England = North Korea. Jails Whistleblowers. No Trial. No Charge

At least three whistleblowers have been jailed without charge –  Melanie Shaw, Carol Woods and Peter Hofschroer.

I am not up to date on the positions of Melanie Shaw or Carol Woods but certainly Peter Hofschroer is currently in HMP Preston.

These are by no means the only three and many people are being targeted for disruption of their lives by various means – imprisoned, locked up in mental health institutions, their houses being stolen, their children being taken away, they are being gang stalked or targeted by other means.

People are targeted and disrupted by the state and deep state, private companies for telling the truth inconvenient to some interest of the powerful. Some doctors, lawyers, police, social services, councils and judges are involved.

The vast majority of people in the unaccountable deep state do not even know who they are serving or why they are doing what they are doing. They are compartmentalised.  Do you really even think child rape is justified?? It is time to educate yourselves and wake up. For MI6 whistleblower read Richard Tomlinson The Big Breach: From Top Secret to Maximum Security  [5]

The United States has “Fusion Centres”, described here by George Webb. The Fusion Centres coordinate the gathering of information on the target and then many means and organisations  can be used to degrade their life, ability to tell their story, act or even function.

2022 Sept 22 This post has been degoogled due to youtube policy of censorship


George Webb Day 109 – DynCorp Harvest, Killing Is Good Business, Part 3  Fusion Centers [1c]

The English equivalent will be on similar lines, run no doubt by or including MI5, various arms of goverment and private security firms, along with others.

My post, 2015 Jul 12 Cathy Fox Blog Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers targeted by state organisations [2] listed several examples of whistleblowers with some details given. [I have included the post below in Appendix 1]

  • Nigel Ward
  • Tim Hicks
  • Michael Doherty
  • Melanie Shaw
  • Chris Spivey
  • Brian Pead
  • Jason Packer
  • Andrea Davison
  • Michael Shrimpton
  • Robert Green
  • Stuart Syvret
  • Ben Fellowes
  • Peter Hofschroer
  • Maurice Kirk
  • James Patrick
  • Norman Scarth
  • Ian Puddick
  • Neil Wilby
  • Gurpal Virdi
  • Haydn Burton

Jason Packers trial, part of continuing campaign of harassment is due in the morning of Monday 27th Feb, Portsmouth Crown Court.

Brian Pead,  imprisoned 5 times (all unlawfully); a banned book; three gagging orders; Lambeth took him to the High Court in 2013 trying to obtain a permanent gagging order etc – all for whistleblowing on child abuse by Lambeth. Brian Pead’s website is Lambeth Child Abuse [6]

The following people should be added to the list

  • Steven George- targeted for whistleblowing on child sexual abuse, and against Michael Hancock ex MP [website?]
  • Len Lawrence – Pilot illegally locked up under mental health legislation for whistleblowing on organophosphate poisoning from aircraft eg  Len Lawrence website [3] and #Whistleblowers and #Survivors of Persecutions Unite: point the Finger @MetPoliceUK [3a]
  • Andy Peachers family – targeted as their children were vaccine damaged VacTruth ‘Legal’ Kidnapping By The State To Cover Up Vaccine Injuries [4] 
  • Carol Woods – Targetted, gang stalked, house stolen, falsely locked up under mental health legislation [website?]
  • Guy Taylor – House stolen, illegally held by police, illegal court cases , targetted for telling the truth about the law and common law

Two common themes are whistleblowing on child sexual abuse and whistleblowing against the Police.

Whatever your thoughts on any of the individuals in this list, due process is not being followed and it could happen to you.

If you are a lawyer or an MP please ensure that justice is properly done for all. It is far easier for you to make a couple of phone calls or send a couple of emails and get results than most people. Please do not be complicit in a system that uses this illegal activity, just because you are comfortable in it and benefit from it. Please do not think others will do something.

Please also look for the reasons behind this illegal activity. Lancashire Police are involved in two of the cases.

Here is a letter sent by Jean James, who does valuable work in this area, about Melanie Shaw, Carol Woods and Peter Hofschroer. This shows the following people are aware of the illegal situation, yet appear to do nothing.

