This is a reblog from sceptics pegs blog. Great work transcribing. Please visit her site which is one of the best against child abuse and can be seen via this link  Sceptic Peg A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: John Wedger – “This goes right to the top…” [1]

This shows how far the cover up of child abuse goes and what happens when you expose child abuse and go up against the “system”, the “power elite” who are ill with psychopathy and abuse children and use Government systems and machinery to aid and abet child abuse and to cover it up.



International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

“This goes right to the top…” 

I previously covered an interview that John Wedger gave to Brian Gerrish of UK Column regarding his claims of corruption within the police when it came to tackling child sexual abuse.  His interview makes astonishing listening – you can listen to it here, or read the transcript I made here.

“Where the real fear lies is this young child laying in a kid’s home at night and they’re coming and they’re taking the blankets from over him – that’s the real fear.”John Wedger

John has since appeared in front of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and follows is a transcript of what he had to say.



Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse


APRIL 16th-18th 2018

John Wedger – Police Whistleblower

  • John Wedger (JW): Evidence
  • Sacha Stone (SS): Trustee Emeritus


  • SS: JW is a police whistleblower.  As a CID officer, he discovered back coverings on child sex networks which led to an investigative inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) delving into the depths of police involvement.  He is one of the bravest men in the country today by many peoples’ reckoning.  JW, thank you for joining us.  Please speak freely to the Commission.
  • JW: I’m recently retired from the Metropolitan Police (MP), where I served as a detective.  I specialised in child abuse investigations, and what is relevant to me being here today was my service whilst on the Specialist Vice Unit (SVU).  I had been asked to look into allegations made by a 14-year old girl that she is being used as a prostitute.  I’m looking into it, it appeared that this girl was one of many.  She gave me a name of another girl, who in turn gave me a name of another, who in turn gave me another and it just spiralled.  Very, very quickly we had dozens of young kids aged from nine to 14-years old, all of them were subject to care orders – either looked after, or in placements, homes or whatever – but all known to the social services.  A lot of them were known to the police for being missing persons and everything else, and all of them were addicted to crack cocaine and heroin, and were all being pimped out, as the term goes, by one person which was a female prostitute who was very well known to the Met Police and this woman had alleged connections with high ranked officers, also a local magistrate and someone who was high up… executive status in the BBC.  This woman seemed to act with impunity for many years and when looking into it, this actual racket had been going on for a long, long time.  What I did was, I exposed my findings.  I committed them to paper in what was just a basic intelligence report and I took it to a senior officer and… what I must say is that this isn’t the first time that I had been shut down for exposing child abuse offences.  A couple of years prior to that – if I may jump the timeline – I was on an inquiry looking into transient paedophiles that had failed to register and I found out that they were residing on canal boats within the inland waterway network of the UK.  I had information from within the Prison Service that there were two paedophiles that were living on boats.  Now boats had a lot of poignancy, in as much as there was freedom to travel, the canal network was very, very old and therefore didn’t get policed, and children like boats and the BBC had a programme at the time which was to do with two little dolls that lived on a canal boat called Rosie and Jim and it was tied in at the same time as I was looking into this, so kids were drawn to the waterways.  I’ll get back to the main story, but the reason for telling this bit was that I was told that there was two sex offenders, I was asked to look into it as a Field Intelligence Officer and if I found another two within a set period of time they’d be happy.  Within that period of time I had found 90.  I came into work and I was told by a high ranking officer that the inquiry had been shut down and the reason given was that they couldn’t afford the funding for me, but I had been approached by a Scotland Yard Detective who said: “When you investigate any crime and you do well at it, you get praised.  When you look into child abuse cases, the opposite happens – be very careful.”  He then told me about a Cabinet minister that they had investigated on a few occasions and on each occasion they had been shut down, so I was aware that this had gone on and I questioned the senior officer about the real reason and he told me: “John, I’m so sorry, it’s come from high up and there’s nothing I can do,” and promised me any job I wanted, so I moved on to the Vice Unit. (4:36)
