First GoodDog Interview by Illuminati Insider Jessie Czebotar

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This is Jessie’s second interview, the first can be found on my post The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [60]

Good Dogs website who conducted the interview is here. Good Dog website [2]


2020 April c.6th Q Bits – Show 145 – WOTW / Tech Tyrants / The Sting / Heart of Darnkess (sic) [1]

The start of Jessie interview is approx 1hr  42mins 30

The video transcript below is automatic and hence is not 100% accurate. It is useful however to skim the interview and so that search software can find the words, so I reproduce it below. I do not have time to format it correctly.

So now we have somebody
who’s going to talk about it who went to
the sacrificial rooms
and had Jesus appeared or let’s jump in
this is going to be a very interesting
interview ladies and gentlemen we’ve got
a an SRA survivor who is going to walk
us through not just what her experiences
were and that’s pretty harrowing
experience but she’s gonna bring that
into the current and we’re gonna start
with an overview so that we get a sense
of who we’re talking to this is Jessie
ladies and gentlemen Jessie this is a
good dog thanks for coming to the show
yeah thanks for having me yeah so happy
Friday here it’s the end of the world
everybody’s got their toes hanging over
the abyss financially if you’re reading
the newspaper and I’m just curious
before we get going can you can you tell
us what you do tell us about yourself.
I’m by trade I’m a chaplain right now
currently I don’t work in a hospital or
with the VA systems but I do more one on
one chaplain work within the community
so as needed I respond and then on the
side I also work with several
anti-trafficking groups and we have a
special underground team where we
literally are doing child rescues
straight out of rituals using our
underground resources and let me think
what else here yeah most of my work
right now is just invested in with the
teens our focus tends to be the children
who have been taken and are used as
hierarchy children since that’s the life
that I grew up in and so I try to
provide those teams with information to
help them locate the kids and deal with
applications of trying to get those
children out of the system a lot of
those kids have been taken through CPS
and through the judicial system and then
their birth certificates erased so
technically those children don’t exist
and also you know have new birth
certificates new names belong to the
people who are handling them so those
are some of the things that I do on the
side you know before that really brings
up a great point I’d like to actually
engage prayer before we begin so I
didn’t know you’re a chaplain that’s I
hadn’t read that part of the bio so it’s
that’s good to know but
I’d like to lead
with Psalm 91 if you don’t mind and I’ll
lead father we come before you and we
ask that you’re a perfect word and
you’re perfect will conduct this
interview and that we stay within the
bounds of what needs to be said so that
your will can be done we also offer
Psalm 91 as a covering for all that
we’re going to discuss and I’d like to
hear repeat it we who dwell in the
secret place the Most High shall remain
stable and fixed under the shadow of the
Almighty whose power no foe can
withstand we will say the Lord he is our
refuge in our fortress our God on him we
lean and rely on in him we confidently
trust but then he’ll deliver us from the
snare of the Fowler and from the deadly
pestilence then he’ll cover us with his
pinions and under his wings shall we
trust and find refuge his truth and his
faithfulness are our shield and buckler
we shall not be afraid of the terror of
the night nor of the arrow the evil
plots and slanders of the wicked that
flies by day nor of the pestilence that
stalks in darkness nor of the
destruction and sudden death that
surprises and lays waste at noonday
the thousand may fall at our side and
ten thousand at our right hand but it
shall not come near us only spectators
shall we be ourselves inaccessible in
the secret place of the Most High
as we witness the reward of the wicked
guess you’ve made the Lord the refuge
and the Most High our dwelling place
there shall no evil befall us nor any
plague or calamity come near our tent
for he will give his angels a special
charge over us to accompany and defend
and preserve us in all of our ways of
obedience and service they shall bear us
up on their hands lest we – our feet
against the stone we shall tread upon
the lion in the adder and the young lion
and the serpent shall we trample
because he has set his love upon us
therefore will when we deliver him I
will set him on high because he knows
and understands my name has a personal
knowledge of my mercy love and kindness
trusts and relies on me knowing I will
never forsake him no never
he shall call upon me and I will answer
him I will be with him in trouble I will
deliver him and honor him with a long
life will i satisfy him and show him my
salvation in Jesus mighty name amen amen
I’d like to add is it okay if I add a
little bit to that answer as well sure
please do yes so one of the current
projects that I’ve been working on you
know as you have mentioned before not a
lot of people are aware of what really
is happening in the Luciferian
Illuminati Masonic worlds or the
branches that are connected to those
things so I’ve been starting sharing my
story in a thread on Twitter called
silence breaks forth into song and it’s
a very unique thread it’s done almost
more like a informative poetry so I
include like a lot of personal
processing of events rituals ceremonies
that I’ve gone through things that I’ve
seen as a child and that’s mixed with
and Leos the material I try to use a
sources is straight from either the
Luciferian or the Masonic sites and I
try to connect and show how across the
board they use the same satanic books
like Crowell Aleister Crowley you know
and the book of Thoth so books that you
know where they have meditations that
include praying to demonic spirits
things like that so I try to draw out
these truths about these organizations
and show how they’re all interconnected
so that that’s been an interesting
endeavor I would say okay that’s
definitely put that up on the screen so
people can take a look at that and also
publish links that to some of the
material you’ve sent people will get a
be an ability to dive into what you’ve
been covering so you’re a chaplain are
is this a military force is this a you
know tell me a little bit about your
current role yeah no I’m trained more
I’m as a hospital chaplain or hospice
chaplain however I did do one of my
residency programs with the Veterans
Hospitals early on my specialties in
that were working with veterans who have
at PTSD or mental health issues so I I
was part of the initial studies to help
the Afghanistan and an Iraqi veterans
back in 2009 who were coming back and
you know we had like the reported
numbers were 40% were committing suicide
upon return the actual numbers were 60%
of our vets were committing suicide so
they really that’s a big number from my
head to get around
you just say 60% of returning veterans
across all platforms across all services
60% were committing suicide
yes and they did they published the
report in 2012 hold on I can get a name
for you at that yes so that was part of
my initial work was helping to to work
through that issue to figure out what
the problem was and why we were having
such a mass amount of suicides so it’s a
2012 suicide Data Report and it’s by WWE
gov Wow okay so fascinating what and
what was the upshot of the of your
investigation why were people committing
I mean seriously we had a and a foreign
enemy killed 60% of our troops we would
have considered of lost the war so what
happened yeah well when it came to a to
really was the spiritual oppression a
lot of the the chaplains or people who
were doing the processing for these
veterans you know they would have them
on the field on tours in these areas
like Iraq and Afghanistan where they
were experiencing high extreme spiritual
oppression but the military doesn’t you
know look at the spiritual side they
don’t look at the demonic so these
veterans would be returning with a lot
of oppression symptoms like you know
extreme nightmares suicidal thoughts you
know deep depression flashbacks and the
processing period was literally they’d
be flown back from Afghanistan or Iraq
and within 24 hours you know they’d be
put right back
you know at home so part of it was the
processing time and then secondly it was
what was being processed with them you
know instead of looking at it from a
battle perspective you know there needed
