Illuminati Sacrifices, Magik, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt

Illuminati Sacrifices, Magik, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt also including Jessie Czebotar, top level illuminati whistleblower interview 3 transcript with Dave Zublick, 11th June 2020

Warning this contains the most graphic details yet of the horrific and obscene practices of the illuminati.

Updated 2022 Sept 18 The post has now been degoogled due the fascist policy of censorship by you tube. They are usually replaced by Odysee videos.

Jessie is to become a regular guest for a while on the Dave Zublick show. The other interviews I believe are to take place every Thursday night at 9pm EST, ie 3 am on Friday am in Britain.

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Warning this contains the most graphic details yet of the horrific and obscene practices of the illuminati.

Updated 16th June 2020

In her interview, the third with David Zubrick, Jessie goes into more detail of what happened at Gloria Vanderbilt’s house. The video transcript is at the end.

Gloria made Victorian style dolls houses, and dolls from real skin. If you were hierarchy illuminati she would get clipping of your hair, and make a doll that represented you, often made out of a child that the person had been involved in killing.

Gloria threatened her children Anderson Cooper and Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, that if they died she would taxidermy them and keep them forever as a doll. She threatened Jessie and her training partner with this too.

The dolls were like what people may understand as voodoo dolls but Gloria was not part of that religion, this was the illuminati satanic equivalent. Under the stables, Gloria had a room for mummification and taxidermy, though sometimes it involved parts of bodies not whole ones. She used them for divination and fortune telling.

Gloria would play with the dolls and chant. She used black magik. She would use a doll of a person and act out the scene of them stabbing or killing themselves somewhere. A day or two later in real life that person would enter the room in their home where the scene was acted out and suddenly would black out and start self mutilating, re-enacting the scene Gloria had played out in her dolls house.

Jessie used to be locked in a room with her training partner, and they watched Gloria through the large keyhole, enacting these scenes in a dolls house similar to this …

                                           One of Gloria’s Dolls Houses

Some dolls of Gloria’s…

This is weird enough but then think that these may have real hair and human skin… and be representations for sinister magikal purposes of real people, with other peoples skin…

This “shrine” of Gloria’s representing JonBenet Ramsey is full of illuminati symbolism, including the as above so below hands, cf Baphomet and masonic pillars…

                                  HT to @FluffyQatEars for reminding me of this

The following is an analysis by @CABeck1961

  • Doll encased in a glass cube, glass cube is a matrix known in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) /MKUltra Mind Control.
  • Doll wrapped in swaddling cloth…like baby Jesus, cloth used for the dead. Jesus’ birth = Christmas = her death.
  • I believe those are black butterflies in the dolls hair. A doll alter is the First alter formed in SRA Programming.
  • The blocks are also symbolic of the block chain word programs in the alter’s minds. It went something like this with me: “You are just like your father”, “everyone thinks you are crazy”, “you are crazy”, “so just kill yourself and spare your family”.
  • Red roses used in MKUltra programming, with a plucked Daisy, tied in black ribbon or another black butterfly?
  • The adults and eerie face leering at the doll in the case. Jon Benet was always on display for the pedophiles in the pageants.
  • The white flower at the bottom corner is a specific type of flower… White for death, but that particular flower…see if it’s Jasmine.
  • The Gold Leaf and stars, of course, are both associated with SRA/satanism. I’m blanking on the gold leaf symbol. You know how Abramovic coated James Franco in gold, and how Illumunati celebs were plaiting their hair with actual gold leaf. The transmutation of lead to gold in Kabbalah is symbolic for ???? plus the Golden Age of Lucifer is what they are invoking.
  • The stars = Pentagrams of course, and the garland is again pointing to Christmas.
  • So, yes, with the swaddling clothes, she was born to die, like Jesus. Interesting that it was all “church Family” that rushed into the crimes scene, just like my church as a child, simply a front for the Family.
  • There may be Gematria involved in the blocks of JonBenet and Peace as well.

           JonBenet Ramsey, “beauty queen” died in questionable circumstances, aged 6

Gloria’s son Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor appears to have some sort of a JonBenet representation…

Some say it is Honey Boo Boo, which may well be correct, whilst others say that the reason he has this is because of the Honey Boo Boos similarity to Jon Benet Ramsey. Whatever the reasons its weird.

Gloria would also make Barbie dolls in little cars. The Barbies were mutilated and had red paint added, and she would act out the scenarios she wished to happen. A few days later the people they represented would die in car accident.

Illuminati Grande Dame Madonna recently tweeted this image of Frida Kahlo, who she admires and had dressed up as previously.

                                           Madonna tweet of photo of Frida Kahlo [20]

This has echoes of Gloria Vanderbilt, notice the dolls in the crib on the table, and the gingham type checked fabric Frida Kahlo is wearing. Mind controlled slaves such as Madonna often choose items with which they are familiar, the familiarity is soothing. Madonna studied doll divination under Gloria who used the same gingham type check fabric as Frida is wearing. As James True states the mind controlled alter Gloria “could not rest her mind comfortably anywhere inside a solid patch of color. Any form of stillness or serenity drove her mad with rabies. Every surface of her life had to be splintered and minced with pattern. She found the darting of her eyes to be soothing” [9]

Madonna ran away from the system in 1982 and Gloria had her searched for and retrieved and reprogrammed. Madonna’s videos not long after this show flashbacks, which could be used to confuse her, if she had remembered running away. They would tell her that she just remembered the video scenes.

The car deaths reminded me of the scenes from Taylor Swift videos, complete with beta sex kitten monarch mind control imagery…

Iggy Azalea has similar car crash burning imagery, with one eyed symbolism

It is worth reading this blog by James True to help understand Gloria Vanderbilt – James True The Vanderbilt Alters [9] This also gives an account of her son Carters death, some of which is reproduced here…

Section updated 16 April 2020. This is another dolls house that Gloria helped to build, and there is another similar one at Gloria’s house, but this photo is not Gloria’s one, that was part of my confusion.

I asked on twitter if this dolls house was a representation of a real house, which apparently it is with plenty of information.

I put my original tweet here, to which people crowdsourced information, for which I am very grateful, so you can check the information via the tweet until I decide where to go with the information feedback and what is significant, or whether this leads nowhere particularly useful, or is better used in a future article.

Vanderbilt Dolls House question [22]

The house appears, as several researchers found, to be the main house at Whitney Farm, Lexington, Ky.,  Newest Mansion Of the Whitneys: Opulent as Others [25] 

I certainly like the idea of crowdsourcing information, but it requires a different way of working and information is sometimes difficult to find down the subthreads, so I will work out how it can be used more effectively. Thanks to all.

The story is that Cornelia Whitney, the 15‐year‐old daughter of Marylou and Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, wanted a dolls house and it took six years to build and furnish, and is almost an exact miniature of the main Whitney residence there. [25]

                              I think this is MaryLou and daughter Cornelia

MaryLou Vanderbilt was an Illuminati High Priestess under Gloria, who like Gloria used the dolls house divination techniques. Gloria’s top two students in this form of divination were Hillary and then MaryLou.

Hillary’s interest in voodoo is quite well documented. In her own book she admits that at the height of the scandal over her email server, she was “tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins” [29]

But it is covered in more depth by the excellent Corey Digs in her article Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret [28]. The Clintons had “brief course in voodoo theology” from Max Beauvoir. She also states that the Clintons have powerful black magic priests working for them in Haiti, as well as taking part in voodoo ceremonies.

