Debate and Vote on Keith Vaz’s add to Justice Committee

The House of Commons approved a motion to put Keith Vaz on the Justice Committee by 203 to 7. Hansard transcript is below and here [1] voters [2]. Reports from Telegraph [10] [11], Independent [7], Guido Fawkes has been the leader on Vaz recently [8], 2016 Sept 4 Order Order Bercow Knew Vaz Was Under Police Investigation [13] , David Henke [5] and Guardian [14] 

Conservatives whips apparently ordered their MPs to vote for Vaz [8].  This perhaps explains, the fact that in a bewildering display of support, the majority, 159 of 203 [8] [7], of those who voted for Keith Vaz [2], were Conservatives including 11 cabinet ministers including Amber Rudd the Home Secretary [15]. Two Conservatives voted both for and against in a bid to abstain [7]

vazNotable voters for Vaz were previously anti child abuse figures Tom Watson and the recently “independent” Simon Danczuk [2] .

This apparent show of confidence in the many times disgraced on multiple issues Vaz, is also despite a Leicestershire Police investigation into child sexual abuse allegations against Keith Vaz [13] [3] which speaker Bercow was adamant that Bridgen should not mention. Bercow incidentally is thought to be close friends with Keith Vaz.

Outside the self obsessed Westminster bubble, ordinary people are bemused and appalled that a man with so many questions about him and current investigations into him has the audacity to go for membership of a committee.

They are appalled that his party, the Labour Party, support him – No Jeremy Corbyn it is not a private matter; Corbyn already has questions to answer over child abuse in Islington, the apparent support of the Labour Party of Vaz, adds more questions.

They are appalled that the Conservatives were willing to overcome the normally kneejerk party politics and any legitimate concerns to support Vaz so overwhelmingly and be so supine as to bend to the will of their whips. Apparently the Telegraph believes this is so that setting a precedent of objecting to appointments is avoided, which could undermine the whole system [10]. Not mentioned is the huge backlog of child abuse to come out about the Conservatives.

This brings up questions about the party political system, how hierachical and how easily it can be manipulated by a few people, how unaccountable the Parties really are and of course not subject to FOI.

I wonder when IICSA is going to get round to investigating the political parties?

Vaz’s appointment to the Justice committee is a snub to child abuse campaigners as well as the rapidly diminishing number who seek to believe in the good intentions of this “parliamentary democracy”, in reality a corporate obsessed parliamentary monarchy with veneer of democracy and justice, and controlled behind the scenes by the bankers, deep state, secret services and societies.

It appears to some that it is the establishment protecting itself and ensures that Keith Vaz does not reveal for now any secrets that he may know about child abuse in Leicestershire, or the corridors of power and the powerful and particularly the abundance of child abuse revelations that should come out about the Conservatives.

It stinks.

As Bridgen told a less-than-packed House of Commons: “I do not believe that the right hon. Member for Leicester East joining the Justice Committee will do anything to enhance the reputation and perception of Parliament among the public: indeed, it will do the opposite.”

Even the establishment Telegraph headline is “Keith Vaz’s new job makes Parliament look like a cosy club that always looks after its own” [10] and appalling judgement of Conservative whips [15]

Quite so chaps, what ho. Mustn’t give the show away though must we.

System 1 Child Abuse Victims 0

or realistically more like

System and Child Abusers, Enablers and Gatekeepers, and the powerful  5,879

Survivors, Victims, Truth, Democracy, Ethics, Morals and the public  2

The obvious conflicts of interest apparently do not seem to concern the House of Commons, which appears to have no procedures for weeding out those under criminal investigations or with multiple conflicts of interest [4]

The Vaz vote of shame announcement by Vaz’s friend Bercow

I have put in an FOI request to the House of Commons to find out who nominated and seconded Vaz, as well as other items of information [12] FOI Request Keith Vaz nominators to the Justice Committee

House of Commons Hansard

Justice Committee

31 October 2016

Volume 616

9.02 pm
    • Bill Wiggin (North Herefordshire) (Con)
      That Chris Elmore and Dr Rupa Huq be discharged from the Justice Committee and Kate Green and Keith Vaz be added.This motion is the decision of the Committee of Selection. It respects the wish of the Labour party in electing those Members to this Committee.
9.03 pm
    • I rise to object to the appointment of the right hon. Member for Leicester East (Keith Vaz) to the Justice Committee. I informed the right hon. Gentleman’s office this afternoon of my intention to do so.I am aware that this is not a conduct debate and will therefore try to limit my remarks to why I believe the right hon. Member for Leicester East is at this time unsuitable for a role on the Committee to which he has been nominated, and to matters already on the public record and in the public domain. I am sure that should I cross the line or if my remarks are out of order, you will be as quick as always to advise and correct me, Mr Speaker.I put on record that I have no objection to the appointment of the hon. Member for Stretford and Urmston (Kate Green). In my view, it is unfortunate that her appointment has been linked with that of the other Member in question.Mr Speaker, since I have been in this House, and on almost a weekly basis—from memory, it is usually on a Wednesday around about noon—you have reminded us how important the public perception of the workings of the House and the behaviour of its Members are in fashioning the public’s opinion of Parliament and our whole democratic system. You were quoted only last week, following the hugely successful Nottinghamshire event, as saying:“There is a lot of evidence that people have a low opinion of politics and politicians”.I agree, Mr Speaker, and that is unfortunately true. I do not believe that the right hon. Member for Leicester East joining the Justice Committee will do anything to enhance the reputation and perception of Parliament among the public; indeed, it will do the opposite.
    • If that is the right hon. Gentleman’s belief, I suggest he speaks in the debate on behalf of the right hon. Member for Leicester East. Representing a Committee of the House reflects on this House. As a Member of the House, I have right to object.