to be rebuking of demonic spirits
teaching the veterans to you know look
at the spiritual aspect of you know what
they were experiencing okay that that’s
very that’s very interesting I tend to
concur that the spiritual side is not
well comprehended by those in the world
in that we are encouraged not just you
know as a society in general but even in
specific elements even those at the tip
of the spear to really contemplate this
and we almost need to have an offensive
spiritual group protecting our service
people because this is this is a huge
matter I don’t want to go down that
particular rabbit hole at this time I’d
like to shelve that as a as a very
fruitful area for discussion going
forward in particular regarding Book of
Daniel and and the the principalities
and powers that we’ve held Michael or
sorry Gabriel and held him back from
coming to Daniel’s aid when he began
fasting it that’s that’s a very
interesting area and has to do with the
same people were fighting with now but
let’s let’s if we can because I wanted
to get to eventually get to coronavirus
and how things are going now and also
bring this into the the ongoing
speculation that is out in a variety of
different circles in the not just the Q
movement but various reporters around
the world that this whole coronavirus
thing is a a real disease which I
believe it is and B it is also an
opportunity to take down the Luciferian
cabal which I also believe it is so
let’s focus
on the latter of those two and let’s go
back in time and can you tell me about
starting with like where you know where
were you born walk us through how you
got to understand who Gloria Vanderbilt
is from the inside and and what is the
mothers of Darkness castle not the fake
one the real one and why should we care
that’s eventually what I’d like to so
give me that broad sweep okay so I was I
was born into it as you know it’s
actually my I’ll just say for now a
relative who is the Queen Mother of
darkness and her and her sisters were
all five mothers one of those sisters in
the 70s ended up coming to Christ and
she she did leave her position and got
out at that point my relatives brother’s
wife took that other mother of Darkness
position they live very dualistic life
so on the outside you know the real
mothers do not live as wealthy people
you know very lowly all all five of them
live under the guise of being you know
devout Catholic housewives which affords
them the ability to you know spend their
time however they need to spend it with
Gloria um anything kind of put this so
with those relative connections I have
relatives who own private airfields so
they you know they have access to fly
wherever in the world they want to go
some of that you know was
supernatural experience there were times
where literally we would fly out of the
country and be back before the end of
the day I can’t explain exactly how that
happened besides that you know what I
was taught in that world was that it was
the use of spiritual gates so you know
that part of the connection then with
with Germany stems back generations to
the 1800s the real castle is nurse von
Stein and
I’m sorry to interrupt but this is this
is a very interesting thing er are you
talking about new Schwann Stein yes oh
now there’s a history there are you
familiar with the history there that
gasps mom that’s the old castle tell us
about that that’s fascinating yeah so
originally it was built by King Ludwig
and he had a very close friend Ricard
Vagner and Ricard began there was
somebody who wrote plays and did a lot
of musical things and would provide
entertainment for Ludwig Vagner had a
lot of Masonic ties and secret society
ties anyway you know after years and
years of friendship and there’s not a
lot of public evidence on this but from
stories that I have heard Ludwig was
really into esoterical levels of magic
so that was something him in Ricard did
together and Ricard was like a master
teacher for him in that so that was part
of why he had such a special regard for
Ricard wag Wagner will come begginer and
so you know after years of friendship
Ludwig and his doctor ended up
mysteriously dead and at that point that
was when Ricard Wagoner took over nurse
fist nurse von stein and under guys and
that became the mother of darkness
castle and it’s rumored that the
townspeople tossed him in the middle of
the lake with a with an anchor of rock
around his neck his was that is that
correct that is correct yeah I guess the
people were tired of having 80 percent
taxes just as a reference and their kids
disappearing okay so no more kids
disappearing that really got their goat
you know but well okay so I walked
around in the town relatively recently
in new schwanz teen and there’s there’s
almost no social memory of what was
really driving that and I was I was very
clear and what my questions were and
very nice people that was my sense of
the the area but a very dark brooding
horror around the place and there’s no
doubt about it it felt like it felt like
the Disneyland of Europe except on crack
yes I would say that’s very true of it
you know one of one of my early memories
of it there use you know behind the
castle there’s kind of like a an area
where there’s two higher mountains and
there’s a bridge now that they’ve built
that connects those two mountains well
back in my days that bridge was the old
rickety wood you know the wood bridge
stretched across with a rope and I can
remember as a kid having to try to cross
that and I mean I’d be just like
clinging to the edge like you know to
the pole and would be like no I will not
go across
this bridge that would be terrifying
that is a huge chasm it is and when the
wind blows the wood hits the side of
that mountain areas so it makes this
this really weird noise mmm so they they
have had child deaths on that bridge and
you know people that are falling off and
in to Neverland down there yeah
there’s okay so now we’re getting kind
of into the interesting area before we
get there one other comment I wanted to
make regarding this castle and its
apparent appearance at least in effigy
in a movie called Indiana Jones are you
familiar with that yes okay so why would
why would Hollywood pick a castle like
that to appear in a movie that’s you
know that was the one with Harrison Ford
and Sean Connery in it yes so why would
is that within your experience to
understand why they would include that
in that particular film well the it ties
in the Masonic the Knights Templars the
the Holy Grail is you know one of the
philosophies or belief systems of the
Illuminati and has to do with the
chalice you know and Mary Magdalene
carrying the seed of Christ
so in a way it was it was connecting
that some of those strong philosophical
views of the Illuminati come from you
know stem from those connections with
nurse von Stein nurse with Stein is one
of the you know five ancient spiritual
gates is there and they believe that you
know that area gives them access to
the heavenlies or the throne room of God
so they use a lot of you know a lot of
the tourists that come what they’re
really doing is getting this mass amount
of energy and spiritual energy for that
place there are a lot of mysterious
murders that happen in that area people
who just disappear particularly homeless
people or travelers journeying through
so there’s a lot of rich underlying
ritual sacrifices and offerings to Satan
and Moloch in that area what does a new
chuan Stein mean you know that’s a great
question I don’t want to play something
professor let me let me throw it out
there it’s it’s the Swan the new Swan
and now the reason I am asking that is
there’s something that’s happening right
now in finance that the world has never
it’s only ever talked about it’s called
the Black Swan event that that event
describes an economy that’s going
apparently very well and all of a sudden
there is no economy it’s like it’s it’s
it’s a black hole of an economy and I
think that perfectly describes what
we’re seeing right now and it’s I find
it interesting that in the midst of this
and with this global pandemic business
you’re talking about new chiffon Stein
and and here it is we’re talking about a
Black Swan event okay so let’s let’s
step back in time then before we get to
the castle because I’ve got lots of
questions about one of the rituals that
happens there and the starry starry
night and the rest of that and in it
we’ll get to that but before we get
there let’s go back your family and your
experience and your experience with
Christ can you can you walk us through
yes it really starts with my mom she she
grew up in this as well and grew up
leaving that she had a vivid imagination
she was highly sexually abused by my
grandfather’s brother and they used her
at least once in the breeder program and
