Real Memories – Fake False Memory Foundation


Whenever a survivor comes forward to tell their stories of ritual abuse against the rich, famous and powerful the propaganda PR machine cranks up with the usual garbage.

The psychopathic powers try to denigrate any survivors that come out from the perpetrators mind control experiments and torture programmes including Monarch programming and Mk Ultra.

Standard propaganda from the cabal psychopaths is

  • The whistleblower is mad
  • There is no such thing as ritual abuse
  • The memories are false
  • There is no such thing as repressed memories
  • There is no such thing as dissociation

The globalist criminal cabal even went as far as inventing a “False Memory Syndrome” and also forming a False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) to try to counter the truth and sow disinformation.

FMSF was formed by and from a bunch of corrupt characters and MK Ultra perpetrators. Unfortunately it was successful to a large extent in confusing, getting the mockingbird media to parrot their lies, and getting the court to accept their lies as “expert witnesses”.

The cabal know well their experiments and torture, and they try and pretend that these memories which remain in the mind but may surface later are false memories.

They pretend that all the memories from all the ritually abused and mind controlled people who went through their sadistic programmes are somehow induced much later by a therapist or psychologist ie iatrogenic. The cabal try and gaslight authorities and victims, knowing full well that what the survivors think happened, did happen. Of course the cabal have a vested interest in lying and gaslighting. They are guilty.

The Cabal say that there is no such thing as Freudian repression of memories. One of their propaganda tools, wikipedia says “Repressed memory is a controversial, and largely scientifically discredited, claim[1] that memories for traumatic events may be stored in the unconscious mind and blocked from normal conscious recall.[2]

I doubt that, but that argument is the deflection, the bait and switch. The real point is that a different alter, an alternate personality caused by extreme trauma, has in their memory what happened, but there are amnesic barriers between alters.

The “false memories” outfit know that they deliberately cause many alters (alternate personalities) in the brain that have amnesic barriers between and one alter will not remember another alters experiences.

Evidence comes from many many survivors of programming and more every day, but also ex top level programmers such as Svali. You only have to check her website to know the depths of depravity to which the programmers sink… and the compartmentalisation of victims brains is deliberate, desired by the perpetrators and very highly organised. Svali Speaks Again [2]

Much of the nonsense about false memories came from Elizabeth Loftus who published a book, not a scientific paper of a properly controlled experiment.

Fiona tore apart the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and Elizabeth Loftus in her excellent book Eyes Wide Open Lockdown Edition [5] I have reproduced most of the mentions of False Memory in Fiona’s book, so that the sections on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation are more easily available, as this global disinformation organisation still rears its distorted head, as do the lies behind them. The USA FMSF however was disbanded just 4 months after her book in 31 Dec 2019. However the UK version still limps on.

Some of the formatting has goen astray in the reproduction here…

False Memory Excerpts from Fionas Book… Eyes Wide Open Lockdown Edition [5]


In 1993, Dr Corydon Hammond, a professor at the University of Utah’s School of
Medicine, conducted a seminar on federally funded mind control experiments. Topics
covered by Hammond included brainwashing, post-hypnotic programming and the
induction of multiple personalities by the CIA. Hammond contended that the cult
underground has roots in Nazi Germany, and that the CIA’s cult mind control
techniques were based upon those of Nazi scientists recruited by the CIA for Cold
Warfare. (Researcher Lenny Lapon estimates in Mass Murderers in White Coats that
5,000 Nazis resettled in the US after WWII.) Hammond was forced to drop this line of
inquiry by professional ridicule, especially from the CIA’s False Memory Syndrome
Foundation, and a barrage of death threats. At a recent regional conference on ritual
child abuse, he regretted that he could no longer speak on the theme of government
mind control.

MK-ULTRA child rapist and killer Martin Orne cofounded the False Memory Syndrome
Foundation. The concept of ‘false memory’ was in fact the brainchild of Lt. Col. Michael
Aquino, the US Army Intelligence Officer who headed Psychological Operations. In classic
PsyOp style, Aquino appeared on Oprah dressed in theatrical pop-satanism garb, to muddy
the waters after multiple children identified him as a Luciferian pedophile. Aquino was
implicated in every major USA case involving CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA
mind control, including the McMartin Preschool, Presidio Preschool, and Franklin scandals.
Aquino and Orne’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) and its Australian
counterpart (AFMA) were formed specifically to counter the tidal wave of disclosure by
victims of CIA child trafficking and Project MK-UKLTRA which began in the 1980s and peaked
in the early 1990s before the CIA effectively shut it down. The FMSF Board comprised of
former CIA and military doctors with backgrounds in behaviour modification – not ritual
abuse.66 All members were accused pedophiles and/or CIA perpetrators. Like PIE, the FMSF
offered legal support to accused pedophiles. Here are some facts about key False Memory


Martin T. Orne (Founder)

  • Senior CIA MK-ULTRA psychiatrist.
  • Raped and murdered countless MK-ULTRA child subjects.
  • Co-Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Editor in chief, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (1961 to
  • Experimented in hypnotic programming and dissolving memory.
  • Defence psychiatrist (with Lois Jolyon West) for 1976 Patty Hearst trial

Aaron T. Beck

  • MK-ULTRA psychologist.
  • Father of Clinical Psychology and CBT.

