Saudi Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking and links to US

I have been asked if I would blog this. The blog articles show mainly Saudi child abuse and trafficking and some connections with the US. Some photos are missing from this, due to technical or me issues.

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Saudi Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking and links to US

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This is a selection of articles on Saudi child abuse and sex trafficking. Many other articles on the blogs are relevant to the kind of scenarios that George Webb  illustrates. They show the Saudi – US relationship with arms sales, war, justice and media. Original sources are not unfortunately shown in the articles.

The paedophile and child abuser Prince Bandar was Saudi ambassador to US from 1983 -2005 [4] . He was friendly with violent pedophiles Ted Kennedy and George Bush Sr.

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Issue 12


The Arabian Peninsula inhabitants have long been involved in purchasing slaves. Up until recently, most of these slaves were purchased in Africa. With the advent of oil wealth the Saudi princes have been able to extend their slave purchases throughout the world. This has enabled the Saudi princes to become more selective and specialized in their tastes for slaves. The Saud family continue to be the prime purchasers on the international slave trade and are known as high end buyers. The Saudi Arabian Government continues to refuse to sign the United Nations treaties on slavery or other human rights issues because they do not want to be subject to their provisions. They will not sign extradition treaties even with Washington. They constantly declare they are free of slavery but will not allow international scrutiny. We will deal with the kidnaping of US male and female children by Saudi princes and their associates in this issue. We will substantiate the pattern of abuse using documented occurrence where the princes and their associates have been caught.


It has been an open secret in Washington that the State Department has been extremely sensitive to criticism of its actions regarding Saud Arabia and its princes. There has been an unusual amount of personnel turnover at the Saudi Arabian desk where officials showing the slightest tendency towards ethics and morality are either transferred or terminated to make an example to others. Why the State Department sensitivity? There are things going on in Saudi Arabia which are so embarrassing to Washington that if the United States citizenry knew, their worst fears about Washington would be corroborated. We will deal with one of these sensitivities in this issue, child abduction by Saudi princes. This is one of several issues we have been reluctant to publish because of the emotional ramifications to families of children who have been abducted around the world in general and the United States in particular. We had to balance what the Saud princes involved in these abductions would do upon publication. In considering publishing this article against the potential benefits of making known their actions, we chose the latter. The humanitarian action would be for the Saudi Arabian Government to return the sex slaves to their US families so they could receive hospitalization and rehabilitation. We believe this will be considered impractical because of the numbers as well as the legal and political ramifications.

We have seen time and time again US media reported scandals when slaves of Saudi princes and their associates brought into the United States try to escape. The State Department then intervenes on behalf of the Saudi princes with diplomatic or retroactive diplomatic immunity. We initially became aware of non-parental child abductions by Saudi princes when a US citizen enslaved and tortured by King Fahd’s nephews was told by a guard in their palace prison the last person to inhabit his cell was a “US girl child whore slave”. We soon found the extensive nature of the non-parental abductions of US children by Saudi princes and their procurers.



This room eerily looks like the room in Kuwait used by the Iraqis to torture Kuwaitis during the gulf war. This cell is in the Eastern province of Saudia Arabia within King Fahd’s nephews’ palace and is where the “US child whore slave” was held.


The Middle East Times reports: “There’s no capability for reform, no strong character to stop the princes from corruption. You’d need someone to line tens of them up against the wall and shoot them, they’re so used to spending this amount of money. You couldn’t tell them — you don’t need 20 whores for the night, just one or two. Or you’ve got 20 dwarves in the palace, do you need to get two or three whores for every one? Someone like Prince Bishai Bin Abdel Aziz — that’s one real debauched individual. Try to stop him and he’ll come and kill you.” L105 The Saudi princes dehumanize child sex slaves obtained through their sex rings by demeaning them and calling them whores so as not to come into conflict with Saudi religious tenets.


There is a thriving industry of international child sex slavery within the United States. It has gone unabated for decades covered up by the assertiveness of Washington lobbyists representing the perpetrating countries, especially Saudi Arabia. Saudi princes are the high end buyers in the US child sex slave market and demand the best product. How does the US sex slave trade operate?

The National Center for Missing & Exploited children reports: “Child pornographers (and pimps), like other sex offenders, seek victims in places where youth gather: shopping malls, fast food establishments, nonalcoholic clubs, video game arcades, bus stations and through unethical ‘modeling’ agencies. The fact that juveniles are being recruited from the community both for pornography and prostitution is most disturbing … runaways were spotted by pimps loitering in bus stations who approached the teenagers almost as they exited the buses. … A primary method of procuring a juvenile for prostitution is through the use of feigned friendship and love. … They (procurers) evaluated what the young woman needed, created the dependency, and then took advantage of that dependency. … if a teenager was a runaway the pimp would find shelter for her … Through practice, many child molesters have developed a real knack for spotting vulnerable victims.”L106 This is a favored recruitment method commonly used by procurers to obtain children of both sexes for their own use or sale. Again, among the most prominent high end purchasers within the international child sex industry are Saudi princes. Saudi princes will also “special order” children through a picture of the child in a media or give a description of a desired child. In these cases the child is “snatched” from in front of their house, coming from school or at a store while with a parent. The child is in Saudi Arabia before the local police develop a search procedure.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children further reports; “pimps placed legitimate advertisements in newspapers and interviewed women for secretarial positions. They told female applicants that no job was available or that it had already been filled. They then attempted to date the applicants. With continued contact the pimp worked on the woman’s weaknesses and tried to find out if she needed large sums of money. The pimps also placed advertisements for dancers, models or escort services. Showcasing was another technique in which applicants performed acts that were videotaped. While videotaping, the pimps tried to discover if the young women were interested in making large sums of money. They (procurers) wanted to be identified as mind controllers, experts in understanding the vulnerabilities and dependencies of women and men”L107 With quality product in hand, procurers will then send videos to Saudi princes in an attempt to sell the child. If the Saudi prince is interested he may ask that delivery be made near his plane in order to make a swift exit to Saudi Arabia.


King Fahd’s sons’ control their child sex ring from their Beverly Hills palaces. They learned from the Al-Fassi palace sex scandals in Beverly Hills during the 1980’s and rent motels away from their palaces to conduct orgies with children procured for them. Around these motels they have a cordon of US security guards. An inner cordon is made up of the princes body guards, usually foreign. The younger the child the more desirable. These children are brought up through the sex ring channel to the point of purchase under the modeling or acting ruses of going to a shoot or set in Saudi Arabia. Upon purchase, children are then taken by limousine directly to the Saudi prince’s plane at Los Angeles airport. As we mentioned in our prior newsletters, Washington allows Saudi princes and their entourage to circumvent customs and immigration which allows them to ship their child sex slaves out of the US without need of the customary passport. The children are then escorted directly onto the Saudi princes plane and flown to Saudi Arabia never to be seen again.



These girls were brought to Brunei in a similar manner to that used by Saudi princes. Within the US a child is generally defined as someone that is under 17 years of age. We do not know if some of the girls in the above picture are under 17 years of age or their country of origin. This rare glimpse of the international sex trade sheds light on not only what goes on in Brunei but what goes on in Saudi Arabia. King Fahd’s sons and other Saudi princes are directly involved in the international child sex industry as high end buyers. We see one of the usual enticements of a modeling job in a distant land. Life Magazine reports; “former Miss USA Shannon Marketic, in a recent lawsuit, claims she was imprisoned. She had gone there for what she believed was legitimate modeling work paying $3,000 per day … she tried to leave and was forbidden.” L108 In Miss USA’s law suite she said upon arriving she was given a physical exam by a doctor ostensibly for country health regulations. Soon after, she was given clothes to wear for the evening. She said she was escorted to a room where she all of a sudden felt drowsy and fell asleep. She awoke to find her clothes rearranged upon her body, like somebody had removed them and then redressed her. We know from the Center for Missing and Abused Children that pedophiles keep photo/video libraries of their victims. It is reasonable to believe there are pictures/videos of Miss USA taken of her without her knowledge while unconscious. Even so, she was one of the lucky girls being high profile and whose parents knew of her whereabouts. Washington still denies the international child sex rings prey upon US children. US based child abduction organizations funded by Washington will not admit on the record to the international child sex rings preying upon US children for fear of loosing their funding. An old Washington maxim is: “He who controls the investigation wins.” Miss USA lost her law suit because the State Department granted Immunity. The abducted children and their parents always lose out to foreign policy considerations of the politicians and their lobbyist associates who represent countries like Brunei and Saudi Arabia. When members of an international sex ring are caught Washington allows them freedom from criminal and civil actions by either giving them diplomatic immunity, retroactive diplomatic immunity or other State Department protection under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.


A new model comments: “At first I shared an apartment with two other models, one … I forget what her name was, who was there for three weeks and then she was gone. Disappeared … I know what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t like the naive girl from Podunk that came in and got drugged at a party and sold to the Arabs!”L109


“Which one (international model) disappeared on a (film) shoot with a nonexistent Saudi Arabian magazine, ending up who knows where?”L110 Middle East businessmen, and others get into the relatively small-time modeling game where most of the abuse occurs.”L111 John Casablancas as founder of Elite modeling was accused by Ilene Ford of Ford modeling of introducing models to; “disgusting — one day it was Arabs, the next day it was Jews from New York”.L112


A runway agent at the New York international modeling agency Wilhelmina reports: “A lot of Arabs were storming Europe looking for beautiful young girls. A lot of girls made a lot of money not modeling”L113 It should be noted “Arabs” was a term used to connote Gulf citizens, especially Saudi princes and unfairly construed towards all Arabs.

Dear Reader:

One should not think all Saudi princes participate in the international child sex trade industry. It is a small but apparent number. We do not have the intent to contribute to a mistaken stereotype that causes both fear and disgust in the hearts of parents. Some of this fear is created for political reasons. We are attempting to sunlight this shadowy practices of child sex slavery so that parents of the world in general and the US in particular will be more cautious with their children. If we can save but one child from the clutches of these few Saudi princes, we will feel gratified. We also would like Washington to stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what some Saudi princes do in this country. We must stop Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers from selling the human rights of US citizens to these Saudi princes. Herb Mallard National Press Club Member Co-Chairman

“If I can do this to Americans I can do it to you. What chance do you think you have? I have power. I have connections.”
King Fahd’s prior business partner publicly torturing Vietnam Veterans in front of other foreign workers.

Issue 13



We will center on the non-parental child theft within the United States by the Saudi princes and their associates. The Saudi princes and their associates purchase US children both male and female as sex slaves. Saud princes are willing to pay dearly for the right quality child (product) and consider virgins as the top of the line. The children are usually shipped in private planes or boats by Saudi princes. They are drugged to be malleable so as not to make disturbances. Some are recruited within the United States or Northern Europe for fictitious jobs as models or actresses while others are purchased from local procurers. Once in Saudi Arabia the girls and boys are whisked off to the palace of the purchasing prince. A prince is absolute ruler of his compound. Architecturally, the compounds are designed with slave quarters included. Within the palace walls whatever the prince says goes, there are no government restrictions to his will. If a slave escapes they are immediately brought back by the Saudi security police to the responsible prince who may do with them as he pleases. They rarely escape since they spend most of their time within the confined parts of the palace compound under supervision. When the prince entertains his male friends he provides them with both male and female child sex slaves for their enjoyment. If he tires of a child sex slave he will sell it to another prince or sheik. It is believed once these sex slaves have outlived their usefulness they are dumped into Rubal Khali. It would be to dangerous to free them for fear of potential embarrassment to Saudi Arabian public relations abroad. One hears many stories along the Cote d’Azure of young girls being enticed to luxurious parties given by Saudi princes never to be seen again. Many young girls and boys along the French coast have stories of Saudi princes trying to entice them into their planes or boats for “a ride”. The Saudi princes have grown so sophisticated in enticing young girls and boys, they have even financed their own modeling and companion agencies within Europe and the United States to insure top quality merchandise and cut out the middle men. Many models have stories of being solicited by Saudi princes or friends who have disappeared.


Saudi Arabia’s participation in international slavery has long been known by State Department careerists who are powerless to react for fear they will be destroyed professionally or will lose the deferred payments promised by Prince Bandar upon their retirement. One has mentioned off the record the widespread knowledge within the State Department of Saudi child theft within the US. Many of the kidnappings in the United States are easily masked within the larger number of runaways each year. The breakdown of the US family has enabled the Saudi princes and their procurers to “special order” kidnap without much concern for law enforcement who are usually looking for someone within the local area. One should often wonder when seeing girls and boys faces in the post office or milk carton wanted ads how many have been “disappeared” to Saudi Arabia.


