Brooke Federline Survivor NWO Supersoldier

One survivors story I have been meaning to explore for some time is Brooke Federline, recommended by Emma from the Imagination. I have finally got round to listening to the first of her interviews with Emma.

Brooke is from New Zealand. At first she thought she was crazy, for the weird things she could remember, and being able to know things that would later happen.

Brooke later found out that she had been told what would happen, in fact had been trained for these times. The amnesia was from trauma based mind control – monarch programming. She had Disney programming amongst others.

Her role was to track train and recruit satan’s army and implement new world order.

Its very important for people to realise that people may be totally unaware they are mind controlled and programmed until a certain trigger or accident or something causes them to very gradually and in a confused fashion start putting the pieces of their life together. Confirmation to Brooke came also by reading others stories like Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien.

She started sharing on facebook about the NWO and how it was going to start first in NZ and Phoenix Arizona. Then on 6/6/16 the police came into her home, sprayed her with with a knockout chemical, kidnapped her, and beat her and reprogrammed that rogue alter.

Part of the cover of Brooke’s book called Breaking the Chains

They knew which alter it was as she cut the name of that alter in to her leg – this must have been a “tell” alter installed to tell if she does anything wrong according to the programmers.

The fact they did this convinced Brooke her that what she was saying must be right.

Her task included killing all of the people that were against it and that was not in her heart. She was so scared that the programming would kick in so she was willing to kill herself so that she wouldn’t do what she was trained to do.

Her family were in the cult, and her grandfather was friends with HRC, Poppy (presumably George Bush senior) and others.

Brooke had to fight through alcoholism from aged 13, early sexual experiences and dissociation amnesia as a result of the abuse.

Individuals like Brooke become targetted individuals as the cabal does not want their secrets revealed and programmed individuals can be attacked with chemical or even a word, sound, colour, telephone call which can lead to a change of alter and being taken back into cabal control. This is scary. It reminds me of Malcolm who had a tattoo Non-consensual , MKUltra Sleeper Assassin Test Subject.

Scopolamine is one of the chemicals they use to knock you out, even as I recall concentrated nicotine spray can be used.

Malcolm Pauly’s story can be read here Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada [6]

The best known of this delta programming is probably Manchurian Candidate Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins [7] 2016 Jan 9 cathyfoxblog

This website is good for learning about programming and how to deprogramme. Deprogramwiki [8]

Also see Brookes book which I believe concentrates on healing rather than her time in the system. It is in the links below available on Etsy – avoids Google and Amazon, well done.

All this is an introduction to Brooke’s first interview with Emma, although there are several more, check out Emm’s Channe. The auto transcript for this one is after the links.

Bitchute EP 21: “Survivor Series Part 8” [2]

The Imagination Shownotes
On the 8th episode of our ‘Survivor Series’, we feature survivor, mother, and author, Brooke Federline, who has been speaking about her story for the last 5 years about growing up in the deep state cult that have been planning for the New World Order. For her entire upbringing, Brooke was unaware of anything unusual about her childhood and from the outside looking in, she appeared to look like any regular person in society. It wasn’t until she started having vivid and disturbing flashbacks and dreams of a past that seemed foreign yet familiar that she began questioning her sanity and investigating her past to find out that everything she thought she knew about her ‘normal’ childhood was anything but normal…

This episode dives into the world that is hidden from plain view and isn’t broadcasted anywhere on mainstream media. An underground world of horrors and deception most of humanity can’t fathom and many call a ‘conspiracy theory’. A world so hidden that it’s existence has gone mostly unnoticed in society until recently. And a riveting story of a young woman who realized only through digging into her surfacing memories that she was a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking, who was taken to D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) for MK Ultra programming (trauma based mind control) and occult training for her entire childhood. Since learning the truth, Brooke has courageously stepped forward to tell her story publicly and is currently authoring her second book (link below for her first book!).

Brooke’s story is important because it gives context to the bigger picture of what she is courageously using her voice to fight against and educate others on. There are still millions of children enslaved in this abusive, global system and business and until we decide to get loud about it and use our voices, their voices will continue to be silenced. I’ve learned so much from Brooke’s teachings and I hope you also take the opportunity to hear her story, follow her journey, and share and educate others on her content so you, too, can be a part of bringing the dark to light.

*Due to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube


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*Due to to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube

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[1] Bitchute s2E7 EP 21: “Survivor Brooke Federline – Elite Child Sex Trafficking, MK Ultra and SRA Survivor”


[3] You Tube BrookeFederline

[5] Brooke Federline Let there be Light book Break The Chains

[6] 2016 Jan 9 cathyfoxblog Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada

[7] 2020 May 29 cathyfoxblog Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins

[8] Deprogramwiki

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0:03 hey brooke how is it going thank you so much for being here with me today

0:08 oh good how are you i’m good you know all things considering hanging in there

0:14 yeah it’s always interesting because i’ve connected with people from the uk and

0:20 here in america all over and now you’re a significant time difference away from me too so it’s always fun to

0:26 see kind of where we are on the planet and how the times align yeah yeah [Laughter]

0:35 yes well your story was one that i knew as soon as i found you um i found you

0:41 through another survivor allison carter and i think a lot of people have found each other through

0:47 just this movement of bringing more awareness and people actually speaking out and your story captivated me and

0:54 touched me in so many different ways because the things that you’ve been through are things that most people have

1:01 never understood happen in the world and they’re things most people even if they

1:06 could understand happen could never understand going through them and i’ve learned so much from you

1:13 i said to you whenever you first got on here that i feel almost starstruck being being with you on this call because i’ve

1:20 learned so much and your influence already on me and on so many people has been so impactful and i know that that’s

1:26 just going to keep continuing as more people hear your story but i wanted to bring you on here um i’d

1:32 love to have you on for another episode or a few episodes to talk about certain topics that might be

1:38 a little bit unfamiliar to people but for this episode i wanted to share

1:44 about you and your story and introduce people to what you’ve been through who you are

1:51 and up to where you are right now so if you wouldn’t mind i’d love if you

1:57 would take the floor and we could start at your childhood if you want and just

2:02 tell as much or as little as you want about about you and your story okay

2:09 um well i grew up in new zealand

2:15 my mum and father uh

2:20 they were teenagers um

2:27 unbeknownst to me that you know mum being a part of the cult so

2:32 whatever story they told me about me being

2:37 conceived is probably not correct so

2:44 yeah but i was born in the north island of new zealand

2:50 and [Music] it’s quite a nice place up there

2:57 and so i went to school and

3:02 went to high school and i had a lot of um yeah i don’t have a lot of memories of

3:09 it because of um the amnesia so school was

3:17 school was alright from what the memories i do have and

3:24 then high school was really difficult i had friends though i made friends and

3:30 we’ve still friends to this day you know there’s only a few people that you’ll ever be able to say your true friends

3:37 and you know so i’m thankful that some of them are the ones that i went through high school with

3:44 a lot of them didn’t know what i was going through at the time

3:50 as i hid everything uh because you were told to hide everything

3:57 and then in my 20s i moved away for a while

4:04 things got

4:10 crazy and i moved

4:15 down to the south island now when i say things got crazy there’s

4:22 a lot of things i don’t actually remember because of the amnesia but i did have a lot of depression anxiety

4:29 and a lot of those sort of ptsd symptoms that

4:36 i didn’t know why i had them um

4:42 i had children not long after i was 30 i didn’t want children

4:47 and i didn’t want children because deep down inside myself i obviously knew what was going to happen

4:55 in the world and i yeah i didn’t want children because of this crappy we’ll just see that was definitely one reason but deep

5:03 down inside i obviously knew about what had gone on in my childhood and the new world order stuff

5:09 but i ended up having some after i was 30 and

5:14 [Music] then i started to

5:20 go to university and go and do psychology and criminal justice

5:26 to work in forensics so i started to

5:31 do part-time and that is when everything started to come unraveling in my life and come to

5:38 pieces that as we are the memories and the dreams that i’d had over the years

5:45 growing up uh came to the forefront and i realized that they possibly weren’t dreams that

5:52 they were actual real events and in psychology one day they put up the

5:59 power and control wheel and i realized that basically um

6:07 they were trying to tell me that it was wrong and my brain literally like snapped it

6:12 was it was like it just went to a grinding halt like and physically something hurt in my

6:19 brain when they were saying that all of the stuff on the power and control well psychological abuse

6:26 emotional abuse physical and sexual abuse was wrong and i was just like huh

6:31 i was like that’s been my whole life what are you talking about it’s wrong that’s just normal

6:37 what are you talking about and so yeah um

6:42 that was the beginning of my breakdown or what you would say is break

6:50 through in my awakening um

6:55 i started to dissociate which is a form of

7:03 escapism uh dissociative identity disorder is

7:10 formally known as multiple personality disorder and there is a lot of amnesia

7:16 around um dissociation and all sorts of crazy things

7:23 started coming out of me excuse me and i was telling people all

7:29 of these different things about the trafficking that’s going on worldwide and about freemasons and illuminati and