Elizabeth Loftus

  • Conducted unethical bogus research, fabricated statistics, generalised narrow findings
    to population at large.
  • Successfully sued twice for lying about child abuse victims.
  • Avoided psychology deregistration by resigning.

Ralph Underwager

  • Psychiatrist discredited in US courts.
  • Told Amsterdam pedophile magazine journalist it is ‘God’s will’ and ‘responsible’ for
    adults to rape children.
  • Told British reporters in 1994 that ‘scientific evidence’ proved 60% of all women
    molested as children believed the experience was ‘good for them.’

Hollida Wakefield-Underwager

  • Ralph Underwager’s wife.

Peter and Pamela Freyd

  • Psychiatrists.
  • Stepsiblings who married.
  • Peter was sexually abused at age 11 and later prostituted himself.
  • Accused of incest by their daughter.

Harold Lief

  • Former Army Major in Medical Corps.
  • Close colleague of Martin Orne.
  • MK-ULTRA psychiatrist experimented with behaviour modification and hypnosis
    programming at the University of Pennsylvania’s Unit for Experimental Psychiatry.
  • Employed by the Freyds to retrospectively diagnose their adult daughter as a
    ‘fantasist’ for accusing them of incest, after he joined the FMSF, and when he was not
    Jennifer Freyd’s doctor. He made this diagnosis after Jennifer had qualified as a PhD
    psychologist and university lecturer, and after she outed her parents during a 1993
    conference presentation.

David Dinges

  • Co-Director of University of Pennsylvania’s Unit for Experimental Psychiatry with
    Martin Orne.

Margaret Singer

  • Testified (with Louis Jolyon West and Martin Orne) in the Patty Hearst trial.
  • Experts on cults and brainwashing.
  • Investigated techniques used by North Koreans against American soldiers.
  • Collaborated with CIA doctor Richard Ofshe.67

Campbell W. Perry

  • Australian hypnosis expert.
  • MK-ULTRA psychologist.


Michael Cox (President)

  • Accused by daughter of sexual abuse.
  • Convicted of raping two stepsons (his conviction was typically overturned on
  • President CAFSA (Citizens Against False Sexual Allegations; CAFSA knowingly
    employed convicted pedophile Bob Dutton; CAFSA was supported by MK-ULTRA
    hypnotist Peter W. Sheehan.

Robert Stanley (President)

  • Member International Society of Hypnosis.
  • Deregistered by Psychology Board for having sex with a client who died shortly after.68

Graham Dene Burrows

  • Order of Australia Medal.
  • Authored books on hypnosis.
  • Provided reference in failed attempt to reinstate associate Robert Stanley’s
    psychology registration.
  • Photographed hosting Martin Orne at his home on 22 August 1979.
  • Victorian Medical Board reluctantly ‘investigated’ him in 2011 after the media
    reported they had received 100 complaints about him in three days.69 (Used patient
    as guinea pig, resulting in suicide. Destroyed patient medical file to prevent
    investigation into his over-prescription of drugs causing kidney failure.)
  • Retrospectively diagnosed father as mentally ill and so not responsible for throwing
    his four-year-old off a bridge.70 (Criticised by presiding judge. Accused of concocting
    the evidence by MP who demanded the University of Melbourne sack him.)

Jerome Gelb

  • Co-founded the AFMA in consultation with FMSF.
  • Branded ‘mentally unstable’ after bringing a loaded handgun to court. A subsequent
    police raid found a cache of illegal weapons (800 rounds, guns, knives, cattle prod)
    stored in his home.71

Edward Ogden

  • Worked for the Victorian Police Force (who were outed by Dr Reina Michaelson as
    Luciferian pedophiles).
  • Said, ‘Mind-control is a fantasy of the Cold War.’
  • Involved in various drug experiments.

David Millikan

  • ‘Cult investigator’ who said, ‘only middle-class people join cults.’
  • Worked for the ABC with Nevill Drury.
  • Co-authored ABC book with Drury promoting Christianity and New Age compatibility.
  • Drury was a Luciferian and Shaman who took LSD at the Esalen Institute.
  • Drury promoted Michael Aquino.
  • Drury wrote the only authoritative biography of Rosaleen Norton, the notorious
    1950s-60s ‘Witch of Kings Cross’ who worshipped Pan, Hecate, Lilith and Lucifer, and
    practised Kundalini yoga, out-of-the-body trance exploration, and Aleister Crowley’s
    Thelemic sex magick.

Jan Groenveld

  • ‘Investigated cults’ with David Millikan.
  • Daughter is a Satanic Ritual Abuse victim.
  • CAN (Cult Awareness Network) member with MK-ULTRA US Army doctor Col. Louis
    Jolyon West (my perpetrator).
  • Founded Australia’s Cult Awareness Information Centre.
  • Trained in MK-ULTRA developed Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • Influenced by Steven Alan Hassan (CAN member mentored by NLP creator John

Yolande Lucire

  • Demonstrated a Scientology approach to psychiatric medication.
  • Agreed to not administer psychiatric treatment to a Scientologist’s daughter who
    consequently killed her father.
  • Member Australia’s Cult Awareness Information Centre.

