High Priestess Training (Jessie Transcript Right on Radio Ep19)


This Episode of Right on Radio covers

  • Gloria Vanderbilt
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Jessie’s Illuminati Training
  • Babies used by Illuminati
  • DUMBS, Tunnel Children
  • JayZ, Beyonce, Madonna
  • Symbolism

It will also be interesting in future as Jessie is becoming a joint presenter on this show.

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Right On Radio Episode 19 High Priestess Training  Audio Version of Episode [1]

High Priestess Training – Transcript Jessie Interview Right on Radio

On this episode Right on Radio Gloria Vanderbilt, the high priestess of Satan and her son, Anderson Cooper’s training, but not only that, there is a memory that… Yes, Jessie Czebotar is with us today and she shares a memory that has never come up before on air, you’ll want to be sure to catch that. And also in about the middle of the program, we make a joint announcement that I think you’re going to want to hear. So thank you for joining Right on Radio.

Jeff: Welcome back to “Right on Radio”. My name is Jeff, I’m your host. I want to thank you for being a faithful listener to this broadcast. I want to thank you for liking and sharing these episodes because it’s very important to get this information out, it is part of the great awakening. Your world will get much better, one more people become awake to this stuff. Well, we’ve got a very special program today we’re going to talk about Gloria Vanderbilt. If that isn’t the household name, it is for probably your parents and a few other people. But first I want to make a couple show announcements. As the show matures and becomes more popular, I’m going to be responding more to what listeners want. One of the things that has been dramatically said to me is how popular Jessie is on this show. And not only do I know how popular she is, but also how brave she is for doing this. She is really exposing a lot of stuff and bearing her soul in doing this. So I applaud Jessie for doing this. In fact, she has been so gracious because we talked off air, and I’m planning on getting a lot of different guests that are experts in areas and some of them are high profile. I’ve asked Jessie to become a co-host on the show, particularly with some of these interviews. She’s really graciously accepted that. So we’re going to continue to interview Jessie because Jessie has so much to offer. You’ll get to hear her interview with her in-depth knowledge [with] some of the people that we bring on. We’re going to be tackling some really incredible subjects. So having said all that, today I was reading, as I always do and as you should do, the @CathyCathyFox blog, that’s @CathyCathyFox on Twitter. She [Jessie] has the most amazing website called www.illuminatethedarkness.com , which you should also go and visit. This website is so popular and it is really comprehensive. Anything you want to find out about child trafficking, the Illuminati and all these different things. She has detailed and has evidence stacked up that you can go and spend hours on. It’s so well done, I give it my highest recommendation. Having said that, Jessie is here again today to discuss the Vanderbilts. I saw on the @CathyCathyFox blog today, she did something on Gloria Vanderbilt. This is someone who I have been familiar with for a long time. Of course she’s a famous socialite [and] an heiress, She’s [also] the mother of Anderson Cooper, famous of CNN, which is very interesting how he is going against some of the right-wing narrative. Now, I wonder if he has something to hide. I’m not sure, but I’m going to focus this on Gloria, his mother. If you search her out on the interwebs you’re going to see a lot of pictures and a lot of imagery. Particularly there’s a picture of bedroom with this kind of satanic thing behind her and she wears this jewelry that it has some significance. Here’s the greatest thing, Jessie has actually been there. So without further ado: Jessie Czebotar. Thank you so much for joining Right on Radio again today.

Jessie: Thanks for having me, Jeff.

Jeff: It’s such a pleasure to have you on. By the way, if you have not seen this house that she lived in, it’s pretty much an American Castle.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: Where was this house? Which state was it in again?

Jessie: Well, she had several homes. So my stories detail several of the different homes. I think the most popular one that you’re talking about is the Vanderbilt estate. As a kid, I never exactly knew where we were at, unless I’d been there several times. So when we were in Germany at Neuschwanstein, I definitely knew we were there at Neuschwanstein.

Jeff: Yeah

Jessie: I didn’t learn places like that. I just knew Gloria had many homes. I tend to just tell my memories as they come and not give exact or precise locations unless I feel led on that, or if I can. Some of the stuff is under investigation, so I can’t reveal all of that.

Jeff: Understood. But you went to her house and what was the purpose of you being transported to her house and about how old were you, Jesse?

