The Drawing of Men’s Hearts (Silence Breaks Forth into Song 7)

This  is the seventh blog post of the #SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong series, which is a collation of a series of Jessie’s tweets, a high level illuminati insider turned whistleblower,  into blog posts for easier reading. This is a fascinating and very disturbing insight into the workings of the rituals, training and life at the top of the cult.

Song 6  Masters of Magik (Silence Breaks Forth into Song Part 6) [58] covered

  • Mormons being part of the illuminati
  • Ritual Magik with children, including Jessie forced to participate
  • Spiritual Realm
  • holy Ground
  • Full “ascent” and sovereignty
  • Accessing gates, spiritual gates
  • Star Wars Now, The Bohm- Aharanov Effect

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P] 
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]

As these are tweets which I am reproducing in a blog, there are some technical changes that need to occur. In this post I have added some photos to illustrate the text and try to add pictures in the right places for the text, and change some punctuation, capital letters and formatting, but I leave as much as I can in original form. I try to add links to the start of each tweet thread.

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The Drawing of Men’s Hearts: The Catholic and Kabbalah side of the Lucifarian Illuminati System

Jessie Czebotar #SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 38 [1]

They OverCame him By the Word of Their Testimony Part 1

There is power in our testimonies

There is life we have to share with others

As we continue down this rabbit hole I would like to share the life story of @_00111111_ along side of mine. We shall call him THINK. In previous SBFIS threads you have seen his poems. Your heart has been touched by his words.

I want you to see how vast this System is

How the enemy has worked to yoke so many under oppression

And to hold them captive with tethers of bondage

THINK’s story brings out aspects of the Catholic Jesuit and Kabbalah departments of the Illuminati System. He did not experience the abuse that my training partner and I experienced, But he did experience the lure of dark knowledge that led him down a road of spiritual captivity.

I love Think’s words,They bring out the elements of beauty in serving the Lord Yet, always the hidden evil alluring the soul.

THINK was born & baptized into a strong Catholic family. At age 7 he entered into service unto the Lord & Church as an altar boy and continued till age 17.

What does an altar boy do? What is it like to minister unto the Lord? (I have included the story of another altar boy, David Beresford Altar Boys [2] ) The rest of this thread will be in THINK’s own words as he shares the beginnings of his story

Altar boys are the ones who Assist the Priest on the altar, Carrying crucifix in the procession, Hold the Bible while Priests read, Ring bells and hoist of Eucharist, incense, the altars, and pews.

We sat next to priests on altar with one off to side who rang bells and brought out Eucharist and blood (communion cup) for the blessing. We wore robes. I never was abused. I grew up on military bases so the priests were Chaplains and officers. Just the best of the best.

I didn’t go to Catholic school. I liked holding the Bible and the incense part. Honestly, this might have been the most impactful part of my life. We spent an hour before each mass with the Priest in the Sanctum watching him prepare the Eucharist and all his robes.

The thing people don’t understand about Catholic Mass It is essentially a ritual recreation of the Last Supper

Jessie: What a beautiful picture. Everything done, replicating those last moments in the Lord’s Presence before He gave His life away for our sins.


Twitter Thread 39 [3]

Twitter Thread 40 [4]

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong 40 The Enemies Tactics

That which draws us nearer to the Lord is beautiful

The enemy has many tactics in war

He attacks us in three main areas

  • 1st: He attacks our relating to God Thru His Holy Word Time in the WOrd Thinking upon it Sharing it
  • 2nd: He attacks our relationship personally & in prayer to the Lord Thru our Prayer life Our communication lines to the Lord Time spent with Him Abiding Tarrying Listening to the Lord & knowing His will Seeking Him for guidance, council, & deeper intimacy
  • 3rd: The enemy attacks Our relationship with one another Both the fellowship of the Body of Christ, the Church And our interactions & engagements in our communities and outside of them.

I’d like to continue sharing THINK’s story

Although Thinks story differs from mine In so many ways, the enemy used similar Ages & time frames for things. Both of us began our introduction into learning from occultic books at age 5. My lessons were mandatory.

The enemy used simple curiosity to draw THINK & gave him access and availability. Both came from generational backgrounds involving occultic practices or involvement.

(Continuation of THINKs Story in his words)

Such a deep story. I have weird family roots.

First off…never helps…think generational curses. My grandma’s family founded Salem Village & accused the witches, had them burned.