we’ll just say she was somebody who
broke mentally so you know she grew up
they would tell her she was crazy that
anything she remembered anything she
tried to talk to other people about it
was like oh she’s just crazy she’s got a
vivid imagination none of this is real
so she really believed that in her pain
and and anxiety when she was 18 she fled
to the US Army in Texas area and there
she met my dad and married him and then
they were transferred to and were
stationed at Frankfurt Germany and
that’s where I was born I had sent you
some things on this you know I found out
that two of the lodges there the one
connected in Hesse as well as the one
connected to the nurse ronstein area
have my name in the Masonic Lodge books
so part of that was you know to link me
to that law and area spiritually my
relatives family is straight from
Germany as I’ve stated so there’s a lot
of family connections there with that
and then anyway when I was 2 years old
we had our house pipes froze so we ended
up moving in with my dad’s brother and
he and his wife were Christians and they
started really reaching out to my mom um
and saw her pain and we’re trying to
minister to her in that and you know she
couldn’t vocalize at the time or tell
anybody really what it was from they
just kind of picked up you know that she
was really spiritually struggling and
they took us to their little Southern
Baptist Church and I owe a lot so the
woman that I’m gonna talk about next she
has yet to to know the full impact of
how God used her but I was the only
child in the nursery and so the nursery
worker her name was Lily and she was
this little Mexican woman and she firmly
believed that even little little babies
his little children could understand the
Word of God just as it was written and
so she would you know every Sunday she
would sit me on her lap and you know we
would sing hymns together and she would
open up the word of God and primarily
she read to me from the book of John and
I remember the first time when she
started reading the book of John and she
got to the part she kind of changed up
the words just a bit but she said you
know John was preaching you know get
ready Jesus is coming get ready he’s
coming and I met remember my heart
leaped at those words like I knew that
it was true and so that was the first
draw for me towards God and in towards
his word and from that moment on like I
literally went out and started telling
everybody Jesus was coming so anyway you
know the the whole year that I
with her really became foundational
because you know at the end of that year
at age three I ended up accepting Christ
and then it was a year and a half later
was when my occultic training began when
we moved in with other family members
and the things that you know just her
reading straight from Scripture and
those hymns that I learned and the
little Bible songs became the weapons
that you know I had to fight with and
you know so one of us one of the
memories that I’ve worked through with
one of the other survivors and we were
part of this ritual where they were
trying to link link her to the queen of
the Dead which is a nasty principality I
believe it’s really Ashtaroth in
disguise but they were trying to link
her to this demon and had summoned it
and I got so angry like I literally
stood between this little girl and this
demon and I started singing the bibl II
yes that’s the book for me and with that
little song like that drove that demon
away and you know that demon was not
able to possess this little girl amazing
song works I have to say it was I mean
it was the only thing I could think of
at the moment I mean not the most
powerful but obviously it was exactly
you know what God was using so yeah so
Lily was very vital in you know
giving me the foundations it’s it’s hard
for people to understand that I walked
through that darkness that entire time
all of that occultic training you know
learning to serve Satan literally was
done while I was a Christian learning to
walk with God as well I can explain that
paradox any farther than to say that the
Lord does walk in the darkness and you
know he’s he’s very aware of what’s
going on down there he’s very involved
in what is going on um he’s permitted or
allowed certain things to happen but the
Lord’s heart all along you know from the
moment I was allowed to start this
training God’s purpose was to raise me
up to help bring those captives out to
be a voice for you know those who who
have no power Authority who can’t speak
in that darkness you you know to know
and understand how this system works and
how to utilize that information so that
the captives can be set free so this
really brings up where I think where the
channel is going this notion of of the
evil that has been done it is so wicked
and so horrible and and as we’ve been
investigating for the last three years
really but on this channel for the last
year we have found some very horrendous
cannibalistic stuff going on and the you
know the gut reaction that you have to
that at least that I have his judgment
and I keep shying back from that
revulsion and because I don’t want to
judge lest I be judged right I mean
ultimately we must turn our back upon
wickedness and that’s a fact just like a
lot but but we we are called to actually
try and minister to and save those that
are being held in captivity within this
principalities you describe so with that
in mind and you having been trained
within this and I want to come back to
the training and pick up from where you
left off
but let me ask you a question regarding
those that are within captivity right
now right because there’s a lot of them
and what can we do to to get them to to
come into the light because they’re so
fearful of judgment and condemnation
innocently and murder that they they
they don’t and and thus the the cycle
continues what can we do to help get
them over the line what got you over the
line yeah
those are two completely different
questions for the first one for them
literally it’s really not a fear of
Christians or how people are going to
treat them or react the real fear is is
Satan himself
he has a way of melding the will you
know everything that happens in his
kingdom he wants it to happen you know
with your full ascent
you know that you’re doing it willingly
but then he goes a step farther that not
only does he want you to do it willingly
and choose it willingly to do this evil
but he wants you to do it and enjoy it
so that’s the point he gets people to
and then once he has you to that point
it’s not only that you enjoy it but then
you start to really believe oh maybe I
do really like this maybe this is me
you know I like this and so that’s the
point he gets people to and with that
there’s always this exchange you know
you I don’t want to call them blessings
but you get rewarded the the more evil
you are the more you enjoy it the more
you can get others to participate in it
with you the more favor you have the
more benefit you are to his kingdom
he’ll keep you around longer for that if
you’re like I was where you you fight
and you refused outright reject things
or participating in the evil you know
those things are good according to the
Lord you know he doesn’t want us to do
evil but as I would choose those things
as a kid you know every decision that I
made came at the cost of somebody’s life
you know I’ve talked to this or I’ve
mentioned this in some of the blogs but
you know I literally saw over a thousand
deaths a month and that was just me one
child and that only involved one
relative so that’s how many people she
killed a month in front of my face you
know so it you get to the point where
every decision you know comes with such
a high price for me you know
participating in a you know a practice
ritual that you know was something that
would happen and in the future it wasn’t
the real actual ritual at that time
well that practice wasn’t worth
somebody’s life so I’m gonna go ahead
and participate in in the practice
ritual I’m I’m sure I misunderstood you
um did you just say you’ve witnessed
before your own very own eyes
up to a thousand deaths a month at the
hands of one person and that there’s
more than one of these mass murder and
killers out there yes Wow
where when the majority of those took
place probably in four different places
it would have been in Germany at nurse
von Stein and then Chicago Illinois was
the primary place any particular spot in
Chicago it’s a big town down the south
in the north where we’ll say the
Cathedral of st. Peter in Rockford
so the Rockford Wheaton Illinois area’s
Peoria all the high priests and
priestesses that I grew up with at the
Rockford training center are now retired
in the Peoria area so at this at this