    • rose—
    • Order. I will come to the hon. Gentlemen —he will continue his speech in a moment. He himself anticipated the possibility that the Chair might take an interest if he were to cross the line between what was legitimate and orderly to say and what was not. Thus far, the hon. Gentleman has observed that distinction and, on that basis, I am content for him at this stage to continue.
    • It is very interesting that the hon. Gentleman should cite the tabloid press which has, from time to time, taken an unhealthy interest in his activities.

    • That got disproved, and he is not the one who is up for the Justice Committee.
    • Order. Mr McCartney, calm yourself. Be quiet, young man. We do not need to hear from you. You add nothing and you subtract from the proceedings. Mr Bridgen is perfectly capable of addressing these matters to the best of his ability and according to his own lights. He does not require a sedentary interjection from you.
  • Order. The hon. Gentleman will resume his seat. Let me say clearly to the hon. Gentleman, and in terms that brook no contradiction, that he would be unwise to go into those matters. He has written to me and I have written back to him. I explained to him factually—factually—in a manner that cannot be disputed or gainsaid that it is not for the Speaker of this House to seek to persuade someone to step down as the Chair of a Committee because of suspicions that some people might have about him. That is not the role of the Speaker of the House of Commons. If the hon. Gentleman were a more experienced Member, he would probably be aware of that fact. I urge the hon. Gentleman to focus on those matters which it is proper and legitimate for him to raise, and not upon those which it is not.
  • Thank you. Mr Speaker, you have often said that this place must reflect the society for which we make the laws—I agree with you. I respectfully point out to the House that in any other sphere of activity, a candidate with so much hanging unresolved over him would be very unlikely to be considered for such an important office. If the right hon. Gentleman were in the Chamber today, I would ask him to stand down from his nomination, but he is not, so I ask the House to reject his appointment. Otherwise, we cannot blame the great British public for having a low opinion of its politicians and its politics; we can only blame ourselves.In conclusion, I will leave the House with this question. If the right hon. Member for Leicester East thought himself only last month not fit to be a member of the Home Affairs Committee, and given that the matters relating his resignation are, as I have explained, unresolved, what makes him think that he is a fit and proper person to be a member of the Justice Committee this month?
  • Before my hon. Friend draws his remarks to a conclusion, some correspondence has been referred to this evening. I wonder if he will say whether it is possible to publish that correspondence to ensure that hon. Members on both sides of the House have an opportunity to consider all of the facts.
  • Order. That is nothing to do with the debate, as I have just been advised by the Clerk of the House. Don’t frown at me, Mr Berry. I know the facts and you’re about to learn them. That is nothing to do with the debate tonight—point one. Secondly, there is no uncertainty or dubiety whatsoever about the correspondence between the hon. Gentleman and me. Indeed, I do not think there is any uncertainty at all about the advice that was proffered not just by me but by the Clerk of the House. Whether he wishes and is astute enough to take that advice is another matter.
  • Thank you, Mr Speaker. I thank my hon. Friend’s failed attempt to help in this debate.It is clear that the right hon. Member for Leicester East felt the need to resign last month from the Home Affairs Committee. I think it would be a huge mistake for this House now to place him on the Justice Committee when he has so many questions to answer. I urge all right hon. and hon. Members to vote against his appointment this evening.Question put.

    Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

    • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
    • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
    • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
    • and Havoca [D].
    • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
    • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
    • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
    • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
    • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
    • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
    • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]



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[2] Hansard Vote on Vaz Motion

[3] 2016 Sept 4 Cathy Fox Blog More Vaz Sleaze and Government Child Sex Abuse Cover ups

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[13]  2016 Sept 4 Order Order Bercow Knew Vaz Was Under Police Investigation Keith Vaz has been under police investigation for over year on suspicion of financial corruption and historic allegations of sex with minors. Speaker Bercow was informed of this and fellow MPs demanded – Andrew Bridgen in writing – that he step down from his position on the Home Affair Select Committee. The Speaker protected Vaz… It is widely known around Westminster that Vaz – who owes his career to Greville Janner – was the unidentified MP in this Sun front page from last year.

[14] 2016 Nov 2 Guardian Tories face questions over support of Keith Vaz committee appointment

[15] 2016 Nov 1 Telegraph Amber Rudd and 10 Cabinet members under fire for giving Keith Vaz scrutiny role on prisons policy

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused








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3 Responses to Debate and Vote on Keith Vaz’s add to Justice Committee

  1. hollie greig justice says:
  2. meggiemom says:

    Keith vaz is a skum bag
    Child abuser
    And needs out of government

  3. Sanctimony says:

    Vazeline obviously has some heavy-duty smut on Establishment high-ups, otherwise he wouldn’t have got away with, allegedly, taking Class-A drugs while ‘entertaining’ Eastern European adolescents… he is about the lowest of animal life forms..

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