Putnams. We all know the Salem Story. That led to knowing more about my family as a little kid. I was an altar boy as well, So my love for God was as big then as it is now. At age 7 my intelligence and studies took me to where I am now.

I know a lot of all these occultic things, So that meant I had to learn a lot. Who teaches us these things?

Nefarious types, Nefarious books, Many with curses on them. Literally in the prefaces.

Jessie speaking: I really want you to notice the dynamics. I experienced the same thing. I passionately loved the Lord & the Church, Yet, was bound within the darkness. My relationship to Jesus Christ was forged in the midst of the darkness.

Never forget The Lord walks thru the darkness Calling us unto Himself As He sings over us

[5]  Twitter Thread 41 #SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong

Attacks Against the Word in Our Hearts (THINKS story in his words)

I loved church from onset. Love it still. The impact of this church on me was immense as it introduced me to all the fantastical concepts I would later go onto learn, Like Angels.

Mary is huge in our faith & my life. Reading revelations in kiddie garten will do it to you if you have a spiritually inquisitive mind. Not all are born with a calling to learn certain things. It is our curiosity which will lead us to that which our mind body and soul wish to grasp.

I found myself in kiddie garten fascinated with these concepts of good v evil that I was learning in my faith. I had older siblings at the time who were learning at their ages all about Greek mythology, So naturally I began to read all their books…

Then a reconciling moment occurred to me at this very young age. Here I am a son of God and hold His word to be truth…but why doesn’t the Bible mention the same things as these ancient cultures?

These planets & gods that built mythos up, Who were they?

I had heard only of a one true God. What’s this word they use “gods”?

So I dove into mythology & it became clear even at that young age to me that this is all still Gods creation just different cultures observe it differently.

It was at that point in kiddie garten [that] I realized the gods being spoke of by Homer were not gods at all, but angels, Sons of gods.

I knew Genesis. I knew it spoke clearly on sons of gods, watchers and Enoch. Enoch is Catholic canon & not apocryphal, Comparable to Noah’s and Moses’s.

Then I started to put together more and more in my head. That these gods of Egyptian, Greek, & Roman lore were just angels. And then I remembered how Enoch made it very clear these were fallen.

So right there I became familiar with the concept of angels and how the word angel doesn’t indicate good or bad but is a spiritual substance like us. They also have freewill and chose to disobey, So on I went as a little tyke learning more about my faith.

To know about Diana for instance in mythology, one needed to know about the planets she was associated with. Then one learns about Sagittarius and the Sun…astrology became a very vivid study for me…it began it all…

So honestly no one taught me anything. My bros and sisters didn’t show me their books. No one pointed me to mythology or astrology. I was born with a spiritual desire to learn these systems and learn as much as I could about the way the entire spiritual world worked.

[6] Twitter Thread 42

As we continue with THINKs story, Keep in mind our ages as we learned from these dark books.

THINK, my Training Partner the boy, Me, We were all around age 5 when the enemy opened the books of knowledge to us. How many children have the same experience?

For me it was Books like: Aleister Crowley, The Satanic Bible,The Lesser Keys of Solomon, The Grimoires, Manifesto, but this was just the beginning of the extensive forbidden dark magik they were connecting me to.

THINK Mentions some further materials: The Book of Enoch, The Books of Moses. The enemy likes beginning training when a child is around age 5. The training does not stop. There is always a way to lure you into more. If you cant be lured…then it is forced.

Have you stopped to think?

  • Why so young?
  • Why does the enemy use these materials?
  • What is his purpose?

“Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17 “This Book of Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall be careful to meditate upon it day and night, for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have success.” Joshua 1:8

Wake up. Do you see what the enemy is doing to children?

I am NOT saying all these Departments, Nor all the people in them are evil or being used by the enemy. What I am saying is that at the highest levels, The enemy is at work within these Departments & those who run them.

He is using materials from these departments to draw children away from learning solely from God’s word.

When the enemy attacks a child’s relationship to God’s Word…what are the implications? The Word is life…physical & spiritual, Our Faith comes by Hearing the Word.

As the enemy draws small children into reading other Books of knowledge,What happens to their faith? If there is no thinking or meditating upon The Word What happens to these children’s lives and faith when they are not in the Word?