We do know Saudi princes collect and swap child pornography between themselves. They are said to have their own child sex pornography exchange where pictures of their youngest sex slaves are the most in demand. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reports: “It is difficult to know with certainty why pedophiles collect child pornography and erotica. … Collecting this material may help pedophiles satisfy, deal with or reinforce their compulsive, persistent sexual fantasies about children. … Collecting may also fulfill needs for validation. … Pedophiles swap pornographic photographs … As they add to their collections, they get strong reinforcement from each other for their behavior. The collecting and trading process becomes a common bond. … Child pornography and child erotica are used for the sexual arousal and gratification of pedophiles. … The younger the child and the more bizarre the acts, the greater the value of the pornography.” M114A In order for the Saudi princes to obtain these very young children who are too young to be on their own, the usual “special order” is placed with their procurers so these children can be snatched from their parents. Again, local police are trained through Washington financed programs to look for kidnapping locally. Washington denies the existence of the international child sex slave industry just as the Justice Department denied the existence of the Mafia as an international crime syndicate. For several decades the Justice Department called all crime local allowing the Mafia to thrive in the US. Now the Justice Department calls all nonparental child kidnapping local and finances police training accordingly. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers see to it that very little is mentioned about the international Saudi prince child sex slave trade. Remember, one old Washington maxim is: “The one who controls the investigation wins.”


It is quite well known within the international slave trade that Saudi princes are high end buyers. There are few countries that do not have procurers working with the international child sex industry. Saudi Princes contract out “special order” requests in various cities with their local procurers from the barrios of Brazil, London’s Leichester Square, Paris’s Place de Pompidou. Due to the recent lax border regulations in Scandinavia, the princes now get their fair haired children from immigrant procurers. In the United States shopping malls, amusement parks and video parlors are prowled by procurers. The Princes not only do not like dealing with the seemlier elements of the international child sex industry such as the street procurers but see the danger of the media picking their activities up, hence their own modeling agencies. Lately, Saudi princes have begun moving into the modeling agency business to recruit male and female models for some shoot in a distant land never to be heard of again.


As we saw in the third issue Prince Faisal built a marble palace on Kirby in the posh River Oaks section of Houston. He had procurers go to various areas where young people congregated and bring them back to his palace. The prince had a continual party fueled by a stream procured teenagers both male and female. It was relatively easy for the procurers as the word got out about the sumptuous surroundings of the prince. The prince had the best of foods, drink and drugs available every day for his continual party. We do not know if any of these teenagers were enticed to Saudi Arabia. We have been told there was a hushed scandal where after the prince left abruptly apparently never to return. His favored girls lived at his palace, each had a leased car and the capability to go to the exclusive Saks Pavilion Shops near the Galleria and charge clothes to the Prince. Mohammed Al Fassi became so infamous with his perpetual party at his palace in Beverly Hills that he was run out of town after painting the genitals of his statues. Again, we do not know if any of the young attendees ended up in Saudi Arabia.


Many of the Saudi Princes would definitely be considered pedophiles and child molesters if subject to the laws of the United States. Within their own country they would probably not be prosecuted as pedophiles. When a Saudi prince abducts a child from the US, once in Saudi Arabia the child is considered his total responsibility to do with what he may. The State Department in their human rights report have justified Saud family slavery by saying; ” it is part of the Saud family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society”.M115


The National Center for Missing & Exploited children reports: “The rule of thumb that psychiatrists and others use is that there must be an age difference of five years. … child sex ring is defined as one or more offenders simultaneously involved with several child victims. … In the syndicated (child sex) ring, a well-structured organization recruits children, produces pornography, delivers direct sexual services, and establishes an extensive network of customers. … Maintaining control is very important in the operation of a child sex ring. It takes a certain amount of skill and cunning to maintain a simultaneous sexual relationship with multiple partners. It is especially difficult if you have the added pressure of concealing illegal behavior. In order to operate a child sex ring, an offender has to know how to control and manipulate children. … control is primarily maintained through attention, affection, and gifts — part of the seduction process.”M116


The Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights in Saudi Arabia based in London through their Saudi dissident leader Mr Masari said; “one regional Governor, whom he accused of tolerating drug users and child sex rings”.M117 Prince Mohammed bin Fahd, Governor of the Eastern Province has been accused by the Al Saud newsletter of condoning sex slavery within his administered area. We have been told Governor Prince Mohammed is an active participant in the child sex rings of the Eastern Province. We have been told he has parties for his friends with child sex as the main entertainment. Governor Prince Mohammed likes Hollywood where there are many boys and girls from which to entice into becoming sex slaves in Saudi Arabia under the ruse of film and modeling contracts. These sex slaves are allegedly sold and resold until they are used up whereupon they are helicoptered over Rubal Khali and dumped.


Speaking of Jonathan Aitken, the London Times reports: “But he had been in the Cabinet barely a year when he resigned to clear his name of media allegations of being dependent on Saudi money and procuring women for Arabs.”M118 Again, international media frequently attribute the degenerate behavior of Saudi princes to Arabs in general. In this case, Governor of the Eastern Province and son of King Fahd, Prince Mohammed used Aitken as a procurer of young girls through Aitken’s health club.


Amnesty International reports; “Dr Mohammed Khalifa an Egyptian doctor working in Saudi Arabia, received 80 lashes in May. He had been tried on charges of slandering a Saudi Arabian headmaster whom he had accused of sexually abusing his son.”M119 It is doubtful if their was a Saudi Government investigation of merit, especially when the child was the son of a guest worker.


A young girl heard her father had died while she was visiting King Fahd’s nephew in Boston. He and his friends gang raped her after she became traumatized by the news of her father’s death. When asked why, one of the participants said they just wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a girl who was so sad. It is not known if the State Department gave these rapists retroactive diplomatic immunity or other assistance. It is known nothing happened to the assailants.


Before Fahd worked his way up to become King, he was a degenerate Prince who squandered Arabian Peninsula oil money on gambling along the Riviera. One day while eating he spotted a little French girl and told friends he had to have her immediately. He had his associates bring the girl to his suite at the hotel whereupon he raped her. He had promised not to penetrate her fully so as to traumatize her but he did. The girl was screaming so loudly that two hotel security men appeared. There was blood everywhere with the little girl hysterical. Fahd paid off the two guards to keep quiet and take the little girl. Fahd then paid off the parents of the little French girl and the matter was dropped. No criminal charges were ever filed.


Prince Sultan is Ambassador Prince Bandar’s father. He has a former child sex slave, now older than he desires, in Paris supply him with female children on “special order”. Prince Sultan seeks young girls who are loyal, subservient and sexual. These young girls are treated reasonably well by him indulging them with gifts and large amounts of cash bonuses and salaries. We believe he returns these girls to Paris after he tires of them with generous compensation. These children can only be considered sex slaves because of their age. Recently, Prince Sultan purchased seven young French girls from this Parisian procurer to satisfy his needs. He keeps these female child sex slaves away from the eyes of his friends.


The London Times reports: “Executions in Saudi Arabia are prescribed for murder, rape, drug smuggling and child abuse, and carried out in public outside a mosque after prayers on Fridays.”M120 If the Saud family abided by it’s own laws there would be many Saudi princes who would meet the fate of beheading. Hypocrisy is rampant in Saudi Arabia.


London Times reports: “The Philippines government, responding to dozens of tragic cases of maltreatment, has warned young women going to work as maids in Saudi Arabia that they will be sexually harassed by Saudi men and slapped about by their Saudi mistresses. … You have to ward off advances by your master, his brother, son and other male members of the household. … the Philippines labour ministry has also told young male workers heading to Saudi Arabia that they must expect to be at risk of rape.”M121 Never does a Saudi prince get charged let alone beheaded for raping a male or female immigrant worker in Saudi Arabia. When they are caught in such criminal activities within the United States Washington gives them diplomatic or retroactive diplomatic immunity.


Shaykha Hasina Wajed, the Prime Minister, has expressed her determination to curb criminal activities relating to the abuse of women and children. She is known to be appalled by the practice of smuggling Bangladeshi children to the Middle East to be used as jockeys in camel racing, and has succeeded in curbing the practice through increased border surveillance.M122 Saudi princes order child slaves for certain specialties. European and US children are desirable as sex slaves. Bangladeshi child slaves are ideal for camel jockeys because of their diminutive stature.


There are many incidences of people being approached by escaping Saudi slaves within the United States. Rarely is there an occurrence of people being approached by a Saudi child sex slave outside the US trying to escape. The reason is that they are kept in seclusion within the palaces rarely to leave or be seen by anyone but the prince and his male friends. Recently, two German male students were on a tour boat going down the Nile. They were looking at the river bank as it passed by when all of a sudden a door opened nearby and a young girl ran out. She said she was an American and begged their help saying she had been kidnapped by this Saudi prince who was inside months before in the United States. She was hysterical but never mentioned her name in the brief encounter. Two men shortly appeared and spread their jackets showing shoulder holster guns in a threatening way. They then took the girl on either side and went back behind the door. Upon docking one student watched to see if the American girl left while the other called the US Embassy. After repeated referrals the German student explained what had happened to an Embassy officer but was told the Embassy could do nothing unless they knew the girls name. When the German student continually pleaded with the Embassy officer for help the official became angered and hung up. The American girl never was seen leaving the boat by the two German students.


Washington Report reports: “Hamad Alqahatani, a Kuwaiti student attending Northern Virginia Community College in Fairfax, VA has filed a $3 million lawsuit against George Washington University in Washington, DC on charges of discrimination. According to Alqahantani, when he attempted to transfer to GW last year, E. Donald Driver, then director of GW’s Office of International Services, told him that he would be admitted if he paid a $10,000 bribe or if he had sex with one of Driver’s male colleagues. In response to Alqahatani’s bewilderment at the request, Driver allegedly responded that Arabs are known to be “rich and homosexual. — American-Arab Anti-Descrimination Committee — current chair said: ‘The ordeal suffered by Mr Alqahatani is degrading and dehumanizing. Unfortunately, it demonstrates how stereotypes can serve as the basis for discriminatory action.'” M123 It is appalling that this young student is subjected to this behavior by an authority who could have suborned him if Mr Alqahatani was not strong enough to go public and use the laws available in the US to seek justice. Unfortunately, when a Saud family torture victim was institutionally raped by Saud family authorities he did not have such legal recourse available.

Dear Reader:

I personally had reservations about the stories of Saudi princes abducting children that I heard while attending social gatherings in Europe. It seemed so cruel and distant from normal behavior. That changed when I personally was confronted with the issue. I attended a party given by a Middle East socialite in London’s tony Belgravia section. I noticed two girls in another part of the townhouse who were acting strangely. I approached these young girls and asked them why they were there. One said they had just come in on a flight from Los Angeles and were going to do modeling shoots in Saudi Arabia for lots of money. Both girls moved sluggishly and were slurring their words. The host came into the area and told me not to disturb the girls. While walking back to the party I asked him what they were doing. He said they were just young whores being trans shipped to Saudi Arabia the next day.

Herb Mallard  National Press Club Member Co-Chairman

“If I can do this to Americans I can do it to you. What chance do you think you have? I have power. I have connections.”
King Fahd’s prior business partner publicly torturing Vietnam Veterans in front of other foreign workers.

Issue 14



We have found that Washington set up offices to divert complaints from US citizens who have children kidnapped by foreign ex-spouses, especially by Saudi Arabian princes. We have been told by a reliable source at the Justice Department, off the record, that these offices are set up to condition the parents to lower their expectations of ever finding their children, to keep secret the real numbers of complaints and to tell the police to consider all kidnapping as local when in fact we know of US child sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. Some of the male employees of these offices disillusioning the parents of kidnapped children in such a disreputable fashion are said to make $100,000 or more for “hardship pay”. We were told that the number of kidnapped and/or disappeared 12-15 year old girls is almost epidemic but the Justice offices will not divulge any numbers of kidnapped children. The politicians, yet again, turn a deaf ear and a blind eye for fear of irritating the torture/slave lobbyists with their substantial campaign contributions. Remember, the old Washington maxim is: “The one who controls the investigation wins.”



This is a small representation of a group of parent’s who have had their children kidnapped by former Saudi spouses and taken to Saudi Arabia. Recently, they picketed in front of the Saudi Embassy in hopes their children would be returned. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s and his Washington retainers preclude this from happening.


If there is one place one does not want to be in the animal kingdom its between a mother and her babies. These mothers do not know that ethical State Department careerists who would like to help them do not for fear of jeopardizing their careers. State and Justice Department have a policy of not aiding these mothers we believe partially based upon some careerists fear of loosing their deferred payments promised them by the likes of Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan. These mothers do not know that the State and Justice Department created an office which has made it policy to teach parents of kidnapped children to lower their expectations of finding them, presumably for foreign policy expediency. We have been told by a reliable source within the Justice Department that the number of disappeared girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years old is drastically under counted for fear of causing alarm among US parents. We do know these are the desirable ages for sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. We do know that there are US sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. We are in the process of obtaining the names and whereabouts of these US children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia.


