Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD

The first article in this series of three by Sue Arrigo has been widely distributed, including on this blog a couple of years ago, Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo [3] . The second and third are less well known.

The second is copied in this post and is also available at Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 Page 1 [1] Page 2 [2]

The article covers, amongst other topics

  • David Rockefeller and Supreme Court Justice Corruption
  • Finders
  • George Bush Senior’s paedophilia and child “snuff” murders
  • MK Ultra Sex Slaves
  • CIA Child enslavement and Trafficking

[Abbreviation – DCI is Director of Central Intelligence ie Head of CIA]

Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry(2)
    by SUE ARRIGO, M.D.

Secrets of the CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry(2) How can we shine the light on this problem of sexual slavery so brightly that it vanishes under the exposure?

Suppose I told you that a particular Supreme Court Justice was getting kick backs on the sex slave business from the White House and told you how I knew that was true?

Let us go back to the 2000 election. I believe that Bush got into office because the Supreme Court was paid in favors and in money.

What I am alleging is a conflict of interest on the part of at least one Supreme Court Justice. Others of them might be involved as well. It is against the standards of legal practice for a justice not to recuse himself if he has financial ties to the members of a case.

When Bush got into office, all of the cabal that backed him and whose fortunes rose with him are members of the case.

Now my having been a sex slave to the Bushs and the Rockefellers is how I know this information. Since I was tortured periodically by Bush, Sr., Rockefellers and their henchmen I was under considerable duress to do as they said.

I was not a free agent.

Rockefeller had me reviewing financial transactions he made as I am a mathematician with some usual and valuable skills. About a year before the 2000 election I flagged a particular transaction, or rather set of transactions as likely to prove highly problematic in the future. I recommended that they promptly be reversed. David Rockefeller declined saying that it would lead to too much trouble.

The transactions were a series of 6 payments to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The payment amounts were large and curious. They were formed only of 6’s and were progressive. It was like a person with a mathematical obsession was trying to inform the Justice of their problem in a creative way. The first check was for 66 dollars. The second was for 666. The next was for 6,666. The fourth was for 66,666. The fifth for 666,666 and the final one was for 6,666,666.

So we are speaking of a total payment of over 7.5 million dollars which is not a trivial amount to show up in a Justice’s bank account in a period of one week. Now I said these were checks and that is not entirely accurate. It was a bank transfer that was listed as if it was a check on the statement. But there was no paper trail of checks to back it up.

The transfers came from a David Rockefeller account at his bank to the Justice’s account at that same bank. That bank is one whose records I have monitored for years for unusual transactions per Rockfeller’s orders. Substantial assets of it are the direct result of the sex slave business, mostly from the US side of it.

For instance, when Rockefeller charged a man a million for my services, a million was received from that man by the bank the next day or two . That was a recurrent and predictable result of my spreading my legs and my mind as Rockefeller’s slave.

I had been in and out of Rockefeller estates and beds as their slave since I was 16 and DCI Helms ordered it. I said to David Rockerfeller who was hard of hearing;

“DAVID, WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING OF WHEN YOU SENT THOSE SUMS OF MONEY OVER TO THE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE?” He appeared not to have heard me because he replied “I was thinking of you, my dear.”

Undeterred, I repeated my question louder and closer to his ear;

This time he looked at me quizzically and said, “Did I forget to put my hearing aid in?”

He never put it in in the morning before he got out of bed. I moved the cream colored satin sheet off my naked body and got up and got him his hearing aid and after he put it in I repeated my question for the third time.


He said to me “You don’t have to yell at me. I can hear perfectly well.” Meanwhile both the butler and the maid had come to see what the ruckus was about and became witnesses to the answer he gave me. He said, “I wanted him to know who his boss at the Supreme Court was so I sent him the message in a way that I knew he would get it. And don’t forget it. I am your boss too.”

Being a good slave, I kissed his naked thigh playfully and told him that I would never forget the he was my boss if he would explain to me, a simpleton, why he sent 6 transactions when the last one would have conveyed the same message.

He looked off at the distance for a moment and then asked me “Don’t you get it?”

The maid and the butler were both still posed at the edge of the bed awaiting his orders, if there were to be any.

“No,” I said as innocently as possible. “Why?”

“You know why.” He said somewhat angrily. “The devil can not refuse a request when asked 6 times.”

“Asking him what?” I asked.

“Asking him to do whatever I want.” he said somewhat nastily. And then in case I was too simple to have understood. He said. “I want him to serve my interests. I have paid him to serve my interests and that is that. He will do as I say from now on.”

Months passed and the elections votes were counted and left uncounted both. The case went to the Supreme Court. No more than a month after that I was in that man’s David’s bed again in order to avoid his guards torturing me yet once again. He had his hearing aid in. We were in DC at a White House dinner under Clinton earlier in the evening.

He had mentioned the Chief Justice’s name once in the conversation. He had gloated to Clinton, “That Justice is a good man. I believe that he would do anything I asked him, to as a personal favor, mind you.” David had paid for my white silk sequinced gown and he was removing it at that moment to expose a breast.

I asked him in that opportune moment “David, do you think that I should sleep with the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court?” He asked in a little spasm of jeolous, as he liked to sell me but only if I objected to the man, “Why do you ask?”

“Because you don’t love me anymore.” I lamented.