The Freyds were stepsiblings who married. They coined the term ‘false memory
syndrome’ in response to being accused of sexually abusing their daughter Dr Jennifer Freyd,
a University of Oregon Psychology Professor who outed them at a 1993 mental health
conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On 17 April 1995, Peter Freyd’s brother William wrote an
open letter to WGBH-Boston, criticising the TV station’s inexplicable bias in favour of the False
Memory Syndrome Foundation:
There is no doubt in my mind that there was severe abuse in the home of Peter and
Pam…The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a fraud designed to deny a reality
that Peter and Pam have spent most of their lives trying to escape.72

Ralph Underwager was a founding FMSF member. In June 1991, Joseph Geraci, Editor-in-Chief
of the pro-pedophilia publication, Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia interviewed Ralph
Underwager in Amsterdam. During this interview, Geraci asked Underwager, ‘Is choosing
pedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?’ Underwager responded:
Certainly, it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more
about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition.

Pedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a
pedophile needs to do that. Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they
choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a
theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and
intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people.

A pedophile can say: ‘This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made.’ Pedophiles are too defensive. They go around saying, ‘You people out there are saying that what I choose is bad, that it’s no good. You’re putting me in prison, you’re doing all these terrible things to me. I have
to define my love as being in some way or other illicit.’ What I think is that pedophiles
can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With
boldness, they can say, ‘I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.’ They have the right
to make these statements for themselves as personal choices. Now, whether or not
they can persuade other people they are right is another matter.

Ralph Underwager gave crucial evidence in Australia’s notorious ‘Mr Bubbles’ case in
which children were sexually and ritually abused while attending Sydney’s Seabeach
Kindergarten. Underwager was interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes in an episode, Witness
for Mr Bubbles, which aired 5 August 1990. Reporter Mike Munro stated:
Six weeks ago (17 June 1990) we brought you a story that a number of people,
including some in high places, wanted to keep secret: the case against Mr Bubbles.

In that report, parents named Tony Deren as the man who had sexually assaulted their
children. Deren’s wife ran the kindergarten they attended. Tonight, we investigate
another crucial aspect of this disturbing case. You remember, police listed seventeen
young victims, and more than fifty (54) criminal charges were eventually laid. But when
the Mr Bubbles case went to court, not one of the children was called to give evidence.
The charges were thrown out, and Tony Deren was set free.

One of the key Deren witnesses was a hired gun from the United States, a psychologist
named Ralph Underwager, who says he’s an expert in child sexual abuse. He testified
that the children’s evidence had been contaminated, and they were too young to know
what the truth was… This is Ralph Underwager, psychologist. He was paid $25,000 and
gave crucial evidence in favour of Tony Deren; evidence which helped Deren walk free…
Always the same story: three and four-year-olds being lured into bubble baths with a
man who sexually abused them.

Professor Kim Oates: Having examined them, and talked with them, I’m absolutely
convinced the children were sexually abused.
Reporter: There’s absolutely no doubt?
Oates: No doubt at all
Reporter: That’s the evidence Professor Kim Oates wanted to give in court. But he was
never asked. As head of the Child Protection Unit at the Camperdown Children’s
Hospital in Sydney, he’s known around the world as an expert in detecting child sexual
Reporter: So, we have 18 children who were examined, five of whom your staff say
were definitely sexually abused, and all of them from the same preschool. What’s your
reaction to that?
Oates: Well, I think if you look at the incidence of significant child sexual abuse in the
community, significant enough to lay physical findings in the preschool age group, I
think it’s extraordinary.
Reporter: This is Debbie’s medical report. Once again, it was positive; there was sexual
Debbie’s Mother: I was entirely spun out on that because I, at that point, had been
trying to tell myself that, no, this wasn’t happening, it wasn’t true, who would interfere
with my child.
2nd Child: (wasn’t identified): I put some things in his body, and he put some things in
my body, but I didn’t want him to.
Reporter: Cindy’s medical report confirms she was abused. The doctor found signs
consistent with traumatic dilatation of the anus… This is Boroko Court House, Port
Moresby, New Guinea. In 1972, Deren was brought here, charged with the aggravated
assault of two young girls. He’d interfered with them in a swimming pool. Something
Deren admits. And both charges were proven. There’s no doubt scores of questions
remain unanswered in the Mr Bubbles case, and some of them relate to Ralph
Underwager, the expert witness Tony Deren paid to testify on his behalf. Ralph
Underwager was imperative to Tony Deren’s defence. As a supposed independent
expert, he testified that the evidence of the Bubbles children had become
contaminated. And, they were too young to understand their duty to tell the truth. But,
here in America, we’ve certainly discovered Underwager’s reputation and credentials
aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Dr Salter: Well, he is someone who makes his living going around the country and
testifying against children in child sexual abuse cases. He says the same thing in
essentially every case. Which is every…
Reporter: And Anna Salter knows what she’s talking about. A PhD from Harvard, and
a master’s degree in Early Childhood. She says young children can be believed.
Dr Salter: This is consistent with the literature. If you look at what is the best legal
textbook in the country today on children as witnesses, ‘Child Witness: Theory and
Practice,’ Malcolm Meyers says clearly children as young as three can comprehend the
duty to tell the truth.
Reporter: And this man is a highly respected legal scholar in America?
Dr Salter: I think he’s fairly clearly the chief leading scholar on child sexual abuse in the
Reporter: Six American states have given Dr Salter a grant to check Underwager’s
methods in court. And what did she find?
Dr Salter: That he isn’t accurate. That what he says in court does not necessarily fairly
represent the literature.
Reporter: He distorts the facts.
Dr Salter: Uh, frequently. Sometimes he quotes specific studies, and he’s frequently
wrong about what the studies say.
Reporter: So, we thought we’d get Dr Salter to analyse the evidence Underwager gave
under oath at the Mr Bubbles hearing, where he testified his qualifications had never been questioned.