  • So I was expecting to be praised for what I found out.  Each day a new child would be found and it was just spiralling.  I was brought before someone who is now a very, very high ranked officer in the UK indeed, and he sat me down and he said: “John, I’ve got to be very upfront with you,” and I said: “well I’d like to be upfront with you, governor, as well.”  He said: “You, out of all the officers I’ve got here, (there was about 40 officers) you’re the second best one I’ve got,” which was a good accolade, but he said: “unfortunately you’ve dug too deep.  What the hell have you done?” (5:13)
  • Now, on a personal level, since the beginning of 2000 I’ve bought up four children on my own and this was common knowledge within my unit, and he said to me: “If you ever disclose what you’ve found out, you will lose your home, your children and your job.  You must shut the eff up.  You will be thrown to the wolves.  You have no idea who and what you are dealing with.  I’m warning you now, you MUST back away.”  Then he said something quite strange.  He said that: “If you say a word of this, and even if you make a complaint, it will come back to me and it will go in the bin.  I, and no one else, will ever betray fellow rank.  Shut your mouth.”  So I walked away from that investigation and I moved on.  I was offered to stay but I couldn’t.  What was very strange was that the main witness – the young girl that came forward – was found dead in the street very shortly afterwards from a suspicious drug overdose, which sort of compounded matters. (6:19)
  • I then moved on to work on child abuse investigations, which is slightly different to vice, and I can, if I have the time, explain why there is this compartmentalisation within these institutions, and it’s all down to remits and justifiable reasons for actually doing nothing, as opposed to doing something.  I went on to a child abuse unit in one of the poorer boroughs of London, and I was asked if I would like, as well as an investigator, to take on a second role dealing with various issues they have, and I was told I’d get a day where you’ll have to go to a meeting, and I asked to look into… if there was anyone dealing with children’s’ homes.  I was told “no, there was an officer that was dealing with children’s’ homes but she left two years ago and she didn’t do anything anyway because nothing happened, so there’s no problem.”  I asked this sergeant: “Are there any problems with child prostitution within the kids’ homes?” and he said: “What are you on about? No, of course not.”  I got a list – and this was almost real time as I’m telling it now – I got a list faxed through to me from social services with all the children’s’ homes (there were 26 kids’ homes), I picked up the phone and I spoke to the fella and I asked him how many kids they have, and on an average there’s about five children residing in these children’s’ homes.  I said: “I’m not pointing the finger, no one is in any trouble.  How many of these children do you lose at the weekend?” (which is the usual pattern of the missing, you know, when kids go missing.)  He said: “Out of the five, we lose three.”  I said: “Now honestly, what happens to them?” and he went: “Oh, they’re being pimped out.”  So I found that this officer who had dealt with it for years had found none.  Within… honestly, this was the time period as we are speaking now, within a few minutes I found three.  By the end of that day I had found six.  By the end of three days, five days, I had found 50. (8:15)
  • I held a meeting with all the concerned agencies, which involved charities, which involved NGO’s, which involved social services, and I highlighted the problem and I was then harangued really.  I was attacked verbally by the head of children’s services for this borough, who said to me: “What the effing hell have you done?”  I said: “well you knew about these kids,” and he said: “yeah, but they haven’t come to notice so we aren’t worried.”  Children were making money so therefore the children weren’t worried.  The children had a boyfriend which was their pimp, therefore they thought this was love, and the children were also using drugs, so therefore they want to continue to use drugs so they weren’t coming to notice, so social services had written them off despite the fact that the children’s homes would constantly be getting the logs that they were being picked up and they were going missing – these were regular missing persons.  The police have a missing persons unit.  They say so many thousands of kids go missing every year.  They do, but so many thousand do return but what is never looked in to is what happens when they are going missing.  They are working as prostitutes. (9:20)