“Yes, I do.” he lied not so convincingly. “I never loved anyone better than you.” Now that part I did believe. He never loved anyone. He did not know what love was. Love is taking on yourself torture to protect others. I let the gown fall to the floor and he hurried to pick it up. I kissed the back of his neck and asked him. “Why did you want to give my services to that Chief Justice?”

His neck flushed red and he turned to me and said “I didn’t think that the money would cover the full amount for his election services. I was wrong. It was enough.”

“But 6 transactions!” I fussed. “Surely someone will notice.”
“I will pay them not to.” he said. No one at the bank will tell.

I am not at the Chase Manhattan bank as I tell you.

How does one gets those records to prove the buying of a Presidency? I wonder how one proves that the Chief Justices’s opinion was swayed by that 7 million dollars?

Or is it just enough that he received the bribe? Since I am a sex slave and men deposited money into Rockefellers private account at that bank, the same exact account that the Chief Justice received the money from, I wonder if I can get the records of the money David Rockefeller made from my services and how he distributed my money?

Since my worth to him as a slave was dependent partially on whether the man he wanted got into the White House, and that was wages that he stole from me, don’t I have a right to the records that show he paid the Justice to keep me enslaved to his man at the White House?

Really, I do not understand the law so well. I think that the Chief Justice owes us all a big apology–he put a sex slave boss’s son in the White House. He accepted a bribe that kept me enslaved and tortured to boot.

Now you could say that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court did not know that the money he was given came from the sex slave business. And that is possible. But I think it would be hard for him to say that he didn’t know that David Rockefeller was in that business, because he asked Rockefeller for my sexual services. And that was before he received the 7 plus million dollars.

Now, bear with me as I slow down and try to go through this carefully. It was about in Clinton’s first term. I was at a dinner of State at the White House. David was there and so was that man who became or was chief Justice at the time. He was a rather handsome man for his age, though frankly, I would not have slept with him if I had a free choice without duress.

Part way through the evening he came over to where I was standing next to David holding his drink. He asked David confidentially-like “Why don’t you send her over to see me sometime?” as if I wasn’t there. David and he discussed the price for my services. The justice raised his left eyebrow at the figure and set his drink down saying “That is too steep for me”.

David made him some kind of deal as I wandered off to get another drink for the judge so as to not have to listen to myself discussed as an innate object to be bought and sold at the whim of others. When I returned, a date was discussed. But the justice was impatient and led me into a bedroom in the White House. Not knowing his way around well, we will give him the benefit of the doubt, he put me on Clinton’s bed. Clinton thus came in later in the middle of the evening to find us in his bed. He chuckled and said “Expensive date, huh?” and left. I guess that everyone knew Rockefeller was a tightwad. I did see the justice put money or a check in the hand of David.

I am happy to answer questions. The sex slave trade and the drug trade are directly related in a number of ways. They have the same bosses, the same agencies and the same money laundering practices in almost any intelligence setting.

However, the CIA and the KGB are not as separate as one would think. That has been the case since before WW I. One of the Rockefellers funded the Bolshevik Revolution for Lenin in order to acquire more of the Southern oil fields of Russia for his Shell Oil.

That meant that in WW I and WW II the Rockefellers had heavy influence on the KBG and the CIA. This is getting closer to answering your question when you realize since the Rockefeller’s money was originally made in the opium trade in the 1800’s. That family has also been one of the major movers in the sex slave business, accounting for about 40 percent of it world wide. They currently have about 28 percent of the drug trade, having slipped in it for a number of reasons.

Having said how intertwined the two are I now want to say that they usually have different men handling their operations once you get below the level of the chief managers.

For example, Nelson Rockefeller, was head of both his sex slave and his drug business and the heads of the CIA were his public side “employees” in that he had the power to get them fired or executed.

Casey died as a result of a hit by the Rockefeller family because he didn’t do what they wanted enough to please them. The brain cancer he had was bogus. It was someone else’s X-rays with his name on them. And he was DCI at the time. He did not fully understand the power structure that he was in. He was fooled by the organizational charts that show the CIA as a public institution headed by the President. I tried to explain to him how things really work. He didn’t want to believe me.

The US is not a democracy nor a republic and hasn’t been, certainly not since Carter, but I doubt it was functionally one doing the whole of the 1900s. Howard Zinn in the “People’s History of the US” would probably agree with me. It is easy to see because the populist movement in the 1930’s did not move the govt. The corporations called in the pinkertons and put down the strikes.

The CIA itself is divided into departments so that while the Dept of Ops handles moving both drugs and sex slave, different people handle those. It is like at a University, there are professors of Literature and of History and though they both read books and sometimes the same books they are responsible for different aspects of “culture”.

Let me get more specific. There was a Deputy Executive Director of the CIA, #2 man in the agency at one point, who secretly agreed with me that the sex slave business was wrong. In his office was a filing cabinet that had all the contracts between suppliers and distributors in it. It was not kept on computers — too insecure. The drug trade contacts were in a separate filing cabinet. He let me destroy the sex slave files in his office one day.

It set the sex slave trade in the Western World into slow motion. It took it almost two years to regain its momentum. I got tortured for it. I didn’t regret doing it. What I did did not much affect the CIA officers running the delivery of sex slaves in the field much. They still knew where to get the slaves and who to deliver them to.

What happened was that the contracts between the bosses were destroyed and they bickered, each claiming more of a share of the market then they were entailed to. In the face of that disharmony they were unable to collaborate well and the trade slowed down about 30 percent, then more as they fought and they eventually recovered.

