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Further to my post Belenoff and Q [1] I have cause to revisit the subject of Somerset Belenoff, as I have received a message from her representative. I will ponder about that a while but will probably post about it tomorrow.

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Serendipitously a kind soul, Seneca Gal, had just hours before sent me the finished transcript of the relevant part of the show when Jessie talked about Somerset Belenoff on Right on Radio EP.49:Somerset Decode [2]. This had been underway some time and came out of the blue. My thanks to Seneca Gal, the transcript is invaluable, saving many people from wasting much time.

Please note that the transcript is abridged, as some chatter and some irrelevancy has been removed. There is still much chatter and irrelevancy left in, in respect to the purposes I intend to use this for re. Belenoffs, though thankfully at least in written form it can be skimmed over, and thus most of the transcript is left as is. This is posted as background for the post hopefully tomorrow.

ABRIDGED TRANSCRIPT of EP.49:Somerset Decode [2]

JEFF: Welcome back to Right On Radio. I’m talking about one of the most powerful people in the world that very few people know. In fact, some people claim she is the most powerful person in the world. I cannot confirm that, but there are some really interesting things to be found out. And this person, she makes a communication directly to the patriots in the United States. Now, which patriots is she talking to is the first question that gets answered in this, but also is her communication really comms? Well, we decode and I rely so much on Jessie, as always, to decode some of this stuff. And some of the things that come out and the layers that pop out in this particular episode about this subject are extremely relevant to today because this letter that she wrote to the patriots was post-election and it almost reads that it’s a love letter, but is it? Tune in and find out because this is gonna blow your mind.

Before I bring on my illustrious co-host, I just want to introduce the subject. And I’m going to introduce it with a quote from the subject of this broadcast and it is; I quote: “I pull the strings and the elite dance.” The quote is by Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran. She claims to be at the head of the World Governing Council which is very interesting because Jessie has some perspective on the hierarchy. Now, we’re not saying she is not; we’re not saying she is. We’re just saying there is a perspective, so just as we get into this very interesting broadcast, please remember that your way of taking action in this fight for the light is really it is an informational warfare.

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First of all, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Jeff and I am a shepherd of the sheeple, just as we want to help you become that for your neighbors. And I’m joined — I’ll use the same introduction as I did yesterday because we got a great reaction. She is the former mother of darkness elect.

JESSIE: (Laughter) I like the emphasis on elect.

JEFF: Just because of the timing of today everyone is president or something elect, but she was actually chosen for a very, very ultimately high position in the cabal, but she was saved and she walked away. She is none other than Jessie Czebotar. Good morning, Jessie.

JESSIE: Good morning, Jeff.

JEFF: Jessie, this is a fascinating topic and no one will be able to give the perspective that you do on this. Just before we get into it and what I want to start out with, Jessie, is just some fast facts about who she is by these researchers who have followed every post she’s done every her — when she was a socialite back in the 70s and stuff like that. She really has been out there, but there’s only one known photo of her in existence right now. This person is definitely up there. And wait to hear some of the stuff that she has done and the things that have revolved around her. This is an absolutely incredible bit of information. We’re not going to go through it word for word, but we are going to do a decode because she just sent out a message. And if she is one of the puppet masters in the world, maybe we should listen.

So let me start out with some fun facts about her. Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran, chairs the World Governing Council and is the chief executive officer of the World Security Office, which is the prosecutional and enforcement arm of the house of Wettin’s upper chamber. This is the powerful cabal that controls, as it says here, all of the elite Illuminati groups familiar to researchers. Jessie, I know you want to make a comment right there.

JESSIE: Yeah. So if we break that down, I’ve talked about the elite structure of the system, so the World Governing Council is another name for the Satanic or Druidic Council. And the upper chambers would mean there’s different groups within that council so you’ve got the — the whole group is usually made up of 300 people, but they’re rotating seats, so you could have anywhere from two to five people representing each of those 300 seats. So you can have quite a bit of people involved in this and the upper chambers then would be — the groups would be broken down where you’ve got the Council of 21, the Council of 13 and the Council of 9. So the 9 and 13 and 21 would be considered upper chamber councils so they’re the ones who — the final decisions are going to come through them, so that’s what that means.

JEFF: Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, to get this perspective from Jessie — like who else has this intimate knowledge? Very, very few people unless you’re actually involved. She’s on the good side. She claims the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. And by the way, this person we’re reading about, Somerset Belenoff, she’s trying to come off as maybe a person of light. Perhaps she switched; who knows? There’s too much information to go through it all today. We’d have to do two or three broadcasts — and perhaps we will — but let me read this one. “She is the registered owner of the Bohemian Grove domain and is the likely owner of the actual property where Bohemian Grove is located.” Why is that important, Jessie?

JESSIE: That’s highly important. That’s one of the ritual grounds where all of our presidents and major politicians meet to do ritual sacrifices.

JEFF: Can I jump in right there just real quick? And some church leaders.

JESSIE: That’s very true, yes; a lot of the upper echelons meet there to do their rituals. And it has been documented with picture proof that they have a statue of Molech and so that’s where a lot of rituals happen.

JEFF: Okay. Next fun fact. These are fun facts by the way. Here’s a quote from Vladimir Putin. He has said, “The countess of Banbury and Arran, both the most beautiful woman and the most terrifying person he has ever met.” That’s quite a statement [Laughter] because he’s a pretty scary dude himself.