This is entirely consistent with the practise of magik by the illuminati, as they mix and match different techniques, and when it comes to witches battles for promotion, a variety of techniques are needed to be able to succeed.

It is no surprise that it is in Haiti that the Clintons are also connected to child trafficking and corruption. I also believe that wikileaks documents show Hillary’s interest in voodoo, but I have not researched this.

At present I do not want to take too much of a tangent onto MaryLou either, though there is some good and useful research by various people who answered my question on twitter.

However the story that the dolls house was the main house at Whitney Farm, Lexington, Ky. may be a misdirect by the media. For this house to be used as for divination type magik may not be consistent with the divination technique, as it is their own house and perhaps there is a mirror image of this house somewhere, that the dolls house actually “connected to”, but that evidence may be hard to find, but perhaps someone can?

In the illuminati #racefear / riots psychological operation, well known Illuminati asset Nightingale, aka Hillary Clinton recently effectively outed Meghan Markle as fellow conspirator in the Illuminati, by association.

Jessie confirmed that when Gloria Vanderbilt, died on June 17th 2019, Hillary was due, as her successor to take over as Grand High Priestess. However as Hillary was not there to breathe in the last breath of Gloria, she was detained.  This is important to the Illuminati as they believe that  the successor breathing the last breath means they inherit the demons of the deceased, so she was detained.

Hillary and Meghan were both High Priestesses in the US East Quadrant. A witches battle was held, beneath Chateau des Amerois Castle, between I think 8 candidates and in the final Beyonce beat the yachty come recently royal Meghan Markle.

Gloria died on the 17th June 2019 and this following video was uploaded July 15th. So the battle appears to have taken place in the month intervening.

The colour gold represents the Illuminati East Quadrant controlled by the Van Duyn Dragon family. This premiere was after the battle to become Grand High Priestess and was in effect her public declaration of success and Meghan’s acceptance of this.

Meghan apparently called Beyonce “my Queen” and Beyonce called Meghan “my Princess”.


2019 Jul 15 You Tube Beyoncé – THE LION KING (European Premiere Red Carpet) [2c]

This may help explain some of Meghan and Harry’s actions beyond the official reasons of the British Press, who undoubtedly did much to harrass Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Harry was heavily traumatised by the death of his mother in 1997, and recently has talked of his 20 year mental health battle. There was the biggest outpouring of grief ever over Princess Diana’s death, that will not be surpassed, by any other royal.

Harry evoked huge  sympathy when he was forced by the royal family to walk behind the coffin in public as a boy.

Princess Diana had predicted her death by car crash just 10 months before, she thought at the behest of Prince Charles [5] and she even died under a memorial to Diana. There are of course strong suspicions that the 11 year delayed inquest verdict of  “unlawful killing” was in fact a ritual killing.

                                                 Princess Diana died in car crash

Smitten Harry appears to dote on Meghan. Meghan has worn a ring that his mother wore…

In the last year or so Harry has been seen flashing signs associated with the illuminati. Although the “hidden hand” could be said to be a comfortable position to keep one hand…

…then this cannot be said for the devils horns, a most unnatural hand position, when in a photo-op with Melania Trump.Another strange hand gesture is shown here, and whilst this could be a nervous wrist wringing, it also may be something more sinister and significant as a signal…

Harry appears pretty matey with Obama, now head of the Satanic Council see Obama now running the Satanic Council [13]Although Princess Diana was from the aristocratic Spencers, it appears that she would not have brought up her children in the ways of the satanic illuminati cult. She was in many ways the antithesis of the royal family – compassionate, caring, kind, emotional, open. She hugged AIDS victims and campaigned against land mines and against controlling interests.

It is interesting that Diana is also said to have had derogatory nicknames for the royal family and suggested they were not human, but that is perhaps for another time.

However as Jessie’s story shows, even a parent can be unaware what is happening to their child, and since Diana’s death the children will have been brought up in the system. So it is unclear when Harry chose his satanic ways, since Meghan or before. However there appear to be no suspicious hand signals before meeting Illuminati High Priestess of the East Quadrant, Meghan. Harry appears to have outed himself as an illuminati supporter/member.

The royal family itself also has its history of child abuse of its own with these many links  Royal abuse links [12]

Picking out a few

  • Prince Charles friends of paedophiles Jimmy Savile, Bishop Peter Ball
  • Prince Philip friends with Jimmy Savile
  • Prince Andrew, friend of Jeffrey Epstein, paedophile and a manager of paedophile blackmail network and accused of using human a sex trafficking victim
  • Louis Mountbatten paedophile

Balmoral owned by the Queen is subject of stories of satanic ritual abuse from Arizona Wilder [6]

and Blood Ritual Monarch [7] amongst others.

Now back to Jessie’s interview. Jessie’s training as successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness included how to set up rituals, learning black magik spells from books and combat training.

Jessie did not undergo Monarch mind control programming per se, but observed others doing it. Once she observed beta kitten programming, the woman was put in storage coffin and music played, reminiscent of Ewen Cameron’s psychic driving [14] If they resisted or fought they would be paralysed or drugged.

Jessie was made to watch and not turn away from all sacrifices and rituals, and if she had dissociated or turned away would have been discarded as broken. However being forced to watch 1000 killings a month inevitably takes a physical and mental toll, even to those not mind controlled.

Rituals start between about 6-8 in the evening and go on all night. Cannibalism is part of many of these rituals. Bodies however begin deteriorating immediately on death and are leaking from orifices by 3 hours, as well as skin changes and flesh separating from muscles. Hence the procedure is that a human adult or child is not dead when cut up, they are alive.

Jessie even saw babies delivered to the door and larger bodies delivered in plastic wrap alive. Sometimes called green meat perhaps as cynical reference to the illuminati’s Agenda 2030.

In fact to increase the pain and distress and hence the adrenochrome, points are chosen that go through nerves in the arms or the legs or the feet. The children scream for the torture to be stopped and beg and plead for their lives, but fear is the what is intended.

Jessie also observed assassins who in the illuminati are called wolves, and she has seen them tear people apart in less than a minute, with their bare hands. This is what children  are forced to do at the 12 year olds ritual, see Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [15] People are also hung upside down and skinned alive, and cannibalised.

When similar things happen to dogs we get very emotional about it…

As non psychopathic humans, most of us have difficulty in believing that this sort of thing can happen to children, but it does and it is widespread.

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children. Montauk Boys Blood Ritual Monarch [7]

The worst one Jessie saw was when they literally removed the top of the skull of an 8 year old child and ate part of her brain while she was still alive, and left her alive. Jessie prayed with her, holding her hand until she died.

Jessie has also seen blood draining with old people in airplane type seats, with priests doing incantations. Spells need live organs as well which need to be harvested.  Children are often trussed up like a chicken, which is part of the ritual tying.

There are some cannibal restaurants – Jessie talked of Somerset Belenoffs daughter, Karina perhaps being involved in one. She appears to own the Hollydale restaurant, but a few months ago, information appeared about Somerset Belenoff which appears to be largely disinformation. Who is Somerset Belenoff [16]

She does not “sit unchallenged atop the Illuminati hierarchy” and many organisations  mentioned appear not to exist. The website could have appeared to act as disinformation ahead of the inevitable exposure of the illuminati’s misdeeds.

