Peter Martin Ebel – Prolific International Child Abuser

Peter Martin Ebel was a serial child abuser whose most frequently used aliases were Ed Scott and Alan Scott but he has also used a number of aliases for his books – Reynolds Locke, Edward Alan Scott, Ed Scott and James Congdon. He also poses as a Doctor or educator. He was born in the US about 1948, the son of the Vice President of Marketing of US Corporation General Foods during the 1950′ and 1960’s.

He is currently, finally, in jail in the US. He had travelled extensively and may have left a huge trail of victims over Europe including England, France, Malta, Ireland and Albania as well as Libya in North Africa, and probably 14 or 15 other countries including of course the United States.

He has chosen many boys aged 11-16, and obtained valium and codeine on bogus prescriptions. He is American but apparently can do an excellent upper crust British accent. He comes across as very likeable and children gravitate to him easily.

Inspired by Leonid Kamaneff and his “schools on boats” project “L’Ecole en Bateau” [9] Ebel set up two flight schools for children, SkyBlazers and CloudChasers. He  arranged flight training programs for kids 12 and over.

Kameneff also was an abuser of children for many years but was finally sentenced to 12 years prison in 2013.  There were three boats, the “Karrek Ven” a fishing vessel, the “Paladin” and “Bilbo”. I have included some information about Kameneff in Appendix 1 after the timeline on Ebel.

When did Ebel meet Kameneff? Did Ebel sail on Kameneffs boats? Can you help? Did you meet Ebel in England or in any of the other countries.

Please contact me on  if you knew of him, as a researcher from America and myself are trying to piece together his movements.



Timeline for Peter Martin Ebel

1948 approx. Peter Ebel Born. Son of the Vice President of Marketing of US Corporation General Foods during the 1950′ and 1960’s

Peter grew up in Chappaqua, NY  and the family was regularly host to people like Roy Rodgers, Lucille Ball and Danny Thomas

1964-6 approx. Ebel patient at psychiatric Hospital in New York

1966 approx. When discharged, Ebel came to U.K., apparently under the auspices of the BAEF (British American Educational Foundation) as the London Director.

1968 May Ebel, aged 20, arrested by Scotland Yard police in England for making a move on a 15 year old boy, charged with “indecent assault” on a minor under 16.  He received three years’ probation and served no time. Probably Ealing area.

1968- ? All over Europe: 22 or 23 countries. Much time in Marseille and Malta and a couple of years in Ireland and Libya.

1976: St. Croix Catholic School in Stillwater hires Ebel posing as Edward Alan Scott a math teacher. The school also shares physical education and other courses with a nearby public school, Stillwater Junior High School.

1976/7 “Scott” befriended Klein and his family and taught him how to fly an airplane. Meanwhile, posing as Dr. Peter Martin Ebel, he was duping a pharmacy in Maplewood into filling bogus prescriptions for Valium and codeine, according to charges brought later. Suspicions were raised at both schools when the nurse at Stillwater Junior High received a note through “Scott” from a Dr. Ebel asking that Klein be excused from taking a shower because he had been diagnosed with scoliosis.

Don Hovland and Steven Studer, then principal and assistant principal at Stillwater Junior High School, and Sister Kathleen Foley, then principal at St. Croix, denied the request and confronted Scott about his credentials near the end of the 1976-77 school year.

1977 Summer School officials find his credentials fraudulent and terminate him.

1978 approx.  Ebel took a boy to England on a supposed trip to treat him with growth hormone drugs not available in the US, He was in fact one of three boys taken to England with their parents’ permission, all of whom “returned with drug dependency problems,” according to a US police incident report. The children, according to the report, refused to talk with authorities about the trips or their relationship with Ebel.

1978: Ebel reportedly returns to the United States after a trip to England, this time posing as a doctor working for the “Nuclear Regulatory Agency.”