A US nationally syndicated television talk show recently had a guest who was a teenage ‘soap opera’ actress. The Talk show host asked her the most scary event in her life since becoming a child ‘soap opera’ star. She told of receiving flowers from an unknown source for many days. After a while she said; “some nice speaking Arab guys called and invited me to a big party at a Miami penthouse. It was like a palace inside. There were actresses and models everywhere. Outside on a balcony and inside rooms were Arab men drugged out of their minds all over the place. They didn’t notice me. A Spanish-speaking cook took a few of us aside after we asked him what was going on. He told us that the place was owned by a Saudi prince. Then he told of how the prince’s people slipped drugs into girls drinks and then took them to a helicopter on the roof. He said he never saw any of them again.”N123 When no one was looking the cook used his service key to let the girls take the private (locked) elevator downstairs, since the princes men were guarding the front door. They ran from the building. Later they called the police and told them all that had happened. When the girls, their parents and the people the girls worked for tried to follow up, they were told that no such matter had ever been reported. The actress, her family and others plan to continue the fight but it may be already to late for the girls are most probably sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. If they go to Washington with the story they will be ignored. If the Saudi prince had been caught he would most probably have joined other Saudi princes who have received diplomatic or retroactive diplomatic immunity from the State Department after committing crimes within the US. If the parents of the kidnapped children have their Senator or Congressman write to the State Department they will be told “the State Department can neither confirm nor deny that the children are in Saudi Arabia. The parents may be best able to pursue such matters through appropriate legal channels in Saudi Arabia. If you would like a list of Saudi Arabian attorneys who might be able to initiate appropriate judicial action, the State Department will provide one”. If the parents of the kidnapped children go to the Justice Department they will be channeled to the missing children office where several men receive “hardship pay” of $100,000 or more salary to condition the parents to lower their expectations of ever finding their children and that all kidnapping is local. Through his Washington retainers, Ambassador Prince Bandar has been able to stifle any investigations of Saudi princes committing crimes in the US, especially molesting and kidnapping of US children.


The Washington Post reports; “the enduring and institutionalized nature of black slavery in much of the Arab world has long been an accepted fact. — Arab slave trade never ended — The slaves ‘are declared subhuman’ so they can be sold without violation of the Koran — (slaves) are told the way to Paradise lies beneath the foot of their master.” N124 This article is erroneous since slavery is generally restricted to the Gulf states and not the entire Arab Middle East community. Saudi Arabia is by far the worst offender. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s mother was a child from a black slave family originally taken from Sudan. My how he has forgotten his roots.


Gannett News Service reports; “U.S. taxpayers are indirectly supporting activities of lobbyists, lawyers and public relations firms who — represent foreign interests that are persistent abusers of human rights — many former U.S. Capitol and White House figures are acting as mouthpieces for foreign states through Washington-based firms.” N125 There are a group of law and public relations firms in Washington who are paid agents of foreign governments who torture and enslave US citizens. Saudi Arabia has hired numbers of these firms. Recently, several of these firms have secured Bandar’s victory over the Loudoun County, Virginia citizens facilitating the building of his Saudi compound. These firms specialize at obfuscating replies to complainant citizens, obstructing international slavery, torture and kidnapping legislation and suppressing media coverage. They do this by rewarding Washington politicos who take care of their interests with substantial campaign contributions while in office. After they leave the White House or Congress they are rewarded hefty salaries and/or consulting fees, the revolving door of deferred payments. Saudi princes are said to be one of the most frequent abusers of this system.

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“If I can do this to Americans I can do it to you. What chance do you think you have? I have power. I have connections.”
King Fahd’s prior business partner publicly torturing Vietnam Veterans in front of other foreign workers.

Dear Reader:

So much concern has been generated by our recent news letters on Saudi theft of US children that we will be sponsoring a press conference September 22, 1998 at the National Press Club. Some of the issues to be discussed will be: Why it is allowed to continue? Who is behind it? Why has Washington put up blockers to the parents of the kidnapped? This will coincide with Ambassador Prince Bandar’s banquet September 23 rewarding his faithful Washington retainers. We have received confirmation from several distinguished personages that they will speak. We hope the international media receiving this news letter will send a representative to the conference.

Issue 20



The London Times reports: “The world’s largest modeling agency has launched an investigation into allegations that senior staff pressured girls as young as 13 into sex and drugs. Several senior executives at Elite Model Management, which represents he super models Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, have been suspended following the allegations, filmed by an undercover BBC crew. The MacIntyre Undercover programme on BBC1 on Tuesday night showed Gerald Marie, the European president of Elite, saying that he was planning to have sex with girls in a modeling competition final. The average age of the girls was 15. Mr Marie, the ex-husband of Linda Evangelista, was filmed propositioning Lisa Brinkworth, an investigative reporter, when she was posing as a model. “I give you one million lire (£300) if you sleep with me,” he is said to have told her. The documentary claimed that two employees had been suspended after boasting about their sexual exploits with younger models. John Casablancas, the chairman of Elite, issued an “unreserved apology” for the behaviour of his staff captured in the documentary, saying that it showed “some of the darkest aspects of the modeling industry”. … Marilyn Models, a French agency, had attempted to prevent the documentary from being screened, but a court rejected the agency’s argument that it breached privacy laws.T171 Casablancas does not mention the selling of models to Saudi princes as probably the “darkest aspects” of his business. As we mentioned in issue #12, John Casablancas was accused by Ilene Ford from Ford Modeling Agency of introducing young models to “Arabs”. In respect for the Arab community we must say this is a euphemism for Saudi princelings. Again, we see the entire Arab community tarnished for the degenerate behavior of the Saud family. Reliable sources have told us the trade in European child sex slaves is epidemic with the Saud family being the top of the line purchasers. In Issue #13 we told of Prince Sultan’s “old Swedish whore” procuring young Swedish girls for him through a Paris modeling agency ruse. Obviously, the disappearance of Swedish girls cannot go unnoticed by Swedish authorities. We do not know if there is complicity of the same Swedish authorities in this sordid matter as in Prince Sultan’s other Swedish business relationships.

Dear Reader:

A pattern of behavior is evolving among the Saud family princelings. In one potentially dangerous series of events Abdullah has succeeded in linking the US military force garrisoned in Saudi Arabia to his private National Guard controlled only by him, both of which now can be used against the Arab citizens suborned by the Saud family. Correspondingly, Bandar has used his Washington retainers to keep the US military garrisoned in Saudi Arabia protecting his family. We have seen the Saud family corrupt the political/business sectors of Sweden, Germany, France, England and the United States. We have seen them steal children from these and other countries to be used as their personal child sex slaves. We have seen them secretly buy large tracts of prime property as ports of refuge when they are deposed. We have seen them fill secret bank accounts with monies stolen from Arabian Peninsula oil reserves. We have displayed the examples of the above with known incidents.

We have also seen through emails received from the Middle East that devout Moslems are sick and tired of the degenerate Saud family controlling Mecca and Medina with the aid of US military garrisoned nearby. The Saud family is loosing control of those under their dictatorship even with the aid of CIA active and retired advisors like Ray Close. Although the Saud family attempts to censure the internet and other media, the citizens of Arabia under their command are readily able to communicate with the outside world.

Cordially, Herb Mallard

Issue 22



Associated Press reports: “With as many as two million women world wide forced into sexual slavery, the sex trade seems to have replaced narcotics as the favored illegal trade activity. … Harold Koh, assistant Secretary of State for democracy, human rights and labor, said international criminals are moving away from ‘guns and drugs’ to marketing women. ‘There are weaker restraints and growing demand.” Koh told the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Near Eastern and Southern Asian Affairs. Sen. Sam Brownback R-Kan., who chaired the hearing, spoke of meeting some women victims during recent travels Asia and called the trade ‘the greatest manifestation of slavery in the world today. … “We are only beginning to learn the methods of this industry.”V177 As we have reported in the past, the Saud family princelings are high end buyers on the international sex slavery market. The State Department has been reluctant to act against Saudi abductions of US children because of Ambassador Prince Bandar’s powerful Washington retainers. Senator Sam Brownback need not go to Asia to look for sex slaves. He need only read our material and ask for our documentation of US child kidnappings by Saudis. We even have video tapes of our press conference at the National Press Club on parental and nonparental US abductions by Saudis. One grandmother told of her male and female grandchildren abducted from the US by Saudis and used as sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers have successfully suppressed any action by Washington. We are also reminded of the old Washington maxim: “The one who controls the investigation wins.”


Legal Times says: “booming wealth of Washington lobbyists. It counts 89 firms with least $1 million in lobby fees in 1997, up from 83 in 1996. …{lobbyist firm A) topped the list with 1997 billings of $18.9 million and that {lobbyist firm B} came in second with $16.5 million. ..Ç. {lobbyist firm C did} jump from 15th to 8th place … $6.3 million from $3.5 million.”V181 Washington Post reports the Peruvian Foreign Minister, regarding getting things done in Washington, saying: “He who has no lobby loses.”V182 Ambassador Prince Bandar has some of the best paid lobbyists in Washington on retainer. He also frequently uses US corporate Saudi suppliers to do his dirty work. Recently, we have been informed Ambassador Prince Bandar is successfully pressuring his Washington retainers and special interests to erase evidence of Saudi human rights violations both within and without the United States. The Washington Post reports Michael McFaul, senior professor of political science at Stanford University, as saying: “Many of the large American corporations have mobilized to check criticism of human rights violations in countries such as China, Saudi Arabia or Nigeria”ÈV183 It is believed Crown Prince Abdullah is positioning Saudi Arabia for a seat on the United Nations Council for Human Rights. One wonders how long it will take those within the US who go against Saud family wishes to realize Washington reality. Fortunately, we have not received any negative repercussions from Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers other than one attempting to sabotage our initial press conference at the National Press Club.

Issue 23



BBC reports: “And homosexuality, it seemed, was largely a taboo only in name – especially in the sex-segregated Gulf. ‘In prison, same-sex sex is the norm,’ said one researcher from the Gulf. ‘Saudi Arabia is just a large prison.’ ” W187 One can deduce the Saud family dictatorship is so repressive that the Saudi citizens turn to homosexuality as one of the few outlets for their frustrations. We do know that many of the Saudi princes are homosexual with the favorite pastime as voyeurs watching each others’ sex slaves from such countries as the United States and Sweden make love.

Issue 26



We previously mentioned that Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz’s Grandmother was most probably a young girl from the Christian Dinka tribe bought by the Saud family. This Sudanese/Saudi Arabian slave trade is still active. Vortex reports: ” One advocate for exposing the tragedy of the Sudan is Joe Madison. He recently visited the Sudan and gives this eyewitness account of the horrific situation there. … While he was there, he participated in the freeing of 4,435 slaves. … Madison had a chance to talk with a number of the freed slaves. The stories he heard about the raids from the north were unimaginable to most Western people. During the raids, all the men are killed because the soldiers know they won’t be taken alive into slavery. The old people are also killed because they aren’t worth anything to the slave masters. The crops and huts are burned, and anything of value is taken. The women and children are marched up north — the younger the better.”Z216 With all his power and influence Ambassador Prince Bandar has done nothing to stop this slave trade in the land of his Grandmother.


We are finding ourselves in a quandary regarding naming the names of the Northern European and US child sex slaves within the Saud family palaces. We have received numerous names of the children from the Phillipino/Sri Lankan women who had been ordered to care for their needs. We have been told by reliable sources that if we give birth names to these children the State Department, do to the Saud family “special relationship” with Washington, would say; “they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of these children in Saudi Arabia”. The children would then be immediately gathered and taken by US purchased helicopters out over Rubi Kali (the empty quarter desert) and dumped. The Saud family have successfully hidden their murders in the past this way and we do not expect any divergence from this behavior. With the children expunged the Saud family will have the plausibility of denial for their London, Stockholm and Washington retainers to decree. Publicizing the known names will cause the families of these children pain but nothing more. If these children remain anonymous at least they will have a life without physical want since they must be in reasonable condition to perform for their Saud family owners. Reuters reports; “The European Union sent a clear signal on Friday that it meant to crack down on those responsible for trafficking in women and children … On the second day of informal talks in the Swedish capital, EU justice and interior ministers vowed to push for a common approach to combat trafficking and child pornography. … The European Union’s executive Commission, determined to close off safe havens for traffickers, has put forward proposals aimed at harmonizing how human trafficking and child pornography are defined and the sanctions against them. … There are currently big differences between EU member states on how they punish child sex crimes. … Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants the bloc to take concrete decisions on the Commission’s proposals by the summer.”Z216 The travesty is that the Saud family child sex slave trade in US and Northern European children will most probably continue to thrive with the aid of their London, Stockholm and Washington retainers.


Reuters reports: “The European Union sent a clear signal on Friday that it meant to crack down on those responsible for trafficking in women and children … On the second day of informal talks in the Swedish capital, EU justice and interior ministers vowed to push for a common approach to combat trafficking and child pornography. …Swedish Justice Minister Thomas Brostroem … said there was overwhelming evidence that girls were sold into the sex trade against their will … Many quickly suffer mental problems, he said. The European Union’s executive Commission, determined to close off safe havens for traffickers, has put forward proposals aimed at harmonizing how human trafficking and child pornography are defined and the sanctions against them. …`Safe havens exist for criminals when there are loopholes in EU law,’ said EU Justice Commissioner Antonio Vitorino. Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants the bloc to take concrete decisions on the Commission’s proposals by the summer. … But it may be difficult to win unanimous agreement among all 15 partners on a common minimum sentence for a range of child sex crimes — from producing pornography to buying or possessing it.”Z217 As we have reported in the past, the Saud family continue to be high end buyers of Northern European children. Swedish children are especially desired and shipped to order through European “safe havens’ to Saud family princes. Swedish Justice Minister Thomas Brostroem should first be looking into who is profiting from the continuing sale of Swedish children to the Saud family before dealing with the larger European child sex slave problem. It would be hypocritical for him to do otherwise.


