destroyed they owned all of fifth avenue and we aren’t

1:34:45 going to start ask questions on how and why this was done there’s barely any photographic evidence

1:34:51 for their claims from this and this is 1870 to 1890 time period and all of a

1:34:56 sudden 1890 they start deciding that they’re going to take stages of the construction process but

1:35:02 even then it’s very limited and only a select few are shown as if they are chosen to be presented

1:35:08 you must think if these were truly philanthropists and they had so much wealth why didn’t they develop a better

1:35:15 system for preserving photography they preserved books tapestries maps yet they

1:35:22 could not preserve photographs for just 50 years so that people could copy them later

1:35:28 i think they’re hiding something so yeah these are the people that they tell us

1:35:34 build the biltmore yet with almost all these figures there’s

1:35:39 usually only one real photograph of them maybe two but rarely

1:35:45 and then you get these portraits of who they were in a background story and we just eat it up

1:35:52 no one asked any questions of course i’m talking pre-1890

1:35:58 once george washington comes in he was the new young trillionaire now these were the true kardashians

1:36:05 because even though i was making that analogy earlier it actually really applies now because george washington

1:36:13 and i swear saying that over and over again just seems so weird but george washington vanderbilt basically built

1:36:20 the biltmore to have as his own bachelor’s path they say it was originally for hunting

1:36:26 yet it ended up being used kind of like a frat house the elites of their club would come for

1:36:32 what they say was an extravagant experience and also they tell us that there were like only three people living

1:36:38 in there for a certain period of time after it started to fail right because come to find out people don’t want to

1:36:44 take this massive long journey to the middle of nowhere they had many guests they tell us but

1:36:49 i’m not sure if i’d buy it because they would have been successful and the place wouldn’t have been deteriorated

1:36:55 and needed renovation in the 50s so now i’m going to explain my experience going

1:37:00 to the biltmore with moon and after explaining all that i’m going to give you multiple possible explanations and you can decide for

1:37:07 yourself what you like the best okay so i know that was a lot but you gotta

1:37:12 understand what i’m about to say is pretty drastic and i had to have some sort of foundation

1:37:18 for assisting people in understanding how we come to these thoughts but instead of jumping right into it

1:37:24 i feel the best argument is to simply just go over the history as we just did now we’re prepared to go through this

1:37:30 and ask some questions so okay you got your ticket you’re ready to see

1:37:35 the boat more you enter to the entrance and many expect to be able to see it from the

1:37:40 street but you can’t there are trees blocking everything it’s deep on the estate you won’t see it for a while

1:37:47 which also i never mentioned there are so many trees here and i’m talking massive amounts of land but in the older

1:37:54 pictures there’s no indication of any type of nature which i also find odd or at least it looks drastically

1:38:01 different than it did today okay so you have to drive for a couple

1:38:06 of miles and once you pass under an interesting bridge then you continue to find parking take a

1:38:12 shuttle and after 30 minutes from originally entering you’re finally at the biltmore

1:38:18 first note when you enter the gate there are sphinx that guard the gate so you come in and they drop you off so yeah

1:38:25 here’s what it looks like up close now we’re going to be observing many symbols and it’s important to constantly

1:38:32 ask why and when did the vanderbilts get such an interest in this level of symbolism

1:38:38 you guys notice anything why is there a lion statue in front of the door

1:38:44 what does william henry or george washington have to do with lions

1:38:50 how would he know about this unless there is some type of secret club we don’t know about where they learn

1:38:57 about all this symbolism look at all the ornate detail

1:39:02 the level of art put into this is insane and we never see any photos of them doing the detail work

1:39:09 look closely you can see that there are a coat of arms at the top of the building and they each are saying

1:39:15 different things you can see gargoyles weird faces everywhere

1:39:20 almost like peasants or something you see these over the windows over arches in every possible place they

1:39:27 added insane amount of detail as we will see it’s much better to come early as later

1:39:33 in the day it gets extremely crowded so we walked around the left section where you can go right under the arches

1:39:41 and see the pillars up close so first off it’s pretty amazing not gonna lie but to be able to just chill

1:39:47 under there as we were taking photos we noticed that the pillars had these florida leaves but they also had the

1:39:55 older form which was the dagger or the sword which again is royal symbolism that has been

1:40:00 seen on coat of arms for hundreds of years why are they putting this here

1:40:05 now of course people might say french inspired but is it because we’re going to explore that even

1:40:12 further okay so we go into the court side with garden where there’s this massive empty