  • And again, the child abuse units won’t look into them because they say it’s not inter-familial because it’s someone else pimping them out.  The bigger cities have vice units but vice units will not deal with them because they say that these are kids subject to care orders, so no one looks into it and it goes on and it festers.  Funnily enough, after this meeting I was shut down and moved again.(9.53)
  • I then came forward a couple of years later.  I was actually genuinely concerned that I would lose my children.  I know how powerful the police are and I know what they are capable of, having worked with them.  I blew the whistle a few years ago and I was told that my allegations would be taken at the highest level.  I asked to speak to a high ranked female detective and this was questioned, and then they did get the high rank female detective and she said to me: “Why are you talking to me and no one else?” and I said: “because you cannot roll up your trouser leg,” and she said: “I understand exactly what you mean.”  (For info, JW is referring to Freemasonry.)  They instigated allegations of corruption against high ranked officers.  When you investigate these crimes as a witness and information as I was, you’re meant to get regular updates every 28 days.  I never received one in three years.  The matter was passed from one unit to another unit.  It ended up with the IPCC, who again did nothing and failed to update me despite the fact they have corroborating evidence. (11:03)
  • I met with other police whistleblowers and a few concerned MPs.  One of them was a lady called Maggie Oliver, who had exposed the scandal in Rochdale.  Another one was a man called Lennie Harper, who had exposed the horrendous goings-ons at a kid’s home called Haut de la Garenne in Jersey.  Each one of them echoed each other – they both said: “they’re gonna come for you and they will come hard,” and I said: “what do I expect” and they said: “you will be served with gross misconduct papers.  You will be interviewed, they will find against you, you will be sacked and you will probably face a court case and may go to jail.”  Now, the threats that was echoed to me was that you will lose your home, your job, your children.  At the same time, the police stopped paying me – I went without wages for nearly three years and I had four children at home.  Then what happened was that they served me with gross misconduct papers and I was told what it would be for would be for data protection violations, which seems to be a common occurrence.  I got served with numerous data protection violations, each one could have given me a two-year prison sentence, and this continued and continued.  Now, what also happened during this period was that one of my children was involved in a life-changing and catastrophic accident in which he was initially declared dead and they revived him, he was on life support for many, many months.  I got a call from the hospital to attend the hospital, where they had actually lost him – he had been dead for ten minutes.  I was called down to the hospital to basically identify him.  I turned up and they had actually revived him in this period but they deemed him as brain dead, although he was on full 100% life support.  A colleague of mine was so concerned  as I had no money and for three days I slept in my car and stayed by my son’s side.  My son actually made signs of life and I was able to return home, but my colleague had brought this to the attention of senior officers, saying, you know, you’ve got to help this man, he’s actually done nothing wrong.  The Met Police’s response to this when I got home… they had sent two child protection officers round to interview my youngest boy on allegations that I had left him home alone whilst I was with my dying son. (13:14)
  • So the threats of ‘you’ll lose your home, your job and your children’ rang true.  I persisted.  I refused to give up and I set up a forum, a working group with all the police whistleblowers, and it extended and it branched out.  The IPCC stopped investigating the crime.  I was meant to be given a full breakdown of what went on and I was given a one-paragraph letter and told not to contact them again, ‘we’re not investigating it.’  Their answer was that the three high ranking officers that I’d accused of corruption, they went and spoke to them and they denied it and that was the extent of their investigation, and all them years as an investigator, I’ve been doing it wrong – you’ve just gotta ask someone if they’ve done it and if they say “no” then that’s it.  That is what they expected me to swallow and told me not to contact them again. (14:34)
