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Targeted Individuals are still a taboo subject. It is easier to avoid them then face up to the torture that they go though.

They can also appear paranoid, which makes people uncomfortable, but indeed that is part of the intention of the targeting and the gang stalking as well…

My own ideas of why they target individuals are

  • Test technologies of remote control
  • Shut people up that know too much
  • Discredit victims of abuse of various sorts including monarch mind control and child sexual abuse and satanic ritual abuse
  • Thrill of power, control, torture by these sick individuals who do this

and of course there may be others.

The methods and technologies they use are outlined well in Fighting Monarchs blogs. Indeed since I started this post, Fighting Monarch has written a great post on Stephen, so it is worth checking that out.

Fighting Monarch Stephen Shellen The Spark [7]

Also since I started this post, Justice Heroes has produced another great post on Stephen and the film, so please check that out.

Justice Heroes Stephen Shellen [5]

Both are far more extensive than mine was going to be, so I will make this post short.

There is also this review from last year, and i include a short excerpt.  “The Spark” Art Film Debuts Online — Stephen Shellen’s Tour-de-Force on Post 9/11 Surveillance [4]

A prime target of the intelligence agency complex for well over a decade, Stephen Shellen informs his cinematic tour-de-force, with a wealth of first-hand knowledge of surveillance-state crimes. “The Spark” illuminates these insidious and covert surveillance crimes of unimaginable horror, with a leading actor who is held in absolute possession by his character, and simultaneously, poured every last drop of blood, sweat and tears at his command, into financing and directing this seminal 21st century film.

In fact, Stephen Shellen has, with the release of “The Spark” effectively, redefined the boundaries of the potential cultural significance a film can have. What I’m referring to here, when I say “cultural significance”, is an emotionally and visually mesmerizing “truth-bomb” — dropped right on the head of deep-state factions that have been covertly waging an all out information war, on all the world’s populations since September 11th 2001.

Stephen has now made a festival screening copy available free, and it is well worth a watch of this quality screening copy of the film to see the depths of depravity that the state / deep state has been dredging to surveil and harrass individuals for their cruel purposes…


Other resources are immediately below and later after this posts links

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]


[1] Vimeo The Spark Stephen Shellen

[2] Twitter Stephen Shellen

[3] Twitter Fighting Monarch

[4] 2019 Steemit “The Spark” Art Film Debuts Online — Stephen Shellen’s Tour-de-Force on Post 9/11 Surveillance

[5] 2020 Aug 24 Justice Heroes Stephen Shellen

[6] Justice Heroes

[7] 2020 Aug 29 Fighting Monarch Stephen Shellen The Spark

[101] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Twitter Threads

[101] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads Numbers with [b] are pingthread save threads

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

[Y] Survivorship

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…


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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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7 Responses to Targeted Individuals – The Spark

  1. mengenlehre says:

    my idea is: Help-Line to call, 1) Team goes out to persons place and starts to shield person & place or remove them to safety. 2) Team checks the Teams that work ON them with all the reknown staff and technologies 3) Team that puts this into public, puts this to court, puts this to attention 4) Team that manages safty places – REAL safe! :-)


  2. Tami gibbs says:

    I love your idea


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