NL5 Child Sacrifice and Prime Minister Mark Rutte

I have previously posted Anne Marie’s testimony as part of my post on Human Hunting in which there were more than a dozen stories from survivors of Human Hunting [1] It would fit better into child abuse, child sacrifice and ritual sexual abuse than human hunting. I also want to draw out a couple of points in this series of blogs on Dutch child abuse and child trafficking.

Anne Marie van Blijenburgh gave her testimony, in June 2014, to Kevin Annet. See Child Sacrifice-Murder by Queen Beatrix & Soros [4] There is video on that site but it is not the best sound quality IIRC.

Anne Marie was the wife of Kees van Korlaar. She tells of her experiences in the Netherlands of her ex husband Kees and his brothers in a mafia like gang. She tells of child trafficking from youth detention centres, the children being drugged, raped and some killed.

She names various prominent mainly Dutch figures including former Queen Beatrix, mother of current Dutch ‘king’ Willem-Alexander and Prince Johann Friso. Also mentioned is George Soros, the old head of the satanic council. Obama is now running the Satanic Council [2]

The Police and interpol have done nothing, despite being told of the crimes.

Another figure named is Mark Rutte, current Prime Minister of Netherlands. Rutte is on the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Bilderberger meeting lists.[VS]

This is of course relevant to the current harrassment and imprisoning of Huig Plug, directly due to dubious complaints by Mark Rutte. Huig Plug Jailed by Dutch Pedophile Network [8]

Marke Rutte Prime Minister Netherlands accused of attending ritual abuse ceremonies

Huig Plug is an official Justice Department whistleblower and is also the “voice of Lisa” a ritually abused victim, which is detailed in this article [8].

Huig Plug’s exposing of the dark pedosadist streak, combined with Luciferian ritual abuse, running through the Dutch “power elite” is of course not popular with them nor the Minervan mafia of which most are members.

Hence they are trying to silence Huig Plug and that is of course why Huig Plug needs worldwide public support.

Twitter thread Netherlands Child Abuse [11]

Update 2023 Jan 17 this post has been degoogled, but tweets may not embed as I am still banned from twitter. Here is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s Testimony

[12c] Odysee 2014 Annemarie van Korlaar van Blijenburgh Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite” 

Also sound is on Spreaker Wichal Rangai “Elites” regularly trick, rape, hunt, torture, brutally murder and dump children in mass graves in The Netherlands and Belgium[6]

I have included a written transcript, but there are various versions around… this one is from The Justice Heroes Human Hunting Parties [3] I have added the name of the Elsevier journalist.


My name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. I have been married for twenty four years to Kees van Korlaar. Together with his three brothers, Kees van Korlaar forms a criminal organization known as the Octopus Syndicate (ed. Note: This is a slang term in Holland for Ndrangheta, the modern Italian -based Mafia). They have worked from 1960 on to today. By order of Queen Beatrix they have organized the murder, torture, rape and killing of children in a public setting. They organized that through youth detention centers in the Netherlands.

The youth detention centers were told by the criminals that they were asking for the Dutch court for children who could work for the Dutch Queen for a certain period. The detention centers were very happy, they thought that Queen Beatrix was a very social person, and they gladly volunteered in giving files of certain children to the criminals. When they wanted to verify what the criminals told them, they were given a name and a phone number of a high ranking officer in the court of Queen Beatrix, and that high ranking officer would tell them that indeed the criminals were seeking children to work for a certain period at the Dutch court.

After receiving files of approximately three children every time, the criminals selected a child that had no relative or family. They told the youth detention center that those are the ones we want, the youth detention center would give clothes to the child and put the child on the train to Zwolle.

In Zwolle, the criminals fetched the child from the station and brought it to a building that was equipped like a hotel but was not working as a hotel, although there were people in the lobby as if the hotel was working.

The child was put on a table and was given something to drink and with that drink the child was drugged. Beside that hotel was a building where the performance took place.

In that building there were people were sitting down and at a certain moment the child was brought into that building by the criminals, was tortured, raped and brutally murdered in front of those people.

The audience was around Prince Johann Friso, the second son of Queen Beatrix. I was told that Johann Friso was quite insane and had an unhealthy interest in young children and had a psychiatrist with him every day of his life.

That psychiatrist’s name was Guus Pareau Dumont. The criminals organized those killings in accordance with Queen Beatrix, she paid for the killings.

And the criminals asked Johann Friso to bring his relatives and friends with him, so the whole building was filled with very important people from the Netherlands: ministers, high ranking officers and all kinds of people that the criminals could photograph so they could blackmail those people and get criminal advantages from that.

