Gordon Myers – Victim of #VIPcsa Australia

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22 Responses to Gordon Myers – Victim of #VIPcsa Australia

  1. Micky says:

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  5. Ads says:

    Oh my God, this is horrifying


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    The same global network of criminals operating the ORGANIZED STALKING SYNDICATE is the ones committing HUMAN TRAFFICKING and KIDNAPPING crimes for human experimentation, sexual exploitation, trauma-based mind control, and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice.

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  13. Gareth says:

    Congratulations for having the courage to tell these horrific stories. So many people knew this was happening and did nothing to stop it. We heard these stories from our mates and they seemed so beyond belief we wondered whether they were true. We couldn’t believe this was possible within institutions run by government. And its taken so many years to expose. It’s difficult to believe it has been stopped when you see what was uncovered in the Northern Territory last year. Are our institutions really SAFE today? I suspect NOT.
    These victims lives have been destroyed and the assistance they are getting today will never, never remove those scars. The perpetrators are no better than the perpetrators of the holocaust and I live for the day when we see every single one of these scum come to justice. The high profile ones should be jailed for whatever little life they may have left. Anything less is an insult to these victims.Please keep publishing everything you uncover, the WORLD needs to hear these stories. I wonder when someone will expose the abuse of the boys who came to Australia from UK under the Big Brother Movement? Where are you David Hill?

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  15. mengenlehre says:

    Cathy thank you. You do a great job! Big hug and deep connection!

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