There are websites that claim to serve human meat, Cannibal Club [17] and People Are Meat [18a] [18], though this seems to be offline. However I would think human meat is served at some restaurants, whether these or others, but it is less relevant how open the illuminati are, as to the fact it does go on in rituals and elsewhere, on a massive scale.

Marina Abramovic (amusingly on the auto transcript comes up as marine debris vomit) and her spirit cooking also uses real people and babies to feed their bloodlust.

The witches of course still do their spells today as this tik tok video shows by Kay @okaries calling other witches to spell on 5th June against Trump. The biggest collection of witches is in the illuminati, who choose often to do black magic.


Stills from video

These were the lyrics sung-

Hear me, Help me, join me, Won’t you sing along?

Now we’re gonna be evil! It’s true! Never gonna think twice

And we’re gonna be spiteful, Yes, spiteful!

Maleficent the evil queen sings this in 2015 Disney movie “Descendants”. Click on pic…


Essentially these are normalising the nasty, mean, evil, cruel, satanic behaviour, alluding to the Queen Mothers of Darkness, and making it hip, as no doubt the sequel with Angelina Jolie does the same, and there is little surprise it is a Disney production.

The Tarot card involved is the Tower, [HT Twitter @Mama_Marine83], meaning chaos, destruction, tragedy, loss etc, so on June 5th that is what the witches were spelling for Trump.

                                  The Tower from the Wild Unknown Tarot

The 5th June when they were casting the spell was a full moon, a strawberry moon.

Another witch who is a Grand High Priestess of Eastern Quad, is Laurie Cabot Kent, owner of Chateau des Amerois, Mother of Darkness Castle Belgium. This is where the witches battle for the Grand High Priestess vacancy caused by Gloria’s death took place.

                                                              Laurie Cabot Kent

Laurie owns a witches shop in Salem MA  Enchanted Laurie Cabots shop [23] and according to her bio is the “Official Witch of Salem”

There is plenty else in the interview which I have not touched on, I just have expanded on some aspects.

Just have a thought to the soldiers facing these type of horrors as they rescue the children from underground as we speak.

Jessie put out a call on twitter for prayer areas for Lucifarian March for NWO on June 21st, midsummer which the satanists hijack for rituals and sacrifices… It will also be new moon and solar eclipse apparently. From now until then will be abductions to kidnap people for the rituals…

Search for Luciferian on this allevents site [21] for information and see Nationwide Luciferian march rollout on June 21 during solar eclipse ‘ring of fire’ [24] 

  • 1. Salem, OR 2:00 pm Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem
  • 2. Syracuse, NY 5:00 pm James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 South Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • 3. Raleigh, NC 5:00 pm North Carolina State Capitol, 1 E Edenton St,
  • 4. Los Angeles, CA 2:00 pm Los Angeles City Hall
  • 5. Cincinnati, Ohio 5:00 pm Piatt Park, 100 Garfield Place, Cincinnati 45202,
  • 6. Las Vegas, NV 2:00 pm Las Vegas City Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas

Looks like this following is a call out to Skull and Bones cells… things are hotting up… apparently it comes up on a search for 322 Covid on google [27]

Covid Masonry!

322 new Covid cases in Mississippi!
322 new Covid cases in Ohio!
322 new Covid cases in Oman!
322 new Covid cases in Kentucky!
322 new Covid cases in Mississippi!
322 new Covid cases in Armenia!
322 new Covid cases in Iraq!
322 Covid cases in Bangkok!
322 new Covid cases in Jalisco (Mexican state)
322 new Covid cases in Juarez!
322 new Covid cases in El Paso!
322 new Covid cases in Mexico City!
322 new Covid cases in Oaxaca!
322 new Covid cases in WISCONSIN!
322 new Covid cases in IOWA
322 new Covid deaths in DELAWARE
322 new Covid cases in Italy
322 new Covid cases in Massachussetts


Dark Outpost 06-11-2020 Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Pt. 3 [1] 

The channel is no longer there. I am not sure if the video is in existence. However even if it existed I would not include it, as Zublick slandered me and it was not withdrawn. The autotranscript can be read below.  If the video does exist then Lifting the Wool will have found it. see Curated Sources Dark Outpost 2020 Nov 6 Dark Outpost 06-11-2020 Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Pt. 3 [68]