JESSIE: That’s a big statement.

JEFF: Like doesn’t he wrestle bears and ride lions with his shirt off? [Laughter]

JESSIE: I mean and he rules with an iron thumb, too, so for him to have somebody that he’s terrified of —

JEFF: Yeah. Just real quick, Jessie. What is the House of Wettin for people who don’t know?

JESSIE: Well, it’s connected to the British royal line. You have several different royal lines that make up the House of Wettin, but we would know Queen Elizabeth is part of that, the Scottish line. So you do have Glamis Castle; you’ve got Somerset falling under that. So I’ll just end it there. You’ve got a bunch of royal lines that are put together that make up the House of Wettin.

JEFF: The reason I wanted to establish that is for this next fun fact. She rules the House of Wettin’s upper chamber with an iron fist and is likely responsible for the execution of dozens of Illuminati. The most recent executions are those of the three elite international bankers murdered in California of May 2018. By the way, I saw the post where she called for it; she called for it to be brutal, and they absolutely lived up to the call.

JESSIE: Yep. So this is important to break down. This is part of — I’ve talked a little bit about who she is. She’s from the ancient bloodline, so I grew up — we knew she was the head of the Green Dragon family so the Green Dragons are over the north quadrants and she would be over the north internationally. She’s a grand high priestess from what I’ve known and I believe or speculate that, out of the four grand high priestesses who run the quadrants internationally, I think that she’s the one who oversees the others, so she’s in a slightly higher position.

Her husband I knew more than I knew her. He runs one of the six departments for the protector assassins, so that’s where she gets a lot of the — what we would call either the military power or I called it the protector assassin department. They have individuals, pretty much their own army, who do their bidding, so for her to call for assassinations and then for it to be done, that is not an uncommon thing to me.

JEFF: So this is like no problem for her.

JESSIE: Right. She’s doing her job. There was a reason she called for their assassination and she saw that through, that people who were not faithful to the system, that she took care of them.

JEFF: So listen to this statement; this backs up what you just said. “Belenoff has made it very clear recently that she considers groups such as the Bilderberg’s Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. to hold a lower position in the cabal than those born into nobility. She refers to these lesser Illuminati members as grubby downstairs staff, inferior rank and intellect, common sense and breeding.”

JESSIE: That sounds like her.

JEFF: You have met her on the —

JESSIE: I met her a couple times briefly, yes. Okay. I was really little when that happened, I think. I believe it was in the spring of 1982.

JEFF: And so can you tell us about that meeting?

JESSIE: Yeah. I don’t have full memories, but I know we were there in that area. I’m trying to think when exactly I was at the house. That might have been in the fall of 1982 but I was learning at first how to — how those departments ran, who was in charge of the different protector departments that I could work with and call on, so I got to go to what I call the pack house. And that’s where — that’s the major headquarters for the Wolves, which is the department that Somerset’s husband oversees. So that was interesting and I remember being in what I would call the basement or tunnel areas in the castle.

And I remember that there was a room that was Vlad’s that he — what do you call them? Trophies; he did a lot of animal hunting so there was a room that was filled wall to wall with different animal heads. And that was like the first time — I had a relative that was a major hunter for grizzly bears so I grew up with the trophies on the walls and the deer or the bear, but he had a lot of the exotic animals and I had never seen like real exotic animals. So that was probably the most interesting thing.

And then they do have a chapel in the castle and I was asked to light a candle in there. I did not, but I just remember it was very — to me there was a lot of spiritual heaviness there. And I knew that was the place Somerset goes every morning and talks with Satan, so it was interesting.

JEFF: Is she as beautiful as they claim?

JESSIE: She is a very beautiful woman; yes, I will give her that.

JEFF: No. Yeah. And I’ll get into that a little bit more, but because you talked about the Wolves and stuff like that, this next fun fact, she has been in the occult since a very early age, claims to have met the devil at Glamis castle when she was a child and frankly was not impressed. Now, I’ve actually seen more detailed reporting on this. I’m gonna paraphrase it, but apparently when she was a very young age, I believe about 12, the devil came to her and offered her the world similar to what he did with Jesus Christ and she told him to take his silly trinkets away because she already had it.

JESSIE: A lot of pride.

JEFF: Yeah, I would say. And there’s also reports of her being so strong even at the age of five and six in the occult and stuff like that. She was being trained by dead relatives apparently to play cards and shocked everyone. So who are her dead relatives? Well, she is the great granddaughter of Rasputin; the great, great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Listen to this. Because of her position she travels regularly to the Kremlin, the White House and, of course, Buckingham Palace. She arrives unannounced and without an invitation, and she is probably the only person in the world who does this, and she can just walk in and get an audience immediately.

JESSIE: And we’ll add to that that that the travel does not need to be physical, so she literally can just physically manifest in a place and demands immediate attention, so …

JEFF: Jessie can you teach us how to do that? Because airports suck.

JESSIE: I know. I wish — I’d like that but I can’t because this God has to give that power for it to exist.

JESSIE: Right. Right. And that’s the whole thing is that the Lord has — it has to be his will for his purpose. Otherwise it’s basically witchcraft and divination.

JEFF: Give us teleportation. Give us it, Lord. I hate sitting in airports and before COVID I traveled a lot.

JESSIE: Phillip in the Bible experienced some of this. It says a whirlwind picked him up and took him and he landed in front of the Ethiopian and began to explain to him the scripture so the Lord has used it at times. Both Daniel and John, literally their spirit was called up; their bodies were left on earth and the Lord took them to the seventh heaven.