7:36 the new world order and satanic rituals mind control

7:42 i was sharing it all but i didn’t even know how or why i knew

7:47 it it was really freaking me out and who are you

7:53 was it your classmates that you were starting to open up to or were there specific people that you were telling

7:59 um online okay mainly and

8:04 then people yes i guess um my husband at the time

8:12 and friends that’s right yeah i did go around some

8:17 churches as well uh yeah and i just and my counselor yeah i didn’t know what

8:24 was going on at all she didn’t know what was going on at all or what any of this stuff was to do with

8:32 the new world order and for people who are listening you might want to grab a pen and paper or

8:37 open up the notes on your phone if you’re able to and just jot some of these things down that you’re going to

8:42 hear today um this is information that you’re never going to see in the news this is information that is coming straight from

8:49 the source and the things that brooke has been through from child sex trafficking to

8:55 satanic ritual abuse to everything in between an mk ultra programming um these

9:01 are going to be a lot of new things that you may have never heard before so if you wouldn’t mind brooke would you be

9:06 able to just give a brief synopsis or kind of elevator pitch on

9:12 what the new world order is because i know that that’ll be a prime topic that we’ll be discussing in this episode and

9:18 the other ones okay yep uh the new world order is basically one

9:24 world government and one world religion of worshiping lucifer

9:30 yeah so obviously one world government

9:35 and that is bringing all of the countries into a

9:41 i guess agreement or group and governing as one

9:47 government and one world religion which is every anything goes

9:54 sort of deal and that will be pushed from the top

10:00 which is at the vatican unfortunately

10:06 satan infiltrated the church and uh yeah so

10:12 they want everybody to worship whisper what they being the spirits behind the people

10:18 that are in power

10:24 and we’ll dive deeper into that i want to spend more time maybe on another episode kind of

10:30 dissecting and going through the structure of who they are and uh what the new world order

10:36 encompasses and kind of more who’s involved and how that’s structured um appreciate you breaking that down and uh

10:43 i think you were talking about who you were explaining your story to you before i interrupted you

10:48 um you want to pick up where you left off as a lot of people just thought i was

10:55 absolutely insane and i even thought i’m myself i was insane

11:00 and it really felt insane because of the post-traumatic stress disorder well

11:05 actually i have complex post-traumatic stress disorder so children who go through so much trauma end up with

11:12 complex ptsd um so that’s something else people can look into

11:18 and then yes everyone just thought i was nuts because all these people were asleep

11:27 have you had any ptsd at all in your life before the breakdown or breakdown

11:33 yeah yeah okay and you just didn’t did you ever what it could be from or did you

11:38 speculate uh so i did have an incident where i was

11:43 about seven years old where um i did some things with a boy

11:50 and uh this would constantly play in my mind and this is what they do

11:57 through the different projects is there’s one trauma that they’ll just make replay so it’s kind of like a

12:02 shadow or something covering the rest anyway this trauma um

12:08 yeah it it was weird because i did this stuff with this young boy and

12:14 most people would say it was sexual abuse but um for me it was really hard because

12:22 i knew what i was doing and i did it really well and

12:28 i never understood how six and seven year old could do that stuff very well

12:35 you know like yeah kissing and you know just all that

12:41 sexual stuff like and so for a long time i was like how did i even know what to do like why

12:48 was i so good at it like at that age that’s just i’m not saying i was you know like what i’m saying yeah that’s

12:55 such a hard topic but you know it’s like i knew what to do i knew how to do it it

13:00 was like how the hell did a child of six years of age know that stuff

13:06 and that’s what i would question all the time and i would i wouldn’t constantly in my mind um would tell me that i was a

13:14 [ __ ] and i was a [ __ ] and i deserved it and i did it i know now that there was the

13:19 programming but um yes i had ptsd all my life suicidal

13:25 self-harmful cutting alcoholic from the age of 13

13:31 um biking to school every day drinking vodka pissed before i got to school nobody

13:38 knew it um not even the teachers yeah

13:43 um so yeah i did have a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms

13:48 hyper vigilance um [Music] and things like that

13:54 but are the dissociation the amnesia masks at all

13:59 so yeah um and then i went through that

14:05 so there was about 13 to 17 years of age and then i had a break for a couple of

14:12 years it wasn’t that bad um and then in my early 20s

14:18 i got into a relationship that i didn’t want to be in um they put me in when i feel

14:26 because they put people along your path so um this person i wasn’t even with

14:31 this person and basically they were guilting me that they were gonna suicide if i wasn’t going to be with them so i

14:38 was stuck in a relationship with that person for four and a half years and that was a real bad time too

14:45 that was all the types of abuse as well apart from physically being hurt

14:51 and then my husband came along which he’s a

14:57 breeder he was interjected into my life right at that time

15:03 i didn’t know at the time and

15:09 then i yeah split up with the other one

15:17 and i never wanted to get married but i

15:22 ended up marrying this person um obviously because it was programming

15:27 uh and then not long after that

15:33 uh it was about a month or so after our wedding that my brother and father had an

15:42 argument and my brother brought up something to do with my mom and the abuse and stuff and that triggered me

15:49 and so then i started to have all this type of post-traumatic stress again

15:54 um depression anxiety all of that self-harm suicidal

16:00 and that went on for another few years and then the earthquakes happened

16:07 we went away so all this entire time over my whole period of my life i’ve always had

16:14 suicidal and self-harmful thoughts depression anxiety all of that so yeah there wasn’t

16:21 like a peach that’s for sure um i would just understand why and from the

16:27 outside it probably looked like you were a rebellious child instead of a traumatized child

16:33 yeah yeah so um so yeah and so that’s what happened when i started to break down

16:38 after going to um university and dissociating but all of this other

16:43 stuff was happening like and it was next level so

16:49 my counselor one day said to me do you think he might be multiple personality disorder

16:56 and basically i said if you and i left i was like what a crazy you know

17:02 beat and i just thought she was nuts and i went home and like something

17:09 obviously later something inside of me or the holy spirit maybe um

17:16 prompted me to look at what it was and it actually made sense to my entire

17:22 life and um so yeah i looked up what dissociative identity disorder was

17:30 anyway um i was real confused

17:36 and because i didn’t understand like i didn’t think i had ever experienced

17:42 anger or sadness or any of these sorts of emotions and obviously that was all amnesic to me

17:51 so i was really frustrated one day and i wondered

17:56 yeah that’s right i was like what is personality and i sat down to think about what my personality might be you

18:03 know like you know am i a happy person or am i you know

18:09 a sad person or i didn’t even know what personality emotions or feelings were at the time

18:15 and i sat down at the table and i was like right what is personality what is

18:20 personality god what is personality and i didn’t even believe in god back then

18:26 and i didn’t even realize it was him anyway but um next minute just like a

18:32 massive download hit me and i was just like writing all over the page all sorts

18:37 of different different types of personality traits and um

18:43 next minute some of these were in different sections and then they also had names and ages and i was like what

18:49 the heck is this and at the top i had written this big name

18:55 and a name and big capital letters and um i knew that that was my name i

19:01 was given and i’m just like freaking out inside of me really going what the hell’s this you

19:07 know like this is nuts but um it actually

19:12 really felt correct you know it was weird

19:17 and so i took that to my counselor the following week and she just like actually i only took half of it i only

19:24 took half a page because i didn’t want to freak her out like because i was freaked out because

19:30 there was 13 parts and that was not different handwritings or was there anything

19:36 eating it yeah and your hands just writing without really your control yeah

19:42 um and um [Music]

19:47 my head i don’t um i know at those stages i’d have lots

19:53 of headaches and the headaches would um come and go but now i know that

19:58 that was the different personality switching because when you first start

20:03 dissociating and switching personalities it brings on a dissociative headache one minute you’ll have a headache and

20:09 then the next minute it will be gone because another part of yourself has

20:15 uh come forward kind of thing that all switched

20:21 um so yeah she was like freaked out a

20:26 little because she’s like um yeah because one week i’m like saying no

20:32 she’s a crazy person and then no this can’t be right and then next minute i’m turning up with this like list of them

20:40 with names and ages and all sorts and just and you know like yeah and one was

20:46 called beast you know and like things like that one was beauty and like at that point i never ever thought that it

20:53 was disney stuff i never clicked for at least a freaking year and a half after

20:58 even knowing about mind control that i had had disney stuff

21:03 because i was like i was like super happy i was like i don’t have any disney stuff i don’t have any disney stuff and

21:09 then um yeah a year and a half later

21:14 somebody said about the movie beauty and the beast and i just flipped i was like oh my gosh

21:21 oh my gosh that’s two of those 13 parts was belle and beast i was like crap i do

21:28 have to stay stuff yes i i’m sorry keep going right

21:35 sideways don’t i um anyway so yeah i showed you that

21:41 we can’t you know and then the next stage really that i remember was

21:47 starting a facebook under that name at the top that i had written

21:53 which was probably the worst idea i could have done but i had no idea at the time

21:59 but that was the mk ultra name that they had given me you know that’s the one that will be on my file

22:05 like der me but anyway and so see what what mk ultra is because

22:11 i know we’re talking about it and you’re explaining it um but just as an overview that term might be really new to people