Surprisingly, it had very little effect on the drug trade even though the ships carry both sometimes. It didn’t slow it because they still had the drug agreements and still honored those. The US Navy was coerced into running both sex slaves and drugs at various times.

Most admirals are strait laced and do not approve and will work very very hard to stop that sort of thing. But unless one is a remote viewer it is not possible to inspect every container coming onto a Navy ship for drugs. People are not as easy to hide.

Let me see if I can go deeper into your question because I think that it is an important one. The real issue for me is whether it is possible to get these immoral soul-destroying trades under control on the planet so that people can have sane lives. I believe that the answer is Yes, it is completely possible. That is after watching this business for 40 years from the inside.

Yes, it is completely corrupt and pervasive. Yes, it has corrupted banking, governments, and our every understanding of what intelligence agencies and national security is about and how to do them. Even so, even though this planet has these problems like a terminal cancer patient with several different types of invasive cancers, I still know that it is possible for the patient to recover.

I am going to see if I can explain how I know that to you in a way that you can accept. The simpliest answer is that Nelson Mandela knew he was going to be president of S. Africa and end aparteid. He said that before he went into prison the fist time. He said it at a rally. Winston Churchill as a child knew that England was going to be in trouble later and he would save her.

Gandhi knew he could force the British to walk out of India if he persisted. General Billy Mitchell knew in 1923 that he had to get the US to make airplanes because air power would determine who won WW II. I know that I will reform intelligence and governments world wide to prevent nuclear holocaust. I often know things with certainty which is why I was useful to DCIs. I intend to do this and I will, by the grace of God, because it is the job God has given me and He will not fail me. He never has.

Even though I have been a thorn in the side of Rockefeller, the Bushs, and the CIA and even the KGB for decades, they have tolerated me and used me, because my skills are very useful. I really only have one skill, faith. No matter what problem was brought to me, I could figure out how to reduce it to the ethical part of it to do and accomplish it – because I relied on all-knowing all-accomplishing wisdom. Christ walked on water and raised the dead. He healed the sick. People like Padre Pio have also been associated with miracles.

Yes, it will take a miracle for the world to change and become sane and stop worshipping death and destruction. But in my experience, miracles are not only possible but can be reliably invoked.

Maybe that is more of an answer than you wanted. I used to take an auditorum full of Naval officers and get them to be psychically very accurate in one evening. (Then it took they a week to get used to it.) That, like the 4 minute mile, used to be impossible. It isn’t any more. The corruptions on the planet will disappear because of an advance in technology. That advance is this transmission of being able to directly read the Akashic records.

Then there is no way to hide corruption. The sex slave trade, the drug trade, the theft of elections, wars etc. all have secrecy as a necessary ingredient, and lies about the consequences of one’s actions. They look like a lot of separate problems, all very overwhelming. But there is realy only one problem, a very simple accounting problem – people are not adding up the real costs to themselves correctly. They don’t have the skill needed to do so. That can be corrected soon.


For forty years I have been a remote viewing trainer for the US govt. The bosses have liked the results that came out of it but wanted to hide the technology from the public. They are resisting it going public. But they will not be able to contain it. It is rather like the hundredth monkey experiments. The innovation has already become part of the collective unconscious and will manifest. I trained over 15,000 people. That is a lot of people who actually know the truth about how the world can shift out of annihilation. They may still have a little hesitation to use their skills to expose the corruption to release it into forgiveness and repentance, just like the early pilots had some hesitation to fly across oceans. But the inevitability was there.

The Akashic records will become the basis of people’s decision making because so many people have tapped into it. Those records are without bias or flaw. The decisions that come out of union with them have certainty of result. Most people have never experienced knowing something with certainty. It seems like a contradiction.

When I taught at the Pentagon in 1981, I asked everyone who brought my class a problem to write it down and then later write down if they were satisfied with the solution that we provided them in a week’s time. I had hundreds of difficult problems brought in and at the end I had only one man not sign that he was satisfied. He had died in the meantime.

There is a good and workable solution to every single problem that is ethical to solve. It is just that it can require a lot of faith, courage and dedication to get to it.

From my perspective Finders was a CIA run mind control sex slave experiment

1) I will first tell you how I knew about the experiment.
2) Then what the goal of the experiment was.
3) Then how the experiment was run.
4) Then what the lives of the children were like under it.
5) Then what went wrong with the experiment.
6) Then what the results of the experiment were.
7) Then what the CIA analysts said what the results were.

This really should be a full-length book on the enslavement of children.

I have 40 years inside the CIA and it was my intention to someday be able to expose all this abuse of children by the US govt. But I don’t have the time to write out all the details today. I just want to cover the overview of these topics.

My specific knowledge of the Finders experiment came from reading 3 books in the CIA and talking to two of the in-house researchers who were responsible for administering the Project in the Dept. of Plans, in the Division that should be called Mind Control but due the sensitive nature of the topic was instead called “Future Assets”.

Its main office was on the third floor of the main CIA building, until it moved to the 5th floor under Goss. By then I was gone. The importance of the move was that the higher up in the building the closer to the DCI, the higher the priority. That is the way the CIA works.

The main facility for that Division is not surprisingly in a separate building because the CIA has grown over time. It occupies 2 floors of a large building and has over 40 full time researchers in it. These are only devoted to mind control.

The CIA has a separate Division for Assets and their recruiting. The largest “Future Assets” facility is in Maryland, across the Potomac by about 40 miles; a fact one of its researchers we will call Ted Hallsted bemoaned to me as it caused him to be on the road a lot.