JEFF: That’s right. That’s right.

JESSIE: He’s able to do it. It’s biblically proven, but —

JEFF: Oh, I think you’re feeding into my — that thing I’ve been working on. Oh, I got some good ideas from that. Now I have to go back into the word. Okay.

So I’m gonna read just three more quick fun facts and we’re gonna get to her message that came out just recently this month just after the election. And this actually might — these three points, Jessie, might explain a little bit of the tone of this letter. And we’re not going to read the entire letter to you, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s long; it’s really long. And I just think some of the decode that we’re going to do from this is going to be really fascinating.

“She was the driving force behind the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union and the ultimate fall of the Soviet communist party. She refers to international communism as a filthy cabal full of incompetent, lazy dogs who should be thrown from the castle walls at our earliest convenience. She ordered Barack Obama to bring down the government of Muammar Gaddafi and told him to be sure that the dictator would be shot in the street like a dog.”

That all happened.

JESSIE: Yeah. You can look it up and find it in the news.

JEFF: Just before we transition, I want to add a couple other fun things that I found about her. So fun fact: She was a socialite in the 70s and she was frequently seen around town in London and stuff like that. And she used to be very good friends with a guy who pretty much got me into the occult as a young person and my guitar hero, Jimmy Page. Now, Jimmy Page actually ended up buying Aleister Crowley’s castle and living in it. His suits that he wore on stage were basically mimics of the garb that Aleister Crowley would wear. Jimmy Page was very powerful. They became the biggest band in the world. They outsold everybody. Tragic story behind them as well, but Jimmy Page, not only with the Crowley stuff, but he openly came out and said he was part of the Golden Dawn and looking into it heavily in the occult. And apparently he used to sit there with Somerset and they would play games to see who was stronger in the magics now.

By the way, the infamous song, Stairway to Heaven, is apparently about her; she was known as the May Queen. And that song kind of went big apparently. So I could do — I can tell you a lot of stuff about Led Zeppelin tragedy and the children of Robert Plant dying and things like that. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that we could speculate about, but let me get into her website.

And this is where we’ll get into her letter so let’s just say what her website is. It’s called Glamis It used to be Bohemian Grove, but it’s Glamis Calling. And they realize now I’ve been following this for a while. Before it was just heavily coated kind of like the cucumber club does. They wrote in code and only certain people would be able to understand it. They recognize that many more people are coming to the site and they’re actually putting less code in there. It’s Glamis and right on the home page there’s a very short note from her which I will read to you because it’s important and then we’ll get into the letter.

“Welcome to the information portal. This site serves as the official external communication vehicle for the World Governing Council and the Wettin upper chamber.” If you’ve been directed here for instruction, note that most messages are intentionally obscure. Audio files are up to date as of March 2019 and underlying messages alternate between Kestrel and Tanager nodes. If you have difficulty understanding a particular message, you may reach out to Luxembourg Cathedral on node 9 of the forgotten frequency. After authentication you may receive additional instruction in the upper chamber. We often say debate is required, respectful dissent is allowed and betrayal is death. Delegates and electors must bear this in mind whilst reading the instructions written herein. By the time information is posted here, the debate is over and descent has been noted. Best regards, Somerset Belenoff.”

JESSIE: The messages actually even start in this first information thing that she put up. So it helps people to understand when she first talks about — She says, “You’ve been directed here for instruction,” so everything that is on this site must be viewed in that light with those intentions, that every message she sends out is giving instructions. Who are the instructions from? The instructions are going to be coming down from the World Governing Council and the upper chamber councils. It’s really not intended for those who are not in the Illuminati system, but they are picking up that more people now are coming and watching, so the codes are going to be getting more difficult and harder. So she tells the individuals for the instructions that the other places besides this website where the instructions will be given will alternate between Kestrel and Tanager nodes.

Now, a node is a communication channel, so Kestrel is connected to Boldt Castle which is out of Alexandria Bay, New York, and Tanager is connected to Berg Eltz, which is in Germany. So those are the other places where these are going to be coming out.

JEFF: And just one second, Jessie. Boldt Castle; you know what waterways that it’s connected to?

JESSIE: Yeah. The Great Lakes.

JEFF: This is directly above the area, Seneca, that we just did about Hunter Biden.

JESSIE: Right. The Finger Lakes as well, yes.

JEFF: Oh, my goodness.


JEFF: Oh, my goodness. Okay. Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt there, but I have more stuff on the Finger Lakes and Red Cross.

JESSIE: There we go.

JEFF: That’s another day.

JESSIE: So these are the places where you can get the messages either from this website from Kestrel or Tanager nodes. Then she says if you need to reach out, you can reach out through Luxembourg Cathedral on node 9 of the forgotten frequency. Now, forgotten frequency is kind of like the name of the channels, so like if you had a radio, the radio is going to be called the forgotten frequency, but then the different channels are called — each have a node name.

A lot of people forget about Luxembourg Cathedral. So this was — I’m going to go into a little back story here because it’s really interesting. You mentioned that she owns and oversees Bohemian Grove. Well, when Bohemian Grove closed its public doors in April of 2018, Somerset put up a message on the Bohemian website and it directed people that if they had questions about Bohemian Grove, to contact Luxembourg Cathedral on node 9. Now, what’s interesting about that is that the Luxembourg Cathedral is the original name for Notre Dame in France. So you have to think why in the world are the Illuminati having people who have questions about Bohemian Grove contacting the Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame in France?

