LANDMARK RULING: Foster Children Can Now Sue Local Authorities For Abuse

Useful decision for children brought up by foster parents and abused, as the Council can be sued.

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A Supreme Court ruling which has overturned previous precedent and made history, will now allow children abused whilst in foster care to sue the local authorities that placed them.

Those who have been abused, as well as child rights campaigners all over the country who have fought tirelessly to establish this duty of care which should have been acknowledged a long time ago, will be delighted by the ruling.

The case which came before the Supreme Court saw Natasha Armes, now 40, from Nottingham, win against Nottinghamshire County Council after Supreme Court justices ruled by a majority of four-to-one that it was liable for abuse she suffered as a child 30 years ago.

The Supreme Court justices found the local authority was vicariously liable for the abuse Natasha suffered at the hands of her foster parents, but bizarrely, concluded that the council was not negligent in choosing or supervising them, even though the…

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6 Responses to LANDMARK RULING: Foster Children Can Now Sue Local Authorities For Abuse



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  2. grimstock says:

    About time!
    Expect a lot of Councils to be restructured and renamed once the claims are in.


  3. grimstock says:

    With this overdue decision, as a pointer of liability, this should make it easier also for those who were assaulted whilst in the care of private children’s homes to be able to sue the placing authority too.


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