Times 1977 Dec 8 Paedophile leader had beer poured over him

Times 1977 December 8

Paedophile leader had beer poured over him
Mr Tom O’Carroll, who is in favour of sexual intercourse with children, was drenched with beer and hit in the face when he faced an angry mother, Swansea magistrates were told yesterday. Mr O’Carroll, aged 27, chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which wants to legalize sexual intercourse with children, found himself under attack at a public house in Swansea after being thrown out of a conference on love and attraction at
University College, it was stated.

His assailant, Mrs Rhona Gruneberg, aged 33, of Grosvenor Road, Swansea, called him a dirty pervert. Mr O’Carroll was eventually forced to leave the public house because of a hostile crowd, the bench was told. Her husband, a psychology lecturer, helped to arrange
the conference and was upset by the publicity surrounding Mr O’Carroll, who was a delegate, it was stated. Mrs Gruneberg, who has two sons, and teaches educationally subnormal children, pleaded not guilty to assaulting Mr O ‘Carroll, occasioning bodily harm, when she poured beer over his head and struck him in the face.

The magistrates found her guilty and fined her £10. Costs and £55 witness expenses were ordered to be paid out of public funds. ‘Mr O’Carroll, of Lovatt Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, a press officer wiith the Open University, said he was talking with a
journalist in the public house when a woman poured beer over his head and
hit him twice.

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1 Response to Times 1977 Dec 8 Paedophile leader had beer poured over him

  1. L Irving says:

    Why was the Paedophile Information Exchange allowed on the board of the National Council of Civil Liberties, the whole issue should be investigated, children are innocent who is the law protecting?

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