1979: School officials suspect Scott is posing as “Dr. Ebel.” Scott was booted from the school after one year on the job and subsequently charged in Ramsey County District Court on June 10, 1979, with two felony counts in the drug case. 1979 Jun 10 Ebel is charged with two felony counts of filling out drug prescriptions.

1980 A Stillwater family that had rented an apartment to Ebel posted $500 bail on his behalf. He left town during a pretrial hearing in early 1980, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

1980 Jan 16 Ebel fails to appear for a pretrial hearing.

1980-99: Authorities have no idea of his whereabouts.

1987 Soldier of Eden published in England, under the pen name of James Congdon. It was a supposedly non fiction account of an orphaned American boy who became an Arab freedom fighter in Libya.

1999-2001 Ebel, claiming that he heads an Albanian-based nonprofit organization and conducting a growth development research project on Albanian males, makes contact with a private boys academy in Georgia, US. He persuades school officials to build an exchange program in Albania.

2001 Sept 7 Ebel is detained in Los Angeles in the company of three Albanian boys and is released after his laptop computer and several compueter discs are confiscated pending a forensic examination.

2001 Sept 10 U.S. Customs Service agent Leo Lamas uncovers several images of the genitals of several naked prepubescent boys, including one of the boys who accompanied Ebel on the trip. Ebel asserts the pictures are part of his research.

2001 Sept 20 Dr. Laura Ticson of the Vulnerable Child and Sexual Assault Center in Los Angeles says the images are undoubtedly child pornography [US legal terminology]

2001 Sept 28 Ebel is arrested and charged with possession and manufacture of child abuse material

2002 Jun 10 Ebel pleads guilty to one count of manufacture of child pornography.

2002 Aug 19 Ebel sentenced.

2005 Jul 10 [3] “Hiding in Plain Sight: Tales of an American Predator,” trailer

2010 Jul 21 [5] Full text of “Peter Ebel – Certification as sexually dangerous”

2013 Mar 23 Paris Match [10] 12 years in Prison for Kameneff

2013 May 9  Twin Cities [1] Ruben Rosario: This child predator will stay where he belongs

2013 Jun 15 Twin Cities Rubén Rosario [2] : Civil commitment laws for sex offenders cause a judicial dilemma

2013 Jul 16 Twin Cities Rubén Rosario [6] Peter Martin Ebel, ex-Stillwater teacher and fugitive pedophile suspect, back in jail

2015 Aug Cathy Fox Blog [9] Boats and Child Abuse

Date unknown Ebel was also an author and the BBC was doing a production of one of his books (non-fiction). Then they discovered he had fabricated the entire story and cancelled it.

[Although individual statements above are not referenced, all information comes from the links below]

Appendix 1 [The link numbers in this section refer to the Boats and Child Abuse post [9]]

Leonid Kameneff / Kamenev

Leonid Kameneff was a psychotherapist and set up Ecole en Bateau in 1969.  Between 1969 and 2002, more than 400 boys and around 60 girls took part, leaving their families for long journeys, some of which lasted over a year as an alternative to mainstream education [39].

The first complaint was in 1971 and subsequent complaints made in the 1990’s. Kameneff was imprisoned for two months in Martinique. Released, he took flight into international waters before being arrested in Caracas, Venezuela in 2008. He was extradited to France a few months later, and indicted for rape and sexual assaults on minors under 15 years. In 2012 in a rare ruling, the French state was found guilty of “denying justice” to the complainants by taking so long to bring a trial, and was ordered to pay large sums in compensation to the alleged victims. There were three boats, the “Karrek Ven” a fishing vessel, the “Paladin” and “Bilbo”.