22:18 okay um it’s monarch programming so that’s something else they can look up trauma based mind control um

22:27 they learnt a number of years prior

22:32 back round the war time and maybe just previous to the war and after

22:38 that um to create an amnesic

22:43 person you need to traumatize the child before the age of six and that creates the different

22:50 personalities so they had perfected the art of war and mind control in world war ii

22:58 for the new world order which was to come

23:04 and what they did was that after that that’s when i guess they mapped out everything

23:10 and the people and the bloodlines and the programming and who they were going to program

23:17 to implement the new world order 30 odd years later 40 odd years later

23:23 so yeah um they train children

23:28 in their cult and they train them to be spies couriers

23:34 assassins [Music] they program them

23:40 which is sort of like a hypnotizing in a traumatized state

23:46 for a later date to go and do things and that’s where we find um that we have

23:51 false flags from because uh satanic sleeper soldiers have been triggered to go and do their

23:59 programming from when they were programmed back as a child

24:04 um yeah so you could look up

24:10 which i will trigger warning this but you can look up um trauma-based mind

24:15 control or fritz springmeyer illuminati

24:21 mind control slave i think it’s called and yeah there are other videos and lots

24:28 about it online um they did say that the project stopped

24:34 but it’s a big fat lie projects never stopped they just continued on

24:39 underground they sent out project paperclip doctors throughout the world

24:45 and they continued the mind control the mk ultra on their own families and on

24:51 the public

24:57 and when i say public that can be in mental institutions

25:03 in hospitals and also gifted programs they take

25:09 children from gifted programs or they did back in the um

25:15 80s and 90s and so on so yeah that’s mk ultra

25:22 there’s so much to unpack and i want to deal with i know on that um i appreciate you breaking

25:29 that down that’s one thing i was gonna say when you do research it it’ll say it was a cia program that was

25:35 discontinued decades ago and we’ll go a little bit into it and make it seem like it they just did it

25:40 real quick and it was over and that is something a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s it’s

25:46 never stopped happening and the ways that it’s been utilized has been just horrific

25:53 with why and who they’ve chosen to do these experiments on

26:01 yeah it’s horrible so i started that facebook page

26:07 um just so i could find out more about did and what

26:12 by the way what’s the difference between that and let’s just say multiple personality disorder

26:17 um well there is no difference did dissociative identity disorder was formerly known as multiple personality

26:25 disorder they changed it because it is a dissociative disorder it’s not

26:31 um yeah people will be able to research that there’s so much to go into its best

26:38 if people research it to get the right terminology because you’ve also got um

26:44 d-i-d-d-n-o-s which is not otherwise specified and you

26:50 have a lot of new disorders that are coming out and one of um satan’s biggest

26:55 secrets was to keep dissociation from you guys to keep dissociation from the public

27:00 that’s why it was not in the dsm manuals until the dsm-5

27:06 because they tried to hide that for so long because that is how people would have

27:12 figured out what was going on um yeah they knew about dissociation since

27:18 i think 1790 was when um uh i wrote about it in my book what’s

27:24 that guy’s name um uh i have to

27:29 starts with the e anyway he did the um he did these

27:35 psychological exams and he noticed this type of exchange to personality disorder

27:42 so they knew about it and that’s how when they started perfecting it you see um because they knew it come from trauma

27:49 when i was studying to be a hypnotist we we learned about association and dissociation and it was so

27:57 i never realized even in that training how how associated or dissociated somebody could

28:03 be they would give examples how some children or people can go through trauma and your mind almost blocks it

28:10 out and so you have these almost black parts of your memories that you either don’t remember and

28:16 you’re not aware that you don’t remember or it’s something you kind of purposely packed away and i didn’t i had no idea

28:23 the depth of the association how it can be so dramatic

28:29 with personalities and alters coming through um and

28:34 how how deep the trauma can be also yeah and that’s when so the cult then

28:41 took that and they used it for their own advantage and behind each personality or

28:47 amnesic barrier is a different part that can be trained to do what they want you

28:54 to do so i started sharing on this facebook page all about the new world order plans

29:01 um dates things like that i shared about shootings

29:07 sorry about that that’s what guys come here baby sorry you guys my doggy

29:14 come here

29:20 come here hello say hi everybody puppy braces

29:28 oh cute sorry about that you guys and um so yeah i was sharing all that stuff on

29:36 there and i was sharing how they wanted to start new world order here in new

29:42 zealand and in phoenix arizona first and what they were going to do

29:47 and then

29:53 that’s right and then um not long after that on the 6th of the 6th 16

29:59 i was taken for reprogramming and i only

30:05 knew that because the following day i woke up and i had all these bruises

30:11 over my body and sore back of my head and i remembered what had happened that

30:17 night which it all felt like a dream because you’re drugged and stuff like that

30:23 but uh it wasn’t a dream it was real and they took me and told me off

30:29 basically for telling everyone the plans and i didn’t even realize that i was

30:36 actually really doing that you know because i just found you or what have they been monitoring you

30:43 yeah yeah yeah and you uh [Music] no i had no idea i had no idea

30:51 yeah and so um that’s when i really realized that i definitely was

30:58 not lying and what i was sharing you know like i mean

31:04 i wish i was i wish i was making this crap up hey like i really wish i was but

31:10 um yeah everything is out there i feel like if i were to

31:16 think those things i would be really nervous to tell other people about them did you get nervous at all coming out

31:22 and explaining like that you knew these things no because i was just under at the time

31:28 before the six of the six sixteen i was i had no idea the depths of the tracking

31:34 and the um computer you know how they watch you and all of that stuff so i just made another

31:41 facebook page because i didn’t want my family to see that i was did um and that i was talking to other

31:48 people about it and then um yeah so [Music]

31:53 that’s why i did it and i just thought i was sharing anonymously you know because

31:59 it was this different name but then that name was my mk ultra name so you know

32:04 um i kind of just did really lead them to myself as well

32:09 but i had no idea and um yeah so i just would share stuff because

32:17 well it wasn’t me at the time it was my alters that were sharing it wasn’t me because i didn’t know any of the stuff

32:24 i had no idea that any of this stuff was real like i had no idea that i’d been through this stuff

32:31 um yeah so i didn’t

32:37 i was i guess so some people call the host personality like

32:44 the person who was born or the person who lives in the body’s life um

32:51 being the amnesia behind it

32:57 i didn’t understand yet what i was saying was true

33:05 or what my authors were saying was true i was hiding kind of i was stuck in

33:11 another part of my mind yeah frozen

33:16 because the altars were always fronting were you aware at the time of having

33:23 alters or no no not really um

33:29 it’s taken some time to learn which one when when they kind of um come out

33:35 or are close like to fronting uh

33:40 sometimes it can just happen just like that um sometimes you can cycle through them really quickly

33:47 and switching is just can be either sometimes so subtle people would never know

33:53 and then sometimes it can be so dramatic people were like well what’s that you know

33:59 a good example is a couple of people like katy perry switching on stage

34:06 other people you know like al roker what’s his name when somebody said holy ghost he just went

34:12 snapped and just froze um so that’s like a trigger and then the

34:17 altar will front and you the host

34:23 are amnesiac to it yeah it’s quite deep that’s hard to

34:29 explain sometimes too sure and so you woke up

34:36 the morning after going through something and no recollection of it

34:42 was that something that they had triggered in you to be able to get you to that location

34:49 or how did you end up there um they came into my house and sprayed

34:55 um the anesthetic and as i was already asleep anyway um

35:00 it just works by absorption into the um you know breathing it in

35:06 and then they just picked me up and threw me in the back of the boot oh my gosh

35:12 this isn’t it’s my it’s just heard of lee you want to know who it was

35:18 yeah well i won’t tell you who it was because i don’t know their names but those two

35:23 people were police officers oh my gosh

35:28 yeah you didn’t even wake up they just came in your house and

35:35 a spray so there’s a spray that exists that most people aren’t aware of that can have

35:42 basically it’s an it’s an anesthesia and you have no idea it’s being sprayed on you

35:47 no oh my gosh what did you do whenever you woke up the next morning

35:54 um when i woke up the next morning we had sleeped in i never sleep in

35:59 um and it was quite late the kids so i had been sleeping in the same bed as

36:05 the kids at the time so i believe that they were also sprayed i don’t know if they were taken i don’t

36:13 believe they were but um they slept in way past the normal time i

36:19 slept in way past the normal time so that was already the first like

36:24 thing for me in the morning when i woke up i was like whoa this is a bit crazy and i felt so messed up like drugged up

36:32 like you know how you feel groggy and just after surgery or something like that you

36:38 just feel so like oh my gosh you know and then i felt sore in certain parts of my body

36:46 saw in the back of my head i had flashbacks of my supposed dream from the night before

36:55 i’ve been thrown in the boot and taken to the hospital

37:01 electric shocked being told off the other parts of my dream were being

37:06 taken to a ritual taking up the top of the hill and then being back home again

37:12 where i was assaulted out in the back yard um and then put back in bed so that was

37:18 kind of like my dream but like by the by lunchtime the bruises

37:25 were appearing on my legs the patches where they had electric shocked me were appearing on my legs the lump in the