That facility has over 200 researchers in it and has a clinic and psychiatric hospital for children associated with it. Nominally it is a University Research center devoted to the study of childhood mental illness. However, the clients come for minor problems like learning disabilities, and attention deficit and leave as multiples without their parents knowing. The clinic only takes “high functioning” children—not schizophrenics, or cerebral palsy kids. Unsurprisingly, the Rockefellers, and the Carnegies are major funders of it.

To work there requires a special security clearance that only the CIA can give. I went over to look at the place once to size it up. That was in the 1980’s. Everyone was wearing the same badges that the CIA uses with the same magnetic strips on the back of a picture ID.

To get into the main research building one inserts the badge into the same type of entry stile as we were using at the CIA at that time. I inserted my badge from the CIA and got in no questions asked. Now I was on a bit of a mission at the time. I wanted to leave a particular book on the desk of a particular researcher—by hand and then leave before it was known who had done that. That action of my related to an unsolved murder of a child.

The researcher was supposed to follow up on all of his experimental subjects. I wanted him to know what had happened to that particular child as the result of the experiment that he had designed and run. The book was an internal CIA production FOR EYES ONLY and he was not on the list of EYES to see it. I felt that that was a deliberate oversight that needed to be corrected, so I did so.

The book had come to my attention at a meeting between the DCI and a CIA risk assessment lawyer on a possible lawsuit for a wrongful death. The DCI wanted me there to ask me if what was in the book was true. I asked for a copy of it to read it, naturally enough.

I was not on the list of EYES either but I had a NEED TO KNOW and so did that researcher. I told the DCI that the contents of the book, produced by a CIA analyst and an FBI homicide officer, were indeed true. The DCI frowned at that. The murderer was one George Bush, Sr. who was Vice President of the United States at the time. The book had been commissioned by the CIA to find all the loose ends and suppress them. To do that it had to have the truth.

It is not possible to do a competent cover-up job if you don’t have accurate intelligence to start with. The DCI wanted me to write a report on what else the CIA needed to know that was not in that book. Most of what I supplied was a list of over 20 other similar victims of the same Vice President; each one of which needed as thorough an investigation. They did not get it.

Part of how I later ended up as a “pathologist” part-time at the White House when Bush, Sr. was President, was due to this particular case almost coming to trial.

The boy was 6 when Bush ritually killed him in a Skull and Bones ceremony to curry the favor of the dark lord. The murder was committed within 5 miles of that “University Research” facility. Most of the 20 odd victims were killed at the same spot. It was a quick and easy drive from the White House.

This is hard on my regular personality to write down. She didn’t ever hear about this before. So bear with us as we try to go through this material in as straight a line as possible on a thorough fare without taking any turn offs, until you get to the exit and go about 2 miles east through a locked gate onto a military base that is quite small.

That base was put there just for Bush, Sr. as Vice President. The only function of it and it is still there is to skim off some of those research kids for rituals. The base is tiny by most standards. It houses only the guards that work the security of it—about 3. There are no Army offices, no PX, no parade grounds, etc.

It is still there today as I type this. It may be razed tomorrow, like the McMartin tunnels as a result of what I am saying. But today, as a remote viewer, I can see that it has one main square building on the center of a square lot with the entrance on its West side and a guard standing at it though the gate is locked. Only one person has the key. That is Bush, Sr. It is his private reserve still. The guards are his prisoners inside of it. They are Army recruits in theory and on paper.

No guard assigned to work there has ever made it out alive. That is to make sure that they don’t talk about what they have seen. What have they seen? Bush, Sr. come in and out. A boy child driven up in a van and unloaded when Bush, Sr. comes. A “pathologist” and the guards Bush brings with him carries out a coffin as Bush, Sr. leaves. Access to the road to the gate is restricted. So no neighbors or passing traffic sees this strange recurrence of events. While Bush, Sr. was President he didn’t have time to go out there and the White House morgue and incinerator were used.

That base has no morgue or incinerator in it. Bush, Sr. arrives usually with 3 men – two of his own guards and the pathologist. They wait outside of the building while Bush Sr. sodomizes and tortures the kid to death. His counterpart the late Beria would be proud of him.

Why am I telling you this? The fact is that the way I have described this makes it possible for any intelligence service with a satellite to document that Bush, Sr. has done this. All they have to do it look back at their land sat images and watch the boy go in and the coffin come out. Time after time. I kid you not. They have the proof already in their files if they look closely. What pegs it as that base is the fact that the guards do not go in and out of the gate. That is easy to verify on sat images—that lack of regular traffic. The base has a “secure” phone line, a special type of receiver on the roof.

That also pegs it. The particular type of receiver is a “Presidential” Model. That is a little harder to see on the sat images but as the sun first rises on a sunny day it would show up due to the distinctive shadow of that model in low angle light.

I bet that that base will be razed tomorrow—gone, wiped off the face of the earth. But the sat data will still be there in Russia, China, and many other places.

Because my emails are of interest to many intelligence services, they will get this information. What they do with it will depend on future political situations that are hard for the average intelligence person to predict.

By the way, the guards that work there are mind control subjects, “graduates” of that University Research facility. The research there has been going on a long time. It was one of the early MKULTRA facilities.

Georgetown University should be called CIA U. The mental research facility is not on the main campus near the regular college students. It is on a separate piece of land that makes it harder to run away from. The name of it is not Georgetown, but it is part of Georgetown University.