Jessie: Yeah, the first time I was there, it was right before I had turned five. And what they’ll do is they – whoever is your Proctor, the person who’s going to be training you, she wanted me to be tested and for me to meet those who are the Grand High Priestesses since they would be doing some of my training. They were trying to decide which of the Grand High Priestesses that should be in charge of the majority of my Black Magic training. So that was the first I met Gloria was just kind of – well, it was pretty horrific.

Jeff: So just before you go there, was Gloria Vanderbilt a Grand High Priestess? And if she was, what is that?

Jessie: Yeah, she was a Grand High Priestess. There are several for each quadrant. There are four primary ones in the United States, as well as there are four Grand High Priestess internationally. Each of them is in charge of overseeing one of the quadrants. So if you think of the United States being split into North, South, East, West, each of the Grand High Priestesses is going to oversee all of the High Priests and Priestesses that are in the quadrant that they’re assigned.

Sometimes there is overlap – they don’t have to live in the quadrant they’re overseeing, and sometimes they kind of share the quadrants they’re overseeing. Both Gloria and Laurie kind of shared – we’ll say the south and the east quadrant.

Jeff: Who’s Laurie?

Jessie: Laurie Cabot Kent was one of the other Grand High Priestesses. So she became one of my main trainers. So she was one of the Grand High Priestesses as well.

Jeff: Is she household name? I don’t recognize that name.

Jessie: Not unless you were in the witchcraft world. Laurie is known for the Chateau des Amerois in Belgium – the castle that most people think of when they think of the mother of darkness Castle – Laurie is associated with that. Oftentimes, the Grand High Priestesses were the face front for the true “Mother of Darkness”, so a lot of times people who were under them or people who worked with them would refer to them as mothers. Even sometimes you’ll see articles about Gloria calling her a “Mother of Darkness”.

Jeff: So in positions though, that with mean a Grand High Priestess is actually subject under a “Mother of Darkness”?

Jessie: Correct. So the very top is going to be the “Mothers of Darkness”. Under them you have the satanic counsel that has many people. There could be over 100 people sitting on the Council for each quadrant. They would be the company “Board of Directors”. Then the Grand High Priests or Priestesses are going to be kind of like the CEOs of the companies that the board of directors set up in their region.

Jeff: These people are organized, you must give them that.

Jessie: Yes, they are.

Jeff: Okay, so you’re about five years old and you go to Gloria’s house?

Jessie: Yeah, so the first thing that she does is she had to read my tarot. They did that to see what the spirits would reveal or what the divine Oracle would reveal about me, and if they were supposed to work with me or not. So that was my very, very first interaction with her with having her read my tarot.

Jeff: And how did that go?

Jessie: Interestingly enough, I had it read seven times by seven different people, and they all pulled the exact same cards. I just kind of pulled this in because it’s an interesting factor. There was a medium who had caught my shows on David Zublick. She just recently, about two months ago, also read my tarot about the shows that I did, especially the ones on Gloria Vanderbilt. She had no way of knowing – we’re talking a 36 years since my tarot was last read – and she pulled all the exact same cards. The cards basically told them that I would be the one to pull down the system and bring an end to it.

Jeff: So, never played poker with Jesus.

Jessie: Right (laughing). Never play poker with Jessie.

Jeff: Yeah, I think there was some divine intervention there, I would think.

Jessie: Yes, yes, there was. The good thing the Lord did in all that, is that none of them would allow me to ever touch the tarot cards. They would not – I could stand there and watch, but they would not allow me to touch or interact with the tarot cards, so that was pretty interesting.

Jeff: His hand has really been on you throughout this whole journey. It seems that every example you give, Jessie, just leads back to divine protection from the Lord letting this beautiful young lady, (inaudible ) to these – well, just inhumane situations. Inhumane, I should probably say demonic, which is really a synonym of the word.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: Okay, so you’ve got the tarot cards read and it came out that you’re going to take down the system, which you’re actively doing now, so that’s a fulfillment.

Jessie: Right, right. It was like drawing who gets the shortest straw type thing. All these Grand High Priestesses had to draw straws and they’re all like – after they knew the tarot [outcome] none of them wanted to end up with me (laughing). Gloria was the lucky one, I guess, you could say.

Jeff: (laughing)… So what happens after that? They’ve read the cards in her house, do you stay for a couple of days or you whisked in and out?

