Illuminati Hand Signalling Decodes

For some time I have followed the symbolism that many Hollywood stars and others use in their performances, public appearances and tweets.

Child trafficking, child abuse, child sexual abuse is carried out by the Illuminati cult and their followers and adepts in Hollywood on an industrial scale. Hollywood and music celebrities are used in signals of rituals and trafficking, and have often themselves been the victims of child sexual abuse.

I produced this thread of tweets with links, so people could learn about the symbolism and it proved quite popular. It is a good subject to introduce people to the rabbit hole of abuse and mind control as the symbols are everywhere in videos, concerts, awards ceremonies, magazines and social media.

The thread is actually 30 tweets long but it is broken two or three times by twitter (as they do), so it will not thread together in @threadreaderapp unfortunately. You can read the whole thread via twitter but you have to look at the replies after the breaks eg sometimes it breaks at 15, sometimes 25.

I will try and get round to composing another, not only due to the breaks, but looking back it is quite naive, as I have learned more about the symbolism which is more in depth than I realised at the time. However the thread is a good place to start, learning the messages. We need to learn their comms.

When I produced that thread I was only aware that this was symbolism or cartel signalling and did not realise there was far more detailed information carried by the signalling than I had previously thought. So this post is a more in depth study of the illuminati signal “code”, which they openly use, hidden in plain sight.

I am sure this just scratches the surface and I hope anons and others will analyse the symbolism more, and carry this research on. These people, mainly mind controlled victims, many born into the illuminati, are made to signal the intentions of this powerful cult.

Now is a good time to follow it in real time, as the cult signals over the upcoming weeks as they ramp up the mass panic and trauma about the corona virus, and have their satanic big time coming up between April 19th to May 1, which includes Baal week, blood sacrifice to the beast, and Beltane and this year a special one off.


Chet Hanks, blatantly sending illuminati picture signals as he talks about Tom Hanks’s positive for coronavirus, whilst topless. Was this really necessary?

Is Chet linking the coronavirus to the illuminati? Certainly they are making use of it to ramp up the mass trauma and panic, even supposing they were nothing to do with the release of coronavirus.

For the structure of the Illuminati see [2] 2020 Jan 18 cathyfox blog The Five Child Trafficking Networks of the Illuminati

Devils Horns

If hand is pointed down and straight at someone it signifies a curse toward that person.

[no picture]

Next, watch the thumb – If thumb is in front of two fingers it means just normal devil horns, and is considered a hail to Satan.

If thumb is behind two fingers, it is the Pan sign signifying child sex ritual. Pan or the Piper is often used as a symbol of luring children into the woods never to be seen again. This symbol often used for the ritual hunts, victims raped and killed.

Beyonce’s hands means it is a message to “all illuminati”

JayZ – notice thumb, it’s slightly behind, so it is pan sign, meaning there will be hunt parties.


The “El Diablo” hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf’s signing of the phrase, “I love yo

More devils horns here…

More Devils Horns Pictures

  • [5] Illuminati Signals Devils Horns
  • [6] Jesus is Precious  El Diablo
  • [7] Twitter James Rankine Devils Horns thread
  • [8] Thread reader App James Rankine Devils Horns thread


This one is the signifier for cryptic masonic rituals which may include higher esoterical levels like Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones and Rosicrucians.

Call to ritual after events or coming up.

Of course, as they do, they have a cover story that it is a ROC sign, Jay Z record label.

More pyramid signs here…

  • [9] Illuminati Signs Roc
  • [10] Thread Reader App James Rankine Pyramid Sign Thread 
  • [11] Twitter James Rankine Pyramid Sign thread

One Eye Illuminati Sign /666

This is where the messages get deeper. What I previously thought was just a 666 sign, actually is far more nuanced, deep and disturbing.

This should not be confused with OK sign, or the circle game, or white power sign. Context and common sense are key to distinguish.

To decode, note the exact position of hand and fingers. The rules of signalling appear to be something like this

  • Straight fingers usually indicate Illuminati North quadrant of US. North is hand above head or on top of head or in 666 hand sign with hand predominately just touching forehead
  • Slightly bent fingers or if fingers/hand/wrist looks slightly tilted back wards it indicates message for that quadrant only
  • Hand on that side of face indicates west or east, left as we face the picture is west, right is East
  • Both hands, one up and one down indicates South quadrant. South is also indicated by one hand in the Illuminati sign, when the loose fingers point down
  • When both hands are used, one up and one down, that also indicates that all quadrants are called to participate in ritual.
  • The fingers have specialist meanings



The fingers also signals which category or elemental magic they want (fire, water, wind, earth)

  • Fire is little finger or pinky
  • Water fourth finger (counting from thumb as one)
  • Air, Wind or moon third/middle finger
  • Earth is index finger
  • Lightning bolt is those who are destroyers or those who bear wrath.