JEFF: That question would come up in my mind.

JESSIE: You just gotta ask the questions. It gets kind of interesting, but it shows the connections, that this system is connected to the Masonic, to the Jesuit Catholic. All of these churches and cathedrals have been places that the Illuminati just openly and freely use. So that’s what I wanted to point out about that first part before we get into the newest message or anything else you wanted to say there.

JEFF: Well, so the newest message is written right after the election and I’ll just say right now it starts off — the header is “My dear ones in the United States.” And to me a general impression of this is she is sympathizing with Trump voters. It’s kind of like a love letter, to be honest, like she comes off as a really super-nice person in this letter.

And, by the way, I’ve seen some great decodes and I want to give credit where credit is due. The channel was down now due to censorship, but there’s a person, a channel called Deception Bytes, who did a great, great decode on this. It took about three hours, but this — like the codes that come out of this website, she’s literally steering US naval fleets off of their mission. She’s telling the admirals, no, turn the boat, go this way and they do — like that’s how much — well, listen, the three heads are literally the Vatican, London and the Pentagon. So keep that in mind but this is really interesting. Jessie, you will read and talk about what you like in this.

JESSIE: First off, you got to remember that the Illuminati has individuals who are very high level who are basically stuck here in the United States. Trump closed off a lot of the international travel and the easy access for that several ways. A lot of these higher-level members have so many ways of travel, but some of the easiest ways for them – you know, they did use the 757 Boeing planes. We know that Trump put out a while back that those planes were grounded. They weren’t allowed to be used anymore. They’ve been monitoring more the private jets and planes, so — and then they, with their monitoring of the water, the boats, the super yachts, the ports, what’s coming in, what’s coming out from other countries, it’s been really hard for the high-level elite who are here in the United States to leave.

So what I really believe or who I believe this is really to is to those high-level individuals who are in the United States because she calls them her dear ones. Just from one of the statements that you made earlier, and I would concur, Somerset has no loyalty to people that are not of the same ancient bloodline. She’s very particular about that and really considers everybody else garbage and not worth investing to. So why would she call the general public or people who are supporting Trump in America “dear ones”? She wouldn’t, so she’s talking to the elite, the people who are part of this system and she wants people to believe this is for the general patriots in public.

So that’s some of the terminology she uses to throw people off so that when you see that, you’re reading this letter at the surface level; you’re taking it just as it is. What it says at surface level is that people have been reading these blogs and they’ve been commenting and asking for help, asking her to help save them. And she’s heard that and we’re all people, we all matter and, of course, we’re all working together to survive, and she’s telling him to hang in tight and even ends it with “Yours forever, Somerset.” So it seems like a nice letter. She even throws God in here a few times.

JEFF: You know what, Jessie; I’m just looking at it. I’m looking at the time. I think we should read it.

“My dear ones in the United States, I’m posting this as a general response to a multitude of messages coming from patriots in the US requesting assistance in what is a turbulent and very difficult time. First,know my heart and prayers are with you. My post — I send my heartfelt love and support for I feel as you feel. The trouble within your soul resonates across all frequencies and is the most fervent desire to send you hope and comfort. You are not alone.

“Many who have written have asked that we intervene. “Save us” is a common refrain that arises from the messages left in the private comments section of this blog. In many ways I wish it were possible to intervene and crush the enemies of freedom, but it is precisely because of your freedom I cannot. And I’ll try to explain, so please bear with me as I fumble through what is a truthfully very complex issue. It is not just a legal issue. It’s a spiritual issue that involves, well, family; yours, mine and ours.

“We have a unique relationship with the US due to our shared history. It is a deep history that extends to a time much earlier than your American revolution. I know I’m using a highly-charged term here but those who seek will understand. I’m speaking of the ancient shared bloodlines that bind us together, the people of the United States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Now, I, of all people, am well aware the term “ancient bloodlines” conjures up the worst possible images of Illuminati reptilian despots bent on world domination or families that share a demonic entity as a common progenitor. That is not what ancient bloodlines really means. I speak plainly to you and tell you that these negative images are a perversion of our sacred, shared and very ancient bloodlines, yours and mine. We must reclaim that term and use it openly for the last causes to be written, stories about our malignant characters who are related by blood and who work in secret to bring about the enslavement of the common man.

“These authors, who are not part of our family, yours and mine, designed these stories for a very specific purpose of distracting you from the truth of our shared bloodlines. Certainly there have been despots in our family tree and of some ancestors we are not proud, but it is time you knew the truth about our shared past. You’ve probably heard that most of the past presidents of the United States have been related to one another. I believe Martin Van Buren is usually noted as the only exception to this rule. While that’s true, there’s much, much more to the story and it’s a story that prevents us from interfering in your political matters.”

JESSIE: So in this a lot of that language tells me that she’s talking to these elite who are reaching out to her saying, “It’s your duty to help us.” Why is it her duty? Because her husband does run a major section of the protector assassin departments. So what do these Illuminati want? They want protection. They want help. They want to get out of the country because their freedom is at stake, but it’s not freedom in the sense that we’re speaking. They’re looking at possibly getting arrested, getting found out, so she’s addressing that this issue of helping or saving them, that it’s not a legal issue, that if there was something legal she could maybe help out with that, but she gets to the core, that this is a spiritual issue with the families, but more importantly, with God. And I really think that that’s the key there is that the Lord is not allowing or giving the permission for these people to leave the United States or for her to help.