37:31 back of my head was quite sore and it felt like it um you know where a needle

37:37 had been put in you know when you get a needle in your

37:42 body or in your scalp you know you can tell you’ve had a needle and it was yeah um

37:48 that was sore i had a hand mark on my inner thigh

37:54 like finger marks um so yeah i realized that

37:59 wow okay i don’t think this was a dream i think this was real and nothing

38:06 yeah it was it was really scary there was nowhere i could go for help there was nobody i could call for help because

38:13 the help was the ones that had done it how did you end up remembering that it

38:19 was police officers was it was that part of your dream also where you saw them and i don’t know because it was real but

38:25 whenever you were going through everything it just felt like a dream state it felt like it was my dream you

38:31 know i remember being thro through i remember being dumped in the back of the police car i remember afterwards

38:38 being assaulted by him in the backyard and then the next morning i went out to the backyard and

38:46 um the chair the the two-seated chair

38:52 was laid down on its back the cushions were off of it and laid out on the grass

38:59 like um like a beard kind of situation so it was all still there

39:07 do you think that was on purpose too for you to go out and see

39:12 yeah or else they just didn’t tidy up after themselves yeah

39:18 do you know what the significance was why did they what was so important about that night that

39:23 it was the six of the six sixteen so six

39:28 it was queen’s birthday and um also yeah i had organized a do not

39:36 consent kind of thing worldwide where um my

39:42 followers or whatever my friends online um would sign do not consent forms and

39:48 we were going to go or take them to the government or local councils or parliament or whatever wherever we were

39:54 around the world on that date and so i think

40:00 that was retaliation as well as i had been telling people online about the new world order plans

40:06 and when they told me off so they electric shocked up my altar

40:12 and um the reason they knew that it was that altar was because i had cut the

40:17 name in my leg they had programmed the altar when i tell people when i tell

40:23 things to cut myself to cut the name into my leg and so they knew that it was

40:29 that alter that they had to tell off and reprogram um

40:35 and so yeah um they told her me

40:40 their altar that they can

40:46 that i couldn’t stop new world order whatever i tried it doesn’t matter what i do who i tell that i cannot do

40:54 anything um that nobody would believe me and also it doesn’t matter because they

41:01 can stop and search and seize property whenever wherever they want and even if

41:08 it is on and peak hour traffic on blah blah blah street

41:14 i won’t mention the street because then it gives it away but um yeah and that was my telling off

41:20 and i remembered that freaking clearly and then my altar was really really pissed off because they had hypnotized

41:28 her and put her back to sleep after telling her off

41:33 oh my gosh that is just especially because at this point too you didn’t know a lot about your

41:41 past so you’re experiencing all these things in real time and i try to put myself in your shoes

41:48 it it’s almost like having amnesia for your whole life and then all of a sudden these little tiny memories peek through

41:54 and you try to dedicate what what’s real and what’s not you had to have felt like you were crazy

41:59 i’m sure oh it was so it was i i did you know and

42:05 everyone else said i was going crazy and yeah

42:11 anything or no they just slept through the night

42:16 to be honest i don’t actually know they’ve never remembered anything they’ve never said anything

42:22 i checked them over um i checked their bodies for trauma

42:28 um i didn’t find any evidence of you know any trauma like if they had taken them to rituals they

42:35 would have raped the crap out of them like sorry that’s a bad thing to say but they would have raped them hard

42:42 like because that’s what they do and um sorry i should have trigger warning that but anyway um

42:49 they had yeah they had no signs of that so yeah at that point i was wiping their butt

42:56 you know like because they had little toddlers so yeah they um

43:03 they didn’t have signs of trauma so i’m just thankful to god and because those kids they always been

43:10 five o’clockers they always wake up at like five six o’clock in the morning you know and this was well past nine am

43:18 that we’ve all woke up and yeah they were quite slow that day

43:23 and all that too so oh my gosh they probably got the effects of the spray

43:30 because we’re all in the same bed and with cult accessing that’s the thing

43:35 they have they have access to your house they have access to you because also you’re chipped so they know where you

43:41 are they just have to hit the satellite and ding ding ding you know triangulate find you

43:48 um yeah and so yeah that’s what they did

43:55 oh my gosh and what did you do i know you said you can’t at that point you know it’s police that abducted you

44:02 you can’t call the police like most people would think to give advice

44:08 well why didn’t why didn’t she do that or why didn’t you what did you end up doing after that

44:15 nothing there’s nothing i could do there’s like literally nothing you can do there’s no way you can go there’s no

44:22 way to get help like i know i had been sexually abused as well but it’s like well there’s

44:28 nothing i can do like there’s no i’m not going for a rape kit hell no because you know next minute

44:35 they’re just going to come back and do it again um you know

44:43 a lot of the doctors are involved in the hospitals

44:49 as well so you know there’s literally nowhere so basically i

44:55 could just i just told my counselor because yeah she was she listened and believed

45:01 and i had a couple of friends online that i could talk to and they were survivors so they they knew it was real

45:13 how did you do anything more together what kind of came after a lot

45:19 um oh gosh uh so that was 2016. um

45:29 there was a lot of crazy times um

45:34 stuff went on with hillary in that 2a because i had said for ages that she was

45:40 going to fake her death on or before september the 13th i can’t remember if that was 2015 or 16

45:47 probably 16 a because of the elections um and then it happened um at the 9 11

45:54 when she fainted and all that they reported that she had died but she didn’t

45:59 they recanted the information as well so i totally freaked out because what i

46:05 knew was that then she was going to come here to new zealand and we were supposed to have the ritual

46:11 to bring forth and to the person who wants to be the supposed you know

46:17 one world leader um

46:22 at that point all those plans and things i wasn’t sure on years

46:28 or dates and things so but i believe that it was

46:35 2017 that they wanted something significant to happen september the 23rd

46:41 21st 23rd that period and then after that yeah i’m pretty sure they had some crazy

46:48 plans but um those were foiled i always knew that she was supposed to be um president as well and then when

46:55 she lost it actually broke the mind control as well really

47:01 yeah yeah it was like what next like waiting around for our orders you

47:07 know it’s like we knew that after that it was just going to be all how rogueless and chaos everywhere

47:15 one of the things that you said in one of your episodes on your youtube and you’re kind of talking to americans

47:21 you’re like you guys have no idea how lucky you are that hillary didn’t get elected because your country would be so much

47:28 different than what it is now and that really too because i don’t think a lot of people realize

47:35 just how lucky we’ve been here you know

47:41 god saved you and your butts for four years

47:48 basically so people could wake up

47:53 it’s so hard too for people to to comprehend that people at that caliber

47:59 of government of celebrity in a sense with people

48:04 idolizing these politicians celebrities whoever you want to look at but

48:10 hillary clinton that is so crazy to find out for people i know who

48:18 are just starting to absorb all of this did you know anything about hillary

48:24 before that or was that kind of your only premonition of of her and how did you

48:29 how did you piece together in your mind that you found that out oh um

48:35 i had already been having memories of her abusing me but i thought they were just made up

48:41 i thought there’s no way how could that woman do that i’ve just got to be crazy i must be psycho you

48:47 know like why would my mind make that up why would i have these memories why would my

48:54 brain tell me that she did that you know i had all these sorts of thoughts you know um

49:00 and um parts of me or altars were sharing that stuff online about who

49:07 was involved in the trafficking and stuff and even though i was i had i was

49:12 just like i thought i was going insane i was like no i can’t this can’t be real i can’t

49:18 like there’s no way there’s no way i wasn’t trafficked i wasn’t taken into america and taken to them these deep

49:26 underground military bases and programmed and blah blah and then yeah

49:32 after some time i started to find people that were called conspiracy theorists

49:38 and they were actually here they saved my life really because they were the ones you know sharing all

49:44 this stuff and they one time somebody said oh have you heard of kathy o’brien and i was like no

49:52 and um and they said oh hillary abused her too and i was like what the heck

49:59 hillary like what like somebody like somebody has the same memories

50:04 and literally yeah we basically have the same like similar memories of hillary

50:11 abusing us and um being in the projects and things like that that just tripped me out that

50:18 tripped me out no end because that’s when i realized that okay maybe my brain isn’t making this up

50:24 maybe i didn’t like imagine this because there was nowhere i had ever read it i had never read the script

50:31 before i never read it anywhere you know before i started sharing my memories it

50:36 was only after that and sharing the um you would order plans

50:42 that i um found out others had said they had the same memories

50:49 that’s something to move that i think people really need to take into account is why

50:55 and how does it make sense that complete strangers all over the world that live in all different countries come from all

51:01 different backgrounds have the same memories can recite the same names can recite the

51:08 same information they’ve never met each other but yet they’re conspiracy theorists

51:14 yeah people need to get mad about this like just listening to you like i feel my blood boiling just thinking about

51:22 somebody that people idolize and somebody that’s made to look prestigious

51:28 and respectable and professional and kind and generous in the public eye

51:36 and how it’s really just a facade it’s so people

51:41 are brainwashed to think something think a certain narrative so they don’t know the truth

