Sex Slavery – Slave Girl Return to Hell by Sarah Forsyth and Tim Tate

Human trafficking and sex trafficking is finally moving up the agenda after Trumps Executive order against it in December 2017. Daily Caller FINALLY! President Trump Freezes Assets Of Human Traffickers [47]

People are wondering whether this will result in the mass arrests of any child abusers or traffickers linked to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. [It should be recognised that this is not a partisan issue as the Republicans are full of child abusers as well]

I have this unfinished blog that I had written on sex slavery. As I do not have the Tim Tate book just to hand, I cannot finish it in the way I wanted so some parts at the end are just notes. The post contains useful information for campaigners on human trafficking, mainly in the UK and thus I publish it, albeit imperfect. It also contains links to many court appeals I have published.

This was Tim Tates second book with Sarah Forsyth. 2013  Sarah Forsyth with Tim Tate Slave Girl Return to Hell, Ordinary British Girls are Being Sold into Sex Slavery; I Escaped, But Now I’m Going Back to Help Free Them. This is My True Story. [1] 

I have previously written on Tim Tates work. His book Slave Girl by Sarah Forsyth and Tim Tate [33]  and his documentaries on slavery Slavery Today – Tim Tate [34]

Here is a pot pourri from this second book.

Sarah has finally managed to kick all her addictions, settle down in a flat near her mother, faced up to her past and the mistakes she made in it. She wanted to write a second book and use it to do something about sex trafficking and some of the people involved. She teams up again with Tim Tate who did not recognise her, when he met her again on her doorstep, because she had changed so much.

In London the Poppy Project [which now appears to have been shut down [41]] found an average of 28 brothels in each of Londons Boroughs with 71 in Westminster, home of Scotland Yard and the House of Parliament. At least 1933 prostitutes were found of 77 nationalities with average age of 21.

Many people get an experience of sex trafficking from one point of view and Sarah likens this to the fable of the Elephant and the Blind Men, where each person feels a different part of the elephant and each comes to a different conclusion as to what the beast is. Sarah wanted to get many experiences to get views from different perspectives of the sex industry.


What was the size of the sex slavery elephant?

Punternet [4] PunterNet UK – Escort Reviews and Directory – is a website which men write Service Provider Reviews of the women that they use. From this it is easy to check how many establishments are in your area. Reading between the lines it is possible to assess some of the “service providers” lack of willingness to do the job. Their twitter is @PunterNetUK

The Poppy Report says 97% were from foreign countries. The official story is that these women are supposed to have come thousands of miles, away from home to work in grubby brothels of their own free will.

The alternative and more likely is that they are tricked and trafficked and forced by violence and threats to be penetrated several times a day.

The book gives several examples of sex traffickers around Britain.  The appeals of some of which I have included the links alongside for those that are available. Two links are not appeals, one is a Judicial Review on refugee procedure and one an extradition request, but I have included those as well for information.

  • Mesut Arslan, Ali Arslan, Martin Doci , Valmir Gjetja, Roman Pacan, Edward Facuna,
    Luton /Ealing 2008 Prosecutor Jason Dunn-Shaw: Judge Martin Beddoe [p45] [25]
  • Yi Yuan Geng 6 brothels across London full of women from SE Asia [p62]
  • Carl Pritchett: Birmingham Cuddles Massage Parlour which had 19 women servicing clients [p63] [p187] [26]
  • Josef Demeter, Natasa Demeterova: Sheffield trafficked people for sexual exploitation [p65] South Yorkshire Police turned a blind eye [28]
  • Thomas Carroll, Shamiela Clark, Toma Carroll: Judge Neil Bidder Cardiff 35 brothels across Ulster and Ireland [p68] [27]
  • David Greenwood, Marius Nejloveanu, Bogdan Nejloveanu: Shangri-La, Belle Air Massage parlour, Manchester Police turned  a blind eye. Birmingham Police arrested the girls for prostitution. Cleopatras in Bury 3 brothels. Greenwoods barrister Ms Elizabeth Jane Nicholls said that the brothels operate with the cooperation of the police [p82] Inland Revenue taxed it! [30]
  • Rong Chen, Jason Owen Hinton, Simon Dempsey: Mr Justice Stephens 2012 Kidderminster
  • Anthony Harrison July 2001 Woolwich Crown Court
  • Sergei Konart, Ekaterina Kolesikova: Southwark Crown Court 2011 Oct, Prosecutor Hanna Llewellyn-Waters
  • John Reece Leicester. This is him on a much later charge [31]

After the David Greenwood trial an investigation by ACPO found 5,890 brothels [p84] and 342 in West Midlands alone.

Cuddles Massage Parlour – The 13 EU women were released as they were “legal” workers, even if they  forced to which was not checked. The rest were illegal immigrants and were shipped off. [p197]

So if there are rules to stop brothels in Britain why are so many carrying on with impunity?