We’ve talked about how Satan has to go before the throne to get permission for everything that he does, so her hands are kind of tied here. She can’t just come in with blazing guns and help these people out.

JEFF: When she’s talking to patriots, she’s not talking to you and me. She’s talking about the people who are subject because, remember, this is instruction, right? This is instruction to — she’s talking to a very specific audience, but what was noteworthy in the fun facts is that she hates communism, so she’s not a Joe Biden fan and neither am I. Somerset, we can agree. Don’t kill us.

JESSIE: She goes into — starts to break down this spiritual issue and she goes to the land, to the United States, and in the history of the United States. And it goes before the American revolution where you had two different groups of people fighting within the United States for control and she’s saying it goes much deeper than that. I do find it interesting that she uses the word “highly-charged term” and she says, “Those who seek will understand.” So highly-charged, that’s a military term. It’s used when you’re gonna detonate something. A lot of times that was used when they were building the old mines and the railroads or they were building railroads or roads through the mountains. So to me when I hear that term “highly charged,” I think of passages through hard rock. So I think that this is really where this is turning and she says that those who seek will understand, so she’s telling you that there’s a deeper meaning to all of this than what is just written at the surface level.

She’s talking about ancient things that were shared among the bloodlines so we’re talking about things that aren’t common knowledge to most people.

JEFF: What do you think about the part where she says it’s not about Illuminati and reptilians and stuff like that? That was a really interesting part.

JESSIE: Yeah. That’s very interesting. They don’t call themselves reptilian. They are of the dragon bloodlines which is where people get that term “reptilian.” It’s interesting that she even shows that there are familiar spirits that are generationally passed down. So she’s like it’s not a matter about the reptilian bloodline; it’s not a matter about the spirit that we’ve all received. This goes even deeper than that. So I’m trying to think how to explain this. You’re talking levels. Reptilians in that world would be viewed as — you’ve got these spirits that are on the actual earth surface and they can possess people; they can take human form. The generational spirits are going to be considered in the realms below that. And what she’s getting at is that there’s a realm even deeper in the middle of the earth and that’s what she’s talking about. The ancient bloodlines, the dragons, come out of the center of the earth, so that’s what she’s alluding to.

JEFF: The center of the earth, hmm. Is that where hell is?


JEFF: It’s not.

JESSIE: No. Now, this is — I gotta give a disclaimer here because this is not your flat earth center — normal center-of-the-earth theories. This is their understanding of the world that’s below. They literally have built worlds below. And we’ve started to bring out in conversations the tunnel systems. And I’ve talked about — you’ve got your above ground and then below that you’ve got the tunnels that the cities use for water, for electricity, for running cable, internet, all of that stuff.

JEFF: Is there an Emerald City?

JESSIE: Yes, there is.

JEFF: Where does that sound familiar from?

JESSIE: Yes, the land of Oz.

JEFF: And there’s a little tiny dude behind the curtain.

JESSIE: Yeah, the wizard.

JEFF: They’ve been telling you folks all along. They’ve been telling you folks all along. What do they do for light down there, all artificial?


JEFF: Do you want to expand?

JESSIE: The easiest way to explain it is even when people have gone into caves, that there are natural things that give light. So whether it’s creatures like firefly-type bugs –

JEFF: There’s luminescence.

JESSIE: Yeah. There’s other illuminescent creatures down there that help provide light. There’s also ways that they’ve set up … ways to take sunlight, but they would — there’s a lot of reflecting things that they do to get the light where they want it to go. And we won’t talk about — I mean, yeah, I guess I probably can’t go much deeper, but there are other things with — some of it’s technology that takes the light or can create light from energy itself like the Tesla-type energy, so light can naturally be created just from what’s down there.

JEFF: And let’s not forget — and by the way, this is just my particular thoughts — other people think differently — but these little funny UFOs that go around and stuff like that, I firmly believe that is — they’re not extraterrestrial. I think they were cast out of heaven and put here and they are very advanced in their technology. They know a lot of stuff. I’ll read the next section of the letter, Jessie, because this is the part where I think you’re really gonna shine here and then I’ll stop and we’ll decode this part or did you finish with the first section?

JESSIE: Let me see. Yeah, I think that’s –

JEFF: Yeah, I think he went pretty deep, like actually really deep, like under-the-earth deep. All right.

“The next section is a brief history about us. Your ancestors founded a new branch of our family when they set across the Atlantic to settle in what would become the United States of America. Whether they were part of the great Puritan migration whose pioneers settled in present-day New England or wherever, they were settlers who were granted land from the northern neck of Virginia, most of them ultimately descended from the great families. George Washington’s ancestors were cousins of Diana Spencer’s ancestors and they lived on neighboring farms. At Althorp, the family seat of the Spencer family and the current home of Charles, the Ninth Earl of Spencer, there’s a lovely piece of furniture called the Washington chest which was a gift from the Washingtons to their cousins, the Spencers.

“This post isn’t about the famous people or presidents though. Unbeknownst to many Americans, their pioneer ancestors were carrying on bloodlines that could be traced to the time of William the Conqueror’s arrival in England in 1066. Many of your ancestors traveled on William’s warships on the journey from Normandy to Hastings; mine did, too. Our ancestors fought alongside William and were awarded land and titles in the aftermath of the conquest. You should do some research on this and I believe you’ll discover a multitude of interesting lines, but continuing with our explanation of our shared connections, we are not machines. We are external beings with a soul and we are spiritually connected to one another. Families share both bloodline connection, which up to a point can be measured by DNA tests; also a spiritual connection which our current science cannot measure.