Jessie: Yeah they were short visits – the first few times. So the next time that I remember, we were there, and it was the first time that my proctor was basically training me in how to drown a baby. This conversation came up today with Cathy a little bit. I don’t know what she’s going to do with it, but we were talking about their end of life rituals and how they breathe in the last breath. They believe that gives them the person’s essence and whatever powers or abilities that person had. This was probably the first time that I saw that happened.

Jeff: And so this is your proctor?

Jessie: Yeah, so we went to Laurie’s house and there was several – I would say probably 10 or 20 socialite women who are all there. It looked like a gathering. They were all kind of dressed in their – I remember it probably being in Fall, so they were in these cute little dresses, all dressed up and everything. I remembered that the doorbell rang. Gloria had gone to the door and there was a younger woman, probably in her 30’s, who had a baby that was about seven months old. It was a little baby girl, and she handed the baby to Gloria. I thought they were just going to babysit the baby, but this child ended up being the one. When she started fussing Gloria handed her to my proctor and then we went into one of Gloria’s bathrooms. My proctor, she would say things like “Baths are made to quiet babies, they help them calm down”. So she was doing a lot of rocking of the baby and a lot of shushing the baby, patting her back, trying to make her quiet and everything. When the bathtub was done filling up, she said, “Now, this is how we take care of babies.” She started drowning the baby. I actually had already dealt with, at that point, one of my siblings had accidentally almost drowned before, so I knew enough that babies could not breathe under water. So I started fighting with her on that, and she knocked me down out of the way. She basically was instructing me, “This is how you hold your hand on the baby’s chest and you pin him against the bottom of the tub.” Basically, she did that and kept hitting me down as I fought with her until the baby drowned. I was just desperate to try to help. I didn’t even think of asking for help. I learned shortly later that all the socialite women – none of them were safe individuals. The majority of the ones connected with Gloria Vanderbilt were all into very high level Black Magic which is about as dirty and evil as it comes. You know, just share wickedness.

Jeff: I want to touch on that, just for the audience. If you didn’t hear previous episodes or if you haven’t heard Jesse speak before, when she was first introduced to this, she saw a beheading. So they are really de-sensitizing her. Jessie, when you’re fighting and going at her, when she’s drowning this baby, which is obviously horrific for anyone to see, but you’ve been desensitized a little bit, I’m just hearing some anger in you. Is this more of an anger thing? It sounded like you were just pushed away, or were you knocked hard?

Jessie: No, it was hard. It was pushing with the throwing. I ended up hitting the door a couple of times, or the wall.

Jeff: Wow. I’m trying to get my thoughts away from this poor baby because…

Jessie: Yeah. We’ll give a trigger warning here for people, because if you listen to the other shows, I don’t combine the incidences. This incident ended up leading then to – Gloria had a very bad habit of, I don’t want to call it procuring, but she would almost do a type of form of taxidermy, with some of the children or infants that were killed. There were some specific black magic spell things that she did that involved the remains of her victims. So this was the first one [I witnessed]. The horror didn’t end after I saw this child drown. I was then led to her special room under the stables. That’s where I watched them embalm and taxidermy this baby and do stuff with it to preserve it,

Jeff: Would she just keep these as trophies or where they used for more nefarious purposes.

Jessie: They were used for more in the nefarious purposes. She didn’t even keep them all intact. Sometimes it was just pieces and she would create [things]. She did a lot with doll houses and would do a lot of black magic with doll houses. If you look up, she had window boxes, and it was a form of fortune-telling or sorcery for her. She would predict people’s death or things that were going to happen to them. She would create these scenes from what she saw was going to happen, and then usually she would display that to that individual before the evil thing happened to them. Some of the stuff she kept hidden in secret. She had some secret passages in her home or had some secret rooms. So some of her stuff she did keep as trophies in there. She believed that in creating these boxes and in preserving, it preserved the soul of the person forever trapped under her command in the spirit world.

Jeff: Well, if only the redeemed or the good people on this earth would put as much effort in. These people are driven. Jessie, so you’re saying – I don’t want to make the analogy because it’s probably a bad one. Obviously, I don’t have the background in this that you do, but it almost sounds like almost a voodoo thing – they stick a pin in the back and something happens. But she’s putting together little scenes and you said she would show it to people first, sometimes?

Jessie: Yeah, yeah, she would show them stuff before they would do things. I haven’t actually shared this part before, so one of the High Priestesses who was under her was Madonna.