church which I’ll look it up and I’ll be
I’ll have it on the screen when we’re
going over this do they just do it out
out on the front lawn are they is there
where do they where do they do this
stuff and there’s are there other places
like this yes they do it underground
if look we answer the second question
first so the you do it underground so
one of the other high level areas that’s
hidden is in Ashtyn Wisconsin at the
church there and so if you I’m trying to
think how to describe it’s really easy
if you can map this out but if you
literally look at a calf a big Catholic
Church and if you do a 15 mile radius
and you mark out like the cemetery is
you mark out large waterways
highways then you mark out public
servant buildings like fire departments
police departments hospitals you’ll find
all of those things within a 15-mile
radius of these areas now most the time
you’ll find that within that 15-mile
radius those Catholic churches connect
to other Catholic churches and if you
see three of them together that kind of
form a triangle area then you know that
there’s an old catacomb underneath that
area and that catacomb is used for
ritual ground between those three
churches and it would be presumably on
this ritual ground that these murders
would occur yes and then through those
you have the connecting piece you know
those are used for trafficking those are
used for hiding kids for the rituals one
of the areas is the Blue Mountains Mount
Horeb area in Wisconsin they have the
Indian caves and mounds in that area and
that’s one of the major holding areas
it’s less than 30 minutes from Ashton so
they hold mass amounts of kids in that
area they also have circle sanctuary
which is a witches sanctuary right off
those mounds so that’s the area you know
it’s kind of like a Bohemian Grove a
little smaller that would be a an
above-ground ritual area where they
gather in and do sacrifices and all that
above ground and this is happening this
is happening today yes not not this
minute but it’s this is ongoing then
yeah I mean you can go you can look up
circle sanctuary and learn all about it
I would not suggest going to any events
you know the majority of the people who
run that our ninth circle members which
means that they are involved heavily in
the cannibalism
so it’s ritual killing with you know
cannibalizing after the killing and it’s
not just Chicago it’s not just Wisconsin
Ashton Ashton Wisconsin what other is
this in every major city I mean I’m
guessing that this is uh yeah Detroit’s
a high area Houston Texas all of
California is dirty the majority of
Washington is dirty Oregon so anywhere
with a covet 19 outbreak actually yes
the the Cova 19 outbreak matches a lot
of the trafficking trails that have been
turned in
oh my goodness okay that’s a can of
worms um okay let’s let’s step back in
time go back to the beginning you’re
you’re young three years old being
singing the Lord’s praises now you go
over to the other side of the family and
you start touching the dark side walk me
through that
well my first experience was a huge
shocker my relative would you know my
parents would go to work and so this
relative was in charge of taking care of
me and my two siblings during the day
and we were supposed to be or at least I
I was supposed to be going to school
attendance records show that I was there
I obviously was not so they they had
given me a training partner that
individual his job was to serve as my
protector and so he literally walked
through everything that I did my
relative we would call my proctor that
meant that she was the one in charge of
my training and teaching so our whole
job was to follow her around to learn
everything that she did and she would
put us into different scenarios which
would test us and train us and we can
talk a little bit more about some of
those in the minute
but the first thing that I saw her do it
was just me and her and it was her
succession so before I came along I
guess how it worked was that you know
you each mother of darkness was was
chosen as a child they were trained up
as a successor when it came time for
them to take their position they would
do so by taking the head of the person
they were
succeeding so that was the first murder
that I saw was that she did the ritual
killing of the Queen Mother of darkness
and took that position I don’t know if
you want the gory detail those on that
but well it’s not not necessarily you
know the head slicing business but but I
am interested in the I am interested in
the ritual itself on what when what time
of year would this occur I mean Gloria
Vanderbilt recently passed away as an
she certainly tied together two with at
least some of this business and it seems
to me there’s some others that there
would be good likely candidates to
investigate I don’t know Hillary and
maybe some others but you know it’s
I’d like to actually understand when
they do these things so tell me about
the when well the wind really um that is
determined by the moment Satan tells
them they have a successor then the
person goes and takes their position so
the moment I was chosen as her successor
that’s when she went and claimed her
position it happened I think it was
either right at the end of August or the
beginning of September let’s see it
would have been he so it would have been
in 1981
1981 and no wait a man your your very
young child 1981 that means you’re born
sometime in the seventies I’m not I’m
not actually I didn’t look at that part
of your birth certificate but it’s the
investigator side of me really wants to
get down and understand the details but
before you do that I guess you’re saying
that the Satan is involved in this stuff
directly and that he’s picking he’s
picking that as successor does the
person who’s being succeeded know that
they their successor has been chosen
that they’re out they do yes and did you
see Madonna’s recent the recent little
skit little dancing around
I’ll have that on the screen right now
it should be one with the fish yeah talk
talk to me about the body language there
as the successor been chosen that video
is not about a successor being chosen in
that video the significant thing is that
is the hand symbolism of what looks like
the letter L that actually is upside
down is the Hebrew letter adalat and
that means doorway so what Madonna is
doing is is she’s calling for a
protector to come and give her a doorway
she was talking about food so she’s
telling him that that she needs a
doorway to get access to food but she
really doesn’t mean fried fish in that
so so she’s saying she’s economy yeah so
even Ellen who’s like upside down on her
couch with her you know it looks like
she’s in the tarot card full possess
position but her legs are in that shape
of that letter L so
they’re all putting out these call signs
to their protectors the interesting
thing is you don’t see any protector
showing up so there’s another you know
the deeper level with that is that
trying to think if actually probably
right now is not the best time to
probably go into the deeper level on
that they did let me put that out there
that way
because you don’t want to give them a
leg up I mean why would that yeah yeah
let’s just go that direction okay so but
you’re you’re firmly with Christ at this
point no doubt about it yeah we’ve got
you know from someone on the outside
looking in there they’re hearing a lot
of almost contemporary understanding of
what is being displayed almost a
parlance or participation in this so
help us out which side are you on
I am firmly 100% on Christ’s side firmly
believe you know his word talks about in
first John 3:8 that Jesus came to
destroy the works of the Evil One in I
always forget if it’s 1st or 2nd
Corinthians 4:4 20 you know it says his
kingdom is not a matter of talk but of
power and the Lord talks about in the
the last days how he will raise up his
army and his warriors they have two
purposes one is to you know the Lord’s
gonna give this short period of time
where he sends his warriors in to bring
the captives out all throughout
scripture you know you’ve got the Psalms
the Book of Isaiah
several other of the prophetic books
that talk about the mountains being
filled with songs of joy
and all of those references really are
talking about the captives who will be
singing on top of these mountains Myka
for as an example of that you know the
Lord says you know in those days you
know I will I will bring out the
afflicted the oppressed the lame
and I will make them into a mighty army
so these are the individuals these
captives are the ones who are being
raised up to be part of this army of
Christ you know I I do get a lot of
kickback online because of the
interesting ministry God has me in
because I grew up with the these high
