CFS/ME Doctor Exonerated. Parallels to Covid19 Hysteria.

I rarely blog on chronic fatigue syndrome  cfs / me (myalgic encephalomyelitis) as I had to make a choice to research, write and campaign on “my illness” or carry on researching and writing on child sexual abuse.

I chose child abuse as although both groups are largely voiceless due to the condition we are left in, I thought I could make more difference writing on child abuse.

I think I have only written on cfs/me once before and that was to explain why I would be taking a break from blogging last year which turned out to be 6 months. However I am one of the lucky ones.

However Dr Myhills case is an opportunity to draw a few parallels between the current situation and cfs/me, and use my platform to draw a bit of attention to this illness. 

Dr Myhill, one of the few champions of cfs/me sufferers, when the rest of the medical establishment does not want to know, has received nothing but harassment from the General Medical Council.

This was GMC prosecution number thirty eight against Dr Myhill, a Doctor who has never received a patient complaint, and in fact fulsome praise from her patients and other sufferers worldwide.

Her case illustrates neatly how the medical establishment seeks to silence those voices which differ from “officially recommended” treatments.

This if course has parallels in the current “covid19” illness /reaction psyop where doctors are being threatened by their employers for voicing a non approved opinion, and social media “community guideline” enforcers can ban Doctors from expressing their opinions if it differs from World Health Organisation diktats.

With the NHS virtually shut down to patients due to the political reaction to “covid19” the present situation also has echoes in how it has been impossible for most ME/CFS sufferers to get treatment on the NHS for many years though with me/cfs it is due to the intransigence of most Doctors, NICE and those funding research who clearly are not interested in proper research and would rather promote fraudulent research.

The NHS only offers

  • “Graded Exercise Therapy” which couldn’t have been designed much better to make most sufferers worse
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy “its all in your head”
  • Antidepressants
  • Distrust and abuse

The present times also have some echoes /parallels in that “long covid” has many of the same symptoms as post viral fatigue / me /cfs / fibromyalgia but “long covid” appears to be taken more seriously.

I hope it means that the causes of “long covid” are investigated properly, but I suspect the agenda has already been set – to make an excuse for personal freedoms to be further withdrawn in the name of covid19.

I am glad Dr Myhill has again survived the might of this corrupt establishment, controlled by the illuminati. See Structure of the Illuminati [4]

Dr Myhill website [3]
  • Breaking News: Dr Sarah Myhill Exonerated In Latest Battle with The General Medical Council [1]

    Life The Basic Manual Asks: Was This A Politically-Motivated Prosecution – And Has The GMC Gone Too Far This Time?

    Myhill vs GMC Sept 28 to Oct 1 2020

    Dr Sarah Myhill is one of the leading doctors to stand up against the prevailing orthodoxy that ME is ‘all in the patients’ head’. She has recently demanded a public inquiry into the shameful and inadequate treatment of ME patients in the UK, and that the authors of the flawed PACE trial are held to account for their malign impact into the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable, ill sufferers. Was this advocacy for an “undeserving” patient group which made Dr Myhill the target of GMC ire? And is this the best use of the time and resources of the GMC when the medical profession in the UK is facing the biggest public health challenge of our lifetimes? This is after all, a doctor about whom no patient has ever made a complaint; indeed many thousands of Dr Myhill’s patients are fulsome in their testimonies that Dr Myhill’s treatment got them back from the brink to full, or at least better, functioning.

    LTBM is happy to report that the latest attempt to muzzle Dr Myhill in the GMC witch hunt against doctors of alternative and functional medicine has failed. Dr Myhill yesterday walked free after a four-day GMC hearing having won her case. This was GMC prosecution number thirty eight against Dr Myhill. Her advocate Mr Charles Taylor described this as “outrageous” behaviour by the GMC. The GMC was represented by Ms Eleanor Grey, Queen’s Counsel, who jumped up and demanded that Mr Taylor retract that statement. He refused because “outrageous” was the only word that accurately described the unreasonableness of the GMC’s actions over the past twenty years. He said, “Dr Myhill is the most prosecuted doctor in the history of the General Medical Council”. Indeed, every GMC attack on Dr Myhill has involved patients who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or ME. Dr Myhill stated “CFS/ME is clearly a physical disorder with physical treatments which are proven to work. But doctors who recommend these treatments which involve benign intervention such as vitamin B 12 injections, magnesium, vitamins C and D and anti-viral medications are attacked by the Establishment. This is the ninth occasion that I have been investigated for the use of vitamin B12 injections and the fifth occasion for the use of magnesium”. Mr Charles Taylor, retired barrister, who is also a patron of his local ME group and represented Dr Myhill pro bono, commented “Dr Myhill must be the safest doctor in the country because despite no patient ever complaining about her she is the most investigated doctor – the current score is Myhill 37 GMC nil”. He also repeated the advice given to the GMC by one of its own legal advisers Mr Tom Kark QC who stated “the problem with the Myhill cases is that all the patients are better and all refuse to give witness statements”.