1:40:18 space where there used to be a pool but now it’s just gravel but over here you can see a couple

1:40:24 interesting things over here is a windy tree that’s pretty cool and also you can see the back of the

1:40:31 house check this out look at this bottom base and how old it looks

1:40:36 to me i don’t really think they did that with the simple pulley system and it seems to be done without mortar

1:40:43 also you can see that it continues to go underground we go down to the courtyard to see a pan

1:40:49 fountain which you’ll see multiple references to pan here

1:40:55 then you get your first bit of programming with one of the architects of course and there’s these very interesting terra

1:41:02 cotta bowls here now of course i’m not denying that these can be created in the modern day

1:41:08 but i was looking at them and i got a weird feeling that they were actually very old

1:41:13 again symbols everywhere why were they so obsessed with painting

1:41:19 such ancient symbols on everything they do it just looks like old venetian artwork

1:41:24 to me but just take note of this for later there are some beautiful views here that

1:41:30 are truly breathtaking it has like this weird silence to it when you come over here too it’s

1:41:36 definitely peaceful also the statues are interesting but they didn’t seem to be that old to me to

1:41:42 be honest so from here you can also see that on the

1:41:48 top of the building there are more coat of arms you can see two griffins

1:41:54 griffins why are there griffins on this building they seem to be holding a chalice

1:42:02 and this is all coat of arm stuff all right so now to the other side which

1:42:08 seems to be lacking in detail for some reason in comparison to the left side of the building but if we go towards the

1:42:15 right there is this arch that leads us to an entirely new section

1:42:21 now before we go in let’s take a look at this griffin symbol which is kind of hard to see but it

1:42:28 looks like it’s a griffin and a horn stag with wings holding up

1:42:33 this emblem which is a v the symbol they say is for the

1:42:39 vanderbilt and it can be seen in multiple areas of the house this is crucial to note for later

1:42:46 okay so we’re ready to go into the other building that has the cafe and the bookshops we go under the arch which is

1:42:52 massive but the first thing we notice is that once you get to the other side there’s this brick pavement that’s

1:42:59 completely messed up and there are crosses which seem to be religious that are ingrained within the pattern

1:43:07 this place is bumpy and not level at all almost as if an earthquake happened

1:43:12 now no one seems to know why it’s like that so this next building is similar in design but slightly different and it’s

1:43:20 also very interesting they have these brick glossed insides like new york but it’s kind of like fake

1:43:27 actually the whole encasing the whole building is fake the original building is built entirely of brick

1:43:33 and so they encased it with limestone imported from indiana this is what the guy was saying

1:43:39 so they had to build their own brick production factory yet there are no photos of them actually laying all these

1:43:46 bricks which we’re talking hundreds of thousands of bricks and massive stones

1:43:51 as well exterior construction photos okay that’s one thing but notice how there’s no interior construction photos

1:43:59 so we head to the bookstore to see what wonderful books they may have and not only do they have biographies but they

1:44:05 also had this basic little propaganda book that told you everything you needed to know about this place

1:44:11 and so as we were checking out we noticed that there was these old maps on the wall and the person at the register was

1:44:17 telling us that basically george was some big collector of old maps

1:44:24 and that definitely piqued my interest the first one is old world spain

1:44:30 okay and then the second one is a map of the netherlands

1:44:36 they also told me specifically that he had one of ireland which was super interesting

1:44:43 okay so we head our way back and you can see this massive wooden door under this arch

1:44:49 now from what we’ve learned there’s a massive amount of old world furniture in

1:44:54 this building now they say that every one of these doors were designed to have these

1:44:59 specific folded carvings that you can see basically in every room of the house

1:45:05 okay so we took a quick break went to the leonardo exhibit which was pretty cool they had some weird inventions but

1:45:12 it wasn’t really our main focus or anything but it was kind of interesting that this was showing at the same time

1:45:19 okay so we prepared for a tour and basically we just came and they gave us

1:45:24 some audio phones and we were ready to go so to speed this up basically the tour

1:45:30 we went on was the guest of the bill moore’s and don’t get me wrong we love the entire experience but

1:45:35 it just wasn’t what we came to do it was more focused on like the guests after the 1900s and the people who’d stayed

1:45:42 there and all these renovated rooms that to me looked like they were from the 60s but we weren’t allowed to take any

1:45:47 photos of this tour which trust me we got photos but we just weren’t allowed to on this guided tour

1:45:54 um but we did go on the top of the building which was cool so we did get some more up close shots of