Jeff: Madonna, the famous singer?

Jessie: Yup. There came a point in the 80’s when Madonna tried to run and get out. Her song, “Like a Prayer” is one of those songs that came out of that, of her trying to run at that time. Gloria had done up a box that showed Madonna self-mutilating and attempting to commit suicide. Madonna had received that before that happened. I don’t know if when people – after they get [the box] – all I know is that the boxes would show up at these people’s homes.

Jeff: They would know who it came from?

Jessie: Yeah, sometimes Gloria delivered them. Sometimes she had other people deliver them. Usually they came as this gift. You would open this gift box and it would be this horrific doll scene of you. She would collect people’s hair, so if you were at her house, she would always try to cut off pieces of your hair. So when she made some of these little doll house dolls, they were made with your actual hair. In that aspect, it was similar to a voodoo doll – it had that person’s genetics. It’s kind of genetically linked to that person. With this baby that I first saw killed, she’d use some of that skin to make a little doll of me and then use my real hair on that doll. So it was a combination of one of the first murders that I saw as well as it contained part of my DNA,

Jeff: Now, would she do that to hold something over you, to put more fear into you?

Jessie: I think a strong part of it was fear. Everybody who was underneath her greatly feared her and the type of witch craft and divination that she did. I think also it served some of the spirits who are tracing or tracking spirits. So if they pick up on your DNA, it makes it easier for them to trace or track you. Sometimes it was a way to connect spirits to people to oppress or to cause fear, nightmares, or chaos in people’s lives [and] disasters. So if you weren’t doing what she wanted you to do, it was almost a form of spiritual black mail. She could do things in the spirit world that it would be so horrific you didn’t want to wait to find out what she was going to do, or cause these spirits to do to you. Some of these individuals would literally black out, so they didn’t know they were committing horrific acts. One of the other incidents I had talked about was with a woman – Gloria was just playing with the doll house with this woman’s doll, and then showed a kitchen scene. She showed the doll picking up a pair of scissors and then stabbing herself in the leg with it. And so it was a few days later that it really happened – that High Priestess really did that to herself. And she completely blanked out. It was like she had no control over her body.

Jeff: Sounds like a MK ultra type of thing, which is another rabbit hole, I’m not going to go down that today. MK ultra, for the audience, just because I don’t want to leave it up, is a mind control technique. We’re definitely going to be addressing that in a future episode. Jessie, with Gloria Vanderbilt, how did she get so powerful in this cabal? What sect did she come from? Do you know this information?

Jessie: Not all of it, straight off hand. Her family was very high up. A strong elite family, one of the generational families for a blood line.

Jeff: So, a bloodline?

Jessie: Yup, so bloodline for generations upon generations. Her parents – I’m pretty sure she got a lot of her wickedness from things that she was trained [in] – from the people who oversaw her training as a Grand High Priestess.

Jeff: So she probably was trained from the time she was before five as well, just like you were?

Jessie: I do believe, yeah, I do believe that she was. That her training began at a very young age, and she was groomed for that position,

Jeff: So most of these people really don’t know the difference because they’re brought up in it – at least the people who seem to be in the very upper echelons of the satanic cabal.

Jessie: Mmhmm.

Jeff: They don’t know any different. So as an audience member or someone who is just learning about this, [as] myself. Well, first of all, these people are horrific murderers, torturers – there are all kinds of labels we get put on them. In some ways I guess you’re a victim for a certain amount of time, but eventually you make up your own mind. It sounds like Madonna tried to escape and then probably got scared and decided to come back as well.

Jessie: Yup.

Jeff: Adults have to be held responsible for their own decisions.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: Because Madonna’s definitely back in it. You watch anything she does – look at her live concerts, they’re disgusting.

Jessie: She is very much still in it. They really do – I call them the hierarchy kids because you’re born in it. From the time that you’re little you are trained. They have a certain program and everybody goes through it, and you’re taught that this is normal. You’re taught that this is what you do to be a good parent. For a lot of them, there can be things that they wouldn’t even second guess because they’re just taught that this is what you do. One of those things in my own family, they would use enemas. Part of the grooming is that they were using enemas to prepare babies or infants for anal sex. When you’re a first parent you don’t know that that’s where all of is going – where it’s coming from. You’re just taught that when you start potty-training your child, you automatically do regular enemas – that’s what a good parent does. This is what they’re taught. So for them there’s nothing that seems wicked or bad about it. They’re taught that this is what you do for a healthy child – so they have a healthy clean colon. If you’re not doing that, then you’re not a good parent.