The New York Times reports from Egypt: “Children of foreign fathers cannot go to public school here or state universities free, are barred from certain professional schools like medicine or engineering even if they are willing to pay, and cannot get jobs without residency and work permits for foreigners. The most widespread objection is rooted in the numbers. Opponents say Egypt, as a developing country with nearly 70 million people, cannot afford to suddenly add another million citizens. Many vociferous critics also claim that allowing mothers to pass on their nationality will encourage what some call thinly disguised prostitution. Every summer hordes of older men descend on Egypt from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other rich Persian Gulf states, buy a young village girl as a bride for a few months, then abandon her pregnant. A number of regulations devised to thwart the practice, like requiring a bank deposit of more than $5,000 if the age difference between the two to be married is more than 25 years, are easily circumvented. Women’s organizations say a whole network of sleazy lawyers prey on poor villages known for their attractive women, with destitute families willing to sell daughters into unofficial marriages. ‘There are brokers who the Saudi men go to and say, `I want a girl, I want her fat, I want her blond, I want her young,’ ‘ Mrs. Bibars said. ‘You end up with entire villages where many of the kids are not citizens.’ The fathers do not register them at home, so they cannot get any identity papers. With 30 percent of all marriages to foreigners involving Gulf Arabs, opponents of changing the citizenship law say it is the one disincentive to the practice. ‘Every woman wants an apartment, a car,’ said Azza al-Kashef, a member of Parliament from the ruling National Democratic Party who denounced the proposed changes. “The guy will get her these things and six months later he is gone. She is not looking for a good relationship in order to bring up children to serve the country.’ Several attempts are under way to change the law, which the National Council for Women has adopted as a priority issue. A draft law has been submitted to Parliament – even though an earlier attempt was flattened by opposition from the Ministry of the Interior. Lawyers are also trying to get one of several court cases all the way to the highest court, the constitutional court. They want to argue that the law violates the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for all Egyptians. The foreign wives and children of Egyptian men are given citizenship automatically. Opponents frequently argue that a revised law would contradict Islamic teachings, but no religious leaders have weighed in with official misgivings. Proponents of change say religion might be neutral because there were no states at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. They point out that Muhammad had only daughters, so his descendants all arrived at their status through women. And Islamic tradition holds that on the Day of Judgment, the righteous will be summoned according to their mother’s names.”Z218 We are seeing a pattern whereby Saudi Arabia is using Egypt as a playground for aberrant behavior from buying children for body parts to purchasing temporary child wives for sex. One Saudi “commoner” has told us that many of the Saudi men are copying the princes degenerate behavior, especially in Egypt. How long will the devout Muslim men in Egypt tolerate the subjugation of their daughters by Saud family princelings and those copying them?


A pattern of international illegal body part sales is becoming evident as it becomes a growth industry. Generally, children from poor countries either sell a body part or are murdered for their body parts. These body parts are then purchased by those from wealthy countries. As we iterated in newsletter #17, the Saud family, as in the child sex slave industry, are active participants in the illegal international body parts industry. They are prime purchasers of body parts due both to their degenerate behavior and interbreeding. The New York Times reports: “Israel, which happens to be one of the more active nations in the international organ-trafficking market. The market, which is completely illegal, is so complex and well organized that a single transaction often crosses three continents: a broker from Los Angeles, say, matches an Italian with kidney failure to a seller in Jordan, for surgery in Istanbul. Though hearts and livers and lungs are occasionally sold, the business deals almost exclusively in kidneys. … The sale of human organs, whether from a living person or a cadaver, is against the law in virtually every country … and has been condemned by all of the world’s medical associations. … Pope John Paul II, in a recent address, said that the commercialization of organs violates ‘the dignity of the human person.’ … Yet in Israel and a handful of other nations, including India, Turkey, China, Russia and Iraq, organ sales are conducted with only a scant nod toward secrecy. … Relatively few transplant operations, illegal or legal, take place in Israel. Every proposed kidney transplant in the country between two unrelated people is carefully screened for evidence of impropriety by a national committee. Therefore, almost all of these illegal surgeries are performed elsewhere, in nations where the laws are easier to duck, including the United States. Israel also does not contribute much to the supply side of the equation. Organ donation is extremely low; an estimated 3 percent of Israelis have signed donor cards. Though several rabbis have declared that donation is permissible, there is a deeply ingrained belief in Judaism that the body must be buried intact so that it will be whole when it comes time for resurrection. Islam has a similar doctrine. (Christianity does not.) Neither Islam nor Judaism, however, has an edict against accepting transplanted organs. This situation makes the transplant waiting lists in Israel distressingly long. … Instead, these patients have decided that purchasing a kidney from someone they’ve never met — in almost all cases someone who is impoverished and living in a foreign land — is a far more palatable option. … ‘Where I went, families were so poor they didn’t even have bread to eat. The money I gave was a gift equal to the gift I received. I insisted on seeing my donor. He was young and very healthy, very strong. It was perfect, just what I was hoping for. A dream kidney.’ “Z219 A reliable source has told us that child body parts are being readily used by hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The doctors are told not to ask questions as to the body parts derivation. What is perplexing is the fact that Saud family members, as we mentioned in the issue #17, have been purchasing body parts taken from Egyptian Muslim children which is directly against the tenets of Islam.

Emails to the Editor


I collected my experience in a book and had it published by Rowohlt, one of the largest publishers in Germany. The book is in German, but so far I could not find an English-medium publisher that is willing to publish it in English. The Title of the book is “Saudi Arabien: Die Tyrannei der tausend Prinzen” which would translate “Saudi Arabia: The Tyranny of Thousand Princes” The book reports about how the government of Saudi Arabia abuses elementary human rights. It contains authentic reports mostly of women who were abused by the religious police, the Mutawas, and sentenced to death by stoning by princes of the country. Not only the Taliban are ill treating women, the Saudi Princes have been doing so for years.
Women from South East Asia, who work as maids in Saudi Arabia, have to serve 24 hours a day, very often for months or years without any pay, and on top of that they get raped. Prince Salman, the Governor of Riyadh and Prince Nayef, the Interior Minister sentence them to death by stoning. Viola, a maid from Bangladesh was convicted to death by stoning because she wanted to flee the slave-like treatment of her employer. She was raped by the son of her employer and got pregnant. Thereafter she was accused of adultery. Prince Salman followed a recommendation by the religious police, the Mutawas and signed Viola’s verdict. Nila, also a maid from Bangladesh, suffered a great deal because she married a Saudi man. She was raped by a policeman and later deported to her home country against the will of her husband. The policeman who raped her was hailed by a verdict issued by the Ministry of the Interior as a brave innocent Moslem. Women from other parts of the world are also exposed to excessive abuse. Samira, a Moroccan woman, who was recruited as a wife for Prince Sultan, the Defense Minister, (who almost weekly marries and divorces) had to go through a traumatic experience. Because she refused to be used as a sex object, she was held under house arrest and raped by a security man of the Prince. She managed to flee the country via Bahrain. Eva, a German woman was raped by a religious policeman and then incarcerated under appalling conditions. She had to go through all that because she took a cab alone. She was not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia without the approval of her Saudi husband. Eventually, she managed to leave the country, but was forced to leave her infant son in Riyadh. Najat, a Saudi mute-deaf girl was waiting for her brother to pick her up after doing some shopping. As her brother came back to take her home, three religious policemen arrested both of them and accused the girl of prostitution. The police believed that Najat did not want to admit her “sin” and therefore did not want to speak. They hit her and sentenced her to be stoned to death. Prince Salman signed the sentence. Awad, a Saudi officer in the Saudi Army has disappeared. No one knows if he is imprisoned or has already been executed. His “offense” was that he was helping his father and other shepherds to regain their gazing land which was confiscated by an influential prince of the country. Awad’s father was beheaded. His family, mother and siblings were burned alive together with their animals. Prince Miqbel, the Governor of Hayel, a province in the north of Saudi Arabia signed all of the sentences. Mohammed, an illiterate truck driver from Syria, who commuted between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, had his both arms amputated. He had been robbed in Jordan on his way to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis accused him of having sold his load in Jordan. He was also accused of having stolen the truck. Mohammed did not know if that was true. The truck belonged to someone in Damascus, he only drove it. These and other experiences are not individual cases. Similar suffering is inflicted on many other men and women day in and day out in Saudi Arabia. It must be stressed that not all jail and death sentences in Saudi Arabia are issued by courts. They are simply signed by influential princes in the country based on police reports. Saudi Arabia does not have law, courts or lawyers in the western sense. The government claims that its verdicts are based on Al Shari’a, the Islamic law, a 1400 year old script. The rulers of Saudi Arabia interpret this law as it suits them. If you want to have a copy of the book, I’d most delighted to send you one. I’d also appreciate it if you a way to get the book published in English. I wish you all the best in your endeavor to disclose the truth.

I learned about your organization through the David Icke website. In another article there, I was able to read of John DeCamp’s investigation efforts. He mentioned that missing children are not included in the FBI’s UCR forms completed each month by most police departments in the US. There is a National Incident-Based Crime Report form (NIBCR) which does include child abduction as a class. There appears to be a national missing persons roster, etc. However, I seem to be encountering difficulty simply accessing the black-and-white numbers of cases, year to year. Such “cold” statistics should tell a story about the size and trend of such crimes. Where should I look for such a report, specifically?


Dear Sauduction,
The Saudi scandals and crimes everywhere even in Spain and Morocco they support Prostitution by Millions…Last Months we hear that someone from the Saudi Princess buying Moroccan Virgin Girls under 17 and Children take them as sex slaves (during the visit of Sultan ben Abdul Aziz). I wonder that no body can say No for them!
Yours …


I come from Jonkoping Sweden. My young daughter was met by some Saudi Arabian Royal Prince in Stockholm and was promised many things by him. I asked authorities to find her when me and my husband did not hear from her. They would not tell us which Royal Prince it was or where he had taken our daughter. Me and my husband realise your group are very busy but if you could help us we give you our address and number. We love our daughter very much. We pray for you and your efforts.

Dear readers:

We have been asked by the writers of “emails to the editor” to either translate or correct them. We have decided to have the creators write them in English and then we will edit them for the the creator’s acceptance. Although the writer would like perfect English, we must bear in mind that it is usually there second language. Again, we consider this a delicate matter and do not want to change the writer’s intent in any way. Again, we treat all emails we receive with great respect.

The Center of Missing and Abused Children recently gave a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington commenting upon child sex slavery throughout the world. During the question/answer period I mentioned the Saud family as high end purchasers of child sex slaves from Northern Europe and the United States. They had failed to note this information but elaborated upon it before the cameras when I brought it to their attention.

I attended the internationally viewed Freedom of the Press day luncheon at the National Press Club featuring Vladimir Gusinsky of Moscow. I thought of the day when an Arab publisher would be the speaker on Saud family journalistic censorship within the Arab Middle East. We are working towards that day and will gladly provide a forum to make it happen. Whenever we can we expose the Saud family intrigues. We are supplying several international entities with pertinent information on the Saud family machinations. We are also working with international journalists who are giving us information on Saud family intrigues. Of late, we are seeing the UN become more assertive of a impartial human rights policy towards Saudi Arabia not dictated by Ambassador Bandar’s Washington “special relationship”.

We recently have received numerous emails as to whether or not King Fahd is still alive. All we can say at this time is to look at any unusual activity around the person purported to be Fahd during media events. In the past we reported that an Israeli doctor is in charge of Fahd’s testicles. If anyone were canny enough one could ask the Israeli doctor for authentication. Throughout history authoritarian regimes have used media doubles and, in some cases, replacements so as to quell any transitory instability. We know that Saddam Hussein uses a double which has caused the intelligence community to questions Saddam’s existence. Those surrounding an aging potentate increase their power as the debilitation continues. They do not want another to assume power and thus jeopardize their positions. They want status quo, hence the ruses.