Question: Could you name some of the people who were present?

  • The people who I recognized there were Prince Johann Friso, his psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont.
  • I recognized Johann’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit, she was there with an old man – I think it was George Soros.
  • I recognized a Herr Donner, a former minister of the law department, the viceroy of the Netherlands,
  • I recognized Ernst Hirsch Ballin, a very important former Minister of Justice,
  • I recognized a Mr. van den Emster, he was for years the head of all judges in the Netherlands,
  • I recognized Dick Berlijn, he’s a former head of the military department in the Netherlands.
  • I recognized a very important journalist. [Gerlof Leistra, Elsevier]
  • I recognized Carla Eradus, the wife of Friso’s psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont, Carla is the President of the Court in Amsterdam, a judge.
  • I recognized Mark Rutte, he’s at this moment the President of the Netherlands.
  • I recognized Geert Wilders, he is at this moment the head of the political party PVV and head of the Dutch Parliament.

There were about fifty people every time I was taken there. I have been taken there three times.

I have seen every time that they killed a child, I have seen two boys killed and one girl killed. I presume they were children from the Netherlands, I presume they came from detention centers and were recruited in the way I have told.

Question: You said that officials at the detention center thought that the children had been eaten?

I asked a journalist of the paper De Telegraff in 2005 or 2006 to look that up for me and to publish in the newspaper what was happening.

The journalist told me he had checked my story with all the youth detention centers in the Netherlands and had spoken to people who had indeed given those files to the criminals and they thought that the children they put on the train were going to be solicited to work in the court of Queen Beatrix.

And some of those detention center people told the journalist that they thought that Queen Beatrix was eating those children up because they were putting them on the train to Zwolle and they never saw those children again or ever heard about them anymore.

Question: Do you know what happened to the remains of the children who died, where they were buried or what they did with them?

Yes unfortunately I know, yes. They were first thrown in a container behind the building where they were murdered, a cooling container. After certain performances the container was brought to Belgium where they had a piece of land where they put the children in a hole.

Question: What is the name of the place in Belgium, do you know?

I must look it up, I found it but I must look it up.

Question: What is it that you’d like to see happen about all of this?

I want to see those criminals forever locked up.

Question: You haven’t received any help in the Netherlands, you said.

Not one thing, no, it’s terrible, from 2004 to today. I have spoken with every policeman I could find, and every law official, I’ve talked to INTERPOL about this, I’ve been to court to try to get a the prosecutor to convict this and investigate the matter.

The court told me it wasn’t my problem, it was a problem of society, and the court didn’t want to give an order to the prosecutor to investigate. I have done literally everything to clear this up. I have the idea that everything is stopped because Queen Beatrix is involved and the Dutch court is involved. And every time somebody wants to investigate they slap him on the shoulders and say don’t do that because Queen Beatrix doesn’t want it.

Queen Beatrix with Marina Abramovic

Question: Are you willing to give this testimony in another court, say a Common Law Court?

Yes. I have no objection about that. I am very very angry, if you’ve seen what I’ve seen, it always stay with me. I can’t put it aside because it’s one of the cruelest things I have seen, it’s horrible, it’s really horrible.

The idiots. One time when I was going back to my home, my husband who took me there, he drugged and he let me see that and he brought me back to my home a hundred kilometers away. And during that ride I suddenly came to my senses,

I suddenly discovered that it was a child that I had seen killed.

I burst out into tears.

My husband [Kees van Korlaar] was driving and he put his arm to me and he said, “Don’t bother, they’re children of a minor family, they’re orphans, they’re just trash, it doesn’t matter they were killed.” It’s horrible. I can’t describe it.

                                                               Kees van Korlaar

It’s horrible those people were sitting there and looking and not doing anything.

Question: And your husband is still alive.

He’s still alive and he’s still killing people.

If you just think how many people since 2004 have been killed, it’s been ten years, they kill perhaps ten or twenty people a year if not more, it’s horrible.

I have shown the police four places in the Netherlands they use as grave yards for people they killed. Never, never, has any policeman ever taken the trouble to look.

Question: Can you name those four places?

Yes I can name them, I can show them, but I will put them to you by email. But the criminals know I have told the police, they’ve had every opportunity to let the bodies disappear, I know two places where it is difficult for them to disappear…

But normally in the Netherlands when you find a body in a house with blood, the police go with 20 or 30 people to investigate. But when I say to the police I know four places in the Netherlands they use as a graveyard, and every graveyard perhaps 20 or 50 perhaps 100 bodies are buried there, nobody is looking, nobody goes to those places.

Question: Can you tell us your name please and the date today?