At a deeper level, The forbidden fruit was an “Experience” of knowledge of good and evil. These other books are not just lazy day reading material to sit back and enjoy. As they are opened, So are doorways to the spiritual realm. They are an access point to “experience”.

We have discussed entanglement at a quantum level spiritual in Equilibrium Part 3 of this series. Thru these books The enemy gives children an access point to “know”, to be intimate With spiritual forces that are connected to these books.

Children are not just connecting with knowledge, They are being connected with spiritual beings behind the knowledge. In the Book of Enoch, Who is responsible for teaching mankind knowledge? Is it not the fallen angels?

  • Why is the enemy so focused on keeping children from reading, hearing, and thinking upon the Word?
  • Keeping them from being intimate with God thru His Word?
  • Is it a powerful weapon?
  • What would happen if we really understood how to use that weapon?


#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong  Twitter Thread 43 [7] The Price of Knowledge

The most powerful discovery I made while walking thru the darkness was that the Lord does not hesitate to tarry there.

“He is Light & there is no darkness in Him at all…” Does He hide His eyes from all the evil?

Each life matters to Him, Each one important enough that He laid down His life.

In the occult world, Satan offers people many lies, One of them being “Full Ascent”, To rise to such knowledge that there is nothing to attain to But Self.

But in the experience of knowledge, What is one really Assenting too?

Is to attain to the fullness of a relationship with the Lord? What is the price one pays for knowledge?

We continue THINK’s Story I love this brother His life is such a powerful testimony

His story brings out the aspects of the Catholic and Kabbalah departments of the Lucifarian Illuminati Brotherhood… In his own words….

I learned Astrology at young age. A Catholic who studied Enoch while an altar boy, Before I even got into High School began fascination with Enoch. So this meant I had to understand Astrology, Kabbalah, Cane as it built upon Astrology, Then mastered Tarot which combines astrology and Judaism.

Then I just began studying all I could about the angels which fascinated me, meaning the fallen ones as well. All of this led me to Aleister Crowley a very bad man but one who was an expert in these subjects … like Gematria …

I never ever worshipped them, though like Solomon I asked the Lord for as much wisdom as I could … and like Solomon that was my undoing.

God grants us all what we like and answered me by saying “ok get ready to learn” …

But the pitfalls of studying the left hand path are dangerous.

God never gives us more than we can handle. He knew Solomon would suffer but come out of it in his good graces, as lessons he learned would be useful to God.

So while it’s suggested by exorcists & rabbis to just stay away from unhealthy obsessions of occult, Some of us still have a desire to know. Just like Solomon… desire so great the Lord would not stand in the way.

In his divine wisdom He knew he could use these peeps who do choose …to learn it for Good.

Because here I am studying, And it’s all wicked, I was not coming out of my studies tricked or swayed I thought. I actually became more emboldened to learn Hubris never was there though.

I never said, “I will be fine”, ‘The Lord is ok with me studying this”. I KNEW what I was attempting to know was in many ways FORBIDDEN. I always was very worried. Many nights scared as I closed another cursed book after reading …

I felt the possession instantly come on & it lasted about 10 years, finally culminating in hospitalization as the seizures & affects on my body were real.


Did you catch that?

  • What was part of the cost?
  • What did the attainment of forbidden knowledge do to his body?


I had become so ill, I was given last rites by two local priests after a hospital ER visit. I was so bad the authorities there had no ability to help. A priest & two sisters happened to be there, They stayed with me all night till medication subdued me.

I ended up staying there for several more days. This is already after multiple visits, Week long stays in hospital psych ward & multiple tests from week long EEGs to MRAs, MRIs, & Cat scans. Yes even electro shock therapy :/ .., pills did not work.

After that last visit it was arranged for me to be exorcised by the local Catholic Church. At the hospital that night, the perfect possession I had been under for years just finally culminated. I was speaking in tongues … breaking gurney straps … scratches arose on all my flesh.

I was in and out of consciousness, as I remember fighting the possession. I was laughing hysterically so loud … calling Christ a ***** . I screamed for over an hour with the CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE shots not working. I kept saying “you cannot have him” over & over, Speaking in tongues.

In my knowledge I tattooed my body with bad things, Protective sigils & symbols. Originally done in good intention, I thought I was protecting myself.

But during my deep dive into Crowley I became obscured & misled & embraced wrongly, Taking to certain angels to protect me whom Solomon spoke of.