1:45:59 all this detail and a pretty cool view

1:46:06 but yeah we couldn’t really explore on the guided tour but afterwards we had the opportunity to go on the self-guided

1:46:12 one which was really awesome we walked around and i’m about to break down what i learned

1:46:18 okay so this place is massive first you have the garden area which is super nice with also this interesting

1:46:25 mosaic on the floor i didn’t mention but basically in order to start the guided tour

1:46:31 they basically gave each person like a card and this would be someone who stayed at the house

1:46:37 now everyone really just got a basic guest but for some reason i was given carl

1:46:42 better now when this happened me and moon looked at each other at the same moment we were like no way because

1:46:48 i’m not sure you guys know i mean i have said that i’ve done 3d art but i started off doing sculpting clay and pottery so

1:46:55 i’m pretty much a sculptor in my spirit and it seems that the tour guide either knew

1:47:00 or for some reason that card was given to me but i can tell you right now that was not a coincidence

1:47:07 carl better is an austrian sculptor similar to these architects who is credited with a massive amount of

1:47:13 sculpting that seems to be another attribution process but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a

1:47:18 sculptor you don’t think these wealthy elite need the most talented sculptors and artists

1:47:25 in the world well come to find out carl better is just another royal family upbringing he was

1:47:32 trained for this in vienna okay so where do we start

1:47:37 there’s this part of the trip where you go into the biggest room and we get to take photos up close to really look at this

1:47:43 now look at the size of this fireplace look at this roman greco relief that is

1:47:49 placed here and is that a symbol right on the massive fireplace is a coat

1:47:56 of arms when i asked the guide hey is that a knights helmet and he said

1:48:01 i never really thought about that yes that’s what it looks like but don’t quote me or take my word

1:48:07 that’s what he said and he’s in the building every day let me show you there’s no question on

1:48:13 what that symbol is what is it doing in this banquet hall or opera

1:48:19 as yeah there’s also a massive organ in this room that originally had pipes but

1:48:24 they had installed new ones so that they could automate it and all this stuff but so

1:48:30 why do you have the headless knight in oregon

1:48:36 massive dutch tapers trees that are 400 years old and honestly they really do look real to me not to mention all the

1:48:42 german wood this is a very common theme the world is just imported from europe and this is just an invaluable amount of

1:48:50 money it’s literally unlimited what you are witnessing when you come

1:48:56 into this building is an old world collection that doesn’t line up with the

1:49:01 story as we’ll soon see look at that tapestry on the right another pan scene

1:49:08 why does george washington vanderbilt want all this stuff are people not going to ask how the heck

1:49:15 did they get all this and is there some type of dutch brotherhood or even more ancient family behind all

1:49:22 this why can’t we ask those questions here is a chest that seems to be german

1:49:29 or dutch old world furniture and these are in the finest condition

1:49:36 so this is the first room of the guided tour interesting ceramic pieces and if you

1:49:42 look at the and irons those are pretty cool they have the fireplace and even

1:49:48 the decorative ceiling on to the next room you see these massive hanging fabrics

1:49:56 another import along with most of this furniture so a lot was spent on fabric here and i

1:50:02 forgot to mention actually on the guided tour in the guest rooms where we’re not allowed to take pictures

1:50:09 they actually called these the louie the 13th room the louis the 14th 15th and so

1:50:15 on which i just found strange especially with the last video i kept asking him to

1:50:20 elaborate but he said it’s just because of the furniture style so i don’t know but it seems really weird

1:50:26 so now we get into an important room and this is the music room

1:50:31 this fireplace has a very interesting clue for us we see an engraving with a clear albert

1:50:39 doer engraving and i knew this at the time because his art style was very noticeable but another thing that i

1:50:45 didn’t mention on the guided tour is that he kept saying that george was obsessed with prince and he had

1:50:51 thousands of original engraving prints and that they were all over the house some of them being of ancient castles

1:50:57 which was just really weird to be in his collection and they’re like all these gothic castles but this was his

1:51:04 inspiration and also but look at what’s below the engraving

1:51:09 there are multiple reliefs showing an emblem with a date at a closer look we can actually see

1:51:15 that it’s a j not a one whoa wait you’re telling me that george

1:51:21 washington vanderbilt had studied so much art history and symbolism to such a degree that he was even aware of how

1:51:28 they used to put jays instead of a one why would he want to get this built in

1:51:33 unless there’s something else going on let’s take a look at this engraving

1:51:40 this obviously was very important to him this is the only one of his size that’s