Today is the fifth of June 2014 and my name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh.

end of testimony

Transcript from 2014 of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about child murders in Belgium Human Hunting Parties [4]

This IS how they view us – “They’re children of a minor family, they’re orphans, they’re just trash, it doesn’t matter they were killed”

The journalist mentioned was Gerlof Leistra of Elsevier. Elsevier is a Dutch based company, who own most scientific, technical, and medical content journals. This makes them in prime position to decide what “science” is allowed to be published. They also own the supposedly prestigious “the Lancet”. These pieces of information are useful to researchers on covid.

Elsevier also are the company that published Hunting Humans a Future for Tourism…[1]

For more information on Huig Plug, whistleblower and child trafficking and child abuse in the Netherlands see –

[NL1] Pedophile Network in the Hague [10]

[NL3] Huig Plug Jailed by Dutch Pedophile Network [8]

Child Sex Trafficking by the Jesuits [9]

[NL4] Netherlands: The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World [7]

Mark Rutte has many questions to answer on why he is not arresting perpetrators of child sexual abuse and why he is arresting and harassing whistleblowers…

Marke Rutte and Klaus Schwab

This Post [111] 2022 Jan 8 NL5 Child Sacrifice and Prime Minister Mark Rutte


[1] 2020 Jul 26 cathyfoxblog Human Hunting

[2] 2020 Jun 4 cathyfoxblog Obama is now running the Satanic Council

[3] 2019 Nov 18 The Justice Heroes Human Hunting Parties

[4] Whale Rev Kev D Annett Child Sacrifice-Murder by Queen Beatrix & Soros


[6] 2014 Spreaker Wichal Rangai “Elites” regularly trick, rape, hunt, torture, brutally murder and dump children in mass graves in The Netherlands and Belgium

Annemarie van Korlaar van Blijenburgh, wife of 24 years of Kees van Korlaar aka “De Commissaris (Commissioner)”, who form the criminal organisation ‘Octopus Syndicate’ (since 1960) with his 3 brothers – Evert van Korlaar aka De Allesweter (Know-it-all)
– Adelbert van Korlaar aka De Tweespaltmaker (Divider/Quarrel Maker)
– Peter van Korlaar aka De (The) Nitwit;
connected to the ‘Ndrangheta (Italian criminal organisation) with titles as ”Excelente” (Evert); and, “U Baruni” and “Mantaru” (Evert, Kees and Adelbert), states to have witnessed 3 child murders, organized by the ‘Octopus Syndicate’ with the collusion of a high ranking member of Queen Beatrix’s staff. Friends of Prince Friso were encouraged to attend so that blackmail material could be collected on them

[7] 2021 Dec 21 cathyfoxblog [NL4] Netherlands: The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

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[11] Twitter thread Netherlands Child Abuse

[12] 2014 YouTube Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite”  with transcription

[12a] 2014 hookTube Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite”  with transcription

[12c] Odysee 2014 Annemarie van Korlaar van Blijenburgh Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite”

[VS] VS see comments.

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7 Responses to NL5 Child Sacrifice and Prime Minister Mark Rutte

  1. Rutte is on the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Bilderberger meeting lists.

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  2. Mishko_ says:

    Hello, my name is Mishko, I live in the Netherlands.
    I frequent the Aanirfan blog regularly.
    About Dutroux: we know the network never has been dealt with.

    On Mark Rutte: he has this a-sexual persona, with a gaylord leaning.
    Example: visiting a dutch music concert (by “De Toppers”, could vaguely be translated
    as “The Bestest”) in a pink fluffy boa. Like really festive and fun orientated. As if.

    He seems to be under the dragon’s wing: received the Global Citizen Award
    from the Atlantic Council in 2019. Opening speaker of the festive evening
    was Klaus Schwab.

    I will watch the videos contained in your article this week.
    I do not want to: I think I need to.
    Living in a fairy tale La La Land full of wacky nonsense while life does not
    get better:is aggravating and insulting to anyone of reasonable intelligence.
    This long con, this ordo ab chao, we are collectively living it, here and now.

    Greetings from Amsterdam, Mishko_

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  3. In sweden we are also having a problem with pedophilia. Last year we hade a big scandal with our middle Centre Party and the EU-parliamentarian Fredrick Federley. It was revealed that he was dating a pedophile and that he had connections around him to more pedophiles. Now he is studying to be a priest. Very sick.
    I have had some problems myself with New Age networks in Sweden that connects to black magic. I have written about this on my blog if anyone is interested.

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  4. Yes, it is true. Russia are occuied by HIVITES and they are killing us the whole districts. Yes, THE WHORE districts are disappearing.


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