But in an American case, the Swann case, this is what the courts said
about Mr Underwager.
Dr Salter: The court remains convinced the psychologist did not have the qualifications
to testify as a doctor. The trial court ruled that the psychologist’s proposed testimony
was not proper because there was no indication that the results of the doctor’s work
had been accepted in the scientific community.
Reporter: In the Mr Bubbles case, he said his qualifications were never in question…
Now, the second incident, in the Mr Bubbles case, was where Underwager said that 90
percent of accusations against child molesters are wrong. Now, is that backed up
Dr Salter: No, that’s gobbledegook. I don’t know of any study that would support that…
Reporter: Ralph Underwager was hired to defend Polly’s father. And as usual, he
testified that nothing had happened. It was all a delusion, and Polly had simply made
the whole story up. But then, Underwager was cross-examined by Polly’s lawyer, Eric
Lawyer: He used the theory that it was a delusion of the child that she was doing a
favour for the mother by saying this happened when it really didn’t happen, to gain
the favour and to be the apple of the eye of the mother.
Reporter: A delusion that she was continually raped over four days.
Lawyer: That’s right.
Reporter: The jury took only an hour to decide Polly Barnes was telling the truth, and
that Ralph Underwager’s testimony that nothing had happened, could be ignored. In
fact, Underwager’s evidence was rejected so much, the jury awarded Polly three and
a quarter million dollars… So, while Underwager was being rejected here in America,
he had no such trouble at the Mr Bubbles hearing in Australia where he testified that
the children were too young to tell the truth… Ralph Underwager has testified for the
defendants in about 400 child abuse cases.

Royal Commissioner James Wood used the gangrenous writings of CIA psychologist
Elizabeth Loftus to dismiss multiple witness accounts of organised pedophilia and ritual
abuse. Wood’s Final Report referenced Loftus’ 1994 book, The Myth of Repressed Memory:
False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse, to support his conclusions:
a. ‘False memories’ of Ritual Abuse can be artificially created as a result of third person
b. A victim of Ritual Abuse can’t experience dissociation and repression of traumatic
memories, and
c. Ritual Abuse victims are female ‘attention-seeking’ hypochondriacs whose flashbacks
may be attributed to overly zealous female therapists.

Loftus’ 1994 book was not a scientifically conducted, peer reviewed research publication. It
was just a book.
At the time of her 1994 book release, Loftus had published one study relevant to her
‘false memory’ theory, an experiment which examined university students’ memory for films
of car accidents.73

In 1995, Loftus co-published the notorious Lost in a Shopping Mall study.74 75 76 77 78
Loftus’ assigned University of Washington postgraduate student James Coan as chief coinvestigator
for her mall study. Subjects’ family members were asked to provide James Coan
with three true childhood stories about the subjects, and to describe a typical family shopping
trip. Based on the shopping trip descriptions, a false story was created for each subject about
getting lost as a child during a shopping trip. Subjects were told their family members said the
events ‘had happened.’ The subjects were asked to repeat the stories and to try and
remember more details. Finally, the subjects were told that one of the memories was false
and asked to choose the false memory.

Elizabeth Loftus conducted and published this research before receiving ethical
approval for the study. Loftus added a second interview plus another evaluation scale to the
research protocol long after the study was approved on 10 August 1992.
James Coan reported in his 1993 honours thesis that only 6/24 subjects completed the
study, and zero subjects created a false memory.79 80 Crook and Dean (1999) analysed Loftus’
data and discovered only 2/24 subjects likely completed the study.81

First year psychology students are taught, a minimum of n=10 subjects is required for valid statistical analysis. So, Loftus blatantly lied when she reported: ‘Of the 24 total, 19 subjects correctly chose the
getting-lost memory as the false one, while the remaining five incorrectly thought that one of
the true events was the false one… These findings reveal that people can be led to believe
that entire events happened to them after suggestions to that effect.’82

The raw data from the shopping mall study were subpoenaed by defence attorneys in
Burgus v. Braun. Loftus successfully obtained a gag order for her fraudulent data. The case
settled on 31 October 1997 and the data returned to Loftus.
Elizabeth Loftus published another lab experiment in 1996.83 This examined, ‘whether
imagining events from one’s past can affect memory for childhood events.’ A total of 38
undergraduate psychology students (young female university students studying the same course) participated in the study for course credit. Loftus asked the students to imagine
described events such as tripping over or falling through a window.