1:51:45 showcased in this matter i found that image online so we could take a look at it

1:51:51 you know what this image is it’s called the triumphal arch of maximilian

1:51:57 at the top you have the vatican fish hats the nozzle crown which is a symbol for the phoenician royals

1:52:03 furthermore we see torches giving the symbol of prometheus as they are the ones to bring it and remember cornelius

1:52:10 vanderbilt’s ship oh why is there more pan symbolism

1:52:16 one time okay you say that’s just you know allegory in a painting or just like myths or something but

1:52:23 tell me why there are multiple different instances of pan being referenced at the biltmore

1:52:29 then we have at the bottom of these pillars a very interesting symbol

1:52:35 what’s that a v-shape remember this for later now before we go on we have to

1:52:41 understand what this is this is a royal family descendant tree

1:52:47 they’re telling you what’s going on maximilian was a roman emperor and is

1:52:52 letting you know everyone who was in their control i’ve been maximilian coat of arms or

1:52:58 even the house of habsburg why is it a double headed phoenix containing

1:53:04 several other coat of arms and that’s actually what we see in this engraving

1:53:11 you can see the same vatican hats here as well so yes they are connected

1:53:16 this is royal family lineage stuff and we’re just supposed to believe he put this up because he was a collector

1:53:25 let’s really look at this there’s so much to break down in this image alone

1:53:30 what do you see the emperor in the center venice with the lions on each side but also the double-headed phoenix

1:53:38 meaning they control both sides to the left and right you see all the different countries they own

1:53:44 these are all servicing the main emperor they are not individual nations for some

1:53:49 reason we’re taught that in history yet no they still had control over these

1:53:54 nations in the 1500s look at the griffins now does that make sense why they’re

1:54:00 griffins in the biltmore sure you could say that george was just a fan of albert door but

1:54:07 that’s just accepting the mainstream narrative why and they never tell us that he was interested in symbolism so

1:54:14 why is he interested in this piece specifically if you look at all the ornamentation

1:54:21 it’s the exact same thing that you see with the biltmore it’s the same people but we’re told that

1:54:28 he was just inspired so he decided to make it a french chateau okay but why is there a roman emperor

1:54:36 engraving implying that they own all nations and that they serve maximilian

1:54:42 why would he put that there and not only that make it his prized selection

1:54:49 let’s continue so there’s this little porridge where we chilled for a bit and it’s really pretty

1:54:55 but you can also see more views of the stone work in the back and also more detail work all over the pillars

1:55:03 the next room is the tapestry room and there’s a bunch of old world furniture

1:55:09 here too look at this clock this is pretty crazy also these lamps too but they kind of

1:55:14 had these all over the place but i was really impressed by this german wood

1:55:21 i just thought it was insane and the cost just had to be unimaginable because

1:55:26 these are hundreds of years old these tapestries are 300 years old they tell us and

1:55:31 they show these really weird scenes either biblical mythical or showing

1:55:37 emperors now i think i should mention this there’s a lot of stag symbolism

1:55:44 now i didn’t capture all the instances but in the main opera room with the organ there was a lot of deer symbolism

1:55:50 or the stag which is really weird because outside the biltmore is a place

1:55:55 called the grand bohemian now if you remember from our little history

1:56:01 lesson this should trigger an alarm not only is it right in front of the

1:56:07 entrance their symbol is the red stag the stack is also the symbol for

1:56:13 hennessy which has its own coat of arms so in this room we get more stag symbolism

1:56:21 for some reason it seems that george was very fond of this deer symbolism hence the name deer park

1:56:28 this tapestry with the sun and also the early christian cairo seems weird to be

1:56:34 promoting all this elite symbolism on these tapestries in your just hunting

1:56:39 resort so now we get to the library and on the guided tour we actually went up to the

1:56:46 top level and i got to actually look at the books but i couldn’t touch them they had multiple books on metaphysics

1:56:52 and just big thick massive old books and on top of

1:56:57 that we saw a book that had to do with the works on cannibals or something

1:57:03 it was weird and we really couldn’t spend that much time investigating but what we do know about this room is that

1:57:10 supposedly there are 10 000 books in this room alone okay and not only that there are 10 000

1:57:17 more in a private collection stored in a climate controlled room that sounds very similar to the vatican

1:57:25 and that’s just books we’re told he has thousands of prints hundreds of maps and all sorts of stuff that we don’t get to

1:57:32 see and they keep stored in the back so essentially the most rare stuff is probably not even shown

1:57:38 but on top of the ceiling is a 300 year old painting that they say was imported from italy and