“I told you this was a complex issue and I must admit one that I find difficult to articulate. I can feel it and I can see some of it. I can convey you the image of an extended spider web made of spiritual DNA that connects us. When one member vibrates, so do others. When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they extended both the physical and the spiritual web of our family. Though our shores may be miles apart, they are eternally connected to the mystic chords of memory. I humbly borrow the phrase from one of my heroes. If we go deeper in the story, we feel the resonance of God’s intention to send people to found a nation based on His principles. And I admit at this point in the story I begin to lose my sight for I am not a prophet and I cannot pretend to know the will of God. I can only tell you what I intuitively feel within me. And I believe in the core of my being that the Almighty inspired the migrations from my shores to yours and he inspired your founders. No one can destroy from the outside what God has given as a gift and for that reason I hope that we will recover from the current setback.”


JESSIE: Yeah. So there’s a lot of code in there. So we started to talk about the tunnel systems. She mentions earlier about the family tree and now she’s talking about the ancestors founded a new branch of our family when they set out across the Atlantic to settle in the United States. So I think she’s talking tunnel systems here, that deeper than the tunnels, that the systems — that the DUMB bases run on, deeper than the ones that the protectors use. She’s talking this deeper system where they have this entire whole network and world going on. And she’s naming precise locations in a coded way, talking about migration. So I think that she is telling them, “Hey, we don’t need to save you. I’m gonna tell you where the access points to these deeper locations are in your country and you can go there for safety.”

So she tells them exactly where things are located, that there’s an entrance way in the northern neck of Virginia. That’s her whole point of going into George Washington and the story about Diana Spencer’s ancestors. Why does she bring out the Spencers? Well, the Spencer company was major in that whole New England/Virginia area. So think about where those old companies are. Why is she bringing this out because, well, that’s one of the gateways to get into the lower city. So she’s telling them exactly where these gateways are, even —

JEFF: We can’t intervene, but this is where you will find your safety.

JESSIE: Right. And so like Diana Spencer’s ancestors and they lived on neighboring farms, so even — she’s telling you above-ground indicators that are going to tell you the locations of where to find these things, these entrance ways and stuff. And it even goes into details about the Ninth Earl of Spencer. He’s got a lovely piece of furniture called the Washington chest which was a gift from the Washingtons to their cousins. So if I remember correctly, some of those buildings have pictures of some of those things that were painted. So you’re going to be looking for pictures that have the pictures of Washington’s chest or him giving that to the Spencer family. And around that area is where that entrance is going to be that they need to access.

It’s funny — I love that she’s like — unbeknownst to many Americans, their pioneer ancestors were carrying on bloodlines that can be traced to the time of William the Conqueror’s arrival in England in 1066. Many of your ancestors traveled on William’s warships on the journey from Normandy to Hastings; mine did, too. She’s bringing out that point that — I think that that’s brought out because she’s telling him that the tunnels extend below the ocean, below the land that’s under the ocean. She’s saying that there is extensions from England to the United States. And she said, “You should do some research on this. I believe you’ll discover a multitude of interesting lines.”

JEFF: Wow. I knew there was something about this Washington chest and stuff like that. What about 1066? Does that bring up anything like it could be something —

JESSIE: Yeah. I believe that it’s a number code, so she’s telling them which one is going to lead to England, which of those lines. So I believe that the tunnels are labeled by the years that they were built and who built them or they had major connections with people who crossed over. So my guess is that the tunnel’s name is William the Conqueror 1066 and that’s the line that they’re going to follow and that’s going to take them from Hastings to Normandy once they’re in there. So she’s giving them specific directions; this is like a map —

JEFF: And, by the way, if you’re skeptical and you don’t think back a thousand years ago they didn’t have the technology to do this; they absolutely did have the technology to do this.

JESSIE: Oh, yeah.

JEFF: And it’s just all been hidden from us.

JESSIE: Right. And some of the further language that’s key — key words to pick up, she talks about the extended spider web. That’s what the tunnel system really is like; it’s like a massive spider web, but it is very — you think of a spider web, it’s very coordinated. You have lines that go vertically; plus you’ve got lines that go horizontally, so that’s the way the tunnel systems are built. They go in one of those two directions.

JEFF: And, Jessie, she highlighted — I didn’t say this when I read the paragraph, but this one sentence in the middle is in bold and it says “When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they extended both the physical and the spiritual web of our family.” Why would that be bold?

JESSIE: Well, she only has a few other things that are bolded. The first word in all of this that’s bolded is “people”. So what’s bolded, it would read people, a brief history of us. And it says, “When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they extended both the physical and the spiritual web of our family.” So what does that mean for the Wettin Glamis Castle’s relationship to the US? That’s what’s bolded. So what is she really telling them … is that everything’s connected physically as well as — we also call them ley lines, but you’ve got the physical tunnels that connect everything, but you also have spiritual tunnels as well. So that’s like —

JEFF: That’s what I’m seeing.

JESSIE: Yep. So she’s giving directions for both.

JEFF: And they’re connected by the mystic chords of memory which is italicized. She is apparently quoting, but she says she’s quoting from one of her heroes, so this, again, is directions.