The characteristics of Elizabeth Loftus’ samples made it inappropriate for her to
generalise findings from her studies to the population at large. And yet Loftus drew
conclusions from these severely flawed studies about the reliability of child abuse memories,
and the possibility that a parent or therapist could create false memories of child abuse in a
person who has experienced trauma of the most severe kind. Loftus basically equated a
psychology student’s experience of watching a car crash film or imagining themselves falling
over – with real life accounts of being systematically raped and tortured throughout one’s
development. That is beyond preposterous.

Elizabeth Loftus’ conclusions failed to hold up under cross examination. In 1994, Lynn
Crook successfully sued Loftus. Lawyer Barbara Jo Levy asked Loftus, ‘If you are asked to
testify about your experiments of implanting false memories, would you use those first six?’
Loftus replied, ‘No, I don’t think I will use the first six’ (Transcript, p.61).
In December 1995, two women filed ethics complaints against Elizabeth Loftus with
the American Psychological Association, claiming she had misrepresented their successful
recalled-memory lawsuits to the media. Loftus resigned from the APA in January 1996, so the
APA dropped their investigation.

A Washington Post article entitled, In the Sharon Case, a Grilling to Remember (27
October 2006) described a damning cross examination of Elizabeth Loftus:
But when Fitzgerald got his chance to cross-examine Loftus about her findings, he had
her stuttering to explain her own writings and back pedalling from her earlier
assertions. Citing several of her publications, footnotes and the work of her peers,
Fitzgerald got Loftus to acknowledge that the methodology she had used at times in
her long academic career was not that scientific, that her conclusions about memory
were conflicting, and that she had exaggerated a figure and a statement from her
survey of D.C. jurors that favoured the defence.

In 2003, Nicole Tau successfully sued Loftus for invasion of privacy. At age six years,
during a videotaped interview by a medical doctor, Tau had accused her mother of child
abuse. Tau subsequently forgot her abuse but spontaneously recalled it at age 17 years.
Corwin and Olafson (1997) published an article about the case, favouring the notion that
repressed memory of childhood abuse can be recalled. Elizabeth Loftus set out to discredit
Tau by hiring a private investigator to locate Tau. The PI lied to Tau’s family by pretending to
be Corwin’s research assistant. Loftus subsequently published an article based on the PI’s
interviews with Tau’s family in which she identified Tau as a victim of crime. Tau filed an ethics
complaint against Loftus in 1999 with the University of Washington who upheld the

During a 2013 TED Talk about memory, Loftus intentionally misrepresented the basic
facts of Nicole Tau’s case by saying it was about a ‘woman’ who ‘accused her mother of sexual
abuse based on a repressed memory.’ Loftus knowingly omitted crucial facts of the case: that
Tau was six years old when she made the report, then forgot the memory, and then
spontaneously and accurately recalled the memory 11 years later at age 17 years.

A 1994 FMS newsletter documented the influence the CIA pedophiles had on
Australian therapists. The following is a letter to the FMA from Jerome Gelb (the psychiatrist
who took a loaded handgun to court):

The Australian False Memory Association has now been formally organized. The links
between the AFMA and Australian professionals seem strong and the fact that the
Australian Psychological Society [APS] has already established guidelines for recovered
memory situations indicates a positive and determined approach by professionals to
deal with the problem.

A letter from Dr Jerome Gelb, a psychiatrist in Australia, affirms this optimism. He
states, ‘I am writing to keep you up to date with events in Australia regarding FMS and
Recovered Memory Therapy. Australian Psychiatrists are, apart from very few
exceptions, fully aware of the iatrogenesis of so-called repressed memories, MPD and
Satanic Abuse. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has been
helpful in publishing on the issue.’

Dr Gelb mentioned the television and newspaper articles that have recently appeared
in Australia noting that they understand the iatrogenic nature of some memories. Dr
Gelb said that he had published a detailed letter to the Editor in the December 1994
RANZCP Journal of Psychiatry and that the journal of Australasian Psychiatry, Vol 2, No
4, August 1994, pp 179-180 had published his article, ‘Reality Revisited.’