1:57:44 glued onto the ceiling or something they say that the architect hunt actually brought this before even constructing

1:57:50 the place wait so they’re just purchasing ancient paintings and

1:57:58 for some reason they’re selling these to these architects and he knew that he wanted it before they even started

1:58:05 building the biltmore okay so just look at this fireplace and i

1:58:11 believe you said it was made of black marble and then you have these vases in the

1:58:17 room that they said are from ancient china and are 500 years old or something

1:58:23 like that and just basically everywhere you look you just see this ancient old world

1:58:28 stuff and they’re just flexing it even on top of that george had the chess set of napoleon

1:58:37 that’s what he said but it wasn’t out for display or something so this really weird thing happened

1:58:42 because we were in the library and we were looking around and it was starting to get crowded and someone said wow it looks like a

1:58:50 room built for giants and me and women looked at each other and we were like okay that’s weird

1:58:56 but yeah even the guests that don’t even look into tartaria i mean i don’t know maybe they do but

1:59:02 still like people look at this and they they think this is a room for giants

1:59:08 so now we get to the stairs so they tell us that they built these floating stairs

1:59:15 just by using rope pulleys and horses i don’t really buy that story and why

1:59:21 should i there’s no evidence that they did so i’m sitting here listening to this guy

1:59:26 talking about how it was in perfect balance and it goes up almost like four stories

1:59:31 so i think we need a little bit more explanation on how they managed to make this

1:59:37 beautifully balanced floating staircase but no we continue through a bunch of

1:59:42 more things that aren’t necessarily worth showing as it kind of becomes guest rooms on the second floor but

1:59:50 there was this weird thing where the tour guide said that they had the ark of the covenant

1:59:56 and then he’s like ah just kidding but they had this replica of the ark of the

2:00:01 covenant and i’m over here thinking like wait why why do they have this and it has a lion

2:00:07 feet on it has all these ancient symbols and i’m just like okay they had to know about ancient tech or something

2:00:13 so to continue before coming to the biltmore i was told by many that there

2:00:19 are actually several underground tunnels there in multiple areas there’s this underground tunnel all the

2:00:26 way at the winery which is miles away this entire biltmore features the

2:00:31 largest basement in the united states and both buildings feature tunnels that connect to each other’s below ground

2:00:38 level it’s built completely on hilly landscape and from what i was told don’t take my

2:00:43 word on this supposedly there is a tunnel that goes behind the biltmore into an underground domes

2:00:50 it was sold as by many different people and also what’s a news report we showed earlier

2:00:56 they were mentioning that there was tunnels that went to the biltmore so i mean how else would it be

2:01:01 advantageous to hide from prohibition laws if it was just like limited to your estate so i mean these people were

2:01:08 trillionaires i don’t think they had any reason to hide from the prohibition these must have been tunnels that have

2:01:15 been there for a long time they weren’t afraid of the law they were the ones who put them in motion they

2:01:21 were married to the state legislators the media this is the oil oligarchy the

2:01:27 royal family with ancient origins they don’t care about no prohibition

2:01:33 this is not why the tunnels were built the reason is these are actually the lower levels of the building that did

2:01:40 not go through the same renovation that the upper portions did after coming back down the stairs you

2:01:46 actually can go to the basement we weren’t really sure about this so

2:01:51 you walk down this creepy underground tunnel kind of strange feeling and guys

2:01:56 i’m not going over any of that stuff but i mean karnataka is in here but you guys know no really reason to cover it but

2:02:03 yeah this leads to the bowling alley in the underground pool now here you can go and walk right

2:02:10 beneath the building but it seems very strange to me that there’s no explanation on the creation of the

2:02:16 basement or if it even goes further down how do we know we know that they built secret passages

2:02:22 all around the house so they were secretive how do we know that what they are

2:02:27 telling us is the truth so you know where these tunnels lead to

2:02:33 after you finish the tour and you’re underneath the building which deserves to have some honest questions

2:02:39 instead you’re led to the programming room which is kind of creepy because it’s

2:02:45 painted very weirdly and i have no idea why it was this way in comparison to the

2:02:50 rest of the house or why they have the photos down here but

2:02:55 this is where they begin to program you with the narrative that they want you to believe

2:03:01 do you really think that’s all there is to this story that what they tell us is the only story

2:03:08 that we need to know well if that’s good for you then there you go that’s theory number

2:03:15 one because the truth is none of us truly know the answer the first option is that they’re not