Jessie interview is between 6mins to 76 mins


that story with you her name is Jessie
sobota [Czebotar]
and right now she’s about to join us at
the dark outpost
Jessie supporter welcome back to the
program thanks David great to be back
again it is great to have you back with
us we have been talking with Jessie
every week and we’ll continue to do so
about her experience
being trapped in a satanic illuminati
ring and her attempts to get out of that
ring and what she has learned from that
and we’re gonna talk about the Satanism
and the Illuminati and pedophilia and
child sex trafficking and I want to give
a warning to my viewers today that some
of the information that we’re gonna be
sharing with you is very heavy so just
be warned if you have young children
around or anything like that please you
know get them away from from this from
your computer or wherever you happen to
be watching this whether you’re
streaming it to your television or you
know however you’re doing that because
we’re going to be covering some very
heavy topics but we feel this is
important that’s why we have Jesse on
every week because this is one of the
things that we want to do is to help to
eliminate this type of situation and so
that’s why we have Iran so Jesse when we
last left off you were talking about
Gloria Vanderbilt for those of our
viewers who don’t know who Gloria
Vanderbilt was who was Gloria Vanderbilt
first of all yes Gloria was one of the
Grand High Priestesses so that meant
that she worked underneath the mothers
and the satanic Council and then she
oversaw Iran the area that was in the
East so she was one of a few Grand High
Priestesses who ran the East quadrant in
the United States and a Grand High
Priestess is somebody their job you know
when they run the quadrant they oversee
all the high priests
priestesses in that quadrant so you know
they’d be kind of considered like a
supervisor of that quadrant and then
underneath them the grand Hut or the
high priests and priestesses would be
more of the individuals who are running
the companies that work within that
quadrant so she oversees all of those
individuals Hillary Clinton was her
successor so that meant that Hillary
Clinton was trained to take glorious
position when she passed away for
whatever reasons we know when Gloria
died that hillary was detained and she
did not step into that position so what
it did was that open that position to
any high priestess who wanted to battle
for that position so in the end from
what we saw it looks like it came down
between Beyonce and Megan Harry’s life
let us say Prince Harry’s life and Megan
Markel yep and Beyonce was the one who
ended up taking that position and made a
declaration in a coded way that she had
become the Grand High Priestess for the
East now for those just just who are
listening to this and watching this for
the first time if you’ve heard the name
Gloria Vanderbilt she was an American
author and artist an actress a fashion
designer she did just about everything
she was an heiress and a socialite and
she just passed away about a year ago it
was June 17th of 2019 you’ve probably
heard the name it’s it’s very famous
however turning
camera of Jesse actually clicked it on
Jesse and wants to make sure that which
he doesn’t mind you seeing her face in
her picture but she does not want to be
on camera and we out of that request we
just want to make sure that you
understand why we’re doing this but a
lot of people who know her for that do
not also know the darker side of Gloria
Vanderbilt that you are bringing our
viewers so I just wanted to clarify who
she was to those who might not have
heard the name or those who are trying
to picture where they’ve heard the name
before continue right and we did as a
resource for individuals if you go to
Twitter to add Kathy with a see at Kathy
Kathy Fox there was some articles that
she has done on Gloria Vanderbilt that
are pretty extensive and talked about
you know it kind of breaks down some of
the Luciferian beliefs and how Gloria
worked within the system so I’d I would
recommend people checking out those
resources but with Gloria you know she
did she did a lot of training when I was
working with my Proctor I know I had
shared last time the story about you
know her house was one of the first
places where you know they had brought
an infant that just somebody just showed
up at the house and it seems like it was
a situation where Gloria was going to be
babysitting this child and instead when
the child started fussing she handed her
over to my Proctor and my Proctor you
know made it seem all innocent and
normal and you know would say things
like you know we’re gonna calm the baby
down let’s give her a bath and you know
that resonated with me because you know
I had younger siblings and that was one
of the ways that we would calm them down
especially at night but then when we got
in there
you know ended up my Proctor was
teaching me how to drown a baby and so a
glorious house you know I I really want
to kind of get into that today some of
how they normalized the training of of
the children that are considered the
hierarchy children in that world you’ve
got two groups of children you’ve got
the children that are born into the
system or they’re stolen or kidnapped
from other families and adopted into the
system but either way they you know are
placed under the care of high-level
Illuminati family member or people who
become their family members or their
family unit and and they make it life is
really uh normal but they normalize it
so there’s a lot of things that they do
to these children to prepare them for
the Luciferian rituals that they’re
going to be involved in so you know
that’s what I’d like to get into a
little bit today as talking kind of you
know some of those strange things so you
know like one of the things that would
happen is you know they would have us
all bake cookies together and this
happened not just a glorious hospice
several you know like people who were
connected to the Windsor house or other
royal family people UN leaders we’d end
up at their house and you know they
would tell us we were going to be baking
cookies and they’d have these really
large bowls there would be you know
probably five or ten children involved
and and I’d like to refer people if you
search for it you can find the video
from this Christmas of little Prince
George having to make Christmas
pudding and if you watch that video you
know they just keep piling in the bread
and the hard ingredients until it’s so
hard he can’t stir it any longer
and then they encourage him to start
stabbing it and so this practice like it
seems like you’re just baking cookies
but what they’re really teaching
children how to do is how to stab and
that’s getting them ready for their
first ritual murder so that’s what they
would do with the cookies with us and
they would just keep putting more and
more flour in until you know it was
unstable and then we would have to
basically just practice stabbing it but
we thought it was a fun game cookie
dough would be flying all over well from
there there were some other things with
you know and that can I interrupt your
nice to one question because I’m really
interested in this when you when you
went into this process of beginning to
first of all did you witness the
drowning of this baby in the bathtub yes
I was there and I was instructed how to
do it okay so and and and the and the
making of the cookies took place after
that I mean on another occasion um this
was a different occasion okay the reason
I’m asking is unlike other children who
might not know that they’re being
prepared for these rituals when they’re
baking and you know making these cookies
and the the the flour is continuing to
be added until it is so thick that you
have to start stabbing it you probably
were aware at that point of what you
were being trained to do correct
uh no I would we were not aware of what
we were being trained to do they made it
sound like you know we were just having
family time you know had friends over
they made it seem like it was a fun game
you know it was okay that the cookie
dough was flying all over you know just
keep going through it until it’s all
over the place so they would make these
things into games so that until you know
you got into the actual ritual of eggs
like you didn’t connect that the cookie
dough was all about you know learning to
stab that came later that you started to
understand the connection between those
understood yeah okay and I think yeah so
let me maybe explain so the next things
that I’m gonna talk about they didn’t
happen after that drowning so these are
kind of just a collection of different
memories and thoughts that I’m just kind
of sharing about what I experienced
different things I experienced at
different times at Gloria’s house okay
so um so with that a lot of people are
aware you know with her art she
eventually got into doing what she
called dream boxes when she started well
I should say I don’t know exactly when
she started those but when I was a child
she had a room that was upstairs and I’m
gonna purposely not say exactly which
place it was at but I I will give a
couple of extra details but she had a
room upstairs that was a hidden room and
in there she was really into building
like old Victorian style doll houses but
then there was a lot more to it than
with each of these dollhouses she had
these little dolls that were made out of
real skin she Jewish Liam yes okay and
she would usually catch people off-guard
you know like when you went to her house
and if you were hierarchy she would
somehow get it you know get a clipping
of your hair so she would make a doll
that represented you and she would have
your real hair on there usually those
dolls were made out of an infant that
you were involved in their killing so
here’s where we’re going to kind of go
to the some of the bad parts of that and
then I’m going to get into the
witchcraft and the divination that she
used with that so you know after I had
seen that infant killed we then went
underground and it was actually under
one of her stable houses she has I don’t
want to call it a workshop because it’s
I don’t know what to call this place but
it’s it’s this place where she has all
sorts of items that would be used for
momma mummification as well as taxidermy
and it it was at what she did to these
infants after they died it wouldn’t
necessarily be classified as
mummification but that was part of the
process that she would use and then you
know that would allow her to take out
everything that was inside and then
you know the body almost like she was