level Satanists I know how to speak
their language you know that there’s
rules of engagement and I don’t know how
to put this any other way but you know I
got into an argument with some
Christians you know where they were like
you know we really don’t think you’re a
Christian you you know you seem to be
pushing all these satanic things and and
I all right it said to them well you
really don’t understand me or my
ministry I’m a person who engages with
people you know let’s just say we had a
high priest online that that all of us
were talking to well they made these
other Christians made very general Pat’s
statements where they just said well
Mason’s are our Satanist they serve
Lucifer okay and then they blocked these
this high priest well it’s like how did
that prosper or or allow you to witness
Christ to this person it didn’t well so
I stepped into that conversation and it
was like you know I said to the high
priest hey you really need to look at
Who I am you know
technically my name is still in the
books and he knew what i meant by in the
books you know satan keeps records
through the Masonic lodges through the
Catholic churches that have our names in
there and those books testify to the
depths of evil how what level you are so
based on that information technically
they have to you know if if he finds out
that I am a higher level than him he has
to engage me a certain way like he can’t
just come in you know start accusing or
calling me a liar or harassing me so you
know I just frankly said to him I said
you need to look and see who I am and so
right there you know once that was
established you know he according to the
rules of engagement has to treat me and
anybody that I associate with with
respect well then I took it to the next
level where it was like okay let’s
really talk about this you know Lucifer
it was like you know you’re a high
priest whose name did you have to
whisper when you took your initiation
vows and he’s like why I didn’t have to
whisper anybody’s name and I was like
well you’re right you didn’t did you you
had somebody else whisper that name and
into your ear well what name was it you
know so I kind of bring back some of the
truth about the rituals in that you and
touched on something extremely important
and I this isn’t where I was going but I
I want to touch on it because it this is
an experience I have and I’m curious
about yours naming this naming business
is a big deal it’s not a little thing
it’s a very big deal and can you do you
have I’m not going to ask you what it is
but do you have a spiritual name that
that is used in parlance and your
discussions and do others and do they
necessarily know them yes
in that world year you’re known by your
ritual name so I can sir kind of a funny
story with that but mine – sunshine well
I’m gonna tell it yeah so I was never to
do so I’m gonna break the norm
live large I’m gonna live really large
here but anyway so yeah a different
completely different Satanist had an
individual who literally for eight
months you know had been harassing one
of my Christian friends to the point
where he and 66 other Satanists were
going on to her Facebook page getting
the names of everybody who followed her
and then they were her well they were
doing more than harassing on their
comment pages let’s just say they were
engaging in nefarious activities off of
Christians Facebook pages and so anyway
we just could not get these individuals
to stop and so the one day this
gentleman actually like reached out like
he started attacking me for the first
time he was actually one of the few
individuals that were going after at a
federal level and so anyway I you know I
I’m just me I’m a snarky me so I was
trying to send him a comment that said
hey next time you’re in my area and
there was a good chance he would be
because we have some of the activities
that his group participates in in my
area so I said I said hey next time you
you know in my area why don’t you you
know shoot me a message and we can go
out for coffee err
I see you like to drink so maybe we can
go to the bar and so I go to send this
message and all of a sudden these
stickers pop up and I could not get the
stickers to go off right and I’m trying
to get these stickers off and all of a
sudden it sends my message through with
this sunshine sticker which was
hilarious of all things because I did
not know I wasn’t trying to send a
sticker right immediately I mean it was
it was just so hilarious not only did he
never talk to me again
but immediately him in all 66 satanists
stopped harassing my friend and all of
the people on her face pictures and I
was like huh well that was kind of weird
but prosperous I was like yeah so that’s
the extent that it goes to in this world
and you know I’ve had several incidences
like that we do you know each individual
is given a ritual name and that usually
happens either during their first right
when they’re age five underneath the
training centers in the tunnels there’s
usually a very long long tunnel that is
filled with each person puts their hand
and blood and puts their handprint on
the wall and when they do that they
write their ritual name up there as well
so it’s not just a Tom Hanks you know
picture or on a beach ball or a
volleyball the hand is much more
significant literally they are
considered ritual walls to Molech and
Satan okay so in let’s let’s jump back
to the cue from it and I guess the
thread we’re at right now is we’ve
looked at your life what you’re doing
where you got your start coming to
Christ and now I wouldn’t but you know
back into Satanism and getting that
experience through the other side of the
family what you know talk to me about
Jesus what happened that brought you
there and what happened since yeah I you
know as I said there’s many times the
Lord literally walked with me in the
darkness one of the most powerful times
was in fact you know that initial ritual
where we had to put our hands on the
wall and for that ritual like you as a
five-year-old you don’t know like when
you go into that room for the ritual if
if you’re gonna be sacrificed or if
you’re gonna be a sacrifice ER you you
find out in the moment so half of the
kids who participated in that ritual
ended up sacrificed so they you know we
put our hands on the wall and then they
brought us into this room and
in that one my Proctor you know she we
found out I was a sacrificer and so you
know they had everything set up had a
child on the altar and so she you know
brought me up to that altar and was
instructing me on you know they’re very
precise everything in these rituals has
to be extremely accurate so I kind of
just want to add this so people really
understand before you ever even
participate in your first ritual they’ve
already done a lot of things in your
home life or you know in at the training
centers to prepare you for this so like
one of the things you know stabbing
another person is a very difficult thing
it takes a lot of strength so one of the
things they would have us do is make
these massive bowls of cookies and they
would make it so the dough was so hard
and then they would encourage you
basically to be stabbing the dough
because you can get it to stir anymore
well a child you know you think it’s
just a fun game because dough is flying
everywhere you don’t understand that
what they’re really doing is building
endurance and you know strength for you
to be able to perform this stabbing
without anything going wrong so you know
she was again like reminding me walking
me through you know this is what’s
expected of you you know you need to do
this perfectly if if it wasn’t done
perfectly it meant somebody was going to
we just called it would get beat up by
Satan or the demons either that or they
would throw you down in the hole in you
know down the hook the hole usually was
a well or the catacombs and you would be
down there until the
decided to pull you out which could be
never you really didn’t know and so you
know she had walked me up there and was
reminding me you know I needed to be
good perfect in this and she goes to
hand me the dagger well I should
probably bring in it the at this ritual
they actually had another young boy with
me his name was Edward and I’m gonna
segue just for a second so people
understand and kind of where things have
gone edward is one of the top scientists
behind DARPA in CERN currently so part
of this ritual besides it being my first
ritual was that they were going to do
blood ties between me and Edward and
make this satanic marriage fail between
us and so Edward had done his part he he
had to cut his hand and put blood into
the chalice that was the person first
part of the ritual then I was supposed
to cut my hand and put my blood in the
chalice so my Proctor hands me the