Kameneff was sentenced to 12 years in jail. The two co-accused were Bernard Poggi (also Poggi-Vérignon), 60, sentenced to 6 years. Abused as an 11 year old himself by Kamenev, who was then his teacher, Poggi returned as an instructor on the boat aged 20 and started to abuse boys then. Jean-François Tisseyre, 58, who also worked on the boat, received a suspended sentence of 5 years.  Their co-accused, a former student who was a minor at the time, was acquitted [21] [40] 

Kameneff appears to have written a book “the court read several excerpts from a book published in 1979, when Leonid Kamenev told in terms sometimes very raw sexuality of young people on board” [41]

Most of this paedophile network is still at large. [43a] [43b]  More information You Tube Kameneff [23] Paris Match [21]    Spotlight comments [42]  Azimuth Trust was linked to French ‘boat schools’ paedophile ring [43] Pédocriminalité et déni de Justice à Saint Malo [43a] Pédocriminalité et déni de Justice à Saint Malo autotranslate [43b] and Le Monde autotranslate [258]  HT @snowfaked

[The link numbers in this Kameneff section refer to the Boats and Child Abuse post [9] ]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area


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2 Responses to Peter Martin Ebel – Prolific International Child Abuser

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  2. Poppa Madison says:

    HI Cathy,

    the more I hear from you about the evils of this world in relation to child sexual abuse, the more I cringe with how innocent people have been made to suffer in horrendous ways and have had no real way or either protecting themselves or being compensated for their suffering.

    I have my own story of endemic cover-up and procedural bungling with FACS and the NSW Police who claim to be “Protecting children from sexual abuse”. I have the BONA FIDE FACTUAL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, in the form of FACS documentation which PROVES INCONTRADICTABLY, that they are in fact colluding to set up and prosecute innocent persons on trumped up charges of having sexually abused children; either their own or others who are strangers to them.

    The end result is that FACS is “confiscating” children from their own parents and farming them out to either one “FACS staff favoured partner” in a broken marriage or de facto relationship(usually the woman). FACS is an organisation whose employees are in the vast majority, WOMEN, who definitely appear to have an axe to grind against the male population whom they are taught to regard as “the most usual perpetrators of child sexual abuse”. They act as if brainwashed into unquestioningly following the orders of their superiors(again mostly WOMEN), who direct them from a basis of being ignorance of facts, because they never actually investigate anything at all. FACS relies upon phoned in reports to the FACS Helpline, which are at best Allegations, and at worst, Hearsay, from the caller, who can say whatever they like about those they want to lodge a complaint(allegation) about. FACS also relies upon Psychological Profiles created by their in-house chosen Psychology Practitioners, who never get to meet the alleged offender. In other words, an Alleged Offender Profile, is a document based upon ticking off ‘ASSUMED TRAITS” which have been determined based upon Allegations and Hearsay, and with the Psychologist concerned never ever having direct contact with the Alleged Offender so as to be able to investigate them fully and find out TRULY RELEVANT FACTS as to the character, motivations and social behaviour of the Alleged Offender. This is nothing short of “Character Assassination by REMOTE CONTROL” on the part of the Psychologist, under the direction and orders of the FACS Staff who selected the Psychologist and gave them the data upon which to base them building the character profile of the individual concerned. That FACS IS THE PARTY PAYING THE PYSCHOLOGIST, is a conflict of interest situation from the word go. The Psychologist is in effect, pre-conditioned by “Bribery” to comply with FACS instructions as to how to conduct their CHARACTER PROFILE BUILDING as commissioned to them by FACS. The Alleged perpetrator of Child Sexual Abuse, has not got a chance of “coming out clean” because the Psychologist never gets to hear their side of the story as to how they came to be in the situations of being accused in the first place.