To: “peter clarke” <peter.clarke@hmiprisons.gsi.gov.uk>, “hmiprisons enquiries” <hmiprisons.enquiries@hmiprisons.gsi.gov.uk>, “Anne Harrower” <anne.harrower@hmiprisons.gsi.gov.uk>, “Steve Finnigan” <Steve.Finnigan@lancashire.pnn.police.uk>
Cc: “bob neill mp” <bob.neill.mp@parliament.uk>, “richard arkless mp” <richard.arkless.mp@parliament.uk>, “alex chalk mp” <alex.chalk.mp@parliament.uk>, “barronra” <barronra@parliament.uk>, “daviesp” <daviesp@parliament.uk>, “kate green mp” <kate.green.mp@parliament.uk>, “david hanson mp” <david.hanson.mp@parliament.uk>, “howelljm” <howelljm@parliament.uk>, “victoria prentis mp” <victoria.prentis.mp@parliament.uk>, “marie rimmer mp” <marie.rimmer.mp@parliament.uk>, “vazk” <vazk@parliament.uk>, justicecom@parliament.uk, “amber rudd mp” <amber.rudd.mp@parliament.uk>, “elizabeth truss” <elizabeth.truss@justice.gsi.gov.uk>, “alex marshall” <alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk>, “tom winsor” <tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk>, “ceonoms” <ceonoms@noms.gsi.gov.uk>,  “andy rhodes” <andy.rhodes@lancashire.pnn.police.uk>
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:33:57 AM
For the Personal Attention of Mr. Peter Clarke, HM Inspector of Prisons
Dear Mr. Clarke
As you know, I have previously highlighted the very British practice of incarcerating people directly into prison, without police charging the victim with any crime, and for no apparent reason. I pointed out that this had happened to Melanie Shaw in Foston Hall, who was a child abuse victim of Beechwood Children’s Home, and a whistleblower regarding the child sexual abuse that took place there. She has also made allegations of murder. You were very gracious and helpful in this matter, for which the public is most grateful. Thank you.
During my communications with you, I also cited Lancashire Police for having seized Carol Woods in 2010, and dumped her in Styal Prison without charge. She was held there for four days, until I personally raised the alarm, and Styal Prison panicked, allegedly trying to cover their tracks with false records. They then then released her onto the street without the means to get back home to Lancaster.
I now have to advise you that Lancashire Police arrested Peter Hofschroer at a Blackpool address at 1.00 a.m. on Sunday morning, 19th February, 2017, held him until Monday morning, 20th February, and then dumped him in Preston Prison. No charges have been laid, no accusations of anything were made, Mr. Hofschroer was not made to attend court for any reason, and he has no idea what he is supposed to have done.
Mr. Hofschroer is, therefore, yet another person who has been incarcerated without due process.
Out of the three examples I now cite, Lancashire Police are involved in two of the cases. Since before 2010 and up until this time last year, they were persecuting Carol Woods on an ongoing basis. This persecuting involved incarcerating her secretly into mental health institutions. She had been made bankrupt by Lancashire County Council, causing her to lose her home and become destitute. The facts in this matter are being covered up by Lancashire County Council and the Blackpool Insolvency Service. Carol Woods advised that she had been, and always has been, debt free. It is believed that the unlawful seizure of Carol Woods’ assets increased the wealth of Lancashire County Council by approximately 400K pounds.
So, yet again, we have to ask questions of Lancashire Police and their involvement in apparently unlawful imprisonments and perhaps more.
People cannot simply be seized from their residences and incarcerated without due legal course. This is also unsafe for them while in prison, both physically and mentally. I shall be very grateful, therefore, if you will draw this matter to the attention of Mr. Steve Lawrence, Governor of HM Prison, Preston. He may not be aware of the unlawfulness of the situation. On the other hand, he may be deeply involved in this practice of Lancashire Police.
May I trouble you to look into these unsafe practices, please? When incarcerations are secret, no records are kept and medical attention is withheld as a result.
As you can see, I am sending a copy of this email to Lancashire Chief Constable Steve Finnigan, with the request that he investigate his force’s involvement in secret incarceration of Peter Hofschroer.
Thank you very much for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Yours sincerely,
Jean James

Peter Hofschroer

Yet again Peter Hofschroer has been arrested, and transferred to Prison. He still has not been given a reason why.