2:03:22 lying everything they tell us is the truth they really did build america there’s nothing really fishy about them and they

2:03:29 just worked their way from poor to rich that’s the theory which you already knew

2:03:35 so i’m not sure why you watched this entire video for me to just tell you that

2:03:40 when you go there they’re gonna have explanations the people who walk into the bookstore

2:03:46 are people who are curious on the origins and so they have these books approved

2:03:52 and ready to go for you to learn all this information all of which was not convincing to me

2:03:58 this main group the anti-tartarians which seem to really enjoy this first option

2:04:04 don’t seem to be aware of what they’re even saying or promoting they think that we should just all walk

2:04:11 into gift shops take these books and then just accept whatever they tell us

2:04:16 well i think that’s just contributing to the control and information without allowing

2:04:21 people to truly be free by thinking and asking the questions they want to ask but instead

2:04:27 they will repeat whatever the authorities tell us and then mock others for trying to get to the bottom of

2:04:33 things most of these people are not taking into consideration many

2:04:39 of the points i bring up such as the royal coat of arms symbolism waste management

2:04:45 vacant altered historical narratives such as columbus being the first to discover america and also like i showed

2:04:53 the secret connections of brotherhoods that seem to be behind all these architectures as evident by the coat of

2:04:59 arms this requires comparative skills that some are not willing to go into even

2:05:06 when it comes to the occult therefore they conclude that some

2:05:12 basic construction photos that show just a few stages are all the proof they need

2:05:18 well it’s not enough for me not only is it not enough

2:05:24 i don’t really trust a word they say i don’t see why we should trust any of them

2:05:29 i feel like i’ve been fair address the counter argument is it not possible that these are staged

2:05:36 events that this could have been orchestrated or planned not saying that they are fakes because

2:05:42 taking two photos of different places and combining the negatives actually creates a physical real

2:05:49 photograph so that it’s not really a fake and future generations wouldn’t be able to tell

2:05:55 again i’m not saying this was done no one knows we only know what they left us with

2:06:03 but we’ll make this clear in 90 of the case this is the mainstream argument and the

2:06:10 only point of those who object to this building having anything to do with tartaria

2:06:15 here it is there’s construction photos that’s the only point

2:06:21 but are you guys being fair are you covering the true history of the robber barons

2:06:28 why should we trust them literally the elite were hanging out with them royalty in europe

2:06:35 well i don’t see why we should trust them and so here is option two

2:06:41 it’s a lie yeah they’re just lying straight through their teeth

2:06:46 go through the biographies as we just did and really tell me that nothing is

2:06:51 up your question what about the dutch connection is there a venetian connection a

2:06:57 phoenician connection remember that v we were looking at earlier in the biltmore

2:07:04 they said that this stood for the vanderbilts right now explain when you look up

2:07:10 dutch east india company and you have to type in east but remember east and west are the exact same thing okay but this

2:07:17 is their emblem look at this it’s a v okay

2:07:23 and you know what the v stands for the v stands for united hm

2:07:29 but not only that remember all the stag symbolism

2:07:36 look at the coat of arms i found you don’t think there’s a connection why do they all have the same royal coat

2:07:42 of arms remember that headless knight look at it here

2:07:48 and we know that the vanderbilt’s built america made steamboat travel popular and

2:07:54 connected all the railroads and we know that the vanderbilts have dutch origins in new netherlands which

2:08:00 used to be old new york area but it’s actually underplayed and was far greater

2:08:06 it was the foundation of the united states the dutch east india company were the

2:08:12 true founders of the corporation of the united states this is why we don’t learn too much

2:08:18 about them they are the real vanderbilts a royal founded corporation under the

2:08:24 law and power of the throne of the vatican which was really controlled by the foundation of the nations

2:08:30 we’re talking bloodlines bloodlines that go back to early 1400s the people

2:08:35 responsible for all this are post reset now i don’t find the explanation of

2:08:41 george accumulating all this art and collections of valuables from around the world to be convincing at all as it

2:08:47 makes more sense to attribute this to the dutch east india company who had been sailing around the world for

2:08:53 hundreds of years and had trillions of dollars they were the first global corporation that makes sense that they

2:09:00 had all these items and then used them to decorate the vast majority of these abandoned old world mansions with

2:09:08 we’re going to go over two theories the first will be for people who kind of believe the mainstream narrative but

2:09:14 they’re willing to accept that there’s something up and so they’ll step into the shallow end right

2:09:20 okay so you see the connections with all that i’ve said i think the next best explanation is