Jeff: Wow. So these are the basic things. But I guess there’s also allure of the money and the power, because certainly the most well-funded people in the world are in this. They essentially own the world. With Gloria, in particular, I want to stay with her. You had mentioned on another show, and just because we brought up Madonna, there’s another High Priestess that is a very famous name, that perhaps it was supposed to be Hillary, but someone else took the spot. Are you comfortable in saying that?

Jessie: Yeah, yeah, we can talk about that. I’ve named Beyonce on some other shows, so yeah.

Jeff: So Beyonce, and Jay Z as well are in it.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: Because He’s given all the hand signals and taking all the pictures that they show their signs, you might say.

Jessie: Yup.

Jeff: Their symbolism. Jessie, why do you think they show the symbolism so often? Is it a communication to other Satanists, or is it something else?

Jessie: Yeah, usually it is a form of communication. There are certain protocols that you follow wherever you go, whether it’s in public or if you were doing seeking some place or you’re out and about, you’re going to display certain signs and that lets people know what your position is, and it tells them how to interact properly with you. If you’re a lower end person and you see somebody like J flashing his signs, telling people that he’s a high priest, you know that now you’ve got to interact and give him the proper respect that he would get as somebody who’s over you, If Jay Z flashing that and there’s a Grand High Priest who’s there, that Grand High Priest is going to step up and set his presence. Then you would see Jay Z coming alongside of that person, and he may even call that person out and elevate them up saying, “Oh, this is a dear friend of mine”, or “This is a mentor, this is somebody I looked up to my entire life.” So they would say things that would build that person up before everybody else and kind of applaud them. So people know that there’s a structure there and they need to react a certain protocol,

Jeff: They certainly do that, and they do it in the public sphere. Jessie, you’re the guest here, but because you’re going be coming on as a co-host, I’m going to start to interject a little bit of just my thoughts. You could shoot it down by the way, because they’re just thoughts. When I started learning all of this symbolism stuff and I started studying it. When I first heard these topics and what’s going on in the world – look, I’m a researcher and I had to it validate it myself, and I also prayed in that. I’m not going to say I got this from God, but I think it’s from God. And because what He did was He put in some scripture in my mind. He put the story of Job in my mind. In the story of Job, the devil goes up to the throne room and asked permission. It seems evident from that story that the devil goes up to the throne room and asked permission for a lot of people and for a lot of things. Here’s just the impression I got, Jessie, is [with] these people – Satan goes up and says, “Look how many people went to Jay Z’s concert. He showed them this, or Madonna, she did bestiality, or something like that. And the people applaud it, and they love it. I want to do this to those people”. And God – you know, the devil is kind of like the ultimate lawyer in my opinion – and God permits these things because the devil makes a case. What do you think about my theory? Theory people, [just a] theory.

Jessie: I don’t think it’s a theory. I personally subscribe to that fact. Not only typically, but it is scripturally sound. You’ve got several cases where we see in Scripture that Satan approaches the throne room of God. So in Job, you also have it in Zachariah, I believe it’s chapter three. And he does – that was my experience. I saw him going before the throne of God every single day, asking the Lord for permission to do all these things that he wanted to do. He is the accuser of the faith, he’s the accuser of the brethren, and God does allow, to an extent, God allows something. Some things he does not.

Jeff: Yeah, God has a plan, and He has a plan.

Jessie: Yeah He does have a plan.

Jeff: He plans that each person be saved. He knows that not everyone will be, but he desire that each person be saved. And thank you for that confirmation. I’ve been sitting on this for a few months now. And yeah, and then…

Jessie: Oh, go ahead.

Jeff: With that said, there’s a warning for everyone listening. When you’re watching something truly evil. There are a lot of concerts. Well, not anymore, but there probably will be, again. There are different events that portray evil acts. It could be the greatest show on earth. It could have- well, like the opening of the Olympics. Oh, I would love to hear your take on that! The opening of the Olympics was filled with evil symbolism. Everybody around the world applauded, “What and great show!” The fireworks, the majesty of the show – and it was nothing but a satanic ritual.

Jessie: Mmhmm.