On Thursday 16 February he had a meeting as usual with his Probation team who expressed no concerns whatsoever.

At 1 am on the morning of Saturday 18 February police arrived at the address and carted him off to the cells where he was held over the weekend before transfer to HMP Preston on the morning of Monday 20 February.

Whatever has been happening in the Peter Hofschroer case, it is untransparent, unlawful and the focus needs to be placed on the North Yorkshire Police, social services and the Austrian judiciary.

He was said to be investigating Gregory W Pedlow before his arrest, which may or may not be connected – Wikipedia Gregory Pedlow [7] (translation below in links)


Peter maintains the following:

that these allegations are fabricated. To deal with the allegations in order:
1) Threat to kill a judge.
It had been the intention of the Austrian authorities to get me out of the way by putting me in a mental home. They indicated they would be coming to take me away, tra, la, on I believe 26th September 2013. When they found I was not there, they needed an excuse to get me back to Austria. Supposed problems with my mental health could not be grounds for extradition. Only a criminal matter would be., so one needed to be found.
This e-mail was then fabricated.
As I have pointed out before, I established the e-mail address given does not exist. Neither is there any plausible evidence to show I sent it – internet logs, etc. Ergo, it was forged.
2) Indecent I mages
As previously mentioned, I maintain these were planted. For details of the story, please see:
The first police raid took place two days after a radio broadcast on 1 April 2014 in which my mother and I made serious accusations of collusion between North Yorkshire Police and the Austrian judiciary in a major international fraud.
Two days later, the Austrian police broke into our house there and after a perfunctory search, claim to have found an envelope with indecent photographs there.
In a follow-up interview two weeks later, the Austrian police officers who committed these crimes were named and shamed. They responded by breaking into our house a second time. This time, they planted the videos.
One has to ask why they did nothing between September 2013 and April 2014. It would seem their raids were a reaction to the radio broadcasts – they had been offered the opportunity to participate in the broadcasts and use their right of reply.
This is how they exercised their right of reply.
3) Slander
My allegations are plausible and I maintain are true.
Then the situation regarding our houses in York and Austria is that my brother sold my mother’s house shortly after my conviction in July 2016. He maintained in court that he had not intention of doing so and acknowledged my 50% interest. He was clearly waiting until I was convicted and not in a position to act before selling the house. As well as perjuring himself, he committed fraud.
Attempts have also been made to sell my house in Austria, but so far local lawyers have refused to handle the sale, as it is clearly fraudulent.
The Austrian police ignored my crime report of attempted fraud, which is unlawful.
According to the trust deed under which my nephew and niece hold the house, it cannot be sold until I am dead.
The Austrian judges can only get their share of the proceeds once I am dead.
Knowing how mental homes are used in the EUSSR, it is clear what my fate would be if returned to Austria.
I continue to maintain that ll the images North Yorkshire Police “found” on my hardware was planted. Obviously, I did not walk into the court building in York on 1 December 2014 in possession of incriminating materials, when it was likely the police would be there to detain me, as indeed they did.
There were no “rifles” in my house, as alleged. What the police removed as “potential weapons” were two 18th century smooth-bore muzzle-loading muskets, which, being smooth-bored, are not rifles, two 19th century firearms, which have had the rifling bored out and a deactivated AK-47.
All of these items were held legally.
I am not aware of 18th or 19th century firearms having been used in any crimes in the 21st century.  As such, they posed not threat.
It is impossible to fire a deactivated weapon. The AK-47 likewise posed no threat.
I was not in possession of them and had no access to them at the time the bogus e-mail is supposed to have been sent.
I hope this information helps.
Here is some information that may be of use to AB:
This misuse of mental health laws is examined ion more detail on:
The introductory paragraph[h translates as follows:
“In Austria, the appointment of a guardian is a tried means of:
1) Silencing unpopular officials / journalists
2) Giving law firms access to the assets of the elderly
3) Taking away the rights of witnesses in criminal cases
4) Courts giving lawyers / notaries up to 1000 guardianships
5) Taking away all the rights of asylum seekers and awkward people”
In my case, this has been done to:
1) Prevent me tasking legal action against my nephew and niece to have the transfer of my house set aside, i.e. to facilitate a fraud.
2) To prevent me from raising my case with the appropriate authorities both in Austria and abroad.
3) To prevent me further resisting attempts to put me in a mental home when I have no mental health issues.
Hope this information helps.