Some people at the CIA have complained that attention deficit disorder is associated with the fluoridation of water and that the CIA refused to release the data on it in order to keep getting so many almost normal kids delivered to the door of their mind control clinics around North America.

They also complain that the CIA knows the treatment for attention deficit disorder, a drug to chelate the fluoride and expel it from the body and refuses to publish that data as well.

It is true that there are a number of books on the subject for internal consumption at the CIA. An ordinary epidemiologist could look at the issue and find out if those rumors within the CIA are true.

When this University facility’s history in mind control comes to the public’s attention, it will be a little hairy. Hundreds, no thousands, of parents will suddenly want to know if their child, grown or otherwise, was a mind control subject or in the control group. I will mention in passing three fairly reliable methods of knowing that.

That information comes from CIA reports about what to do to confuse parents if they get to another therapist later, ie what disinformation to give them to prevent them from uncovering that the kid was mind controlled.

That first piece of disinformation is — “No one can tell if a person is a mind control victim—certainly not regular family and neighbors, only a qualified therapist could know and since they can’t tell no one can.”

That is given because the CIA found out that 56% of the children were discovered to have been uncovered by relatives and family members as “robotic” or “messed up in their minds” or “with inexplicable behaviors that came from outside of themselves.”

Teachers were particularly good at distinguishing control kids from experimental kids, and a number of teachers near that facility were killed by the CIA—on the order of a dozen in a decade.

The second piece of disinformation that the CIA primed therapists around the world have dispended is that it is “normal” for kids to act out in their teenage years by cross-dressing. It turned out that just the opposite is true of normal teenagers. They want to define their sexual identity and not cross dress.

Teenagers are the most intolerant to cross dressing per CIA research. Unless of course, they are mind control subjects and have been trained to sexually please chicken hawks by boys dressing as girls. There is no market for girls dressed as boys so the cross dressing only goes in one direction.

Surprisingly, the CIA research showed that homosexual boys rarely cross dressed on their own at that age – unless they had been used by porn filmmakers, chicken hawks and mind controllers. So the presence of cross-dressing in a teenage boy is highly predictive that he is a mind control or abuse victim.

The third piece of disinformation that the CIA fed therapists in journals to fool them and the parents is a bit subtler. The disinformation said “There is no normal age at which children should be told about sex. Sex education can occur at any age — it is up to the parents to decide. And sex education may be bad for kids so maybe we shouldn’t have it in our schools…”

The CIA spent a lot of money to convince parents, churches, and schools not to have real sex education classes. The reason was that when kids were allowed to freely talk in a group about their sexual experiences or fantasies or theories of sex, the kids themselves could see that some of them had very different levels of exposure to and sophistication in these matters.

So if sex education had to be taught the CIA wanted canned talks in which the kids were not allowed to talk. It thus trained sex educators to control the amount kids could talk and tried to make it taboo for the kids to talk to each other afterwards.

The CIA also found out that there was a best age for sex education –about the start of puberty. So then they fostered some campaigns to force the education to be earlier. The reason for that was that some young child whose native curiosity would not lead to sophisticated knowledge of sexual action, were coming out with it in front of parents and therapists.

It was better for the CIA if they could say that the kid learned it in a sex education class than from CIA prostitution of them. So although it sounds contradictory, the CIA’s bottom line on sex education disinformation was—don’t have sex education classes, but if you must have them have them very early and don’t let kids talk at them. Make it a more taboo subject by the way you skirt it or only allow it to be taught in a very short segment and never referred to again.

The CIA sponsored conferences for sex educators under a front company call “First Dating Experiences” if I remember correctly. Or maybe just “First Experiences”. When the abstinence only people objected the name of the front company was called something like “Wait for Marriage, Inc.”

It was the same front. The same staff, address etc. The CIA also pushes abstinence and marital fidelity fronts while not practicing these things themselves. It does that to increase the effectiveness of its blackmail ops.

Sexual blackmail only works when the society is condemning towards others. It is not the abstinence of fidelity that the CIA is after, it is the condemning of others it is after.

Condemning is a form of hate and the CIA provokes hate and condemning as a way of controlling others. It is a mind control technique that can then be used to get people to fight wars etc against their best interests.

The CIA is looking for “handles” into a person’s psyche—an emotional issue that drives a person to act. Then it exploits it. It also creates handles by funding songs and lyrics into existence. That is another whole level of mind control directed at a population instead of individuals.

I have gotten off track some here. This is useful information but not staying focused on the main topic.

I want to mention one other way in which I learned about the Finder’s Experiment. The name Finders comes from a CIA slang word that was popular about the time this experiment started.

It was Fucked Into Not Denying (FIND). A boss at the CIA would tell an employee “Go find out who did this”.

It was like a game of musical chairs. Everyone would deny that they did it until finally somebody was the scapegoat and was fucked into not being able to deny it.

So the Finders acronym was a warning to people in the CIA to be careful and not get made into a fall guy for this whole Project by letting a word out about it. A person leaking such stuff usually got blamed for the stuff itself—as people outside the agency couldn’t tell who was above whom and where the buck stopped.

The first time I heard about the Finders Group was at a party. Some kids were brought in to a fancy DC estate dressed up almost in Halloween type costumes-clowns, witches, ghosts, etc. But the costumes had big buttons on back panels over the bottom so that the kids could easily have their private parts exposed. The kids were trick or treat age. But it was not fall.