Jeff: As a viewer of these things, you’re applauding, you’re thrilled to see it. You seek out more of it. When you seek out more of it, well maybe the enemy goes up there with your name. So be cautious. Be cautious of what you let get into your head, and that’s Jeff’s rent for the day. We’ll get back.

Jessie: That’s a great thing to bring out though. I had done a study a while back on the wrath of God, and there were four things that the Lord listed and specifically said, because of these things, my wrath shall come. The fourth one was because people applaud… They not only participate in the wickedness, but they applaud and encourage others to do it. So you look at these Luciferian Illuminati that we’re going after in this, swamp… And that’s the extent of it. It’s not that they are in their basement secretly doing horrific things only before God’s eyes, but now they’re recruiting their training up children to do this, they’re blackmailing adults to do it and to continue the practice to keep the system going. And there really is, with everything in that, these individuals have quotas. so a quota is every single day satan demands that you participate in evil and wickedness,

Jeff: Would this be for everyone or just the people who hear his voice?

Jessie: No, this is everybody. So they keep track, this whole system, they keep track of every wicked and evil thing. So you start off really light, it could be that you steal something or you’re mean to a co-worker who’s a Christian – that would be kind of base level stuff, and it works up. Not everybody is going to go into the cannibalism or even the murder. Not everybody commits murder or ritual sacrifice, but every time you sin it builds off that. So the next time the enemy expects something worse, and it has to be recorded or witnessed to prove that it happened. This is how they get a lot of black mail on people. So a lot of these elite people, the majority of them didn’t start off being pedophiles. Some of them didn’t even grow up in families where this was the common thing. They may have found themselves associated in a company with these high level Luciferians.

They get invited to a party, they get drugged, pictures are taken that make it look like they’re harming a child or a young adult who is a minor. Now the Illuminati has black mail on them. So then the enemy is going to come at them, and you’ve already participated in it. Then he goes further, where it’s not just that you participated, he gets people to believe that they enjoyed it. Then not only do they enjoy it, they want to invite their friends to partake in it too, because it’s really a good thing, it’s satisfying. This is kind of where he goes with us with that mind set. From there, it goes to the applauding. It’s a matter of controlling people’s will. That it’s not just, are you choosing or being forced to do something, but he melds the will so that you earnestly believe you want to do this and you enjoy it, and you want to do it with other people.

Jeff: This is the great deception. He controls people obviously, because if you try to get out of it, he’s going to show your kiddie porn tape or something like that, and expose it to the world.

Jessie: Exactly.

Jeff: You’ll be ruined professionally and everything you’ve done, and you possibly go to jail. The deeper you get in, I guess, you become more depraved and possibly at some point they do start enjoying it. I’m sure some of them do. This brings me to an interesting segway. I wanted to stick to the Vanderbilt thing and just when you were talking about the control and things like that, and how sophisticated he is at manipulating people’s will, Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Anderson Cooper, is the prime time poster boy of CNN. Do you think he’s using some of these techniques in the news media? So the news media – if you haven’t looked it up, or if you haven’t listened to one of my episodes I did on the media. I talked about basically how 90% of the world’s media, newspaper, radio and television is controlled by six people. Really, it probably boils up to one or two people controlling those six people. They operate with the CIA, they’ve been operating something called the Mockingbird program since really 1947, but it really kicked into high gear around 1954. They’re controlling all the talking points and everything else. Anderson Cooper had admitted that he was part of the CIA at one point, in time. He says he walked away. I don’t believe that. I believe he’s still a paid asset of the CIA, as many people who are anchors and that. Listen, why would you get paid 25 or 30 million to read a teleprompter for an hour?

Jessie: Right.

Jeff: There’s something more to it.

Jessie: I need a job like that (laughs).

Jeff: Do you think he’s actually employing these techniques that he learned from the Luciferian Cabal to his audience.

Jessie: Absolutely,

Jeff: Because he grew up in this, right?

Jessie: Yeah. You can even just listen to any of his shows and ask yourself a couple of questions. They’re masters at telling you what the narrative is. Usually they do that by asking questions or they’re either leading questions.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s always a statement. “This is the facts”, and they want you to basically repeat it.

Jessie: Right. They get to the fact and after they disrupt – they rule out through their questions that it couldn’t be any of the other possibilities, and then here’s the fact. It doesn’t even have to be true, they define what the narrative is. If you try to go against that – usually there’s something substantial. They work with the big hospitals, the medical centers, like Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins. They work with people who are big time in the universities who do the studies and different research programs. Usually there’s something there that they’ll pull out as they present this narrative.