dagger well you know I I’m sorry I just
was so rebellious I I was not in the
mood that day to participate and so what
I did was I I checked the dagger right
at my Proctor’s face and as I did so I
switched my hand across the table and
threw the chalice of blood on the floor
well now I’ve created an
interdimensional incident Satan is not
happy I’ve just ruined his ritual so the
high priest came up and threw me over
his shoulder like a sack of potatoes
I was hitting and kicking and screaming
you know he walks me out out to the
cemetery and throws me down this open
grave in to the catacombs and then they
close it up and they leave me there
and it’s dark it’s damp you know I have
no idea in you know I’m gonna have a
little bit of idea and proximity where I
am to the church but you know I didn’t
know the tunnel system enough at that
time to be like oh this is the spot
where I’m at and it’s pitch dark you
can’t see anything down there um so I
just kind of you know moved to myself
over closer to the wall and you know
huddled up there cuz I didn’t know how
long I was gonna be there and it it was
not long I all of a sudden see this I
mean the only way I can describe it is a
man who looked like he was on fire but
not on fire and it was the Lord and he
literally they came walking up to me and
he picked me up and he carried me
through those catacombs and brought me
to this doorway and when we got to the
doorway he crouched down and let me you
know stand up and he said to me he asked
of me what you will and I said Lord I
want them all to come out and and then
he opened the door and let me through
and I didn’t know exactly you know until
I went through where that door went to
but it brought me right back out into
that sanctuary where the ritual had been
occurring and I came out behind you know
my Proctor and the high priest and all
the other high-level individuals you
know they were all arguing because the
ritual had been ruined and they were
trying to decide what to do so I
literally was standing behind them just
listening and my training partner was
off to the side he had seen the Lord let
me out the door
and so you know finally somebody noticed
me and they were really shocked and the
high priest came up and he said to me
how did you get here and I said well the
Lord let me through the door he said
there is no door stop lying how did you
get here and I said the Lord let me
through the door and at that point he
smacked me across the face and called me
a liar so then my Proctor came in it you
know with the same questions you know
how did you get there
and I told her the same thing now
through all this you know I think to
this day they they think that I actually
asked or projected there but you know my
training partner remained silent so you
know he did not testify that he had seen
the Lord let me out but he remembered
that there was a secret door there he
took note of those things and that was
something later that he utilized as a
way to get out of some future things
what year was that
um methinks 1982 okay what state if I
may ask that was in Chicago Illinois
okay huh there is much to say here and
we’re up against the clock I buy I am a
mindful of the time let me tell you kind
of where where I want to go from here
I’d like to continue but I don’t want to
do it today I think you’re out of time
and I am too first of all the date is
interesting are you familiar with
Thurston mansion on Evergreen
yes Wow really if people understood I
just said
their jaw would be dropping to the floor
that’s funny yeah okay so you know about
it okay so that’s where I want to go
that’s where I want to go next
that’s where I was I and I can tell you
the date date sadly evergreen is a
street as well as Hillary’s Secret
Service code name it is also a
description of pure evil I mean just
pure evil always a green light to kill
yeah well in that world also it’s used
as a suicide trigger I did not know that
but that makes total sense actually
suicide trigger yeah and and Hillary is
real ritual name is nightingale so there
is a video if you can find it right
around the time Florence Nightingale
died Obama goes public and I think it’s
three times he says Nightingale
Nightingale Nightingale who’s who says
that name and I said in there that’s her
spirit I’m like yeah her ritual name so
I’m sitting there floored and I’m like
my gosh he just called out her ritual
name in public I’m like what the blinkin
world is going on I’m like they don’t do
this see I threw that out I throw that
out it’s like you know that name God
allowed and it was given for a reason so
I’m gonna redeem it and I’m gonna use it
under the power of God’s Authority you
know Satan has no power over that name
or any name you know it doesn’t onto him
anymore so that’s that’s what we’re
gonna pick up I want to do a broad sweep
of what we’ve covered briefly for a
minute we’ve talked about principalities
and powers
we have talked about the Book of Daniel
we have talked about new Schwann Stein
and your direct experience there which
is fascinating to me and describing the
what the rope bridge that was there
before the or actually rope and wood a
bridge that was there before now the
it’s a causeway now actually actually
I’ll search him in some images of that
and I’ve been there with each of the
kids and we’ve that’s one of the places
we investigated and I want to talk about
the secret rooms that are there but in
addition to that then we went back in
time we’ve looked at your childhood
moving forward through different family
members and coming to Christ and now
we’ve had an experience where Jesus
himself our Lord led you out of the
catacombs the before we go what question
did you ask him such an important
exchange and then then maybe we can do a
rap and we can set the next next time we
get together up yeah so well it wasn’t a
question that I asked it was it was my
request and my request was that he get
them all out and I’ve been given a
vision and I wanted to share this with
you about getting them out of the castle
and so this is this is something very
compelling to me and I so he led you out
of course what did he tell you after
that What did he say at that moment he
didn’t say anything it wasn’t until
about five years ago I was driving to
pick up some homeless people for the
local shelter that I was doing some
chaplain processing classes for and it
was at that moment that suddenly the
Lord said to me you will be sharing your
testimony and
at that point I mean I already shared it
a lot I’m not in its fullness or its
entirety but one of the you know one of
the biggest things that this occult
world does is that you know if you tell
they threatened that they’ll kill you or
your whole family so I said well Lord
you know I know they’ve got future plans
for me I’m not worried about myself but
the threat of them killing my family is
very real and I said so you know I want
to do your will but I’m just gonna ask
that you’ll hide my family you know
especially my kids and that you’ll
protect them and keep them safe and
immediately the Lord says no you will do
it right before their eyes I was like
god that’s not very assuring so at that
moment I had to count the cost you know
would I without knowing you know without
having that that assurance that you know
my family my kids would be safe you know
was I willing to not withhold anything
about my story and to do it right in
front of these peoples faces you know so
I had to count that cost and and you’re
doing it I’m doing it so my I get it man
I’m so totally there oh my goodness
okay so are do you have any any thoughts
or questions that that I’ve prompted
that you didn’t get a chance to answer I
did want to ask about Edward over at
CERN you don’t mean dr. Edward Mantell
do you I’d have to see a picture I do
not believe that’s not the Edward I’m
speaking of last name mm-hmm but a lot
of times these people will you know hide
under different names I can certainly
send you a picture later of him so
well this is a very interesting thing I
want to get to eventually I’d like to
get to the sound of music the church
that was there the Black Forest I would
like to get into the human rat rituals
that are there including the human
hunting that goes on at that Lodge and
what those what that really is all about
what the hunger games was really all
I’m surprised I didn’t even put today
put that it was a Black Forest Lodge I
don’t think I did didn’t but I know it
you you knew exactly where I was talking
about that’s that’s awesome yeah in fact
I know okay so my family comes from
Frankfurt as well or at least on my
mother’s side the wrong side of the
tracks let’s just put it that way and
and there’s a there is so much bad juju
coming out of Frankfurt in fact um you