51:48 and that’s the part i know it’s so hard for people to wrap their minds around but that is the type of evil that we are

51:54 dealing with and that is why this needs attention because a lot of

51:59 the people that we’re depending on to manage our countries manage the world

52:04 manage our states that were trusting to care about us they could care less about anybody but

52:11 themselves and that’s what’s terrifying is they’re put up on a pedestal out of

52:18 respect and behind the scenes they’re doing these things this is a child we’re talking about like

52:24 these are children that were abused by these people and we’re

52:30 they’re in an election to be the president of the most powerful country in the world

52:35 it’s just mind-blowing to me and i think again that’s why stories like yours are so

52:41 important because it sheds light on darkness that most people

52:47 are completely unaware of and i really appreciate you telling these

52:53 stories and using your platform to use your voice because i know that has to be really scary too

52:59 yeah you’re getting all these people coming to you with the same stories you’re creating these groups on facebook

53:06 what did you do to move forward from that and how did you end up

53:11 getting more memories um [Music]

53:18 uh so it’s a spiritual war as well these

53:24 people place demons over you keep watch and

53:31 a lot of the rituals being satanic in nature are against god and jesus they hate him

53:37 so much um so

53:44 yeah i got what people call saved or born again

53:49 i confess that i believe jesus came as a man died and rose again three days later

53:57 um i was delivered from demonic oppression

54:03 and um these entities that had been ruling me i

54:08 guess um and that’s when yeah i stopped having all those suicidal thoughts and self-harmful thoughts and stuff like

54:14 that the anxiety like totally delivered um

54:20 and then um god started yeah just i guess through the holy spirit revealing

54:26 a lot of stuff like i’d had memories right but i actually didn’t think they were real i just thought they were made up or

54:33 dreams and then he started sending me around people and

54:38 prophetic people and these people prophetically would pick up messages from him and tell me something

54:45 and there is no way in the universe that they could know that

54:51 stuff because they had no idea who i was but this was like intimate detail of things you know

54:58 and um so those are what confirmed the memories that i had had

55:05 so that’s when i started to be able to like you know actually

55:10 even think about them or process them because every time a flashback or a memory would happen

55:16 you dissociate because amnesia hits kind of so

55:23 then you forget it again but it’s actually you

55:28 you’re you’re amnesic to it the part never forgets so that altar never forgets so they hold it but you’re

55:34 walled off from that um

55:39 so yeah i would have flooding memories as well but because it’s so intense

55:45 and then another altar will come up and bring the amnesia you forget it’s yeah

55:52 it’s a bit hard to explain um but you can cycle through like say a

56:00 traumatic event in your mind like in a flashback all

56:05 right um like it’ll come up with a picture or a memory like a video

56:11 or however your flashbacks um come and then all of a sudden it’s

56:17 like might be in pain crying upset triggered badly

56:23 next minute another ultra will switch in and you have no recollection of why you were even crying or upset in the first

56:29 place so it took a long time to be able to piece

56:34 together memories because i didn’t write stuff down as well it’s better when you write

56:39 i stopped writing because i was too scared about what i was writing what i was writing was so scary

56:46 and because i was writing in different handwriting and all sorts i stopped writing

56:51 but now i kind of wish i hadn’t because it would all be there

56:56 but um i remember enough anyway

57:02 and um yeah so that’s how yeah i kind of remembered

57:09 more and integrated more of that into me

57:15 not so dissociative because of god i guess and confirmation from people

57:20 that you know that i wasn’t making it out

57:26 your story on how you found god too was really really powerful when i was

57:31 listening to it on your channel oh thank you yeah it’s pretty um

57:39 pretty um uh different

57:44 it’s a bit of a process but um yeah mainly it was just that day i like because i had thought about

57:50 suicide millions of times in my life but i come to this point after the um

57:57 abduction stuff and seeing the plans what what was the most stressful was actually seeing the plans

58:05 come to pass these false legs and things bombings earthquakes and things that is

58:10 what really shook me because it was like okay this stuff is so real

58:17 and my role was to track train and recruit satan’s army and implement new world order which

58:25 included killing all of the people that were against it and that is not my heart

58:30 no way ever like and so i was so scared that the programming would kick in so i

58:36 was willing to kill myself you know so that i wouldn’t do what i was trained to do you know

58:43 and um also as well because i didn’t want to live this life was crappy

58:48 um and so yeah one day i just i decided to like i obviously had

58:56 made i did make that decision and like god knew like that he had to get through

59:03 to me because that was the day and i was gonna do it like for the first time after all those

59:09 thoughts and all those plans and all those over the years over the

59:15 20 plus 25 years of suicidal ideation i’d

59:20 finally come to the point where i was gonna do it and um yeah he spoke really loudly i’d

59:27 never heard a voice in my life i never heard voices i i don’t hear voices

59:32 um i have heard the audible voice of god three or four times

59:38 and that was the first time and if well actually i did laugh that time um

59:43 because what i heard was the only help i’ll get is from god and of course because i didn’t believe he was real or

59:49 i just thought he was this a-hole that was gonna damn us all to hell anyway

59:54 um i laughed and i was like whatever god’s not real and then next minute boom something hit

1:00:02 me and came over me and drove me to a church all the way across town and while it was

1:00:09 while i was driving i’m freaking out because i didn’t want to be driving i didn’t know how i was driving

1:00:15 i didn’t know where i was going but i was going and i ended up at a church

1:00:22 uh here oh my gosh i can’t even imagine that would be the strangest sensation to feel

1:00:29 just that you’re closing a war yeah you’re conscious but you have no control

1:00:35 like you’re seeing through your eyes but your body is under control of something else

1:00:40 oh yeah something way more powerful than anything and way more powerful than

1:00:46 every principality power rule of darkness that was over me

1:00:52 so yeah just goes to show i guess i only just thought about that

1:00:57 um yeah and so i got to the church and uh i was like literally fighting i

1:01:03 was like what am i doing here i don’t even want to be here but i was stuck there and i couldn’t drive away and um i

1:01:11 was burning up and stuff and like there was manifestation and um yeah this

1:01:17 battle was going on for like half an hour and then i finally was like alright i’ve got to go in there because i just like i

1:01:23 can’t draw i couldn’t leave i couldn’t drive away it was weird and then um

1:01:28 so i went in there and instantly i just wanted to run i burst into tears and this old man grabbed my hand

1:01:34 and he goes don’t you’re not going anywhere i’ve got to pray for you and i was like okay

1:01:40 you’re crying i was like you have to and um

1:01:46 yeah his name was john and he um asked me what was wrong and i told

1:01:54 him that i was going to kill myself and then um something happened and i’d heard

1:01:59 this this thing tell me that the only help i’ll get from god but i laughed and then something

1:02:06 happened and i ended up driving there and i was trying to make sense but i probably didn’t at all and then

1:02:12 um i said about witches and wizards and um maybe granddad was one and

1:02:20 because he wondered why i was so you know so oppressed i guess

1:02:25 and then he went and got the bible and he read revelations 22 to me and that’s

1:02:32 where i found out that god knew about witches and demons and it just blew my

1:02:37 mind apart i was like what god knows about witches and demons this

1:02:43 is crazy and um yeah it was amazing and then

1:02:50 i didn’t um like do the prayer or anything that day it was about three or four months later

1:02:59 that i did get born again and a couple of different church visits

1:03:04 manifesting big time but um that’s where i found out god was real

1:03:10 because i was swearing at him in my head saying he wasn’t real and telling him to effing

1:03:15 prove it and he and then next minute the man in front of me his hand started shaking and i was

1:03:23 freaking out and i was like what’s this and then um he went up and grabbed the microphone

1:03:28 off the pasta and he talked about a fire ah no that was he talked about or he gave a prophetic

1:03:34 word that’s right and it was just like this man knows it’s me and i was

1:03:40 freaking out because he was saying everything that was to do with me and i was just like how does he know and

1:03:47 in my head i was going whatever god you’re not real whatever god whatever god whatever you’re not real and then

1:03:53 the pastor snatches the microphone of him and he’s like i see a fiery

1:03:59 fiery conception of fiery birth there’s just fire these fires fiery there’s fire

1:04:05 everywhere and i was just like oh my gosh oh my gosh god is real

1:04:10 god is real oh my gosh god is real oh yeah

1:04:17 because i was like how did i even know interesting is every survivor that i talk to has a very deep connection with

1:04:25 god and i don’t think that at all that that’s coincidence i believe

1:04:30 survivors especially on your level that have seen true demons it only makes sense that

1:04:38 there has to be an opposing force yeah yeah because afterwards like you know

1:04:43 with the memories and things like dead and the healing and him revealing things to me

1:04:49 like even just now you know that revelation about driving in the car oh yeah he had

1:04:55 to go through all like those principalities and powers and rules of darkness wow you know like he did

1:05:02 do that all my life but i never knew it like when i was being passed through the fire jesus was there jesus was holding

1:05:09 me up walking me through the fire but i didn’t know that you know um

1:05:14 and oh many other things what was i going to mention something else um

1:05:19 oh yeah one time i ripped her lean saved me and hit me and i wondered why the hell had

1:05:25 like a principality or a reptilian would hide me and keep me safe

1:05:30 from the bad means um and i keep wondering why did demons bow down

1:05:37 to me and i thought oh yes because i was an illuminati princess and this and that and oh yeah you know maybe that’s why

1:05:45 but one day it was just like it came straight through and it was just like no

1:05:51 it’s because of what was behind you and i was like what was behind me

1:05:57 it was like me and i’m like oh my gosh god oh they were bowing down

1:06:02 to you oh they were bound down to you not me do you know like and so i finally

1:06:08 figured you know god was always there yeah

1:06:14 um amazing yeah he is pretty amazing

1:06:19 oh my goodness so how old were you when this instance happened

1:06:27 five fish okay yeah and what age were you when the

1:06:32 church incidents happened which ones

1:06:38 the church instance of the church oh sorry the reptilian hiding me was when i was five that was a memory um and

1:06:45 the church incidences were about five or six years ago i got saved when i was 33.