    This latest case hinged on issues of patient confidentiality. In complaining to the GMC about Dr Myhill’s recommendations for the use of a physical approach to treating CFS/ME the complainant GP sent the patient’s entire NHS medical records to the General Medical Council without patient consent and without effective anonymisation. Dr Myhill immediately realised this was a clear breach of DPA legislation. So when the GMC demanded that Dr Myhill release her records to the GMC, she refused stating “even if I correctly anonymised my patient records, they would be juxtaposed in the same bundle as the NHS records and patient confidentiality breached”.

    This did not stop the GMC from continuing its persecution of her for the next two years having launched its case against her in October 2018. On numerous occasions Dr Myhill asked the GMC to supply her with the legal basis for its on-going prosecution but this was never forthcoming. Dr Myhill stuck to her guns. The Tribunal agreed with her in its summing up “whilst the GMC did provide some clarification within its letters to Dr Myhill, it was limited and did not address her full concerns. Several of Dr Myhill’s clarification questions directed at the GMC had gone unanswered on numerous occasions and, when answered, the GMC’s response was minimal”.

    Mr Charles Taylor took the GMC Tribunal through the General Medical Council’s own Guidance on confidentiality and demonstrated multiple GMC breaches of its own advice. He then went on to underpin this with extensive references to the General Data Protection Act, The Human Rights Act, The National Health Service Act 2006, the Medical Act 1983 and Common Law and further illustrated this with case law. Dr Myhill commented “it was quite extraordinary to see how the GMC case against me fell apart. It made me wonder what malign influence lay behind this ridiculous and, for the GMC, unwinnable prosecution”.

    In its judgement of the case, the GMC Tribunal stated, “It considered that Dr Myhill’s actions reflected well on how a doctor approaches their responsibility to their patients”. It went on to say, “The Tribunal considered that Dr Myhill’s genuine concerns in respect of Patient B’s privacy, confidentiality and duties as a doctor were at the heart of her reasoning for not providing the confidential Medical Records”.

    Dr Myhill believes this attack on her by the GMC was prompted by her advocacy of CFS and ME being physical and NOT psychological conditions – indeed she has published three scientific papers establishing such followed by a British Medical Association Award winning book “Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Mylagic Encephalitis – it mitochondria not hypochondria”. Her treatments are all available free on her website – which since 2010 has received well over 20 million hits. For those who prefer visual information, go to You Tube and search for “Life The Basic Manual” which gives short sharp and apposite information. As Dr Myhill stated to the Tribunal:

    “As members of the Panel are doubtless aware the CFS/ME world is split and many believe it has a psychiatric basis. The PACE trial of 2011 published in the Lancet seemed to support this hypothesis. However, it came under severe criticism and the conclusions of 40 international independent academics, as published in the Journal of Health Psychology August 2017 (and here is a copy) was that the study was scientifically unsound. Please do read this Journal – it shows, as just one example, how the goalposts for a ‘defined recovery’ were lowered, actually during the PACE trial, to a level so low that someone with that level would have been defined at the beginning of the PACE trial as being disabled. This is just one example of why the PACE trial is unsound. As I was the major exponent of CFS/ME being of physical origin it fell to me to flag this up. In consequence I was asked to report the PACE Authors to the GMC for scientific fraud. This I did in Jan 2018. I received much support from the world ME Community, with over 200 sufferers sending in detailed letters of support for my complaint to the GMC and in excess of 10,000 people signing a petition supporting my complaint. These patients told of how the PACE trial had harmed them physically, emotionally and financially. Many wrote of being left bedridden for years after following the guidance in the PACE trial and others wrote of having lost their jobs and, sometimes their homes, after having been disabled by the treatments recommended in the PACE trial.