Jeff: So they have the full evidence to support their claim.

Jessie: Right. It’d be like, “Well John Hopkins says this”, and now its fact. It doesn’t even matter. The truth could be that John Hopkins is using research as a ploy to commit heinous crimes against humanity and children – that doesn’t matter if it’s research. Well, now it’s fact.

Jeff: Yeah. This is how deep it goes, it’s in every aspect. And there’s so much here, and I want to continue this conversation, Jessie. We’ve kind of got away from some of the horror stuff. It’s important for you as an adult to hear this horrible stuff because if your back hairs, or arm hairs. (chuckles) Maybe you don’t have back hairs. You know what I mean, but I want people to get angry enough to get involved.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: And how do you get involved? Well, you know what, you start spreading the truth around. You start sharing these podcasts. You start having conversations. This program will never, ever support you going out and trying to take this down by yourself or anything like that. We actually have to be careful with law enforcement as well. Jessie knows who some of the good law enforcement people are and she has been working with them. By the way, Jessie as a really good way to do this – there have been a lot of kids rescued in the last few days; I am seeing an article after article.

Jessie: Yes. I applaud the U.S. Marshals [and] the military people. There have been a couple of specific operations names like Operation Freedom and Operation Legend. It seems like they are on a roll with every child that comes out. As a kid, I can remember just crying out to the Lord just for one. It’s like, Lord, give me one person who will listen and believe, and help get just one kid out of this. So to hear some of these stories about 24 kids being rescued.

Jeff: Right. 39 I read just before we came on the air.

Jessie: Yeah. So every amount – you think that’s just in the one area. So Georgia, Missouri – those areas they we’re hitting. That’s huge, that’s 24 kids now are out of this horrible system and can now have healing and start to put their lives back together. That’s a huge blessing, and we need to continue to pray for the military, I.C.E., the U.S. Marshals, the soldiers, the National Guard, the Coast Guard, the Marines, the men and women in our government administration, like Pompeo Grassley, Ivanka. All of these people are really working so that they’re rescuing kids. Not only at a state level, but they’re really now getting into the local areas where stuff has been occurring. Trump promotes [that] every child deserves to grow up in a safe community.

Jeff: He has signed more executive orders against human trafficking. This has we been the priority of his administration. It’s never reported, of course.

Jessie: right.

Jeff: This has been a priority. So Jessie, I’m going to make a bit of a claim here. For the audience, I don’t have the physical evidence of this. Hear what I’m going to say and you can make up your own mind. I have been communicating with an ex-military guy who was very, very high up, who’s big in this movement. He’s actually one of the best decoders out there. He tells me that it’s actually been tens of thousands of kids that have been saved,

Jessie: Mmhmm.

Jeff: But the public cannot be made aware of it because these kids were down in the tunnel systems and it’s just too horrific to show the public.

Jessie: Yeah,

Jeff: Do you have anything to support that?

Jessie: I do. I talked a little bit about that on the Zublick show. My support came from the protectors. I think we’ve mentioned them on your show. These are the individuals who work for the elite to provide protection services for the Luciferians. I have several of those individuals that I’m connected with and get to see some of their communications back and forth. When we had military in the California tunnels I saw things going across that literally the Luciferians were communicating and confirming there were people who were not Luciferians who were in those tunnels. One of them reported there were three people they saw and there had to have been some sort of interaction because one of the people was injured. One of the military personnel was injured in that interaction.

I also saw that the Luciferians who were down there needed a way to escape from the military. I watched as they were redirected to three other D.U.M.B. bases – one in the United States and two outside of the United States. They even announced the schematics of how many people each of those bases could hold. So I watched all of that, and I was working with the people. I’m kind of the funny person who’s like, “Hey, do you want to know where all the rats are going?” (laughs). And I was like let’s have a little fun here. I can tell you right where they all are. So I can confirm that. My sources came straight from the Luciferians. After that event, the question is, were kids rescued or not? Well, I watched those protectors get called and summoned into meetings. They were venting. They were mad because they were questioned where are the kids. So all of them had to go under scrutiny and had to prove that they knew nothing about where those kids were. They knew nothing about the plan to take those kids. So if none of that happened why did these protectors get called in? These are the most honored and trusted people among the elite. You don’t call your protector and then question them for any circumstance. It’s like you’ve got one or two people in this entire sick world you can trust, your protector is one of those people. That’s why they’re your protector.