1:06:53 wow okay yeah that was that was a little bit more not super recent but

1:07:00 it seems like i mean you just have so much that you’ve gone through in your life it’s amazing that you still have these

1:07:06 revelations happening even recent you know yeah

1:07:11 oh every day every day because god’s redeeming us all everything that they did for the new

1:07:18 world order he’s redeeming it he’s redeeming it all um

1:07:24 and you know yeah he’s done that for me different ways

1:07:30 and you know because like i was programmed with the dollar bill and i had lots of symbols and signs on

1:07:37 me and that um and in programming

1:07:42 um and like he’s healed things and kind of like okay so yeah

1:07:50 should i say this um so one of the names i was given was

1:07:55 phoenix i’ve already talked about this anyway so yeah i was phoenix and oh

1:08:01 one well yeah that was the name and um

1:08:07 and of course that’s on the dollar bill and all of that and they wanted the rising of the phoenix and all that stuff

1:08:12 and all this bad stuff to happen well god is raising his eagles end times army and

1:08:18 we’re to be like eagles you know flying high above the storm and um with sharp

1:08:25 vision and the ability to soar and the ability to attack and be able to like you know

1:08:33 see i pray from above and swoop down and just snatch it up

1:08:39 um yeah so that’s one way he’s redeemed it because

1:08:45 you know now i’m in his army and not the other army um

1:08:51 he’s redeemed things like symbols and signs in my life

1:08:56 uh the rainbow um the eye the all-seeing eye

1:09:02 i’m just in different ways personally you know um but yeah this is his redemption plan

1:09:10 and uh yeah so there’s lots of things going to happen

1:09:16 i don’t share a lot on my pages and stuff of the prophetic

1:09:22 things that i know that are coming along with the great harvest but um

1:09:29 yeah i know it’s coming and now going back to something you said

1:09:34 just a little bit ago you said that you were programmed with a dollar bill could you explain i’ve listened to

1:09:41 you talk about some of that symbology and i think a lot of people are very new to that

1:09:47 what type of symbology does the dollar bill encompass and how is that applied to your programming

1:09:53 specifically in your body um okay so on the dollar bill there is

1:10:00 the eye the all-seeing eye with the pyramid then you’ve got the seal the great seal with the phoenix on it

1:10:06 um and the arrows this and the olive leaves and the stars

1:10:11 they’re all different symbols um you’ve got a little owl in the right

1:10:17 hand corner um which is a lock um you have the

1:10:24 eleven eleven one one one down on each corner um because they do the counterfeit to

1:10:31 god a lot of people have been seeing 11 11 and waking up um which is the wake up code but

1:10:38 remember they do the counterfeit um and what else is on there uh under the

1:10:44 dollar under the eye sorry under the eye under rear infrared light which many people don’t know

1:10:50 um is a shape an outline and it is an outline of antarctica

1:10:58 and i was taken there programmed and

1:11:03 some of the programming involves leaving marks on our body not tattoos but marks

1:11:10 on our body that creates shapes um and so

1:11:15 they embarked me with different marks and it shows what programming i have they’ve done it to lots of us

1:11:22 um they kind of they’re just like freckles and they create them by

1:11:27 small incision and um like a needle and then electric shock

1:11:33 so yeah they look like freckles but they’re just created

1:11:38 um so i have that shape on me

1:11:44 um what else is on the dollar bill the back

1:11:49 there’s a whole bunch people can read the traditional right huh they’re

1:11:55 basically branding you right with these symbols yeah yeah

1:12:02 so yeah now why i think anybody listening and you’re

1:12:09 saying you’re going to antarctica why would they why do they take you to these remote places to program you what is in these

1:12:16 specific spots that you’ve traveled to oh all i remember from antarctica is

1:12:24 that there’s what i call monsters there and it’s gross they’re gross

1:12:31 like so most people see the puppets not the puppet masters right the puppet masters are like the

1:12:38 disgusting beings entities type things um

1:12:43 and some are kind of well they’re not flesh but

1:12:48 there’s some form of um

1:12:55 i don’t know how to put it um they’re not human

1:13:02 that’s for sure definitely

1:13:07 they’re not aliens it’s hard to explain um

1:13:14 so people manifest what they are inside right so you know a lot of um actual real

1:13:20 witches will have walked on their nose that’s him what’s on their face and not saying that everybody that has walks on

1:13:26 their faces are watched and not saying that at all not at all but um like if you were to see some of these

1:13:32 ones underground oh my gosh yeah you would be like oh now i get it you know

1:13:39 um they really are ugly some of these well yeah people i guess they’re people

1:13:45 but they’re deformed um

1:13:52 and they do a lot of um testing and stuff in different places

1:13:58 different places have different spiritual reasons so a lot of people go to antarctica for

1:14:05 different rituals um and montauk is

1:14:11 a different reason and bohemian grove is the spiritual realm for sure

1:14:16 um vatican is the spiritual realm

1:14:24 uh yeah marshall islands is for the physical um so the there’s different reasons they

1:14:30 go to different places so marshall islands was where they um

1:14:35 the physical stuff happens like they’re testing the military testing the experiments

1:14:41 um more bodily experiments harvesting of eggs

1:14:47 that’s where they harvested my eggs so i have babies out there

1:14:53 that i don’t know who i will be getting back one day god promised but um

1:14:58 yeah they harvest your eggs for breeding programs and so some of my kids will be in pea ultra

1:15:04 some of them will be dead but um yeah

1:15:13 no not all the time there is some up top um

1:15:19 so yes some are both in one facility you know what i

1:15:24 mean yeah um you know like you’ve got the vatican above and below uh marshall islands

1:15:31 above and below um some are just below

1:15:37 some are just above yeah there’s a different mix all over the world

1:15:45 here in new zealand there’s mostly below some above

1:15:50 in up north island in the military areas like

1:15:56 palmy and down south in burnham

1:16:03 they have a fema camp down south in christchurch

1:16:08 they have a fema camp up north in wellington

1:16:14 those are above ground in australia they have training facilities and the desert they are above

1:16:22 ground um

1:16:27 uh melbourne they have a lot of tunnel systems

1:16:33 yeah lots of different things varieties every single base in a sense

1:16:40 has a different intention or a different type of

1:16:45 program and that’s why you are sent to different ways there’s different programs that you learn in our install

1:16:53 okay so tell me this how many how many humans or children right now

1:16:59 are in the system do you know i have no idea but uh there would be millions of sleeper

1:17:07 soldiers like ma you know and and above 20 years of age

1:17:12 um living in society um

1:17:17 then you’ve got so the sleeper soldiers are the satanic sleeper soldiers who are

1:17:23 not awake or aware of their programming or are aware like you know like myself

1:17:28 or my friend holly um i’ve got a number of friend friends who are aware

1:17:34 um but yeah there’s probably millions

1:17:40 um i know ruster’s dust is a couple of million

1:17:46 but um yeah not quite sure

1:17:51 and then there’s the kids underneath below that are getting trafficked uh there are adults that live below

1:17:58 so what some what i used to call it is like i was allowed to live up top

1:18:04 um so i call it up top and others aren’t

1:18:10 and they live below and they don’t come out um

1:18:18 yeah sorry getting a bit fuzzy on it [Music]

1:18:27 i know and i know for people listening it’s not easy to hear either and i know you

1:18:33 talked about some of this on some of your youtube and obviously it’s probably a little more than the scope of of what

1:18:39 we were going to focus on today but i just think it’s important people understand that

1:18:45 she said millions this isn’t just she’s not just some anomaly that

1:18:50 you were just one of a couple this is this is millions

1:18:57 of children of of people that are living normally in society

1:19:03 i mean correct me if i’m wrong but these are probably people that we see every day we pass by we might even be friends

1:19:08 with them and yep we have no idea a lot of them will be in the system a

1:19:14 lot of them will be in mental health institutions a lot of them will be um

1:19:19 really messed up um on the street who knows but yeah

1:19:25 rastas does this is quite a number you know by now there would be and if they’ve

1:19:30 been doing this since i was a child in the 80s and you multiply even if you multiplied