Cordially, Herb Mallard

Issue 27



We have reported in the past many United States parents have gathered every June in Washington outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy to demonstrate against Saudi Arabian parental and nonparental abductions of their children. We have advised these parents in prior years to broaden their demonstrations to encompass those in Washington influenced by Ambassador Bandar’s lobbyists. These parents have concurred and recently enlarged their demonstration. Insight Magazine reports: “Angered by cases classified as resolved when the children still are being held abroad in the hands of their kidnappers, parents gathered outside the White House in June to protest the State Department’s failure to bring their children home. … But State claims wiggle room which Congress in fact eliminated when passing the 1999 State Department Authorization Act. Disregarding the clear intent of the law, critics say, State considers cases resolved as soon as foreign governments close them or when legal maneuvers abroad are exhausted – regardless of whether court orders have been enforced. The State Department then maintains there is nothing more it can do. But parents say State can do more by putting economic pressure on offending countries or listing them as abusers in State’s annual human-rights report. Not only has the State Department refused to do either, but it also resists filing federal warrants against estranged spouses who abduct their children to foreign countries. Parents of the forgotten children charge that Congress has tolerated these violations of the law for three years without holding the State Department accountable for failure to give the required details in its compliance report. But this year, no public outcry has been heard from Congress as in past years, when Lampson and Gilman called the reports “inaccurate” and “disappointing.” … While the new staffs played catch-up on this tragic issue, the State Department moved quickly and quietly to publish the obfuscatory report on its Website. And, so far, the 2001 Authorization Act on the Senate side does not include the reporting requirement. The House bill does at least direct State to provide the numbers for two more years.  Perhaps more disturbing is the State Department’s response to a questionnaire delivered to the Hague Conference in the Netherlands that has yet to be made public. State blocked American parents from attending the conference, which is held every four years, claiming it didn’t want to focus on specific cases, according to State Department letters obtained by Insight. But parents think this has more to do with Foggy Bottom being unwilling to get down to cases that would embarrass habitual offenders … In fact, State’s response to the Hague questionnaire, obtained by Insight, indicates the department does not want to publicize child-abduction statistics. Asked if it would support making statistics accessible, State responded that it favored developing well-defined guidelines for tracking cases that focus on actual returns or access. But it does not ‘support posting statistics on the Hague Conference Website or in some other publicly accessible manner.’ … DeWine [Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio] tells Insight: ‘The international abduction of children is a foreign-policy imperative. We must not allow … any Hague Convention signatory nation, to ignore their convention obligations and blindly turn against the parents who have suffered indescribable heartache at the loss of their children.’  Parents don’t expect answers from the State Department but wonder why Congress, having been stiffed, does not demand accountability on every single case. ” A222


BBC News reports: “Human trafficking has reached staggering proportions, affecting more than 700,000 people a year, a US State Department report says. US Secretary of State Colin Powell presented the first annual report, Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, at a press conference on Thursday. … Most of the victims of trafficking are women and children, the report says. … Mr Powell said a special task force would be set up in the United States ‘to safeguard the vulnerable, to punish the traffickers, to care for their victims and to prevent future trafficking.’ … US Secretary of State Colin Powell called the practice an ‘abomination against humanity’ and said Washington would work to put an end to it. The report lists the root causes for trafficking as ‘greed, moral turpitude, economics, political instability and transition and social factors’. Many countries are working to end the problem, the report says, but it lists 23 that are failing to do so. Among them … are close American allies, including … Israel, Saudi Arabia… . Israel, the report says, is a destination point mainly for women trafficked from former Soviet states, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Asia. But the report notes that the Israeli Government has ‘begun to take some steps’ to combat the problem. The report says that in Saudi Arabia, some expatriate workers were ‘forced into domestic servitude and sexual exploitation’. … Under legislation passed by the US Congress last year, countries have until 2003 to show that they are serious about ending the practice, otherwise Washington may impose sanctions against them.”A223 We do not know if the Saudi princes have an interrelationship with the Israelis in either the sex slavery or body parts businesses where both are heavily involved. We have reported a relationship in importing the illegal extasy drug into Saudi Arabia in order to further numb the unemployed youth under the Saud family control. We do not give much credence into the State Department effort of enforcing the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. The State Department under the “special relationship” rubric has historically ignored human rights infractions committed by either the Saud family or the Israelis.


As a United States military officer I am currently assigned to Saudi Arabia. We all enjoy your news letter through the military link and become concerned about our welfare as cannon fodder for the Saudi Royal family through their Washington retainers. In the military we are taught to:

Formulate tactics to carry out a strategy.
The strategy is used to achieve operational goals.
Goals implement a policy.
A policy can either be for vital or peripheral interests.

This does not add up correctly when defending the Saudi Arabian Royal family, and we know that is the reason we are here. All we over here see is self interest goals of Washington Saudi Royal family lobbyists. Over here we all know the Bush family has been on the Saudi Royal family payroll for many years and only care about their welfare at the expense of other Arabs. We did not know, as you reported, that Clinton received his Saudi Royal take through an undeclared Royal family foreign agent in Little Rock. We talk frequently with the Saudi locals which you say the Royal family call commoners. These people hate the Royals and know they have been stealing them blind since ibn Saud. The citizens would like nothing more than to annihilate them. The locals wonder, with good reason, why we are defending the tyranny of the Royals. All we can say is that Washington ordered us to do it and we must do our job. We would like nothing better than help the locals achieve the democracy they want. Our moral is low because we know our mission is corrupt.

Keep up the good work and keep on telling the truth.

Issue 32



These are but a few of the many kidnapped US children with the desired Saud family product female profile. Many of these children end up in Saud family palaces as child sex slaves, never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, Ambassador Prince Bandar carries on the Saud family tradition of lusting after the young. As we have noted in prior issues, US girls and boys are considered high end product and are special ordered by the Saud family. Congressman Dan Burton’s Congressional Hearing into the Saud family US child kidnappings is on record saying Ambassador Prince Bandar’s office is instrumental in US child kidnappings. Washington is well aware of these kidnappings orchestrated by Saud family princelings but are thought to consider it a part of the Saud family “special relationship” perks protected by Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers. It is sad to think that each US child abducted by the Saud family has a perpetually grieving mother and father with no government to turn for help.


A reliable source within the State Department has told us that during the 1980s there was a marked increase in the number of unsolved US child abductions. We have mentioned in the past that gangs, modeling agencies, acting agencies etc were recruited to satisfy the ongoing need for special ordering of US child sex slaves, especially for Saud family princes. During the late 1980s the State Department was inundated by requests from state law enforcement officials and parents of kidnapped children. The State Department decided to create the Office of Children’s Issues to obfuscate those requesting assistance. During the early 1990s, the Office of Children’s Issues was created by Washington to mollify state law enforcement by telling them to consider all child abductions local, even though state police had hard evidence of organized international kidnapping organizations. Further, the Office of Children’ Issues was told to lower the expectations of parents of ever finding their children. Associated Press reports: “Thirty-five conservative and family value groups are challenging the appointment of Maura Harty, a veteran foreign service officer, to run the State Department’s consular affairs bureau. In letters to the White House, the groups said her appointment would continue the “courtesy culture” of U.S. diplomats not protecting American children who have been taken to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. … ‘Unfortunately, under her leadership, the office had a reputation of capitulating to the demands of foreign states in cases of child abduction,’ the groups said. ‘Now is not the time to continue the status quo,’ they wrote President Bush. ‘We encourage you to take this opportunity to nominate someone with strong and insightful leadership.’ State Department officials defended Harty, meanwhile, as a dedicated officer who expanded the children’s office to provide support for parents seeking to be reunited with their children.” F259 The Washington Post reports: “when Harty was in charge of the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues, ‘the office had a reputation of capitulating to the demands of foreign states in cases of child abduction. Now is not the time to continue the status quo.’ … The conservative campaign against Harty’s nomination also appears to have a broader target — what critics consider an insular State Department culture more concerned with maintaining good relations with countries that host U.S. diplomats than with reuniting American families.” F260


A State Department reliable source has old us that the State Department exported a procedure by which child sex slaves could be used to blackmail foreign diplomats. Our issue #13 depicts the Sultan of Brunei’s sex slaves used to entertain dignitaries, including US. The State Department allows all Saud family princelings free passage under the “special relationship” rubric in and out of the US. This facilitates, among other amenities, abduction of US children. US child sex slaves are used by the Saud family to entertain foreign diplomats, including Washington dignitaries. There is said to be a library in Riyadh containing pictures of world elite in compromising positions with male and female child sex slaves. The Washington Post reports: “The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years old. As shocking as this may be, some say it’s routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, ‘The Sex? That’s done all the time. If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that.” Another former NSC [National Security Council] official who requested anonymity says other countries also do it. “I was offered every sexual favor you can imagine. I turned it down all the time. After a while they left me alone and stopped offering me.’ ” F261 Herb Mallard says: “I have personally talked to two girls who had been given to Bandar within the US. One had difficulty rebuffing him in the presence of a prior president. It is well known in Washington Bandar requests blond blue eyed girls for sex.” The State Department usually supports the dignitaries at the expense of the US citizens by saying:: “We can neither confirm nor deny these matters.” What should parents do when the State Department recruits their children for sex with the likes of Ambassador Prince Bandar and his associates? Who do the grieving parents go to for criminal justice?


The Guardian reports: “A growing number of adolescent girls from eastern Europe are being sold into sex slavery … Those falling victim to people-traffickers are becoming younger … Turkey is now the staging post for women on their way to the Middle East.” F262 The Saud family facilitate this mode of sex slave trafficking for their commoners since it is cheaper. Since the Saud family are high end buyers on the child sex slave market, their “product” is more expensive and affords more delicate handling. This is why the Saud family child sex slaves are usually brought into Saudi Arabia via private plane.

Uncle Bandar Advising!

Uncle Bandar” has been an intimate of the Bush family ever since he achieved influence. When a Bush is President, Bandar is given control of the Arab Washington agenda. Of late, Ambassador Prince Bandar has been in deliberation with President George W. Bush in an attempt to close down Congressman Dan Burton’s Congressional investigation into Saud family US child abductions. We believe Bandar and his Washington retainers will again be successful. In their timeworn tradition the State Department says; “we can neither confirm nor deny” that these Saud family child kidnappings are occurring. Each kidnapped child leaves a perpetually grieving family behind without recourse.


Associated Press reports: “A Saudi prince smuggled a 4,400-pound load of cocaine from Venezuela to Paris on his personal aircraft under diplomatic immunity, U.S. drug investigators charged Wednesday. Nayef bin Sultan bin Fawwaz Al-Shaalan, a prince who prosecutors said is not in the line of succession to the Saudi throne, was indicted along with three others on two drug conspiracy counts. Officials said they don’t know the prince’s whereabouts and it is unclear, because of his diplomatic immunity, whether the prince could be prosecuted if he were located. A woman at the Saudi embassy’s information office in Washington after business hours Wednesday said diplomats were gone for the day and no one was available for comment.” F263 Ambassador Prince Bandar and other Saud family princelings have the capability of not only smuggling kidnapped children but other contraband on their private airplanes as well. A reliable State Department source says Saud family princelings frequently arrive at US airports with drugs and leave with abducted US children, all protected from US customs by Bandar’s Washington retainers.


I am a private investigator that is currently looking into a disappearance of a juvenile that I suspect has been taken to KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. I was making progress when I ran into a brick wall in the form of an American “private security” firm that is actively blocking my efforts. I am curious. In your issue #17 you make reference to an American-Saudi private security concern. Can you identify this concern to me? I suspect that I am being interfered with in my investigation. I would not be surprised if it wasn’t the same firm. I certainly would like to put a face on who is blocking my progress. I am convinced that there is a prospering underground of “procurers” that are “harvesting” our young for the deviated and perverted concerns of the Saudi Princes. One Pakistani (gangster) that I interviewed intimated that “American Virgins” are in high demand fetch a “healthy” price (upwards of $50K apiece) and that influential Saudis and the “Princes” literally have catalogs of photos that are taken at school functions, playgrounds and that orders are given and abductions take place. I was also informed that there is a small but highly competitive group that strives to fulfill the “orders”. I do not believe that my clients daughter is still alive. It has been over 13 months since her disappearance. But, I have taken this on as a crusade. I am currently trying to collate abductions to ship and/or cargo plane movements. I believe that I have identified a transshipment route that goes through Mexico to Panama, to the Colon Free-Trade area, where the “products” are shipped via cargo ship to various “controlled” ports. Colon has a thriving Islamic community with little law enforcement control. I am getting deep into this and I want to know who my enemies are. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Mr. Mallard
I commend you on your great website that truly opened the eyes of the American public regarding the never ending scandals perpetrated by the Saudi Royal family members under cover up of our government in Washington. I hope that such relation will fall apart especially after the stiff lawsuit brought forward by the victims and families of 9/11. I really hope they win, and win big. My real motivation behind this memo is in response to issue #31 and in particular, in response to the Saudi Royal who is desperately trying to justify slavery. Slavery is forbidden in Islam, let alone sex slavery. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) set the slaves free the first chance he had power in the Arabian Peninsula. Since that day, slavery had been extinct. I am a Muslim who was outraged and sickened to my stomach after reading the Saudi Royals‚ comment, “Let me tell about slaves, which have been a part of our heritage for hundreds of years. It was decided many years ago by our advisers we should keep our slavery traditions.” My response to this person is, fear Allah you Saudi Royal you! You and your sick Royal Family are the ones who decided to trade slaves. There is neither heritage nor history behind such forbidden tradition. Again, Islam has abolished slavery more than 1400 years ago, and those who practice slavery are the wrong doers who should be punished in this life and will face the ultimate punishment in hellfire in Judgment Day.