    This Profile along with other FACS fabricated and manipulated and altered and contrived “Reports about the Alleged Offender” is then handed on to Police, who accept what FACS says as “FACT”, and never questions it or investigate the information as to its veracity or relevance to the whole matter. The Police will then blindly proceed to the simple process of summarising what “Criminally Indictable Charges” they can make a list off, based upon the FACS input to them. If they are buddy-buddies with their FACS counterpart/s then much will not be questioned and will be taken to be FACT, when more often than not, it is anything but FACT. When an COURT arraignment is effected, the Alleged Abuser is then in the hands of a system in which everyone ASSUMES that because the Police “were able to come up with Indictable Charges” that those “Charge” must be put to a formal trial by Jury. Then it really becomes a situation of “THEN GOD HELP THE ALLEGED ABUSER”, because neither the Lawyers nor the Jury, nor the Judge, is either going to be allowed to hear much of a Defence Argument, ONLY to be overwhelmed by masses of Allegations and Hearsay from which to use to base making a judgement of the Defendant who is the alleged and in so many ways, already a condemned person.

    When one investigates, where FACS and the Police have FAILED TO INVESTIGATE, one then gets to fully comprehend the mindset of persons who work within the closed and protected monolith of FACS, who, so as to cover their own backsides, will always include in their reports, the following edict which they have been brainwashed to refer to.

    The following paragraph is the exact wording found in a FACS file report:-

    “I explained what PCH is (alleged Person Causing Harm- i.e the Alleged sexual abuser), and that it is different to the Criminal Court, where ours is based upon PROBABILITY. I said it was determined throughout our investigation that it is PROBABLE that he caused harm to XXXXXXX( the named alleged Victim of the sexual abuse)”

    In other words, FACS workers who are not trained professional investigators, (some Case Workers are little more than ex-Uni Students who are young and have very litte life experience) and have not got a clue how to INVESTIGATE anything substantively, have been given the LEGAL right to use PERSONAL ASSUMPTION to form the basis for a CIRCUMSTANTIALLY judged series of events. Their Superiors then read their reports and acknowledge them by signing off on matters THEY have NOT INVESTIGATED EITHER !

    What has been allowed to occur is that unlimited powers of investigation and the right to manipulate information so as to meet personal agendas, has been put into the hands of FACS. FACS is an organisation which although it has the responsibility for ” The Protection of Australian Children”, has neither the staff who are qualified in any way to carry out such a massive responsibility, and which has also been given an open Legally backed Passport to victimize, harass and browbeat their chosen victims and chase them into COURT, which has been pre-conditioned to neither question the authority of FACS Staff, nor the content of their reports as to whether they are the result of truly appropriate investigation procedures. In other words, ONCE FACS gets you into COURT, whether or not you are guilty, the whole Legal system has been pre-conditioned and set up so as to make a judgement of “Guilt” before a case has even been heard. The very real danger is, that if there is an overwhelming amount of ALLEGATIONS & HEARSAY, favouring the Claimant of sexual abuse, then because a Jury is going to be subjected to hours of having to listen to the Allegations and Hearsay, that they are likely going to be driven to in the end regard Allegations and Hearsay as BONA FIDE FACTUAL EVIDENCE. The Defendant’s position is thus compromised to the point that when they get,(if they ever do) to try and give their side of the story, it will inevitably end up in a BUNFIGHT OF ALLEGATIONS & HEARSAY against stifled FACTS on the part of the Defendant who will be harassed and browbeaten by the DPP while trying to explain their position in their defence. The Jury is thus at serious risk of being propelled into making a judgement on a “Circumstantial basis due the “numbers weight) of Allegations and Hearsay. This plays right into the hands of FACS, whose very fundamental basis of their whole existence is based upon PROBABILITY, which is precisely the same judgemental basis as CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.

    How many men are in prison or have been punished in terrible ways , because they lacked either the brain power to ovecome the so-called Legal System and societal mores, which condemn them to being deemed to be guilty by one and all , the moment allegations of “Child Sexual Abuse” are even raised against them.

    I believe that every single person who has been imprisoned or has been “Robbed of their children” by avaricious FACS staff, must be given the right to have their situation fully reviewed by an independent Royal Commission or at the very least by a judiciously and appropriately selected Tribunal of Investigation.

    God Help Australia, and God Help the VICTIMS OF FACS AND POLICE HARASSMENT !



    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:40:14 +0000 To:

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