Only problem is I’m not Solomon, I was not given authority over them & in thinking they too could help me, I tattooed some of their names on me, Fallen angels who Solomon claimed he used for good. …

#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 44 [8] The Heart of The Lord

I like to think there was one moment in time That the Lord looked down over THINK in the midst of his fighting with those demons. In the midst of his pain, suffering, and helplessness, He stood near & spoke, “THINK live!”

(Continuing THINK’s story in his own words)

In order to protect myself from the fallen ones, I kept getting more and more sigils tattooed on my body. It was purely out of FEAR & possession that led me to think I needed these symbols all over me when God should have been enough.

Here’s the kicker, I’m deathly afraid of needles and my tattoos all hurt so much. But I was possessed to the degree that I felt compelled to put more names & symbols on me. I couldn’t resist and I knew some weren’t good but I couldn’t stop driving to the tattoo shop.

Beside angel & fallen ones names, I have a massive chest piece that Crowley had in a book. It is called The Great Work To Crowley. It represented God & man coming together.

At first it sounded great. It was based off his research of seals of Moses, So I thought “oh cool that’s holy”.

See this is right when Crowley tricked me. I knew he was wicked before I studied him, But this is the point where lines got blurred. I had felt his language was misunderstood. I literally found myself defending him, Pointing to how he just was presenting ideals of loving light.

While knowing the light he spoke of was Lucifer, Also telling myself it was not so. I literally instantly forgot my disdain for him. Stockholm Syndrome. I was fully possessed at that moment as I lucidly recalled knowing he is bad & at the same time I was his biggest defender.

Against my will, as I began to not be able to turn back. I loved God still and Jesus, I just thought Crowley loved Him too…really he was just misunderstood. Right there I was tricked … it was too late … I found myself automatically controlled.

I’d get up & go to the tattoo shop & get something else.

Driving there saying “I don’t want this”, But I couldn’t stop myself. I was on autopilot. So I just prayed to Jesus To be with me. I didn’t want to be like Crowley at all…but I began to love my captor.

I knew better. I remember learning all this & being “like no way this is good”, Yet immediately found myself defending it as good. I was a walking contradiction Sign of possession absolutely at that point. But I hated Satan so much still & never ever liked him.

Its just that I was tricked into forgetting the bad about Crowley, And finding light in what he was saying because he was so smart.

I remember praying every moment “Lord protect me”, For I know each book I opened was bad, But I denied the need to learn about my enemy. I all of sudden found myself falling for him, I actually tricked myself into thinking “Crowley does love God & is just misunderstood”.

(At the worst part of his possession, THINK was seeing and feeling actual demonic manifestations. The oppression was so heavy he wanted to take his life. It is at this moment we continue his story)

I prayed & prayed. At the same time I had enough of me in me to call Jesus and Mary. Then I was able to get away and ran out of the house 2 miles down the road to the Catholic church open 24 hrs for perpetual adoration.

But I couldn’t go inside. I tried but was sick, So I clinged to this statue of Mary outside, praying to her feet for about an hour. Then exhausted I managed to walk back home. Shit still was bad, I had my exorcism coming up.

Even after that for 3 more years I suffered. I was better in many ways, But still fucked. I knew I couldn’t kill myself again, That was progress, But I would just lie on floor Everyday crying in pain until I passed out.

After the exorcism I had gotten rid of all my Crowley books but I still held onto Thoth Tarot cards. I didn’t touch them at all, but couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. These are cards with history.

After I heard a voice tell me to burn them, I threw them in fire after a night of crying & praying. Since I burned them I’m free of possession.

(Jessie speaking now)

Thru a sheer desire for knowledge, the enemy gained a foot hold in deception and lies. But this is not the end of THINKS Story. We have seen his poems and writings, His love & passion for the Lord, How he lays out his heart bare to encourage others.

“And they overcame him (the evil one) by the Word of their testimony & the blood of the Lamb.” Revelations.

His story is one of the Redeemed…of the Lord walking with him thru the darkness so that he might have abundant life & become a vessel pouring life into others.

I only post on this blog and links on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, thus I stand agaisnt them and tell the trith about what they have perpetrated.  If I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…


[1] Jessie Czebotar #SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong Twitter Thread 38

[2] Catholic Insight David Beresford Altar Boys

[3] Twitter Thread 39

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  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.


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