JESSIE: Right, so it’s access points. How do you connect with the mystic cord? She’s telling you the keyword there is the hero, William the Conqueror, Washington. So these are going to be access codes to those gates. When you enter them, they all operate by songs. Some of them can be operated by words, so she’s even giving them the words. Washington is gonna be the first access code; William Conqueror is gonna be the second. And she gives the Lord the credit for this, but again, I don’t believe it’s our God, but she says, “No one can destroy from the outside what God has given as a gift.” So she’s saying that all of this territory that is below the surface, nobody who’s above the surface on the outside is going to be able to destroy their — this deep, deep, deep tunnel system and world that they have underground that was given to them as a gift. And I think her statement “I hope we will recover from this current setback” — she’s just seeing it as a setback. She’s really saying we’ll recover; this is minor.

JEFF: So I had a little bit of a different interpretation of that. And it doesn’t mean both could be correct or you could be correct; I could be wrong, which would not be uncommon, especially in this realm.

JESSIE: But you’re gonna admit you might be wrong? [Laughter].

JEFF: Listen, Jessie, so I know the who’s-right/he’s-right thing, that’s kind of funny. I’m willing to say on record I know nothing and I can prove it.

JESSIE: As long as we can agree, but go ahead.

JEFF: But listen, no — I think she’s actually being truthful here about God almighty. Listen, even Satan has to admit God Almighty has the supreme control. I’ve been listening and I’m probably interpreting it this way because I’ve been really pouring into like Kim Clement’s prophecies and listening over and over. And it’s actually been building my faith through this time. And I think that America really is God’s gift to the world and I believe that it is going to bring in the next harvest. And I think in some ways she’s saying to — in context of who she’s speaking to, she’s saying, look, you’re not gonna be able to stop what’s coming for — so maybe you better get down there sort of thing; otherwise it’s not gonna end well for you, although she claims not to be a prophet or anything, but that’s just the way that I felt when I read that. that’s just a few —

Jessie: It could be taken that way, the urgency to take shelter, but that implies that she knows that there’s gonna — that things are gonna get much worse.

JEFF: Yeah. So let me finish off the letter here. By the way, the patriots — I think this episode is just really pertinent to our time right now like today where we sit in the — in the whole global scheme of things, this is really speaking to it. And I think Jessie’s decode on this has just been phenomenal so far.

So the heading in bold is “What does this mean for the WGC’s relationship to the US? In past times global actors working from the council over which I now reside enjoyed almost unfettered access and influence to social, economic and political affairs in the US just as many other countries throughout the world. When I was elected to the position of director general, I was determined to implement changes that would be set for the United States apart with regard to global influence. I authorized new rules for the council and many of these rules are informed by an understanding of our shared history, both spiritual and temporal. Put simply, the House of Wettin is bound to certain inviable rules, and the foremost of these, that we must respect the sovereignty of the United States.

“The World Governing Council is forbidden by its own charter from taking any action within the US or of its territories. As I am the author of this particular rule, I find myself caught in my own trap, but I hope you see the rule was implemented to protect the sacred sovereignty of your great nation. Family first. When we encounter enemies of freedom in areas outside the US we have influence; we exercise it with enthusiasm, but when dealing with your citizens, we must always err on the side of respect and, I dare say, reverence.

Some of you have noted my missive to the SCOTUS in February of 2018 has a tone much different from many of my other posts in this blog and you have asked why we approach your law lords with more respectful tone than we used in communicating with other world leaders. It is specifically because of the unique relationship. When the council speaks to us leaders, we speak as equals.

“In closing, I feel the hurt that you feel and I share your worries. I also shed tears at this time but I know you have endured much worse than this and I promise it will pass. You will know great joy for there is something that works within you that cannot be usurped. I have faith in God — is with you always. You must also never forget those who voted against you are also of God’s creation. In the same way you struggle with living in a divided nation, they also struggle in a time and will grow and learn. We cannot hate a child because she doesn’t understand. And even in our hurt and anger, we are not supposed to hate our enemies, so I urge you to love. I hear the gears working in your heads and you are correct. I am aware of — my reputation precedes me and I am guilty of past deeds of great wrath, but through those who have been a light unto me, I do try to do better. As always, I send my love and heartfelt affection. Ever yours, Somerset.”

JESSIE: Yeah. I really don’t feel this is a love letter, but [Laughter] —

JEFF: She’s been guilty of wrath in the past.

JESSIE: Right. So what’s interesting about this section is, as I said, each of the gates have access points, so she’s bringing them from the US and now they’re getting into other territory. And quite a few times she brings out the word that deals with tones and so when you think of tones, you have harmonics, you have resonance, you have frequency. So all of that, she’s reminding them of the operation and what is needed to get through the gate. So one of the tones I think she has them refer back to — what she said to them or said to SCOTUS in February 2018. And I think that that may be one of the tones or she says a respectful tone. People are going to think that that’s just talking about language, but it’s really not. You’ve got down below — one of the things that the Illuminati I’ve talked about, they have to do the quotas and one of the quotas includes meditation. And the first meditations that they learn are the tonal meditations so they will meditate on the sounds ohm, ma and rah. So it’s interesting in here, too, that she has a spelling mistake. It’s in that last paragraph starting with “in closing.” If you go four lines up, where she at the very end of that fourth line up, she says “we not supposed to hate our enemies.” She’s missing the word “are” and what does the are imply there? I think that’s the tonal code for the ohm ma rah, so she’s telling him it’s going to resonate off of the tone of rah, which tonals use different parts of the body for resonation so she’s giving them all of that to access all of those things. So that’s where does rah resonate? The sound of rah resonates in the chest cavity. It’s more of a deeper chest sound when you say it and you prolong it like if you’re just like almost like humming or chanting that sound, it’s gonna resonate in that chest area.