  • I took the matter to the Policing Minister at the time – a member of the Privy Council and a member of the government’s Cabinet.  He met with me and he was actually, to my surprise, appalled.  He arranged for a meeting with the Home Office.  The Home Office then got their independent investigation team involved and stated that there will an independent investigation to my claims, and they deemed that the Met Police and the IPCC had failed and they would look into it.  I was summoned to a meeting and it was a fully recorded meeting and it was witnessed, and in which the Cabinet Minister handed my paperwork over to the Home Office officials and that was an official handover of the paperwork, which I supplied to him.  They then gave me their assurances that they will be in touch with me again, they gave me a 24-hour contact number and said that they will investigate this independently.  I never heard from them again.  They have since denied receiving any paperwork.  When pushed, they admitted they did receive it but have now lost it. (15:46)
  • We are seeing police failings in respect of child prostitution hemorrhaging in this country, but we are seeing them on a provincial level – we’re seeing them in Rochdale, Blackpool, Rotherham, we’re seeing them in Oxford, Aylesbury, Swindon – all on a provincial level.  London is one of the largest urban concentrations in the Western world – it has got one of the biggest police forces – we haven’t heard one thing about organised child prostitution in London, and the reason being is that those high up have been covering it up and this goes right to the heart… I was, erm, I met with, as I said, Lennie Harper.  Children were killed at Haut de la Garenne, which Lennie Harper had forensic evidence of, which then went missing.  He said to me: “Be careful.  What you’re looking at will go right to the heart of the establishment.” (16:44)
  • I sat down with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, and I explained to her what was going on, and I explained the dynamics of how you groom a child.  I said: “I can take a child out of the care system, I can groom that child, I can have sex with that child, I can get my friends to have sex with that child, I can pimp that child out.  You have not appointed one officer to investigate that, yet if I leant over my fence and called my neighbour a derogatory term, I lose my home, my job, I’ll be signing on a register, and I’d never work for the Met Police again.  How is that justifiable?  How is it justifiable?” (17:20)
  • I now work with victims and survivors of abuse.  I help out with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.  I’m working in collusion now with one of the most notorious gangsters that the UK had, the convicted murderer Chris Lambrianou, and I’ve never had such support and compassion from these people, yet the police would have had me swinging from a rope if they’d had their own way. (17:52)
  • When we look at our Prison Service, we look at our prison system, 75% of inmates are illiterate.  This is in the UK – they’re illiterate.  75% of our inmates have come from abused backgrounds.  We have a recidivism rate of 75%.  The system does not work.  Child abuse is at the root of all of this.  Child abuse units, when I was on them – I’ve worked on many specialist units in the police, I’ve worked on units that have been anti government, I’ve worked on units that have been financial crime, you get given a car, you get given an expense account, you get given unlimited overtime – when I was on child abuse we had a car between ten of us.  I worked with three alcoholics because the work was so horrendous and impactive.  We had no respite, we were worked till we were dropping, and we were… we had appointments to see psychiatrists every six months but they wouldn’t sign us off, they would keep us going, saying “Oh, you’re alright, you’re alright, keep going, keep going…” They deliberately underfund anything to do with child abuse – deliberately – and it’s done for a reason. (19:07)
  • I had many informants that came from the street.  They were beggars, they were drug addicts, they had all been sexually abused as children.  One of them told me of a scenario when he was in a kid’s home at the age of four.  He was raped on his first night by a Catholic priest, he then went on to be raped daily and whipped and beaten.  He become a drug addict and he ended up as a rent boy on the streets in an area of the West End where I used to work as a vice copper, and that was classed as the ‘meat rack’ at Piccadilly Circus, where young boys were openly picked up for the purpose of prostitution.  It was known about.  He went to get in a car and he was in trouble and he needed drugs, or he needed the money.  He had a pimp, and he said “A pimp weren’t a bad thing.  A pimp actually looked after me.  I was safer with a pimp on the street then I was in a kid’s home.”  He went to get into a car which was a white Rolls Royce with two men in it, and his pimp said “Don’t go in that car.  The last two boys who went in there, they killed ’em.  We never saw them again.”  