Jeff: Of course. Yes.

Jessie: So to call your protector in and question them you very easily could have not just your protector, but every single protector against you, if you question their loyalty. This was a pretty big deal – enough where you have to realize that there was really that many children missing, that they would go to the extent to question the protectors.

Jeff: So their loss of inventory.

Jessie: Yeah, yeah.

Jeff: And for the audience, if you want to dig in on your own a little bit further, and I don’t know if this is the exact same situation that Jessie’s talking about, but I would say if you looked up the Standard Hotel. There are some interesting things around the Standard Hotel, and by the way, there are some interesting politicians that have been in and out of there. Also with these deep underground, so a D.U.M.B. means “Deep Underground Military Base” – they’re actually scattered all throughout the world. From what my source tells me, and by the way, Jessie, this is definitely a guy I want you on as a co-interviewer with, and I’m working on getting him on the show. He claims right now about 75% of these D.U.M.B.’s have been taken down. One of the ways he’s confirmed this, he hears it for military intelligence that he knows, but he follows the earthquake patterns.

Jessie: Mmhmm.

Jeff: There are different kinds of ripples that go through the ground, depending if it’s a seismic earthquake or if it’s a bomb underground.

Jessie: Yeah, right.

Jeff: So a lot of these appear to be bombs and there’s been a record amount of earthquakes happening throughout the United States of America and in Canada as well, and around the world.

Jessie: Yeah, and that is documented. There’s a video of a couple of military guys have put up that shows specifically how those earthquakes are happening right around those D.U.M.B. bases. A regular earthquake is going to have aftershocks that ripple out and these don’t. So you can tell that it definitely is underground bomb. I’ve also had military individuals that I’m aware of, they’ve gone through three years of training for operating in the underground tunnel system. This is a very coordinated event, they knew that those D.U.M.B. bases really had to be taken control of. There’s just so much to talk about that revolves around what these Luciferians were using those bases for. The things that happened to children or people in those bases are absolutely horrific.

Jeff: Yeah. Let’s do a whole show, or more than one on this, and perhaps that’s one when I can bring this guy on because you guys will have a lot in common to speak about. He’s very knowledgeable in these areas. So it’s kind of a high note, but I guess my final question to you today, Jessie – and this show is going to take a bit of a political turn. It will be covering some news in the future, as well as doing exposes on different topics like this. But for the point of this conversation, we’re talking about the human trafficking and the things that you’re really passionate about, Jessie, how important is the re-election of President Donald J. Trump?

Jessie: Oh, it’s vital. It will make or break things. If we don’t have Donald J. Trump in there we’re basically handing over the authority of our country to the Luciferians.

Jeff: It would be a done deal.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: If Biden, or whoever the Democrats are going to run at this point in time, even after the conventions – I’m not convinced that Biden is going to be the candidate.

Jessie: I think he would easily be usurped or replaced, or just be the candy boy face front or whoever was really running the country behind him.

Jeff: Yeah. I think something happened to Kamala that got her this bid for the VP. I think she is very controllable.

Jessie: Yeah.

Jeff: I’ll leave it at that. Jessie Czebotar. By the way, the link for Jessie’s book is on my Facebook page for Right on Radio. Please join my Facebook page. I’ll also be posting other videos and things like that on there, going to Facebook – @RealRightonRadio. You’ll find it – I put links to Jessie’s book there. Please go get it. Please support her, it’s a brilliant read. Also go to Cathy Cathy Fox blog [ https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/ ] and Illuminate the Darkness [ https://illuminatethedarkness.com/ ]. These are incredible sources of information for you, just as Jessie is for us, collectively. Jessie, thank you once again for really being a part now of Right on Radio.

Jessie: Yeah, I look forward to our shows together, we will have a lot of great discussions, I think.

Jeff: Yeah, and by the way, Jessie has some access to some pretty interesting guests that we’re working on. I’m working some of my contacts as well. Stay tuned folks, this show is going to get hot. Thanks again, Jessie, and we’ll see next time here on Right on Radio.

Who’s right? He is a right. Right on Radio. Right on Radio.

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[101] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads Numbers with [b] are pingthread save threads

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[Y] Survivorship https://survivorship.org/

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

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I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

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