This below is what is meant by slightly bent or backwards, and notice tilt of wrist into back position

Fingers back…this would indicate only that quadrant, so for above pics, only east quadrant.

Fingers back, so this would indicate only that quadrant, so for above pic, only West quadrant

This one above, Emma Watson, means rituals in North and West quad (fingers straight up, right eye)

Top row second pic from left, vs bottom row second pic. Top row means East quad only, while bottom because the fingers are straight means North and East quads.

Fingers down – South, and fingers bent and so it is only South quadrant.

Since middle finger is prominant it is likely a specifically a call for those considered of Wind Magic status.

Here Madonna shows two hands, one higher and other lower. This  means South quadrant. Fingers pointing up so means North quad included.  Bottom hand pointing down it means only the north and south quads. Note also the number symbolism.

Bottom hand the fingers are up it means all quads having a meeting.

                              Johnny Depp                                       Leonardo Di Caprio

Depp’s fingers are bent and on the right side from picture view means only the East quadrant is having rituals. Being a vampire, it also means vampire rituals.

Di Caprio’s fingers are straight(ish) which means the North, and hand over left eye as we view it, so North and West quadrants will have rituals.

However Di Caprio is using his middle finger to make the circle. Di Caprio’s two fingers touching face is a call sign to do away with the male escorts. So whoever is doing the trafficking just got an execution order, they will use sex slaves in north and west and get rid of the handlers and slaves when done.

Salute means specifically all military / nazi satanists to be present at the rituals; from East only as fingers point East.

Top row, all way at right hand end, notice hand turned into face. This means cancellation of North and West quad.

Dion is showing a cancellation (two fingers), because she has two sets of two fingers, it means rituals in North and East are both cancelled.

Notice her index and third finger, they are in a v shape or scissor shape but not straight like Di Caprios were. In this one she is cancelling ritual and sex slave order, specifically earth and wind magic individuals from the North, and fire and water individuals from East. The West quad would have been the ones in charge of ritual since hand is on right side of her face. The two fingers (index and third finger in this position) is the Masonic sign for “Do not proceed forth”. One finger point with arm bend up like Celine’s means “Proceed”.

More examples of the signs here if you want to practise decoding

  • [12] Twitter thread James Rankine 666 / One Eye
  • [13] Thread Reader App James Rankine 666 / One Eye

One Eye, Flat Hands

Flat hands can indicate sex slaves or certain monarch sex slaves, but it can be like a call back or summons to certain trained monarch slaves. If hands are flat against face it deals with sex slaves or cancellations. All directions still apply.

Quadrant based on side of face and direction the fingers point.

Above means all from east (hand on east side of face), and destroyers (lightning bolt)  from west (bolt on west eye). This means west destroyers will kill the ritual victims from east for that ritual.


Ke$ha Hidden Eye


  • [14]  Illuminati Symbols Hidden Eye
  • [15] Illuminati Symbols Ke$ha Hidden Eye

The Shhhh Signal

This specifically speaks to sisters of light. These symbols are summons, who is being summoned and to where.

There are 13 sisters of light for each quadrant, in US and international quadrants. They are the Elite Security team, spiritual protectors, demonic possession, and spiritual warfare – disease and causing money problems etc see [2] 2020 Jan 18 cathyfox blog The Five Child Trafficking Networks of the Illuminati

 They are only women. If a man is doing shhhh sign, it deals with Masonic code of silence.

I am not sure of the nuances on this signal, whether it is important where the end of the finger is in relation to the mouth etc. Hopefully an anon can work it out.

More examples of the signs here

More shh signs here…

  • [16] Thread Reader app  James Rankine Shhhh
  • [17] Twitter James Rankine 666 / eye Sign
  • [18] Thread Reader App James Rankine  666 / eye Sign

V Sign

This a beta kitten monarch program call, meaning they will be programming. I dont know any more about these signals, except that the tilted two fingers is sign signalling for two male escorts, comparable to a handler code.

A code is a hand sign, word, or token given to an individual who is considered a handler or in charge of sex slaves or trafficking individuals. So the tilted two fingers is considered a sign handler code.

Anyone in the illuminati can be used to send signals.  Most of the time the handler for the celebrity is the one directing them in poses. The majority may not  know what they are sending.  Their handlers tells them when and where to show up.

