Heartless and Heartless Too by Janella aka Steven George

This post consists of descriptions of a book, I have previously blogged, Heartless and its update and partial rewrite Heartless Too by Janella aka Steven George. I reproduce the posts here in a separate post as they tended to get lost in the descriptions of so many books in one long post on Books on Child Abuse [2] where I had put them before. Since my original blogs the Daily Express has written an article on about the MPs abuse [5] and Wikipedia updated on Bonner Pink [6] [7].

Stevens book Heartless is of increasing significance, because it was published way before the mass of information about child sexual abuse came out, it has links to MPs and prominent people,  it names names, it deals with Broadmoor and Rampton from the point of view of an “inmate” of which little is known and it also details drugs used in drug abuse on children which I think will become a more important issue as the links of the phamaceutical industry to child abuse become more widely known. For misuse of drugs on children see also Teresa Coopers book Trust No One and description [15] on [2]

Once again Steven, thankyou.

What brought this to my attention again was an article I had not seen before, from last year [1] which, partly quoting from this blog reminded me of several facts and the need to revisit the book in light of all the revelations of the last couple of years.

[18] Heartless by Janella. (24 Wasted Years) Revized Edition 1999 (revised additions date from after 2008) ISBN 978-0-9554533-0-4

This is a unique book – typed, printed and bound by Janella herself. It describes her life of early sexual abuse and later incarceration in institutions, much at her MP fathers request. The writing of this book, as I suspect many victims of abuse do, Janella found to be therapeutic. With so much having happened to Janella, the book moves at a fast pace, but remains optimistic despite the dark nature of many things that happened.

DSC02302My intention in making notes on the book, is partly to draw attention to the book itself. Also my intention is to digitally summarise some information which may be used by others to piece together the bigger picture of child abuse, institutional abuse, sexual abuse and drug abuse. Information which can be used to identify any patterns of people involved, their connections to others, the institutions themselves, the types of abuse which may be of help to recognise how paedophiles and child abusers carry out their sordid actions. Every persons story is unique and useful in this regard, each piece of information helps to build up the bigger picture in the jigsaw of information about child abuse. Hopefully this will soon lead to the revealing of the true extent and nature of child abuse and how it has been covered up by the people in power.

Janella, known then as Alizon Jane Pink, was systematically abused and conditioned to accept the abuse as part of her life, from birth through school to hospital incarceration,  Whilst a very young child she suffered rape and sexual abuse by school teachers and family and a complete stranger. No attempt was made to listen to her or free her from the distress it caused.

Evidence suggests she was a victim of a paedophile ring instigated by her adoptive parents and other members of the family. To cover this up it appears she was condemned to a mental hospital, by her MP father.

Janella was born on 29th Feb 1952, her real mother was unmarried mother Pauline Mary, Hampshire. Her adoptive parents were Marguerite (Rita) Nora Banner Pink nee Martin who married Ralph Bonner Pink 1912-1984. Ralph attended Oundle School, then took over Pink and Sons Greengrocers Shops. He was Conservative MP for Portsmouth South 1963-1984 [6] [7]. He had a sister, Joyce Bonner. Rita was Chairperson of local NSPCC in 1960s.

From 2007 Portsmouth City Council minutes it shows that Janellas adoptive father, Bonner Pink financed and placed superintendents for The Childrens Cottage Homes. He placed Peter Prosser, who had been investigated 3 times previously for sexual abuse of children in his care, in charge of holiday home in Talgarth Wales. Janella was also left several times in his care.

Alderman Bonner Pink also worked with Freddie Amery Wallis, who was convicted of 2 specimen charges of serious child abuse in 2001. A superintendent from a cottage home in Cosham visited Haut de la Garenne, taking a 17 year old girl who states she was sexually assaulted over a 3 day period. Male victims at the Jersey home were told they would be put in a mental hospital if they told on the MP now deceased who was allegedly abusing them regularly. He also had access to boats and travelled to France on one occasion.

The Institutions that Janella was in were, approximately:

Rookesbury Park School, Wickham 1959-66? Sexual abuse

West Preston Manor School (closed 1979) Sexual abuse

Knowle Hospital for several weeks in 1966, 3 days in 1969,

Knowle Secure Unit 1985-7

Broadmoor 1968,1970-1980

Rampton 1980, 1987-89

Zulu Road Hostel 1989.