There were about 15 of these kids brought into an upscale party of people in tuxes. I arrived on the arm of the DCI Colby. Men started messing with these kids sexually, putting them on their laps with their panels unbuttoned. They did not even go into a separate room to do it. I felt uncomfortable with that – it reminded me of my own abuse as a child—and I went out on the front steps to look at the night sky and imagine being on some other planet for awhile.

Colby came out and asked me if I wanted to go home—that meant back to his bed. I just couldn’t get away from this issue. I got a little mad at him and asked him who brought the kids, as if I didn’t know as a remote viewer. He was defensive and then admitted that they were part of a CIA experiment and this was their “coming out” test—their graduation test to see if they could seduce DC politicians (to stay alive).

Those who flunked the test were liquidated. I had been in that system all my life—be useful sexually or die. I was not amused. Colby went into the technical details of the experiment and a “Wasn’t it a good idea?’ type of pitch to me.

I threw up my dinner on the front steps of the estate and excused myself to go wash up in the bathroom. I was good at throwing up on cue.

What was it that Colby had said to me?

Colby explained to me that the point of the Finders’ Experiment was to train children to be like drug sniffing dogs—only they were to sniff out who would make good pushers for not just drugs, but illegal weapons, sex slaves, etc.

The CIA was looking for a down line in these businesses and it wanted to use expendable agents. The CIA was having trouble explaining how many of its operative died. It never put names on the gold stars in the marble panel in the entrance way because that panel was a bald faced lie.

The CIA had lots of deaths in action of its officers. The gold stars were propaganda for the novices to con them into a sense of false security—like that the CIA cared about them. The CIA did not care how many of them died. The Rockefellers wanted their deaths. It was the GAO who cared.

Training agents was expensive. Covering up their deaths was even more expensive than that because of the expense of finding the loose ends and tying them off. So the CIA had decided, even before Colby became DCI probably, to go to the cheaper expendables to foster its trade in contraband. The kids were divided into two groups—those that received training on how to pick the people to become a pusher and make them into one, or no training.

In the no-training group you tell the kid, under hypnosis and torture what you want them to accomplish and let them figure out how to accomplish it. I grew up in that model—General Patton used it. It was cheaper. Kids died all around me. But some figured out what to do to succeed.

It had a kind of intelligence logic to it that was “if the kid has to figure out what to do on their own, maybe the KGB won’t have seen that strategy before and it will work.”

Next I want to talk about the type of training that the kids received if they were assigned to get any at all. The training consisted of two weeks of hard torture during which they were taught how to do blow jobs, spread their legs, ask for contraband to be moved and sign alias names to the right places on contract forms to “witness” them.

The contracts bound the pusher to work for the CIA front company without being able to sue. Let me say that another way. Both groups were tortured using electricity and severe pain for two weeks.

The trained kids, in addition to being told that they had to move contraband because their lives depended on it, also had a couple of hours worth of instructions and practical guidance on how to do it. What do you think were the results of the experiment?

The CIA found from this experiment that it made no appreciable difference whether the kid was trained or not. Its reports made no mention of the two weeks of torture as that was “off the record” after the 1977 MKULTRA Hearings.

They also made no mention of the type of training as the CIA wanted to hide from possible future Congressional prying eyes, that the kids were to move contraband by finding buyer-pushers.

Instead, the CIA documents said that the point of the experiment was to detect which kids could “succeed in life” and whether any training that the CIA gave them could make a difference in that.

The reason everything was limited to two weeks was that was the length of time that the in-hospital psychiatric hospitalization could maximally be extended to to run basically healthy kids “through testing of their condition”. The CIA developed a bunch of bogus tests to run on ADD kids to justify their two-week hospitalization like “withdrawing them from sugar, food dyes, etc.”

It was a total scam. They just needed something so difficult that parents couldn’t easily do at home to con the parent into letting Johnny stay at the hospital. They withdrew the food alright. They barely fed the kids at all. They fed them out of boxes, pre-packaged pototo chips like Pringles and called that a sugar free diet. The last day the parents would come to pick the kid up and the interaction was observed carefully to see how well the kid could lie about his stay and what he had eaten in the hospital.

It was a complete fantasy. The kid had been down in the basement without a bed, clothes, or single hot meal. The kids that passed had incredible abilities to make believe. So good that they even believed it. They were multiples just like me. They had gone through an hour’s hypnosis at the end of that torture and with the help of the hypnotist had imagined all that had happened to them in that two-week period of time.

The parents were told that they couldn’t see the kids because the kids needed to learn a new way to relate to them to help their ADD, and that had to be learned well before they saw them again.

The parents wanted a break from their ADD kids for 2 weeks so it worked. And the kids did relate to their parents differently after two weeks of hard torture without a hot meal. Meanwhile, some say the CIA did actually give them the fluoride chelating drug—a pill once a day so that the ADD was better. The program was popular with parents.

The University facility touted its benefits. Researchers forged results to show how effective it was and others studied how to torture the kids and split their minds more reliably.

Not all kids split well enough to pretend, or keep up the pretense. These are the ones people know of as the Finder kids. They were taken away from their parents. They were not able to find pushers in their communities, so they were sent to be sex slaves and drug mules where they didn’t have to perform at as high a level.

If they couldn’t even do that, they were killed. They were not one-use kids for the sexual/torture use of the Ultra-rich, they were already used goods. The kids that Bush Sr. was expending were kids that came to that facility that were selected to be held in reserve for his use and his use only. Their parents had applied for their son’s hospitalization but the “application had been held up.”