know the movie Heidi
yes go watch that again you know even as
a kid I picked up on all of those
spiritual implications but you know the
pedophilia and all the underlined step
so tell me about the the the Cova 19
your experience I’ve done a decode on
the word kovat Kovan basically being a
code word for slaughter the sheep and
the the innocence and 19 being a
Luciferian number so so walk me through
if you can the relationship to kovat the
outbreak here in the United States and
the global takedown
yeah so under you know we were taught
when when I was going through some of
these training centers they’re literally
the closest thing I could call them to
our missiles but there are these missile
type objects that are in the underlying
tunnels around these training centers
some individuals such as Aquino and
Brennan and Edward were privy to
creating viruses and biochemical warfare
weapons so these missiles hold those
things each one has a different disease
with it I would classify the plague or
disease you know all of them are
combinations you know so you’ve got the
black plague some of them have the black
plague mixed with Ebola things like that
but they’re put in there as safety
systems so that if those training
centers were ever in danger of really
being figured out or taken down they
would release those weapons and whatever
is above that is where the viruses are
gonna start breaking out those people
above that ground then become the
carriers for these viruses if you do
some research it’s just kind of
interesting some of the first outbreak
cases that you find come within the
14-day period he had after Timothy
Holmes Seth claims that they did a child
rescue and raid of the California
tunnels and they were near the training
base there
we also cut you know I have some I don’t
know what to call these individuals but
they’re high-level Illuminati assassins
that I keep an eye on these individuals
when they confirmed that there were
people down in those tunnels and that
they were Outsiders I watched as they
redirected the Illuminati who were down
there to other tunnels and bases so they
were redirecting those people to Russia
– you know Kansas to some other dumb
bases and then those people also you
know started putting up information they
put up the corona patent as well as how
to you know basically it was strategic
military guidelines as to how to protect
oneself against it now this was all
before the outbreak actually hit so you
know this was before it even came out in
they were putting this stuff up so you
know that’s something that’s in the back
of my mind
Wuhan is an area where you know they
have the huge warehouses where we’ll
just call it the blood vats they
literally have elderly people and
children who are in these bats you know
stuck on an IV where they’re draining
their blood and once the blood is all
drained and the person dies or right
before they die they do their organ
harvesting so these are some of the
mysteries around the cove in nineteen
for me I do believe it’s highly
connected to the Illuminati I have had
instances before where you know they
will do what what I call mass dumps or
mass killings in order to keep the good
guys from rescuing or getting you know
the people that they’re utilizing for
you know the service is that that
they’re doing so those are some of my
thoughts on that and I do see it
connected directly to the rescue of
children from the underground areas and
as well as you know Trump and the
military taking control of some of the
major training centers like NORAD and
caller-id you know in one of his talks
Trump you know literally uses the word
tal a ride so which one
um I will have to find it for you
please simcha linking the timestamp on
that I would like to include them yeah
because it’s really interesting because
he in in the context it’s supposed to be
another word and he instead he says Tala
ride and I was like huh I’m like that’s
so I’ll find that video and send you a
link to that thank you
generally speaking in the queue there
are many many references that this is a
battle of good versus evil
in fact hang on let me just give you a
couple of statistics this might help
overall discussion just a moment as I
hit refresh but while I’m going through
that and pulling that up in addition to
that cue says that the cue is not just
meant for cue followers but he knows and
are he the cue movement knows that there
are bad guys reading this too and there
are direct messages to them in the queue
and so this is a this is an open board
where communication is happening back
and forth the number of references to
evil itself are 155 through the queue
they see us as prey as an example
another one the the constant reference
to Ephesians 6:10 essentially calling
out the the the enemy’s schemes and
principalities and powers etc in 680 36
83 it talks put on the full armor of God
so that you may stand against the
devil’s schemes I mean it’s all through
the cue this this notion of good versus
so I find what you’re saying matches
that one of the things that that I’m not
a fan of Timothy home safe only because
I’ve read his
I’ve read the various cases he’s brought
forth before the courts and I’ve tend to
side on the on the part of the judge who
in each case has thrown his case out
because of a variety of different
reasons wrong venue bad material it’s
not sustained not supported etc etc so
I’m not a big fan of Timothy Holmes
death at all at least from what I’ve
seen if he’s got more information I have
yet to see anything that would be
compelling however he is talking about
something that that is definitely in the
queue that is to say this this very evil
wicked stuff happening and right now I’m
thinking specifically of Q 3401 which
I’ll show on the screen which is the one
happen that has all the pictures taken
from July 27th 2013 on Epstein’s Island
and and all of those different rooms if
he remembers like if I recall 12
different rooms that are shown or 16 of
them perhaps but in any case that it’s
all through the queue so there’s so
there could be partially correct
information and Timothy stuff but it
might just be a misdirection I’m very
sensitive to that I’m not interested in
going down a wrong rabbit hole so I
guess my question to you is how do you
keep this stuff straight how do you know
when when something is a correct
exposure versus that which is meant to
distract and divide yeah I think on that
you know with Q a lot of that stuff does
line up with Scripture or with things
that I know or have experienced or
witnessed so those are the things that
you know where I make my deciding
factors the same with Tim his
information is rock-solid I have
I’ll just put it this way you know his
information is a hundred percent
accurate in every way with that alone I
stand with him 100% on his information
you know I’ve been involved in a
situation and where you know I have
witnessed high-level Illuminati
assassins who you know there were six of
them that gathered to take out his life
that plot was intercepted you know and I
was the one the Lord used to call on
that night to fervently pray for him and
the individuals with him
they don’t you know if you’re just
somebody who has just information these
Illuminati are not gonna send high-level
assassins after you you know they might
send the drug dealer that down the
street and make it look like you
overdosed on drugs or something or you
know do a plot where it looks like you
come in and it’s suicide
they’re not gonna go to such lengths for
somebody who has nothing that is really
a threat to them so those two factors
one personally knowing that his
information is a hundred percent
accurate from my own experience and to
knowing that they they have a mark on
this man they want him taken out they
want him shut up and they want to do it
as quick as they can
if they can find him he’s a goner and
why then why go before a court with
documents and pleadings that are that
are insufficient to generate a good case
in other words it’s going to get thrown
out and let me be specific he filed in
the wrong venue right he filed in
Wisconsin for something that happened in
a completely different state why would
he do that
because of the corruptness of the state
that he’s going against you know there
are so corrupt that that these people
are finding you know you can’t just go
into the normal court system that you’re
supposed to file in the moment you do
you know you’re pretty much marked for
death so they’re having to find judges
and people outside of that system who
will listen and take the case in the
first place if they can get past those
individuals they can get into the higher
courts you know but I know they’ve tried
to get into some of the federal stuff
with that information the Minnesota