taxidermy an animal she would not always
preserve you know the infants in their
wholeness a lot of times she would take
pieces of them and that’s how she made
informs of these little dolls that
represented other people in the
hierarchy and then there you know your
real hair would be sewn onto one of
these dolls you know that’s probably I
talked about there’s memories you know
that I I just really struggled to shares
so that’s one of them did she mummify
this baby that you saw drowned in the
bathtub she did and that actually
received my hair on it
pieces of it so later she would like I
said then it would go into she had the
room where she had all the doll houses
so she used these doll houses and these
dolls as a part of her divination and
fortune-telling and it really revolved a
lot around death or things that you know
grotesque things that she would try to
make happen through witchcraft so you
know she would sit in this room and she
would play in this dollhouse with these
different characters but she would do
things like you know put as she’d have
the character in the kitchen and she
would you know this is all in the
dollhouse and then she would put like a
pair of scissors in their hand and have
them stab themselves well then what
would happen in the real world is that
whoever that was would have a moment of
whether it was psychotic break
or whether they were under the control
of some demonic spirit that Gloria was
working with that person would then you
know in real life go into their kitchen
grab a pair of scissors and would start
self-mutilating and stabbing themselves
so in effect these were like voodoo
dolls in a way but she was not into
voodoo or hoodoo for any of those
religions but it was that’s probably the
closest explanation you could get to to
explain the type of black magic that she
was using with these dolls the other way
that you know she well actually before I
go into that
so with that she a lot of times she
would traumatize the children that were
at her house so you know she would take
you upstairs to show you these doll
houses and the dolls before you know you
even figured out what they were and all
of a sudden you know and I I don’t know
how to explain some of this stuff to
people but like my experience you know
me and my training partner were up there
we’re just wandering through looking at
all these different doll houses they all
have different scenes different bedroom
styles different you know house decor
and all of a sudden like you know just
creepy spiritual things start happening
and the the lights go out and all of a
sudden we hear the closet door in the
room open and we literally get pushed
into this room by the spiritual force
and then the door locks and then the
light goes back on on the outside but
we’re stuck in this dark closet and it
has this very large keyhole so you can
see through it and then Gloria sat down
in front of one of the doll houses and
she was humming and singing this weird
chant as she’s playing with this doll
and she’s showing us like you know so
it’s like we can see everything that
she’s doing with it and so we watch as
she graphically coordinates this suicide
scene with this doll and then you know
after we were out of the closet I think
it was a day or two we weren’t at her
house anymore that person who that doll
represented ended up dead from suicide
and yes so how would how Gloria
Vanderbilt choose the individual who was
going to commit suicide in other words
what was the reason behind
what was it some someone that had
resisted the Satanism the Illuminati was
it some personal enemy of hers or was it
just a part of a general ritual and they
someone was chosen at random to be
represented yeah
I don’t know a lot of the things that I
did see were individuals who worked
underneath her for the Eastern quadrant
yeah so I I don’t think that you know
the babies I don’t think she chose those
in particular I think those were just
delivered to her but yeah the
individuals there was nothing I could
see or a reason why for some of those
people why things would just happen I
think it was a way that she used to
cause fear into control people you know
they they greatly feared her you know
for me and my training partner we
definitely like you know often times
with when there was ritual prep at her
house for the 12 year old rituals or the
other rituals that were being done there
we would stay in in the foyer area of
the house that was the only safe place
you know it was like there was no way we
were gonna end back up in that upstairs
for whatever would happen on there so
you know we would stay down
sorry we’d stay down in that foyer in
oftentimes we played chess games and so
that she she would take it even farther
I mean besides just causing people to do
stuff to themselves she would use it as
a way to divine their death so you know
I witnessed several times people had
received you know either in their home
or their cover place of work they would
all of a sudden get this
weird doll display or like a little
house like the one time I saw you know
the person received like this Barbie car
and in it you know we’re two Barbie
dolls that were mutilated and had like
red paint on them looking like blood the
front of the car had been like all
chopped up and trashed so it looks like
a car accident okay and so they had got
this in their house and and then a few
days later they died in a severe car
Wow absolutely it’s this is you know for
those of us listening to this and
watching is incredibly frightening I
mean what was your reaction to all of
this I mean as you were as you were
seeing this take place I mean what was
going through your mind a lot of it was
just this empty shock you know I
couldn’t even fathom the stuff that I
was seeing you know like I said it’s
it’s taking me a long time to even be
able to vocalize those things there
definitely was you know a strong fear of
her I connected more with the other High
Priestess of that quadrant so that other
person ended up becoming the major one
of my major trainers you know versus
Gloria but you just that you can’t and
I’m even trying to think what to share
exactly but I know you’re treading on
because of your for those of you who
don’t know our for our viewers Jesse you
know a lot of this information has been
shared with federal authorities and she
can’t reveal everything to us even on
this interview but I will tell you that
you’re learning more tonight than Jesse
has told people in other programs
in which he has appeared so we and we
certainly appreciate your your candor on
all of us will continue yes so you know
you can’t take away you know the what
what you’ve seen what you hear and the
things that you know anything you sense
about that so that’s the hardest part to
deal with are those things that then are
seared into your memory and you know
that’s part of my reason for sharing
some of this stuff is I want people to
really understand you know as things are
starting to be revealed as you know the
government is coming forward with what
these people are really involved in you
have to understand the depth of darkness
in order to understand the justice that
is needed to be taken with these people
it there really is it’s evil with no
bounds and you know to think about a lot
of this it’s it’s very generational so
these individuals like Gloria
individuals like my Proctor you know
they went through these things as
children themselves and they were
procured to that you know when you have
a child that you’re training this is
what you do this is what you have to
show them this is what they need to
observe and so it’s a very systematic
program that they put their kids through
and on you know see on the one side
you’re going through this complete you
know evil deep darkness and then on the
other side you’ve got this cover life
where you know we call it posture you
act as though nothing’s wrong everything
in life is perfect you never make a
you know you you’re an excellent student
you whatever you you know you’re very
involved in your community you’re
engaged in your church if you’re part of
a church so they you know all of this
was part of life okay sorry about that
quick question so if you are able to to
do that in other words attend school
attend church act as if everything is
all right would you say that part of the
training you were receiving which it
which enabled you to do this or enable
people like yourself to do this would be
the result of mind control techniques as
part of the training such as MKULTRA or
monarch mind control techniques where
you’re actually putting it out of your
mind when you’re not in that situation
none of those when you’re living your
regular life you’re the life that
everybody thinks you have in your own
mind you’ve you’ve put it in the
background because of the type of
control that was being exerted on your
mind is that part of it for me that was
not part of it you know it was almost
like you just you were so busy you
always just had your mind focused on
whatever the current task was but those
things were never out of your mind you
know you just you just go from one
horrific situation to another so eight
hours of my day would be spent you know
in training and there was a schedule to
that so you know it’s like we I’d have
the ritual killings that I’d have to
observe I’d have the ritual prep you
know where I’m learning how to set up
for the different various rituals then I
had the book learning where I’m
literally memorizing the black magic
books you know word for word I’m
practicing doing those spells and then
we had our train you know our combat
training and and that was live combat
training there would always be real
people that we were fighting against you
know and then there was times like even
they would use things like you know at
Gloria’s house when some interruptions
here that’s okay and you have a you have
a family so yeah so you know we would
play they would use things even like you
know us playing chess while we were
waiting you know well ritual prep was
going on we would fit in the foyer and
play chess and you know that was used to
teach us kind of how to be strategic how
to think ahead how to think through
moves and players on the field thinking
you know to think more of your team and
how your team operated together so they
they used everything even the simplest
of things to teach you the things that
they wanted you to know so it was
different than for us for us there was a
lot of observing there was a lot of
mimicking you know we would I would
observe exactly what my proctor was
doing and then have to replicate it to
the T versus an individual who was being