So it’s interesting. Those are some of my things about what I believe that she’s saying, so I think she is directing them all down to the Emerald City, that that’s going to be their safe place and they’re going to reconvene down there as things happen, but –

JEFF: Jessie, where I always like to go with this podcast, as you know, is what positive can our audience take from this? Is there an action that is — can we learn something from this podcast to get people to pray a certain way or get people to do something in particular that will help our cause which is the redemption of the United States and the rest of the world by default really? And this is about — this is a world thing not, just a U.S. thing, but is there something we can take from this broadcast as an action item?

JESSIE: Definitely. I think the first thing is we have to remember two things; one, the power of God, and secondly, that we are in an active war with God’s age-old enemy, Satan, and his army. This is an information site; they’ve got coded comms going through one another. They’re making a plan. We’ve clearly just stated that that plan includes that they may go into deeper underground tunnel systems.

JEFF: This is the (inaudible), the clappers –

JESSIE: Right, but the power of God is not too short and we don’t have to have access to these tunnels in order to stop them in their flight. We’re able to pray. We can ask the Lord — I was thinking of verses. When I think of the earth and stuff, there’s verses where the Lord says your wickedness is heaped up before me and I’m tired of it and the land is gonna spew you forth. So we can pray things like that. Lord, let your justice come; let it literally — let the earth upheave the wickedness. Let it spew it out, that they cannot go into these deeper systems and be hidden anymore. It’s time for judgment. It’s time for righteousness to reign.

We have the authority. The Lord’s word says that if we have the faith of a small little mustard seed, that we can move the mountains. We can say to this mountain, move from this place to over there. So if we know that they’re going into these other systems, we can say, okay, Lord, I’m going to ask that — you know all the secret entrance ways that are through these mountains, into the tunnels, through wherever, but we’re gonna ask, Lord, that you close those doorways to them; whether they’re spiritual doorways, whether they’re actual physical doorways, close them up, Jesus. They don’t get any tunnel access; they don’t get to go to middle earth to hang out anymore. We’re asking that you completely put a stop to their flight and that they have nowhere to go, that they realize and they witness the power of God and the power and authority that we have in Christ Jesus as the sons of God; that we are the heirs of the earth. The Lord’s given it to us, not to them. They declined it when they — or when they declined to follow Christ, they lost out on their right.

JEFF: Amen. That was a prayer right there. It wasn’t just instruction; that was a prayer and I pray that alongside with you. Jessie, what is so exciting to me when we get into shows like this, there’s nothing I enjoy — like literally one of my favorite things is using the weapons that have been forged against us against them but doing it with power.

JESSIE: Right.

JEFF: And back in 2010 I took a bunch of music that was secular and I turned it into this glory — I wrote a musical and this musical brought many people to Christ. And it was songs that would never be played in church because you had to show the ugliness of the world, but you can use their tools. And in that particular case, music is a very powerful tool and one of the most powerful weapons. In fact, for us I firmly believe that it is our worship that knocks down the walls. It’s our worship that is — that’s our warfare praying to God. And just begging him to do the same thing over and over, I don’t find nearly as powerful as doing it in worship.

Let’s in our togetherness, people, let’s improve our worship and let’s get out there and let’s win this war. Let’s win this war. God has taken care of us. He’s given us another chance. I feel it in my bones, but you have to participate.

JESSIE: Are you waiting for a response?

JEFF: I was. I was. Any last words, Jessie?

JESSIE: I will second that and encourage people that God’s word says that His kingdom comes in power and this is the day, this is the time, this is the hour. It says that all creation waits in hopeful expectation for the revealing of the sons of God and we need to never forget that that’s who we are. We are the sons of the living God. And all power and authority he’s given to us that we might do his will and submit all things back under his feet. So I would just encourage you that we’ve got this. We have everything that we need at our disposal to overcome the evil one and His word says that we do overcome the evil one by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony absolutely.

JEFF: Absolutely. So spend some time in the Psalms. The Psalms is really a foundation of worship. And if you want to follow along with me, in fact, maybe when we do a Sunday broadcast we’ll do some Bible-reading as well, Jessie.

JESSIE: Yeah. This actually would be a great place to put — if you’re more audio-oriented, Good Dog and Buttercup have a great project, The Psalms Project. I link that a lot on my twitter Page. You can also find it under Good Dog — what is it —

JEFF:, The Psalms Project. It really is fantastic.

JESSIE: It’s amazing. I listen to a Psalm every morning, but that’s a great place; if you struggle to be in the word and you’re more audio, just play a couple of those Psalms every morning or at night. It really will give you a lot to think about.

JEFF: Don’t forget to go to Jessie’s website,, and illuminate your mind.

2020 Nov 13 Right On Radio EP.49 Somerset Decode [2]


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Left right one dimensional politics means little to me. They are both corrupted by the globalist satanic illuminati cabal.

No one source of information will give all the truth. Listen to many and use your discernment. Choose those with integrity, not those you agree with.

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Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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