Janella published these comments about Jimmy Savile in Broadmoor 1999, way before he died and the revelations of his paedophilia became public

“Jimmy Savile started visiting in the 1970s, and he donated a lot of money in order that we should have our own discotheque. Jimmy also became a member (honorary) of the entertainments committee, and after a while was given his own keys, plated a golden colour. There were rumours that some impropriety took place on the female wing, when there were no witnesses, but for legal reasons I cannot comment on the detail or validity of this.” (Page 81)

“Jimmy Savile used to sometimes come into the Ward (Lancaster), and watch Top of the Pops on a Thursday night in the day room. On those occasions we would get undressed early, sit in our nightdresses and watch Top of the Pops until eight o’clock, because it was from 7.30 until 8 o’clock on BBC1. It was considered to be a great treat. Jimmy Savile also brought his caravan into the female wing yard, to be cleaned by the girls.” [Page 111]

The drugs Janella mentions being given are sleeping drugs, barbiturates, amphetamine, Haloperidol, Tuinal, Sodium Amatol, Largactil, Mandrax. 5mg Dexedrine, Heparin, Depixol. Many of these were given to her as a minor. One course of ECT was undergone. Antabuse was also used on others.

Janella was certainly suspicious of the role of her fathers solicitor in her incarcerations, Richard Schofield.

At Broadmoor the medical personnel were: Dr Patrick Mcgrath Medical Superintendent, Dr Levin Medical Officer and Dr Le Couter Consultant Psychiatrist.

Broadmoor was built in Victorian times for those guilty of crime but insane. It took many women who had babies out of wedlock due to the Imbecile Act.

Rampton opened later but took higher proportion of brain damaged patients.

Ashworth is relatively new taking large number of sex offenders and longer term patients from Broadmoor.

Carstairs is the Scottish equivalent of Broadmoor.

Les Cummings book out in 2008 has confirmed Janellas story.

Heartless Too is Janellas second book she is working on (which I have just sent for 14 Sept 2014)

Back Cover. Heartless has seen an amazing sucess, home produced and hand bound it quietly continues to sell through Waterstones in Fareham Hampshire, doing better than Dan Brown in 2007,also sold through the net, not one bad word about it, now Revized to include links with The Childrens Cottage Homes Justice Project, and Haut La Garenne in Jersey, people order it by word of mouth, a second book has been requested Heartless the Sequel, the next eighteen years is about to be written, Janella is an unusual and non conformist writer, who gets the point across, and pulls no punches.Excellent,and a good read despite the subject matter.

[34] Heartless Too An Autobiography by Janella 2014 ISBN 978 0 9554533 1 1

Heartless [see previous description above] is now substantially revised and updated to 2o14.  I particularly admired Janella for typing, printing and binding the previous ones herself, but this one is much more professional, expanded and reworded. Janella never shows feeling sorry for herself, despite the sexual abuse and 34 years of institutions.


She is able to give a rare insight into this hidden aspect of her life in mostly special hospitals, Broadmoor and Rampton. The story is fascinating although at times disturbing but always moves at fast pace and is difficult to put down.

Janella was one of the very first people to bravely write in 1998 about Jimmy Saviles proclivities,  and has previously spoken to reportersabout him.  However since the bullying paedophile with his network of enablers has died, she is now free to mention her own sexual assault by him directly. Once he brought his mother and even Rolf Harris.

Her story shows how particularly hard it is to survive when immediately released.

First abused by her father the MP, Ralph Bonner Pink 1912-1984, Janella strongly  suspects her adoptive parents, mother Marguerite (Rita) Nora Banner Pink nee Martin and father manipulated her sexual abuse as well as definitely her incarceration in institutions.  Ralph attended Oundle School,  He was Conservative MP for Portsmouth South from the sixties to the eighties.  Janella knows convicted paedophiles Freddie Emery Wallis who was a former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and who was on the Childrens Committee with her father, Peter Prosser owner and Superintendent at St Joes Lodge who was never caught.  Janella is also suspicious of Sir Jocelyn Lucas former MP for Portsmouth South, who left the House of Commons in 1966, as well as an unnamed MP who has been accused of child abuse in 2014 who she knew in 1966 [p237 and p238].

Janella has now changed gender, but there is almost nothing in the book on this, as rightly Steven decides that his gender change does not define him. Steven I salute you.


Janellas abusive adoptive parents Ralph Bonner Pink MP and Rita Pink at Swanmore

A good review of the book is here [10]

Further books on child abuse are described at Books on Child Abuse 1 [2] Books on Child Abuse 2 [4]  or Cathy Fox Blog Books about Child Abuse Category [3]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The following are links for the UK .  The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.


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  8. Hi there, Cathy. Can you tell me, was Rolf Harris mentioned in the original book, or was this only mentioned in the updated version? I’ve tried to locate the original version online, to buy, but can’t find it. Thank you.


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    3) If the answer to 2) is yes, why was Steven readmitted to secure units from 1985 to 1989?
    4) Whilst in Broadmoor did Steven know Diana Irons? Diana Irons was also adopted, and fifteen years old when incarcerated for arson in Broadmoor in the 1970s.


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