Court that he filed in he didn’t show up
for that that was the night that that
they literally tried to take him out so
that’s why he wasn’t there well that’s
not why they threw it out though I was I
was read all the way through that case
I’m very interested in this and I’d like
to come back and address each of the
concerns including his comments about
vice-president pence because I see no
evidence to support that and perhaps I’m
just not seeing it
so I would be very interested in in
regarding the evidence and I’d follow
the evidence regardless where it goes
yeah so and it’s things that are
documented well that’s why I’m so
interested in the timing and so okay
well let’s let’s put up let’s put a
feather in the book right here and come
back to this speaking of feathers in a
Nightingale talked to me about the this
the code name nightingale and what is
that all about why was she given that
name what is behind it
what does this mean because I’ve never
heard that before I have no idea why
they gave her that name you know as a
kid how they would you know they would
just let us know that was the name they
would link it there’s a old song or poem
that used to be read a lot in the
school’s about nightingale so it kind of
goes back to that that poem I’ll have to
look it up
maybe we can continue that conversation
and we can read through that poem but
they would speak that almost like a
spell over her
there was a Shakespearean sonnet that
referenced it perhaps this is what you
meant and it says this is sawn at 1:02
from Shakespeare our love was new and
then but in the spring when I was want
to greet it with my leis as Phil amel in
the summers font doth sing and stops his
pipe and growth of riper days that’s not
the one it’s an it’s it’s one about the
nightingale being in the tree and it has
a lot of underlying tones about death in
it I have to find it I might have to
examine the life cycle of the
nightingale to see how I don’t think at
this point I think we’ve got there’s so
much to cover it’s kind of a you know a
pick and choose we’ve got a lot of
interesting stuff to talk about no doubt
about it I’m curious what you understand
about Thurston mansion
I was just curious well so one of the
interesting connections to that is the
Bill Gates Foundation
there’s a company called brightspace and
that company goes into CPS offices as
well as schools and like local art
places for kids and they they create
these environments that they call bright
spaces for kids if you look into that
more there’s a lot of imagery with color
with shapes that they use it’s almost
like they’re creating this ritual ground
in all of the government CPS buildings
hospitals schools where these kids are
gonna be found um one of the major
donors for bright spaces is called and if you look into
that company
the major sponsors for DonorsChoose are
the Bill Gates Foundation and Al Gore
and his nurse okay so this topic and I
wanted to point out three things first
Gates Foundation and working with
brightspace etc how are you familiar
with a company called or an organization
called pencil
no okay pennies Pete
just like it sounds PE NSEL pencil has a
let me see if I can show you it send you
a link hang on just a second here while
I type it up Lisa Bell just a minute
oh it’s been taken down of course oh my
goodness this is okay so let me just
send this to your lunch at so pencil is
an organization that looks for quote
at-risk youth in schools mm-hmm and they
once they identify an at-risk youth then
this this youth receives special
attention usually they focus on children
from families of lesser means mm-hmm so
that the the families cannot combat what
then comes their way they have no money
to fight in court for their child
correct and so that this is this is an
apprehension organization the woman who
is in it was a frequent flier to
Geoffrey Epstein’s Island and is all
through the queue pencil also tied
together and she lived just down the
street from Bill Clinton and she had a
relationship with him in the early 2000s
up near Maine so there’s there’s a
there’s a whole backstory here regarding
having advanced eyes and ears about
where the available kids are and
organizations that are targeting these
children through other you know from an
outward appearances like oh they’re so
good they’re looking after the kids yeah
kind of like a wolf well you also have
to throw in there Bill Gates wife’s
company Alice they do
transportation so you have you know not
only are they creating this spaces and
you know Bill Gates is doing things that
basically trap kids into this type of
situation but then you have his wife who
has a company where ironically they can
transport mass amounts of children
anywhere in the world and then that ties
together with Mark Epstein and his
Institute and the transportation of
children into China for somebody gets
better than that so we found that good
old Charlie old
so he’s connected to this group called
the wild Highlanders which they’re a
group that claimed to be going around
doing these Scottish reenactments but
they’re actually a group of wolves
ends up with AUSA and AUSA is the
military equipment show so they travel
all around on do you know showing off
the new helicopters new tanks so
basically what’s happening is you have
this group of wolves traveling with the
military and the wolf’s you know are
kind of in in the background they’re
making sure nobody’s getting close
enough to the military who are
transporting children
so in these tours they’re going all
around the world you know taking these
kids all over the place and nobody can
even get close enough to know that there
are kids who are involved in this tour
have you seen general Flynn’s Twitter
page I’ve seen parts of it yes I’m
actually connected with general Flynn
look at this look at this this is he
just changed it okay I haven’t seen his
new page new yeah hang on a minute they
send it to you and this will show up on
the screen everyone will see this so let
me tell you what you’re looking at
you’re looking at an eagle who is
standing over something a wolf wants to
get and a wolf that’s coming after the
eagle and it looks like the eagle is
winning and that the the upshot it is
the takedown is happening right now
that’s what’s going on right if for
those with eyes to see and ears to hear
this is a very pregnant image and with
what’s going on but I do believe this
kovat 19 is also a disease and it’s it’s
not even the worst one this is this was
the one that was intended to drive us
down into the into the global socialist
bucket so that they could come in and
finish us off with the idea bola won
yeah yeah that’s the big one is the
Ebola one yeah you know it breaks out
that and it’s a hybrid it’s not just
straight a bola right right right no
it’s it’s been it’s been engineered and
it’s it’s just as nasty as AIDS what
because it’s got its got the hooks in it
that have the the same AIDS inserts were
put into that so that it still gets in
through the ACE to receptor which is
very hard to stop and so that’s why it’s
that’s why it’s so virulent and we’re
gonna have a segment on tonight’s show
regarding the virulence of kovat 19 so
definitely you want to watch that let’s
continue this dialogue is one of the
places the wheeze we personally toured
the underground grottoes of was CERN and
I’m very interested in this conversation
that’s a there’s a lot more there than
just a you know an erector set or a
physics lab some of what we can talk
about is is Brennan and akeno’s
interactions and their involvement in
different projects like you know Looking
Star Wars now the voice of God project
all of those things connect to their
work with CERN and DARPA yeah would you
like to close this out and prayer yeah
let’s do that
Heavenly Father I just thank you for
this time in this fellowship together we
pray Lord that you’ve said that your
word your true shall proceed forth I
just pray that as this goes forth Lord
that you would speak to people’s hearts
that you would begin to open eyes show
them the truth lord I pray even that you
would back it up for them with your word
as they seek you individually I pray
that they may see that this is not a
battle we have lost that that you are
raising up mighty warriors to usher in
your kingdom I pray that you would join
people to our cause that that we would
stand strong together and fight together
against Satan and the evil ones and I
ask that you would bless good dog and
his family as well as mine and that you
would protect us from the evil one in
your name we pray Jesus amen amen
absolutely big amen to that

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  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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