What happens to Whistleblowers in Britain [56]

For any people that disagree with any of the individuals mentioned here, try to control yourself when you disagree with one thing out of a blog and concentrate on the rest. When you give as much praise when it is due, as criticism when you think it due, I will take more notice of you.

Try actually starting a blog and then you can comment to your hearts content, and perhaps will find less need to be negative of others, and more understanding of blogging itself. Try coming up with evidence of what you say. Try doing something to stop child sexual abuse and try and be positive rather than negatively carp from the sidelines  on others work.


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Appendix 1

Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers targeted by state organisations

Whistleblowers and people who campaign for a truth that implicates powerful establishment figures in misdeeds, face at best, institutional inertia and at worst, outright criminality to discourage them from doing so.

The people in positions of power, from local councillors, MPs, police, crown prosecution service, civil service and council employeees will use all the apparatus of the state, corporations and institutions under their control to defend the status quo. A whistleblower will face first denial of their assertions and then an attack upon themselves as a potential upsetter of the applecart or gravytrain.

People in power can also often call upon legal expenses at taxpayer expense or their own, compared to little often available to the outsider. The corporate and media world who rely on their money from the establishment will most often support the status quo.

The potential truthteller, as messenger of an unpalateable truth can expect to have their own life forensically examined and broadcast to the world for the financial benefit of unscrupulous corporate media owners.

To an extent some of the above is understandable but it is also often mixed with corrupt elements in the police, cps, secretive freemasonry and kept hidden behind a facade of legitimate processes to not reveal the harrassment and skullduggery. This is not even counting spying on individuals online legally or illegally, special branch and “security services” interference.

When a campaigner has allegations and court action against him, his own criminal status is in doubt, and his allegations less likely to be believed. He is also effectively silenced, as it become sub judice. He has to look to defend himself rather than tell the truth he started out doing.

Once a campaigner is in prison he is effectively silenced and neutered. If he is still troublesome, then ghosting can occur – moving the prisoner around the system at the will of whoever, and the prisoner finds it hard to tell people where he is, let alone tell the truth or defend himself. Medical treatment can also be delayed or not given by various techniques. Suspicious death also occur.

All these methods are brought to play in child abuse allegations, partly due no doubt to the powerful network of abusers built up within British institutions over decades, and the disgust that most people feel for child abusers.

The following is a list of some campaigners and whistleblowers who have faced opposition to their claims, please feel free to draw more to my attention. It is perhaps time to compile a more extensive list.

Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers subjected to Court Action

1. Citizen Journalists Nigel Ward and Tim Hicks, having thoroughly embarassed North Yorkshire police with their expose of Savile and Jaconellis misdeeds and the cover up of child abuse by the force, face civil legal action from 9 people in or associated with the Police. Nork Yorks Police laughably stating that the journalists have cost the police over £400,ooo! The police predictably have started but delayed the proceedings- an often used but still disgusting tactic to paralyse and worry the whistleblower, whilst costing them a fortune in legal fees, whilst the police legal fees are paid for by the public. [12]

2. Michael Doherty complained to police that an individual was grooming his daughter. It turned out to be a policeman. Far from charging the perpetrator, Michael himself has been relentlessly attacked, the Met have even set up a Gold Group to conspire on how to deal with him. He has pioneered the use of private prosecutions and campaigns on police corruption. [1] [29]

3.  Melanie Shaw one of the two main whistleblowers with Mickey Summers, on the cover up of child sexual abuse in Nottingham by Police and councils. Children in every childrens home in Nottingham were subject to sexual abuse. Melanie was imprisoned for supposed arson and has faced further harassment from the police. [5] Update 2015 Jul 22  Mickey Summers reports Melanie Shaw arrested today at approx 1745 at public place in Nottingham. Alleged charge is harassment against Helen Chamberlain the Nottingham Police Officer in charge of Public Protection including Child Abuse [38]