you know like I’m thinking of one
individual you know they put her into
the I forget what they’re called now but
the karts that go into the side of the
morgue walls where they keep bodies in
cold storage so they they would put her
into one of those
you know it’s basically like a storage
coffin they would put her into that with
music that would play and that music and
the voices that would be talking through
that radio thing would be telling her
that you know basically it was it was
the beta Kitty program so it would be
telling her all these sexual things that
she needed to do to men and how to do
and then it would keep going and you
know keep telling her you are a beta
Kitty or you know when you hear this
you’re supposed to respond this way so
that was considered more than actual
programming you know and those
individuals they would be tortured until
they gave a certain response like if
they thought that programming you know
if they were like no and they were
fighting through it then they would
either be paralyzed or drugged and still
have to listen to it and you know the
program and the torture would continue
until they responded a certain way
versus you know for me in some ways it
was very similar but you know it like I
chose not to kill or take life so part
of that is they would kill people in
front of me because I had chosen not to
do it in other words you were saying if
you all do it you’re still gonna you’re
still gonna witness a witness and see it
but they didn’t you know it was like it
was like the consequence like somebody
died because you know and I’d be told
you know this this person is dying
because you’re choosing to kill this
other person and it would be very
horrific and graphic in each time that I
you know chose to do good it just kept
more and more horrific and graphic but
they didn’t pursue it to the point until
you know I took life so that was kind of
the difference between somebody who was
programmed and me like I still was able
to keep my choice and there was a
consequence to keep him my choice but
that consequence did not directly affect
me nor did they push it to the point
where I was giving them the result they
wanted with kinds of torture you said
they tortured these people to death what
kinds of torture did they use Lots they
repeat when they brought in people who
were defectors or homeless people or
veterans a lot of times they’d bring in
the protectors or the assassins in the
system who we call wolves and and those
people the wolfswood basically like the
one I saw he he literally with his hands
shredded a man in a matter of seconds I
mean it was less than a minute and
they’d always saved the face till last
so that you’re seeing the horrific
expressions on this person’s face as
they’re dying and being shredded in
front of you I I saw where they would
hang people upside down and skinned them
alive I saw you know they would
cannibalize people one of the worst ones
I saw actually did involve a child she
was about probably about seven or eight
years old and this was one of the
hardest things like cannibalism is still
one of those areas I really can’t talk
about much because there was so much
horrific stuff with that but so I’m
going to give the graphic warning
because I’ll
I’m gonna go there today but so with
this you know it it wasn’t even for a
particular ritual like this was just
these people gathering and indulging in
flesh you know so they would have these
banquets and so you know when I was
first trying to tell the federal people
about this stuff like I didn’t even know
how to vocalize it and I was like well
you know as a chaplain you know
oftentimes we do work with people who
are dying and we know that when a person
dies their body immediately starts to
decay and you really like at the
three-hour mark after they’ve died the
decay becomes very visible so you see
things like you can see fluid coming out
of the body the skin starts to change
and separate from the muscles things
like that
so those are things you don’t want
family members to see of their loved one
you don’t want that to be their last
memories so when somebody dies as a
chaplain we set a timeframe and you know
we don’t want to get to that point where
people could start seeing those things
so we tell them they have all the time
that they want to take with their family
member but in reality like we are you
know trying to subtly get them in and
out of the room within an hour and or
two at most okay so I said this to these
individuals and I said so you know now
thinking back to these rituals that
these Luciferians have or you know it
could be even the spirit cooking how
long do those events go you know they
usually start around
six to eight o’clock at night and they
go all night okay so I said we have
these events that literally go all night
for you know over four hours so you know
with all these children are these people
that they’re flesh-eating you know they
don’t have refrigerators at these events
okay so and and they don’t eat people
that are dead so that’s the hard thing
and and then I think they’re eating
people alive they’re eating people alive
and and it’s worse they don’t give drugs
they don’t give you know they may give
like a paralyzing drug but there’s no
drug for pain there’s no psychedelics
Kiffin or anything that would comfort
that person part of what they enjoy is
they enjoy seeing the fear and these
people’s reactions as they’re dying you
know part of that is to get more
adrenochrome in the blood when they’re
consuming but they really I mean they
will torture these people before they
consume them and so beyond the skinning
you know you could have that they you
know I saw little children they would
cut fingers or toes off they they would
tape that you know have them pins I
didn’t actually see you know too much of
the taping like I would see children
that literally were had big railroad
ties and they were you know nailed into
a wall or into posts you know so you
have that pain on top of all the others
you know they would pick points that are
directly going through nerves in the
arms or the legs or the feet
which causes even more pain so that you
know there’s a lot of shock involved
that these children are dealing with on
top of everything else and then you have
the children you know they’re Auto
responses to cry out and to you know ask
for it to be stopped
to beg and plead for their life so
that’s probably worse than anything else
is to hear the pleadings but to see them
continue the worst one that I ever saw
and I know I’ve said we’re going graphic
today so many times that this is it is
really bad the worst one I saw they
literally removed the top of the skull
and ate part of her brain while she was
still alive and she was that this was
that 7 year old 8 year old girl and and
then when they were done they just left
her but she wasn’t dead and you know
everybody had kind of walked out of the
room and I was I was still in there and
the Lord just I mean my heart was so
broken you know we’ve been trained to
not turn our eyes away we had to look or
things would be worse but that was the
moment where you know I made a decision
that no matter what the consequence was
that I was not going to let this person
die alone and I went and I sat and you
know held her hand and saying to her as
she took her last breath and you know so
when I think about you know our soldiers
who are going into these tunnels or who
are you know hearing about when a ritual
event is and they’re going into some of
these things you know these are the
things that are
soldiers these people doing these
rescues right now this is what they’re
seeing are these type of horrific stuff
you know when I when I was taken down
into the tunnels
I quite a few things first they had what
what I would call is areas where they
would have children and elderly people
the children I had seen in like this big
old wood wine VAT and they had probably
20 30 kids in there and all of them were
hooked up to IVs and they were draining
their blood out of them and the kids
were too weak to fight they you know
were just laying there and so you see
you see just lifeless beings that you
know there’s just no life no energy in
them there’s no fight left and the same
with the elderly they would have what
looked like old airplane seats that
would be in long roll rows back-to-back
and they would have these elderly people
strapped in again with some sort of
machines that you know later in life it
looks very comparable to a dialysis
machine but basically it’s draining all
the blood out of them I would see them
have them on tables where they’d be
harvesting organs while these people
were still alive and then they would put
them on you know in the chairs and drain
the rest of the blood out of them you
know I saw the rooms where they were you
know they’d have the high black magic
priests and priestesses who would be
doing incantations and spells over these
then they would either dry them out or
they would procure them in some way
where they’d be put into capsules or
pill form or you know there was the
people with the containers you know with
ice where I think that was where they
actually did live organ donations or
they would be you know some of the black
magic spells require that you have a
fresh liver or a fresh heart or things
like that so they would deliver those
things fresh to people for certain
spells so you know with Gloria
you know the taxidermy was just a part
of it you know she really used that for
her divination purposes and you know one
of the things I really wanted to share
was about her other son he I knew him
probably it was about four years before
he actually they say he took his life
but there were some things about that
you know he would come and sit on a
stool and watch me and my training
partner play chess all the time and my
training partner always won like I was
horrible at chess um well I’ll say I was
it wasn’t that I was horrible I just I
didn’t really care about winning so but
anyway so the one time we were all
sitting there and you know that was
probably the first time and I won’t go
into a lot with this but I all of a
sudden really started seeing like the
different battles we were involved in or
the different combat situations where we
were fighting real people you know where
either we lived or they lived you know I
all of a sudden started seeing that
spiritual battle as a chess game and and
so I was sitting there you know and I
had kind of paused and I was just kind
of staring and I was thinking this over
in my head like huh like this chess game
is kind of like you’ve got your you’ve
got your demons you’ve got your witches