1:19:37 a thousand right even if you just took a random number

1:19:42 like a thousand for the whole population in the world per year since i was born

1:19:50 like that just or even just in new zealand

1:19:56 that’s 38 000 and then say worldwide you triple that or even

1:20:05 you know 10 times that for america because america’s so huge

1:20:10 that would be like a couple of hundred thousand like 600 700 000 you know like

1:20:20 and then yeah yeah like just multiply that by all the years they’ve been doing it

1:20:25 and honestly one story like this is too many you know and this

1:20:31 this for people listening this should take your breath away and make you

1:20:37 want to take action so that is what we are grossly neglecting is

1:20:44 because we’re society is so caught up in not focusing on this in the news and in conversations

1:20:50 it’s just not a topic of conversation that people they don’t want to have it or they’re

1:20:56 so ignorant to its existence that it’s not a topic that would even be conceivable for them to talk about aside

1:21:02 from it maybe being a conspiracy theory that passes by them you know and yeah this is which is really fair because

1:21:09 god wants it to stop because the plans are for everybody’s children

1:21:16 it’s not and that’s why i stayed alive like i could have killed myself yeah well i don’t know maybe god wouldn’t let

1:21:22 me but um you know like it’s everybody’s children

1:21:29 that they want not just the cult kids or not just the stolen kids

1:21:34 that’s why they’re changing the laws and the statutes and stuff because they want everybody’s kids

1:21:40 you know so we have even as a survivor i have that responsibility of fighting for

1:21:46 people’s children that aren’t even awake because god doesn’t want that for their kids

1:21:53 does that make sense sorry i’m getting tired no none of us none of us should want that for anybody’s children you

1:21:59 know i don’t have kids myself but i’m so passionate about if i did or if this was

1:22:06 me as a child i would want people out there fighting for me and bringing awareness to this

1:22:12 and talking about it and not having it be something that’s so taboo to even have a conversation about

1:22:18 or to even bring somebody on a podcast for example to talk about this like why isn’t this talked about you know it’s

1:22:25 it’s just so mind-blowing that so many people don’t know what’s happening and that all this stuff is integrated into

1:22:30 society so deeply that it’s it’s normalized you know and like

1:22:36 we’re seeing that’s what they want to do is nationalize children yes we’re seeing

1:22:41 society being programmed you know it might not be the same type of program that you went through but it’s the same

1:22:47 it’s a programming to where people are brainwashed to the facade of how

1:22:53 things are and they’re not even introduced to what’s going on behind the scenes yeah and that’s what i wrote about in my

1:22:59 book is about the mass media programming and how you guys are being social conditioned to accept the agenda

1:23:07 and where can people find your book oh um i’ve got there on etsy

1:23:14 um i didn’t want it on amazon because they could just yeah i don’t know what they would have done um

1:23:21 so it’s on etsy uh i guess under brooke featherline

1:23:28 break the chains i can send you a link maybe yeah i’ll link it below for sure

1:23:34 yeah i’m just writing i’m just so that was basically just a gentle red pill like so

1:23:41 people they are awake can read it and like maybe it can um you know bring them

1:23:47 some revelation or you know my a bit of my story and then

1:23:53 it’s also for others who have absolutely no idea what’s going on but it’s not

1:23:59 like there for to scare them but to actually like bring them hope and give them ideas and and these prayers in it

1:24:06 that you know they can you know go through and um yeah

1:24:15 awesome definitely i will link that below and i say this on every episode especially

1:24:21 with survivors that have businesses like support survivors these are

1:24:27 amazing people with amazing stories and amazing experiences

1:24:32 and not amazing in a fact that it’s a good thing just the fact that they can now come and empower you with this

1:24:37 knowledge and a lot of survivors have trouble finding jobs they have trouble integrating back

1:24:43 into society because like you’re so tethered to being controlled still you

1:24:49 never actually really get to leave yeah supporting and supporting a dream and supporting

1:24:55 survivors that can go so far with for one educating people but for two helping them

1:25:02 yeah thank you yeah because it’s real hard for us to find work most of us struggle and then working

1:25:08 anyway like i mean i was poly fragmented d.i.d which means

1:25:13 i had so many fractures you know like i dissociate just like continually

1:25:20 or dead um god has healed so much um but because i dissociated continually

1:25:27 there’s no way i could uphold a job you wouldn’t know if i was going to be like myself or a

1:25:33 5 7 9 15 year old the next minute you know

1:25:38 right and that would be really hard even if you weren’t aware of it for a player to to manage that even if

1:25:46 it was you were cognizant of and probably even more hard if you are aware that it could happen to you you know and

1:25:52 yeah you’re subjected to other people seeing that yeah well because you stand there

1:25:58 because even though you might not look it in your mind like it’s like

1:26:04 oh i know that i’m not like who i feel i am in the body

1:26:10 i don’t feel like i’m this age all this big you know so you’re sitting there and you’re like you you just get really

1:26:16 quiet most of the time and you get stuck in your mind because you’re trying to look normal you

1:26:23 don’t feel normal and yeah it’s hard it’s really hard to explain dissociation

1:26:30 but yeah it’s hard yeah i will hear and music music has triggers like i was programmed with movies and music so it’s

1:26:36 like you go to the supermarket i can get easily triggered just by one song because of a sentence in a song that was

1:26:42 programmed into me back in the 80s [Music] and you guys think one of them you gave

1:26:50 a really great example that i think people can relate to of and i think everybody’s experienced this

1:26:56 at least once i know for me i experience this a lot because i’m i’m in my head a lot so when you’re driving if you’ve

1:27:02 ever driven somewhere and you end up there and then once you park and you say gosh that went by really fast i barely

1:27:08 remember driving here you know it’s almost the autopilot to where you’re

1:27:14 unconsciously doing something that you’re used to doing you’re just on autopilot but your conscious mind is

1:27:21 somewhere else and it’s not there you’re not actually realizing what you’re doing and i think that can happen

1:27:26 whenever you watch tv and you get really engrossed somebody calls your name and you’re just sitting there watching kids do that a lot and then

1:27:34 times later somebody’s calling your name you’re like what i’m like geez i’ve been calling you three times you didn’t even

1:27:39 answer and it’s like sorry i didn’t i didn’t even hear you you know and we don’t really think about it because it’s

1:27:44 so normal that that those types of things happen but that’s dissociating it doesn’t mean that

1:27:50 you’re unconscious it doesn’t mean that that you’re not you

1:27:55 but your conscious mind that you’re aware of in your being is

1:28:00 kind of in la la land a little bit for a little bit until you’re brought back to the present time

1:28:07 yep and i appreciate you sharing that example because that clicked with me i

1:28:13 was like oh that’s something i can relate to you know and something that other people can whenever it comes to dissociation

1:28:18 yeah because dissociation is a continuum everyone does it to a different degree um it’s just our end mind and survivors

1:28:27 at the extreme level where you have complete amnesia between

1:28:32 you know the different parts of south whereas most people like yourself you know you

1:28:37 have personas you have this persona how you are at work you have this persona how you are with your family you have

1:28:43 this persona of how you are um at the shop or whatever right whereas but you

1:28:49 know you are yourself that whole entire time whereas for us we have a different

1:28:54 personality here we have different opinions about

1:28:59 these things like you know one might one alter might like peanut butter one might hate it one might only like smooth you

1:29:07 know like there’ll be different opinions and then there’ll be amnesia between them like sometimes that’s that that’s

1:29:15 the next level so yeah there’s dissociation is definitely a continuum

1:29:23 but when it’s like mine it’s just like yeah yeah and i know that’s hard for people

1:29:29 listening if you haven’t gone through something like that it’s harder it’s hard to understand if not almost impossible to but just think about that

1:29:37 feeling of whenever you drive somewhere and you pull up and you just think gosh that was so quick i

1:29:42 how did i get here i don’t even really remember i was tuned out or i was listening music or i was super into this podcast i was listening to and i don’t

1:29:48 remember driving here you know that’s kind of a mild way of putting the association that i think everybody

1:29:54 can relate to in it in a very small way and so where does this leave you brooke where what’s going

1:30:01 on in your life today and how can how can people support you

1:30:07 um well the reason i talk about this stuff is

1:30:12 because god promised an army and an army of spiritual parents for the thousands of babies that are coming out of

1:30:18 darkness and that people need to know how to help and what to do and like you know what it’s like for us and

1:30:26 just a number of things so that’s why i share um what i do

1:30:32 um i am trying to finish off my other book which

1:30:37 is my actual testimony and i’m answering questions in it and i’m going through

1:30:42 different things in it um i

1:30:49 am helping sometimes other people like because a lot of survivors there’s

1:30:54 not much help out there at all and there’s no way you can go it’s just like that you know um but i

1:31:01 can find places or ministries um for some people

1:31:08 um but i can sometimes talk to others i don’t get involved with many because

1:31:14 it can be quite um it can be

1:31:20 difficult can be a difficult relationship because you can imagine you know like one person

1:31:26 with lots of personalities trying to have a relationship or a conversation with somebody else who has a whole bunch

1:31:32 of personalities as well like you know and then you add in the sra and then you