Dr Gelb went on to write that, ‘I feel that public opinion in Australia is supportive and
the media is also. Most importantly, Australian Psychiatrists are almost universally
wary of American therapy fads and are highly critical of poorly trained therapists and
the inappropriate use of suggestion, persuasion and memory recovery techniques of
all kinds. Please let your membership know of these developments.’ 84

The APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories were introduced on 27 October

  1. According to the 1994 US FMS newsletter, the APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered
    Memories were adapted from a book written by MK-ULTRA hypnosis researchers Australian
    Peter W. Sheehan and Kevin M. McConkey which was based on their hypnosis research.85
    Kevin McConkey and Peter Sheehan then presented their views at the 28th Annual Congress
    of the Australian Society of Hypnosis. Their presentation paper was subsequently published.86
    Presenters at that same conference included the usual suspects:
  • Graham D. Burrows (Chairman, Board of Education, Australian Society of Hypnosis)
  • Jeffrey Zeig (Rented out Disneyland for two nights for the Psychotherapy conferences
    at which Milton Ericson & Carl Rogers trained attendees in their MK-ULTRA methods.)
  • Barry J. Evans (MK-ULTRA trained under Martin Orne at Sydney University).
  • Greg J. Coman, University of Melbourne, co-authored books with Barry J. Evans.

Note that the 2019 Annual Congress of the Australian Society of Hypnosis featured a
workshop in ‘Shamanic healing through altered consciousness’ to ‘explore the Lower, Middle
and Upper worlds that a shamanic journey can take one to. Each level represents an area of
consciousness…’ I did that workshop too – at age six.

Peter Sheehan (Australian Catholic University) and Kevin McConkey (University of
NSW) both conducted hypnosis research with MK-ULTRA psychiatrist Martin T. Orne. 87 Kevin
McConkey was the current APS President, and his hypnosis book was currently in press, when
the APS introduced their Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories that he co-authored.
Here are the key points from APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories that stopped
Australian psychologists acknowledging the existence of ritual abuse and mind control, and
treating victims of extreme abuse, for the following 25 years:

– Memories can be altered, deleted, and created by events that occur during and after
the time of encoding, and during the period of storage, and during any attempts at
– Although some clinical observations support the notion of repressed memories,
empirical research on memories generally does not. Moreover, the scientific evidence
does not allow general statements to be made about any relationship between trauma
and memory.
– The available scientific and clinical evidence does not allow accurate, inaccurate, and
fabricated memories to be distinguished in the absence of independent corroboration.
– Assumptions that adult problems may or may not be associated with repressed
memories from childhood can’t be sustained by available scientific evidence.
– Psychologists should be alert to the role that they may play in creating or shaping false
– Psychologists should seek to meet the needs of clients who report memories of abuse
and should do this quite apart from the truth or falsity of those reports.
– Psychologists should explore with the client the meaning and implications of the
memory for the client, rather than focus solely on the content of the reported memory.
– Psychologists should be aware that research is needed to understand more about
trauma-related memory, techniques to enhance memory, and techniques to deal
effectively with childhood sexual abuse.

Let me place things into perspective: The men who wrote these APS Guidelines trained
under Martin Orne who, according to US Congressional witness testimony, raped, tortured
and murdered children in the name of national security and psychological research. Here is
my retort to the above points:

– There is zero scientific evidence to support the claim that mainstream therapists can
create false memories. Only MK-ULTRA doctors possess the knowledge and military
technology to radically alter memory. Memories can only be deleted during and after
encoding using unethical hypnosis, illicit drugs, torture, and cutting-edge medical
– ‘False memory syndrome’ is not a recognised mental health condition, has no clinical
history or symptomology (when Repressed Memory has both) and does not feature in
the DSM.
– A range of studies using various methodologies across cultures support a causal
relationship between trauma and dissociation (alterations in memory and identity).
One research team found, ‘strong empirical support for the hypothesis that trauma
causes dissociation, and that dissociation remains related to trauma history when
fantasy proneness is controlled. We find little support for the hypothesis that the
dissociation-trauma relationship is due to fantasy proneness or confabulated
memories of trauma.’ 88
– The APS basically ruled that unless the therapist can find a third-party witness to the
abuse, they should not work with – or even acknowledge as substantially true – the
client’s abuse memories. The APS should apply the same rule for every experience a
client brings to therapy, otherwise that is bias. Courts consider an individual’s witness
testimony a form of evidence, yet the APS does not. Perpetrators are adept at
concealing their crimes and eliminating witnesses, a fact the APS ignores.
– Genuine belief in a client’s testimony is essential for establishing rapport and eliciting
client trust. Therapists can’t possibly meet the therapeutic needs of Extreme Abuse
victims unless they believe and understand the abuse account. A client will trust
sufficiently to disclose their abuse details, and therefore integrate, only once they
perceive the therapist sincerely believes them. Empathy and belief can’t be feigned
toward hypervigilant high IQ victims.
– Victims will never process and heal from extreme childhood abuse unless therapy
focusses on the actual abuse memories, including the thoughts and feelings
experienced during the childhood trauma incident, instead of what the adult victim
presently thinks and feels about their memories of Extreme Abuse.


Elizabeth Loftus was discredited, professionally disciplined, and successfully sued in
the USA for her blatant lack of ethical conduct and unscientific methodology. Despite this,
Loftus’ unproven opinion regarding memory: (a) was the basis for Royal Commissioner James
Wood’s dismissal of multiple independent reports of Ritual Abuse; (b) provides the Australian
blueprint for dismissing the nature and existence of extreme child abuse within mental health,
education, and forensics; and (c) underpins all psychology teaching and educational texts in
Australia. Most Australian psychology textbooks are American imports. Mine were. A 2014
study examined three undergraduate psychology textbooks and found, all three concluded that child abuse memories are likely false.89 All three textbooks referenced Loftus’ writings.