you’ve got you know then the those of us
who were fighting them and so I was
thinking through all that and you know
Carter had said some things in it and
it’s like I think you should move here
and so I had moved the piece and I had
made a comment to my training partner
about you know like why do we always
fight on the physical plane like you
know we’re always fighting the people
why are we not fighting the demons you
know why don’t we just go straight to
taking out the spirit behind that person
like I’m gonna close this window here
crash so that was that was kind of a big
epiphany with that Carter’s move had not
been good for me and my training partner
won that chess game but the interesting
thing was we’d have these little
conversations and especially about his
mother’s dollhouses and you know he had
confided in us that you know since he
was little that she had you know had
threatened both him and his brother that
when they died she was going to
taxidermy them and keep them forever and
we knew she had threatened us as well
that if she had the opportunity that she
would you know taxidermy us and stuff us
and keep us
so there was that fear that you know
it’s like oh my gosh don’t end up in
that room upstairs cuz you may never
believe you may end up in the underneath
the stable in that that special room so
when I heard that he had died and the
way he had died you know in my mind
still I really questioned if he’s dead
from what I know he would not have given
his mother the pleasure of taxidermy and
him so you know I questioned some of
that stuff if he’s even really dead or
not but those were some of the deeper
things with her
from there go ahead yeah just some
questions because now we have seen I
think many of my viewers have
photographs which have made their way
along the dark web and some other areas
and perhaps you’ve seen these
photographs as well of children sitting
at a table many of whom are appear to be
restrained in some way tied up and
there’s a human body on the table in
front of them as if they’re going to be
eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner these
bodies that are on the table are naked
they’re trussed up like a turkey would
be I guess my question to you is first
of all have you seen these photographs
and if you have are they real I will
tell you they are real and I did
experience that so we would get things
like that that was never like at our
family dinner table you know kind of my
Proctor would still do things that would
allude to whatever the meat was we were
may not be human so it could be like if
I found a lost puppy
or a lost kitten while I was playing
outside and brought it home I’d go to
the bathroom and all of a sudden it’s
gone and it’s like where did it go and
then there would be alluding to that
that was what was in the beef stew in
the crock-pot
I had the same thing happen with
acquaintances who were friends my age
kids would just all of a sudden go
missing and and then there’d be alluding
to that that was what was in the dinner
pot especially particularly around those
times was always when we had meatloaf
for dinner so I was somebody that even
into my adult years I could not eat
meatloaf I mean I would start gagging
and run to the bathroom
as a kid I only ate chicken and then my
grandfather you know made a lot of he’d
go fishing he had a lot of catfish I
hated catfish I hated anchovies but when
you’re really hungry you take anything
than what’s in the crock pot or in the
casserole dish
you know I it was more at the feasts so
with the connections to the the Catholic
Church and again I’m not saying all of
the church is bad nor am I saying that
everybody in the church is part of this
that’s not true there are you know good
good people within the Catholic Church
but my experience you know would be that
there would be these special potlucks
that only certain people were invited to
and in that they would you know bring
out the people that were positioned in a
you know it’s actually a ritual tie that
they do like a turkey and they bake them
upside down and then they’ll turn them
over so the feet are up and everything
and they’ll serve them that way now you
see a lot of or not a lot but there’s a
couple cannibal restaurants that are
really into serving human flesh they
claim that all the bodies that they use
are donated but here again my my
question is knowing what we know about
how fast bodies decay and how hard it is
to preserve even if you have something
in the freezer
you know I’ve observed bodies that were
delivered you know by mail or by
delivery truck or by a van
in plastic wrap but these people are not
so you know how are these restaurants
receiving people they’re not serving
dead flesh to those who attend these
restaurants so you know who really is
gonna donate their body for they call it
green consumption who’s gonna do that
knowing that they’re going to be eaten
alive I mean no sane person is gonna be
doing that and when you look at the
numbers you know how often they’re these
restaurants are open and how often
people are going to them you know how
many bodies is that a week and none of
these bodies are dead so you know
there’s you just gotta think logically
about this that there’s something very
nefarious going on
they’re they’re commercializing their
evil and they’re profiting off of it I
think they’re flat-out lying I don’t
think anybody in the world it’s gonna
sign up for that I mean even people who
want to not live you know I’ve worked a
lot with veterans or people in the
hospital who are suicidal and really
don’t want to live but they don’t want
to go out that way you know they want
things to be done and over with there’s
a lot of pain in their lives and
emotionally they just want to disconnect
from this world so I can’t even make any
sense of somebody like that you know
being willing to do this green donation
for green consumption so you know and
there is with that you know the people
who run those restaurants like one of
them is Somerset felon Hoffs daughter
you know so there you’ve got people who
are directly connected to Bohemian Grove
where they do the big open outdoor
rituals and sacrifices they’re in the
grove and you know so Katrina grew up
with this stuff I can’t imagine that
she’s not using ritual and sacrifice as
part of this cooking in this indulging
feast that she’s preparing where are
these restaurants located what cities I
keep there’s one that I’m aware of in
California and then New York is another
place there’s been more and more that
have been coming forward but you can
look them up online if you just look up
cannibal restaurants you know they’ll
come up and they showed the menu and
everything marina aber
has been you know big in the spirit
cooking that’s people have really
started to understand that again with
that you know the the mothers that they
have in those vats of blood for that you
know they’re consuming the blood and the
breast milk and the embryo or the infant
in the womb all at the same time and you
know both the mother and the infant are
not dead so again they’re consuming
things live so you know it’s definitely
a hard topic behind it you know it
really is behind all this I think it you
know behind it all is the demonic powers
that are controlling these people and
and those spirits you know bloodlust is
probably the best word to describe them
that they’re appeased through the more
blood that shed and especially human
blood did you ever meet marine debris
vomit um I’m gonna choose not to answer
that right now okay I understand that’s
continue I mean this is this is
absolutely fascinating yeah so I was
trying to think back you know so as a
kid growing up in this like I said they
really normalize this stuff you know
you’re taught that I think everybody in
the you know growing up in the 70s and
80s had people you know whether it was
grandparents or parents they kind of
always said the same things you know you
eat what’s on the dinner table you don’t
because some poor child in Africa you
know would be happy to have that food so
so they would say a lot of stuff like
that to try to condition you to just eat
whatever was present it was never you
know they would have me involved in
watching that process of slaughter so
that was part of the desensitizing so
that it seemed like it was normal it was
a normal thing to slaughter these people
there was always some evil these people
had done even though it was unspecified
you know but there came a point even
it’s a small child like I knew that
these other small children had not
committed in evils
I knew the babies especially you know
it’s like the baby couldn’t do anything
to anybody so you know there would be
that pull in my conscious Ness words you
know I knew that what they were doing
was wrong and you know I’m I think a lot
of it had to do with that I did come to
Christ at such a young age you know I
dared to stand against it you know I did
there were certain people that I fought
for or I would be on my hands and knees
you know but like in between the people
who were trying to take life and that
person or child and I would be begging
for them to stop when I did that I ended
up in the hole and the hole either was a
well or a very deep pit that was very
dark and I mean it was deep and they
would throw you in there and you usually
were in there for quite some time it’d
be hours the longest I ever spent in it
was probably five or six hours straight
and you have no food no water at the top
they have people who you know will come
periodically and talk to you and usually
their taunts would be things like you
know good people obey good people do
what they’re told to do good people you
know could keep their family secrets
good people don’t tell you know what
what’s in the family stays in the family
good people don’t you know intervene for
Expendables or they’d have some nasty
name for that child or person you know
they’d say things like defectors are
worthy of death they’re traitors their
trees treasonous you know so there there
was kind of that constant taunting then
that you know I would just be sitting
there thinking but I am a good person I
didn’t take life you know I would get
mad and be yelling stuff back so you
know a lot of times I was just always
really angry and it would bring out the
warrior in me that you know there was a
couple moments where you know I I did
want to take certain people’s lives not
any good people you know it was good
people but um you know there was a
couple times literally my training
partner held me back and you know he
kept me from doing that you know there
were times where I was like I don’t know
if I should be thankful for that or not