2:09:26 that okay let’s say that they constructed this but the age and methods

2:09:31 used are up for question remember because their whole brand is

2:09:36 that the vanderbilt achieved the american dream they started as poor dutch farmers and

2:09:41 just worked their way up from immigrants to becoming the wealthiest families in america

2:09:46 that is crucial for their story so let’s say that’s not true

2:09:51 and that actually the dutch moravian brotherhood of royalty is involved and

2:09:56 they kept us under wraps they had special old world tech from a past civilization or they were keeping

2:10:03 their progression in secret for example with the steamboat they had this technology for a long time and

2:10:10 slowly just released it out to the public but in this case they did so under the

2:10:16 guise of capitalism that seemed to be their main method of releasing new information to the public

2:10:22 after the 1800s some random capitalists would just make all this progress out of nowhere that

2:10:28 way the state can’t be blamed for being involved nowhere on the wikipedia page does this

2:10:34 say that he ingrained dutch symbolism or heraldry and that’s important to know

2:10:40 because all it says is that it was inspired by french renaissance because everyone knows that this gothic

2:10:47 style with the florida lay is typically associated with the french but as i’ve shown you in the first chapter it goes

2:10:53 much deeper than that so they had other building techniques that they do not tell us about meaning

2:11:01 no they weren’t using pulleys in just a few men this was an industry

2:11:06 there’s no way they were just whipping these mansions out of nowhere in the 1870s and again

2:11:12 i really don’t see where the love and passion for this architecture came from they all came from ignorant farmers with

2:11:18 no interest in education that’s what we’re told they could have had some steam crane

2:11:23 technology or machinery that we don’t know about and they just don’t want us to know about because that would imply

2:11:30 they had tech we don’t and that also this was not the ventures of a man wanting a country home that this was

2:11:36 some type of corporate operation now that may be interesting to people as

2:11:42 there’s an indication that this was built on top of an older structure so even then i don’t think they built all

2:11:49 of it especially if we consider underground cities as with asheville and subterranean networks

2:11:54 we also know that the dutch hired explorers to go find new ventures so they would look for abandoned and

2:12:00 ruined old world structures for them to go on these huge renovation projects

2:12:06 which we get to the final theory which is my thoughts

2:12:12 i think they’re liars after comparing and contrasting i don’t think they considered that people would

2:12:19 be able to see their fingerprints i think the story of the robber barons is bs

2:12:25 i think the story involving the dutch east india company is highly exaggerated why should we believe them

2:12:31 if they’re the ones behind all this i got some serious questions which is why is this not known about

2:12:38 well it’s because there was a reset most likely within the last 500 years in which an old world civilization went

2:12:45 through multiple periods of systematic cataclysm to the point of it being possibly a contrived event

2:12:52 these cataclysms caused earthquakes floods mudslides and even comets that

2:12:58 would be a sign of these dark times the power of the old world was shifted into the jesuits who were in control of

2:13:04 rome and the vatican slowly moving their power across europe and making their domination known

2:13:10 their powerhouse became venice as they began to rediscover many of the lost arts and sciences of the past age they

2:13:16 needed to begin disseminating this information to the public but they needed to put their initials on it

2:13:22 because there couldn’t be any knowledge of the old world this was the book burnings they erased

2:13:28 the past and decided the world would be created anew the new world a new atlantis

2:13:34 and so venice expanded into multiple powerhouses and brotherhoods throughout all of europe forming their own cults to

2:13:41 please their master which really goes back to the canaanites baal

2:13:46 this is their true god as these people were inversionist they began giving titles to the

2:13:52 bloodline families that had been created through intermingling and these people

2:13:57 were complete idiots these are the people who began getting all the palaces and chateaus in europe right and they

2:14:03 would just all over them and that’s a fool like marquis de sade

2:14:08 they were totally fine with it because they were dark occultists they had no intention on lifting humanity but they

2:14:16 wanted to enslave them look at the first global corporation started in america they are the dutch

2:14:23 the vanderbilts are dutch we aren’t going to ask any questions how easy would it be to just make up all

2:14:29 these figures and remember they have the burden of proof all i have to say is i’m not convinced

2:14:35 and rightfully so as there are barely any details on these people as when it comes to the commodore

2:14:41 he even refused to speak in public how do we truly know these people existed

2:14:46 letters pictures okay all that can be fabricated by maniac trillionaires with a mission to

2:14:52 control so these vanderbilts once moving from converting from dutch and they became

2:15:00 english they still kept their dutch connections but they’d never really tell you that in the documentaries