Bush, Sr. had a certain look of boy he liked, like the youngest boy “Eager to Beaver” in the Brady House Boys (?). They looked like he looked when he was a boy before “it happened to him” at age 6. He kept on sodomizing kids like his dad sodomized him. His father kept it up much longer than others can imagine. He kept it up until he was close to death. Some things run in families.

Would you want to see your dad if that continued to be what you had to submit to? Dark and ugly secrets that even the principals might not know—what with multiplicity being what it is. Bush, Sr. — does he even know that he goes to that base and why? I leave it to your remote viewing skills and imagination to decide.

I was not at the CIA because of my ability to imagine what loose ends there were. I was there to know what loose ends there were and failing to know could cost me my life and more than that.

The actual results were that the CIA training was not adequate in amount or quality to do anything to train a kid in pushing. So the experiment was not a test of that at all. The experiment was a cover story for how to get the kids into one’s hands.

There were lots of experiments on how to mind control kids, but it was mainly a matter of trial and error, not scientific research. There was a lot of variability due to the skills and personalities of the individual torturers. The CIA even poorly studied whether using multiple personality torturers was better to make multiple personality kids. That seemed to have some advantage sometimes—it depended on which personality they were in.

Since that was not always easy to control, it was a bit hit or miss if you used multiples for the torturers. They didn’t always know the protocols and follow them, because they were not in the personality that knew them. Yet they might still feel intuitively that it was dangerous to admit ignorance of the protocols. In the end the CIA rarely used multiples as torturers in experiments—they were too unreliable. One multiple helped a child escape and that caused a big flap.

That multiple was me. Bush, Sr. wanted me to torture a child in his family into being an “oracle” like I had been tortured into being an oracle. This was just one of several attempts that Bush, Sr. made to try to get “my” powers to belong directly to his family. I was training officers in remote viewing just fine without any torture or brainwashing at all.

But Bush, Sr. when he was DCI, left me in the basement of the CIA with this child, George, who was about 10 years old with the instruction to torture him into being an oracle. Given the ages of his relatives when he was DCI, this boy named George was probably his nephew George Herbert Walker IV. I had one scared boy on my hands. I had done “interrogations” before for the CIA. To do them I looked at the person’s mind for what the CIA wanted to know, and wrote that down. I didn’t have to see the person, let alone threaten or hurt them to do that. When I met with them it was pro-forma and I asked them what they needed in terms of food, clothing, cigarettes etc. to make them happy.

So the first thing I did was ask George if he was hungry and ordered food be brought down from the cafeteria according to his specifications. It was not how he wanted his hamburger. The ketchup was wrong; on when it should have been off, or visa versa. So I took him up to the cafeteria. It still wasn’t made right; he said that the lettuce was put on it backwards, whatever that means. Ok, so he was fussy about his food, it wasn’t my fault.

I ordered a cab. I was not that much older than he that I had my own extra set of wheels waiting for me at the CIA at the time. I had the cab drive us to a 4 star-restaurant at the Ritz hotel in DC and serve him what he wanted. His DCI uncle had taken me there before which is why I thought of it. He ate while I bugged out and abandoned him at the restaurant. It was a fancy one. I figured no one would harm him there. It was better than being tortured in the CIA’s basement. I went into hiding for two days. By then Bush, Sr.’s anger had found another target.

George had eaten his burger and asked for another. It was only after dessert two hours later that he wondered what happened to me. Eventually, he was found, meanwhile the FBI started a manhunt to find me.

I was wanted on a “kidnapping charge” for kidnapping the nephew of the DCI. It wasn’t as if I was trying to hide where George was: I’d used a CIA credit card with my known CIA alias on it to pay for the bill in advance.

I was just trying to be a good baby-sitter and get him the food he wanted. He wanted a Ritz hamburger made of a slab of grilled steak, barbeque sauce, and shredded lettuce. Who would not want such a thing instead of what the CIA’s cafeteria served?

When I came out of hiding, I called the FBI and told them where I was. Then I moved my location to their headquarters in DC, which confused them. The FBI man at their headquarters insisted that I “give myself up”, from where I had first called them. I guess my guardian angel was looking after me—I went back to the CIA instead.

I walked into Bush, Sr.’s office and asked him to call off the manhunt for me. Since I was standing in front of him and not missing anymore, he did. He was too busy to torture me right then so it didn’t happen.

The next time I saw that George he complained that I had ditched him. He didn’t seem to have a clue that I had been ordered to torture and brainwash him by his uncle. I let it ride. I can’t help it if some people are multiples on their own without my help. But maybe he was just clueless for another reason, like being boxed on the side of the head too often by a family member. There are several ways one can get amnesia. The CIA also studied brain damage as a way of inducing it.

Oh, I said that I would say something about the lives of those kids that went through that university facility. The torture was unimaginable bad for two weeks.

After that they had to report once a week or so to a CIA case officer on a corner near their school to give him a signed contract. If the kid did not deliver—did not seduce his parents friends and blackmail them into pushing for the CIA, or in some other way get a person that week to agree to push drugs, hand guns, or pimp girls, then the CIA put the heat on him. That could take a variety of forms and was largely up to the imagination of the case officer.

The simplest method was to bully the kid by twisting his arm or threatening him or his parents with death, dismemberment or torture. That was usually enough to get the kid to deliver. The kids ranged in age from about 6 to 16. The case officers preferred the younger ones—about age 8 to 10—they still tried to obey without a lot of flak. There was a quota system. The kid had to make a certain amount of money for the CIA each month.