but you know but I do think the Lord for
it because you know the Lord really did
keep my hands clean and all of that and
my heart as well he brought me to a
point where I could you know forgive
where I could
speak about these things so people could
be aware of it and so justice could be
brought I just it’s it’s it’s absolutely
incredible I think at this point we’ll
stop for today but I want to have you
back on again next week we’ll continue
from this point and I want to get into a
little bit about more of the also these
satanic aspects I know that from other
conversations that I’ve heard on other
programs with with you that you know who
the Antichrist is and you can’t say who
that individual is and we’re not going
to ask you to say who the individual is
but I want to talk a little bit about
that that particular person in terms of
what of what what plans they have you
you indicated that the federal
government knows who the Antichrist is
so we won’t identify that person
obviously but we will you could talk
about a lot of different different
things as we continue to go forward here
so I want to stop at this point but
again Jesse’s the voters website
illuminate the darkness calm you can
learn a lot of information there jesse
has is opened up her heart and and told
us a lot of information here which I’ve
got to assume before before I let you go
today this is going to be in a way the
obviously extremely difficult is it also
very cathartic for you to get this
information out it does that you know a
lot of this is the first time I’m ever
vocalizing or processing it so it helps
to give voice to it and to let people
know what it really was like yeah have
you ever had to seek professional
counseling and share any of this with
with someone or are you just surviving
this on your own
yeah no the Lord actually the Lord was
the one that
I walked through it with the Lord’s been
the one that you know whether it was
through music or his word he’s the one
who helped me work through each of the
memories I have had you know especially
in my chaplain program there were times
I would share certain things with people
who are like me chaplains or you know
working on crisis counseling or things
like that so I’ve changed I I have
shared bits or pieces with people who
were counselors but I’ve never had any
professional counseling or anything with
any of this well I’m certainly looking
forward to our continuing conversations
each and every week here with Jesse and
I want to thank you Jesse so much for
opening up again today and and and
discussing some very difficult and some
very dark things we will continue to
progress with this story and and we’ll
eventually get into more about the
tunnels which you touched on today we’ll
talk about the rescue of some of these
children we’ll talk about what the
federal government is aware of and what
it is they’re doing about this as we go
this is absolutely imperative that we
get this information out to the public
and tell you not only your story but the
story of all the people who are
suffering out of the hands of these
satanic people so Jesse’s the voter we
will talk again next week at exactly the
same time and I want to thank you so
much for coming on the program today and
we certainly look forward to having you
on again next week yeah thank you I’ll
talk to you next week all right thank
you very much appreciate it very much
thank you bye bye now jesse is a boater
talking with us here on dark outpost and
again you know some of the things you’re
hearing extremely difficult to hear
extremely difficult to process but again
it is absolutely 100% we this is not
something that we are making up this is
not something that we are that that’s
that’s designed to be sensational in any
way this is happening to real children
it is still happening today
and the Trump administration is aware of
it and they’re doing something about it
and we’ll find out as we continue with
Jesse’s the motor in the upcoming weeks
and months that we have around the
program as a regular guest exactly what
is being accomplished to put an end to
all of this
we’ll be right back you’re being watched
right now
and you don’t even know it we are the
first generation in the Earth’s history
that can be spied on every day and not
even realize it
everything can be tracked like what we
are doing where we are doing it who we
are speaking to and about what exactly
factors we are like sheep trapped in a
cage there’s never been a time like this
before a whole generation can be tracked
throughout each and every point of their
every single time you go online you’re
being tracked and when you turn off the
computer a start again the next day
you’re right back in the matrix this is
being done with trackers and cookies and
if you look at the time spam some of
these could be enabled for months or
even years
big data invests tons of money and focus
to spy on you throughout your entire
life the reason why all this is being
done of course is money and greed big
data then turns this tracking data into
dollars and cents by building profiles
and selling the info to advertisers
search engines know even more about you
because you’re so honest with search
engines the first thing in the world
that knows when someone is pregnant is
Google because we Google about our life
happenings before we tell anyone else
and the funny thing is it’s legal
whatever were asked if we read the
license agreement we lie and check the
box that says yes we’ve read it and it’s
clear we didn’t read it if we read it we
know it’s full of things stating how
they’ll sell our information after they
track our behavior the fact is most
people don’t even care about tracking
because they don’t see it data they
cannot visualize it it’s complicated
it’s easier to ignore virtual shield is
an easy to use VPN but you can run on
your phone and the computers it will
encrypt all of their traffic and you can
choose where in the world you want to
transport yourself or even change your
location virtual shield is the world’s
most easy to use virtual private network
just download install and press connect
voila your information will be kept
from those nosy unconstitutional
advertisers that want to sell your
personal information for profit this
isn’t getting better in fact it’s
getting much worse
stop being bullied by big data and start
fighting back click the link below to
protect your privacy now with virtual
thanks for listening
Jessie’s a boater here on the dark
outpost and we certainly do appreciate
having her with us this weekend every
weekend we will have her back again next
week and we look forward to speaking
with her then as she continues her story
absolutely incredible those of you who
knew who Gloria Vanderbilt was or who
thought you knew who Gloria Vanderbilt
was now have a completely different
understanding of this individual we also
know that Beyonce Knowles is also
involved in the Illuminati there are
many more names that are going to be
coming out
Jesse’s aborted will give us some of
those names as we continue our
conversation from week to week and we
certainly hope you’ll be here for all of
it before we discussed this with Jesse
tonight I was telling you about a
virtual private network known as virtual
shield and if you go to virtual field
comm /zu black virtual shield dot-com
/zu black today and sign up for a two
year subscription planned a virtual
shield for all of your devices your PC’s
your Mac’s your tablet’s your cell
phones any device with which you’re able
to connect to the internet you’re going
to get a 50% discount off of that
two-year VPN plan but in addition to
that if you will email us a receipt for
that two-year subscription purpose if
you will email it to America talks at that’s America talks all one
word at in return I’m going
to email you back
right here
Bundle plus green screen effect that we
have but the bundle plus 25 reports on
just what we were talking to Jesse as a
boater about tonight 25 reports and
pedophilia and child sex trafficking we
have thousands of hours worth of
research into these reports hundreds of
pages worth the documents profusely
Illustrated with links Trackbacks
all of the information you need to share
with your family your friends your
co-workers anyone who will listen your
politicians a very credible reporter by
the name of Liz croakin has stated that
up to 1/3 of the people in the United
States federal government right now are
involved in pedophilia and child sex
trafficking the other two-thirds are
either looking the other way or fighting
it where is your representative or
senator standing on this problem where
are they standing you want to find out I
want to get these reports into your
hands we have reports on the Clintons
heard Jesse say that Hillary Clinton was
supposed to become a high priestess in
this Illuminati satanic cult but instead
was replaced with Beyonce we have
reports on the Bush petal gate Empire we
have reports on the government the
business community the
military-industrial complex the
entertainment industry including the
Disney peddle gate Empire we have
reports on all denominations of
Christianity and other religions as well
we have reports on the European Royals
and their involvement in all of this we
also have reports on how you can protect
your children from predators both online
and in society we have a complete
dossier including the little black book
of Jeffrey Epstein we have all of that
for you in the bundle plus and I want to
get these reports into your hands today
in PDF format which we will email you if
you will go to virtual shield comm /zu
Blake virtual shield dot-com /zu Blake
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bundle plus but don’t want the VPN and I
think you should have it but if you
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just say our flagship website dark
outpost comm and will list all four of
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portion of the proceeds of every sale
from one of our sponsors like virtual
shield or any domain donation that you
make to us goes to an organization that
we support called
shared Hope International which is doing
everything in their power to put an end
to child sex trafficking here in the
United States so you know that your
money is going to a good cause
alright do it today will you thank you
this is David’s Oobleck attack outpost I
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them please spread this information far
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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

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