State Department Saudi Arabian officials have been for many years caught up in “the bigger lie theory”, so much so that they have resorted to criminal acts to cover up their malfeasance. The Congressional Committee on Government Reform has revealed that the State Department submitted doctored reports to the Committee. The State Department also removed reports from the Cleveland Clinic implicating State Department officials in Saudi Arabian child kidnapping as well as acceptance of false Saudi Arabian diplomatic passports to impede the Congressional investigation. We reported the State Department removed court documents pertaining to a criminal judgment against and warrants for the arrest of King Fahd’s nephews by the Massachusetts courts. We only see this criminal behavior continuing since Ambassador Prince Bandar’s retainers still control the direction Congressional investigations and the one that controls the investigations wins.

We have seen in the past few months some Congressional support under Chairman Dan Burton for US mothers of kidnaped children in Saudi Arabia. We have seen Ambassador Prince Bandar and Adel Jubair rally Saud family Washington retainers against the mothers. We have heard Bandar and Adel are throwing tantrums about bad press while not showing up for scheduled media rebuttals. This is the same behavior they have used successfully against the US Saud family torture victims. In that case their Washington retainers succeeded in stifling Congressional investigations. Despite the House Sub-Committee on Government Reform hearings Chaired by Dan Burton, we believe Bandar and Adel with the use of their Washington Torture/Kidnap Lobbyists will again be successful in smothering the human rights of the US parents and their kidnaped children within Saudi Arabia. As with the Shah, we believe only when Saud family retainers feel they have sucked the last dollar from the Saud family without establishment media exposure will things get better.

It seems the self professed commoner Adel Jubair has become in charge of damage control for Saud family princes. Of late, he has been whisking back and forth between Washington, New York and Riyadh. We do not know if Adel is allowed to use one of the Saud family princely jets or goes commoner class on commercial airlines. If he goes commoner class he could rack up many frequent flyer miles as well as get freebies on his black American Express card. We do not know how much the Saud family princelings pay Adel to do their bidding. It should be considerable but, then again, he is considered a just lowly commoner.

Cordially, Herb Mallard

Isssue 33



BBC News reports: “A Saudi Arabian diplomat has been forced to leave Britain following allegations that he bribed a police officer. … The Foreign Office refused to discuss details of the allegations facing the diplomat, who is named by several newspapers as “intelligence officer” Ali al-Shamarani. The FO said: ‘We raised the case of a Saudi diplomat with the Saudi ambassador and we requested that he leave the country.’ “(G269) It is sad that a British police officer is being charged for taking a bribe from the Saud family government intelligence officer when Washington and London politicos live off of Saud family lobbyist bribes as a matter of course and are never prosecuted.


NewsMax reports: “Harvard University, a recipient of more than $5 million in donations from the family of Osama bin Laden, says it won’t turn the money over to any of the charitable funds set up for the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. Soon after the attacks, the City Council of Cambridge, Mass. – home to Harvard – passed a resolution 8 to 1 calling upon the university do the right thing and give the money to those who need it most. But the very liberal university has quickly rejected the resolution. A source close to the Cambridge City Council told NewsMax the university feverishly lobbied behind the scenes and tried to have the resolution killed. The council passed it anyway. Harvard officials told the council they had no plans to return the bin Laden money.” (G271) Prior, the Harvard President’s office was involved in selling human rights violations for donations. In one case King Fahd gave approximately $3,000,000 to Harvard Law School after their Human Rights Committee discontinued representing US citizens tortured by the King Fahd’s nephews and the Kings prior business partner. We do not know what the bin Laden family got in return from Harvard, perhaps the long arm of Harvard’s Washington influence. We do know the Bush Administration allowed the bin Laden and Saud family members to flee the US by after 9/11, thus avoiding FBI interrogation.


Senator Edward Kennedy has received the 2003 George Bush award for excellence in public service. President George Bush Sr solely makes the decision who receives the award. Senator Kennedy received a Steubens trophy and $20,000 from President George Bush Sr at ceremonies near the Bush Presidential Library. The Washington Times reports: ” ‘Actually, it is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,’ said Allen Saxe, political science professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. ‘This is an international award,’ Mr. Saxe said. ‘It seems as though there were so many others they could have given it to.’ ”(G273) A reliable source has told us this award was given at the urging of Bush family patron Ambassador Prince Bandar. We do not know if Bandar was present for the award ceremonies. We do know Bandar has been indirectly aiding the progeny of both the Kennedy and Bush families in their business endeavors for some time. We believe the Saud family, like the Pahlavis before them, is initiating a scheme to insure they will have a port of refuge within the US when they are deposed, especially in the Orlando and Aspen areas. Unlike Iran, we hope the new rulers of Arabia will not allow this to happen. We hope Moslems throughout the world will not allow this to happen.
Bandar has garnered secretive relationships with both Senator Edward Kennedy and President George Bush Sr during his long term stint in Washington. Bandar secretly tapes gossip from both men and others to insure his position within the Saud family. Teddy Kennedy and Bandar were booze and broads buddies when they were neighbors on Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia. We reported Senator Kennedy to the Senate Ethics Committee after he abused his franking privileges in order to abandoned constituents tortured by Bandar’s family. In consideration for his malfeasance, palace neighbor Bandar assisted Kennedy in a pump and dump scheme on Kennedy’s abutting estate. Kennedy is said to have netted in excess of $1,000,000 more with Bandar’s bidding.
Like a baton in a relay race Senator Edward Kennedy, in accepting the trophy and money, could be transferring the Kennedy family curse to the Bush family at Bandar’s bidding. Notorious oligarchic families usually self destruct within the US. Only time will tell.

Teddy’s Estate Abutting Bandar’s Palace

An infuriated Hong Kong Billionare Eric Hotung destroyed Senator Kennedy’s estate after finding he paid an inflated purchase price. Eric said the estate had negative “feng shui” or spiritual balance, most probably from the Bandar/Teddy alcoholic/sex bouts.



The Ohio Beacon Journal reports: “When the New York Times broke the story last summer of Richard Perle’s invitation of Laurent Muraviec to brief the Defense Policy Board on Saudi Arabia as the next enemy of the United States, this briefing was news to the Saudi desk officer. He even had some difficulty getting a copy of it, while receiving assignments related to it. In terms of Israel and Iraq, all primary staff work was conducted by political appointees, in the case of Israel a desk officer appointee from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and in the case of Iraq, Abe Shulsky and several other appointees.”(G275) Ambassador Prince Bandar is looked upon within Washington as a court jester with a bag of bribe money stolen from Arabian oil reserves controlled by his family dictatorship. The Saud family may think Bandar has bought control of the Washington Middle East military agenda but the real control rests with those NeoCons such as Perle, Feith, Shulsky, Wolfowitz, Washington Institute associates et al. In reality, Washington insiders despised by Muslims are in control of the Saud family destiny. The shadow of the Shah looms heavily over the oblivious Saud family.

Thank you for the information. And, I am sorry for being late to respond. If you have more information concerning the location of roger tamraz, please help me because I’m still swimming in the dark :-)) I’m working on a government investigative report and I would enjoy to be informed about your events.

“If I can do this to Americans I can do it to you. What chance do you think you have? I have power. I have connections.”

King Fahd’s prior business partner publicly torturing Vietnam Veterans in front of other foreign workers.

Dear Readership:

We apologize for the delay and thank those who have sent emails querying our status. We have had difficulties with some in Washington, believed to be Bandar’s retainers. They want us suppressed. Going against the wishes of Bandar and his Washington retainers is a difficult endeavor indeed.

We commend Ambassador Prince Bandar and his Washington public relations/lobbyist retainers in their successful efforts to manipulate US media coverage pertinent to the Saud family. Through their divisive accomplishments US citizens are oblivious to the Saud family’s devious schemes. We hope to change this situation, no matter how small our contribution.

Although as a secondary news source we have centered upon primarily assisting Middle East media in the past, we are changing our strategy. We have found the Saud family is spending millions from the oil reserves they control on US media and public relations. Curiously, the Saud family has deemed it necessary to be on good terms with the US taxpayer. Like the Pahlavi family before them, the Saud family is deeply concerned about using the US as a port-of-refuge when they are deposed. To counter this effort we have decided to develop a US media strategy noting the Saud family misinformation. We do not want Ambassador Prince Bandar’s patronage of both the Kennedy and Bush families to go unnoticed. History seems to be repeating itself but instead of the Shah calling the chips in on David Rockefeller to facilitate a US port of refuge we have the Saud family ready to call upon Senator Kennedy and President George Bush Sr for assistance. This scheme is being secretly implemented under the very noses of Washington establishment media. Are there no bounds to which Washington politicos will go in order to insure their monetary gains? We are inserting small advertisements throughout the US noting our web site. We think it noteworthy that the US taxpayer knows how the Saud family is scheming with their Washington retainers.

We have heard from one of our reliable sources that Ambassador Bandar and his Saud family are ready to use any means possible to thwart a Democratic White House. As an influential patron of the Bush family, Bandar has the continuing capability to indirectly infuse limitless sums into the coffers of the President Bush reelection campaign. In consideration, the Bush family has done everything possible to keep the US citizenry from knowing the true nature of the Saud family dictatorship. The Saud family has a very good chance of perishing with a Democratic White House. Oh yes, Senator Edward M Kennedy seems to be the best thing the Republicans have going for them to keep the White House.

We have heard from reliable Washington sources those within the State and Justice Departments on the Saud family deferred payment scheme are becoming concerned as to whether or not they will get the promised retirement consulting fees from Bandar. They know Bandar has a penchant for stealing monies meant for others. If the Saud family does in fact soon perish Bandar will have no need for their continued services. We believe this will cause antagonism and exposure of the continuing deferred payment scheme. But, as usual, the Washington “two step” will apply and after sham investigations the perpetrators will not be convicted and will get to keep their ill-gotten gains.

We often hear in Washington the term neocon as a code word for “overseas Israelis”. It is often said in confidential settings that they have extensively embedded themselves within the fabric of US Middle East foreign policy. One cannot blame “overseas Israelis” for seeking a semblance of control over US Arab/Iranian policy, especially military. They are content to allow Ambassador Prince Bandar’s theatrics as long as he does not get in the way of real matters pertaining to the Israeli sphere of influence. In fact, they are pleased to have such a weak spokesperson for the Arab Middle East. Although, why are they are eerily uncritical of the Saud family dictatorship?

Cordially, Herb Mallard

Issue 34



Ambassador Prince Bandar had one of his many tantrums when he found the US Federal Court had overruled a torture case against the Saud family government. Prince Bandar called President George Bush Sr. who in turn called Secretary of State Jim Baker. Baker said he would have to get paper work from the White House to proceed in assisting Bandar. A White House letter was received and Baker then called Justice Scalia. The Supreme Court docket was then changed to allow the Saud family case to be speedily heard. Procedurally, this is unusual since the US Federal lower court hears more than 120,000 cases per year while the Supreme Court hears approximately 160. Secretary of State Baker’s office provided a “friend of the court” brief on behalf of the Saud family government and the lower court was reversed in favor the Saud family government. Saud family Washington retainers flaunted the separation of powers between the Administration and Supreme Court. The Saud family torture victim was given a quiet settlement which ignored others represented by his lawyers. The Saud family torture victim talks to very few about the matter and Bandar’s resulting settlement since he has to maintain secrecy else lose his allotment.


Los Angeles Times reports: “The case before the Supreme Court could compel Cheney to release documents relating to his energy task force. … Scalia’s relationship with Cheney has come under scrutiny because he flew to Morgan City, La., with the vice president on Jan. 5 to hunt. The two were also seen dining together outside Washington in November. The law requires a judge to remove himself when there is ‘the appearance of bias,’ the appeals court said. It does not require the showing of actual bias. The federal statute requiring a judge to recuse himself ‘in any proceeding where his impartiality might reasonably be questioned’ applies to Supreme Court justices and other federal judges alike.” G278 Editor & Publisher Journal reports: “On April 7, during an appearance by Scalia at a Hattiesburg high school, U.S. Deputy Marshal Melanie Rube seized a tape recorder from Konz and removed the tape. Rube also demanded the surrender of a digital recorder from Denise Grones of the Associated Press. The machines were later returned to the reporters, after Scalia’s comments were erased. ‘It is ironic this seizure took place while Justice Scalia was making a speech about preserving the Constitution,’ said Gary L. Watson, president of Gannett’s Newspaper Division. ‘We’re taking this unusual action because the justice system must step in and bring these illegal actions to an immediate halt.’ ” G279 Although there has been a litany of Justice Scalia indiscretions, the establishment media continues it’s censuring of Bandar’s dubious activities.