He gesticulated to the driver to drive round the block and the pimp didn’t see this, the pimp thought he’d walked away but he didn’t, he got in the car.  He was then taken to a very affluent part of London called Hampstead.  He was then subjected to three days of torture and sexual violence which, he said, he knew that they’d killed him.  He said that they dumped his lifeless body on Hampstead Heath by the Royal Free Hospital, believing he was dead, and he said: “what shocked me more, John, was the fact that these two men were well dressed, they had a big house and they were actually getting ready to go to their neice’s wedding whilst they were dropping my lifeless body off… perceived lifeless body off… on a bit of heath ground.”  Yet it goes on consistently, consistently.  (20:55)
  • Back in 2003, the Justice system brought in what they called ‘the Bad Character Act.’  Before, you could never bring in someone’s previous convictions within a legal trial within the UK unless it was a very, very serious one, and then it was very difficult – there were too many legal parameters.  They brought this in and everyone thought that it was a coup, it was a step forward in gaining justice, but when you commit minor acts of shoplifting, it’s dishonest crime.  You are then deemed a dishonest person.  Every person I dealt with, every street person, every crack-taking prostitute had been abused as a child.  They all committed dishonest crime to stay alive.  They’ve shoplifted, they’ve pimped themselves, whatever they did they did it to survive to buy their drugs to carry on, so whenever they were brought into a trial as a witness, they were instantly deemed as dishonest and this is what we’re seeing now when people are coming forward – they’re rubbished and they’re broken. (21:59)
  • One of the starting things that occurred was, back in the beginning of 2000 they brought over Mayor Giuliani from New York to preach to us on the thing called ‘the broken window theory’, and what his theory was, was that if there was an area of depravity that had a broken window or a damaged bus shelter, clean it up, smarten it up.  You won’t get your drug dealers, you won’t get your shop lifters, you won’t get, you know, your robberies and all these crimes that are in the periphery around poverty and everything else, and therefore your society gets better.  Smarten these broken windows up.  It was naive at the least.  Where is this timeline taken back?  The fact is they’re doing drugs because they’re paying for heroin.  They’re on heroin because heroin is an analgesic, it’s a painkiller.  Pain can be mental, emotional, as well as physical and the majority of them were there doing the drugs because they come from the care system – the care system that had appallingly let them down – and that they had been sexually abused and they had no way of processing the damage that had been done to them. (23:06)
  • Our judicial system sets them up to fail.  It follows them through from cradle to grave.  These kids are known about yet nothing happens.  They grow up, they become bad in class, they become violent, they get reported to the social services, yet the problem is still not addressed.  They then commit minor acts and end up before the juvenile courts.  Again, nothing is done.  They commit, then, heavier acts – robberies or whatever – and end up before the magistrates courts, yet nothing is done.  They end up before the crown courts and ultimately they end up going before the coroner’s courts, yet throughout all this circle, nothing ever breaks it.  The people that are paid a good living wage to stop this are failing it, and sometimes it’s deliberate, and sometimes it’s ignorance. (23:57)
  • I’ve just come back from Rotherham, a town in a… a small steel town in the North West cluster of the UK.  I met with a social worker who had exposed the child prostitution problem.  She ran an outreach group and the kids would come into her and one would tell her and another would tell her, and she looked into it.  It was organised prostitution, it was a small little town… two thousand children were being pimped out.  She got attacked from the police, her husband nearly lost his job, it nearly brought her to the point of suicide, and this is what they do.  It’s orchestrated and it was manipulated at the highest echelons, and she said it was coming from the high ranking officers, and it was, but yet all they would offer up was the low ranking for some form of malfeasance or whatever.  But it is being orchestrated at the very top.  My investigations showed a strong link with high ranked officers and organised criminals.  I spoke with another child abuse investigator – quite a high ranked officer – I spoke to him from Manchester.  Again, he had a proven link between high ranked officers and organised criminals and child prostitution there.  (25:16)