4. Chris Spivey has written many articles on child abusers and is a leading exponent on the actors in false flag terrorist events.  He is facing charges of malicious communication and indecent images on his computer [27] . Chris Spivey is being harassed himself, his property subjected to criminal damage and the social services have attempted to take his granddaughter away [3] [42] [53]. Chris lost his case but a summary of his travails are here [49] [50] [55]

5. Brian Pead/ Freeman was a whistleblower on child sexual abuse in Lambeth. His whistleblowing was ignored and he then faced harrassment, his book was banned and he was imprisoned after police accusations of grooming a young girl [2]. Imprisoned and ghosted round the prison system.

6. Robert Green was instrumental in bringing Hollie Greig child sexual abuse case to the notice of the public, after the named perpetrators were not even questioned by police. His bizarre prosecution for “Breach of the Peace” cost the best part of £1m, and he has been imprisoned twice now I think if I recall correctly, once for breaking the unreasonable conditions set for him [6]. Update 25th July 2015 Robert Green still has not got a copy of the court order detailing what he must do [43] but it appears he is not allowed to talk worldwide for ever about Hollie Greigs abuse.

7. Jason Packer Campaigner on child sexual abuse and corruption and particularly against ex MP Michael Hancock. Now charged with possession of indecent images. His trial is now due on 24th August 2015 at Portsmouth Crown Court [31] .

8. Andrea Davison Working for Intelligence services, she investigated child sexual abuse in North Wales. She ended up with her possessions stolen by the police, charged with fraud, banned by a judge from paying for her defence and all the documentation on child sexual abuse taken. She had to flee abroad [10]

9. Michael Shrimpton spoke about ex Prime Ministers Ted Heaths paedophilia and link to child murders in a radio interview [19] . He felt he could not break the official secrets act but if they were not official secrets because it officially did not happen it was ok to tell. He also felt if his source was other intelligence services then he was not breaking British official secrets. He wrote a book, Spyhunter, on how German intelligence was prime mover in dirty tricks in world geopolitics. Officialdom was not impressed and he was found guilty of indecent images and later of false communication of a Olympic bomb threat. [18] [11]

10. Stuart Syvret was Minister for Health & Social Services in Jersey and went public in the Jersey parliament in 2007 with his conclusion that Jersey’s entire child “protection” apparatus had failed. Within hours of him giving that accurate, honest answer, he became subject to an illegal plot by Crown officers and senior civil servants to engineer his dismissal as Minister. He was arrested and prosecuted in 2009 for whistle-blowing and hounded out of the Jersey parliament by the island’s openly corrupt and politicised “judicial” system. [51]

11. Ben Fellows eventually gave a written statement by police who virtually demanded time after time that he do so. Part of this was against Kenneth Clarke. He was then charged with perverting the cause of justice and tried July 2015 [45]. He was found not guilty in Aug 2015.

It may be that images found on a computer are particularly useful for the authorities in framing people, as “possession” is indicated by the images being present however they got there. More information is required on this though.

There are other cases of whistleblowing which do not involve overt or known state involvement but that involve other criminal elements eg in the Lambeth case Bulic Forsythe was killed [21] and another lady had a murder attempt against her [21].

There are also many many cases of whistleblowers who do not face court action but do face injustice. Alison Taylor whistleblew on North Wales child abuse years ago and was sacked, yet she is being proven right years later [23]. Nottingham whistleblower Cameron Blair has also recently come forward with tales of having been silenced [22]

Whistleblowers about Police Corruption

1. Peter Hofschroer fought for years to stop corrupt elements in police and council social services taking his mothers property. At the private prosecution court case he instigated against the perpetrators to prevent this happening, he was arrested and imprisoned for possession of  6,969 child abuse images [4]. This would appear to be perverting the course of justice. His mother has been dumped in a home, apparently so that her own home can be stolen. The court case date is being changed all the time, see below


2. Maurice Kirk became a whistleblower on police harassment and corruption as much was against him. He was imprisoned, not allowed proper access to medical treatment. Now released [16]  [7]

3. James Patrick was a whistleblower from the Police who exposed the police crime figures scandal. Senior officers tried to silence them and he felt he had to resign [17] [46]

4. Norman Scarth is a World War 2 veteran, who became a victim but refuses to bow to the corruption of the judicial system, so he had to move to Ireland. A man of principle, his story is here. [20] Norman reccommends going to You Tube and searching for his name, or going to his blog [48] but a technical hitch means that it only goes up to 2012.