Owing to this unfounded and illogical embracement of Loftus’ opinion:

  • Australian universities and educational materials teach psychology students that most
    child abuse memories are false, and repressed trauma memories are particularly
  • Regulatory bodies deter psychologists from acknowledging the validity of repressed
    child abuse memories and working with implicit trauma memories.
  • Australian psychology students receive no training in the Trauma Model approach.
  • Australian therapists receive zero training in recognising or treating ritual abuse and
    mind control.
  • NSW Victims of Crime counselling services forbade the use of scientifically validated,
    effective tools like EMDR for processing implicit abuse memories (until I publicly
    accused them of withholding treatment). A therapist can only use EMDR if they tape
    the sessions; yet this is not required for other, less effective treatment modalities.
  • University criminology lecturers do not teach future Australian law enforcement
    officials that child trafficking is run as a single, integrated global operation.

Bond University lecturers strongly endorsed the flawed ‘false memory syndrome’
writings of USA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus. The Royal Commission commended my
submission against Loftus’ writings and my condemnation of her association with the False
Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). The FMSF was founded by Peter Freyd and his wife
(and stepsister) Pamela after their daughter, Professor Jennifer Freyd, accused Peter of child
sexual abuse. Apart from founding the FMSF, Peter has publicly endorsed paedophilia as a
responsible lifestyle choice and allowing siblings to marry. The effect of the FMSF has been to
discredit child abuse witness testimony and the existence of well organised pedophile rings.

The Australian and UK definition of ‘Fixated Person’ and the associated Fixated
Research Groups and Fixated Threat Assessment Centres are the brainchild of CIA/MI6
forensic psychiatrist Paul Mullen. Here are some of Mullen’s secret service career highlights:

  • Worked with MK-ULTRA Subproject 84 hypnosis doctors including Peter W. Sheehan.
  • Court-appointed expert in the MK-ULTRA Chelmsford Hospital medical negligence
    case (involving which Ewan Cameron’s trainee Harry Bailey).
  • First non-military defence expert to enter the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, site
    of Martin Seligman’s CIA torture program.
  • Heads the Fixated Person Research Groups linked to the FBI, MI6, and Tavistock (UK’s
    mind control hub).
  • Contracted by the British Royal Family.
  • Interviewed Melbourne Hoddle Street shooter, Julian Knight.
  • Assessed alleged Port Arthur shooter, Martin Bryant.
  • Publicly presented the Christchurch NZ massacre script and shooter profile two weeks
    before the event.
  • Supports false memory writings of CIA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus.

Port Arthur
Paul Mullen was the court-appointed psychiatrist who assessed Martin Bryant, the
young man forced to change his plea to guilty and so receive 35 life sentences for the Port
Arthur massacre. After a 3.5-hour interview, Mullen claimed Martin Bryant possessed an IQ
of 60. It is neurologically impossible for someone whose intelligence level sits at the bottom
2% of the population to kill 19 people in 20 seconds. That head shot rate is not achievable by
the world’s most elite snipers, whose intelligence level must sit in the top 1% of the
population because high visual-spatial IQ is essential for accurate shooting ability.

Christchurch Shooting
Paul Mullen ‘coincidentally’ popped up at four mass shootings in Australia and New
Zealand. He was working in Melbourne in 1987 where he interviewed the Hoddle Street
shooter, Julian Knight. Then he moved to Aramoana in New Zealand in time for David Gray’s
1990 shooting massacre. Then he returned to Melbourne in time for the Tasmanian
Government to request he interview Martin Bryant in 1996. And he just happened to be
visiting New Zealand for the 2019 mass shooting in Christchurch. Two weeks prior to the
Christchurch massacre, Mullens spoke at Melbourne’s Sofitel hotel where he released an
exact script for what unfolded in NZ, and profiled the white, right-wing extremist type who
poses the new terror threat, and which fit the alleged shooter.

False Memory Fan
Paul Mullen’s research interests include: Litigious and Chronic Complainers, and the
Long-Term Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse – the ideal combination for silencing outspoken
victims of CIA child trafficking. Paul Mullen was quoted in a 1994 False Memory Syndrome
Foundation newsletter as saying:102

The precedence accorded child sexual abuse has also had negative consequences,
socially and scientifically, particularly in distracting attention away from physical and
emotional abuse and from the whole context of disadvantage and neglect in which
the sexual abuse often occurs.