  • We had a glimmer of hope in the form of a chief constable, a commissioner of police, for a county called Wiltshire.  The man’s name is Mike Veale.  He stood up and he investigated child prostitution, child trafficking, child abuse and everything else, but it involved former Prime Minister Sir Ted Heath.  He turned round in parliament and he said: “If they can attack me…,” (because he came under attack, and he said he came under attack from places he didn’t even know existed,) and he said: “If they can attack me, god knows what they will do to John Wedger” which, in a way was a bit of an accolade but… and I spoke to him and he said: “It’s just vile, John, it is vile.”  I then looked at how many police officers… a policeman’s biggest fear is going to prison and they know it, they know it.  This is deliberate.  What we’re looking at is deliberate.  I was a good guy.  When you’re a policeman you take an oath and your oath is ‘I will act without fear or without favour.’  Someone said to me: “John, do not base your own bravery on others.  Don’t judge others for the lack of bravery or commitment shown.”  I do not see myself as brave.  I see myself as a man who believes in protecting the vulnerable, doing God’s work and doing what my oath said – to act without fear or without favour.  They are going against their oath and I said: “We will look at this word ‘fear’ shall we?  What are they frightened of?  Telling the truth?”  Where the real fear lies is this young child laying in a kid’s home at night and they’re coming and they’re taking the blankets from over him – that’s the real fear.  We need to get a grip.  You come under attack – and you do come under attack – and it’s painful and it hurts and it does do its best to destroy you.  Maggie Oliver said to me: “John, I was going to prison.  The CPS turned round and said ‘we’ve got enough evidence, if you don’t come to some agreement to whatever, then you’re found guilty, then you will go to prison.”  She had to tell her children that she was going to prison.  The CPS, with me, in the end turned round and said: ‘John Wedger’s mitigation was so powerful we could never convict him.’  I said to them: “I committed my statement prior to any trial.  I wrote a statement and I gave it Cressida Dick and said “here’s my statement”, whatever you say I’ve done, I’ve done, I don’t care, but I will not be tried by you, I will be tried in a Crown court and I will be tried by my peers and I will be tried fairly.”  I have done nothing wrong and I listed every single person from the bottom right the way up to the top who was involved, who knew about it, who did nothing, who then did nothing.  This went right up to Bernard Hogan Howe and now to Cressida Dick.  Bernard Hogan Howe knew about this.  The campaign of bullying of me was orchestrated under his command.  He has now been appointed by the House of Lords to look into child grooming gangs and how they existed.  Well I might save him the trouble.  I can do that for him.  You know, it is wrong, it is wrong.  They’re looking now… I was asked to make an address to Lord Pearson‘s office regarding the presence of grooming gangs and how it works and the mechanics of it all.  They’re looking at it from a very sort of, erm, religious background – that it’s Muslim gangs.  This is a bigger picture.  Kids are a commodity, and one of the things which I want to refer back to is yourself commissioner, to my right, mentioned about the Marc Detroux… whenever I give a talk, you have to make things relevant.  The Third World and how they’re dealing with things because there were different people, they looked different, they walked on a different side of the road, they were a different colour, let’s look at what we’ve got in our back yard, one of the countries which is demographically very similar to us is Belgium.  In living memory it went on in Belgium and it went on with Marc Dutroux, and the kids that came forward were so pigeon-holed in what they could talk about, anything that went outside of Marc Dutroux they weren’t allowed.  I think it was 23-25 civilian witnesses died in the lead up to the trial.  Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.  And then the people took the power back, they blew the windows out with the fire engines in the parliamentary office and then they sprayed horse manure all over the building and then they took to the streets, didn’t they?  Half a million people… And what do we do?  We only kick off when someone throws a cat in a wheelie bin.  If we allow our children to be attacked and preyed on in this way, we have failed as a decent and moral society and we are doing that and we are doing nothing and it has to stop.  I don’t want no glory but people like myself, we need backing and we need it.
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[1] 2018 Jun 22 Sceptic Peg A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: John Wedger – “This goes right to the top…” scepticpeg.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/a-whistleblower-speaks-john-wedger-this-goes-right-to-the-top/