5. Ian Puddick faced charges of harrassment when in fact it was he who was subject to horrendous harassment and investigation by City of London Police and chums [24] [25]

6. Neil Wilby campaigns against police corruption and runs a website called the Unprofessional standards department has had a High Court harassment case against him. [30]

7. Gurpal Virdi, a former Detective Sergeant of the Met Police was the victim of racism [40]. He was then himself wrongly charged with sending racist mail and acquitted. He now faces charges of alleged sexual abuse of 15yr old boy he arrested some 30yrs ago. His trial  Monday 27th August 2015 at Southwark Crown Court. Cleared [47] May urged to review Met Investigation [52] Private Eye [54]

Family Rights, Forced Adoption Campaigners

1. Haydn Burton was a campaigner for childrens and family rights. It appears he was arrested on a trumped up assault charge, kept in Winchester Prison whilst waiting to be charged or for a trial. He was then found hanged in his cell. RIP Haydn [37]

It would be good if someone campaigning for family rights and forced adoption could make a list of those targeted for political reasons.

Other methods are also used to silence people –

Family Courts and gagging orders [32]

Forced adoption, where social services abuse is rife a huge amount of parent whistleblowers are silenced by gag orders and threat of losing their children. Part of this are vaccine induced injury children taken from their parents for forced adoption to  conceal this.

The Mental Health Acts and misuse of Mental Health Acts,

Improper prescribing and forced administation of drugs.

Gang Stalking (see Butlincat’s comments at the end of this post)

Perhaps we need to start compiling a list of those so silenced and the who, what, why, when and how. If you can help with this please email the address at the end of this post.

Add to this list Police, possibly corrupt ones,  asking Google for private information. Police Scotland have asked Google for information on HollieGreigJustice and others and even state that Google should not tell Hollie Greig Justice [44]. As far as I know Google have provided this information.

Google shut down Justice Denied blog in Jul 2015, according to the Tap Blog post [34]. It is believed that it was for harrassment, and the Tap has also had posts barred. Is this Google Truth Rankings in use [36] ? A recent archive of Justice Denied blog is here [33]. They are back online [41] on Jul 23 with a brief explanation of what happened.

More than one case above use harrassment as the reason. It may pay to study the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997 [35] which appears to be being misused, often in fact the people accused of harrassment are being harrassed themselves.

Trials Coming up

If anyone wishes to attend to oversee the British Justice system in action. It is always best to check beforehand either online or by phone with the court. Delay are of course another tactic that the court and/or prosecution uses to ensure that injustice is not seen to be done, or not by very many.

1. Jason Packer 24th August 2015 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

2. Peter Hofschroer  Just one working day before the 27th July, when his case was due to start, it was announced that the case had been ‘vacated’, had been moved to Teeside Crown Court & is not to start until January 2016.  Even if the prosecution were justified (it’s not!) and with no reason whatsoever why he should not have been given bail at the start, his incarceration is already well past the legal time limit for a Remand In Custody. This takes it even further.

3. Chris Spivey  [42] Found guilty sentencing  Aug 27 2015. [55]

4. Nigel Ward and Tim Hicks pending n/a

Some people may disagree with one or more of the cases outlined, as they are entitled to do. However it is hard to disagree with the pattern that this number of cases reveals and the lack of due process in these cases, in what are already asymmetric cases in terms of massive power and influence of the institutions of the state against individuals. They could be called political prosecutions or persecutions.

There are many many more child sexual abuse whistleblowers that have been targeted. If you would like to bring your case to my attention please do so either by email or by comment on this post.


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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email whistleblowers2@cathyfox.33mail.com quoting the article title

the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan












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