    ”Along with my complaint, the fact that the PACE trial had been proven to be scientifically unsound caught the public eye and this very subject was debated in the House of Commons June 2018 (ref MP Carol Monaghue). I know from a FoI search that the GMC followed this debate and was deeply interested in the outcome. However, in July 2018 the GMC wrote to me refusing to investigate the PACE authors.

    In complaining to the GMC about the PACE authors I had supplied the GMC with an extensive scientific evidence base and I expected the GMC to respond likewise. So, I asked the GMC to supply me with the scientific evidence base for such, but it refused. To be clear what I was asking for did not involve the release of any confidential or personal data whatsoever – I was requesting the published scientific literature, available in the Public Domain, upon which the GMC had relied in making its decision – internet links would have sufficed. On Friday 19 Oct 2018 I informed the GMC that I would take its refusal to the Information Commissioner (who in Sept 2019 agreed with me). However, next working day, Monday 22 Oct 2018 the GMC launched its current investigation against me. I believe this was no co-incidence. I may be wrong, but I still believe to this day that the GMC deliberately launched this investigation to pressurise me into dropping my PACE complaint.”

    Dr Myhill commented today “I now know how many of my CFS/ME patients have really felt over the years – ignored and belittled by doctors. I call this MAIMEs – Medical Abuse in ME sufferers. The GMC has dished out to me the same treatment that the medical establishment has dished out to them vis useless management plans and advice which have no evidence base and often make things worse. Now I have won, I want that winning streak to give my patients the strength and determination to continue with the physical treatments they know make them better and eschew the ridiculous psychiatric based therapies which do not address the root physical causes. My next battle is with the Information Commissioner to insist that the GMC release the evidence base for its refusal to investigate PACE authors. Help me to win that battle.”

    For further information, please contact Sian James, LTBM, on

    Life The Basic Manual is a platform where people who are experts in their field, or experts by experience, can share their knowledge of how to survive life’s challenges. Find us at


    • Life the Basic Manual post [1]
    • Dr Myhill website [3]
    • Twitter Myhill News [2]

    Apologies if format is haywire, I am using a new editor.


    [1] Life the Basic Manual post

    [2] Twitter Myhill News run by Craig Robinson

    [3] Dr Myhill website

    [4] 2020 Jan 18 cathyfoxblog Structure of the Illuminati

  • About cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

    the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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    4 Responses to CFS/ME Doctor Exonerated. Parallels to Covid19 Hysteria.

    1. _ I am CFS – thanks, Kelly

      On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 9:11 AM cathy fox blog on child abuse wrote:

      > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” I rarely blog on chronic fatigue > syndrome cfs / me (myalgic encephalomyelitis) as I had to make a choice to > research, write and campaign on “my illness” or carry on researching and > writing on child sexual abuse. I chose child abuse as although b” >

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    2. Well done!

      There seems to be a considerable overlap between CSA and ME/CFS/autoimmune Syndrom. Useless if not dangerous medics especially psychiatrists put their head in the sand.

      GMC abuse of process terrible.

      Best wishes


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    3. auldiedog says:

      CFS/ME Doctor Exonerated. Parallels to Covid19 Hysteria.


      Remember GULF WAR SYNDROME? Ever wonder what caused it? Ever hear about the ‘FAKED ANTHRAX SCARE’ and the ‘SQUALENE-laden’ fake vaccine forced in all of us who went to Desert Storm? It was all to ‘test’ the NEUROTOXIN ‘SQUALENE’ as an adjuvant in BIG PHARMA vaccines. They collected all of our complaints, including FIBROMYALGIA and CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME. Not to prove the efficacy of a neurotoxin in a poison injection. It was to collect the ‘side effects’ to list as the put this neurotoxin in your FLU, PNEUMONIA, TETANUS, GARDISIL, and every other FAKE ‘vaccine’ you allow Drs to stick in you. Their intent is that you GET SICKER so they keep making money off your SICKNESS!!!!

      WAKE UP!


    4. Aubrey Anne says:

      I am so happy to see this here! I found your blog via Jessie’s YouTube interviews (where she gave your twitter handle), and I am learning so much from you. But then to find you also suffer from CFS/ME like I do… Thank you for speaking on our behalf. I am so sorry you have to live this way. And this doctor is surely a hero!

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