2:15:06 they don’t want you to know that these people were a part of a club the new

2:15:11 york club of wealthy american aristocrats which out of nowhere and all of a sudden

2:15:18 decide to create architecture that hasn’t been created in hundreds of years and really no other nation is doing

2:15:24 anything like this in the same amount of time as i said with fifth avenue i don’t believe that story at all and these were

2:15:31 done in almost a decade and then demolished um and then the same thing with the world fair all of us in three

2:15:38 years outrageous to accept the official history of asheville and not wonder how

2:15:43 they built all these subterranean networks that connected the city how did they build all these buildings

2:15:48 in such a short time period something isn’t adding up i believe the bill more to be an old

2:15:56 world tartarian mansion i don’t think this phoenician hijackers can build with sacred symmetry at all

2:16:02 they aren’t creative they’re copycatters they’re parasites if they had tecton

2:16:09 why are there no buildings like this being constructed today okay sure maybe they had steam engines

2:16:15 i still don’t really think they could do this and i don’t see the evidence for it

2:16:20 after going to the library and thoroughly researching the vanderbilts i’m not really convinced there’s a lot

2:16:26 of red flags and after reading the stories i can’t even really show you guys everything there’s just so much to

2:16:31 cover for example with the story of the titanic jp morgan and how

2:16:38 vanderbilt’s trip were cancelled as if they may have known that

2:16:43 something was going to happen people are willing to accept

2:16:49 that they did the whole titanic thing on purpose for the insurance or whatever but

2:16:55 you know that means they lied right these people are scummy business people

2:17:01 why should we believe the biographers why should we believe the media and not think it has anything to do with

2:17:09 propaganda then people know all about the bloodlines right freemason bloodlines

2:17:14 and this actually connects with the coat of arms again but people are willing to accept that but

2:17:21 what i’m saying is too far what i think is that these people are defacers

2:17:27 they are renovators not builders so yeah it required sculptors and yes i

2:17:33 do think they had talented artists i know we had the video on ancient petrification but that doesn’t mean

2:17:39 there weren’t extremely talented artists at this time and i do think they sculpted the fake

2:17:44 facades as this was a part of turning the old world tartarian buildings into a more modern look

2:17:51 otherwise it would be blatantly obvious how old this thing was you know there was this overall darkness

2:17:57 because i kind of realized that ancient art and architecture was being used to

2:18:02 continually facilitate these families ever expanding growth and wealth

2:18:08 don’t get me wrong i was in awe when i saw it but there was a feeling that something wasn’t right

2:18:13 the ability to continually profit off of this is insane and i can’t even imagine how much the biltmore makes in a day

2:18:21 but overall i do want to say i highly recommend going to the biltmore

2:18:26 this isn’t a promotion or anything but my review is i enjoyed it we both enjoyed it

2:18:33 everyone should go they were really nice people everybody so please don’t go there causing any

2:18:40 type of trouble or anything many of these workers they really just don’t know and i believe even the surviving

2:18:46 vanderbilts they don’t know either at this point everything is up for question

2:18:52 but the guy told me that the current rainbow owners were just like normal people who came in wearing normal

2:18:57 clothing to blend in which i kind of think may have some truth to it because

2:19:03 like many of these elites that get these remaining architectures most likely

2:19:08 don’t know what’s going on either they were just transported here and given their own narratives and same goes for

2:19:14 the modern freemasons and politicians they don’t know the full history or narrative there’s levels to this there’s

2:19:21 historical programming and this just happens from the day we’re born

2:19:27 the bilmore is literally a collection of old world art like i said

2:19:33 i believe it to be an old world tartarian structure so tell me what do you think

2:19:40 do you believe the mainstream narrative is there a connection to the dutch east india company and all their other

2:19:46 ventures what’s with all the coat of arms do you think that’s worth noting

2:19:52 do you trust the robber baron story i mean we’re told they are the enemy

2:19:58 what do you think about the biltmore do you guys have any more details about asheville that’d be interesting

2:20:05 i appreciate everyone who’s gotten this far and thank you so much for everyone who supports us we really enjoyed this trip

2:20:12 and we’d like to continue exploring old world buildings for you guys and all you have to do is really just tell

2:20:17 your friends tell your friends all about us and so with that i hope you enjoyed this one

2:20:24 and all we can hope is that our minds may be unveiled

2:20:30 go of everything you think to be true relax the mind and ask the question

2:20:36 do i truly understand what this reality is

2:20:46 you

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