Triangle Tattoos…

I have tweeted on this a couple of times, but as I am still asked about it, I have made a post on it, as twitter can be ephemeral when the information goes down the timeline…

@cathycathyfox Britney Thread [8]

@cathycathyfox Rihanna Thread [9] 

The triangle tattoo shows that that person is in the control of the illuminati. It is similar to the 3 dots,

3 dots are an illuminati brand on finger, back of shoulder or side of upper thigh or hip. It notifies others that person is high end Beta Kitty, cannot be pimped out as a normal sex slave or mistreated by handlers. Protocol to access her must be regarded, punishable by death. [7]

Yes, the small triangles with lines or dots on the side of thumb, finger, back, thigh or hip all represent the same thing…they indicate a high end elite sex slave. They use these tattoos to indicate who is allowed to use that slave. They can not be used or misused by lower level pimps…but they can be misused or abused by paying clients or their handler… [7]

The elements do not apply to all the triangle tattoos, but if elements are important to convey, then yes, they find a way to mark the body to indicate that…Sometimes, placement of the tattoo on the body can indicate the element and goes with the chakra for that body part… [7]

Britney drew attention to triangle tattoos when she said she has no idea what she was thinking when she got a “freaking black ink triangle on my right hand”.

This is no surprise, as she will have been in a different alter, and there are amnesic barriers between alters, so one alternate personality has no memory of the others. This is the way they are programmed in the sick Monarch mind control programming system.




Other triangle tattoos

Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding

Julia Michaels





Hannah Tointon

Camille Rowe

Florence Welch

Freja Beha

Ellie Goulding

Jordyn Woods

Katy Perry  LindseyLohan


Noah Cyrus

Sophie Turner

This blog [111] 2021 Oct 22 cathyfoxblog Triangle Tattoos


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[4] 2015 Dec Celebrity tattoos gossip

[5] 2020 Jul 30 Vigilant Citizen Something is Terribly Wrong With Britney Spears’ Instagram Account Vigilant Citizen

[6] 2020 Aug 21 Daily Mail Britney Spears thanks fans for support in Instagram post along with puzzling video listing her favorite things… as her conservatorship is extended until February 2021

[7] 2020 Pers Comm J.Czebotar

[8] @cathycathyfox Britney Thread

[9] @cathycathyfox Rihanna Thread 

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13 Responses to Triangle Tattoos…

  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot Ice Cube


  2. Lindsay Lohan (who I really do like & have a special place in my heart) has plenty of shoots/ pics of her finger with shhh… always wondered but knew something as well as the triangular tattoo

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  3. bea miller – triangle tattoo on hand:
    one eye:
    another red flag: according to the msm her parents are lesbian and she has a trans sibling.

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  5. According to Svali, p102 “Breaking Free of Cult Porgamming” pyramids, triangles and the number 3 represent calling up the demonic in Illuminist Philosophy… #triangles #3 #pyramids


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