If he didn’t he could be disappeared into the “Finder’s Den”. Those kids had it much worse. Sometimes a case officer would take the kid to see those whorehouse drug dens to impress upon the kid not to screw up. The kids that ended up in the Finder’s Den were already severely traumatized before they arrived. Torture, whether it is consciously remembered or not, has a crippling effect on the mind. It is worse than broken bones. Bones heal up. Violated trust does not.

The kids made a kickback, a small “finder’s” fee for delivering each pusher. It amounted to about a 100 a month. It was a lot of money for poor kids. Occasional a parent figured out that the kid was being paid; and not for mowing lawns either.

A few parents sent other of their kids into the program to get a second dividend coming into the household. More often other kids noticed this extra money and wanted to know how to get it. As a result some kids got sucked into this CIA net to make money not knowing what was involved.

This was a national program. I am only talking about one facility. The failures ended up at Finder’s Dens, or dead. These kids were not usually sold into sexual slavery to independent brothel owners in the US.

They had been mind controlled at a fixed facility and had they remembered that it could have exposed that affiliated university to negative publicity and lawsuits. They were however sold overseas if they screwed up.

Part of the reason the CIA ran this program was because it felt like it was losing too much of the contraband profits to the middle men. Using kids like that, got rid of most of that expense.

It was against the child labor laws but the CIA and multinational Cabal did not care. If the kid was arrested by the police, the CIA just cut him loose and denied that they knew him. The kid could not prove it was the CIA. The case officers did not show them their badges or meet them at headquarters. A kid who was arrested spent time in juvenile detention. Sometimes they committed murder and big offenses to move the goods and ended up in the adult prisons.

At one point I looked at the issue of crime in the US. About 40% of crime in the US is directly due to the CIA. These kids were a major part of that.

The CIA only wanted to run them about 2 years. Then they were too streetwise to be easy to handle. After that they had to go independent or work for the competition if they wanted to continue making money that way. Some had no mental freedom to do otherwise because the mind control was not undone—it was merely not re-enforced and maintained.

Many ended up as pimps even at age 12 to 16. The CIA was having them sell tricks on the street for girls in its brothels or it any hotel room that it housed a sex slave in.

When the CIA turned the children loose, they sold their sister or their girlfriend, or the mentally retarded girl down the street. They knew by then how to hustle. They knew how to lie. And many of them figured out how to bribe the police to look the other way. They learned those things from the case officer and the pressure they were under not to get washed out to sea in the rip current to a foreign land.

Why end up as a sex slave in Saudi Arabia if you could live at home and work for yourself? Some sold their own bodies on the street. But they couldn’t usually make enough dough that way to satisfy the quota.

It was mainly a side line in case they couldn’t move the goods and had to make up a little on the side. The quota amounted to a profit of about $3,000 a month for the CIA, or about $40,000 per year. It was more than an average man’s income at the time. The bosses got roughly $33,000 per kid—about a full adult salary. So 3 kids were 100,000 a year for them, 30 were a million, 300 were 10 million, 3,000 were 100 million, and 30,000 were a billion. This was a worldwide operation, although in poorer countries the financial yields were different.

The drug trade is a big business. These kids were the child soldiers in it. They died of gun shot wounds, of suicide, of high speed get-away car crashes in stolen cars, of AIDS, of gang rapes, and of gang warfare. About 30% were dead by the time the CIA wanted to let them go two years later. It was about 20 times the expected death rate.

The CIA tried to figure out how to make 90% of them “phased out” of life by then so they couldn’t talk later. They fostered gangs and fueled gang warfare to do it. They supplied the names of the kids on the opposite side and gave bounties for their deaths of about $800. They got the extinction rate up to almost 90% by the end of the kids “useful life” to them.

Talk to the kids that survived in LA in the Bloods and the Crips. Talk to them about how they decided who to kill next.

To join the gang you had to kill. To make top dog you had to keep killing. The names were delivered with the money and the goods to sell. If you didn’t move goods you didn’t stay free. To move goods you had to have them.

To get them you had to kill a person on the list you got before the next delivery of goods or you didn’t get any. The reason for killing them was explained as “they are hurting our business—they are working for the opposition. Get them.”

The CIA was running both the Bloods and the Crips in LA. The opposition was a mirage. They wanted the kids dead after two years.

The CIA already knew where the kid lived and who it was selling to. If they wanted a kid gone, they made one call. The police came to the house and arrested the child or the CIA kidnappers arrived at the school and stole the kid.

Some kids tried to run and some managed to stay underground. But most did not understand that it was a nationwide and global problem. Setting up business in another city didn’t necessarily protect you.

I want to say a little bit more about how I knew about this “kill the kid” scheme because it is relevant to the issue of how trust worthy the information is. The CIA wanted to me as a past child assassin to train some of these kids. They figured that since they had forced me to kill as a child of 9, that I should be able to help them force these kids to kill for them. It was almost a reasonable assumption. But it was also true that I had learned as a child how not to kill people starting at age 10, even while I was inside the CIA. That was a much harder thing to learn to do because the pressure at the CIA was all running in the direction of killing.

Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 Page 1 [1] Page 2 [2]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


[1] c. 2007 <Jul 16  Conspiracy Planet Sue Arrigo MD Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 Page 1

[2] c. 2007 <Jul 16  Conspiracy Planet Sue Arrigo MD Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 Page 2

[3] 2015 Mar 25 Cathy Fox Blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo

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