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum


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  2. Zara Ali says:

    If humanity still exists in this world it is only because of the fearless like John Wedger… it takes some heck of courage to be in his shoes and keep going… Thank you for sharing Cathy.


  3. grimstock says:

    A very brave man indeed – good luck to him. Unfortunately this treatment of a good policeman is quite common these days. The ruthless brutality of the system only has time for subservient, and not those who are prepared to tackle the problems.
    The Criminal Justice system is exactly that. Only those at the top know the real puppet boss is.
    Reminds me of the time, following the Krays jailings in 1976 when the ruling crime families in London were changed over to Sicilian after being under Boston mafia control since 1968, resulting in a very bloody massacre outside a bank after a heist where most of the robbers were top brass from Albany Street, and the tip-off had resulted in the MET’s finest firearms officers lying in wait for them to leave the bank. Differing allegiances, and the rackets of the Boston mob had come to an end.
    There is a blog for good coppers punished by the system:
    Good Cop Down
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodCopDown

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  4. johnharker3 says:

    The evil root of all this corruption and cover up protectionism comes from Satanic Masonry the evil “brotherhood” network that is endemic throughout the Civil and Crinminal Justice system – The senior Police Officers in most Forces – the Local and central government – Parliament – the Legal system – the Press and Media – Banking – the Health Service – Professions – Civil Service and yes the Clergy for Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby are Satanic Masons, as well as Tony Blair – Benjemin Natanyhu – Angela Merchal – Donald Trump – the Clintons – Barak Obama – the Bushes – David Cameron – Lord Mandelson – Chief Constables Graham Maxwell and Dave Jones and his PCC Julia Mulligan and the ex Chief and Deputy of Cleveland police Shaun Price and his deputy, also the current Met Commissioner and her predessor Hogan-Howe, who was an Officer with Dave Jones along with Duckenfield et al in the corrupt South Yorkshire police, all above named are Satanic Masons; that corruptly covered up their crimes in the Hillsborough disaster for those 27 years! To name only one very serious Satanic Mason corruption and cover up protectionism! Masons worship their great architect of the Universe and sing their closing hymn at the end of their secret “brotherhood” meetings:- “May we all be together in that grand Lodge above so mote it be!” woe woe woe for that Lodge that all deceived – bounbd – false promised masons seek to enter when they die is the Lodge of their Master and God Satan, the God of this END TIMES evil – counterfeit religion – corrupt world! John Wedger and I John Harker a former Police Officer – a retired criminal Advocate – a now set FREE Mason through and by the REDEEMING LOVE of YAHSHUA MESSIAH our LORD, who is fighting a wilderness battle against corruption and to Advocate for community Justice! We John Wedger anbnd I have been brought together by the FOREORDAINED WILL of YAHUAH ALMIGHTY through the REDEEMING LOVE of YAHSHUA MESSIAH our LORD, to formulate an offical legal Charity with Trustees and fight this END TIMES corruption and expose Satanic Masonry to we pray that it be OUTLAWED before many more innocent peoples lives are destroyed! For we battle on in FAITH and LOVE of the TRUTH of the Gospel of YAHUAH unto Salvation wearing the FULL armour as it is written in Ephesians 6 Auth King James Bible and know the TRUTH and ABIDE in the TRUTH as it is written in Psalm 23 Auth King James Bible! Selah Please HEED this exposure of Satanic Masonry, yes the hierarchy of this Country worship Satan, hence why there is no triue PUBLIC INTEREST JUSTICE: please HEED this only one exposure:- http://www.Freemasons-roots-and-links-to-the-Occult.com


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  6. Great article. Get the news out and pray for Jon’s safety.

    Small edit required. He is Jon Wedger, short for Jonathan.


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