Could it be that special branch, and MI5 use this seedy side to their own benefit and they use the information to control people and blackmail people, whilst turning a blind eye to the law and abuse?

Sarah revisited the streets on which she was sold. She met the Amsterdam Scarlet Cord Scharlaken Coord organisation [p142] that gives flowers to prostitutes and treats them as human beings. She met the police anti trafficking squad [p145] [7]

2008 Making the Visible Invisible Report by Karina Schaapman showed that the vast majority of 8,000 women working in sex industry has been forced to do so, by violent pimps and traffickers. Brings in 83 Million Euro per year. Is Amsterdam city council not complicit?

Sex trafficking is a globalised business, Club Paradise is Europes biggest brothel at La Jonquera run by Jose Moreno. In Madrid women were tattooed with barcodes which said  how much the women had cost and who they belonged to [p134]

  • Poppy Project has not been not funded by government after 2009.
  • Katya in Harrow [p200] story and trafficked to Israel. She took on immigration service as they should have known she was victim of trafficking.
  • Newcastle 100 yards from police station [p223] and one of the charged is police. (Who??)
  • Women get charged not men.
  • Prostitutes Collective [9]
  • Not for Sale Campaign [8]
  • Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe [40] [p120]

If authorities are serious about stopping trafficking, then the Police must start enforcing the law on brothels, otherwise they are complicit. MI5 who do nto work for british chidlren or people but appear to be unaccountable to the, and perhaps they actually work for the Rothschilds and banking interests.

Backpage have 70% of the adverts worldwide for prostitutes [43] 2012 Mar 4 Conchita Sarnoff Huffington Post Backpage Not Complying With Requests to Help Stop Sex Trafficking

Dubious owners or shareholders who profit from prostitution, trafficking and the blackmail industry?

Sunshine and transparency needs to fall on these traffickers and the authorities who allow them

There are also some fantastic videos, organsiations and website in the links below. Just to single out two check out Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking [45], and Imprisoned Women blog [38]

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]


[1] 2013  Sarah Forsyth with Tim Tate Slave Girl Return to Hell, Ordinary British Girls are Being Sold into Sex Slavery; I Escaped, But Now I’m Going Back to Help Free Them. This is My True Story.  Paperback ISBN 978 1 78219 226 8

[2] Slavery: A 21st Century Evil – Food chain slaves Season 1 Episode 1

[3] Slavery: A 21st Century Evil Sex slaves Season 1 Episode 2

[4] Punternet

[5] 2015 Jun 23 Birmingham Mail Confidential police reports reveal ‘threats to life’ to failed child sexual exploitation victims

[6] 2015 Jun 24 Daily Mail Police ‘find SLAVES’ in travellers’ camp dawn raid which also nets £155,000 Ferrari, £90,000 Range Rover and a Bentley Golf Cart

[7] Scarlet Cord

[8] Not for Sale Campaign

[9] Prostitutes Collective

[10] Wiki mensenhandel [Dutch for human trafficking]

[11] Free the Slaves

[12] AntiSlavery International

[13] A 21 campaign


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[23] 2015 Jul 28 BBC Human trafficking: The lives bought and sold

[24] 2015 Jul 30 BBC Anti-slavery powers come into force in England and Wales

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[31] 2013 Dec 13 Leicester Mercury Leicester man who attacked partner in street gets suspended sentence as ‘a Christmas present’

[32] 2016 Jul 31 ITV Theresa May announces crackdown on modern slavery

[33] 2015 Jun 23 Cathy Fox Blog  Slave Girl by Sarah Forsyth and Tim Tate

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[35] Unseen uk website



[36] 2004 Jan 30 Mail How Benedict Cumberbatch’s family made a fortune from slavery (And why his roles in films like 12 Years A Slave are a bid to atone for their sins)

[37] wikipedia 12 years a slave

[38] Imprisoned Women blog 

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hard to Track Proves Harder to Fight story of Oksana trafficked from Ukraine to US



[41] POPPY Project The Poppy Project provides support, advocacy and accommodation to trafficked women. They are a first responder for the NRM. Phone: 020 7735 2062 (ask for the POPPY Project duty worker) Email: Website: [No longer found]

[42] Stop the Traffik

[43] 2012 Mar 4 Huffington Post Conchita Sarnoff Backpage Not Complying With Requests to Help Stop Sex Trafficking

[44] PunterNet twitter

[45] Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, Conchita Sarnoff website

[46] Conchita Sarnoff website Trafficked

[47] 2018 Jan 1 Daily Caller FINALLY! President Trump Freezes Assets Of Human Traffickers

[48] Sherloc Case Law Database  Queen v Rong Chen, Simon Dempsey and Jason Owen Hinton

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum


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