1:31:37 add in the spiritual war like it can get quite heavy and difficult in certain

1:31:43 areas especially if you’re on different paths and the programming’s

1:31:48 going off and yeah just lots of things but um there’s a couple of us that do

1:31:54 support each other online we have great online

1:31:59 group of us um that share

1:32:04 each other’s stuff and that

1:32:09 that yeah otherwise i’m just preparing for the days ahead because god promised

1:32:15 my babies back um from my stolen eggs and that that have gone through programming

1:32:21 um he’s promised thousands of babies to help people that need

1:32:29 to help so i’ve got to like interact with people on that level that want to help and run houses for

1:32:35 healing and things like that yeah there’s so much going to be going on

1:32:41 i don’t actually know how it’s all going to happen what’s going to happen or how i’m going to even do it but i know that god has

1:32:48 promised it so that he’s going to have to do it and i can’t worry about how or what or why

1:32:55 just let him do it um yeah

1:33:02 that sounds really hopeful i think a lot of people feel a little bit hopeless with everything that’s going on

1:33:08 do you feel like the conclusion to a lot of the chaos that’s been happening is leading to something really positive

1:33:16 yeah yeah well everyone’s gonna wake up and they’re just gonna go nah we rebuke you

1:33:23 oh we rebuke you devil you cannot do this you know yest is going to be the

1:33:28 great falling away and there’s the great deception and the great delusion and all that stuff but it’s all going to be

1:33:33 around the same time and the same topics and all that same stuff and that’s why god woke us up first he woke a lot of us

1:33:40 up first but we could help those other people through and then when everything’s said and done

1:33:45 i’m pretty sure like that’s when the survivors will be able to really come out and start to like you know get help

1:33:53 and whatever else

1:34:01 yes no it’s not on me i love you too

1:34:09 hi hi all right goodbye go

1:34:15 i’ll come get you dinner soon so yeah and that’s another thing gotta

1:34:21 look after them and prepare them and get them ready because they’re also spiritual seers

1:34:28 knowers you know so i’ve got to prepare the kids too

1:34:33 oh my gosh and i’ll link all of brooke’s information below and um

1:34:39 she has a great telegram channel she’s constantly updating she’s active on instagram so i’ll link all of brooke’s

1:34:44 information so you guys can go follow her and brooke my last question for you is what advice do you have for people

1:34:51 right now who are wondering what they should do what can people do right now to help

1:34:57 themselves prepare as well as maybe others

1:35:03 first and foremost understand it’s a spiritual battle um

1:35:10 and that there is also a deception to the spiritual realm as well so i want people to

1:35:17 be aware of that that god [Music]

1:35:25 is waking people up for a reason so that they’re not deceived

1:35:31 and yes there’s a lot of things that people might find out and look into and research and even follow and then find

1:35:38 out its deception keep asking for wisdom and discernment because those are the things that are

1:35:44 going to save us

1:35:50 definitely i know people who

1:35:56 follow different idols and different gods and things like that they won’t want to hear this but um

1:36:03 jesus christ of nazareth is the only way the truth and the life

1:36:08 and there are other spiritual entities out there that are manifesting as light

1:36:14 and they are fooling and deceiving people so people need to get right

1:36:20 and get truth into them um because even those who

1:36:28 uh pray to heal the sick and cast out demons in the name

1:36:34 will possibly be told um given the hand and told i do not know

1:36:40 you that’s in scripture so you know we need to really have discernment and wisdom

1:36:46 about who we follow um and the best person or the best

1:36:52 thing that you can do is to yeah pray for wisdom and discernment

1:36:58 and um physically get healthy metal heavy metal detox

1:37:08 and eat healthy cut out crap like sugar

1:37:14 and at home maybe

1:37:19 get some things that like orgone that

1:37:24 bounce off the emf um stop watching tv um

1:37:30 and then some people might feel the urge to stock up on supplies like food and

1:37:36 water not just for themselves and their family but for other people as well and

1:37:43 some people might say oh that’s a lack of faith because god says that he’ll provide but to be honest god wants some

1:37:49 people so that they can be the providers for others so yeah it’s just the smart

1:37:55 you know things like that yeah i think that’s good advice all of that

1:38:02 even without everything that’s going on um and i think that if everybody listens to that and if everybody takes action

1:38:09 even just a little bit to go in that direction we’re gonna have a lot better chance at being our best selves

1:38:15 and being healthy enough to defeat any type of of evil or any type of

1:38:21 event that happens in the world so i really appreciate you sharing that brug

1:38:26 thank you thank you for having me on and it would be great to talk again brooke thank you to you like i said as soon as

1:38:33 i heard your story i i’ve wanted to connect with you because i your story is just it’s so impactful

1:38:40 there’s so much to learn and the way that you break things down it’s really palatable for people to understand so

1:38:45 i i can’t imagine the bravery that it takes for you to talk about this over and over again

1:38:50 and i thank you so much for your courage and for coming on here to share your story and i know i’m gonna have a lot of

1:38:57 questions from people so i’d love to have you back on and and answer some of those but in the meantime thank you so

1:39:03 much for all that you’re doing to bring awareness to this well thank you too yeah thank you for

1:39:08 the opportunity of course well you have a good night and i will talk to you soon and everybody

1:39:16 please go subscribe follow brooke all her information is below and please connect with her follow her

1:39:23 support her and anything else that you can do to help share her message please share share

1:39:29 share share so guys i’ll see you guys next time brooke thank you again and i hope you

1:39:35 guys all have a wonderful day see ya

1:39:40 bye

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7 Responses to Brooke Federline Survivor NWO Supersoldier

  1. Pingback: Survivor Brooke Federline NWO Supersoldier | Wirral In It Together

  2. Yes, she speaks the truth. My father and his relatives are victims too. Here is the information about MK ULTRA MK DELTA progrmamming in MOSCOW RUSSIA. Please copy and share– my relatives needs help too.

    INFORMATION BOUT VICTIM: Information about MK ULTRA MK DELTA Victim granted from my memory integrated after PTSD.
    Photographic memory inctegration co- countious. So vivid tha t I remember sun touch in my skin.
    Memory fractured as reaction of PSTD — I don’t remember thw whole day only what was described. Amnesia also blocked all memories before 1993– yes, loss of my father was that traumatic.
    Instant information comes in my mind: 9 may, 13 00, 3 rd floor, Sokolniki (Sokol — Falcon, 1812 Moscow EAST district), maternity hospital (родильный дом – RUS).
    1993 year. Year didn’t show up in the memory but 3 year is when MK ULTRA MK DELTA starts (Fiona Barnett). My birth date is 23 September 1990 time 10:00. It was SUNDAY just like 9 may 1993 was SUNDAY. I also lakc of memories before 1993.
    INSIDE it is typical pre 1812 house: tall ceiling, thick brick walls. Such houses have tunnels and floors covered with glay.
    Room not wide, not big with just one window and with wooden panels from cherry (brown and orange colors of wood) and it fit more pre 1812 and medieval houses that modern. Orange curtain coverd the window wasn’t long — a wind opened and and I saw the top of the tree.
    Have brick column in the room or it was entrance to the room.
    Sun from window touched my skin at 13 00 — window at the East side.
    Visible top of the tree from the window. Tree was 3 floor high in 1993.
    I have never seen wooden walls in maternity hospitals in Russia so it more like place where people lived than hospital. I have visited the district a lot of in my childhood.
    I lay with my legs to a window with my brother (he may be my brother in my father side not the same mother, bu she had prengancy after me). My brother have dark blond hair and in blue shirt and jeans. Jeans are clothing we don’t wear at home in Russia so they both are about to leave.


  3. Heather says:

    Hi Cathy, Appreciate all the effort that you put into this blog. Would you be able to do a blog post answering the following questions please? It serves as useful information for spiritual warfare, waging war against abortions and child sacrifice. All major occultists do child sacrifice at some point. Child sacrifice fuels trafficking.

    1) What does the pyramid hand sign mean? I see lots of people doing it, I know it is illuminati/masonic hand sign but what does it do? How does it influence the spiritual realm/people watching? Can’t seem to find this information anywhere, but lots of people are doing this in youtube videos while talking.

    2) Why do mothers of darkness continue serving satan unto death? Can you please explain what Satan promises them that is so attractive and convincing that they refuse to repent? People like Beyoncé know about Christ and yet they turn away.

    3) What is the purpose of (A) occult hand signs and (B) occult symbols? Do they open portals? Do they send demons?
    False pastors tend to use certain symbols again and again, in their logo, in the church? What do these symbols do? How do they acquire it in the first place?

    Thank you very much.


  4. flyingcuttlefish says:

    UK – Paedophile Eton college master, 50, jailed after he used a school photography club as a cover for abuse, creating thousands of sick child abuse images is banned from teaching for life


  5. mengenlehre says:

    maybe you like this (movie and some in English)


  6. flyingcuttlefish says:

    heads up – there’s SRA news coming out of Utah. I have the info here –

    SRA scandal out of Utah explored by Lift the Veil

    … but there could be much more from Utah sources.
    The story connects to LDS church too.

    Liked by 1 person

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