Not surprisingly, Paul Mullen is a child abuse denier and an advocate of Elizabeth
Loftus’ discredited false memory opinion. Mullen claimed, ‘the basis of the recovered-memory
theory was flawed … there were no specific symptoms that came from childhood abuse.’103 In
his book Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Evidence-Based Perspective,104 Mullen denies the
phenomenon of repressed trauma memories being stored in the right implicit brain and
accessible via appropriate therapy:

On the other side of the debate have been equally powerful defences of the capacity
of therapists to bring to consciousness repressed memories that on occasion, it is
asserted, provide detailed and veridical narratives of actual abuse… However, contrary
to these claims, the main problem following trauma is an inability to forget rather than a complete loss of the memory of the event… Psychogenic amnesia following trauma
may occur, but usually the individuals are well-aware of the gap in their memory.
There are claims that memories of CSA are laid down in the brain through a unique
process that does not apply to other forms of trauma and that can be recovered via
the sensorimotor system… This remains an unproven hypothesis…
Current theories of memory emphasize that memories are not replicas of the events
themselves but imperfect and subjectively modified records of how we have
experienced those events…

That it is possible to influence the memories of others by suggestion is established
(Loftus, 1993) . . . Both client and therapist may believe they are overcoming the forces
of repression and revealing the true narrative of the abuse, but how much the
expectations, assumptions, and theoretical commitments of both participants are
producing a new construction remains in question.

When a repressed memory contains a detailed image of a location the victim never
visited apart from during her child abuse, and when the victim physically visits that place as
an adult and discovers everything in that abuse location is exactly as the victim recalled it
during a flashback or therapy – that constitutes evidence of reliable repressed child abuse
memories. I experienced this in 1993 when I visited Sutherland Hospital. There is no record
of my ever having been admitted or treated at Sutherland Hospital. My parents never took
me there during my Sydney childhood. Yet I knew the layout of an internal ER room at
Sutherland Hospital. I visited the hospital at age 23 in search of the room I awoke in after
suffocating in a grave at age eight years. A triage nurse kindly led me to a room out of public
bounds which looked exactly as I remembered and drew it. The walls were clad in pale blue
tiles, the door and furniture were positioned exactly like in my therapy drawing, and the
original oxygen bottle sat at the head of the very stainless-steel table I was laid on. ‘This is
where you would have come if you had suffocated,’ the nurse told me.

Corydon Hammond said in his legendary Greenbaum Speech:
When you start to find the same highly esoteric information in different states and
different countries, from Florida to California, you start to get an idea that there’s
something going on that is very large, very well coordinated, with a great deal of
communication and systematic-ness to what’s happening. So, I have gone from
someone kind of neutral and not knowing what to think about it all, to someone who
clearly believes ritual abuse is real, and that the people who say it isn’t are either naive
like people who didn’t want to believe the Holocaust – or they’re dirty.

Paul Mullen, who denies the true nature of child abuse induced trauma, who
embraces the pro-pedophile writings of discredited Elizabeth Loftus, who hangs around CIA
MK-ULTRA torture and mind control facilities, who leaps the Tasman sea in time for every
Australasian mass shooting, and who, despite being a ‘world renown expert’ excluded
irrefutable evidence that it was neurologically impossible for a mentally disabled man with an IQ of 60 to have committed the crime (thereby condemning an innocent man to life in prison)

Mullen is the main driving force behind new Orwellian legislation and protocols which are being
used to effectively target and silence vocal victims and witnesses to government organised
child sex trafficking.

I used hypnosis long after I integrated my Core, and once I felt sufficiently stabilised.
Hypnosis returned me to the state of consciousness I was in at the time of the abuse, thereby
granting me unprecedented access to my hypnosis-related memories. I found it beneficial for
processing deep, residual memories. My therapist combined hypnosis with EMDR, which
accessed the most deeply buried memories.

If you could undergo hypnosis with a clean expert like Corydon Hammond, I’d say ‘go
for it.’ Find Hammond’s astounding Greenbaum Speech on YouTube and consult his hypnosis
handbook 501 to gain idea of the base hypnotherapy skill and understanding required to work
with ritual abuse and mind control. Review Shapiro’s comparison of EMDR versus hypnotically
induced abreaction. 502 Read Secret Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (1998) by Carla
Emery, for a comprehensive overview of the history of unethical hypnosis. If your therapist
does not know or agree with this reading material, move on. If your therapist mimics what
Wendy-Louise Walker practised – run.

Fiona’s References

73 E. Loftus & J. Palmer (1974). Reconstruction of Automobile Destruction. Journal of Verbal Learning and
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501 Hammond, D.C. (1990) Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors. American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.
502 Read Secret Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (1998) by Carla

Eyes Wide Open Lockdown Edition [5]

The Corydon Hammond that Fiona mentions gave the Greenbaum Speech, a classic speech on Ritual Abuse, which you can read about here Greenbaum Speech by DC Hammond [3]

The perverted psychopathic individuals who organise this mind control and their minions, of course take their disinformation to another level. A therapists under their control has actually told a patient that they have been subjected to child abuse even when they have not been. This is what Brett Bluth has reported about David Hamblin. The therapist then went on to abuse the patient. UT7 – David Hamblin Utah County Mormon Ritual Abuse [UT96] The cabal can then say that the memories are false and iatrogenic.

This post [6] 2022 Jul 14 cathy fox blog Real Memories Fake False Memory Foundation

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