Aspen Daily News reports: “Prince Bandar bin Sultan is expanding his Aspen base, adding a $10 million residence to his already massive complex of buildings on Starwood Drive. According to permits and paperwork from the Pitkin County Community Development Department, the new three-story, 15,000-square-foot building is deemed a ‘single family residence,’ and when completed will have six bedrooms and a 10-car garage. The permits are issued to Bricol Corp., one of Bandar’s representative companies. The $10-million price tag is the value of the construction work quoted by the Aspen developers of the project, Silich Construction Inc. According to work permits, construction began in October 2002 and is scheduled for completion at the end of this year. Visitors to Starwood can currently see a large crane over the construction site. The development, though massive in size, is dwarfed by Bandar’s main home, which is located on a neighboring plot of land. That residence spans 53,000 square feet and has 15 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms and a racquetball court. The prince has been the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States since 1983 and, although he doesn’t live in Aspen full time, he has been developing property on several different plots of Starwood land since the 1980s. Located in Pitkin County on the opposite side of the valley to Buttermilk Mountain, Starwood is a gated community that houses Aspen’s ultra-wealthy. The addition of the new building further strengthens recent expansion into Aspen by the prince. Last May, an occupancy certificate was granted for a new single-family residence on another neighboring plot. That house totals 7,500 square feet. Despite Bandar’s investment in his Aspen home, the amount of time he spends here is something of a mystery, as he keeps a low profile and is closely guarded by tight security.” G282 There should be no mystery why Bandar keeps secure at the expense of Aspen citizens. The article does not tell about the gas masks, bomb shelter, etc for Bandar and his family. Bandar has expelled all Arab guards in all of his palaces for fear of a terrorist in their midst. Bandar uses the father of President Gerry Ford’s grandchildren to provide his secret security. One is perplexed at the Colorado media’s incomplete coverage of Bandar resulting in naiveté of Colorado citizens to the Saud family’s devious and criminal actions. Bandar and his visiting Washington retainers have made Aspen one of the top five terrorist targets within the United States. There have been Aspen terrorist alarms already. Just east of Denver is a family decimated by the continuing torture of their daughter with the direct assistance of Bandar’s office.


The Aspen Daily News reports: “Undisputed are Bandar’s generous contributions to Aspen charities and foundations. ‘Aspen is one of his favorite places,’ the embassy official said. Bandar, who is married to Princess Haifa Bint Faisal and has four sons and four daughters, is second generation in the monarchy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, formed in 1932. The son of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Bandar built his Aspen mansion in 1990, and his contributions here are well established. His $325,000 donation to Aspen Valley Medical Foundation helped fund construction of a new trauma center at Aspen Valley Hospital, said Kris Marsh, foundation president. He also gave $500,000 to the foundation for a CAT scanner several years ago, she said. ‘He’s a lovely man,’ Marsh said, ‘and a really good person. But unfortunately he’s in the midst of the maelstrom of whatever is going on in the world. ‘From our standpoint, and the hospital’s, he’s been nothing but generous and supportive and kind.’ Mountain Rescue-Aspen also has been a recipient of Bandar’s generosity. The prince was a “major contributor’ to the organization’s building and expansion of its cabin on Main Street, said Dr. David Swersky, Mountain Rescue’s president from 1988-90. Bandar also was known for buying ‘hundreds’ of tickets for the Fire House Block Party, a local fund-raiser held in the ’90s to support Mountain Rescue and Aspen’s fire department, said Ray Peritz, the current head of Mountain Rescue. Bandar also supports the Ducky Derby, Aspen Valley Community Foundation, and the Aspen Youth Center, among others. About six or seven years ago, former Aspen Mayor John Bennett saw a list of Bandar’s local contributions, and, Bennett said, ‘I’m not exaggerating. My jaw dropped. It was extremely impressive. And what I remember is how many of the things he supported were youth oriented.’ But even in the heart of his local philanthropy, Bandar has not shied away from discussing politics in local circles. At a dinner party for nonprofits in 1989, when Bandar was living elsewhere in Aspen before building his mansion, Swersky recalls the prince making a comment that seems to still stand today. ‘He said the problem with the Middle East is that everybody maintains their posture and does not compromise that because of how they will be perceived,’ Swersky said. When Bandar comes to Aspen, it’s usually on a Gulfstream business jet, said Cliff Runge, president of Aspen Base Operations, which supervises private aircraft at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. ‘And he is met by a secured vehicle at the door,’ Runge said. At The Aspen Institute’s Aspen Meadows campus, the name of Bandar, who is on the institute’s board of trustees, is etched on one its meeting places. The building was given the prince’s name ‘after he was one of several contributors to the capital campaign in 1992 when the facility was renovated,’ said Jim Spiegelman, director of public affairs for the institute in Washington, D.C. Despite his local philanthropy, Bandar likes to keep a low profile in Aspen, those interviewed said. And the work staff at his mansion, said an unnamed former employee of his, must all sign confidentiality agreements if they are to work for him. His mansion — it has 26 bathrooms, legend has it — also is under very tight security, according to sources. ‘He’s extremely low profile,’ said Bennett, who met Bandar several times as mayor on social occasions. ‘He’s interested in supporting the community but he’s not interested in having a high profile. I think like a lot of people who come to Aspen, he comes here to get away from it all. He doesn’t want to make a splashy statement.’ A 1968 graduate of the British Royal Air Force College at Cranwell, England, and a decorated pilot, Bandar has an affinity for flying, those who know him said. ‘I’ve heard him say several times his real love in life is flying,’ said Bennett, who met him on several occasions as mayor. ‘I’ve heard him say, ‘My responsibility is to my country and I’m a diplomat, but in my heart I really want to be a pilot.’ Bandar’s fondness for flying has been felt locally as well.’ Aspen Base Operations’ Runge said past air shows at the airport, which had been held in the spring for some 15 years until new Federal Aviation Administration guidelines prohibited them, were largely supported by Bandar. ‘He’s the reason for the air shows we had,’ Runge said.” G283 Bandar uses the Saud family Washington retainers to hide the Saud family criminal behavior from Aspen citizens. Confidentiality employment contracts are but one way of keeping his devious activities away from Aspen citizens. Bandar only thrives in secrecy. It is astounding that the Aspen citizens do not know how precarious their situation is as ground zero in the terrorist world. It is obvious officials of Aspen institutions are selling out the security of the Aspen citizens for monies from Bandar and his family.

Issue 35 

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The Guardian reports: “The former home office minister Barbara Roche today called on the Saudi government to waive immunity for a Saudi diplomat alleged to have indecently assaulted a young girl. The Saudi man, a 41-year-old, was last week arrested after being accused of attacking an 11-year-old girl. He was taken to a west London police station, but was released after claiming diplomatic immunity. The Metropolitan police said no further action could be taken. Officials at the Saudi embassy in London promised a ‘rigorous investigation’ into the accusations, and said the diplomat concerned would be tried in Saudi Arabia if there was a case to answer. Ms Roche called for a review of the system of diplomatic immunity – which protects diplomats from prosecution in the country in which they are serving – and specifically called on the Saudis to waive immunity in this case. ‘I cannot believe that we’ve signed up to diplomatic immunity on the basis of thinking it would cover such serious cases as this,’ she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘We have a real difficulty with the public if someone who is alleged to have committed a crime as serious as this is allowed to get away with it.’ In a statement, the Saudi embassy said: ‘Trial by media is not part of the British judicial system, nor is it part of the Saudi judicial system.’ Ms Roche was echoing calls by two child protection charities, who said the man should be tried in the UK. Donald Findlater, the deputy director of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, said: ‘It seems appalling that someone who may have committed a crime against a child will not have to face the appropriate consequences.’ Megan Bruns, the project manager for Kidscape, said: ‘I cannot comment on individual cases, but diplomatic immunity is ludicrous. It would be a miscarriage of justice to give someone special privileges. Crimes are committed by people of all statuses.’ The alleged assault happened during a party at the home of a diplomat who works at a different embassy in London, according to unconfirmed newspaper reports. ‘We have the police report and we are in contact with the Saudi embassy, and we are waiting for them to get back to us. We won’t expect this to move along very quickly,’ a spokesman for the foreign and commonwealth office said.” G291 We have not shortened this article so as to give the readership the full extent of the machinations at work. The case will be drawn out and the perpetrator will be allowed to unobtrusively leave England. The Saud family London retainers will then stop the criminal prosecution “in Absentia” because of a legal technicality. We have reported time and time again the Saud family Washington retainers successfully perpetuating the Saud family above-the-law status at the expense of US citizenry, especially children.


Royal wives, American palace child sex slaves and me are telling you that is right and has been stopped in Saudi Arabia by our family because they are afraid of you. The Saud family do not like that you get the truth and tell it to Americans. We go to London and download your all the time. The American child sex slaves are helping us write all that we give you in American English so your readers can understand what we say. We thought of this idea after reading about Saudi princes who give you information and nature protestors who take off their clothes. What you say about the Royal family stealing American children and making them into sex slaves is true. Most princes like little boys for sex. They use little girls for making babies and to give to foreign officials when they visit Saudi Arabia. We think it is bad that Bandar and his Washington employees have kept these things away from the American citizens. We would be a better government if princes could not buy so much in Washington but everybody wants our oil money in his pockets. We saw pictures were powerful by telling the world of American intelligence agents torturing and raping Iraqi Moslems. We send you our pictures.

Dear Readership:

The US intelligence community substantiated some time ago that the Saud family is well aware the initial matter causing our existence emanates from a commercial dispute to be handled accordingly not an ideological dispute. Since our inception we have been receiving increasing amounts of information from strategic parties. Of late, we have been receiving information from disgruntled Saud family members with convictions. Relying upon us, we owe these individuals the duty to publish documents and/or pictures deemed important to our readership. A while ago we received controversial pictures from Saud family princesses. They believe by us publishing these pictures positive human rights changes will take place among the Saud family and perhaps their Washington retainers. Be it as it may, we have for some time been debating this subject. We have decided to leave this determination to the Saud family. If for any credible reason a responsible Saud family member would like these pictures or other material expunged, we will take it into serious consideration. In the past, we have canceled three articles when asked to do so by the Washington intelligence community.

We congratulate Craig Unger for his best selling book House of Bush, House of Saud. We see that Saud family London retainers have attempted to keep the book from being sold in England. The Saud family should know this stunt will only increase the black market book sales in Arabia. When the Saud family has to rely upon blatant censuring of US and British citizens, they clearly are becoming destabilized while loosing their grip on the Arabs they control. It is only a matter of time. Warren Buffet says, a change will happen quickly.

We are not receiving recognition from the US establishment media who have been lifting our stories and comments as their own. We are a secondary news source and as such are available for all to use. We would like to receive literary recognition for our work. If this behavior continues, our reaction will be not to acknowledge the sources of the quotations. This would necessitate establishment media directly asking us for the source.

Cordially, Herb Mallard

Issue 36

[  down] archive


“I was forced to have my nipples and what was left of my clitoris pierced. I was tattooed with Saudi Royal sign. I am bought and payed for by Saudi Royal family. I show myself and my scars to women of the world. Help us from being slaves.”G 298 When are these Saudi Royal family disfigurements going to stop? When are the Saud family’s Washington torture/kidnap lobbyists going to be exposed to their families, private clubs, neighbors, churches, synagogues and to the world?

Dear publishers:
A friend of mine told me to read your issue 34 of about how prince Bandar and his family have kidnapped children from the US with the aid of their Washington retainers. They kidnapped my little sister several years ago and she lives in constant fear of being beaten and tortured by these Saudi men. I live in Colorado and think it is disgusting that these degenerates are able to kidnap US children just because they have money to pay corrupt politicians in Washington. My family and friends are very angry that Bandar can live with his wife, 8 children and their stolen money in an Aspen palace. We think they should get a taste of their own medicine. I would like to see that scum in Washington kept from stopping us from trying to save our children.
Help us.

Issue 37

[ down] archive


Picketing the Saudi Arabian Embassy

These are parents of parental and non-parental kidnappings of US children to Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Prince Bandar and his confidant Adel al Jubair give the perpetrators visas to expedite the US child kidnappings. The US children are then used either for procreation or as child sex slaves within Saudi Arabia. The US State Department will neither confirm nor deny these occurrences.


The Guardian reports: “Police officers from Stockholm are flying to Bangkok amid reports that a 12-year-old survivor of the tsunami has been kidnapped from a Thai hospital. Fears are growing that Kristian Walker has been taken by those involved in the sex trade … (Father) said police had told him that similar kidnappings had taken place near Khao Lak and the kidnappers may have been taking advantage of the chaos after the tsunami to try to fly Kristian to another country without a passport.” G304 This is evidence of how fast the child sex slave procurers can respond towards a destabilizing family crisis. Again, they know the Saud family will pay dearly for the high end child sex slaves. This should put every parent in Northern Europe and the US on notice. In one moment of crisis their children can be gone forever.