So messages are particularly for the unknown “elite” who walk among us living regular lives. These people see images on a magazine cover and are subconsciously triggered.  Individuals can go to bed, then wake up, like sleep walking and attend these events. They do not know in the morning when they wake up that they have even been involved and go about their daily routines.

Also check out satanists tweets, they communicate openly on twitter, it would be interesting to know if they use Facebook and Instagram also, if anyone is on those platforms.

Also check the emojis they use.

Devils horns hand sign, purple devils head, key and lock, chain are used as well as a black heart and no doubt many more.

The key in masonry indicates the code of silence.

Signals are given often on magazine covers, and further information on the place and time are gleaned by more signals. So these signals are going on very often, which when pieced together reveal the time date, place, and who is to attend and what they will be doing.

The events that everyone attends are the ones Satan usually appears at as well. They occur four times a year. So all the high level Illuminati are summoned to appear in one place. Magazine cover will reveal place.

We must Learn their comms

This may be worth a read for those interested – 2013  John of the Gentiles The Satanic States of America [1] 

Thanks to those who helped.

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.


[1] 2013  John of the Gentiles The Satanic States of America

[2] 2020 Jan 18 cathyfox blog The Five Child Trafficking Networks of the Illuminati

[3] Illuminati hands signs threads

[4] James Rankine Twitter Luciferian Secret Covenant Oath

[5] Illuminati Signals Devils Horns

[6] Jesus is Precious  El Diablo

[7] Twitter James Rankine Devils Horns thread

[8] Thread reader App James Rankine Devils Horns thread

[9] Illuminati Signs Roc

[10] Thread Reader App James Rankine Pyramid Sign Thread

[11] Twiotter James Rankine Pyramid Sign thread

[12] Twitter thread James Rankine 666 / One Eye

[13] Thread Reader App James Rankine 666 / One Eye

[14]  Illuminati Symbols Hidden Eye

[15] Illuminati Symbols Ke$ha Hidden Eye

[16] Thread Reader app  James Rankine Shhhh

[17] Twitter James Rankine 666 / eye Sign

[18] Thread Reader App James Rankine  666 / eye Sign


  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum


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  4. William mcnicholl says:

    Dear cathy, the illuminati are the same as free masons, in days of old originating from the Knights templars, due to the templars being hounded down and killing off one by one the templars then changed and became freemasons and were very good engineers also among their strange occult practices also black magik and worshing the devil the baphomet horned God, and finally the freemasons became illuminati who are basically people trying to protect their interests and the planet because of the destruction at a colossal rate, the secret military like area 51and area 52 in America are and have been building a secret base on Mars, please don’t laugh but yes I can understand why. they aim to build this base in case of a natural or massive accident in respect of using air borne weapons that go wrong, so in a nut shell do a quick bunk from earth and let who evers left if anyone to sort out the mess, so by doing so the illuminati in general is fighting for humans not to be completely destroyed hence the survival of the human race. The majestic 12 who originally was founded to deal with any alien ufo crashes on earth and discover technology from these ufo crashes. since Roswell incident we became move advanced in technology like microwave ovens, kevlar body armour and much more, so this is what it’s all about in general when dealing with the illuminati other than just a symbol of a cult in some way they are striving stop the destruction of the human race. please trust me when I say be careful because the illuminati are the most powerful and most dangerous people you will meet. To much investigating people seem to have a habit of disappearing regards Billy Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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    • I agree with all nearly all you say. I know the risks, as I see what happens to those who take on these people. I dont want to live in a world that treats children this way ie mind controls through sexual abuse and trauma, , and enslaves the whole planet, so I try and change it, as many others are trying. If they take me, I hope many others will be woken and rise up in my place. I will not commit suicide, just for the record. I dont think they are trying to save humanity, they are trying to save themselves, as they have been brainwashed into thinking they are superior. if they were so right, why would they need to cause so much evil on our planet, why do they have to lie about everything and about what they are?


  5. flyingcuttlefish says:

    I am also seeing this in popular clothing lines. Maybe more so from the west coast.
    I saw this today –


  6. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Prince Charles –

    who poses like this???
    warlock …


  7. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Obama Makes Satanic Hand Sign While on Vacation


  8. tomiejones says:

    Reblogged this on circusbuoy and commented:
    the Illuminati speechless,I am well not quite, they have one prime objective , to take over the world. fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.

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  39. Siobhan Merrill says:

    Thanks for mentioning the part about celebrities not knowing the meaning. Not everyone anyway. Most of the secret society type people only know their own bit of the ritual.

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