Issue 38

[ down]



BBC News reports: “Adul Sani al-Thani was tried in Prague after a Czech judge turned down a request from Qatar to have him sent back home to face trial. Al-Thani was found guilty of paying to have sex with four girls aged under 15 between 2001 and 2004. He was arrested after one of the girls told her mother about the offer of sex. Czech officials have admitted that the refusal to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar could strain relations between the two nations, which do not have an official extradition treaty. Al-Thani has lived privately in the Czech Republic for 10 years and has no diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Czech prosecutors accused him of arranging for young girls to be brought to his home for sex. He allegedly paid three Czech women to offer girls on the street Kc2,000 ($84, £46) to visit his apartment for sex. The women, described by the presiding judge as ‘both guilty and victims’, were allegedly paid Kc1,000 for each girl they provided. Al-Thani was arrested last year and has spent 10 months in custody awaiting trial. In April, Czech Justice Minister Pavel Nemec agreed to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar after receiving assurances he would face prosecution in his homeland. But prosecutors objected and he was forced to stand trial in Prague.” G318 We admire the Prague authorities for defending the human rights of their citizens, especially their children, in the face of readily available lobbyist bribes; unlike London and Washington.

From the Readership:


We are parents of a child kidnapped by the Saudi Royal family. We were confidentially told our daughter is in a Saudi palace by a U.S. State Department official disgusted with the kidnappings of our U.S. babies. We were told the Washington politicians had to circumvent the Hague Convention to facilitate the Saudi Royal family kidnappings.

When the USA ratified the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, it was put into force by I.C.A.R.A. The terms of the Convention state that the government had to establish a Central Authority that would handle cases of abducted children. In 1988 the U.S. president told the State Department to create an office that would serve as the “Central Authority”. Office of Children’s Issues was formed. This office handles international child adoption as well as international abduction [only cases were children taken from the U.S.]. Now it gets interesting. OCI has the power to contract with and work with other agencies it sees fit. So…OCI asked that any cases of children abducted to Saudi Arabia out of the USA not be handle by them, but rather by NCMEC [National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]. While this is supposed to be a private non-profit, it is funded and supported by Department of Justice (DOJ) and has support of U.S. Presidents. No problems with NCMEC.

Back to OCI…OCI works to protect all Saudi cases from possible recovery by the U.S. parents. They inform the Saudi Royal family of parent’s intent to recover their child. In our daughter’s case, they actually brought the Saudi prince into the embassy telling him to keep her hidden to avoid exposing State Department complicity. The USA is the only Hague country that has designated their Central Authority out of their State Department. All other 60 countries designate their Central Authority out of their Justice Departments. This is just like when you mention logistical supply for our Iraq War I troops was taken from the Pentagon and given to the State Department just before that scam.

Why would the U.S. President designate the U.S. State Department as Central Authority and protect Saudi interests? Saudi Arabia is NOT a Hague country to start with. How much money has been given to the Bush and Clinton families by the Saudi Royal family? How much money has the Saudi Royal family given to their presidential libraries? What about our poor babies?

Dear Readership:

We are collecting an impressive amount of information from the Middle East, especially from our Saud family reliable sources. It is appalling that the Saud family Washington retainers have been able to keep information about Prince Turki’s past from being vetted both in the media and in Congress. We have been informed Turki was told to resign as longstanding head of Saud family intelligence just before 9/11 in order to give him a plausibility of denial during ambassadorial scrutiny. What we have is a rendition of the bigger lie theory whereby the Saud family is continually muffled in the media. We cannot believe the US establishment media has allowed this sham to go on for as long as it has, foreign press prints it. It is sad to hear of US child sex slaves in Saud family palaces protected by “over the horizon” US military personnel. A past issue noted how US Marine Maes was ordered to Saudi Arabia during Iraq War I to protect the Saud family government after his Father had been poisoned by King Fahd’s nephews. He said: “I have been ordered under threat of court martial by the Pentagon to protect the murderers of my Father.” How many US military personnel have had their or their friends US children kidnapped by the Saud family princelings while protecting the Saud family regime? We are receiving more and more information from our reliable sources on these matters and we thank them very much.

Cordially, Herb Mallard National Press Club Member Co-Chairman

Issue 42  down] archive


AP Reports: “A 14-year-old California boy testified Monday that he was “freaked out” when a Saudi Arabian air force sergeant made sexual advances toward him in a Las Vegas casino on New Year’s Eve, but he couldn’t figure out how to get away before the man sexually assaulted and raped him on a hotel bathroom floor. … Police reported collecting DNA evidence from a used condom and a soiled towel found in the bathroom. The prosecutor said DNA swabbed from the boy’s neck, ear, chest and other body parts was consistent with two people, including Alotaibi.” K360 Within USA a minor cannot consent to sex with another 18 or older. Saudi Royal family employs rape as an official torture. Our issues comment upon this and other Saudi Royal family regime deviant acts that the USA State Department says: “It is part of the Saudi Royal family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society.” The difficulty is when Saudi men attempt to export their “mores and filches” as well as terrorism to USA. This necessitates deferred bakshish to presidents for on the record “immunity from investigation” and resulting quiet deportation.

Mazen Alotaibi


London Daily Mail reports: “After several minutes of denials, [Mazen] Alotaibi acknowledged to police that he engaged in sex with the boy. … Alotaibi was too intoxicated after drinking all night at a strip club to know if he was doing anything wrong. … He was also found guilty of felony burglary for entering a building with intent to commit a crime, and of misdemeanor coercion. … The boy testified that he was waiting to go to breakfast with a friend when he … smelled marijuana on their clothes and wanted pot. … Alotaibi was seen on elevator surveillance video leaning down and apparently kissing the boy’s neck on their way back to the hotel room. … [Prosecutor Jacqueline] Bluth told the jury that Alotaibi wanted sex and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The Saudi Royal Consulate General in Los Angeles didn’t respond … to messages about the case.” K361 Reliable Washington sources have said quiet Ambassador Adel Jubair deals have been made for deportation after serving partial sentence, for something

Issue 43 archive


BBC News reports: “The (USA) FBI says child sex abuse is almost at an epidemic level … the vast majority of children bought and sold for sex every night in the United States are American kids.” L367 Through parental victim interviews starting two decades ago, we found a child sex slave Saudi Arabia conduit. It has expanded to include other Gulf States (Gulfies). Early on the USA State Department Arabists countered by creating the Center for Missing and Abused Children in nearby Alexandria, Virginia. This Center has been purposefully deviously successful in diverting grieving families from media exposure of Saud Family child confinements and kidnappings by lowering parental expectations of ever seeing their children again. Among other things, the Center is used as a cover against Saud Family USA child special ordered kidnappings by Saud Family members. The girls are generally for breeding and the boys for sex.


DailyBeast reports: “For many years speculation ran rampant that the charming and glamorous Prince Rashid, who lived a glittering life amply accessorized with racehorses, fast cars, and beautiful women, was a persistent drug abuser and sex addict. … In the West, however, the demise of Rashid has cast a rare beam of light on the secret world of the Arab playboys who flock every summer to escape the intense heat of the Middle East, and spend vast amounts of money on Western debaucheries. The alleged behavior of some of these Arab princelings was highlighted again on Friday, after Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud was reportedly accused of attempting to force an employee to give him oral sex, before more reports of him sexually accosting five women surfaced. (All of these employees were or near U.S. teenagers and not men and women.) This came just weeks after Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani of Qatar’s ruling family fled the U.S. after being accused of drag racing his yellow Ferrari through LA (Los Angeles) while staying at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. … Acting consul general David Williams wrote: “It is alleged that Rashid killed an assistant in the Ruler’s office, thereby forfeiting his opportunity to be heir.” The astonishing claim was never proved.” L368 It is obvious how media avoid particularly caustic factual statements. Media refers to boy and girl teenagers as employees or men and women so as not to offend the Gulfie oligarchs.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Majed’s Palace near Beverly Hills


Daily Mail reports: “Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online disclose how he (Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud) is accused of being drunk and high at his $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills and repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances. The documents were filed by lawyers acting for three female employees of Al Saud. They include a claim that the royal attempted to urinate on the trio while screaming: ‘I want to pee pee’. He also threatened to kill one of the women (girls) if she refused to ‘party’ with him and jumped on top of another and began rubbing himself against her in a ‘sexual and aggressive manner’. Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and punishable by flogging, or even execution. L369 Majed had two known parties with young girls and boys in attendance. This article and other Saud Family sex articles have been censured by State Department Arabists. Saud Family princelings only like USA children and teenagers, There are no ages given for these teenagers. In fact, establishment media lie calling by them men and women. In the 1990s Saud Family kidnappings of USA children became epidemic causing embarrassment to State Department Arabists who were inundated with angry parental victims. This is why State Department Arabists implemented the creation of the diversionary nearby Center of Missing and Exploited Children. The USA establishment media has complied by refusing to reveal the youthful ages of the USA girl and boy victims. Among other things, for fear it will cause USA parental national anger against them and their Saudi Arabian retirement paymasters. These issues are the reasons why USA citizens are heavily voting for the knowing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.


Alanoud and Daughters by King Abdullah

Herb Bandar was brought back because he became a cocaine addict?

Alanoud Ya ya, I heard that.

H Ya, he became a cocaine addict in Aspen.

A Is it true?

H Ya, I heard that from London as well.

A They all command drugs in their hands. Nothing comes because its Princes who buy and make it enter and distribute. So they are fighting their enemies with that.

H Now are they taking these girls off of the streets in Saudi Arabia into the palaces? I know that each Prince has dictatorial power in his palace. He can do anything he wants.

A Exactly, nobody can do anything unless are like my daughters. They are raised to respect anyone and this is what we told them. We expected you to at least respect us. We are not asking anything. You only respect people who mistreat you like them. They were clear to them, go if you have something. Let them come to me. The Mahdi (?) told them he is a Saudi. He is married to an Englishwoman she took her girls good to her and he has his —— living with him in what situation I don’t know but he is a Saudi and he said I am Saudi. I am terrorized. Please leave me alone. Leave me alone. You accepted to give me letters and this is how they are and she said Mommy why this humiliation. What we did? He told us not to go out. We are putting our time inside the house. What do you want more of us?

H Do they live in the Palace?

A Yes, in one of his Palaces he has many wives and they said he is not corrupt. And every woman with a child or two or sometimes one and Palaces all over the place that are his.

H Do they have any European or American child wives?

A No, ah who? In his surroundings?

H No, not him but ah the other Princes? I wondered if they have them in the Palaces?

A They have their friends they have paid them enough I don’t think scandals of this type. Abdullah is very careful. He has Moroccan people. He doesn’t mix with ah Europeans or Americans. Morocco girls, his scandals are there locked in Morocco. They pay them well to shut up. So he is as bad but he is not corrupt but children no. Take it from me. He doesn’t have this problem. Course young girls ah he doesn’t accept course in Arabic countries it is ah within the norm.

H That is a custom.

Update 3 Mar 2017

A couple of videos are added relevant to Saudi Arabia

Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia SHOCKING [6]

Also available here  2017 Intelligence Insight Mar 2 Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia Shocking [7]

George Webb Day 127 – Hillary’s Henchmen, Petraeus Child Brides For Arab Sheiks [5] 

to show a bit of the bigger picture.

Also Check out Georges other videos George Webb Videos [8]

Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade



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Issue 34 archive

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Issue 43 archive

Issues 43 -48 do not seem to be available

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


[1a] Sauduction site archive

[1b]  Sauduction site archive

[2] State Department


[4] Wikipedia Bandar bin Sultan

[5] George Webb Day 127 – Hillary’s Henchmen, Petraeus Child Brides For Arab Sheiks

[6] Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia SHOCKING

[7] 2017 Intelligence Insight Mar 2 Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia Shocking

[8] George Webb Videos

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused















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  1. finolamoss says:

    Dear Cathy,

    Are you aware there is a Sky Broadband Shield stopping access to this post on your blog so I can’t tweet it ?

    Is this a new form of censureship and do bloggers know it is put on their posts ?

    Best Wishes,

    On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 12:50 PM, cathy fox blog wrote:

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    • No i did not, thanks for letting me know. What is broadband shield? what can i do about it? I know libraries have anti child abuse soft ware that ironically blocks some wordpress blogs like mine


      • finolamoss says:

        I am afraid I haven’t a clue.

        Contact Sky. and please let us all know including WordPress.

        As this appears to be an illegal interference with the fundamental Human Right to Expression. And ironically, a the right of every Amercian under their written constitution and SKY is American ie can they/do they do this in USA.?


  2. hollie greig justice says:

    twitter wouldnt let me tweet it until i took out the words saudi child sex abuse


  3. finolamoss says:

    So child abuse can be exposed presumably anywhere else except in Saudi ???


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  5. More links
    1. Burton inquiry into saudi chidl kidnap


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  9. Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves


  10. Apologies I had in error posted this at the start of the blog Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade SAUDI PRINCES’ CORRUPTION, DRUG TRAFFICKING, GLOBAL PROSTITUTION AND CHILD SEX SLAVE TRADE


  11. Anonymous says:

    Cathy, email me at
    The private planes is a part we are looking at as well. Right now our aim is changing the regulations of airline Unaccompanied Minor services.
    Please read LeidenLaw blog and my article on this subject.
    Unaccompanied children travelling by air, a human rights issue.
    “Childtraffickers using airlines for Sex and Organtrade, and….”

    I have been at the hq of NCMEC, not useful to us.
    I read most of your blog, though I didnt see anything on CPS, children homes and illegal minors and what happens to these kids.

    Please get in touch with me.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Rob Waterlander


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